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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Date of birth: Designation: Present Place of Posting and Mailing Address: VIJAY KUMAR MISRA 24th February 1955 Dy. Chief Engineer ( HPSEB ) Addl. General Manager (Elect. Design ) HP Power Corporation Ltd; BBMB Colony Sundernagar Distt. Mandi (HP ) 175 019 SAI ARCHNA, 173/5 GARG COLONY, VPO. BIRTA DISTT. KANGRA (HIMACHAL PRADESH )

Permanent Mailing Address:

QUALIFICATION: 1. 2. 3. 4. Matriculation Intermediate BE (Elect.) PG (Sugar Engg.) 1968 1970 1975 1977 UP Board Allahabad UP Board Allahabad University of Allahabad National Sugar Institute Kanpur 63.8% 62.4% 61.7% 65.3%

Experience In Sugar Industry as Electrical Engineer / Sugar Engineer

1. UP Co-operative Sugar Factories Federation Lucknow 2. Panjab State Industrial Dev. Corporation Chandigarh 3. Simbhaoli Sugar Mills Simbhoali ( Gautam Budh Nagar wef. Dec.1977 to Oct.1980 wef. Nov.1980 to Aug.1981 wef. Sep. 1981to Jun. 1983

Nature of Jobs Performed Erection, Testing, Commissioning of new Sugar Plants and Operation & maintenance, renovation of running Sugar Plants as Electrical Engineer. Experience In HP State Electricity Board as Asstt.Engineer / Asstt.Executive Engineer
1. Induction Training in HPSEB 2. Electrical Sub- Division Suliali (Kangra) 3. 132kV Grid Sub-station Sub- Division Kangra 4. Electrical Sub- Division Dharamshala 5. Office of CE (Operation) North Dharamshala 6. Electrical Sub- Division Dharamshala 7. Elect. Mtc. Sub-Div. 10.5 MW Gaj Power House wef. 05-07-1983 to 11-01-1983 wef. 12-01-1984 to 07-07-1984 wef. 07-07-1984 to 30-06-1987 wef. 01-07-1987 to 03-09-1991 wef. 04-09-1991 to 29-06-1994 wef.30-06-1994 to 15-12-1994 wef 16-03-1995 to 30-06-2001

Experience In HP State Electricity Board as Sr. Executive Engineer (Resident .Engineer )

1. 12 MW Baner Power House Division 2. 22.5 MW Ganvi Power House Division 2008 wef. 02-08-2001 to 24-09-2007 wef. 25-09-2007 to 17-08-

Nature of Jobs Performed in HPSEB

Renovation, Augmentation, Operation & Maintenance of 132/33 kv , 33/11 kv Grid Sub-stations HT / LT lines. Testing and commissioning of HV/EHV Equipment and Switchgears. Managed the planning and monitoring of technical , financial and administrative aspects of distribution system, System Improvement schemes funded by Rural Electrical Corporation Associated with planning and monitoring of procurement of material & inventory control, Preparation of specifications of equipments while serving in the office of Chief Engineer ( Operation ) North. Erection ,Testing , Commissioning , Operation & Maintenance of 10.5 MW Gaj Power House as Asstt. Executive Engineer (Maintenance). , Operation and Maintenance of 12 MW Baner Power House, 22.5 MW Ganvi Power House, 2.5 MW Nogli Power House, 1.75 MW Chaba Power House as Resident .Engineer.

Experience In HP Power Corporation Ltd. as Superintending Engineer

Worked as Dy. General Manager (Elect. Contracts ) in Corporate Office HP Power Corporation Ltd. Shimla ( Himachal Pradesh ) India wef. 18-08-2008 to 31-05-2011. Presently working as Addl. General Manager (Elect. Design) in HP Power Corporation Ltd Sundernagar Distt. Mandi ( Himachal Pradesh ) India wef. 01-06-2011 to onwards

Nature of Jobs Performed in HP Power Corporation Ltd.

Associated with finalisation of ICB / NCB bid documents, Preparation of technical specification of large Hydro Electric Projects. Procurement of Goods and Consulting services, Evaluation of bids & award of works, Contract administration, monitoring & Project Implementation of ADB funded Projects. Selection of ERP consultants , vendors, implementation partners. Formulation of policies of non-conventional energy resources Wind , Solar Projects for GoHP in PublicPrivate Sector. Held position of Core member of ERP project implementation through SAP product in HPPCL while heading the Corporate Contract Cell of HPPCL. Presently heading the Electrical Design Cell for finalising the Design Memorandums, technical specifications , layouts , Implementation of Quality Assurance Plans of manufacture and installation of equipments and execution of ongoing 195 MW kashang , 111 MW Sawra Kuddu HEPs. Preparation of technical chapters of electro-mechanical chapters of DPRs and Bid documents of 100 MW Sainj , 450 MW Shongtong Karchham, 300MW Gyspa, 520 MW Nakthan, 60 MW Chirgaon Majhgaon HEPs.

1. Fortran IV computer programming course 2. Industrial training at Mawana Sugar Works a unit of DCM 3. Operation and maintenance of EHV transmission lines and sub-station at Central Power System Research Training Institute Bangalore 4. Operation and maintenance of Hydro Power Stations at UPSEB Staff College Dehradun 5. Operation and maintenance of Power plants at Central Water & Power Institute New-Delhi 6. India Electricity sponsored by FICCI. 7. ADB opportunities sponsored by Federation of Export Organisation 8. ADB Procurement Guidelines and Capacity Building Programs for Executing Agencies sponsored by ADB at Kolkata 9. EPC Contracting 10.Planning & Monitoring of Hydro Projects

Seminars Attended SR. Date NO. 1. 23-12-2008 2. 16-20 -10-2009 3. 10-02-2009 4. 14-05-2009

Place Corporate Office Kolkata Corporate Office Corporate Office

Subject GIS and PASS for Power System by ABB Capacity Building Programs for Executing Agencies Presentation on Generator Circuit Breaker by ABB Presentation on Reliability and other benefit of Nickel-Cadmium Battery by HBL Power Systems Development of Hydro Project Presentation thereof by IL&FS Energy Development Company. Presentation by ABB on Protection System for HEP. Technical Lecture on Challenges in power generation due on heavy sediments in Satluj Basin Seminar on Contract Management for Engineers by ADB, HPPCL,NTPC, PwC, Indian Council of Arbitration Presentation e-Tendering by ITI Ltd. Seminar on Effect of Silt on Underwater of Hydro Turbine by HPPCL, Forum of Hydro Power Producers. Workshop on Smart Grid-Overview and relevance for HP by HP State Regulatory Commission Presentation on Renewable Energy policy during the Symposium on Policy Issue on Electricity Reforms and Solar Power Generation in HP by NIT Hamirpur

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Corporate Office

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Corporate Office Corporate Office



Peterhoff, Shimla

10. 20-11-2010 11. 01-05-2010

Corporate Office Holiday Home

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Significant Contributions in different Power Plants 1.Generator Repair of Gaj Power House During commissioning of Gaj power house, one of the generator had asymmetrical poles on its rotor and found excessive vibrations on charging the generator. Defect of asymmetrical poles was detected and major repair which was denied by OEM M/s Jyoti Ltd; to E&M contractor M/s PPGML was carried out by undersigned successfully on the request and authorization by M/s PPGML at site. 2. Cooling Water System at Gaj , Baner and Ghanvi Power Houses Cooling water arrangements provided at Gaj , Baner, Ghanvi HEPs were modified by replacing VT pumps with Centrifugal pumps (split casing) and common header to have uninterrupted supply of cooling water in order to minimise shutdowns /maintenance on account of cooling water system. 3 Record Generation from Gaj, Baner, Ghanvi, Nogli Power Plants Despite defective runners at Ghanvi power house and washed out intake at Nogli power house, by adopting optimum preventive & predictive maintenance and by following unconventional methods and schedules, I was able to achieve more than 98.5% of machine availability factor at Gaj, Baner, Ghanvi, Nogli HEPs and also record generation was achieved since commissioning during my tenure. 4 Running of Baner Power House on Choked desanding Hoppers. On my joining Baner Power House as Resdent Enginer, Power house was on forced shut down on account of flash floods during 2001 and feeder tunnel, desanding hoppers and flushing galleries were fully choked with silt. The target to start generation was 45 days but started full generation within 7 days on single hopper. 5.Main Inlet Valve Modification at Gaj Power House: There was problem of mixing of water with hydraulic oil resulting damage of hydraulic valves with silt contaminated water. The servo operation was modified to operate on water by tapping penstock supply.

6.Time bound awards of contracts While heading the contract cell in HPPCL I finalised three E&M contracts of Sawra Kuddu, Integrated Kashang, and Sainj HEPs and one ERP contract in less than three years. 7.Initiative for Execution of on going projects of HPPCL: The works of E&M package of Sawra Kuddu and Kashang HEPs were awarded on M/S AHPL. These are only two projects in hand with HPPCL under execution in the first instance. The execution work was on very slower pace i.e submission of design, drawings and execution at site. Being AGM design ( ED,) I took initiative for expediting the aforesaid activities for timely execution of above projects and also resolved lot of critical commercial / technical issues including financial saving to HPPCL.

Foreign Exposures 1. Witnessed model runner test in hydraulic lab. at M/S Andtritz Hydro Linz (Austria). 2. Exposure visit of different hydro stations at Manitoba Hydro Winnipeg Canada under capacity building plan of ADB. 3. Witnessed testing of 220 KV Gas Insulated Switchgears of 111 MW Sawra Kuddu and 195 MW Kashang HEPs at Hyundai Electrical Ulsan ( South Korea ) Professional Memberships 1.Fellow of the Institution of Engineers 2.Charter Engineer of the Institution of Engineers

( V. K. Misra )