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Gregorio Luperon: El dulcerito callejero que se invento a si mismo desde la auto-educacion, 173 Aniversario...

______ Source: Background Image, concept, story by Escuela para Aprender a ser Feliz __________ "Leemos para reflexionar" ______________ THE REUNION OF BLACK FAMILY WORLD WIDE LEARN YOUR HISTORY NOT HIS-STORY. "Black history in main stream schools currently starts with "The slvae trade" . .and pretty much ends with "and they had marches and rallies,and they had dogs s et upon them, yet still they wanted to be free and equal citizens." and thats it . To find out that we had 6000 years of civilization before their records began, t o know that we didnt start as Slaves trying to be free. . . that we were proud, scholarly, creative,adveturous, wealthy ......how can that not uplift and empowe r a nation? to know that everything that exists today was and will contiuosly be followed from what we do or have done... " ______ Por qu me convierto en abusador (a) y permito que se abuse de m? Definimos el Abuso como el uso o aprovechamiento excesivo o indebido de algo o de alguien, en perjuicio propio o ajeno. Tambin hablamos de Abuso de confianza y lo definimos como el mal uso que alguien hace de la confianza que le ha sido depositada. Existen seres humanos que permite que se abuse de ellos y esto alimenta al abusador a buscar victimas que se lo permitan. Hay muchas clasificaciones del abuso, no me quiero referir a las tipificadas, sino a lo cotidiano que no parece un abuso y si lo es. EL RECHAZO es una forma de abusar ocurre cuando se niega a reconocer la presencia o valor de una persona. Esto se logra comunicndole a la persona que l o ella son inferiores y devaluando sus pensamientos y sentimientos. Por ejemplo, tratando a un hijo/a y/o esposo(a) de manera indiferente que al resto de sus familiares de alguna manera injusta

o que denote desagrado por el hijo(a) ... ________ Why I become abuser would like to abuse me? We define the abuse as the use or excessive or improper use of something or someone, against himself or others. We also talked about abuse of confidence and it is defined as the misuse that someone makes the confidence that has been deposited. There are human beings who allow abuse of them and this feeds the abuser to find victims to allow. There are many classifications of abuse, I don't want to refer to the respect, but to everyday life which seems an abuse and if it is. THE REJECTION is a form of abuse occurs when it refuses to recognize the presence or value of a person. This is achieved by letting you know the person that he or she is lower and devaluing their thoughts and feelings. For example, treating a child or husband so indifferent to THE REST of their families in some way unfair or that denotes a distance for the child and/or husband in question. THE DEGRADATION is a form of abuse and the person does not realize this occurs when an offensive behavior, such as ridicule, nickname, imitating and infantilize the person in question. Its purpose is to diminish the dignity and worth of the human person and affects their sense of identity in an unfavorable way. Some examples are: shouting, use obscene words, publicly humiliate or label the person as stupid, imitate a disability or treat the person as if it is less than what is and do not leave decisions normal for someone her age, reject the person from your family, friends and/or colleagues. Another way that goes unnoticed is the

emotional indifference IS NOT PROVIDING CARE in a sensitive manner and manifests showing is not involved and indifferent towards the victim, interacting only when necessary and ignoring the person's MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS. Some examples: ignoring the attempts of a CHILD by interact, not show affection towards a child, treat someone as if it were an object. A victim of EMOTIONAL ABUSE automatically becomes A DEPENDENT person, so that many times some people take years to separate from her partner, friends or family members, because the fear felt by the abandonment is so great that they prefer to continue torturing, dependence is as much in these cases almost always the victim of these psychological abuse ends up apologizing and giving to the perpetrator. Emotional abuse leaves no marks or bruises, such abuse is not visible, but sadly feels the traces left in the interior are so deep that only with great effort and courage can delete them. The abuser will always avail of insults, offenses,threats,destructive criticism, cries,indifference and disdain because only with such negative aspects the perpetrator will believe have "power" in any relationship. It is responsible which allows the abuser to act and who receive feeds more and more the behavior of the abuser, is easy to see on a daily basis, check you if you are abusive or if you play to be abused . The only antidote against abuse is the respect that you have as a human being and that give you to those who are to your around,

respect has no age, social status, economic, political or religious position. Respect in interpersonal relationships begins on the individual in recognition of it as a single entity, you need to understand is the other. It is assessing the interests and needs of another individual. Recognition is the consideration that someone or even something has a value by itself and is set to reciprocity: mutual respect, mutual recognition. RESPETATE Do NO ABUSES OR ALLOW TO BE ABUSED Until our next happy reflection,a h ug from heart to heart. Original Text By Luciamelia ____ Source: Free English version by CCIAV, CC4AVE, Foundation & Network ________ By Crculo Latinoamericano de Escritores (CLE) Un pensamiento que no sea el resultado de una accin no es mucho, y una accin que n o procede de un pensamiento no es nada en absoluto. Georges Bernanos ________ From the album: Wall Photos By Pan y Circco "Tambin en un da como hoy pero de 1946,se lleva a cabo la primer transmisin televis iva en blanco y negro en Mxico. Sin duda, un avance tecnolgico inigualable, lstima por los que le dan un mal uso". _______ From the album: Wall Photos By Taller Filosfico Sociolgico "Nadie puede buscar por ti.Nadie puede hacer por ti lo que t mismo debes hacer. LA EXISTENCIA NO ADMITE representantes". By Jorge Bucay. "Desde que me cans de buscar HE APRENDIDO a hallar". By Friedrich Nietzsche. _______ CLACSO Publica : Politicas de Repositorio,para sus contenidos digitalizados,-e-contents o disponi bles en ciberespacio-bajo licencias Creative Commons 3.0

By Yoe F. Santos Graciano ___________ Are you a new member in our virtual community? Hello... Are you a new comer? WE LOVE FACTS...becauseShit happensA COMPLAINT IS ALWAYS a big favorthat is the ess ence of benchmarking-IF you process it, as an opportunity for kayzen ...- But youll ne ed to know, previously: WHAT and why,we are talking about,. On this particular agenda or issu e By Yoe F. Santos/cciav "EL TIEMPO ES TU CAPITAL..." Frank Kafka By Guria Da Poesia Gacha web community on Facebook.com "O tempo teu capital. Perder tempo estragar a vida." Franz Kafka EL TIEMPO es la base de la creatividad de cientficos, artistas, filsofos Ilya Prigogine Las leyes del caos "()Aprovechemos el tiempo() CREAREMOS una nacin donde la nica aristocracia posible s ea la del talento () lo que la ley no manda NINGUNA persona, sea o no sea autoridad, tiene DERECHO a prohibirlo () " Juan Pablo Duarte y Diez Camino a su Bi-Centenario 1813-2013 () Una disciplina nueva, que estudiara la vida de los signos en la sociedad, desde las seales de humo, hasta las formulas de cortesa, las luces del trafico () ser parte de la psicologa social () la semiologa () Ferdinand de Saussure Curso de Lingstica General (1908-1916) Camino a su Primer Centenario (2013) ________ "()El talento sin probidad, es un azote() CREAR, crear, crear,

ah est la salvacin de nuestros pueblos ()" LA ESCLAVITUD DE LOS HOMBRES ES LA GRAN PENA DEL MUNDO (...)" Jos Mart _______ Hello ... welcome / a ... you will be our special guest on trial version for our New Newsletter or e-Bulletin Trial Edition 00WE DID NOT LIKE tourists on our workplace -on cyberspace-yesterday TODAY, w e just identify it and delete it, in the same workplaceon cyberspace. This is why we are inviting you for collaborate and join our teamBut JUST If you a re working previously OR CONCERNED on one or many These following topics .... -Democratic and Humanistic VALUES - internalization, development, promotion, generation - Ethical, aesthetic, identity, landscape, democratic, solidarity, joy, humanist ic -Recreation collective memory: handling in a Multidisciplinary and INTEGRATIVE I nterest, Opportunities and difficulties -Spheres or dimensions: artistic, technical, technological, paradigmal transitio n; -Stories of life, virtual worlds: biographies, auto-biographies, self-education, edutainment, early education, detection and promotion, emergent talents and ear ly expression of multiple intelligences, within tools for socio-cultural animati on and culture of peace, locally and globally, as transverse axis, stretching hu man solidarity, human dignity -on socio-cultural, territorial or geographical or geo-cultural- and virtual networks; -Impact of virtual world in Humanware and develop of human capacities and libert ies; -Generating Multipurpose synergies, within cities, municipalities, industries, c ounties, places, regions, countries, in the capillary and forms literacy-appropr iation, and facilitation processes and catalyst, the benefits of technologies IC Ts -Technological help or diverse kind of support, derivates from human and technol ogical networks sharing process, on solution or formulation of problems of every day life, in ordinary citizens -or invisibilized or discriminate or marginalized - people or minorities, institutions and spaces, goods, services, processes and public agendas; 2. Create OR PARTICIPATE IN Specialized networks, which purpose is sustainable d evelopment, from one or more of our specific objectives, one or more topics of e xplicit or implicit agenda derivate -from our educational and research methods, philosophy, vision, mission- for overcome illiteracy, audio visual and functiona l illiteracy, and other expression of intolerance, prejudices, stereotypes and r

eductionism, against minorities as: adult-centrism, gerontocratic and bureaucrat ic approaches for educational and leisure policies, misogyny, racism, fundamenta lism and so on, frankly violation of individual freedom- rights to believes, rel igious freedom, education freedom, sexual or thought liberties, or similar- as p revention of hate crimes and hate speeches or diverse justification for violence , totalitarism or intolerance. -Take action, active participation on diagnostic for promotion and cross cultura l evaluation, tangible and intangible patrimonial, migrants, local, national and international, on economics AND A CULTURAL contributions, from migratory flows, on local economy and socio-cultural process, relatives on historical memory. -Promote volunteering, solidarity and Tasks of human development on Local, regio nal, nationally and internationally sustainable level on Revaluation of local cu ltures and local contents, as a concrete totality, dynamic, capable to provide a nswers and questions, in value-added chain, on MEANING OF LIFE, with individuals , families, educational organizations, policies designers, communities of intere st on virtual world - under free, friendly and open dialogues evidences centered -accessible for many different niches and segments on audiences, with different or differentiated or asymmetrical level of expertise -or experiences on socio-c ultural animation- for work and leisure, via methodologies and techniques coming from globally and local, evolution of edutainment; 3. Create OR PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY IN PARTNERSHIP, join ventures, collaborative w ork, with public and private institutions, by: -Events, -Publications, -CD-roms or issues like; -Proposals multimedia -Congress, -Seminars, -Conferences, -Panels, -Virtual Communities, -Civic or Citizen Journalism or Web 2.0s Media -Community or Traditional or commercial mass mediasEXCLUSIVELY OR PARTIAL, engaged in COMPILE UPDATE And truthful opportunities or challenges, in: -Cooperative Learning and / or Collaborative; -Learning throughout life; -Recycling and / or management knowledge; Human Resource Management; -Audio-Visual Literacy and Computer-communications, interventions off line and on line ....and respective impacts -Processes, practices, methodologies, best practices and earlier experiences listed-IN EVERYDAY LIFE for citizens, of any age, from anywhere ... -As resources for Communitarian capital Communicative Capital Humanware

Symbolic capital; Promotion Creative Commons Licenses Promotion OERs Commons Licenses Promotion Scientific Commons Licenses Promotion Dev- Commons Licenses as collaborative copyrights of their respective territorial, organizations, social or virtual fields; Promote researches and support social demands for more and best management -and budgets- for invest on: early education, Basic education Artistic Education Early Childhood edutainment, on slums, rural zones or other depressed scenarios; Child Friendly Cities and strategies for preventing and support victims of viole nce; Early childhood edutainment and culture of peace; Policies, researches and socio-cultural animation methods -and experiences- on a lliances with mass media, municipal authorities and educators on: detection emergent talents and emergent expressions of original thought, innovat ion and ways for practice communicational and cultural citizenship; as tools for socio-cultural inclusion and support for anti-discrimination polici es on cultural, educational and edutainmental fields; Development of CREATIVITY, for POPULAR appropriation of these types of resources , to enrich their survival chances and overcoming IN FULL cultural citizenship L ocal and global, within frameworks of culture peace and celebration the dialogue based on evidence -Testable, beyond doubt rea sonably intercultural, transdisciplinary and celebrating diversity, in culture, economics and pluralistic societies as emergent economies founded on wisdom and knowledge, acr oss dialogue supported or mediated by computers, and rescue the legacy coming fr om Paulo Freire and Ivan Illich on conviviality and sefl education; 4. Produce and/ or diffuse content by all means accessible to us, on CCIAV, CC4A VE:support our reach of interest for achieving the above purposes, as well as to stimulate The National and International Movement around Creativity and Creativ e Class (Florida, 2002); 5. PROMOTE CREATIVITY, as tool or instrument for the solution or OUTLINE new pro blems, local and regional development, in both: -Scientific and cultural production; -In management or management organizations; -In the definition of vocations or intrinsic motivations in artistic and literar y, regardless of the level of expertise, whether amateur or professional. 6. Develop ORIGINAL proposals and Community Initiatives, in the area of the lead ing Opinion of: -Creative community and innovative entrepreneurs, cooperatives, small business, education for individual autonomy; -Public and private institutions, -creative policy -Human development; in relation to the NEW PROFILES societies demanding Nonindustrial countries and organizations, for their self development, prosperity and insertion on post Fordist paradigms, by potentialization, diversification a nd positive projection locally and globally of culture and creativity- as priori tary issues and fields- on differentiation, local and global positioning, via cu ltural and creative industries educational investing, edutainment and exports sy nergistic alliances in their organizations; -Help identify and promote Unmet demands, to supply: -New powers -New perspectives for management organizations,(profit and nonprofit),

-Strengthening of their identity OWN institutional, while engaging in their resp ective countries of origin and joint projects in level clusters, join ventures, consortia for projects supp ly and evaluations staffing and skills FREELANCE subsector, Within relationships formal and informa l and flexible regulatory or post Fordist paradigm contemporary, both supply relationships, solutions, methodologies, services facilitation and processes interorganizational or B2B; and between our organization and end customers, production following schemes solutions "on demand" B2C type ...MEDIA USING AS DELIVERY Or intervention, the combining: -Radio or teleconferences; -Any other gadget Between Socio-technical systems, or convergence of the new tec hnologies, applied to relation individual development, sectoral or institutional so that the counterparty scope to improve their contribution -In quality, diver sity and depth-for the potential of export economies, On many capillary levels l ocal, municipal or regional On lines processes for develop intrinsic motivation on and around or across: Innovative or creative processes, goods, cultural services, into and across educ ative fields and audiovisual literacy, as tool for socio-cultural and citizenship inclusion; on illiteracy or semi-illiteracy populations within lifelong education and desal ienated leisure; participatory methodologies, in any country, location; Sorry, our CHANNEL on Facebook.com, since sept, 2011, was closed to general audi ences, after: Reached the top of the 5,000 contacts, for this reason, since September, 2011 we are GRADUALLY Replacing -Individuals and organizations- Not working in NONE Of these PREVIOUS issues, SINCE MAY, 1TH, 2012 we had launched other filter: Numeracy Membership, released on May 1 or, 2012,financial and technologically su pport the expansion of our work in and out cyberspace, this 28 th anniversary, CCIAV, CC4AVE. Now since May 1 or, 2012 ... You can participate in the Numeracy Membership tenu red or well help forwarding such Awareness -campaigning, motivating, on sensibilization process- attracting niches, segments - individuals and organizations on B2B profile sharing priorities, values, and i nterests on democratic and free soulsordinary citizens, people interest in the topics as theory of reception pre production, production and post production on personalization and differenti

ation, positioning and design for cultural and services feedback and consumption processes; social inclusion and audio-visual literacy on children, youth, adolescents and / or persons with some level of disability in any place in the world ... Yoe F. Santos Co Founder & CEO Cultural Center 4 Audio-Visual Exchange Inc, (CCIAV) Foundation & Socio Cultural Solidarity Network ______________ Welcome "Time is your capital ..." (Frank Kafka) Best regards and be success. The human condition, freedom, Dignity and Development of all their talents, inte lligences and potentialities, ARE not an EXCLUSIVE tasks of schools, scholars, experts, governments, municipal ities, Mass media or the other social actors and actresses in Unconnected biased or uni nformed action; BUT A PASSION where is mixed personal ethics (Laszlo, 2004: 1-29), personal stor ies, personal vocational calls, personal talents, personal gifted or not gifted child , since early childhood, current days: personal decisions, community involvements or COLLECTIVE engage on the territory, as biography or ordinary, public and private story on everyday life AND GLOCALIZ E. Sustainability, diversity and the inclusion of items the creative process, the i nnovation, the environment, are born FREE AND EQUAL, live, grow and die -In many cases before they are 5 years old- boys, girls clamoring for alliances, solidarity networks, to incorporate BENCHMARKING, best practices Of science, research, technologies and developing points intersection or probable synergies, in defense of life, liberty and education FOR individuals,from the cradle to the

grave: those processes DO not operate in a vacuum or in limbo, but face to natural res ources,which as the lifetime - PERSONAL HISTORY, in the shaft temporality,ethics and historicity PERSONAL- ar e nonrenewable. Thank you and welcome our dialogues and exchanges in this channel, in the during this 28 th Anniversary (1984-2012), for CCIAV, CCIAV,- As a solidarity network for field media literacy and foundationThanks for your interest in our work and thanks for prefer invest your time shar ing on those concrete topics, agendas and issues as priority, to be closer follower to the fe edback that we propose, in the construction process on: - Democratic and Humanistic Citizenship, work-out -Of culture and production and digitized or e-content sharing on: - Socio-cultural processes -Reception theory, -Metrics and methodologies associated with emerging trends on curatorial fields, in content and themes, related to cultural consumption; -Worldwide Evolution on Quality Standards on Services on General -and Cultural Industries and Creative Industries as wellbeing benefitson socio-cultural inclusion, rescue the collective memory, joy, fun, education, recreation and symbolic flows practices, develop and promotion, tangible and intangible patrimonies in a terri torial or geographical community as virtual communities, too; -Promotion and Preservation Collective Historical Cultural Memory: local and glo bally; under creative and innovative practices -developed by individuals on early childhood- but we just admit on Num eracy Membership, individuals between 14 to 99 years old ... 24/7 door inclusion, the official account On Twitter.com http://www.twitter.com/cciav CCIAV, Cc4ave, Foundation & Network Support team 4.

Welcome @ CCIAV Yoe F. Santos @cciav Co Founder & CEO CCIAV, CC4AVE Human Person Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 Anniversary 1984-2012 ___________ 1. What and who we are, in CCIAV, this 28th anniversary? Foundation & Global Solidarity Network, SPECIALIZED on generation proposals unde r worldwide quality standards, high added value for society and industry, communication, audio-visua l and computer communications, from: -Research Socio-cultural-International Community Action, Multidisciplinary, multigenerational ...from interventions, programs, policies, projects and content focused on: http://es.scribd.com/doc/104738338/1-Que-y-quienes-somos-en-CCIAV-este-28avo-ani versario-Fundacion-Red-Solidaria-Global-ESPECIALIZADA-EN-generacion-de-propuesta s-de-alto-valor ______ "Sometimes it's good to close some doors ...Do not lead anywhere " ________ "(...) The drawing is the basis of theArchitecture.painting, sculpture, fashion, Because it is design (...) " Vassaris "Writing is add to room to the house of life " From the album: Wall Photos By Eduquemos in Red "Writing is adding a fourth the house of life. ' Adolfo Bioy Casares _____ "Mediocrity always Organizes its own gang "

Pedro Pompeyo Rosario We support music education into schools ...Also If you support it Give LIKE and forward ... CCIAV, CC4AVE ____ Just thinking on details like these We were said you ALWAYS timeis good, wise to know what are we talking about, into or across a virtual community, because w e are not alone on cyberspace. More than 90% of men and women working on science, arts ,"Lights" or wise guys a nd girls are connected online, at North, at South, at East at West ... Why, no lumps or appor tioning Merits of others, or theft of ideas, or fundamentalist positions, narcissistic, Believe d north, the essential ,teachers miracle workers, and other Club Getaway children self-hype: work on the internet , for Those peaceful walk, but incessantly working here ... Like I said: Ideas are for move acrossCultures, ac ross languages, across minds, souls and bodies ...but NOT to circulate on all sides, but to circ ulate to and Where They are Received, Discussed, without mercy, but without prejudice, Strengthenin g horizontal dialogue intercultural territorial goal,transdisciplinary free but informed. One of the Journal really good concept on "Replicantes" of Mexico, is made expli cit To Have what kind of "thoughts", "contributions"or feedbacks the editors Are NOT willing to accept, in its pages, or in the comments of THEIR COMMUNITY OF readers: -NO illiterate reviews; -NO or biased Opinions, discrimination or hate speech; THOSE ARE OUR SAME EXCLUSION CRITERIA on curatorial works and philosophy, in addition reject ALL OR ANY :CALL or justify of violence, crime, and so on Precisely, so we had Decided CLOSE OUR CHANNEL ON FACEBOOK, on September, 2011,c lose this channel on Facebook, Because We had "cast" Individuals to Institutions -Violated Faceboo k community standardsthe rights and Individual liberties groups,invisible, discriminated and impoveri shed...

Precisely Because Of The LACK Educational Opportunities, economics and self-mana gement or endo- development, starting with OBSTRUCTION the rights RECOGNIZED from 1924 to children, adolesce nts and youth, as human persons. Part of the new newsletter currently in its trial edition Edition or 00, Intende d to be a human channel for the meeting cooperative, playful, sensitive and human carnival, who believe and work and concern for humanity, Both Freedom and Dignity itself as foreign.non elitize, Flatten no, Modernizatio n and democratization,years ago we knew it In a contribution to the Ibero-American Charter 21 in Culture, fr om the virtual community "Municipalidad y Cultura" Coordinated by Juan Navidad and Luis Ramon Altagracia Ortiz. Those are the only limits on inclusion and participation criteria: 1. 2. 3. 4. be working, be reflecting, be proposing or be worried, CURRENTLY, NOT ON YESTERDAYTODAY

(ON themes , agendas, priorities, issues previously listed) circulate there, ALW AYS under THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY each author as signer. Thank you very much and welcome, The Bulletin 00, trial edition, Yoe F. Santos / CEO Cultural Center for Audio-Visual Exchange, Inc(CCIAV) Foundation & Solidarity Network Human Person Talents, Criticality, Friendship! Salut, Polis et Ecumene! 28 Anniversary 1984-2012 PS. Moreover, if any time there will be something to celebrate:It will be After November 2012,

where we know definitely in, through and from the new state of the art for human ities and social sciences, in Latin America and Caribbean and its relation with science, disciplines, agendas and un met needs: the extension, the Investigations and socio-cultural animation ,in the rest of the world, on ea rly XXI century and third millennium ... __________ For everything else, the filter will be Numerary MEMBERSHIP ...Just one year lat er (September, 2011) They fill the seats 5.000, to stay In This channel as Placid beholder ACCOMODATI ON of Facts of Which We Talked ... _________ "Loyalty, when is Purchased, is always fragile " Tacitus Some notes on the Implications strategic purpose of B2B, of our emigration (1996 ) into cyberspace, CCIAV, CC4AVE and new literacies (1996-2012), from the cross-fertilization and t he struggle against functional illiteracy and audio-visual illiteracy in Iberoamerica (1984-2012) .. . In This new kindergarten on the Earth ...28 th anniversary and the launch edition 00, a new bulletin, Developments oriented monitoring Our Global issues and agendas, in multiple languages (August , 2012). By Yoe F. Santos / CCIAV URL: http://es.scribd.com/doc/104639223/Sres-as-Red-Iberamericana-de-Animacion-SocioCultural-E-S-M-Apreciados-as-colegas-y-amigos-as-Hemos-leido-y-escuchado-que-est an-ustedes-e _____________ Appreciated NEW reader: On Numeracy Membership This 28 th anniversary... The Idea is stays happy, sharing and learning each other, friendly Openly and on evidence centered concepts based ... on child and culture of peace,human rights, creativity,visual literaci es an emerging trends and post-Fordist paradigms ... OUR CONTACTS FOR FEEDBACK on Numeracy Membership... 809 508 2036 809 299 2036 E-MAIL: cciav.hq @ gmail.com

"LEARN is the only thing the mind never tires ... and neither do you regret ... " Leonardo Da Vinci The future was YESTERDAY: When the martyrs of Chicago, during the nineteenth century the boy and girl, human, NO ANIMAL OR PROPERTY .... by Yoe F. Graciano Santos on Monday,August 6, 2012 at 6:11 pm I've been Maintaining financial and technologically this effort for 28 years wit h my father and family, but now,I am in a position to claim Solidarity from tenured member,Because It's getting very apologetic Now for more ... continue operating the network and the foundation worldwide. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=405413492854081&set=t.628036390&type=3 ____________ Background Image, concept, story by Think Different "Sometimes it's good close some doors ...Do not lead anywhere " ________ Did you remember 1980-2000, the number of times you invite you to try to follow the audio-visual literacy and computer-communications, for you, your welfare, th e projection of the country, your family, your projects, your career? YOUR TIME AND OPPORTUNITIES on sensitization ended on September, 2011 ...Now the scenario is for replace your seat for someone who really cares about these topics AND NO OTH ER, Thanks for your time, Yoe F. Santos / CCIAV " I CLAIM fully my right to participate in the contradictions on my time " Roland Barthes "No power, slightly prudent of knowledge and maximum possible of tastes (....) the word is old, is called: solidarity (...) " Roland Barthes "The Pleasure of the Text" "Inaugural Lecture"

Edition 00, new bulletin,oriented Monitoring developments our global issues and agendas, in multiple languages (Since: August, 2012).

By Yoe F. Santos / CCIAV URL: 1.Re-defining audiences, niches, segments on cyberspace: 28th Anniversary, our New Trial Edition, Bulletin 00 http://es.scribd.com/doc/104736754/Reshaping-and-Re-Defining-Audiences-Niches-an d-Segments-on-Cyberspace-on-This-28-Anniversary-and-the-Trial-Version-00-Our-New -Bulletin-for-Members-Con 2. Testing , Testing 00 http://es.scribd.com/doc/104736593/Hola-testing-testing-Bulletin-00 3. Why a complaint is a big favor, when you are reaching for news or truth? http://es.scribd.com/doc/104731540/A-COMPLAINT-IS-ALWAYS-a-big-favor%E2%80%A6-th at-is-the-essence-of-benchmarking-IF-you-process-it-as-an-opportunity-for-kayzen -But-you%C2%B4ll-need-to-know 4.Research, essays on citizenship, cyberspace and socio-cultural inclusion for v ulnerable citizens an Iberoamerican and Caribbean view, as B2B contribution (1980 -2012): http://es.scribd.com/doc/104639223/Sres-as-Red-Iberamericana-de-Animacion-SocioCultural-E-S-M-Apreciados-as-colegas-y-amigos-as-Hemos-leido-y-escuchado-que-est an-ustedes-e 5. Ponerse en los zapatos del otro/a/x/: Recordacin Oblicua, entre la duda y la eleccin, Mara Montessori y Norberto Bobbio. http://es.scribd.com/doc/104529659/Ponerse-en-los-zapatos-del-otro-o-la-otra-ENT RE-LA-DUDA-Y-LA-ELECCION-recordando-de-forma-oblicua-a-Maria-Montessori-y-a-Norb erto-Bobbio-en Ni banalidad, ni aburrimiento Cultura Audio Visual, Ciberculturas, Nuevas Ciudadanas, Nuevas Alfabetidades: Tiempos de Cosechas! Boletin 00 http://es.scribd.com/doc/104425834/AV-Cybercultures-New-Citizenships-New-Literac ies-Time-for-harvest-Web-Community-Bulletin-No-00-Ni-banalidad-ni-aburrimiento-c alidad-vid?secret_password=dk1v9jjwq0dttgydmtt La fiebre no est en la sabana Los problemas existen NO SE RESOLVERAN solos, ni sin propuestas ni sin cambios una vuelta rpida en el tema del mecenazgo,la animacin cultural y sus impact os en la vida cotidiana del ciberespacio, las industrias creativas y culturales desde las falencias de la uni versidad y su baja inversin en extensin e investigacin Quien se perjudica realmente? Los maestros/as, los y las extensionistas? Los inv estigadores/as?.... parece que en esos problemas la lista de afectados abarca a mas y mas personas,f

uera de la vista de la rebatia por los empleos en la escuela y la universidad pblicael tiempo no pasa en vano tamb in la paciencia tiene lmites. http://es.scribd.com/doc/104295461/Mecenazgo-Animacion-Cultural-Ciberespacio-Ind ustrias-Culturales-Industrias-Creativas-en-Politicas-de-Investigacion-y-de-Exten sion-Universitaria Selected readings on human dignity, equal rights, preventing violence and discrimination via socio-cultural inclusin http://es.scribd.com/doc/104245836/Some-useful-readings-for-citizens-and-stakeho lders-on-human-dignity-equal-rights-preventing-violences-and-discrimination-viasocio-cultural-inc Selected readings: On early education and creativity http://es.scribd.com/doc/104237913/Source-Some-useful-readings-for-citizens-andstakeholders-on-creativitiy-early-education-State-of-Art-Philosophy-social-scien ces-humanitie Que hacer con el saber intil? http://es.scribd.com/doc/104209980/Que-hacer-con-el-saber-inutil-en-un-cambio-de -escenarios-y-paradigmas-Creo-que-en-primer-lugar-ponerlo-fuera-del-alcance-de-l os-ninos-como A really honest viewpoint on Katz(2010) or WHY close and sharing channel on Inte rnet 2.0 or Web 2, for RE LAUNCH a project NOW TIED with the Numeracy Membership- since may 1th, 20 12- and New Filter Profiles for Access our e-contents and channels, via @cciav or the accoun t www.twitter.com/cciav, this 28th anniversary for our foundation and global network... WELCOME! The real world...Courtesy: Peshawar University INFOGRAPHY, Cyberspaces E-CONTENTS production on EACH 60 SECONDS EMERGENT TRENDS AND desegregated report. Source: Hashem AL-ghaili http://es.scribd.com/doc/98746683/Hey-there-is-not-free-lunch-Closing-for-a-Rela unching-with-other-PROFILE-AND-the-Numeracy-Membership-since-May-th-2012-Our-way -for-celebrates-th There is not free lunch http://es.scribd.com/pro_stats/documents/98746683?start=2012-08-04&end=2012-09-0

4&granularity=day&norm=15 FAQ Como puedo ayudar o participar? http://www.scribd.com/doc/102738381/FAQ-o-Como-puedo-ayudar-y-participar-%E2%80% 93-individual-o-interinstitucionalmente-en-B2B-desde-la-Membrecia-Numeraria-desd e-este-28-avo-Aniversario-del 0. Siembra ( Ruben Blades, 1979)

http://www.scribd.com/doc/103038961/SIEMBRA-1979-RUBEN-BLADES-Y-WILLY-COLON-en-u na-cancion-popular-potente-inspiracion-marca-region-Caribe-Fania-All-Stars 1. http://es.scribd.com/doc/104738338/1-Que-y-quienes-somos-en-CCIAV-este-2 8avo-aniversario-Fundacion-Red-Solidaria-Global-ESPECIALIZADA-EN-generacion-de-p ropuestas-de-alto-valor 2. http://es.scribd.com/pro_stats/documents/103038961?start=2012-08-04&end= 2012-09-04&granularity=day&norm=15 3. El periodo 1960-hoy ha sido clave en la investigacin y las propuestas par a intentar llevar mas all -del papel y de la politiquera- la humanidad, la dignidad y la libe rtad del nio, la nia, el y la adolescente y el joven, como fueron concebidas y aceptadas por la Liga o Unin de Naciones en 1924 http://es.scribd.com/doc/104193118/El-periodo-1960-hoy-ha-sido-clave-ademas-delmomento-trascendental-del-reconocimiento-de-la-humanidad-del-nino-o-nina-1924-mi rando-hacia-atr Appreciated followers or reader: Introducing you on Our Numeracy Membership this 28 th anniversary. http://www.scribd.com/doc/101983091/Appreciated-reader-and-follower-We-want-intr oduce-you-on-our-Numeracy-Membership-this-28-th-Anniversary-on-CCIAV-CC4AVE-as-f oundation-and-global Que proponemos y ofrecemos en las alianzas y proyectos en B2B, desde CCIAV, CC4A ve, este 28 aniversario, para organizaciones afines a nuestra prioridades y areas de inters, en la animacin socio-cultural? http://es.scribd.com/doc/104100724/Fundacion-y-Red-Global-Centro-Cultural-de-Int ercambio-Audio-Visual-Presentacion-Formal-de-Stock-de-Capacidades-Para-Un-Acerca miento-B2B-o-Protocolo-de?secret_password=2bj4arjxzy3g45gmvc19 CCIAV, Adding Value: Proposal http://es.scribd.com/doc/104100570/CCIAV-CCIAV-Proposal?secret_password=1q39xfwy 31l3zia1y03k Some selected readings on Cybercultures and Audio Visual Literacy. http://es.scribd.com/doc/104071057/Source-Some-useful-readings-for-citizens-andstakeholders-on-child-friendly-cities-ALFIN-audiovisuall-iteracy-and-strategies-

preventing-vio Para sobrevivir en un mundo en cambio y plagado de incertidumbres, hace falta un horizonte compartido , pero tambin poder comunicarse- con la realidad COMO ELLA ES no como sonamos que sea-para poder ser parte de la solucin a sus problemas.... desde la construccin de la ciudadana cultural y comunicacional 24/7,de la cuna a l a tumba, sin olvidos, ni exclusiones, -tambin sin prejuicios o tecnofobias- en lo s caminos de la bsqueda de la verdad y la libertad, para todas y todos by Yoe F. Santos/cciav http://es.scribd.com/doc/104064852/Para-sobrevivir-como-individuo-cultura-econom ia-en-un-mundo-en-cambio-y-plagado-de-incertidumbres-hace-falta-un-horizonte-com partido-como-el Educacin e Integracin : legado de Paulo Freire e Ivan Illich, economa del saber y dialogo, en siglo XXI. http://es.scribd.com/doc/104027658/De-Simon-Rodriguez-a-Paulo-Freire-educacion-p ara-la-integracion-iberoamericana-A-Puiggros-2005-El-legado-pedagogico-del-siglo -XX-para-la-esc Lecturas escogidas sobre prosumidores/as: consumo cultural, proceso de recepcin y nativos digitales http://es.scribd.com/doc/103911735/Some-useful-readings-for-understand-the-reali ty-on-citizens-teachers-prosumers-cultural-consumers-reception-processes-digital -natives-and-st Stop child slavery http://es.scribd.com/doc/103854236/Stop-Child-Slavery-Recalling-Relations-Slaver y-and-Ignorance-This-Day-on-Early-XXI-Century-FOLKLORE Tools and Understanding http://es.scribd.com/doc/103850167/Source-Some-useful-readings-for-citizens-andstakeholders-TOOLS-and-understanding-our-problems-today-by-Yoe-F-Santos-cciav There is not free lunch http://es.scribd.com/pro_stats/documents/98746683?start=2012-08-04&end=2012-09-0 4&granularity=day&norm=15 http://es.scribd.com/doc/103736439/HOLA-MUCHAS-GRACIAS-POR-SU-INTERES-EN-NUESTRO -TRABAJO-Y-GRACIAS-POR-ACEPTAR-INGRESAR-A-NUESTRO-EQUIPO-DESDE-LA-MEMBRECIA-NUME RARIA-ESTE-28-AVO-ANIV?secret_password=c4vjguycstfo0wqrpyl Hoy puede ser un buen da para que decidas participar en nuestro equipo desde la Membreca Numeraria, este 28 aniversario http://es.scribd.com/doc/104123689/Hoy-puede-ser-el-dia-para-que-decidas-unirtea-nuestro-equipo-este-28-avo-aniversario ______ Background Image, concept, story by Think Different "Sometimes it's good to close some doors ...do not lead anywhere " Source:

Think different, web Community on Facebook.com ________ I am in a position to claim solidarity from Numeracy Membership, because it's getting very difficult for us, Now for more ... continue operating the network and the foundation worldwide https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=405413492854081&set=t.628036390&type=3 0. 1. 01. SOME conceptual and contextual frameworks for understand better, current days. Cultural Consumption.

cultural consumption Cross-cultural consumption: global markets, local - Howes diversity and standardisation in spaces of consumption - Zukin Social stratification and cultural consumption: Music in - Chan Cross-Cultural Consumption www.david-howes.com/CultCon/Scope.htm "Cross-cultural consumption" occurs when a product or service is produced in one culture but consumed in some other culture. The globalization of markets has ...cultural consumption definition cultural con sumption and everyday life John Storey cultural consumption and everyday life Social stratification and cultural consumption music in england Cross cultural consumption global markets local realities Cultural consumption and Bourdieu Social stratification and cultural consumption Social status and cultural consumption 02. Networks: research virtual, integrated and self-education process

JHM Florian - 2004 - ... professional knowledge validity and global update. ... a nd development of a new research paradigm in various sociocultural contexts. ... of know-applied to the daily wor k Science, Society and Computer Science: Interfaces and reflections from ufrgs.br

Claveria AV - Computing na educao: theory & achieve, 1998 - seer.ufrgs.br FACEBOOK, A RIGHT TOOL FOR DEVELOPING A KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT BEST. from mxgo.net LP INCLUDES ... - mxgo.net information, entertainment and leisure, reflecting the world and ... A TOOL BEST SUITED FOR DEVELOPING A KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT. ... Toward An Interactive Educational Community CMZ Restrepo - books.google.com Analysis of conditions for telework from training in virtual learning environmen ts from ucp.edu.co GJ Florez Rios, Olaya Cardona F ... - 2011 - biblioteca.ucp.edu.co New sociocultural and technological university, as a training center ... The roads towards the information society in Latin America and the Caribbean JM Katz - 2003 ... The digitization process can help raise educational standards and improving ...global technological frontier, few countries ... BDSM in cyberspace: BDSM in cyberspace: an ethnographic approach from bdsmclub.es MB Torras - bdsmclub.es Learning in a knowledge society. from us.es JC Almenara - Undivided, 2008 - tecnologiaedu.us.es FOR THE TITLE OF DEGREE IN TEACHING PRESENT: ADRIANA PEREZ SOTO from cobaezac.edu.mx ESPINOZA MDV - bibliotecadigital.cobaezac.edu.mx UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC COMMISSION FOR LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN ECLAC from cepal.cl ENALY THE CARIBBEAN - cepal.cl The Application of Information and Communication Technologies to optimize the teaching-learning process at the Higher Institute of Education ... from uniandes.edu.ec Villafuerte AG Soria - 2011 - dspace.uniandes.edu.ec The digital skills in higher education from google.com Study in children and young people in front of screens, made in:German School of Quito, School and College Pachamama W. Kilpatrick, the metropolitan district of ...

from utpl.edu.ec ALZ Burri - 2012 - cepra.utpl.edu.ec VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: EXPERIENCE IN THE CORE ACADEMIC TRAINING INSTITUT E ZULIA ... from upel.edu.ve THE VIRTUAL EDUCATION: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ADMISSION TO THE COLLEGE STUDENT'S district of San Sebastian ... from ucn.edu.co Virtual Teaching on the organization of digital information resources Vera RG - 2005 THE WORLD IS IN YOUR COMPUTER VIA THE INTERNET from saludmed.com THE CORSINO - saludmed.com The Internet Communication Service Teachers and Students of the Secondary Level. Cases: Schools-San Luis and Champagnat Marist Brothers in Lima from cybertesis.edu.pe DBC HARO - cybertesis.edu.pe The challenges of integrating ICTs in the educational process: Limits and possib ilities from unirioja.es Cabero Almenara J - Educational Perspective, 2010 - dialnet.unirioja.es Study on the possibilities of virtual education platforms (eg learning) in organ izational learning. Contributions to the design of ... from unr.edu.ar MR de la Riestra - 2010 - rephip.unr.edu.ar A qualitative study of the level of receptivity and perception of senior univers ity management on the implementation of a virtual university model from inter.edu J Pea - 2005 - acpon1.ponce.inter.edu GUIDE TO LEARNING COMPUTER ETHICS: an experience applicable to business manageme nt from webgarden.es GM Arencibia - .... bibliotecvirtualitsc.webgarden.es Cyberculture: report to the Council of Europe P Lvy - 2007 Pedagogical guidelines for teaching and learning Batista EE - 2007 Media work and network with Web 2.0 tools from utpl.edu.ec P Espinosa Andrade - 2011 - cepra.utpl.edu.ec

Design and proposal of a virtual classroom for the course: Practice of teaching activities, career TSU, Global Education. Coloncito Support Unit, Local Centre ... from una.edu.ve LA Garcia Arellano - 2012 - biblo.una.edu.ve PREVENTION AND DETECTION OF STUDENTS AT RISK SOCIAL AND / OR ABUSE FROM THE GUIDANCE IN MADRID from eldoblao.com FERNNDEZ MLM - II National Meeting - eldoblao.com Information, innovation and global society Contreras FR, JEL Fields ... - 2006 NEW ROLES OF TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM INTRODUCTION TO COMP UTER from upel.edu.ve K Torrealba REPORTS THIRD CONGRESS AND PEDAGOGY ICT 2012 - ipb.upel.edu.ve ... World Declaration on Higher Education in the Twenty-first Century: Vision an d Action ... 2006) proposes ICTs are technologies that are needed for the management and transforma tion ... Social In this hand, 40% of students believe that the guardian must encourage an d stimulate ... ICTs for participation in legislation from flacsoandes.org Albornoz Tinajero C - 2005 - flacsoandes.org Television and Internet: Substitution Effect? from cesca.es AF Planells - recercat.test.cesca.es Edublog: A STUDY IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION BLOG from us.es MCF Sardi ... - 2008 - tecnologiaedu.us.es USE OF EDUCATIONAL WIKI: A STUDY OF CURRENT STATUS from us.es MR Febres ... - 2008 - tecnologiaedu.us.es DICTIONARY OF DISTANCE EDUCATION from eduqa.net Garcia GR - 2010 - debate2010.eduqa.net Cibermedia: The Impact of Internet on the media in Spain R Salaverra - 2005 Digital Literacy for journalists. A proposal from the Media Education (EPM)

from ucv.ve Carrillo J ... - 2012 - saber.ucv.ve IMPACT OF INTERNET ON WOMEN'S POLITICAL PARTICIPATION from c3fes.net Coca J - c3fes.net from unmsm.edu.pe Marketing Management Volume II ( Ph. Kotler) es.scribd.com/doc/38642415/direccion-de-marketing-tomo-ii-kotler Social responsibility in the media. www.alipso.com> ... > Communication - Translate this page November 27, 2007 - Proposed steps for Kotler in the development of social movements. ADVERTISING, EDUCATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGY REPORT ... cfc-asturias.es / ... / ... origin of the concept behind World War II: first .... source for carrying out wo rk research are ...... (Kotler, 1994, p. MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS QUALITY WITH FOCUS ... www.monografias.com / ... / calidad... / quality-focused ... by L Peresson - 2007 Perceived Quality / Perceived Quality:It is the appreciation of the consumer ... Chapter 9 hoffman mktunlam.blogspot.es / HOW CAN I IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE? www.hacienda.go.cr/.../ ... by MCL MEJIA - intangible (eg, delivery of .. three-dimensional creative.Product, Price, Distribution and Communication www.uclm.es/.../cursos/edc/.../ArturoMolina_3.ppt Perceived quality: subjective assessment Consumer's superiority .... www.gestiopolis.com / resources / ... / analdinar.htm Quality Service es.scribd.com / doc / ... / Quality-In-The-Service FULL THESIS es.scribd.com/doc/61255003/TESIS-COMPLETA July 30, 2011 - "The products and services include all tangible or intangible .. . leader in the development of high quality products worldwide. ...costs Hidden: . Excellence In Customer Service www.slideshare.net / ... / excellence-in-service-to-cli ... October 2, 2008 Strategies Marketing

www.slideshare.net/.../estrategias-de-mkting-1510 ... Micropymes Inquiry Vol # 3 www.slideshare.net/doctoradofaces/investigacin-micropymes-vol-no-3 October 16, 2009 CHAPTER II THEORETICAL MARKETING ON, PLAN ... wwwisis.ufg.edu.sv/.../647.94-C796d-Capitulo% 2 ... dspace.ups.edu.ec/bitstream/.../751/.../Capitulo_I.p ... Family influence, reference group, social class, lifestyle ... Glossary of terms in English "MercadotecniaIII" www.clasicapotosi.com / clasicapotosi / ... / glosarioing ... quality, in particular. ... Brand loyalty: brand loyalty. ...new not released 0. PRELIMINARY NOTE: Cyberspace LIVE IS A PLACE, There is only because some people keep forever young and beating, heartbeat and breathing steps in the world. It is NOT a single sum of cables, hardware and software, but the real protagonist, is the set of human , at play, FOR EXAMPLE IN AND FROM THE WEB 2.0, to: exchange information...ONLY in, from, by, for and to through the contents, and PHASE INTERMEDIATE ORPREVIEW OF THE DIGITAL, to and from the HumanWare,can a human being, allowed to flourish his or her multidimensionality, facing his or her OWN personal history, user, consumer, producer prosumer or the Internet and cyberspace, but at the same time - Second by second- learning and unlearning, remembering and forgetting, appropr iating the heritage or historical-cultural memory- Tangible and intangible- of their an cestors, as othernesss, ANOTHER FORM OF CAPITAL ranging interpenetrating their worldviews and practices, in both human and therefore RELATIONAL capital, symbolic capital, communicationa l capital -With the inner and outer- of himself or herself, as the other DECIDES to whom voluntary and freely, START or continue in a dialogue. This element, which points the strategic importance the humanware, the human -Their intelligence and talent-The uniqueness -And historicity,

HUMAN CAPACITIES MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRAINING FOR DEVELOP OR make a difference, inspire, create and innovate ,IN ONENESS that eternal MAKES totally different from any other human Pre-or now or after- and at the same time , the bridge root that unites us, with humans, WITHIN the HUMAN family from any era and place . If you follow the analogy of Bill Gates (1996) () Internet as network is a SYSTEM, similar to a brain or NERVOUS system reacting AROUND THE PLANET,()"We will do contacts, exchanges, business,AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT (. ..) " SO WRONG on the Internet to hate groups, the fans, the fascists and fundamentali sts, the psicorigids dictators of every kind ... There is no room for fixed ideas, on cyberspace if 1.5 million of new web pages, show up everyday OR places for ETERNAL TRUTHS. OR TO THE BOW, for where it goes after the truth, after the equal opportunities, after modernization or Demystification of knowledge, or after freedom: all dogmas are strings the flow and blossom of thought, GOOD TO BE WELL ... AS a result of this attitude, skeptical, iconoclastic, questioning, doubter, GOL IARD ... unhappy ... JUST FOR THAT, Harvey could discovered that the blood circulating in the human b ody, during middle ages times everything here is provisional until test otherwise, be cause almost everything is new ...AND IN THAT ACT OF LOVE- Commitment, solidarity HUMA N AND CONFIDENCE-END afford SEE MY THOUGHT, (BEFORE ANY COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION OR) FREE OF CHARGE, FRATERNAL AND FREE ... JUST now, 2011 to today's sunWHEN we are and have been, rethinking AS, with whom or why share the fruits of o ur

searches, selflessly, with people or institutions whom do NOT WORK on the topics of our interest: that's how we generate CCIAVs Numeracy Membership, CC4AVE, launched on May 1, 2012. SOMETIMES LIFE IS comic Just now appears an individual, here and says, "I agree with your ideas, but NOT with spelling ...that occur in many texts " 1. Brother, LEARNS: a) As the bearing, on Facebook? "What are you thinking?" 2. SUPPOSED if you are on my contact list or friend list on

facebook.com, on my list of friends or contacts,I am opening my head FOR SHARE W ITH YOU, and letting you read AND SNEAK inside my thoughts, taking a risk, because EVERYT HING IS HAPPENING IN REAL TIMEShowing INSIDE my thinking, Performativity? AND CREATIVE PROCESSgood, back, mediocre or not, BUT MINE, NOT yours (...)" Yoe F. Santos/cciav ________ TODAY ...173 th Anniversary: Gregorio Luperon