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The Murder of Birch

Data Maharaja Lela Sultan Ismael Sultan Abdullah J.W.W. Birch Pandak Indut Sepuntum Interpreter Citizens and the British Followers

Narrator 1: It was the Malay fasting month; it is hot on auspicious time for conducting negotiations with the Malays. They do not attempt to work for that month, they sleep for most of the day and sit up most of the night, eating and talking, discussing affairs and hatching plots. (Talking Puppets) Narrator 2: This Man, The Maharaja Lela was a chief of considerable rank, after the sultan he was the 7th in the state. He lived at the Pasir Salak, on the right bank of Perak River, about 30 miles above the residence of Sultan Abdullah and about 40 below that of ex-Sultan Ismael. He avoided Mr. Birch whenever it was possible though living only 5 miles from him and he managed to keep friends with both sultans. Narrator 3: During that month, Sultan Abdullah, summoned his chiefs and informed them that he had given over the government of the country to Mr. Birch. Datu Maharaja Lela: Even if your highness has done so, I dont care at all. I will not allow Mr. Birch to set his foot at Pasir Salak. Really, Abdullah? This Independence Day? You plan on giving away our country to some british foreigner. Birch, reminds us of those invaders who destroyed our country! Hes one of them! Sultan Abdullah: I agree, but in order to save our country, I have to. The citizens are complaining, no jobs, no money, no food. But, I honestly agree that the happiness of freedom must not be destroyed by the past. Datu Maharaja Lela: and now, you must feel guilty, but do not worry I have a plan. Narrator 1: Arrived at his own home the Maharaja Lela sent our messengers to summon all the men in his neighborhood. If Mr. Birch attempted to post any notices there, the orders of the Sultan and the down-river chiefs were to kill him. Narrator 2: The Chief then handed his sword to a man named Pandak Indut, his father-in-law. And directed that everyone must give to him the same obedience as to Maharaja Lela. Datu Maharaja Lela: I trust you with my sword, Pandak. You must kill Birch. Pandak Indut: I will not fail you my lord. I will gather the best fighters in the country.

Narrator 3: The people then dispersed it was after one or two days that Mr. Birch arrived at Pasir Salak. A bullet was fired to mark that Mr. Birch was now the ruler of their country. Narrator 1: One Day, Mr. Birchs interpreter went to the Maharaja Lelas house. And the interpreter told Maharajalela that Mr. Birch wanted to see him and would go to his house for that purpose. But that if the chief preferred it, and would go to Mr. Birchs boat, he would be glad to meet him there. Interpreter: You must meet with Mr. Birch, it is either in his house or boat, which do you prefer? He would be more than glad to meet you there. Datu Maharaja Lela: I have nothing to do with Mr. Birch! Hes a filthy man, with many sins! Interpreter: Watch your mouth chief, those words might as well, be your last. Narrator 2: The Interpreter returned and reported to his Master the chiefs answer. At 10 am, Mr. Birch was bathing in the river, while his people were cooking in the bank, other sleeping in the boats. And the Malays, who were anxiously expectant, feared an upcoming catastrophe. Resident 1: What are the chiefs orders? Pandak Indut: The Maharaja Lela Leaves the Matter to me. Let Us Kill Him! And Fight for Our COUNTRY! Residents: KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL. Narrator 3: At that time, The men at the boats could see Mr. Birchs head above the mat wall. It disappeared and a moment after he came to the surface of the water astern of the house. Narrator 1: A man called Siputum slashed Mr. Birch over the head with a sword. Siputum: You shall die. You are a disgrace to your own country and an outcast in ours. You use our women for entertainment, you use our men as slaves! What kind of person are you? Mr. Birch: I really dont know what youre talking about. I am innocent, and will forever be. I have just given your men jobs, and I have just helped your country rise from its fall. All I have are good intentions. Siputum: Well, Its too late for that is it? YOU MUST DIE! Mr. Birch: AGHHHHHH! Narrator 2: He sanked and was not seen again, sooner or later, punishment overtook every man directly concerned in the crime. THE END