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Two books in one:

Holy Gospels:
Harmonized and
by David Webster M.Div.
From the greatest revelation Heaven has ever given to the Churh
sine the original Deposit o! Faith.
"o# in the "e# $mpli!ied %heims &ersion o! the Gospels'
a ne# modern language version o! the most aurate translation o! the Gospels.
(peial Combo )dition *+,,
-David .. Webster. $D *+,,. $ll rights reserved. "o part o! this boo/ may be reprodued in any !orm or by any
eletroni or mehanial means' inluding in!ormation storage and retrieval systems' #ithout permission in #riting !rom the
publisher' e0ept by a revie#er #ho may 1uote brie! passages in a revie#.
According to According to
The Poe o! the M"n#God The Poe o! the M"n#God
The New A$%i!ied Rheis &ersion
The Rest o! the Gos$e% Stor'
The Rest o! the Gos$e% Stor'
A D"ted S("r' o! the New Test"ent Gos$e%s "nd
The Poem of the Man-God in S'nthesis
- *++2 by David .. Webster M. Div.
The New Test"ent Gos$e% Acco(nts )%%(in"ted b'
The Re*e%"tions on the Li!e "nd Te"chings o! the Lord +es(s ,hrist
Gi*en to the noted M"ri" &"%tort"
-e'ed to The Poem "nd
The Dated Parallel Harmony of the Gospels

Maria Valtorta, Italian Mystic +1961

According to According to
The Poe o! the M"n#God The Poe o! the M"n#God
The New A$%i!ied Rheis &ersion
Illuminated and in Current )nglish
- *++2 by David .. Webster M. Div
RE&)SED /Y /)SHOP R),HARD ,HALLONER0 A1D1 2678#2635
9ith (ndeni"b%e e*idence The Poe o! the M"n#God w"s entire%' " dict"tion !ro He"*en "nd th"t the
Greek te:ts (sed b' +eroe0 "nd $reser*ed in the Rheis New Test"ent0 were the best te0ts1
9ith i$ort"nt coent"r' on "n' di!!ic(%t Gos$e% $"ss"ges "de c%e"r
b' The Poe o! the M"n#God1
The "e# Testament Gospels in Harmony and in Chronologial se1uene
#ith every Chapter o! The 3oem
-e'ed to The est of the Gospel !tory "nd The Poem of the Man-God
9ith Scri$t(re )nde:

Fe"t(ring (ni;(e <,h"in Links= to ;(ick%' %oc"te the iedi"te%' $receding "nd !o%%owing te:t
"s origin"%%' !o(nd in the Gos$e% n"rr"ti*es
Second Edition 5>>6
? 5>>5
/Y DA&)D +1 9E/STER
9h' the New A$%i!ied @"nd )%%(in"tedA Rheis Tr"ns%"tionB 9h' the New A$%i!ied @"nd )%%(in"tedA Rheis Tr"ns%"tionB
The %heims &ersion o! the "e# Testament is the only )nglish translation
based on the reno#ned #or/ o! the Gree/ and Hebre# sholar (aint
.erome (AD C75#75>A1 )t is the best "nd ost re%i"b%e Eng%ish#%"ng("ge
tr"ns%"tion in the wor%d0 "nd ore "cc(r"te th"n "n' odern tr"ns%"tion !or
three *er' $rono(nced re"sons1
D FI%(T it w"s b"sed on the o%dest "nd ost co$%ete o! the "ncient 5
cent(r' New Test"ent te:ts0 "n' o! which "re no %onger "*"i%"b%e to (s
tod"'1 These %ost "n(scri$ts "re now $reser*ed only in !t" #erome$s %atin
V&l'ate and th&s also in the (n'lish heims Version"
D ()C4"D 111/(t not on%' is the Rheis &ersion b"sed on the best "ncient
"n(scri$ts b(t Saint Jerome knew Latin, Hebrew and Biblical Greek
more precisely than scholars today; he w"s " %ing(istic geni(s1 St1
+eroe w"s Greek#s$e"king !ro birthE he knew L"tin $er!ect%'0 "nd Hebrew
"nd Ar""ic ne"r%' "s we%% h"*ing st(died Hebrew !ro the "ge o! 5F0 "nd
he was 1!! years closer to the writin" o# the $ew %estament than
today&s scholars'
(THI%D, %he re)elations to *aria +altorta so,ndly establishes that
these older and no lon"er e-tant te-ts ,sed by Jerome were the best
te-ts, the e-istin" copies of which are called .the recei)ed te-ts/
beca,se their ori"inals were chosen by the 0h,rch as the best te-ts as
early as 11! AD' At that time they were incorporated in the 0h,rch&s
#irst assembled Latin Bible called the Old Itala'

Additionally, a st,dy o# the +altorta re)elations yields an incredible
amo,nt o# ,nderstandin" as to why these te-ts the 0h,rch deemed
the best, and ,sed by Jerome, were ,s,ally more e-pansi)e than the
later .red,ctionist te-ts/ that modern scholars ha)e claimed to be .the
better te-ts'/ %his matter is dealt with thro,"ho,t the $ew Ampli#ied
2heims +ersion $ew %estament as well as in the appendi- o# the Rest
of the Gospel Story' %he massi)e and o)erwhelmin" and indisp,table
scienti#ic e)idence o# the di)ine ori"in o# the re)elations to *aria
+altorta lea)es the matter absol,tely beyond disp,te' 3or the e)idence
"o to htt$:GGwww1s"*eo(rch(rch1orgGdescri$tions$oe1$d!
)t h"s now becoe c%e"r to "n' honest rese"rcher th"t we did not need " new
/ib%e b(t ere%' " %"ng("ge ($d"te to the Do("'#Rheis tr"ns%"tion1 A%% the
odern tr"ns%"tors0 (n!ort(n"te%'0 is%ed b' those $rooting the %"ter
red(ctionist te:ts @the Sin"itic(s "nd the &"tic"n(sA0 h"*e %ost these ost
e:tr"ordin"r' A$osto%ic insights bec"(se the' "%% (sed the new /ib%e
constr(cted b' odern scho%"rs1
The New A$%i!ied Rheis New Test"ent w"s the res(%t o! " desire to
$rod(ce the ost theo%ogic"%%' "nd te:t("%%' re%i"b%e ,"tho%ic tr"ns%"tion0 "
re"ding th"t not on%' $reser*ed its theo%ogic"% integrit' b(t which co(%d "%so
be (nderstood b' re"ders tod"'1 This re;(ired the (se o! c(rrent terino%og'
!or "rch"ic words no %onger !"i%i"r to tod"'Hs re"der1 )t re;(ired ch"nges in
"wkw"rd sentence str(ct(res which h"*e $ro*en "n obst"c%e to re"ders1

To "ke the work s(it"b%e to (se with c(rrent rese"rch too%s0 "%% signi!ic"nt
$ro$er n"es o! $ersons "nd $%"ces were gi*en the c(rrent s$e%%ings1 The o%d
Eng%ish $rono(ns @Thee "nd Tho(A in re!erence to God0 howe*er0 h"*e been
ret"ined where*er $ossib%e "s we%% "s the <Th(s s"ith the LordHs1= A%%
$rono(ns re!erring to deit' "re "%so c"$it"%iIed1

)n "ddition to the i$ro*eents "de in the te:t itse%!0 other i$ort"nt
!e"t(res o! this work inc%(de c%"ri!ic"tions "nd "$%i!ic"tions $%"ced within
the te:t "nd set o!! in br"ckets1 This w"s done to he%$ the re"der g"in the !(%%
e"ning o! the te:t0 which is o!ten on%' i$%ied b(t not e:$%icit%' e:$ressed
b' the tr"ns%"tion1 9e $r"' !or the g%or' o! God "nd !or the restor"tion o!
the !"ith o! GodHs $eo$%e0 th"t we h"*e "chie*ed " e"s(re o! o(r go"%s1

H4W T4 %)$D TH) ")W $M35IFI)D %H)IM( ")W
T)(T$M)"T: )t is i$ort"nt to disting(ish the /ib%ic"% te:t !ro the
"$%i!ic"tions1 The best w"' to do this is to re"d the te:t !irst witho(t the
"$%i!ic"tions1 )n the second re"ding inc%(de the "$%i!ic"tions1 D+9
)NTROD.,T)ON iii
S,R)PT.RE )NDEJ !rom the Gospels to this )or*0 "nd to The Poem i:
These inde:es "re strict%' designed to t"ke 'o( to the %oc"tion in The Poem to where the act&al e+ent or narration origin"%%' occ(rred1
Loc"tions in The Poem th"t ere%' s(bst"nti"te " Gos$e% e*ent "re in $"rentheses1 An e:h"(sti*e O%d "nd New Test"ent Scri$t(re "nd
s(bKect inde: wi%% be !o(nd in The Rest o! the Gos$e% Stor'1
Loc"tions: Gos$e% E$isode The Poe This 9ork
PART ) THE T9O PROM)SED SONS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @21#2C1A )0 2G$61 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
PART )) THE /)RTH AND H)DDEN L)FE OF +ES.S ,HR)ST 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @271#C71A )0 58G$2C41 1 1 1 1 3
The Three!o%d 9itness to +es(s ,hrist the Messi"h 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @C31#CF1A )0 77G$5C3 1 1 1 2>
+es(s is Tested "nd Pro*en "s Messi"h 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1@C61#761A )0 7FG$5761 1 12>
+es(s Re*e"%s Hise%! "s Messi"h in G"%i%ee 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1@741#321A )0 35G$568 1 1 1 25
+es(s Re*e"%s Hise%! "s Messi"h in +(de" 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @351#3F1A )0 3CG$543 1 1 1 2C
First G"%i%e"n G 5 Months0 E A$ri% # E +(ne 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @3F1#FC1A )0 34G$C>3 1 1 127
First +(de"n G 5 Months0 E +(ne # L +(%'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )0 FFG$C7C 1 1 126
Second G"%i%e"n # S'ro#Phoenici" G C Months0 L +(%' # E No* 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @F71#FF1A )0 44G$7FF 1 1 1 26
Second +(de"n # S""ri" G 5 Months0 E No* # M +"n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @F61#6C1A )0 222G$3871 1 128
LLe"*ing +(de" !or G"%i%ee # S""ri" G M +"n#L +"n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @621#6C1A )0 2C8G$1636 1 1 52
Third G"%i%e"n # Tetr1 o! Phi%i$0 S""ri" G 5 Months0 L +"n # E A$r 1 1 1 @671#25>1A ))0 23>G$C71 1 1 55
L)n S""ri" G E A$ri%M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ))0 285G$5F7 1 1 C3
Third +(de"n G 5 Months0 E A$ri% # E +(ne 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @2521#2561A ))0 283G$564 1 1 CF
L+er(s"%e G E#M A$ri%M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1@2521#2531A ))0 28FG$564 1 1 CF
LSo(th E"st +(de"n ,irc(it G L A$ri% # E +(neM1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @25F1#2561A ))0 5>6G$C3F 1 1 C4
Fo(rth G"%i%e"n # S'ro#Phoenici"0 Dec"$o%is0 Tetr"rch' o! Phi%i$ G
7 Months0 E +(ne # L Se$teber 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1@2541#2361A ))0 556G$764 1 1 7>
Fo(rth +(de"n # Pere"0 Dec"$o%is G 25 Months0 E Oct # M No* 1 1 1 1 1 @2341#2F51A ))0 564G$571 1 1 33
LPere"0 Dec"$o%is G L October # M No*eberM1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @2FC1A )))0 543G$F7 1 1 36
Fi!th G"%i%e"n # S'ro#Phoenici"0 Tetr"rch' o! Phi%i$0 Dec"$o%is0 Pere"
7 Months0 M No*eber # M M"rch 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1@2F71#24F1A )))0 586G$25F1 1 36
LTow"rds +er(s"%e # Dec"$o%is0 Pere" G M M"rchM 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @2461A )))0 C33G$7371 1 F8
The Fi!th +(de"n # Pere"0 Dec"$o%is0 Northern S""ri"
C Months0 M M"rch # L +(ne 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @2441#2861A )))0 CF>G$7871 1 F8
LE1 O! +ord"n # Pere"0 Dec"$o%is0 Northern S""ri" G E#L +(neM1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )&0 72FG$5> 1 1 6C
The Si:th G"%i%e"n # Dec"$o%is0 Tetr"rch' o! Phi%i$0 S'ro#Phoenici"0 S""ri" G
7 Months0 L +(ne # L October 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @2841#5>21A )&0 753G$4>1 1 16C
LTo +er(s"%e0 in S""ri" G L OctoberM 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )&0 768G$7571 1 63
Si:th @Gre"tA +(de"n # Pere"0 S""ri" G
F Months0 L October # M A$ri%1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @5>51#5C31A )&0 74CG$7781 1 63
Tri($h"% Entr' to Pre$"r"tion !or P"sso*er 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @5CF1#53F1A &0 346G$C82 1 1 44
The .$$er Roo 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @5361#56>1A &0 384"G$7851 2>>
Gethse"ne 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @5621#5431A &0 388G$355 1 12>F
The Tri"%s o! +es(s ,hrist 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @54F1#C2>1A &0 F>>bG$373 12>4
The 9"' o! the ,ross 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @C221#C751A &0 F>7G$38C1 1 227
The Res(rrection o! O(r Lord +es(s ,hrist1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1@C7C1#C361A &0 F25G$F8> 1 125>

The Ascension o! +es(s ,hrist 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @C341#C381A &0 FC7G$4C3 1 1253
The ,oing o! the Ho%' S$irit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @CF>1#CF51A &0 FC3G$464 1 125F
The ,h(rch is Est"b%ished 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 @CFC1#C651A &0 FC4G$48> 1 1254
The P"ss"ge "nd Ass($tion o! the /%essed &irgin M"r'1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 &0 F73G$857 1 12CC
Fin"% Re*e%"tions to M"ri" &"%tort"1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 &0 F76G$184C1 12C7
OTHER )NDEJES to this work "nd The Poem
GEOGRAPH),AL )NDEJ # O*er 23> di!!erent geogr"$hic"% %oc"tions1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )#2C3
REG)ONAL )NDEJES # Poe ,h"$ters "nd Gos$e% E$isodes c"tegoriIed b' regions 1 1 1 1 1 1 )#232
)NDEJ o! PARA/LES # 86 $"r"b%es to%d b' +es(s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )#235
)NDEJ o! M)RA,LES # 554 indi*id("% ir"c%es or ir"c(%o(s e*ents 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )#23C
APPEND)J F(rther E*idence !or the Di*ine Origin o! The Poem of the Man God 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 )#234
The Poem S($$orts the Rheis New Test"ent
,oncerning <so c"%%ed NPri*"teH Re*e%"tion=
The ,"tho%ic ,h(rch not on%' "cknow%edges the e:istence o! <$ri*"te= re*e%"tion e"nt entire%' !or $ri*"te !"ith "nd
$erson"% e:ercise in discernent0 bec"(se it o!ten inc%(des *er' !"(%t' h("n e%eents0 b(t re*e%"tion e"nt !or $(b%ic !"ith
"$"rt !ro wh"t is now tered P(b%ic Re*e%"tion or th"t re*e%"tion in which is !o(nd the De$osit o! F"ith1 This re*e%"tion0
with ob*io(s $(b%ic signi!ic"nce, is "%w"'s "(thentic"ted b' "n (nist"k"b%e s($ern"t(r"% sign"t(re "nd is c"%%ed in the
,"techis <the "(thentic c"%%s o! ,hrist "nd the s"ints to the ,h&rch1= Acknow%edging the $o$(%"r c(sto o! "%so c"%%ing
this <$ri*"te re*e%"tion0= "nd "cknow%edging the !"i%(re o! the ,h(rch to gi*e it " $ro$er n"e0 the ,"techis c"%%s it <so
c"%%ed N$ri*"teH re*e%"tion1= 9hi%e "cknow%edging th"t this re*e%"tion c"nnot s($$%' "n' new or"% or theo%ogic"% tr(th0 it
"!!irs the need o! s(ch re*e%"tion to "ke ore e:$%icit o(r (nderst"nding o! th"t De$osit "nd <to he%$ L(sM %i*e ore !(%%'
b' it in " cert"in $eriod o! histor'= @,"techis P"r1FF0 F6A1 The ,"techis !(rther st"tes th"t g(ided b' the M"gisteri( o!
the ,h(rch0 the !"ith!(% @sens&s fideli&mA know how to <discern "nd we%coe in Lto the ,h(rchM these re*e%"tions1=
.n!ort(n"te%'0 tho(gh the ,h(rch h"s N"$$ro*edH soe o! these re*e%"tions to be !ree o! or"% or theo%ogic"% error0 it h"s
ne*er deterined "n' to be <"(thentic c"%%s o! ,hrist or the s"ints to the ,h(rch1= )t h"s %e!t to the !"ith!(% the
res$onsibi%it' o! discerning these p&-licly si'nificant He"*en sent re*e%"tions1 9hi%e "n' /isho$s "nd $riests h"*e %"cked
either interest or "bi%it' in discerning wh"t ,hrist or His s"ints in He"*en "re s"'ing to the ,h(rch0 the ,"techis0 in
"greeent with o(r Lord0 howe*er0 s"'s the !"ith!(% do know how to discern "nd we%coe these re*e%"tions into the ,h(rch:
<M' shee$ he"r M' *oice 1 1 1 "nd the' !o%%ow Me1=

The Poem of the Man-God
+(st "s F"ti"0 The Poem w"s e"nt b' He"*en to be be%ie*ed "nd we%coed into the ,h(rch "s historic"%%' *"%id
"(thorit"ti*e re*e%"tion1 This we c"nnot s"' !or the $io(s b(t o!ten !iction"% e:$"nsions on the bib%ic"% "cco(nts b' the
*ener"b%e "nd ho%' ,"therine Eerich which were e"nt b' He"*en on%' !or $erson"% "nd $ri*"te de*otion "nd !"ith1 )t
is ob*io(s the ins$ir"tion o! ,"therine Eerich did not re%"te to historic"% det"i% "nd th"t her *isions were "t ties si$%'
di*ine%' s"ncti!ied h("n i"gin"tion1 The $"r"o(nt i$ort"nce o! The Poem !or the ,h(rch is not on%' seen in its
$ro*en historic"% "cc(r"c'D @"n (nist"k"b%e di*ine sign"t(re !or e*en the (nbe%ie*erA0 its $ower!(% (ne:ce%%ed s$irit("% "nd
instr(cti*e signi!ic"nce0 b(t in its tie%iness in re%"tion to F"ti"1
D M"ri" &"%tort"0 in the s$irit where there is no tie0 w"s in !"ct " %iter"% e'e#witness to the %i!e "nd inistr' o! O(r Lord as
it act&ally occ&rred" For incontro*ertib%e e*idence go to: ###.saveourhurh.org7desriptionspoem.pd! Her re*e%"tions then
were <dict"ted= word !or word $recise%'0 "s she re$e"ted%' c%"ied1

9e "re "%so $%e"sed to "nno(nce th"t the /e"ti!ic"tion $rocess h"s now beg(n !or M"ri" &"%tort"0 who is being considered b'
"n' ,"tho%ic "(thorities "s one o! the gre"test *ision"ries o! "%% tie1 She is b(ried in the /"si%ic" o! The Ann(nci"tion in
F%orence0 the he"d;("rters o! the Ser*ite Order0 who con!irned in Oct 5>2> th"t the $rocess h"s beg(n1
The Dating o! The Poem of The Man-God
One o! the (ni;(e !e"t(res o! The Poem is the "b(nd"nce o! in!or"tion inc%(ded in the work b' which the d"ting o!
the entire Gos$e% record h"s been "de $ossib%e1 This he%$!(% in!or"tion not on%' coes !ro the ins$ired n"rr"tion
itse%! b(t !ro M&Hs own $erson"% obser*"tions1 /esides being soeties c%e"r%' indic"ted0 n(ero(s other e%eents
h"*e s(bst"nti"ted the tie o! ne"r%' e*er' e$isode "t %e"st to the 'e"r0 the se"son o! the 'e"r "nd the onth1 )n o*er
h"%! o! the e$isodes0 the *er' d"' o! the week is either st"ted or is discern"b%e1 D"' b' d"' se;(ences h"*e been
est"b%ished b' tr"*e% itiner"ries re*e"%ed in the n"rr"ti*e "nd in the nor"% e*er'd"' coents "nd disc(ssions between
+es(s0 His Disci$%es "nd others "%ong the w"'0 re*e"%ing s$eci!ic tie inter*"%s between "n' e*ents1 O*er"%% tie
$eriods0 inc%(ding 'e"rs0 onths "nd e*en d"'s !or "n' e*ents0 "re not on%' o!ten st"ted b(t "re o!ten *eri!ied b' " *"st
co$%e: o! other tiing %inks1 The consistent%' "cc(r"te n"t(re o! this *"st n(ber o! soeties *er' co$%e: tiing
e%eents not on%' re*e"%s the di*ine origin o! this work b(t "%so h"s "de it $ossib%e to cre"te "n "%ost $er!ect r(nning
<di"r' "cco(nt= o! the inistr' o! ,hrist1 S(ch "n "cco(nt wi%% gi*e the re"der !or the !irst tie "n "cc(r"te sense o! the
tie re%"tionshi$ !or e*er' e$isode in the %i!e "nd inistr' o! o(r Lord1
The 8ear o! 4ur 5ord9s :irth
Lonie O"ndt o! the Ph'sics De$"rtent o! P(rd(e .ni*ersit'0 (sing co$(ter $rogr"ing o! the so%"r s'ste !or
this tie $eriod0 h"s disco*ered M&Hs gr"$hic descri$tions o! " s$ring night sk' $%"ces the inistr' o! ,hrist between
the 'e"rs AD C2 "nd AD C71 This wo(%d e"n +es(s w"s born in %"te 2 /, "s the ,h(rch h"d origin"%%' deterined1
Tho"s D(be o! 9"shington St"te "$$e"rs to h"*e s(bst"nti"ted this tr"dition"% *iew "%so with other e"ns0 not the
%e"st o! which h"s been the so%*ing o! "n' o! the tiing $rob%es r(n into b' A(%"gnier0 who0 in The Diary of #es&s,
"ss(ed the 3 /, *iew in his "tte$t to d"te The Poem1 For these re"sons "nd !or the e*idence th"t !o%%ows we h"*e
"cce$ted the 2 /, d"ting o! the /irth o! O(r Lord1
The Ye"r o! O(r LordHs /irth0 Deceber 530 AD 2 The Ye"r o! O(r LordHs /irth0 Deceber 530 AD 2
/"sed on +ose$h(s0 who he%d in one inst"nce th"t Herod died in 7 /, or 63> .,0 odern scho%"rs c%"iing the ,h(rch
%ost tr"ck o! the correct d"te0 h"*e disco(nted the e:tensi*e "nd thoro(gh rese"rch o! the onk Dion'si(s the Litt%e in
AD 3C5 who conc%(ded0 as many others -efore him0 th"t 4ur 5ord #as born on the *2
day o! the last month o! the
year ;2< !rom the !ounding o! %ome =;2< >C? and in the @
year o! the ,A@
Gree/ 4lympiad =,A@ 45A0 the 'e"r
we now c"%% 2 /,1 /(t0 it wo(%d h"*e been i$ossib%e !or the ,h(rch to h"*e %ost tr"ck o! this d"te "s it coincided with
the &ni+ersal Ro"n t":"tion "nd enro%%ent b' A(g(st(sP F(rther0 Dion'si(sH work w"s so we%% done in con!iring
the tr"dition o! the ,h(rch th"t 63C ., "nd the 7
'e"r o! the 287
OL w"s !ro then on recogniIed b' all historians "s
<2 /,= "nd the !o%%owing 'e"r w"s c"%%ed the <2
'e"r o! O(r Lord1= The odern reKection o! this est"b%ished record
w"s done "%so des$ite the !"ct th"t +ose$h(s w"s e:tree%' c"re%ess with his d"tes thro(gho(t his writings e*en gi*ing
t)o dates !or the de"th o! Herod0 one in 7 /, "nd the other in 6 or 4 /,P @The d"tes be%ow c"n *"r' b' " 'e"r
de$ending on the c"%end"r (sed1A Ld. 75> Q date o! deathM.
I. $nient #itness to Christ9s :irth in the @
year o! the ,A@
4lympiad =our , :C?:
Turtullian =d. ***? records th"t the n"ti*it' o! +es(s took $%"ce in the @,
year o! Caesar $ugustus0 which is " 'e"r
%"ter th"n +eroeHs %"ter "cco(nt be%ow0 bec"(se T(rt(%%i"n went b' the L"tin d"ting0 which h"s Deceber 53 in the
$re*io(s 'e"r !ro th"t d"te in the Greek c"%end"r1 +eroe0 tho(gh L"tin0 w"s (sing Greek so(rces when he %i*ed in
P"%estine1 <Ag"inst the +ews0= PL ))0 co%1 F271
)usebius o! Caesarea =d. <@2?: records th"t ,hrist w"s born in the @
year o! the ,A@
4lympiad0 "nd th"t the
P"ssion o! ,hrist occ(rred in the ,
year o! the *+<
4lympiad0 and in the ,B
year o! Tiberius @o(r AD CCA.
<,hronic%es0= PG :i:0 co%1 3C> in se;(ence:
)n his <Ecc%esi"stic"% Histor'0= PG :i:0 co%1 5460 E(sebi(s records th"t Caesar $ugustus reigned !or 2C years and @
months. @H"*ing "scended the throne in 7C /,0 the 75nd 'e"r o! his reign wo(%d h"*e beg(n on A$ri% 20 2 /, "nd
ended A$ri% 20 AD 21A The signi!ic"nce o! the 75
'e"r wi%% be seen in +eroeHs witness be%ow1
(t )piphanius =d. @+<? records th"t ,hrist w"s born in the .ulian year @2 @2 /, on o(r c"%end"rA0 the @
year o! the
4lympiad0 "nd th"t the P"ssion took $%"ce in the ,Bth year o! Tiberius on M"rch 530 "nd the Res(rrection on
the 56th1 De Anno N"t"%i ,hristi "nd De Anno P"ssionis ,hristi0 PG :iii0 co%s1 8>5 "nd 864
4rosius =d. @,B? records th"t ,hrist w"s born in wh"t we tod"' wo(%d c"%% Deceber o! 2 /,1 <Histor' Ag"inst the
P"g"ns0= PL :::i0 book 60 co%1 2>38
(t .erome =d. @*+? h"s ,hristHs /irth in @*D$ugustus and <*DHerod1 <+eroeHs )nter$ret"tion o! the ,hronic%es o!
E(sebi(s P"$hi%i(s= PL ::*ii0 co%1 381
II. More anient #itness o! our 5ord9s :irth in the @
year o! the ,A@
45 revealed by ounting ba/#ard <<
years !rom the dates these have given !or the Crui!i0ion. This is in addition to )piphanius and )usebius above
#ho have also plae the Crui!i0ion in ,BDTiberus =the ,
year o! the *+< 45?:
(t .ustin Martyr =d. ,C<? records th"t ,hrist died in the ,;
year o! Tiberius @which beg"n in A(g(st AD C5 "nd
ended in A(g(st0 in o(r $D <<?1 <A$o%ogi"0= PL *i0 co%1 C4C1 LThe di!!erence in the 'e"rs o! r(%e c"n *"r' de$ending on
the c"%end"r (sed "nd the w"' $"rts o! 'e"rs "re co(nted1M
.ulius $!rianus' =,C+D*@+E? who "de "n e:tensi*e st(d' o! the Hebrew "nd Greek ,"%end"rs0 records th"t "t the age
o! << "nd in the ,
year o! the *+<
4lympiad ,hrist s(!!ered His P"ssion1 @E:t"nt Fr"gents PG :0 co%1 8>A
The Gospel o! "iodemus 0 which w"s considered b' those who deeed it A$ocr'$h"% to h"*e been written in $D *B+0
d"tes the ,r(ci!i:ion in the @
year o! *+* 45 =in our $D <<?.
F"ote: The reason ,;D,B Tiberius #as hosen rather than his ,A
year =*
year o! *+* 45? by these early !athers #as li/ely beause they !igured a
shorter li!e and ministry o! Christ based on a misinterpretation o! 5u/e <:,' *<. (ee the hronology hart in the Introdution to the Gospels.G
)t w"s not necess"r'0 howe*er0 to "ssign n&merical dates to "n' o! the e$isodes in this work !or one to !(%%' enKo' the
!%owing chrono%ogic"% se;(ence o! this work0 which we be%ie*e to be the on%' completely historically acc&rate "cco(nt o!
the %i!e "nd inistr' o! +es(s ,hrist gi*en to the ,h(rch "$"rt !ro the Gos$e%s1 <E"r%' +"n("r'0 ne:t d"'0= "nd <E"r%'
+"n("r'0 two d"'s %"ter0 on S"t(rd"'0= etc10 wo(%d e*en be $re!er"b%e to ost re"ders1 M' work does n(eric"%%' d"te
e+ery year o! this ore th"n 6>#'e"r $eriod co*ered in this work
The Diary of #es&s b' +e"n A(%"gnier0 "s " s("riIed "cco(nt0 en"b%ed re"ders to get "n "bbre*i"ted s("riIed
"cco(nt o! +es(sH inistr' "s re*e"%ed in The Poem" .n!ort(n"te%'0 The Diary w"s not ke'ed to The Poem, nor w"s the
re!erence to the Gos$e%s " co$%ete one1 The est of the Gospel !tory "kes ($ !or these de!iciencies "nd wi%% becoe
"n in*"%("b%e co$"nion to "%% who re"d thro(gh The Poem or wish to "ke !re;(ent re!erence to the New Test"ent
Gos$e% "cco(nts "s the' $roceed" )t wi%% kee$ one !(%%' orient"ted "s the' re"d thro(gh The Poem which0 bec"(se o! its
det"i% "nd issing %inks between e$isodes one c"n e"si%' %ose contin(it'1 ) " gre"t%' indebted to A(%"gnierHs $ioneer
work "nd to Tho"s D(be0 who h"*e "de the cre"tion o! this work (ch e"sier1
Gospel )pisodes
The CF4 Gos$e% e$isodes in this work were deterined !or e"se in st(d' (sing The Poem or the Dated Harmony "nd to
"chie*e " strict chrono%ogic"% order !or the New Test"ent Gos$e% "cco(nts1 This w"s done in the !o%%owing w"':
21 Gos$e% e*entsGte"chings th"t e:tended into " second ch"$ter in The Poem were considered se$"r"te e$isodes1
51 Se$"r"te e$isodes were "%so (s("%%' "de !or (%ti$%e e*entsGte"chings0 e*en in the s"e ch"$ter o! The Poem
when di!!erent Gos$e% writers se$"r"te%' recorded these1 One e*ent recorded b' M"tthew "nd "nother b' M"rk0 e*en i! the'
h"$$ened on the s"e d"' "nd were !o(nd in the s"e ch"$ter in The Poem, were (s("%%' considered two e$isodes1 The
Seron on the Mo(nt "nd the ,r(ci!i:ion "cco(nt o!!er n(ero(s e:"$%es o! this1
C1 Se$"r"te e$isodes were "%so "de whene*er e*ents in " te:t were not in e:"ct chrono%ogic"% order1 Ag"in0 the
Seron on the Mo(nt "nd the ,r(ci!i:ion "cco(nt $resent "n' e:"$%es o! this bec"(se the Gos$e% writers h"d %iter"r' or
theo%ogic"% re"sons !or "b"ndoning " strict chrono%ogic"% order1
The D"ted P"r"%%e% H"ron' o! the Gos$e%s
The obKecti*e in the cre"tion o! this work w"s to en"b%e "n' re"der o! The Poe to e"si%' co$"re the re*e%"tion gi*en
to (s b' the E*"nge%ists "nd the re*e%"tion gi*en to M& in " strict chrono%ogic"% order1 S(ch " co$"rison wi%% not on%'
"(thentic"te the "cc(r"c' o! the Gos$e% "cco(nts0 tho(gh the' were "%ost "%w"'s condensed "nd soeties $"r"$hr"sed0
b(t wi%% est"b%ish with (ndis$(ted cert"int' the di*ine origin o! The Poem1 One wi%% see th"t The Poem w"s no h("n%'
contri*ed or "rt!(% e:$"nsion on the Gos$e% "cco(nts0 !or the e:$"nsions "re !"r too co$%e: "nd "re tied into e*en ore
co$%e: conte:ts0 "%% o! which then !or one co$%ete%' !%owing "nd consistent stor' o! o*er 70>>> $"ges0 in*o%*ing0
incredib%'0 o*er 3>> di!!erent ch"r"ctersP +(st "s "stonishing "nd conc%(si*e is the !"ct th"t The Poem de$"rts r"dic"%%' !ro
the chrono%ogic"% order scho%"rs h"*e deterined !or the Gos$e% record1 )t is "n "%together new "rr"ngeent o! the Gos$e%
record1 @See A$$endi:: The Di*ine Origin o! The PoemA1
The H"ron' wi%% "%so en"b%e the re"der o! the Gos$e%s to ;(ick%' o*e b"ck "nd !orth between the Gos$e%s0 The
Poem "nd the s("r' "cco(nts in The est of the Gospel !tory" )n "ddition0 -e' Links which direct the re"der to the
iedi"te%' $receding "nd iedi"te%' !o%%owing te:t "s !o(nd in the Gos$e% n"rr"ti*e wi%% en"b%e the re"der to get "
soeties !"scin"ting *iew o! how the Gos$e% writers c(t "nd $"sted their "cco(nts together !ro wh"t w"s "t one tie "
!"r ore co$%ete "nd ore chrono%ogic"% record1 M"n' o! these ob*io(s c(t "nd $"ste %oc"tions "re noted in the H"ron'1
These too%s sho(%d $ro*ide te:t("% critics st(d'ing the origin "nd constr(ction o! the Gos$e%s with " ost (ni;(e
o$$ort(nit' to "d*"nce their !ie%d o! (nderst"nding1
not"tions direct one to the "$$endi:0 where soe 62 "%tern"te
renditions !ro the Re*ised &ersion o! 2447 "re %isted1 These "re the ost signi!ic"nt di!!erences in the e:isting origin"%
%"ng("ge "n(scri$ts o! the New Test"ent1 Here one !inds "n ""Iing "greeent between The Poem "nd the Rheis
New Test"ent "s o$$osed to the odern tr"ns%"tions1
The Rheis New Test"ent
The Rheis *ersion o! the New Test"ent0 tr"ns%"ted !ro the L"tin &(%g"te0 w"s the st"nd"rd !or the ,"tho%ic
,h(rch !ro its $(b%ic"tion in 2345 thro(gh its re*ision in 263> b' /isho$ ,h"%%oner @"nd the ,on!r"ternit' re*ision in
2872A (nti% the "$$e"r"nce o! the New Aeric"n /ib%e in 286>1 )nteresting%'0 The Poem "ni!ests " (ni;(e "nd s(bst"nti"%
"greeent with the Rheis tr"ns%"tion1 The (ndeni"b%e e*idence !or the di*ine origin o! The Poem th(s s$e"ks ;(ite
c%e"r%' in res$ect to the "cc(r"c' o! the L"tin &(%g"te "nd the Eng%ish Rheis &ersion t"ken !ro it0 in contr"st to the other
odern ,"tho%ic *ersions s(ch "s the NA/0 the RS&0 the +er(s"%e /ib%e0 or the Li*ing /ib%e1 @See A$$endi: (nder: The
Poem of the Man-God S($$orts the Rheis New Test"ent1A
Insight on the 4rigin o! the (ynopti Gospels
E*idence th"t "%% three writers c(t !ro " %"rger chrono%ogic"% te:t "nd $"sted their "cco(nts together is re*e"%ed b'
the con!%icting in!or"tion between the act&al conte:ts o! the Gos$e% te:ts !o(nd in The Poem "nd the conte:ts o! these
te:ts "s !o(nd in the Gos$e%s1 See the Gos$e% e$isodes be%ow in The Dated Parallel Harmony of the Gospels1
E*idence St L(ke c(t !ro " %"rger chrono%ogic"% te:t to cre"te his own Gos$e% : 2F510 2FC10 26510 "nd 22410where "n'
"ncient "(thorities re"d in L(ke 6:220 <on the ne:t d"'= r"ther th"n the <%"ter= edit th"t s"'s ere%' <"!terw"rds1= 9h"t
$recedes this te:t in L(ke does not t"ke $%"ce the d"' be!ore "ccording to The Poem1 The %"rger te:t !ro which L(ke c(t this
stor' (st h"*e cont"ined the stor' o! the Deoni"cs !ro Ger"sh"0 which did occ(r the d"' be!ore "nd is %oc"ted in L(ke
4:5F#C80 M"tthew 4:54#C7 "nd M"rk 3:2#5>1
)! L(ke did not do "%% his own editing or re"rr"nging0 then he co$ied "t %e"st soe o! his work !ro "n "%re"d' reworked
te:t "nd not !ro the %ess reworked one M"tthew h"d or "' h"*e borrowed !ro1 9e "' conc%(de this bec"(se L(keHs
Gos$e% cont"ins si: c"ses o! n"rr"tions broken ($ "nd re"rr"nged @!or theo%ogic"% or %iter"r' re"sonsA "ccording to both The
Poem and M"tthew1 See 6810 25310 27510 27310 27410 24C11 A%% this w"s done (nder the )ns$ir"tion o! God1
E*idence M"tthew c(t !ro " %"rger chrono%ogic"% te:t @"%ost cert"in%' his own origin"% "cco(ntPA to cre"te his
Gos$e%: 22>10 25410 268b10 52811
E*idence M"rk c(t !ro " %"rger chrono%ogic"% te:t to cre"te his own Gos$e%: 3410 26810 52811
E*idence M"rk "' h"*e co$ied soe o! L(keHs Gos$e% or "t %e"st borrowed !ro the s"e reworked so(rce:
M"rk co$ies two o! L(keHs si: broken n"rr"tions @681 "nd 2751A
M"' the re"der !ind gre"t Ko' "nd b%essing in the re"ding "nd st(d' o! wh"t "n' !ee% is the ost signi!ic"nt $ost "$osto%ic
re*e%"tion e*er gi*en to the ,h(rch1 M"' these too%s "id "n' re"ders in th"t b%essed s$irit("% $(rs(itP
$ F)W $>TH4%IT$TI&) T)(TIM4"I$5( T4 TH) 34)M 4F TH) M$"DG4D

"ot in the entire history o! the Churh h"s there e*er been the kind o! $r"ise !ro "s "n' we%%#res$ected "(thorities "s
h"s coe !or The Poem of the Man God1 )ndeed0 there is no $"r"%%e% to this work in *eri!i"b%e "(thenticit' or s$irit("%it' in
e:istence in the wor%d1 As Fr1 Gino &io%ini testi!ied0 it is Hthe only true visionDandD#ord revelation on the Gospels ever
granted to man/ind.I Nothing h"s so "(thentic"ted the tr(th!(%ness "nd re%i"bi%it' o! Ho%' Scri$t(res or the Ho%' ,"tho%ic
F"ith "s h"s this incredib%e re*e%"tion1 LThe 2
Edition w"s $%"ced on the !orbidden %ist on%' bec"(se the work w"s $(b%ished witho(t the "$$ro*"% o!
the Ho%' O!!ice1 The Ho%' O!!ice c%"ied to be (n"w"re o! its order to be $(b%ished b' Po$e Pi(s J))1 This (n!ort(n"te occ(rrence %ed "n' others to %"ter r"sh%'
"nd (nK(st%' K(dge the work0 e*en "!ter e:$%"n"tor' notes were $%"ced in the work to e:$%"in soe obsc(re re!erences "nd "!ter it w"s then "%%owed to be
re$(b%ished1 The ,ongreg"tion !or the Doctrine "nd F"ith h"s "de it c%e"r th"t des$ite these criticiss0 "%% ,"tho%ics "re now !ree to re"d the work "nd "ke
their own discernentsPM

His Holiness 3ope 3ius JII0 Febr("r' 5F02874 @Osser*"tore Ro"noA <P(b%ish this work "s it is1 There is no need to
gi*e "n o$inion "bo(t its origin0 whether it be e:tr"ordin"r' or not1 9ho re"ds it wi%% (nderst"nd1=
Msgr. >go 5attanzi0 de"n o! the F"c(%t' o! Theo%og' o! the L"ter"n Ponti!ic"% .ni*ersit'0 "d*isor to the Ho%' O!!ice
@2832A: <The "(thor co(%d not h"*e written s(ch "nd "b(nd"nt "o(nt o! "teri"% witho(t being (nder the in!%(ence o! "
s($ern"t(r"% $ower1=
Fr. Gabriel M. %oshini0 $ro!essor "t <M"ri"n(0= Ponti!ic"% F"c(%t' o! Theo%og' in Roe0 renowned "rio%ogist0
"(thor o! 2C> books0 "nd "d*isor to the Ho%' O!!ice @2865A: <) (st c"ndid%' "dit th"t the M"rio%og' !o(nd in M"ri"
&"%tort"Hs writings0 whether $(b%ished or not0 h"s been !or e " re"% disco*er'1 No other M"ri"n writing0 not e*en the s(
tot"% o! "%% the writings ) h"*e re"d "nd st(died0 were "b%e to gi*e e "s c%e"r0 "s %i*e%'0 "s co$%ete0 "s %(ino(s0 or "s
!"scin"ting "n i"ge0 both si$%e "nd s(b%ie0 o! M"r'0 GodHs "ster$iece1=
3ro!' Fabrizio :raini0 .ni*ersit' o! P"%er" @2868A: <9h"t constit(tes the !inish %ine !or others0 so to s$e"k0 is0 on
the contr"r' M"ri" &"%tort"Hs "scetic st"rting $oint1=
Dr. &ittorio Tredii0 geo%ogist "nd iner"%ogist0 )t"%' @2835A: <) wish to (nder%ine the "(thorHs (ne:$%"in"b%' $recise
know%edge o! P"%estine in its $"nor"ic0 to$ogr"$hic"%0 geo%ogic"% "nd iner"%ogic"% "s$ects1=

Fr. Gabriel $llegra' 4.F.M.' renowned tr"ns%"tor o! the /ib%e in ,hinese0 M"c"oGHong -ong @286>A: <The !inger o!
God is here1 As !or theo%ogic"% K(sti!ic"tion o! " book "s con*incing0 "s ch"ris"tic0 "s e:tr"ordin"r' e*en !ro " ere%'
h("n $oint o! *iew0 "s is M"ri" &"%tort"Hs Poem of the Man-God0 ) !ind it in St1 P"(%Hs !irst e$ist%e to the ,orinthi"ns 270F
where he writes0 NT"ke e !or inst"nce brothers0 o! wh"t (se co(%d ) be to 'o(0 i! ) were to coe to 'o( s$e"king in tong(es0
b(t witho(t re*e%"tion or know%edge0 $ro$hec' or doctrineBH = His c"(se !or c"noniI"tion is $rogressing1
H.). George H. 3eare' (.M.' !orer Archbisho$ o! S(*"0 FiKi0 now retired in Pro*idence0 Rhode )s%"nd @2846A: <)
!irst c"e in cont"ct with the work o! M"ri" &"%tort" in 2868 L111M ) !ind it treendo(s%' ins$iring1 )t is i$ossib%e !or e to
i"gine th"t "n'one co(%d re"d this treendo(s work with "n o$en ind "nd not be con*inced th"t its "(thor c"n be no one
b(t the Ho%' S$irit o! God1=

$rhbishop $l!onso Carini0 Secret"r' o! the ,ongreg"tion o! the S"cred rites @287FA: <There is nothing therein which
is contr"r' to the Gos$e%1 R"ther this work0 " good co$%eent to the Gos$e%0 contrib(tes tow"rds " better (nderst"nding o!
its e"ning1=
Fr. Drey!us0 o! the French /ib%ic"% "nd Archeo%ogic"% Schoo%0 +er(s"%e @284FA: <) w"s gre"t%' i$ressed on !inding in
M"ri" &"%tort"Hs work the n"es o! "t %e"st si: or se*en towns0 which "re "bsent !ro the O%d "nd New Test"ents1 These
n"es "re known b(t to " !ew s$eci"%ists 1 1 1 1 How co(%d she h"*e known these n"es0 i! not thro(gh the re*e%"tions she
c%"is th"t she h"d1=
Fr. Gino C. &iolini' ,"%g"r' A%bert"0 ,"n"d" @2846A: <)t is the gos$e% $roc%"ied with new *igor "nd det"i%1 )t is "
$ower!(% %ight be"ed on the $erson o! +es(s ,hrist "nd his etern"% te"chings1 )ndeed this work "$$e"rs to be the on%' tr(e
*ision#"nd#word re*e%"tion on the gos$e%s e*er gr"nted to "nkind1=
Msgr. 3ea 1ua Ia Mahi1 Pri*"te Secret"r' o! Po$e P"(% &)0 to Fr1 ,1M1 /erti OSM0 in "n ho(r#%ong inter*iew @28FCA
<9hen His Ho%iness @P"(% &)A w"s Archbisho$ o! Mi%"n0 he re"d one o! the books o! The Poem of the Man-God1 He to%d
e how he "$$reci"ted it0 "nd h"d e send the co$%ete work to the Libr"r' o! the dioces"n Sein"r'1=
The Most %everend %oman Danyla/ 0D HNot withst"nding *"rio(s c%"is to the contr"r'0 theo%ogi"ns o! "(thorit'0
Scri$t(re scho%"rs0 who h"*e st(died The Poem0 con!ir the "cc(r"c' o! &"%tort"Hs descri$tions o! $%"ce0 geogr"$h'0 her
"cc(r"te know%edge o! the Ho%' L"nd0 etc1 And we (st reeber th"t M"ri" &"%tort" did not h"*e the he"%th nor the
o$$ort(nit' to st(d' or to corre%"te her obser*"tions1 Re"ding the !i*e *o%(es in Eng%ish or the ten *o%(es in )t"%i"n0 )
w"s o*erwhe%ed b' her "ster' not on%' o! $oetic co$osition0 b(t o! det"i%s0 o! $erson"ges0 o! e*ents in the Gos$e% stor'1
) !ind signi!ic"nt con!ir"tion o! the "n' ch"r"cters o! "$ost%es0 disci$%es0 $enitents0 etc10 entioned not on%' in Scri$t(re0
b(t in the %it(rgic"% "nd $"tristic tr"dition o! the ,h(rch in the /'I"ntine tr"dition1 Her ch"r"cters "re not i"gin"r'0 "s )
s(s$ect o! the ch"r"cters o! the n"rr"tion o! "nother *ision"r' "nd 'stic0 ,"therine Eerich0 b(t re"% $eo$%e0 whose
identit' is con!ired b' the F"thers "nd the %it(rgic"% !e"sts o! the /'I"ntine ,h(rch1 L"st%'0 M"ri" &"%tort" $resents one o!
the ost *i*id0 be"(ti!(%0 %i*ing "nd con*incing i"ges o! the %i*ing +es(s th"t ) h"*e e*er enco(ntered1=
(His 4-cellency *ost 2e)' 2oman Danylak, ,ntil recently "i)en new responsibilities in 2ome, had been 0hancellor o# the %oronto 4parchy
(Diocese5 and 0ons,ltor o# the 6onti#ical 0ommission #or the re)ision o# 4astern 0anon Law' He was also 6astor o# St' Josaphat (7krainian
0atholic5 0athedral in %oronto, and is the translator and close #riend o# 7krainian )isionary Josyp %erelya' Bishop Danylak has a License in Sacred
%heolo"y, and Doctorates in both 0anon and 0i)il Law #rom the 6onti#ical 7ni)ersity in 2ome'
The "bo*e testionies were t"ken !ro0 A(thorit"ti*e Testioni"%s1 www1b"rdstown1coGRbrchr'sGinde:1ht%
Fr. =(aint? 3io da 3ietrelina0 The !"ed )t"%i"n ,"$(chin stig"tist w"s "n "*id s($$orter o! M"ri" &"%tort" "nd her
works0 inc%(ding The Poem of the Man-God1 Pio is ;(oted te%%ing " c%ose de*otee o! his when she "sked i! he "d*ised her to
re"d the work0 <I don9t advise you to K I order you toLI The ;(ote is t"ken !ro " %etter d"ted +"n("r' 60 2848 to Ei%o
Pi"nni0 the "(thor o! Padre Pio and Maria Valtorta @$"ge F4A1 Pio h"d " $"ssion !or this work bec"(se he knew the work
w"s des$er"te%' needed in the ,h(rch1
TH) D$T)D 3$%$55)5 H$%M4"8 4F TH) G4(3)5( and the
34)M 4F TH) M$"DG4D
The Gospel )pisode number wi%% t"ke 'o( to the "$$ro$ri"te section in this Harmony of the Gospels or The est of the Gospel !tory"
.se the &olume' page or hapter numbers to go direct%' to The Poem"
Te0ts that are not asribed a Gospel )pisode number re$resent "teri"% th"t is (n#d"t"b%e1 A te:t co(%d be (n#d"t"b%e bec"(se it is
not historic"% n"rr"ti*e or si$%' bec"(se the te:t w"s not !o(nd in The Poem" $ parenthesis around =The Poem loation? e"ns
in!or"tion here s(bst"nti"tes the Gos$e% n"rr"ti*e b(t is not itse%! the Gos$e% e*ent1 $ parenthesis around =text loations? re!ers to
%oc"tion in the RS&1 :ra/ets around FThe Poem loationG e"ns the Gos$e% te:t is " *er' gener"% st"teent re%"ting to ore th"n one
ch"$ter o! The Poem1 The symbol MN e"ns the te:t is not !o(nd in The Poem"
TH) G4(3)5 4F
E$isode S : Te:t: The Poe:
Mt 2:2#26 TU
81 Mt 2:24#28 )025C
2>1 Mt 2:5>#57" TU
221 Mt 2:57b#53 @)025FA
261 Mt 5:2#25 )02F6
241 Mt 5:2C#23 L)0ch C3#CFM
281 Mt 5:2F#24 L@)0ch 6C#63AM
5>1 Mt 5:28#5C @)0282A
541 Mt C:2#C @)0575A
581 Mt C:7#F @)0575A
C>1 Mt C:6#2> @)0575A
C51 Mt C:22025 @)0575A
C31 Mt C:2C#26 L)0ch 77#73M
C61 Mt 7:2 @)0576A
C41 Mt 7:5" @)0576A
7>1 Mt 7:5b#22 )0578
751 Mt 7:25#2F )053F
321 Mt 7:26 @)0543A
731 Mt 7:24#55 )05F4
F>1 Mt 7:5C#53 )0CC5
641 Mt 3:205 ))0253
4>1 Mt 3:C#25 ))02C3
681 Mt 3:2C#2F ))0258
421 Mt 3:26#5> ))0275
441 Mt 3:52#57 ))027F
481 Mt 3:53#5F ))027F
2>C1 Mt 3:56#C5 ))0267
8>1 Mt 3:CC#C6 ))0274
4F1 Mt 3:C4 ))027F
47"1G27C1 Mt 3:C807> ))0277
Mt 3:72 TU
47b1 Mt 3:75 ))0277
4C1 Mt 3:7C ))0277
461 Mt 3:77#74 ))0273
8F1 Mt F:2#7 ))0238
821 Mt F:3#4 ))0232
2521 Mt F:8#2C ))0C5F
861 Mt F:27023 ))02F2
871 Mt F:2F#24 ))023C
831 Mt F:28#52 ))0236
2>>1 Mt F:5505C ))026>
881 Mt F:57 ))026>
841 Mt F:53#C7 ))02F5
2>71 Mt 6:2#F ))0268
8C1 Mt 6:6#22 ))0235
431 Mt 6:25 ))0273
2441 Mt 6:2C027 )))032C
451 Mt 6:23#5> ))027C
2>6"1 Mt 6:52#5C054058 ))0246
2>31 Mt 6:57#56 ))024>
2>6b1 Mt 6:54#58 ))0246
2>F1 Mt 4:2#7 ))0242
2>41 Mt 4:3#2C ))0248
341 Mt 4:27#26 L)0 ch F>0F2M
2>81 Mt 4:24#55 ))0282
22F1 Mt 4:5C#56 ))05C>
2261 Mt 4:54#8:2" ))05CF
F51 Mt 8:2b#4 )0CC8
F71 Mt 8:8#2C )0322
631 Mt 8:27#26 ))06>
2541 Mt 8:24#5F ))0747
2581 Mt 8:56#C7 ))078F
2C51 Mt 8:C3 ))0326
2C71 Mt 8:CF#C4 ))0324
6F1 Mt 2>:2#7 ))08C
2751 Mt 2>:3#75 ))0F85
2771 Mt 22:2 ))06>>
2731 Mt 22:5#56 ))06>5
2761 Mt 22:54#C> ))0624
25F1 Mt 25:2#4 ))0724
27>1 Mt 25:8#27 ))0F64
2721 Mt 25:23#52 TU
2741 Mt 25:55#3> ))065>
22>1 Mt 2C:2#8 ))0283
2221 Mt 2C:2>#5C ))05>>
22C1 Mt 2C:57#C> ))0522
2231 Mt 2C:C20C5 ))0553
2F612 Mt 2C:CC#C3 )))0563
2271 Mt 2C:CF#7C ))0525
2C31 Mt 2C:77 ))035>
2CF1 Mt 2C:73#3C ))03C2
2C41 Mt 2C:37#34 ))036F
2781 Mt 27:205 @)))0C8FA
C81 Mt 27:C#3 @)0537 A
2251 Mt 27:C#3 L@))0ch 24>0242AM
27F1 Mt 27:F#25" @))0658A
23>1 Mt 27:25b02C ))0ch5F8056>
2321 Mt 27:27#52 ))067C
2351 Mt 27:55#5C ))0676
23C1 Mt 27:57#C7 ))0674
2371 Mt 27:C30CF
L@))0ch 567#56FAM
2F71 Mt 23:2#22 )))027C
2F31 Mt 23:25#5> )))027F
2FF1 Mt 23:52 L)))0ch C230C2FM
2F81 Mt 23:55#54 )))0586
2641 Mt 23:58" )))0C87
268"1 Mt 23:58b )))07>3
2471 Mt 23:C>#C8 )))07CC
2631 Mt 2F:2#7 )))0CF3
26F1 Mt 2F:3#5> )))0CF8
2661 Mt 2F:52#54 )))0C43
268b1 Mt 26:2#26 @24A )))07>3
24>1 Mt 26:24#5> )))0723
2421 Mt 26:52055 @)))0723A
2451 Mt 26:5C#5F )))0726
24C1 Mt 24:2#2> )))0756
2871 Mt 24:22 )&023
2C>1 Mt 24:25#27 ))0788
23F1 Mt 24:23#26 )))028
2361 Mt 24:24#C3 )))052
5281 Mt 28:205 L)&0ch 3C4#373M
2461 Mt 28:C#25 )))07F3
5>81 Mt 28:2C#23 )&0747
5C>1 Mt 28:2F#C> &0544
2F41 Mt 5>:2#2F )))0546
5C21 Mt 5>:26#28 &0585
5C51 Mt 5>:5>#54 &058F
5CC1 Mt 5>:58#C7 &0C2C
5CF1 Mt 52:2#F &0C82#C85
5C41 Mt 52:6#26 &0C86
5C81 Mt 52:24#28" &0728
57C1 Mt 52:28b#55 &0754
5751 Mt 52:5C#56 &0752
2821 Mt 52:54#C5 )))0663
5721 Mt 52:CC#7F &0728
2531 Mt 55:2#27 ))0C32
5771 Mt 55:23#55 &07C>
5731 Mt 55:5C#CC &07C2
57F1 Mt 55:C7#7F &07C6
5741 Mt 5C:2#C8 &0773
5781 Mt 57:205 &0578
53>1 Mt 57:C#32 &07FC
2571 Mt 53:2#2C ))0C77
2F>1 Mt 53:27#C> )))0C6
5321 Mt 53:C2#7F &07F6
5351 Mt 5F:205 @&07F8A
53F1 Mt 5F:C#3 &074F
5C71 Mt 5F:F#2C &0CFC
5C31 Mt 5F:27#2F L&0ch 343034FM
53C1 Mt 5F:26#28 &076F
5361 Mt 5F:5> &0787
5F21 Mt 5F:52055 &03>3
5FC1 Mt 5F:5C057 &03>F
5F51 Mt 5F:53 &03>F
5F>1 Mt 5F:5F#58 &03>7
5621 Mt 5F:C> &0326
5341 Mt 5F:C2#C3 &0784
5651 Mt 5F:CF#77 &03C>
5671 Mt 5F:7307F &03C6
5631 Mt 5F:76#78 &03C6
56F1 Mt 5F:3>" &03C4
5421 Mt 5F:3>b032 &03C4
5451 Mt 5F:35#37 &03C4
54>1 Mt 5F:3303F" &03C4
5431 Mt 5F:3Fb &03C8
54F1 Mt 5F:36" &0373
5481 Mt 5F:36b034 &0332
58>1 Mt 5F:38#F4 &033C
5821 Mt 5F:F806> @&0337A
5851 Mt 5F:62065 @&0337A
5871 Mt 5F:6C#63 &0337
5831 Mt 56:2 &0333
58F"1 Mt 56:5 &0333
5861 Mt 56:C#3" &036C
C521 Mt 56:3b &0F>3
C381 Mt 56:F#2> @&0464 A
58Fb1 Mt 56:22#27 &0334
C>>1 Mt 56:23#24 &03FC
C>31 Mt 56:28 &03F6
C>21 Mt 56:5>#5C &03FC
C>61 Mt 56:57#53 &03F4
C>51 Mt 56:5F" &03FC
C>81 Mt 56:5Fb &03F4
C>C1 Mt 56:56#C> &03F3
C2>1 Mt 56:C2 TU
C2C1 Mt 56:C5 &0F>5
C271 Mt 56:CC &0F>C
C241" Mt 56:C7 &0F>F
C281 Mt 56:C30CF &0F2>
C24b1 Mt 56:C6#C4 &0F>C
C5>1 Mt 56:C8#77 &0F22
C2F1 Mt 56:73 &0F2>
C5F1 Mt 56:7F076 &0F24
C541 Mt 56:74078 &0F28
CC21 Mt 56:3> &0F52
CC51 Mt 56:32#3C &0F520F57
CC31 Mt 56:37#3F &0F53
CC71 Mt 56:36034 &0F57
CC61 Mt 56:380F>" &0F54
CC81 Mt 56:F>b &0FC4
CC41 Mt 56:F2 &0FC>
C7>1 Mt 56:F5#FF &0F72
C7C1 Mt 54:2 &06>7
C771 Mt 54:5#7 &0F84
C7F1 Mt 54:3#2> &06>F
C761 Mt 54:22#23 @&0654A
C331 Mt 54:2F026 &0458
C341 Mt 54:24#5> &0465
TH) G4(3)5 4F
(T. M$%O
541 Mk 2:2#7 @)0575A
581 Mk 2:30F @)0575A
C51 Mk 2:604 @)0575A
C31 Mk 2:8#22 L)0ch 77#73M
C61 Mk 2:25 @)0576A
C41 Mk 2:2C" @)0576A
7>1 Mk 2:2Cb )0578
C81 Mk 2:27" @)0537A
321 Mk 2:27b023 @)0543A
731 Mk 2:2F#5> )05F4
361 Mk 2:52#54 )0C24
341 Mk 2:58#C7 L)0ch F>0F2M
381 Mk 2:C3#C4 )0C58
F>1 Mk 2:C8 )0CC5
F21 Mk 2:7>#73 )0CC3
F51 Mk 5:2#25 )0CC8
FC1 Mk 5:2C )0,h1F3
F71 Mk 5:27#26 )0322
631 Mk 5:24#55 ))06>
25F1 Mk 5:5C#54 ))0724
27>1 Mk C:2#F ))0F64
2721 Mk C:6#25 TU
6F1 Mk C:2C#28 ))08C
2741 Mk C:5>#C3 ))065>
22>1 Mk 7:2#8 ))0283
2221 Mk 7:2>#5> ))05>>
68"1 Mk 7:52 ))0258
275b1 Mk 7:55 ))0F85
Mk 7:5C057
2381 Mk 7:53 )))0CF
2231 Mk 7:5F#C7" ))0553
22F1 Mk 7:C7b#7> ))05C>
2261 Mk 3:2#5> ))05CF
2541 Mk 3:52#7C ))0747
2C41 Mk F:2#F" ))036F
2C81 Mk F:Fb L))0ch 57F0576M
275"1 Mk F:6#22 ))0F85
2771 Mk F:2502C ))06>>
2781 Mk F:27#2F @)))0C8FA
2251 Mk F:26#5>
L@))0ch 24>0242AM
27F1 Mk F:52#58 @ ))0658A
23>1 Mk F:C>#C5))0ch 5F8056>
2321 Mk F:CC#77 ))067C
2351 Mk F:7307F ))0676
23C1 Mk F:76#3C ))0674
2371 Mk F:37#3F
L@))0ch 567#56FAM
2F71 Mk 6:2#2F )))027C
2F31 Mk 6:26#5C )))027F
2F81 M k 6:57#C> )))0586
2621 Mk 6:C2 )))0C>50C22
2671 Mk 6:C5#C6 )))0C34
2471 Mk 4:2#2> )))07CC
2631 Mk 4:22025 )))0CF3
26F" Mk 4:2C#52 )))0CF8
2641 Mk 4:55#5F )))0C87
26Fb1 Mk 4:56#C> )))0C62
2661 Mk 4:C2#C8@8:2A )))0C43
2681 Mk 8:2#5F@5#56A )))07>3
24>1 Mk 8:56#54 )))0723
2421 Mk 8:58#C2 @)))0723A
2451 Mk 8:C5"@CC"A )))0726
24C1 Mk 8:C5b#76 )))0756
68b1 Mk 8:74078"b ))0258
5281 Mk 2>:2 L)&0ch 3C4#373M
2461 Mk 2>:5#25 )))07F3
5>81 Mk 2>:2C#2F )&0747
5C>1 Mk 2>:26#C2 &0544
5C21 Mk 2>:C5#C7 &0585
5C51 Mk 2>:C3#73 &058F
5CC1 Mk 2>:7F#35 &0C2C
5CF1 Mk 22:2#F &0C82#C85
5C4"1 Mk 22:6#22" &0C86
5C4c1 Mk 22:22b &07>C
5C81 Mk 22:25#27 &0728
5C4b Mk 22:23#28 &07>5
57C1 Mk 22:5>#53 &0754
861 Mk 22:5F ))02F2
5751 Mk 22:56#CC &0752
5721 Mk 25:2#25 &0728
5771 Mk 25:2C#26 &07C>
5731 Mk 25:24#56 &07C2
57F1 Mk 25:54#C6 &07C6
5741 Mk 25:C4#7> &077F
5761 Mk 25:72#77 &077>
5781 Mk 2C:205 &0578
53>1 Mk 2C:C#C6 &07FC
5351 Mk 27:205 @ &07F8A
5C71 Mk 27:C#8 &0CFC
5C31 Mk 27:2>022
L&0ch 343034FM
53C Mk 27:25#2F &076F
5361 Mk 27:26 &0787
5F21 Mk 27:24028 &03>3
5FC1 Mk 27:5>052 &03>F
5F>1 Mk 27:55#53 &03>7
5621 Mk 27:5F &0326
5341 Mk 27:56#C2 &0784
5651 Mk 27:C5#7> &03C>
5671 Mk 27:72075 &03C6
5631 Mk 27:7C#73 &03C6
5421 Mk 27:7F076 &03C4
54>1 Mk 27:74078 &03C4
5431 Mk 27:3>#35 &03C8
54F1 Mk 27:3C" &0373
5481 Mk 27:3Cb037 &0332
58>1 Mk 27:33#F3 &033C
5821 Mk 27:FF#F4 @&0337A
5851 Mk 27:F806>" @&0337A
5871 Mk 27:6>b#65 &0337
5831 Mk 23:2" &0333
58F1 Mk 23:2b#3 &0333
C>>1 Mk 23:F#2> &03FC
C>21 Mk 23:22#27 &03FC
C>51 Mk 23:23"b &03FC
C>81 Mk 23:23c &03F4
C>C1 Mk 23:2F#28 &03F3
C2>1 Mk 23:5> TU
C2C1 Mk 23:52 &0F>5
C271 Mk 23:55 &0F>C
C241 Mk 23:5C &0F2>
C281 Mk 23:57 &0F2>
C24b1 Mk 23:53#54 &0F>C
C5>1 Mk 23:58#C5 &0F22
C2F1 Mk 23:CC &0F2>
C5F1 Mk 23:C70C3 &0F24
C541 Mk 23:CF &0F28
C581 Mk 23:C6" &0F5>
CC21 Mk 23:C6b &0F52
CC51 Mk 23:C4 &0F520F57
CC31 Mk 23:C8#72 &0F53
CC71 Mk 23:75#73 &0F57
CC61 Mk 23:7F"0b &0F54
CC81 Mk 23:7Fc &0FC4
CC41 Mk 23:76 &0FC>
C7C" Mk 2F:2" &06>7
C721 Mk 2F:2b0c &0FF>
C7Cb1 Mk 2F:50C &06>7
C7F1 Mk 2F:7#22 &06>F
C741 Mk 2F:2502C &0656
C781 Mk 2F:27 &06C6
C3F1 Mk 2F:23 &0437
Mk 2F:2F TU
C3515 Mk 2F:26#24 &0647
C341 Mk 2F:2805> &0465

TH) G4(3)5 4F
(T. 5>O)
Lk 2:2#7 TU
21 Lk 2:3#5C @)052A
51 Lk 2:57#53 @)088A
C1 Lk 2:5F#C4 )04>
71 Lk 2:C8#33 L)0ch 28#52M
41 Lk 2:3F )0228
31 Lk 2:36034 )022>
F1 Lk 2:38#68 )02F
61 Lk 2:4>" TU
5F1 Lk 2:4>b TU
251 Lk 5:2#C )0258
2C1 Lk 5:703 )02C7
271 Lk 5:F#5> L)0ch 580C>M
231 Lk 5:52 )0233
2F1 Lk 5:55#C8 )02F2
521 Lk 5:7>#72 L)0ch C6#C8M
551 Lk 5:75 )05>4
5C1 Lk 5:7C#77 @)055>A
571 Lk 5:73 @)055>A
531 Lk 5:7F#35 )0525
V @)055>A
561 Lk C:205 @)0575A
541 Lk C:C#F @)0575A
C>1 Lk C:6#8 @)0575A
C21 Lk C:2>#27 @)0575A
C51 Lk C:23#24 @)0575A
C81 Lk C:2805> @)0537A
C31 Lk C:52#5C" L)0ch 77#73M
Lk C:5Cb#C4 TU
C61 Lk 7:2 @)0576A
C41 Lk 7:5" @)0576A
7>1 Lk 7:5b#2C )0578
781 Lk 7:27023 @)0568A
F31 Lk 7:2F" )0338
FF1 Lk 7:2Fb#C> )03F7
3F1 Lk 7:C20C5 L)0ch 38#F3M
361 Lk 7:CC#C6 )0C24
341 Lk 7:C4#72 L)0ch F>0F2M
381 Lk 7:7507C )0C58
F>1 Lk 7:77 )0CC5
FC1 Lk 3:2#22 L)0ch F70F3M
F21 Lk 3:25#2F )0CC3
F51 Lk 3:26#5F )0CC8
F71 Lk 3:56#C5 )0322
631 Lk 3:CC#C8 ))06>
25F1 Lk F:2#3 ))0724
27>1 Lk F:F#22 ))0F64
6F1 Lk F:25#2F ))08C
661 Lk F:26#28 ))088
4>"1 Lk F:5>#5C ))02C3
2>21 Lk F:57 ))0267
2>51 Lk F:53 ))0267
4>b1 Lk F:5F ))02C3
46"1 Lk F:56054 ))0273
471 Lk F:580C> ))0277
431 Lk F:C2 ))0273
46b1 Lk F:C5#CF ))0273
2>71 Lk F:C6#75 ))0268
451 Lk F:7C077 ))027C
851 Lk F:73 ))023>
2>4b1 Lk F:7F ))0248
2>31 Lk F:76#78 ))024>
2>61 Lk 6:2" ))0246
2>4"11 Lk 6:2b#2> ))0248
2241 Lk 6:22#24 ))0535
273"1 Lk 6:28#C3 ))06>5
2C21 Lk 6:CF#3> ))032>
2CC1 Lk 4:2#C L))0ch 5CF#5F7M
22>1 Lk 4:7#4 ))0283
2221 Lk 4:8#23 ))05>>
68"1 Lk 4:2F ))0258
275b1 Lk 4:26 ))0F85
238b1 Lk 4:24 )))0CF
274c1 Lk 4:28#52 ))0656
22F1 Lk 4:55#53 ))05C>
2261 Lk 4:5F#C8 ))05CF
2541 Lk 4:7>#3F ))0747
275"1 Lk 8:2#3 ))0F85
277"1 Lk 8:F ))06>>
277b1 Lk 8:2>" ))06>>
2781 Lk 8:6#8 @)))0C8FA
23>1 Lk 8:2>b L))0ch 5F8056>M
2321 Lk 8:22#26 ))067C
26F1 Lk 8:24#52 )))0C62
2661 Lk 8:55#56 )))0C43
2681 Lk 8:54#73 )))07>3
24C"1 Lk 8:7F#3> )))0756
5581 Lk 8:32#3F &0562
2>81 Lk 8:36#F5 ))0282
236b1 Lk 2>:2#25 )))05C
273b1 Lk2>:2C#23 ))06>6
236"1 Lk 2>:2F )))052
2341 Lk 2>:26#5> )))05F
273c1 Lk 2>:52#57 ))06>4
2F21 Lk 2>:53#C6 )))0C4
2481 Lk 2>:C4#75 )))0F5>
2521 Lk 22:2#7 ))0C5F
2551 Lk 22:3#2C ))0C54
274"1 Lk 22:27#5F ))065>
2FC1 Lk 22:56054 )))068
274b1 Lk 22:58#C5 ))0653
28C"1 Lk 22:CC )))042>
2>>1 Lk 22:C7#CF ))026>
28Cb1 Lk 22:C6#37 )))0422
28F1 Lk 25:2#25
L)&0ch 726#728M 2331 Lk
25:2C#3C )))06
Lk 25:37#36 TU
481 Lk 25:34038 ))027F
2F51 Lk 2C:2#3 )))07C
26C1 Lk 2C:F#8 )))0C7C
2651 Lk 2C:2>#26 )))0CC4
2231 Lk 2C:24028 ))0553
2F612 Lk 2C:5>#52 )))0563
2F615 Lk 2C:55 L)))0ch C56#
2441 Lk 2C:5C#C3 )))032C
26>1 Lk 27:2#57 )))0C54
238"1 Lk 27:53#CC )))0C7
68b1 Lk 27:C70C3 ))0258
2C>1 Lk 23:2#6 ))0788
2C61 Lk 23:4#2> ))0372
25C1 Lk 23:22#C5 ))0CC4
28>1 Lk 2F:2#24 )))0FC8
2281 Lk 2F:28#C2 ))05F2
24Cb1 Lk 26:205 )))07C>
23F1 Lk 26:C )))028
236c1 Lk 26:7 )))052
2851 Lk 26:30F )))0645
2861 Lk 26:6#2> )&03>
2841 Lk 26:22 L)&0ch 753#745M
5>21 Lk 26:25#28 )&0772
5>71 Lk 26:5>052 )&073F
5>F1 Lk 26:55#53 )&07F2
Lk 26:5F#C6 TU
5251 Lk 24:2#4 )&03F5
5261 Lk 24:8#27 )&0F43
5>81 Lk 24:23#26 )&0747
5C>1 Lk 24:24#C> &0544
5C21 Lk 24:C2#C7 &0585
5CC1 Lk 24:C3#7C &0C2C
2871 Lk 28:2#2> )&02C
2F>1 Lk 28:22#56 )))0C6
5CF1 Lk 28:54#C7 &0C82#C85
5C4"1 Lk 28:C3#7> &0 C86
5C61 Lk 28:72#77 &0C87
37G5C4b1Lk 28:7307F
57>1 Lk 28:76074
L&0ch 38>#387038F"M
5751 Lk 5>:2#4 &0752
5721 Lk 5>:8#28 &0728
5771 Lk 5>:5>#5F &07C>
5731 Lk 5>:56#7> &07C2
57F1 Lk 5>:72#77 &07C4
5741 Lk 5>:73#76 &077F
5761 Lk 52:2#7 &077>
5781 Lk 52:30F &0578
53>1 Lk 52:6#C4 &07FC
5C31 Lk 55:2#5 L&0ch343034FM
53F1 Lk 55:C#F &074F
53C1 Lk 55:6#2C &076F
5361 Lk 55:27#24 &0787
5F>1 Lk 55:2805> &03>7
5F2"1 Lk 55:52 &03>3
5FC1 Lk 55:55 &03>F
5F2bG5F61 Lk 55:5C &03>3
V &0327
5341 Lk 55:57#C4 &0784
5621 Lk 55:C8 &0326
5651 Lk 55:7>#75 &03C>
56C1 Lk 55:7C077 &03C3
5671 Lk 55:7307F &03C6
5631 Lk 55:76 &03C6
5661 Lk 55:74 &03C4
5681 Lk 55:78 TU
5421 Lk 55:3> &03C4
5451 Lk 55:32" &03C4
54C1 Lk 55:32b &03C4
54>1 Lk 55:3503C &03C4
54F1 Lk 55:37" &0373
5481 Lk 55:37b &0332
5821 Lk 55:33#36 @&0337A
5851 Lk 55:34 @&0337A
5871 Lk 55:38#F5 &0337
5441 Lk 55:FC#F3 &0332
58C1 Lk 55:FF &0337
5831 Lk 55:F6#62 &0333
58F1 Lk 5C:2#6 &0333
5841 Lk 5C:4#25 &03F2
5881 Lk 5C:2C#2F &03FC
C>21 Lk 5C:26#55 &03FC
C>71 Lk 5C:5C &03FF
C>F1 Lk 5C:57053 &03F6
C2C1 Lk 5C:5F &0F>5
C251 Lk 5C:56#C5 &0386
C241 Lk 5C:CC &0F>C
C5C1 Lk 5C:C7" &0F27
C281 Lk 5C:C7b &0F2>
C5>1 Lk 5C:C3#C4 &0F22
C551 Lk 5C:C8#72 &0F25
C571 Lk 5C:7507C &0F27
C2F1 Lk 5C:77 &0F2>
C561 Lk 5C:73" &0F28
CC51 Lk 5C:73b &0F520F57
C581 Lk 5C:7F" &0F5>
CC>1 Lk 5C:7Fb &0F5>
CC21 Lk 5C:7Fc &0F52
CC31 Lk 5C:76#78 &0F53
CC71 Lk 5C:3>#35 &0F57
CC61 Lk 5C:3C037 &0F54
CC41 Lk 5C:33 &0FC>
C7>1 Lk 5C:3F" &0F72
C721 Lk 5C:3Fb &0FF>
C751 Lk 5C:3Fc &0F65
C7C1 Lk 57:2 &06>7
C7F1 Lk 57:5#25 &06>F
C741 Lk 57:2C#C3 &0656
C781 Lk 57:CF#78 &06C6
C341 Lk 57:3>#3C &0465
TH) G4(3)5 4F
(T. .4H"
CC1 +n 2:2#27 TU
C71 +n 2:23#54 @)0575A
CF1 +n 2:58#C7 )0575
721 +n 2:C3#C8 )053C
7C1 +n 2:7>#75" )053F
771 +n 2:75b )05F>
7F1 +n 2:7C#32 )0565
761 +n 5:2#5 )056F
741 +n 5:C#22 )0568
3>1 +n 5:25 @)0543A
351 +n 5:2C" @)0543A
3C1 +n 5:2Cb @)0543A
371 +n 5:27#2F )0546
331 +n 5:26#53 )0544
F61 +n C:2#52 )0F26
F41 +n C:55" )0F5F
F81 +n C:55b#57 )0FC>
6>1 +n C:53#CF )0F48
621 +n 7:2#75 L))0ch 275#27FM
651 +n 7:7C" ))053
6C1 +n 7:7Cb077 ))0C2
671 +n 7:73#37 ))0CF
25>1 +n 3:2 ))0564
2561 +n 3:5#76 ))07F4
23>1 +n F:205 L))0ch 5F8056>M
2471 +n F:C07 )))07CC
2321 +n F:3#2F ))067C
2351 +n F:26 ))0676
23C1 +n F:24#52 ))0674
2431 +n F:55#53 )))07CF
24F1 +n F:5F#65 )))077>
2831 +n 6:2 L)&0ch 72F#763M
2881 +n 6:5#8 )&0727
5>>1 +n 6:2> )&075C
5>51 +n 6:22#2C )&0778
5>C1 +n 6:27 )&0737
5>31 +n 6:23#57 )&0738
5>61 +n 6:53#C> )&07F5
5>41 +n 6:C2#CF )&076>
52>1 +n 6:C6#4:2 )&0748
5221 +n 4:5#22 )&03>5
52C1 +n 4:25#5> )&03F7
5271 +n 4:52#38 )&0362
5231 +n 8:2#C7 )&038C
52F1 +n 8:C3#2>:52 )&0F78
5241 +n 2>:55#C8 )&0684
5281 +n 2>:7>#75
L)&0ch 3C4#373M
55>1 +n 22:205 &03
5521 +n 22:C07 &058
5551 +n 22:30F @ &076A
55C1 +n 22:6#2F &077
5571 +n 22:26#7F &078
5531 +n 22:76#3C &06F
55F1 +n 22:37"0b &084
5561 +n 22:37c L&0ch 33>#3FFM
5541 +n 22:33#3F@36A
L&0ch 3F4#342M
5C71 +n 25:2#22 &0CFC
5C41 +n 25:25#28 &0C86
5371 +n 25:5>#7C &0745
5331 +n 25:77#3> &0743
5381 +n 2C:2#5> &03>>
5F21 +n 2C:52055 &03>3
5FC1 +n 2C:5C#C> &03>F
5F71 +n 2C:C2#C4 &03>6
5F31 +n 27:2#C2 &035>
5FF1 +n 23:2#2F &032C
5F41 +n 23:26#56 &0323
5F81 +n 2F:2#CC &0323
56>1 +n 26:2#5F @ &0326A
5621 +n 24:2 &0326V355
5631 +n 24:50C &03C6
5641 +n 24:7#F &03C4
54>1 +n 24:6#8 &03C4
5421 +n 24:2> &03C4
5451 +n 24:22 &03C4
5471 +n 24:25 &03C8
54F1 +n 24:2C#2F &0373
5821 +n 24:26024 @&0337A
5461 +n 24:28#5C &0374
5481 +n 24:57 &0332
5851 +n 24:53 @&0337A
5871 +n 24:5F#56 &0337
58F1 +n 24:54#C4 &0333
C>>1 +n 24:C8 &03FC
C>21 +n 24:7> &03FC
C>51 +n 28:2 &03FC
C>C1 +n 28:50C &03F3
C>71 +n 28:7#8 &03FF
C>F1 +n 28:2>#23 &03F6
C>81 +n 28:2F &03F4
C221 +n 28:26 &038C
C241 +n 28:24 &0F>C
C>41 +n 28:28 &03F4
C231 +n 28:5>#55 @&03F4A
C281 +n 28:5C057 &0F2>
C261 +n 28:53 &0F2>
C531 +n 28:5F056 &0F2F
C561 +n 28:54 &0F28
C541 +n 28:58#C>" &0F28
C581 +n 28:C>b &0F5>
CC21 +n 28:C>c &0F52
CCF1 +n 28:C2#CC &0F5F
CCC1 +n 28:C7#C6 &0F55
CC71 +n 28:C4 &0F57
C751 +n 28:C8 &0F65
CC6 +n 28:7>#75 &0F54
C7C1 +n 5>:2" &06>7
C731 +n 5>:2b#C" &06>F
C761 +n 5>:Cb#24 &06>F
C781 +n 5>:2805> &06C6
C3>1 +n 5>:52#57 &0676
C321 +n 5>:53 &0678
C351 +n 5>:5F#58 &0633
C3C1 +n 5>:C>0C2 &0685
C371 +n 52:2#5C &045C
+n 52:57053 TU
TH) $CT( 4F TH) $34(T5)(
C361 Ac 2:7#4 &04F8
C341 Ac 2:8#25 &0465
CF>1 Ac 2:2C#5F &0464
CF21 Ac 5:2#C &0445
CF51 Ac 5:7#76 &044F
CFC1 Ac C:2#7:C6 TU
CF71 Ac 3:2#2F TU
CF31 Ac 3:26#F:6 TU
CFF1 Ac F:4#23 @&08>3A
CF61 Ac 6:2#3C @&08>3A
CF41 Ac 6:37#4:C
O)8 T4
TH) D$T)D 3$%$55)5 H$%M4"8 4F TH)
and The 3oem o! the ManDGod
TUF61 Q Te%%s where 'o( wi%% !ind the iedi"te%' $receding
"nd iedi"te%' !o%%owing conte:t o! .ohn *:,;D,B1 v. ,C
wi%% be !o(nd iedi"te%' "bo*e @in Gos$e% E$isode 2@.?
whi%e v.,A wi%% be !o(nd %"ter in Gos$e% E$isode C;.
The "rrows @A "%w"'s indic"tes th"t the te:t in the Gospels is
in $er!ect chrono%ogic"% order1
F61 @the (nder%ined SA )ndic"tes there h"s now been "n
interr($tion in +ohnHs chrono%ogic"% "teri"% b' one or ore o!
the other Gos$e% writers1 @Gos$e% E$isodes 3F1 W FF1 interr($t
+ohnHs te:t1A
.Italici/ed te0ts "re ;(otes !ro the O%d Test"ent1
Y.nder%ined te:t in $"r"%%e% $"ss"ges ;(ick%' %oc"tes the s"e
tho(ght in the "dK"cent te:t@sA1
P Te:t("% note1 ()) $33)"DIJ !or signi!iane1
22. L Mch0 AD0 C2 The .e#s $s/ !or a (ign 3CG$1554
+N 5 TUF61
26 And His disci$%es reebered0 th"t it w"s written:
The /eal of thy ho&se has eaten me &p" ZPs"1 F4:2> @F8:8[
24 The +ews0 there!ore0 "nswered "nd s"id to hi: 9h"t
sign do Yo( show (nto (s0 seeing Yo( do these thingsB
22. P The 33
Gos$e% E$isode "ccording to "ct("%
chrono%ogic"% se;(ence1
E Mch Q E"r%' M"rch M Mch Q Mid M"rch L Mch Q L"te M"rch
AD C2 Q The C2
'e"r "!ter o(r LordHs /irth1
3CG$1554 Q ,h"$ter 3C0 $"ge 554 in the Poem which
e:$"nds ($on the Gos$e% te:t o! +ohn 5:26#241
=3CG$1554? wo(%d h"*e indic"ted ,h"$ter 3C o! the Poem
on%' s(bst"nti"tes the Gos$e% "cco(nt witho(t "n' det"i%1

EJTRA,T 34)M &OL 5 ,oent on +ohn 7: 5>
!t" Photina 1oman Martyrolo'y for March 2345 6 %ord, o&r ancestors ha+e )orshipped on this mo&ntain" 7o& say that one
m&st )orship only in #er&salem" 8&t 7o& said that there is only 9ne God" Help me to see )hat I m&st do and )here: ;
+ES.S: \ 9o"n0 be%ie*e Me1 /e!ore %ong the F"ther wi%% be worshi$$ed neither on the o(nt"in in S""ri" nor in
+er(s"%e1 Yo( worshi$ Hi 9ho 'o( do not know1 9e worshi$ Hi 9ho we know0 bec"(se s"%*"tion coes !ro the
+(d"e"ns1 ) reind 'o( o! the Pro$hets1 /(t the tie wi%% coe0 n"'0 it h"s "%re"d' "rri*ed0 when the tr(e worshi$$ers wi%%
worshi$ the F"ther in s$irit "nd tr(th0 no %onger "ccording to the "ncient rite0 b(t to the new one0 where there wi%% be no
s"cri!ice o! "ni"%s cons(ed b' !ire1 There wi%% be the etern"% s"cri!ice o! the )"c(%"te &icti cons(ed b' the Fire o!
,h"rit'1 )t wi%% be " s$irit("% c(%t in " s$irit("% -ingdo1 And it wi%% be (nderstood b' those who "re "b%e to worshi$ in
s$irit "nd tr(th1 God is S$irit1 Those who worshi$ Hi (st do so s$irit("%%'1 ]
\ Yo( s$e"k ho%' words1 ) know0 bec"(se we "%so know soething0 th"t the Messi"h is "bo(t to coe: the Messi"h0 He 9ho
is c"%%ed "%so ^,hrist^1 9hen He coes0 He wi%% te"ch (s e*er'thing1 Not !"r !ro here there is "%so one who is s"id to be
His Prec(rsor1 And "n' go "nd %isten to hi1 /(t he is so se*erePX Yo( "re kindX "nd the so(%s o! $oor $eo$%e "re not
"!r"id o! Yo(1 ) think th"t ,hrist wi%% be good1 The' s"' th"t He is the -ing o! Pe"ce1 9i%% it be %ong be!ore He coesB ]
\ ) h"*e to%d 'o( th"t His ho(r h"s "%re"d' coe1 ]
\ How do Yo( knowB Are Yo( $erh"$s one o! His disci$%esB The Prec(rsor h"s "n' disci$%es1 A%so ,hrist wi%% h"*e
the1 ]
\ )0 9ho " s$e"king to 'o(0 " +es(s ,hrist1 ]
\ Yo(PX OhPX ] The wo"n0 who h"d s"t down ne"r +es(s0 st"nds ($ "nd is "bo(t to r(n "w"'1
\ 9o"n0 wh' "re 'o( r(nning "w"'B ]
\ /ec"(se ) " str(ck with terror "t being ne"r Yo(1 Yo( "re ho%'1 ]
\ ) " the S"*io(r1 ) c"e here0 "%tho(gh it w"s not necess"r'0 bec"(se ) knew th"t 'o(r so(% w"s tired o! w"ndering1 Yo(
"re disg(sted with 'o(r !oodX ) h"*e coe to gi*e 'o( " new !ood0 which wi%% reo*e 'o(r n"(se" "nd tirednessX Here
"re M' disci$%es coing b"ck with M' !ood1 /(t ) h"*e "%re"d' been !ed b' gi*ing 'o( the !irst cr(bs o! 'o(r
rede$tion1 ]
The disci$%es g%"nce "t the wo"n o(t o! the corners o! their e'es0 ore or %ess $r(dent%'0 b(t no one s$e"ks1 She goes "w"'
!orgetting "bo(t her "$hor" "nd the w"ter1
\ Here0 M"ster ] s"'s Peter1 \ The $eo$%e h"*e tre"ted (s *er' we%%1 Here is soe cheese0 !resh bre"d0 o%i*es "nd "$$%es1
T"ke wh"t Yo( w"nt1 )t_s " good Kob th"t wo"n %e!t her "$hor"1 9e sh"%% dr"w w"ter with it ;(icker th"n with o(r s"%%
!%"sks1 9e sh"%% h"*e " drink "nd then we sh"%% !i%% the1 And we sh"%% not h"*e to "sk the S""rit"ns !or "n'thing e%se1
Neither sh"%% we h"*e to go ne"r their !o(nt"ins1 Are Yo( not e"tingB ) w"nted to get soe !ish !or Yo(0 b(t there w"s none1
Perh"$s Yo( wo(%d h"*e $re!erred it1 Yo( %ook tired "nd $"%e1 ]
\ ) h"*e " !ood which is (nknown to 'o(1 ) wi%% h"*e soe o! it "nd it wi%% restore Me consider"b%'1 ]
The disci$%es %ook "t one "nother in;(isiti*e%'1
+es(s re$%ies to their si%ent ;(estions: \ M' !ood is to do the wi%% o! Hi 9ho sent Me "nd to "cco$%ish the work which He
w"nts Me to co$%ete1 9hen " sower sows the seed0 c"n he s"' th"t he h"s done e*er'thing "nd th(s st"te th"t he c"n re"$
the h"r*estB Most cert"in%' not1 How (ch ore there is sti%% to be done be!ore he "' s"': ^M' work is "cco$%ished^1
And he c"nnot rest (nti% th"t oent1 Look "t these %itt%e !ie%ds in the bright idd"' s(nshine1 On%' " onth "go0 e*en %ess
th"n " onth "go0 the soi% w"s b"re "nd d"rk bec"(se it w"s wet with r"in1 Look now1 )t %ooks "s i! it were co*ered b' " %ight
whitish *ei%0 bec"(se o! the "n' *er' $"%e#green corn stes0 which h"*e K(st coe ($ "nd %ook e*en %ighter bec"(se o! the
bright s(nshine1 Th"t is the !(t(re cro$ "nd seeing it 'o( s"': ^)t wi%% be h"r*est tie in !o(r onths1 The sowers wi%%
e$%o' re"$ers0 bec"(se i! one "n is ;(ite s(!!icient to sow his !ie%d0 "n' en "re re;(ired to re"$ the h"r*est1 And the'
"re "%% h"$$'1 /oth the "n who sowed " s"%% s"ck o! corn "nd now (st $re$"re his gr"n"ries to store the cro$0 "nd those
who in " !ew d"'s e"rn eno(gh to %i*e on !or " !ew onths^1 $lso in the spiritual !ield those #ho reap #hat I have so#n
#ill reRoie #ith Me and li/e Me' beause I #ill give them the #ages and rops due to them. I #ill give them #hat to
live on in My eternal Oingdom. 8ou have but to reap. I have done the hardest #or/. $nd yet I say to you: SCome.
%eap the harvest in My !ield. ) " g%"d th"t 'o( b(rden 'o(rse%*es with the she"*es o! M' corn1 9hen 'o( h"*e h"r*ested
"%% the corn th"t )0 witho(t e*er tiring0 h"*e sown e*er'where0 then the wi%% o! God wi%% be !(%!i%%ed "nd ) wi%% sit "t the
b"n;(et in the ,e%esti"% +er(s"%e^1 Here the S""rit"ns "re coing with Photin"i1 /e kind to the1 The' "re so(%s coing
to God1 ]

TH) D$T)D 3$%$55)5 H$%M4"8 4F TH) G4(3)5(
TH) 34)M 4F TH) M$"DG4D
MT 2 The Davidi 5inage !rom (olomon to .oseph
Not %oc"ted in The Poem

Abr"h" begot )s""c1 And )s""c begot +"cob1 And +"cob begot
+(d"h "nd his brethren1 C And +(d"h begot PereI "nd Oer"h o!
T""r1 And PereI begot HeIron1 And HeIron begot R"1 7 And
R" begot Ain"d"b1 And Ain"d"b begot N"hsh"n1 And
N"hsh"n begot S"%on1 3 And S"%on begot LC or 7 issing
gener"tions here0 stricken o(t o*er the rebe%%ion o! re!(sing to enter ,"n""nM
/o"I o! R"h"b1 And /o"I begot Obed o! R(th1 And Obed begot
+esse1 F And +esse begot D"*id the king1 And David the king
begot (olomon0 o! her th"t h"d been the )ife o! .ri"h1 6 And
So%oon begot Rehobo"1 And Rehobo" begot AbiK"h1 And
AbiK"h begot As"1 4 And As" begot +ehosh"$h"t1 And +ehosh"$h"t
begot +or"1 And +or" begot LAh"Ii"h @thro(gh the e*i% Ath"%i"h0
d"(ghter o! Ah"bA who begot +o"sh who begot A"Ii"h who begotM .IIi"h
Lor AI"ri"hM1 8 And .IIi"h begot +oth"1 And +oth" begot Ah"I1
And Ah"I begot HeIeki"h1 2> And HeIeki"h begot M"n"sseh1
And M"nesseh begot Aon1 And Aon begot +osi"h1 22 And
+osi"h begot L+ehoi"ki @who w"s "de king o! +(d"h b' "n Eg'$ti"n
Ph"r"ohA who begotM +echoni"h L+ehoi"chinM "nd his brethren in the
de$ort"tion to /"b'%on1
25 And "!ter the de$ort"tion to /"b'%on0 +echoni"h
She"%tie%1 Lthro(gh " d"(ghter who "rried Neri o! the %in"ge o! D"*idH son
N"th"n0 not So%oon8 And She"%tie% begot Oer(bb"be%1 2C And
Oer(bb"be% begot Abi(d1 And Abi(b begot E%i"ki1 And E%i"ki
begot AIor1 27 And AIor begot O"dok1 And O"dok begot Achi1
And Achi begot E%i(d1 23 And E%i(d begot E%e"I"r1 And E%e"I"r
begot M"tth"n1 And M"tth"n begot .aob F.ames' the Greek !orG1
2F And +"cob begot .oseph the h(sb"nd o! M"r'0 o! who w"s
born .esus' #ho is alled Christ1
26 So "%% the gener"tions !ro Abr"h" to D"*id0 "re !o(rteen
gener"tions1 And !ro D"*id to the de$ort"tion to /"b'%on "re
!o(rteen gener"tions

"nd !ro the de$ort"tion to /"b'%on to ,hrist
"re !o(rteen gener"tions1
D.ehoniah: A!ter the c(rse on +echoni"s "nd his %in"ge @+er 55:C>A0 So%oonHs %ine is
re$%"ced with N"th"nHs %ine"ge in S"%"thie% be!ore it s$%its in the two sons o! Oer(bb"be%0
Abi(d @*12CA "nd ReI" @Lk C:56A
L- C The Davidi 5inage !rom "athan to Heli' F.oahim and
MaryG Not %oc"ted in The Poem C31TUC61
5Cb being @"s it w"s s($$osedA the son o! +ose$h0 who Lthro(gh Holy
Mary "nd her !"ther .oahimM w"s o! Heli0 who w"s o! M"tth"t0
57 who w"s o! Le*i0 who w"s o! Me%chi0 who w"s o! +"nn"i0 who
w"s o! +ose$h0 53 who w"s o! M"tt"thi"s0 who w"s o! Aos0 who
w"s o! N"h(0 who w"s o! Es%i0 who w"s o! N"gg"i0 5F who w"s o!
who w"s o! M"tt"thi"s0 who w"s o! Seein0 who w"s o! +osech0 who
w"s o! +od"0 56 who w"s o! +o"n"n0 who w"s o! Rhes"0 who w"s o!
Oer(bb"be%0 who w"s o! She"%tie%0 who w"s o! Neri0 54 who w"s o!
Me%chi0 who w"s o! Addi0 who w"s o! ,os"0 who w"s o! E%"d"0
who w"s o! Er0 58 who w"s o! +osh("0 who w"s o! E%ieIer0 who w"s
o! +ori0 who w"s o! M"tth"t0 who w"s o! Le*i0 C> who w"s o!
Sieon0 who w"s o! +(d"h0 who w"s o! +ose$h0 who w"s o! +on"0
who w"s o! E%i"ki0 C2 who w"s o! Me%e"0 who w"s o! Menn"0
who w"s o! M"tt"th"0 who w"s o! "athan0T who w"s o! David0 C5
who w"s o! +esse0 who w"s o! Obed0 who w"s o! /o"I0 who w"s o!
LC issing gener"tions here0 stricken !or the rebe%%ion "g"inst entering into
,"n""nM S"%on0 who w"s o! N"hshon0 CC who w"s o! Ain"d"b0
who w"s o! Adin0 Lwho w"s o! ArniM0 who w"s o! HeIron0 who w"s o!
PereI0 who w"s o! +(d"h0 C7 who w"s o! +"cob0 who w"s o! )s""c0
who w"s o! $braham0 who w"s o! Ter"h0 who w"s o! N"hor0 C3
who w"s o! Ser(g0 who w"s o! Re(0 who w"s o! Pe%eg0 who w"s o!
Eber0 who w"s o! She%"h0 CF who w"s o! ,"in"n0 who w"s o!
Ar$h":"d0 who w"s o! She0 who w"s o! No"h0 who w"s o!
L"ech0 C6 who w"s o! Meth(se%"h0
who w"s o! Enoch0 who w"s o! +"red0 who w"s o! M"h"%"%ee%0 who
w"s o! ,"in"n0 C4 who w"s o! Enos0 who w"s o! Seth0 who w"s o!
$dam0 who w"s o! God L" <son= o! God0 b(t who %ost the st"t(s !or hise%!
"nd his $rogen' in the !"%%M1
D"athan: Showing both the %eg"% "nd the or"% right to the throne o! D"*id0 L(ke shows
how the c(rse on So%oonHs %ine @+er1 55:C>A does not %e"*e )sr"e% witho(t " king1 He shows
th"t S"%"thie% w"s the son o! Neri !ro "n (nc(rsed %ine o! D"*id @i1e1 tho(gh N"th"n r"ther
th"n So%oonA1 )t is %ike%' th"t Neri "rried " d"(ghter o! +econi"h "nd bore S"%"thie% to
restore the king%' %ine1 No "tter which %ine"ge !ro Oer(bb"be% is the tr(e ro'"% %ine0 +es(s
inherits the both "s son o! M"r' "nd then "s the %eg"% son o! +ose$h1
L- 2 (aint 5u/e9s Introdution to His Gospel #TU21
2 FORASM.,H "s "n' Linc%(ding M"tthew the A$ost%eM h"*e t"ken in h"nd to set !orth in order L!ro M"tthewHs origin"% e:tensi*e written recordsM "
n"rr"tion o! the things th"t h"*e been "cco$%ished "ong (s0 5 e:"ct%' "s these0 who !ro the beginning were e'ewitnesses "nd inisters o! the
9ord0 h"*e de%i*ered the to (s0 C it seeed good to e "%so0 h"*ing !o%%owed "%% things c%ose%' "nd c"re!(%%' !ro the *er' beginning0 to write to
thee in order0D ost e:ce%%ent Theo$hi%(s0 7 th"t 'o( "' know the cert"int' o! those words in which 'o( h"*e been instr(cted Lb' the ,h(rchHs
A$osto%ic o!!iceM1
Din order: M"n' good scho%"rs h"*e "ss(ed this to be chrono%ogic"% order "nd h"*e th(s shown $re!erence to L(keHs order o*er M"rk "nd M"tthew1 The Poem $ro*es this to be "n error re*e"%ing
L(ke to be the ost chronolo'ically disordered" There "re !o(r c%e"r c"ses where M"tthew "nd M"rk "gree on " se;(ence @"nd "%so s($$orted b' The PoemA0 'et the se;(ences "re not !o%%owed b'
L(ke1 There "re F e$isodes o! +es(sH te"chings which were broken ($ b' L(ke to !it his $(r$ose "s re*e"%ed b' The Poem "nd !(rther s(bst"nti"ted b' M"tthewHs "cco(nt1 F(rther0 M"rk co$ied
L(keHs $"ttern in 5 o! these c"sesP @See 6810 25310 27510 27310 27410 24C1A The Poem re*e"%s th"t L(keHs <order= <!ro the beginning= re!ers to the conce$tion "nd birth o! the $rec(rsor o! the
Messi"h0 +ohn the /"$tist0 which w"s not in M"tthewHs already circ&latin' Gos$e%1 /e'ond this0 his order w"s s$irit("% "nd theo%ogic"%1 L(ke h"d the %e"st "c;("int"nce o! the e*"nge%ists with the
chrono%og' o! o(r LordHs inistr'0 so it sho(%d not s(r$rise (s to !ind wh"t The Poem re*e"%s1

2G$6 # )ntrod(ction Lto The Poem, b' +es(sM1
5G$4 # @M Oct028 /,A # +o"chi "nd Anne M"ke " &ow to the Lord1
CG$22 # @L Oct028 /,A # Anne0 Pr"'ing in the Te$%e0 H"s Her 9ish F(%!i%%ed1
7G$2F # @E A$r024 /,A # 9ith " ,"ntic%e0 Anne Anno(nces th"t She )s " Mother1
3G$5> # @L Se$024 /,A # /irth o! the &irgin M"r'1
FG$CC # @L Dec024 /,A # The P(ri!ic"tion o! Anne "nd the O!!ering o! M"r'1
6G$C6 # @M Se$023 /,A # The Son H"s P(t His 9isdo on His Mother_s Li$s1
4G$75 # @M#L Dec023 /,A # M"r' )s Presented in the Te$%e1 Age C1
8G$74 # @F#4 /,A # De"th o! +o"chi "nd Anne1
2>G$32 # @S(er 3 or F /,A # M"r'_s ,"ntic%e )$%oring the ,oing o! ,hrist1
22G$34 # @L Oct0C /,A # M"r' 9i%% ,on!ide Her &ow to the S$o(se God 9i%% Gi*e Her1
25G$F2 # @L Dec0C /,A # +ose$h )s A$$ointed H(sb"nd o! the &irgin1
2CG$FF # @L Feb05 /,A # 9edding o! the &irgin "nd +ose$h1
27G$6C # @L Feb05 /,A # +ose$h "nd M"r' "rri*e in N"I"reth1
23G$66 # ,onc%(sion to the Pre#Gos$e%1
,. E Se$0 5 /, The 3romise o! a (on to Uaharias and )lizabeth D Te$%e in +er(s"%e @52G$188A
L- 2 # TU
3 There w"s in the d"'s o! Herod0 the king o! +(de"0 " cert"in $riest n"ed O"ch"ri"h0 o! the d"i%' te$%e
ser*ice o! Abi"0 "nd his wi!e w"s o! the d"(ghters o! A"ron0 "nd her n"e E%iI"beth1 F And the' were both
righteo(s be!ore God0 w"%king in "%% the co"ndents "nd ordin"nces o! the Lord0 witho(t b%"e1 6 And the'
h"d no son0 !or E%iI"beth w"s b"rren0 "nd the' both were we%% "d*"nced in 'e"rs1
4 And it c"e to $"ss when he e:ec(ted the $riest%' !(nction in the order o! his co(rse be!ore God0 8 "ccording
to the c(sto o! the $riest%' o!!ice0 it w"s his %ot to enter into the te$%e LHo%' $%"ceM "nd o!!er incense0 o! the
Lord1 2> And "%% the (%tit(de o! the $eo$%e were $r"'ing witho(t Lin the te$%e co(rtM "t the ho(r o! incense1
22 And there "$$e"red to hi an angel o! the 5ord st"nding on the right side o! the "%t"r o! incense1 25 And
O"ch"ri"h0 seeing hi0 w"s tro(b%ed "nd !e"r !e%% ($on hi1 2C /(t the "nge% s"id to hi: Fe"r not0 O"ch"ri"h0
!or 'o(r $r"'er is he"rd "nd 'o(r wi!e E%iI"beth sh"%% be"r thee " son "nd 'o( sh"%% c"%% his n"e +ohn Le"ning
<the gr"ce o! +eho*"h=M: 27 And 'o( sh"%% h"*e Ko' "nd g%"dness "nd "n' sh"%% reKoice in his n"ti*it'0 23 !or he
sh"%% be gre"t be!ore the 5ord1 He sh"%% drink no wine nor strong drink LN(1F:2#7M0 "nd he sh"%% be !i%%ed with
the Ho%' S$irit e*en !ro his otherHs wob1 Lc!1 *172M 2F And he sh"%% con*ert "n' o! the chi%dren o! )sr"e% to
the Lord their God1 26 And he sh"%% go be!ore Him in the s$irit "nd $ower o! E%iK"h0 th"t he "' t(rn the he"rts
o! the !"thers (nto the chi%dren0 "nd the (nbe%ie*ing to the wisdo o! the K(st0 to $re$"re !or the Lord " $er!ected
$eo$%e1 LM"%17:3#FE )s"17>:CM 24 And O"ch"ri"h s"id to the "nge%: How sh"%% ) know thisB For ) " "n o%d "n "nd
' wi!e is "d*"nced in 'e"rs1 28 And the "nge% "nswering0 s"id to hi: ) " G"brie%0 who st"nds be!ore God0
"nd w"s sent to s$e"k to thee "nd to bring thee these good tidings1 5> And beho%d0 'o( sh"%% be d(b0 "nd sh"%%
not be "b%e to s$e"k (nti% the d"' in which these things sh"%% coe to $"ss bec"(se 'o( h"*e not be%ie*ed '
words0 which sh"%% be !(%!i%%ed in its tie1
52 Now the $eo$%e were w"iting !or O"ch"ri"h1 And the' wondered wh' he t"rried so %ong in the te$%e1 55
And when he c"e o(t he co(%d not s$e"k to the0 "nd the' (nderstood th"t he (st h"*e seen " *ision in the
te$%e1 And he "de signs to the "nd re"ined s$eech%ess1 5C And it c"e to $"ss "!ter the d"'s o! his o!!ice
were "cco$%ished0 he de$"rted to his own ho(se1
*. M Se$0 5 /, )lizabeth Coneives # Hebron in +(de" @52G$188A
L- 2 TU
57 And "!ter those d"'s E%iI"beth0 his wi!e0 concei*ed "nd hid herse%! !i*e onths0 s"'ing: 53 Th(s Lin this s"e
$ri*"te "nd $erson"% w"'M h"s the Lord de"%t with e in the d"'s wherein He %ooked ($on e to t"ke "w"' '
re$ro"ch "ong en.
"ote: E%iI"beth w"s de*oting this tie tot"%%' in th"nksgi*ing to the Lord bec"(se she s"w th"t w"s how God h"d %ooked ($on her in
tot"% de*otion1
<. M Mch0 2 /, The $nnuniation o! Gabriel to Mary D N"I"reth 2FG$14>
L- 2 TU
5F And in the si:th onth Lo! E%iI"bethHs $regn"nc'M0 the angel Gabriel w"s sent !ro God into " cit' o! G"%i%ee0
c"%%ed N"I"reth0 56 to " *irgin es$o(sed Leng"gedM to " "n whose n"e w"s +ose$h0 o! the ho(se o! D"*id1
And the *irginHs n"e w"s M"r'1 54 And the "nge% "rri*ing0 s"id to her: H"i%0 L'o( who "reM !(%% o! gr"ce0 the Lord
is with theeP /%essed "re 'o( "ong "%% woenP
58 /(t h"*ing he"rd0 she w"s tro(b%ed "t his s"'ing "nd
wondered within herse%! wh"t this s"%(t"tion ight e"n1 C> So the "nge% s"id to her: Fe"r not0 M"r'0 !or 'o(
h"*e !o(nd gr"ce with God1 C2 /eho%d 'o( sh"%% concei*e in 'o(r wob "nd bring !orth " Son0 "nd 'o( sh"%% c"%%
His n"e .esus Le"ning: <S"*ior=M1 C5 He sh"%% be gre"t "nd sh"%% be c"%%ed the (on o! the Most High0 "nd the
Lord God sh"%% gi*e (nto Hi the throne o! D"*id his !"therE "nd He sh"%% reign in the ho(se o! +"cob !ore*erP CC
And o! His kingdo there sh"%% be no endP C7 And M"r' s"id to the "nge%: How sh"%% this be done0 bec"(se )
know not "nB C3 And the "nge% "nswering0 s"id to her: The Ho%' S$irit sh"%% coe ($on thee0 "nd the $ower o!
the Most High sh"%% o*ersh"dow thee1
And0 there!ore0 "%so the Holy 4ne which sh"%% be born o! thee sh"%% be
c"%%ed the (on o! God. CF And beho%d0 'o(r co(sin E%iI"beth0 she "%so h"s concei*ed " son in her o%d "ge "nd
this is the si:th onth with her who w"s c"%%ed b"rren1 C6 For no word sh"%% be i$ossib%e with God1 C4 And
M"r' s"id: /eho%d the h"nd"id o! the LordP /e it done to e "ccording to 'o(r wordP And the "nge% de$"rted
!ro her1
26G$45 # The Disobedience o! E*e "nd the Obedience o! M"r'1
24G$8> # @M Mch02 /,A # The Ann(nci"tion o! E%iI"bethHs Pregn"nc' to +ose$h1
@. E A$r0 2 /, Mary &isits )lizabeth D N"I"reth to Hebron 28#52
L- 2 TU41
C8 And M"r' rising ($ in those d"'s L"!ter " two week w"itM0 went into the hi%% co(ntr' with h"ste into LHebronM "
cit' o! +(d"h1 7> And she entered into the ho(se o! O"ch"ri"h "nd greeted E%iI"beth1 72 And it c"e to $"ss th"t
when E%iI"beth he"rd M"r'Hs greeting0 the in!"nt %e"$ed in her wob1 And E%iI"beth w"s !i%%ed with the Ho%'
S$irit0 75 "nd she cried o(t with " %o(d *oice0 "nd s"id: /LESSED ARE YO. AMONG 9OMEN0 AND
/LESSED )S THE FR.)T OF YO.R 9OM/P 7C And how h"s it Lthis honorM coe to e0 th"t the other o! '
Lord L+eho*"h GodM sho(%d coe to eBP 77 For beho%d "s soon "s the *oice o! 'o(r greeting so(nded in ' e"rs0
the in!"nt in ' wob %e"$ed !or Ko'P 73 And b%essed "re 'o( who h"*e be%ie*ed0 bec"(se those things sh"%% be
"cco$%ished th"t were s$oken to thee b' the LordP
7F And M"r' s"id: M' so(% sh"%% "gni!' the LordP 76 And ' s$irit reKoices in God ' S"*iorP
74 /ec"(se He reg"rded the h(i%it' o! His h"nd"id1 For beho%d !ro hence!orth "%% gener"tions sh"%% c"%%
e b%essed1 ZPs"177:26[
78 /ec"(se He 9ho is ight'0 h"s done gre"t thing s D to e0 "nd ho%' is His n"eP
3> And His erc' is !ro gener"tion (nto gener"tions0 to those who !e"r Hi1
32 He h"s showed ight in His "rP He h"s sc"ttered the $ro(d in the conceit o! their he"rtP
35 He h"s $(t down the ight' !ro their se"t0 "nd h"s e:"%ted the h(b%eP
3C He h"s !i%%ed the h(ngr' with good things0 "nd the rich He h"s sent e$t' "w"'P 37 He h"s recei*ed "nd
he%$ed )sr"e% His ser*"nt0 being ind!(% o! His erc'0 33 "s He s$oke to o(r !"thers0 to Abr"h" "nd to his seed0
Dhas done great things: The *irgin"% conce$tion o! +es(s within the wob o! M"r'0 recogniIed b' "%% tr(e ,hristi"ns is b(t one o! these <gre"t things1=
There w"s then ore th"n the ir"c%e o! the *irgin"% conce$tion o! the ,hrist1 M"r'0 knowing the st"in o! Origin"% Sin w"s "%w"'s tr"ns!erred to the
o!!s$ring b' *irt(e o! the so"tic identit' o! other "nd chi%d0 knew th"t she (st h"*e been $reser*ed !ro th"t corr($tion "t her own birth in order to be"r
the sin%ess ,hrist chi%d1 She then knew she h"d to h"*e been s"*ed $re*io(s%' !ro this corr($tion b' the One she now bore in her wob1 The *irgin"%
conce$tion o! ,hrist brings M"r' to $r"ise God0= 9ho is ight'E= M"r'Hs )"c(%"te ,once$tion brings her to dec%"re0 <ho%' is His n"eP=
3$((4&)% 7 , :C 7 ) $3%I5
55"G$2>C # @M A$r02 /,A # M"r' "nd E%iI"beth S$e"k o! their ,hi%dren1
55bG$2>F # @E M"'02 /,A # M"r' "nd E%iI"beth S$e"k o! their ,hi%dren1
2. L M"'0 2 /, The :irth o! .ohn the :aptist # Hebron 5CG$122>
L- 2 41TU
36 Now E%iI"bethHs !(%% tie !or being de%i*ered h"d coe "nd she bro(ght !orth " son1 34 And her neighbors "nd
kins!o%k he"rd th"t the Lord h"d showed His gre"t erc' tow"rds her0 "nd so the' reKoiced with her1
C. E +(n0 2 /, The :aptist9s Cirumision and Uehariah9s 3rophey # Hebron 57G$122F
L- 2 TU
38 And it c"e to $"ss th"t on the eighth d"' the' c"e to circ(cise the chi%d0 "nd the' c"%%ed hi b' his
!"therHs n"e Oech"ri"h1 F> And his other "nswering0 s"id: Not soP /(t he sh"%% be c"%%ed0 +ohnP F2 And the'
s"id to her: There is no one o! 'o(r kindred who is c"%%ed b' this n"e1 F5 And so the' "de signsD to his
!"ther0 how he wo(%d h"*e hi c"%%ed1 FC And de"nding " writing t"b%et0 he wrote0 s"'ing: +ohn is his n"e1
And the' "%% wondered1 F7 And iedi"te%' his o(th w"s o$ened "nd his tong(e %oosed0 "nd he s$oke0
b%essing GodP F3 And " ho%' !e"r c"e ($on "%% their neighbors "nd "%% these things were noised "bro"d o*er "%%
the hi%% co(ntr' o! +(de"1 FF And "%% th"t h"d he"rd the news %"id it ($ in their he"rt0 s"'ing: 9h"t e*er then
sh"%% this chi%d beBP For the h"nd o! the Lord w"s with hi1
F6 And Oech"ri"h0 his !"ther0 w"s L"%soM !i%%ed with the Ho%' S$irit "nd he $ro$hesied0 s"'ing:
F4 /%essed be the Lord God o! )sr"e% bec"(se He h"s *isited "nd bro(ght rede$tion to His $eo$%e0 F8 "nd h"s
r"ised ($ " Horn o! s"%*"tion to (s in the ho(se o! D"*id his ser*"nt0 6> "s He s$oke b' the o(th o! His ho%'
$ro$hets0 who were !ro the beginning0 62 "nd Lbro(ghtM S"%*"tion !ro o(r eneies0 "nd !ro the h"nd o! "%%
th"t h"te (s W 65 in order to $er!or the erc' L$roisedM to o(r !"thers0 "nd to reeber His ho%' co*en"nt0 6C
the o"th0 which He swore to Abr"h" o(r !"ther0 th"t He wo(%d gr"nt to (s0 67 th"t being de%i*ered !ro the
h"nd o! o(r eneies0 we "' ser*e Hi witho(t !e"r0 63 in ho%iness "nd K(stice Lrighteo(snessM be!ore Hi0 "%% o(r
6F And 'o(0 O chi%d0 sh"%% be c"%%ed the $ro$het o! the Highest0 !or 'o( sh"%% go be!ore the !"ce L$resenceM o! the
Lord to $re$"re His w"'s0 66 to gi*e the know%edge o! s"%*"tion to His $eo$%e0 (nto the reission o! their sins0
64 Thro(gh the he"rt o! the erc' o! o(r God0 in which the Light !ro on high h"s *isited (s LM"%17:5M0 68 to
en%ighten those who sit in d"rkness0 "nd in the sh"dow o! de"th0 to direct o(r !eet into the w"' o! $e"ceP L)s"18:5M
THidden here is indic"tion O"ch"ri"s w"s *er' h"rd o! he"ring0 " !"ct The Poem does not iss @)0$12>>A1
;. 2 /, # AD 2C .ohn Gro#s in (pirit L#M
L- 2 TU15F1
4>" And the chi%d L+ohnM grew "nd w"s strengthened in s$iritE
B. E +(%'0 2 /, Mary %eturns to "azareth 53G$1228
L- 2 71TU31
3F And M"r' "bode with her "bo(t three onthsE "nd L7> d"'s "!ter +ohnHs birthM she ret(rned to her own ho(se1
A. E +(%'0 2 /, .oseph MisRudges Mary D Fro +er(s"%e to N"I"reth 53bG$1252
MT 2 # TU
24 Now the gener"tion LbirthM o! ,hrist w"s in this w"': 9hen His other M"r' w"s es$o(sed to +ose$h0 be!ore
the' c"e together Lin "rri"geM0 she w"s !o(nd with chi%d o! the Ho%' S$irit1 28 .$on this +ose$h0 her LbetrothedM
h(sb"nd0 being " K(st "n "nd not wi%%ing $(b%ic%' to e:$ose her0 w"s inded to $(t her "w"' $ri*"te%'1
,+. E +(%'0 2 /, .oseph is )nlightened # N"I"reth @5FbG$1258A
5> /(t whi%e he tho(ght on these things0 beho%d the $ngel o! the 5ord "$$e"red to hi in his s%ee$ s"'ing:
+ose$h0 son o! D"*id0 !e"r not to t"ke (nto thee M"r' 'o(r wi!e0 !or th"t which is concei*ed in her is o! the Ho%'
S$irit1 52 And she sh"%% bring !orth " Son "nd 'o( sh"%% c"%% His n"e +ES.S0 !or He sh"%% s"*e His $eo$%e !ro
their sinsP 55 Now "%% this w"s done th"t it ight be !(%!i%%ed which the Lord s$oke b' the $ro$het L)s"i"hM0
s"'ing: 5C 8ehold a +ir'in shall -e )ith child and -rin' forth a !on and they shall call His name (mman&el 0
which being inter$reted is0 God )ith &s1Z)s"16:27[1 57" And +ose$h rising ($ !ro s%ee$0
,,. M +(%'0 2 /, .oseph :elieves and 4beys # N"I"reth1 L#M
MT 2 TU261
57b did "s the Ange% o! the Lord h"d co"nded hi0 "nd took (nto hi LM"r' "sM his wi!e1 53 And he knew her
not (nti%D she bro(ght !orth her !irstborn son1 And he c"%%ed His n"e +ES.S Le"ning0 <+eho*"h is S"*ior=M1
D <knew her not ti%= h"s been isinter$reted b' soe to e"n Ho%' M"r' "nd +ose$h did not %i*e ce%ib"te %i*es1 St +eroe shows this e:$ression w"s
coon "ong the Hebrews to denote b' the word <(nti%= " s$eci"% e$h"sis on%' on wh"t is done1 )t "kes no $oint wh"te*er !or the !(t(re1 Other
e:"$%es: )s"i"h 7F:7 God s"'s0 <) AM0 ti% 'o( grow o%d1= This does not e"n God wi%% ce"se being the ) AM when )s"i"h grows o%d1 God s"id to His
di*ine Son0 <Sit on ' right h"nd ti% ) "ke Thine eneies Th' !ootstoo%1= The Son wi%% !ore*er sit "t the right h"nd o! God1
,*. L Dec0 2 /, The %oman Census D N"I"reth 56G$1258
L- 5 5F1TU
2 AND it c"e to $"ss0 th"t in those d"'s there went o(t " decree !ro ,"es"r A(g(st(s0 th"t the who%e wor%d
sho(%d be enro%%ed1 5 This enro%%ing w"s !irst "de b' ,'rin(s LP(b%i(s S(%$ici(s a(irni(sM0 the Lco#Mgo*ernorD Lor
<i$eri"% de%eg"te=M o! S'ri" Lwhi%e S"t(rni(s w"s Go*ernorM1 C And "%% went to be enro%%ed0 e*er' one into his own cit'1
,<. L Dec0 2 /, Mary and .oseph go to :ethlehem 54G$12C7
L- 5 TU
7 And +ose$h "%so went ($ !ro G"%i%ee0 o(t o! the cit' o! N"I"reth into +(de"0 to the cit' o! D"*id0 which is
c"%%ed /eth%ehe0 bec"(se he w"s o! the ho(se "nd !"i%' o! D"*id0 3 to be enro%%ed with M"r' his es$o(sed
wi!e0 who w"s with ,hi%d1
,@. L Dec0 2 /, The :irth o! the (avior and the &isit o! the (hepherds # /eth%ehe 580C>
L- 5 TU
F And it c"e to $"ss th"t when the' were there0 her d"'s were "cco$%ished th"t she sho(%d be de%i*ered1 6
And she bro(ght !orth her !irstborn SonD "nd wr"$$ed Hi ($ in sw"dd%ing c%othes "nd %"id Hi in " "nger
bec"(se there w"s no roo !or the in the inn1 D!irstborn: A tit%e o! $reeinence not indic"ti*e o! n(ber1 )s""c w"s
Abr"h"Hs !irstborn "nd on%' son1
4 And there were in the s"e co(ntr' she$herds "biding "nd kee$ing w"tch o*er their !%ock "t night1
8 And beho%d an angel o! the 5ord stood b' the0 "nd the brightness o! God shone ro(nd "bo(t the0 "nd the'
gre"t%' !rightened1 2> And the "nge% s"id to the: Fe"r not0 !or0 beho%d0 ) bring 'o( good tidings o! gre"t Ko' th"t
sh"%% be to "%% the $eo$%eP 22 For this d"' in the cit' o! D"*id is born to 'o( " S"*ior0 9ho is ,hrist the LordP 25
And this sh"%% be " sign (nto 'o(: Yo( sh"%% !ind the in!"nt wr"$$ed in sw"dd%ing c%othes "nd %"id in " "nger1
2C And s(dden%' there w"s with the "nge% a multitude o! the heavenly army o! angels0 $r"ising God0 "nd
s"'s <the doc(ents "re di*ided= between <en o! Good wi%%= "nd <good wi%% tow"rd en0= the %"tter s($$orted b' b $ : D' "nd "s
e:$ected0 the ore odern critics "nd editors1 The Poem, howe*er est"b%ishes the Do("'#Rheis rendition0 <en o! good wi%%= "s
the $ro$er one1M
23 And it c"e to $"ss "!ter the "nge%s de$"rted !ro the into He"*en0 the she$herds s"id one to "nother: Let
(s go o*er to /eth%ehe0 "nd %et (s see this word th"t h"s coe to $"ss0 which the Lord h"s showed to (sP 2F
And the' c"e with h"ste "nd the' !o(nd M"r' "nd +ose$h0 "nd the in!"nt %'ing in the "nger1 26 And seeing0
the' "de known the word th"t h"d been s$oken to the Lb' the "nge%M concerning this chi%d1 24 And "%% th"t
he"rd Lin the entire /eth%ehe "re"M wondered "t those things th"t were to%d the b' the she$herds1 28 /(t M"r'
ke$t "%% these words Lto herse%!M0 $ondering the in her he"rt1 5> And the she$herds ret(rned0 g%ori!'ing "nd
$r"ising God !or "%% the things the' h"d he"rd "nd seen0 K(st "s it w"s to%d the1
,2. E +"n0 AD 2 .esus is Cirumised # /eth%ehe C2G$1233
L- 5 TU
52 And "!ter eight d"'s were !(%!i%%ed0 when the chi%d w"s to be circ(cised0 His n"e w"s c"%%ed +ES.S0 the
n"e gi*en b' the "nge% be!ore He w"s concei*ed in the wob1
,C. E Feb0 AD 2 Mary and .oseph 3resent .esus in the Temple # +er(s"%e C5G$12F2
L- 5 TU521
55 And "!ter the d"'s o! M"r'Hs $(ri!ic"tion were !(%!i%%ed0 "ccording to the L"w o! Moses LLe*125:2#7M0 the'
bro(ght Hi to +er(s"%e0 to $resent Ldedic"teM Hi to the Lord0 5C "s it is written in the L"w o! the Lord: (+ery
male openin' the )om- shall -e called holy to the %ord, ZE:od(s 2C:5E N(bers 4:2F[ 57 "nd to o!!er " s"cri!ice0
"ccording "s it is written in the L"w o! the Lord0 " $"ir o! t(rt%edo*es0 or two 'o(ng $igeons1 53 And beho%d0
there w"s a man in .erusalem named (imeon1 And this "n w"s K(st "nd de*o(t0 w"iting !or the conso%"tion
o! )sr"e%0 "nd the Ho%' S$irit w"s in hi1 5F And he h"d recei*ed "n "nswer !ro the Ho%' S$irit0 th"t he wo(%d
not see de"th0 be!ore he h"d seen the ,hrist Lthe Anointed OneM o! the Lord1 56 And $ro$ted b' the S$irit he
c"e into the te$%e1 And when His $"rents bro(ght in the chi%d +es(s0 to do !or Hi "ccording to the c(sto o!
the %"w0 54 Sieon took Hi into his "rs "nd b%essed God0 "nd s"id: 58 Now Yo( "re disissing Yo(r ser*"nt0
O Lord0 "ccording to Yo(r word in $e"ce0 C> bec"(se ' e'es h"*e seen Yo(r s"%*"tion0 C2 which Yo( h"*e
$re$"red be!ore the !"ce o! "%% $eo$%esP C5 A %ight !or re*e%"tion to the Genti%es "nd the g%or' o! Yo(r $eo$%e
CC And His !"ther "nd other wondered "t those things which were s$oken concerning Hi1 C7 And Sieon
b%essed the0 "nd s"id to M"r' His other: 8ehold this ,hild is set for the fall and for the res&rrection of many
in Israel, and for a si'n )hich shall -e contradicted< C3 =nd yo&r o)n so&l a s)ord shall pierce, that o&t of
many hearts, tho&'hts may -e re+ealed" Z)s"1 4:27[
CF And there w"s one $nna' a prophetess' the d"(ghter o! Ph"n(e%0 o! the tribe o! Asher1 She w"s !"r "d*"nced
in 'e"rs0 "nd h"d %i*ed with her h(sb"nd se*en 'e"rs !ro her *irginit'1 C6 And she w"s " widow e*en !or eight'
!o(r 'e"rs0 who de$"rted not !ro the te$%e0 "nd who b' !"stings "nd $r"'ers ser*ed in worshi$ night "nd d"'1
C4 Now she0 "t the s"e ho(r0 coing in0 ret(rned th"nks to the Lord "nd s$oke o! +es(s to "%% Lshe knewM who
%ooked !or the rede$tion o! )sr"e%1
C8 And "!ter the' h"d $er!ored "%% things "ccording to the L"w o! the Lord L"nd nine onths in /eth%ehe "nd two
"nd " h"%! 'e"rs in Eg'$tM0 the' ret(rned into G"%i%ee to N"I"reth0 their cit' Lthe hoetown o! both M"r' "nd +ose$h tho(gh
+ose$h h"d not seen M"r' since she %e!t !or the Te$%e "t the "ge o! threeM1
,;. M#L Se$0 AD 2 Wise Men (ee/ .esus # +er(s"%e to /eth%ehe C7G$12F6
MT 5 221TU
2 9HEN +es(s there!ore w"s born in /eth%ehe o! +(d"h0 in the d"'s o! -ing Herod LThe Gre"tM0 beho%d Lnine
onths "!ter His birthTM0 there c"e wise en LM"gi0 "stro%ogersM !ro the e"st to +er(s"%e 5 s"'ing: 9here is He
9ho is born -ing o! the +ewsB For we h"*e seen His st"r in the e"st0 "nd h"*e coe to worshi$ Hi1 C And
-ing Herod he"ring this w"s tro(b%ed0 "nd "%% +er(s"%e with hi1 DSee N(157:26 "nd note be%ow "t *18E +er15C:3E
7 And "sseb%ing together "%% the chie! $riests "nd the scribes o! the $eo$%e0 he in;(ired o! the where ,hrist
sho(%d be born1 3 The' s"id to hi: )n /eth%ehe o! +(d"h1 For so it is written b' the $ro$het: F =nd yo&
8ethlehem the land of #&dah art not at all the least amon' the princes of #&dah >as most -elie+ed 8ethlehem to
-e?@, for o&t of yo& shall come forth the ,aptain that shall r&le My people Israel1 ZMic"h 3:5[
6 Then Herod0 $ri*"te%' c"%%ing the wise en0 in;(ired di%igent%' o! the concerning the tie o! the st"rHs
"$$e"r"nce0 4 "nd sending the into /eth%ehe0 he s"id: Go "nd di%igent%' in;(ire "!ter the ,hi%d "nd when 'o(
h"*e !o(nd Hi0 bring e word "g"in th"t ) "%so "' coe to worshi$ Hi1
8 H"*ing he"rd the king0 the' went their w"'0 "nd beho%d the star which the' h"d seen in the e"st went be!ore
the (nti% it c"e "nd stood o*er where the ,hi%d w"s1 LThis w"s no %iter"% st"r b(t "n "nge%1M
2> And seeing the st"r the' reKoiced with e:ceeding gre"t Ko'1 22 And entering into the ho(se Lo! Anne0 the
/eth%ehe she$herdHs e$%o'erM0 the' !o(nd the chi%d with M"r' His other1 And !"%%ing down the' "dored Hi1
And o$ening their tre"s(res0 the' o!!ered Hi gi!ts o! go%d0 !r"nkincense0 "nd 'rrh1
25 And h"*ing recei*ed Lto their in;(ir'M an ans#er in their s%ee$ th"t the' sho(%d not ret(rn to Herod0 the' went
b"ck "nother w"' into their co(ntr'1
DThe 9ise Men0 !%eeing Herod0 "rri*e in Engedi K(st "!ter the gr"$e h"r*est which conc%(des in Se$teber @)))G$1 F48 See "%so )G$12620268A
,B. L Se$0 AD 2 The Warning to Flee # Fro /eth%ehe to Eg'$t C30CFG$1268#287
2C And "!ter the' h"d de$"rted0 beho%d "n angel o! the 5ord "$$e"red in " dre" to +ose$h0 s"'ing: Arise "nd
t"ke the ,hi%d "nd His other "nd !%ee into Eg'$t "nd st"' there (nti% ) sh"%% noti!' 'o(1 For it wi%% coe to $"ss
th"t Herod wi%% seek the ,hi%d to destro' Hi1
27 +ose$h "rose "nd took the ,hi%d "nd His other b' night "nd withdrew into Eg'$t1 And He w"s there (nti%
the de"th o! Herod0 23 th"t it ight be !(%!i%%ed which the Lord s$oke b' the $ro$het0 s"'ing: 9&t of ('ypt ha+e
I called My son1 ZHose" 22:2[
,A. L Se$0 AD 2 Herod9s Wrath against :ethlehem @6C#63G$1C65#C83A
2F Then Herod $ercei*ing th"t he w"s de%(ded b' the wise en w"s e:ceeding "ngr'0 "nd sending Lso%diersM
ki%%ed "%% the "%e chi%dren th"t were in /eth%ehe "nd in "%% the s(rro(nding co(ntr'side0 !ro two 'e"rs o%d
"nd (nder0 "ccording to the tie which he h"d di%igent%' in;(ired o! the wise en1 26 Then w"s !(%!i%%ed th"t
which w"s s$oken b' +erei"h the $ro$het0 s"'ing: 24 = +oice in amah )as heard, lamentation and 'reat
mo&rnin'< achael -e)ailin' her children, and )o&ld not -e comforted, -eca&se they )ere no more Z+erei"h
*+. S$ring0 AD 7 The Holy Family %eturns !rom )gypt D Fro Eg'$t to N"I"reth @CFbG$1282A
MT 5 TU541
28 /(t when Herod w"s de"d0 beho%d "n "nge% o! the Lord "$$e"red to +ose$h in his s%ee$ in Eg'$t0 5> s"'ing:
Arise "nd t"ke the ,hi%d "nd His other "nd go into the %"nd o! )sr"e% !or the' "re de"d who so(ght the %i!e o!
the ,hi%d1
52 So +ose$h "rose "nd took the ,hi%d "nd His other0 "nd c"e into the %"nd o! )sr"e%1 55 /(t he"ring th"t
Arche%"(s reigned in +(de" in the $%"ce o! Herod his !"ther0 he w"s "!r"id to go to +(de" Lwhere the $riest Oech"ri"h
h"d w"nted the to reside "nd were wi%%ing to do so tho(gh the' did not "t "%% wish to %i*e there1 @The Poem )023FAM0 "nd being
w"rned in " dre" the' retired into the region o! G"%i%ee1 5C And coing there the' dwe%t in " cit' c"%%ed
N"I"reth LM"r' "nd +ose$hHs hoe town where the' h"d "%w"'s wished to %i*e0 the order o! He"*en "%w"'s t"king $recedence o*er
the directi*es o! " $riest1M th"t it ight be !(%!i%%ed which w"s s"id b' the $ro$hets0 th"t He sh"%% be c"%%ed
<N"I"rene1= Lnet/er Q <The br"nch= )s"122:2E Oech1 C:4 "nd "s One des$ised +n1 6:72E Ps"1 55E )s"1 3CM
*,. AD 7 # 2C .esus9 )arly 8outh # N"I"reth C6#C8G$1287#525
L- 5 2F1TU
7> And the ,hi%d grew0 "nd bec"e strong Lin s$iritM0 !(%% o! wisdo0 "nd the gr"ce o! God w"s in Hi1 72 And
His $"rents went e*er' 'e"r to +er(s"%e0 !or the so%en d"' o! the P"sso*er1
**. E A$r0 AD 2C .esus Comes o! $ge 7 3assover D To +er(s"%e 7>G$15>4
L- 5 TU
75 And when He w"s twe%*e 'e"rs o%d0 the' went ($ to +er(s"%e "ccording to the c(sto o! the !e"st1
*<. M A$r0 AD 2C Mary and .oseph 5ose .esus # +er(s"%e @72cG$155>A
L- 5 TU
7C And h"*ing !(%!i%%ed the d"'s0 when the' ret(rned0 the chi%d +es(s re"ined in +er(s"%e0 b(t His $"rents
knew it not1 77 And thinking th"t He w"s in the co$"n'0 the' c"e " d"'Hs Ko(rne' "nd on%' then so(ght Hi
"ong their kins!o%k "nd "c;("int"nces1
*@. M A$r0 AD 2C Mary and .oseph %eturn to .erusalem @72cG$155>A
L- 5 TU
73 And not !inding Hi0 the' ret(rned into +er(s"%e0 seeking hi1
*2. M A$r0 AD 2C .esus is Found in the Temple Teahing the Dotors # +er(s"%e 72G$1525
L- 5 TU561
7F And it c"e to $"ss th"t "!ter three d"'s the' !o(nd Hi in the te$%e sitting in the idst o! the doctors0
he"ring the "nd "sking the ;(estions1 76 And "%% th"t he"rd Hi were "stonished "t His wisdo "nd His
"nswers1 74 And seeing Hi0 the' wondered1 And His other s"id to Hi: Son0 wh' h"*e Yo( done so to (sB
/eho%d Yo(r !"ther "nd ) h"*e so(ght Yo( sorrowing1 78 And He s"id to the: How is it th"t 'o( so(ght MeB
Did 'o( not know0 th"t ) (st be "bo(t M' F"therHs b(sinessB 3> And the' (nderstood not the word th"t He
s$oke to the1 32 And He went down with the "nd c"e to N"I"reth "nd w"s s(bKect to the1 And His
other ke$t "%% these words in her he"rt1 35 And +es(s "d*"nced in wisdo "nd "ge0 "nd in gr"ce with God "nd
*C. L A$r0 AD 2C .ohn the :aptist 5eaves !or the Desert at the $ge o! T#elve F;;7$17>FM
L- 2 61TU251
4>b "nd L+ohnM w"s in the deserts (nti% the d"' o! his "ni!est"tion to )sr"e%1 LE"r%' AD C>M
75G$555 # @S$ringGS(er AD 54A # The De"th o! S"int +ose$h1 +ose$h is "ro(nd F> 'e"rs o%d "nd +es(s is 561
*;. E"r%' AD C> The Word o! God Comes to the :aptist # +(de"n 9i%derness @73G$1575A
L- C 531TU
2 NO9 in the !i!teenth 'e"r o! the Lso%eM reign o! Tiberi(s ,"es"r0 Ponti(s Pi%"te being go*ernor o! +(de"0 "nd
Herod being tetr"rch o! G"%i%ee0 "nd Phi%i$ his brother tetr"rch o! )t(r"e"0 "nd the co(ntr' o! Tr"chonitis0 "nd
L's"ni"s tetr"rch o! Abi%eneE 5 .nder the high $riests Ann"s "nd ,"i"$h"s0 the 9ord o! the Lord w"s re*e"%ed
(nto +ohn0 the son o! O"ch"ri"h0 in the desert1
*B. L S$ring0 AD C> The :aptist :egins His Ministry # +ord"n Ri*er b' /eth"b"r" @73G$1575A
MT C 5>1TU
2 AND in those d"'s c"e +ohn
the /"$tist $re"ching in the desert
o! +(de"1 5 And s"'ing: Re$ent0
!or the -ingdo o! He"*en is "t
h"ndP C For this w"s he who w"s
s$oken o! b' )s"i"h the $ro$het0
s"'ing: = +oice of one cryin' in
the desert5 Prepare yo& the )ay of
the %ord, ma*e strai'ht His
paths? Z)s"i"h 7>:C[
M- 2 # TU
2 THE beginning o! the Gos$e% LGood
NewsM o! +es(s ,hrist0 the Son o! God1 5
As it is written in )s"i"h the $ro$het:
8ehold I send My messen'er -efore Thy
face, )ho shall prepare the )ay -efore
Thee1 ZM"%"chi C:2[ C = +oice of one
cryin' in the desert5 Prepare 7o& the
)ay of the %ord, ma*e strai'ht His paths1
Z)s"i"h 7>:C[ 7 +ohn w"s in " deserted
$%"ce b"$tiIing "nd $re"ching the
b"$tis o! re$ent"nce Lthe b"$tis
signi!'ing $erson"% re$ent"nceM0 %e"ding to
the reission o! L$erson"%M sins1
L- C
C And he c"e into "%% the co(ntr' "bo(t the
+ord"n0 $re"ching the b"$tis o! re$ent"nce
!or the reission o! sins0 7 "s it w"s written
in the book o! the s"'ings o! )s"i"h the
$ro$het: >I hear@ the +oice of one >#ohn the
8aptist@ cryin' in the )ilderness5 Prepare the
)ay of the %ord, ma*e strai'ht His paths? A
(+ery +alley shall -e filled and e+ery
mo&ntain and hill shall -e -ro&'ht lo)?B
The croo*ed shall -e made strai'ht and the
ro&'h )ays plain? 6 =nd all flesh shall see
the sal+ation of God? Z)s"i"h 7>:C#7[ DThe
h(b%e sh"%% be e:(%ted "nd the $ro(d sh"%% be
*A. L S$ring0 AD C> The :aptist9s $seti 5i!e # The +ord"n Ri*er b' /eth"n' @73G$1575A
7 Now this +ohn h"d his g"rent "de o! c"e%sH h"ir0 "nd " %e"ther
be%t w"s "bo(t his w"ist "nd his !ood w"s %oc(st "nd wi%d hone'1 3
Then +er(s"%e0 "%% +(de"0 "nd "%% the co(ntr' "bo(t +ord"n went o(t
to hi0 F "nd were b"$tiIed b' hi in the +ord"n0 con!essing their
M- 2 TUC51
3 And there went o(t to hi "%% the co(ntr' o! +(de"0 "nd "%%
the' o! +er(s"%e0 "nd were b"$tiIed b' hi in the ri*er +ord"n0
con!essing their sins1 F And +ohn w"s c%othed with Lc%oth wo*en
o!M c"e%Hs h"ir0 with " %e"ther be%t "bo(t his w"ist "nd he "te
%oc(sts "nd wi%d hone'1
<+. M +"n0 AD C2 The :aptist and the 3harisees # +ord"n Ri*er @73G$1575A
6 And seeing "n' o! the Ph"riseesD "nd S"dd(cees coing to his
b"$tis0 he s"id to the: Yo( brood o! *i$ers0 who h"s Lbeen "b%e to
con*incing%'M w"rn 'o( to !%ee !ro the wr"th to coeB 4 L/(t i! indeed "
ir"c%e h"s h"$$enedM bring !orth0 there!ore0 !r(it Lgood works "nd s"cri!ici"%
$en"nceM consistent with re$ent"nce Lbe!ore 'o( coe to see eMP 8 And
think not to s"' within 'o(rse%*es: 9e h"*e Abr"h" !or o(r !"ther0
!or ) te%% 'o( th"t God is "b%e o! these stones to r"ise ($ chi%dren to
Abr"h" Lore worth' th"n 'o(PM 2> For now the ":e is %"id to the root
o! the trees "nd e*er' tree0 there!ore0 th"t does not 'ie%d good !r(it
sh"%% be c(t down "nd c"st into the !ireP
DThe Poem te%%s o! M"tthi"s te%%ing +es(s th"t the Ph"risee Dor"s h"d coe to the /"$tist to
be /"$tiIed "nd w"s re!(sed "nd to%d to go the Messi"h to get His sins !orgi*en1 )0F44
L- C 541TU
6 He s"id0 there!ore0 to the (%tit(des th"t went !orth to be
b"$tiIed b' hi Lb(t !or the he"ring o! the Ph"risees "ong the who
wished to re#g"in the !"*or o! those the' were %osing to the /"$tistM: Yo(
o!!s$ring o! *i$ers0 who h"s showed 'o( to !%ee !ro the wr"th to
coeBP 4 /ring !orth0 there!ore0 !r(it worth' o! re$ent"nce
Lbe!ore 'o( coe here !or b"$tisMP And do not begin to s"'0 9e h"*e
Abr"h" !or o(r !"ther1 For ) s"' (nto 'o(0 th"t God is "b%e o!
these stones to r"ise ($ chi%dren to Abr"h" Lore worth' th"n
'o(MP 8 For now the ":e is %"id to the root o! the treesP E*er'
tree0 there!ore0 th"t brings not !orth good !r(it sh"%% be c(t down
"nd c"st into the !ireP
<,. M +"n0 AD C2 The :aptist Instruts 3ublians and (oldiers # +ord"n Ri*er 3G$1575A
2> And the $eo$%e "sked hi0 s"'ing: 9h"t then sh"%% we doB 22 And he "nswering0 s"id to the: He who h"s
two co"ts0 %et hi gi*e to hi who h"s none1 And he who h"s !ood0 %et hi do in %ike "nner1 25 And the
$(b%ic"ns Lt": co%%ectors !or RoeM "%so c"e to be b"$tiIed0 "nd s"id to hi: M"ster0 wh"t sh"%% we doB 2C /(t he
s"id to the: E:"ct no ore th"n th"t which is "$$ointed 'o(1 27 And the so%diers "%so "sked hi0 s"'ing: And
wh"t sh"%% we doB And he s"id to the: Do *io%ence to no "n0 neither "cc(se wrong!(%%' "n' "n0 "nd be
content with 'o(r $"'1
<*. M +"n0 AD C2 Christian :aptism in the Holy (pirit Foretold # The +ord"n ne"r /eth"b"r" @73G$1575A
22 ) indeed b"$tiIe 'o( in the
w"ter (nto re$ent"nce0 b(t He
9ho sh"%% coe "!ter e is
ightier th"n )0 9hose shoes ) "
not worth' to be"r1 He sh"%%
b"$tiIe 'o( in the Ho%' S$irit "nd
!ire Lo! di*ine ho%' %o*eM1D 25 9hose
LwinnowingM !"n is in His h"nd0 "nd
He wi%% thoro(gh%' c%e"nse His
threshing !%oor "nd g"ther His
whe"t into the b"rn0 b(t the ch"!!
He wi%% b(rn ($ with
(n;(ench"b%e !ireP
M- 2 581TUC31
6 And he $re"ched0
s"'ing: There is
coing "!ter e One
ightier th"n )0 the
%"tchet o! whose
s"nd"%s ) " not
worth' to stoo$ down
"nd %ooseP 4 ) h"*e
b"$tiIed 'o( with
w"ter0 b(t He sh"%%
b"$tiIe 'o( with the
Ho%' S$iritP
L- C TUC81
23 And "s the $eo$%e were in e:$ect"tion0D "nd "%% were thinking in
their he"rts o! +ohn0 th"t $erh"$s he ight be the ,hrist0 2F +ohn
"nswered0 s"'ing (nto "%%: ) indeed b"$tiIe 'o( with w"ter b(t there
sh"%% coe One ightier th"t )0 the %"tchet o! 9hose shoes ) " not
worth' to %ooseP He sh"%% b"$tiIe 'o( with the Ho%' S$irit "nd with !ire
Lo! di*ine %o*eM1D 26 9hose winnowing !ork is in His h"nd0 "nd He wi%%
$(rge Lc%e"r "nd c%e"nM His threshing !%oor L)sr"e%M "nd wi%% g"ther the
whe"t into His b"rnE b(t the ch"!! He wi%% b(rn with (n;(ench"b%e !ireP
24 And "n' other things e:horting0 did he $re"ch to the $eo$%e1
Dbaptize #ith the Holy (pirit: This wo(%d res(%t in regener"tion0 new birth "nd
restor"tion to di*ine sonshi$0 the "tter o! the st"in o! Origin"% Sin being once "nd
!or "%% reo*edP Those who wi%%!(%%' re!(se this $ro*ision wi%% !"ce " wr"th !ro
He"*en (ne;("%%ed to "n'thing the n"tion o! )sr"e% h"d e*er seen1 The horri!'ing
destr(ction o! the +ewish n"tion who t(rned its b"ck on ,hrist is described in horri!ic
det"i% b'
+ose$h(s in his Cars of the #e)s0 *0 *i
<<. (nd"te"b%eT The $postle .ohn9s Disourse on the Divinity' Humanity and 4!!ie o! Christ L#M
+N 2 # TU
2 )N THE beginning w"s the 9ord Lw"s "%re"d' in e:istencePM0 "nd the 9ord w"s with God Lbe!ore tie beg"nM0 "nd
the 9ord w"s God1 5 L)n other words0M He w"s in the beginning with God1 C A%% things were "de b' Hi0 "nd
witho(t Hi w"s nothing "de th"t w"s "de1
7 )n Hi w"s %i!e0 "nd the %i!e Lo! ,hristM w"s the %ight o! en1 3 And the Light Lo! %i!eM shines in d"rkness0 "nd
the d"rkness did not o*ercoe it Ltho(gh it "de e*er' "tte$t toM1
F There w"s " "n sent !ro God0 whose n"e w"s +ohn1 6 This "n c"e !or " witness to gi*e testion' o!
the Light0 th"t "%% en ight be%ie*e thro(gh hi L"nd his b"$tis"% inistr'M1 4 He w"s not the Light0 b(t w"s to
gi*e testion' o! the Light1
8 The Tr(e Light w"s th"t which en%ightens e*er' "n who coes into this wor%d1 2> He w"s in the wor%d0
"nd the wor%d w"s "de b' Hi0 b(t the wor%d knew Hi not1 22 He c"e (nto his own L$eo$%eM0 "nd His own
recei*ed Hi not1 25 /(t "s "n' "s recei*ed Hi0 He g"*e $ower to be "de the sons o! God0 to those who
be%ie*e in His n"e LHis "(thorit' "nd $ersonM1 2C 9ho "re born L"g"in "s GodHs sonsM0 not o! b%ood0 nor o! the wi%% o!
the !%esh0 nor o! the wi%% o! "n0 b(t o! GodLHs wi%% "nd $owerM1 27 And the 9ord w"s "de !%esh0 "nd dwe%t "ong
(s0 @"nd we s"w His g%or'0 the g%or' "s it were o! the on%' L/eingM begotten o! the F"therA0 !(%% o! gr"ce "nd tr(th1
T+es(s gi*es the content o! this te"ching to +ohn whi%e the' were *isiting /eth%ehe1 @See )06CG$C68A
<@. M +"n0 AD C2 The Witness o! the :aptist to the Christ # The +ord"n ne"r /eth"b"r"
+N 2 TUCF1
23 +ohn bore witness o! Hi "nd cried o(t0 s"'ing: This w"s He o! 9ho ) s$okeP He 9ho sh"%% coe "!ter
e is $re!erred be!ore e0 bec"(se He w"s Le:istingM be!ore e Ltho(gh +ohn w"s concei*ed !irstM1 2F And o! His
!(%%ness Lo! Gr"ceM we "%% h"*e recei*ed0 "nd gr"ce ($on gr"ceP 26 For whi%e the L"w w"s gi*en b' Moses0 gr"ce
"nd tr(th c"e b' +es(s ,hrist1 24 No "n h"s seen God Lin His !(%% g%or' "nd re"%it'M "t "n'tie0 the on%' begotten
Son 9ho is in the boso o! the F"ther0 He h"s re*e"%ed HiP LAbr"h" s"w God @+eho*"h0 the SonA who "$$e"red with
two "nge%s "%% o! which "$$e"red %ike en @Gen124:2#50 550 CCA1 +"cob s"w God0 b(t "s the Son o! God @Gen1C5:C>A1 Moses "%so
s"w God b(t on%' His <b"ck= not his <!"ce= !or God $%"in%' s"id0 <no "n sh"%% see Me "nd %i*e1= @E:1CC:24#5CAM
28 And this is the testion' o! +ohn0 when the +ews sent $riests "nd Le*ites !ro +er(s"%e to Hi to "sk
Hi: 9ho "re 'o(B 5> And he con!essed0 "nd did not den'0 b(t con!essed: ) " not the ,hristP 52 And the'
"sked hi: 9ho then "re 'o(B Are 'o( E%iK"h LM"%17:3MB And he s"id: ) " notP Are 'o( The Pro$het LMoses
$redicted wo(%d coe0 the ,hrist1 De(t124:23MB And he "nswered: NoP 55 The' s"id0 there!ore0 (nto hi: 9ho "re
'o(0 th"t we "' gi*e "n "nswer to those who sent (sB 9h"t do 'o( s"' o! th'se%!B 5C He s"id: I am the +oice
of one cryin' o&t in the )ilderness, ma*e strai'ht the )ay of the %ord, "s the $ro$het )s"i"h s"id1Z)s"i"h 7>:C[
57 And those th"t were sent were o! the Ph"risees1 53 And the' "sked hi0 s"'ing to hi: 9h' then do 'o(
b"$tiIe0 i! 'o( "re not ,hrist0 nor E%iK"h0 nor The Pro$hetB 5F +ohn "nswered the0 s"'ing: ) b"$tiIe with
w"ter0 b(t there h"s stood One in the idst o! 'o(0 9ho 'o( know notP 56 The s"e is He 9ho sh"%% coe Lto
inisterM "!ter e0 9ho is $re!erred be!ore e0 the %"tchet o! 9hose shoe ) " not worth' to %ooseP 54 These
things h"$$ened in /eth"n'0 be'ond the +ord"n where +ohn w"s b"$tiIing1
7CG$574 # ,onc%(sion o! the Pri*"te Li!e Lo! ,hristM1 Ho%' M"r' re%"tes this to M"ri" &"%tort"1
.)(>( %)&)$5)D $( M)((I$H
<2. M +"n0 AD C2 The Three!old Witness to Christ 7 The Water and (pirit in Christian :aptism # The +ord"n 77073G$15C3
MT C ne"r /eth"b"r"
2C Then c"e +es(s !ro G"%i%ee to the +ord"n to
+ohn to be b"$tiIed b' hi1 27 /(t +ohn $rotested0
s"'ing: ) o(ght to be b"$tiIed b' Yo(0 'et "re Yo(
coing to eBP 23 And +es(s "nswering0 s"id to hi:
A%%ow it to be so now1 For it is $ro$er !or (s Lboth 'o(
"nd MeM to !(%!i%% "%% righteo(sness1 Then he consented1
2F And +es(s being b"$tiIed0 iedi"te%' c"e o(t
o! the w"ter "nd %o0 the he"*ens were o$ened to Hi
"nd +ohn s"w the (pirit o! God descending "s " do*e
"nd %ighting ($on Hi1 26 And beho%d a voie !rom
Heaven0 s"id: TH)S )S MY /ELO&ED SON0 )N
M- 2 C51TUC61
8 And it c"e to $"ss in those d"'s th"t
+es(s c"e !ro N"I"reth o! G"%i%ee
"nd w"s b"$tiIed b' +ohn in the +ord"n1
2> And iedi"te%' coing ($ o(t o!
the w"ter0 he L+ohnM s"w the he"*ens
o$ened0 "nd the (pirit "s " do*e
descending0 "nd re"ining on Him1 22
And there c"e a voie !rom Heaven:
coing o! the Ho%' S$irit ($on +es(s "t His
b"$tis w"s the $roo! o! wh"t the /"$tist h"d
K(st s"id in *14 th"t !o%%owing ,hrist in
,hristi"n b"$tis i$"rts the Ho%' S$irit1M
52 Now it c"e to $"ss L"!ter +ohn
h"d conc%(ded his $re"chingM0 when "%%
the $eo$%e were b"$tiIed0 "nd +es(s
"%so h"d been b"$tiIed b(t 'et Lwhi%e
He w"s sti%%M $r"'ing0 He"*en w"s
o$ened0 55 "nd the Holy (pirit
descended ($on Hi in the sh"$e o!
" do*e0 "nd a voie ame !rom
Heaven: THO. ART MY
9ELL PLEASEDP LPs"15:6E )s"175:2M
5C" And +es(s hise%! when He
beg"n LHis inistr'M w"s "bo(t the
"ge o! thirt' 'e"rs0 LAct("%%' C> 'e"rs
"nd C onthsM DL*15Cb#C4 is +ose$hHs
<C. M +"n0 AD C2 The :aptist9s Witness to the Messiah 7 The :aptism o! Water and the (pirit 73G$1575
+N 2 +ord"n Ri*er ne"r /eth"b"r"
58 The ne:t d"' L"!ter C710 b(t the s"e d"' "s C31M +ohn s"w +es(s coing to hi0 "nd he s"id: /EHOLD THE
) " $h'sic"%%' o%derM HE 9AS LHe $ree:istedM /EFORE ME0 C2 "nd ) knew Hi not1D /(t th"t He "' be "de
"ni!est in )sr"e%0 there!ore0 h"*e ) coe b"$tiIing with w"terP C5 And +ohn g"*e testion'0 s"'ing: ) s"w the
S$irit coing down "s " do*e !ro He"*en0 "nd He re"ined ($on Hi1 CC And Lgrowing ($M ) knew Hi not
Lso +ohn w"s not "b%e to identi!' Hi b' "$$e"r"nceM1 /(t He 9ho sent e to b"$tiIe with w"ter0 s"id to e: He ($on
9ho 'o( sh"%% see the S$irit descending "nd re"ining0 He it is 9ho b"$tiIes with the Ho%' S$irit1 C7 And )
s"w0 "nd ) g"*e testion'0 th"t this One is the Son o! God Li1e1 o! the *er' essence "nd n"t(re o! GodM1
DI /ne# Him not: Tho(gh the' were co(sins0 the *er' re"% thre"t th"t the Ro"ns $osed to the ho(se o! +(d"h "nd th(s the Ho%'
F"i%'0 !orced O"ch"ri"h "nd E%iI"beth to iso%"te these%*es "nd their son +ohn !ro the Ho%' F"i%'1 The /"$tistHs ir"c(%o(s
conce$tion "nd birth h"d "%so "ttr"cted signi!ic"nt "nd wides$re"d "ttention in )sr"e% which wo(%d h"*e end"ngered the Ho%' F"i%'
i! "n' !"i%' cont"cts wo(%d h"*e becoe $(b%ic know%edge1 This ention o! co$%ete iso%"tion between +es(s "nd the /"$tist is
$ower!(% intern"% testion' to the *er' wide s$re"d $(b%ic "w"reness o! the ir"c(%o(s n"t(re o! the births o! both +es(s "nd the
.)(>( T)(T)D $"D 3%4&)" T4 :) TH) M)((I$H
<;. M +"n0 AD C2 .esus is 5ed into the Wilderness # +ord"n Ri*er to the +(de"n 9i%derness @7FG$1576A
MT 7 C31TU
2 THEN +es(s w"s %ed b'
the S$irit into the desert to
be te$ted b' the De*i%1
M- 2 C31TU
25 And iedi"te%' the S$irit
dro*e Hi o(t into the L+(de"nM
L- 7 C31TU
2 AND +es(s LHis h("n n"t(reM being !(%% o! the Ho%' S$irit L!ro
His b"$tis W C:550 "nd b' which we c"n know th"t those who !o%%ow Hi in
,hristi"n /"$tis recei*e the s"e Ho%' S$iritM0 ret(rned !ro the +ord"n
"nd w"s %ed b' the S$irit into the desert0
<B. M +"n # L Feb0 AD C2 .esus Fasts !or @+ Days # A Mo(nt"in Pe"k E"st o! Hebron @7FG$1576A
MT 7 TU7>1
5" And when he h"d !"sted !ort' d"'s
"nd !ort' nights0
M- 2
2C" And He w"s in the desert !ort' d"'s
"nd !ort' nights0
L- 7 TU7>1
5" where !or the s$"ce o! !ort' d"'s He w"s
te$ted b' the De*i%1 And He "te nothing in
those d"'s1
<A. M#L +"n0 AD C2 The :aptist is Imprisoned the ,
TimeT While .esus is Fasting D M"ch"er(s0 E"st o! the De"d Se"
2251 M Mch0 AD C5 +es(s hears of the 5
"rrest o! the /"$tist whi%e in /eths"id" @24>G$15>>A
MT 27
C For Herod h"d L" 'e"r "nd 5 onths be!ore his 5
"rrestM "$$rehended +ohn0 bo(nd
hi0 "nd $(t hi into $rison L"!ter 6#4 onths o! inistr'M0 bec"(se o! Herodi"s0 his
brotherHs wi!e1 7 For +ohn s"id to hi: )t is not %"w!(% !or 'o( to h"*e herP 3 And
Le*en tho(gh heM h"d " ind to $(t hi to de"th0 he !e"red the $eo$%e bec"(se the'
esteeed hi "s " $ro$het1 LSo Herod %e!t hi in $rison !or 6 onths (nti% he w"s !reed
thro(gh " bribe1 Si: onths %"ter he w"s "g"in "rrested "nd i$risoned !or 6 ore onths when
he w"s ki%%ed1M
TNone o! the Gos$e%s s$e"k o! ore th"n one i$risonent0 tho(gh Mk "nd LkHs "cco(nt $%"ced e"r%' in their
Gos$e%s0 indic"tes "n e"r%' i$risonent whi%e MtHs %"ter $%"ceent indic"tes " second i$risonent K(st "s
re*e"%ed in The Poem" +n1 s$e"ks on%' o! one %"ter i$risonent1 See F81 "nd 2251
M- 2 7>1TU321
27" Now "!ter
L+es(s w"s %ed into
the wi%dernessM
+ohn w"s
de%i*ered ($ Lto
L- C C51TUC31
28 /(t Herod the tetr"rch0 when
he w"s re$ro*ed b' +ohn !or
Herodi"s his brotherHs wi!e0 "nd
!or "%% the e*i% which he h"d
done0 5> "dded this e*i% "%so
"bo*e "%% the others0 b' sh(tting
+ohn ($ in $rison1
@+. L Feb0 S(n0 AD C2 The Temptation o! .esusD # 5> Mi%es on His 9"' /"ck to the +ord"n Ri*er 7FG$1578
MT 7 C41TU751
5b He w"s "!terw"rds h(ngr'1 C Then the Te$ter0
coing0 s"id to Hi: )! Yo( "re the Son o! God
co"nd th"t these stones be "de bre"dP 7 +es(s
"nswered "nd s"id: )t is written0 Dot -y -read alone
does man li+e, -&t -y e+ery )ord that proceeds from
the mo&th of God1ZDe(t1 4:C[ 3 Then the De*i% took Hi
($ into the ho%' cit' "nd set Hi ($on the $inn"c%e o!
the te$%e0 F "nd s"id to hi: )! Yo( "re the Son o!
God0 c"st Yo(rse%! down0 !or it is written: That He
hath 'i+en His an'els char'e o+er Thee, and in their
hands shall they -ear Thee &p, lest perhaps Tho& dash
Thy foot a'ainst a stone1 ZPs"18>L82M:22[ 6 +es(s s"id to
hi: )t is written "g"in: 7o& shall not tempt the %ord
yo&r God? 4 Ag"in the De*i% took Hi ($ into " *er'
high o(nt"in "nd showed Hi "%% the kingdos o!
the wor%d "nd
their g%or'1 8 And
s"id to Hi: A%%
these wi%% ) gi*e
Yo(0 i! !"%%ing
down Yo( wi%%
"dore e1 2>
Then +es(s s"id to
hi: /e gone0
S"t"nP For it is
written: The %ord
yo&r God shall
yo& adore, and
Him only shall
yo& ser+e?
ZDe(t1F:2C[ 22
Then the De*i% %e!t Hi1 And beho%d "nge%s c"e "nd
inistered to Hi1
DM"tthew $resents the e:"ct order !or the te$t"tions1
M- 2 C41TUC81
2Cb he w"s "ong the wi%d "ni"%s0 "nd LthenM w"s
te$ted b' S"t"n1 /(t the "nge%s then inistered to

5b And when
the' Lthe 7> d"'s o!
!"stingM h"d ended0
He w"s h(ngr'1 C
And the De*i%
s"id to hi: )!
Yo( "re the Son
o! God0 s$e"k to
this stone th"t it
be "de bre"dP
7 /(t +es(s
"nswered hi: )t
is written th"t
man li+es not -y
-read alone -&t
-y e+ery )ord of
God" ZDe(t1 4:C[ 3 So the De*i% %ed Hi into " high o(nt"in
"nd showed Hi "%% the kingdos o! the wor%d in " oent
o! tie1 F And he s"id to Hi: To Yo( wi%% ) gi*e "%% this
$ower0 "nd the g%or' o! the0 !or to e the' h"*e been
de%i*ered "nd to who ) wi%%0 ) c"n gi*e the1 6 )! Yo(0
there!ore0 wi%% do ho"ge Lshow res$ectM be!ore e0 "%% this
sh"%% be Yo(rsP 4 /(t +es(s "nswering s"id to hi: )t is
written: 7o& shall adore the %ord yo&r God and Him only
shall yo& ser+e" ZDe(t1F:2CE 2>:5>[ 8 So he bro(ght Hi to
+er(s"%e "nd set Hi on " $inn"c%e Lg"b%eM o! the te$%e
"nd he s"id to Hi: )! Yo( "re the Son o! God0 c"st
Yo(rse%! !ro here0 2> !or it is written0 th"t He has 'i+en
His an'els char'e o+er 7o&, to *eep 7o&" 22 And th"t in
their hands they shall -ear 7o& &p, lest perhaps 7o& dash
7o&r foot a'ainst a stone" ZPs"18>L82M:22#25[ 25 And +es(s
"nswering0 s"id to hi: )t is s"id: 7o& shall not tempt the
%ord yo&r God? ZDe(t1F:2F[ 2C And "%% the te$t"tion being
ended0 the De*i% de$"rted !ro Hi !or " tie1
@,. L Feb0 Mon0 AD C2 .ohn and .ames Follo# .esus D .$ the +ord"n to ,"$ern"( 76G$153C
+N 2 CF1TU7C1
C3 The ne:t d"' "g"in +ohn Lthe /"$tistM w"s st"nding with two o! his disci$%es L+"es "nd +ohn0 the sons o! OebedeeM1
CF And seeing +es(s w"%king0 he Lthe /"$tistM s"id: /EHOLD THE LAM/ OF GODP
C6 Now the two disci$%es h"d he"rd hi s$e"k LSee CF1M0 "nd L%"ter0 "!ter the' s"w +es(s "g"in "!ter His 7> d"' !"st "nd
te$t"tionM the' !o%%owed +es(s1 C4 And +es(s t(rning "nd seeing the !o%%owing Hi0 s"id to the: 9h"t do 'o(
seekB The' s"id to Hi0 R"bbi @which is to s"'0 being inter$reted0 M"sterA0 where do Yo( dwe%%B C8 He s"id to
the: ,oe "nd see1 So the' c"e "nd s"w where He "bode Lin ,"$ern"(M0 "nd the' st"'ed with Hi th"t d"'1
Now it w"s "bo(t the tenth ho(r L7 $M1
@*. L Feb0 Mon0 AD C2 .esus (ettles in Capernaum 76G$153F
MT 7 7>1TU321
25 And when +es(s h"d he"rd th"t +ohn h"d been de%i*ered ($ Lin his !irst i$risonentM0 He Lt"king +ohn "nd +"es
with HiM retired into G"%i%ee0 2C "nd %e"*ing the cit' N"I"reth0 He c"e "nd dwe%t in ,"$ern"( on the G"%i%ee
se" co"st0 in the %"nd o! Oeb(%on "nd N"$ht"%i 27 th"t it ight be !(%!i%%ed which w"s s"id b' )s"i"h the $ro$het:
23 %and of Ee-&lon and land of Daphtali, the )ay of the sea -eyond the #ordan, Galilee of the Gentiles, 2F the
people that sat in dar*ness ha+e seen 'reat li'ht and to those )ho sat in the re'ion of the shado) of death, li'ht
is spr&n' &p1 Z)s"i"h 8:2[
@<. L Feb0 Fri0 AD C2 $ndre# Tells 3eter o! Christ # ,"$ern"( 74G$153F
+N 2 721TU
7> And Andrew0 the brother o! Sion Peter0 w"s one o! the twoD who h"d he"rd wh"t +ohn Lthe /"$tist s"idM0 "nd
!o%%owed Hi1 72 He !inds !irst his brother Sion LPeterM0 "nd s"id to hi: 9e h"*e !o(nd the Messi"hP @9hich
is0 being inter$reted0 the ,hrist1A 75" And he bro(ght hi to +es(s1
Dthe t#o: )n h(i%it' +ohn e:c%(des hise%! !ro this "cco(nt in 721 "nd 7C1 tho(gh it w"s he "nd +"es th"t "cco$"nied +es(s to
,"$ern"( !ro the +ord"nP Andrew w"s "ct("%%' the C
witness0 b(t who s"cri!iced his being with +es(s !ee%ing constr"ined to r(sh
b"ck to G"%i%ee to he%$ his *er' i$"tient brother Peter with !ishing1

@@. L Feb0 Fri0 AD C2 3eter is Called the %o/ # ,"$ern"( 78G$15F>
+N 2 TU7F1
75b And +es(s %ooking ($on hi0 s"id: Yo( "re Sion the son o! +on"h1D Yo( sh"%% be c"%%ed ,e$h"s LAr""ic
!or <rock=M @which Lin GreekM is tr"ns%"ted PeterA1 DThe Poem s($$orts <+on"h0= o! the DGR not the <+ohn= o! ss1 b : 51
@2. L Feb0 Fri0 AD C2 The First Four Disiples # ,"$ern"( 78G$15F4
MT 7 321TUF>1
24 And +es(s0 w"%king b' the se" o! G"%i%ee0 s"w two brothers0
Sion0 who is c"%%ed Peter0 "nd Andrew his brother c"sting " net
into the se" !or the' were !isheren1
28 And He s"id to the: ,oe !o%%ow Me "nd ) wi%% "ke 'o(
!ishers o! en1 5> And the' iedi"te%'0 %e"*ing their nets0
!o%%owed Hi1 52 And going on !ro there0 He s"w two other
brothers0 +"es the son o! Oebedee "nd +ohn his brother in " shi$
with Oebedee their !"ther ending their nets1 And He c"%%ed the1
55 And the' iedi"te%' %e!t their nets "nd
their !"ther "nd !o%%owed Hi1
M- 2 321TU361
2F And $"ssing b' the Se" o! G"%i%ee0 He s"w Sion LPeterM "nd
Andrew his brother c"sting nets into the se"0 !or the' were
!isheren1 26 And +es(s s"id to the: ,oe "!ter Me0 "nd ) wi%%
"ke 'o( !ishers o! en1 24 And iedi"te%' %e"*ing their nets0
the' !o%%owed Hi1 28 And going on !ro there " %itt%e !"rther0 He
s"w +"es the son o! Oebedee0 "nd +ohn
his brother0 who "%so were ending their
nets in their shi$1 5> And iedi"te%' He
c"%%ed the1 And %e"*ing their !"ther
Oebedee with his hired en in the shi$
L"nd M"r' S"%oe0 their otherM0 the' !o%%owed
@C. L Feb0 S"tGS(n0 AD C2 3hilip and "athanael Find The Christ # Fro ,"$ern"( to /eths"id" 3>G$1565
+N 2 771TU
7C On the !o%%owing d"' +es(s wo(%d go !orth into G"%i%ee0 "nd there He !o(nd Phi%i$1 And +es(s s"id to hi:
Fo%%ow MeP 77 Now Phi%i$ w"s o! /eths"id"0 the cit' o! Andrew "nd Peter1 73 Phi%i$ then !inds N"th"n"e%0 "nd
s"id to hi: 9e h"*e !o(nd Hi o! 9ho Moses in the L"w0 "nd the Pro$hets did write0 +es(s the son o!
+ose$h o! N"I"rethP 7F /(t N"th"n"e% s"id to hi: ,"n "n'thing good coe !ro N"I"rethB Phi%i$ s"id to hi:
,oe "nd seeP 76 +es(s Lin the s$iritM s"w N"th"n"e% coing to Hi "nd L"rri*ingM He s"id o! hi: /eho%d "n
)sr"e%ite indeed in who there is no !"%sehoodP 74 N"th"n"e% s"id to Hi: Fro where do Yo( know eB +es(s
"nswered "nd s"id to hi: /e!ore Phi%i$ c"%%ed 'o(0 when 'o( were (nder the !ig tree0 ) s"w 'o(1 78 N"th"n"e%
"nswered Hi "nd s"id: R"bbi0 Yo( "re the Son o! GodP Yo( "re the -ing o! )sr"e%P 3> +es(s "nswered "nd s"id
to hi: /ec"(se ) s"id0 ) s"w 'o( (nder the !ig tree0 'o( be%ie*eB Gre"ter things th"n these sh"%% 'o( seeP 32
And +es(s s"id to hi: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%'0 ) s"' to 'o(0 'o( sh"%% see the He"*en o$ened "nd the
"nge%s o! God "scending "nd descending o*er the Son o! M"nP
"ote: +es(s is s$e"king o! His entire ir"c(%o(s inistr' where He"*en0 being now o$en to Hi @since His tri($h in the
wi%derness o! !"sting "nd te$t"tionA !inds "nge%s contin("%%' bring to Hi !ro the F"ther the wisdo "nd "(thorit' to do "%% He
wi%% be doing1
@;. L Feb0 S(n0 AD C2 .esus is Invited to the Wedding at Cana D /eths"id"
+N 5 TU
2 AND the third d"' L!ro PeterHs c"%% in 771 "bo*eM0 there w"s " "rri"ge in ,"n" o! G"%i%ee0 "nd the other o!
+es(s w"s there1 5 And +es(s "nd His Disci$%es "%so were in*ited to the "rri"ge1
"ote: Th"t +es(sH ne) fo&nd disciples were in*ited to this wedding is e*idence th"t +es(s "s Messi"h h"d becoe " hot to$ic o! the
d"'1 +ohn the /"$tist h"d gi*en his c%e"r $(b%ic witness to ,hrist " onth be!ore "t His /"$tis b(t "g"in the !o%%owing d"'1 Now
"!ter " onth "w"' "nd h"*ing ret(rned the who%e region (st been "b(II with e:$ect"tion1 +es(s sees howe*er th"t e*er'one needed
to get " good %esson on the i$ort"nce o! His other0 Ho%' M"r'0 to His Messi"nic inistr'1
.)(>( %)&)$5( HIM()5F $( M)((I$H I" G$5I5)) and the importane o! Holy Mary to His
@B. E Mch0 Mon0 AD C2 .esus %eveals He is Messiah in Galilee 7 He Inaugurates His Ministry (ooner
than 3lanned # ,"n" 35G$1568
+N 5
C And when the wine w"s !"i%ing0 the other o! +es(s s"id to Hi: The' h"*e no wine1 7 And +es(s s"id to her:
9o"n0 wh"t is th"t to Me "nd to 'o(BD M' ho(r h"s not 'et coe1 3 His other then s"id to the w"iters:
9h"te*er He sh"%% s"' to 'o(0 do it1 F Now there were set there si: w"ter $ots o! stone0 "ccording to the "nner
o! the $(ri!'ing o! the +ews0 cont"ining two or three e"s(res L5>#C> g"%%onsM "$iece1 6 +es(s s"id to the: Fi%%
the w"ter $ots with w"ter1 And the' !i%%ed the ($ to the bri1 4 Then +es(s s"id to the: Dr"w o(t now "nd
c"rr' to the chie! stew"rd o! the !e"st1 And the' c"rried it1 8 And when the chie! stew"rd h"d t"sted the w"ter
"de wine0 not knowing where it w"s !ro0 tho(gh the ser*"nts th"t drew the w"ter knew0 he c"%%ed the
bridegroo 2> "nd s"id to hi: E*er' "n "t !irst sets !orth good wine "nd when en h"*e we%% dr(nk0 then
th"t which is worse1 /(t 'o( h"*e ke$t the good wine (nti% nowP 22 This beginning o! ir"c%es did +es(s in
,"n" o! G"%i%ee0 "nd so "ni!ested His g%or'0 "nd His Disci$%es be%ie*ed in Hi1 DWhat is that to Me and youE
+es(sH ;(estion here ob*io(s%' w"s not !or His MotherHs he"ring or bene!it b(t !or "%% the others $resentP +es(s w"s re"%%' "sking the
;(estion the' h"d on their inds0 then He "nswered it not with words b(t b' His "ction0 re*e"%ing c%e"r%' K(st how i$ort"nt Ho%'
M"r' w"s to His inistr' "nd issionP Her desire o*ed Hi to begin His inistr' e"r%'P She is there!ore indeed the Medi"tri:0
Ad*oc"te "nd )ntercessor be!ore her Son !or "%% "nkind1
@A. E Mch0 AD C2 5u/e %e!ers to the Mirale at Cana # G"%i%ee @35G$1568A
L- 7 7>1TUF31
27 And +es(s ret(rned L!ro 7> d"'s o! !"sting "nd the te$t"tionM in the $ower o! the S$irit0 into G"%i%ee0D "nd the
!"e o! Hi went o(t thro(gh the who%e co(ntr'1 23 And He t"(ght in their s'n"gog(es "nd w"s "gni!ied
Lhonored "nd $r"isedM b' "%%1 Dpo#er: +es(s now h"d the po)er o! the S$irit1 ,hristi"n /"$tis gi*es one the Ho%' S$irit b(t the
$ower (st be g"ined b' the e:ercise o! *irt(e K(st "s +es(s g"ined it0 9ho is o(r e:"$%e in "%% things1 L(ke is re!erring to +es(sH
ir"c%e o! t(rning w"ter into wine "t ,"n" when he s$e"ks o! the $ower o! the S$irit1
2+. E Mch0 AD C2 .esus Goes to Capernaum D To Tiberi"s "nd then ,"$ern"( @35G$1543A
+N 5 741TU351
25 A!ter this +es(s went down to ,"$ern"(0 He0 His other0 His brethren0 "nd His Disci$%es0 "nd the'
re"ined there not "n' LF or 6M d"'s1
2,. E Mch0 AD C2 .esus :egins His 3reahing Ministry in Galilee D ,"$ern"( @35G$1543A
MT 7 51TU731
26 Fro th"t tie +es(s beg"n to $re"ch "nd to s"':
Re$ent0 !or the -ingdo o! He"*en is "t h"ndP
M- 2 C81TU731
27b +es(s c"e into G"%i%ee0 $re"ching the Gos$e% o! the -ingdo o! God0
23 "nd s"'ing: The tie is "cco$%ished1 And: The -ingdo o! God is "t
h"ndP Re$ent0 "nd be%ie*e the Gos$e%P
.)(>( %)&)$5( HIM()5F $( M)((I$H I" .>D)$
2*. E Mch0 AD C2 .esus Goes to .erusalem !or the 5ate Marh 3assover @35G$1543A
+N 5 3>1TU
2C" And the P"sso*er o! the +ews w"s ne"r0
2<. E Mch0 AD C2 .esus Goes to .erusalem !or the 5ate Marh 3assover
+N 5 TU
2Cb "nd +es(s went ($ to +er(s"%e1
2@. L Mch0 AD C2 .esus %eveals He is Messiah in .udea 7 He Cleanses the Temple # +er(s"%e
@5C4b1 M A$r0 S(n ADC7 The Second Te$%e ,%e"nsingA @344cA
73 And entering into the te$%e0
+es(s beg"n to c"st o(t those th"t
so%d "nd those th"t bo(ght
therein1 7F S"'ing to the: )t is
written: My ho&se is the ho&se
of prayer" 8&t yo& ha+e made it
a den of thie+es1 Z)s"i"h 3F:6E +erei"h
+N 5 TU
27 And +es(s !o(nd in the te$%e those who so%d o:en0 shee$ "nd do*es0 "nd the ch"ngers o! one'
sitting1 23 And when He h"d "de0 "s it were0 " sco(rge o! %itt%e cords0 He dro*e the0 "nd "%so the
shee$ "nd the o:en0 "%% o(t o! the te$%eP And the one' o! the ch"ngers He $o(red o(t0 "nd the
t"b%es He o*erthrewP 2F And to those who so%d do*es He s"id: T"ke these things o(t o! here0 "nd
"ke not the ho(se o! M' F"ther " ho(se o! erch"ndiseP LOech 27:52M
"ote: +ohn records the te$%e c%e"nsing which took $%"ce "t the o$ening o! the inistr' o! o(r Lord0 bec"(se M"tthew
"nd M"rk on%' entioned the one which took $%"ce "t the end1 L(keHs *er' brie! descri$tion sees to better !it the !irst
c%e"nsing @28:73#7FA b(t he $%"ces it "t the end to indic"te th"t e*ent1 The Poem describes both c%e"nsings @)0546E
22. L Mch0 AD C2 The .e#s $s/ !or a (ign o! .esus9 Messiahship # The Te$%e 3CG$1544
+N 5 TUF61
26 And LrecogniIing th"t the s$irit "nd e:$erience o! D"*id w"s "%so th"t o! the Messi"hM His Disci$%es reebered th"t it
w"s written Lb' D"*idM: The /eal of Thy ho&se hath eaten me &p" ZPs"1F4LF8M:2>[ 24 The +ews there!ore "nswered
"nd s"id to Hi: 9h"t sign do Yo( show (nto (s0 seeing Yo( do these things BD 28 +es(s L$ointing to Hise%!M
"nswered "nd s"id to the: Destro' this Te$%e "nd in three d"'s ) wi%% r"ise it ($1 5> The +ews Lignoring +es(sH
gest(reM then s"id: Fort'#si: 'e"rs w"s this te$%e in b(i%ding "nd wi%% Yo( r"ise it ($ in three d"'sB 52 /(t He
s$oke o! the te$%e o! His bod'1 55 9hen0 there!ore0 He h"d risen "g"in !ro the de"d0 His Disci$%es
reebered th"t He h"d s"id this0 "nd the' be%ie*ed the Scri$t(re LPs"123L2FM:2>M0 "nd the word th"t +es(s h"d s"id1
D+es(s w"s "ct("%%' $roc%"iing His Messi"hshi$ b' this c%e"nsing o! the te$%e K(st "s the Scri$t(res in Oech"ri"h 27:52 $redicted
the Messi"h wo(%d do1 This is wh' the' "sk !or " sign to $ro*e He is the Messi"h1 The on%' sign +es(s wo(%d $roise0 howe*er0 !or
these #e)ish r&lers wo(%d be His Res(rrection "!ter three d"'s1 /(t e*er' ir"c%e He $er!ored d(ring His inistr' w"s " sign o!
9ho He w"s to those who witnessed the1
5C Now when +es(s w"s "t +er(s"%e "t the P"sso*er ($on the !e"st d"'0 "n' be%ie*ed in His n"e0 seeing
His signs which He did1D 57 /(t +es(s did not tr(st Hise%! to the L!or He s"w the sh"%%owness o! their !"ithM0 !or He
knew "%% en0 53 "nd He needed not "n'oneHs testion'0 !or He knew wh"t w"s in "n1
DThese signs re!er to the bo%dness in which He dro*e o(t the erch"nts !ro the te$%e co(rt '"rd "nd the he"%ing o! Sion the
Oe"%ot0 the c%ose !riend o! L"I"r(s0 o! <%e$ros'1= This news s$re"d to "n' "s L"I"r(s w"s one o! the we"%thiest en in +er(s"%e
"nd )sr"e%1 +es(s h"d $re!ored no other ir"c%es "cce$t the $ri*"te one in G"%i%ee "t ,"n"1

3$((4&)% 7 $D <, 7 5 M$%CH

37G$548 # @L MchA # +es(s Meets +(d"s )sc"riot "nd Tho"s c ,(res Sion the Oe"%ot1
33G$583 # @L MchA # Tho"s /ecoes " Disci$%e L6
3FG$C>> # @L MchA # +(d"s o! A%$h"e(s0 Tho"s "nd Sion Are Acce$ted "s L4
"nd 2>
M Disci$%es "t the +ord"n1
36G$C>3 # @E A$ri%A # Ret(rn to N"I"reth "!ter P"sso*er with the Si: Disci$%es1
34G$C>4 # ,hrono%ogic"%%' this ,h"$ter coes "!ter ,h"$ter FC1 See "t th"t %oc"tion1

FI%(T G$5I5)$" MI"I(T%8 7 * M4"TH( 7 ) $3%I5 D ) .>") $D <, LPoe ,h"$ters 34#F3M
2C. A$r#M"'0 AD C2 From "azareth and Mount Carmel to Capernaum 38#F3
L- 7 FF1TU
C2 And He went down into ,"$ern"(0 " cit' o! G"%i%ee0 "nd there He t"(ght the on the S"bb"th d"'s1 C5 And
the' were "stonished "t His doctrine0 !or His s$eech w"s with $ower "nd "(thorit'1
Note: L(ke $%"ces the e$isode o! ,hristHs reKection in N"I"reth @FF1A K(st $rior to this e$isode !or " dr""tic e!!ect0 tho(gh it coes %"ter1
2;. L A$r0 S"t0 AD C2 $ Demonia is Cured in the (ynagogue # ,"$ern"( 38G$1C24
M- 2
52 And the' entered into ,"$ern"(1 And iedi"te%' on the S"bb"th
d"' going into the s'n"gog(e0 He t"(ght the1 55 And the' were
"stonished "t His doctrine0 !or He w"s te"ching the "s one h"*ing
"(thorit'0 not "s the scribes1
5C Now there w"s in their s'n"gog(e " "n with "n (nc%e"n s$irit "nd he
cried o(t0 57 s"'ing: 9h"t h"*e we to do with Yo(0 +es(s o! N"I"rethBP
H"*e Yo( coe to destro' (sBP ) know 9ho Yo( "re0 the Ho%' One o!
GodP 53 And +es(s thre"tened hi0 s"'ing: S$e"k no ore0 "nd go o(t o!
the "nP 5F And the (nc%e"n s$irit0 te"ring hi0 "nd cr'ing o(t with " %o(d
*oice0 went o(t o! hi1 56 And the' were "%% ""Ied0 inso(ch th"t the'
;(estioned "ong these%*es0 s"'ing: 9h"t thing is thisB 9h"t is this
new doctrineB For with $ower He co"nds e*en the (nc%e"n s$irits "nd
the' obe' HiP 54 And the !"e o! +es(s w"s s$re"d iedi"te%' into "%%
the co(ntr' o! G"%i%ee1
L- 7 TU

CC And in the s'n"gog(e there w"s " "n who h"d "n
(nc%e"n s$irit0 "nd he cried o(t with " %o(d *oice0 C7
S"'ing: Let (s "%oneP 9h"t h"*e we to do with Yo(0
+es(s o! N"I"rethP H"*e 'o( coe to destro' (sB ) know
Yo( who Yo( "re0 the Ho%' One o! GodP C3 And +es(s
reb(ked hi0 s"'ing: Ho%d 'o(r $e"ce "nd go o(t o! hiP
And when the deon h"d thrown hi down into their
idst0 he went o(t o! hi b(t did not "t "%% h(rt hi1 CF
And there c"e " ho%' !e"r ($on "%%0 "nd the' t"%ked
"ong these%*es0 s"'ing: 9h"t word is this0 !or with
"(thorit' "nd $ower He co"nds the (nc%e"n s$irits0
"nd the' go o(tP C6 And the !"e o! Hi w"s $(b%ished
into e*er' $%"ce o! the co(ntr'1
2B. M M"'0 S"t0 AD C2 3eter9s MotherDinD5a# Healed D ,"$ern"( F>0F2G$1C28
MT 4 2>41TU2>81
27 And when +es(s went into
PeterHs ho(se0 He s"w his
wi!eHs other %'ing sick with "
!e*er1 23 And He to(ched her
h"nd "nd the !e*er %e!t her0 "nd
she "rose "nd inistered to
the1 2F And when e*ening
h"d coe0 the' bro(ght to Hi
"n' who were $ossessed with
deons0 "nd He c"st o(t the
s$irits with His word1 And "%%
who were sick He he"%ed 26
th"t it ight be !(%!i%%ed which
w"s s$oken b' the $ro$het
)s"i"h0 s"'ing: He too* o&r
infirmities and -ore o&r
diseases1 Z)s"i"h 3C:7[
M- 2 TU
58 And iedi"te%'D going o(t o! the s'n"gog(e the'D
c"e with +"es "nd +ohn into the ho(se o! Sion LPeterM
"nd Andrew1 C> And SionHs wi!eHs other w"s in bed
sick with " !e*er "nd iedi"te%' the' to%d Hi o! her1
C2 And coing to her0 "nd t"king her b' the h"nd0 He
%i!ted her ($ "nd iedi"te%' the !e*er %e!t her0 "nd she
inistered (nto the1
C5 And when it w"s e*ening0 "!ter s(nset0 the' bro(ght
to Hi "%% th"t were i%% "nd who were $ossessed with
deons1 CC And the entire cit' h"d g"thered together "t
the door0 C7 "nd He he"%ed "n' th"t were tro(b%ed with
*"rio(s dise"ses1 And He c"st o(t "n' deons b(t
!orbid the Lthe deonsM to s$e"k0D bec"(se the' knew
Dimmediately: se*er"% S"bb"ths h"d $"ssed between 361 "nd 3410 b(t the'
h"d K(st "ttended the s'n"gog(e th"t d"'1
Dthey: +es(s "nd Peter
Dbut !orbid: +es(s cert"in%' did not wish to gi*e His eneies
occ"sion to re$ort th"t He w"s (sing the witness o! deons to
s($$ort His c%"i o! being the Messi"h "nd the Son o! GodP
L- 7 TU
C4 And +es(s rising ($ o(t o! the
s'n"gog(e L2#C S"bb"ths %"terM0 went into
Sion LPeterHsM ho(se1 And SionHs
wi!eHs other w"s t"ken with " gre"t
!e*er0 "nd the' begged Hi !or her1 C8
And st"nding o*er her0 He reb(ked the
!e*er "nd it %e!t her1 And iedi"te%'
rising0 she inistered to the1 7> And
when the s(n w"s down0 "%% those who
h"d "n' sick with *"rio(s dise"ses
bro(ght the to Hi1 And He %"'ing
His h"nds on e*er' one o! the0 he"%ed
the1 72 And deons went o(t !ro
"n'0 cr'ing o(t "nd s"'ing: Yo( "re
the Son o! GodP And reb(king the He
!orbid the to s$e"k0D !or the' knew
th"t He w"s ,hrist1
D!orbid: +es(s knew th"t His eneies wo(%d
cert"in%' (se the witness o! these deons
"g"inst Hi1
2A. M M"'0 S(n0 AD C2 .esus Departs to 3ray # Ne"r ,"$ern"( F5G$1C58
M- 2 TU
C3 And rising *er' e"r%' He went o(t into " desert LedMD $%"ce
"nd there He $r"'ed1 CF And Sion LPeterM0 "nd those who were
with hi0 !o%%owed "!ter Hi1 C6 And when the' h"d !o(nd
Hi0 the' s"id to Hi: E*er'one is %ooking !or Yo(P C4 And
He s"id to the: Let (s go into the neighboring towns "nd
cities th"t ) "' $re"ch there "%so0 bec"(se !or this $(r$ose )
h"*e coe1
L- 7 TU
75 And when it w"s d"'0 going o(t He went into " desertLedM $%"ce0D
"nd the (%tit(des so(ght Hi0 "nd c"e to Hi "nd the' tried to
con*ince Hi th"t He sho(%d not de$"rt !ro the1 7C To who He
s"id: To other cities "%so ) (st $re"ch the -ingdo o! God0 !or this
re"son ) h"*e been sent Linto the wor%dM1
Ddesert plae Q <eros= h"s been ore recent%' est"b%ished to e"n on%' " $%"ce
th"t is sec%(ded or $ri*"te1 The Poem h"d "%re"d' "!!ired this in the 287>Hs"
C+. M M"'0 S(n0 AD C2 .esus 3reahes Throughout Galilee # O(tside -or"Ii0 /eths"id" "nd Ne"rb' &i%%"ges FCG$1CC5
MT 7
5C And +es(s went "bo(t "%% G"%i%ee Lwhi%e the Disci$%es st"' "t ,"$ern"(M0 te"ching in their
s'n"gog(es "nd $re"ching the Gos$e% LGood NewsM o! the -ingdo "nd he"%ing "%% "nner o!
sickness "nd e*er' in!irit' "ong the $eo$%e1 57 And His !"e went thro(gho(t "%% S'ri"1
And the' $resented to Hi "%% who were sick who were t"ken with *"rio(s dise"ses "nd
torents0 "nd s(ch "s were $ossessed b' deons0 "nd %(n"tics0 "nd those who h"d $"%s'0
"nd He c(red the1 53 And "n' $eo$%e !o%%owed Hi !ro G"%i%ee0 !ro Dec"$o%is0 !ro
+er(s"%e0 !ro +(de"0 "nd !ro be'ond the +ord"n1
M- 2 TU
C8 And He went
!orth $re"ching in
their s'n"gog(es0
"nd in "%% G"%i%ee0
c"sting o(t deons1
L- 7 TUFC1
77 And He
$re"ching in the
s'n"gog(es o!
C,. M M"'0 S(n0 AD C2 .esus Heals a 5eper "ear Oorazim FCG$1CC3
M- 2 TU
7> And there c"e " %e$er Ln"ed Abe%M to Hi0 begging Hi0 "nd
knee%ing down s"id to Hi: )! Yo( wi%%0 Yo( c"n "ke e c%e"nP 72
And +es(s0 h"*ing co$"ssion on hi0 stretched !orth His h"nd "nd
to(ching hi0 s"id to hi: ) wi%%P /e "de c%e"nP 75 And when He
h"d s$oken0 iedi"te%' the %e$ros' de$"rted !ro hi "nd he w"s
"de c%e"n1 7C And He strict%' ch"rged hi "nd iedi"te%' sent
hi "w"'0 77 h"*ing s"id to hi: See th"t 'o( te%% no one0D b(t go0
show 'o(rse%! to the high $riest0 "nd o!!er !or 'o(r c%e"nsing the
things th"t Moses co"nded !or " testion' to the1 73 /(t he0
h"*ing gone o(t0 beg"n to $(b%ish "nd to b%"Ie "bro"d the word0 so
th"t +es(s co(%d not o$en%' go into the cit'0 b(t w"s L!orced to goM
witho(t in deserted $%"ces1 /(t the' !%ocked to Hi !ro "%% sides1
D+es(s soeties ordered si%ence !or those He he"%ed bec"(se He did not wish to
be det"ined b' the res(%ting crowds b(t o!ten it w"s bec"(se He knew the $ersons
co(%d not withst"nd the $ersec(tion the' wo(%d recei*e !ro the re%igio(s r(%ers1
25 And it c"e to $"ss0 when He w"s
in " cert"in cit'0 beho%d " "n LAbe%M
!(%% o! %e$ros'0 who seeing +es(s0 "nd
!"%%ing on his !"ce0 begged Hi0
s"'ing: Lord0 i! Yo( wi%%0 Yo( c"n
"ke e c%e"nP 2C And stretching
!orth His h"nd0 He to(ched hi0
s"'ing: ) wi%%P /e c%e"nsedP And
iedi"te%' the %e$ros' de$"rted !ro
hi1 27 And He ch"rged hi th"t he
sho(%d te%% no "n0 b(t s"id0 Go0 show
'o(rse%! to the $riest "nd o!!er !or "
testion' to the0 "ccording "s Moses
co"nded !or 'o(r c%e"nsing1 23 /(t
the !"e o! Hi went "bro"d "%% the
ore "nd gre"t crowds c"e together
to he"r "nd to be he"%ed b' Hi o!
their in!irities1 2F And He retired
into " deserted $%"ce0 "nd $r"'ed1
D L(ke correct%' indic"tes this is not the s"e cit'
"s the one in*o%*ed in the e$isode he inserted K(st
be!ore this one @See FC1A
34G$C>4 # @L M"'A # ,(re o! " /%ind "n "t ,"$ern"(1 LThis ,h"$ter is here in $ro$er chrono%ogic"% $%"ce1M
C*. L M"'0 AD C2 $ Man #ith 3alsy is Healed and Forgiven D ,"$ern"( F7G$1CC8
MT 8 2261TUF71
2b "nd He c"e into His
own cit'1 5 And beho%d
the' bro(ght to Hi one
sick o! the $"%s' %'ing in "
bed1 And +es(s seeing
their !"ith0 s"id to the "n
sick o! the $"%s': /e o!
good he"rt0 son0 'o(r sins
"re !orgi*en 'o(1 C And
beho%d soe o! the scribes
s"id within these%*es: He
b%"s$heesP 7 And +es(s
$ercei*ing their tho(ghts0
s"id: 9h' do 'o( think
e*i% in 'o(r he"rtsB 3
9h"t is e"sier to s"': Yo(r
sins "re !orgi*en 'o(0 or to
s"': Arise "nd w"%kB F /(t
th"t 'o( "' know th"t
the Son o! M"n h"s $ower
on e"rth to !orgi*e sins0 He
s"id to the "n sick o! the
$"%s': Arise0 t"ke ($ 'o(r
bed "nd go to 'o(r ho(seP
6 And he "rose "nd went
to his ho(se1 4 And the
(%tit(de seeing it Lwere
str(ck withM !e"r "nd "we0 "nd g%ori!ied God 9ho
g"*e s(ch $ower to en11
M- 5 TU
2 AND "g"in He entered into ,"$ern"( "!ter
soe d"'s L22 d"'sM1 5 And "s it w"s disco*ered th"t
He w"s in LPeterHsM ho(se0 "n' c"e together0 so
th"t there w"s no roo0 not e*en "t the doorw"'1
And +es(s s$oke to the the 9ord Lo! God0 The Good
NewsM1 C Then the' c"e bringing " $"r"%'tic to
Hi0 c"rried b' !o(r en1 7 And when the' co(%d
not get hi to +es(s bec"(se o! the crowd0 the'
(nco*ered the roo! o*er where He w"s0 "nd
o$ening it0 the' %et down the bed on which the "n
sick o! the $"%s' %"'1 3 And when +es(s h"d seen
their !"ith0 He s"id to the $"r"%'tic: Son0 'o(r sins
"re !orgi*en 'o(1 F Now there were soe o! the
scribes sitting there "nd thinking in their he"rts: 6
9h' does this M"n s$e"k this w"'BP He
b%"s$heesP 9ho c"n !orgi*e sins b(t GodBP 4
+es(s0 "t once knowing in His s$irit th"t the'
re"soned within these%*es0 s"id to the: 9h'
re"son these things in 'o(r he"rtsB 8 9hich is
e"sierB To s"' to the sick o! the $"%s': Yo(r sins
"re !orgi*en 'o(0 or to s"': Arise0 t"ke ($ 'o(r bed0
"nd w"%kB 2> /(t th"t 'o( "' know th"t the Son
o! M"n h"s $ower on e"rth to !orgi*e sins0 He s"id
to the sick o! the $"%s': 22 ) s"' to 'o(0 "rise0 t"ke
($ 'o(r bed "nd go to 'o(r ho(seP 25 And
iedi"te%' he "rose0 "nd t"king ($ his bed0 went
his w"' in the sight o! "%%0 so th"t "%% wondered "nd
g%ori!ied God0 s"'ing: 9e h"*e ne*er seen the
%ikes o! thisP
L- 3
TUF71 26 And it c"e to $"ss on " cert"in d"'0
"s +es(s s"t te"ching Lin PeterHs ho(seM0 th"t there
were "%so Ph"risees "nd doctors o! the L"w sitting
b' who h"d coe o(t o! e*er' town o! G"%i%ee0 o!
+(de" "nd +er(s"%e1 And the $ower o! the Lord
w"s $resent to he"% Lthe sickM1 24 And beho%d0 en
bro(ght " "n in " bed who h"d the $"%s'1 And
the' so(ght e"ns to bring hi in "nd to %"' hi
be!ore +es(s1 28 b(t when the' co(%d not !ind "
w"' to bring hi in bec"(se o! the (%tit(de0 the'
went ($ ($on the roo! "nd %et hi down with his
bed thro(gh the ti%es into the idst be!ore +es(s1
5> 9hen +es(s s"w his !"ith0 he s"id: M"n0 'o(r
sins "re !orgi*en 'o(1 52 And the scribes "nd
Ph"risees beg"n to think0
s"'ing: 9ho is this One
9ho s$e"ks b%"s$heiesBP
9ho c"n !orgi*e sins0 b(t
God "%oneB 55 And when
+es(s knew their tho(ghts0
He s"id to the: 9h"t is
this 'o( "re thinking in
'o(r he"rtsB 5C 9hich is
e"sier to s"'0 Yo(r sins "re
!orgi*en 'o(0 or0 Arise "nd
w"%kB 57 /(t th"t 'o( "'
know th"t the Son o! M"n
h"s $ower on e"rth to
!orgi*e sins0 He s"id to the
sick o! the $"%s': ) s"' to
'o(0 Arise0 t"ke ($ 'o(r
bed "nd go to 'o(r ho(seP
53 And iedi"te%' rising
($ be!ore the0 he took ($
the bed on which he h"d
%"in0 "nd he went "w"' to
his own ho(se0 g%ori!'ing
God1 5F And "%% were
"stonished "nd the'
g%ori!ied God1 And the'
were !i%%ed with ho%' !e"r0
s"'ing: 9e h"*e seen
wonder!(% things tod"'P
C<. L M"'0 AD C2 The Miraulous Cath o! Fish D ,"$ern"( F70 F3G$1CCF
M- 5
2C And He went
!orth "g"in to the se"
side0 "nd the entire
crowd c"e to Hi0
"nd He t"(ght the1
L- 3
2 AND it c"e to $"ss "s He w"s st"nding b' the L"ke o! Gennes"ret LSe" o! G"%i%eeM th"t the (%tit(des $ressed
($on Hi to he"r the 9ord o! God1 5 And He s"w two shi$s dr"wn ($ b' the %"ke0 b(t the !isheren h"d %e!t
the0 "nd were w"shing their nets1 LThe' h"d been w"shing nets K(st be!ore C*.1 See ,h F7 in the Poe1M C And going
into one o! the shi$s th"t w"s SionHs0 He desired hi to dr"w b"ck " %itt%e !ro the %"nd1 And sitting He
t"(ght the (%tit(de o(t o! the shi$1 7 Now when He h"d !inished s$e"king0 He s"id to Sion: L"(nch o(t
into the dee$ "nd %et down 'o(r nets !or " dr"(ght1 3 And Sion "nswering0 s"id to Hi: M"ster0 we h"*e
%"bored "%% night "nd h"*e t"ken nothing0 b(t "t Yo(r word ) wi%% %et down the net1 F And when the' h"d done
this0 the' enc%osed " *er' gre"t (%tit(de o! !ish0 "nd their net beg"n to bre"k1 6 And so the' beckoned to their
$"rtners who were in the other shi$0 th"t the' sho(%d coe "nd he%$ the1 And the' c"e "nd !i%%ed both the
shi$s so th"t the' were ne"r%' sinking1 4 Now when Sion Peter s"w this0 He !e%% down "t +es(sH knees0 s"'ing:
De$"rt !ro e0 !or ) " " sin!(% "n0 O LordP 8 For he "nd "%% th"t were with hi were who%%' "stonished "t
the h"(% o! !ish which the' h"d t"ken1 2> And so were "%so +"es "nd +ohn the sons o! Oebedee0 who were
SionHs $"rtners1 And +es(s s"id to Sion: Fe"r not Lbec"(se o! 'o(r !"(%tsM0 !ro now on 'o( sh"%% c"tch enP
22 And h"*ing bro(ght their shi$s to %"nd0 then %e"*ing "%% things0 the' !o%%owed Hi1
DThis "cco(nt is so re!%ecti*e o! Peter th"t there c"n h"rd%' be " do(bt th"t L(ke got this "cco(nt direct%' !ro Peter1

FI%(T .>D)$" MI"I(T%8 7 * M4"TH( 7 ) .>") D 5 .>58 $D <, LPoe ,h"$ters FF#46M
3)"T)C4(T 7 $D <, 7 ) .>")
FFG$C7C # @M +(nA # The )sc"riot Finds +es(s "t Gethse"ne "nd is Acce$ted "s " Disci$%e1 L22
F6G$C7F # @M +(nA # +es(s 9orks the Mir"c%e o! the /roken /%"des "t the Fish G"te1
F4G$C3> # @M +(nA # +es(s Pre"ches in the Te$%e1 +(d"s )sc"riot )s with Hi1
F8G$C33 # @M +(nA # +es(s Te"ches +(d"s )sc"riot1
6>G$CF> # @L +(nA # +es(s eet +ohn o! Oebedee "t Gethse"ne1
62G$CFF # @L +(nA # +es(s with +(d"s )sc"riot Meets Sion Oe"%ot "nd +ohn1
65G$CF8 # @L +(nA # +es(s0 +ohn0 Sion "nd +(d"s go to /eth%ehe1
6CG$C65 # @L +(nA # +es(s "t /eth%ehe in the Pe"s"ntHs Ho(se "nd in the Grotto1
67G$C42 # @L +(nA # +es(s Goes to the Hote% in /eth%ehe "nd Pre"ches !ro the R(ins o! AnneHs Ho(se1
63G$C48 # @L +(nA # +es(s "nd the She$herds E%i"s0 Le*i "nd +ose$h1
6FG$C83 # @L +(nA # +es(s "t +(tt"h with the She$herd )s""c1
66G$7>5 # @L +(nA # +es(s "t Hebron1 O"ch"ri"sH Ho(se1 Ag%"e1
64G$7>8 # @L +(n or E +(%A # +es(s "t -erioth1 De"th o! O%d S"(%1
68G$728 # @E +(%A # +es(s on His 9"' /"ck Sto$s with the She$herds ne"r Hebron1
4>G$757 # @E +(%A # +es(s Ret(rns to the Mo(nt"in 9here He F"sted "nd to the Rock o! Te$t"tion1
42G$7CC # @E +(%A # At the +ord"n Ford1 Meeting with the She$herds +ohn0 M"tthi"s "nd Sieon1
45G$7C4 # @E +(%A # +(d"s )sc"riot Te%%s o! how He So%d Ag%"eHs +ewe%s to Dioedes1 The one' !ro this w"s (sed to !ree +ohn the
/"$tist0 who h"d been i$risoned !i*e "nd " h"%! onths !ro %"te +"n("r' @see Gos$e% e*ent S72A1
4CG$777 # @M +(%0Th(A # +es(s ,ries on "cco(nt o! +(d"s0 "nd Sion Oe"%ot ,o!orts Hi1
47G$778 # @M +(%0S"tA # +es(s Meets L"I"r(s "t /eth"n'1
43G$737 # @M +(%0S(nA # +es(s Goes /"ck to +er(s"%e "nd Listens to +(d"s )sc"riot in the Te$%e "nd then Goes to Gethse"ne1
4FG$738 # @L +(%0MonA # +es(s S$e"ks to the So%dier A%e:"nder "t the Fish G"te1
46G$7FC # @L +(%A # +es(s "nd )s""c ne"r Doco1 De$"rt(re tow"rd Esdr"e%on1
()C4"D G$5I5)$" MI"I(T%8D (8%4D3H4)"ICI$ 7 < M4"TH( 7 5 .>58 D ) "4&)M:)% $D <, LPoe ,h"$ters 44#

44G$7FF # @L +(%A # +es(s 9ith the She$herd +on"h in P%"in o! Esdr"e%on1
48G$762 # @L +(%0S(nA # Ret(rn to N"I"reth "!ter Le"*ing +on"h1
8>G$766 # @L +(%0MonA # The Ne:t D"' in the Ho(se in N"I"reth1
82G$742 # @L +(%09edA # +es(s_ Lesson to His Disci$%es in the O%i*e#Gro*e1
85G$743 # @L +(%0Th(A # +es(s_ Lesson to His Disci$%es ne"r His Hoe1
8CG$748 # @E A(g0FriA # The Lesson to the Disci$%es in the Presence o! the Most Ho%' &irgin in the G"rden in N"I"reth1
87G$787 # @E A(g0S"tA # ,(re o! the /e"(t' o! -or"Ii1 Seron in the S'n"gog(e "t ,"$ern"(1
83G$3>> # @E A(g0MonA # +"es o! A%$h"e(s is Recei*ed Aong the Disci$%es1 +es(s Pre"ches ne"r M"tthew_s ,(stos /ench1
8FG$3>F # @E A(g09edA # +es(s Pre"ches to the ,rowd "t /eths"id"1
C@. E A(g0 Th(0 AD C2 The Call o! Matthe#' The ,*
Disiple # ,"$ern"( o! G"%i%ee 86G$1322
MT 8 F51TU631
8 And when +es(s $"ssed on !ro there0
He s"w " "n sitting in the c(sto
ho(se n"ed M"tthew1 And He s"id to
hi: Fo%%ow Me1 And he rose ($ "nd !o%%owed
2> And it c"e to $"ss "s He w"s sitting
"t the t"b%e in the ho(se Lo! M"tthewM0
beho%d "n' $(b%ic"ns "nd sinners Lwho
were "%% M"tthewHs !riends "nd "c;("int"ncesM
c"e "nd s"t down with +es(s "nd His
Disci$%es1 22 And the Ph"risees seeing it0
s"id to His Disci$%es: 9h' does 'o(r
M"ster e"t with $(b%ic"ns "nd sinnersBP 25
/(t +es(s he"ring it0 s"id: The' th"t "re in
he"%th need not " $h'sici"n0 b(t the' th"t
"re i%%1 2C Go then "nd %e"rn wh"t this
e"ns: I )ill ha+e mercy and not
sacrifice? ZHose" F:F[ For ) h"*e not
coe to c"%% the K(st0 b(t sinners1
DM"tthew0 h"*ing been gre"t%' o*ed b' +es(sH
$re"ching0 h"d reno(nced his $"st %i!e o! sin "nd h"d been
"non'o(s%' gi*ing "%s to +es(s !or se*er"% weeks1
M- 5 TU631
27 And when He w"s $"ssing b'0 He
s"w Le*i LM"tthewM the son o! A%$h"e(s
sitting "t the t": t"b%e1 And He s"id to
hi: Fo%%ow Me1 And rising ($0 he
!o%%owed Hi1
23 And it c"e to $"ss "s +es(s s"t "t "
e"% in his ho(se0 "n' $(b%ic"ns "nd
sinners s"t down together with +es(s
"nd His Disci$%es1 For there were
"n' who !o%%owed Hi Lto M"tthewHs
ho(seM1 2F And the scribes o! the
Ph"risees seeing th"t +es(s "te with
$(b%ic"ns "nd sinners0 s"id to His
Disci$%es: 9h' does 'o(r M"ster e"t
"nd drink with $(b%ic"ns "nd sinnersBP
26 +es(s he"ring this0 s"id to the:
The' th"t "re we%% h"*e no need o! "
$h'sici"n0 b(t the' who "re sick1 ) c"e
not to c"%% the K(st0 b(t sinners1
L- 3 F51TU631
56 And "!ter these things He went !orth "nd
s"w " $(b%ic"n n"ed Le*iD sitting "t the t":
o!!ice0 "nd He s"id to hi: Fo%%ow Me1 54 And
%e"*ing "%% things0 he rose ($ "nd !o%%owed
Hi1 58 And Le*i "de Hi " gre"t !e"st in
his own ho(seE "nd there w"s " gre"t co$"n'
o! $(b%ic"ns0 "nd o! others0 th"t were "t the
t"b%e with the1 C> /(t the Ph"risees "nd
scribes (r(red0 s"'ing to His Disci$%es:
9h' do 'o( e"t "nd drink with $(b%ic"ns "nd
sinnersB C2 And +es(s "nswering0 s"id to the:
The' th"t "re who%e need not the $h'sici"n0 b(t
the' th"t "re sick1 C5 ) c"e not to c"%% the K(st0
b(t sinners to re$ent"nce1
D)t is interesting how both M"rk "nd L(ke conce"%ed
M"tthewHs $"st b' here c"%%ing hi Le*i1 M"tthew
howe*er "dits his $"st1 The writers "%so conce"%ed the
in!"o(s $"st o! M"r' M"gd"%ene tho(gh Peter wishing
to "ke " *er' strong $oint re*e"%ed soe o! it whi%e
entioning she w"s the !irst to see the LordP
84G$324 # @M A(g0T(eA # +es(s on the L"ke o! Tiberi"s1 Lesson to His Disci$%es ne"r the S"e Town1
88G$35F # @M A(g0T(eA # +es(s Looks !or +on"th"n in the Ho(se o! ,h(I" "t Tiberi"s1
2>>G$3C2 # @M A(g0T(eA # +es(s in the Ho(se o! His .nc%e A%$h"e(s "nd then "t His Own Ho(se1
%>2G$37> # @M A(g09edA # +es(s a(estions His Mother "bo(t His Disci$%es1
2>5G$372 # @M A(g0MonA # ,(re o! +oh"nn" o! ,h(I" ne"r ,"n"1
2>CG$374 # @L A(gA # +es(s in Leb"non with the She$herds /enK"in "nd D"nie%1
2>7G$33C # @E Se$0MonA # +es(s in the Se"#Town LPto%e"isM Recei*es Letters ,oncerning +on"h1
C2. E Se$0 AD C2 .esus %eturns to "azareth !rom 3tolemais
L- 7 781TU
2F" And He c"e to N"I"reth0 where He w"s bro(ght ($0
/' this tie +es(s h"s he"%ed "t %e"st 25 $eo$%e in G"%i%ee @se*en in ,"$ern"(A inc%(ding the renowned +oh"nn" o! ,h(I"1 /(t $ride
in !"i%' ebers @Ho%' +ose$hHs o%der brother A%$h"e(s "nd his two o%dest sonsA who K(dged +es(s "s " shirker o! !"i%' d(t' h"d
$oisoned ost "%% o! N"I"reth1
CC. E Se$0 S"t0 AD C2 .esus is Thro#n out o! the City o! "azareth 2>FG$13F7
L- 7 TU3F1
2Fb "nd He went into the s'n"gog(e "ccording to His c(sto on the S"bb"th d"' "nd He rose ($ to re"d1 26
And the Lthe ro%% o! theM /ook o! )s"i"h the $ro$het w"s de%i*ered to Hi1 And "s He (nro%%ed the book "nd !o(nd
the $%"ce where it w"s written:
24 The !pirit of the %ord is &pon Me" Cherefore He hath anointed Me to preach the Gospel to the poor, He
hath sent Me to heal the contrite of heart, 28 to anno&nce deli+erance to the capti+es, and si'ht to the -lind, to
set at li-erty those that are -r&ised, to anno&nce the accepta-le year of the %ord, and the day of re)ard" Z)s"i"h
5> And when he h"d re#ro%%ed the book0 He ret(rned it to the inister "nd s"t down1 And the e'es o! "%% in the
s'n"gog(e were !i:ed on Hi1 52 And He beg"n to s"' to the: This d"' is !(%!i%%ed this Scri$t(re in 'o(r e"rsP
55 And "%% g"*e " good testion' o! Hi0 b(t the' wondered "t the words o! gr"ce th"t $roceeded !ro His
o(th0 "nd the' s"id: )s not this the son o! +ose$hB
5C And He s"id to the: Do(bt%ess 'o( wi%% ;(ote Me this $ro*erb: Physician, heal thyself? LAnd "%so s"' to Me:M
The gre"t things we h"*e he"rd done in ,"$ern"(0D do "%so here in Yo(r own co(ntr'P
57 Then He s"id: Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t no $ro$het is "cce$ted in his own co(ntr'P 53 )n tr(th ) s"'
to 'o(0 there were "n' widows in the d"'s o! E%iK"h in )sr"e%0 when He"*en w"s sh(t ($ three 'e"rs "nd si:
onths0 when there w"s " gre"t !"ine thro(gho(t "%% the e"rth1 5F And to none o! the w"s E%iK"h sent0 b(t to
O"re$h"th o! Sidon0 to " L$"g"nM widow wo"n1 56 And there were "n' %e$ers in )sr"e% in the tie o! E%ish" the
$ro$het0 b(t none o! the were c%e"nsed b(t N"""n the S'ri"n1
54 And "%% the' in the s'n"gog(e0 he"ring these things0 were !i%%ed with "ngerP 58 And the' rose ($ "nd thr(st
Hi o(t o! the cit'1 And the' bro(ght Hi to the brow o! the hi%% whereon their cit' w"s b(i%t 0D th"t the' ight
c"st Hi down he"d%ong1 C> /(t He $"ssing thro(gh the idst o! the0 went His w"'1
DCapernaum: .esus had per!ormed ; o! the ,< Galilean mirales in Capernaum and none in "azareth beause o! their
unbelie! and preRudie. This inludes the mirales that 5u/e no# details in the rest o! this Chapter' and through 2:<*. L(ke
h"s ob*io(s%' <c(t "nd $"sted= these stories0 witho(t editing the !ro wh"t (st h"*e been " (ch %"rger "nd ore chrono%ogic"%
work or !ro $erson"% inter*iews with the A$ost%es1
DThe hill at "azareth: w"s sit("ted between two hi%%s or in " *"%e "ong o(nt"ins1 The $%"ce the' dro*e +es(s is to the so(th o!
the cit' "nd is tod"' c"%%ed the Mt1 o! Preci$it"tion1 L(ke cert"in%' got this det"i% !ro Ho%' M"r' with who he s$ent (ch tie in
$re$"r"tion !or writing his Gos$e%1
2>6G$3F8 # @M Se$A # +es(s in the Ho(se o! +oh"nn" o! ,h(I" with His Mother1
2>4G$362 # @OctoberA # +es(s "t the &int"ge in the Ho(se o! Anne1 Mir"c%e o! " P"r"%'tic ,hi%d1
2>8G$366 # @E No*A # +es(s "t Dor"s_ Ho(se1 The De"th o! +on"h1
22>G$348 # @E No*A # +es(s in the Ho(se o! +"cob ne"r L"ke Mero1
TH) ()C4"D .>D)$" MI"I(T%8 D ($M$%I$ 7 * M4"TH( 7 ) "4& $D <, D M .$" $D <* LPoe ,h"$ters 222#278M
T$:)%"$C5)( =%esheduled? 7 $D <, 7 )DM "4&)M:)%
222G$387 # @E No*A # Ret(rn to the +ord"n Ford ne"r +ericho1
225G$384 # @M No*A # +es(s in the Ho(se o! L"I"r(s1 M"rth" S$e"ks o! the M"gd"%ene1
22CG$F>7 # @M No*A # )n L"I"r(s_ Ho(se Ag"in "!ter the T"bern"c%es1 )n*it"tion o! +ose$h o! Ari"the"1
227G$F>3 # @L No*A # +es(s Meets G""%ie% "t the /"n;(et o! +ose$h o! Ari"the"1
223G$F2C # @L No*0S"tA # ,(re o! the Litt%e D'ing bo'1 The So%dier A%e:"nder1 )nti"tion to +es(s1
C;. L No*0 AD C2 "iodemus (ee/s .esus at "ight # +er(s"%e 22FG$1F26
+N C 331TU
2 AND there w"s " "n o! the Ph"risees n"ed Nicode(s0 " r(%er o! the +ews1 5 This "n Lwho w"s both
"ttr"cted b' +es(sH "ct in c%e"nsing the te$%e eight onths be!ore "nd the "n' ir"c%es since0 w"s now !e"r!(% o*er the
constern"tion o! the re%igio(s %e"ders o*er " Ro"n so%dier b"rging into the restricted Te$%e "re" in se"rch o! +es(s o*er "n
eergenc' "nd +es(sH reb(ke o! the r(%ers !or their (nc"%%ed !or re"ction @)022FG$1F2CAM c"e to +es(s b' night "nd s"id to
Hi: R"bbi0 we Lse*er"% ebers o! the S"nhedrin: he0 +ose$h o! Ari"the" "nd G""%ie%M know th"t Yo( "re " te"cher
coe !ro God0 !or no "n c"n do these signs which Yo( do (n%ess God be with Hi1 LNicode(s then con!esses his
"gon' "nd str(gg%e to be !(%%' cert"in o! the essi"hshi$ o! +es(s1M
C +es(s "nswered "nd s"id to hi: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 (n%ess " "n is born "g"in0 he
c"nnot see the -ingdo o! God1D
7 Nicode(s s"id to Hi: How c"n " "n be born when he is o%dB ,"n he enter " second tie into his
otherHs wob "nd be born "g"inB
3 +es(s "nswered: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 (n%ess " "n is born "g"in o! w"ter "nd the Ho%'
S$irit0 he c"nnot enter into the -ingdo o! God1 F Th"t which is born o! the !%esh0 is !%esh0 "nd th"t which is
born o! the S$irit0 is s$irit1 6 9onder not0 th"t ) s"id to 'o(0 'o( (st be born "g"in1 4 The S$irit bre"thes
where He wi%%0 "nd 'o( he"r His *oice L"nd the *oice o! the F"therM0 b(t 'o( know not !ro where He coes0 "nd
where He goes1 So is e*er' one who is born o! the S$irit1 8 Nicode(s "nswered "nd s"id to hi: How c"n
these things be doneB
2> +es(s "nswered "nd s"id to hi: Are 'o( " "ster in )sr"e% "nd 'o( do not know these thingsB L)t re"%%' w"s
incredib%e th"t Nicode(s w"s so b%ind here0 considering he knew !(%% we%% the (ni*ers"% "!!%iction o! Ad"ic sin0 the c%os(re o!
He"*en to "%% the !"ith!(% who were w"iting !or the rede$tion "nd the c%e"r $ro$hecies o! the <new he"rt= th"t wo(%d soed"' be
gi*en to GodHs $eo$%e in EIekie% 22:28#5> thro(gh the $roised coing o! the S$irit @+oe% 5:54A which wo(%d restore di*ine sonshi$
to GodHs $eo$%e1 The re"% $rob%e w"s th"t "%% o! these %e"ders h"d been is%ed b' their own $ride concerning the n"t(re o! the
Messi"h "nd His kingdo1 The' K(st co(%d not be%ie*e the si$%e G"%i%e"n Disci$%es co(%d see "%% this be!ore the' co(%dPM 22
Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t We Lthe S$irit0 the F"ther "nd )M s$e"k wh"t We know0 "nd We testi!'
wh"t We h"*e seen0 "nd 'o( do not Lwho%ehe"rted%'M recei*e 4ur testion'1 LThe di*ine testion' o! the F"ther "nd the
S$irit gi*en "t ,hristHs b"$tisPM 25 )! ) h"*e s$oken to 'o( o! e"rth%' things Li1e1 the signs "t M' b"$tis o! the S$iritHs
descent to bring this New /irthM0 "nd 'o( be%ie*e not0 how wi%% 'o( be%ie*e i! ) sh"%% s$e"k to 'o( o! he"*en%' things
Lthe things ) h"*e seen "nd he"rd in He"*enMB 2C And no "n h"s "scended into He"*en Lin order to re*e"% its re"%it' to
enM0 e:ce$t He 9ho "%so descended !ro He"*en0 the Son o! M"n 9ho is Le*en nowM in He"*en Lbeho%ding the !"ce
o! His F"ther #Acts 5:53E +n127:CM1 27 And "s Moses %i!ted ($ the ser$ent in the desert Lto s"*e the )sr"e%ites bitten b'
*i$ers #N(152:8M0 so (st the Son o! M"n be %i!ted ($ Lon " crossM0 23 th"t whoe*er be%ie*es in Hi "' not
$erish b(t "' h"*e %i!e e*er%"sting Ldi*ine he"*en%' %i!eMP
L)n **127023 +es(s gi*es Nicode(s one o! those he"*en%' things @not "ttested to b' "n <e"rth%'= sign or $roo!A th"t He knew he
wo(%d re"%%' !ind h"rd to "cce$t0 b(t which +es(s knew he needed to he"rPM
2F For God so %o*ed the wor%d th"t He gi*e His on%' begotten Son0 th"t whoe*er be%ie*es in Hi "' not
$erish0 b(t h"*e %i!e e*er%"sting Ldi*ine or he"*en%' %i!eM1 26 For God did not send His Son into the wor%d to
conden the wor%d0 b(t th"t the wor%d b' Hi ight be s"*ed1 24 He who be%ie*es in Hi is not condened1
/(t he who does not be%ie*e is "%re"d' condened0 bec"(se he be%ie*es not in the n"e o! the on%' begotten Son
o! God1 28 And the re"son !or this K(dgent is bec"(se the Light L,hrist Hise%! # 2:3#2>M h"s coe into the wor%d0
"nd en0 bec"(se their works were e*i%0 %o*ed d"rkness r"ther th"n the Light1 5> For e*er' one who does e*i%
h"tes the Light0 "nd does not coe to the Light0 th"t his works "' not be re$ro*ed1 52 /(t he who does wh"t is
honest "nd right0 coes to the Light th"t his works "' be "de "ni!est0 bec"(se the' "re done in Lthe $resence
o!M God1
DNicode(s h"d been "t the b"n;(et "t +ose$h o! Ari"the" "nd he"rd +es(s K(st " !ew d"'s be!ore @See 227G$F>3 "bo*eA1
CB. E Dec0 T(e0 AD C2 .esus :egins Teahing 3ublily in .udea # To ,%e"r 9"ter0 6 i%es North o!
55" A!ter these things +es(s "nd His Disci$%es c"e Lo(tM intoD the %"nd o! +(de"0 Lto inister $(b%ic%' "s the' h"d
done in G"%i%eeM1
D+es(s w"s "%re"d' in +(de"P Once "g"in The Poem c%"ri!ies " h"rd%' noticed b(t e:tree%' di!!ic(%t st"teent in the Gos$e%s b' showing +es(sH
tie in +(de" $rior to this @M +(ne# M +(%' ,h1 FF#46 "nd ost o! No*eber ,h1 222#22FA w"s s$ent in $ri*"te inistr' "nd co(nse%0 not in $(b%ic

CA. E Dec W M +"n0 AD C2 .esus at Clear Water 7 .ohn "ear )non in (amariaT 224G$1FC>
55b "nd there He "bode with the "nd b"$tiIed L"t ,%e"r 9"ter0 6 i%es N1 o! +erichoM1 5C And +ohn "%so w"s
b"$tiIing0 b(t in EnonD ne"r S"%i bec"(se there w"s (ch w"ter there1 And $eo$%e c"e "nd were b"$tiIed1
57 For +ohn w"s not 'et c"st into $rison Lthe second "nd !in"% tie !ro M M"rch0 AD C5 to M A(g(st AD C5M1
DNOTE: +ohn h"d esc"$ed !ro " $re*io(s 6 onth i$risonent soe 7 onths be!ore in A(g(st "nd !or his s"!et' h"s now o*ed his inistr' !ro
/eth"b"r" to S""ri"1
228G$FCF # @E Dec0FriA # +es(s "t the ,%e"r 9"ter: ) A the Lord Yo(r God1
25>G$F77 # @E Dec0S"tA # +G , 9: Yo( Sh"%% H"*e No Other Gods in M' Presence1
252G$F76 # @E Dec0MonA # +G , 9: Yo( Sh"%% Not T"ke M' N"e in &"in1
255G$F37 # @E Dec0T(eA # +G , 9: Honor Yo(r F"ther "nd Yo(r Mother1
25CG$FF7 # @E Dec09edA # +G , 9: Yo( Sh"%% Not Fornic"te1
257$GF62 # @M Dec0Th(A # The &ei%ed 9o"n "t the ,%e"r 9"ter1
253G$F6F # @M Dec0S(nA # +G , 9: Obser*e Ho%' D"'s1
25FG$F4> # @M Dec0MonA # +G , 9: Yo( Sh"%% Not -i%%1 The De"th o! Dor"s1

;+. M Dec0 T(e0 AD C2 The :aptist Testi!ies that .esus is the Christ
+N C Sti%% "t ,%e"r 9"ter TU
53 And there "rose " ;(estion between soe o! +ohnHs disci$%es "nd the +ews concerning $(ri!ic"tion1 5F And
so the'
c"e to +ohn0 "nd s"id to hi: R"bbi0 He who w"s with 'o( be'ond the +ord"n0 to who 'o( g"*e
testion'0 beho%d He b"$tiIes0
"nd "%% en coe to Hi1
These disci$%es o! the /"$tist were Sieon0 +ohn "nd M"tthi"s0 three o! the /eth%ehe she$herds who contin(ed with +ohn to
enco(r"ge hi tho(gh the' wished to be with +es(s1
A re!erence to +es(sH inistr' "t ,%e"r 9"ter1 @))0$$1FCF#F44A
56 +ohn "nswered "nd s"id: A "n c"nnot recei*e "n'thing Linc%(ding " inistr'M (n%ess it be gi*en hi !ro
He"*en1 54 Yo( 'o(rse%*es be"r e witness th"t ) s"id: ) " not ,hrist0 b(t th"t ) " sent be!ore Hi1 58 He
9ho h"s the bride is the /ridegrooP /(t the !riend o! the bridegroo0 who st"nds "nd %istens to Hi0 e:"%ts
with Ko' bec"(se o! the bridegrooHs *oice1 This ' Ko'0 there!ore0 is !(%!i%%edP C> He (st incre"se0 b(t ) (st
C2 He 9ho coes !ro "bo*e is "bo*e "%%1 He who is o! the e"rth is o! the e"rth0 "nd o! the e"rth he s$e"ks1
He 9ho coes !ro He"*en is "bo*e "%%1 C5 )t is to wh"t He h"s L"ct("%%'M seen "nd he"rd0 th"t He testi!ies to0
"nd 'et no "n recei*es His testion'P CC He who h"s recei*ed His testion' h"s set his se"% o! "$$ro*"% to
this: Th"t God is tr(eP C7 For He 9ho God h"s sent0 s$e"ks the words o! GodP For God h"s not b' %iited
e"s(re gi*en LHiM the S$iritP C3 The F"ther %o*es the Son "nd He h"s gi*en "%% things into His h"ndP CF He
who be%ie*es Lwith co$%ete or $er!ect !"ithM in the Son h"s %i!e e*er%"sting0 b(t he who is not s(bKect to the Son Lwith
on%' "n inte%%ect("% "scent to the tr(th0 witho(t obedience# +"es 5:270 260 550 5FM 0 sh"%% not see %i!e0 b(t the wr"th o! God
"bides Lre"insM on hi1 LThis "nger o! God does not necessarily i$%' " conden"tion to He%%1 On%' or"% sin brings th"t %e*e%
o! conden"tion1M
254G$F85 # @M Dec09edA # +es(s "t the ,%e"r 9"ter: Yo( Sh"%% Not ,o*et Yo(r Neighbor_s 9i!e1
258G$F86 # @M Dec0Th(A # +G , 9: He ,(res the M"d Ro"n "nd S$e"ks to the Ro"ns1
2C>G$6>C # @M Dec0FriA # +G , 9: Yo( Sh"%% Not /e"r F"%se 9itness1
2C2G$6>8 # @L DecA # +G , 9: Yo( Sh"%% Not ,o*et 9h"t /e%ongs to Yo(r Neighbor1
2C5G$625 # @L DecA # +G , 9: ,%os(re1
2CCG$628 # @L Dec09edA # +es(s %e"*es the ,%e"r 9"ter "nd Goes Tow"rd /eth"n'1
2C7G$656 # @L Dec0Th(A # ,(re o! +er(s"0 The 9o"n o! Doco A!!%icted with ,"ncer1
2C3G$6C> # @L Dec0FriA # At /eth"n' in the Ho(se o! Sion Oe"%ot1
F)$(T 4F D)DIC$TI4" 4% 5IGHT( 7 $D <, 7 5 D)C)M:)%
2CFG$6C4 # @M +"nA # The Fe"st o! Dedic"tion in L"I"r(s_ Ho(se with the She$herds1
2C6G$674 # @M +"nA # Ret(rn to the ,%e"r 9"ter1
2C4G$637 # @M +"nA # A New Disci$%e1 De$"rt(re !or G"%i%ee1
F5)$&I"G .>D)$ F4% G$5I5)) D ($M$%I$ 7 $D <*G LPoe ,h"$ters 2C8#278M

2C8G$636 # @M +"nA # On the Mo(nt"ins ne"r E"(s1
27>G$6F5 # @M +"nA # )n the Ho(se o! ,%eo$"s0 the He"d o! the S'n"gog(e1
272G$6 # @M +"n0S(nA # )nstr(ctions to the Disci$%es whi%e Going tow"rd Ari"the"1
;,. M#L +"n0 AD C5 Threatened in .udea' .esus 5eaves .udea !or Galilee 7 The (amaritan Woman 275#
S'ch"r in S""ri" TU
2 9HEN +es(s0 there!ore0 (nderstood th"t the Ph"risees h"d he"rd th"t He "de ore disci$%es "nd b"$tiIed
ore th"n +ohn L!ro the s(ccess o! His inistr' "t ,%e"r 9"ter # ))0$1F85#628M 5 @Tho(gh +es(s Hise%! did not b"$tiIe0
b(t on%' His Disci$%esA0 C He %e!t +(de" "nd went "g"in into G"%i%ee1 7 And o! necessit'0 He w"s to $"ss thro(gh
S""ri"1 3 He c"e0 there!ore0 to " cit' o! S""ri" which is c"%%ed S'ch"r ne"r the %"nd which +"cob g"*e to his
son +ose$h1 F Now +"cobHs we%% w"s there1 +es(s0 there!ore0 being we"ried with His Ko(rne'0 s"t on the we%%1 )t
w"s "bo(t the si:th ho(r Lnoon0 %ong "!ter the woen nor"%%' coe to dr"w w"terM1
6 Present%' there c"e " wo"n o! S""ri" to dr"w w"ter1 +es(s s"id to her: Gi*e Me to drink1 4 @For His
Disci$%es h"d gone into the cit' to b(' !ood1A 8 Then the S""rit"n wo"n s"id to Hi: How do Yo(0 being "
+ew0 "sk o! e " drink0 who " " S""rit"n wo"nB For the +ews do not co(nic"te with the S""rit"ns1 2>
+es(s "nswered "nd s"id to her: )! 'o( knew the gi!t o! God0 "nd 9ho He is th"t "sked o! 'o(: Gi*e e to drink0
'o( $erh"$s wo(%d h"*e "sked o! Hi0 "nd He wo(%d h"*e gi*en 'o( %i*ing w"ter1 22 The wo"n s"id to Hi:
Sir0 Yo( h"*e nothing in which to dr"w0 "nd the we%% is dee$1 Fro where then wo(%d 'o( get %i*ing w"terB 25
Are 'o( gre"ter th"n o(r !"ther +"cob who g"*e (s the we%%0 "nd dr"nk !ro it hise%!0 "s we%% "s his chi%dren0
"nd his c"tt%eB 2C +es(s "nswered "nd s"id to her: 9hoe*er drinks o! this w"ter sh"%% thirst "g"in0 b(t he who
sh"%% drink o! the w"ter th"t ) wi%% gi*e hi0 sh"%% ne*er thirst1 27 /(t the w"ter th"t ) wi%% gi*e hi sh"%%
becoe in hi " !o(nt"in o! w"ter0 s$ringing ($ into %i!e e*er%"sting Ldi*ine he"*en%' %i!eM1 23 The wo"n s"id to
hi: Sir0 gi*e e this w"ter th"t ) "' not thirst0 nor coe here to dr"wP
2F +es(s s"id to her: Go0 c"%% 'o(r h(sb"nd0 "nd coe b"ck here1 26 The wo"n "nswered "nd s"id: ) h"*e
no h(sb"nd1 +es(s s"id to her: Yo( h"*e s$oken tr(%' in s"'ing0 ) h"*e no h(sb"nd0 24 !or 'o( h"*e h"d !i*e
h(sb"nds "nd he who 'o( now h"*e is not 'o(r h(sb"nd1 )n this 'o( h"*e s$oken tr(th!(%%'1 28 The wo"n
s"id to Hi: Sir0 ) $ercei*e th"t Yo( "re " $ro$het1 5> O(r !"thers worshi$ed on this o(nt"in LMt1 GeriIiM0 "nd
'o( L+ewsM s"' th"t "t +er(s"%e is the $%"ce where en (st worshi$1 52 +es(s s"id to her: 9o"n0 be%ie*e Me
th"t the ho(r is coing when 'o( sh"%% neither on this o(nt"in nor in +er(s"%e worshi$ the F"ther1 55 Yo(
worshi$ th"t which 'o( know not1D 9e worshi$ th"t which we know0 !or s"%*"tion is o! the +ews1 5C /(t the
ho(r is coing0 "nd now is0 when the tr(e worshi$ers sh"%% worshi$ the F"ther in s$irit "nd in tr(th L"nd no %onger
in "ni"% s"cri!ices or con!ined to on%' one "%t"rM1 For the F"ther "%so seeks s(ch to worshi$ Hi1 57 God is " s$irit
"nd the' who worshi$ Hi (st worshi$ Hi in s$irit "nd in tr(th1 53 The wo"n s"id to Hi: ) know th"t the
Messi"h is coing0 who is c"%%ed ,hrist0 there!ore0 when He h"s coe0 He wi%% te%% (s "%% things1 5F +es(s s"id
to her: )0 9ho " s$e"king with 'o(0 " HeP
DThe S""rit"ns h"d no cert"int' "bo(t the (se!(%ness o! their re%igion in obt"ining the !"*or o! God "s it h"d been rooted in -ing
+erobo"Hs schis"tic go%den c"%! i"ges he set ($ in S""ri" in 87F /, to kee$ those o! his northern kingdo o! )sr"e% !ro going
to +(de" to worshi$1 The re%igio(s s'ste w"s cre"ted in direct disobedience to the Lord God "nd th(s its worshi$ers co(%d ne*er
know i! the' were being he"rd b' God or i! their re%igion h"d "n' redeeing *"%(e in their %i*es1
56 And K(st then His Disci$%es c"e1 And the' wondered !inding Hi t"%king with " wo"n1 Yet no one "sked:
O! wh"t "re Yo( in;(iringB Or: 9h' "re 'o( s$e"king with herB 54 The wo"n0 there!ore0 %e!t her w"ter $ot
"nd went her w"' into the cit'0 "nd s"id to the en there: 58 ,oe "nd see " M"n 9ho h"s to%d e e*er'thing )
h"*e e*er doneP )s not He the ,hristB C> The' went0 there!ore0 o(t o! the cit'0 "nd c"e to Hi1
C2 )n the e"n tie the Disci$%es begged Hi0 s"'ing: R"bbi0 e"tP C5 /(t He s"id to the: ) h"*e !ood to e"t
o! which 'o( know not1 CC The disci$%es0 there!ore0 s"id one to "nother: H"s "n' "n bro(ght Hi to e"tB C7
+es(s s"id to the: M' !ood is to do the wi%% o! Hi 9ho sent Me0 "nd th"t ) "' $er!ect His work Lin he"rts "nd
in the wor%dM1 LThe F"ther h"d "%re"d' st"rted " work in this wo"nHs he"rt "nd in the he"rts o! the en o! this cit'1M C3 Do 'o(
not s"': There "re 'et !o(r onths0 "nd then the h"r*est coes Lin M"'MB /eho%d0 ) s"' to 'o(0 %i!t ($ 'o(r e'es0
"nd see the !ie%ds0 !or the' "re white "%re"d' (nto h"r*est1D CF And he who re"$s wi%% recei*e w"ges0 "nd g"ther
!r(it (nto %i!e e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%' %i!eM0 th"t both he who sows L"s we "re here doingM0 "nd he who re"$s L"s 'o( wi%% do
%"terM0 "' reKoice together1 C6 For in this is the s"'ing tr(e: Th"t it is one "n th"t sows0 "nd it is "nother th"t
re"$s1 C4 ) h"*e sent Li1e1 ) wi%% be sendingM 'o( to re"$ th"t in which 'o( did not %"bor1 Others h"*e %"bored0 "nd
'o( Lb' re"$ingM h"*e entered Li1e1 wi%% be enteringM into their %"bors1
DThe correct (nderst"nding o! <white= in this d"' w"s <g%e"ing1= <.nto h"r*est= e:$resses the "ntici$"tion o! h"r*est th"t coes
when one sees e*en the s%ightest e*idence o! s$ro(ting1 The s$ro(ting o! wh"t h"d been sown here wo(%d h"*e been *er' e*ident "t
the end o! +"n("r'1 So "%so the s$ro(ting o! tr(th in these S""rit"ns wo(%d 'ie%d " gre"t h"r*est in the e"r%' ,h(rch1
C8 Now "n' o! the S""rit"ns o! th"t cit' be%ie*ed in Hi bec"(se o! the testion' o! the wo"n s"'ing: He
to%d e e*er'thing ) h"*e e*er done1 7> So when the S""rit"ns h"d coe to Hi0 the' desired th"t He wo(%d
st"' "whi%e there1 So +es(s "bode there two d"'s1 72 And "n' ore be%ie*ed in Hi bec"(se o! His own
word1 75 And the' s"id to the wo"n: 9e now be%ie*e0 not on%' !or 'o(r word0 !or we o(rse%*es h"*e he"rd
Hi0 "nd know th"t He is indeed the S"*ior o! the wor%dP
;*. L +"n0 AD C5 .esus 5eaves (yhar !or )non to see .ohn the :aptist 276G$153
+N 7 TU
7C" Now "!ter two d"'s0 +es(s de$"rted !ro there0
274G$58 # @L +"nA # +es(s &isits the /"$tist ne"r Enon1 He s$e"ks to +ohn "nd $re$"res hi !or the tri"% he is to
!"ce1 +es(s ne*er sees +ohn "g"in1
;<. L +"n0 AD C5 .esus 5eaves (amaria !or Galilee 278G$1C2
+N 7 TU
7Cb "nd went into G"%i%ee1 77 For +es(s Hise%! g"*e testion' th"t " $ro$het h"s no honor in his own
D+es(s is s$e"king o! +(de"0 "s He w"s o! ro'"% +(de"n %ine"ge1
THI%D G$5I5)$" MI"I(T%8D T)T%$%CH8 4F 3HI5I3' ($M$%I$ 7 * M4"TH( 7 5 .$" D ) $3% $D <* LPoe ,h123>#287M
23>G$C7 # @L +"nA # +es(s "t N"I"reth1 ^Son0 ) 9i%% ,oe with Yo(1^
;@. L +"n0 AD C5 .esus Heals the (on o! a "obleman # )n G"%i%ee0 N"$ht"%i then ,"n" 232G$1CF
+N 7 TU25>1
73 And when He h"d coe into G"%i%ee0 the G"%i%e"ns recei*ed Hi0 h"*ing seen "%% the things He h"d done "t
+er(s"%e on the !e"st d"'0 !or the' "%so h"d gone !or the !e"st d"'1 LAt the Fe"st o! T"bern"c%es @%"te No*eberA +es(s
he"%ed " bo' be!ore " %"rge crowd ort"%%' inK(red b' the horse o! " Ro"n so%dier1 He "%so reb(ked the te$%e r(%ers !or their
r(deness to the Ro"n so%dier who w"s co$e%%ed to enter the s"nct("r' o! the Te$%e to "sk !or he%$ !or the bo'1 )0223G$11F2C
+es(sH reb(ke o! the +(de"n re%igio(s r(%ers w"s in itse%! eno(gh to ende"r hi to ost G"%i%e"nsPM
7F He c"e "g"in0 there!ore0 into ,"n" o! G"%i%ee0 where He h"d t(rned the w"ter into wine1 And there w"s "
cert"in r(%er Lo! HerodHs co(rtM0 whose son w"s sick "t ,"$ern"(1 76 He0 h"*ing he"rd th"t +es(s h"d coe !ro
+(de" into G"%i%ee0 went to Hi "nd begged Hi to coe down "nd he"% his son0 !or he w"s "t the $oint o!
de"th1 L+es(s se*ere%' re$ro*ed this eber o! HerodHs co(rt !or $"rtici$"ting in the /"$tistHs i$risonent "nd th"t it h"d to t"ke "
ir"c%e o! the he"%ing o! +oh"nn"0 ,h(I"Hs wi!e to get hi to be%ie*ePM
74 +es(s0 there!ore0 s"id to hi: .n%ess 'o( see signs "nd wonders0 'o( be%ie*e notP
78 The r(%er Lnow in te"rsM s"id to Hi: Lord0 coe down be!ore ' son diesP
3> +es(s s"id to hi: Go 'o(r w"'1 Yo(r son %i*es1 The "n be%ie*ed the word which +es(s s"id to hi0 "nd
went his w"'1 32 And "s he w"s going down0 his ser*"nts et hi1 And the' bro(ght word0 s"'ing th"t his son
now %i*ed1 35 He "sked0 there!ore0 o! the the ho(r when he grew better1 And the' s"id to hi: Yesterd"'0 "t
the se*enth ho(r L2 $M0 the !e*er %e!t hi1 3C The !"ther0 there!ore0 knew0 th"t it w"s "t the s"e ho(r th"t +es(s
s"id to hi: Yo(r son %i*es0 "nd he "nd his who%e ho(se be%ie*ed1 37 This is "g"in the secondD ir"c%e th"t
+es(s did0 when He h"d coe o(t o! +(de" into G"%i%ee1
DThis w"s the second ir"c%e specifically to con+ince His relati+es in the ,anaFDa/areth area He w"s the Messi"h1 +es(s h"d $er!ored many other
ir"c%es b' this tie1 The contr"r' *iew t"ken b' "%% $re*io(s chrono%ogists who h"*e isinter$reted this te:t $%"ces "%% +es(sH other ir"c%es "!ter these
two1 /(t th"t $oses " $rob%e with the "cco(nts o! "%% three other E*"nge%ists1 A%% the other E*"nge%ists re*e"% +es(s to h"*e initi"ted " *igoro(s
he"%ing inistr' iedi"te%' "!ter His /"$tis "nd Testing which cre"ted gre"t !"e !or Hi thro(gho(t the entire "re"0 K(st "s The Poem "%so re*e"%s1
,o$"re Mt 7:24#5CE Mk 2:2F#54E Lk 7:2#271 Note th"t +ohn sing%es o(t0 and alone entions these two s$eci"% ir"c%es $er!ored "t ,"n" in the
$resence o! relati+es "nd !o%%ows ($ in 6:3 with "n ($d"te on the contin(ed "nd (n!ort(n"te st"te o! (nbe%ie! amon' His relati+es: <neither did His
brethren be%ie*e in Hi1= This kind o! s(r$rising te:t("% insight "nd c%"ri!ic"tion is !o(nd thro(gho(t The Poem1
235G$CF # @L +"nA # )n Oebedee_s Ho(se1 S"%oe is Acce$ted "s " Disci$%e1
23CG$7> # @L +"nA # +es(s S$e"ks to His Disci$%es o! 9oen_s A$osto%"te1
237G$75 # @E FebA # +es(s "t ,"es"re" on Se" S$e"ks to G"%%e' S%"*es1
233G$74 # @E FebA # ,(re o! the Litt%e Ro"n Gir% "t ,"es"re"1
23FG$37 # @E FebA # Ann"%e"h De*otes Herse%! to God "s " &irgin1
236G$38 # @E FebA # )nstr(ctions to the 9oen Disci$%es "t N"I"reth1
234G$58 # @E FebA # +es(s S$e"ks to +oh"nn" o! ,h(I" on the L"ke1
;21 E Feb0 AD C2 The Vuestion $bout Fasting D Gherghes" @E"st Shore o! the Se" o! G"%i%eeA 238G$16>
MT 8
27 Then c"e to Hi the disci$%es
o! +ohn Lthe /"$tistM0 s"'ing: 9h' do
we "nd the Ph"risees !"st o!ten0 b(t
Yo(r disci$%es do not !"stB 23 And
+es(s s"id to the: ,"n the chi%dren
o! the bridegroo o(rn0 "s %ong "s
the bridegroo is with theB /(t the
d"'s wi%% coe when the bridegroo
sh"%% be t"ken "w"' !ro the "nd
then the' sh"%% !"st1 2F And nobod'
$(ts " $iece o! r"w Lnew0 (nshr(nkenM
c%oth onto "n o%d g"rent1 For the
$"tch wi%% te"r "w"' !ro the
g"rent0 "nd " gre"ter rend wi%% be
"de1 26 Neither do the' $(t new
wine into o%d wineskins Lwhich c"n no
%onger e:$"ndM1 Otherwise the
wineskins wi%% bre"k0 the wine wi%%
s$i%%0 "nd the wineskins $erish1 /(t
the' $(t new wine into new
wineskins so "nd both "re $reser*ed1
M- 5 F71TU25F1
24 Now the disci$%es o! +ohn "nd the
Ph"risees were "cc(stoed to !"sting0 so
soe c"e "nd "sked Hi: 9h' do the
disci$%es o! +ohn "nd o! the Ph"risees !"st0
b(t Yo(r disci$%es do not !"stB 28 And
+es(s s"id to the: ,"n the chi%dren o! the
"rri"ge !"st0 "s %ong "s the bridegroo is
with theB As %ong "s the' h"*e the
bridegroo with the0 the' c"nnot !"st1 5>
/(t the d"'s wi%% coe when the
bridegroo sh"%% be t"ken "w"' !ro the
"nd then the' in those d"'s sh"%% !"st1 52 No
"n sews " $iece o! r"w Lnew (nshr(nkenM
c%oth to "n o%d g"rent0 otherwise the new
$iece wi%% te"r "w"' !ro the o%d0 "nd there
is "de " gre"ter rend1 55 No "n $(ts new
wine into o%d bott%es0 otherwise the wine
wi%% b(rst the L"%re"d' e:$"ndedM bott%es0 "nd
both the wine wi%% be s$i%%ed "nd the bott%es
wi%% be %ost1 /(t new wine (st be $(t into
new bott%es1
L- 3 F71TU25F1
CC And the' s"id to Hi: 9h' do the disci$%es
o! +ohn !"st o!ten "nd "ke s$eci"% $r"'ers0 "nd
the disci$%es o! the Ph"risees in %ike "nnerE b(t
'o(rs e"t "nd drinkB C7 And +es(s s"id: ,"n 'o(
"ke the chi%dren o! the bridegroo !"st whi%e
the bridegroo is with theB C3 /(t the d"'s
wi%% coe when the bridegroo sh"%% be t"ken
"w"' !ro the0 then sh"%% the' !"st in those
d"'s1 CF And He "%so to%d the " $ro*erb: No
"n t"kes " $iece !ro " new g"rent to $(t on
"n o%d g"rent0 otherwise he te"rs the new0 "nd
"%so bec"(se the $iece t"ken !ro the new wi%%
not "tch with the o%d1 C6 And no "n $(ts new
wine into "n o%d bott%e bec"(se the new wine
wi%% bre"k the bott%es0 "nd it wi%% be s$i%%ed "nd
the bott%es wi%% be %ost1 C4 /(t new wine (st be
$(t into new bott%es0 then both "re $reser*ed1 C8
And no "n drinking o%d wine0 h"s iedi"te%'
" desire !or the new0 !or he s"'s: The o%d is
2F>G$6C # @M FebA # Fro N"$ht"%i to Gisc"%"1 Meeting with R"bbi G""%ie%1
2F2G$64 # @M FebA # The Gr"ndson o! E%i0 " Ph"risee o! ,"$ern"(0 is ,(red1
2F5G$42 # @M FebA # +es(s in the Ho(se in ,"$ern"( A!ter the Mir"c%e on E%ish"1
2FCG$46 # @M FebA # Dinner in the Ho(se o! E%i0 the Ph"risee o! ,"$ern"(1
2F7G$8> # @L FebA # Tow"rds the Retre"t on the Mo(nt"in be!ore the E%ection o! the Disci$%es1
2F4G$22F # @L FebA # Ag%"e in M"r'_s Ho(se "t N"I"reth1 @This ch"$ter is now in ,hrono%ogic"% orderA
;C. L Feb0 S(n0 AD C5 The Commissioning o! the T#elve # The Hi%%s "bo*e M"gd"%" 2F3G$18C
MT 2>
2 AND h"*ing c"%%ed His twe%*e disci$%es
together0 He g"*e the $ower o*er (nc%e"n
s$irits0 to c"st the o(t0 "nd to he"% "%% kinds
o! dise"ses "nd in!irities1 5 And the n"es
o! the twe%*e A$ost%es "re these: The !irst0
(imon #ho is alled 3eter0 $ndre# his
brother0 C .ames the son o! Oebedee0 .ohn his
brother0 3hilip0 :artholome# LN"th"nie%M0
Thomas LDid'(sM' Matthe# LLe*iM the
$(b%ic"n0 .ames Lthe LessMD the son o!
A%$h"e(s0 F.udasGThaddeus' Lhis brotherM0 7
(imon LOe"%otM the ,"n"ne"n Lthe Oe"%otM0 "nd
.udas Isariot0 who "%so betr"'ed Hi1
"ote: M"tthew $%"ces his "cco(nt o! this coission "!ter
the Seron on the Mo(nt $erh"$s to e$h"siIe the
i$ort"nce o! its te"chings to their A$ost%eshi$1
M- C 2721TU2741
2C And He went ($ on the hi%%side0 "nd those who
He Hise%! chose He c"%%ed0 "nd the' c"e to Hi1
27 And He "$$ointed twe%*e be with Hi th"t He
ight send the L"s A$ost%esM to $re"ch1 23 And He
g"*e the $ower to he"% sicknesses "nd to c"st o(t
deons1 2F There w"s (imon0 to who He g"*e the
n"e ,e$h"s LPeter or Petros is the Greek tr"ns%"tion o!
,ephas, the act&al name which +es(s g"*e SionM0 26
.ames the son o! Oebedee0 .ohn the brother o!
+"es0 who he n"ed /o"nerges0 which e"ns the
Sons o! Th(nder0 24 $ndre#0 3hilip0
:artholome#0 Matthe#0 Thomas "nd .ames o!
A%$h"e(s0 "nd Thaddeus L+(d"s0 "%so o! A%$h"e(s0 Ho%'
+ose$hHs o%der brotherM0 (imon the ,"n"ne"n028 "nd
.udas Isariot0 who "%so betr"'ed Hi1 TThis n"e
w"s "ct("%%' gi*en "t " %"ter tie @))0C58G$585A1
L- F 27>1TU
25 And it c"e to $"ss in those
d"'s0 th"t He went o(t into "
o(nt"in to $r"'1 And He $"ssed
the who%e night in $r"'er to God1
2C 9hen d"' h"d coe0 He c"%%ed
(nto Hi His disci$%es0 "nd chose
twe%*e o! the @who "%so he
n"ed A$ost%esA: 27 (imon0 who
He s(rn"ed Cephas "nd
$ndre# his brother0 .ames "nd
.ohn0 3hilip' :artholome#0 23
Matthe# "nd Thomas0 .ames the
son o! A%$h"e(s0 "nd (imon who
is c"%%ed the Uealot0 2F And .ude0
DThe +"es "nd Th"dde(s be%ow were the two
<brothers= o! +es(s who bec"e A$ost%es "nd
were the 'o(ngest o! !o(r sons o! A%$h"e(s0
the o%der brother o! Ho%' +ose$h1 A%$h"e(s0
the h(sb"nd to M"r'0 "%ong with his two o%dest
sons bitter%' o$$osed +es(s "t the !irst which
c"(sed " *er' $"in!(% di*ision in the !"i%'
with M"r' "nd her two 'o(ngest sons !ir%' on
the side o! +es(s1
the brother o! +"es0 "nd .udas Isariot0 who
w"s the tr"itor1
;;. L Feb0 S(n0 AD C5 .esus Heals and Delivers Many D At the Foot o! the Hi%%s ne"r M"gd"%"
L- F TU4>"1
26 And coing down with the0 He stood in " $%"in o$en $%"ceD with " gre"t co$"n' o! His disci$%es "nd "
*er' gre"t (%tit(de o! $eo$%e !ro "%% +(de" "nd +er(s"%e0 "nd !ro the se" co"st both o! T're "nd Sidon1 24
These h"d coe to he"r Hi "nd to be he"%ed o! their dise"ses1 And the' th"t were tro(b%ed with (nc%e"n s$irits
were c(red1
28 And the entire (%tit(de so(ght to to(ch Hi0 !or *irt(e went o(t !ro Hi "nd he"%ed e*er'one1
DThis is neither the $%"ce or e*en the s"e d"' the Seron on the Mo(nt @*1F etc1 be%owA w"s gi*en1 The S1O1M1 w"s gi*en the ne0t
day on " di!!erent o(nt"in in the "re"1

2F6G$2>6 # @L FebA # )n the Ho(se o! +oh"nn" o! ,h(I"1 +es(s "nd the Ro"n L"dies1
2F4G$22F # @This ch"$ter coes "!ter ,h"$ter 2F71 See "bo*e1 This ch"$ter w"s origin"%%' $%"ced "!ter ,h1 2F6 on%' to "int"in the
!%ow o! the stor'1A
;B. L Feb0 S(n0 AD C5 The (ermon on The Mount # Fro Tiberi"s to ne"r Arbe%" 2F8G$1253
MT 3 F>1TU4>1
2 AND seeing the (%tit(des0 He went ($ into " o(nt"in0D "nd when He w"s se"ted His disci$%es c"e to
5 And o$ening His o(th0 He t"(ght the0 s"'ing:
DSee note "bo*e "t 661 @Lk1 F:26A1
;A. L Feb0 S(n0 AD C5 (.4.M. 8ou $re the (alt and 5ight # Ne"r Arbe%%" 2F8G$1258
MT 3 4>1TU421
2C Yo( "re the s"%t o! the e"rth0
b(t i! the s"%t %oses its !%"*or0 how
sh"%% it be restoredB )t is good !or
nothing b(t to be c"st o(t "nd to be
trodden on b' en1 27 Yo( "re the
%ight o! the wor%d1 A cit' se"ted on
" o(nt"in c"nnot be hid1 23
Neither do en %ight " %"$ "nd
$(t it (nder " b(she%0 b(t ($on "
%"$ st"nd th"t it "' shine to "%%
th"t "re in the ho(se1 2F So %et 'o(r
%ight shine be!ore en th"t the'
"' see 'o(r good works "nd
g%ori!' 'o(r F"ther 9ho is in
M- 7 2221TU275b1
52 And He s"id to the: )s " %"$ bro(ght in to
be $(t (nder " b(she%0 or (nder " bedB )s it not to
be set on " %"$ st"ndB
M- 8 24C1TU5281
74L78M For e*er' one Lo! 'o(M sho(%d be s"%ted with
!ire Li1e1 GodHs %o*eM "nd e*er' s"cri!ice sho(%d be
s"%ted with s"%t Ldi*ine %o*eM1 78"bL3>"bM S"%t is
good1 /(t i! the s"%t becoes (ns"*or' how wi%%
'o( re#se"son itB H"*e s"%t Ldi*ine %o*eM in
Mk 8 Not %oc"ted in The Poem
78cL3>cM "nd h"*e $e"ce "ong 'o(rse%*es1
L- 4
2F Now0 no "n %ighting " %"$ co*ers it
with " *esse%0 or $(ts it (nder " bed0 b(t he
sets it ($on " %"$ st"nd th"t the' who coe
in "' see the %ight1
L- 27
C7 S"%t is good0 b(t i! the s"%t sh"%% %ose its
s"*or0 how sh"%% it be re#se"sonedB C3 )t is
neither $ro!it"b%e !or the %"nd nor !or the
d(nghi%%0 b(t sh"%% be c"st o(t1 He who h"s
e"rs to he"r0 %et hi he"rP
B+. E Mch0 Mon0 AD C5 (.4.M. The :eatitudes # Fo(r Mi%es S9 o! M"gd"%" ne"r Arbe%" 26>G$12C3
MT 3 641TU681
C /%essed "re the $oor in s$irit0 !or theirs is the -ingdo o!
7 /%essed "re the eek0 !or the' sh"%% $ossess the %"nd1
3 /%essed "re the' who o(rn0 !or the' sh"%% be co!orted1
F /%essed "re the' who h(nger "nd thirst "!ter righteo(sness0 !or
the' sh"%% be !i%%ed1
6 /%essed "re the erci!(%0 !or the' sh"%% obt"in erc'1
4 /%essed "re the c%e"n o! he"rt0 !or the' sh"%% see God1
8 /%esses "re the $e"ce"kers0 !or the' sh"%% be c"%%ed chi%dren
o! God1
2> /%essed "re the' who s(!!er $ersec(tion !or righteo(snessH
s"ke0 !or theirs is the -ingdo o! He"*en1
22 /%essed "re 'o( when the' sh"%% re*i%e 'o(0 "nd $ersec(te
'o(0 "nd s$e"k "%% e*i% "g"inst 'o( !"%se%'0 !or M' s"ke0 25 be
g%"d "nd reKoice !or 'o(r rew"rd is *er' gre"t in He"*en1 For in
%ike "nner the' $ersec(ted the $ro$hets who were be!ore 'o(1
L- F 661TU2>51
5> And He0 %i!ting ($ His e'es on His disci$%es0 s"id: /%essed "re
'o( who "re $oor0 !or 'o(rs is the -ingdo o! GodP
52 /%essed "re 'o( who h(nger now0 !or 'o( sh"%% be !i%%edP /%essed
"re 'o( who wee$ now0 !or soed"' 'o( sh"%% %"(ghP
55 /%essed sh"%% 'o( be when en sh"%% h"te 'o( "nd when the'
sh"%% reKect "nd "b"ndon 'o( "nd sh"%% re$ro"ch 'o( "nd s$(rn 'o(r
n"e "s e*i%0 !or the Son o! M"nHs s"ke1 5C /e g%"d in th"t d"' "nd
reKoice0 !or beho%d0 'o(r rew"rd is gre"t in He"*enP For "ccording to
these things their !"thers did to the $ro$hets
L- F 2>21TU46"1
5F 9oe to 'o( when en sh"%% b%ess 'o(0 !or "ccording to these
things did their !"thers to the !"%se $ro$hets1
B,. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. I $m not Come to Destroy the 5a# D Ne"r Arbe%"
MT 3 681TU441
26 Do not think th"t ) " coe to destro' the L"w or the Pro$hets1 ) " not coe to destro' b(t to !(%!i%%1 LThe
Lord w"s e*er'thing the L"w $ointed to "nd e*er'thing the $ro$hets t"%ked "bo(tPM 24 For tr(%' ) s"' (nto 'o(0 (n%ess
He"*en "nd e"rth $"ss0 not one Kot Lthe s"%%est %etter in the "%$h"betM0 nor one titt%e L" s"%% "rk identi!'ing cert"in
%ettersM sh"%% not $"ss o! the L"w0 (nti% "%% is !(%!i%%ed1 28 He0 there!ore0 who sh"%% bre"k one o! these %e"st
co"ndents "nd sh"%% so te"ch en Lto do so "%soM0 sh"%% be c"%%ed the %e"st in the -ingdo o! He"*en1 /(t he
who sh"%% do "nd te"ch Lthe %e"st co"ndentM0 he sh"%% be c"%%ed gre"t in the -ingdo o! He"*en1 5> For ) te%%
'o(0 th"t (n%ess 'o(r righteo(sness "bo(nd ore th"n th"t o! the scribes "nd Ph"risees0 'o( sh"%% not e*en enter
into the -ingdo o! He"*en1
B*. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. :e#are o! False 3rophets # Ne"r Arbe%"
MT 6 2441TU2>61
23 /ew"re o! !"%se $ro$hets who coe to 'o( in the c%othing o!
shee$ b(t inw"rd%' the' "re r"*ening wo%*es1 2F /' their !r(it Lthe
conse;(ence o! their te"chings in the %i*es o! othersM 'o( sh"%% know the1
Do en g"ther gr"$es o! thorns0 or !igs o! thist%esB 26 E*en so e*er'
good tree brings !orth good !r(it0 "nd the e*i% tree brings !orth e*i%
!r(it1 24 A good tree c"nnot bring !orth e*i% !r(it0 neither c"n "n e*i%
tree bring !orth good !r(it1 28 E*er' tree th"t brings not !orth good
!r(it sh"%% be c(t down "nd sh"%% be c"st into the !ire1 5> 9here!ore0
b' their !r(it 'o( sh"%% know the1
L- F 2>71TU851
7C For there isnHt " good tree th"t brings !orth e*i% !r(it0 nor is
there "n e*i% tree th"t brings !orth good !r(it1 77 For e*er' tree is
known b' its !r(it1 For en do not g"ther !igs !ro thorns0 nor
!ro " br"b%e b(sh do the' g"ther gr"$es1
B<. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. 8ou Hath Heard it (aid D Ne"r Arbe%"
MT 3 471TU461
7C Yo( h"*e he"rd th"t it h"s been s"id: Yo( sh"%% %o*e 'o(r neighbor "nd h"te 'o(r ene'1
LLe*128:26#24:1 Lo*e here is on%' e:$%icit%' re;(ired !or oneHs brother or kin1 )t w"s ass&med b' this th"t one co(%d h"te othersPM
B@a. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. Turn the 4ther Chee/ # Ne"r Arbe%" 262G$1277
27C1 L A(g0 AD C5 +es(s Gi*es )$ort"nt ,o(nse% to His Disci$%es # ,"$ern"( 5F7G$1F87
MT 3
C8 /(t ) s"' to 'o( do not resist the e*i% L"nM1 /(t i! he strikes 'o(
on 'o(r right cheek0 t(rn to hi "%so the other1 7> And i! " "n wi%%
contend with 'o( in co(rt "nd t"kes "w"' 'o(r shirt0 gi*e "%so 'o(r
co"t to hi1
MT 3 Not %oc"ted in the Poem
72 And whoe*er wi%% !orce 'o( Lto goM one i%e0 go with hi two1
MT 3 4F1TU4C1
75 Gi*e to hi who "sks o! 'o(0 "nd !ro hi who wo(%d borrow o!
'o( t(rn not "w"'1
L- F 46"1TU
58 And to hi who strikes 'o( on the one cheek0 o!!er "%so the
other1 And hi who t"kes "w"' !ro 'o( 'o(r c%o"k0 !orbid
hi not to t"ke 'o(r co"t "%so1 C> Gi*e to e*er'one who "sks o!
'o(0 "nd o! hi who t"kes "w"' 'o(r goods0 do not "sk !or the
B2. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. Do >nto 4thers as 8ou Would Have Them Do To 8ou D Ne"r Arbe%" 262G$1273
MT 6 8C1TU2441
25 A%% things0 there!ore0 wh"te*er 'o( wo(%d th"t en do to 'o(0 do "%so
to the1 For this is Lthe *er' essence o!M the L"w "nd the Pro$hets1
L- F TU46b1
C2 And "s 'o( wo(%d th"t en do to 'o(0 do 'o( "%so to
BC. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. $n )ye !or an )ye D Ne"r Arbe%" 262G$1273
MT 3 8>1TU471
C4 Yo( h"*e he"rd th"t it h"s been s"id: =n eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth1 ZE:od(s 52:57[
B;. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. 5ove 8our )nemies # Ne"r Arbe%" 262G$1273
MT 3 4C1TU8F1
77 /(t ) s"' to 'o(: Lo*e 'o(r eneies0 do good to those who h"te
'o( "nd $r"' !or those who $ersec(te "nd s%"nder 'o(0 73 th"t 'o(
"' be the chi%dren o! 'o(r F"ther 9ho is in He"*en0 9ho "kes
His s(n to rise ($on the good "nd the b"d0 "nd sends r"in ($on the
K(st "nd the (nK(st1 7F For i! 'o( on%' %o*e those who %o*e 'o(0
wh"t rew"rd sh"%% 'o( h"*eB Do not e*en the $(b%ic"ns do thisB
76 And i! 'o( greet 'o(r brethren on%'0 wh"t ore th"n others "re
'o( doingB Do not "%so the he"then do thisB 74 /e 'o( there!ore
$er!ect Lin righteo(snessM0 "s "%so 'o(r he"*en%' F"ther is $er!ect Lin
T9hi%e Mt (ses +es(sH e:"ct word <$er!ect= L(ke (ses the word <erci!(%= to c"$t(re
wh"t +es(s "ct("%%' e"nt b' His (se o! the word1
L- F 4>b1TU471
56 /(t ) s"' to 'o( th"t he"r: Lo*e 'o(r eneies0 do good to
those who h"te 'o(1 54 /%ess those who c(rse 'o(0 "nd $r"' !or
those who "b(se 'o(1
L- F 431TU2>71
C5 Now i! 'o( on%' %o*e those who %o*e 'o(0 wh"t credit is th"t to
'o(B For sinners "%so %o*e those who %o*e the1 CC And i! 'o(
on%' do good to those who do good to 'o(0 wh"t credit is th"t to
'o(B For sinners "%so do this1 C7 And i! 'o( %end on%' to the o!
who 'o( ho$e to recei*e0 wh"t credit is th"t to 'o(B For sinners
"%so %end to sinners0 !or to recei*e "s (ch Lin ret(rnM1 C3 /(t %o*e
'o(r eneies1 Do good0 "nd %end0 ho$ing !or nothing !ro it "nd
'o(r rew"rd sh"%% be gre"t0 "nd 'o( sh"%% be the sons o! the
Highest1 For He is kind to the (nth"nk!(% "nd to the e*i%1 CF /e
there!ore erci!(%0 "s 'o(r F"ther "%so is erci!(%1
BB. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. 8ou shall "ot Oill D Ne"r Arbe%" 262G$127F
MT 3 421TU
52 Yo( h"*e he"rd th"t it w"s s"id to the o! o%d: 7o& shall not m&rder LE:15>:2CM1 And: 9hoe*er sh"%% (rder
sh"%% be in d"nger o! the K(dgent1 55 /(t ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t whoe*er is "ngr' with his brother sh"%% be in d"nger
o! the K(dgent1 And whoe*er sh"%% s"' to his brother0 R"c"P sh"%% be in d"nger o! the co(nci% o! the S"nhedrinE
"nd whoe*er sh"%% s"': Yo( Lc(rsedM !oo%0 sh"%% be in d"nger o! He%% !ire1D 5C )! there!ore 'o( o!!er 'o(r gi!t "t the
"%t"r "nd there 'o( reeber th"t 'o(r brother h"s soething "g"inst 'o(0 57 %e"*e there 'o(r o!!ering be!ore
the "%t"r "nd go !irst to be reconci%ed to 'o(r brother0 "nd then coe to o!!er 'o(r gi!t1
D)! c"%%ing 'o(r brother " c(rsed !oo% $(ts one in dan'er of He%% then there "re sins th"t "re ort"%0 "nd sins th"t "re on%' *eni"%0
which do not bring one into %i"bi%it' to conden"tion to He%%1 This "%so shows %i"bi%it' to etern"% conden"tion is not inherited b(t is
the res(%t o! " conscio(s wi%%!(% choice to sin in " ost serio(s "nner1
BA. E Mch0 T(e0 AD C5 (.4.M. $gree #ith 8our $dversary D Ne"r Arbe%" 262G$127F
MT 3 TU2>C1
53 /e "t "greeent with 'o(r "d*ers"r' "s soon "s $ossib%e0
whi%e 'o( "rt sti%% in his co$"n' %est $erh"$s he de%i*ers 'o( to
the K(dge0 "nd the K(dge de%i*ers 'o( to the o!!icer0 "nd 'o( be c"st
into $rison1 5F Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 'o( sh"%% not get o(t
(nti% 'o( re$"' the %"st !"rthing1
Sett%ing "n' o! o(r te$or"% debts !or "n' o! o(r sins be!ore we die "nd st"nd
be!ore GodHs K(dgent is wise1 E:$i"tion in this %i!e is !"r %ess de"nding
th"n w"iting !or the $(rging !ires "!ter de"th1 2 ,or1 C:2C#23
L- 25 2>31TU2F51
34 And when 'o( go with 'o(r "d*ers"r' to the "gistr"te0 whi%e
'o( "re in the w"'0 ende"*or to be de%i*ered !ro hi0 %est
$erh"$s he dr"ws 'o( be!ore the K(dge0 "nd the K(dge de%i*ers 'o(
to the o!!icer0 "nd the o!!icer c"sts 'o( into $rison1 38 ) s"' to 'o(0
'o( sh"%% not get o(t !ro there0 (nti% 'o( $"' the *er' %"st ite
L!r"ction o! " centM1
A+. E Mch0 9ed0 AD C5 (.4.M. 8ou (halt "ot (#ear at $ll D Ne"r Arbe%" 265G$1274
MT 3 2>C1TU4F1
CC Ag"in 'o( h"*e he"rd th"t it w"s s"id to the o! o%d: Yo( sh"%% not swe"r !"%se%' b(t 'o( sh"%% $er!or 'o(r
o"ths to the Lord LLe*128:25E De(t15C:5CM1 C7 /(t ) s"' to 'o(: Do not to swe"r "n o"th "t "%%0 neither b' He"*en0 !or it
is the throne o! God0 C3 nor b' the e"rth0 !or it is His !ootstoo%0 nor b' +er(s"%e0 !or it is the cit' o! the Gre"t
-ing1 CF Neither sh"%% 'o( swe"r b' 'o(r he"d0 bec"(se 'o( c"nnot "ke one h"ir white or b%"ck1 C6 /(t %et
'o(r 'es0 be 'es "nd 'o(r no0 no1 Th"t which is o*er "nd "bo*e these0 is o! LtheM e*i% LoneM1
A,. E Mch0 9ed0 AD C5 (.4.M. :e "ot as the Hyporites # Ne"r Arbe%" 265G$1232
3 And when 'o( $r"'0 'o( sh"%% not be "s the h'$ocrites who %o*e to st"nd "nd $r"' in the s'n"gog(es "nd on
street corners th"t the' "' be seen b' en1 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 the' h"*e recei*ed their rew"rd1 F /(t
'o(0 when 'o( $r"'0 enter into 'o(r $ri*"te ch"ber0 "nd h"*ing sh(t the door0 $r"' to 'o(r F"ther in secret "nd
'o(r F"ther 9ho sees in secret wi%% rew"rd 'o(1 6 And when 'o( "re $r"'ing0 do not b"bb%e on with *"in
re$etition "s the he"then1 For the' think th"t on%' in their (ch s$e"king the' wi%% be he"rd1 4 /e not0 there!ore0
%ike the0 !or 'o(r F"ther knows wh"t is need!(% !or 'o( be!ore 'o( "sk Hi1 L2 -124:53#58M
A*. E Mch0 9ed0 AD C5 (.4.M. 4ut o! the $bundane o! the Heart D Ne"r Arbe%" 265G$123>
L- F 451TU2>4b1
73 A good "n o(t o! the good tre"s(re o! his he"rt brings !orth th"t which is goodE "nd "n e*i% "n o(t o! the
e*i% tre"s(re Lo! his he"rtM brings !orth th"t which is e*i%1 For o(t o! the "b(nd"nce o! the he"rt the o(th s$e"ks1
A<. E Mch0 9ed0 AD C5 (.4.M. $s/ and it (hall be Given D Ne"r Arbe%" 265G$1235
MT 6 2>71TU431
6 Ask0 "nd it sh"%% be gi*en 'o(1 Seek0 "nd 'o( sh"%% !ind1 -nock0 "nd it sh"%% be o$ened to 'o(1 4 For e*er'one
who "sks0 recei*es0 "nd he who seeks0 !inds1 And to hi who knocks0 it sh"%% be o$ened1 8 Or wh"t "n is there
"ong 'o(0 th"t i! his son sh"%% "sk !or bre"d0 wi%% gi*e hi " stoneB 2> Or i! he sh"%% "sk hi !or " !ish0 wi%% he
gi*e hi " ser$entB 22 )! 'o( then being e*i% L"s 'o( "reM know how to gi*e good gi!ts to 'o(r chi%dren0 how (ch
ore wi%% 'o(r F"ther 9ho is in He"*en gi*e good things to those who "sk HiB
A@. E Mch0 9ed0 AD C5 (.4.M. When 8ou Fast D Ne"r Arbe%" 265G$123C
MT F 861TU
2F And when 'o( !"st0 be not s"d !"ced "s the h'$ocrites0 !or the' "ke their !"ces dis"%0 th"t the' "' "$$e"r
(nto en to be !"sting1 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 the' h"*e recei*ed their rew"rd1 26 /(t 'o(0 when 'o( !"st
"noint 'o(r he"d "nd w"sh 'o(r !"ce0 24 th"t 'o( "$$e"r (nto en not to be !"sting0 b(t on%' (nto 'o(r F"ther
9ho sees in secret0 "nd 'o(r F"ther 9ho sees in secret wi%% rew"rd 'o(1
A2. E Mch0 Th(0 AD C5 (.4.M. 5ay "ot up !or 8ourselves D Ne"r Arbe%" 26CG$1236
MT F TU2>>1
28 L"' not ($ !or 'o(rse%*es tre"s(res on e"rth where r(st "nd oth cons(es0 "nd where thie*es bre"k thro(gh
"nd ste"%0 5> b(t %"' ($ !or 'o(rse%*es tre"s(res in He"*en where neither r(st nor oth cons(es0 "nd where
thie*es do not bre"k thro(gh "nd ste"%1 52 For where 'o(r tre"s(re is there wi%% 'o(r he"rt be "%so Lwhich "%w"'s
re*e"%s wh"t 'o( re"%%' %o*eM1
AC. E Mch0 Th(0 AD C5 (.4.M. When 8ou do $lms D Ne"r Arbe%" 26CG$1238
MT F 461TU821
2 TA-E heed th"t 'o( do not 'o(r righteo(s deeds be!ore en to be seen b' the0 otherwise 'o( sh"%% not h"*e "
rew"rd o! 'o(r F"ther 9ho is in He"*en1
5 There!ore0 when 'o( gi*e to the $oor0 so(nd not " tr($et be!ore 'o( "s the h'$ocrites do in the s'n"gog(es
"nd in the streets th"t the' "' be honored b' en1 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 the' h"*e recei*ed their rew"rd1
C /(t when 'o( gi*e to the $oor0 %et not 'o(r %e!t h"nd know wh"t 'o(r right h"nd does0 7 th"t 'o(r "%s "' be
in secret0 "nd 'o(r F"ther 9ho sees in secret wi%% re$"' 'o(1
A;. E Mch0 Th(0 AD C5 (.4.M I! 8ou Will Forgive # Ne"r Arbe%" 26CG$12F2
27 For i! 'o( wi%%
!orgi*e en their
o!!ences0 'o(r he"*en%'
F"ther wi%% "%so !orgi*e
'o( 'o(r o!!ences1 23
/(t i! 'o( wi%% not !orgi*e en0 neither wi%% 'o(r F"ther !orgi*e 'o( 'o(r o!!ences1

5FLRS& !nM /(t i! 'o(
wi%% not !orgi*e0
neither wi%% 'o(r
F"ther 9ho is in
He"*en0 !orgi*e 'o(
'o(r sins1
This te:t is not !o(nd in the %"ter red(ctionist ss:b : C 5 W gi*ing e*idence it w"s "dded "!ter M"rkHs !irst edition o! his Gos$e%1
Since The Poem shows this te:t w"s not $"rt o! this disco(rse0 b(t sti%% *eri!ies th"t these were o(r LordHs words !ro the Seron on
the Mo(nt @which "re !o(nd in M"tthewHs Gos$e%A this te:t w"s inserted %"ter "t %e"st b' soeone who knew o! its "(thenticit'
@ost %ike%' b' Peter hise%!A0 i! on%' bec"(se it !it so $er!ect%' with the s(bKect o! !orgi*eness1 This "tter o! !orgi*eness w"s o!
$"rtic(%"r interest to Peter1
"4T): This "br($t bre"k in ,hristHs te"ching on tr(sting God in res$ect to "teri"% "tters w"s occ"sioned b' the disr($tion c"(sed b' the i$(dent
M"gd"%ene "nd the crowdHs "ngr' re"ction to her1 Yo( wi%% notice th"t !or this re"son M"tthew $%"ced this te:t right "!ter his "cco(nt o! the LordHs
$r"'er @2521A1 M"rk $%"ces it "!ter 'et "nother o! ,hristHs te"ching on !orgi*eness @57C1A1 Another incredib%e indic"tion o! the "(thenticit' o! The
AB. E Mch0 Th(0 AD C5 (.4.M. Do "ot Worry about 8our 5i!e D Ne"r Arbe%" 26CG$12F5
MT F 881TU2>71
53 There!ore ) s"' to 'o(0 be not "n:io(s !or 'o(r %i!e0 wh"t 'o( sh"%% e"t0 nor !or 'o(r bod'0 wh"t 'o( sh"%% $(t
on1 )s not %i!e ore th"n !ood "nd the bod' ore th"n the r"ient Lwhich on%' co*ers itMB 5F /eho%d the birds o! the
"ir0 !or the' neither sow0 nor do the' re"$0 nor g"ther into b"rns0 'et 'o(r he"*en%' F"ther !eeds the1 Are not
'o( o! (ch ore *"%(e th"n the'B 56 And which o! 'o(0 b' t"king tho(ght0 c"n "dd to his st"t(re the s"%%est
e"s(re Lor "dd to his s$"n o! %i!eMBD 54 And !or r"ient0 wh' "re 'o( worriedB ,onsider the %i%ies o! the !ie%d0 how
the' grow1 The' %"bor not0 neither do the' s$in Lto cre"te their own co*eringsM1 58 /(t ) s"' to 'o( th"t not e*en
So%oon in "%% his g%or' w"s "rr"'ed "s one o! these1 C> And i! the gr"ss o! the !ie%d0 which is here tod"' "nd
toorrow is c"st into the !(rn"ce0 how (ch ore wo(%d God so c%othe 'o( Lwhen 'o( need itM0 O 'o( o! %itt%e
!"ithB C2 /e not "n:io(s0 there!ore0 s"'ing: 9h"t sh"%% we e"tB Or: 9h"t sh"%% we drinkB Or: 9ith wh"t sh"%%
we be c%othedB C5 For "!ter "%% these things do the he"then seek1 For 'o(r F"ther knows th"t 'o( h"*e need o! "%%
these things1 CC Seek !irst0 there!ore0 the -ingdo o! God "nd His righteo(sness "nd "%% these other things sh"%%
be gi*en to 'o( in "ddition1 C7 /e not there!ore "n:io(s !or toorrow !or toorrow wi%% h"*e Leno(gh o!M its own
"n:ieties1 S(!!icient !or e"ch d"'D is its own concerns1
DHis span o! li!eQ There is s($$ort !or this "ddition"% tho(ght in The Poem" The smallest measure: %iter"%%'0 <one c(bit0= b(t
tod"' we wo(%d s"' <one inch= so the tho(ght is "s tr"ns%"ted1
D(u!!iient: An:iet' "nd concern in itse%! is not wrong1 )t is on%' (se%ess "nd need%ess worr' th"t is wrong0 or not doing the right
thing with these eotion"% <sign"%s1= These eotion"% sign"%s re;(ire "n inte%%igent choice to con!ident%' "sk !or GodHs wisdo "nd
!"ith to res$ond $ro$er%' to the distressing occ"sion b(t "%so to !(%%' tr(st God !or "%% we h"*e not -een called in the crisis to "ddressP
9orries "bo(t $rob%es0 o(t o! 'o(r contro%0 %ike worr'ing "bo(t toorrows $rob%es "re "%w"'s wrong1

AA. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. 8ou Cannot (erve God and Mammon D Ne"r Arbe%"
MT F 2>>1TU841
57 No "n c"n ser*e two "sters1 For either he wi%% h"te the one "nd %o*e the other0 or he wi%% s(st"in the one
"nd des$ise the other1 Yo( c"nnot ser*e God "nd "on1
,++. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. The 5ight o! the :ody is the )ye # Ne"r Arbe%" 267"G$126>
55 The %ight Lthe g(iding (nderst"ndingM !or 'o(r bod'
is 'o(r e'e1 )! 'o(r e'e is sing%e Lwith $(re *isionM0
'o(r who%e bod' sh"%% be Ldi*ine%'M %ightened1 5C
/(t i! 'o(r e'e is e*i% 'o(r who%e bod' sh"%% be
d"rkened L"nd do e*i% thingsM1 )! then the %ight Lthe
g(iding (nderst"ndingM th"t is in 'o(0 be d"rkness0
how gre"t sh"%% th"t d"rkness be L!or it wi%% d"rken
'o(r entire bod' "nd "%% its "ctionsMP
L- 22 28C1TU28C1
C7 The %ight Lthe g(iding (nderst"ndingM !or 'o(r bod' is 'o(r e'e1 )! 'o(r e'e is
sing%e Lwith $(re *isionM0 'o(r who%e bod' sh"%% be Ldi*ine%'M en%ightened1 /(t i! 'o(r
e'e is e*i% 'o(r who%e bod' sh"%% be d"rkened L"nd do e*i% thingsM1 C3 T"ke heed
there!ore th"t the %ight Lthe g(iding (nderst"ndingM th"t is in 'o( becoes not
d"rkened1 CF )! then 'o(r who%e bod' is en%ightened h"*ing no $"rt in d"rkness0
the who%e bod' sh"%% be en%ightened0 "nd "s " bright %"$0 sh"%% en%ighten 'o(1
L(ke co$ied this te:t direct%' !ro M"tthew "nd !ro his origin"% record1 M"tthew !(rther
condensed wh"t he h"d origin"%%' written in his Ko(rn"% which itse%! w"s " gre"t condens"tion o!
+es(sH disco(rse1 See "%so the e:$%"n"tion in The est of the Gospel !tory1
,+,. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. Woe # Ne"r Arbe%"
L- F 4>"1TU
57 /(t woe to 'o( who "re rich0 !or 'o( h"*e 'o(r conso%"tion L"nd it wi%% (tter%' $erish "t 'o(r de"thMP
,+*. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. Woe # Ne"r Arbe%"
L- F TU4>b1
53 9oe to 'o( th"t "re !i%%ed0 !or 'o( sh"%% h(nger1 9oe to 'o( th"t now %"(gh0 !or 'o( sh"%% o(rn "nd wee$1
,+<. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. .esus on Divore and 5ust D Ne"r Arbe%"
MT 3 481TU8>1
56 Yo( h"*e he"rd th"t it w"s s"id to the o! o%d: 7o& shall not commit ad&ltery" 54 /(t ) s"' to 'o( th"t
whoe*er sh"%% %ook on " wo"n in order to %(st "!ter her h"s "%re"d' coitted "d(%ter' with her in his he"rt1 58
And i! 'o(r right e'e L'o(r *er' best e'eM sc"nd"%iIes 'o(0 $%(ck it o(t "nd c"st it !ro 'o(1 For it is better !or 'o(
th"t one o! 'o(r ebers sho(%d $erish0 r"ther th"n th"t 'o(r who%e bod' be c"st into He%%1 C> And i! 'o(r right
h"nd sc"nd"%iIes 'o(0 c(t it o!! "nd c"st it !ro 'o(0 !or it is better !or 'o( th"t one o! 'o(r ebers sho(%d
$erish0 r"ther th"n th"t 'o(r who%e bod' be c"st into He%%1 C2 And it h"s been s"id: 9hoe*er sh"%% $(t "w"' his
wi!e (st gi*e her " bi%% o! di*orce1 C5 /(t ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t whoe*er sh"%% $(t "w"' his wi!e0 e:ce$t !or the
c"(se o! !ornic"tion0 "kes her to coit "d(%ter' L!or she wi%% "%ost cert"in%' need to re"rr'M0 "nd he who sh"%%
"rr' her th"t is Lwrong%'M $(t "w"'0 coits "d(%ter'1
Contratual vs. (aramental Marriage: +es(s is s$e"king here to +ews be!ore the re#instit(tion o! the S"cr"ent"% "rri"ge in His
,h(rch which h"d been %ost in the F"%%1 He s"'s th"t !or the +ew0 di*orce "nd re"rri"ge were "%%owed !or the innocent $"rt' on%' in
the c"se o! !ornic"tion on the $"rt o! the other $"rt'1 +es(s "%so "%%owed the re"rri"ge o! the innocent wo"n who is wrong%'
di*orced b(t %"'s the g(i%t !or the "d(%ter' in*o%*ed in cre"ting the new bond "t the !eet o! the di*orcing $"rt'1 The S"cr"ent"%
"rri"ge0 howe*er0 r"ises "rri"ge to " higher %e*e%1 )t is not " contr"ct th"t c"n be broken i! the other $"rt' !"i%s to %i*e ($ to his or
her *ows0 it is " co*en"nt1 A!ter the "rri"ge cons("tion0 the coitent is (ncondition"%1 For ore on S"cr"ent"%
M"rri"ge: The Poem5 I&';@CD;@BX &'B@2DB@C
,+@. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. .udge "ot 5est 8ou be .udged # Ne"r Arbe%"
MT 6 841TU8C1
2 +.DGE not0 th"t 'o( "' not be K(dged1 5 For
with wh"t K(dgent 'o( K(dge0 'o( sh"%% be K(dged
"nd with wh"t e"s(re 'o( ete o(t Lto othersM0 it sh"%%
be e"s(red to 'o(1 C And wh' do 'o( st"re "t the
$"rtic%e th"t is in 'o(r brotherHs e'e "nd do not see the
be" th"t is in 'o(r own e'eB 7 Or how is it th"t 'o(
s"' to 'o(r brother: Let e c"st the $"rtic%e o(t o!
'o(r e'e0 whi%e " be" is in 'o(r own e'eB 3 Yo(
h'$ocrite0 c"st o(t !irst the be" in 'o(r own e'e "nd
then 'o( sh"%% see to c"st o(t the $"rtic%e !ro 'o(r
brotherHs e'e1 F Gi*e not th"t which is ho%' to dogs0
neither c"st 'o(r $e"r%s be!ore swine0 %est $erh"$s
the' tr"$%e the (nder their !eet "nd t(rn on 'o(
"nd rend 'o(1
L- F
C6 +(dge not0 "nd 'o( sh"%% not be K(dged1 ,onden not0 "nd 'o( sh"%% not be
condened1 Forgi*e0 "nd 'o( sh"%% be !orgi*en1 C4 Gi*e0 "nd it sh"%% be gi*en
to 'o(1 Yes0 in good e"s(re0 $ressed down0 sh"ken together "nd r(nning
o*er sh"%% the' gi*e into 'o(r bosoP For with the s"e e"s(re th"t 'o(
e"s(re0 it sh"%% be e"s(red to 'o( in ret(rn Lb(t o!ten in w"'s 'o( c"nnot
c"%c(%"te or co$rehendM1
C8 And He s$oke "%so to the " $ro*erb: ,"n the b%ind %e"d the b%indB Do
the' not both !"%% into the ditchB 7> The disci$%e or st(dent is not "bo*e his
"ster0 b(t e*er' disci$%e sh"%% be considered $er!ected0 i! he on%' becoes "s
his "ster1 72 And wh' do 'o( see the s$eck in 'o(r brotherHs e'e b(t do not
notice the be" th"t is in 'o(r own e'eB 75 Or how c"n 'o( s"' to 'o(r
brother: /rother0 %et e $(%% the s$eck o(t o! 'o(r e'e0 when 'o( do not see
the be" in 'o(r own e'eB Yo( h'$ocrite0 c"st !irst the be" o(t o! 'o(r own
e'e "nd then sh"%% 'o( see c%e"r%' to t"ke o(t the s$eck !ro 'o(r brotherHs
,+2. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. The House on a %o/ # Ne"r Arbe%" 267cG$124>
MT 6 2>6"1TU2>6b1
57 E*er' one0 there!ore0 who he"rs M' words "nd obe's the
sh"%% be %ike (nto to " wise "n who b(i%t his ho(se ($on " rock1
53 And when the r"in !e%% "nd the !%oods c"e0 "nd the winds
b%ew "nd be"t ($on th"t ho(se it !e%% not !or it w"s !o(nded on "
rock1 5F And e*er'one who he"rs M' words "nd obe's the not
sh"%% be %ike " !oo%ish "n who b(i%t his ho(se ($on the s"nd1 56
And when the r"in !e%%0 "nd the !%oods c"e0 "nd the winds b%ew
"nd be"t ($on th"t ho(se0 it !e%%0 "nd gre"t w"s its !"%%1
L- F 2>4b1TU2>61
76 E*er'one who coes to Me0 "nd who he"rs M' words0 "nd "cts
($on the0 ) wi%% show 'o( wh"t he is %ike1 74 He is %ike " "n
b(i%ding " ho(se0 who d(g dee$ "nd %"id the !o(nd"tion ($on "
rock1 And when " !%ood c"e0 the stre" be"t *eheent%' ($on
th"t ho(se0 b(t it co(%d not sh"ke it !or it w"s !o(nded on " rock1
78 /(t he who he"rs b(t does not "ct ($on the0 is %ike " "n
b(i%ding his ho(se ($on the e"rth witho(t " !o(nd"tion0 "g"inst
which the stre" be"t *eheent%'1 And so iedi"te%' it !e%%0 "nd
the r(in o! th"t ho(se
w"s co$%ete1
,+C. E Mch0 Fri0 AD C5 (.4.M. $ 5eper is Healed # Ne"r Arbe%" 263G$1242
MT 4 2>6b1TU2>41
2 AND when He h"d coe down !ro the o(nt"in0 gre"t crowds !o%%owed Hi1 5 And beho%d " %e$er c"e "nd worshi$ed Hi s"'ing:
Lord0 i! Yo( wi%% to do so0 Yo( c"n "ke e c%e"nP C And +es(s stretching !orth His h"nd0 to(ched hi s"'ing: ) wi%%1 /e "de c%e"nP
And iedi"te%' his %e$ros' w"s c%e"nsed1 7 Then +es(s s"id to hi: See th"t 'o( te%% no "n0 b(t go0 show 'o(rse%! to the $riest "nd
o!!er the gi!t which Moses co"nded !or " testion' (nto the1
,+;. E Mch0 S"t0 AD C5 (.4.M. "ot )veryone That (aith' 5ord 5ord # Ne"r Arbe%"
MT 6 451TU2>31
52 Not e*er'one who s"'s to Me: Lord0 LordP sh"%% enter into the -ingdo o! He"*en0 b(t he who does the
wi%% o! M' F"ther 9ho is in He"*en0 he sh"%% enter into the -ingdo o! He"*en1 55 M"n' wi%% s"' to Me in
th"t d"': Lord0 Lord0 h"*e not we $ro$hesied in Yo(r n"e0 "nd c"st o(t deons in Yo(r n"e0 "nd done "n'
ir"c%es in Yo(r n"eB 5C And then wi%% ) $ro!ess (nto the0 ) ne*er knew 'o(P LYo(r works were ne*er done o(t o!
%o*e !or Me b(t on%' to $roote 'o(rse%*es1M De$"rt !ro Me0 'o( th"t work ini;(it'P
MT 6 2>31TU2>F1
54 And it c"e to $"ss when +es(s h"d !(%%' ended these s"'ings0 the $eo$%e s"t "stonished "nd in "dir"tion
"t His doctrine0 58 !or He w"s te"ching the "s one h"*ing "(thorit' "nd not "s the scribes "nd Ph"risees1
L- 6
2" AND when He h"d
!inished His ess"ge
in the he"ring o! the
,+B. E Mch0 AD C5 The (ervant o! a Centurion is Healed D ,"$ern"( 266G$1248
MT 4 2>F1TU341
3 And when He h"d entered into ,"$ern"( there c"e to Hi "
LRo"nM cent(rion0 begging Hi0 F s"'ing: Lord0 ' ser*"nt %ies "t
hoe sick o! the $"%s' "nd is grie*o(s%' torented1 6 And +es(s s"id
to hi: ) wi%% coe "nd he"% hi1 4 And the cent(rion "nswering0
s"id: Lord0 ) " not worth' th"t Yo( sho(%d enter (nder ' roo! b(t
on%' s"' the word "nd ' ser*"nt sh"%% be he"%ed0 8 !or ) "%so " "
"n s(bKect to "(thorit' h"*ing (nder e so%diers "nd ) s"' to this
one: Go0 "nd he goes0 "nd to "nother: ,oe0 "nd he coes0 "nd to '
ser*"nt: Do this0 "nd he does it1 2> And +es(s he"ring this0 "r*e%ed0
"nd s"id to those who !o%%owed Hi: Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 )
h"*e not !o(nd s(ch gre"t !"ith in "%% )sr"e%P 22 And ) s"' to 'o( th"t
"n' sh"%% coe !ro the e"st "nd the west "nd sh"%% sit down with
Abr"h"0 )s""c0 "nd +"cob in the -ingdo o! He"*en0 25 b(t the
chi%dren o! the -ingdo Lthose in the co*en"ntPM sh"%% be c"st o(tside
into the d"rknessD where there sh"%% be wee$ing "nd gn"shing o!
teeth1 2C And +es(s s"id to the cent(rion: Go0 "nd "s 'o( h"*e
be%ie*ed0 so wi%% it be it done to 'o(1 And the ser*"nt w"s he"%ed "t
the s"e ho(r1
DThe co*en"nts o! God on%' gi*e (s s$eci"% gr"ce to he%$ (s to dr"w ne"r to God
"nd %i*e ho%' %i*es the' do not g("r"ntee eitherP /eing in the co*en"nt does not
g("r"ntee He"*en to "n'one nor does being o(tside the co*en"nt in this %i!e e"n
'o( wi%% in the end be denied He"*enP On%' those who die in " st"te o! ort"% sin
wi%% be denied He"*en "nd th"t wi%% be tr(e o! soe <who were once i%%(in"ted0
who h"*e t"sted "%so the he"*en%' gi!t0 "nd were "de $"rt"kers o! the Ho%'
S$irit= @Hebrews 7:7AP 9h"t then is the *"%(e o! the New /irth "nd the New
,o*en"nt in ,hristB )! soe wi%% be %ost des$ite the New /irth0 (%tit(des ore
wo(%d be %ost witho(t itP 9itho(t the Gos$e% o! ,hrist "n' $"g"ns in ort"% sin
who co(%d be s"*ed wi%% be %ost "nd "n' %i*ing (nder the b(rden o! *eni"% sin
wo(%d ne*er be set !ree !ro the in this %i!e "nd on%' "!ter (ch di!!ic(%t' in
2b He entered into ,"$ern"(1 5 Now " cert"in LRo"nM
cent(rion h"d " ser*"nt who w"s de"r to hi who w"s sick "nd
re"d' to die1 C And when he h"d he"rd o! +es(sH coing0 he
sent (nto Hi the r(%ing e%ders o! the +ews0 desiring Hi to
coe "nd he"% his ser*"nt1 7 And when the' c"e to +es(s0 the'
begged Hi e"rnest%'0 s"'ing to Hi: He is worth' th"t Yo(
sho(%d do this !or hi1 3 For he %o*es o(r n"tion "nd he h"s
b(i%t (s " s'n"gog(e1 F So +es(s went with the1 And when he
w"s now not !"r !ro the ho(se0 the cent(rion sent his !riends
to Hi0 s"'ing: Lord0 tro(b%e not Yo(rse%!0 !or ) " not worth'
th"t Yo( sho(%d enter (nder ' roo!1 6 For which re"son
neither did ) think 'se%! worth' to coe to Yo(1 /(t ere%'
s"' the word "nd ' ser*"nt sh"%% be he"%ed1 4 For ) "%so " "
"n s(bKect to "(thorit'0 h"*ing (nder e so%diers0 "nd ) s"' to
one: Go0 "nd he goes0 "nd to "nother: ,oe0 "nd he coes "nd
to ' ser*"nt: Do this0 "nd he does it1 8 9hen +es(s he"rd
this0 He "r*e%ed "t hi1 And t(rning "bo(t to the (%tit(de
th"t !o%%owed hi0 He s"id: Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 ) h"*e
not !o(nd s(ch gre"t !"ith0 not e*en in "%% )sr"e%P 2> And the'
who were sent0 h"*ing ret(rned to the ho(se0 !o(nd the ser*"nt
who h"d been sick0 who%eP
L- F 851TU2>31
7F And wh' c"%% Me0 Lord0 LordP "nd do not the things which )
,+A. M Mch0 AD C5 The Cost o! Disipleship D /' the Se" "t ,"$ern"( 264G$1282
24 And +es(s0 seeing gre"t crowds "bo(t
Hi0 g"*e orders to $"ss to the other
side Lo! the Se" o! G"%i%eeM1 28 There "
cert"in scribe c"e "nd s"id to hi:
M"ster0 ) wi%% !o%%ow Yo( where*er Yo(
wi%% go1 5> And +es(s s"id to hi: Fo:es
h"*e ho%es "nd the birds o! the "ir h"*e
nests0 b(t the Son o! M"n h"s nowhere
to %"' His he"d1 52 And "nother o! His
disci$%es s"id to Hi: Lord0 "%%ow e
!irst to go "nd b(r' ' !"ther1 55 /(t
+es(s s"id to hi: Fo%%ow Me "nd %et the
de"d b(r' their de"d1
L- 8 5581TU236"1
36 And it c"e to $"ss "s the' w"%ked in the w"'0 th"t " cert"in "n s"id to Hi: ) wi%%
!o%%ow Yo( where*er Yo( goP 34 +es(s s"id to hi: The !o:es h"*e ho%es "nd the birds o! the
"ir h"*e nests0 b(t the Son o! M"n h"s nowhere to %"' his he"dP 38 /(t He s"id to "nother:
Fo%%ow eP And he s"id: Lord0 "%%ow e !irst to go "nd to b(r' ' !"ther1 F> And +es(s s"id
to hi: Let the de"d b(r' their de"d1 /(t 'o( go "nd $re"ch the -ingdo o! GodP F2 And
"nother s"id: ) wi%% !o%%ow Yo(0 Lord0 b(t %et e !irst t"ke ' %e"*e o! those who "re "t '
ho(se1 F5 +es(s s"id to hi: No "n $(tting his h"nd to the $%o(gh "nd %ooking b"ck is !it !or
the -ingdo o! GodP
)n inter$reting "nd "$$%'ing this co(nci% o! o(r Lord we (st reeber th"t +es(s s"w the we"knesses in "%%
these en "nd knew how to best bring these things to their "ttention so the' co(%d be corrected1 Disci$%eshi$ is
d"ngero(s to those who o*er esti"te their strengths "nd "re b%ind to their we"knesses1 A disci$%e (st h"*e
reso%*ed to gi*e his "%% to the c"(se "nd (st be "b%e to honest%' %ook "t hise%! in order to "tt"in th"t obKecti*e1
,,+. M Mch0 AD C5 The 3arable o! the (o#er D /' the Se" "t /eths"id" 268G$1283
MT 2C 2741TU
2 THE SAME DAY L"s 2>81 "bo*eMD +es(s0
going o(t o! LPeterHsM ho(se0 s"t b' the se" side1
5 And gre"t crowds were g"thered "ro(nd Hi0
so th"t He went ($ into " bo"t "nd s"t1 And the
entire crowd stood on the shore1 C And He
s$oke to the "n' things in $"r"b%es0 s"'ing:
/eho%d the sower went !orth to sow1 7 And
whi%e he sowed0 soe seeds !e%% b' the w"'
side0 "nd the birds o! the "ir c"e "nd "te the
($1 3 And soe !e%% ($on ston' gro(nd0 where
the' h"d not (ch e"rth "nd the' s$r(ng ($
on%' iedi"te%' Lor witho(t %"stingM bec"(se the'
h"d no de$th o! e"rth1 F /(t when the s(n w"s
($ the' were scorched "nd bec"(se the' h"d no
root the' withered "w"'1 6 And others !e%%
"ong thorns1 And the thorns grew ($ "nd
choked the1 4 And others !e%% ($on good
gro(nd0 "nd the' bro(ght !orth !r(it0 soe "
h(ndred#!o%d0 soe si:t'#!o%d0 "nd soe thirt'#
!o%d1 8 He who h"s e"rs to he"r0 %et hi he"rP
DThe same day: According to The Poem this re!ers to
his "cco(nt o! +es(s instr(cting three en on
disci$%eshi$ in 4:28#551 M"tthew there!ore c(t "nd
re"rr"nged this "nd the $re*io(s te:t !ro " %onger
chrono%ogic"% te:t witho(t odi!'ing it1 M"rk "nd
L(ke odi!' the te:t to !it the new conte:t in which
the' $%"ce it1 The Poem cert"in%' does not !o%%ow wh"t
wo(%d be e:$ected in "n' h("n reconstr(ction o! the
M- 7 2741TU
2 AND "g"in He beg"n to te"ch b' the se"
side "nd " gre"t crowd h"d g"thered
together (nto Hi0 so th"t He went ($ into
" shi$ "nd s"t there on the se" whi%e the
crowd w"s ($on the %"nd b' the se" side1 5
And He t"(ght the "n' things in
$"r"b%es0 "nd in His te"ching He s"id to
the: C Listen "%% o! 'o(1 /eho%d0 " sower
went o(t to sow1 7 And "s he sowed soe
!e%% b' the w"' side "nd the birds o! the "ir
c"e "nd "te it ($1 3 And other LseedM !e%%
($on ston' gro(nd0 where it h"d not (ch
e"rth "nd it shot ($ iedi"te%'1 /(t
bec"(se it h"d no de$th o! e"rth0 F when
the s(n h"d risen0 it w"s scorched "nd
bec"(se it h"d no root Ldee$ eno(gh to !ind
w"terM0 it withered "w"'1 6 And soe !e%%
"ong thorns1 And the thorns grew ($
"nd choked it0 "nd it 'ie%ded no !r(it1 4
And soe !e%% ($on good gro(nd "nd
bro(ght !orth !r(it1 )t s$r"ng ($ "nd
incre"sed "nd 'ie%ded !r(it0 soe thirt'0
soe si:t'0 "nd soe "n h(ndred !o%d1 8
And He s"id: He who h"s e"rs to he"r0 %et
hi he"rP
L- 4 2CC1TU
7 And "s " *er' gre"t (%tit(de w"s
g"thering together0 h"stening o(t o! the
s(rro(nding cities (nto Hi0 He s$oke
to the b' " $"r"b%e1 3 The sower
went o(t to sow his seed1 And "s he
sowed0 soe !e%% b' the w"' side0 "nd
it w"s trodden down0 "nd the !ow%s o!
the "ir de*o(red it1 F And other seed
!e%% ($on " rock0 "nd "s soon "s it h"d
s$r(ng ($ it withered "w"' bec"(se it
h"d no oist(re1 6 And other seed !e%%
"ong thorns0 "nd the thorns growing
($ with it choked it1 4 And other seed
!e%% ($on good gro(nd0D "nd h"*ing
s$r(ng ($0 it 'ie%ded !r(it "
h(ndred!o%d1 S"'ing these things0 he
cried o(t: He who h"s e"rs to he"r0 %et
hi he"rP
DThe good ground0 "%%owing the seed not
on%' to s$ro(t @which e"ns to (nderst"nd
"nd recei*e the 9ordA0 b(t "%so to be"r !r(it0 is
the he"rt th"t h"s the wi%% to "ct on wh"t the
9ord is re;(iring1 There is no K(sti!ic"tion !or
$"st sin witho(t " lo+in' s&-mission to
,hrist and o-edience1 See *123 "nd +"es
5:27#5F "nd Acts 5:C4 where /"$tis is the
"ct re;(ired "nd th"t indic"tes " wi%%ingness
to s&-mit to ,hrist$s a&thority in His
,,,. M Mch0 AD C5 .esus )0plains the 3arable o! the (o#er # PeterHs Hoe0 /eths"id" 24>G$15>>
MT 2C TU22C1
2> And His Disci$%es c"e "nd s"id to Hi:
9h' do Yo( s$e"k to the in $"r"b%esB 22
He "nswered "nd s"id to the: /ec"(se to
'o( it is gi*en to know the 'steries o! the
-ingdo o! He"*en0 b(t to the it is not
gi*en1 25 For he who h"s L"de " s$irit("%
incre"seM0 to hi sh"%% be gi*en0 "nd he sh"%%
"bo(nd b(t he who h"s not L"de "n incre"seM0
!ro hi sh"%% be t"ken "w"' th"t "%so which
he h"d Lorigin"%%'M1 2C There!ore0 ) s$e"k to
the in $"r"b%es0 bec"(se seeing the' see
not0 "nd he"ring the' he"r not0 neither do
the' (nderst"nd1 LThe' see "nd he"r with their
o(ter e'es "nd e"rs b(t not with the e'es "nd e"rs o!
their he"rts0 "cce$ting the LordHs te"ching "s *"%id
"nd ob%ig"tor'1 To re"%%' see "nd he"r the tr(th
e"ns 'o( wi%% s(bit to it "nd obe' it1M 27 And
the $ro$hec' o! )s"i"h is !(%!i%%ed in the0
who s"id: 8y hearin' yo& shall hear, -&t
shall not &nderstand, and seein' yo& shall
see, -&t shall not percei+e1 23 Gor the heart
of this people has 'ro)n fat )ith
insensiti+ity, and )ith their ears they ha+e
-een d&ll of hearin', and their eyes they
ha+e sh&t, lest at anytime they sho&ld see
)ith their eyes, and hear )ith their ears, and
&nderstand )ith their heart, and -e
con+erted, and I sho&ld heal them1 Z)s"i"h F:8#
2>[ LSee *er' i$ort"nt note in M"rkHs "cco(nt1M
M- 7
2> And when He w"s "%one0 the Twe%*e who were with Hi "sked
Hi "bo(t the $"r"b%e1 22 And He s"id to the: To 'o( it is gi*en
to know the 'ster' o! the -ingdo o! God0 b(t !or the good o!
those th"t "re witho(t0 "%% things "re gi*en in $"r"b%es0 25 th"t they
may see, -&t see and not percei+e, and hear, -&t hear and not
&nderstand, lest at anytime they sho&ld -e con+erted, and their
sins sho&ld -e for'i+en them" Z)s"i"h F:8#2>[
The Lord e:$%"ins th"t He hid (ch o! His te"ching bec"(se "n' )sr"e%ites0 "s
the Lord describes o! the )sr"e%ites in )s"i"hHs d"'0 were not re"d' to recei*e it0
bec"(se the' were not $re$"red to be 'en&inely or completely con*erted !ro
their wrong w"'s1 Their con*ersion wo(%d be no ore th"n "n e:tern"%
con!orit' (ch %ike the con*ersion o! the $h"r"oh o! the E:od(s wo(%d h"*e
been h"d God $ressed ($on hi " %onger d(r"tion o! the $%"g(es @See
Ro18:55#5CA1 For this re"son the Lord in )s"i"hHs d"' "s +es(s here decides
He wi%% g"in ore so(%s !or the -ingdo o! God in the %ong r(n b' %etting
K(dgent !"%% on the n"tion o! )sr"e% th"n b' s"*ing it o*er wh"t he knew wo(%d
on%' be "n essenti"%%' !orced0 h"%! he"rted con*ersion1 +es(s did not w"nt these
to $ercei*e "nd (nderst"nd "%% His te"chings bec"(se the' wo(%d recei*e it
ere%' to esc"$e " n"tion"% K(dgent not o(t o! %o*e !or God or others1 This
insight brings o(t " *er' i$ort"nt !"ct1 Di*ine K(dgents on n"tions "nd
$eo$%es "re "*erted e*en i! the re$ent"nce o! $eo$%es "re h"%! he"rted "nd %e"ds
on%' to ere e:tern"% con!orit' to the %"ws o! God1 9e "%so (st reeber0
howe*er0 God h"s " right "nd e*en " or"% d(t' to withho%d !ro wi%%!(%
sinners or n"tions the gr"ce needed to e!!ect s(ch h"%! he"rted con!orit' when
bringing K(dgent on the wi%% e!!ect " gre"ter re$ent"nce or or"% con!orit'
in other $eo$%es @Ro122:22#25A1 Th"t K(dgent itse%! "' "t the %"st oent
bring soe e*en in ort"% sin to re$ent"nce resc(ing the !ro etern"%
d"n"tion1 )t is GodHs %o*e !or the good o! the ost whi%e "int"ining K(stice
th"t go*erns "%% God does1
L- 4 TU68"1
8 And His
Disci$%es "sked
Hi wh"t this
$"r"b%e ight
e"n1 2> To the
He s"id: To 'o( it
is gi*en to know
the 'ster' o! the
-ingdo o! God0
b(t to the rest Lthe
tr(th is to be %e!tM in
$"r"b%es0 that
seein' they may
not see, and
hearin' they may
not &nderstand"
HIsa"659-13I LTh"t
the' "' see "nd he"r
on%' in $"rt1 See note
in M"rkHs "cco(nt1
2F /(t b%essed "re 'o(r e'es0 bec"(se the' see0
"nd 'o(r e"rs0 bec"(se the' he"r1 26 For ost
"ss(red%'0 ) s"' to 'o(0 "n' $ro$hets "nd K(st en
h"*e desired to see the things th"t 'o( see0 b(t
h"*e not seen the "nd to he"r the things th"t 'o(
he"r b(t h"*e not he"rd the1
24 He"r0 there!ore0 the $"r"b%e o! the sower1 28
9hen "n' one he"rs the 9ord o! the -ingdo "nd
(nderst"nds it not0 there coes the wicked one "nd
c"tches "w"' th"t which w"s sown in his he"rt1
This is he who recei*ed the seed b' the w"' side1
5> And he who recei*ed the seed ($on ston'
gro(nd is he who he"rs the 9ord0 "nd Lbe%ie*ingM0
iedi"te%' recei*es it with Ko'1 52 Yet he h"s no
root in hise%! LHe h"s no reso%*e or coitent o! wi%%
to obedienceM0 so this LKo' "nd enth(si"s th"t coes with
!"ithM is on%' !or " tie "nd when there "rises
trib(%"tion "nd $ersec(tion bec"(se o! the 9ord0 he
is iedi"te%' sc"nd"%iIed1 55 And he who
recei*ed the seed "ong thorns is he who he"rs the
9ord0 b(t the c"re o! this wor%d "nd the
deceit!(%ness o! riches choke o(t the 9ord0 "nd he
becoes !r(it%ess1 5C /(t he who recei*es the seed
($on good gro(nd LHe who h"s the wi%% "nd reso%*e to
obe' wh"t !"ith in the 9ord re;(iresM0 is he who he"rs
the 9ord0 "nd (nderst"nds0 "nd Lwhose obedience to
the !"ithM be"rs !r(it1 L<F"ith witho(t works is de"dP=
+"es 5:5FM Soe 'ie%ding " h(ndred#!o%d0 "nd
"nother si:t'#!o%d0 "nd "nother thirt'#!o%d1 LL(keHs
"cco(nt "kes +es(s te"ching e*en c%e"rer on this $oint b'
"dding th"t those who "re the <good gro(nd= "re those who
"!ter he"ring the !"ith gi*ing 9ord "%so <kee$ it1= Lk14:23M
M- 7
2C Then He s"id to the: Are 'o( witho(t
(nderst"nding e*en o! this $"r"b%eB How then sh"%% 'o(
(nderst"nd "n' o! M' $"r"b%esB 27 He who sows0 is one
who sows the 9ord LMe0 the ,hristPM1 23 And those who
recei*e the seed b' the w"' side "re those when "s soon
"s the' h"*e he"rd0 S"t"n iedi"te%' "$$ro"ches "nd
t"kes "w"' the 9ord th"t w"s sown in their he"rts1
LThese on%' recei*e @he"rA the 9ordG,hrist with their e"rs not their
he"rts1M 2F And those who recei*e the seed on the ston'
gro(nd "re the' who0 when the' h"*e he"rd the 9ord0
iedi"te%' recei*e it Lthe' be%ie*e "nd "cce$t the
9ordG,hristM with Ko'1 26 /(t the' h"*e no root Lwi%% or
deterin"tionM in these%*es Lto s(st"in the 9ord b' tr(e
s(bission to itM0 b(t end(re Lin its Ko'M on%' !or " tie "nd
then when trib(%"tion "nd $ersec(tion "rise !or the 9ord
the' "re iedi"te%' sc"nd"%iIed1 LThese !"i% to obe' wh"t
the' know the 9ord @or !"ithA re;(ires o! the tho(gh the' h"*e
been gi*en the gi!t o! !"ith moti+atin' the to obe'1 Neither "re
these K(sti!ied !or !"ith witho(t works is de"d1 +"es15:26#5FM 24
And those who recei*e the seed on the thorn' gro(nd
"re those who he"r the 9ord0 28 b(t the c"res o! the
wor%d0 "nd the deceit!(%ness o! riches0 "nd the %(sts
"!ter other things entering in choke the 9ord0 "king it
!r(it%ess1 LThese "%so "!ter recei*ing the 9ordG,hrist !"i% to obe'
wh"t the' know the 9ord @or !"ithA re;(ires o! the0 so neither "re
these K(sti!ied1 +"es15:26#5FM 5> And those who recei*e
the seed on the good gro(nd "re those who he"r the
9ord0 "nd recei*e it LHiM0 "nd Lin "dditionPM 'ie%d !r(it
Lb' 'ie%ding in obedience to the di*ine oti*"ting in!%(ence o! the
!"ith the' h"*e re%ie*edM0 soe 'ie%ding thirt'#!o%d0 others
si:t'#!o%d0 "nd others " h(ndred!o%d LThis !r(it is the
e*idence o! oneHs K(sti!ic"tion bec"(se it is $rod(ced b' oneHs
obedient res$onse to the 9ord "nd the en"b%ing gi!t o! !"ith He
i$"rted1 See the !r(it o! the S$irit: G"%13:55#571M
L- 4
22 Now the $"r"b%e is
this: The seed is the 9ord
o! God1 25 And the' b' the
w"' side "re the' who
he"r b(t then the De*i%
coes "nd t"kes the 9ord
o(t o! their he"rts %est
be%ie*ing the' sho(%d be
s"*ed1 2C Now the' Lwho
recei*ed the seedM ($on the
rock "re the' who when
the' he"r0 recei*e the
9ord with Ko'0 b(t these
h"*e no roots0 !or the'
be%ie*e !or " whi%e b(t in
tie o! te$t"tion the'
!"%% "w"'1 27 And the'
Lwho recei*ed the seedM which
!e%% "ong thorns "re the'
who h"*e he"rd0 b(t going
their w"' the' "re choked
with the c"res the riches
"nd the $%e"s(res o! this
%i!e "nd 'ie%d no !r(it1 23
/(t the' Lwho recei*ed the
seedM on the good gro(nd
"re the' who in " good "nd
$er!ect L%o*ing "nd 'ie%dingM
he"rt0 "!ter he"ring L"nd
recei*ingM the 9ord0 do
kee$ it0 "nd bring !orth
!r(it in $"tience1
,,*. M Mch0 AD C5 The :aptist is Imprisoned the (eond and Final Time D +es(s He"rs the News "t /eths"id"
C81 M#L +"n0 AD C2 The /"$tistHs 2
)$risonent @76G$153CA
MT 27 2781TU27F1
C For Herod h"d L" 'e"r "nd 5 onths $re*io(s%'M "$$rehended
+ohn0 bo(nd hi0 "nd $(t hi into $rison0 bec"(se o!
Herodi"s0 his brotherHs wi!e1 7 For +ohn s"id to hi: )t is
not %"w!(% !or 'o( to h"*e herP 3 And Le*en tho(gh heM h"d "
ind to $(t hi to de"th0 he !e"red the $eo$%e bec"(se the'
esteeed hi "s " $ro$het1 LSo Herod %e!t hi in $rison !or 6
onths (nti% he w"s !reed thro(gh " bribe1 Here0 si: onths %"ter he
w"s "g"in "rrested "nd i$risoned !or 6 ore onths when he w"s
M- F
26 For Herod hise%! h"d sent o(t "nd "$$rehended +ohn0 "nd bo(nd hi
in $rison !or the s"ke o! Herodi"s0 the wi!e o! Phi%i$ his brother0 bec"(se he
h"d "rried her1 24 For +ohn h"d s"id to Herod: )t is not %"w!(% !or 'o( to
h"*e 'o(r brotherHs wi!eP 28 Now Herodi"s %"id sn"res !or hi desiring to
$(t hi to de"th b(t co(%d not0 !or Herod !e"red +ohn0 knowing hi to be
" K(st "nd ho%' "n "nd so ke$t hi Ls"!eM1 And when he he"rd hi L$re"chM0
he w"s (ch $er$%e:ed b(t he Lsti%%M he"rd hi g%"d%'1
,,<. M Mch0 AD C5 The 3arable o! the Wheat and Tares =Co/le? # -or"Ii 242G$1522
MT 2C In )lias9 =5evi9s? /ithen garden 2221TU2231
57 Another $"r"b%e He $ro$osed to the0 s"'ing: The -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto " "n who sowed good
seed in his !ie%d1 53 /(t whi%e his en were "s%ee$0 his ene' c"e "nd sowed cock%e Ld"rne%G t"resM "ong the
whe"t "nd went his w"'1 5F And when the b%"de h"d s$r(ng ($ "nd h"d bro(ght !orth !r(it0 then the cock%e "%so
w"s noticed1 56 And the ser*"nts o! the "ster o! the ho(se coing0 s"id to hi: Sir0 did 'o( not sow good seed
in 'o(r !ie%dB How then does it cont"in cock%e Ld"rne%G t"resMB 54 And he s"id to the: An ene' h"s done this1
And the ser*"nts s"id to hi: 9o(%d 'o( h"*e (s go "nd g"ther it ($B 58 And he s"id: No0 %est $erh"$s g"thering
($ the cock%e0 'o( "%so root ($ the whe"t with it1 C> A%%ow both to grow (nti% the h"r*est0 "nd in the tie o! the
h"r*est ) wi%% s"' to the re"$ers: G"ther ($ !irst the cock%e Ld"rne%G t"resM "nd bind it into b(nd%es to b(rn0 b(t the
whe"t g"ther into ' b"rn1
,,@. M Mch0 AD C5 .esus )0plains the 3arable o! the Wheat and the Tares D -or"Ii 242G$1525
MT 2C 2F61TU2C31
CF Then0 h"*ing sent "w"' the (%tit(des L!ro 2C:C> "bo*eM0 He c"e into the ho(se Lo! Le*i # ))0525M0D "nd His
Disci$%es c"e to Hi0 s"'ing: E:$o(nd to (s the $"r"b%e o! the cock%e Ld"rne%G t"resM o! the !ie%d1 C6 +es(s
"nswered "nd s"id to the: He who sows the good seed is the Son o! M"n0 C4 "nd the !ie%d is the wor%d1 And the
good seed "re the chi%dren o! the -ingdo1 The cock%es "re the chi%dren o! the wicked one0 C8 "nd the ene'
th"t sowed the is the De*i%1 LS"t"n $%"ces his $eo$%e "ong GodHs $eo$%e "t e*er' soci"% %e*e% "nd in e*er' soci"% str(ct(re
inc%(ding the ,h(rch1 There wi%% "%w"'s be " +(d"s soewhere ne"r (s1M /(t the h"r*est is the end o! the wor%d "nd the
re"$ers "re the "nge%s1 7> E*en "s the cock%e Ld"rne%G t"resM0 there!ore0 is g"thered ($ "nd b(rnt with !ire0 so sh"%%
it be "t the end o! the wor%d1 72 The Son o! M"n sh"%% send His "nge%s "nd the' sh"%% g"ther o(t o! His kingdo
"%% sc"nd"%s "nd those who work ini;(it'0 75 "nd sh"%% c"st the into the !(rn"ce o! !ire where there sh"%% be
wee$ing "nd gn"shing o! teeth1 7C Then sh"%% the K(st shine "s the s(n in the kingdo o! their F"ther1 He who
h"s e"rs to he"r0 %et hi he"rP1
DThe house o! 5evi: This is the ho(se o! the new disci$%e E%i"s @Le*iA who decided to !o%%ow +es(s
r"ther th"n "ttend his !"therHs !(ner"% @2>81A1 <The ho(se0= indic"tes M"tthew c(t this te:t !ro " ore co$%ete conte:t inc%(ding " $re*io(s re!erence1
The Poem c"tches this in(te b(t signi!ic"nt det"i%1
245G$523 # @M MchA # On His 9"' to M"gd"%"0 +es(s S$e"ks to Soe She$herds1
24CG$528 # @M MchA # +es(s "t M"gd"%"1 He Meets with M"r' M"gd"%ene the Second Tie1
,,2. M Mch0 AD C5 The 3arable o! the (eed Cast into the )arth and the Mustard (eed D M"gd"%" 247G$1553
MT 2C 22C1TU2F61
C2 Another $"r"b%e He set
!orth (nto the0 s"'ing: The
-ingdo o! He"*en is %ike
(nto " gr"in o! " (st"rd
seed which " "n took "nd
sowed in his !ie%d1 C5 )t is the
%e"st indeed o! "%% seeds0 b(t
when it is grown it is gre"ter
th"n "n' herb0 "nd becoes
" tree so th"t the birds o! the
"ir coe "nd dwe%% in its
M- 7 2381TU
5F And He s"id: The -ingdo o! God is "s i! " "n c"st seed into the soi% 56 then
contin(es Lhis d"i%' ro(tineM s%ee$ing "nd rising night "nd d"' whi%e the seed s$rings ($ "nd
grows witho(t his (nderst"nding how1 54 For the e"rth o! itse%! brings !orth !r(it0 !irst the
b%"de0 then the e"r0 then "!terw"rds the !(%% gr"in in the e"r1 58 /(t when the !r(it o!!ers
itse%! Lbeing ri$eM0 iedi"te%' he sends in the sick%e Lthe h"r*estersM0 bec"(se the h"r*est h"s
C> And He s"id: To wh"t sh"%% we co$"re the -ingdo o! GodB Or in wh"t $"r"b%e
sh"%% we e:$%"in itB C2 )t is "s " gr"in o! " (st"rd seed which0 when it is sown in the
e"rth0 is the s"%%est o! "%% the seeds th"t "re on e"rth1 C5 /(t when it is sown "nd it grows
($0 it becoes gre"ter th"n "%% the herbs "nd shoots o(t gre"t br"nches0 so th"t the birds o!
the "ir c"n dwe%% in its sh"de1 CC And with "n' s(ch $"r"b%es He s$oke to the the
9ord0 "ccording "s the' were "b%e to (nderst"nd1 C7" And He did not te%% the Lthe crowdsM
"n'thing witho(t " $"r"b%e1
L- 2C 2651TU2F6121
24 +es(s s"id there!ore:
9h"t is the -ingdo o!
God %ike0 "nd (nto wh"t
sh"%% ) co$"re itB 28
)t is %ike " gr"in o! "
(st"rd seed which "
"n took "nd c"st into
his g"rden1 And it grew
"nd bec"e " gre"t tree0
"nd the birds o! the "ir
%odged in its br"nches1
,,C. M Mch0 AD C5 .esus Calms the %aging (ea D Le"*ing M"gd"%" !or the Se" o! G"%i%ee 243G$15C>
MT 4
5C And when He entered
into the bo"t0 His Disci$%es
!o%%owed Hi1 57 And
beho%d " gre"t te$est "rose
in the se"0 so th"t the bo"t
w"s co*ered with w"*es0 b(t
He w"s "s%ee$1 53 So the'
c"e to Hi "nd "woke
Hi0 s"'ing: LordP S"*e (sP
9e "re $erishingP 5F And
+es(s s"id to the: O 'o( o!
%itt%e !"ith0 wh' "re 'o( so
!e"r!(%B Then rising ($ He
co"nded the winds "nd
the se"0 "nd there c"e "
gre"t c"%1 56 /(t the en
wondered0 s"'ing: 9h"t
"nner o! M"n is this !or the
wind "nd the se" obe's HiP
M- 7 TU
C7b /(t $ri*"te%' He e:$%"ined e*er'thing to His Disci$%es1 C3
And th"t d"'0 when e*ening h"d coe He Lbeing ne"r e:h"(stionM s"id
to the: Let (s $"ss o*er to the other side1 CF And sending "w"'
the crowd0 the' took Hi L"w"'M e*en "s He w"s L"%re"d'M in the
shi$0 "nd there were other shi$s with Hi"B C6 And there "rose "
gre"t wind stor "nd the w"*es be"t into the shi$ so th"t the shi$
w"s !i%%ing with w"ter1 C4 And +es(s w"s in the b"ck $"rt o! the
shi$ s%ee$ing ($on " L%e"therM c(shion1 And the' "woke Hi0 "nd
s"id to hi: M"ster0 does it not concern Yo( th"t we $erishBP C8
And rising ($0 He reb(ked the wind0 s"'ing to the se": Pe"ce0 be
sti%%P And the wind ce"sed "nd there w"s "de " gre"t c"%1 7>
Then He s"id to the: 9h' were 'o( so !e"r!(%B H"*e 'o( 'et no
!"ithB And the' were !i%%ed with gre"t "we "nd ho%' !e"r "nd s"id
one to "nother: 9ho is this th"t both wind "nd se" obe' hiBP
Dother boats: This is not entioned in The Poem b(t th"t "cco(nt does not
co*er the %e"*ing !ro M"gd"%" b(t $icks ($ when +es(s "nd the Disci$%es "re
"%re"d' "t se"1 Peter0 who re%"tes (ch o! his Gos$e% to M"rk0 w"s there "nd
(st h"*e entioned this "s the docks "t M"gd"%" were o!ten b(s' in the
e*ening with Ro"n $%e"s(re bo"ts "%w"'s "king Peter *er' "ngr'1 L(ke0
who w"s not there0 does not ention other bo"ts1
L- 4 274c1TU
55 And it c"e to $"ss on " cert"in
d"' th"t +es(s went into " %itt%e shi$
with His Disci$%es1 And He s"id to
the: Let (s go o*er to the other side
o! the %"ke LSe" o! G"%i%eeM1 So the'
%"(nched !orth1 5C And "s the' were
s"i%ing0 He s%e$t1 And there c"e
down " stor o! wind ($on the %"ke
"nd the' were being !i%%ed with w"ter
"nd were in d"nger1 57 And the' c"e
"nd woke Hi0 s"'ing: M"ster0 we "re
$erishingP /(t0 He "rising0 reb(ked
the wind "nd the r"ging o! the se"0 "nd
it ce"sed0 "nd there w"s c"%1 53 And
He s"id to the: 9here is 'o(r !"ithB
And the' being "!r"id Lto s$e"kM0
wondered0 s"'ing one to "nother: 9ho
then is this 9ho co"nds both the
winds "nd the se"
"nd the' obe' HiBP
LM#L M"rch # +es(s "nd the Disci$%es e*"nge%iIe in " wide "re" "ro(nd the Se" o! G"%i%ee "nd go to ,"$ern"( "s $roised ))05>4052>M1

,,;. E A$r0 Th(0 AD C5 T#o Demonias' 4ne !rom Gerasha' Delivered # Tow"rd G""%" 24F G$15CF
MT 4 TUF51
54 And when He
"rri*ed on the other side
o! the w"ter0 into the
co(ntr' o! the Ger"sens0 there et Hi two T who
were $ossessed with deons0 coing o(t o! the
se$(%chers1 The' were e:ceeding%' !ierce0 so th"t
none co(%d $"ss b' th"t w"'1 58 And beho%d the'
cried o(t0 s"'ing: 9h"t h"*e we to do with Yo(0 +es(s Son o!
GodBP H"*e Yo( coe here to torent (s be!ore the tieBP
C> And there w"s not !"r !ro the " herd o! "n' swine
!eeding1 C2 And the deons begged Hi0 s"'ing: )! Yo(
c"st (s o(t0 send (s into
the herd o! swine1
C5 And He s"id to
the: GoP So the' going
o(t went into the swine0
"nd beho%d the who%e
herd r"n *io%ent%' down
" stee$ $%"ce into the
se"0 "nd the' $erished
in the w"ter1
CC And the' th"t ke$t
the !%ed0 "nd coing
into the cit'0 to%d
e*er'thing0 "nd
concerning those who
h"d been $ossessed b'
the deons1 C7 And
beho%d the who%e cit'
went o(t to eet +es(s0
"nd when the' s"w
Hi0 the' begged Hi
th"t He wo(%d de$"rt
!ro their %"nd1
MT 8
2" AND entering into "
bo"t0 He $"ssed o*er
Lthe Se" o! G"%i%ee to
DThere were two de%i*ered b(t
Mk "nd Lk do not ention the
other0 we $res(e bec"(se
"ccording to The Poem he did
not iedi"te%' !o%%ow +es(s1
M- 3
2 AND the' c"e
L!ro ,"$ern"(M o*er
the str"it o! the se"D
into the co(ntr' o! the
Ger"senes1 5 And "s
He got o(t o! the shi$0
iedi"te%' there et
Hi o(t o! the tobs "
"n with "n (nc%e"n
s$irit0 C who "de his
dwe%%ing in the tobs0
"nd no "n now co(%d
bind hi0 not e*en
with ch"ins1 7 For
h"*ing been o!ten
bo(nd with sh"ck%es
"nd ch"ins0 he h"d
broken the ch"ins "nd
broken the sh"ck%es in
$ieces0 so no one co(%d
contro% hi1 3 And d"'
"nd night in the tobs
"nd in the o(nt"ins
he contin("%%' cried
"nd c(t hise%! with
stones1 Dstrait o! the
sea: This is where the
($$er +ord"n enters the Se"
o! G"%i%ee !ro %"ke
Meron1 The Poem
con!irs this ro(te !ro
the N9 o! the Se" to the
SE side @))0$15CCA1
F And seeing +es(s "!"r o!!0 he r"n "nd worshi$ed
Hi1 6 And cr'ing with " %o(d *oice0 he s"id:
9h"t h"*e ) to do with Yo(0 +es(s0 the Son o! the
Most High GodBP ) "dK(re Yo( b' God th"t Yo(
torent e notP 4 For +es(s h"d s"id to hi: Go
o(t o! the "n0 'o( (nc%e"n s$iritP
8 And +es(s "sked hi: 9h"t is 'o(r n"eB And
he "nswered Hi: M' n"e is Legion0 !or we "re
"n'P 2> And he begged Hi re$e"ted%'0 th"t He
wo(%d not dri*e hi "w"' o(t o! the co(ntr'1
22 And there w"s there ne"r the o(nt"in0 " gre"t
herd o! swine !eeding1 25 And the s$irits begged
Hi0 s"'ing: Send (s into the swine th"t we "'
enter into theP 2C And +es(s iedi"te%' g"*e
the $erission1 And the (nc%e"n s$irits0 going
o(t0 entered into the swine0 "nd the herd0 being
"bo(t two tho(s"nd0 w"s c"rried he"d%ong with
gre"t *io%ence into the se" "nd were drowned1
27 And the' who !ed the swine !%ed "nd to%d it in
the cit' "nd in the co(ntr' side1 And those who
he"rd went o(t to see wh"t h"d been done1 23 And
the' c"e to +es(s "nd s"w hi who h"d been
tro(b%ed b' the De*i%0 sitting c%othed "nd in his
right ind0 "nd the' were "!r"id1D 2F And the'
who h"d seen it0 to%d the0 how the "n who h"d
the deons h"d been de"%t with "nd concerning the
swine1 26 And the' beg"n to beg Hi th"t He
wo(%d de$"rt !ro their %"nd. Da!raid: M"n' "ong
this crowd "de their %i*ing r"ising swine which the' knew
w"s " !orbidden !ood (nder +ewish %"w "nd inste"d o!
th"nksgi*ing !or the de%i*ered "n the' were $ossessed b' "
!e"r o! %osing ore o! their swineP
24 And when He ste$$ed into the shi$0 he who
h"d been tro(b%ed with the deons0 beg"n to beg
Hi th"t he ight be with Hi1 28 /(t He
"ditted hi not Linto their co$"n'M0 b(t s"id to
hi: Go into 'o(r ho(se to 'o(r !riends "nd te%%
the wh"t gre"t things the Lord h"s done !or 'o(
"nd th"t He h"s h"d erc' on 'o(1 5> So he went
his w"' "nd beg"n to $roc%"i in Dec"$o%is wh"t
gre"t things +es(s h"d done !or hi1 And "%% who
he"rd wondered1
L- 4
5F And the' s"i%ed L!ro ,"$ern"(M to the co(ntr'
o! the Ger"senes0 which is L"cross the %"keM !ro
G"%i%ee1 56 And when +es(s h"d coe !orth onto
the %"nd there He et " cert"in "n who h"d h"d "
deon " *er' %ong tie1 He wore no c%othes0
neither did he %i*e in " ho(se0 b(t "ong the
se$(%chers1 54 And when he s"w +es(s he !e%%
down be!ore Hi0 "nd cr'ing o(t with " %o(d *oice0
he s"id: 9h"t h"*e ) to do with Yo(0 +es(s0 Son o!
the ost high GodBP ) beseech Yo(0 do not torent
eP 58 For +es(s h"d co"nded the (nc%e"n
s$irit to go o(t o! the "n1 For re$e"ted%' the
deon h"d seiIed hi so th"t he h"d to be bo(nd
with ch"ins "nd ke$t in !etters0 tho(gh bre"king the
ch"ins0 he w"s dri*en b' the De*i% into deserted
C> And +es(s "sked hi0 s"'ing: 9h"t is 'o(r
n"eB And he s"id: Legion0 !or "n' deons h"d
entered into hi1 C2 And the deons begged Hi
th"t He wo(%d not co"nd the to go into the
Ab'ss1 LThe $byss: A%so c"%%ed the </otto%ess Pit=
@Re*18:205022A1 This wi%% be the $%"ce o! the (%ti"te "nd
!in"% doo !or e*i% s$irits0 the !"%%en "nge%s who be!ore the
cre"tion o! "n sided with L(ci!er in rebe%%ion "g"inst God
@)s"125:27#5>E Re*125:7A "nd were c"st down to the e"rth cre"ting
the d"rkness on the !"ce o! the dee$ in Genesis 2:51 The Ab'ss
sees to h"*e been cre"ted origin"%%' !or those deons who !e%% into
e*en gre"ter e*i% "nd <ke$t not their !irst st"te b(t !orsook their own
h"bit"tion= "nd corr($ted "nkind $rior to the Gre"t F%ood
@Gen1F:5#7A "nd were0 there!ore0 <reser*ed (nder d"rkness in
e*er%"sting ch"ins0 (nto the K(dgent o! the gre"t d"'= @+(de FA1M
C5 Now there w"s there " herd o! "n' swine !eeding on
the o(nt"in1 And the' begged Hi th"t He wo(%d "%%ow
the to enter into the1 So He "%%owed the1 CC The
deons0 there!ore0 went o(t o! the "n "nd entered into
the swine0 "nd the herd r"n *io%ent%' down " stee$ $%"ce
into the %"ke "nd were drowned1
C7 9hen the' who !ed the s"w this0 the' !%ed "w"' "nd
to%d it in the cit' "nd in the *i%%"ges1 C3 And the $eo$%e
went o(t to see wh"t h"d h"$$ened1 And the' c"e to
+es(s "nd !o(nd the "n0 o(t o! who the deons h"d
de$"rted0 sitting "t His !eet0 c%othed "nd in his right
ind0 "nd the' were "!r"id1 CF And the' "%so who h"d
seen Lwh"t h"d h"$$enedM0 to%d the how he h"d been
he"%ed !ro the %egion Lo! deonsM1 C6 And "%% the $eo$%e
o! the co(ntr' o! the Ger"senes begged Hi to de$"rt
!ro the0 !or the' were seiIed with gre"t !e"r1 And
+es(s0 going ($ into the shi$0 ret(rned b"ck "g"in Lto the
other side o! the %"ke to T"riche"M1
C4 Now the "n0 o(t o! who the deons h"d de$"rted0
begged +es(s th"t he ight be with Hi1 /(t +es(s sent
hi "w"'0 s"'ing: C8 Ret(rn to 'o(r ho(se "nd te%% wh"t
gre"t things God h"s done !or 'o(1 And he went thro(gh
the who%e cit'0 $(b%ishing wh"t gre"t things +es(s h"d
done !or hi1
DThe Poem gi*es re"son to M"rk "nd L(keHs o*er%ooking the other
deoni"c which M"tthew entions1 On%' one iedi"te%' !o%%ows
o(r Lord1

H)$DI"G T4 .)%>($5)M F4% 3$((4&)% D $D <*
246G$5C4 # @E A$r0Th(A # Tow"rds +er(s"%e !or the Second P"sso*er1 Fro T"riche" to Mt T"bor1
244G$57C # @E A$r0FriA # Fro T"bor to Endor in the ,"*e o! the Necro"ncer1 Enco(nter with Fe%i:0 9ho /ecoes +ohn o! Endor1
,,B. E A$r0 Fri0 AD C5 .esus %aises a Man From the Dead D N"in0 on the 9"' to +er(s"%e 248G$1535
L- 6 2>4"1TU273"1
22 And it c"e to $"ss "!terw"rds0 th"t He went into " cit' th"t is c"%%ed N"in0 "nd there went with Hi His
Disci$%es0 "nd " gre"t crowd1 25 And when He c"e nigh to the g"te o! the cit'0 beho%d " de"d "n w"s c"rried
o(t0 the on%' son o! his otherE "nd she w"s " widow1 And " gre"t crowd o! the cit' w"s with her1 2C And when
the Lord s"w her0 being o*ed with erc' tow"rds her0 He s"id to her: 9ee$ not1 27 And He c"e ne"r "nd
to(ched the !(ner"% bier1 And the' who c"rried it sto$$ed "nd stood sti%%1 And He s"id: Yo(ng "n0 ) s"' to 'o(0
"riseP 23 And he who w"s de"d s"t ($ "nd beg"n to s$e"k1 And He g"*e hi to his other1 2F And there c"e "
ho%' !e"r on the "%%0 "nd the' g%ori!ied God0 s"'ing: A gre"t $ro$het h"s risen ($ "ong (sP And: God h"s
*isited His $eo$%eP 26 And this r(or "bo(t Hi went !orth thro(gho(t "%% +(de" "nd thro(gho(t "%% the co(ntr'
ro(nd "bo(t1 24 And +ohnHs disci$%es to%d hi o! "%% these things1
"ote: +ohn h"s K(st been i$risoned the second tie in M"ch"er(s b(t w"s being w"tched o*er "nd in!ored b' the she$herd
disci$%es1 Fo(r onths %"ter in A(g(st AD C5 he wo(%d be behe"ded1
28>G$533 # @E A$r0FriA # Fro N"in to Esdr"e%on1 +es(s St"'s "t Mic"h_s1
,,A. E A$r0 S"t0 AD C5 The %ih Man and 5azarus D P%"in o! Esdr"%on 282G$15F2
L- 2F To the Poor Pe"s"nts o! ,r(e% Dor"s 28>1TU24Cb1
28 There w"s " cert"in rich "n who w"s c%othed in $(r$%e "nd !ine %inen "nd he !e"sted s($t(o(s%' e*er'
d"'1 5> And there w"s " cert"in begg"r n"ed L"I"r(s who %"' "t his g"te0 !(%% o! sores0 52 desiring on%' to be
!i%%ed with the cr(bs th"t !e%% !ro the rich "nHs t"b%e0 b(t which no one g"*e hi1 On%' the dogs c"e "nd
%icked his sores1
55 And it c"e to $"ss th"t the begg"r died "nd w"s c"rried b' the "nge%s into Abr"h"Hs boso LThe $%"ce in
H"desGSheo% o! rede$ti*e e:$ect"tionM1 And then the rich "n "%so died "nd he w"s b(ried1 And in H"des Lb(t the
%owest $"rt o! H"desGSheo% reser*ed !or the d"ned # Ps"143L4FM:2C0 Re*1 5>:2C#27M 5C h"*ing %i!ted ($ his e'es when he w"s in
torent0 he s"w Abr"h" "!"r o!! "nd L"I"r(s in his boso1 57 And he cried0 "nd s"id: F"ther Abr"h"0 h"*e
erc' on e "nd send L"I"r(s th"t he "' di$ the ti$ o! his !inger in w"ter to coo% ' tong(e !or ) "
torented in this !%"eP
53 And Abr"h" s"id to hi: Son0 reeber th"t 'o( recei*ed good things in 'o(r %i!etie0 "nd on the other
h"nd L"I"r(s recei*ed e*i% things0 b(t now he is co!orted "nd 'o( "re torented1 5F And besides "%% this0
between (s "nd 'o( there is !i:ed " gre"t ch"s so th"t the' who wo(%d desire to $"ss !ro here to 'o(0 or !ro
there to here c"nnot1
56 And he re$%ied: Then0 !"ther0 ) beseech 'o(0 th"t 'o( wo(%d send L"I"r(s to ' !"therHs ho(se !or ) h"*e !i*e
brethren0 54 th"t he "' testi!' to the %est the' "%so coe into this $%"ce o! torentP
58 And Abr"h" s"id to hi: The' h"*e Moses "nd the $ro$hets0 %et the he"r the1
C> /(t he s"id: No0 !"ther Abr"h"P /(t i! one went to the !ro the de"d the' wi%% re$entP
C2 And he s"id to hi: )! the' wi%% not he"r Moses "nd the $ro$hets0 neither wi%% the' be%ie*e i! one rose "g"in
!ro the de"d1
+es(s te%%s the "bo*e tr(e "cco(nt to soe se*ere%' o$$ressed $e"s"nts o! " rich "nd cr(e% Ph"risee1 This is not " $"r"b%e bec"(se
$"r"b%es do not (s("%%' inc%(de n"es "nd here we not on%' h"*e L"I"r(s0 b(t Abr"h" "nd Moses "nd " *er' re"% $%"ce c"%%ed
H"des1 /(t $"r"b%e or not0 +es(s wo(%d ne*er s$e"k o! we%% (nderstood "nd !ir%' be%ie*ed s$irit("% re"%ities "s tho(gh the' were
!"cts (n%ess the' were indeed !"cts1 +eho*"hHs 9itnesses den' conscio(s e:istence o! the h("n s$irit "!ter de"th1 To the conscio(s
e:istence coes on%' "!ter the <res(rrection= when the righteo(s "re "ct("%%' recre"tedP
FI" ($M$%I$ 7 ) $3%I5 $D <*G LPoe ,h"$ters 285#287M
285G$5F7 # @E A$r0MonA # Fro Esdr"e%on to Eng"nnin0 Sto$$ing "t Megiddo1
28CG$5F8 # @E A$r0T(e to 9edA # Fro Eng"nnin to Sheche in Two D"'s1
287G$56C # @E A$r0Th(A # Fro Sheche to /eeroth1
THI%D .>D)$" MI"I(T%8 7 * M4"TH( 7 ) $3%I5 D ) .>") $D <* LPoe ,h"$ters 283#55FM
,*+. E A$r0 AD C5 Heading to .erusalem D Thro(gh S""ri" to +er(s"%e 283G$1564
+N 3 671TU2561
2 AFTER these things L6C1#671MD w"s " !e"st d"' o! the +ews LP"sso*erM0 "nd +es(s went ($ to +er(s"%e1
D/(t +ohn "%so ski$s o*er "%% the rest o! the C
G"%i%e"n inistr' @631 # 2281A0 " 5 onth $eriod to coe here to +es(sH de$"rt(re to
F.)%>($5)M 7 ) D M $3%I5 $D <*G LPoe ,h"$ters 28F#5>FM
28FG$542 # @E A$r0S"tA # The S"bb"th "t Gethse"ne1
286G$548 # @E A$r0S"tA # )n the Te$%e "t the Ho(r o! the O!!ering1
284G$585 # @E A$r0S"tA # +es(s Meets His Mother "t /eth"n'1
288G$C>> # @M A$r0S(nA # +es(s Goes to the Le$ers o! Si%o" "nd /en Hinno1 The Power o! M"r'_s 9ord1
5>>G$C>8 # @M A$r0MonA # Ag%"e Meets the M"ster1
5>2G$C23 # @M A$r09edA # M"rKi"_s E:"in"tion1
5>5G$C5> # @M A$r0Th(A # At the Te$%e on the E*e o! P"sso*er1
,*,. M A$r0 Th(0 AD C5 The 4ur Father # L"I"r(sH P"%"ce in +er(s"%e !or the P"sso*er Me"% 5>CG$1C5F
8 Pr"'0 there!ore0 "!ter this "nner: O(r
F"ther 9ho "rt in He"*en0 h"%%owed be Th'
n"eP 2> M"' Th' kingdo coeP M"' Th'
wi%% be done on e"rth "s it is in He"*en1 22
Gi*e (s this d"' o(r d"i%'D bre"d0 25 "nd
!orgi*e (s o(r debts0 "s we "%so !orgi*e o(r
debtors1 2C And %e"d (s not into te$t"tion0
b(t de%i*er (s !ro e*i% Lor !ro the E*i% oneM1
Dsupersubstantial is the origin"% tr"ns%"tion in the
DGR "!ter "n' codices o! the &(%g"te0 b(t <d"i%'= is
!o(nd in others1 <D"i%'= is the w"' the Greek is
tr"ns%"ted1 ,ert"in%' this bre"d is " re!erence to th"t
which wi%% be necess"r' !or (s to s(r*i*e not on%'
$h'sic"%%' -&t also spirit&ally "nd on " d"' b' d"'
b"sis1 The E(ch"rist th(s t"kes no s(bordin"te $%"ce
in the e"ning "nd indeed !ro the *er' beginning
the E(ch"rist w"s t"ken d"i%' @Acts 5:7FA1
L- 22 2481TU
2 AND it c"e to $"ss th"t +es(s w"s in " cert"in $%"ce $r"'ing1 9hen He !inished0 one
o! His Disci$%es s"id to Hi: Lord0 te"ch (s to $r"' "s +ohn "%so t"(ght his disci$%es1 5
And He s"id to the: 9hen 'o( $r"'0 s"': 9&r F"ther0 )ho art in Hea+en, h"%%owed be
Th' n"e1 Th' kingdo coe on earth as it is in Hea+en1 C Gi*e (s this d"' o(r d"i%'
bre"d1 7 And !orgi*e (s o(r sins0 !or we "%so !orgi*e e*er'one who is indebted to (s1
And %e"d (s not into te$t"tion -&t sa+e &s from the (+il 9ne1
Missing lines in the 5ord9s 3rayer: According to The Poem, the words in it"%ics0 which we h"*e
"dded were c%e"r%' $"rt o! the origin"% $r"'er th"t +es(s t"(ght the Disci$%es e*en "s M"tthewHs Gos$e%
records it1 Th"t the %"ter red(ctionist ss1 @b : 5A %e!t o(t these %ines indic"tes "t th"t tie there were
soe ss1 th"t did not h"*e these %ines1 S(ch oissions c%e"r%' !"*or the *iew th"t L(keHs origin"% ss1
did not inc%(de the @he w"s not $resent when the $r"'er w"s gi*enA bec"(se we c"nnot i"gine how
the' co(%d h"*e in"d*ertent%' dro$$ed o(t or th"t "n'one wo(%d $(r$ose%' t"ke the o(t1 /(t the
ist"ke is "de in "ss(ing th"t L(ke hise%! did not %"tter "dd the %ines in " %"ter editionP ,ert"in%'
s(ch o*ersight b' L(ke wo(%d h"*e been c"(ght re%"ti*e%' soon "nd corrected0 tho(gh the shorted co$'
wo(%d h"*e been ;(ick%' co$ied "nd distrib(ted1 An' i$ro*ed or ore co$%ete %"ter edition sho(%d be
"cce$ted o*er " $re*io(s edition1 On%' i! we consider "dditions i%%egiti"te "nd "de b' (n"(thoriIed
$ersons or i! the' "re errors sho(%d we c%"i in!eriorit' !or the1
,**. A$r0 Th(0 AD C5 The 5esson on Importunity in 3rayer D )n the Mo(nt o! O%i*es 5>CG$1C54
L- 22 TU274"1
3 Then +es(s s"id to the LHis Disci$%esM: 9hich o! 'o( wo(%d h"*e " !riend0 th"t going to hi "t idnight "nd
s"'ing to hi: Friend0 %end e three %o"*es0 F bec"(se " !riend o! ine on his Ko(rne' h"s K(st coe to e "nd )
h"*e nothing to set be!ore hi1 6 And he !ro within0 wo(%d L"ct("%%'M "nswer0 "nd s"': Tro(b%e e not0 the door
is now sh(t "nd ' chi%dren "re with e in bed1 ) c"nnot rise "nd gi*e 'o(B 4 Yet0 Le*en i! 'o( sho(%d h"*e s(ch "
!riendM0 i! 'o( sho(%d contin(e knocking0 ) s"' to 'o(0 "%tho(gh he wi%% not rise "nd gi*e 'o( ere%' bec"(se he is
'o(r !riend0 'et0 bec"(se o! 'o(r i$ort(nit'0 he wi%% rise "nd gi*e 'o( "s (ch "s 'o( need1 8 And ) s"' to 'o(:
Ask0 "nd it sh"%% be gi*en 'o(P Seek0 "nd 'o( sh"%% !indP -nock0 "nd it sh"%% be o$ened to 'o(P 2> For e*er'one
who "sks0 recei*es0 "nd he who seeks0 !inds0 "nd to hi who knocks0 it sh"%% be o$enedP 22 And which !"ther
"ong 'o(0 i! his son "sks !or bre"d0 wi%% gi*e hi " stoneB Or i! he "sks !or " !ish0 wi%% gi*e hi " ser$entB 25
Or i! he "sks !or "n egg0 wi%% gi*e hi " scor$ionB 2C )! 'o( then0 being e*i% Lwith " !"%%en h("n n"t(reM0 know how
to gi*e good gi!ts to 'o(r chi%dren0 how (ch ore wi%% 'o(r F"ther !ro He"*en gi*e the Ho%' S$irit to those
who "sk HiB
"ote: L(ke here w"s either gi*en " $ro!o(nd insight direct%' !ro the S$irit or w"s to%d b' one o! the Disci$%es o! the "ct("% conte:t
o! +es(sH words here "nd re*e"%ed to (s in The Poem1 The words: <the Ho%' S$irit to those who "sk Hi= were not %iter"%%' +es(s
words "t this $oint1 /(t0 "ccording to The Poem, +es(s "de the !o%%owing coent be!ore gi*ing the "bo*e stor'0 !ro which L(ke
co(%d h"*e deri*ed his gre"ter "$$%ic"tion to +es(sH %iter"% words: <9hen 'o( "re in He"*en0 God "%one wi%% be 'o(r no(rishent1
/e"tit(de wi%% be 'o(r !ood1= L(ke knows th"t the gi!t o! the Ho%' S$irit is the <down $"'ent= or <t"ste= o! th"t !ood so he "kes
+es(sH words "$$%' to th"t s($erior !ood which w"s now being $re$"red to be o!!ered to "nkindP
3$((4&)% D$8 7 $D <* 7 M $3%I5' F%ID$8
5>7G$CC> # @M A$r0 S"tA # +es(s to the Genti%es: F"ith is /(i%t "s Yo(r Te$%es1
,*<. M A$r0 AD C5 3arable o! the 3rodigal (on D L"I"r(sH Ho(se in /eth"n' 5>3G$1CC4
L- 23 2C61TU28>1
22 And +es(s s"id: A cert"in "n h"d two sons1 25 And the 'o(nger o! the s"id to his !"ther: F"ther0 gi*e e
the $ortion o! s(bst"nce th"t !"%%s to e Lb' inherit"nceM1 So he di*ided (nto the both his s(bst"nce1
2C And not "n' d"'s "!ter0 the 'o(nger son0 g"thering "%% together0 went "w"' into " dist"nt co(ntr' "nd there
w"sted his s(bst"nce0 %i*ing rioto(s%'1 27 And "!ter he h"d s$ent "%%0 there c"e " ight' !"ine in th"t co(ntr'0
"nd he beg"n to be in need1 23 And so he went "nd Koined hise%! L"s " s%"*eM to one o! the citiIens o! th"t
co(ntr'1 And he sent hi to his !"r to !eed swine1 2F And he wo(%d g%"d%' h"*e !i%%ed his sto"ch with the
c"rob $ods the swine did e"t0 !or no "n g"*e "n'thing to hi1
26 And when he c"e to hise%!0 he s"id: How "n' hired ser*"nts "re there in ' !"therHs ho(se th"t "bo(nd
with bre"d0 "nd ) " $erishing here with h(nger1 24 ) wi%% "rise0 "nd wi%% go to ' !"ther "nd s"' to hi:
F"ther0 ) h"*e sinned "g"inst He"*en "nd be!ore 'o(P 28 ) " not worth' to be c"%%ed 'o(r son1 M"ke e "s one
o! 'o(r hired ser*"nts1 5> And rising ($ he c"e to his !"ther1 And when he w"s 'et " gre"t w"' o!!0 his !"ther
s"w hi "nd w"s o*ed with co$"ssion1 And r(nning to hi !e%% ($on his neck "nd kissed hi1
52 And the son s"id to hi: F"ther0 ) h"*e sinned "g"inst He"*en0 "nd be!ore 'o(1 ) " not now worth' to be
c"%%ed 'o(r son1
55 And the !"ther s"id to his ser*"nts: /ring !orth ;(ick%' the !irst robe "nd $(t it on hi "nd $(t " ring on his
h"nd "nd shoes on his !eetP 5C And bring here the !"tted c"%! "nd ki%% it0 "nd %et (s e"t "nd "ke err'0 57
bec"(se this ' son w"s de"d0 b(t h"s coe to %i!e "g"inP He w"s %ost0 b(t is now !o(ndP And the' beg"n to
"ke err'1
53 Now his o%der son w"s in the !ie%d0 "nd when he c"e "nd drew ne"r the ho(se he he"rd (sic "nd d"ncing1
5F And he c"%%ed one o! the ser*"nts "nd "sked wh"t these things e"nt1 56 And he s"id to hi: Yo(r brother
h"s coe "nd 'o(r !"ther h"s ki%%ed the !"tted c"%!0 bec"(se he h"s recei*ed hi b"ck s"!e "nd so(nd1
54 And the o%der son w"s "ngr' "nd wo(%d not go in1 His !"ther0 there!ore0 coing o(t beg"n to $%e"d with hi1
58 And he "nswering0 s"id to his !"ther: /eho%d0 !or so "n' 'e"rs did ) ser*e 'o(0 "nd ) h"*e ne*er disobe'ed
'o(r co"nds "nd 'et 'o( h"*e ne*er gi*en e Le*enM " kid to "ke err' with ' !riendsP C> /(t "s soon "s
this 'o(r son h"s coe0 who h"s de*o(red his s(bst"nce with h"r%ots0 'o( h"*e ki%%ed !or hi the !"tted c"%!P C2
/(t the !"ther s"id to hi: Son0 'o( h"*e "%w"'s been with e L"nd e*en now 'o( "re with ePM0 "nd "%% ) h"*e is
'o(rs1 C5 /(t it w"s $ro$er th"t we sho(%d "ke err' "nd be g%"d0 !or this 'o(r brother w"s de"d "nd is coe
to %i!e "g"inP He w"s %ost0 "nd is now !o(ndP
+es(s te%%s this $"r"b%e to co!ort the dee$%' grie*ing so(% o! L"I"r(s who h"s 'et to see his sister M"r' o*ed b' +es(sH inistr' "nd
witness1 A!ter the $"r"b%e +es(s te%%s L"I"r(s0 <Th"t is wh"t wi%% h"$$en to the de"r so(% 'o( "re "w"iting1 GodHs bo(nt' h"s no
,*@. M A$r0 AD C5 3arable o! the Five Foolish &irgins D /eth"n' 5>FG$1C77
MT 53 53>1TU2F>1
2 AT THAT tie the -ingdo o! He"*en sh"%% be %ike (nto ten *irgins0 who t"king their %"$s0 went o(t to eet
the bridegroo "nd the bride1 5 And !i*e o! the were !oo%ish "nd !i*e were wise1 C /(t the !i*e !oo%ish0 h"*ing
t"ken their %"$s0 did not t"ke Le:tr"M oi% with the1 7 /(t the wise took oi% in their *esse%s "s we%% "s in their
%"$s1 3 And "s the bridegroo w"s s%ow in coing0 the' "%% s%(bered "nd s%e$t Lwhi%e their %"$s "%% e:h"(sted
their oi%M1
F And "t idnight there w"s " cr' "de: /eho%d the bridegroo coesP Go !orth to eet hiP 6 Then "%% the
*irgins "rose "nd tried their %"$s1 4 Then the !oo%ish s"id to the wise: Gi*e (s o! 'o(r oi%0 !or o(r %"$s
h"*e gone o(t L"nd we h"*e no e:tr" oi%M1 8 The wise "nswered0 s"'ing: Lest $erh"$s there wi%% not be eno(gh !or (s
"nd !or 'o(0 go r"ther to those who se%% "nd b(' !or 'o(rse%*es1
2> Now whi%e the' went to b('0 the bridegroo c"e "nd the' who were re"d' went in with hi to the
"rri"ge0 "nd the door w"s sh(t1 22 /(t "t %"st coe "%so the other *irgins0 s"'ing: Lord0 Lord0 o$en to (sP 25
/(t he "nswering s"id: Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 ) know 'o( not1 2C 9"tch0 there!ore0 bec"(se 'o( know
neither the d"' nor the ho(r Lwhen the Groo wi%% coe !or His /rideMP
Doil: +es(s (sed this !ig(re to re!er to $(re %o*e1
,*2. M A$r0 AD C5 3arable o! the Wedding FeastD # L"I"r(sH Hoe in /eth"n' 5>FG$1C32
MT 55 5721TU5771
2 AND +es(s "nswering0 s$oke "g"in in $"r"b%es to the0 s"'ing: 5 The -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto to "
king who "de " "rri"ge ce%ebr"tion !or his son1 C And he sent his ser*"nts to c"%% those who were in*ited to
the "rri"ge0 b(t the' wo(%d not coe1
7 Ag"in he sent other ser*"nts0 s"'ing: Te%% those who were in*ited: /eho%d0 ) h"*e $re$"red ' dinner1 M'
b(%%ocks "nd !"ttened c"%*es "re ki%%ed0 "nd "%% things "re re"d'P ,oe "%% o! 'o( to the "rri"ge !e"stP 3 /(t
the' ignored the in*it"tion0 "nd went their own w"'s0 one to his !"r0 "nd "nother to his erch"ndise1 F And the
rest %"id h"nds on his ser*"nts0 "nd h"*ing tre"ted the sh"e!(%%'0 $(t the to de"th1 6 /(t when the king
he"rd o! it he w"s "ngr'0 "nd sending his "ries he destro'ed those (rderers0 "nd b(rned down their cit'1 L+es(s
is re!erring to wh"t he knows wi%% h"$$en to +er(s"%e within one gener"tion1M 4 Then he s"id to his ser*"nts: The "rri"ge
!e"st indeed is re"d' b(t the' th"t were in*ited were not worth'1 8 Go there!ore0 into the thoro(gh!"res "nd "s
"n' "s 'o( sh"%% !ind0 c"%% to the "rri"ge !e"st1 2> And his ser*"nts going !orth into the b'w"'s0 g"thered
together "%% th"t the' !o(nd0 both b"d "nd good "nd so the "rri"ge ce%ebr"tion h"%% w"s !i%%ed with g(ests 1
LSinners0 S""rit"ns0 "nd Genti%es wo(%d be so(ght o(t "s the +(de"ns incre"sing%' reKected the Messi"h1M
22 And the king went in to see the g(ests "nd he s"w there " "n who did not h"*e on " wedding g"rent1 25
And he s"id to hi: Friend0 how did 'o( coe in he"r not h"*ing " wedding g"rentB /(t he Lshowing his (tter
conte$tM g"*e no "nswer1 2C Then the king s"id to the w"iters: /ind his h"nds "nd !eet "nd c"st hi into the
d"rkness o(tside where there sh"%% be wee$ing "nd gn"shing o! teethP 27 For "n' "re c"%%ed0 b(t !ew "re
"ote: According to O(r LordHs e:$%"n"tion to His Disci$%es in the Poem it is c%e"r th"t +(d"s )sc"riot w"s the "n thrown o(t1 The
"$$%ic"tion0 howe*er0 is to "n'one who coes into the ,h(rch in order to $roote their own interests r"ther th"n those o! the Lord1
This w"s one ore "tte$t b' +es(s to t(rn +(d"s "w"' !ro his de"d%' $(rs(it o! "tte$ting to g"in !or hise%! " $osition o!
$roinence b' !orcing +es(s into "king "%%i"nce with the +ewish %e"ders1 ))0C3C
D+es(s "%so te%%s the P"r"b%e o! the 9edding Fe"st 2> onths %"ter "t the t"b%e o! )sh"e% the Ph"risee @See 26>1A1
F(4>TH )$(T .>D)$" CI%C>IT7 5 $3%I5 D ) .>") $D <*G LPoe ,h"$ters 5>6# 55FM
5>6G$C3F # @L A$rA # Fro /eth"n' to the Grotto o! /eth%ehe1
5>4G$CF3 # @M A$rA # Going to E%iI"_s "t /ethI(r1
5>8G$C63 # @L A$rA # +es(s in E%iI"_s Ho(se S$e"ks o! Sorrow th"t /e"rs Fr(it1
52>G$C4> # @L A$rA # Tow"rds Hebron: The 9or%d_s Re"sons "nd God_s1
522G$C43 # @L A$rA # 9e%coe Rece$tion "t Hebron1
525G$C85 # @L A$r0 FriA # At +(tt"h0 +es(s S$e"ks in )s""c_s Ho(se1
52CG$C88 # @E M"'A # At -erioth0 +es(s S$e"ks in the S'n"gog(e1
527G$7>5 # @E M"'A # At +(d"s_ Ho(se "t -erioth1
523G$7>4 # @On " d"' in E#M M"'A # The L(n"tic Gir% o! /ethginn"1
52FG$727 # @M M"'0FriA # )n the P%"in tow"rds Ashke%on1
,*C. L M"'0 S"t0 AD C5 )ating From the Fields on the (abbath # The P%"in tow"rd Ashke%on 526G$1724
MT 25 2761TU27>1
2 AT THAT T)ME L52FG$727 "bo*eMD +es(s w"s
going thro(gh the gr"in !ie%ds on the S"bb"th "nd
His Disci$%es being h(ngr' beg"n to $%(ck the
gr"in "nd to e"t1 5 And the Ph"risees seeing the0
s"id to Hi: /eho%d Yo(r disci$%es "re doing th"t
which is not %"w!(% to do on the S"bb"th d"'1 C
/(t He s"id to the: H"*e 'o( not re"d wh"t
D"*id "nd the' who were with hi did when he
w"s h(ngr'0 7 how he entered into the ho(se o!
God "nd "te the %o"*es o! $ro$osition which were
not %"w!(% !or hi or !or those who were with hi
to e"t0 b(t w"s on%' !or the $riestsB 3 Or h"*e 'o(
not re"d in the L"w0 th"t on the S"bb"th d"'s the
$riests in the te$%e bre"k the S"bb"th0 "nd "re
witho(t b%"eB F /(t ) te%% 'o( th"t there is here
Lbe!ore 'o(M soething gre"ter th"n the te$%e1 6
And i! 'o( knew wh"t this e"ns: I )ill ha+e
mercy, and not sacrifice Z) -ings 23:55E Ecc%1 7:26E Hose"
F:F[0 'o( wo(%d ne*er h"*e condened the
innocent L!or $%(cking gr"in on the S"bb"thM1 4 For the
Son o! M"n is Lord e*en o! the S"bb"th1
D$t that time: shows th"t M"tthew c(t this te:t !ro his
own %onger te:t bec"(se the $hr"se does not !it M"tthewHs
$re*io(s conte:t1 )t does0 howe*er0 !it the "cco(nt in The
Poem iedi"te%' $receding this "cco(nt @))0727A1
M- 5 631TU27>1
5C And it c"e to $"ss "g"in th"t the Lord
w"%ked b' the gr"in !ie%ds on the S"bb"th1 And "s
the' "de their w"' His Disci$%es beg"n to $%(ck
the e"rs o! gr"in1 57 And the Ph"risees s"id to
Hi: /eho%d0 wh' do the' on the
S"bb"th d"' do th"t which is not
%"w!(%BP 53 And He s"id to the:
H"*e 'o( ne*er re"d wh"t D"*id
"nd the' who were with hi did
when he h"d need "nd w"s hise%!
h(ngr'B 5F How he went into the
ho(se o! God0 (nder Abi"th"r the
high $riest0 "nd "te the s"cred
%o"*es o! $ro$osition0 which w"s not
%"w!(% to e"t b(t w"s on%' !or the
$riests0 "nd how he g"*e to the
who were with hiB L2 S"1 52:2#FE 5
S"14:26M 56 And He s"id to the:
The S"bb"th w"s "de !or "n0 "nd
not "n !or the S"bb"th0 54
there!ore0 the Son o! M"n is Lord o!
the S"bb"th "%so1
L- F
2 AND it c"e to $"ss on the second
!irst S"bb"th0D th"t "s He went b' the
gr"in !ie%ds0 His Disci$%es $%(cked the
gr"ins0 "nd r(bbing the in their
h"nds0 "te the1 LDe(t15C:53M 5 And
soe o! the Ph"risees s"id to the:
9h' do 'o( th"t which is not %"w!(%
on the S"bb"th d"'sB LE:15>:2>E 5C:25E
De(t13:27M C And +es(s "nswering the0
s"id: H"*e 'o( not so
(ch "s re"d wh"t
D"*id did when he "nd
the' who were with
hi were h(ngr' L2
S"152:2#FM0 7 how he
went into the ho(se o!
God "nd took "nd "te
the bre"d o! $ro$osition
Lthe s"cred show bre"dM0
"nd g"*e to those who
were with hi0 which
is not %"w!(% !or "n'one
to e"t b(t on%' !or the
$riestsB LLe*157:8M 3 And
he s"id to the: The
Son o! M"n is Lord
"%so o! the S"bb"th1
Dthe (eond !irst
(abbath: /ib%ic"%
scho%"rs h"*e $(II%ed
o*er this !or cent(ries b(t
o!!ering no c%(e "s to its
e"ning1 /(t now th"t
we know !ro the Poem
th"t this occ(rred on
S"t(rd"'0 M"' @55A0 AD
C5 we !ind this is the 2st
S"bb"th "!ter the second
or s($$%eent"% Fe"st o!
.n%e"*ened /re"d1 This
!e"st beg"n on the 27
the onth !o%%owing the
reg(%"r P"sso*er in
Nis"n1 This second !e"st in the +ewish onth o! Oi! G )KK"r
w"s !or those who !or soe re"son co(%d not kee$ the
reg(%"r P"sso*er1

524G$755 # @L M"'0S(nA # Arri*"% "t Ashke%on1
528G$7C5 # @L M"'0S(nA # Te"ching "t Ashke%on1
55>G$7C8 # @L M"'0MonA # +es(s "t M"gd"%g"d )nciner"tes " P"g"n )do%
552G$773 # @L M"'0T(eA # Lessons to the A$ost%es Going to +"bnee%1
555G$732 # @L M"'A # Tow"rds Modin1
55CG$733 # @L M"'A # +es(s S$e"ks to Highw"' Men1
557G$7F> # @E +(nA # Arri*"% "t /ether1

3)"T)C4(T 7 $D <* 7 ) .>")' ($T>%D$8
,*;. E +(n0 S"t0 AD C5 Healing at the 3ool o! :ethzathaT on the (abbath # +er(s"%e "t Pentecost
+N 3 25>1TU23>1
5 Now there is "t +er(s"%e " $oo%0 c"%%ed Prob"tic"0 which in Hebrew is n"ed /eths"id" L:ethzathaM0D
h"*ing !i*e $orches Ldoorw"'sM1 C )n these %"' " gre"t co$"n' o! sick0 o! the b%ind0 %"e0 "nd withered0 w"iting
!or the o*ing o! the w"ter1 J =nd an an'el of the %ord descended at certain times into the pool and the )ater
)as mo+ed" =nd he )ho )ent do)n first into the pond after the motion of the )ater )as made )hole of )hate+er
infirmity he lay &nder" L&erse 7 is oitted in b : CT D "nd once "g"in we see e*idence these "re %"ter te:ts which re$resented
"n "tte$t to restore wh"t w"s tho(ght to be the origin"% Scri$t(res "nd to cre"te " (ni!or te:t1 /(t "s "%% the e*idence s(ggests
these "dditions were "de b' those who knew the sit("tions o! which the' wrote0 being ost %ike%' the origin"% "(thors these%*es1
This e"ns th"t these %"ter "dditions sho(%d h"*e been $reser*ed0 K(st "s the ,h(rch in its tr"dition !"ith!(%%' didP Here in this te:t
we h"*e e*idence o! the error o! the odern te:t("% reconstr(ctionists who h"*e ignored the wisdo o! the Tr"dition o! the ,h(rch1
This te:t @*17A w"s known in the 5
cent(r' "nd witho(t it the who%e stor'0 "nd *16 in $"rtic(%"r0 is %e!t r"ther ho%%ow "nd inco$%ete1
F(rther0 The Poem $resents +es(s0 Hise%!0 in this e$isode c%e"r%' "!!iring in the $resence o! the A$ost%es th"t the o*ing o! the
w"ter w"s indeed b' "n "nge%1 Th(s it "%ost cert"in th"t i! this w"s " %"ter "ddition0 it w"s "de b' +ohn hise%! to one or ore o!
his e:isting "n(scri$ts0 !or no other e'e witnesses o! the e*ent were "t th"t tie %i*ingPM 3 And there w"s " cert"in "n there0
who h"d been thirt'#eight 'e"rs in his in!irit'1 F 9hen +es(s h"d seen hi %'ing0 "nd knew th"t he h"d been "
%ong tie in th"t condition0 He s"id to hi: Do 'o( wish to be "de who%eB 6 The in!ir "n "nswered Hi:
Sir0 ) h"*e no "n0 when the w"ter is tro(b%ed0 to $(t e into the $oo%1 For whi%e ) " coing0 "nother goes
down be!ore e1 4 +es(s s"id to hi: Arise0 t"ke ($ 'o(r bed0 "nd w"%kP 8 And iedi"te%' the "n w"s "de
who%e0 "nd he took ($ his bed "nd w"%ked1
D:ethzatha: The Poem here de$"rts !ro both the Rheis "nd the ,on!r"ternit' rendition o! </eths"id"0= which !o%%owed "n
"ncient te:t("% error1 The Poem "%so ignored the $o$(%"r rendition0 </ethesd"0= which is now recogniIed "s <*er' do(bt!(%= @P&lpit
,ommentary "nd /11F1 9estcottA0 "nd !inds both the NRS& "nd the +er(s"%e /ib%e in "greeent with its rendition </ethI"th"1=
And it w"s the S"bb"th th"t d"'1 2> The +ews0 there!ore0 s"id to hi who w"s he"%ed: )t is the S"bb"thP )t is
not %"w!(% !or 'o( to t"ke ($ 'o(r bedP 22 He "nswered the: He 9ho "de e who%e s"id to e0 T"ke ($ 'o(r
bed "nd w"%k1 25 The' "sked hi0 there!ore: 9ho w"s th"t M"n 9ho s"id to 'o(: T"ke ($ 'o(r bed "nd w"%kBP
2C /(t he who w"s he"%ed knew not who it w"s0 !or +es(s went "w"' !ro the crowd th"t w"s st"nding in the
$%"ce1 27 A!terw"rds0 +es(s !o(nd hi in the te$%e "nd s"id to hi: /eho%d0 'o( "re "de who%e1 Sin no
ore0 %est soe worse thing h"$$ens to 'o(1 23 The "n went his w"' "nd to%d the +ews th"t it w"s +es(s 9ho
h"d "de hi who%e1 2F There!ore0 the +ews $ersec(ted +es(s0 bec"(se He did these things on the S"bb"th1 26
/(t +es(s "nswered the: M' F"ther works Lcontin("%%'M (nti% now Le*en on this *er' S"bb"thM0 "nd ) "%so work1 24
.$on th"t0 there!ore0 the +ews so(ght "%% the ore to ki%% Hi0 bec"(se Lin their *iewM He not on%' broke the
S"bb"th0 b(t "%so s"id God w"s His F"ther0 "king Hise%! e;("% to God1
Jesus promises His critics He will raise the dead.
28 Then +es(s "nswered "nd s"id to the: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%'0 ) s"' (nto 'o(0 the Son c"nnot do
"n'thing o! Hise%!0 b(t on%' wh"t He sees the F"ther doing1 For wh"te*er He does0 these the Son "%so does in
%ike "nner1 5> For the F"ther %o*es the Son "nd shows Hi e*er'thing th"t He does1 And gre"ter works th"n
these wi%% He show Hi0 th"t 'o( "' wonderP 52 For "s the F"ther r"ises ($ the de"d "nd gi*es %i!e0 so the Son
"%so gi*es %i!e to whoe*er He wi%%s1 55 For neither does the F"ther K(dge "n' "n0 b(t h"s gi*en "%% K(dgent
to the Son0 5C th"t "%% en "' honor the Son "s the' honor the F"ther1 He who honors not the Son0 honors not
the F"ther 9ho h"s sent Hi1 57 Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' (nto 'o(0 th"t he who he"rs M' word0 "nd
be%ie*es Hi 9ho sent Me0 h"s %i!e e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%' %i!eM0 "nd wi%% not coe into K(dgent0 b(t is L"%re"d'M
$"ssed !ro de"th to %i!eP
53 Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' (nto 'o(0 th"t the ho(r is coing0 "nd now is0 when the de"d Lin
H"desGSheo%M sh"%% he"r the *oice o! the Son o! God0 "nd the' th"t he"r sh"%% %i*e Lin New ,o*en"nt regener"ting %i!e "nd
enter etern"% %i!e in He"*enMP LE$h1 7:4#2>E 2 Pet1 C:28 c!1 7:FM 5F For "s the F"ther h"s %i!e in Hise%!0 so He h"s gi*en the
Son "%so to h"*e %i!e in Hise%!1 56 And He h"s gi*en Hi $ower to e:ec(te K(dgent0 bec"(se He is the Son o!
M"n Ltr(%' "nd !(%%' the $er!ect "nM1 54 9onder not "t this0 !or the ho(r is coing L"t the end o! the wor%dM0 in which
"%% th"t "re in the gr"*es sh"%% he"r the *oice o! the Son o! God1 58 And the' th"t h"*e done good things0 sh"%%
coe !orth (nto the res(rrection o! %i!e0 b(t the' th"t h"*e done e*i%0 (nto the res(rrection o! K(dgent LD"nie%
25:5E Re*1 5>:2C#27M1
Jesus rebukes the unbelief of the reliious rulers.
C> ) c"nnot o! M'se%! do "n'thing1 As ) he"r L!ro M' F"therM0 so ) K(dge1 And M' K(dgent is K(st0 bec"(se )
seek not M' own wi%% b(t the wi%% o! Hi 9ho sent Me1 C2 )! ) on%' be"r witness o! M'se%!0 M' witness is not
tr(e1 C5 There is Another 9ho be"rs witness o! Me0 "nd ) know th"t the witness which He gi*es o! Me is tr(e1
CC Yo( sent LessengersM to +ohn0 "nd he g"*e testion' to the tr(th1 C7 /(t ) de$end not on testion' !ro "n
Le*en !ro one "s ho%' "s +ohnM0 b(t ) s"' these things th"t 'o( "' be s"*ed L!ro ort"% sinM1 C3 He L+ohnM w"s "
b(rning "nd " shining %ight0 "nd 'o( were wi%%ing !or " tie to reKoice in his %ight L(nti% he beg"n re$ro*ing 'o( !or
'o(r sinsM1 CF /(t ) h"*e " gre"ter testion' th"n th"t o! +ohn0 !or the works which the F"ther h"s gi*en Me to
!inish W the works these%*es0 which ) do W gi*e testion' o! Me th"t the F"ther h"s sent Me1 C6 And the
F"ther Hise%! 9ho h"s sent Me0 h"s gi*en testion' o! Me L"t M' /"$tisM1 Neither h"*e 'o( he"rd His *oice
"t "n'tie0 nor seen His sh"$e1 C4 And neither h"*e 'o( His 9ord "biding in 'o(0 !or 9ho He h"s sent0 Hi
'o( be%ie*e not1 C8 Se"rch the Scri$t(res0 !or 'o( think in the to h"*e %i!e e*er%"sting0 b(t these "re the' th"t
gi*e testion' o! MeP 7> And 'o( wi%% not coe to Me th"t 'o( "' h"*e %i!e1
72 ) c"re nothing !or the g%or' !ro en Lb(t on%' GodHs g%or' which is His %o*eM1 75 /(t ) know 'o(0 th"t 'o( h"*e
not the %o*e o! God in 'o(1 7C ) h"*e coe in the n"e o! M' F"ther Lwhich is %o*eM0 "nd 'o( h"*e not recei*ed
Me0 b(t i! "nother sho(%d coe in his own n"e Lin the n"e o! se%!#interestM0 hi 'o( wi%% recei*eP 77 How c"n 'o(
be%ie*e0 'o( who recei*e g%or' one !ro "nother "nd i! 'o( do not seek the g%or' which is !ro God "%oneBP 73
Think not th"t ) wi%% "cc(se 'o( to the F"ther1 There is One 9ho "cc(ses 'o(0 Moses0 in who 'o( Lon%'M ho$eP
7F For i! 'o( did be%ie*e Moses0 'o( wo(%d cert"in%' be%ie*e Me "%so0 !or he wrote o! Me1 76 /(t i! 'o( do not
be%ie*e his writings0 how wi%% 'o( be%ie*e M' wordsB
These re!erences to ,hrist in Moses inc%(de the $roise o! the seed o! the wo"n "nd her cr(shing the ser$ents he"d @Gen1 C:23AE the
"n' t'$es o! ,hrist s(ch "s the b%ood' s"cri!ices "de b' "n !ro the beginning "nd then the $riestGking Me%chiIedeck to who
Abr"h" hise%! $"id tithes @Gen127:24#5>A1 Then there w"s +"cobHs $ro$hec' o! Messi"h gi*en to +(d"h @Gen178:2>AE the br"Ien
ser$ent h(ng on " cross !or the he"%ing o! the $eo$%e @N(152:4#8AE The P"sso*er th"t re;(ired the b%ood on the door $osts "nd %inte%
which !ored "nother cross @E:od1 25AE the %"'o(t o! the t"bern"c%e in 'et "nother cross "nd $resenting the %i!e "nd inistr' o! ,hrist
inc%(ding His "toneentE the Ark o! the ,o*en"nt in which were the s'bo%s o! the Messi"h "nd the *ei% be!ore the ArkE the entire
Le*itic"% s"cri!ici"% s'ste "nd the D"' o! AtoneentE /"%""Hs $ro$hec' o! the coing Messi"h @N(157:26A "nd !in"%%' e*en
Moses own $ro$hec' o! the coing o! The Pro$het in De(t1 24:241 A1M1 Hodgkin in his ,hrist in =ll the !cript&res de*otes C>
$"ges s("riIing the re!erences to ,hrist in the Pent"te(ch1
55FG$76F # @E +(nA # M"r' H"s Sent !or M"rth" "t M"gd"%"1
F4>%TH G$5I5)$" MI"I(T%8D (8%4D3H4)"ICI$' D)C$345I(' T)T%. 4F 3HI5I3 7 @ M4"TH( 7 ) .>" D 5 ()3 $D
<* LPoe ,h"$ters 556#566M
556G$764 # @M +(nA # M"rKi" is Entr(sted to Por$hire"1
554G$745 # @M +(nA # +es(s S$e"ks "t /eths"id"1
,*B. M +(n0 AD C5 $ (ynagogue %ulers9 Daughter %aised !rom the Dead D ,"$ern"( 558G$1747
MT 8 631TU
24 And "s He w"s s$e"king
these thingsD to the0
beho%d " cert"in r(%er c"e
($ "nd worshi$ed Hi0
s"'ing: Lord0 ' d"(ghter
is e*en now de"d0 b(t
coe0 %"' Yo(r h"nd ($on
her "nd she sh"%% %i*e1 28
And +es(s rising ($ with
His Disci$%es0 !o%%owed
hi1 5> And beho%d "
wo"n who h"d been
tro(b%ed !or twe%*e 'e"rs
with "n iss(e o! b%ood c"e
behind Hi "nd to(ched
the he o! His g"rent1
TGreetings to the crowds in
M- 3 2261TU2C41
52 And when +es(s h"d $"ssed "g"inD in the shi$ L!ro
/eths"id" to ,"$ern"(1 @See ))0$174CAM o*er the str"it o! the
" gre"t (%tit(de "sseb%ed together (nto Hi0 ne:t
to the se"1 55 And there c"e one o! the r(%ers o! the
s'n"gog(e n"ed +"ir(s1
And seeing Hi0 he !e%% down
"t His !eet0 5C "nd e"rnest%' begged Hi0 s"'ing: M'
d"(ghter is "t the $oint o! de"thP ,oe0 %"' Yo(r h"nd
($on her0 th"t she "' be he"%ed "nd %i*eP 57 So +es(s
went with hi1 And " gre"t crowd !o%%owed Hi0
thronging Hi1 53 And " wo"n who w"s "!!%icted b' "n
iss(e o! b%ood !or twe%*e 'e"rs0 5F "nd h"d s(!!ered "n'
things !ro "n' $h'sici"ns0 h"*ing s$ent "%% th"t she
h"d0 'et w"s no better0 b(t r"ther worse0 56 when she h"d
he"rd o! +es(s0 she c"e into the crowd behind Hi "nd
to(ched His g"rent1 54 For she s"id: )! ) sh"%% b(t to(ch
His g"rent0 ) sh"%% be who%eP
L- 4 2261TU275"1
7> And it c"e to $"ss th"t when +es(s
ret(rned Lto ,"$ern"( !ro which the' %e!t in
4:5FM0 the (%tit(de recei*ed Hi !or the'
were "%% w"iting !or Hi Lbec"(se o! the
sickness o! +"ir(sH d"(ghterM1 72 And beho%d
there c"e " "n whose n"e w"s +"ir(s0
"nd he w"s " r(%er o! the s'n"gog(e Lin
,"$ern"(M1 And he !e%% down "t the !eet o!
+es(s0 begging Hi to coe to his ho(se0 75
!or his on%' d"(ghter0 "%ost twe%*e 'e"rs
o%d0 w"s d'ing1 And it h"$$ened "s He went
He w"s thronged b' the crowds1
7C And there w"s " cert"in wo"n h"*ing "
!%ow o! b%ood !or twe%*e 'e"rs who h"d s$ent
"%% her s(bst"nce on $h'sici"ns "nd co(%d not
be he"%ed b' "n'one1
MT 8
52 For she s"id within herse%!: )! ) sh"%% to(ch on%' His g"rent0 )
sh"%% be he"%ed1 55 /(t +es(s t(rning "nd seeing her0 s"id: T"ke
he"rt0 d"(ghter0 'o(r !"ith h"s "de 'o( who%e1 And the wo"n
w"s "de who%e !ro th"t ho(r1 5C Now when +es(s h"d coe into
the ho(se o! the r(%er "nd s"w the instre%s "nd the crowd "king
"n ($ro"r0 57 He s"id: Mo*e o(t0 !or the gir% is not de"d0 b(t
s%ee$s1 And the' %"(ghed Hi to scorn1 53 So when the crowd h"d
been $(t !orth0 He went in "nd took
her b' the h"nd1 And the "id "rose1
5F And the news went "bro"d into th"t
entire region1
DThe girl is not dead: +es(s did not w"nt the
crowd to know He w"s c%"iing " %i!e !ro
the de"d ir"c%e bec"(se it wo(%d h"*e
bro(ght " se*ere $ersec(tion
to this ho%' s'n"gog(e r(%er
"nd worst o! "%% "n
(nbe"r"b%e b(rden ($on the
chi%d1 +es(s to co*er the
tr(th (ses the theo%ogic"%%'
correct ,hristi"n ter !or
de"th which is <s%ee$= "s it
con!irs the ho$e in the
res(rrection o! the bod'
M- 3
58 And iedi"te%' the !%ow o! her b%ood w"s dried ($0 "nd she
!e%t in her bod' th"t she w"s he"%ed o! the e*i% "!!%iction1 C> And
iedi"te%'0 +es(s0 knowing in Hise%! th"t *irt(e h"d $roceeded
!ro Hi0 t(rned to the crowd0 "nd s"id: 9ho h"s to(ched M'
g"rentsB C2 And His Disci$%es s"id to Hi: Yo( see th"t the
crowd is thronging Yo( "nd 'et 'o( "sk0 9ho h"s to(ched MeB C5
And He %ooked "bo(t to see her who h"d done this1 CC And the
wo"n0 knowing wh"t h"d been done in her0 tho(gh !e"ring "nd
treb%ing0 c"e "nd !e%% down be!ore Hi0 "nd to%d Hi
e*er'thing1 C7 And He s"id to her: D"(ghter0 'o(r !"ith h"s "de
'o( who%e1 Go now in $e"ce0 "nd be co$%ete%' de%i*ered o! 'o(r
strait o! the sea: Here "nd "t *12 shows the in!or"tion is coing !ro one
with *er' inti"te know%edge o! the tr"*e%ing e:$eriences o! O(r Lord "nd one
inti"te%' "tt"ched to the Se" o! G"%i%ee1 PeterHs $rints "re "%% o*er this Gos$e%P
M"rk %i*ed "nd grew ($ in +er(s"%e not "n'where ne"r the Se" o! G"%i%ee1
named .airus: Th"t M"tthew does not n"e +"ir(s or ention the witnesses
th"t testi!ied the d"(ghter w"s de"d0 whi%e M"rk @PeterA does both is !(rther
e*idence o! M"tthewHs (ch e"r%ier "cco(nt1 )t is c%e"r !ro the stor' th"t
+es(s de%iber"te%' conce"%s this ir"c%e !or the s"ke o! +"ir(s "nd $"rtic(%"r%'
!or the 'o(ng d"(ghter1 /oth M"tthew "nd Peter knew *er' we%% the
serio(sness o! this "tter "nd th(s on%' "!ter "n' @C>A 'e"rs w"s M"rk
"%%owed to disc%ose the n"e o! +"ir(s "nd the n"t(re o! the ir"c%e1 L(ke0
ost %ike%' !e%t s"!e in entioning the n"es bec"(se his Gos$e% w"s written 2>
'e"rs %"ter "nd in Greek to " !riend n"ed Theo$hi%(s1
C3 9hi%e He w"s 'et s$e"king0 soeone c"e !ro the s'n"gog(e
r(%erHs ho(se0 s"'ing Lto +"ir(sM: Yo(r d"(ghter is de"d0 wh' tro(b%e
the M"ster "n' !(rtherB CF /(t +es(s h"*ing he"rd wh"t w"s
s$oken0 s"id to the r(%er o! the s'n"gog(e: Fe"r not0 on%' be%ie*eP
C6 And He "%%owed no "n to !o%%ow Hi0 b(t Peter0 +"es0 "nd
+ohn the brother o! +"es1 C4 And the' coe to the ho(se o! the
s'n"gog(e r(%er "nd noticed " t((%t "nd $eo$%e %o(d%' wee$ing
"nd w"i%ing1 C8 And going in0 He s"id to the: 9h' "ke this
o(tcr' "nd this wee$ingB The %itt%e gir% is not de"d0 b(t is
s%ee$ing1D 7> And the' %"(ghed Hi to scorn1 /(t He0 h"*ing $(t
the "%% o(t0 took the !"ther "nd the other0 "nd those who were
with Hi0 "nd entered in where the gir% w"s %'ing1 72 And t"king
the gir% b' the h"nd0 He s"id to her: T"%ith" c(iP which is0 being
inter$reted is: Litt%e gir%0 ) s"' to 'o(0 "riseP 75 And iedi"te%'
the gir%0 who w"s twe%*e 'e"rs o%d0 rose ($ "nd w"%ked1 And the'
Lin the rooM were beside these%*es with (tter "stonishent1 7C
And He strict%' ch"rged the Lin the rooM th"t no "n sho(%d know
it Lth"t the chi%d w"s re"%%' r"ised !ro the de"dM "nd co"nded th"t
soething sho(%d be gi*en her to e"t1
L- 4
77 She c"e behind Hi "nd to(ched
the he o! His g"rent0 "nd
iedi"te%' the !%ow o! her b%ood
sto$$ed1 73 And +es(s s"id: 9ho w"s
it th"t to(ched MeB And when "%%
were den'ing it0 Peter "nd the' who
were with hi s"id: M"ster0 the
crowds thronged "nd $ressed Yo(0 "nd
do Yo( "sk: 9ho to(ched MeB 7F And
+es(s s"id: Soebod' h"s to(ched
Me0 !or ) know th"t *irt(e h"s gone o(t
!ro Me1 76 And the wo"n seeing
th"t she w"s not hidden0 c"e
treb%ing0 "nd !e%% down be!ore His
!eet "nd dec%"red be!ore "%% the $eo$%e
the re"son she h"d to(ched Hi "nd
how she w"s iedi"te%' he"%ed1 74
And He s"id to her: D"(ghter0 'o(r
!"ith h"s "de 'o( who%e1 Go 'o(r
w"' in $e"ceP
78 As He w"s 'et s$e"king there c"e
one to the r(%ers o! the s'n"gog(e0
s"'ing to hi: Yo(r d"(ghter is de"dP
Tro(b%e Hi not1 3> And +es(s he"ring
this word0 "nswered the !"ther o! the
"id: Fe"r not1 On%' be%ie*e0 "nd she
sh"%% be s"!e1 32 And when +es(s h"d
coe to the ho(se0 He did not "%%ow
"n' "n to go in with Hi0 e:ce$t
Peter0 +"es0 "nd +ohn0 "nd the !"ther
"nd other o! the "iden1 35 And "%%
Lin the ho(seM we$t "nd o(rned !or her1
/(t +es(s s"id: 9ee$ not1 The "id is
not de"d0 b(t s%ee$s1D 3C And the'
%"(ghed hi to scorn0 knowing th"t she
w"s de"d1 37 /(t +es(s t"king her b'
the h"nd0 cried o(t0 s"'ing: M"id0
"riseP 33 And her s$irit ret(rned0 "nd
she "rose iedi"te%'1 And +es(s
directed the to gi*e her soething to
e"t1 3F And her $"rents were
"stonished0 who He ch"rged to te%%
no "n wh"t w"s done1
5C>G$744 # @M +(nA # +es(s "nd M"rth" "t ,"$ern"(1
,*A. M +(n0 AD C5 T#o :lind Men and a Dumb Man Healed # ,"$ern"(
MT 8 TUC51
56 And "s +es(s $"ssed !ro there0 two b%ind en !o%%owed Hi cr'ing o(t s"'ing: H"*e erc' on (s O Son o!
D"*idP 54 And when He h"d coe to the ho(se Lwhere the' "%w"'s st"'ed when in ,"$ern"(M0D the b%ind en c"e
to Hi1 And +es(s s"id to the: Do 'o( be%ie*e th"t ) c"n do this to 'o(B The' s"id to hi: Yes0 LordP 58 Then
He to(ched their e'es0 s"'ing: According to 'o(r !"ith0 be it done to 'o(P C> And their e'es were o$ened1 And
+es(s strict%' ch"rged the s"'ing: See th"t no "n Lhere in ,"$ern"( @ ))078FAM he"rs o! this1 C2 /(t the' going
o(t0 s$re"d His !"e "bro"d in "%% th"t "re"1
C5 And when the' h"d gone o(t0 beho%d the' bro(ght Hi " d(b "n $ossessed with " deon1 CC And "!ter
the deon w"s c"st o(t0 the d(b "n s$oke0 "nd the crowds wondered0 s"'ing: Ne*er w"s the %ike seen in
)sr"e%P C7 /(t the Ph"risees s"id: /' the $rince o! deons He c"sts o(t deonsP
TTho"sH ho(se where +es(s "nd the Disci$%es "%w"'s st"'ed when in ,"$ern"(1 <The ho(se= with no re!erence shows th"t M"tthew c(t this te:t
!ro " ore det"i%ed conte:t which w"s cert"in%' his own Ko(rn"%1
,<+. M +(n0 AD C5 The 3arable o! the 5ost (heep D At Fo(nt ,reek ne"r -or"Ii 5C5G$1788
MT 24
25 9h"t do 'o( thinkB )! " "n h"s " h(ndred shee$
"nd one o! the sho(%d go "str"'0 does he not %e"*e
the ninet'#nine in the o(nt"ins0 "nd go to seek th"t
which is gone "str"'B 2C And i! he !inds it0 ost
"ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 he reKoices ore !or th"t one0
th"n !or the ninet'#nine th"t went not "str"'1 27 E*en
so it is not the wi%% o! 'o(r F"ther0 9ho is in He"*en0
th"t one o! these
%itt%e ones sho(%d $erish1
"ote: This w"s the occ"sion "nd indeed the $"r"b%e th"t bro(ght
to co$%etion the dr""tic con*ersion o! M"r' o! M"gd"%"0 the
in!"o(s sister o! L"I"r(s "nd M"rth" o(t o! which +es(s c"st
o(t se*en deons who h"d hidden herse%! !ro the crowd "t Fo(nt
,reek1 M"tthew discrete%' $(ts this e$isode in the conte:t o! O"cch"e(sH

L- 23
2 NO9 the $(b%ic"ns "nd sinners drew ne"r to +es(s to he"r Hi1 5 And the
Ph"risees "nd the scribes (r(red0 s"'ing: This M"n recei*es sinners0 "nd
e"ts with the1
C So +es(s s$oke to the this $"r"b%e0 s"'ing: 7 9h"t "n "ong 'o( who h"s
" h(ndred shee$0 "nd i! he sho(%d %ose one o! the0 does not %e"*e the ninet'#
nine in " deserted $%"ce0D "nd go "!ter th"t which w"s %ost (nti% he !inds itB 3
And when he h"s !o(nd it0 does not %"' it ($on his sho(%ders0 reKoicingB F And
coing hoe0 does not c"%% together his !riends "nd neighbors0 s"'ing to the:
ReKoice with e0 bec"(se ) h"*e !o(nd ' shee$ th"t w"s %ostB 6 ) s"' to 'o(0
th"t K(st "s cert"in%' there sh"%% be Ko' in He"*en ($on one sinner who re$ents0
ore th"n ($on ninet'#nine K(st who need no re$ent"nceP DDeserted plae: +es(s
s$e"ks o! %e"*ing the ninet'#nine shee$ "%one in " deserted $%"ce0 which whi%e it s$e"ks o!
%one%iness it "%so s$e"ks o! " $%"ce s"!e !ro thie*es or wo%*es1 9hen we soeties !ee%
neg%ected b' the Lord whi%e others "re getting the "ttention we need to reeber this c"rePM
"ote: L(ke %ikewise "*oids "n' direct re!erence to the M"gd"%ene1
5CCG$3>2 # ,oent on the ,on*ersion o! M"r' o! M"gd"%"1
5C7G$3>4 # @M +(nA # M"rth" H"s Her &ictor' 9ithin Her Gr"s$1
,<,. M +(n0 AD C5 (imon the 3harisee and Mary o! Magdala Who $noints .esus D At N"in
L- 6 273"1TU2CC1
CF And one o! the Ph"risees desired +es(s to e"t with hi1 And +es(s went into the ho(se o! the Ph"risee "nd
s"t down to e"t1 C6 And beho%d " wo"n LM"r' M"gd"%ene0 @the identit' o! who L(ke conce"%sAM who w"s in the cit'
LM"r' h"d K(st coe !ro M"gd"%" %ooking !or +es(s "nd disco*ered "t ,"$ern"( th"t He w"s in N"i @" C> i%es trek K(st to $o(r
o(t her dee$ gr"tit(de !or +es(sPAM0 " gre"t sinner0 when she knew th"t He s"t to e"t in the Ph"riseeHs ho(se0 bro(ght in
"n "%"b"ster bo: o! ointent1 C4 And st"nding behind "t His !eet0 she beg"n to wet His !eet with te"rs1 Then
wi$ing the with the h"ir o! her he"d0 she kissed His !eet "nd "nointed the with the ointent1
C8 And the Ph"risee who h"d in*ited Hi0 seeing it0 s$oke within hise%!0 s"'ing: This M"n0 i! He were "
$ro$het0 wo(%d s(re%' know who "nd wh"t "nner o! wo"n this is who to(ches Hi W th"t she is " sinnerP
7> And +es(s "nswering0 s"id to hi: Sion0 ) h"*e soething to s"' to 'o(1 So he s"id: M"ster0 s"' it1 72 A
cert"in creditor h"d two debtors0 the one who owed !i*e h(ndred den"rii0 "nd the other !i!t'1 75 And where"s
neither h"d the e"ns to $"'0 he !org"*e the both1 9hich0 there!ore0 o! the two wo(%d %o*e hi ostB 7C
Sion "nswering0 s"id: ) s($$ose he to who he !org"*e ost1 And he s"id to hi: Yo( h"*e K(dged right%'1 77
And t(rning to the wo"n0 He s"id (nto Sion: Do 'o( see this wo"nB ) entered into 'o(r ho(se0 b(t 'o(
g"*e Me no w"ter !or M' !eet0 b(t she with te"rs h"s w"shed M' !eet0 "nd with her h"ir h"s wi$ed the1 73 Yo(
g"*e Me no kiss0 b(t she0 since she c"e in h"s not ce"sed to kiss M' !eet1 7F Yo( did not "noint M' he"d with
oi%0 b(t she with ointent h"s "nointed M' !eet1 76 9here!ore0 ) s"' to 'o(: M"n' sins "re !orgi*en her0 bec"(se
she h"s %o*ed (ch1 /(t to he who is !orgi*en0 %ess0 %o*es %ess1 74 And He s"id to her: Yo(r sins "re !orgi*en
'o(1 78 And the' who s"t "t the e"% with Hi beg"n to s"' within these%*es: 9ho is this 9ho "%so !orgi*es
sinsBP 3> And He s"id to the wo"n: Yo(r !"ith h"s s"*ed 'o(0 enter into $e"ceP
TL(ke discrete%' hides the identit' o! the M"gd"%ene b' s"'ing she w"s <in the cit'0= to be inter$reted b' re"ders th"t she %i*ed in the cit' o! N"in1
,<*. L +(n0 AD C5 )vangelizing in "orthern Galilee # /etween L"ke H(%"h "nd the Se" o! G"%i%ee
MT 8 2581TU2C71
C3 And +es(s went "bo(t "%% the cities "nd towns0 te"ching in their s'n"gog(es "nd $re"ching the Gos$e% o! the
-ingdo "nd he"%ing e*er' dise"se "nd e*er' in!irit'1
,<<. L +(n#M A(g0 AD C5 (piritual Women Contribute to .esus9 Ministry D )n G"%i%ee 5CF#5F7G$1326#6>>
L- 4 2C21TU22>1
2 AND it c"e to $"ss "!terw"rds th"t He "nd the Twe%*e with Hi tr"*e%ed thro(gh the cities "nd towns0 $re"ching "nd
bringing the Gos$e% LGood News o!M the -ingdo o! God1 5 And cert"in woen who h"d been he"%ed o! e*i% s$irits "nd
in!irities0 M"r' who is c"%%ed M"gd"%ene0 o(t o! who se*en deons h"d gone !orth0 C +o"nn" the wi!e o! ,h(I"0
HerodHs stew"rd L" terin"% in!irit'0 )0$1354#374M0 "nd S(s"nn" Lthe bride o! ,"n" # " terin"% in!irit'0 ))0$1CF#C4M0 "nd "n' others
who inistered (nto Hi o! their s(bst"nce1
"ote: This e$h"sis on the signi!ic"nt $"rt these woen $%"'ed c"e str"ight !ro L(keHs %ength' inter*iews with Ho%' M"r'P As is
"b(nd"nt%' c%e"r in the Poem0 the woen disci$%es in !"ct $(t the A$ost%es to re"% sh"e on many occ"sions "nd tho(gh the' soeties "ditted
it w"s "%w"'s with eb"rr"ssed re%(ct"nceP M"tthew "nd M"rk @the $en"n o! PeterA e*en "!ter the' were so h(b%ed b' their sh"e!(%
!"i%(res "!ter the betr"'"% o! the Lord hesit"ted to ention the i$ort"nce o! the woen bec"(se the woen were the occ"sion o! +es(s being
ocked "nd ridic(%ed b' their eneies0 b(t L(ke o*ed b' higher $rinci$%e th"n the iedi"te bene!its o! short r"nge $o%itics in the e"r%'
,h(rch h"d no co$(nction in this reg"rd1 F"r too "n' bisho$s in the thro(gho(t the histor' o! the ,h(rch h"*e s"cri!iced higher $rinci$%es !or
the $o%itics o! short sighted te$or"r' "d*"nt"ges1
,<@. L +(n0 AD C5 The Compassion o! .esus !or the Multitudes D North o! the Se" o! G"%i%ee 5CFG$1324
MT 8 2C51TU6F1
CF Now seeing the crowds0 He h"d co$"ssion on the bec"(se the' were distressed "nd we"ried %ike shee$ th"t h"d no
she$herd1 C6 Then He s"id to His Disci$%es: The h"r*est indeed is gre"t b(t the %"borers "re !ew1 C4 Pr"' there!ore0 the
Lord o! the h"r*est0 th"t He sends !orth %"borers into His h"r*est1
,<2. L +(n0 AD C5 The Oingdom o! Heaven is li/e Hidden Treasure # North o! the Se" o! G"%i%ee 5CFG$135>
MT 2C 2271TU
77 The -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto " tre"s(re hidden in " !ie%d0 which " "n h"*ing !o(nd it0 hides0 "nd !or Ko' goes
"nd se%%s "%% th"t he h"s "nd b('s th"t !ie%d1
5C6G$357 # @M +(n0T(eA # The M"gd"%ene is Acco$"nied b' M"r' Aong the Disci$%es1
,<C. L +(n0 AD C5 The Oingdom o! Heaven is 5i/e a Merhant and a "et # ,"$ern"( 5C4G$13C2
MT 2C TU2C41
73 Ag"in0 the -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto " erch"nt seeking !ine $e"r%s1 7F 9ho0 when he h"d !o(nd one $e"r% o!
gre"t $rice0 went his w"' "nd so%d "%% th"t he h"d0 "nd bo(ght it1
76 Ag"in0 the -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto " net c"st into the se" g"thering together "%% kinds o! !ish1 74 9hich0 when
it w"s !i%%ed0 the' drew o(t1 And sitting b' the shore0 the' s"*ed o(t wh"t w"s good in *esse%s0 b(t the b"d the' c"st !orth1
78 So sh"%% it be "t the end o! the wor%d1 The "nge%s sh"%% go o(t "nd sh"%% se$"r"te the wicked !ro "ong the K(st0 3> "nd
sh"%% c"st the into the !(rn"ce o! !ire where there sh"%% be wee$ing "nd gn"shing o! teeth LRe*127:27#5>E 28:5>#52M1 L9e sho(%d
not "t "%% be s(r$rised th"t e*i% en wi%% be in the ,h(rch "tte$ting to (se it !or $erson"% g"inPM
32 H"*e 'o( (nderstood "%% these thingsB The' s"id to Hi: Yes1 35 He s"id (nto the: There!ore0 e*er' scribe Lte"cher o!
the %"wM instr(cted in the -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike " "n who is " !"ther o! " !"i%'0 who brings !orth o(t o! his tre"s(r'
new things "nd o%d things L"ccording to the needs o! his !"i%'M1
3C And it c"e to $"ss when +es(s h"d !inished these $"r"b%es0 He $"ssed !ro there Lto /eths"id" # ))03C7M L+es(s %e"*es !or
/eths"id" "nd tr"*e%s "bo(t !or " onth "nd " h"%! be!ore ret(rning to ,"$ern"( @See 27>1A1
5C8G$3C7 # @L +(nA # M"rKi" Te"ches M"r' M"gd"%ene the ^O(r F"ther111^
,<;. L +(n0 AD C5 The 3arable o! the 5ost Coin D The Poor District in M"gd"%" 57>G$1372
L- 23 2C>1TU25C1
4 Or wh"t wo"n h"*ing ten dr"ch"s0 i! she %oses one dr"ch"i L" d"'Hs w"geM0 does not %ight " %"$0 swee$ the ho(se0
"nd seek di%igent%' (nti% she !inds itB 8 And when she h"s !o(nd it0 does not c"%% together her !riends "nd neighbors0
s"'ing: ReKoice with e0 bec"(se ) h"*e !o(nd the dr"ch"i which ) h"d %ostB 2> So ) s"' to 'o(0 there sh"%% be Ko' be!ore
the "nge%s o! God o*er one sinner re$enting1
572G$375 # @L +(nA # -now%edge )s Not ,orr($tion i! it )s Re%igion1
575G$33> # @L +(nA # )n the Ho(se "t ,"n"1
57CG$334 # @E +(%0FriA # +ohn Re$e"ts the S$eech M"de b' +es(s on Mt T"bor1
577G$3F7 # @E +(%0FriA # +es(s "t N"I"reth1
,<B. E +(%0 S"t0 AD C5 .esus9 (eond %eRetion at "azareth 573G$136F
MT 2C 2CF1TU2781
37 And coing into His own co(ntr'0D He t"(ght the in their
s'n"gog(es0 "nd the' being in wonderent0 s"id: How did this
M"n obt"in this wisdo "nd ir"c(%o(s $owerB 33 )s not this the
c"r$enterHs sonB )s not His other c"%%ed M"r'0 "nd His brethren
Lco(sins @See "t 6F1AM .ames0 +ose$h0 Sion0 "nd .ude FThaddeusGB
3F And His sisters Lco(sinsM0 "re the' not "%% with (sB Fro
where0 there!ore0 did He recei*e "%% these thingsB 36 And the'
were sc"nd"%iIed o*er hi1 /(t +es(s s"id to the: A $ro$het is
not witho(t honor0 "cce$t in his own co(ntr'0 "nd in his own
ho(se1 L.ames "nd .ude bec"e A$ost%es1 +ose$h "nd Sion0 the two
e%dest sons o! Ho%' +ose$hHs e%dest brother0 A%$h"e(s0 did not be%ie*e in +es(s
(nti% "!ter the Res(rrection1 A%$h"e(s @,%o$h"sA "nd his e%dest son +ose$h0
-itterly o$$osed +es(s "nd cre"ted " $"in!(% di*ision in the !"i%'1M 34 So
He did not do "n' ir"c%es there0 bec"(se o! their (nbe%ie!1
DHis ret(rn to N"I"reth in 57CG$334 "bo*e0 the d"' be!ore1
M- F 2541TU
2 AND going o(t !ro there0 He went into His own co(ntr'
LN"I"rethM0 "nd His Disci$%es !o%%owed Hi1 5 And when the S"bb"th
h"d coe He beg"n to te"ch in the s'n"gog(e1 And "n' he"ring
Hi were "stonished "t His te"ching0 s"'ing: How did this M"n
"c;(ire "%% these thingsB And wh"t wisdo is this th"t h"s been
gi*en to HiB And wh"t "re these ight' works done b' His
h"ndsB C )s not this the c"r$enter0 the son o! M"r'0 the brotherD
Lco(sinM o! .ames' "nd +ose$h0 "nd .ude FThaddausG0 "nd SionB
Are not "%so His sisters Lco(sinsM here with (sB And the' were
sc"nd"%iIed Lo!!endedM in reg"rd to Hi1 7 And +es(s s"id to the: A
$ro$het is not witho(t honor0 b(t in his own co(ntr' "nd in his own
ho(se0 "nd "ong his own kindred1 And He co(%d not do "n' work
o! Lgre"tM ir"c%es there1 On%' " !ew th"t were sick He c(red0 %"'ing
His h"nds ($on the1 F" And He "r*e%ed bec"(se o! their
D)n the Hebrew or Ar""ic0 the %"ng("ge o! Peter "nd M"rk there is no word !or
co(sin "nd the word brother w"s "%w"'s (sed1
,<A. E +(%0 S(n0 AD C5 From "azareth to :ethlehem o! Galilee
M- F TU275"1
Fb "nd he went thro(gh the *i%%"ges ro(nd "bo(t te"ching1
576G$345 # @E +(%0S(nA # At /eth%ehe in G"%i%ee1
574G$385 # @E +(%0MonA # Going tow"rd Sic"inon1
578G$38F # @E +(%0MonA # +es(s Meets the Disci$%es "t Sic"inon1
53>G$F>7 # @E +(%0Th(A # At T're: +es(s S$e"ks o! Perse*er"nce1
532G$F>8 # @E +(%0Th(A # Ret(rn to Sic"inon1 +es(s S$e"ks o! F"ith1
535G$F2F # @M +(%A # De$"rt(re !ro Sic"inon1 The /%essed &irgin M"r' "nd S$irit("%iIed M"ternit'1
53CG$F55 # @M +(%A # S'nt'che0 the Greek S%"*e1
537G$F58 # @M +(%A # Good /'e to M"r' M"gd"%"0 to M"rth" "nd S"ndwich1
533G$FC3 # @M +(%A # +es(s S$e"ks o! Ho$e1
53FG$F7> # @M +(%A # +es(s Goes ($ Mt ,"re% with His ,o(sin +"es1
536G$F7C # @M +(%A # +es(s Re*e"%s to +"es o! A%$h"e(s His F(t(re A$osto%ic Mission1
534G$F32 # @M +(%A # +es(s "nd His ,o(sin0 +"es0 on Their 9"' /"ck !ro Mt ,"re%1
538G$F38 # @M +(%A # Peter S$e"ks to Dor"s_ Pe"s"nts "bo(t the Lo*e 9hich )s S"%*"tion1
5F>G$FFF # @M +(%A # +es(s to +oh"nn_s Pe"s"nts: Lo*e )s Obedience1
5F2G$FF8 # @M +(%A # )n the Ho(se o! Dor" "nd Phi%i$1
,@+. L +(%0 S"t0 AD C5 $ Man #ith a Withered Hand Healed on the (abbath D ,"$ern"( 5F5G$1F64
MT 25 25F1TU
8 And when He h"d $"ssed !ro there0 He
c"e into their s'n"gog(es1 2> And beho%d
there w"s " "n who h"d " withered h"nd0
"nd th"t the' ight "cc(se Hi the' "sked
Hi0 s"'ing: )s it %"w!(% to he"% on the
S"bb"th d"'sB 22 /(t He s"id to the: 9h"t
"n is there "ong 'o( who h"s " shee$0
"nd i! the shee$ !"%%s into " $it on the
S"bb"th d"'0 wi%% not t"ke ho%d on it "nd %i!t
it o(tB
M- C 25F1TU
2 AND +es(s entered "g"in into the
s'n"gog(e0 "nd there w"s " "n there who
h"d " withered h"nd1 5 And the' w"tched
Hi whether He wo(%d he"% on the S"bb"th
d"' th"t the' ight "cc(se Hi1 C And He
s"id to the "n who h"d the withered h"nd:
St"nd ($ here in the idst1
L- F 25F1TU6F1
F And it c"e to $"ss "%so on "nother
S"bb"th th"t He entered into the s'n"gog(e
"nd t"(ght1 And there w"s " "n whose
right h"nd w"s withered1 6 And the scribes
"nd Ph"risees w"tched i! He wo(%d he"% on
the S"bb"th th"t the' ight !ind "n
"cc(s"tion "g"inst Hi1

MT 25
25 How (ch better is " "n th"n
" shee$B There!ore0 it is %"w!(% to
do " good deed on the S"bb"th
d"'s1 2C Then He s"id to the "n:
Stretch !orth 'o(r h"nd1 And he
stretched it !orth "nd it w"s
restored to he"%th e*en "s the other
h"nd1 27 And the Ph"risees going
o(t he%d " cons(%t"tion "g"inst
Hi0 how the' ight destro' Hi1

Note: This te:t w"s $%"ced b' "%% three s'no$tic
Gos$e% writers "!ter "nother e$isode de"%ing
with the S"bb"th @25F1A1 ,hrono%ogic"% order
w"s not their !oc(s1
M- C
7 And He s"id to the: )s it %"w!(% to do good on the
S"bb"th d"'s or to do e*i%B To s"*e %i!e or to destro'B /(t
the' re"ined si%ent1 3 And %ooking ro(nd "bo(t on the
with "nger0 being grie*ed !or the b%indness o! their he"rts0
He s"id to the "n: Stretch !orth 'o(r h"nd1 And he
stretched it !orth "nd his h"nd w"s restored1 F And the
Ph"risees0 going o(t0 iedi"te%' he%d " cons(%t"tion with
the Herodi"nsD "g"inst Hi0 how the' ight destro' Hi1
DThe Herodians were " $"rt' in )sr"e% th"t be%ie*ed strong%' in (nit'
with Roe "nd s($$orted the i$osed Ro"n kingshi$ o! Herod1 The'
be%ie*ed th"t thro(gh this king%' %ine w"s to be !(%!i%%ed the Messi"nic
ide"% !or )sr"e%1 Herod the Gre"t h"d "!ter "%% b(i%t their te$%eP The
Herodi"ns th(s !e"red +es(s K(st "s did sects o! the Ph"risees "nd
S"dd(cees0 bec"(se he w"s " thre"t to "%% o! their in*ested interests1 /(t
e"ch o! these $"rties "%so h"ted e"ch other0 b(t in the end it w"s the !e"r
"nd thre"t th"t +es(s $resented to "%% these isg(ided se%!ish interest
gro($s th"t (nited the "g"inst +es(s1
L- F
4 /(t He knew their tho(ghts
"nd s"id to the "n who h"d the
withered h"nd: Arise "nd st"nd
!orth in the idstP And rising he
stood !orth1 8 Then +es(s s"id to
the: ) "sk 'o(: )s it %"w!(% on
the S"bb"th d"'s to do good0 or to
do e*i% W to s"*e %i!e0 or to destro'
it L"s 'o( do b' 'o(r te"chingsMB 2>
And %ooking ro(nd "bo(t on the
"%%0 He s"id to the "n: Stretch
!orth 'o(r h"nd1 And he stretched
it !orth "nd his h"nd w"s restored1
22 And the' were !i%%ed with
"dness "nd the' cons$ired one
with "nother wh"t the' ight do
to +es(s1
,@,. L +(% # M A(g0 AD C5 .esus Withdra#s !rom Capernaum L#M
MT 25 TU2741
23 /(t +es(s knowing it0 retired !ro there0 b(t "n'
!o%%owed Hi "nd He he"%ed the "%%1 2F And He ch"rged
the th"t the' sho(%d not "ke Hi known0 LToo (ch $(b%icit'
o*er His ir"c(%o(s $owers re"ching His eneies in )sr"e% wo(%d h"*e
se*ere%' restricted His te"ching inistr' "nd His $%"n w"s to !irst b(i%d "
strong b"se in )sr"e% so th"t it wo(%d be "b%e to $enetr"te into "%% the
Genti%e n"tions1M 26 th"t it ight be !(%!i%%ed which w"s s$oken
b' )s"i"h the $ro$het0 s"'ing: 24 8ehold My !er+ant )hom I
ha+e chosen, My -elo+ed in Chom My so&l has -een )ell
pleased" I )ill p&t My !pirit &pon Him, and He shall sho)
K&d'ment to the Gentiles1 28 He shall not contend, nor cry
o&t, neither shall any man hear His +oice in the streets1 5>
The -r&ised reedB He shall not -rea* and smo*in' )ic*B He
shall not e0tin'&ish, &ntil He leads forth K&d'ment >thro&'h all
opposition@ onto +ictory >)hen the -r&ised reeds )ill -e healed and
near e0tin'&ished )ic*s )ill -e re-enflamed@1 52 =nd in His name
the Gentiles shall hope1 Z)s"i"h 75:2#7[
DThe two s'bo%s o! the $oor "nd broken in s$irit who the Lord wi%% not
!(rther o$$ress b(t wi%% "tte$t to he"% "nd re#en!%"e1
M- C TU26F1
6 /(t +es(s retired with His Disci$%es to the se" Lo! G"%i%eeM b(t " gre"t
crowd !o%%owed Hi !ro G"%i%ee "nd +(de"0 4 !ro +er(s"%e0 !ro
)d(e"0 "nd !ro be'ond the +ord"n1 And "%so " gre"t (%tit(de c"e
to Hi !ro "ro(nd T're "nd Sidon0 h"*ing he"rd the things which He
did1 8 So He to%d His Disci$%es th"t " s"%% shi$ sho(%d w"it on Hi
bec"(se o! the (%tit(de0 !e"ring %est the' sho(%d crowd Hi o!! the
be"ch1 2> For h"*ing he"%ed so "n' Lth"t d"'M0 e*er'one who h"d
"!!%iction $ressed ($on Hi K(st to to(ch Hi1 22 And the (nc%e"n
s$irits0 when the' s"w Hi0 !e%% down be!ore Hi "nd cried0 s"'ing:
25 Yo( "re the Son o! GodP /(t He strict%' ch"rged the Lthe e*i% s$iritsM
th"t the' sho(%d not "ke Hi known1 L+es(s knew this testion' o! the
deons wo(%d cert"in%' be (sed "g"inst Hi1M
Note: +es(s did not w"nt S"t"n testi!'ing to His identit'1 This testion' o! deons wo(%d
cert"in%' be (sed "g"inst Hi "s we%% "s "n' !"i%(re on His $"rt to si%ence this testion' 1
5FCG$F42 # @M A(gA # A D"' o! +(d"s )sc"riot "t N"I"reth1
,@*. M A(g0 AD C5 .esus9 Counsel to the Disiples Who are to 3reah and Heal on their 4#n # ,"$ern"(
MT 2> 6F1TU2771
3 These twe%*e +es(s sent o(t0 co"nding the0 s"'ing: Go not into the w"' o!
the Genti%es "nd enter not into the cities o! the S""rit"ns1 F /(t go r"ther to the
%ost shee$ o! the ho(se o! )sr"e%1 6 And "s 'o( go0 $re"ch0 s"'ing: The -ingdo
o! He"*en is "t h"ndP 4 He"% the sick0 r"ise the de"d0 c%e"nse the %e$ers0 "nd c"st
o(t deons1 Free%' 'o( h"*e recei*ed0 !ree%' gi*eP 8 Do not t"ke "n' go%d0 or
si%*er0 or "n' one' in 'o(r $(rses Lbe%tsM0 2> or $ro*ision b"gs !or 'o(r Ko(rne'0
neither two co"ts0 or e:tr" s"nd"%s0 or " st"!! L"%% were to %e"*e their st"!!s behind0 b(t
For the work"n is worth' o! his !ood1 22 And into wh"te*er cit' or town
'o( enter0 in;(ire who in it is worth'0 "nd there "bide (nti% 'o( %e"*e1 25 And
when 'o( coe into the ho(se0 greet it0 s"'ing: M"' $e"ce be to this ho(se1

a sta!!: +es(s %iter"%%' s"id to His Disci$%es not to t"ke <t)o or more t(nics or s$"re shoes0 or
$i%griHs st"!! or we"$ons1= So one st"!! w"s "%%owed1 @See ))0$1F8CA1 M"rk F:4 s"'s the' were
"%%owed <a w"%king stick1= There is th(s no contr"diction on%' " di!!erence in !oc(s1
M- F 2C81TU2771
6 And He c"%%ed the
Twe%*e0 "nd beg"n to send
the in $"irs o! two0 gi*ing
the $ower o*er (nc%e"n
s$irits1 4 And He
co"nded the th"t the'
sho(%d t"ke nothing !or the
Ko(rne'0 b(t " Li1e1 oneM st"!!
on%'0D no scri$ Lcont"iner !or
!oodM0 no bre"d0 nor one'
in their $(rse0

L- 8 2541TU2771
2 THEN c"%%ing
together the twe%*e
A$ost%es0 +es(s g"*e
the $ower "nd
"(thorit' o*er "%%
deons0 "nd to c(re
dise"ses1 5 And He sent
the to $roc%"i the
-ingdo o! God "nd to
he"% the sick1

MT 2>
2C And i! th"t ho(se is worth'0 'o(r $e"ce sh"%% coe ($on it0 b(t i! it is not
worth'0 'o(r $e"ce sh"%% ret(rn to 'o(1 27 And whoe*er wi%% not recei*e 'o( or
he"r 'o(r words0 "s 'o( %e"*e th"t ho(se or cit'0 sh"ke o!! their d(st !ro 'o(r
!eet1 LThe A$ost%es were to "ke s(re not to t"ke "n' o! the resentents the' h"d been shown
with the b(t %e"*e the behind1M 23 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 it sh"%% be ore
to%er"b%e !or the %"nd o! Sodo "nd Goorr"h in the d"' o! K(dgent th"n !or th"t
cit'1 LThe K(dgent ($on Sodo w"s inst"nt1M
2F /eho%d ) send 'o( o(t "s shee$ in the idst o! wo%*es1 /e there!ore wise "s
ser$ents "nd si$%e "s do*es1 26 /(t bew"re o! en !or the' wi%% de%i*er 'o( ($
in their co(nci%s0 "nd the' wi%% sco(rge 'o( in their s'n"gog(es1 24 And 'o( sh"%%
be bro(ght be!ore go*ernors0 "nd be!ore kings !or M' s"ke0 !or " testion' to
the "nd to the Genti%es1 28 /(t when the' sh"%% de%i*er 'o( ($0 t"ke no tho(ght
how or wh"t to s$e"k0 !or it sh"%% be gi*en 'o( in th"t ho(r wh"t to s$e"k1 5> For
it is not 'o( th"t wi%% s$e"k0 b(t the S$irit o! 'o(r F"ther 9ho wi%% s$e"k in 'o(1
52 The brother "%so sh"%% de%i*er ($ the brother to de"th0 "nd the !"ther the son1
And chi%dren sh"%% rise ($ "g"inst their $"rents "nd sh"%% $(t the to de"th1 55
And 'o( sh"%% be h"ted b' "%% en !or M' n"eHs s"ke0 b(t he who sh"%%
$erse*ere (nto the end sh"%% be s"*ed1 5C And when the' sh"%% $ersec(te 'o( in
one cit'0 !%ee into "nother1 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 'o( sh"%% not !inish "%% the
cities o! )sr"e%0 (nti% the Son o! M"n coes1 L+es(s e:$%"ined to the A$ost%es th"t the'
wi%% not be "b%e to e*"nge%iIe e*er' town in )sr"e% (nti% He ret(rns "t the *er' end o! this "ge
bec"(se )sr"e%0 !or its <dre"d!(% sin0= wi%% be sc"ttered !or cent(ries be!ore it is g"thered "g"in1M
57 The disci$%e is not "bo*e the "ster0 nor the ser*"nt "bo*e his %ord1 53 )t is
eno(gh LNo ore c"n or sho(%d be e:$ected th"nM !or the disci$%e th"t he be "s his
"ster0 "nd the ser*"nt "s his %ord1 So0 i! the' h"*e c"%%ed the Good"n LM"sterM o!
the ho(se /ee%Ieb(b0D how (ch ore Lwi%% he c"%%M those o! His ho(seho%d
L/ee%Ieb(bMB LThe Phi%istine god o! !%ies0 which !eed on !i%th "nd dec"'1 )t w"s the %owest ter
the +ews co(%d !ind to con*e' conte$t1 5 -12:C0FM
5F There!ore0 !e"r the not0 !or nothing is co*ered th"t sh"%% not be re*e"%ed0 or
hidden0 th"t sh"%% not be knownP 56 Th"t which ) te%% 'o( in the d"rk0 'o( L"nd 'o(r
s(ccessorsM $roc%"i in the %ight Lo$en%'M "nd th"t which 'o( now he"r Lwhis$eredM in
the e"r0 $re"ch ($on the ho(seto$s1 L+es(s re*e"%ed the entire bod' o! !"ith to the A$ost%es
inc%(ding th"t which "t the tie co(%d not be !(%%' re*e"%ed (nti% the <b"$tis o! b%ood= wo(%d
condition the wor%d to better recei*e it @The Poem ))0F84A1 The Scri$t(res do not !or this re"son
cont"in "n' e%eents o! the !"ith1 The <,h(rch= is the <$i%%"r "nd gro(nd o! the tr(th1= 2
Ti1C:231 54 And !e"r not those who ki%% the bod'0 b(t "re not "b%e to ki%% the so(%0
b(t r"ther !e"r Hi who c"n destro' both so(% "nd bod' in He%%P 58 Are not two
s$"rrows so%d !or " !"rthingB "nd not one o! the !"%%s on the gro(nd witho(t 'o(r
F"ther1 C> /(t the *er' h"irs o! 'o(r he"d "re "%% n(bered1 C2 Fe"r not0
there!ore0 !or better "re 'o( th"n "n' s$"rrows1 C5 E*er' one0 there!ore0 who
sh"%% con!ess Me be!ore en0 ) wi%% "%so con!ess hi be!ore M' F"ther 9ho is in
He"*en1 CC /(t he who sh"%% den' Me be!ore en0 ) wi%% "%so den' hi be!ore M'
F"ther 9ho is in He"*en1
C7 Do not think th"t ) c"e to send $e"ce ($on e"rth1 ) c"e not to send $e"ce0
b(t the sword Lth"t wi%% s$irit("%%' c(t en !ree !ro their s%"*er' to sin1 These de%i*er"nces
wo(%d c"(se !e"r "nd h"tred in those who h"*e %i*ed o!! the s%"*er' o! those set !reeM1 C3 For )
c"e Lwith M' swordM to set " "n "t *"ri"nce "g"inst his !"ther0 "nd the d"(ghter
"g"inst her other0 "nd the d"(ghter#in#%"w "g"inst her other#in#%"w1 CF And "s
" "nHs eneies sh"%% be those o! his own ho(seho%d1 C6 He who %o*es !"ther or
other ore th"n Me is not worth' o! Me0 "nd he who %o*es son or d"(ghter
ore th"n Me is not worth' o! Me1 C4 And he who does not t"ke ($ his cross "nd
!o%%ow Me0 is not worth' o! Me1 Lc!1 L(ke 27:5F#56 !ro "nother occ"sionM He who
!inds his life LHe who is centered "ro(nd hise%! "nd te$or"% s"tis!"ctionsM sh"%% %ose it0
b(t he who sh"%% %ose his life !or Me0 sh"%% !ind it Lthe tr(e %i!e0 the life of ,hristM1
7> He who recei*es 'o(0 recei*es Me "nd he who recei*es Me0 recei*es Hi th"t
sent Me1 72 He who recei*es " $ro$het in the n"e o! Lor bec"(se he isM " $ro$het0
sh"%% recei*e the rew"rd o! " $ro$het1 And he who recei*es " K(st "n in the
n"e o! Lor bec"(se he isM " K(st "n0 sh"%% recei*e the rew"rd o! " K(st "n1 75
And whoe*er sh"%% gi*e to one o! the %e"st ones Lo! M' ser*"ntsM on%' " c($ o! co%d
w"ter in the n"e o! th"t disci$%e0 ost "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 he sh"%% not !"i% to
recei*e his rew"rd1
M- F
8 "nd to be shod with Lon%' one $"ir o!M s"nd"%s0 "nd th"t the' sho(%d not $(t on two
co"ts1 2> And He s"id to the: 9here*er 'o( sh"%% enter into " ho(se0 there "bide
(nti% 'o( de$"rt !ro th"t
$%"ce1 22 And whoe*er sh"%%
not recei*e 'o(0 nor he"r
'o( "s 'o( go !orth !ro
there0 sh"ke o!! the d(st
!ro 'o(r !eetD !or "
testion' to the1
M- 7
55 For there h"s nothing
been hidden Lb' GodM which
sh"%% not L"t the correct tieM
be "de "ni!est0 neither
w"s it "de secret Lin the
!irst $%"ceM0 !or "n' other
re"son b(t th"t it "' be
s$re"d "bro"d Lto the gre"test
$ossib%e n(ber o! $eo$%eMP
"ote: This w"s "%so s$oken on the E
b"nk o! +ord"n @See )&1728G$177 "t
M- 7 TU2381
Not !o(nd in The Poem:
5C )! "n' "n h"s e"rs to
he"r0 %et hi he"rP 57 And
He s"id to the: T"ke gre"t
heed to wh"t 'o( he"r L!ro
MeM1 9h"te*er e"s(re 'o(
(se Lin e*"%("ting M' 9ord0
whether it is with re*erence "nd
obedience0 or c"re%essnessM0 it
sh"%% be e"s(red Lin *irt(e
"nd wisdoM b"ck to 'o(
"g"in0 "nd e*en ore Lth"n
"n e;("% e"s(reM sh"%% be
gi*en to 'o( Lwho he"r with
!(%% re*erenceM1
L- 8
C He s"id to the: T"ke
nothing Le:tr"M !or 'o(r
Ko(rne' Li1e1 "s 'o( nor"%%'
wo(%d !or " Ko(rne'M0 neither
L"n e:tr"M st"!!0 nor one'
b"g0 nor bre"d0 nor one'1
Neither (st 'o( h"*e two
co"ts1 7 And wh"te*er
ho(se 'o( sh"%% enter0 "bide
there "nd de$"rt not !ro it1
3 And !or whoe*er
wi%% not recei*e 'o(0
when 'o( go o(t o!
th"t cit'0 sh"ke o!!
e*en the LtheirM d(st o!
'o(r !eet0 !or "
testion' "g"inst
the1 LTheir eneies
were to know th"t none o!
the "niosit' the' were
shown w"s going to %e"*e
with the to show the
how the' sho(%d %o*ePM
L- 4 68"1TU238b1
26 For there is not
"n'thing secret
Lwhether the hidden
errors o! "n or the
hidden tr(ths o! GodM
th"t sh"%% not be "de
"ni!est0 nor th"t is
hidden th"t sh"%% not
be known "nd
bro"dc"st "bro"d L"nd
the ,h(rch w"s to be
GodHs e"ns to e:$ose "%%
things th"t h"*e
$re*io(s%' been hiddenMP
"ote: L(ke 2>:2#25 ight
K(st "s we%% h"*e been $%"ced
here r"ther th"n in Gos$e%
E$isode 2361 See ))05F7G
,@<. M A(g0 AD C5 .esus Continues His Counsel # ,"$ern"( 5F7G$1F87
47"1 E Mch0 AD C5 This te:t is "%so !o(nd in the S1O1M1 262G$1273
MT 3 4F1TU47b1
C8 /(t ) s"' to 'o( do not resist the e*i% L"nM1 /(t i! he strikes 'o( on 'o(r right cheek0 t(rn to hi "%so the
other1 7> And i! " "n wi%% contend with 'o( in co(rt "nd t"kes "w"' 'o(r shirt0 gi*e "%so 'o(r co"t to hi1
,ontr"r' to wh"t is $o$(%"r%' be%ie*ed "nd t"(ght0 re*enge ere%' !or $erson"% re"sons w"s ne+er "cce$t"b%e to God or $rooted in
the s"cred writings1 @See Genesis 7:23E Pro*157:54E 53:52#55A1 The <e'e !or "n e'e= @E:152:57E De(t128:52A w"s the r(%e !or ci*i%
go*ernent "%one e*en "s it is "%%owed tod"' "nd to the degree o! the "bsence o! the rede$ti*e s$irit o! ,hrist in the $eo$%e o! "n'
societ'1 @See Ro"ns 2C:2#7A1 9hen +es(s "ddressed the s(bKect here i$%'ing " ch"nge !ro "n <e'e !or "n e'e0= He w"s s$e"king o!
the is"$$%ic"tion o! this "nd"te !or ci*i% go*ernent1 The Ph"risees h"d $o$(%"riIed " $erson"% "$$%ic"tion o! this which K(sti!ied
personal *indicti*eness "nd indi!!erence tow"rd the sinner "nd o!!ender1 @See "%so 53:52#55A
MT 3 Not %oc"ted in the Poem TU4C1
72 And whoe*er wi%% !orce 'o( Lto goM one i%e0 go with hi two1
,@@. M A(g0 AD C5 The Disiples )vangelize on Their 4#n D Fro ,"$ern"( into G"%i%ee 5F7G$1F85
MT 22
2 AND it c"e to $"ss when +es(s
h"d !inished His ch"rge to His
twe%*e disci$%es0 He $"ssed !ro
there to te"ch "nd $re"ch in their
M- F
25 And going !orth the' $re"ched th"t
en sho(%d re$ent1 2C And the' c"st o(t
"n' deons0 "nd "nointed with oi%
"n' th"t were sick "nd he"%ed the1
L- 8
F And going o(t0 the' went "bo(t thro(gh the towns
$roc%"iing the Gos$e% "nd he"%ing e*er'where
L- 8 /"ck to ,"$ern"(
,@@b1 L A(g0 Fri 5F7G$16>>
2>" And the A$ost%es0 when the' h"d ret(rned0 to%d
+es(s "%% the' h"d done1
,@2. L A(g0 S(n0 AD C5 The :aptist (ends T#o Doubting Disiples to Vuestion .esus 7 Woe to the Cities # ,"$ern"(
MT 22 TU2761
5 Now when +ohn0 in $rison0 h"d he"rd o!
the works o! ,hrist he sent two o! his
Lske$tic"%M disci$%es who Lwere to%d !or their own
bene!it toM "sk Hi: C Are Yo( He 9ho w"s
$roised to coe0 or do we %ook !or "notherB
7 And +es(s "nswering s"id to the: Go "nd
re%"te to +ohn L!or yo&r o)n 'oodM wh"t 'o(
h"*e he"rd "nd seen1 3 The b%ind see0 the
%"e w"%k0 the %e$ers "re c%e"nsed0 the de"!
he"r0 the de"d rise "g"in0 "nd the $oor h"*e
the Gos$e% $re"ched to the1Z)s"i"h C3:3E F2:2[
F And Lto the two ske$tic"% disci$%es He s"id0M
b%essed is he who sh"%% not be sc"nd"%iIed in
6 And when the' went their w"'0 +es(s
beg"n to s"' to the crowds concerning +ohn:
9h"t did 'o( Lwho "re so o!!ended b' +ohnHs
!orce!(% ess"ge "nd "(stere %i!eM go o(t into the
desert to seeB A L!%is'M reed sh"ken with the
windB 4 9h"t did 'o( go o(t to seeB A "n
c%othed in so!t g"rentsB /eho%d the' th"t
"re c%othed in so!t g"rents "re in the ho(ses
o! kings1 8 /(t wh"t did 'o( go o(t to seeB
A $ro$hetB L)! 'o( did then th"t is wh"t 'o( s"wPM
Yes0 ) te%% 'o(0 b(t he is ore th"n " $ro$hetP
2> For this is he o! who it w"s written:
8ehold I send My an'elic messen'er -efore
7o& come, )ho shall prepare Thy )ay -efore
Thee1 ZM"%"chi C:2[
L- 6 $t the House o! Thomas' their Host
28 And +ohn Lwhi%e i$risoned in M"ch"er(sM c"%%ed to hi two o! his Lconcerned "nd do(btingM
disci$%es0 "nd sent the L!or their own bene!itM to +es(s0 s"'ing: Are 'o( He 9ho w"s to
coe0 or "re we to %ook !or "notherBD 5> And when the en h"d coe (nto Hi0 the'
s"id: +ohn the /"$tist h"s sent (s to Yo(0 s"'ing: Are 'o( He 9ho w"s to coe0 or "re
we to %ook !or "notherB 52 And in th"t s"e ho(r0 +es(s de%i*ered "n' o! their dise"ses0
"i%ents "nd e*i% s$irits1 And to "n' who were b%ind He g"*e sight1 55 And "nswering0
He s"id to the: Go "nd re%"te to +ohn wh"t 'o( h"*e he"rd "nd seen1 The b%ind see0 the
%"e w"%k0 the %e$ers "re "de c%e"n0 the de"! he"r0 the de"d rise "g"in0 "nd to the $oor
the Gos$e% is $re"ched1 5C And b%essed is he who sh"%% not be sc"nd"%iIed in Me1
D)t is not +ohn who h"s these do(bts b(t soe o! his own disci$%es who h"d di!!ic(%t' in reconci%ing
di!!erent inistr' "$$ro"ch o! +es(s with wh"t +ohn h"d t"(ght es$eci"%%' "!ter soe *er' shrewd
Ph"risees h"d "%ost con*inced those th"t +ohn the /"$tist h"d to be the Messi"h1 The ;(estions he gi*es
the to "sk "re theirs "nd he send the to +es(s !or their own bene!it1 +es(s0 o! co(rse "%so wishes to %et
+ohn in $rison know wh"t God w"s doing thro(gh Hi to enco(r"ge hi1 This *iew0 in contr"st to the
odern e:$ositors who $%"ce the do(bt in the /"$tistHs ind@PA w"s the *iew o! the e"r%' ,h(rch
e:$ositors "nd it is *eri!ied b' The Poem"
57 And when the essengers o! +ohn h"d de$"rted0 He beg"n to s$e"k to the crowds
concerning +ohn L"n' o! who do(bted +ohnHs c"%%ing bec"(se it di!!ered !ro th"t o! +es(sPM1
9h"t did 'o( go o(t into the desert to see W " L" thin we"kM reed sh"ken with the windB 53
9h"t did 'o( go o(t to see W " "n c%othed in so!t g"rentsB /eho%d the' who dress in
cost%' "$$"re% "nd %i*e de%ic"te%'0 "re in the ho(ses o! kings1 5F /(t wh"t did 'o( go o(t
to see W " $ro$hetB 9e%%0 ) s"' to 'o(0 he is ore th"n " $ro$het1 56 This is he Lthe "nge% G
essengerM o! who it is written: 8ehold I send My an'el -efore Thy face >the Messiah$s
presence@, )ho shall prepare Thy )ay -efore Thee" ZM"%"chi C:2[ 54 For ) s"' to 'o(:
Aong those born o! woen0 there is not " gre"ter $ro$het th"n +ohn the /"$tist L"king
hi in ho%iness "nd *irt(e c%ose to ho%' +ose$hM1 /(t he who is the %e"st in the -ingdo o! God
Lthe New ,o*en"ntM0 is gre"ter th"n he Lbec"(se those in the kingdo "re not ere%' born o! woen0
b(t o! GodPM1 58 And "%% the $eo$%e "nd the $(b%ic"ns he"ring this "cknow%edged the
K(stice God Lin +es(sH wordsM0 being b"$tiIed with +ohnHs b"$tis1 C> /(t the Ph"risees "nd
the %"w'ers des$ised the co(nse% o! God
"g"inst these%*es b' re!(sing to be b"$tiIed
b' +ohn1
MT 22
22 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 there h"s not risen "ong those
born o! woen " gre"ter "n th"n +ohn the /"$tist L"king hi
e;("% to +ose$h in ho%iness "nd *irt(eM0 'et he who is the %e"st in the
-ingdo o! He"*en Lin the New ,o*en"ntM is gre"ter th"n he
Lbec"(se those in the -ingdo "re not born ere%' o! woen0 b(t o! GodMP
25 And !ro the d"'s o! +ohn the /"$tist (nti% now0 the
-ingdo o! He"*en (st be t"ken b' *io%ence L"g"inst oneHs own
inc%in"tions "nd e*i%M0 "nd the *io%ent L"g"inst these%*esM wi%% t"ke it1
2C For "%% the Pro$hets "nd the L"w $ro$hesied Lco*ering the
entire sco$e o! h("n histor'M (nti% +ohn0 27 "nd he w"s E%iK"h0 who
w"s to coe LM"%1 C:2E 7:3M0 i! 'o( wi%% recei*e itP 23 He who h"s
e"rs to he"r Lthe tr(thM0 %et hi he"rP
2F /(t how sh"%% ) describe this gener"tionB )t is %ike (nto
chi%dren sitting in the "rket $%"ce Lwho0 no "tter wh"t the' did
co(%d not get their co$"nions to Koin the in their !(n0 whether it w"s "
Ko'!(% wedding $%"' nor " !(ner"% dirgeM0 26 who0 cr'ing to their
co$"nions s"id: 9e h"*e $i$ed to 'o( "nd 'o( h"*e not
d"ncedP 9e h"*e %"ented "nd 'o( h"*e not o(rnedP 24 For
+ohn c"e neither e"ting nor drinking "nd the' s"': He h"s "
deonP 28 The Son o! M"n c"e e"ting "nd drinking0 "nd the'
s"': /eho%d " "n th"t is " g%(tton "nd " wine drinker0 " !riend
o! $(b%ic"ns "nd sinnersP /(t wisdo is K(sti!ied b' her chi%dren
Lb' its !r(it or conse;(ences in %i*esM1
5> Then He beg"n to re$ro"ch the cities in which ost o! His
ir"c%es were done0 !or the' h"d not re$ented1 52 9oe to 'o(0
,hor"IinP 9oe to 'o(0 /eths"id"P For i! the ir"c%es th"t h"*e
been done in 'o( h"d been done in T're "nd Sidon0 the' wo(%d
h"*e %ong "go re$ented L"nd done their $en"nceM in s"ckc%oth "nd
"shes1 55 And ) s"' (nto 'o(0 it sh"%% be ore to%er"b%e !or T're
"nd Sidon in the d"' o! K(dgent0 th"n !or 'o(P 5C And 'o(0
,"$ern"(0 do 'o( think 'o( sh"%% be e:"%ted to He"*enB Yo(
sh"%% go down e*en (nto H"des Lthe nether wor%dMP For i! the
ir"c%es th"t h"*e been done in 'o( h"d been done in Sodo0
$erh"$s it wo(%d h"*e re"ined (nto this d"'P 57 For ) s"' (nto
'o(0 th"t it sh"%% be ore to%er"b%e !or the %"nd o! Sodo in the
d"' o! K(dgent0 th"n !or 'o(P
53 At th"t tie +es(s $r"'ed "nd s"id: ) th"nk Thee0 O F"ther0
Lord o! He"*en "nd e"rth0 bec"(se Yo( h"*e hid these things
!ro the wise "nd $r(dent0 "nd h"*e re*e"%ed the to the %itt%e
onesP 5F Yes0 F"ther0 !or so h"th it seeed good in Th' sight1 56
A%% things "re de%i*ered to Me b' M' F"ther0 "nd no one knows
the Son b(t the F"ther1 Neither does "n'one know the F"ther0
b(t the Son0 "nd He to who it $%e"ses the Son to re*e"% Hi1
L- 6
C2 And the Lord s"id: .nto wh"t then sh"%% ) %iken the en o! this
gener"tionB To wh"t "re the' %ikeB C5 The' "re %ike chi%dren sitting
in the "rket$%"ce Lwho0 no "tter wh"t the' did co(%d not get their
co$"nions to Koin the in their !(n0 whether it w"s " Ko'!(% wedding $%"' nor "
!(ner"% dirgeM0 "nd s$e"king one to "nother "nd s"'ing: 9e h"*e $i$ed
to 'o(0 "nd 'o( h"*e not d"nced1 9e h"*e o(rned0 "nd 'o( h"*e
not we$t1 CC For +ohn the /"$tist c"e neither e"ting nor drinking0
"nd Lsoe o!M 'o( s"': He h"s " deonP C7 The Son o! M"n h"s coe
e"ting "nd drinking "nd Lsoe o!M 'o( s"': /eho%d " M"n 9ho is "
g%(tton "nd " drinker o! wine0 " !riend o! $(b%ic"ns "nd sinnersP C3
/(t wisdo is K(sti!ied b' "%% her chi%dren Lthe !r(it it $rod(cesM1
L- 2> 236b1TU236"
2C 9oe to 'o(0 ,hor"IinP 9oe to 'o(0 /eths"id"P For i! the ight'
works th"t h"*e been done in 'o( h"d been done in T're "nd Sidon0
the' wo(%d h"*e re$ented sitting in s"ckc%oth "nd "shes %ong "goP 27
/(t it sh"%% be ore to%er"b%e !or T're "nd Sidon "t the K(dgent
th"n !or 'o(P 23 And 'o(0 ,"$ern"(0 which h"*e been e:"%ted (nto
He"*en0D 'o( sh"%% be thr(st down to H"des Lthe nether wor%dM1
D,"$ern"( h"d the $ri*i%ege o! the S"*ior0 <He"*en= itse%!0 %i*ing in their cit'P /(t "%%
these cities in the north end o! the Se" o! G"%i%ee within C> 'e"rs e:$erienced " $"rtic(%"r%'
de*"st"ting end K(st "s $ro$hesied b' o(r Lord when the Ro"ns decided to $(t "n end to
the n"tion o! )sr"e%1 To this d"' this once $o$(%"ted region %ies &tterly desolate?
L- 2> 2341TU2F21
52 )n th"t s"e ho(r L**12C#23 "bo*eM0 +es(s reKoiced in the Ho%' S$irit0
"nd s"id: ) con!ess to Thee0 O F"ther0 Lord o! He"*en "nd e"rth0
bec"(se Yo( h"*e hidden these things !ro the wise "nd $r(dent0
"nd h"st re*e"%ed the to %itt%e onesP Yes0 F"ther0 !or so it h"s
seeed good in Th' sightP 55 A%% things "re de%i*ered to Me b' M'
F"therE "nd no one knows 9ho the Son is b(t the F"ther0 "nd no one
knows 9ho the F"ther is b(t the Son0 "nd to whoe*er the Son wi%%
re*e"% HiP 5C And t(rning to His Disci$%es0 He s"id: /%essed "re
the e'es th"t see the things which 'o( seeP 57 For ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t
"n' $ro$hets "nd kings h"*e desired to see the things th"t 'o( see0
"nd h"*e not seen the0 "nd to he"r the things th"t 'o( he"r0 "nd
h"*e not he"rd theP
,@C. L A(g0 S(n0 AD C5 The Murder o! .ohn the :aptist # +es(s "t ,"$ern"( He"rs this Acco(nt 5> D"'s L"ter
MT 27 2251TU23>1
F And on HerodHs birthd"'0 the d"(ghter o!
Herodi"s d"nced be!ore the "nd $%e"sed Herod1
6 So he $roised with "n o"th to gi*e her
wh"te*er she wo(%d "sk o! hi1 4 /(t she0 being
instr(cted be!ore b' her other0 s"id: Gi*e e in
" dish the he"d o! +ohn the /"$tist1 8 And the
king w"s str(ck s"d0 'et bec"(se o! his o"th0 "nd
!or the g(ests th"t s"t with hi "t the t"b%e0 he
co"nded it to be gi*en to her1 2> And he sent
"nd behe"ded +ohn in the $rison1 22 And his
he"d w"s bro(ght in " dish "nd it w"s gi*en to
the d"se%0 "nd she bro(ght it to her other1 25"
And his disci$%es c"e "nd took the bod' "nd
b(ried it0
M- F
52 /(t "n o$$ort(ne d"' c"e L!or Herodi"sM when Herod0 on his birthd"' threw "
b"n;(et !or the $rinces0 the trib(nes0 "nd chie! en o! G"%i%ee1 55 And when the
d"(ghter o! Herodi"s h"d coe in "nd h"d d"nced "nd $%e"sed Herod "nd those th"t
were with hi0 the king s"id to the gir%: Ask e wh"t 'o( wi%% "nd ) wi%% gi*e it to
'o(1 5C And he swore to her s"'ing: 9h"te*er 'o( sh"%% "sk ) wi%% gi*e 'o(0 tho(gh it
is the h"%! o! ' kingdoP 57 9hen she h"d gone o(t Lo! the rooM0 she s"id to her
other0 wh"t sh"%% ) "skB She re$%ied: The he"d o! +ohn the /"$tistP 53 And when
she c"e in iedi"te%' with h"ste to the king0 she "sked0 s"'ing: ) wo(%d th"t 'o(
iedi"te%' gi*e e in " dish0 the he"d o! +ohn the /"$tist1 5F And the king w"s
str(ck with $"in!(% sorrow0 'et bec"(se o! his o"th0 "nd bec"(se o! those th"t were
with hi "t the b"n;(et0 he wo(%d not dis$%e"se her1 56 /(t sending "n e:ec(tioner0
he co"nded th"t the /"$tistHs he"d sho(%d be bro(ght in " dish1 54 And the'
behe"ded hi in the $rison0 "nd bro(ght his he"d in " dish "nd g"*e it to the gir%0 "nd
the gir% g"*e it to her other1 58 9hen his disci$%es he"rd o! it the' c"e "nd took
+ohnHs bod' "nd %"id it in " tob1
5FFG$6>4 # @L A(g0MonA # +es(s 9orks "s " ,"r$enter "t -or"Ii1
,@;. L A(g0 Fri0 AD C5 Come >nto Me $ll 8ou that 5abor # ,"$ern"( 5F6G$1624
MT 22 2731TU25F1
54 ,oe to Me0 "%% 'o( who %"bor "nd "re b(rdened "nd ) wi%% re!resh 'o(1 58 T"ke ($ M' 'oke ($on 'o(rse%!
"nd %e"rn o! Me bec"(se ) " eek "nd h(b%e o! he"rt0 "nd 'o( sh"%% !ind rest !or 'o(r so(%s1 C> For M' 'oke is
sweet "nd M' b(rden is %ight1
,@B. E Se$0 Fri0 AD C5 $ :lind Mute' 3ossessed Man Healed # ,"$ern"( 5F4G$165>
MT 25 2721TU22>1
55 Then one w"s bro(ght to Hi $ossessed with " deon0
b%ind "nd d(b0 "nd He he"%ed hi0 so th"t he both s$oke
"nd s"w1 5C And "%% the crowds were ""Ied0 "nd s"id: )s
not this the Son o! D"*id Lthe $roised Messi"hMB 57 /(t the
Ph"risees he"ring it0 s"id: This "n c"sts o(t deons0 on%'
b' /ee%Ieb(b LThe Phi%istine god o! !%ies0 which !eed on !i%th "nd
dec"'1 )t w"s the %owest ter the +ews co(%d !ind to con*e'
conte$t1 5 -12:C0FM the $rince o! the deons1 53 And +es(s
knowing their tho(ghts0 s"id to the: E*er' kingdo
di*ided "g"inst itse%! wi%% be "de deso%"te0 "nd e*er' cit'
or ho(se di*ided "g"inst itse%! wi%% not st"nd1 5F And i!
S"t"n c"sts o(t S"t"n0 he is di*ided "g"inst hise%!1 How
then does his kingdo st"ndB 56 And i! ) b' /ee%Ieb(b
c"st o(t deons0 b' who do 'o(r disci$%es L%it: <sons=M
c"st the o(tB There!ore0 the' L'o(r own disci$%esM sh"%% be
'o(r K(dges Lbec"(se the' know 'o( h"*e no $ower o*er the
deonsM1 54 /(t i! ) b' the S$irit o! God c"st o(t deons
then h"s the -ingdo o! God coe ($on 'o(1 58 Ag"in0
how c"n "n' one enter into the ho(se o! the strong L"s ) "
doingM "nd ri!%e his goods0 (n%ess he !irst bind the strong
oneB On%' then he wi%% be "b%e to ri!%e his ho(se1 C> He
whoe*er is not with Me Lin this "tterM0 is "g"inst Me1 And
He who g"thers not with Me0 sc"tters1 C2 There!ore0 ) s"'
to 'o(: E*er' sin "nd b%"s$he' c"n be !orgi*en en0 b(t
the b%"s$he' "g"inst the S$irit sh"%% not be !orgi*en1 C5
And whoe*er sh"%% s$e"k " word "g"inst the Son o! M"n0
it c"n be !orgi*en hi0 b(t he who sh"%% s$e"k "g"inst the
Ho%' S$irit0 it sh"%% not be !orgi*en hi0 neither in this
wor%d0 nor in the wor%d to coe1
This is c%e"r e*idence th"t soe sins c"n be !orgi*en in the ne:t wor%d1 +es(s is
on%' "!!iring " doctrine "%w"'s be%ie*ed b' the +ews who !or this re"son
$r"'ed !or the de"d to h"sten their "!ter %i!e rede$tion1 5 M"cc125:77#7FE 2
CC Either L'o(M "ke the tree L'o( $%"ntM good "nd its !r(it
Lwi%% beM good0 or L'o(M "ke the tree L'o( $%"ntM e*i% "nd its
!r(it Lwi%% beM e*i%1 L/(t in either c"se it isM !ro the !r(it the
tree is known1 C7 O gener"tion o! *i$ers0 how c"n 'o(
s$e"k good things0 since 'o( "re e*i%B For o(t o! the
"b(nd"nce o! the he"rt the o(th s$e"ks1 C3 A good "n
o(t o! " good tre"s(re brings !orth good things "nd "n e*i%
"n o(t o! "n e*i% tre"s(re brings !orth e*i% things1 CF /(t
) s"' (nto 'o(0 th"t e*er' id%e word th"t en sh"%% s$e"k0
the' sh"%% render "n "cco(nt !or it in the d"' o! K(dgent1
C6 For b' 'o(r words 'o( sh"%% be K(sti!ied0 "nd b' 'o(r
words 'o( sh"%% be condened1
C4 Then soe o! the scribes "nd Ph"risees "nswered Hi0
s"'ing: M"ster we wo(%d %ike to see " sign !ro Yo(1
M- C 6F1TU22>1
5> And the' c"e to "
ho(se Lwhere +es(s "%w"'s
st"'ed in ,"$ern"(M0 "nd
the (%tit(de c"e
together "g"in0 so th"t
the' co(%d not so (ch
"s e"t their e"%s1 52
And when His kinsen
LHis two o%dest co(sins0 the
e%dest sons o! A%$h"e(s
@Ho%' +ose$hHs o%der
brotherAM h"d he"rd o! it0
the' went o(t to %"'
ho%d on Hi0 !or the'
s"id: He h"s becoe
"dP 55 And the
scribes who h"d coe
down !ro +er(s"%e0
s"id: He h"s
/ee%Ieb(b0 "nd b' the
$rince o! deons He
c"sts o(t deonsP 5C
And "!ter +es(s h"d
c"%%ed the together0
He s$oke to the in
$"r"bo%ic %"ng("ge:
How c"n S"t"n c"st o(t
S"t"nB 57 And i! "
kingdo becoes
di*ided "g"inst itse%!
th"t kingdo c"nnot
st"nd1 53 And i! "
ho(se be di*ided
"g"inst itse%!0 th"t
ho(se c"nnot st"nd1 5F
And i! S"t"n rises ($
"g"inst hise%! "nd is
di*ided he c"nnot
st"nd0 b(t wi%% h"*e "n
end1 56 No "n c"n
enter into the ho(se o!
" strong "n "nd rob
hi o! his goods (n%ess
he !irst binds hi L"s )
h"*e done to S"t"nM0 "nd
then he sh"%% $%(nder
his ho(se1
54 Most "ss(red%' ) s"'
to 'o(0 th"t "%% sins "nd
b%"s$heies (ttered
"' be !orgi*en (nto
the sons o! en0
L- 22 2551TU2FC1
27 Now +es(s w"s c"sting o(t " deon th"t
w"s d(b1 And it occ(rred when He h"d c"st
o(t the deon0 the d(b "n s$oke "nd the
crowds "r*e%ed "t the ir"c%e1 23 /(t soe
o! the s"id: He c"sts o(t deons b'
/ee%Ieb(b0 the $rince o! deons1 2F And
others te$ting Hi0 "sked !or " sign !ro
He"*en1 26 /(t +es(s seeing their tho(ghts0
s"id to the: E*er' kingdo di*ided "g"inst
itse%! sh"%% be bro(ght to deso%"tion0 "nd
d'n"st' "!ter d'n"st' sh"%% !"%%1 24 And i!
S"t"n "%so is di*ided "g"inst hise%!0 how c"n
his kingdo st"ndB ) s"' this bec"(se 'o( s"'
th"t thro(gh /ee%Ieb(b ) c"st o(t deons1 28
Now "%so0 i! ) c"st o(t deons b' /ee%Ieb(b0
b' who do 'o(r chi%dren Ldisci$%esM c"st the
o(tB L+es(s (sed the s"e e:orcist !or(%" "s the'0 so
to be honest the Ph"risees wo(%d h"*e to consider th"t
the' "%so (sed deons to c"st o(t deons1 /(t it is "%so
%ike%' the' were not s(ccess!(% in c"sing o(t deons1M
There!ore0 the' sh"%% be 'o(r K(dges Lbec"(se
'o( "re "%so "cc(sing the b' "cc(sing MeMP 5> /(t
i! ) b' the !inger o! God c"st o(t deons0
witho(t " do(bt the -ingdo o! God h"s coe
($on 'o(1 52 9hen " strong "n "red
$rotects his co(rt0 those things which he
$ossesses "re s"!e1 55 /(t i! " stronger one
th"n he coes ($on hi "nd o*ercoes hi
L"s ) h"*e done with S"t"nM0 he wi%% t"ke "w"' "%%
his "r"ent in which he tr(sted0 "nd wi%%
distrib(te his s$oi%s1 5C He who is not with
Me0 is "g"inst Me1 And he who g"thers not
with Me0 sc"ttersP
Note th"t +es(s does not s"' those who "re not )ith His
=postles "nd who do not 'ather )ith His =postles "re
necess"ri%' "g"inst Hi or "re g(i%t' o! sc"tteringP (ee ,B<a.
M"n' Protest"nt inistries th"t do not recogniIe the A$osto%ic
,h(rch "re ser*ing ,hrist0 in the most important matters "nd
"s %ong "s the' do not o$$ose the ,h(rch the' "re <!or itP=
57 9hen the (nc%e"n s$irit h"s gone o(t o! "
"n0 he w"%ks thro(gh b"rren "nd deso%"te
$%"ces seeking rest0 "nd not !inding it0 he s"'s:
) wi%% ret(rn into ' ho(se !ro where ) c"eP
53 And when he coes0 he Lo!tenM !inds it
swe$t "nd g"rnished L"nd w"iting !or his ret(rnMP
5F He then goes "nd t"kes with hi se*en
other s$irits ore wicked th"n hise%! "nd
entering in0 the' "%% dwe%% thereP So the %"st
st"te o! th"t "n becoes worse th"n the !irst1
MT 25
C8 He "nswering s"id to the: An e*i% "nd "d(%tero(s
gener"tion seeks "

"nd Lno !(rtherM sign sh"%% be gi*en it0 b(t the
sign o! +on"h the $ro$het1 7> For "s +on"h w"s in
the h(ge !ishHs be%%'
three d"'s "nd three nights L+on12:26M so
sh"%% the Son o! M"n be in the he"rt o! the e"rth three d"'s
"nd three nights1
72 The en o! Nine*eh sh"%% rise in
K(dgent with this gener"tion "nd sh"%% conden it
the' re$ented "t the $re"ching o! +on"h1 And beho%d One
gre"ter th"n +on"h is hereP 75 The ;(een o! the so(th Lthe
;(een o! Sheb"M sh"%% rise in K(dgent with this gener"tion "nd
sh"%% conden it bec"(se she c"e !ro the ends o! the e"rth
to he"r the wisdo o! So%oon L2 -12>:2E 5 ,hr18:2M0 "nd beho%d
One gre"ter th"n So%oon is hereP
huge !ish9s belly: )t w"s no wh"%e th"t sw"%%owed +on"h "s e*er'one knows their
o(ths "re too s"%% to sw"%%ow " "n1 The Greek word (sed here w"s !or any
h(ge se" cre"t(re1 Hoer (sed it !or " se"%0 "t " %"ter tie !or " wh"%e0 the sh"rk0
the dog#!ish0 etc1 The entire bodies o! en h"*e been !o(nd in sh"rks "nd in the
three days and three nights: The intended tie !or ,hristHs entobent w"s C
!(%% d"'s "nd C !(%% nights @65 ho(rsA b(t the $r"'ers o! Ho%' M"r' c(t the tie in
h"%! @CF ho(rsA b(t not so "s to *oid the $ro$hec'1 Now it w"s C $"rts o! d"'s "nd
$"rts o! nights (sing the Ro"n d"'Gnight ode% r"ther th"n the Hebrew one "nd
inc%(ded the tie His s$irit w"s in H"desGSheo%1
Des$ite the s$ect"c(%"r <$rec(rsor sign o! +on"h0= o! L"I"r(s rising !ro the de"d
which w"s witnessed b' ne"r%' "%% the re%igio(s r(%ers in +er(s"%e "nd then the
Res(rrection o! ,hrist Hise%!0 the re%igio(s r(%ers on%' h"rdened their he"rts1
The' were th(s destro'ed in their own gener"tion whi%e Nine*eh " $"g"n n"tion
w"s $reser*ed !or "nother 553 'e"rsP
7C And when "n (nc%e"n s$irit h"s gone o(t o! " "n he
w"nders thro(gh "ired $%"ces L$%"ces hosti%e to hiM seeking
rest0 "nd !inds none LSee note on the re"%it' o! deons "t 4:C7M1 77
Then he s"'s: ) wi%% ret(rn into ' ho(se !ro where ) c"e1
And coing b"ck he !inds it e$t'0 swe$t0 "nd g"rnished
L"n:io(s%' w"iting !or hi to ret(rnPM1 73 Then he goes "nd brings
with hi se*en other s$irits ore wicked th"n hise%! "nd
the' enter in "nd dwe%% there1 Now the %"st st"te o! th"t "n
in "de worse th"n the !irst1 So sh"%% it be "%so to this
wicked gener"tionP
7F As He w"s 'et s$e"king to the (%tit(des L"t the ho(se He
"%w"'s st"'ed "t in ,"$ern"(M0 beho%d His other "nd His
brethren stood witho(t0 seeking to s$e"k to Hi1 76L76!nM
And soeone s"id to Hi: /eho%d Yo(r other "nd Yo(r
brethren0 Lthe two o%dest (nbe%ie*ing co&sins @Mt12:57PA one o! who
w"s c%e"r%' %ooking !or "n o$$ort(nit' to reb(ke +es(s be!ore the crowdM
"re st"nding o(tside0 seeking Yo(1 74 /(t He "nswering the
one who to%d Hi0 s"id Lin the he"ring o! "%% the $eo$%eM: 9ho is
M' other0 "nd who "re M' brethrenB 78 And stretching
!orth His h"nd tow"rds His disci$%es0 He s"id: /eho%d M'
other "nd M' brethren1 3> For whoe*er sh"%% do the wi%% o!
M' F"ther0 9ho is in He"*en0 he is M' brother0 "nd sister0
"nd other1
M- C
58 b(t he who
sh"%% b%"s$hee
"g"inst the Ho%'
S$irit sh"%% ne*er
be !orgi*en0 b(t
sh"%% be g(i%t' o! "n
e*er%"sting sin1 C>
L+es(s w"rned theM
bec"(se the' s"id
th"t He h"d "n
(nc%e"n s$irit1 LThis
w"s "n "tt"ck on the s$irit
o! %o*e th"t +es(s h"d
"ni!est tow"rd the "nd
th"t0 i! done in !(%%
know%edge0 $%"ces one
be'ond rede$tion
bec"(se it de$ri*es the
wi%% o! "n' "bi%it' to e*er
be o*ed b' gr"ce to tr(e
C2 And His other
"nd His brethren
Lthe two o%dest0
(nbe%ie*ing co(sins
@Mt12:57PAM c"e1
And st"nding
witho(t0 sent !or
Hi0 c"%%ing Hi1
C5 /(t " crowd w"s
sitting "bo(t Hi
so the' s"id to Hi:
/eho%d Yo(r
other "nd Yo(r
brethren "re
o(tside "sking !or
Yo(1 CC And
"nswering the0
He s"id: 9ho is
M' other "nd M'
brethrenB C7 And
%ooking ro(nd
"bo(t on those who
s"t "bo(t Hi0 He
s"id: /eho%d M'
other "nd M'
brethren1 C3 For
whoe*er sh"%% do
the wi%% o! God0 he
is M' brother0 "nd
M' sister0 "nd
L- 22
53 And when he coes0 he Lo!tenM !inds it swe$t "nd
g"rnished L"nd w"iting !or his ret(rnMP 5F He then goes
"nd t"kes with hi se*en other s$irits ore wicked
th"n hise%! "nd entering in0 the' "%% dwe%% thereP
So the %"st st"te o! th"t "n becoes worse th"n the
L- 22 FC1TU28C1
58 And "s the (%tit(des incre"sing%' thronged
Hi0 He $roceeded to s"': This gener"tion Ls$e"king
o! the gro($ o! Ph"risees "nd scribes s(rro(nding HiM is "
wicked gener"tion1 )t "sks " sign0 b(t " sign sh"%%
not be gi*en it0 e:ce$t the sign o! +on"h the $ro$het1
C> For "s +on"h w"s " sign to the Nine*ites0 so sh"%%
the Son o! M"n "%so be to this gener"tion Lo! re%igio(s
%e"dersM1 L+es(s re!(sed to $er!or "n' ir"c%es s$eci!ic"%%'
!or these re%igio(s %e"ders b(t ne*er sto$$ed $er!oring the
!or those with !"ith1M C2 The ;(een o! the so(th sh"%%
rise in the K(dgent with the en o! this gener"tion
"nd sh"%% conden the0 bec"(se she c"e !ro the
ends o! the e"rth to he"r the wisdo o! So%oon0
"nd beho%d " gre"ter One th"n So%oon is hereP L2
-12>:2#2CE 5 ,hr18:2#25M C5 The en o! Nine*eh sh"%% rise
in the K(dgent with this gener"tion "nd sh"%%
conden it0 bec"(se the' re$ented "t the $re"ching
o! +on"h1 And beho%d " gre"ter One th"n +on"h
hereP L+on"h C:7#2>M
L- 4 238b1TU22F1
28 And +es(sH other "nd brethren Lco(sins @Mt12:57PAM
c"e (nto Hi b(t the' co(%d not re"ch Hi
bec"(se o! the crowd1 5> And it w"s to%d Hi: Yo(r
other "nd Yo(r brethren st"nd witho(t desiring to
see Yo(P 52 9ho "nswering0 s"id to the: M'
other "nd M' brethren "re the' who he"r the 9ord
o! God0 "nd do itP
"ote: +es(s w"s gre"t%' $"ined in h"*ing to $(b%ic%' reb(ke his two
co(sins in !ront o! His own other0 who the' h"d bro(ght "g"inst her
wi%% with the intention o! $(b%ic%' reb(king +es(s1 The he"d o! the
!"i%'0 A%$h"e(s0 Ho%' +ose$hHs o%der brother @"nd his two o%dest sonsA
w"s the $ri"r' so(rce o! this criticis which h"d s$re"d to the
s(rro(nding co(nities1 +es(s w"s being "cc(sed o! "nd se*ere%'
condened !or neg%ecting his !"i%i"% d(ties0 bec"(se His inistr' %e!t
His other "%one so (ch o! the tie1 +es(s h"d to tr' to "ke c%e"r
th"t $h'sic"% !"i%' ties were a-sol&tely nothin' when co$"red to
!ide%it' to God "nd His c"%%0 "nd th"t inc%(ded His own n"t(r"%
re%"tionshi$ to His own Ho%' MotherP These "cc(s"tions "nd
conden"tion !ro c"e des$ite the !"ct th"t no one w"s ore
s($$orti*e o! +es(sH $(b%ic inistr' th"n Ho%' M"r'P
,@A. E Se$0 Fri0 AD C5 Herod Fears the :aptist is %isen G .esus Hears o! the :aptist9s Murder # ,"$ern"( @C76G$1C8FA
MT 27
2 AT THAT T)ME Herod
the Tetr"rch he"rd o! the
!"e o! +es(s1 5 And he
s"id to his ser*"nts: This is
+ohn the /"$tistP He h"s
risen !ro the de"dP And
th"t is wh' ight' works
"re shown !orth in HiP
M- F
27 Now -ing Herod he"rd Lo! these ir"c%esM0 !or
+es(sH n"e Lre$(t"tion "nd ch"r"cterM h"d becoe we%%
known0 "nd he s"id: +ohn the /"$tist h"s risen
"g"in !ro the de"d "nd th"t is wh' these ight'
works show !orth in HiP 23 And others s"id: He is
E%iK"hP /(t others s"id: He is " $ro$het0 %ike one o!
the $ro$hets Lo! o%dMP 2F /(t when Herod he"rd it he
s"id: +ohn0 who ) behe"ded0 he h"s risen "g"in
!ro the de"dP
L- 8 2771TU
6 Now Herod the tetr"rch he"rd o! "%% the things
th"t were done b' +es(s0 "nd he w"s $er$%e:ed
bec"(se it w"s s"id 4 b' soe th"t +ohn h"d risen
!ro the de"d0 b(t b' others th"t E%iK"h h"d
"$$e"red0 "nd b' others th"t one o! the o%d
$ro$hets h"d risen1 8 And Herod s"id: +ohn ) h"*e
behe"ded0 b(t who is this o! who ) he"r s(ch
thingsB And he so(ght to see Hi1
,2+. E Se$0 FriGS"t0 AD C5 .esus %etires to )astern (ide o! (ea o! Galilee # To ne"r T"riche" on SE end o! the Se" 5F8056>G$1658#
MT 27 27F1TU
25b "nd c"e "nd to%d
+es(s1 2C 9hen +es(s h"d
he"rd this0 He retired
!ro there b' bo"t0 into "
deserted $%"ceD "$"rt L"t
so(th end o! the Se" o!
G"%i%eeM0 "nd the crowds
h"*ing he"rd o! it0
!o%%owed Hi on !oot o(t
o! the cities1
M- F
C> And the A$ost%es coing together (nto +es(s
re%"ted to Hi "%% the things th"t the' h"d done "nd
t"(ght LSee 2771M1 C2 And He s"id to the: ,oe "$"rt
into " deserted $%"ce "nd rest " %itt%e0 !or there were
"n' coing "nd going "nd the' h"d not so (ch "s
tie to e"t1 C5 And entering into " shi$0 the' went
"$"rt into " deserted $%"ce1D
D9e now know the Greek word <eros= this is not a desert "s w"s
wrong%' (nderstood "nd tr"ns%"ted in the ,on!r"ternit' NT in 2872 b(t "
sec%(ded or deserted $%"ce K(st "s K(st "s The Poem re*e"%ed in the e"r%'
L- 8 TU
2>b And t"king the0
+es(s went "side "%one
into " deserted $%"ceD
which be%ongs to
/eths"id" Le"ning the
/eths"id" side o! the Se" or the
E side which w"s not in
G"%i%ee0 "s o$$osed to the
,"$ern"( side which w"sM1
+N F 2561TU2471
2 AFTER these things
+es(s went o*er the Se"
o! G"%i%ee0 which is th"t
o! Lthe Se" o!M Tiberi"s1 5
And " gre"t crowd
!o%%owed Hi bec"(se
the' s"w the ir"c%es
which He did on those
who were dise"sed1
562G$6C8 # @M Se$A # S$e"king to " Scribe on the /"nks o! the +ord"n1
,2,. M Se$0 AD C5 .esus Feeds the 2'+++ # The First Feeding ne"r T"riche"
MT 27 TU
27 And He coing !orth
s"w " gre"t (%tit(de0
"nd h"d co$"ssion on
the0 "nd he"%ed their
sick1 23 And when it
w"s e*ening0 His
Disci$%es c"e to Hi0
s"'ing: This is "
deserted $%"ce "nd the
ho(r is now %"te0 send
"w"' the (%tit(des th"t
going into the towns0
the' "' b('
these%*es !ood1 2F /(t
+es(s s"id to the: The'
h"*e no need to go1 Yo(
gi*e the soething to
e"tP 26 The' "nswered
Hi: 9e h"*e nothing
here b(t !i*e %o"*es "nd
two !ish1 24 He s"id to
the: /ring the here
to Me1 28 And when He
h"d instr(cted the
(%tit(de to sit down
($on the gr"ss0 He took
the !i*e %o"*es "nd the
two !ish0 "nd %ooking ($
to He"*en0 He b%essed0
"nd broke the0 "nd
g"*e the %o"*es to His
Disci$%es1 And the
Disci$%es g"*e to the
(%tit(de1 5> And the'
"%% did e"t "nd were
!i%%ed1 Then the' took
($ wh"t re"ined0
being twe%*e !(%%
b"skets o! !r"gents1 52
And the n(ber o!
those who "te w"s !i*e
tho(s"nd en0 besides
woen "nd chi%dren1
M- F
CC And "n' s"w the going "w"'
"nd disco*ered
where the' were

so the' r"n together there on
!oot !ro "%% the cities0 "nd got there
be!ore the1 C7 And +es(s getting
o(t Lo! the bo"tM s"w " gre"t
(%tit(de0 "nd L(n%ike the Disci$%es0
es$eci"%%' PeterPM He h"d co$"ssion
on the0 bec"(se the' were "s shee$
not h"*ing " she$herd0 so He beg"n
to te"ch the "n' things1 C3 And
when the d"' w"s now !"r s$ent0 His
Disci$%es c"e to Hi0 s"'ing: This
is " deserted $%"ce0 "nd the ho(r is
now %"te0 CF send the "w"'0 th"t
going into the ne:t *i%%"ges "nd
towns the' "' b(' these%*es !ood
to e"t1 C6 And He "nswering s"id to
the: Gi*e the soething to e"t
'o(rse%*es1 And the' s"id to Hi:
Sh"%% we go "nd b(' bre"d !or two
h(ndred den"rii0
"nd gi*e the to
e"tBP C4 And He s"id to the: How
"n' %o"*es h"*e 'o(B Go "nd see1
And when the' !o(nd o(t0 the' s"id:
Fi*e L%o"*esM "nd two !ish1 C8 And
He directed the th"t the' sho(%d
get the "%% to sit down b'
co$"nies ($on the green gr"ss1 7>
And the' s"t down in r"nks b'
h(ndreds "nd b' !i!ties1 72 And
when He h"d t"ken the !i*e %o"*es
"nd the two !ish He %ooked ($ to
He"*en "nd b%essed "nd broke the
%o"*es0 "nd g"*e the to His
Disci$%es to set be!ore the crowd1
And He "%so di*ided the two !ish
"ong the "%%1 75 And the' "%% did
e"t "nd were !i%%ed1 7C And the'
took ($ twe%*e !(%%
b"skets o! !r"gents "nd
o! the !ish which were
%e!t1 77 And the' th"t did
e"t were !i*e tho(s"nd
en Lnot co(nting woen
"nd chi%drenM1
L- 8 TU26F1
22 /(t when the $eo$%e he"rd this the'
!o%%owed +es(s0 "nd He Lgr"cio(s%'M recei*ed
the "nd s$oke to the o! the -ingdo o!
God "nd he"%ed those who h"d need o!
he"%ing1 25 Now the d"' beg"n to dec%ine "nd
the Twe%*e c"e "nd s"id to Hi: Send "w"'
the (%tit(de th"t going into the towns "nd
*i%%"ges ro(nd"bo(t the' "' %odge "nd get
$ro*isions0 !or we "re here in " deserted $%"ce1
2C /(t He s"id to the: Gi*e the soething
to e"t 'o(rse%*es1 And the' s"id: 9e h"*e no
ore th"n !i*e %o"*es "nd two !ish0 (n%ess
$erh"$s we sho(%d go "nd b(' !ood !or this
entire (%tit(deP 27 Now there were "bo(t
!i*e tho(s"nd en1 And +es(s s"id to His
Disci$%es: H"*e the sit down b' !i!ties in
co$"nies1 23 And the' did so0 h"*ing the
"%% sit down1 2F And t"king the !i*e %o"*es "nd
the two !ish0 He %ooked ($ to He"*en "nd
b%essed the1 Then He broke the "nd g"*e
to His Disci$%es to distrib(te to the (%tit(de1
26 And the' "%% "te "nd were !i%%ed1 And there
w"s t"ken ($ twe%*e b"skets !(%% o! the
!r"gents th"t re"ined1
+N F 2471TU
3 9hen +es(s0 there!ore0 h"d %i!ted ($ His
e'es0 "nd s"w th"t " *er' gre"t (%tit(de w"s
coing to Hi0 He s"id to Phi%i$: Fro
where sh"%% we b(' bre"d th"t these "' e"tB
F And this He s"id to tr' Hi0 !or He Hise%!
knew wh"t He wo(%d do1 6 Phi%i$ "nswered
Hi: Two h(ndred den"rii L5>> d"'s w"gesM
worth o! bre"d is not s(!!icient !or the0 th"t
e*er' one "' e*en t"ke " %itt%e1 4 One o! His
Disci$%es0 Andrew0 the brother o! Sion
Peter0 s"id to Hi: 8 There is " bo' here th"t
h"s !i*e b"r%e' %o"*es "nd two !ish0 b(t wh"t
"re these "ong so "n'B 2> Then +es(s
s"id: M"ke the en sit down1 Now there w"s
(ch gr"ss in the $%"ce1 The en0 there!ore0
in n(ber "bo(t !i*e tho(s"nd0 s"t down1 22
disovered: The Poem e:$%"ins this %itt%e noticed det"i% gi*en "bo(t the disco*er' o! the destin' o! +es(s "nd His Disci$%es "nd it is not s(r$rising th"t it is !o(nd on%' here in <PeterHs
Gos$e%1= )t w"s PeterHs brother#in#%"w who o$ened his o(th when he sho(%dnHt h"*e @))06C6#6C8A "nd g"*e "w"' their destin' to the crowd "t ,"$ern"( "nd it in!(ri"ted Peter1 On%'
Peter wo(%d h"*e tho(ght to h"*e entioned thisP
a denarius w"s " coon %"borHs w"ge1
And +es(s took the
%o"*es0 "nd when He
h"d gi*en th"nks0 He
distrib(ted to those who
were sitting down1 )n
%ike "nner "%so He did
with the !ish0 "nd
distrib(ted "s (ch "s
the' w"nted1 25 And
when the' were !(%%0 He
s"id to His Disci$%es: G"ther ($ the
!r"gents th"t re"in0 %est the' be
%ost1 2C The' g"thered ($0
there!ore0 "nd !i%%ed twe%*e b"skets
with the !r"gents o! the !i*e b"r%e'
%o"*es0 %e!t o*er "nd "bo*e b' those
th"t h"d e"ten1 27 Now those en0
when the' h"d seen wh"t " ir"c%e
+es(s h"d done0 s"id: This is o! "
tr(th0 the Pro$het th"t w"s to coe
into the wor%d LDe(t1 24:24MP
23 +es(s0 there!ore0 when
He knew th"t the' wo(%d
coe to t"ke Hi b'
!orce0D "nd "ke Hi L"n
e"rth%'M king0 !%ed "g"in
into the o(nt"in "%one
b' Hise%!1
DThis t"kes $%"ce "!ter the 5

!eeding0 the !o%%owing s$ring0 b(t since +ohn cobined th"t
e*ent here with the !irst !eeding he (st $%"ce this re"ction o!
the $eo$%e here to con*e' this tr(th1
2F And when e*ening h"d coe0 His Disci$%es
went down to the se"1
D*1 23 "ct("%%' be%ongs to " %"ter e$isode not entioned in the
Gos$e%s1 +ohn $(ts it here to show soe o! the oti*"tion !or
this %"ter "ction1 See )&0 7F5G$C221
,2*. M Se$0 AD C5 .esus (ends His Disiples to :ethsaida and Capernaum # T"riche" to ,"$ern"(
MT 27 TU
55 And iedi"te%' +es(s directed His
Disci$%es to go ($ into the bo"t "nd to go
be!ore Hi o*er the Se" o! G"%i%ee0 whi%e
He disissed the $eo$%e1 5C And h"*ing
disissed the (%tit(de0 He went into "
o(nt"in "%one to $r"'1 And when it w"s
e*ening0 He w"s there "%one1
M- F
73 And iedi"te%' He "de His Disci$%es
to go into the shi$ th"t the' ight go be!ore
Hi o*er the se" to /eths"id" whi%e He
disissed the $eo$%e1 7F And when He h"d
disissed the0 He went ($ to the o(nt"in
to $r"'1
26 And when the' Lthe Disci$%esM h"d
gone ($ into " shi$0 the' went o*er
the se" to ,"$ern"(1 And it w"s
now d"rk0 "nd +es(s h"d not coe to
,2<. M Se$0 AD C5 3eter Wal/s on the Water 7 .esus (tills the (torm D Se" o! G"%i%ee 56CG$1674
MT 27 TU
57 /(t the bo"t in the idst o! the se" w"s tossed with
the w"*es !or the wind w"s contr"r'1 53 And in the !o(rth
w"tch o! the night LC#F AMM0 He c"e to the w"%king
($on the se"1 5F And the' seeing Hi w"%k ($on the se"0
were tro(b%ed0 s"'ing: )t is "n "$$"ritionP And the' cried
o(t !or !e"r1 56 /(t iedi"te%' +es(s s$oke to the0
s"'ing: /e o! good cheerP )t is )0 !e"r notP
54 And Peter "nswering0 s"id: Lord0 i! it is Yo(0 %et e
coe to Yo( ($on the w"terP 58 And He s"id: ,oeP And
Peter going down o(t o! the bo"t0 w"%ked ($on the w"ter
to coe to +es(s1 C> /(t seeing the wind w"s strong0 he
bec"e "!r"id1 And when he beg"n to sink0 he cried o(t0
s"'ing: Lord0 s"*e eP C2 And iedi"te%' +es(s
stretching !orth His h"nd took ho%d o! hi0 "nd s"id to
hi: O 'o( o! %itt%e !"ith0 wh' did 'o( do(btB C5 And
when the' h"d coe ($ into the bo"t0 the wind ce"sed1 CC
And the' who were in the bo"t c"e "nd worshi$ed Hi0
s"'ing: )ndeed Yo( "re the Son o! GodP
C7 And h"*ing $"ssed o*er the w"ter0 the' c"e into the
co(ntr' o! Gennes"ret1
M- F
76 And when it w"s %"te the shi$ w"s in the
idst o! the se" whi%e +es(s Hise%! w"s
"%one on the %"nd1 74 And seeing the Lin the
s$iritM "bo(t the !o(rth w"tch o! the night LC
AMM %"boring in rowing @!or the wind w"s
"g"inst theA0 He c"e to the w"%king ($on
the se"0 b(t He L"de "s tho(gh HeM wo(%d h"*e
$"ssed b' the1 78 And the'0 seeing Hi
w"%king ($on the se"0 tho(ght it w"s "n
"$$"rition0 "nd the' "%% cried o(t1 3> For the'
"%% s"w Hi "nd were terri!ied1 /(t
iedi"te%' He s$oke to the0 "nd s"id:
T"ke he"rt0 it is )P Fe"r notP 32 And He went
($ to the into the shi$ "nd the wind ce"sed1
And the' were now e*en !"r ore "stonished
within these%*es1 35 For the' (nderstood not
Lthe re"% %essonM concerning the %o"*es Lth"t God
"%w"'s s($$%ies when the need "risesM0 !or their
he"rts were b%inded1
3C And when the' h"d $"ssed o*er Lthe Se" o!
G"%i%eeM0 the' c"e into the %"nd o! Gennes"ret
"nd docked "g"inst the shore1
+N F TU243
24 And the se" "rose b'
re"son o! " gre"t wind
th"t b%ew1 28 9hen the'
h"d rowed0 there!ore0
"bo(t twent'#!i*e or
thirt' !(r%ongs LC#7 i%esM0
the' s"w +es(s w"%king
($on the se" "nd dr"wing
ne"r to the shi$0 "nd the'
were terri!ied1 5> /(t He
s"id to the: )t is )P /e
not "!r"idP 52 The' were
wi%%ing0 then0 to t"ke
Hi into the shi$0 "nd
iedi"te%' the shi$ w"s
"t the %"nd to which the'
were goingP L)t is 25 i%es
"cross the Se" !ro T"riche"
to ,"$ern"(1M
,2@. M#L Se$0 AD C5 )vangelizing and Healing in the Gennesaret %egion @567#
MT 27 TU2F71
C3 And when the en o! th"t $%"ce h"d know%edge o! Hi0 the'
sent word into "%% th"t co(ntr'0 "nd bro(ght to Hi "%% th"t were
dise"sed1 CF And the' begged Hi th"t the' ight to(ch b(t the
he o! His g"rent1 And "s "n' "s to(ched it0 were "de
M- F TU2F71
37 And when the' h"d gone o(t o! the shi$0 iedi"te%' the $eo$%e
disco*ered Hi1 33 And r(nning thro(gh th"t who%e co(ntr'0 the'
beg"n to c"rr' "bo(t in beds those who were sick to where the'
he"rd +es(s w"s1 3F And where*er He entered0 into towns0 into
*i%%"ges0 or cities0 the' %"id the sick in the streets "nd begged Hi
th"t the' ight to(ch b(t the he o! His g"rent1 And "s "n' "s
to(ched Hi were "de who%e1
567G$635 # @L Se$A # The Deeds o! ,or$or"% "nd S$irit("% Merc'1
,22. L Se$0 AD C5 .esus %ebu/es a Covetous Man 7 3arable o! the %ih Fool 7 $ 5esson on Worry 7
3arable o! the Wath!ul (ervant # A Hi%% "bo*e M"gd"%" 563G$16
L- 25 28F1TU481
2C And one in the (%tit(de s"id to hi: M"ster0 s$e"k to ' brother th"t he di*ides the inherit"nce with e1
27 /(t He s"id to hi: M"n0 who h"s "$$ointed Me K(dge or di*ider o*er 'o(B 23 And He s"id to the: T"ke
heed "nd bew"re o! "%% co*eto(sness0 !or " "nHs %i!e does not consist in the "b(nd"nce o! things which he
$ossessesP 2F And He to%d " $"r"b%e to the0 s"'ing: The %"nd o! " cert"in rich "n bro(ght !orth "b(nd"nt
h"r*ests1 26 And he tho(ght within hise%!0 s"'ing: 9h"t sh"%% ) do0 bec"(se ) h"*e no roo to bestow '
h"r*estsB 24 And he s"id: This wi%% ) do: ) wi%% $(%% down ' b"rns "nd wi%% b(i%d gre"ter ones "nd into the
wi%% ) g"ther "%% ' gr"in "nd ' goods1 28 And ) wi%% s"' to ' so(%: So(%0 'o( h"*e "n' goods %"id ($ !or
"n' 'e"rs0 t"ke 'o(r rest0 e"t0 drink0 "ke 'o(rse%! err'P 5> /(t God s"id to hi: Yo( !oo%0 this night wi%%
the' Lthe "nge%sM re;(ire 'o(r so(% !ro 'o(0 "nd now whose sh"%% those things be which 'o( h"*e $ro*ided L!or
'o(rse%!MBP 52 So it is with those who %"' ($ tre"s(re !or these%*es "nd "re not rich tow"rds God Lb' (sing his
"teri"% goods to restore !"ith "nd ho$e in the he"rts o! the des$"iringM1
!o not worr" o#er temporal needs
55 And +es(s s"id to His disci$%es: There!ore0 ) s"' to 'o(0 be not "n:io(s !or 'o(r %i!e0 wh"t 'o( sh"%% e"t0 or
!or 'o(r bod'0 wh"t 'o( sh"%% we"r1 5C Li!e is ore th"n !ood "nd the bod' is ore th"n the r"ientP 57 ,onsider
the r"*ens0 !or the' sow not0 neither do the' re"$0 neither h"*e the' storeho(ses or b"rns0 'et God !eeds the1
How (ch ore *"%("b%e "re 'o( th"n the'P 53 And which o! 'o( b' t"king tho(ght c"n "dd to his st"t(re the
s"%%est (nitBD 5F )! then 'o( "re not "b%e to do so (ch "s the %e"st thing0 wh' "re 'o( "n:io(s !or "%% the restB
56 ,onsider the %i%ies0 how the' grow1 The' %"bor not0 neither do the' s$in1 /(t ) s"' to 'o(0 not e*en So%oon
in "%% his g%or' w"s c%othed %ike one o! these1 54 Now i! God c%othes in this "nner $%"nt %i!e th"t is tod"' in the
!ie%d "nd to orrow is c"st into the o*en0 how (ch ore Lwi%% He c%otheM 'o(0 O 'o( o! %itt%e !"ithB 58 And seek
not wh"t 'o( sh"%% e"t or wh"t 'o( sh"%% drink0 "nd be not tossed "bo(t Lbetween !"ith "nd worr'M1 C> For "%% these
things do the $"g"ns o! the wor%d seek1 /(t 'o(r F"ther knows th"t 'o( h"*e need o! these things1 C2 /(t seek
!irst the -ingdo o! God "nd His righteo(sness0 "nd "%% these things sh"%% be "dded (nto 'o(1 DThe smallest unit:
%iter"%%'0 <one c(bit0= b(t tod"' we wo(%d s"' <one inch= so the tho(ght is "s tr"ns%"ted es$eci"%%' c!1 *15F1
$se "our temporal ood to bu" the %indom of God
C5 Fe"r not0 %itt%e !%ock0 !or it h"s $%e"sed 'o(r F"ther to gi*e 'o( " kingdo Lr(%e "nd "(thorit'M1 CC Se%% wh"t 'o(
$ossess "nd gi*e to the $oor1 M"ke to 'o(rse%*es one' b"gs which grow not o%d0 'es0 "ke " tre"s(re in
He"*en which wi%% not !"i%0 where no thie! "$$ro"ches0 where no oth corr($ts1 C7 For where 'o(r tre"s(re is0
there wi%% 'o(r he"rt be "%so1
&i#e in expectation of the &ord's return
C3 Let 'o(r %oins be girded Ldress 'o(rse%*es !or ser*iceM0 "nd 'o(r %"$s be b(rning in 'o(r h"nds1 CF And 'o(
'o(rse%*es be %ike en who "re w"iting !or their %ord to ret(rn !ro the wedding !e"st0 th"t when he coes "nd
knocks0 'o( "' o$en to hi iedi"te%'1 C6 /%essed "re those ser*"nts0 who the Lord sh"%% !ind w"tching
when He coesP Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t He wi%% gird Hise%!0 "nd "ke the sit down to !e"st0 "nd
coing b' wi%% inister (nto theP C4 And i! He sho(%d coe in the second w"tch L2> $ # 5 "M0 or coe in the
third w"tch L5 "#F "M0 "nd !ind the so0 b%essed "re those ser*"ntsP C8 /(t know this th"t i! the ho(seho%der
knew "t wh"t ho(r " thie! wo(%d coe0 he wo(%d s(re%' w"tch "nd wo(%d not "%%ow his ho(se to be broken intoP
7> /e then K(st "s re"d' L"s he wo(%d beM0 !or "t wh"t ho(r 'o( think not0 the Son o! M"n wi%% coeP LThis is tr(e !or
His coing "t o(r $h'sic"% de"th1M
(hristians will be most responsible for their nelect
72 And Peter s"id to Hi: Lord0 do Yo( s$e"k this $"r"b%e on%' to (s0 or %ikewise to "%%B 75 And the Lord s"id:
L) " s$e"king o! M whoe*er then is th"t !"ith!(% "nd wise stew"rd0 who his %ord sets o*er his !"i%' or ho(seho%d0
to gi*e the their "%%ow"nce o! gr"in in d(e se"sonB 7C /%essed is th"t ser*"nt0 who when his %ord sh"%% coe0
he sh"%% !ind so doing L!"ith!(%%' $"'ing "%% the ser*"nts "nd he%$M1 77 &eri%' ) s"' to 'o(0 he wi%% set hi o*er "%% th"t he
$ossesses Lnot K(st the $"'ro%% "cco(ntM1 73 /(t i! th"t ser*"nt sh"%% s"' in his he"rt: M' %ord is %ong in coing "nd
sh"%% begin to strike the enser*"nts "nd "idser*"nts0 "nd to e"t "nd to drink "nd get dr(nk0 7F the %ord o! th"t
ser*"nt wi%% coe in " d"' th"t he wished not0 "nd "t "n ho(r th"t he wi%% not e:$ect1 And He sh"%% c(t hi o!!0
"nd sh"%% "$$oint hi his %ot with (nbe%ie*ers1 76 And th"t ser*"nt who knew the wi%% o! his %ord0 b(t did not
$re$"re hise%!0 or do "ccording to his wi%%0 sh"%% be be"ten with "n' stri$es1 74 /(t he who knew not0 "nd did
things worth' o! stri$es0 sh"%% be be"ten with !ew stri$es1 And (nto whoe*er (ch is gi*en0 o! hi (ch sh"%%
be re;(ired0 !or to who en h"*e coitted (ch0 o! hi en wi%% de"nd the ore1
(hrist will expose and separate men and consume e#il
78 ) h"*e coe to c"st !ire on the e"rth0 "nd wh"t e%se wo(%d ) desire0 b(t th"t it be "%re"d' kind%edBP 3> And )
h"*e " b"$tis with which ) " to be b"$tiIed LiersedM0 "nd how distressed ) " (nti% it is "cco$%ishedP 32
Do 'o( think th"t ) h"*e coe to gi*e $e"ce on e"rthB ) te%% 'o(0 no0 b(t se$"r"tionP 35 For there sh"%% be !ro
hence!orth !i*e in one ho(se di*ided1 )t sh"%% be three "g"inst two0 "nd two "g"inst three1 3C The !"ther sh"%% be
di*ided "g"inst the son0 "nd the son "g"inst his !"ther0 the other "g"inst the d"(ghter0 "nd the d"(ghter "g"inst
the other0 the other#in#%"w "g"inst her d"(ghter#in#%"w0 "nd the d"(ghter#in#%"w "g"inst her other#in#%"w1
LThe doctrine o! %o*e0 erc' "nd K(stice wi%% c"(se " serio(s re"ction in those who chose se%!ishness0 h"tred "nd inK(stice bec"(se
with the doctrine coes ob*io(s or"% i$er"ti*es "nd conse;(ences !or reKection1M
L- 25 Not !o(nd in The Poem TU481
37 And +es(s s"id "%so to the crowds: 9hen 'o( see " c%o(d rising !ro the west0 iedi"te%' 'o( s"': A
shower is coingP And so it h"$$ens1 33 And when 'o( see the so(th wind b%ow0 'o( s"': There wi%% be he"tP
And it coes to $"ss1 3F Yo( h'$ocrites0 'o( know how to discern the !"ce o! the he"*en "nd o! the e"rth0 b(t
how is it th"t 'o( do not discern this tieBP
"ote: Not on%' h"d the 74C 'e"rs $redicted b' D"nie% @8:57#5FA to the Messi"h !ro the end o! the /"b'%oni"n ,"$ti*it' bro(ght
the to th"t *er' tie @"nd co(%d not b' "n' reckoning be !orced be'ond AD 23A b(t "%% the Messi"nic signs h"d "%so been witnessed0
the LordHs birth "t /eth%ehe to the *er' we%% known *irgin o! the Te$%e0 "nd the $ro$hesied st"r "nd the 9ise Men1 F(rther0 the
$rec(rsor0 +ohn the /"$tist0 $ro$hesied b' M"%"chi h"d "%so coe "nd gi*en c%e"r witness to ,hrist "s Messi"h1 And whi%e the on%'
other essi"nic ho$e in Herod "nd in his d'n"st' w"s e:$osed "nd h"d !"ded !or its (tter corr($tion o(r LordHs righteo(sness "nd His
ir"c(%o(s inistr' co(%d not h"*e been "n' c%e"rer1 The reKection o! ,hrist "s Messi"h w"s not !or %"ck o! e*idence it w"s bec"(se
this gener"tion did not wish the kind o! de%i*er"nce +es(s o!!ered the1 The !"ct o! the "tter w"s th"t these %e"ders %o*ed their own
or"% corr($tion "nd b%inded b' their $ride co(%d not see the horrendo(s K(dgent "w"iting the1
,2C. L Se$0 AD C5 .esus on 4ur Duty to an )rring :rother # )n M"gd"%" "t M"r'Hs Est"te 56FG$128
MT 24 2C>1TU
23 /(t i! 'o(r brother sh"%% o!!end 'o(0 go "nd reb(ke hi between 'o( "nd hi "%one1 )!
he he"rs 'o(0 'o( wi%% g"in 'o(r brother1 2F /(t i! he wi%% not he"r 'o(0 t"ke with 'o( one
or two ore0 bec"(se in the o(th o! two or three witnesses e*er' word "' st"nd Lin c"se
'o( (st 'et go to the ,h(rchM1 26 And i! he wi%% not he"r the0 te%% the ,h(rch1 And i! he wi%%
not he"r the ,h(rch0 %et hi be to 'o( "s the he"then "nd the $(b%ic"n L"n obKect on%' !or
con*ersion "nd rede$tionM1
L- 26 24Cb1TU 236c1
C T"ke heed to 'o(rse%*es L%est 'o( !"i% in 'o(r
d(t' tow"rd 'o(r brotherM1 )! 'o(r brother sins
"g"inst 'o(0 re$ro*e hi0 "nd i! he re$ents0
!orgi*e hi1
,2;. L Se$0 AD C5 .esus )mpo#ers the T#elve and Commissions The (eventy T#o )lders 7 Forgiveness and the >nmeri!ul
(ervant D M"gd"%" "t M"r'Hs Est"te 566G$152
MT 24 TU5281
24 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o( LA$ost%es0 the A$osto%ic bod' o! the ,h(rchM0
wh"te*er 'o( sh"%% bind ($on e"rth0 sh"%% be bo(nd "%so in He"*en0
"nd wh"te*er 'o( sh"%% %oose ($on e"rth0 sh"%% be %oosed "%so in
He"*en1 28 Ag"in ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t i! two o! 'o( sh"%% consent ($on
e"rth0 concerning "n' LK(stM thing0 wh"te*er the' sh"%% "sk0 it sh"%% be
done !or the b' M' F"ther 9ho is in He"*en1 5> For where there
"re two or three g"thered together in M' n"e0 there " ) in the
idst o! the1
52 Then c"e Peter (nto Hi "nd s"id: Lord0 how o!ten "' '
brother o!!end "g"inst e0 "nd ) Lsti%% (stM !orgi*e hiB .nti% se*en
tiesB 55 +es(s s"id to hi: ) s"' not to 'o(0 (nti% se*en ties0 b(t
(nti% se*ent' ties se*en1
This !orgi*eness in*o%*es the $erson"% "niosit' "nd bitterness o*er inK(stice not
necessarily the inK(stice itse%!1 )! it is !or the better o! "%%0 to seek co$ens"tion
!or inK(stice then th"t co(rse sho(%d be $(rs(ed0 b(t th"t sho(%d be done on%' o(t
o! oti*es !or the good o! "%% not to s"tis!' soe $erson"% h(rt1 ,o$"re 24:23#
26 "t 23F1 "bo*e where the o!!ended brother is to go to the ,h(rch to correct the
o!!ense o! "n o!!ending brother1
5C There!ore0 is the -ingdo o! He"*en %ike (nto to " king who
wished to sett%e "cco(nts with his ser*"nts1 57 And when he h"d
beg(n to t"ke the "cco(nt0 one w"s bro(ght to hi who owed hi ten
tho(s"nd t"%ents Ld2>0>>>0>>>M1 53 And "s he h"d not the e"ns to $"'
it0 his %ord co"nded th"t he0 his wi!e "nd chi%dren "nd "%% th"t he
h"d sho(%d be so%d0 "nd $"'ent to be "de1 5F /(t th"t ser*"nt
!"%%ing down begged hi0 s"'ing: H"*e $"tience with e "nd ) wi%%
$"' 'o( "%%P Lwhich w"s not $ossib%e1M 56 So the %ord o! th"t ser*"nt being
o*ed with $it'0 %et hi go "nd !org"*e hi the debt1 54 /(t when
th"t ser*"nt h"d gone o(t0 he !o(nd one o! his !e%%ow ser*"nts who
owed hi "n h(ndred den"rii Ld5>M0 "nd %"'ing ho%d o! hi0 chocked
hi0 s"'ing: P"' wh"t 'o( oweP 58 And his !e%%ow ser*"nt
!"%%ing down begged hi0 s"'ing: H"*e $"tience with e0 "nd )
wi%% $"' 'o( "%%P C> /(t he wo(%d not he"r hi0 b(t went "nd
c"st hi into $rison (nti% he $"id the debt1
L- 2> 273b1 TU2341
2F He who he"rs 'o(0 he"rs Me1 And he who des$ises 'o(0 des$ises
Me1 And he who des$ises Me0 des$ises Hi 9ho sent Me1
L- 2> 2>81TU273b1
2 AND "!ter these things the Lord "%so "$$ointed se*ent'#two
others0 "nd he sent the two b' two "he"d o! Hi into e*er' cit' "nd
$%"ce where He w"s $%"nning to go1
the seventyDt#o: This is the correct rendition which the Poem "kes *er' c%e"r
"nd is s($$orted b' "n' "ncient ss1 inc%(ding: /0 D0 "0c0e0%0g *(%g1 s'rr1 c(r1
sin1 Once "g"in the odern tr"ns%"tions h"*e been is%ed b' the %"ter editing
re!%ected in: b $ C 5 W . This ch"nge w"s ob*io(s%' "de %"ter to con!or to the
n(ber o! the +ewish r(%ing e%dersP This correct rendition is tod"' on%' in the DGR
"nd the ,on!r"ternit' NTP
5 And He s"id to the: The h"r*est indeed is gre"t0 b(t the
%"borers "re !ewP Pr"' there!ore0 the Lord o! the h"r*est th"t
He wi%% send %"borers into His h"r*est1 C GoP /eho%d ) send
'o( "s %"bs "ong wo%*es1 7 ,"rr' neither $(rse0 nor one'
b"g0 nor shoes1 And greet no "n b' the w"'1 3 )nto wh"te*er
ho(se 'o( enter0 !irst s"': Pe"ce be to this ho(se0 F "nd i! "
%o*er o! $e"ce is there0 'o(r $e"ce sh"%% rest ($on hi0 b(t i!
not0 it sh"%% ret(rn to 'o(1 6 And in th"t ho(se re"in0 e"ting
"nd drinking th"t which the' h"*e0 !or the %"borer is worth' o!
his hire1 Mo*e not !ro ho(se to ho(se1 4 And into wh"te*er
cit' 'o( enter0 "nd the' recei*e 'o(0 e"t th"t which is set be!ore
'o(1 8 And he"% the sick th"t "re there0 "nd s"' to the: The
-ingdo o! God h"s coe ne"r to 'o(1 2> /(t in wh"te*er cit'
'o( enter th"t recei*es 'o( not0 go !orth into the streets "nd s"':
MT 24
C2 Now his !e%%ow ser*"nts0 seeing wh"t w"s done were *er' gre"t%'
grie*ed0 "nd the' c"e "nd to%d their %ord "%% th"t w"s done1 C5 Then
his %ord c"%%ed hi "nd s"id to hi: Yo( wicked ser*"nt0 ) !org"*e 'o(
"%% the debt bec"(se 'o( "sked e0 CC sho(%d not 'o( then h"*e h"d
co$"ssion "%so on 'o(r !e%%ow ser*"nt0 e*en "s ) h"d co$"ssion on
'o(BP C7 And his %ord being "ngr' de%i*ered hi to the tort(rers (nti%
he $"id "%% the debt Lwhich now wo(%d be do(b%' i$ossib%e to doM1 C3 So
"%so sh"%% M' he"*en%' F"ther do to 'o(0 i! 'o( !orgi*e not e*er'one
his brother !ro 'o(r he"rts1
"ote: /oth the !"ct o! "nd the re"son th"t the K(dgent o! the wicked is etern"% is re*e"%ed
here1 To des$ise or reKect GodHs !orgi*ing gr"ce in this %i!e $%"ces God be'ond the $ossibi%it'
!or !orgi*ing "n' o! o(r sins bec"(se it $%"ces the indi*id("% be'ond the $ossibi%it' o! e*er
tr(%' re$enting1 The %ost then not on%' e:ist "!ter K(dgent witho(t ho$e o! rede$tion which
the' h"*e reKected b(t %i*e with the !(%% (nderst"nding o! the e*i% o! their sin1
L- 2>
22 E*en the *er' d(st o! 'o(r cit' L'o(r "niosit'M th"t c%ings to
(s0 we wi$e o!! "g"inst 'o(P Yet know this Ldes$ite how 'o( h"*e
re"cted to (sM0 th"t the -ingdo o! God is "t h"ndP 25 ) s"' to
'o(0 it sh"%% be ore to%er"b%e "t th"t d"' !or Sodo0 th"n !or
th"t cit'P LThe horror th"t these "n' cities in )sr"e% e:$erience in the
'e"rs $receding "nd inc%(ding the !in"% de*"st"tions o! the Ro"n e$eror
Tit(s in 6> AD were !"r worse th"n the inst"nt destr(ction o! Sodo1 This
(tter horror is det"i%ed b' +ose$h(s in Cars: iii#i*M
"ote: This te:t co(%d K(st "s we%% h"*e been $%"ce in Gos$e% E$isode 2751 See
L- 26 23F1TU2851
7 And i! he sins "g"inst 'o( se*en ties in " d"'0 "nd se*en
ties in " d"' he is con*erted tow"rds 'o(0 s"'ing0 ) re$entP
Forgi*e hiP LThis !orgi*eness is in reg"rd to the $erson"% o!!ence o! the
inK(stice1 For the o!!enderHs own s"ke0 howe*er0 the %i"bi%it' inc(rred in "n
o!!ence it (s("%%' best to re;(ire0 es$eci"%%' i! it is " re$e"ted o!!ence or not
ere%' "n "ccident1M
F4>%TH .>D)$" MI"I(T%8D 3)%)$' D)C$345I( 7 ,2 M4"TH( 7 ) 4CT D M "4& $D <* LPoe ,h"$ters 564#58FM

564G$57 # @E OctA # +es(s Meets L"I"r(s "t the Fie%d o! the G"%i%e"ns1
,2B. E Oct0 AD C5 The ;* %eturn !rom )vangelizing and Healing D +er(s"%e: Fe"st o! T"bern"c%es
L- 2> 236"1TU273c1
26 And the se*ent'#two L%it: HThe (eventy'I which now n(bered 65M
ret(rned with Ko'0 s"'ing: Lord0 the deons
"%so "re s(bKect to (s in Yo(r n"eP 24 And He s"id to the: ) s"w S"t"n !"%%ing %ike %ightening !ro He"*en1 28
/eho%d0 ) h"*e gi*en 'o( $ower to tre"d ($on ser$ents "nd scor$ions0 "nd ($on "%% the $ower o! the ene'0 "nd
nothing sh"%% h(rt 'o(1 5> /(t 'et reKoice not in this0 or th"t s$irits "re s(bKect (nto 'o(0 b(t reKoice in this0 th"t
'o(r n"es "re written in He"*enP
54>G$C> # @E OctA # At the Te$%e !or the T"bern"c%es1

T$:)%"$C5)( 7 $D <* 7 ) D 5 4CT4:)%
,2A. E Oct0 AD C5 The Cost o! Disipleship and the Cost o! "egleting the Call # To the Te$%e
M- 7
53 For he who h"s Lg"ined the
ost !ro M' 9ordM0 to hi sh"%% be gi*en Le*en oreM0 "nd he who h"s not Lg"inedM0 th"t "%so which he
h"s Lbeen gi*enM sh"%% be t"ken "w"' !ro hi1 LSee the P"r"b%e o! the T"%ents: M"tt153:27#C> "t 2F>1M

53 And there went gre"t
(%tit(des with +es(s1 And
t(rning0 He s"id to the: 5F )!
"n' "n coes to Me "nd h"tes
not L<in " ho%' w"'= M his !"ther0
"nd other0 "nd wi!e0 "nd
chi%dren0 "nd brethren0 "nd
sisters0 'es "nd his own %i!e "%so0
he c"nnot be M' disci$%e1 L+es(s
w"s s$e"king here o! reno(ncing the
sens("% $"ssions which coe in these
re%"tionshi$s0 bec"(se the' "t ties
inter!ere with the gen(ine best interests
o! "n1 c!1 M"tt12>:C6 !ro "
di!!erent occ"sion1M 56 And
whoe*er does not c"rr' his cross
"nd coe "!ter Me L!o%%ow M'
e:"$%eM0 c"nnot be M' disci$%e1
54 For which o! 'o( h"*ing in
ind to b(i%d " tower0 does not
!irst sit down "nd consider the
necess"r' costs0 "nd whether 'o(
h"*e the e"ns to !inish it0 58
%est0 "!ter 'o( h"*e %"id the
!o(nd"tion0 "nd not being "b%e to
!inish it0 "%% who see it begin to
ock 'o(0 C> s"'ing: This "n
beg"n to b(i%d "nd w"s not "b%e
to !inishP C2 Or wh"t king "bo(t
to go to "ke w"r "g"inst
"nother king0 does not !irst sit
down "nd think whether he is
"b%e with ten tho(s"nd to eet
hi who coes "g"inst hi with
twent' tho(s"ndB C5 Or "t %e"st0
whi%e the other is 'et "!"r o!!0
sends "n eb"ss'0 desiring
conditions o! $e"ce1 CC So
%ikewise e*er' one o! 'o( th"t
does not reno(nce "%% th"t he
$ossesses0 c"nnot be M'

24 T"ke heed0 there!ore0 how
'o( he"rP For whoe*er h"s0 Lb'
he"ring with " s&-missi+e heart to
o-ey0M to hi sh"%% be gi*en0 "nd
whoe*er h"s not L%istened to o-eyM0 th"t "%so which he thinks he h"s0 sh"%% be t"ken "w"' !ro hiP
,C+. E Oct0 AD C5 The 3arable o! the Talents # The Te$%e "t the Fe"st o! T"bern"c%es
MT 53 2571TU5321
27 For Lthe coing o! the LordM is e*en "s " "n going into " !"r
co(ntr' who c"%%ed his ser*"nts "nd de%i*ered to the his goods1 23
And to one he g"*e !i*e t"%entsD L" %i!e tie o! w"ges !or " coon
"nM0 "nd to "nother two LC> 'e"rs w"gesM0 "nd to "nother one L23
'e"rs w"gesM0 to e*er'one "ccording to his $ro$er "bi%it' "nd
iedi"te%' he took his Ko(rne'1 DA T"%ent w"s " go%d onet"r' (nit
re$resenting "$$ro:i"te%' 306>> den"rii or dr"ch"1 A dr"ch" w"s "
%"boring "nHs w"ge !or one d"'1 2F And he who h"d recei*ed the !i*e
t"%ents went his w"' "nd tr"ded with the0 "nd g"ined "nother
!i*e1 26 And in %ike "nner he who h"d recei*ed the two0 g"ined
"nother two1 24 /(t he who h"d recei*ed the one0 going his LownM
w"' Ldoing on%' wh"t he w"nted to do in %i!eM d(g into the e"rth "nd hid
his %ordHs one'1 28 /(t "!ter " %ong tie the %ord o! those ser*"nts
c"e "nd sett%ed "cco(nts with the1 5> And he who h"d recei*ed
the !i*e t"%ents bro(ght "%so the other !i*e t"%ents0 s"'ing: Lord0 'o(
de%i*ered to e !i*e t"%ents0 beho%d ) h"*e g"ined "nother !i*e1 52
His %ord s"id to hi: 9e%% done0 good "nd !"ith!(% ser*"nt0 bec"(se
'o( h"*e been !"ith!(% o*er " !ew things0 ) wi%% $%"ce 'o( o*er
"n' things1 Enter into the Ko' o! 'o(r %ord1 55 And he "%so who
h"d recei*ed the two t"%ents c"e "nd s"id: Lord0 'o( de%i*ered
two t"%ents to e0 beho%d ) h"*e g"ined "nother two1 5C His %ord
s"id to hi: 9e%% done0 good "nd !"ith!(% ser*"nt0 bec"(se 'o( h"*e
been !"ith!(% o*er " !ew things0 ) wi%% $%"ce 'o( o*er "n' things1
Enter into the Ko' o! 'o(r %ord1 57 /(t he who h"d recei*ed the one
t"%ent c"e "nd s"id: Lord0 ) knew th"t 'o( were " h"rd "n0
re"$ing where 'o( h"*e not sown0 "nd g"thering where 'o( h"*e
not winnowed Lthe gr"inM1 53 And being "!r"id ) went "nd hid 'o(r
t"%ent in the e"rth1 /eho%d here 'o( h"*e th"t which is 'o(rs1 5F
And his %ord "nswering0 s"id to hi: 9icked "nd s%oth!(% ser*"nt0
since 'o( knew th"t ) re"$ed where ) sowed not0 "nd g"thered
where ) h"*e not winnowed0 56 'o( o(ght0 there!ore0 to h"*e
coitted ' one' to the b"nkers0 so th"t "t ' coing ) sho(%d
h"*e recei*ed ' own with interest1 54 T"ke "w"'0 there!ore0 the
t"%ent !ro hi "nd gi*e it to hi who h"s ten t"%ents1 58 For to
e*er'one who h"s sh"%% be gi*en0 "nd he sh"%% "bo(nd0 b(t !ro
hi who h"s not L"de "n' g"inM0 th"t "%so which he sees to h"*e
Lbec"(se it ne*er w"s his ownM sh"%% be t"ken "w"'1 C> Now t"ke the
(n$ro!it"b%e ser*"nt "nd c"st hi o(t into the o(tside d"rkness1
"ote: A%% en h"*e been gi*en soe e"s(re o! !"ith or co$rehension o!
GodHs tr(th ($on which the' "re ob%ig"ted to "ct0 b(t which "%so the' "re !ree to
ignore @Ro12:26#5>E 5:27#23E Acts 2>:2#7A1 This is the incomplete faith o! which
+"es 5:55 s$e"ks th"t (st be "de $er!ect b' obedience to wh"t th"t !"ith
re;(ires o! (s1 The ""Iing thing here is th"t the "n with the one t"%ent did
not throw "w"' this !"ith or corr($t it0 he ere%' decided to "int"in "n
orthodo: re%igio(s e:terior b(t inw"rd%' %i*e co$%ete%' !or hise%! witho(t
"n' gen(ine %o*e !or others or $erson"% obedience to the or"% %"ws o! God
@See *124A1
L- 28 2871TU5CF1
22 As the' were he"ring these things Lon the cost o! disci$%eshi$ #
Lk127:53#CC "t 238"1M0 +es(s s$oke "dding " $"r"b%e0 bec"(se He
w"s ne"r +er(s"%e0 "nd bec"(se the' tho(ght th"t the -ingdo
o! God sho(%d iedi"te%' be "ni!ested1 25 He s"id there!ore:
A cert"in nob%e"n went into " !"r co(ntr' to recei*e !or hise%!
" kingdo "nd to ret(rn1 2C And c"%%ing his ten ser*"nts0 he g"*e
the ten $o(nds Lin"sM Lone in" Q C onths w"gesM0 "nd s"id to
the: Tr"de with these (nti% ) coe b"ck1 27 Now soe o! his
citiIens h"ted hi "nd the' sent "n eb"ss"ge "!ter hi0 s"'ing:
9e wi%% not h"*e 'o( to reign o*er (sP 23 And it c"e to $"ss th"t
he ret(rned0 h"*ing recei*ed the kingdo1 Then he co"nded
his ser*"nts to be c"%%ed0 to who he h"d gi*en the one' th"t he
ight know how (ch e*er' "n h"d g"ined b' tr"ding1 2F And
the !irst c"e0 s"'ing: Lord0 'o(r $o(nd Lin"M h"s g"ined ten
$o(nds Lin"sM1 26 And he s"id to hi: 9e%% done0 'o( good
ser*"nt0 bec"(se 'o( h"*e been !"ith!(% in " %itt%e0 'o( sh"%% h"*e
"(thorit' o*er ten cities1 24 And the second c"e0 s"'ing: Lord0
'o(r $o(nd Lin"M h"s g"ined !i*e $o(nds Lin"sM1 28 And he s"id
to hi: Yo( "re now r(%er "%so o*er !i*e cities1 5> And "nother
c"e0 s"'ing: Lord0 beho%d here is 'o(r $o(nd Lin"M0 which )
h"*e ke$t %"id ($ in " c%oth0 52 !or ) !e"red 'o(0 bec"(se 'o( "re
"n "(stere "n1 Yo( t"ke ($ wh"t 'o( did not %"' down "nd 'o(
re"$ th"t which 'o( did not sow 55 He s"id to hi: O(t o! 'o(r
own o(th ) K(dge 'o(0 'o( wicked ser*"ntP Yo( knew th"t ) w"s
"n "(stere "n0 t"king ($ wh"t ) %"id not down0 "nd re"$ing th"t
which ) did not sow LNote: The ser*"nts Kob w"s to "ke " $ro!it"b%e g"in
!or their "sters0 !or which the' were gi*en their kee$ "nd K(st $"'entPM0 5C
so wh' then did 'o( not $(t ' one' into the b"nk th"t "t '
coing ) ight h"*e e:"cted it with interestB 57 And he s"id to
those who stood b': T"ke the $o(nd Lin"M "w"' !ro hi "nd
gi*e it to hi who h"s ten $o(nds Lin"sM1 53 And the' s"id to
hi: Lord0 he "%re"d' h"s ten $o(nds Lin"sM1 5F /(t ) s"' to 'o(0
th"t to e*er'one who h"s L"de the gre"test incre"se !or MeM sh"%% be
gi*en0 "nd he sh"%% "bo(nd0 b(t !ro hi who h"s not0 e*en th"t
which he h"s0 sh"%% be t"ken !ro hi1 56 /(t Lthe nob%e"n "%so
s"id:M As !or those ' eneies L"nd the other se*en ser*"nts who sided
with theM0 who wo(%d not h"*e e reign o*er the0 bring the
hither0 "nd ki%% the be!ore eP

"ote: This $"r"b%e (ses the mina' h"s 2> ser*"nts0 "nd w"s to%d <ne"r
+er(s"%e= "nd so is " di!!erent $"r"b%e entire%' th"n M"tthewHs $"r"b%e o! the
t"%ents1 Since it is not gi*en in the Poem it is i$ossib%e to know when this
w"s gi*en so it is $%"ced with M"tthewHs $"r"b%e "t 2F>1 ere%' !or
co$"rison1 The high e:$ect"tion !or the iedi"c' o! the kingdo
"ni!est"tion @*122A $%"ces this "!ter the r"ising o! L"I"r(s "nd $erh"$s "t the
tie o! the Tri($h"% entr'1 The Poem shows this te:t (st h"*e been c(t !ro "
di!!erent conte:t o! other te"chings o! +es(s not entioned in the Poem1 E$isode 2871
which L(ke h"s $receding this one does not !it this te:t1
,C,. E Oct0 AD C5 The 5a#yer and the 3arable o! the Good (amaritan # The Te$%e
L- 2> 273c1TU2481
53 And beho%d " cert"in %"w'er0 te$ting Hi0 stood ($ s"'ing0 M"ster0 wh"t (st ) do to $ossess etern"%
LHe"*en%'M %i!eB LNo one $ossessed <etern"%= %i!e "t this tie b(t were w"iting !or it to be gi*en in the New ,o*en"nt WEIek1CF:5FM
5F /(t He s"id to hi: 9h"t is written in the %"wB How do 'o( re"d itB 56 He "nswering s"id: 7o& shall lo+e
the %ord yo&r God )ith yo&r )hole heart, and )ith yo&r )hole so&l, and )ith all yo&r stren'th, and )ith all
yo&r mind, and yo&r nei'h-or as yo&rself" ZDe(t1 F:3[ 54 And +es(s s"id to hi: Yo( h"*e "nswered right1 Do
this0 "nd 'o( sh"%% %i*e Lin He"*en with God !or this wo(%d %e"d one into the New ,o*en"ntM1
58 /(t he wishing to K(sti!' hise%!0 s"id to +es(s: /(t who is ' neighborB C> And +es(s "nswering0 s"id: A
cert"in "n went down !ro +er(s"%e to +ericho "nd !e%% "ong robbers who "%so stri$$ed hi0 "nd h"*ing
wo(nded hi went "w"'0 %e"*ing hi h"%! de"d1 C2 And it K(st h"$$ened th"t " cert"in $riest went down the
s"e w"' "nd seeing hi0 $"ssed hi b'1 C5 )n %ike "nner "%so " Le*ite0 when he c"e ne"r the $%"ce "nd s"w
hi0 he "%so $"ssed b'1 CC /(t " cert"in S""rit"n0 being on his Ko(rne' c"e ne"r hi1 And seeing hi0 he
w"s o*ed with co$"ssion1 C7 And going ($ to hi0 he bo(nd ($ his wo(nds "!ter $o(ring in oi% "nd wine1
And setting hi ($on his own be"st0 bro(ght hi to "n inn "nd took c"re o! hi1 C3 And the ne:t d"' he took
o(t two den"rii Ltwo d"'s w"gesM "nd g"*e to the host0 "nd s"id: T"ke c"re o! hi "nd wh"te*er 'o( sh"%% s$end
o*er "nd "bo*e0 ) "t ' ret(rn0 wi%% re$"' 'o(1 CF 9hich o! these three0 in 'o(r o$inion0 w"s neighbor to hi
who !e%% "ong the robbersB C6 He re$%ied: He who showed erc' to hi1 And +es(s s"id to hi: Go0 "nd do
in %ike "nner1
"ote: The +ews who contin(ed to ho%d $reK(dices "g"inst the S""rit"ns wo(%d re!(se to s(bit to ,hristi"n /"$tis "nd the ,h(rch "nd its !"ith so
the' wo(%d not know the gi!t o! the Ho%' S$irit "nd c%e"nsing !ro Origin"% Sin which (nti% the "toneent o! ,hrist h"d b"red "%% h("nit' !ro He"*en1
E$h17:4#2>E Lk12F:5>#5C1
,C*. E Oct0 AD C5 The Vuestion o! Tragedy and Human Culpability D L"I"r(sH P"%"ce in +er(s"%e
L- 2C 481TU26C1
2 AND there were $resent0 "t th"t *er' tie0D soe who to%d hi o! the G"%i%e"ns0 whose b%ood Pi%"te h"d
ing%ed with their s"cri!ices1 5 And He "nswering0 s"id to the: Do 'o( think th"t these G"%i%e"ns were sinners
"bo*e "%% the other en o! G"%i%ee bec"(se the' s(!!ered s(ch thingsB C No0 b(t ) s"' to 'o(0 (n%ess 'o( re$ent0
'o( sh"%% "%% %ikewise $erishPD 7 Or those eighteen ($on who the tower !e%% in Si%o" "nd ki%%ed the0 do 'o(
think th"t the' "%so were debtors "bo*e "%% the other en who dwe%t in +er(s"%eB 3 No0 b(t ) s"' to 'o(0 e:ce$t
'o( re$ent0 'o( sh"%% "%% %ikewise $erishP
D$t that very time: The Poem shows ,h 25 did not $recede this e$isode1 This shows L(ke <c(t= this stor' !ro " $re*io(s%' written te:t0 no do(bt
M"tthewHs origin"% records "nd did not edit the tr"nsition1 The Poem shows th"t L(ke 2>:53#C6 "t 2F21 iedi"te%' $receded this e$isode @)))054>G$7>#
Dli/e#ise perish: The n"tion did not re$ent "nd th(s the' were destro'ed in the ost *io%ent o! "ss"(%ts in AD 6> K(st "s w"rned here1
542G$77 # @M OctA # At the Te$%e0 The' Are Aw"re o! Er"ste(s0 o! +ohn o! Endor "nd S'nt'che1
545G$3> # @M OctA # S'nt'che S$e"ks in L"I"r(s_ Ho(se1
54CG$33 # @L OctA # The Mission o! Fo(r A$ost%es in +(de"1
547G$36 # @M Oct A # +es(s Le"*es /eth"n' !or Tr"ns#+ord"n1
F3)%)$' D)C$345I( 7 5 4CT4:)% D M "4&)M:)% $D <*G LPoe ,h"$ters 543#58FM

543G$F7 # @L Oct09edA # Arri*"% "t R"oth with the Merch"nt !ro the Other Side o! the E($hr"tes1
54FG$6> # @L Oct0Th(A # Fro R"oth to Ger"s"1
,C<. L Oct0 Fri0 AD C5 .esus on the (uperiority o! (piritual %elationships over $ll 4thers #
)n Ger"s" o! Dec"$o%is 546G$168
L- 22 274"1TU274b1
56 And it c"e to $"ss "s +es(s s$oke these things0 " cert"in wo"n !ro the crowd0 %i!ting ($ her *oice0 s"id to
hi: /%essed is the wob th"t bore Yo(0 "nd the $"$sLbre"stsM th"t g"*e Yo( s(ckP 54 /(t He s"id: /%essed
r"ther "re the' who he"r the 9ord o! God "nd kee$ itP
"ote: Once "g"in L(ke c(t this te:t !ro its origin"% conte:t which is c%e"r%' described in )))054FG$67#681 L(ke th(s h"s in"d*ertent%' "de the crowd
here the crowd "t ,"$ern"( in 274"11 These e$isodes0 howe*er0 "re two onths "$"rt "nd in two geogr"$hic"% "re"s1 This is K(st one e:"$%e o! "n'
where The Poem <interr($ts= seeing%' $er!ect%' !%owing Gos$e% "cco(nts1 )n "n e:$"nded Gos$e% "cco(nt o! h("n origin0 this wo(%d not on%' be
co$%ete%' (nnecess"r'0 b(t wo(%d both r"ise (nnecess"r' obKections "nd "t the s"e tie "ke the cre"tion o! s(ch "n "cco(nt !"r ore di!!ic(%t1
There "re in The Poem 22F s(ch <(nnecess"r'= <interr($tions= to the "%ost (ni*ers"%%' "cce$ted Gos$e% chrono%og'1 See A$$endi:1
544G$4> # @L Oct0S"tA # The S"bb"th "t Ger"s"1
548G$43 # @L Oct0S(nA # Fro Ger"s" to the Fo(nt"in o! the ,"e%eer1
58>G$8C # @E No*0MonA # Going to /oIr"h1
582G$8F # @E No*0T(eA # At /oIr"h1
585G$2>2 # @E No*0T(eA # The Seron "nd Mir"c%es "t /oIr"h1
58CG$2>4 # @E No*09edA # F"rewe%% to the 9oen Disci$%es1
587G$222 # @E No*09ed c Th(A # At Arbe%"1
583G$226 # @E No*0T(eA # Going to Aer"1
58FG$257 # @E No*09edA # +es(s Pre"ches "t Aer"1

FIFTH G$5I5)$" MI"I(T%8 D (8%4D3H4)"ICI$' T)T%. 4F 3HI5I3' D)C$345I(' 3)%)$ 7 @ M4 7 M "4& $D <* D
M MCH $D << LPoe ,h"$ters 586#C38M

586G$25F # @M No*A # The Litt%e Or$h"ns M"r' "nd M"tthi"s1
584G$2C7 # @M No*A # M"r' "nd M"tthi"s Are Entr(sted to +oh"nn" o! ,h(I"
,C@. L No*0 AD C5 .esus )0poses the )vil o! 3harisaial Tradition that &iolates the Word o! God D At N"in
MT 23
2 THEN scribes "nd Ph"risees c"e to
Hi !ro +er(s"%e0 s"'ing: 5 9h' do
Yo(r disci$%es tr"nsgress the tr"dition o!
the r(%ing e%dersB For the' w"sh not their
h"nds when the' e"t their e"%s1 C /(t He
"nswering0 s"id to the: 9h' do 'o(
tr"nsgress the co"ndent o! God b'
'o(r tr"ditionB For God s"id: 7 Honor thy
father and mother" And: He )ho shall
c&rse father or mother, let him die the
death1 ZE:od(s 5>:25E De(t13:2F[ 3 /(t 'o( s"':
9hoe*er sh"%% s"' to !"ther or other0
wh"te*er 'o( wo(%d h"*e g"ined !ro e
is "%re"d' dedic"ted "s " gi!t to God0 F
then he sh"%% not h"*e to honor his !"ther
or his other1 /' this 'o( h"*e "de *oid
the co"ndent o! God b' 'o(r
tr"dition1 6 H'$ocrites0 we%% h"s )s"i"h
$ro$hesied o! 'o(0 s"'ing: 4 This people
honors Me )ith their lips, -&t their heart
is far from Me1 8 =nd in +ain do they
)orship Me, teachin' >instead@ doctrines
and commandments of men >)hich ma*e
+oid the la)s of God@1 Z)s"i"h 58:2C[
2> And h"*ing c"%%ed together the
(%tit(des (nto Hi0 He s"id to the:
He"r "nd (nderst"nd0 22 it is not th"t
which goes into the o(th th"t de!i%es "
"n0 b(t wh"t coes o(t o! the o(th th"t
de!i%es hi1
M- 6 $t the home o! Daniel' the young man .esus raised !rom the dead
2 AND there "sseb%ed together "ro(nd +es(s the Ph"risees "nd soe o! the scribes
coing !ro +er(s"%e1 5 For the' h"d seen soe o! His Disci$%es e"t bre"d with coon
or with (nw"shed h"nds "nd the' !o(nd !"(%t with the1 C For the Ph"risees "nd "%% the
+ews do not e"t witho(t o!ten w"shing their h"nds0 ho%ding the tr"dition o! the r(%ing
e%ders1 7 And when the' coe !ro the "rket0 (n%ess the' w"sh0 the' do not e"t1 And
there "re "n' other things th"t h"*e been de%i*ered to the to obser*e0 the w"shings o!
c($s0 o! $ots0 "nd o! br"Ien *esse%s0 "nd o! beds1 3 And the Ph"risees "nd scribes "sked
Hi: 9h' do not Yo(r disci$%es w"%k "ccording to the tr"dition o! the r(%ing e%ders b(t
the' e"t bre"d with coon L(nw"shedM h"ndsB F /(t He "nswering0 s"id to the:
,orrect%' did )s"i"h $ro$hes' o! Yo( h'$ocrites0 "s it is written: This people honor Me
)ith their lips, -&t their heart is far from Me1 =nd in +ain do they )orship Me, teachin'
as doctrines the precepts of men1 Z)s"i"h 58:2C[ 4 For0 whi%e 'o( %e"*e the co"ndents o!
God 'o( ho%d !"st to the tr"dition o! en0 the w"shing o! $ots "nd o! c($s0 "nd "n' other
things 'o( do %ike these1
8 And He "%so s"id to the: a(ite e!!ecti*e%' 'o( "ke *oid the co"ndent o! God0
th"t 'o( "' kee$ 'o(r own tr"dition1 2> For Moses s"id: Honor yo&r father and yo&r
mother< ZE:15>:25[ "nd He )ho shall c&rse father or mother, may he s&rely die? ZE:152:26[ 22
/(t 'o( s"' " "n is e:e$t i! he sh"%% s"' to his !"ther or other: 9h"te*er wo(%d h"*e
been !ro e to 'o(r $ro!it is ,orb"n0 which is " gi!t to God1 25 Then 'o( no %onger
$erit hi to do "n'thing L!in"nci"%%'M !or his !"ther or other0 2C "king *oid the 9ord o!
God b' 'o(r own tr"dition which 'o( h"*e h"nded down1 And "n' other %ike things 'o(
27 And c"%%ing "g"in the (%tit(de (nto Hi0 He s"id to the: He"r Me0 "%% o! 'o(0 "nd
(nderst"ndP 23 There is nothing !ro witho(t " "n th"t entering into hi c"n de!i%e hi1
/(t the things which coe !ro " "n L!ro his own ind "nd he"rtM0 those "re wh"t de!i%e "
"n1 2FL!nM If any man ha+e ears to hear, let him hear?B
DThe Poem con!irs th"t this %"st st"teent w"s indeed $"rt o! this disco(rse showing th"t i! this w"s "
%"ter "ddition it w"s "de b' one who w"s witness to this scene0 ost %ike%' b' Peter hise%!1 @)))0$1277A1
Th"t *1 2F w"s not !o(nd in "%% the te:ts it w"s oitted in the %"ter e!!ort to cre"te " (ni!or te:t in b ' :'
D' 5. That these te0ts' alleged by the modern ritis to be HbetterI represent the later edited te0ts
see notes at Matt. *<:,@ at *@B. and *+:,C at ,CB. M
,C2. L No*0 AD C5 What Comes out o! the Mouth Ma/es 4ne >nlean # A Shee$!o%d tow"rds Endor C>>G$127F
MT 23 TU
25 Then c"e His Disci$%es0 "nd s"id to Hi: Do Yo( know th"t the
Ph"risees0 when the' he"rd this word0 were sc"nd"%iIedB 2C /(t He
"nswering the0 s"id: E*er' $%"nt which M' he"*en%' F"ther h"s not
$%"nted sh"%% be rooted ($1 27 Let the "%one1 The' "re b%ind0 "nd
%e"ders o! the b%ind1 And i! the b%ind %e"d the b%ind0 both wi%% !"%% into
the $it1 23 And Peter "nswering0 s"id to Hi: E:$o(nd to (s this
$"r"b%e1 2F /(t He s"id: Are 'o( "%so 'et witho(t (nderst"ndingB 26
Do 'o( not (nderst"nd0 th"t wh"te*er enters into the o(th0 goes into
the be%%' "nd is c"st o(t into the $ri*'B 24 /(t the things which
$roceed o(t o! the o(th0 coe !orth !ro the he"rt0 "nd those things
de!i%e " "n1 28 For !ro the he"rt coe !orth e*i% tho(ghts0
(rders0 "d(%teries0 !ornic"tions0 the!ts0 !"%se testionies0
b%"s$heies1 5> These "re the things th"t de!i%e " "n0 b(t to e"t
with (nw"shed h"nds does not de!i%e " "n1
M- 6 TU2F81
26 And when He c"e into " ho(se Lne"r EndorM !ro the crowd0
His Disci$%es "sked Hi "bo(t the $"r"b%e1 24 And He s"id to
the: So "re 'o( "%so witho(t know%edgeB Do 'o( not
(nderst"nd th"t "n'thing !ro witho(t entering into " "n
c"nnot de!i%e hi Lin the tr(e or s$irit("% senseM0 28 bec"(se it enters
not into his he"rt0 b(t goes into the sto"ch0 "nd goes o(t into
the $%"ce !or w"ste1 @LTh(s He w"s hereb'M $(ri!'ing "%% !oods
L!reeing the !ro the !orer cereoni"% conden"tionsM1A 5> /(t He
"%so s"id: The things which coe o(t !ro " "n "re wh"t
de!i%es " "n1 52 For !ro within0 or o(t o! the he"rt o! en0
$roceed e*i% tho(ghts0 "d(%teries0 !ornic"tions0 (rders0 55
the!ts0 co*eto(sness0 wickedness0 deceit0 %"sci*io(sness0 "n e*i%
e'e0 b%"s$he'0 $ride0 "nd !oo%ishness1 5C A%% these e*i% things
coe !ro within "nd de!i%e " "n1
C>2G$274 # @L No*A # Fro Endor to M"gd"%"1
C>5G$235 # @L No*A # +es(s "t N"I"reth !or the Dedic"tion1
C>CG$23F # @E DecA # +es(s with +ohn o! Endor "nd S'nt'che "t N"I"reth1
C>7G$234 # @E DecA # +es(s_ Lesson to M"rKi"1
C>3G$2F5 # @E DecA # Sion Oe"%ot "t N"I"reth1
C>FG$2F7 # @E DecA # An E*ening "t Hoe in N"I"reth1
C>6G$26> # @E DecA # +es(s "nd the 9i!e o! His ,o(sin0 Sion1
C>4G$265 # @E DecA # Sion Goes /"ck to +es(s1
C>8G$264 # @M DecA # Sion Peter "t N"I"reth1
C2>G$245 # @M DecA # +es(s S$e"ks "bo(t the Ho%' Econo' o! .ni*ers"% Lo*e1
F)$(T 4F D)DIC$TI4" 4% 5IGHT( 7 $D <* 7 M D 5 D)C)M:)%
C22G$243 # @L DecA # +ohn o! Endor 9i%% H"*e to Go to Antioch1
C25G$286 # @L DecA # The /eginning o! the Third Ye"r "t N"I"reth0 whi%e Pre$"ring !or De$"rt(re1
C2CG$5>C # @L DecA # De$"rt(re !ro N"I"reth1
C27G$52> # @L DecA # Tow"rds +i$hth"he%1
,CC. L Dec W M +"n0 AD C5 .esus 5eaves Galilee !or the (ea Coast #ith T#o )0iles <230C2FG$1527#552
MT 23 TU2F81
52 And +es(s went !ro there "nd retired Lin " c"*e in +i$hth"he%M in the %"nd o! T're "nd Sidon1
C26G$555 # @L DecA # Le"*ing Pto%e"is !or T're
C24G$556 # @L DecA # De$"rt(re !ro T're on " ,ret"n Shi$1
C28G$5C5 # @E +"nA # Stor "nd Mir"c%es on the Shi$1
C5>G$5C6 # @E +"nA # Arri*"% "nd L"nding "t Se%e(ci"1
C52G$57> # @E +"nA # Fro Se%e(ci" to Antioch1
C55G$57F # @E +"n0 9edA # At Antigoni"1
C5CG$53C # @E +"n0 S"tA # F"rewe%% to Antioch "!ter Pre"ching1 At Se%e(ci" @E +"n0 S(nA1 Fro Se%e(ci" to Pto%e"is @E +"n0 S(n # M +"n0
C57G$5F5 # @M +"nA # Ret(rn o! the Eight A$ost%es "nd Arri*"% "t AchIib1
C53G$5F8 # @M +"nA # At AchIib with Si: A$ost%es1
,C;.,. M +"n0 Mon0 AD CC The Oingdom o! Heaven is li/e 5eaven # The borders o! Phoenici" C5FG$1563
MT 2C 2231TU2271
CC Another $"r"b%e He s$oke to the: The -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto %e"*en which "
wo"n took "nd hid in three e"s(resDo! e"%0 (nti% the who%e w"s %e"*ened1
C7 A%% these things +es(s s$oke in $"r"b%es to the crowds0 "nd He did not s$e"k to the
witho(t (sing $"r"b%es1 C3 Th"t it ight be !(%!i%%edD which w"s s$oken b' the $ro$het0 s"'ing:
I )ill open my mo&th in para-les, I )ill &tter thin's hidden from the fo&ndation of the )orld1
D The Gos$e% s"ncti!ic"tion o! h("n re"son0 eotion0 "nd wi%% "s +eroe conc%(ded1
DThis w"s si$%' e*idence th"t +es(s w"s one who e"s(red ($ to the highest ide"% o! the wisest o! en1 As
THE Son o! M"n he (st !(%!i%% e*er' ide"% o! $er!ect "n1 This w"s one e%eent then th"t +es(s h"d to !(%!i%% to
c%"i this tit%e1 And 'es0 th"t does "ke this " $ro$hec'P
5> And "g"in He s"id: .nto wh"t
sh"%% ) consider the -ingdo o! God to
be %ikeB 52 )t is %ike %e"*en L'e"stM0
which " wo"n took "nd hid in three
e"s(res o! e"% L!%o(rM0 (nti% the
who%e w"s %e"*ened1
C56G$563 # @M +"n0 s"e d"'0 MonA # Arri*"% "t A%e:"ndroscene1
,C;.*. M +"n # M Mch0 AD CC In the Cities o! (yroD3hoeniia and Galilee C56#C3F
L- 2C TU2441
55 And He went thro(gh the cities "nd towns te"ching0 "nd "king His Ko(rne' to
+er(s"%e L!or the P"sso*er "nd the beginning o! His 3
+(de"n inistr'M1
"ote: This is e*idence o! " co$' !ro " we%% ke$t Ko(rn"% o! one who w"s "ct("%%' " witness1 M"tthew
w"s the Ko(rn"%ist "ong the Disci$%es1 See "%so *1 C2 "t 2441 be%ow1
,CB. M +"n0 T(e0 AD CC 3arable o! the Wor/ers o! the )leventh Hour D A%e:"ndroscene0 S'ro#Phoenici"T
C54 G$1546
MT 5>
2 THE -ingdo o! He"*en is %ike (nto "n est"te owner0 who went o(t e"r%' in the orning to hire %"borers !or
his *ine'"rd1 5 And h"*ing "greed with the %"borers !or " den"ri(s " d"'0 he sent the into his *ine'"rd1 C And
going o(t "bo(t the third ho(r L8 AMM0 he s"w others st"nding id%e in the "rket $%"ce1 7 And he s"id to the: Go
"%so into ' *ine'"rd0 "nd ) wi%% gi*e 'o( wh"t is K(st1 3 And the' went their w"'1 And "g"in he went o(t "bo(t
the si:th L25 NoonM "nd the ninth ho(r LC PMM0 "nd did in %ike "nner1 F And "bo(t the e%e*enth ho(r LF PMM he
went o(t "nd !o(nd others st"nding0 "nd he s"id to the: 9h' did 'o( st"nd id%e here "%% d"'B 6 The' s"id to
hi: /ec"(se no "n h"s hired (s1 He s"id to the: Go "%so into ' *ine'"rd1
4 Now when e*ening h"d coe0 the %ord o! the *ine'"rd s"id to his stew"rd: ,"%% the %"borers "nd $"' the
their hire0 beginning !ro the %"st hired to the !irst1 8 9hen0 there!ore0 the' who c"e "bo(t the e%e*enth ho(r LF
PMM0 h"d coe0 the' recei*ed e*er' "n " den"ri(s1 2> /(t when the !irst "%so c"e0 the' tho(ght th"t the'
sho(%d recei*e ore0 b(t the' "%so recei*ed e*er' "n " den"ri(s1 22 And recei*ing it the' (r(red "g"inst the
"ster o! the est"te0 25 s"'ing: These %"st h"*e worked b(t one ho(r0 "nd 'o( h"*e "de the e;("% to (s0 who
h"*e borne the b(rden o! the d"' "nd the he"t1 2C /(t he "nswering s"id to one o! the: Friend0 ) h"*e done 'o(
no wrong0 did 'o( not "gree with e !or " den"ri(sB 27 T"ke wh"t is 'o(rs "nd go 'o(r w"'0 ) h"*e chosen to
gi*e to these %"st e*en "s ) h"*e gi*en to 'o(1 23 )s it not %"w!(% !or e to do wh"t ) choseB Do 'o( see e*i%0
bec"(se ) " goodB 2F So Lin M' -ingdoM sh"%% the %"st Li! the' ere%' %"cked o$$ort(nit'M be L"s tho(gh the' wereM !irst0
"nd the !irst Lc"%%ed who did not (se their o$$ort(nities wi%% tr(%' beM %"st1 For "n' "re c"%%ed0 b(t !ew chosenB L)n this
Genti%e "re" ost knew the bitter rece$tion w"s getting in )sr"e% "nd +es(s e:$%"ins there gi*es re"son !or this "no"%' bec"(se the
reKection o! His own $eo$%e wo(%d n"t(r"%%' gi*e re"son !or the to ;(estion O(r LordHs integrit' "nd c%"is1 This insight coes
!ro the Poem "nd sense o! wh"t h"s been otherwise " te:t("% di!!ic(%t'1M
This $"r"b%e is " wonder!(% i%%(str"tion on how God K(dges "nd rew"rds "n1 God "%w"'s sees wh"t is in the he"rt1 9h"t " "n is
wi%%ing to do0 tho(gh %"cking o$$ort(nit'0 is wh"t God sees "nd is the b"sis o! His rew"rd in eternit'1 ,%e"r%' the en who worked
"%% d"' needed " reb(ke !or their indi!!erence to their !e%%ow (ne$%o'ed brethren1 9ith God the K(dge0 there is no need to en*'
"n'oneHs $osition0 "n'oneHs $ri*i%eges0 or "bi%ities0 b(t r"ther the need is to $r"' !or those with these things th"t the' "re not destro'ed
b' the "nd so in the end wi%% enKo' sh"ring in " rew"rd th"t wo(%d h"*e otherwise been %ostP
DFor many are alled: This $hr"se th"t does not "$$e"r to !it the tho(ght o! the conte:t 'ie%ds " gre"t tre"s(re o! tr(th "bo(t the
se*er"% Greek te:ts th"t h"*e oitted it0 bec"(se th"t $hr"se is in the !(%% disco(rse gi*en b' o(r Lord th"t w"s gi*en to M& in the
Poem? This c"n on%' e"n th"t M"tthew hise%! $%"ced it in his "n(scri$t "nd th"t it w"s " %"ter editor who de%eted it ere%'
bec"(se it did not "$$e"r to !it the conte:tP This means that manusripts:b @Sin"tic(sA : @&"tic"n(sA D 5 and U that omit this
te0t are all later edited te0tsL A%% the odern tr"ns%"tions !o%%owing the odern <scho%"rshi$= th(s oit this te:t inc%(ding the
NA/0 +er(s"%e0 NE/0AS&0 NAS&0 RS&0 NRS&0 TE&0 N)&0 Mo!!"tt0 Phi%%i$s0 Montgoer'0 9e'o(th0 9i%%i"s0 /eck0 /erk%e'0
"nd the Li*ing /ib%e1 The on%' *ersions th"t inc%(ded this te:t "re the DGR0 ,on!r"ternit' NT0 the -+& @Recei*ed Te:tA0 the L"s"Hs
Ar""ic Peshitt" NT0 "nd the D"rb' /ib%e1
C58G$582 # @M +"n0Th(A # The Sons o! Th(nder1 Going tow"rd AchIib with the She$herd Ann"s1
,CA. L +"n0 Fri0 AD CC The Daughter o! the 3ersistent Canaanite is Delivered # A *i%%"ge be!ore AchIib tow"rds S'ro#Phoenici"

MT 23 2FF1TU2641
55 And beho%d " wo"n o! ,"n""n who c"e o(t o! those
co"sts0 cr'ing o(t0 s"id to Hi: H"*e erc' on e0 O Lord0
son o! D"*idP M' d"(ghter is grie*o(s%' tro(b%ed b' the
De*i%P 5C /(t +es(s "nswered her not " word1 And His
Disci$%es c"e "nd begged Hi0 s"'ing: Send her "w"'0 !or
she cries "!ter (s1 57 And He "nswering0 s"id Lto herM: ) w"s
not sent b(t to the shee$ th"t "re %ost o! the ho(se o! )sr"e%1
53 /(t she c"e "nd worshi$ed Hi0 s"'ing: Lord0 he%$ eP
5F +es(s "nswering s"id: )t is not good to t"ke the bre"d o!
the chi%dren0 "nd to c"st it to the dogs1 56 /(t she s"id: Yes0
Lord0 b(t e*en the %itt%e $($s "%so e"t o! the cr(bs th"t !"%%
!ro the t"b%e o! their "sters1 54 Then +es(s "nswering0
s"id to her: O wo"n0 gre"t is 'o(r !"ithP /e it done to 'o(
"s 'o( wi%%P And her d"(ghter w"s c(red !ro th"t ho(r1
M- 6 2F31TU2621
57 And rising !ro there Lthe Endor "nd N"I"reth "re"M He went into the
%"nd o! T're "nd Sidon L"nd "!ter ne"r%' " onth in this northern "re" HeM
entered into " ho(se Lo! +on"h the !"rerM0 "nd He desired th"t no "n
sho(%d know it b(t He co(%d not be hidden1 53 And " wo"n0 whose
d"(ghter h"d "n (nc%e"n s$irit0 "s soon "s she he"rd o! +es(s0 c"e in
"nd !e%% down "t His !eet1 5F Now the wo"n w"s " Genti%e0 " S'ro#
Phoenici"n b' r"ce1 And she begged Hi th"t He wo(%d c"st !orth the
deon o(t o! her d"(ghter1 56 +es(s s"id to her: A%%ow !irst the chi%dren
to be !i%%ed0 !or it is not good to t"ke the bre"d o! the chi%dren "nd c"st it
to the L%itt%e $et ho(se#M dogs1 54 /(t she "nswered "nd s"id to Hi: Yes0
Lord0 b(t e*en the s"%% $($s (nder the t"b%e "%so e"t the cr(bs o! the
chi%dren1 58 And He s"id to her: For this s"'ing go 'o(r w"' !or the
deon is gone o(t o! 'o(r d"(ghter1 C> And when she h"d coe into her
ho(se she !o(nd the gir% %'ing ($on the bed0 "nd "%so th"t the deon h"d
CC2G$C>6 # @L +"n0S(nA # /"rtho%oew H"s .nderstood "nd S(!!ered1
CC5G$C22 # @L +"nA # On the 9"' /"ck to G"%i%ee1
CCCG$C2C # @E Feb0 9edA # Meeting +(d"s )sc"riot "nd Tho"s1
,;+. M Feb0 S"t0 AD CC $ Man With Dropsy is Healed on the (abbath 7 The 3arable o! the Wedding
:an1uet D Ne"r Megiddo CC7G$1C54
L- 27
2 AND it c"e to $"ss0 when +es(s went into the ho(se o! one o! the chie! o! the Ph"risees L)sh"e% ben F"biM on
the S"bb"th d"' to e"t bre"d0 th"t the' Lhe "nd !i*e other !e%%ow r(%ersM w"tched Hi1 5 And beho%d0 there w"s "
cert"in "n be!ore Hi th"t h"d the dro$s' Lwho +es(s h"d in*ited to coe to in order to cre"te this te"ching
o$$ort(nit'M1 C And +es(s "nswering0 s$oke to the %"w'ers "nd Ph"risees0 s"'ing: )s it %"w!(% to he"% on the
S"bb"th d"'B 7 /(t the' he%d their $e"ce1 /(t He t"king hi0 he"%ed hi "nd sent hi "w"'1 3 And +es(s0
"nswering the0 s"id: 9hich o! 'o( wo(%d h"*e "n "ss or "n o: !"%% into " $it0 "nd wo(%d not iedi"te%' dr"w
hi o(t on the S"bb"th d"'B F And the' co(%d not re$%' to Hi on this1
) lesson on humilit" for reliious rulers.
6 And He "%so s$oke " $"r"b%e to those who were in*ited0 "!ter noting how the' chose the !irst se"ts "t the t"b%e0
s"'ing to the: 4 9hen 'o( "re in*ited to " wedding0 sit not down in the !irst $%"ce0 %est $erh"$s one ore
honor"b%e th"n 'o( w"s in*ited b' 'o(r host0 8 "nd he who in*ited 'o( "nd hi0 sho(%d coe "nd s"' to 'o(:
Gi*e this "n $%"ce1 Then 'o( (st begin with sh"e to t"ke the %owest $%"ce1 2> /(t when 'o( "re in*ited0 go
"nd sit down in the %owest $%"ce th"t when he who in*ited 'o( coes0 he "' s"' to 'o(: Friend0 go on ($
higher1 Then 'o( sh"%% recei*e honor be!ore those who sit with 'o( "t the t"b%e1 22 /ec"(se e*er' one who e:"%ts
hise%! sh"%% be h(b%ed "nd he who h(b%es hise%! sh"%% be e:"%ted1
25 And +es(s "%so s"id to hi who h"d in*ited Hi: 9hen 'o( "ke " dinner or " s($$er0 c"%% not 'o(r !riends0
nor 'o(r brethren0 nor 'o(r kinsen0 nor 'o(r neighbors who "re rich0 %est $erh"$s the' "%so in*ite 'o( "g"in0
"nd " $"' b"ck be "de to 'o(1 2C /(t when 'o( "ke " !e"st0 c"%% the $oor0 the "ied0 the %"e0 "nd the
b%ind1 27 Then 'o( sh"%% be b%essed Lo! GodM0 bec"(se the' h"*e not the e"ns to $"' 'o( b"ck1 Then reco$ense
sh"%% be "de !or 'o( "t the res(rrection o! the K(st1
The Parable of the *eddin +an,uet and a se#ere rebuke
23 9hen one o! the LE%e"I"rM who s"t "t the t"b%e with +es(s0 h"d he"rd these things0 he Lto bre"k the ic' chi%% "t the
t"b%ePM s"id to Hi: /%essed is he who sh"%% e"t bre"d in the -ingdo o! GodP 2F /(t +es(s s"id to hi: A
cert"in "n "de " gre"t s($$er "nd in*ited "n'1 26 And he sent his ser*"nt "t the ho(r o! s($$er to s"' to
those who were in*ited th"t the' sho(%d coe0 !or now "%% things were re"d'1 24 And the' beg"n "%% "t once to
"ke e:c(ses1 The !irst s"id to hi: ) h"*e bo(ght " !"r "nd ) (st go o(t "nd see it1 ) beg 'o(0 h"*e e
e:c(sed1 28 And "nother s"id: ) h"*e bo(ght !i*e 'oke o! o:en "nd ) (st go to tr' the0 ) beg 'o(0 h"*e e
e:c(sed1 5> And "nother s"id: ) h"*e K(st "rried " wi!e0 "nd there!ore ) c"nnot coe1 52 And ret(rning0 the
ser*"nt to%d these things to his %ord1 Then the "ster o! the ho(se0 being "ngr'0 s"id to his ser*"nt: Go o(t
;(ick%' into the streets "nd %"nes o! the cit' "nd bring in here the $oor0 the !eeb%e0 the b%ind0 "nd the %"eP 55
And the ser*"nt s"id: Lord0 it is done "s 'o( h"*e co"nded "nd 'et there is roo1 5C And the Lord s"id to the
ser*"nt: Go o(t into the highw"'s "nd hedges0 "nd co$e% the to coe in th"t ' ho(se "' be !i%%edP 57 /(t
) s"' (nto 'o(0 th"t none o! those en th"t were be!ore in*ited0 sh"%% t"ste o! ' s($$erP L9e sho(%d ;(ite correct%'
conc%(de !ro this $"r"b%e th"t the end o! the "ge "nd the $resent wor%d wi%% coe $recise%' when the ho(se o! He"*en is !i%%ed0
neither one oent sooner nor one oent %"ter1 And it is "%ost cert"in th"t <!i%%ed= e"ns not on%' n(bers b(t " cert"in e"s(re
o! "c;(ired *irt(eP The wor%dHs obsession with o*er$o$(%"tion is not on%' "n e*i% b"sed on its con!%ict with the ost e%eent"% !"ct o!
theo%og'0 GodHs %o*e !or "n0 b(t with this e*idence o! His s$eci!ic $(r$ose !or h("n e:istence1 It is not o+er-pop&lation -&t
&nder-e+an'eli/ation that is o&r pro-lem?M
D)sh"e% the Ph"risee1 M& in The Poem s"'s +es(s to%d the $"r"b%e o! The 9edding Fe"st here0 b(t L(keHs $"r"b%e entions no wedding so this is
either " s%ight%' odi!ied *ersion or "nother $"r"b%e "%together1 +es(s to%d " $"r"b%e o! " wedding !e"st "t L"I"r(sH est"te in /eth"n' "bo(t 2> onths
$re*io(s%' @))05>FG$C32A1
CC3G$CC5 # @M FebA # +es(s "t N"I"reth with His ,o(sins "nd with Peter "nd Tho"s @On the w"' b"ck to G"%i%eeA1
,;,. M Feb0 AD CC .esus :a/ at the (ea o! Galilee a!ter Three Months @CC>G$1C>5A
M- 6 2F81TU2671
C2 And "g"in going o(t o! the %"nd o! T're LSee "t F810 )))0C26#CC>0 L +"nM0 He c"e b' Sidon to the Se" o! G"%i%ee0 Lb(t
!irstM thro(gh the idst o! the %"nd o! Dec"$o%is LSee "t )))0 ,h158C05870 E No*M1
,;*. M Feb0 S"t0 AD CC $ Crippled Woman Healed in the (ynagogue on the (abbath D -or"Ii
L- 2C 26C1TU2231
2> And +es(s w"s te"ching in theirD s'n"gog(e on their S"bb"th1 22 And beho%d there w"s " wo"n who h"d "
s$irit LdeonM o! sickness eighteen 'e"rs1 And she w"s bent !orw"rd ($on herse%!0 neither co(%d she %ook ($ "t
"%%1 25 9hen +es(s s"w her0 He c"%%ed her (nto Hi0 "nd s"id to her: 9o"n0 'o( "re de%i*ered !ro 'o(r
in!irit'1 2C And He %"id His h"nds ($on her0 "nd iedi"te%' she w"s "de str"ight "nd g%ori!ied God1 27 And
the r(%er o! the s'n"gog(e @being "ngr' th"t +es(s h"d he"%ed on the S"bb"thA "nswering0 s"id to the (%tit(de:
There "re si: d"'s wherein 'o( o(ght to work0 there!ore0 in th"t tie coe "nd be he"%ed b(t not on the S"bb"th
d"'1 23 And the Lord "nswering hi0 s"id: Yo( h'$ocrites0 do not e*er'one o! 'o( on the S"bb"th d"' %oose his
o: or his "ss !ro the "nger "nd %e"d the to w"terB 2F And o(ght not this d"(ghter o! Abr"h"0 who S"t"n
h"s bo(nd these eighteen 'e"rs0 be %oosed !ro this bond"ge on the S"bb"th d"'B 26 And when He s"id these
things0 "%% His "d*ers"ries were "sh"ed0 b(t "%% the $eo$%e reKoiced !or "%% the things th"t were so g%orio(s%'
done b' Hi1
D Their: does not re!er to citiIens o! or ne"r the "re" in e$isode 26C1 @S"$hetA or 2F51 @+er(s"%eA "s the conte:t in L(ke re;(ires1 The Poem s"'s
this is -or"Ii1 L(ke (st h"*e c(t this te:t !ro "nother "cco(nt th"t took $%"ce in -or"Ii "nd $%"ced it in the conte:t o! 26C1 "nd 2F51 witho(t
editing it1 The Poem here once "g"in "ni!ests other th"n wh"t we wo(%d h"*e e:$ected in " h("n%' cre"ted e:$"nsion on the Gos$e%s1
,;<. M Feb0 S"t0 AD CC 3arable o! the (terile Fig Tree # To S"$het
L- 2C 2F51TU2651
F +es(s "%so s$oke this $"r"b%e: A cert"in "n h"d " !ig tree $%"nted in his *ine'"rd1 And he c"e seeking
!r(it on it0 b(t !o(nd none1 6 And he s"id to the dresser o! the *ine'"rd: /eho%d0 !or these three 'e"rs ) c"e
seeking !r(it on this !ig tree0 "nd ) !o(nd none1 ,(t it done there!ore0 wh' sho(%d it c%(tter the gro(ndB 4 /(t the
dresser "nswering0 s"id to hi: Lord0 %e"*e it "%one this 'e"r "%so (nti% ) dig "ro(nd it "nd co$ost it with
"n(re1 8 Perh"$s it wi%% be"r !r(it0 b(t i! not0 then "!ter th"t 'o( c"n c(t it down1 LFro the beginning o! the
inistr' o! the /"$tist to the end o! o(r LordHs inistr' w"s "bo(t " onth short o! 7 'e"rs1 The C V 2 'e"r in this $"r"b%e ties in to
these two inistries1M
CC4G$C73 # @M Feb0S(nA # Going tow"rds Meiron1
CC8G$C78 # @M Feb0S(nA # At Hi%%e%_s Se$(%cher "t Gisc"%"1
,;@. L Feb0 Mon0 AD CC .esus Heals a Dea! and Dumb Man # /etween Gisc"%" "nd -edesh C7>G$1C34
M- 6 2621TU2471
C5 And the' bro(ght to Hi one who w"s de"! "nd d(b0 "nd the' begged Hi th"t He wo(%d %"' His h"nd ($on
hi1 CC And t"king hi "side !ro the (%tit(de "$"rt0 +es(s $(t His !ingers into his e"rs0 "nd s$itting0 He
to(ched his tong(e0 C7 "nd %ooking ($ to He"*en0 He gro"ned "nd s"id to hi: E$h$het"P 9hich is: /e o$enedP
C3 And iedi"te%' his e"rs were o$ened "nd his tong(e w"s %oosed0 "nd he e*en s$oke correct%'PD CF And He
ch"rged the th"t the' sho(%d te%% no "n1 /(t the ore He ch"rged the0 so (ch the ore did the' $(b%ish itP
C6 And so (ch the ore did the' wonder0 s"'ing: He h"s done "%% things we%% L"nd not "s o(r +ewish r"bbis h"d
c%"iedMP He h"s "de both the de"! to he"r "nd the d(b to s$e"kP
Dhe spo/e: This w"s 'et "nother ir"c%e !or one who h"d been de"! since birth1
Dso muh the more: One c"n see PeterHs gre"t irrit"tion here0 not on%' bec"(se it w"s disobedience "nd disres$ect !or +es(s b(t it
disr($ted their tr"*e%ing $%"ns "nd Peter *er' e"r%' h"d t"ken on the ro%e o! +es(sH $rotectorP
,;2. L Feb0 AD CC .esus %esponds to Those Who $s/ !or a (ign # -edesh
MT 2F 2471TU
2 AND the Ph"risees "nd S"dd(cees c"e to Hi0 "nd
te$ting Hi the' "sked Hi to show the " sign !ro
He"*en1 5 /(t He "nswered "nd s"id to the: 9hen it is
e*ening0 'o( s"': )t wi%% be !"ir we"ther0 !or the sk' is red1
C And in the orning: Tod"' there wi%% be " stor0 !or the
sk' is red "nd o*erc"st1 Yo( know then how to discern the
!"ce o! the sk'0 b(t 'o( c"nnot discern the signs o! the
7 A wicked "nd "d(%tero(s gener"tion seeks "!ter
" sign b(t " sign sh"%% not be gi*en it0 e:ce$t the sign o!
+on"h the $ro$het1 And He %e!t the "nd went "w"'1
&*12#C: Tho(gh this is not in soe o! the <"ncient te:ts0= The
Poem *eri!ies its being origin"%%' gi*en b' O(r Lord1 This e"ns
th"t M"tthew @or soeone who knew the disco(rseA "dded this %"ter
in "n e"r%' re*ision o! the Gos$e%1
M- 4
22 And the Ph"risees c"e !orth "nd beg"n to interrog"te Hi0 "sking Hi
!or " sign !ro He"*en0 te$ting Hi1 25 And sighing dee$%' in s$irit0 He
s"id: 9h' does this gener"tion seek " signB Most "ss(red%'0 ) s"' to 'o(0 no
signD sh"%% be gi*en to this gener"tionDP
Dno sign: Peter oits ention o! the sign o! +on"h which +es(s did $roise to the
Ph"risees bec"(se he is e$h"siIing +es(sH deni"% o! "n' sign at that time which these
r(%ers were de"nding1
Dthis generation: +es(s is s$e"king only of the reli'io&s r&lers when (sing the words
<this gener"tion1= +es(s $er!ored many ir"c%es "!ter this !or others0 b(t He did not do
"n'thing be!ore these %e"ders th"t co(%d not be e"si%' re"soned "w"'1 S(ch (ndeni"b%e
signs wo(%d h"*e on%' incre"sed their "niosit' tow"rds Hi "nd hindered his te"ching
inistr' to others1 The sign o! +on"h w"s howe*er $receded b' " prec&rsor si'n to the
Res(rrection0 the r"ising o! L"I"r(s !ro the de"d1 Tho(gh this w"s gr"nted to the
re%igio(s r(%ers who were $resent in %"rge n(bers it on%' se"%ed His !"te1
,;C. L Feb0 AD CC Con!usion over 5eavened :read 7 3eter9s Great Con!ession # +ord"n Ri*er S9 o! ,"es"re" Phi%i$$i
3 And when His Disci$%es h"d coe o*er the w"ter Lthe !%ooding
+ord"nM0D the' disco*ered the' h"d !orgotten to t"ke bre"d L"nd the'
beg"n co$%"ining "bo(t not h"*ing eno(gh bre"d !or the tri$ bec"(se the' did
not w"nt to enter into the towns !or !e"r o! being con!ronted b' "ngr'
Ph"riseesM1 F +es(s s"id to the: T"ke heed "nd bew"re o! the %e"*en
o! the Ph"risees "nd S"dd(ceesP 6 /(t the' tho(ght within
these%*es0 s"'ing: )t is bec"(se we h"*e t"ken no bre"d L"nd were
co$%"ining "bo(t being shortM1 4 And +es(s knowing it0 s"id: O 'o( o!
%itt%e !"ith0 wh' "re 'o( thinking this Lwh"t ) s"idM is bec"(se we
h"*e no bre"dBP LThe Disci$%es tho(ght +es(s w"s reb(king the !or their
desire !or soe bre"d1M
TThe gre"t%' swo%%en "nd !%ooding +ord"n in %"te winter in P"%estine1
M- 4 TU2641 ,;Ca1
2C And %e"*ing the0 He went ($ "g"in into the shi$ "nd $"ssed to
the other side o! the w"ter Lthe !%ooded +ord"n Ri*er north o! the Se" o!
G"%i%eeM1 27 Now the' h"d !orgotten to t"ke bre"d so the' h"d b(t
one %o"! with the in the shi$ L"nd h"d becoe dist(rbed o*er the
"tterM1 23 And +es(s ch"rged the0 s"'ing: T"ke heed1 /ew"re o!
the %e"*en o! the Ph"risees "nd o! the %e"*en o! HerodP 2F And
the' re"soned "ong these%*es0 s"'ing: )t is bec"(se we h"*e no
bre"d L"nd were co$%"ining "bo(t not h"*ing "n'MP
L- 8 2321TU 24 And it c"e to $"ss "s +es(s w"s "%one
$r"'ing0 His Disci$%es being with Hi0 He "sked the0 s"'ing:
9ho do the $eo$%e s"' th"t ) "B
8 Do 'o( not 'et (nderst"nd0 nor reeber the
!i*e %o"*es "ong !i*e tho(s"nd en0 "nd how
"n' b"skets 'o( took ($B LThere is nothing wrong
with %e"*ened bre"dPM 2> Nor the se*en %o"*es "ong
!o(r tho(s"nd en0 "nd how "n' b"skets 'o(
took ($B 22 9h' do 'o( not (nderst"nd th"t when
) s"id to 'o(0 /ew"re o! the %e"*en o! the
Ph"risees "nd S"dd(cees0 it w"s not concerning
bre"dB 25 Then the' (nderstood th"t wh"t He s"id
w"s not th"t the' sho(%d bew"re o! the %e"*en o!
bre"d0 b(t o! the doctrine o! the Ph"risees "nd
S"dd(cees1 2C And +es(s c"e into the region o!
,"es"re" Phi%i$$i "nd He "sked His Disci$%es0
s"'ing: 9ho do en s"' th"t the Son o! M"n isB
27 And the' s"id: Soe s"' +ohn the /"$tist0 "nd
others s"' E%iK"h0 "nd others +erei"h0 or one o!
the $ro$hets1 23 +es(s s"id to the: /(t who do
'o( s"' th"t ) "B 2F Sion Peter "nswered "nd
s"id: Yo( "re ,hrist0 the Son o! the %i*ing God1
LMost +ews did not be%ie*e the Messi"h wo(%d be "n' ore
th"n " kind o! s($erior h("n being W the Son o! M"n W "s
w"s Ad" be!ore the F"%% or " gre"t $ro$het who co(%d
work ir"c%es1 On%' " !ew be%ie*ed th"t the Messi"h
wo(%d "%so be di*ine0 the *er' Son o! God1 /(t !ew co(%d
see +es(s et their criteri" !or Messi"h %et "%one the *er'
Son o! GodP M 26 And +es(s "nswering0 s"id to hi:
/%essed "re 'o(0 Sion /"rLson o!M#+on"h0 bec"(se
!%esh "nd b%ood h"s not re*e"%ed this to 'o(0 b(t
M' F"ther 9ho
is in He"*en1
24 And ) s"' to
'o(: Th"t 'o(
"re Peter0 "nd
($on this rock )
wi%% b(i%d M'
ch(rch0 "nd the
g"tes o! H"des
Lthe nether wor%dM
sh"%% not
$re*"i% "g"inst

28 And ) wi%%
gi*e to 'o( the
ke's o! the
-ingdo o!
He"*en1D And
wh"te*er 'o(
sh"%% bind ($on
e"rth0 it sh"%%
be bo(nd "%so
in He"*en0 "nd
wh"te*er 'o(
sh"%% %oose
($on e"rth0 it
sh"%% be %oosed
"%so in He"*en1
5> Then He
His Disci$%es0
th"t the' sho(%d
te%% no one th"t He w"s +es(s the ,hrist1 LThis instr(ction w"s only
bec"(se ,"es"re" Phi%i$$i w"s " thoro(gh%' Genti%e cit' "nd )sr"e% h"d not 'et
been gi*en their !(%% o$$ort(nit' to res$ond to ,hrist1 His c%"i to be both the
Son o! M"n and the !on of God w"s ne*er hidden in His $re"ching to the
crowds in )sr"e%1 On%' when con!ronted with the re%igio(s r(%ers "bo(t His
c%"i to be the Son o! God w"s +es(s e*"si*e1M
DThe Oeys o! the Oingdom: Th"t Peter is "de the new Prie Minister o!
O(r LordHs -ingdo @His ,h(rchA on e"rth becoes "bso%(te%' indis$(t"b%e
es$eci"%%' when co$"ring this te:t to )s"i"h 55:23#5C1
M- 4
26 +es(s knowing their tho(ghts0 s"id to the:
9h' do 'o( re"son0 Lth"t wh"t ) s"id isM bec"(se 'o(
h"*e no bre"d L"nd were wishing to h"*e soeMB Do
'o( not 'et know or (nderst"nd Lth"t %e"*ened bre"d
is cert"in%' not wrong to e"t b(t th"t 'o( h"*e becoe "s
!"ith%ess "s the Ph"riseesP Do not 'o( know 'et0 th"t ) c"n
s($$%' 'o( bre"d "n'tie 'o( re"%%' need itMB )s 'o(r
he"rt sti%% b%indedB 24 H"*ing e'es0 do 'o( sti%%
not seeB And h"*ing e"rs0 do 'o( sti%% not he"rB
Do 'o( neither reeber 28 when ) broke the
!i*e %o"*es "ong !i*e tho(s"nd0 how "n'
b"skets !(%% o! !r"gents 'o( took ($B The' s"id
to Hi: Twe%*e1 5> And wh"t "bo(t the se*en
%o"*es "ong !o(r tho(s"nd0 how "n' b"skets o!
!r"gents did 'o( t"ke ($B And the' s"id to Hi0
Se*en1 52 And He s"id to the: How do 'o( not
'et (nderst"nd Lth"t ) " s$e"king o! s$irit("% "tters
"nd "bo(t 'o(r (nbe%ie! in M' "bi%it' to c"re !or 'o( "nd
in 'o(r growing !e"r "nd h"tred o! 'o(r eneies0 the re"%
%e"*en o! the Ph"risees "nd HerodMB
M- 4 2641TU
56 And +es(s "nd His Disci$%es went o(t into
the towns o! ,"es"re" Phi%i$$i1 And on the w"'0
He "sked His Disci$%es0 s"'ing to the: 9ho do
en s"' th"t ) "B 54 The' "nswered hi0 s"'ing:
+ohn the /"$tist0 b(t soe E%iK"h0 "nd others "s
one o! the o%d $ro$hets1 58 Then He "sked the:
/(t who do 'o( s"' th"t ) "B Peter "nswering
s"id to Hi: Yo( "re the ,hrist1 C> And He
strict%' ch"rged the th"t the' sho(%d not te%% "n'
"n o! Hi1
L- 8
24 And it c"e
to $"ss "s +es(s
w"s "%one
$r"'ing0 His
Disci$%es being
with Hi0 He
"sked the0
s"'ing: 9ho
do the $eo$%e
s"' th"t ) "B
28 The'
"nswered "nd
s"id: +ohn the
"%tho(gh soe
s"' E%iK"h "nd
others s"' th"t
one o! the
!orer $ro$hets
h"s risen1 5>
/(t He s"id to
the: /(t
9ho do 'o(
s"' th"t ) "B
Sion Peter
s"id: The
,hrist o! God1
52 /(t He
ch"rging the0
ordering th"t
the' sho(%d te%%
this to no "n1
C7CG$C6C # @L Feb09edA # At ,"es"re" Phi%i$$i1 @The content o! Mt 2F:52b is !o(nd in this ch"$ter0 b(t "%so occ(rs in ch"$ter C73A1
C77G$C68 # @L Feb09edA # At the ,"st%e "t ,"es"re" P"ne"s1
,;;. L Feb0 AD CC 3eter is %ebu/ed 7 The Cost o! Disipleship # Fro ,"es"re" to L"ke Mero C73G$1C43
52 Fro th"t tie +es(s beg"n to showD
to His Disci$%es th"t He (st go to
+er(s"%e "nd s(!!er "n' things !ro
the r(%ing e%ders0 the scribes "nd chie!
$riests0 "nd be $(t to de"th "nd the third
d"' rise "g"in1 55 And Peter t"king Hi0
beg"n to reb(ke Hi0 s"'ing: Lord0 be it
!"r !ro Yo(0 this sh"%% not be done (nto
Yo(P 5C /(t He t(rning0 s"id to Peter: Get
behind Me0 S"t"nP Yo( "re " sc"nd"% (nto
Me bec"(se 'o( *"%(e not the things th"t
"re o! God0 b(t the things th"t "re o! enP
Dbegan to sho#: An ob*io(s re!erence to His
e:$%"ining from !cript&re its re!erence to the
s(!!ering Messi"h1
57 Then +es(s s"id to His Disci$%es: )!
"n' "n wi%% coe "!ter Me0 %et hi den'
hise%! "nd t"ke ($ his cross "nd !o%%ow
M- 4 TU2681
C2 And He beg"n to te"ch the0 th"t the Son o!
M"n (st s(!!er "n' things "nd be reKected b'
the r(%ing e%ders0 b' the high $riests0 "nd the
scribes0 "nd be ki%%ed0 b(t then "!ter three d"'s
rise "g"in1 C5 And He s$oke the 9ord o$en%'
"nd $%"in%' L'et neither ) @PeterPA0 nor ost o! the other
Disci$%es be%ie*ed this wo(%d be %iter"%%' tr(eP 9e
be%ie*ed +es(s w"s in !"ct $re$"ring to bring in the
-ingdo in its f&llness be!ore He %e!t (s "nd were
there!ore w"iting !or E%iK"h to coe !irstPM1 And Peter
took Hi "side0 "nd beg"n to reb(ke Hi1 CC
9ho "!ter t(rning "bo(t "nd seeing His
Disci$%es0 thre"tened Peter0 s"'ing: Go behind
Me0 S"t"nP /ec"(se 'o( desire not the things
th"t "re o! God0 b(t the things th"t "re o! enP
C7 And c"%%ing the crowd together with His
Disci$%es0 He s"id to the: )! "n' "n wi%%
!o%%ow Me0 %et hi den' hise%! "nd t"ke ($ his
cross0 "nd !o%%ow Me1
L- 8
55 S"'ing: The Son o! M"n (st s(!!er
"n' things "nd be reKected b' the r(%ing
e%ders0 the chie! $riests "nd scribes0 "nd
be ki%%ed0 "nd the third d"' rise "g"in1
LThis is "%so where S"t"n s$e"ks thro(gh Peter
te$ting the Lord "nd where Peter is se*ere%'
5C And He s"id to "%%: )! "n' "n wi%%
coe "!ter Me %et hi den' hise%! "nd
t"ke ($ his cross d"i%' "nd !o%%ow Me1 57
For whoe*er wi%% s"*e Lse%!ish%' $reser*eM
his %i!e0 sh"%% %ose it Lbec"(se th"t wi%% ki%%
oneHs so(%M1 /(t he who sh"%% %ose his %i!e
!or M' s"ke L!ree%' o!!er it "s " s"cri!ice !or the
higher c"(se o! ,hristM0 sh"%% s"*e it1 53 For
wh"t "d*"nt"ge h"s " "n i! he g"ins the
who%e wor%d "nd %oses hise%!0 "nd
throws "w"' his own Letern"%M so(%B
53 For he who wi%% s"*e his %i!e sh"%% %ose it0 "nd he who
wi%% %ose his %i!e !or M' s"ke sh"%% !ind it1 5F For wh"t wi%%
it $ro!it " "n i! he g"ins the who%e wor%d0 "nd s(!!ers the
%oss o! his own so(%B Or wh"t e:ch"nge co(%d " "n "ke
!or his so(% Lth"t wo(%d be worthwhi%eMB 56 For
the Son o! M"n sh"%% coe in the g%or' o! His
F"ther with His "nge%s L"t e*er' "nHs de"th0 in
the coing K(dgent ($on )sr"e% @in 6> ADA0 "nd "t
the end o! the wor%dM0 "nd then wi%% He render to
e*er' "n "ccording to
his works1 54 Most
"ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0
there "re soe o! those
who st"nd here0 th"t
sh"%% not t"ste de"th0 (nti% the' see the Son o! M"n coing
in His kingdoPD
DA re!erence to the coing destr(ction o! +er(s"%e0 the Te$%e "nd its
s"cri!ici"% s'ste in 6> AD b' the Ro"ns1 The <Second ,oing= o! ,hrist th(s
is " !"r ore $ro!o(nd re"%it' th"n $resented b' "n'1 @See "%so Mt1 5F:F7 "nd
Mk1 27:F5 "t 58>1A
M- 4
C3 For whoe*er wi%% s"*e his %i!e sh"%% %ose
it0 "nd whoe*er sh"%% %ose his %i!e !or M' s"ke
"nd the Gos$e% sh"%% s"*e it1 CF For wh"t
sh"%% it $ro!it " "n i! he g"ins the who%e
wor%d0 "nd s(!!ers the %oss o! his so(%B C6 Or
wh"t sh"%% " "n Lin his right indM gi*e in
e:ch"nge !or his so(%B C4 /(t he who sh"%%
be "sh"ed o! Me "nd o! M' words in this
"d(%tero(s "nd sin!(% gener"tion0 the Son o!
M"n "%so wi%% be "sh"ed o! hi0 when He
sh"%% coe in the g%or' o! His F"ther with the
ho%' "nge%s1 C8L8:2M And He s"id to the:
Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t there "re
soe o! 'o( who st"nd here who sh"%% not
t"ste de"th (nti% the' see the -ingdo o!
God coing in $owerP D
L- 8
5F For he who sh"%% be
"sh"ed o! Me "nd o!
M' words0 o! hi the
Son o! M"n sh"%% be
"sh"ed when He sh"%%
coe in His "Kest'0
with th"t "%so o! His
F"ther0 "nd o! the ho%'
"nge%s1 56 /(t ) te%% 'o(
o! " tr(th: There "re
soe st"nding here th"t
sh"%% not t"ste de"th
(nti% the' see the
-ingdo o! GodPD
,;B. L Feb0 AD CC .esus Heals a :lind Man in :ethsaida # To /eths"id" "t D"'bre"k C7FG$1C87
MT 23 2F81TU
58" And when +es(s
h"d $"ssed on !ro
there0 He c"e ne"r
to the Se" o!
M- 4
55 And the' c"e to /eths"id"1 Here the' bro(ght to Hi " b%ind "n "nd begged Hi th"t He wo(%d to(ch
hi1 5C And t"king the b%ind "n b' the h"nd0 He %ed hi o(t o! the town "nd s$itting ($on his e'es "nd %"'ing
His h"nds on hi0 He "sked hi i! he s"w "n'thing1 57 And %ooking ($0 he s"id: ) see en "s it were %ike trees0
w"%king1 53 A!ter He "g"in %"id his h"nds on his e'es "nd he beg"n to g"Ie intent%'0 "nd w"s now restored so th"t
he s"w "%% things c%e"r%'1 5F And +es(s sent hi to his ho(se0 s"'ing: Go into 'o(r ho(se0 b(t i! 'o( enter into
the town0 te%% nobod'1
"ote: Soeties +es(s ordered si%ence on the $"rt o! those he"%ed bec"(se He h"d (rgent b(siness e%sewhere "nd did not wish to be
det"ined b' crowds whose he%$ He knew wo(%d not be"r s$irit("% !r(it "n'w"'0 "nd other ties the order w"s !or the good o! the one
he"%ed to s"*e hi !ro "tt"cks b' the re%igio(s %e"ders He knew the' were not "b%e to h"nd%e1
C76G$C83 # @L Feb to E Mch A # Fro ,"$ern"( to N"I"reth with M"n"en "nd the 9oen Disci$%es1
,;A. E Mch0 AD CC The Trans!iguration on Mount Tabor # Fro N"I"reth to Mo(nt T"bor C74G$17>3
MT 23 TU2471
58bAnd going ($ into " o(nt"in0 He s"t
MT 26 2661TU
2 AND "!ter si: d"'s L!ro 26410 )))0C7FG$C82M
+es(s took with Hi Peter0 +"es0 "nd
+ohn his brother0 "nd bro(ght the ($ into
" high o(nt"in "$"rt L!ro the other
5 And .esus w"s tr"ns!ig(red be!ore the1
And His !"ce shone "s the s(n "nd His
g"rents bec"e white "s snow1 C And
beho%d there "$$e"red to the Moses "nd
)liRah t"%king with Hi1 7 And Peter
"nswering0 s"id to +es(s: Lord0 it is good
!or (s to be hereP )! Yo( wo(%d0 %et (s
"ke here three t"bern"c%es0 one !or Yo(0
one !or Moses0 "nd one !or E%iK"hP 3 And "s
he w"s 'et s$e"king0 beho%d " bright c%o(d
o*ersh"dowed the1 And %o0 " *oice o(t o!
the c%o(d0 s"id: This is M' be%o*ed Son0 in
who ) " we%% $%e"sed0 %isten to HiP F
And the Disci$%es he"ring this0 !e%% ($on
their !"ces0 "nd were *er' (ch "!r"id1 6
And +es(s c"e "nd to(ched the "nd s"id
to the: Arise0 "nd !e"r not1
M- 8 2661TU
2L5M AND "!ter si: d"'s L!ro 26410 )))0C7FG$C82M +es(s took with
Hi Peter0 +"es0 "nd +ohn0 "nd %ed the ($ into " high
o(nt"in "$"rt b' these%*es0 "nd there He w"s
tr"ns!ig(red be!ore the1 5LCM And His g"rents bec"e
shining "nd e:ceeding white "s snow0 "s no !(%%er so"$ ($on
e"rth co(%d "ke white1 CL7M And there "$$e"red to the
E%iK"h with Moses0 "nd the' were t"%king with +es(s1 7L3M
And Peter "nswering0 s"id to +es(s: R"bbi0 it is good !or (s
to be hereP Let (s "ke three t"bern"c%es0 one !or Yo(0 "nd
one !or Moses0 "nd one !or E%iK"hP 3LFM For he knew not
wh"t he w"s s"'ing0 !or the' were str(ck with !e"r1 FL6M And
there w"s " c%o(d o*ersh"dowing the "nd " *oice c"e o(t
o! the c%o(d0 s"'ing: This is M' ost be%o*ed SonP Listen
to HiP 6L4M And iedi"te%' %ooking "bo(t0 the' s"w no
"n "n' ore0 b(t on%' +es(s with the1 LThe He"*en%' F"ther
tries to get Peter "nd +"es to re"%iIe the' "re not %istening to their
M"sterP +ohn w"s the on%' A$ost%e who knew +es(s wo(%d "ct("%%' dieP
See **14#8 be%ow1M
4L8M And "s the' c"e down !ro the o(nt"in0 He ch"rged
the not to te%% "n' "n wh"t the' h"d seen (nti% the Son o!
M"n wo(%d be risen "g"in !ro the de"d1 8L2>M And the'
ke$t the word to these%*es0 ;(estioning together wh"t He
e"nt in th"t He wo(%d be risen "g"in !ro the de"d1
2>L22M And the' "sked Hi0 s"'ing: 9h' then do the
Ph"risees "nd scribes s"' th"t E%iK"h (st coe !irstB L+es(s
words "bo(t "n iinent <de"th= "nd <res(rrection= @which the' took
"s !ig(r"ti*eA seeed to con!%ict with the *iew th"t E%iK"h w"s
L- 8 2661TU24C"1
54 And it c"e to $"ss
"bo(t eight d"'s "!ter
these words L!ro 26610
)))0C7FG$C82M0 th"t +es(s took
Peter0 +"es0 "nd +ohn0
"nd went ($ into "
o(nt"in to $r"'1
58 And whi%e He $r"'ed0
the !or o! His
co(nten"nce w"s "%tered0
"nd His r"ient bec"e
white "nd g%istening1 C>
And beho%d two en were
seen t"%king with Hi1
The' were Moses and
)liRah C2 "$$e"ring in
"Kest'1 And the' s$oke
o! His de$"rt(re Lde"th "nd
AscensionM "nd wh"t He
wo(%d bring "bo(t in
+er(s"%e Lits destr(ction in
7> 'e"rsM1 C5 /(t Peter "nd
the' who were with Hi
were he"*' in s%ee$1 /(t
w"king ($0 the' s"w His
g%or' "nd the two en
stood with Hi1
MT 26
4 And the' %i!ting ($ their
e'es s"w no one b(t on%' +es(s1
8 And "s the' c"e down !ro the o(nt"in0 +es(s
ch"rged the0 s"'ing: Te%% this *ision to
no "n (nti% the Son o! M"n h"s risen
!ro the de"d1 2> And His
Disci$%es "sked Hi0 s"'ing:
9h' then do the scribes s"'
th"t E%iK"h (st coe !irst
Lbe!ore the Messi"h est"b%ishes the
-ingdo "nd %e"*esMB 22 And He
"nswering0 s"id to the: E%iK"h
indeed sh"%% coe0D "nd restore
"%% things1 25 /(t ) s"' to 'o(0
th"t E%iK"h h"s "%re"d' coe0
"nd the' knew hi not0 b(t
h"*e done (nto hi wh"t the'
h"d in ind Lb' ki%%ing hiM1 So
"%so the Son o! M"n sh"%% s(!!er
!ro the1 2C Then the
Disci$%es (nderstood0 th"t He
h"d s$oken to the o! +ohn the
/"$tist1 DThis w"s "%so !(%!i%%ed in
,h(rch histor' in St1 Fr"ncis J"*ier
@23>F#2335A0 one o! the two
witnesses s$oken o! $ro$hetic"%%' in
Re*122 This wi%% h"*e 'et "nother
!(%!i%%ent "t the end o! the "ge1
27 And when He h"d coe to
the crowd0 there c"e to Hi "
"n !"%%ing down on his knees
be!ore Hi0 s"'ing: L23M Lord0
h"*e $it' on ' son0 !or he is "
%(n"tic "nd s(!!ers (ch0 !or he
!"%%s o!ten into the !ire "nd
o!ten into the w"terP 23L2FM
And ) bro(ght hi to Yo(r
disci$%es0 b(t the' co(%d not
c(re hi1 2FL26M Then +es(s
"nswered "nd s"id Lto the deon
wor%d He s"w "ro(nd HiM: O
(nbe%ie*ing "nd $er*erse
gener"tion0 how %ong sh"%% )
h"*e to be "ro(nd 'o(BP How
%ong sh"%% ) h"*e to to%er"te
'o(BP /ring hi here to Me1
26L24M And +es(s reb(ked the
deon "nd the deon went o(t
o! hi0 "nd the chi%d w"s c(red
!ro th"t ho(r1 LThe sin in )sr"e%
o$ened the ($ to these e*i% s$irits1M
M- 8
to coe be!ore the Messi"nic kingdo0 bec"(se this <tri"%= o! +es(s
w"s in their *iew to initi"te the -ingdo in its !(%%ness ob%iter"ting
"%% His eneies1M 22L25M +es(s "nswering0 s"id to the: Yes0
E%iK"h0 when he sh"%% coe L"t the end o! the "geM0 sh"%% !irst
restore "%% thingsE b(t Li! 'o(r *iew o! M' co$%ete tri($h is
K(st "ro(nd the cornerM how is it "%so written o! the Son o!
M"n0 th"t He (st s(!!er "n' things "nd be des$isedB
25L2CM /(t ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t E%iK"h h"s "%re"d' coe Lb(t
th"t E%iK"h did not restore "%% thingsM0 b(t the' h"*e done to hi
L+ohn the /"$tistM wh"t the' desired Lb' betr"'ing hi "nd
t(rning hi o*er to Herod to i$rison "nd ki%%M0 K(st "s it is
written o! Hi L9ho sh"%% %ikewise s(!!er "nd dieMP
This %"st sentence does not re!er to the /"$tist "s ost renditions h"*e "de it
"$$e"r1 )t is " !in"% conc%(ding st"teent "bo(t the Lord re!erring b"ck to the
Son o! M"n in *1221 The Poem c%e"rs this ($ with the Lord "ct("%%' h"*ing
s"id: <The' wi%% do the s"e to the Son o! M"n bec"(se en do not w"nt to
"cknow%edge wh"t is good !or the1= )))0C74G$172>
2CL27M And coing to His Disci$%es0 He s"w " gre"t
(%tit(de "bo(t the "nd the scribes dis$(ting with the1
27L23M And iedi"te%' "%% the $eo$%e seeing +es(s were
"stonished "nd str(ck with !e"r1 And r(nning to Hi0 the'
greeted Hi1 23L2FM And He "sked the: 9h"t do 'o(
;(estion "ong 'o(rse%*esB 2FL26M And one in the
(%tit(de0 "nswering0 s"id: M"ster0 ) h"*e bro(ght ' son
who h"s " d(b s$irit to Yo(1 26L24M 9ho0 where*er the
s$irit t"kes hi0 it d"shes hi0 "nd he !o"s "t the o(th
"nd gn"shes with his teeth0 "nd w"stes "w"'0 "nd ) s$oke
to Yo(r disci$%es to c"st hi o(t0 b(t the' co(%d not1
24L28M +es(s "nswering the0 s"id Lto the deonic hordes th"t
He "%one s"w "ro(nd the "nM: O !"ith%ess gener"tion0 how
%ong sh"%% ) be with 'o(BP How %ong (st ) to%er"te 'o(BPD
/ring hi (nto Me1 28L5>M And the' bro(ght hi1 And "s
soon "s he h"d seen Hi0 iedi"te%' the s$irit tro(b%ed
hi1 And being thrown down ($on the gro(nd0 he ro%%ed
"bo(t !o"ing1 5>L52M And +es(s "sked his !"ther: How
%ong "go w"s it since this h"$$ened to hiB He s"id:
Fro his in!"nc'1 52L55M And o!ten the s$irit c"sts hi
into the !ire "nd into w"ter to destro' hi1 /(t i! Yo( c"n
do "n'thing0 he%$ (sP H"*e co$"ssion on (sP 55L5CM And
+es(s s"id to hi: )! 'o( c"n be%ie*e0 "%% things "re
$ossib%e to hi who be%ie*es1 5CL57M And iedi"te%' the
!"ther o! the bo' cr'ing o(t with te"rs s"id: ) do be%ie*e0
LordP He%$ ' (nbe%ie!P 57L53M And when +es(s s"w the
(%tit(de r(nning together0 He thre"tened the (nc%e"n
s$irit0 s"'ing to hi: De"! "nd d(b s$irit0 ) co"nd
'o(0 go o(t o! hi "nd ne*er enter into hi "g"inP 53L5FM
And cr'ing o(t "nd gre"t%' te"ring hi0 the s$irit went o(t
o! hi1 And he bec"e "s de"d0 so th"t "n' s"id: He is
de"dP 5FL56M /(t +es(s t"king hi b' the h"nd0 %i!ted hi
($0 "nd he "rose1
DH4 !aithless and perverse generationI w"s "ddressed to the deonic
ho"rds "!!%icting this "n "nd in!%(encing the crowds0 not to the Disci$%es1
L- 8
CC And it c"e to $"ss th"t "s the' were
de$"rting !ro Hi0 Peter0 not knowing
wh"t he w"s s"'ing0 s"id to +es(s:
M"ster0 it is good !or (s to be hereP Let
(s "ke three t"bern"c%es0 one !or Yo(0
"nd one !or Moses0 "nd one !or E%iK"hP C7
And "s he s$oke these things there c"e
" c%o(d th"t o*ersh"dowed the1 And
when the' entered into the c%o(d the'
were "!r"id1 C3 Then " *oice c"e o(t o!
the c%o(d0 s"'ing: This is M' be%o*ed
SonP He"r HiP
CF And "!ter the *oice w"s (ttered0 +es(s
w"s !o(nd "%one1 And the' were s(bd(ed
in si%ence "nd to%d no one in those d"'s
"n' o! these things which the' h"d seen1
C6 And it c"e to $"ss the d"'
!o%%owing0 when the' c"e down !ro
the o(nt"in0 " gre"t (%tit(de et Hi1
C4 And beho%d " "n "ong the crowd
cried o(t0 s"'ing: M"sterP ) beg 'o(0 %ook
($on ' son bec"(se he is ' on%' oneP
C8 And %o0 " s$irit seiIes hi0 "nd he
s(dden%' cries o(t0 "nd he throws hi
down "nd con*(%ses hi so th"t he !o"s
"t the o(th1 He br(ises hi1 He h"rd%'
e*er de$"rts !ro hi1 7> And ) desired
th"t Yo(r disci$%es c"st hi o(t0 b(t the'
co(%d not1 72 And +es(s Lseeing the deonic
hordes "ro(nd HiM "nswering0 s"id: O
(n!"ith!(% "nd $er*erse gener"tion Lbreed
o! deonsM0 how %ong (st ) be "ro(nd 'o(
"nd to%er"te 'o(BP L+es(s then s"id0M /ring
'o(r son here1 75 And "s he w"s coing
to Hi the deon threw hi down "nd
con*(%sed hi1 7CL75bM And +es(s
reb(ked the (nc%e"n s$irit "nd c(red the
bo'0 restoring hi to his !"ther1 77L7CM
And "%% were "stonished "t the ight'
$ower o! God1 /(t whi%e "%% wondered "t
"%% the things +es(s did0 He s"id to His
Disci$%es: L77M Let these words sett%e in
'o(r inds: )t sh"%% coe to $"ss th"t the
Son o! M"n sh"%% be de%i*ered into the
h"nds o! enP 73 /(t the' (nderstood
not this word Lits !(%% i$%ic"tionsM !or it Lthe
!(%% tr(thM w"s hidden !ro the Lb' their
own c"rn"% inds which did not wish to know
the tr(thM0 so th"t the' $ercei*ed it not1
And the' were "!r"id to "sk Hi
concerning this word1
,B+. E Mch0 AD CC The Disiples $s/ $bout the Man They Could not Heal # N"I"reth
MT 26
24L28M Then c"e the Disci$%es to +es(s secret%' "nd s"id: 9h' co(%d not we
c"st hi o(tB 28L5>M +es(s s"id to the: /ec"(se o! 'o(r (nbe%ie!1 Gor most
ass&redly I say to yo&, if yo& ha+e faith as a 'rain of m&stard seed, yo& co&ld
say to this mo&ntain, emo+e from here to there, and it )o&ld mo+e" =nd
nothin' )o&ld -e impossi-le to yo&" LThe it"%iciIed te:t w"s $%"ced here b' M"tthew
!ro "nother e$isode to co$%ete " *er' i$ort"nt $oint1 The Poem re*e"%s this w"s not
gi*en "t this tie here b(t on%' "t M"tt152:52 "t *@<.1 M"tthew d&plicated it here bec"(se it
!it with +es(sH te"ching here1M 5>L52!nM /(t this kind Lo! deonM is not c"st o(t b(t b'
$r"'er "nd !"sting1
M- 8 TU
56L54M And when He h"d coe into the ho(se Lo! the
/%essed &irginM0 His Disci$%es secret%' "sked Hi: 9h'
co(%d not we c"st hi o(tB 54L58M And He s"id to
the: This kind wi%% go o(t b' nothing other th"n
$r"'er "nd !"sting1
DM"r'Hs ho(se1 An indic"tion this te:t w"s "%so c(t !ro " ore
e:tensi*e n"rr"tion in*o%*ing the identit' o! this ho(se1
,B,. E Mch0 AD CC .esus )mphasizes His Death the (eond TimeT to His Disiples # Tow"rds ,"n"0 then Tiberi"s
MT 26 TU
52L55M And when the' c"e together in G"%i%ee0 +es(s
L"g"inM s"id to the: The Son o! M"n sh"%% be betr"'ed into
the h"nds o! en0 55L5CM "nd the' sh"%% ki%% Hi0 "nd the
third d"' He sh"%% rise "g"in1 And the' were e:ceeding%'
"ote: +es(s h"d !irst entioned this de"th in 2F:521 )! this occ(rred here K(st
"!ter 24>1 "bo*e then it h"$$ened in the 5 d"'s between ,h1C78 "nd C3> o! the
Poem" /(t this co(%d "%so be re!erring here to the tie 4 d"'s %"ter
@III'<2@7p.@2<A where +es(s c%e"r%' to%d all His Disciples He w"s to s(!!er "nd
L- 8 TU
58LC>M And de$"rting !ro there0 the' $"ssed thro(gh G"%i%ee0 "nd He
$%"nned th"t no "n sho(%d know it LHis itiner"r'M1 C>LC2M And He t"(ght
His disci$%e0 "nd s"id to the: The Son o! M"n sh"%% be betr"'ed into the
h"nds o! en "nd the' sh"%% ki%% Hi0 "nd "!ter He is ki%%ed0 He sh"%% rise
"g"in the third d"'1 C2LC5M /(t the' (nderstood not His word Lbe%ie*ing
r"ther th"t He w"s s$e"king !ig(r"ti*e%'M0 "nd the' were "!r"id to "sk Hi
Lbec"(se the' re"%%' did not w"nt to know i! this w"s %iter"%%' tr(eM1
,B*. E Mch0 AD CC The Coin in the Fish9s Mouth !or the Temple Ta0 # Fro Tiberi"s to ,"$ern"( C3>G$1726
MT 26
5CL57M And when the' h"d coe to ,"$ern"( L!ro Tiberi"sM0 the' th"t co%%ected the didr"ch"s Lthe Te$%e t":: two
dr"ch"s Q e sheke% or two d"'s w"geM0D c"e to Peter "nd s"id to hi: Does not 'o(r M"ster $"' the didr"ch"sBP 57L53M
He s"id: YesP L/(t Peter w"s c%e"r%' "ngered o*er h"*ing to $"' t": to this !i%th' den o! thie*es0 "s he c"%%ed the1M And when he h"d
coe into the ho(se Lwhere +es(s "%w"'s st"'ed in ,"$ern"(M0 +es(s knowing his tho(ghts0 s"id: 9h"t is 'o(r o$inion0
SionB O! who do the kings o! the e"rth recei*e trib(te or c(stoB O! their own chi%dren or o! str"ngersB 53L5FM
And he s"id: O! str"ngers1 +es(s s"id to hi: Then the chi%dren "re !ree Lso 'o(r thinking is not co$%ete%' wrongM1 5FL56M
/(t th"t we "' not sc"nd"%iIe the0 go to the se" "nd c"st in " hook "nd the !ish which sh"%% !irst coe ($0 t"ke0 "nd
when 'o( h"*e o$ened its o(th0 'o( sh"%% !ind " st"ter L" 7 dr"ch" coinM1 T"ke th"t0 "nd gi*e it to the !or 'o( "nd
DE*er' "%e 5> 'e"rs o! "ge "nd o%der w"s re;(ired to $"' 5 dr"ch"s 'e"r%' !or the ($kee$ o! the Te$%e "nd this the Disci$%es d(ti!(%%'
!(%!i%%ed tho(gh not witho(t ob*io(s re*(%sion "nd i%% wi%%1 Here0 being %"te with their ob%ig"tion0 the not so s(bt%e !"%se "cc(s"tion o! %"w
bre"king w"s "n ob*io(s "dded irrit"tion to Peter1
M- 8 TU
5"LCC"M And
the' c"e to
,B<. E Mch0 AD CC The "eed to be 5i/e Children 7 The Danger o! 4!!ending the Humble o! Heart # ,"$ern"(
MT 24 TU2871
2 AT THAT HO.R the Disci$%es c"e
to +es(s0 s"'ing: 9ho do 'o( think is
gre"test in the -ingdo o! He"*enB 5
And +es(s0 c"%%ing (nto hi " %itt%e chi%d0
set hi in the idst o! the0 C "nd s"id:
Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 (n%ess 'o(
be con*erted "nd becoe "s %itt%e
chi%dren 'o( sh"%% not enter into the
-ingdo o! He"*en1 7 9hoe*er0
there!ore0 sh"%% h(b%e hise%! "s this
%itt%e chi%d0 he is the gre"test in the
-ingdo o! He"*en1 3 And he who
sh"%% recei*e one s(ch %itt%e chi%d in M'
n"e0 recei*es Me1 F /(t he who sh"%%
sc"nd"%iIe one o! these %itt%e ones who
be%ie*e in Me0 it were better !or hi Lin
order to $re*ent the o!!enceM th"t " i%%stone
be h"nged "bo(t his neck0 "nd th"t he
sho(%d be drowned in the de$th o! the
se"P 6 9oe to the wor%d bec"(se o!
sc"nd"%s1 Tho(gh it (st be th"t sc"nd"%s
coe0 ne*erthe%ess woe to th"t "n b'
who the sc"nd"% coesP 4 And i! 'o(r
h"nd or 'o(r !oot c"(ses 'o( to so sin0
c(t it o!! "nd c"st it !ro 'o(1 )t wo(%d be
better !or 'o( to go into %i!e "ied or
%"e0 th"n h"*ing two h"nds or two !eet0
to be c"st into e*er%"sting !ire1 8 And i!
'o(r e'e c"(ses 'o( to sin0 $%(ck it o(t0
"nd c"st it !ro 'o(1 )t wo(%d be better
!or 'o( h"*ing one e'e to enter into %i!e0
th"n h"*ing two e'es "nd be c"st into
He%% !ire1 2> See th"t 'o( des$ise not
one o! these %itt%e ones0 !or ) s"' to 'o(0
th"t their "nge%s in He"*en "%w"'s see
the !"ce o! M' F"ther 9ho is in He"*en1
M- 8 TU68b1
C5bLCCbM And when the' were in the ho(se Lwhere +es(s "%w"'s
st"'ed in ,"$ern"(M0 He "sked the: 9h"t did 'o( disc(ss "nd
"rg(e "bo(t on the w"'B CCLC7M /(t the' he%d their $e"ce0 !or
on the w"' the' h"d dis$(ted "ong these%*es o*er which o!
the w"s the gre"test1 C7LC3M And sitting down0 He c"%%ed the
Twe%*e "nd s"id to the: )! "n' "n desires to be !irst0 he
(st be the %"st o! "%%0 "nd the inister to "%%1 C3LCFM And
t"king " chi%d0 He set hi in the idst o! the1 9hen he h"d
ebr"ced hi he s"id to the: CFLC6M 9hoe*er sh"%% recei*e
one s(ch chi%d "s this in M' n"e0 recei*es Me1 And whoe*er
sh"%% recei*e Me0 recei*es not Me on%'0 b(t Hi 9ho sent
C6LC4M +ohn "nswered Hi0 s"'ing: M"ster0 we s"w one
c"sting o(t deons in Yo(r n"e who does not !o%%ow (s0 "nd
we !orbid hi1 C4LC8M /(t +es(s s"id: Do not !orbid hi1 For
there is no "n th"t does " ir"c%e in M' n"e0 th"t c"n soon
"!terw"rds s$e"k i%% o! Me1 C8L7>M For Lin this c"seM he who is
not "g"inst 'o( is !or 'o(1 7>L72M For whoe*er sh"%% gi*e 'o( "
c($ o! w"ter to drink in M' n"e0 bec"(se 'o( be%ong to
,hrist0 ost "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 he sh"%% not !"i% to recei*e
his rew"rdP
72L75M And whoe*er sh"%% sc"nd"%iIe one o! these %itt%e ones
who be%ie*e in Me0 it wo(%d be better !or hi th"t " i%%stone
were h(ng "ro(nd his neck "nd he were c"st into the se" Lth"n
!or this to h"$$enM1 75L7CM And i! 'o(r h"nd sc"nd"%iIes 'o( L"nd
wo(%d c"(se 'o( to so o!!endM0 c(t it o!!1 )t is better !or 'o( to
enter into %i!e Lnow with GodM0 tho(gh "ied0 th"n h"*ing two
h"nds "nd L"t de"thM go to He%%0 into (n;(ench"b%e !ire0
7CL77!nM )here their )orms dies not, and the fire is not
e0tin'&ished"B 77L73M And i! 'o(r !oot sc"nd"%iIes 'o(0 c(t it
o!!1 )t is better !or 'o( to enter %"e into %i!e e*er%"sting
LnowM0 th"n h"*ing two !eet0 to be c"st L%"terM into the He%% o!
(n;(ench"b%e !ire0 73L7F!nM )here their )orms dies not, and
the fire is not e0tin'&ished"T 7FL76M And i! 'o(r e'e
sc"nd"%iIes 'o(0 $%(ck it o(t1 )t is better !or 'o( with one e'e
to LnowM enter into the -ingdo o! God0 th"n h"*ing two e'es
to L%"terM be c"st into the He%%
o! !ire0 76L74M where their
wors dies not0 "nd the !ire is
not e:ting(ished1 L)s"1FF:57M
DL*17C "nd 73
L- 8
F And there "rose " deb"te
"ong the Disci$%es "s to
which o! the w"s gre"test1
76 /(t +es(s $ercei*ing the
tho(ghts o! their he"rts took "
chi%d "nd set hi b' Hi0 74
"nd s"id to the: 9hoe*er
sh"%% recei*e this chi%d in M'
n"e0 recei*es Me1 And
whoe*er sh"%% recei*e Me0
recei*es Hi 9ho sent Me1
For he who is the %e"st "ong
'o( "%%0 he is the gre"test
Lbec"(se he is ost %ike GodM1
78 And +ohn0 "nswering0 s"id:
M"ster0 we s"w " cert"in "n
c"sting o(t deons in Yo(r
n"e "nd we !orbid hi
bec"(se he did not !o%%ow (s1
3> And +es(s s"id to hi: Do
not !orbid hi0 !or he who is
not "g"inst 'o( Lbec"(se he is !or
MeM0 is !or 'o(1
L- 26 2281TU23F1
2 AND +es(s s"id to His
Disci$%es: )t is i$ossib%e
th"t sc"nd"%s sho(%d not coe0
b(t woe to hi thro(gh who the'
coeP 5 )t wo(%d be better !or hi th"t
" i%%stone were h(ng "bo(t his neck
"nd he be c"st into the se"0 th"n th"t
one sho(%d sc"nd"%iIe one o! these
%itt%e onesP
,B@. E Mch0 Th(0 AD << Feeding o! the @'+++ # Second Feeding: To Dec"$o%is0 the Hi%%s E"st o! the Se" o! G"%i%ee @S$ringGno
MT 23
C> And there c"e to Hi gre"t (%tit(des0
h"*ing with the the d(b0 the b%ind0 the %"e0
the "ied0 "nd "n' others0 "nd the' %"id the
down "t His !eet0 "nd He he"%ed the0 C2 so th"t
the (%tit(des "r*e%ed seeing the d(b s$e"k0
the %"e w"%k0 "nd the b%ind see0 "nd the' g%ori!ied
the God o! )sr"e%1
C5 And +es(s c"%%ed together His Disci$%es "nd
s"id: ) h"*e co$"ssion on the (%tit(des bec"(se
the' h"*e contin(ed with Me now three d"'s "nd
h"*e nothing to e"t0 "nd ) wi%% not send the "w"'
!"sting %est the' !"int in the w"'1 CC And the
Disci$%es s"id (nto Hi: Fro where "re we to
obt"in so "n' %o"*es in this deserted $%"ce0 "s to
!i%% so gre"t " (%tit(deB C7 And +es(s s"id to
the: How "n' %o"*es h"*e 'o(B And the' s"id:
Se*en0 "nd " !ew %itt%e !ish1 C3 And He ch"rged the
(%tit(de to sit down ($on the gro(nd1 CF And
t"king the se*en %o"*es "nd the !ish0 "nd gi*ing
th"nks0 he broke the "nd g"*e to His Disci$%es0
"nd the Disci$%es g"*e to the $eo$%e1 C6 And the'
"%% did e"t "nd h"d their !i%% "nd the' e*en took ($
se*en b"skets !(%% o! wh"t re"ined o! the
!r"gents1 C4 And the' th"t "te were !o(r tho(s"nd
en0 beside chi%dren "nd woen1 C8 And h"*ing
disissed the (%tit(de0 He went ($ into " bo"t
"nd c"e into the district o! M"ged"n1
M- 4
2 )N THOSE DAYS when "g"in0 there w"s " gre"t (%tit(de0 "nd
the' h"d nothing to e"t Lre!erence to the 2
!eeding F onths be!ore
@2321AM0 +es(s c"%%ed His Disci$%es together "nd s"id to the: 5 )
h"*e co$"ssion on the (%tit(de0 !or beho%d the' h"*e now been
with Me three d"'s "nd h"*e h"d nothing to e"t1 C And i! ) sho(%d
send the "w"' !"sting to their hoe the' wi%% !"int in the w"'0
!or soe o! the c"e !ro "!"r1 7 And His Disci$%es "nswered
Hi: Fro where co(%d "n'one !i%% the here with bre"d in this
(ninh"bited regionB 3 And He "sked the: How "n' %o"*es
h"*e 'o(B The' s"id: Se*en1 F And t"king the se*en %o"*es "nd
gi*ing th"nks0 He broke the "nd g"*e to His Disci$%es to
distrib(te0 "nd the' distrib(ted the to the $eo$%e1 6 And the'
h"d on%' " !ew %itt%e !ish0 b(t He b%essed the0 "nd ordered the
to be set be!ore the1 4 And the' did e"t "nd were !i%%ed "nd the'
took ($ se*en b"skets o! th"t which w"s %e!t o! the !r"gents1 8
And those th"t h"d e"ten were "bo(t !o(r tho(s"nd1 Then He sent
the "w"'1 2> And iedi"te%' going ($ into " shi$ with His
Disci$%es0 He c"e into the district o! D"%"n(th" LM"gd"%"M1
"ote: )t is ;(ite re*e"%ing th"t M"rk @PeterA bre"ks with " chrono%ogic"% order here "nd
now re*erts to " $re*io(s e*ent @2631A0 !o%%owing M"tthewHs $"ttern1 This e"ns Peter
"nd M"rk were (sing M"tthewHs Gos$e% in this work1 +ohn0 howe*er0 who (st h"*e
cert"in%' h"d M"tthew "nd M"rkHs "cco(nts $icks ($ his n"rr"tion precisely here0 "!ter
ski$$ing ne"r%' 6 onths @2371 # 2471A which were "%re"d' !(%%' co*ered in the other
Gos$e% writers1 Here is K(st one e:"$%e o! many where the Poem $ro*es its co$%ete%'
s($ern"t(r"% origin in its cre"ting so (ch intric"te consistenc' o(t o! the di!!erences in
the !o(r Gos$e%s whi%e 'et co$%ete%' ignoring "%% $re*io(s chrono%ogic"% schees !or the
LordHs inistr' "s it cert"in%' does hereP M
+NF 23>1TU2321
C +es(s0 there!ore0
went ($ into "
o(nt"in0 "nd there
He s"t with his
disci$%es1 7 Now the
P"sso*er0 the !e"st d"'
o! the +ews0 w"s ne"r
"t h"nd1
DThis w"s the s$ring P"sso*er
,B2. M Mch0 Fri0 AD CC $!ter the Feeding o! the @'+++ # ,"$ern"( C3CG$17CF
+N F 23C1TU
55 The ne:t d"' L"!ter **1 C#7 o! 2471 the 5nd FeedingPMD the (%tit(de th"t stood on the other side o! the se" L"t ,"$ern"(M0 s"w th"t there
w"s no other shi$ there b(t one Lb' which the Disci$%es h"d "rri*ed )itho&t +es(sM0 "nd th"t +es(s h"d not entered into the shi$ with His
Disci$%es Lth"t "rri*ed "t ,"$ern"(M0 b(t th"t His Disci$%es h"d gone "w"' "%one1 5C /(t other shi$s c"e in !ro Tiberi"s ne"r (nto the
$%"ce where the' h"d e"ten the bre"d0 when the Lord g"*e th"nks1 57 9hen0 there!ore0 the (%tit(de L!ro Tiberi"sM s"w th"t +es(s w"s
not there0 nor His Disci$%es0 the' L"%soM took shi$$ing "nd c"e to ,"$ern"(0 seeking !or +es(s1
53 And when the' h"d !o(nd Hi on the other side o! the se" L"t ,"$ern"(M0 the' s"id to Hi: R"bbi0 when did Yo( coe hereB F"ote:
+es(s "nd the 25 h"d gone to M"gd"%" b' shi$ the d"' be!ore1 The Twe%*e %e!t +es(s there "nd bo"ted to ,"$ern"( "%one1 +es(s coes to ,"$ern"( %"ter1M
D+ohn si$%i!ies his "cco(nt b' te%%ing o! on%' one !eeding "nd th(s h"d $(t this te:t into the conte:t o! the !irst !eeding @23C1A1
,BC. M Mch0 Fri0 AD CC The 4!!ense o! the :ody and :lood o! Christ # S'n"gog(e "t ,"$ern"( C3CG$177>
+N F TU2831
5F +es(s "nswered the "nd s"id: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(: Yo( seek Me not K(st bec"(se 'o( h"*e seen ir"c%es0 b(t
bec"(se 'o( did e"t o! the %o"*es0 "nd were !i%%ed1 56 L"bor not !or the !ood which $erishes0 b(t !or th"t which end(res (nto %i!e
e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%' %i!eM0 which the Son o! M"n wi%% gi*e 'o(P For Hi h"s God the F"ther se"%ed Lwith His "$$ro*"% b' gr"nting Hi $ower to
$er!or ir"c%esM1 LThe ir"c%es were to ,hrist "nd His doctrine wh"t " se"% w"s to " doc(ent1 F(rther0 it is "%so s"id th"t " good b"ker wo(%d o!ten st"$ "n
i"ge into their bre"d so it co(%d be identi!ied1M 54 The' s"id0 there!ore0 (nto Hi: 9h"t sh"%% we do th"t we "' work the works o! GodB 58
+es(s "nswered "nd s"id to the: This is the work o! God0 th"t 'o( be%ie*e B in Hi 9ho He h"s sentP C> The' s"id0 there!ore0 to Hi:
9h"t sign0 there!ore0 do Yo( show th"t we "' see0 "nd "' be%ie*e Yo(B 9h"t do Yo( workB C2 O(r !"thers did e"t "nn" in the
desert0 "s it is written: He 'a+e them -read from Hea+en to eat" ZE:od(s 2F:27[ C5 Then +es(s s"id to the: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' )
s"' to 'o(: Moses did not gi*e 'o( bre"d !ro He"*en0 Lit w"s the F"ther th"t didM0 b(t M' F"ther "%so gi*es 'o( the Tr(e /re"d !ro
He"*en1 CC For the LTr(eM /re"d o! God is th"t which coes down !ro He"*en "nd gi*es %i!e to the wor%dP C7 The' s"id0 there!ore0 (nto
Hi: Lord0 gi*e (s "%w"'s this /re"dP DThe be%ie! s$oken o! here is not the <i$er!ect !"ith= s$oken o! in +"es 5:550 b(t perfect !"ith which becoes
M"rk 8:7C "nd 73 The Poem shows th"t technic"%%' +es(s on%' re!erred to the etern"% torent o! the wor "t *173L7FM0 b(t since M"rk "$$"rent%'
is$%"ced it origin"%%' in *176L74M0 "nd %"ter0 r"ther th"n de%ete it0 it w"s $%"ced in "%% three %oc"tions1 Ag"in this is indic"tion th"t whoe*er "de the %"ter
"ddition h"d !irsth"nd know%edge o! the "ct("% words o! ,hrist "nd in this c"se no do(bt Peter hise%!1 )tHs h"rd to i"gine "n' other re"son this w"s $%"ced
in "%% three $%"ces other th"n " scr($(%o(s o*er concern o! it being origin"%%' o(t o! $%"ce1 This o! co(rse %ed to di!!ering ss1 in circ(%"tion1 The %"ter
"tte$ts "t restor"tion re!%ected in b @Sin"tic(sA : @&"tic"n(sA D 5 w"s on the b"sis o! " $(re g(ess "nd te:t("% "esthetics which %ed to the de%etion o! its
occ(rrence in 7CL77M "nd 73L7FM1
o(rs "!ter obedience to th"t which !"ith re;(ires o! (s1 <)$er!ect !"ith= is ere know%edge o! the tr(th0 ent"% "ssent to tr(th or <he"d know%edge0= which i! not
s(rrendered to in obedience c"nnot K(sti!' or gi*e %i!e1 E*en the deons know the tr(th b(t the' do not s(bit to the tr(th1
Jesus declares He is the +read of &ife from Hea#en.
C3 And +es(s s"id to the: ) " the /re"d o! Li!eP He who coes to Me sh"%% not h(nger0 "nd he who be%ie*es in Me sh"%% ne*er thirstP
CF /(t ) s"id (nto 'o(0 th"t 'o( "%so h"*e seen Me "nd 'o( be%ie*e notP C6 A%% who the F"ther gi*es to Me sh"%% coe to Me0 "nd hi
who coes to Me0 ) wi%% not c"st o(t0 C4 bec"(se ) c"e down !ro He"*en not to do M' own wi%%0 b(t the wi%% o! Hi 9ho sent Me1
C8 Now this is the wi%% o! the F"ther 9ho sent Me0 th"t o! "%% who He h"s gi*en Me0 ) sho(%d %ose nothing0 b(t sho(%d r"ise it ($ "g"in in
the %"st d"'1 LSee note "t 26:25 @56>1AM 7> And this L"%soM is the wi%% o! M' F"ther 9ho sent Me0 th"t e*er'one who sees the Son L(nderst"nds
Hi "s tr(eM0 "nd L"%soM be%ie*es in Hi Lwith $er!ect o-edient faithM0 sho(%d L"%re"d'PM h"*e %i!e e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%' %i!eM0 "nd ) wi%% r"ise hi
($ in the %"st d"'P
The Jews cannot belie#e Jesus is an" other than a man.
72 The +ews0 there!ore0 (r(red "t Hi bec"(se He h"d s"id: ) " the Li*ing /re"d which c"e down !ro He"*en1 75 And the'
s"id: )s not this +es(s0 the son o! +ose$h0 whose !"ther "nd other we knowB How then does He s"': ) c"e down !ro He"*enBP 7C
+es(s0 there!ore0 "nswered "nd s"id to the: M(r(r not "ong 'o(rse%*es1 77 No "n c"n coe to Me0 e:ce$t the F"ther0 9ho h"s
sent Me0 dr"ws hi0 "nd ) wi%% r"ise hi ($ in the %"st d"'1 L/(t since 'o( "re $(tting 'o(rse%*es o(tside His re"ch 'o( c"nnot coe to Me1M 73 )t is
written in the $ro$hets: =nd they shall all -e ta&'ht of God1 Z)s"i"h 37:2C[ E*er'one who h"s %istened to the F"ther "nd h"s %e"rned0 coes
to Me1 7F Not th"t "n' "n h"s seen the F"ther1 /(t He 9ho is o! God0 He on%' h"s seen the F"ther1 76 Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' )
s"' (nto 'o(: He who be%ie*es in Me Lwith $er!ect o-edient faithM0 h"s L"%re"d'PM e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%'M %i!e1 74 L9h'B /ec"(seM ) " the /re"d
o! Li!e1 78 Yo(r !"thers did e"t "nn" in the desert0 b(t "re de"d1 3> This Lo! which ) s$e"kM is the /re"d which coes down !ro He"*en0
th"t i! "n' "n e"ts o! it0 he "' not diePD 32 ) " the Li*ing /re"d which c"e down !ro He"*en1 35L32bM )! "n' "n e"ts o! this
/re"d0 he sh"%% %i*e !ore*er0 "nd the bre"d th"t ) wi%% gi*e is M' F%esh0 !or the %i!e o! the wor%d1
Dhe may not die: +es(s here "$$e"rs to be "%%(ding to the coing ch"nge in the st"te o! the de$"rted righteo(s1 )n the New ,o*en"nt those who die now h"*e
opport&nity to go direct%' into the $resence o! God in He"*en1 This sees to be wh"t +es(s e"ns when He s"'s th"t those who e"t o! Hi <may not die1= The'
no %onger ha+e to be se$"r"ted !ro God "!ter $h'sic"% de"th "s the O%d ,o*en"nt $"tri"rchs1
-xcept "ou eat M" .lesh and drink M" +lood.
3CL35M The +ews0 there!ore0 stro*e "ong these%*es0 s"'ing: How c"n this M"n gi*e (s His !%esh to e"tB 37L3CM Then +es(s s"id to
the: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' (nto 'o(: E:ce$t 'o( e"t the F%esh o! the Son o! M"n0 "nd drink His /%ood0 'o( sh"%% not h"*e
LNew ,o*en"ntM Li!e in 'o( L!or this wi%% be the !oc"% $oint o! worshi$ "nd !e%%owshi$ in M' ,h(rch W Acts 5:7FM1 33L37M He who e"ts M' F%esh0 "nd
drinks M' /%ood0 h"s e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%'M %i!e "nd ) wi%% r"ise hi ($ in the %"st d"'1 3FL33M For M' F%esh is !ood indeed0 "nd M'
/%ood is drink indeed1 36L3FM He who e"ts M' F%esh0 "nd drinks M' /%ood0 "bides in Me0 "nd ) in hi1 34L36M As the %i*ing F"ther h"s
sent Me0 "nd ) %i*e b' the F"ther0 so he who e"ts Me0 the s"e "%so sh"%% %i*e b' Me1 38L34M This is the /re"d th"t c"e down !ro
He"*en1 Not "s 'o(r !"thers did e"t "nn" "nd "re de"d1 He who e"ts this /re"d0 sh"%% %i*e !ore*er1 F>L38M These things He s"id0
te"ching in the s'n"gog(e in ,"$ern"(1
Man" of Jesus' own disciples lea#e Him.
F2LF>M M"n'0 there!ore0 o! His disci$%es0 he"ring it0 s"id: This s"'ing is h"rd0 "nd who c"n "cce$t itBP F5LF2M /(t +es(s0 knowing in
Hise%! th"t His disci$%es (r(red "t this0 s"id to the: Does this sc"nd"%iIe 'o(B FCLF5M )! then 'o( sh"%% see the Son o! M"n "scend
($ where He w"s be!ore Lwo(%d this he%$ 'o( to (nderst"nd how 'o( wi%% be "b%e to $"rt"ke o! Me witho(t being sc"nd"%iIedM B F7LFCM )t is the S$irit
th"t gi*es %i!e0 the !%esh Lb' itse%!M $ro!its nothingP The words th"t ) h"*e s$oken to 'o( "re s$irit "nd %i!e1 F3LF7M /(t there "re soe o!
'o( who be%ie*e not1 For +es(s knew !ro the beginning who the' were th"t did not be%ie*e0 "nd who he w"s th"t wo(%d betr"' hi1
FFLF3M And He s"id: For this re"son ) s"id to 'o( th"t no "n c"n coe to Me (n%ess it is gi*en hi b' M' F"ther1
The )uharist: The greatest mirale God has ever pre!ormed and His greatest gi!t o! love to those #ho believeL
E*er'one here in the s'n"gog(e "t ,"$ern"( knew e:"ct%' wh"t +es(s w"s s"'ing "nd th(s h"d two %ogic"% "nd %egiti"te ;(estions which +es(s in **1FC#F7
"nswers: ,? How co(%d the' $ossib%' %iter"%%' e"t His F%esh "nd drink His /%oodB @*135A *? 9h"t good wo(%d coe o! ere%' e"ting His F%esh "nd drinking His
)n res$onse to ho) one co(%d e"t "nd drink o! Hi +es(s %e"*es the " c%(e th"t He wo(%d s($$%' His /od' "nd /%ood K(st "s the "nn" w"s s($$%ied !ro
He"*en1 /"sic"%%' He s"'s to the <9o(%d 'o( h"*e " $rob%e i! 'o( knew ) wo(%d be $h'sic"%%' in He"*en gi*ing o! M'se%! to 'o( !ro thereB= )n "nswer to
the second ;(estion o! wh"t good wo(%d cons(ing His /od' "nd /%ood do0 +es(s is str"ight !orw"rd1 He is c%e"r th"t ere%' e"ting "nd drinking o! His /od'
"nd /%ood wo(%d h"*e no *"%(e wh"te*er i! it w"s not done in the $ro$er s$irit1 <)t is the s$irit th"t gi*es %i!e1= )n !"ct0 "ccording to St1 P"(%0 i! not done in the
s$irit th"t s(ch " gi!t wo(%d re;(ire0 it wo(%d be " desecr"tion0 "nd i! done in wi%%!(% h'$ocris' it wo(%d be worth' o! the K(dgent o! de"th @2 ,or1 22:C>A1
The Li!e $roised to those who $"rt"ke "nd denied to those who re!(se is New ,o*en"nt %i!e1 )t does not e"n those witho(t it "re condenedP F(rther0 i! one is
honest%' (n"w"re o! the te"ching o! ,hrist "nd 'et h"s " $"ssion"te desire to be one with ,hrist who c"n s"' th"t God h"s not inc%(ded hi in New ,o*en"nt %i!e
K(st "s God inc%(des those in the ,o*en"nt who h"*e h"d " sii%"r desire !or /"$tis b(t witho(t h"*ing itB The ,h(rchHs ,"techis $%"in%' s"'s th"t <God is
not bo(nd b' His S"cr"ents1=
F6LFFM A!ter this "n' o! His disci$%es Le*en soe o! those chosen "ong the <65=M went b"ck "nd w"%ked no ore with Hi1 F4LF6M 9hen
+es(s s"id to the Twe%*e: 9i%% 'o( "%so go "w"'B F8LF4M And Sion Peter "nswered Hi: Lord0 to who sh"%% we goB Yo( h"*e the words
o! etern"% %i!e1 6>LF8M And we h"*e be%ie*ed "nd h"*e known th"t Yo( "re the ,hrist0 the Son o! God1 62L6>M +es(s "nswered the: H"*e
not ) chosen 'o( twe%*e0 "nd one o! 'o( is " deonB 65L62M He e"nt +(d"s )sc"riot0 the son o! Sion0 !or he0 "%tho(gh he w"s one o!
the Twe%*e0 w"s "bo(t to betr"' Hi1
C37G$774 # @M Mch0S"tA # Nico%"(s o! Antioch1 <Second Anno(nceent= o! the P"ssion1 LThe second entioned in The Poem, b(t Mt "nd Mk
ention one $rior to this which The Poem o*er%ooks @2421A1 Th"t wo(%d then "ke this one the third "nno(nceent1 The error is in the ch"$ter tit%e "dded %"ter
not in the re*e%"tion in The PoemPM

FT4W$%D( .)%>($5)M D D)C$345I(' 3)%)$ 7 M M$%CH $D <<G LPoe ,h"$ters C33#C38G

C33G$737 # @M Mch0S(nA # Going tow"rds G"d"r"1
,B;. M Mch0 Mon0 AD CC .esus on the 4ld Testament 3rovision !or Divore # G"d"r" in Dec"$o%is C3FG$17F3
MT 28 5281TU5>81 C And there c"e to Hi the Ph"risees te$ting Hi0 s"'ing: )s it not
%"w!(% !or " "n to $(t "w"' his wi!e !or "n' c"(seB 7 +es(s
"nswering0 s"id to the: H"*e 'o( not re"d0 th"t He 9ho "de
"n !ro the beginning0 made them male and femaleL And He
contin(ed: 3 Gor this ca&se >i"e" -eca&se )omen )as ta*en o&t of
man, lea+in' man incomplete@ shall a man lea+e father and
mother, and shall clea+e to his )ife, and they t)o shall >a'ain@
-e in one flesh1 ZGenesis 5:57[ F There!ore0 now the' "re not two0
b(t one !%esh1 9h"t0 there!ore0 God h"s Koined together0 %et no
"n $(t "s(nderP 6 The' re$%ied to Hi: 9h' then did Moses
co"nd to gi*e LherM " bi%% o! di*orce "nd to $(t LherM "w"'B 4
He s"id to the: /ec"(se Moses0 !or the h"rdness o! 'o(r
he"rts0 on%' $eritted 'o( to $(t "w"' 'o(r wi*es b(t !ro the
beginning it w"s not so1 8 And ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t whoe*er sh"%%
$(t "w"' his wi!e0 e:ce$t it be !or !ornic"tion "nd sh"%% "rr'
"nother0 coits "d(%ter'P And He who sh"%% "rr' her th"t is
Lwrong%'M $(t "w"'0 coits "d(%ter'
Lbec"(se she sti%% be%ongs to
the otherM1
2> His Disci$%es then s"id Hi: )! the c"se o! " "n with his
wi!e be so0 it is not e:$edient to "rr'P 22 +es(s s"id to the:
Not "%% en c"n "cce$t this word Lor gi!t o! ce%ib"c'M0 b(t on%'
the' to who it is gi*en L!or "rri"ge is best "nd e*en need!(% !or
ost $eo$%eM1 25 For there "re e(n(chs0 who were born so !ro
their otherHs wob0 "nd there "re e(n(chs0 who were "de so
b' en0 "nd there "re e(n(chs0 who h"*e "de these%*es
e(n(chs !or the -ingdo o! He"*en1 He who c"n t"ke Lth"t
st"tionM0 %et hi t"ke it1 LThere is " gre"t need !or those wi%%ing to %i*e
so%e%' !or the -ingdo o! God "nd !or s$irit("% $rogen' in the ,h(rch1
See *1581 )t w"s e*en $ro$hesied in )s"i"h th"t the e(n(ch wo(%d rise to the
highest orders in the ,h(rch W )s"1 3F:C#3M1
M- 2> 5281TU5>81
5 And the Ph"risees coing to Hi "nd te$ting Hi0 "sked Hi: )s
it %"w!(% !or " "n to $(t "w"' his wi!eB C /(t He "nswering0 s"id to
the: 9h"t did Moses co"nd 'o(B 7 The' Lnot "nswering the ;(estion
"bo(t wh"t w"s commandedM inste"d s"id: Moses $eritted to write " bi%%
o! di*orce0 "nd to $(t her "w"'1 3 +es(s "nswering0 s"id: /ec"(se o!
the h"rdness o! 'o(r he"rt he wrote 'o( th"t $rece$t Lpermittin' di*orceM1
F /(t !ro the beginning o! cre"tion0 God "de "n "%e "nd !e"%e
Lso th"t it t"kes " "%e "nd !e"%e to "ke "n co$%eteM1
6 For this c"(se Lto co$%ete his h("nit'M " "n sh"%% %e"*e his !"ther
"nd other0 "nd sh"%% c%e"*e to his wi!e1
4 And the' two sh"%% be in
one !%esh Lone %i*ing bod'M1 There!ore0 now the' "re not two0 b(t one
!%esh Lone %i*ing bod'M1 8 9h"t0 there!ore0 God h"th Koined together Lin
one bod'M0 %et not "n $(t "s(nder1
5et not man put asunder: Tho(gh two (nited in "rri"ge c"n be <torn "s(nder0=
it c"nnot e*er be done witho(t the gr"*e sin o! "d(%ter'1 )n " contr"ct("% "rri"ge0
which is "%%owed !or those o(tside the s$eci"% gr"ce o! ,hristi"n !"ith "nd the
,h(rch0 "d(%ter' bre"ks the bond "nd "%%ows the innocent $"rt' the right o!
re"rri"ge @Mt128:8A1 )n " ,hristi"n s"cr"ent"% "rri"ge which is " co*en"nt
b"sed on (ncondition"% %o*e "nd "de $ossib%e b' the Gr"ce o! ,hrist0 on%' de"th
c"n disso%*e the bond1 The s"cr"ent"% "rri"ge (nion w"s "%w"'s GodHs $%"n !or
"n b(t "nHs "bi%it' to "int"in th"t re%"tionshi$ w"s %ost "!ter the F"%%1 /oth the
$ossibi%it' "nd res$onsibi%it' to "int"in it now $resent in ,hrist in the ,h(rch1
2> And in the ho(seD His Disci$%es "g"in "sked Hi concerning the
s"e thing1 22 And He s"id to the: L)n " s"cr"ent"% "rri"geM whoe*er
sh"%% $(t "w"' his wi!e "nd "rr' "nother0 coits "d(%ter' "g"inst
her1 25 And i! the wi!e sh"%% $(t "w"' her h(sb"nd0 "nd be "rried to
"nother0 she coits "d(%ter'1 D9here this occ(rred is (nknown0 b(t it did
not h"$$en ne"r the tie o! this e$isode1
C36G$7F4 # @M Mch0MonA # At Pe%%"1
C34G$76F # @M Mch0Mon#T(eA # )n M"tthi"s_s Ho(se be'ond +"besh#Gi%e"d1
C38G$74C # @M Mch0Th(#FriA # Rose o! +ericho1
TH) FIFTH .>D)$" MI"I(T%8 D 3)%)$' D)C$345I(' ". ($M$%I$ 7 < M4"TH( 7 M MCH D 5 .>" $D << LPoe
CF>G$787 # @M MchA # Mir"c%e on the +ord"n in F%ood1
CF2G$3>C # @L MchA # On the Other /"nk1 +es(s Meets His Mother "nd the 9oen Disci$%es1
,BB. L Mch0 AD CC Fe# in Israel Find the Way o! 5i!e D They Will )nd up 5ast in the Oingdom # R""h CF5bG$132C
MT 6
2C Enter in "t the n"rrow
g"te0 !or wide is the g"te
"nd bro"d is the w"' th"t
%e"ds to destr(ction0 "nd
"n' there "re who enter in
thro(gh it1 27 For n"rrow
is the g"te "nd str"it
Lco$ressedM is the w"' th"t
%e"ds to %i!e "nd !ew there
"re th"t "re !o(nd on it1 LThe
Peshitt": This Ar""ic rendition
"%%ows wh"t +es(sH "ct("% words
"%%owed0 th"t whi%e <!ew= s$end
(ch o! their %i*es on the n"rrow
w"'0 ost "' in the end !ind
this ro"dP @)))0CF5bG$132CA1M
L- 2C

5C And " cert"in "n s"id
to +es(s: Lord0 wi%% on%' " !ew be s"*edBD /(t He s"id to the: 57 Stri*e to enter b' the n"rrow g"te0 !or
"n'0 ) s"' to 'o(0 sh"%% seek to enter0 "nd sh"%% not be "b%e1 53 /(t when the M"ster o! the ho(se sh"%%
h"*e gone in "nd sh(t the door0 'o( sh"%% begin to st"nd witho(t "nd knock "t the door0 s"'ing: Lord0 o$en
to (sP And He "nswering0 sh"%% s"' to 'o(: ) know not !ro where 'o( coeP 5F Then 'o( sh"%% begin to
s"': 9e h"*e e"ten "nd dr(nk in Yo(r $resence0 "nd Yo( h"*e t"(ght in o(r streetsP 56 And He sh"%% s"' to
'o(: ) know not where 'o( "re !roP De$"rt !ro Me0 "%% 'o( workers o! ini;(it'P 54 There sh"%% be
wee$ing "nd gn"shing o! teeth0 when 'o( sh"%% see Abr"h" "nd )s""c "nd +"cob0 "nd "%% the $ro$hets0 in
the -ingdo o! God0 "nd 'o( 'o(rse%*es thr(st o(tP 58 And there sh"%% coe $eo$%e !ro the e"st "nd the
west0 "nd the north "nd the so(th0 "nd sh"%% sit down in the -ingdo o! God1 C> And beho%d0 the' "re %"st
th"t sh"%% be !irst0 "nd the' "re !irst th"t sh"%% be %"st1 D+es(s does not "nswer the ;(estion i! on%' " !ew @in the endPA
wi%% be s"*ed1 He on%' s"'s <"n'= wi%% in the end be <thr(st o(t= into e*er%"sting $(nishentP These were those who knew
the Gos$e% "nd h"d reKected it !or their e*i% w"'s1 There wi%% be0 howe*er0 <"n'= o(tside the New ,o*en"nt @the (ns"*ed
"nd %ostP A who wi%% be "cce$ted "ccording to +es(s in M"tt1 4:22#251
C2 The s"e d"'0 there c"e soe o! the Ph"risees0 s"'ing to Hi: De$"rt0 "nd %e"*e this $%"ce0 !or
Herod h"s " ind to ki%% Yo(1 C5 And He s"id to the: Go "nd te%% th"t !o:: /eho%d0 ) c"st o(t deons "nd
do c(res to d"' Lthis P"sso*er tieM "nd then toorrow Lthe ne:t !e"st tieM0 "nd the third d"' Lthe !in"% !e"st tieM )
" cons("ted1
CC Ne*erthe%ess ) (st w"%k tod"' Lin +er(s"%e !or the P"sso*er "nd Pentecost AD CCM "nd the !o%%owing tie
LT"bern"c%es0 AD CCM0 "nd the tie !o%%owing LP"sso*er AD C7M0 bec"(se it wi%% not do th"t " $ro$het $erish0 e:ce$t in
+er(s"%e Lin " $erson"% st"te o! ho%inessMP C7 +er(s"%e0 +er(s"%e0 'o( who ki%% the $ro$hets0 "nd stone those who
"re sent to 'o(0 how o!ten wo(%d ) h"*e g"thered 'o(r chi%dren "s the bird g"thers her brood (nder her wings0 b(t
'o( wo(%d notBP C3 /eho%d 'o(r ho(se now sh"%% be %e!t to 'o( deso%"teP And ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t 'o( sh"%% not see
Me (nti% the tie coes when 'o( sh"%% s"': /%essed is He 9ho h"s coe in the n"e o! the LordP LOech125:8#27M
CFCG$323 # @L MchA # At the Te$%e1 The <O(r F"ther111= "nd " P"r"b%e on Tr(e Sons1
CF7G$357 # @L MchA # At Gethse"ne "nd /eth"n'1
CF3G$3C3 # @L Mch09edA # Letters !ro Antioch1
CFFG$373 # @L Mch0Th(A # The Th(rsd"' be!ore P"sso*er1 Morning Pre%iin"ries1
CF6G$376 # @L Mch0Th(A # The Th(rsd"' be!ore P"sso*er1 At the Te$%e1
CF4G$33F # @L Mch0Th(A # The Th(rsd"' be!ore P"sso*er1 )nstr(ctions to the A$ost%es1
CF8G$3F5 # @L Mch0Th(A # The Th(rsd"' be!ore P"sso*er1 )n +oh"nn" o! ,h(I"_s ho(se1
C6>G$366 # @L Mch0Th(A # The Th(rsd"' be!ore P"sso*er1 The e*ening1
C62G$34F # @E A$r0FriA # Pre$"r"tion D"'1 The Morning1
C65G$38> # @E A$r0FriA # Pre$"r"tion D"'1 At the Te$%e1
C6CG$383 # @E A$r0FriA # Pre$"r"tion D"'1 )n the Streets o! +er(s"%e1
C67G$F>2 # @E A$r0FriA # Pre$"r"tion D"'1 The E*ening1
C63G$F>8 # @E A$r0S"tA # The S"bb"th o! the .n%e"*ened /re"d1

3$((4&)% 7 $D << 7 ) $3%I5' ($T>%D$8
,BA. E A$r0 AD CC Martha is 4verDConerned about Temporal Things # )n /eth"n' C6FG$1F5>
C4 Now it c"e to $"ss "s the' went0 th"t +es(s entered into " cert"in town1 And " cert"in wo"n n"ed
M"rth" recei*ed Hi into her ho(se1 C8 And she h"d " sister c"%%ed M"r'0 who w"s sitting "t the LordHs !eet
he"ring His word1 7> /(t M"rth" w"s distressed "bo(t (ch ser*ing1 And coing ($ to Hi she s"id: Lord0
h"*e Yo( no c"re th"t ' sister h"s %e!t e "%one to ser*eB S$e"k to her0 there!ore0 th"t she he%$s e1 72 And
the Lord "nswering0 s"id to her: M"rth"0 M"rth"0 'o( "re concerned "nd tro(b%ed "bo(t "n' things1 75 /(t one
thing is necess"r'1 M"r' h"s chosen the best $"rt which sh"%% not be t"ken "w"' !ro her1
C66G$F55 # @E A$rA # +es(s S$e"ks "t /eth"n'1
C64G$FC> # @E A$rA # Tow"rds Mt1 Adoin1
C68G$FCC # @M A$rA # A!ter the Retre"t ($on Mt1 ,herith1
,A+. M A$r0 AD CC The 3arable o! the (hre#d (te#ard # Ne"r +ericho C4>G$1FC8
2 AND +es(s "%so s"id to His disci$%es: There w"s " cert"in rich "n who h"d " stew"rd1 And the stew"rd w"s
"cc(sed o! h"*ing w"sted his goods1 5 So he c"%%ed hi0 "nd s"id to hi: How is it th"t ) he"r this o! 'o(B T(rn
o*er the "cco(nt o! 'o(r stew"rdshi$0 !or 'o( c"n no %onger be " stew"rd1 C And the stew"rd s"id within hise%!:
9h"t sh"%% ) do0 bec"(se ' %ord is t"king !ro e the stew"rdshi$B To dig0 ) " not "b%e1 To beg0 ) "
7 ) know wh"t ) wi%% do th"t when ) " reo*ed !ro the stew"rdshi$ others "' recei*e e into their ho(ses1 3
There!ore0 c"%%ing together e*er' one o! his %ordHs debtors0 he s"id to the !irst: How (ch do 'o( owe ' %ordB F
And he s"id: An h(ndred b"rre%s o! oi% L8>> g"%%onsM1 And he s"id to hi: T"ke 'o(r bi%% "nd sit down ;(ick%'0
"nd write !i!t'1 6 Then he s"id to "nother: How (ch do 'o( oweB He s"id: An h(ndred ;("rters o! whe"t L8>>
b(she%sM1 He s"id to hi: T"ke 'o(r bi%% "nd write eight'1 4 And the %ord Lwhen he disco*ered the deedM coended
the (nrighteo(s stew"rd0 bec"(se o! the shrewdness in wh"t he h"d done1 For Lit is tr(e th"tM the chi%dren o! this
wor%d "re wiser tow"rds their own conte$or"ries th"n "re the chi%dren o! %ight1 8 And ) s"' to 'o(: M"ke (nto
'o(rse%*es Ls$irit("%M !riends (sing the "on o! ini;(it' L"teri"% we"%thM0 th"t when 'o( sh"%% !"i% Lor"%%' "nd
s$irit("%%'M0 the' "' Lb' their intercessor' $r"'ers !or 'o( in He"*enM recei*e 'o( into e*er%"sting dwe%%ingsP
2> He who is !"ith!(% in th"t which is %e"st is !"ith!(% "%so in th"t which is gre"ter1 And he who is (nK(st in th"t
which is %itt%e is (nK(st "%so in th"t which is gre"ter1 22 )! then 'o( h"*e not been !"ith!(% in Lreg"rd toM
(nrighteo(s "on L"teri"% we"%thM0 who wi%% tr(st 'o( with th"t which is the tr(e Lwe"%thMB 25 And i! 'o( h"*e
not been !"ith!(% in th"t which is "notherHs L"s " stew"rd o! either other enHs or GodHs entr(stentsM0 who wi%% gi*e 'o(
th"t which is 'o(r own Lth"t which w"s destined to -e yo&r o)n b' inherit"nce either on e"rth or in He"*enMB 2C No ser*"nt
c"n ser*e two "sters0 !or either he wi%% h"te the one "nd %o*e the other0 or he wi%% ho%d to the one "nd des$ise
the other1 Yo( c"nnot ser*e God "nd "on L"teri"% we"%thM1 LMone' is not to be o(r "ster b(t o(r ser*"nt to he%$ (s
ser*e God1M
27 Now the Ph"risees who were co*eto(s Lo! "teri"% we"%thM0 he"rd "%% these things0 so the' derided +es(s1 23 So
He s"id to the: Yo( "re the' who K(sti!' 'o(rse%*es be!ore en0 b(t God knows 'o(r he"rts Lth"t 'o( "re not
K(sti!ied be!ore HiM0 !or th"t which is high%' reg"rded b' en L$(rs(it o! we"%thM is "n "boin"tion be!ore GodP
2F The L"w "nd the Pro$hets were (nti% +ohn Lthe /"$tist0 ki%%ed 4 onths be!oreM1 Fro th"t tie the -ingdo o!
God Lo! Lo*eM is $re"ched0 "nd e*er' one Lwith good wi%%M (ses *io%ence L"g"inst his own n"t(reM to LenterM it1 26 And Lto
the Ph"risees who h"*e ch"nged the L"w gi*ing %oo$ho%es !or their sins0 +es(s s"'s0M it is e"sier !or He"*en "nd e"rth to $"ss
th"n one titt%e L$"rt o! " Hebrew %etterM o! the L"w to !"%%1
24 E*er' one who $(ts "w"' his wi!e "nd "rries "nother coits "d(%ter'1 And he who "rries her th"t is
$(t "w"' !ro her h(sb"nd coits "d(%ter'1
These words "re directed s$eci!ic"%%' to two Ph"risees @" S"(e% "nd "n )s"i"hA "nd !or their $erson"% sit("tion1 +es(s did "%%ow !ornic"tion "nd e*en
"b"ndonent "s gro(nds !or di*orce "nd re"rri"ge !or those o&tside the ,hristian ,o+enant @M"tt128:C#25E Mk12>:5#2>A0 b(t the S"cr"ent"%
,o*en"nt"% "rri"ge0 which ,hrist wo(%d reinst"te in the ,h(rch "!ter h"*ing been %ost "s "n ob%ig"tion !or "n since Eden0 c"n on%' be disso%*ed b'
C42G$F7F # @ M A$rA # )n Nike_s ho(se1
C45G$F35 # @M A$rA # At the Ford between +ericho "nd /eth"b"r"1
C4CG$F34 # @M A$rA # )n So%oon_s Ho(se1 O%d An"ni"s1
C47G$FFC # @M A$rA # At the ,rossro"d ne"r So%oon_s &i%%"ge1 P"r"b%e o! the L"bor Agents1
C4FG$F62 # @L A$rA # At Gi%g"%1 The /egg"r Og%"1 The Twe%*e Stones1
C46G$F66 # @L A$r0Th(A # Tow"rds Engedi1
C44G$F4C # @L A$r0FriA # Arri*"% "t Engedi1
C48G$F43 # @L A$r0FriA # Pre"ching "nd Mir"c%es "t Engedi1
C8>G$F85 # @E M"'0S(nA # E%ish" o! Engedi1
C82G$F8F # @E M"'0S(nA # At M"s"d"1
C85G$6>2 # @E M"'0MonA # At the ,o(ntr' Ho(se o! M"r'0 Mother o! +(d"s1
C8CG$6>3 # @M M"'A # F"rewe%% to -erioth1 P"r"b%e o! the Two 9i%%s1
C87G$6>4 # @M M"'A # Anne o! -erioth1 F"rewe%% to +(d"s_s Mother1
C83G$627 # @M M"'A # F"rewe%% to +(tt"1
C8FG$628 # @M M"'A # F"rewe%% to Hebron1
C86G$65C # @M M"'A # F"rewe%% to /ethI(r1
C84G$654 # @M M"'0Th(A # At /ether1
C88G$6CC # @M M"'0FriA # +es(s "t /ether with Peter "nd /"rtho%oew1
7>>G$6C4 # @L M"'0S"tA # F"rewe%% to /ether1
7>2G$67C # @L M"'0S"tA # Sion o! +on"h_s Str(gg%e "nd S$irit("% &ictor'1
7>5G$67F # @L M"'0S(nA # Going tow"rds E"(s on the P%"in1
7>CG$63> # @L M"'0 S(nA # Litt%e Mich"e% "nd Pre"ching ne"r E"(s on the P%"in1
7>7G$6F2 # @ L M"'A # At +o$$"0 +es(s S$e"ks to +(d"s o! -erioth "nd to Soe Genti%es1
,A,. L M"'0 AD CC The 3arable o! the &ineyard 4#ner and the T#o (ons # Nicode(sH Est"te in the
Phi%istine P%"in 7>3G$1663
MT 52 5751TU5721
54 /(t wh"t do 'o( thinkB A cert"in "n h"d two sons1 And coing to the !irst0 he s"id: Son0 go work tod"' in
' *ine'"rd1 58 And he "nswering0 s"id: ) wi%% not1 /(t "!terw"rds0 being o*ed with re$ent"nce0 he went1 C>
And coing to the other0 he s"id in %ike "nner1 And he "nswering0 s"id: ) wi%% go0 sir0 b(t he went not1 C2
9hich o! the two did the !"therHs wi%%B The' s"id to hi: The !irst1 +es(s s"id to the: Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to
'o(0 th"t the $(b%ic"ns "nd the h"r%ots sh"%% go into the -ingdo o! God be!ore 'o(1 C5 For +ohn c"e to 'o( in
the w"' o! K(stice Lrighteo(snessM0 "nd 'o( did not be%ie*e hi0 b(t the $(b%ic"ns "nd the h"r%ots be%ie*ed hi1
/(t 'o(0 seeing it0 did not e*en "!terw"rds re$ent0 th"t 'o( ight be%ie*e hi Lconcerning his testion' to MeM1
,A*. L M"'0 Th(0 AD CC Faith as a Grain o! Mustard (eed # Est"te o! +ose$h o! Ari"the" 7>FG$1645
L- 26 236c1TU2861
3 And the A$ost%es s"id to the Lord: )ncre"se o(r !"ithP F And the Lord s"id: )! 'o( h"d !"ith %ike " gr"in o!
(st"rd seed 'o( co(%d s"' to this (%berr' tree: /e rooted ($ "nd be tr"ns$%"nted into the se"0 "nd it wo(%d
obe' 'o(1 L)t is not how big oneHs !"ith is b(t how $(re "nd (ni:ed with $erson"% "bition "nd oti*es0 or %"ck o! %o*e1M
7>6G$645 # @L M"'0S"tA # )n the Ho(se o! +ose$h o! Ari"the" on " S"bb"th1 +ohn0 " Meber o! the S"nhedrin1
7>4G$644 # @L M"'0S(nA # The A$ost%es S$e"k1
7>8G$68C # @L M"'A # The Mir"c(%o(s G%e"ning in the P%"in1
72>G$4>> # @L M"'A # The Li%' o! the &"%%e'1
3)"T)C4(T 7 $D << 7 5 M$8
722G$4>7 # @L M"'A # )n +er(s"%e !or Pentecost1
,A<1 L M"'0 AD CC Dinner #ith the Wi/ed Hel/ai o! the (anhedrin # +er(s"%e 722G$142>0
L- 22 274b1TU2>>1
CC No "n %ights " %"$ "nd $(ts it in " hidden $%"ce0 or (nder " b(she%0 b(t ($on " %"$ st"nd0 th"t the' th"t
coe in "' see the %ight1
L- 22 2>>1TU28F1
C6 And "s +es(s w"s s$e"king L28C"1M0 " cert"in Ph"risee desired th"t He wo(%d dine with hi1 And +es(s0
going in0 s"t down to e"t1 C4 And the Ph"risee beg"n to "sk within hise%! wh' He did not Linsist onM w"shLingM
be!ore dinner1D C8 And the Lord s"id to hi: Now 'o( Ph"risees "ke c%e"n the o(tside o! the c($ "nd o! the
$%"tter0 b(t 'o(r inside is !(%% o! r"$ine LdiscontentM "nd ini;(it'1 7> Yo( !oo%s0 did not He 9ho "de th"t which is
witho(t0 "ke "%so th"t which is withinB 72 /(t gi*e !or "%s those things which "re within Linner righteo(s
"ttit(des "nd tho(ghts tow"rd others %ike the co(rtes' ) showed 'o( b' not ho%ding ($ 'o(r dinner K(st to !(%!i%% " cereoni"% ritePM 0
"nd beho%d0 "%% things wi%% then be c%e"n (nto 'o( Lwitho(t h"*ing to w"sh oneHs h"ndsM1
75 /(t woe to 'o(0 Ph"risees0 bec"(se 'o( tithe Lon 'o(rM int "nd r(e "nd e*er' herb0 b(t $"ss o*er Lneg%ectM
K(stice0 "nd the %o*e o! God1 Now these things 'o( o(ght to h"*e done0 b(t not to %e"*e the other (ndone1 7C 9oe
to 'o(0 Ph"risees0 bec"(se 'o( %o*e the ($$erost se"ts in the s'n"gog(es0 "nd greeting in the "rket$%"ce1 77
9oe to 'o(0 bec"(se 'o( "re "s hidden (nseen se$(%chers which en (n"w"re w"%k o*er L"nd becoe cereoni"%%'
73 And one o! the %"w'ers "nswering0 s"id to Hi: M"ster0 in s"'ing these things0 Yo( re$ro"ch (s "%so1 7F /(t
+es(s s"id: 9oe to 'o( %"w'ers "%so bec"(se 'o( %o"d en with b(rdens which the' c"nnot be"r0 "nd 'o(
'o(rse%*es do not so (ch "s e*en to(ch the b(rden with "n L($%i!tedM !ingerP 76 9oe to 'o( who b(i%d the
on(ents o! the $ro$hets0 whi%e 'o(r Ls$irit("%M !"thers ki%%ed theP 74 Tr(%' 'o( be"r witness th"t 'o( consent
to the doings o! 'o(r !"thers0 !or the' indeed ki%%ed the "nd 'o( b(i%d their se$(%chers Lto ce%ebr"te their de"ths0
bec"(se 'o( cert"in%' do not obe' their wordsMP 78 For this c"(se "%so the 9isdo o! GodD Lthe Lord s$e"king o! Hise%! W
Mt15C:C7M s"id: ) wi%% send to the $ro$hets "nd "$ost%es0 "nd soe o! the the' wi%% ki%% "nd $ersec(te0 3> th"t
the b%ood o! "%% the $ro$hets which w"s shed !ro the !o(nd"tion o! the wor%d0 "' be re;(ired o! this
gener"tion0 32 !ro the b%ood o! Abe% LGen17:4M (nto the b%ood o! Oech"ri"h0 who w"s s%"in between the "%t"r "nd
the te$%e L5 ,hr157:5>#52E Oech12:2M1 Yes ) s"' to 'o(0 it sh"%% "%% be re;(ired o! this gener"tion Lbec"(se the h"te "nd e*i%
o! these re%igio(s r(%ers th"t wo(%d %e"d to the ,r(ci!i:ion o! +es(s ,hrist GodHs own Son0 $(re Lo*e )nc"rn"te0 w"s the gre"test
crie e*er coitted b' "n to this $oint in histor' with the gre"test h("n c(%$"bi%it'MP 35 9oe to 'o( %"w'ers0 !or 'o( h"*e
t"ken "w"' the ke' o! the know%edge Lo! Tr(thM1 Yo( 'o(rse%*es h"*e not entered in Lto Tr(thM0 "nd those th"t were
entering in0 'o( h"*e hinderedP
3C And "s +es(s w"s s"'ing these things to the0 the Ph"risees "nd the %"w'ers beg"n to *eheent%' $ress Hi
to s$e"k "bo(t "n' things0 37 %'ing in w"it !or Hi0 seeking to c"tch soething !ro His o(th !or which the'
ight "cc(se Hi1
72CG$45> # @L M"'A # At /eth"n'1
727G$6 # @E +(nA # The /egg"r on the Ro"d to +ericho1
,A@. E +(n0 AD CC Uahaeus9 Conversion # +ericho 723G$12C
MT 24 24C1TU2C>1
22L22!nM For the
Son o! M"n h"s
coe to s"*e th"t
which w"s %ost1
This te:t does not occ(r
here in "n' "ncient ss1
b(t +es(s did "ke this
st"teent in the O"cch"e(s
"cco(nt so it "$$e"rs
M"tthew "dded it in " %"ter
L- 28
2 AND entering
into +ericho0 +es(s
w"%ked thro(gh the
cit'1 5 And beho%d0
there w"s " "n
n"ed O"cch"e(s who w"s the chie! o! the $(b%ic"ns LRo"n t": co%%ectorsM0 "nd he w"s rich1 C And he so(ght to see
who +es(s w"s0 b(t he co(%d not bec"(se o! the crowd "nd bec"(se he w"s o! s"%% st"t(re1 7 And r(nning "he"d0
he c%ibed ($ into " s'c"ore tree th"t he ight see +es(s !or He w"s to $"ss th"t w"'1 3 And when +es(s c"e
to the $%"ce0 %ooking ($0 He s"w hi "nd s"id to hi: O"cch"e(s0 "ke h"ste "nd coe down0 !or this d"' ) (st
"bide in 'o(r ho(seP F And he "de h"ste "nd c"e down0 "nd recei*ed Hi with Ko' Linto his ho(seM1 6 And when
the $eo$%e s"w it the' (r(red0 s"'ing: He h"s gone to be " g(est with " "n th"t w"s " sinner1 4 /(t
O"cch"e(s L"!ter the e"%M st"nding0 s"id to the Lord: /eho%d0 Lord0 the h"%! o! ' goods ) gi*e to the $oor0 "nd i! )
h"*e wronged "n' "n o! "n'thing0 ) wi%% restore hi !o(r!o%d1 8 +es(s s"id to hi L"nd the critics be'ond the g"teM:
This d"' is s"%*"tion coe to this ho(se bec"(se he "%so is " son o!
Abr"h"P 2> For the Son o! M"n is coe to seek "nd to s"*e th"t which w"s %ostP
Ddinner: +es(s did not
$(r$ose%' neg%ect this
rit("%0 e*en tho(gh it w"s
"n "de bec"(se it did
s'bo%iIe " good tr(th1
The Poem re*e"%s th"t
He%k"i de%iber"te%' r(shed
+es(s into the dining roo
"s " test to see how serio(s
He took the rit("%1 +es(s0
"%w"'s s(rrendered s(ch
rites0 howe*er0 to co(rtes'
"nd consider"tion !or
DThe Wisdom o! God
said: The Lord is s$e"king
o! Hise%! @Pro*12:5>#5CA
!or wh"t !o%%ows is no
;(ot"tion !ro "n'
Scri$t(re0 (n%ess it is !ro
soe %ost so(rce1 The
Poem is c%e"r th"t these
were +es(s "ct("% words
"nd since "%% the A$ost%es
were $resent0 M"tthew0 "s
w"s his h"bit0 (st h"*e
written down the
con*ers"tion1 Since the
M"tthew does not inc%(de
these words in his Gos$e%
@Mt15C:C7A0 L(ke (st
h"*e h"d "ccess to
M"tthewHs origin"% notes
bec"(se this is too s"%% o!
" det"i% to h"*e been
inc%(ded here b' "n' other
F). 4F .4%D$" D 3)%)$' D)C$345I(' "4%TH)%" ($M$%I$ 7 )D5 .>")' $D <<G LPoe ,h"$ters 72F#757M
,A2. E +(n # L Oct0 AD CC .esus $voids Danger to His Disiples # The Si:th G"%i%e"n Ministr' 72F# 763
+N 6
24F 1TU2881
2 AFTER these things Li1e1 24F10 b(t s$eci!ic"%%' bec"(se o! the de*e%o$ents within the 3
+(de"n Ministr'0 o! which +ohn s"'s
nothing1 See 28810 +ohnHs ne:t e$isode1M +es(s w"%ked in G"%i%ee0 !or He wo(%d not w"%k in +(de"0 bec"(se the +ews
so(ght to ki%% Hi L"nd He knew the Disci$%es wo(%d not be "b%e to h"nd%e in !"ith these thre"ts "g"inst HiM1
,AC. E +(n0 AD CC :e#are o! the 5eaven o! the 3harisees 7 Fear "ot Those Who Oill the :ody # A
&i%%"ge on E"st b"nk o! +ord"n @726G$153#7CA
L- 25 28C1TU2331
2 AND when gre"t (%tit(des stood "bo(t Hi0 so th"t the' tr"$%ed one ($on "nother0 He beg"n to s"' to His
Disci$%es: /ew"re o! the %e"*en o! the Ph"risees which is h'$ocris' Lcoing !ro en*'M1 L/ec"(se their tri($hs o!
which 'o( ight "%so becoe en*io(s0 "re !%eeting1M 5 For there is nothing co*ered Lwhether it is good or e*i%M th"t sh"%% not
be re*e"%ed0 nor hidden th"t sh"%% not be known1 C For wh"te*er things 'o( h"*e s$oken in d"rkness sh"%% be
$(b%ished in the %ight "nd th"t which 'o( h"*e Lh"d toM whis$er in the e"r in the ch"bers0 sh"%% be $re"ched on
the ho(seto$s1 LSoe d"' the who%e wor%d wi%% be shown b' the ,h(rch wh"t 'o( now (st on%' s$e"k in secretPM
M"n' things +es(s t"(ght His A$ost%es which we c"%% the !in"% De$osit o! F"ith <once !or "%% de%i*ered= to the ,h(rch b' ,hrist @+(de
FA0 w"s then not t"(ght $(b%ic%' or $(t in the c"nonic"% record1 The ,h(rch with its contin(ing A$osto%ic O!!ice w"s the c(stodi"n o!
th"t !"ith "nd it beg"n to $roc%"i th"t co$%ete bod' o! !"ith on%' "!ter the ,h(rch h"d been se"soned b' the shedding o! its own
b%ood1 This c"e "!ter the Edict o! Mi%"n in C2C AD1 )t is the ,h(rch then which is <the $i%%"r "nd gro(nd o! the tr(th= with the
Scri$t(re $roc%"iing on%' $"rt o! th"t re*e%"tion1 See 2 Ti1C:23
7 And ) s"' to 'o(0 M' !riends: /e not "!r"id o! the who ki%% the bod'0 "nd "!ter th"t h"*e no ore th"t the' c"n
do1 3 /(t ) wi%% te%% 'o( who 'o( sh"%% !e"r1 Fe"r Hi0 9ho "!ter He h"s ki%%ed0 h"s $ower to c"st into He%%P
Yes0 ) s"' to 'o(0 !e"r HiP F Are not !i*e s$"rrows so%d !or two !"rthings0 "nd not one o! the is !orgotten be!ore
GodB 6 Yes0 the *er' h"irs o! 'o(r he"d "re "%% n(bered1 Fe"r not there!ore0 'o( "re o! ore *"%(e th"n "n'
4 And ) s"' to 'o(0 9hoe*er sh"%% con!ess Me be!ore en0 hi sh"%% the Son o! M"n "%so con!ess be!ore the
"nge%s o! God1D 8 /(t he who sh"%% den' Me be!ore en0 sh"%% be denied be!ore the "nge%s o! God1 2> And
whoe*er s$e"ks " word "g"inst the Son o! M"n0 it sh"%% be !orgi*en hi0 b(t to hi who sh"%% b%"s$hee "g"inst
the Ho%' S$irit0 it sh"%% not be !orgi*en Lbec"(se this one h"s reKected the *er' %"st e"ns God h"s o! bringing hi to tr(e
re$ent"nce @Hebrews F:7#FE 2>:5F#58AM1 22 And when the' sh"%% bring 'o( into the s'n"gog(es0 "nd to "gistr"tes "nd
$owers0 be not "n:io(s how or wh"t 'o( sh"%% "nswer0 or wh"t 'o( sh"%% s"'0 25 !or the Ho%' S$irit sh"%% te"ch 'o(
in the s"e ho(r wh"t 'o( (st s"'1
DCon!ess be!ore the angels: ,%e"r%' this is O(r Lord %"ter in He"*en either "cce$ting or reKecting the intercessor' work o! the "nge%s
in res$onse to the re;(ests o! those who h"*e $r"'er to the1 @See Re*1 4:C#7 where "nge%s h"*e the $r"'ers o! the s"ints o! God in
their h"nds "nd "re then o!!ered to God1A
,A;. E +(n0 AD CC We Will $l#ays be >npro!itable (ervants # E"st /"nk o! +ord"n ne"r Enon 75>G$13>
L- 26 2851TU
6 /(t which o! 'o( h"*ing " ser*"nt !or $%owing or !eeding c"tt%e0 th"t when he h"s coe !ro the !ie%d0 wi%% s"'
to hi: Go iedi"te%'0 sit down !or s($$erP 4 "nd wi%% not r"ther s"' to hi: M"ke re"d' ' s($$er0 gird
'o(rse%! "nd ser*e e (nti% ) e"t "nd drink0 "nd "!terw"rds 'o( sh"%% e"t "nd drinkB 8 Does he e*en th"nk th"t
ser*"nt !or doing the things which he w"s co"nded to doB 2> ) think not1 So 'o( "%so0 when 'o( sh"%% h"*e
done "%% these things th"t "re co"nded o! 'o(0 sho(%d s"': 9e "re (n$ro!it"b%e ser*"nts1 9e h"*e on%' done
th"t which we o(ght to do1
752G$32 # @M +(nA # The Re$ent"nt Sinner )s "%w"'s to be Forgi*en1
755G$36 # @L +(n09edA # M"rt'rdo !or Lo*e )s Abso%(tion1
75CG$F> # @L +(n0Th(A # At ,"es"re"1 P"r"b%e o! the F"ther 9ho Gi*es E"ch o! His ,hi%dren the S"e Ao(nt o! Mone'1
757G$F4 # @L +(n0Th(GFriA # At ,"es"re"1 The Ro"n L"dies "nd the S%"*e0 G"%%" ,i$rin"1
TH) (IJTH G$5I5)$" MI"I(T%8 D D)C$345I(' T)T%$%CH8 4F 3HI5I3' (8%4D3H4)"ICI$' ($M$%I$ 7 @ M4 7 5
.>" D 5 4CT $D << LPoe ,h"$ters 753#745M
,AB. L +(n # L Oct0 AD CC $ Final Ministry in Galilee be!ore His 4!!ering $s 4ur 3assover 5amb
See i$ort"nt te:t /o: on the !o%%owing $"geP 753# 745G$14>#774
L- 26 TU5>21
22 And it c"e to $"ss0 "s He w"s going to +er(s"%e Lto gi*e His %i!eM0 He $"ssed thro(gh the idst o! S""ri" "nd
G"%i%ee Lthen b"ck thro(gh S""ri" to +(de" !or His F
inistr' there "nd His cr(ci!i:ionM1
753G$4> # @L +(n0FriA # A(re" G"%%"1
75FG$44 # @L +(n0FriA # P"r"b%e o! the &ine'"rd "nd o! Free 9i%%1
756G$87 # @L +(n0S"tA # Going "bo(t the P%"in o! Esdr"e%on1
754G$8F # @L +(n0S"tA # The F"%%en Nest "nd the Scribe0 +oh"n"n /en O"cc"i1
758G$2>> # @L +(n0S"tA # The +o(rne' in the P%"in o! Esdr"e%on ,ontin(es1
7C>G$2>5 # @L +(n0S"tGS(nA # Ne"r Se$horis with +oh"n"n_s Pe"s"nts1
7C2G$2>4 # @L +(n0S(nA # Arri*"% "t N"I"reth1
7C5G$22C # @E#M +(%'A # P"r"b%e o! P"inted 9ood1
7CCG$228 # @M +(%0FriA # The S"bb"ths in the Pe"ce o! N"I"reth1
7C7G$257 # @M +(%0S"tA # /e!ore /eing " Mother0 the /%essed &irgin )s " D"(ghter "nd " Ser*"nt o!
7C3G$254 # @M +(%0S"tA # +es(s "nd His Mother ,on*erse1
7CFG$2C> # @M +(%0MonGT(eA # The /%essed &irgin "t Tiberi"s1
7C6G$2CF # @M +(%09edA # A(re" Does the 9i%% o! God1
7C4G$27> # @L +(%0FriA # Another S"bb"th "t N"I"reth1
7C8G$273 # @L +(%0S"tGS(nA # De$"rt(re !ro N"I"reth1 +o(rne' tow"rds /eth%ehe o! G"%i%ee1
77>G$23C # @L +(%0S(nA # +(d"s with the /%essed &irgin "t N"I"reth1
772G$238 # @L +(%A # De"th o! M"rKi"_s Gr"nd!"ther1
775G$2FC # @L +(%A # +es(s S$e"ks o! ,h"rit' to the A$ost%es1
77CG$2F8 # @L +(%A # Arri*"% "t Tiberi"s1 P"r"b%e o! the R"in on the &ine1
777G$242 # @L +(%A # Arri*"% "t ,"$ern"(1
773G$245 # @L A(gA # Pre"ching "t ,"$ern"(1
77FG$244 # @L A(gA # At M"gd"%"1 P"r"b%e on Good "nd /"d 9i%%1
776G$286 # @M Se$A # Litt%e A%$h"e(s o! Merob"1
774G$5>5 # @M Se$A # At the &i%%"ge be!ore Hi$$o1
778G$5>8 # @M Se$0T(eA # Morning Seron in the &i%%"ge on the L"ke1
73>G$523 # @M Se$0T(eA # Ne"r the P%"ce o! the Le$er1 P"r"b%e on the Ten
732G$557 # @M Se$09edA # At Hi$$o1 Lo*e !or the Poor1 ,(re o! "n O%d S%"*e1
735G$5C2 # @L Se$09ed # ATow"rds G""%"1 The /%essed &irginHs Lo*e in Doing the 9i%% o! God1
73CG$5C6 # @L Se$0Th(A # Ne"r G""%"1 +es(s Entr(sts the ,h(rch to the /%essed &irgin "nd
S$e"ks o! Merc' on O$$ressed Peo$%e1
737G$578 # @L Se$0FriA # Fro G""%" to A$hek1
733G$53F # @L Se$0FriA # Pre"ching "t A$hek1
73FG$5F> # @L Se$0FriA # At Gerghes" "nd Ret(rn to ,"$ern"(1
736G$5F3 # @L Se$0FriA # /e "s 9ise "s Ser$ents "nd "s Si$%e "s Do*es1
734G$56> # @L Se$0S"tA # The S"bb"th "t ,"$ern"(1
738G$566 # @L Se$0S"tA # At +oh"nn" o! ,h(I"_s1 Letters !ro Antioch1
7F>G$58F # @L Se$0S(nA # At the Ther"% /"ths o! E"(s o! Tiberi"s1
7F2G$C>2 # @L Se$0S(nA # At T"riche"1 G"%"ti"0 the Sinner1
7F5G$C22 # @L Se$0S(nA # )n ,h(I"_s ,o(ntr' Ho(se1 The Te$ting Pro$os"% M"de to +es(s "nd M"de
-nown b' the Disci$%e +es(s Lo*ed1
7FCG$C54 # @L Se$0MonA # At /eths"id" "nd ,"$ern"(1 De$"rt(re on " New +o(rne'1
7F7G$CC6 # @L Se$0MonA # )n the Ho(se o! +(d"s "nd Anne ne"r L"ke Mero1
7F3G$C72 # @L Se$0MonA # P"r"b%e on the Distrib(tion o! 9"ters1
7FFG$C3> # @L Se$0T(eA # +(d"s )sc"riot Fi%%s +es(s with +o'1
7F6G$C3F # @L Se$0T(eA # F"rewe%% to the Few /e%ie*ers in -or"Ii1
7F4G$C34 # @L Se$0FriA # +es(s S$e"ks o! M"trion' to " Mother#in#L"w1
7F8G$CFC # @L Se$0FriA # +es(s S$e"ks to /"rn"b"s o! the L"w o! Lo*e1
76>G$C6> # @E Oct0S"tA # A +(dgent o! +es(s1
762G$C66 # @E OctA # ,(re o! the /o' /orn /%ind !ro Sidon1
765G$C4C # @E OctA # A &ision th"t )s Lost in " R"$t(re o! Lo*e1
76CG$C44 # @M Oct09edA # Going tow"rd Se$oris1
767G$C8C # @M Oct09edA # +es(s with the Le$ro(s Sinners o! /eth%ehe o! G"%i%ee1
763G$7>5 # @M Oct09edA # +es(s "nd His Mother in the 9ood o! M"tt"thi"s1
,AA. M Oct0 Th(0 AD CC The >nbelie! o! .oseph and (imon' .esus9 Cousins' :egins to Dissipate # P%"in
o! +eIree%0 G"%i%ee # End o! Si:th G"%i%e"n Ministr'
+N 6 2831TU
5 Now the +ewsH Fe"st o! T"bern"c%es w"s "t h"nd L"bo(t " week "w"'M1 C And His brethren LHis two o%dest co(sins
@Mt12:57PA who sti%% did not !(%%' be%ie*eM s"id to Hi: Le"*e here "nd go into +(de" th"t Yo(r disci$%es "%so "' see
the works which Yo( do1 7 For there is no "n th"t does "n'thing in secret0 i! he hise%! desires to be known
o$en%'P )! Yo( do these things Lthese ir"c%esM0 "ni!est Yo(rse%! to the wor%d L"nd i$ose Yo(rse%! in +er(s"%e "s the
right!(% kingM1 3 For neither did His brethren L'etM be%ie*e in Hi L"s $ri"ri%' " spirit&al -ing or "s the Son o! GodM1 F
Then +es(s s"id to the: M' tie h"s not 'et coe L!or wh"t 'o( desireM0 b(t 'o(r tie is "%w"'s re"d'1 6 The
wor%d c"nnot h"te 'o(0 b(t Me it h"tes0 bec"(se ) gi*e testion' o! it0 th"t the works o! the wor%d "re e*i%1 4 Yo(
The @Y month Galilean
ministry missing in the
9hi%e it wo(%d be "%ost
inconcei*"b%e to i"gine th"t
"%% !o(r E*"nge%ists wo(%d
oit e*er' "cco(nt o! "n
entire 7e onth inistr' o!
o(r Lord in G"%i%ee this w"s
e:"ct%' wh"t one disco*ers in
the re"ding The PoemP This
sees ne:t to i$ossib%e1
Howe*er0 in the cre"tion o! "
H"ron' o! the Gos$e%s
b"sed on The Poem, )hich
'i+es a clear datin'
seM&ence it is disco*ered
there w"s indeed " 7e onth
$eriod issing in the Gos$e%
record1 F(rther0 the e*idence
o! " possi-le issing
inistr' is hidden in this te:t
here in 5u/e @2841 "bo*eA
"nd "%so in .ohn @2881
be%owA which entions +es(s
being in G"%i%ee d(ring this
*er' issing tie $eriodP
F(rther0 the "cco(nt in the
Poem gi*es (s the *er'
re"son "%% these "cco(nts
were ski$$edP +es(s is
ere%' bidding e*er'one
!"rewe%% "nd in!oring the
He wi%% see the no ore1
This o! co(rse wo(%d not be
"teri"% s(ited to the Gos$e%
writers1 )ndeed0 L(ke st"tes
wh"t is $recise%' re*e"%ed in
The Poem0 th"t "s +es(s
<$"sses thro(gh the idst o!
S""ri" "nd G"%i%ee= on this
issing inistr' <He )as
'oin' to #er&salem1= 9e
h"*e here K(st "nother ost
incredib%e testion' to the
di*ine origin o! this
re*e%"tion gi*en to M"ri"
go ($ to this !e"st0 b(t ) " not going ($ to this !e"st L"s " Pro$het or " R"bbi W The Poem )&0724M0 bec"(se M' tie is
not 'et !(%%' coe Lto i$ose on "n'oneM1 8 9hen He h"d s"id these things0 He st"'ed LbehindM in G"%i%ee1
766G$728 # @M Oct0Th(A # Aw"iting +oh"n"nHs Pe"s"nts ne"r the +eIree% Tower1
FT4 .)%>($5)M D I" ($M$%I$ 7 5 4CT4:)% $D <<G LPoe ,h"$ters 764#745M
*++. L Oct0 AD CC To .erusalem through (amaria 764G$175C
+N 6 TU5>51
2> /(t "!ter His brethren h"d gone ($0 then He "%so went ($ to the !e"st0 not o$en%'0 b(t0 "s it were0 in secret L"s
ere%' " worshi$erM1
768G$757 # @L Oct0 FriA # +es(s "nd +ohn Arri*e in Eng"nni1
74>G$7C> # @L OctA # +es(s "nd the S""rit"n She$herd1
*+,. L Oct0 AD CC Ten 5epers Healed and 4ne Than/!ul (amaritan # To E$hr"i 742G$1772
L- 26
25 And "s +es(s entered into " cert"in town0 there et Hi ten en who were %e$ers0 st"nding "!"r o!!1 2C The'
%i!ted ($ their *oices0 s"'ing: +es(sP M"sterP H"*e erc' on (sP 27 9hen He s"w the0 He s"id: Go0 show
'o(rse%*es to the $riestsP And it c"e to $"ss0 "s the' went0 the' were "de c%e"n1 23 And one o! the0 when he
s"w th"t he w"s "de c%e"n0 c"e b"ck g%ori!'ing God with " %o(d *oice1 2F And he !e%% on his !"ce be!ore
+es(sH !eet0 gi*ing th"nks1 And this one w"s " S""rit"n1
26 And +es(s "nswering0 s"id0 9ere not ten "de c%e"nB /(t where "re the nineB 24 LT(rning to the "n' +ewish
townHs $eo$%e th"t h"d !o%%owed Hi0 He s"id:M 9"s there is no one !o(nd to ret(rn "nd gi*e g%or' to God0 b(t this
!oreignerP 28 And He s"id to hi: Arise0 go 'o(r w"'0 !or 'o(r !"ith h"s "de 'o( who%eP
745G$777 # @L OctA # At E$hr"i1 The P"r"b%e o! the Poegr"n"te1

TH) (IJTH .>D)$" MI"I(T%8 D 3)%)$' ($M$%I$ 7 C M4" 7 5 4CT $D << D M $3% $D <@ LPoe ,h"$ters 74C#34FM

T$:)%"$C5)( 7 $D << 7 5 4CT4:)% D ) "4&)M:)%
*+*. L Oct0 AD CC The .e#s (ee/ !or .esus at the Feast o! Tabernales # +es(s in /eth"n' G Disci$%es in
+er(s"%e 74CG$1778
+N 6 5>>1TU
22 The +ews0 there!ore0 so(ght Hi on the !e"st d"'0 "nd s"id: 9here is HeB 25 And there w"s (ch
(r(ring "ong the crowds concerning Hi0 !or soe s"id: He is " good "n0 whi%e others s"id: No0 b(t He
sed(ces the $eo$%e1 2C Yet no "n s$oke o$en%' o! Hi !or !e"r o! the +ews1 LFe"r is %"ck o! !"ith "nd %o*e which in
the end contrib(ted "s (ch to o(r LordHs ,r(ci!i:ion "s those who c"%%ed !or it1M
*+<. L Oct0 S(n0 AD CC .esus )nters the Temple on the 2
Day o! the Feast # The Te$%e 747G$1737
+N 6 TU5>31
27 Now "bo(t the idd%e o! the !e"st0 +es(s went ($ into the te$%e "nd t"(ght1
*+@. L Oct0 S(n0 AD CC The Oingdom o! God is Within 8ou # Te$%e in +er(s"%e 747G$173F
L- 26 5>21TU5>F1
5> And being "sked b' the Ph"risees when the -ingdo o! God sho(%d coe0 He "nswered the0 "nd s"id: The
-ingdo o! God coes not with obser*"tion L"s do "%% e"rth%' kingdosM1 52 Neither sh"%% the' s"': /eho%d0 here it
isP Or: /eho%d0 there it isP For %o0 the -ingdo o! God is within 'o(P
*+2. L Oct0 S(n0 AD CC .esus Con!ronts the >nbelie! and Murderous Intentions o! .e#ish 5eaders
+N 6 5>C1TU5>61
23 And the +ews wondered0 s"'ing: How is it th"t this M"n knows the writings Lo! Scri$t(reM0 h"*ing ne*er
%e"rned Lin the R"bbinic"% schoo%sMB 2F +es(s "nswered the0 "nd s"id: M' doctrine Lte"chingM is not Mine0 b(t His
9ho sent Me1 26 )! "n' "n does His wi%%0 he sh"%% know o! the doctrine Lo! ineM0 whether it is o! God0 or
whether ) s$e"k o! M'se%!1 24 He who s$e"ks o! hise%!0 seeks his own g%or'0 b(t He who seeks the g%or' o!
Hi 9ho sent Hi0 He is tr(e "nd there is no inK(stice L(nrighteo(snessM in Hi1 28 Did Moses not gi*e 'o( the
L"wB "nd 'et none o! 'o( kee$s the L"w1 5> LYo( s"' 'o( kee$ the L"wBM0 then wh' do 'o( seek to ki%% Me0 Lwhich
is bre"king the si:th co"ndentMB The crowd "nswered "nd s"id: Yo( h"*e " deonP 9ho seeks to ki%% Yo(BP 52
+es(s "nswered "nd s"id to the: LYo( h"*e0 "nd !or K(stM one work ) h"*e doneP And 'o( "%% "re "sto(ndedP 55
Now0 Moses g"*e 'o( circ(cision @not bec"(se it w"s o! Moses0 b(t !ro the $"tri"rchsA0 "nd 'o( circ(cise "
"n on the S"bb"th d"'1 5C )! " "n recei*es circ(cision on the S"bb"th d"'0 th"t the L"w o! Moses "' not
be broken0 "re 'o( "ngr' "t Me bec"(se ) h"*e he"%ed " "n co$%ete%' Lin bod' "nd so(%M on the S"bb"th d"'B 57
+(dge not "ccording to the "$$e"r"nce Lor the %etterM0 b(t K(dge K(st K(dgent L"ccording to the s$irit or intent o! the
*+C1 L Oct0 S(n0 AD CC The (eond Coming o! Christ #ill be li/e 5ightning # Te$%e in +er(s"%e
L- 26 5>71TU5251
55 And +es(s s"id to His Disci$%es: The d"'s wi%% coe when 'o( sh"%% desire to e:$erience one d"' with the
Son o! M"n L"s 'o( now "re0 "nd in His $h'sic"% re"%it'M "nd 'o( sh"%% not see it1 5C And Lto ock 'o( "nd to e*en c"$t(re
'o( "t th"t tieM the' wi%% s"' to 'o(: See LHi o*erM hereP And: See LHi o*erM thereP Go not "!ter the0 nor
!o%%ow the1 57 For "s the %ightening th"t %ightens !ro (nder He"*en0 shines "%% "cross !ro one end to the
other (nder He"*en0 so sh"%% the Son o! M"n be in His d"'
Lto *isit 'o( right where 'o( "re in "$$"ritionsM1 53 /(t
!irst He (st s(!!er "n' things "nd be reKected b' this gener"tion1
L- 26 What it Will be 5i/e :e!ore the (eond Coming o! Christ 5>F1TU5251
This te:t as a )hole is not !o(nd in The Poem1 The content o! *erses 5F0560C>0 "nd CF "re !o(nd in &o%1 &0 ,h1 3870 $7FF "nd
5F And "s it w"s in the d"'s o! No"h0 so sh"%% it be "%so in the d"'s o! the Son o! M"n1
56 The' "te "nd dr"nk0
the' "rried wi*es "nd were gi*ing in "rri"ge L%i*ing entire%' !or this wor%d "nd its co!orts "nd $%e"s(resM (nti% the d"'
th"t No"h entered into the "rk1 Then the F%ood c"e "nd destro'ed the "%% 1
54 Likewise "s it w"s in the d"'s
o! Lot1 The' "te "nd dr"nk0 the' bo(ght "nd so%d0 the' $%"nted "nd b(i%t1 58 /(t in the d"' th"t Lot went o(t o!
Sodo it r"ined !ire "nd bristone !ro He"*en "nd destro'ed the "%% 1
C> E*en so sh"%% it be in the d"' when
the Son o! M"n sh"%% be re*e"%ed LRe*128#5>M1 C2 )n th"t ho(r0 he who is on the ho(seto$ with his goods in the
ho(se0 %et hi not go down to t"ke the "w"'0 "nd he who is in the !ie%d0 %ikewise0 %et hi not ret(rn b"ck1 C5
Reeber LotHs wi!e1 CC 9hoe*er sh"%% seek to s"*e his %i!e Lo! te$or"% co!ort "nd $%e"s(reM sh"%% %ose itP And
whoe*er sh"%% %ose it L%et it goM sh"%% $reser*e it Lco!ort "nd tr(e $%e"s(re !or eternit'MP
days o! the (on o! Man: )n The Poem +es(s "%so "$$%ied this to the coing <o! the eneies o! the F"ther%"nd= which cert"in%' wo(%d e"n the
coing o! the Ro"ns to destro' +er(s"%e "nd the Te$%e0 b(t wo(%d then "%so "$$%' "n' s$eci!ic tie when di*ine K(dgent coes to " n"tion or
$eo$%e1 GodHs $eo$%e h"*e "%w"'s been gi*en "de;("te w"rnings on these occ"sions1 Note th"t the word days is $%(r"%1
destroyed them all: Tho(gh the sin o! No"hHs d"' "nd the sin o! the inh"bit"nts o! Sodo !orced God to destro' these (nbe%ie*ers0 were "%% those who
died in the Gre"t F%ood dooed etern"%%'B Abso%(te%' notP See 2 Peter C:24#5>E 7:F#61
C7 ) s"' to 'o(0 in th"t night Lo! ,hristHs !in"% !or"% coing #Re*15>:8M there sh"%% be two en in one bed0 the one
sh"%% be t"ken Lin " s($ern"t(r"% !ier' K(dgentM "nd the other sh"%% be %e!t1 C3 Two woen sh"%% be grinding together0
the one sh"%% be t"ken0 "nd the other sh"%% be %e!t1 LCF!nM Two en sh"%% be in the !ie%d0 the one sh"%% be t"ken0
"nd the other sh"%% be %e!t1 CFLC6"M The' "nswering0 s"id to Hi: 9here Lwi%% this end tie K(dgent t"ke $%"ceM0
LordB C6LC6bM +es(s s"id to the: 9here*er the /od' Lthe ,h(rchM sh"%% be0 there wi%% the e"g%es "%so be
g"thered togetherD Lto swoo$ down on the ene' who is re"d' to de*o(r the ,h(rch which wi%% "$$e"r to be d'ing1M
DThere is no cert"int' when **1 CF#C6 were s$oken b(t +es(s did ention the :ody and the eagles in E$isode 53>1 @M"tt157:54A1 Fro The Poem
+es(s identi!ies the /od' there "s His ,h(rch which wi%% "$$e"r "s " de"d cor$se d(ring the end tie tri"%0 K(st be!ore He ret(rns "s %ightening "cross the
sk'1 The e"g%es "re His shining "nge%s who wi%% be in*o%*ed in K(dging "nd destro'ing the ene' who "re the *(%t(res "nd *erin re"d' to de*o(r the
/od'1 E"g%es e"t on%' %i*ing things1
*+;. L Oct0 Mon0 AD CC The .e#s #ere "ot Ignorant o! .esus9 Miraulous Heavenly 4rigin # +es(s
Enters the Te$%e thro(gh the Go%den G"te 743G$17F5
+N 6 5>31TU
53 Soe0 there!ore0 o! +er(s"%e s"id: )s not this He 9ho the' seek to ki%%B 5F And beho%d0 He s$e"ks
o$en%'0 "nd the' s"' nothing to HiP H"*e the r(%ers coe to know !or " tr(th th"t this is the ,hristB 56 LOthers
s"id:M /(t we know this M"n0 !ro where He coes0 b(t when the ,hrist coes0 no "n wi%% know !ro where
He coes1 LM"n' +ews h"d " *er' c"rn"% *iew o! the g%or' o! God0 "nd !ig(red the Messi"h wo(%d !"%% o(t o! the sk' %ike " eteor
or coe in soe other (nn"t(r"% w"'1M 54 +es(s0 there!ore0 cried o(t in the te$%e0 te"ching "nd s"'ing: So 'o( LthinkM
'o( re"%%' know Me0 "nd know !ro where ) c"e L"s 'o( s"'0 c%"iing ignor"nce o! M' he"*en%' originMB L"ote: not
on%' h"d the /"$tist gi*en c%e"r witness to His he"*en%' origin0 b(t the /eth%ehe she$herds h"d been gi*ing witness !or o*er C>
'e"rs to the s$ect"c(%"r e*ents "t the /irth o! ,hrist1M ) h"*e not coe o! M'se%!0 b(t He 9ho sent Me is Tr(th0 9ho
'o( know notP 58 ) know Hi0 bec"(se ) " !ro Hi0 "nd He h"s sent Me1 C> The' so(ght0 there!ore0 to
"$$rehend Hi0 b(t no "n %"id h"nds on Hi0 bec"(se His ho(r h"d not 'et coe1
*+B. E No*0 T(e0 AD CC 8et a 5ittle While I $m With 8ou # Third D"' in the Te$%e 74FG$176>
+N 6 TU52>1
C2 /(t "n' o! the $eo$%e be%ie*ed in Hi0 "nd s"id: 9hen ,hrist coes0 sh"%% He do ore ir"c%es th"n
these which this M"n doesB
C5 The Ph"risees he"rd the $eo$%e (r(ring these things concerning Hi so the r(%ers "nd Ph"risees sent
inisters to "$$rehend Hi1 CC +es(s0 there!ore0 s"id to the: Yet " %itt%e whi%e ) " Lsti%%M with 'o(0 "nd then )
wi%% go b"ck to Hi 9ho sent Me1 C7 Yo( sh"%% seek Me0 "nd sh"%% not !ind Me1 And where ) wi%% be 'o(
c"nnot coe1 C3 The +ews0 there!ore0 s"id "ong these%*es: 9here wi%% He go0 th"t we sh"%% not !ind HiB
9i%% he go (nto the dis$ersed "ong the Genti%es "nd te"ch theB CF 9h"t is this s"'ing th"t He h"s s"id: Yo(
sh"%% seek Me0 "nd sh"%% not !ind Me0 "nd where ) "0 'o( c"nnot coeB
746G$763 # @E No*0T(eA At Nob1 The Mir"c%e on the 9ind1
*+A. E No*0 9ed0 AD CC (u!!er the 5ittle Children to Come T # O(tside +er(s"%e in the Fie%d o! the G"%i%e"ns 744G$1747
MT 28
2C Then %itt%e chi%dren were bro(ght to Hi Lb'
their $"rentsM0 th"t He ight %"' His h"nds ($on
the "nd $r"' !or the1 /(t the Disci$%es
reb(ked the1 27 /(t +es(s s"id to His
Disci$%es: A%%ow the %itt%e chi%dren to coe to
Me0 "nd !orbid the not0 !or the -ingdo o!
He"*en is !or s(ch1B 23 And when He h"d
i$osed His h"nds ($on the L"nd kissed the0
$1743M0 He de$"rted !ro there1
TLitt%e o! wh"t is entioned in the Gos$e%s here is !o(nd in The
Poem "t this tie1 M& "' h"*e not recorded e*er'thing +es(s
s"id or M"tthew drew +es(sH words !ro other occ"sions to
better re$resent His *iew o! chi%dren which were co$ied b' L(ke
"nd M"rk1

M- 2>
2C And the' bro(ght to Hi 'o(ng chi%dren0
th"t He ight to(ch the1 /(t the Disci$%es
reb(ked those who bro(ght the1 27 9hen
+es(s s"w this0 He w"s gre"t%' dis$%e"sed0 "nd
s"id to the: A%%ow the %itt%e chi%dren to coe
(nto Me0 "nd !orbid the not0 !or o! s(ch is the
-ingdo o! GodP 23 Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to
'o(0 whoe*er sh"%% not recei*e the -ingdo o!
God "s " %itt%e chi%d sh"%% not enter into itP 2F
And ebr"cing the0 "nd %"'ing his h"nds
($on the0 He b%essed the1
L- 24
23 Now the' "%so bro(ght (nto
Hi in!"nts th"t He ight to(ch
the1 /(t when the Disci$%es s"w
it0 the' reb(ked the1 2F /(t
+es(s0 c"%%ing the together0 s"id:
A%%ow the chi%dren to coe to Me0
"nd !orbid the not1 For o! s(ch is
the -ingdo o! God1 26 Most
"ss(red%'0 ) s"' to 'o(: 9hoe*er
sh"%% not recei*e the -ingdo o!
God "s " chi%d0 sh"%% not enter into
*,+. E No*0 Th(0 AD CC I! $ny Man Thirst 5et Him Come >nto Me # The Te$%e0 L"st D"' o! Fe"st
+N 6 5>41TU
C6 And on the %"st "nd gre"t d"' o! the !esti*"%0 +es(s stood "nd cried0 s"'ing: )! "n' "n thirst0 %et hi coe to
Me "nd drinkP C4 He who be%ie*es in Me0 "s the Scri$t(re LEIek1 76:2M s"'s: O(t o! His innerost being sh"%% !%ow
ri*ers o! %i*ing w"ter1 C8 Now this Lconcerning the %i*ing w"terM He s"id o! the S$irit which the' who be%ie*ed in
Hi wo(%d recei*e0 !or "s 'et the S$irit w"s not gi*en0 bec"(se +es(s w"s not 'et g%ori!ied Lin His de"th "nd in the
o$ening His side !ro which this ri*er o! w"ter !ro the Te$%e wo(%d !%ow W c!1 5:26#52 "nd EIekie% 76M1
7> There!ore0 when the' o! th"t (%tit(de h"d he"rd these words o! His0 soe s"id: This is The Pro$het indeed
L!oreto%d b' Moses # De(t124:24MP 72 Others s"id: This is the ,hristP /(t soe s"id: 9o(%d ,hrist coe o(t o!
G"%i%eeBP 75 Does not the Scri$t(re s"': Th"t ,hrist coes o! the seed o! D"*id0 "nd !ro /eth%ehe the town
where D"*id w"sB 7C So there "rose " dissension "ong the $eo$%e concerning Hi1 77 And soe o! the
wo(%d h"*e "$$rehended Hi0 b(t no "n %"id h"nds on Hi1
73 The o!!icers0 there!ore0 c"e to the chie! $riests "nd the Ph"risees0 who "sked the: 9h' h"*e 'o( not
bro(ght HiB 7F The o!!icers "nswered: Ne*er did "n' "n s$e"k %ike this M"nP 76 The Ph"risees0 there!ore0
"nswered the: Are 'o( "%so sed(cedBP 74 H"s "n'one o! the r(%ers be%ie*ed in Hi0 or "n' o! the Ph"riseesB
78 /(t this (%tit(de th"t knows not the L"w "re "cc(rsedP 3> Nicode(s @he who c"e to +es(s b' nightA0 who
w"s one o! the0 s"id to the: 32 Does o(r L"w K(dge "n' "n (n%ess it !irst gi*es hi " he"ring0 "nd
deterines wh"t he h"s doneB 35 The' "nswered "nd s"id to hi: Are 'o( "%so " G"%i%e"nBP Se"rch the
Scri$t(res "nd see th"t o(t o! G"%i%ee no $ro$het risesP 3CD And e*er' "n ret(rned to his own ho(se1
B:,D AND +es(s went (nto Mo(nt O%i*et1 TL+ohn 6:3C#4:22M

78>G$783 # @E No*A # At /eth"n'1 <One ,"n -i%% in M"n' 9"'s1=
782G$786 # @E No*A # Ne"r the Fo(nt"in o! En#Roge%1
*,,. E No*0 AD CC The Woman Caught in $dultery D The Te$%e Are" 785G$13>5
+N 4D TU52C1
5 And e"r%' in the orning +es(s c"e "g"in into the te$%e0 "nd "%% the $eo$%e c"e to Hi1 And sitting down
He t"(ght the1 C And the scribes "nd the Ph"risees bro(ght to Hi " wo"n t"ken in "d(%ter'0 "nd the' set her
in the idst0 7 "nd s"id to Hi: M"ster0 this wo"n w"s e*en now c"(ght in the *er' "ct o! "d(%ter'1 3 Now
Moses in the L"w co"nded (s to stone s(ch " one0 b(t wh"t do Yo( s"'B F And this the' s"id te$ting Hi0
th"t the' ight "cc(se Hi1 /(t +es(s bowing Hise%! down wrote with His !inger on the gro(nd1 6 9hen0
there!ore0 the' contin(ed "sking Hi0 He %i!ted ($ Hise%!0 "nd s"id to the: He who is witho(t sin "ong 'o(0
%et hi !irst c"st " stone "t her1 4 And "g"in stoo$ing down0 He wrote on the gro(nd Lthe n"es o! "%% their sinsM1 8
/(t the' he"ring this0 went o(t one b' one0 beginning "t the e%dest1 And +es(s "%one re"ined with the wo"n
st"nding in the idst1 2> Then +es(s %i!ting ($ Hise%!0 s"id to her: 9o"n0 where "re the' who "cc(sed 'o(B
H"s no "n condened 'o(B 22 She s"id: No "n0 Lord1 And +es(s s"id: Neither wi%% ) conden 'o(1 Go0 "nd
now sin no oreP L;:2<DB:,, is not !o(nd in the %"ter red(ctionist ss1b : C 5 indic"ting th"t not "%% ss1 e:isting "t the tie o!
this correction h"d the te:t in +ohnHs Gos$e%1 This indic"tes the te:t w"s "dded %"ter after #ohn first )rote after =D NA1 /(t "g"in "s
The Poem "(thentic"tes the te:t "s gen(ine "nd since it is in +ohnHs *er' $rono(nced st'%e0 in proper seM&ence, we "re !orced to the
conc%(sion th"t +ohn hise%! "dded the te:t in " %"ter edition1 9ho b(t +ohn wo(%d h"*e known the $ro$er se;(ence o! this e*ent
since "%% the other A$ost%es were gone1M
TL+ohn 6:3C#4:22M
78CG$3>4 # @E No*A # )nstr(ctions on the Ro"d to /eth"n'1
787G$322 # @E No*A # At the &i%%"ge o! So%oon "nd in His Ho(se1
783G$32F # @E No*A # +es(s "nd Sion o! +on"s1
78FG$35> # @M No*A # +es(s to Th"dde(s "nd to +"es o! Oebedee1
786G$353 # @M No*A # The M"n !ro Petr"0 ne"r Heshbon1
784G$354 # @M No*A # Descending !ro Mo(nt Nebo1
788G$3C5 # @M No*A # P"r"b%e o! the F"ther who Pr"ises His F"r#"w"' ,hi%dren1 ,(re o! the Litt%e /%ind ,hi%dren0 F"r" "nd T""r1
3>>G$3C8 # @M No*A # Di*ine "nd Di"bo%ic"% Possessions1
3>2G$375 # @M No*A # The 9i!e o! the S"dd(ce"n Necro"ncer1
3>5G$33C # @M No*A # De"th o! An"ni"s1
*,*. M No*0 AD CC The "eed o! 3ersevering Faith in 3rayer 7 The 3arable o! the Woman and the
>nRust .udge # The Te$%e "t +er(s"%e
L- 24 5>F1TU5261
2 AND +es(s to%d the " $"r"b%e th"t we "%so o(ght "%w"'s to $r"' "nd not to %ose ho$e0 5 s"'ing: There w"s "
K(dge in " cert"in cit' who did not !e"r God0 nor reg"rd Lthe needs o!M "n1 C And there w"s " cert"in widow in
th"t cit'0 "nd she c"e to hi0 s"'ing: A*enge e o! ' "d*ers"r'P 7 And !or " %ong tie he wo(%d not1 /(t
"!terw"rds he s"id within hise%!: A%tho(gh ) !e"r not God0 nor reg"rd "n0 3 'et bec"(se this widow is
tro(b%esoe to e0 ) wi%% "*enge her0 %est coing contin("%%' she we"ries eP F And the Lord s"id: He"r wh"t
the (nK(st K(dge s"id1 6 And wi%% not Lo(r K(stM God "*enge His e%ect Lchosen onesM who cr' to hi d"' "nd night
tho(gh He be"rs with the "nd shows LsoeM $"tience in de"%ing with their c"seB 4 ) s"' to 'o( L"s soon "s it is
$ossib%eM0 He wi%% ;(ick%' "*enge theP /(t 'et0 when the Son o! M"n coes0 do 'o( s($$ose He sh"%% !ind !"ith
on the e"rth Len"b%ing en to w"it the re;(ired tie !or "*engingMB
*,<. M No*0 AD CC I $m the 5ight o! the World # The Te$%e 3>7G$13F7
+N 4 5221TU
25 Ag"in0 there!ore0 +es(s s$oke to the0 s"'ing: ) " the Light o! the wor%d1 He who !o%%ows Me0 w"%ks not in
d"rkness0 b(t sh"%% h"*e the %ight o! %i!e1 2C The Ph"risees0 there!ore0 s"id to Hi: Yo( gi*e testion' o!
Yo(rse%!P Yo(r testion' is not tr(eP 27 +es(s "nswered "nd s"id to the: A%tho(gh ) gi*e testion' o! M'se%!0
M' testion' is tr(e0 !or ) know !ro where ) c"e0 "nd know where ) " going0 b(t 'o( know not !ro where )
coe0 or where ) go1 23 Yo( K(dge "ccording to the !%esh Lb' " $"thetic h("n st"nd"rdM1 ) K(dge not "n' "n Lb(t
h"*e on%' shown erc' to "%% e*en to 'o(M1 2F /(t i! ) do K(dge L"nd th"t d"' wi%% cert"in%' coeM0 M' K(dgent wi%% be
tr(e bec"(se ) " not "%one0 b(t ) " with the F"ther 9ho sent Me1 26 And in 'o(r L"w LN(b1C3:C>M it is written
th"t the testion' o! two en is tr(e1 24 ) " one th"t gi*es testion' o! M'se%!0 "nd the F"ther 9ho sent Me
gi*es testion' o! Me L"t M' /"$tisM1 28 The' s"id0 there!ore0 to Hi: 9here is Yo(r !"therB LHe h"s been s%ee$ing
in the se$(%cher !or 'e"rs1 Yo( h"*e no %i*ing !"therPM +es(s "nswered: Yo( neither know Me nor M' F"ther1 )! 'o( did
know Me0 'o( wo(%d know M' F"ther "%so1 5> These words +es(s s$oke in the tre"s(r'0 te"ching in the te$%e1
And no "n %"id h"nds on Hi0 bec"(se His ho(r h"d not 'et coe1
*,@. M No*0 Fri0 AD CC Whither I Go 8ou Cannot Come 7 8ou (hall Die in 8our (ins # The Te$%e
+N 4 TU
52 Ag"in0 there!ore0 +es(s s"id to the: ) " going "w"' "nd 'o( sh"%% seek Me0 b(t 'o( sh"%% die in 'o(r sin1
9here ) go 'o( c"nnot coe1 LThese en wi%% go to "n etern"% He%%M 55 The +ews0 there!ore0 s"id: 9i%% He ki%%
Hise%!0 bec"(se He s"id: 9here ) go0 'o( c"nnot coeB 5C And He s"id to the: Yo( "re !ro bene"th0 ) "
!ro "bo*e1 Yo( "re o! this wor%d0 ) " not o! this wor%d1 57 There!ore0 ) s"id to 'o( th"t 'o( sh"%% die in 'o(r
sins1 For i! 'o( be%ie*e not th"t ) " He Lwith "%% the e*idence 'o( h"*e been gi*enM0 'o( sh"%% die in 'o(r sin1 53
The' s"id0 there!ore0 to Hi: 9ho "re 'o(B +es(s s"id to the: As ) !ro the beginning h"*e s$oken (nto 'o(1
LThe re"ding: <) to%d 'o( "t the beginning wh"t ) " "%so te%%ing 'o( now0= "$$e"rs to be the e"r%iest re"ding0 b(t w"s shortened b'
+ohn in his %"ter edition1 The Poem re*e"%s th"t this de%etion0 %ike "n' other s($$osed <corr($tions0= w"s "de b' the origin"%
"(thor to "ke the te:t ore re"d"b%e1 The Poem "%so re*e"%s th"t "n' %"ter additions were "%so "dded b' the origin"% "(thors @or
"t %e"st b' e'ewitnessesA bec"(se the "dditions "re "%so tr(e to the historic"% e*ent1M 5F M"n' things ) h"*e 'et to s$e"k "nd to
K(dge "bo(t this $eo$%e1 /(t He 9ho sent Me is tr(e "nd wh"t ) h"*e he"rd o! Hi0 ) s$e"k in the wor%d1 56
And the' (nderstood not th"t He s$oke o! God "s His F"ther 1 54 +es(s0 there!ore0 s"id to the: 9hen 'o( sh"%%
h"*e %i!ted ($ the Son o! M"n0 then sh"%% 'o( know th"t ) " He "nd th"t ) do nothing o! M'se%!0 b(t "s the
F"ther h"s t"(ght Me0 these things ) s$e"k1 58 And He 9ho sent Me is with Me0 "nd He h"s not %e!t Me "%one0
!or ) do "%w"'s the things th"t $%e"se Hi1 C> As He s$oke these things0 "n' be%ie*ed in Hi1
C2 Then +es(s s"id to those +ews who be%ie*ed Hi: )! 'o( contin(e in M' 9ord0 'o( sh"%% be M' disci$%es
indeed1 5 And 'o( sh"%% know the tr(th0 "nd the tr(th sh"%% "ke 'o( !reeP CC His detr"ctors re$%ied to Hi:
9e "re the seed Lo!!s$ringM o! Abr"h"0 "nd we h"*e ne*er been s%"*es to "n' "n1 How do Yo( s"': Yo( sh"%% be
C7 +es(s "nswered the: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' (nto 'o(0 th"t whoe*er coits sin is the ser*"nt
o! sin1 C3 Now the ser*"nt "bides not in the ho(se LGodHs co*en"ntM !ore*erE b(t the son "bides !ore*er1 CF )!0
there!ore0 the Son sh"%% "ke 'o( !ree L"nd no %onger " ser*"nt o! sinM0 'o( sh"%% be !ree indeedP C6 ) know th"t 'o(
"re the chi%dren o! Abr"h"0 b(t 'o( seek to ki%% Me bec"(se M' 9ord h"s no $%"ce in 'o(1 C4 ) s$e"k th"t
which ) h"*e seen with M' F"ther "nd 'o( do the things th"t 'o( h"*e seen with 'o(r !"ther1
C8 The' "nswered "nd s"id to Hi: Abr"h" is o(r !"ther1 +es(s s"id to the: )! 'o( were the chi%dren o!
Abr"h"0 LthenM do the works o! Abr"h"1 7> /(t now 'o( seek to ki%% Me0 " M"n 9ho h"s s$oken the tr(th to
'o(0 which ) h"*e he"rd !ro God1 This Abr"h" did not doP 72 Yo( do the works o! 'o(r !"ther1 The' s"id0
there!ore0 to Hi: 9e "re not born o! !ornic"tion1D 9e h"*e one F"ther0 e*en GodP 75 +es(s0 there!ore0 s"id to
the: )! God were 'o(r F"ther0 'o( wo(%d indeed %o*e Me1 For !ro God ) $roceeded "nd c"e1 For ) c"e not
o! M'se%!0 b(t He sent Me1 7C 9h' do 'o( not know M' s$eechB /ec"(se 'o( c"nnot he"r M' 9ord1 77 Yo(
"re o! 'o(r !"ther the De*i%0 "nd the desires o! 'o(r !"ther 'o( wi%% do1 He w"s " (rderer !ro the beginning0
"nd he stood not in the tr(th0 bec"(se tr(th w"s not in hi1 9hen he s$e"ks " %ie0 he s$e"ks o(t o! his own
he"rt0 !or he is " %i"r "nd the !"ther o! %ies1 73 /(t i! ) s"' the tr(th0 'o( be%ie*e Me not1 7F 9hich o! 'o( sh"%%
con*ince Me o! sinB )! ) s"' the tr(th to 'o(0 wh' do 'o( not be%ie*e MeB 76 He who is o! God0 he"rs the words
o! God1 There!ore0 'o( he"r the not0 bec"(se 'o( "re not o! God1 DThis w"s "n "cc(s"tion th"t +es(s w"s i%%egiti"te0
concei*ed o(t o! wed%ock1 )ndeed i! +es(s w"s not *irgin"%%' concei*ed He w"s i%%egiti"te concei*ed in !ornic"tion1 Those who
den' the *irgin birth0 "s "n' odernists in the ,h(rch do0 "cc(se ho%' M"r' o! sin1 74 The +ews0 there!ore0 "nswered "nd
s"id to Hi: Do not we s"' correct%' th"t Yo( "re " S""rit"n0 "nd h"*e " deonB 78 +es(s "nswered: ) h"*e
not " deon0 b(t ) honor M' F"ther0 "nd 'o( h"*e dishonored Me1 3> /(t ) seek not M' own g%or'1 There is
One 9ho seeks Lth"t !or MeM "nd K(dges Lcorrect%'M1 32 Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(: )! "n' "n kee$s
M' 9ord0 he sh"%% ne*er see de"th1 35 The +ews0 there!ore0 s"id: Now we know th"t Yo( h"*e " deon1
Abr"h" is de"d0 "nd the $ro$hets0 "nd 'et Yo( s"': )! "n' "n kee$ M' 9ord he sh"%% ne*er t"ste de"th1 3C
Are 'o( gre"ter th"n o(r !"ther Abr"h" who is de"dB "nd the $ro$hets who "re de"dB 9ho do Yo( "ke
Yo(rse%! to beB 37 +es(s "nswered: )! ) g%ori!' M'se%!0 M' g%or' is nothing1 )t is M' F"ther 9ho g%ori!ies Me0
o! 9ho 'o( s"' th"t He is 'o(r God1 33 Yet 'o( h"*e not known Hi0 b(t ) do know Hi1 And i! ) sho(%d s"'
th"t ) know Hi not0 ) sh"%% be %ike 'o(0 " %i"r1 /(t ) do know Hi0 "nd do kee$ His 9ord1 3F Abr"h" 'o(r
!"ther reKoiced "t the $ros$ect o! seeing Lwith (nderst"ndingM M' d"'1 He s"w it Lwith c%e"r $erce$tionM0 "nd w"s g%"d1
LHebrews 22:2C <A%% these died whi%e s(st"ined b' !"ith0 not h"*ing recei*ed the $roises0 -&t -eholdin' them from afar off1=M 36
The +ews0 there!ore0 Ltwisting His wordsM s"id to Hi: Yo( "re not 'et !i!t' 'e"rs o%d0 "nd h"*e Yo( seen
Abr"h"BP 34 +es(s s"id to the: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 be!ore Abr"h" w"s born0 I $MPD
38 The' took ($ stones0 there!ore0 to c"st "t Hi1 /(t +es(s hid Hise%!0 "nd went o(t o! the te$%e1
DI $M: +es(s (sed the $resent tense to con*e' his tie%ess etern"% n"t(re1 This is " (ch stronger st"teent th"n i! He wo(%d h"*e
s"id0 <be!ore Abr"h" w"s born0 I )as1= Th"t wo(%d ere%' h"*e con*e'ed His $ree:istence not His etern"%it'1 Th"t *er'
e:$ression0 <) AM= w"s how God identi!ied Hise%! to Moses "nd w"s the <n"e= !or God th"t Moses w"s to (se in "$$ro"ching the
chi%dren o! )sr"e% "bo(t his c"%% to %e"d the o(t o! Eg'$t1
3>FG$34> # @M No*0FriA # )n +ose$hHs Ho(se "t Se$horis1 Litt%e M"rti"% N"ed M"n"sseh1
3>6G$346 # @M No*0FriA # The O%d Priest M"t"n @or N"t"nA1
*,2. M No*0 S"t0 AD CC $ Man :orn :lind is Healed on the (abbath # On the 9"' to the S'n"gog(e in
+er(s"%e 3>4G$138C
+N 8 TU
2 AND +es(s $"ssing b' s"w " "n who h"d been b%ind !ro his birth1 5 And His Disci$%es "sked hi: R"bbi0
who h"s sinned0 this "n or his $"rents th"t he sho(%d be born b%indB C +es(s "nswered: )t is not th"t this "n
sinned0 nor his $"rents0 b(t th"t the works o! God sho(%d be "de "ni!est in hi1 7 ) (st work the works o!
Hi 9ho sent Me whi%e it is d"' Li1e1 whi%e ) " "%i*eM1 The night Li1e1 de"thM coes0 when no "n c"n work1 3 As
%ong "s ) " in the wor%d L"nother !i*e onthsM0 ) " the Light o! the wor%d1 F 9hen He h"d s"id these things0 He
s$"t on the gro(nd "nd "de c%"' with the s"%i*"0 "nd s$re"d the c%"' on his e'es1 6 And s"id to hi: Go0 w"sh
in the $oo% o! Si%o" @which e"ns0 SentA1 He went0 there!ore0 "nd w"shed0 "nd c"e b"ck seeing1 4 The
neighbors0 there!ore0 who h"d seen hi be!ore when he w"s " begg"r0 s"id: )s not this he who s"t "nd beggedB
And others: This is heP 8 /(t others s"id: No0 b(t he %ooks %ike hi1 /(t he s"id: ) " heP 2> The' s"id0
there!ore0 to hi: How were 'o(r e'es o$enedB 22 He "nswered: Th"t M"n 9ho is c"%%ed +es(s "de c%"' "nd
"nointed ' e'es0 "nd s"id to e: Go to the $oo% o! Si%o" "nd w"sh1 And ) went0 ) w"shed0 "nd ) now seeP 25
And the' s"id to hi: 9here is HeB He s"id: ) do not know1
2C Then the' bro(ght hi who h"d been b%ind to the Ph"risees1 27 Now it w"s the S"bb"th when +es(s "de
the c%"' "nd o$ened his e'es1 23 Ag"in0 there!ore0 the Ph"risees "sked Hi how he h"d recei*ed his sight1 And
he s"id to the: He $(t c%"' ($on ' e'es0 "nd ) w"shed0 "nd ) now see1 2F Soe o! the Ph"risees0 there!ore0
s"id: This M"n 9ho kee$s not the S"bb"th is not o! GodP /(t others s"id: How c"n " "n who is " sinner do
s(ch ir"c%esB And there w"s " di*ision "ong the1 26 The' s"id0 there!ore0 to the b%ind "n "g"in: 9h"t do
'o( s"' o! Hi 9ho h"s o$ened 'o(r e'esB And he s"id: He is " $ro$hetP
24 The +ews then re!(sed to be%ie*e th"t he h"d been b%ind0 "nd h"d recei*ed his sight0 (nti% the' c"%%ed the
$"rents o! hi who h"d recei*ed his sight0 28 "nd "sked the0 s"'ing: )s this 'o(r son0 who 'o( s"' w"s born
b%indB How then is it th"t he now seesB 5> His $"rents "nswered the0 "nd s"id: 9e know th"t this is o(r son0
"nd th"t he w"s born b%ind0 52 b(t how it is th"t he now sees we know not1 And who h"s o$ened his e'es0 we
know not1 Ask hi0 he is o! "ge0 %et hi s$e"k !or hise%!1 55 These things his $"rents s"id0 bec"(se the'
!e"red the +ews0 !or the +ews h"d "%re"d' "greed "ong these%*es0 th"t i! "n' "n sho(%d con!ess Hi to be
,hrist0 he wo(%d be $(t o(t o! the s'n"gog(e1 5C For this re"son his $"rents s"id: He is o! "ge0 "sk hi1
57 The'0 there!ore0 c"%%ed "g"in the "n who h"d been b%ind0 "nd s"id to hi: Gi*e g%or' to GodP 9e know th"t
this M"n is " sinner1 53 He s"id0 there!ore0 to the: )! He is " sinner0 ) know not0 b(t one thing ) know0 th"t
where"s ) w"s b%ind0 now ) seeP 5F The' s"id then to hi: 9h"t did He do to 'o(B How did He o$en 'o(r e'esB
56 He "nswered the: ) h"*e to%d 'o( "%re"d'0 "nd 'o( h"*e he"rd e0 wh' wo(%d 'o( he"r it "g"inB 9i%% 'o(
"%so becoe His disci$%esB 54 The' re*i%ed hi0 there!ore0 "nd s"id: Yo( "re His disci$%e0 b(t we "re the
disci$%es o! Moses1 58 9e know th"t God s$oke to Moses0 b(t "s to this M"n0 we know not !ro where He
c"e1 C> The "n "nswered "nd s"id to the: 9h'0 herein is " wonder!(% thing th"t 'o( know not !ro where
He c"e0 "nd 'et He h"s o$ened ' e'esP C2 Now0 we know th"t God does not he"r sinnersP /(t i! " "n is "
ser*er o! God "nd does His wi%%0 hi He he"rs1 C5 Fro the beginning o! the wor%d it h"s not been he"rd th"t
"n' "n h"s o$ened the e'es o! one born b%indP CC .n%ess this M"n were o! God0 He co(%d not do "n'thing L%ike
thisMP C7 The' "nswered "nd s"id to hi: Yo( were co$%ete%' born in sins0 "nd do 'o( te"ch (sBP And the' c"st
hi o(t Lo! the te$%e "re"M1
3>8G$F>3 # @M No*0S"tA # At Nob1 +(d"s o! -erioth Lies1
32>G$F25 # @L No*09edA # Aong the R(ins o! " Destro'ed &i%%"ge1
322G$F23 # @L No*0Th(A # At E"(s in the Mo(nt"ins1 P"r"b%e o! the Rich 9ise M"n "nd the Poor )gnor"nt /o'1
325G$F55 # @L No*0FriA # The .ndecided Yo(ng M"n1 Mir"c%es "nd Adonitions "t /eth#Horon1
32CG$FC5 # @L No*0FriA # Tow"rds Gibeon1 The Re"sons !or +es(sH Sorrow1
327G$FC4 # @L No*0FriA # At Gibeon1 The 9isdo o! Lo*e1
323G$F75 # @L No*A # Ret(rning to +er(s"%e1
*,C. E # M Dec0 AD CC .esus Com!orts the Healed Man Thro#n out o! the (ynagogue 7 I $m the Good
(hepherd # The Te$%e 32FG$1F78
+N 8 TU5241
C3 +es(s he"rd th"t the' h"d c"st hi o(t L"%so o! the s'n"gog(eM0 "nd when He h"d !o(nd hi0 He s"id to hi: Do
'o( be%ie*e in the Son o! GodB CF He "nswered "nd s"id: 9ho is He0 Lord th"t ) "' be%ie*e in HiB C6 And
+es(s s"id to hi: Yo( h"*e both seen Hi0 "nd it is He 9ho s$e"ks with 'o(1 C4 And he s"id: ) be%ie*e0 LordP
And !"%%ing down0 he worshi$ed Hi1 C8 And +es(s s"id: For K(dgent ) " coe into this wor%d0 th"t the' who
see not0 "' see0 "nd the' who see0 "' becoe b%indP 7> And soe o! the Ph"risees0 who were ne"r Hi0
he"rd this so the' s"id (nto Hi: Are we "%so b%indB 72 +es(s s"id to the: )! 'o( were b%ind 'o( wo(%d h"*e
no sin1 /(t since 'o( s"': 9e see0 'o(r sin re"ins1
." ,+ I am the Good /hepherd.
2 MOST cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(: He who enters not b' the Door Li1e1 b' MePMD into the shee$!o%d0
b(t c%ibs ($ "nother w"'0 the s"e is " thie! "nd " robber L"nd " !"%se she$herdM1 5 /(t he who enters in b' the
Door is L"%soM the Ltr(eM She$herd o! the shee$1 C To hi the $orter L" !ig(re !or "%% the $ro$hets "nd es$eci"%%' the /"$tistM
o$ens0 "nd the shee$ he"r His *oice1 And He c"%%s His own shee$ b' n"e0 "nd %e"ds the o(t1 7 And when He
h"s %et o(t His own shee$0 He goes be!ore the L"nd %e"ds b' e:"$%eM1 So the shee$ !o%%ow Hi bec"(se the'
know His *oice1 3 /(t " str"nger the' wi%% not !o%%ow0 b(t wi%% !%ee !ro hi0 bec"(se the' know not the *oice
o! str"ngers1 F This $"r"b%e +es(s s$oke to the1 /(t the' (nderstood not wh"t He w"s t"%king "bo(t1 D+es(s0 "s
the Good She$herd is "%so the Door bec"(se He0 "s the She$herd0 cre"ted the shee$ !o%d "nd the doorw"' to be ost sec(re "nd s"!e
"nd c"%%ed the $orters to ser*e "s w"tchen "t the entr"nce1
6 +es(s0 there!ore0 s"id to the "g"in: Most cert"in%' "nd "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 ) " the Door o! the shee$1 4
A%% others0 "s "n' "s h"*e coe "re thie*es "nd robbers0 b(t the shee$ he"rd the not1 8 ) " the Door1 /'
Me0 i! "n' "n enters in0 he sh"%% be s"*ed L!or there is no re"% or cert"in s"!et' o(tside the shee$ !o%dM1 And he sh"%% go
in "nd go o(t "nd sh"%% !ind LgoodM $"st(res1 2> The thie! Lste"%ing o*er the w"%%sM coes not b(t to ste"%0 to ki%%0 "nd
to destro'1 ) h"*e coe th"t the' LM' shee$M "' h"*e %i!e0 "nd "' h"*e it ore "b(nd"nt%'P 22 ) " the Good
She$herd1 The Good She$herd gi*es His %i!e !or His shee$1 25 /(t the hire%ing0D he who is not the she$herd0
whose shee$ "re not his0 sees the wo%! coing "nd !%ees0 %e"*ing the shee$0 "nd the wo%! c"tches "nd sc"tters the
shee$1 2C And the hire%ing !%ees0 bec"(se he is " hire%ing1 He h"s no c"re !or the shee$ Lbec"(se he ser*es "in%'
!or w"gesM1 27 ) " the Good She$herd0 "nd ) recogniIe M' own0 "nd M' own know Me1 Dhireling: There "re "n'
o! these in the LordHs $"st(resP
Other sheep I ha#e not of this fold.
23 As the F"ther knows Me0 ) "%so know the F"ther0 "nd ) %"' down M' %i!e !or M' shee$1 2F And other shee$ )
h"*e th"t "re not o! this !o%d0
the "%so ) (st bring0 "nd the' sh"%% "%so he"r M' *oice0 "nd there sh"%% be one
Fo%d "nd one She$herd1
26 This is wh' the F"ther %o*es Me0 bec"(se ) %"' down M' %i!e0 th"t ) "' t"ke it
"g"in Lin " (ch gre"ter !orM1 24 No "n t"kes it "w"' !ro Me0 b(t ) %"' it down o! M'se%!1 ) h"*e $ower to %"'
it down "nd ) h"*e $ower to t"ke it ($ "g"in Lin res(rrectionM1 This is the order h"*e ) recei*ed o! M' F"ther1
The 5ord9s other sheep outside the Covenant Fold: The Lord God h"s "%w"'s h"d "nd "%w"'s wi%% h"*e other shee$ o(tside
His ,o*en"nts1 )n other words there h"*e "%w"'s been "nd "%w"'s wi%% be non#,hristi"ns @$"g"nsA who "re be%o*ed o! God0 His *er'
e%ect0 tho(gh 'et %ost "nd (nredeeed1 Tho(gh not <s"*ed= the' "re s"!e (nti% the' coe to he"r the Gos$e% tr(th1 See "%so the note
on the $"g"n <(ns"*ed= Ro"n cent(rion ,orne%i(s who w"s <"cce$ted with God= on the b"sis o! his good works0 "t Acts 2>:F in
the E*"nge%ic"% ,"tho%ic St(d' /ib%e1
There shall be one Fold: The one !o%d !or the LordHs shee$ is ore th"n the <s$irit("%= (nit' there is between those who %o*e "nd
tr(st the Lord "s S"*ior1 Th"t (nit' is "n "(to"tic re"%it' which coes with gen(ine !"ith "nd inc%(des "%% tr(e ,hristi"ns reg"rd%ess
o! their denoin"tion"% "!!i%i"tion1 +es(sH %"st $r"'er0 howe*er0 w"s !or " kind o! (nit' th"t )as in addition to this &nity0 one th"t w"s
not "(to"tic "nd h"d to be won b' $r"'er1 <) $r"' !or those who sh"%% be%ie*e on Me thro(gh their word0 th"t TH(7 may -e 9D(?
This is wh' +es(s est"b%ished " +isi-le ,h(rch with h("n "(thorit' @M"tt12F:24#28E 24:23#24A "nd $(t Peter "s its he"d1 )t w"s !or
this re"son P"(% s"w the ,h(rch "s A Sing%e </od'0= not ere%' " s$irit("% !e%%owshi$P P"(%0 there!ore0 did not see many -odies or
inde$endent ch(rches0 e"ch with its own $o$e or he"d0 b(t "s he dec%"red to the E$hesi"ns: <There is One /od'0 One S$irit0 XOne
Lord0 One !"ith0 One /"$tisP= @E$h17:7#3A1 Let it be st"ted "s e$h"tic"%%' "s $ossib%e0 +es(s w"s *er' c%e"r th"t the wor%d wo(%d
not coe to be%ie*e in Hi (nti% His $eo$%e knew the (nit' "nd oneness o! ONE /ODY or ONE FOLD @+ohn26:5>#52AP There "re
"n' tod"' who "re tr(e brothers in ,hrist b(t who "re not %i*ing "t hoe in the ,h(rch0 the /od' +es(s est"b%ished "nd in !(%%
!e%%owshi$ with th"t F"i%' o! GodP
28 A dissension rose "g"in "ong the +ews o*er these words LThe Ph"risees co(%d not to%er"te +es(s s"'ing there were
$"g"ns who were s"!e with God o(tside the +ewish co*en"ntPM1 5> And "n' o! the s"id: He h"s " deon0 "nd is "d0
wh' do 'o( %isten to HiBP 52 Others s"id: These "re not the words o! one th"t h"s " deonP ,"n " deon
o$en the e'es o! the b%indBP
326G$F3F # @E#M DecA # Tow"rds /eth"n' "nd in L"I"r(sH Ho(se1
324G$FF2 # @M DecA # Going to Teko"h1 O%d E%i"nn"1
328G$FF8 # @M DecA # At Teko"h1
35>G$F67 # @M DecA # Arri*"% "t +ericho1 O"cch"e(sH A$osto%"te1
*,;. M Dec0 AD CC The 3ublian and the 3harisee at 3rayer in the Temple # +ericho 352G$1F43
L- 24
8 And to soe who tr(sted in these%*es "s being K(st or righteo(s0 'et des$ised others0 +es(s s$oke "%so this
$"r"b%e: 2> Two en went ($ into the te$%e to $r"'1 The one w"s " Ph"risee "nd the other " $(b%ic"n L" Ro"n
t": co%%ectorM1 22 The Ph"risee st"nding0 $r"'ed th(s with hise%!: O God0 ) gi*e Yo( th"nks th"t ) " not "s the
rest o! "nkind0 who "re e:tortionists0 (nK(st0 "d(%terers0 "s "%so is this $(b%ic"n1 25 ) !"st twice in " week1 )
gi*e tithes o! "%% th"t ) $ossess1 2C Now the $(b%ic"n0 st"nding "!"r o!!0 wo(%d not so (ch "s %i!t ($ his e'es
tow"rds He"*en0 b(t str(ck his chest0 s"'ing: O God0 be erci!(% to e " sinnerP 27 ) s"' to 'o(0 this "n went
down to his ho(se K(sti!ied r"ther th"n the other1 /ec"(se e*er'one who e:"%ts hise%! sh"%% be h(b%ed0 "nd he
who h(b%es hise%! sh"%% be e:"%ted1
355G$F44 # @M DecA # )n O"cch"e(sH Ho(se with the ,on*erts1 The So(% "nd the Error o! Reinc"rn"tion1
35CG$F86 # @M DecA # S"be" o! /eth%echi1
357G$62C # @M DecA # At /eth"b"r"0 Reebering the /"$tist1 @This ch"$ter cont"ins wh"t is !o(nd in Mt1 3:58E 24:8E "nd Mk1 8:761 See
ch"$ters 267b "nd C320 A
353G$62F # @L DecA # Going /"ck to Nob1 +es(sH Oniscience1
35FG$65> # @L DecA # At Nob1 +(d"s o! -eriothHs Ret(rn1
356G$653 # @L Dec0FriA # At Nob d(ring the Fo%%owing D"'s1 Hidden Possessions1
354G$6C2 # @L Dec0T(eA # +(d"s o! -erioth )s L(st!(%1
358G$6C3 # @L DecA # +es(s S$e"ks to &"%eri" o! M"trion' "nd Di*orce1 The Mir"c%e o! Litt%e Le*i1
3C>G$63C # @L DecA # +es(s "nd the Prostit(te Sent to Te$t Hi1
3C2G$6F7 # @L Dec0Th(A # +es(s "nd +(d"s o! -erioth Going tow"rds +er(s"%e1
3C5G$6F6 # @L Dec0Th(A # )n the S'n"gog(e o! the Ro"n Freeden1
3CCG$663 # @L Dec0Th(A # +(d"s )sc"riot "nd +es(sH Eneies1
3C7G$643 # @L Dec0Th(A # The Se*en Le$ers ,(red1 )nstr(ctions to the A$ost%es "nd Arri*"% "t /eth"n'1
F)$(T 4F D)DIC$TI4" 4% 5IGHT( 7 $D << 7 5 D)C)M:)% D ) .$">$%8
*,B. L Dec0 Fri0 AD CC I and My Father are 4ne # The Te$%e 3C3G$1684
+N 2> C2F1TU
55 And it w"s the Fe"st o! the Dedic"tion "t +er(s"%e L"%so c"%%ed Fe"st o! P(ri!ic"tion or LightsM0 "nd it w"s winter1
5C And +es(s w"%ked in the te$%e in So%oonHs $orch1 57 The +ews0 there!ore0 c"e ro(nd "bo(t Hi "nd s"id
to Hi: How %ong do Yo( ho%d o(r so(%s in s(s$enseB )! Yo( "re the ,hrist0 te%% (s $%"in%'1 53 +es(s "nswered
the: ) s$e"k to 'o(0 "nd 'o( be%ie*e not1 The works th"t ) do in the n"e o! M' F"ther0 the' gi*e testion' o!
Me L"s to 9ho ) "M1 5F /(t 'o( do not be%ie*e bec"(se 'o( "re not o! M' shee$1 56 M' shee$ he"r M' *oice0
"nd ) know the "nd the' !o%%ow Me1 54 And ) gi*e the %i!e e*er%"sting Lhe"*en%' %i!eM0 "nd the' sh"%% ne*er
$erish1 And no "n sh"%% $%(ck the o(t o! M' h"nd1 58 Th"t which M' F"ther h"s gi*en Me LHis *er' di*ine
n"t(reM0 is gre"ter th"n "n'thing0
"nd no one c"n sn"tch it o(t o! the h"nd o! M' F"ther Lor !ro MeMP C> ) "nd the
F"ther "re one1 LTh"t is0 9e "re one di*ine n"t(re b(t two distinct $ersons1M
&.*A: There h"*e been s%ight di!!erences in the *"rio(s ss1 on this te:t which show e*idence o! %"ter "tte$ts0 "%ost cert"in%' b'
+ohn hise%!0 to con*e' !ro o(r LordHs disco(rse wh"t w"s most appropriate !or his Gos$e%1 Fro the Poem it is "b(nd"nt%' c%e"r
th"t the rendering o! *158 "bo*e0 )ith o&r amplifications is wh"t +es(s "ct("%%' s"id "nd it is the on%' e"ning th"t K(sti!ies *1C>1
This "%so e"ns th"t the %"ter red(ctionist ss1b D $ro$er%' discerned th"t ori'inal rendition o! +ohn here1 )n %ight o! the Poem0
this now sho(%d be considered the <better= te:t("% re"ding1 9h"t +es(s "ct("%%' s"id0 howe*er0 "s re!%ected in the "$%i!ic"tions0
#ohn deli-erately a+oided in his later edition? Th"t +es(s w"s <gi*en= " di*ine n"t(re wo(%d h"*e been gre"t%' is(nderstood
$"rtic(%"r%' in +ohnHs d"' with the $o$(%"r Gnostic heresies0 one o! which t"(ght the di*ine n"t(re o! +es(s c"e ($on Hi in
/"$tis "nd %e!t Hi be!ore the ,r(ci!i:ion1 )n " re*ision it is c%e"r th"t he ch"nged the te:t !(rther to "*oid the !irst de%iber"te
"big(it'0 which %e!t re"ders in $(II%eent: <M' F"ther which g"*e L####M Me is gre"ter th"n "%% "nd no "n is "b%e to $%(ck L####M
o(t o! M' F"therHs h"nd1= Since +ohn did not wish to s"' wh"t +es(s "ct("%%' s"id0 nor s"' wh"t He did not say he %e!t the re"der to
"ke his own discernent1 Since the $re*io(s conte:t !"*ored <the= re!erring to o(r LordHs shee$0 th"t is how ost tr"ns%"tors
rendered it1 )n re"%it' howe*er0 the conte:t o! *158 w"s *1C>P One ore ""Iing *eri!ic"tion o! the di*ine origin o! the Poem 'i+en
to deal decisi+ely )ith the onsla&'ht of modern s*eptical tho&'ht in the ,h&rch? And wh' " re*ision w"s necess"r' i! the !irst
edition o! +ohn w"s ins$ired then h"s "%so been "nsweredP
Jesus attempts to a#oid a hair-splittin theoloical battle.
C2 The +ews then took ($ stones to stone Hi1 C5 +es(s "nswered the: M"n' good works ) h"*e showed 'o(
!ro M' F"ther0 !or which o! these works do 'o( stone MeB CC The +ews "nswered Hi: For " good work we
stone Yo( not0 b(t !or b%"s$he'0 "nd bec"(se th"t Yo(0 being " "n0 "ke Yo(rse%! GodP C7 +es(s "nswered
the: )s it not written in 'o(r %"w: I said yo& are 'odsL ZPs"142@45A:F[ C3 )! He c"%%ed the gods0 to who the
9ord o! God w"s s$oken0 "nd the Scri$t(re c"nnot be broken0 CF do 'o( s"' o! Hi 9ho the F"ther h"s
s"ncti!ied "nd sent into the wor%d: Yo( b%"s$hee0 bec"(se ) s"id0 ) " the Son o! GodB C6 )! ) do not the works
o! M' F"ther0 be%ie*e Me not1 C4 /(t i! ) do0 tho(gh 'o( wi%% not be%ie*e Me L!or 9ho ) c%"i to beM0 be%ie*e the
works Lth"t the' sti%% "re o! God0 e*en tho(gh 'o( think ) " ist"ken "bo(t 9ho ) "M0 th"t 'o( "' L"t %e"stM know "nd
be%ie*e th"t the F"ther is in Me0 "nd ) in the F"ther1 C8 The' so(ght0 there!ore0 to t"ke Hi0 b(t He esc"$ed o(t
o! their h"nds1
L+es(s "tte$ted to reo*e the !oc(s o! deb"te !ro wh"t His c%"i o! di*init' "ct("%%' e"nt "nd the deb"te o*er the $recise
identit' o! His Person to the e*idences th"t no matter )ho He )as He co(%d on%' h"*e been sent b' God1 +es(s w"s wi%%ing to %e"*e
the !orer ($ in the "ir "t %e"st (nti% the %"tter w"s "cknow%edged1M
*,A. E +"n0 AD C7 .esus %etreats :eyond .ordan # Fro /eth%ehe to So%oonHs &i%%"ge on the +ord"n in Pere"1 )&03C4G$1424 W &0373G$172
@MT "nd M- here s("riIe the $re*io(s 2> onths1 M"rk (ses M"tthewHs "cco(nt1A

MT 28
2 AND it c"e to $"ss when +es(s h"d ended these words
Lin ,B@. # 24F1 Dec"$o%is "nd ,"$ern"(M0 He de$"rted !ro
G"%i%ee0 Lto +er(s"%e02461#28410 b"ck to G"%i%ee0 2881#5>210 then
b"ck to +(de"0 5>51#5241M "nd c"e into the %"nd o! +(de"0
be'ond +ord"n Lto So%oonHs &i%%"ge in Pere" # *,A.M1 5 And
gre"t (%tit(des !o%%owed Hi "nd He he"%ed the there1
The %"rge tie g"$s "%ost co$%ete%' hidden here in M"tthew "nd "%so in
M"rk "re b' the in!or"tion in The Poem disco*ered to be !i%%ed in0 in "%ost
$er!ect chrono%ogic"% order0 b' +ohn =,B2.D *,A.?1 This is K(st ore incredib%e
e*idence the Poem w"s direct%' re*e"%ed !ro He"*en1 For !(rther in!or"tion
see The est of the Gospel !tory "t Gos$e% E$isode 5281 1M
M- 2>
2 AND rising ($ !ro there L,B*.#2471
,"$ern"( "nd Dec"$o%is0 Mk 4:2#2> M0
+es(s c"e L"!ter the 3
+(de"n "nd F
G"%i%e"n inistr' @2441 W 5>21AM into the
%"nd o! +(de" be'ond the +ord"n L!or the
+(de"n inistr' @5>51 #5281AM1 And the
(%tit(des !%ocked to Hi L"nd to the
"n' e*"nge%is te"s He h"d sent o(tM
"g"in1 And "s He w"s "cc(stoed0 He
t"(ght the "g"in L"t So%oonHs &i%%"ge1
5281 W 5561M
+N 2> TU
7> And +es(s went "g"in
be'ond the +ord"n0 (nto th"t
$%"ce where +ohn w"s !irst
b"$tiIing0 "nd there He "bode
L"t So%oonHs &i%%"geM1 72 And
"n' resorted to Hi0 "nd the'
s"id: +ohn indeed did no signs
or ir"c%es0 75 b(t e*er'thing
+ohn s"id o! this M"n0 w"s
tr(e1 And "n' be%ie*ed in

**+. E +"n0 T(e0 AD C7 5azarus is (i/ >nto Death # /eth"n' 3C8G$13
+N 22 TU
2 NO9 there w"s " cert"in sick "n n"ed L"I"r(s0 o! /eth"n'0 o! the town o! M"r' "nd M"rth" her sister1 5
@And M"r' w"s she who Lh"d be!oreM "nointedD the Lord with ointent "nd wi$ed His !eet with her h"ir "nd whose
brother L"I"r(s w"s sick1A
DSoe h"*e con!(sed this re!erence to M"r'Hs "nointing +es(s with "n "nointing she "kes ne"r the tie o! His de"th "nd entioned in +ohn 25:C "t
*<@.1 +ohn re!erence here to M"r'Hs "nointing is not " red(nd"nc' b(t " re!erence to wh"t L(keHs Gos$e% records in 6:CF#3> "t ,<,.0 where she !irst
"noints +es(s in the ho(se o! Sion the Ph"risee the d"' "!ter her incredib%e con*ersion @))05C3$132>A1 )t w"s cert"in%' !ro Ho%' M"r' th"t L(ke
got his "cco(nt !or +es(s (st cert"in%' h"*e re%"ted the h"$$ening to His other1 +ohn0 b' the w"'0 w"s the on%' A$ost%e with +es(s "t th"t dinner in
N"in1 The ,on*ersion o! M"r' o! M"gd"%" not on%' rocked the r(%ing c%"ss o! )sr"e% @!or she knew how or"%%' corr($t "n' o! the re%igio(s %e"ders
werePA b(t it re"ched the $"%"ce o! ,"es"r !or she w"s we%% connected with the highest c%"sses o! Ro"n nobi%it'1
37>G$6 # @E +"n0T(eA # The +(de"ns with M"rth" "nd M"r'1
372G$22 # @M +"n0Th(A # M"rth" Sends " Ser*"nt to )n!or the M"ster1
**,. M +"n0 Th(0 AD C7 .esus9 Help is %e1uested # So%oonHs &i%%"ge0 C> i%es !ro /eth"n' 37CG$158
+N 22 TU
C His sisters0T there!ore0 sent to Hi0 s"'ing: Lord0 beho%d0 he who Yo( %o*e is sick L(nto de"thMP 7 And +es(s
he"ring it0 s"id to the Lthro(gh the essengerM: This sickness is not (nto de"th L"s the final endM0 b(t !or the g%or' o!
God0 th"t the Son o! God "' be g%ori!ied b' it1
DA re!erence to the note th"t Martha wrote in which she inc%(ded M"r'Hsn"e @witho(t her consentPA0 th"t +ohn is re!erring to when he s"'s <sisters1= M"r'
h"d nothing to do with this "nd w"s *er' ($set with M"rth" !or this "ction "nd tho(ght th"t this "' h"*e s$oi%ed the $roised ir"c%e1 M"rth" !"i%ed to be%ie*e
"nd obe' the LordHsinstr(ctions b(t M"r' on the other h"nd0 !orgot how (nderst"nding "nd erci!(% the Lord w"s to h("n we"knessP
375G$2F # @M +"n0Th(rGFriA # L"I"r(sH De"th1 This ,h"$ter 375 chrono%ogic"%%' !o%%ows ,h"$ter 37C "bo*e1
377G$C5 # @M +"n0FriA # At L"I"r(sH F(ner"%1
***. M +"n0 S"t0 AD C7 .esus9 5ove Ma/es Him Wait # +es(s in So%oonHs &i%%"ge @373G$176A
+N 22 TU
3 Now +es(s %o*ed M"rth" "nd her sister M"r'0 "nd L"I"r(s1 F 9hen He h"d he"rd0 there!ore0 th"t he w"s sick
L(nto de"thM0 He sti%% re"ined in the s"e $%"ce two d"'s1 LThis w"s 55 i%es !ro /eth"n' e"st o! +ord"n in Pere"1M
**<. M +"n0 S(n0 AD C7 .esus Deides to Go to 5azarus #ho has Died # So%oonHs &i%%"ge 373G$177
+N 22 TU
6 Then "!ter th"t0 He s"id to His Disci$%es: Let (s go into +(de" "g"in1 4 The disci$%es s"id to hi: R"bbi0 the
+ews on%' recent%' so(ght to stone Yo(0 "nd "re Yo( going there "g"inBP 8 +es(s "nswered: Are there not twe%*e
ho(rs o! the d"'B )! " "n w"%ks in the d"'0 he st(b%es not0 bec"(se he sees the %ight o! this wor%d Lthe s(nM1 2>
/(t i! he w"%ks in the night0 he st(b%es0 bec"(se the %ight is not in hi1D 22 These things He s"id0 "nd "!ter th"t
He s"id to the: L"I"r(s o(r !riend s%ee$s0 b(t ) go th"t ) "' "w"ke hi o(t o! s%ee$1 25 His Disci$%es0
there!ore0 s"id: Lord0 i! he s%ee$s0 he sh"%% do we%%1 2C /(t +es(s s$oke o! his de"th0 whi%e the' tho(ght th"t He
s$oke o! the re$ose o! s%ee$1 27 Then0 there!ore0 +es(s s"id to the $%"in%': L"I"r(s is de"d1 23 And ) " g%"d
!or 'o(r s"kes th"t ) w"s not there0 th"t 'o( now "' be%ie*e1 /(t %et (s go to hi1 2F Tho"s0 there!ore0 who
w"s c"%%ed Did'(s0 s"id to his !e%%ow disci$%es: Let (s "%so go0 th"t we "' die with Hi1 D+es(s is s"'ing th"t "s
there is " set tie !or d"'%ight when one c"n see where he is going0 so His tie on e"rth to !ree%' inister is set "nd tho(gh it is ne"ring
night there is sti%% tie "nd it wo(%d be i$ossib%e !or e*i% to be!"%% Hi (nti% it is night !or Hi1
**@. M +"n0 T(e0 AD C7 5azarus is %aised !rom the Dead # /eth"n'
+N 22 TU
26 +es(s0 there!ore0 c"e "nd !o(nd th"t L"I"r(s h"d "%re"d' been !o(r d"'s in the gr"*e1 24 @Now /eth"n' w"s
ne"r +er(s"%e0 "bo(t !i!teen !(r%ongs o!! L"bo(t 5 i%esM1A 28 And "n' o! the +ews h"d coe to M"rth" "nd M"r'
to co!ort the concerning their brother1 5> M"rth"0 there!ore0 "s soon "s she he"rd th"t +es(s h"d coe0 went to
eet Hi1 /(t M"r' s"t "t hoe1 52 M"rth"0 there!ore0 s"id to +es(s: Lord0 i! Yo( h"d been here0 ' brother
wo(%d not h"*e diedP 55 /(t now "%so ) know th"t wh"te*er Yo( sh"%% "sk o! God0 God wi%% gi*e it to Yo(P 5C
+es(s s"id to her: Yo(r brother sh"%% rise "g"in1 L+es(s h"d be!ore $roised M"r' "nd M"rth" " ight' ir"c%e !or L"I"r(sP
c!1 *17>M 57 M"rth" s"id to Hi: ) know th"t he sh"%% rise "g"in in the res(rrection "t the %"st d"'1 53 +es(s s"id to
her: ) " the res(rrection "nd the %i!eP He who be%ie*es in Me0 "%tho(gh he be de"d0 sh"%% %i*e0D 5F And
e*er'one who %i*es Li1e1 is now "%i*eM "nd be%ie*es in Me0 sh"%% ne*er die1D Do 'o( be%ie*e thisB 56 She s"id to
Hi: Yes0 Lord0 ) h"*e be%ie*ed th"t Yo( "re ,hrist the Son o! the %i*ing God0 9ho c"e into this wor%d1
Dshall live 7 shall never die: +es(s here is "%%(ding to the coing ch"nge in the st"te o! the de$"rted righteo(s1 <He who be%ie*esin Me0 "%tho(gh he be de"d sh"%%
%i*e0= e"ns th"t those "%re"d' de"d in Sheo%GH"deswho be%ie*e in ,hrist sh"%% soon be t"ken to He"*en "nd etern"% @he"*en%'A %i!e1 <E*er'one who %i*es0 "nd
be%ie*esin Me0 sh"%% ne*er die1= Now0 in the New ,o*en"nt0 those who !(%%' be%ie*e @"re f&lly prepared to eet GodPA sh"%% ne+er die bec"(se the' go direct%' into
the $resenceo! God in He"*en1 9eno %onger ha+e to -e se$"r"ted !ro God "!ter $h'sic"% de"th "s the O%d ,o*en"nt $"tri"rchs1
54 And when M"rth" h"d s"id these things0 she went "nd c"%%ed her sister M"r' secret%'0 s"'ing: The M"ster h"s
coe "nd c"%%s !or 'o(P 58 As soon "s she he"rd this0 She "rose ;(ick%' "nd c"e to Hi1 C> For +es(s h"d not
'et coe into the town0 b(t He w"s sti%% in the $%"ce where M"rth" h"d et Hi1 C2 The +ews0 there!ore0 who
were with her in the ho(se co!orting her0 when the' s"w th"t M"r' rose ($ s$eedi%' "nd went o(t0 the' !o%%owed
her0 s"'ing: She is going to the gr"*e to wee$ there1 C5 9hen M"r'0 there!ore0 c"e to where +es(s w"s "nd s"w
Hi0 she !e%% down "t His !eet0 "nd s"id to Hi: Lord0 i! Yo( h"d been here0 ' brother wo(%d not h"*e diedP CC
+es(s0 there!ore0 when He s"w her wee$ing0 "nd the +ews th"t were with her wee$ing0 w"s dee$%' o*ed in the
s$irit0 "nd tro(b%ed1 C7 And He s"id: 9here h"*e 'o( %"id hiB The' s"id to Hi: Lord0 coe "nd seeP C3 And
+es(s we$tPD CF The +ews0 there!ore0 s"id: /eho%d how He %o*ed hiP C6 /(t soe o! the s"id: ,o(%d not He
9ho o$ened the e'es o! the "n born b%ind0 h"*e $re*ented this "n !ro d'ingB
DMoved' troubled' #ept' groaning =v.<B?: M"n' h"*e wondered o*er the c"(se o! these dee$ eotions in O(r Lord1 )n His own words +es(s
re*e"%ed to M& the c"(se in The Poem0 &037FbG$1F7: <) we$t not so (ch bec"(se o! the %oss o! M' !riend "nd bec"(se o! the sorrow o! the
sisters "s bec"(se three tho(ghts th"t h"d "%w"'s $ierced M' he"rt %ike three sh"r$ n"i%s s(r!"ced then0 ore %i*e%' th"n e*er0 %ike de$ths stirred
($1 The "scert"inent o! the r(in th"t S"t"n h"d bro(ght to "n b' sed(cing hi to e*i%1 X The $ers("sion th"t not e*en this ir"c%e Xwo(%d
con*ince the +(d"ic wor%d o! the Tr(th o! which ) w"s the be"rer1 And th"t no ir"c%e in the !(t(re wo(%d con*ert the wor%d to ,hrist1 XThe
ent"% *ision o! M' iinent de"th1 X GodHs kindness s$"res 'o( the know%edge o! the !(t(re1 /(t ) w"s not s$"red it1=
C4 +es(s0 there!ore0 "g"in gro"ning in Hise%!0 c"e to the se$(%cher1 Now0 it w"s " c"*e "nd " stone w"s %"id
o*er it1 C8 +es(s s"id: T"ke "w"' the stone1 M"rth"0 the sister o! hi who w"s de"d0 s"id to Hi: Lord0 b' this
tie it wi%% se%% b"d%'0 !or it h"s now been !o(r d"'sP 7> +es(s s"id to her: Did not ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t i! 'o(
be%ie*e0 'o( sh"%% see the g%or' o! God Lsee *15CMB 72 The' took0 there!ore0 the stone "w"'1 And +es(s0 %i!ting ($
His e'es s"id: F"ther0 ) gi*e Thee th"nks th"t Yo( h"*e he"rd Me1 75 And ) knew th"t Yo( h"*e "%w"'s he"rd Me0
b(t bec"(se o! the $eo$%e who st"nd "bo(t h"*e ) s"id it0 th"t the' "' be%ie*e th"t Yo( h"*e sent MeP 7C 9hen
He h"d s"id these things0 He cried with " %o(d *oice: LAOAR.S0 ,OME FORTHP 77 And he who h"d been
de"d c"e !orth0 his !eet "nd h"nds sti%% bo(nd with winding b"nds "nd his !"ce w"s bo(nd "bo(t with " n"$kin1
+es(s s"id to the: Loose hi0 "nd %et hi goP 73 M"n'0 there!ore0 o! the +ews who h"d coe to M"r' "nd
M"rth" "nd h"d seen the things th"t +es(s did0 be%ie*ed in Hi1 7F /(t soe o! the went to the Ph"risees "nd
to%d the the things th"t +es(s h"d done1
**2. M +"n0 T(e0 AD C7 4ne Man should Die !or the 3eople # The Te$%e in +er(s"%e
+N 22 TU
76 The chie! $riests "nd the Ph"risees0 there!ore0 g"thered " co(nci% "nd s"id: 9h"t do we do0 !or this M"n does
"n' ir"c%esBP 74 )! we %e"*e Hi "%one to go on %ike this0 e*er'one wi%% be%ie*e in Hi0 "nd the Ro"ns wi%%
coe "nd t"ke "w"' o(r $%"ce "nd n"tionP 78 /(t one o! the n"ed ,"i"$h"s0 being the high $riest th"t 'e"r0
s"id to the: Yo( know nothingP 3> Neither do 'o( consider th"t it is e:$edient !or 'o( th"t one "n sho(%d die
!or the $eo$%e th"t the who%e n"tion $erish notP 32 And this he s$oke not o! hise%!0 b(t being the high $riest o!
th"t 'e"r0 he $ro$hesied th"t +es(s sho(%d die !or the n"tion1 L)ndeed0 th"t is $recise%' wh' +es(s h"d coe into the wor%dPM
35 And not on%' !or the n"tion0 b(t to g"ther together in one the chi%dren o! God0 th"t were dis$ersed1 3C Fro
th"t d"'0 there!ore0 the' de*ised to $(t +es(s to de"th1
374G$66 # @M +"n0FriA # At /eth"n' "!ter the Res(rrection o! L"I"r(s1
378G$48 # @ L +"n0S"tA # Going to E$hr"i1
**C. L +"n0 S(n0 AD C7 .esus %etreats to (amaria # +es(s 9ithdr"ws to the /order o! S""ri" 33>G$184
+N 22 TU
37"b 9here!ore0 +es(s w"%ked no ore o$en%' "ong the +ews b(t He went into " co(ntr' ne"r the wi%derness0
(nto " cit' th"t is c"%%ed E$hr"i0

**;. L +"n # E A$r0 AD C7 .esus (tays in )phraim and (amaria !or 4ver T#o Months 33>#3FFG$184#57>
+N 22 TU
37c "nd there He "bode with His Disci$%es1
33>G$84 # @L +"n0S(nA # The First D"' "t E$hr"i1
332G$2>5 # @L +"n0FriA # +es(s Res$ects the Prece$t o! Lo*e More Th"n the S"bb"tic L"w1
335G$2>6 # @L +"n0S"tA # The Fo%%owing D"' "t E$hr"i1 P"r"b%e on the Reebr"nce o! M"nHs Etern"% Destin'1
33CG$224 # @L +"n0S"tGS(nA # +es(s E:$%"ins to Peter the M"nd"te !or Reitting Sins "nd 9h' S"ints "nd )nnocents S(!!er1
337G$256 # @E Feb0S"tA # On " S"bb"th in E$hr"i0 +es(s S$e"ks in the S'n"gog(e1
333G$2C7 # @E FebA # The Arri*"% o! the Re%"ti*es o! the ,hi%dren with M"n' Peo$%e o! Sheche1
33FG$2C8 # @E FebA # The P"r"b%e o! the Rock th"t E:c"*"tes the Rock1
336G$277 # @E FebA # Pi%gris Arri*e in E$hr"i !ro the Dec"$o%is1 M"n"enHs Secret Mission1
334G$278 # @E Feb0FriGS"tA # The Secret Meeting with +ose$h o! Ari"the" "nd Nicode(s1
338G$236 # @M Feb0S"t to S(nA # The Se$hori S"(e%1
3F>G$2F4 # @M#L FebA # 9h"t Peo$%e s"' "t N"I"reth1 @M#L FebA Tong(e to the D(b S%"*e o! ,%"(di" Proc(%"1
3F2G$26> # @M#L FebA # F"%se Disci$%es Arri*e "t Sheche1 At E$hr"i0 +es(s Restores the Tong(e to the D(b S%"*e o! ,%"(di"
3F5G$26F # @M Mch0FriA # The M"n o! +"bnee%1
3FCG$243 # @M MchA # S"(e%0 +(d"s o! -erioth "nd +ohn1 P"r"b%e o! the /ees1
3F7G$283 # @L Mch0S(nA # At E$hr"i0 be!ore "nd "!ter the Arri*"% o! +es(sH Mother "nd o! the 9oen Disci$%es with L"I"r(s1
3F3G$527 # @L Mch0FriA # P"r"b%e o! the Torn ,%oth "nd the Mir"c%e o! the 9o"n in ,hi%dbirth1 +(d"s o! -erioth is ,"(ght Ste"%ing1
3FFG$5C3 # @E A$r0MonA # F"rewe%% to E$hr"i1 Going tow"rds Shi%o1
3F6G$572 # @E A$rA # At Shi%oh1 First P"r"b%e on Ad*ice1
**B. E #M A$r0 AD C7 .erusalem is in a Great (tir over the %esurretion o! 5azarus 3F4#342G$1573#C7F
+N 22 TU5C71
33 And the P"sso*er o! the +ews w"s "t h"nd "nd "n' !ro the co(ntr' went ($ to +er(s"%e0 be!ore the
P"sso*er to $(ri!' these%*es1 3F The' so(ght0 there!ore0 !or +es(s "nd the' st"nding in the te$%e co(rts
con*ersed one with "nother0 s"'ing: 9h"t do 'o( thinkB 9i%% He not coe to the !e"stB L36M Now the chie!
$riests "nd Ph"risees h"d Liss(ed "n "rrest w"rr"ntM gi*ing "n order th"t i! "n' "n knew where He w"s0 he w"s
re;(ired te%% the th"t the' ight "$$rehend Hi1
3F4G$573 # @E A$rA # At Lebon"h1 The Second P"r"b%e on Ad*ice1
3F8G$535 # @E A$rA # Arri*"% "t Sheche1
36>G$533 # @E A$rA # At Sheche1 Third P"r"b%e on Ad*ice1
362G$538 # @E A$rA # Le"*ing !or Enon1
365G$5F5 # @E A$r0S(nA # The Yo(ng She$herd /enK"in1 @Lk1 8:32035 is "ct("%%' "t the %"st o! this ch"$ter0 not in ch"$ter 36C be%owA
**A. E A$r0 S(nGMon0 AD C7 .ames and .ohn as/ !or Fire to ome do#n upon a (amaritan City #hih
%eReted Them 36CG$1562
L- 8 24C"1TU2>81
32 And it c"e to $"ss0 when the d"'s o! His Ass($tion Lto He"*enM were "$$ro"ching0D th"t He $roceeded with
!i:ed $(r$ose to go to +er(s"%e1 35 And He sent essengers be!ore Hi 0 who going "he"d0 entered into " cit'
o! the S""rit"ns LTirI"hM to $re$"re !or Hi1 T+(d"s0 E%iI" "nd the other Disci$%es1 +es(s st"'ed b"ck with the woen disci$%es "nd
%itt%e /enK"in1 3C And the' recei*ed Hi not L"nd $h'sic"%%' "b(sed "nd thre"tened the gro($ sent on "he"dM0 bec"(se He
w"s he"ded to +er(s"%e1 37 And when Lre"ching the $ersec(ted gro($M His Disci$%es +"es "nd +ohn s"w wh"t h"d
h"$$ened0 the' s"id: Lord0 wo(%d Yo( h"*e (s co"nd !ire to coe down !ro He"*en0 "nd cons(e theBP
33 And t(rning0 He reb(ked the0 s"'ing: Yo( know not o! wh"t s$irit 'o( "reP
3F The Son o! M"n c"e
not to destro' so(%s0 b(t to s"*eP
And the' went into "nother town1
DK(st ten d"'s be!ore o(r LordHs P"ssion1 L(ke o-+io&sly h"d no interest in chrono%ogic"% orderP
*<+. E A$r0 Mon0 AD C7 The %ih 8oung %uler 7 The Great %e#ard o! Disipleship # Ne"r +ericho0 then to Doco 367G$1544
MT 28
2F And beho%d one c"e "nd s"id to Hi: Good "ster0
good thing sho(%d ) do th"t ) "' h"*e %i!e e*er%"stingB 26
+es(s s"id to hi: 9h' do 'o( "sk Me concerning wh"t is
One "%one is good0 God L"nd He h"s "%re"d' re*e"%ed this to
'o(M1D /(t i! 'o( wo(%d enter into %i!e0 kee$ the
co"ndents1 24 He s"id to hi: 9hich onesB And +es(s
s"id: 7o& shall commit no m&rder" 7o& shall not commit
ad&ltery" 7o& shall not steal" 7o& shall not -ear false )itness1
28 Honor yo&r father and yo&r mother, "nd: 7o& shall lo+e yo&r
nei'h-or as yo&rself1 ZE:od(s 5>:2C027025E Le*128:24[ 5> The 'o(ng
"n s"id to Hi: A%% these ) h"*e ke$t !ro ' 'o(th0 wh"t is
'et %"cking !or eB 52 +es(s s"id to hi: )! 'o( wi%% be $er!ect0
go se%% wh"t 'o( h"*e "nd gi*e it to the $oor0 "nd 'o( sh"%% h"*e
tre"s(re in He"*en0 "nd coe !o%%ow Me1 55 And when the
'o(ng "n h"d he"rd this word0 he went "w"' s"d !or he h"d
gre"t $ossessions1
DThe re*e%"tion gi*en to M& in the Poem "kes (nderst"nd"b%e the re$%' o! +es(s to
the rich "n1 +es(s knew this "n w"s not going to "cce$t His co(nse% "t %e"st
iedi"te%'1 +es(s knowing his $erh"$s (nconscio(s %"ck o! !"ith in Hi "tte$ts to
show hi th"t his professed res$ect !or Hi is not co$%ete%' sincere1 The re$%' o!
+es(s gets the "n0 to con!ident%' "ssert his !"ith th"t +es(s is e*en the <Son o! God1=
Yet when +es(s te%%s this "n0 who h"d "b"ndoned his c"%%ing to re%igio(s ser*ice to
t"ke o*er his !"thers we"%th' b(siness0 to gi*e "%% his we"%th to the $oor0 his !"ith in
+es(s iedi"te%' is re*e"%ed to be %ess th"n <$er!ect1=
5C Then +es(s s"id to His disci$%es: Most "ss(red%'0 ) s"' to
'o(0 th"t " rich "n sh"%% on%' with (ch di!!ic(%t' enter into
the -ingdo o! He"*en1 LAnd i! the rich do not enter the -ingdo o!
He"*en in this %i!e bec"(se o! its di!!ic(%t'0 the' wi%% on%' do so in
$(rg"tor' b(t with e*en (ch ore di!!ic(%t' W "nd th"t on%' i! the' do not
die in " st"te o! ort"% sinPM
M- 2> 5>81TU
26 And when He h"d gone !orth into the w"'0 " cert"in "n
r(nning ($ "nd knee%ing be!ore Hi0 "sked Hi0 Good M"ster0
wh"t sh"%% ) do th"t ) "' recei*e %i!e e*er%"stingB 24 And +es(s
s"id to hi0 9h' do 'o( c"%% Me goodB None is good b(t one0
9ho is God1 28 Yo( know the co"ndents: Do not commit
ad&ltery, do not *ill, do not steal, -ear not false )itness, do not
commit fra&d, honor yo&r father and mother1 ZE:15>:2C[ 5> /(t
he "nswering0 s"id to Hi: M"ster0 "%% these things ) h"*e
obser*ed !ro ' 'o(th1 52 And +es(s %ooking on hi0 "nd
%o*ing hi0 s"id to hi: One thing is %"cking within 'o(1 Go0
se%% wh"te*er 'o( h"*e "nd gi*e to the $oor "nd 'o( sh"%% h"*e
tre"s(re in He"*en0 "nd coe0 !o%%ow Me1 55 He being str(ck
with s"dness "t th"t s"'ing0 went "w"' sorrow!(%0 !or he h"d
gre"t $ossessions1
5C And +es(s %ooking ro(nd "bo(t0 s"id to his disci$%es: How
h"rd%' sh"%% the' who h"*e riches0 enter into LNew ,o*en"nt Li!e
orM the -ingdo o! GodP
L- 24 5>81TU
24 And " cert"in r(%er "sked +es(s0
s"'ing: Good "ster0 wh"t sh"%% ) do
to $ossess e*er%"sting %i!eB 28 And
+es(s s"id to hi: 9h' do 'o( c"%% Me
goodB No one is good b(t God "%one1
5> Yo( know the co"ndents: 7o&
shall not *ill" 7o& shall not commit
ad&ltery" 7o& shall not steal" 7o&
shall not -ear false )itness" Honor
yo&r father and mother" ZE:od(s 5>:2C[
52 /(t he s"id: A%% these things h"*e )
ke$t !ro ' 'o(th1 55 H"*ing he"rd
this +es(s s"id to hi: Yet one thing is
%"cking in 'o(1 Se%% wh"te*er 'o( h"*e
"nd gi*e it to the $oor0 "nd 'o( sh"%%
h"*e tre"s(re in He"*en0 "nd coe
!o%%ow Me1 5C He0 h"*ing he"rd these
things bec"e sorrow!(% !or he w"s
*er' rich1
MT 28
57 And "g"in ) s"' to 'o(: )t is e"sier !or "
c"e% to $"ss thro(gh the e'e o! " need%e0 th"n
!or " rich "n to enter into the -ingdo o!
He"*en1 LO!ten the richer " "n is the ore he is
$ossessed b' his riches "nd no "n c"n enter He"*en
with any "tt"chents wh"te*er s"*e "n "tt"chent to
+es(s ,hrist "nd His $er!ect wi%% !or hiPM 53 And
when the' h"d he"rd this0 the Disci$%es
wondered *er' (ch0 s"'ing: 9ho then c"n be
s"*edBP 5F And +es(s beho%ding the0 s"id to
the: 9ith en this is i$ossib%e0 b(t with
God "%% things "re $ossib%e L!or He c"n @"nd wi%%PA
stri$ en0 who "%%ow Hi0 o! their %o*e o! we"%th "nd
e*er' other inordin"te "tt"chentMP 56 Then Peter
"nswering0 s"id to Hi: /eho%d we h"*e %e!t "%%
things0 "nd h"*e !o%%owed Yo(0 wh"t0 there!ore0
sh"%% we h"*eB Li1e1 Are we going to be s"*ed "nd in
the New ,o*en"nt -ingdoBM 54 And +es(s s"id to
the: Most "ss(red%'0 ) s"' to 'o(0 th"t 'o(
who h"*e !o%%owed Me L+es(s knew the )sc"riot
wo(%d notM in the renew"% o! "%% things Lthe
Disci$%es sti%% h"d " %ong w"' to go in thisPM0 when the
Son o! M"n sh"%% sit on the se"t o! His "Kest'0
'o( "%so sh"%% sit on twe%*e se"ts K(dging the
twe%*e tribes o! )sr"e%1 58 And e*er' one who
h"s %e!t his ho(se0 or brethren0 or sisters0 or
!"ther0 or other0 or wi!e0D or chi%dren0 or %"nds
!or M' n"eHs s"ke0 sh"%% recei*e " h(ndred#
!o%d0 "nd sh"%% $ossess %i!e e*er%"sting1 C> And
"n' th"t "re !irst0 sh"%% be %"st0 "nd "n' th"t
"re %"st sh"%% be !irstP DSe*er"% o! the A$ost%es were
"%re"d' "rried when the' were c"%%ed to A$ost%eshi$ b' o(r
Lord1 These were c"%%ed then to <%e"*e= their wi*es0 not in the
sense o! not $ro*iding !or the or h"*ing their co$"n'0 b(t into
" (t("%%' (nderstood st"te o! ce%ib"te %i!e1 See *1251
M- 2>
57 And the Disci$%es were "stonished "t His words1 /(t
+es(s "g"in "nswering0 s"id to the: ,hi%dren0 how h"rd
it is !or those who tr(st in riches Lwhich ost rich en doM0 to
enter into the -ingdo o! GodP 53 L9itho(t " ir"c%e o! gr"ce
th"t "%%ows the rich to s(rrender their we"%th to GodM it is e"sier
!or " c"e% to $"ss thro(gh the e'e o! " need%e0 th"n !or "
rich "n Lon his ownM to enter into the -ingdo o! God1D
5F The' were then "stonished be'ond e"s(re0 s"'ing
"ong these%*es: 9ho then c"n be s"*edB
Dthe eye o! a needle: )t is incredib%e how "n' coent"tors "nd te"chers
h"*e str(gg%ed o*er this te:t "nd h"*e ended ($ s"'ing $recise%' the o$$osite
wh"t +es(s $%"in%' s"'s here "bo(t it being i$ossib%e witho(t " ir"c%e !or "
rich "n to enter the -ingdo o! God1 To s$e"k o! soe g"te in +er(s"%e
where c"e%s on their knees co(%d $"ss thro(gh "s being this <e'e o! " need%e0=
contr"dicts +es(s te"ching "nd the (nderst"nding o! the Disci$%es who were
(tter%' "stonished1 The word here is <" need%e= not The Need%e1
56 And +es(s %ooking on the0 s"id: 9ith en it is
i$ossib%e0 b(t not with God1 For "%% things "re $ossib%e
with God1 54 And Peter beg"n to s"' (nto Hi: /eho%d0
we h"*e %e!t "%% things "nd h"*e !o%%owed Yo(1 58 +es(s
"nswering0 s"id: Most "ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 there is no
"n who h"s %e!t ho(se or brethren0 or sisters0 or !"ther0 or
other0 or chi%dren0 or %"nds0D !or M' s"ke "nd !or the
Gos$e%0 C> who sh"%% not recei*e "n h(ndred ties "s
(ch0 now in this tie o! ho(ses0 brethren0 sisters0
others0 chi%dren0 "nd %"nds0 tho(gh with $ersec(tions0
"nd in the wor%d to coe0 %i!e e*er%"stingP C2 /(t "n'
who "re !irst Lin $osition "nd notoriet'M0 sh"%% be %"st0 "nd
L"n' th"t "reM the %"st0 Lsh"%% beM !irst1
DPeter %e"*es o(t <wi!e= here in o(r LordHs %isting bec"(se PeterHs wi!e did
tr"*e% with hi "nd tho(gh Peter "nd his wi!e %i*ed ce%ib"te%' he did not wish
to claim this *irt(e bec"(se he sti%% h"d her co$"nionshi$1 /oth M"thew "nd
+ohn who ne*er did "rr' do inc%(de <wi!e= in their Gos$e%s1
L- 24
57 And +es(s seeing hi
"nd becoing sorrow!(%0
s"id: How di!!ic(%t it is
!or those who h"*e riches
to enter into the
-ingdo o! GodP 53
For it is e"sier !or "
c"e% to $"ss thro(gh the
e'e o! " need%e th"n !or "
rich "n to enter into the
-ingdo o! God1D 5F
And the' who he"rd it0
s"id: 9ho then c"n be
s"*edB 56 He s"id to
the: The things th"t
"re i$ossib%e with en0
"re $ossib%e with God1
54 Then Peter s"id:
/eho%d0 we h"*e %e!t "%%
things "nd h"*e !o%%owed
Yo(1 58 +es(s s"id to
the: Most "ss(red%'0 )
s"' to 'o(0 there is no
"n who h"s %e!t ho(se0
or $"rents0 or brethren0
or wi!e0 or chi%dren0 !or
the -ingdo o! GodHs
s"ke0 C> who sh"%% not
recei*e (ch ore in
this $resent tie0 "nd in
the wor%d to coe %i!e
*<,. M A$r0 T(e0 AD C7 .esus $gain Tells o! His (u!!ering and Death # Fro Doco to +ericho 363G$1585
MT 5> 2F41TU
26 And +es(s0 going ($
to +er(s"%e0 took the
twe%*e disci$%es "$"rt
"nd s"id to the: 24
/eho%d0 we go ($ to
+er(s"%e "nd the Son
o! M"n sh"%% be
betr"'ed to the chie!
$riests "nd the scribes0
"nd the' sh"%% conden
Hi to de"th1 28 And
the' sh"%% de%i*er Hi
to the Genti%es to be
ocked0 "nd sco(rged0
"nd cr(ci!ied0 b(t the
third d"' He sh"%% rise
M- 2>
C5 And the' were on the w"' going ($ to
+er(s"%e0 "nd +es(s went be!ore the0 "nd
the' were "stonishedD "nd those !o%%owing
were "!r"id1 And t"king "g"in the Twe%*e0
He beg"n to te%% the Lin det"i%M the things th"t
wo(%d be!"%% Hi1 CC S"'ing: /eho%d we "re
going ($ to +er(s"%e0 "nd the Son o! M"n
sh"%% be betr"'ed to the chie! $riests0 "nd to
the scribes "nd r(%ing e%ders0 "nd the' sh"%%
conden Hi to de"th0 "nd sh"%% de%i*er Hi
to the Genti%es1 C7 And the' sh"%% ock Hi0
"nd s$it on Hi0 "nd sco(rge Hi0 "nd ki%%
Hi1 /(t the third d"' He sh"%% rise "g"in1
DThe Poem e:$%"ins the c"(se o! this !e"r "nd "stonishent1
+es(s h"d K(st to%d the the' were "%% going to !"ce " *er'
se*ere tri"% "t the coing P"sso*er !e"st K(st 2> d"'s o!! "nd
th"t ost o! the woen disci$%es "nd chi%dren were not to
come to the Passo+er?
L- 24
C2 Then +es(s took (nto Hi the Twe%*e0 "nd s"id to the:
/eho%d0 we sh"%% go ($ to +er(s"%e0 "nd "%% things sh"%% be
"cco$%ished which were written b' the $ro$hets concerning
the Son o! M"n1 C5 For He sh"%% be de%i*ered to the Genti%es
"nd sh"%% be ocked0 "nd sco(rged0 "nd s$it ($on1 CC And
"!ter the' h"*e sco(rged Hi0 the' wi%% $(t Hi to de"th1
/(t the third d"' He sh"%% rise "g"in1 C7 And the' (nderstood
none o! these things0 "nd these words were " 'ster' to
the0 "nd the' (nderstood not the things th"t were s"id1 LThe
A$ost%es h"d wrong%' inter$reted "%% these $ro$hecies !ig(r"ti*e%' not
%iter"%%' essenti"%%' bec"(se the' did not w"nt to be%ie*e the tr(th1M
The Written 3ropheies o! the 3assion o! our 5ord: E:od(s 25:2#
27E Ps"% 23L2FM:2>E 26L24ME 52L55M:60402702302F024E CCLC7M:52E
7>L72M:2>E 72L75M:2>E F4LF8ME 2>4L2>8M:5#4E 226L224M:55E 9isdo o!
So%oon 5:25#5>E 27:6E )s"i"h 3>:30FE 35:27E 3C:C07030F06040802>022E
+oe% 5:C>E D"nie% 8:5FE Oech"ri"h 8:802502CE 25:2>1
*<*. M A$r0 T(e0 AD C7 $ Mother9s %e1uest For 3ositions o! Honor !or Her (ons # To +ericho 363G$158F
MT 5> TU
5> Then the other o! the sons o! Oebedee LM"r' S"%oeM
c"e to Hi with her sons L+"es "nd +ohnM0 "doring "nd
"sking soething o! Hi1 52 +es(s "sked her: 9h"t wo(%d
'o( %ikeB She s"id to Hi: Gr"nt th"t these ' two sons
"' sit0 the one on Yo(r right h"nd0 "nd the other on Yo(r
%e!t in Yo(r kingdo1
M- 2> TU
C3 And +"es "nd +ohn0 the sons o! Oebedee0 c"e to Hi0 s"'ing: M"ster0
we desire th"t wh"t we sh"%% "sk0 Yo( wo(%d do it !or (s1 CF He s"id to the:
9h"t wo(%d 'o( th"t ) sho(%d do !or 'o(B C6 And the' s"id: Gr"nt to (s th"t
we "' sit0 one on Yo(r right h"nd "nd the other on Yo(r %e!t h"nd in Yo(r
MT 5>
55 And +es(s Lt(rning to +"es "nd +ohnM "nswering0 s"id:
Yo( know not wh"t 'o( "sk1 ,"n 'o( drin/ the halie
th"t ) sh"%% drinkB The' s"id to Hi: 9e c"n1 5C He s"id
to the: 4! My halie indeed 'o( sh"%% drink0D b(t to sit
on M' right or %e!t h"nd is not Mine to gi*e to 'o(0 b(t it
is !or the !or who it is $re$"red b' M' F"ther1 57 And
the ten he"ring it were o*ed with indign"tion "g"inst the
two brethren1 53 /(t +es(s c"%%ed the to Hi0 "nd s"id:
Yo( know th"t the $rinces o! the Genti%es %ord it o*er
the0 "nd the' who "re the gre"ter0 e:ercise $ower ($on
the1 5F )t sh"%% not be so "ong 'o(1 /(t whoe*er wi%%
be the gre"ter "ong 'o(0 %et hi be 'o(r inister0 56 "nd
he who wi%% be !irst "ong 'o(0 sh"%% be 'o(r ser*"nt1 54
E*en "s the Son o! M"n h"s not coe to be inistered
(nto0 b(t to inister "nd to gi*e His %i!e "s " rede$tion
!or "n'1 DThe Poem c%"ri!ies this1 )t is not th"t the' co(%d drink
the c&p0 "s the' c%"ied the' co(%d b(t the' wo(%d on%' drink of th"t
c($P 9e know th"t the a(een "%one wi%% occ($' the $%"ce "t O(r
LordHs right h"nd1 She wo(%d indeed drink the c&pP
M- 2>
C4 And +es(s s"id to the: Yo( know not wh"t 'o( "sk1 ,"n 'o( drink o!
the ch"%ice o! which ) drinkB Or be b"$tiIed with the b"$tis o! which ) "
b"$tiIedB C8 /(t the' s"id to Hi: 9e c"n1 And +es(s s"id to the: Yo(
sh"%% indeed drink o! the ch"%ice o! which ) drink "nd be b"$tiIed with the
b"$tis o! which ) " b"$tiIed1 7> /(t to sit on M' right h"nd or on M' %e!t
is not Mine to gi*e to 'o(0 b(t Lit wi%% be gi*enM to the !or who it is
$re$"red1 72 And the other ten he"ring it0 beg"n to be indign"nt "t +"es
"nd +ohn1 75 /(t +es(s0 c"%%ing the0 s"id to the: Yo( know th"t the' who
"re considered r(%ers o*er the Genti%es0 %ord it o*er the "nd their $rinces
h"*e $ower o*er the1 7C /(t it is not Lto beM so "ong 'o(0 b(t whoe*er
wi%% be gre"ter (st be 'o(r inister1 77 And whoe*er wi%% be !irst "ong
'o( (st be the ser*"nt o! "%%1 73 For the Son o! M"n Hise%! h"s not coe
to be inistered (nto0 b(t to inister0 "nd to gi*e His %i!e " r"nso !or
LOn%' those who wish to c"%% +es(s decei*ed or " decei*er c"n "int"in th"t "%% en wi%%
be s"*ed or ;(estion th"t He%% wi%% be the end o! "n' h("n so(%s1 The <"n'=
r"nsoed is c%e"r%' not "%%1 As horri!'ing "nd "goniIing "s this tho(ght is we coit the
s"e sin "s S"t"n i! we $%"ce o(rse%*es "bo*e ,hrist in "n' deni"% o! His te"ching "nd the
$%"in te"ching o! His ,h(rchPM
36FG$584 # @M A$r0T(eA # Meeting with the Disci$%es Led b' M"n"en "nd Arri*"% "t +ericho1 @O*er 3>> disci$%es o! ,hrist were w"iting
to see +es(s0 inc%(ding two !ro the ,o(rt o! Herod Phi%i$0 ost o! the origin"% she$herds o! /eth%ehe "nd $roinent e:#disci$%es o!
G""%ie%1 The' were "%% w"iting "t &eronic"Hs LNikeHsM est"te K(st so(th o! +ericho1A
366G$C>2 # @M A$r0T(eA # 9ith Soe .nknown Disci$%es1
*<<. M A$r0 9ed0 AD C7 :artimaeus and >riel $re Healed o! :lindness D Fro +ericho to /eth"n' 364G$1C2C
MT 5> TU5CF1
58 And when the' went o(t !ro
+ericho0 " gre"t crowd !o%%owed
Hi1 C> And beho%d two b%ind
enD sitting b' the w"'side he"rd
th"t +es(s $"ssed b'0 "nd the' cried
o(t0 s"'ing: O Lord0 Tho( son o!
D"*id0 h"*e erc' on (sP C2 And
the (%tit(de reb(ked the s"'ing
th"t the' sho(%d ho%d their $e"ce1
/(t the' cried o(t the ore0 s"'ing:
O Lord0 Tho( son o! D"*id0 h"*e
erc' on (sP
C5 And +es(s stood "nd c"%%ed
the0 "nd s"id: 9h"t wo(%d 'o(
th"t ) do !or 'o(B CC The' s"id to
Hi: Lord0 th"t o(r e'es be o$enedP
C7 And +es(s h"*ing co$"ssion on
the to(ched their e'es1 And
iedi"te%' the' s"w0 "nd !o%%owed
DTwo en: /%ind .rie% w"s with /"rti"e(s
b(t not entioned b' the other Gos$e% writers
no do(bt bec"(se @"nd "ccording to The Poem4
he did not !o%%ow the Lord iedi"te%'1
M- 2> TU5CF1
7F And the' c"e to "nd then thro(gh
+ericho1 /(t "s He went o(t o! +ericho with
His Disci$%es with " *er' gre"t crowd0
/"rti"e(s0 the b%ind "n0 the son o!
Ti"e(s0 w"s sitting b' the ro"dside
begging1D 76 9hen he h"d he"rd th"t it w"s
+es(s o! N"I"reth0 he beg"n to cr' o(t "nd to
s"': +es(s son o! D"*id0 h"*e erc' on eP
74 And "n' reb(ked hi th"t he ight be
;(iet0 b(t he cried "%% the ore: Son o!
D"*id0 h"*e erc' on ePP 78 And +es(s0
st"nding sti%%0 co"nded hi to be c"%%ed1
So the' c"%%ed the b%ind "n0 s"'ing to hi:
/e o! good co!ort0 "rise0 He c"%%s 'o(1 3>
And c"sting o!! his o(ter g"rent he %e"$ed
($ "nd c"e to +es(s1 32 And +es(s s"id to
hi: 9h"t wo(%d 'o( w"nt Me to do !or
'o(B And the b%ind "n s"id to Hi:
R"bboniP Th"t ) "' seeP 35 And +es(s s"id
to hi: Go 'o(r w"'0 'o(r !"ith h"s "de
'o( who%e1 And iedi"te%' he s"w0 "nd
!o%%owed Hi "%ong the w"'1
L- 24
C3 Now it c"e to $"ss when +es(s drew ne"rD
to +ericho0 th"t " cert"in b%ind "n s"t b' the
w"'side begging1 CF And when he he"rd the
crowd $"ssing b'0 he "sked wh"t this e"nt1 C6
And the' to%d hi th"t +es(s o! N"I"reth w"s
$"ssing b'1 C4 And he cried o(t0 s"'ing: +es(s0
Son o! D"*id0 h"*e erc' on eP C8 And the'
th"t went on "he"d0 reb(ked hi0 s"'ing th"t he
sho(%d be ;(iet1 /(t he cried o(t e*en ore:
Son o! D"*idP H"*e erc' on ePP 7> And +es(s
st"nding sti%%0 co"nded hi to be bro(ght
(nto Hi1 And when he h"d coe ne"r0 +es(s
"sked hi0 72 s"'ing: 9h"t wo(%d 'o( th"t ) do
!or 'o(B He s"id: Lord0 th"t ) "' seeP 75 And
+es(s s"id to hi: Recei*e 'o(r sight0 'o(r !"ith
h"s "de 'o( who%eP 7C And iedi"te%' he
s"w0 "nd !o%%owed Hi0 g%ori!'ing God1 And "%%
the $eo$%e0 when the' s"w it0 g"*e $r"ise to
Dthe' <drew ne"r= to +ericho0 $"ssed thro(gh the cit' "nd %odged
ne"r the cit' th"t $re*io(s night1
368G$C27 # @M A$r0Th(A # Arri*"% "t /eth"n'1
34>G$C5> # @M A$r0FriA # The Frid"' be!ore the Entr' into +er(s"%e1 +(d"s o! -erioth )$enitent1
342G$CC> # @M A$r0FriA # The Frid"' be!ore the Entr' into +er(s"%e1 F"rewe%% to the 9oen Disci$%es "nd the Enco(nter with the
.nh"$$' ,hi%d1
345G$C7F # @M A$r0S"tA # The S"bb"th be!ore the Entr' into +er(s"%e1 P"r"b%e o! the Two L"$s "nd the P"r"b%e A$$%ied to the Mir"c%e
on Sh"%e1
34CG$C3F # @M A$r0S"tA # The S"bb"th be!ore the Entr' into +er(s"%e1 Pi%gris "nd +(de"ns "t /eth"n'1
*<@. M A$r0 S"t0 AD C7 The 4!!ene over Mary9s (ari!ie # L"I"r(sH Est"te in /eth"n' 347G$1CFC
MT 5F 53F1TU
F And when +es(s w"s in /eth"n'0
in the ho(se o! Sion the %e$erD L"t
the b"ck o! L"I"r(sH est"teM0 6 there c"e to
hi " wo"n h"*ing "n "%"b"ster bo: o!
$recio(s ointent0 "nd $o(red it on His
he"d "s He w"s "t the t"b%e1
4 And the Disci$%es seeing it
were indign"nt0 s"'ing Lto
these%*esM: To wh"t $(r$ose is this
w"steBP 8 For this ight h"*e been
so%d !or (ch "nd gi*en to the
$oor1 2> And +es(s knowing it0 s"id
to the: 9h' do 'o( tro(b%e this
wo"nB For she h"s !(%!i%%ed "
good work ($on Me1 22 For the
$oor 'o( h"*e "%w"'s with 'o(0 b(t
Me 'o( h"*e not "%w"'s1 25 For
she0 in $o(ring this ointent ($on
M' bod'0 h"s done it !or M' b(ri"%1
LM"r' M"gd"%ene knew +es(s w"s
%iter"%%' going to die0 "nd th"t w"s wh"t
oti*"ted her "ct o! %o*e1 The disci$%es
were ob%i*io(s to th"t re"%it' which +es(s
!"ced h"*ing $"ssed o!! His words "s
!ig(r"ti*e %"ng("ge1M 2C Most
"ss(red%' ) s"' to 'o(0 where*er
this Gos$e% sh"%% be $re"ched in
the who%e wor%d0 th"t "%so which
she h"s done sh"%% be to%d in
eor' o! her11
TMt1 "nd Mk1 "' h"*e discreet%' "*oided
entioning the n"e o! L"I"r(s to "*oid
identi!ic"tion o! the wo"n1
M- 27 5351TU
C Now when +es(s w"s in /eth"n'0 in the
ho(se o! Sion LOe"%otM the %e$erD L"t the
b"ck o! L"I"r(sH est"teM0 "nd w"s "t the e"%
t"b%e0 there c"e " wo"n LM"r' M"gd"%ene0
L"I"r(sH sisterM with "n "%"b"ster bo: o!
ointent o! $recio(s s$iken"rd1 And
bre"king the "%"b"ster bo:0 she $o(red it
o(t ($on His he"d1 7 Now there were soe
Lo! +es(sH own disci$%es0 $ri"ri%' +(d"s )sc"riotM
th"t h"d indign"tion within these%*es0
"nd s"id: 9h' w"s this w"ste o! the
ointent "deB 3 For this ointent ight
h"*e been so%d !or ore th"n three h(ndred
den"rii Lne"r%' " 'e"rs w"ge !or " %"borerM "nd
gi*en to the $oor1 And the' (r(red
"g"inst her1 F /(t +es(s s"id: Le"*e her
"%one0 wh' do 'o( tro(b%e herB She h"s
done " good "nd $r"iseworth' thing !or
Me1 6 For the $oor 'o( h"*e "%w"'s with
'o(0 "nd whene*er 'o( choose 'o( "' do
the good0 b(t 'o( wi%% not "%w"'s h"*e
Me1 4 She h"s done wh"t she co(%d "nd h"s
coe be!oreh"nd to "noint M' /od' !or
b(ri"%1 8 Most "ss(red%'0 ) s"' to 'o(:
9here*er this Gos$e% sh"%% be $re"ched in
the who%e wor%d0 this "%so which she h"s
done sh"%% be to%d "s " eori"% !or herP
T+es(s h"d st"'ed in this ho(se on L"I"r(sH est"te be!ore
to "*oid being noticed b(t this tie he w"s in L"I"r(sH
ho(se "nd it w"s M"r' th"t c"e !ro there h"*ing ser*ed
the woen
disci$%es to now ser*e +es(s "nd the en 1
+N 25
2 +ES.S0 there!ore0 si:
d"'s be!ore the P"sso*er0
c"e to /eth"n'0 where
L"I"r(s h"d been de"d0
who +es(s r"ised to %i!e1 5
And the' "de Hi " s($$er
there "nd M"rth" ser*ed0 b(t
L"I"r(s w"s one o! those
who w"s "t the t"b%e with
Hi1 C M"r'0 there!ore0 took
" $o(nd o! ointent o! $(re
%i;(id n"rd o! gre"t $rice0
"nd "nointed the !eet o!
+es(s "nd wi$ed His !eet
with her h"ir1 And the ho(se
w"s !i%%ed with the !r"gr"nce
o! the ointent1 7 Then one
o! +es(sH Disci$%es0 +(d"s
)sc"riot0 who w"s "bo(t to
betr"' Hi0 s"id: 3 9h' w"s
not this ointent so%d !or
three h(ndred den"rii L2>
onths w"gesM "nd gi*en to the
$oorBP F Now he s"id this0
not bec"(se he c"red !or the
$oorE b(t bec"(se he w"s "
thie! "nd h"*ing the $(rse0
c"rried the things th"t were
$(t in it1 6 +es(s0 there!ore0
s"id: Le"*e her "%one0 "nd
"cknow%edge her right to
h"*e ke$t this !or the d"' o!
M' b(ri"%PD 4 For the $oor
'o( "%w"'s h"*e with 'o(0
b(t Me 'o( wi%% not h"*e
D+es(s o!ten %et the Disci$%es
know th"t M"r' M"gd"%eneHs %o*e
!"r e:ce%%ed the "%% "nd here0
tho(gh M"r' co(%d ne*er h"*e
known it0 He w"s "nointed !or His
de"th !or wh"t wo(%d $ro*e
i$ossib%e to do "t the c(sto"r'
tie1 Lo*e is "%w"'s g(ided b' the
di*ine h"nd "nd sees wh"t re"son
c"nnot e*er seeP
8 A gre"t (%tit(de0
there!ore0 o! the +ews knew
th"t He w"s there "nd so the'
c"e0 not !or +es(sH s"ke
on%'0 b(t th"t the' ight see
L"I"r(s0 who He h"d
r"ised !ro the de"d1 2> /(t
the chie! $riests tho(ght to
ki%% L"I"r(s "%so0 22 bec"(se
"n' o! the +ews0 b' re"son
o! hi0 de$"rted !ro the0
"nd be%ie*ed in +es(s1
*<2. M A$r0 S"t0 AD C7 .udas $rranges !or the :etrayal # ,"i"$h"sH Ho(se So(th o! the ,it' 9"%% 343034FG$1C43
MT 5F TU53C1
27 Then went one o! the Twe%*e0 who w"s
c"%%ed +(d"s )sc"riot0 to the chie! $riests0
23 "nd s"id to the: 9h"t wi%% 'o( gi*e
e i! ) wi%% de%i*er Hi (nto 'o(B /(t the'
"%%otted hi on%' thirt' $ieces o! si%*er1 2F
And !ro then on +(d"s so(ght o$$ort(nit'
to betr"' Hi1
M- 27 TU53C1
2> And +(d"s )sc"riot0 one o! the Twe%*e
Lgre"t%' o!!ended o*er the reb(keM0 went to the
chie! $riests0 Lh"*ing decidedM to betr"' Hi to
the1 22 The' ($on he"ring it were g%"d0 "nd
then $roised hi the' wo(%d gi*e hi
one'1 So he so(ght how he ight
con*enient%' betr"' Hi1
L- 55 53>1TU53F1
2 NO9 the Fe"st o! .n%e"*ened /re"d0
which is c"%%ed the P"sso*er w"s "t h"nd1 5
And the chie! $riests "nd the scribes so(ght
how the' ight $(t +es(s to de"th0 b(t the'
!e"red the $eo$%e1
T%I>M3H$5 )"T%8 T4 TH) 3%)3$%$TI4" F4% 3$((4&)% 7 M $3%I5 $D <@ LPoe ,h"$ters 346#386M
*<C. M A$r0 S(n0 AD C7 3reparing !or the )ntry # To the Mo(nt o! O%i*es 346G$1C820 344"G$1C85
MT 52 5CC1TU5C41
2 AND when the' drew ne"r to +er(s"%e
"nd c"e to /eth$h"ge0 on the Le"stern side o!
theM Mo(nt o! O%i*es0 +es(s sent two
disci$%es0 5 s"'ing to the: Go into the
*i%%"ge th"t is !"cing 'o(0 "nd iedi"te%'
'o( sh"%% !ind " donke' tied "nd " co%t with
her1 Loose the "nd bring the to Me1
M- 22
2 AND when the' were dr"wing ne"r to
+er(s"%e "nd to /eth"n' "t the Mo(nt o!
O%i*es0 He sent two o! His Disci$%es0 5
instr(cting the: Go into the *i%%"ge in !ront o!
'o( L/eth$h"geM0 "nd iedi"te%' "t 'o(r coing
into it0 'o( sh"%% !ind " co%t tied ($on which no
"n 'et h"s ridden1 Loose hi0 "nd bring hi
Lwith its otherM1
L- 28 2F>1TU5C4"1
54 And h"*ing s"id these things0
+es(s went "he"d0 going ($ to
+er(s"%e1 58 And it c"e to $"ss
when He h"d coe nigh to /eth$h"ge
"nd /eth"n' (nto the o(nt c"%%ed
O%i*et0 He sent two o! His Disci$%es0
MT 52
C And i! "n' "n sh"%% s"' "n'thing to 'o(0 s"' th"t the
Lord h"s need o! the0 "nd iedi"te%' he wi%% %et the
go1 7 Now "%% this w"s done th"t Lthe Disci$%es ight be "ss(red
th"t +es(s w"s in !(%% contro% o! the e*ents %e"ding to His de"th "nd
"%so th"tM it ight be !(%!i%%ed which w"s s$oken b' the
$ro$het0 s"'ing: 3 Tell the da&'hter of Eion >the people of
#er&salem@5 8ehold thy Oin' comes to thee, mee*, and
sittin' &pon a don*ey, and >in this case@ a colt, the foal of
the don*eyB ne+er acc&stomed to the yo*e1 Z)s"i"h F5:22E
Oech18:8[ F And the Disci$%es going0 did "s +es(s
co"nded the1
DThe $ro$hec' in Oech"ri"h indeed s$e"ks o! on%' one donke'0 which
h"d ne*er been broken or ridden0 b(t th"t cert"in%' does not r(%e o(t
the $resence o! the other "s w"s witnessed b' M"tthew "nd
con!ired in the Poem 1 Since +es(s rode the co%t the conK(nction
<"nd= does not e"n "ddition in " co$%ete sense0 b(t is "s we h"*e
noted in the te:t " ere e0planatory "ddition @<in this c"se=A1
M- 22
C And i! "n' "n sh"%% s"' to
'o(: 9h"t "re 'o( doingB
S"' th"t the Lord h"s need o!
hi0 "nd iedi"te%' he
wi%% %et hi coe here1 7
And going their w"' the'
!o(nd the co%t tied o(tside "
!ront door Lto " ho(seM "t the
eeting o! two ro"ds0 "nd
the' %oose hi1 3 And soe
o! those who stood there0
s"id to the: 9h"t "re 'o(
doing0 %oosing the co%tB F
The' s"id to the "s +es(s
h"d co"nded the0 "nd
the' %et the co%t go with
L- 28
C> s"'ing: Go into the town which is
!"cing 'o( L/eth$h"geM1 At 'o(r entering
'o( sh"%% !ind the co%t o! "n "ss tied on
which no "n e*er s"t1 Loose hi0 "nd
bring hi L"nd the "ssM here1 C2 And i! "n'
"n "sks 'o(: 9h' "re 'o( %oosing hiB
Yo( sh"%% s"' this to hi: /ec"(se the
Lord h"s need o! his ser*ice1 C5 And the'
th"t were sent0 went their w"' "nd !o(nd
the co%t st"nding K(st "s He h"d s"id to
the1 CC And "s the' were %oosing the
co%t0 the owners s"id to the: 9h' "re
'o( %oosing the co%tB C7 So the' s"id:
/ec"(se the Lord h"s need o! hi1 L+es(s
cert"in%' did this to he%$ the A$ost%es re"%iIe in the
d"rk tri"% "he"d th"t He w"s !(%%' in contro% o! the
sit("tion0 reg"rd%ess o! how it "$$e"red1M
*<;. M A$r0 S(n0 AD C7 .esus Weeps over the City o! .erusalem # A Hi%% E"st o! +er(s"%e
L- 28 5C4"1TU371 c 5C4b1
72 And when +es(s drew ne"r0 seeing the cit'0 He we$t o*er it0 s"'ing: 75 )! 'o( "%so h"d known0 e*en "t %e"st in
this 'o(r d"' the things th"t were e"nt !or 'o(r $e"ceP /(t now the' "re hidden !ro 'o(r e'esP 7C For the
d"'s sh"%% coe ($on 'o( when 'o(r eneies sh"%% c"st " trench "bo(t 'o( "nd s(rro(nd 'o(0 "nd sh(t 'o( in on
e*er' side1 L)s"158:CE +er1F:FE EIek17:5M 77 And the' wi%% be"t 'o( "nd 'o(r chi%dren who "re in the cit' down to the
gro(nd1 The' sh"%% not %e"*e in 'o( one stone ($on "nother0 bec"(se 'o( h"*e not known the tie o! 'o(r
*isit"tion Lb' the *er' God o! He"*enMP
*<B. M A$r0 S(n0 AD C7 The Triumphal )ntry 7 The (eond Cleansing o! the Temple # A Hi%% E"st o! the ,it' 344cG$1C86
MT 52 5CF1TU
6 And the' bro(ght the
donke' "nd the co%t "nd
%"id their g"rents ($on
the0 "nd He s"t ($on it1
4 And " *er' gre"t
(%tit(de s$re"d their
g"rents in the w"'0 "nd
others c(t bo(ghs !ro
the trees0 "nd strew the
in the w"'1 8 And the
(%tit(des who went
be!ore "nd who !o%%owed0
cried0 s"'ing: H9!=DD= T9 TH( !9D 9G
D=VID5 8%(!!(D I! H( CH9 ,9M(! ID
TH( D=M( 9G TH( %9D? H9!=DD= ID
TH( HIGH(!T? ZPs"1226L224M:5F[ 2> And
when He h"d coe into +er(s"%e0 the
who%e cit' w"s o*ed0 s"'ing: 9ho is thisBP
22 And the $eo$%e s"id: This is +es(s0 the
$ro$het !ro N"I"reth o! G"%i%ee1
M- 22 5CF TU
6 And the' bro(ght the co%t
to +es(s "nd the' %"id their
g"rents on hi0 "nd He
s"t ($on hi1 4 And "n'
s$re"d their g"rents in the
ro"d "nd others c(t down
bo(ghs !ro the trees "nd
strew the in the ro"d1 8
And the' who went be!ore
"nd those who !o%%owed0
cried0 s"'ing: H9!=DD=?
8%(!!(D I! H( CH9
,9M(! ID TH( D=M( 9G
TH( %9D? 2> 8%(!!(D 8(
,9MIDG? H9!=DD= ID TH(
HIGH(!T? ZPs"1226L224M:5FE )s"i"h
54:2F[ 22" And He entered into
+er(s"%e "nd into the te$%e
"nd h"*ing *iewed "%% things
ro(nd "bo(t0
M- 22
23 And the' c"e to
+er(s"%e1 And when He
h"d entered into the
te$%e L*122"M0 He beg"n
to c"st o(t those who so%d
"nd bo(ght in the te$%e0
"nd o*erthrew the t"b%es
o! the one'ch"ngers
"nd the ch"irs o! those
who so%d do*es1
L- 28
C3 And the' bro(ght the
co%t L"nd its otherM to
+es(s1 And c"sting their
g"rents on the co%t0 the'
set +es(s ($on it1 CF And
"s He went0 the' s$re"d
their c%othes (nderne"th
in the w"'1 C6 And when
He w"s now coing ne"r
the descent o! Mo(nt
O%i*et0 the who%e crowd
o! His disci$%es beg"n
with Ko' to $r"ise God
with " %o(d *oice0 !or "%%
the ight' works the'
h"d seen0 C4 s"'ing:
8%(!!(D 8( TH(
TH( D=M( 9G TH(
%9D? P(=,( ID
H(=V(D, =DD G%97
9D HIGH? ZPs"1226L224M:5FE
)s"i"h 54:2F[ C8 And soe
o! the Ph"risees !ro
"ong the (%tit(de0
s"id to Hi: M"ster0
reb(ke 'o(r disci$%esP
+N 25
25 And on the ne:t d"' "
gre"t (%tit(deD th"t h"d
coe !or the !e"st d"'0
when the' h"d he"rd th"t
+es(s w"s coing to
+er(s"%e0 2C took
br"nches o! $"% trees0
"nd went !orth to eet
Hi0 "nd cried:
H9!=DD=? 8%(!!(D
I! H( CH9 ,9M(! ID
TH( D=M( 9G TH(
%9D, TH( OIDG 9G
I!=(%? ZPs"1226L224M:5FE
)s"i"h 54:2F[ 27 Now +es(s
h"d !o(nd " 'o(ng "ss
"nd s"t ($on it0 "s it w"s
written: 23 Gear not,
da&'hter of Eion? 8ehold, yo&r Oin'
comes, sittin' on an ass$s colt" ZOech1 8:8[ 2F
These things His Disci$%es did not
recogniIe "t the !irst0 b(t when +es(s w"s
g%ori!ied0 then the' reebered th"t these
things were written o! Hi0 "nd th"t the'
h"d !(%!i%%ed these things concerning Hi1
DSoe "ncient "(thorities re"d <the coon
$eo$%e0= "s does The Poem"
MT 52
25 And +es(s went into the te$%e o!
God "nd c"st o(t "%% those who so%d "nd
bo(ght in the te$%e0 "nd o*erthrew the
t"b%es o! the one' ch"ngers0 "nd the
ch"irs o! those who so%d do*es1 2C And
He s"id to the: )t is written: My ho&se
shall -e called the ho&se of prayer, -&t
yo& ha+e made it a den of thie+es? Z)s"i"h
3F:6E +erei"h 6:22[
27 And there c"e to Hi the b%ind "nd
the %"e in the te$%e0 "nd He he"%ed
the1 23 And the chie! $riests "nd
scribes0 seeing the wonders th"t He did0
"nd the chi%dren cr'ing in the te$%e0 "nd
s"'ing: Hosanna to the son of Da+id?
were o*ed with indign"tion1 2F And
the' s"id to Hi: Do Yo( not he"r wh"t
these "re s"'ingB And +es(s s"id to the:
Yes0 b(t h"*e 'o( ne*er re"d: 9&t of the
mo&th of infants and of s&c*lin's 7o&
ha+e perfected praiseL? ZPs"14:CL5M[ 26 And
%e"*ing the0 He went o(t o! the cit' into
/eth"n' "nd re"ined there1
M- 22
2F And He !orbid "n'one to c"rr' "
*esse% thro(gh the te$%e0 26 "nd He
t"(ght the0 s"'ing: )s it not written0 My
ho&se shall -e called the ho&se of prayer
for all nationsL 8&t yo& ha+e made it a
den of thie+es1 Z)s"i"h 3F:6E +erei"h 6:22[ 24
Now when the chie! $riests "nd the
scribes h"d he"rd this0 the' so(ght how
the' ight destro' Hi0 !or the' !e"red
Hi0 bec"(se the who%e (%tit(de w"s in
"we o! His te"ching1 28 And when
e*ening h"d coe0 He went !orth o(t o!
the cit' L*122bM1
M- 22 5C4"1TU
22b when now the e*entide w"s coe0
L"!ter the te$%e c%e"nsingM he went o(t
toLw"rdsM /eth"n' with the Twe%*e L(nto
the !ie%d o! the G"%i%e"ns in the Mt1 o! O%i*es
where the' retired !or the nightM1

L- 28
7> To who He s"id:
) s"' to 'o(0 th"t i!
these sho(%d ho%d
their *oices0 the
stones wo(%d cr' o(tP
L- 28 TU57>1
L371 The 2
73 And entering into
the te$%e0 +es(s
beg"n to c"st o(t those
who so%d "nd those
who bo(ght therein1
7F S"'ing to the: )t
is written: My ho&se
is the ho&se of prayer"
8&t yo& ha+e made it
a den of thie+es1 Z)s"i"h
3F:6E +erei"h 6:22[
+N 25
26 The (%tit(de0
there!ore0 th"t h"d
been with +es(s0
when He c"%%ed
L"I"r(s o(t o! the
gr"*e "nd r"ised
hi !ro the de"d0
now g"*e testion'
Lto the ir"c%eM1 24
For which re"son
"%so the $eo$%e c"e
to eet Hi0
bec"(se the' he"rd
th"t He h"d done
this ir"c%e1 28 The
Ph"risees0 there!ore0
s"id "ong
these%*es: Do 'o(
see th"t we $re*"i%
in nothingBP
/eho%d0 the who%e
wor%d h"s gone "!ter
348G$7>3 # @M A$r0S(nA # The E*ening o! P"% S(nd"'1
*<A. M A$r0 Mon0 AD C7 The "ation o! Israel is Cursed in the Fig Tree # Tow"rds +er(s"%e "nd then tow"rds /eth"n'
24 And in the orning0
ret(rning into the cit'0 He
w"s h(ngr'1 28" And seeing
" cert"in !ig tree b' the w"'
side0 He c"e to it0 b(t
!o(nd nothing on it b(t on%'
%e"*es0 "nd He s"id to it:
M"' no !r(it e*er grow on
M- 22
25 And the ne:t d"' when the' c"e o(t !ro Ltow"rdsM /eth"n'0 +es(s w"s h(ngr'1 2C And when He h"d
seen "!"r o!! " !ig tree h"*ing %e"*es0 He c"e i! $erh"$s He ight !ind soething L-e'innin' to growM on it1
And when He h"d coe to it0 He !o(nd nothing Lnot e*en the e:$ected %itt%e green !igsM b(t on%' %e"*es1D Now it
w"s not the tie !or Lri$eM !igs Lso +es(s w"s not then e:$ecting to !ind soething to s"tis!' His h(ngerM1 27 And
res$onding He s"id to the tree: M"' no "n here"!ter e"t !r(it !ro 'o( "n' ore !ore*erP And His
Disci$%es he"rd it1
DSince !igs begin to !or be!ore the %e"*es "re o(t0 this tree0 which stood o(t "ong the other !ig trees !or its (n(s("% greener'
w"s " $rono(nced s'bo% o! re%igio(s h'$ocris'1 +es(s w"s not e:$ecting to !ind edib%e !r(it0 b(t on%' soe e*idence this tree
wo(%d %"ter s"tis!' soeoneHs h(nger1 +es(sH own h(nger then t'$i!ied the h(nger o! "%% en o! good who were w"iting !or the
%ight o! tr(th !ro the co*en"nt $eo$%e "nd n"tion1 This tree0 %ike )sr"e%0 $resented " dis"$$ointing dece$tion1
*@+. M A$r0 Mon#Th( AD C7 .esus Teahes in the Temple 38>#387038F"
L- 28 371 c
76 And He t"(ght d"' "!ter d"' in the te$%e1 And the chie! $riests0 the scribes0 "nd the r(%ers o! the $eo$%e so(ght
to destro' Hi0 74 b(t the' !o(nd nothing the' co(%d do to Hi0 !or "%% the $eo$%e were "n:io(s to he"r Hi1
*@,. M A$r0 Mon0 AD C7 The 3arable o! the Wi/ed Husbandman # The Te$%e 38>G$728
MT 52 2821TU2531
CC He"r "nother $"r"b%e1 There w"s "
"n0 " "ster o! " ho(se0 who $%"nted "
*ine'"rd "nd "de " hedge ro(nd "bo(t it0
"nd d(g in it " wine *"t0 "nd b(i%t " tower1
He then rented it o(t to h(sb"nden0 "nd
went into "nother co(ntr'1 C7 And when
the tie o! the !r(it h"r*est drew ne"r0 he
sent his ser*"nts to the h(sb"nden th"t
the' ight recei*e Lhis sh"re o! M the !r(it1
C3 And the h(sb"nden0 %"'ing h"nds on
his ser*"nts0 be"t one0 ki%%ed "nother0 "nd
stoned "nother1 CF Ag"in he sent other
ser*"nts ore th"n the !orer1 And the'
did to the in %ike "nner1
M- 25 5751TU5771
2 AND +es(s beg"n to s$e"k to the in
$"r"b%es1 A cert"in "n $%"nted "
*ine'"rd0 "de " hedge "bo(t it0 d(g "
$%"ce !or the wine$ress0 b(i%t "
w"tchtower0 "nd rented it o(t to
h(sb"nden "nd went into " !"r co(ntr'1 5
And "t the $ro$er se"son he sent " ser*"nt
to the h(sb"nden to recei*e o! the Lhis
sh"reM o! the !r(it o! the *ine'"rd1 C /(t
the' %"id h"nds on hi0 be"t hi "nd sent
hi "w"' with nothing1 7 And "g"in he
sent to the "nother ser*"nt1 And hi
the' wo(nded in the he"d0 "nd
re$ro"ch!(%%' "b(sed hi1
L- 5>
8 And +es(s beg"n to re%"te to the $eo$%e
this $"r"b%e: A cert"in "n $%"nted "
*ine'"rd "nd %e"sed it o(t to h(sb"nden0
!or he w"s to go "bro"d !or " %ong tie1 2>
And "t the h"r*est se"son he sent " ser*"nt
to the h(sb"nden0 th"t the' sho(%d gi*e
hi Lhis sh"reM o! the !r(it o! the *ine'"rd1
/(t the h(sb"nden0 "!ter be"ting hi0
sent hi "w"' e$t'1 22 And "g"in the
owner sent "nother ser*"nt1 /(t the' be"t
hi "%so0 "nd tre"ting hi re$ro"ch!(%%'0
sent hi "w"' e$t'1
MT 52
C6 /(t %"st o! "%% he sent to the his son0D
s"'ing: The' wi%% re*erence ' son1 C4 /(t the
h(sb"nden seeing the son0 s"id "ong
these%*es: This is the heir0 coe0 %et (s ki%%
hi0 "nd we sh"%% h"*e his inherit"nceP C8 And
t"king hi0 the' ki%%ed hi "nd c"st hi !orth
o(t o! the *ine'"rd1 7> 9hen0 there!ore0 the
%ord o! the *ine'"rd sh"%% coe0