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W hat pa~ed form any Yeers Between

and King

(A Mathematician ofGttat Fame in Q.:. E:Liz.


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) and

(had it Sucrecded)

To a Cjtnttal ,J /terati,;n of mofl S T A 'T E S r lC I J\( q V 0 M E S in: th'e IYorld.,

H~s lp,~~at~

[fm{tnnctJ with Roo ot.PRB E''mpe_ror of GermtV~;, Sl."n?HEN K. oft'Pol~IJtd ,, and divers orbcr Pl<.Ulcsabouc tt4 The P'a.rtlc:u lar.s ofh.ls CauCc;a.s it was ~gitated i:n the l!mperors Court j
.By the: Po .. I , ~

; His B:mifhm~Gf:t and R.r:frotu ion m p:! n.

A ., A


The LETTERs of Sundry Great Men

and Pru Nc&s (feme \Vhereofwere prefent at fon1e ofthefe
Con feren cc::> and A ppa.ridons of S P 1 R u s :) to che ~id. 0. DE .E .

The Ori gi na1


Copy, \"riuen lll,rirh or. DsE:S 0\V.R

Ou-r Q p

: Kept in tbe L l B R AR Y of

Sir T' H 0.

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~Con6nning We, lity (as the a P J tt [ r of Th.is RELATlON. ~ and fhe\ving rhe fcveral good Us .i s that a Sober Chrill:ian m;ay .make: of A11. BY

REFACEs) the to Poinr of



P R E F A C E.
~~~~~ H A T is h~te prefented unto thee ( Chdllian Reader) being J2 Tru~ t1nd Ft~ithjul '1(.tlaJiiJ11, &c. (as the Titl~ beareth, ~nd wi~i b~ fllrtber dear~ by tbis Preface} thoug~ by th~ cdrr_iagc of iC, 1n rome rdpetl:s, and by dl( Na;J[Ure of l't too :t l t m Igilt b-e deenu:" a.nd termed,. .J lt~ork uf 1J4,1r..nijfe : Ytt j c is 11 o other [hen whar: wi.d1 gr~e,at tend~rneffc :tl!1id d t-cumfpetl:jon, \Vas tendcr~ed to men of highdl Dignity in EurfJpe, Kings and Pr.inces, and by all ( ~LmJ e:n:epced.) lHlned unto for a. while \lllith go-od refpefr. By fome , ladly ~embra.c(d and enjerraincd for a long rime .i lhe F~me whcrcofbejng car. g ryed unto IJtomt>it nladethe P~ope to bdHr hirofelf, not knowing what rbe C!~;trit of jt might be, ~nd how lllU'-~ il mrgbt COflC([~ him. . And ind:dJ fiHc~ a l~ men, Lea.rnrd and Unlar.liled Ul moB phces w1th gn:at wonder an afi.on1ffimcnt : ,all which rhings will be lhewed~ and ma;de go-od ('ro d1e utmoll of what \~e have faid) in tbe Courcnts of rhh ?oo~,, by unqudl:io~ab1e 1{~cordf :and ev1dcnoe.s~ A~d ,t:herefore I make no quefhon but there l~Vdl be men cPough found . in the wodd 'vhdte <::uriofity will lead them to Read wbtlr 1 thin! i4 trQt to ht jMt~Jiltil'J in that l(inJ b~ (JrJ} hook tb'at IJ4 rh bun Jet oui it114nJ A,g~ to read : I fiy, though it be: to no other end then to fads6e their G,urjoflty.. But \'!fhatfoever other men, according to their fevera1 inclio~tions, may pro_pofe to chemfehres tn the readjng of it , ya 1 nuy and mufi here prore.lfe iri Ehe fi- place, iu Truth rn .and SinceTi(y, dut the ~end that ! propof~ lO my_ elf ( fo fa.r as 1 have connibutcd ro dl~ PubJlChi ng of rheWorK) is not lof;u isJiecuriofity,bul lO do good, ,and promote Religion~ When we \'Vcr.c hrfi: acqua.int~cd wit-h the Book,: an~. v.rere offered rhe reading of it,, having but lately been oonverfant :~n aSubjettof mu eh Affi n iry ; to w i r:, '0 f MrflaJ..m lnfplYatian and 'Pofftfiion' , rll rougl1 i a nora n:c:e of atur~1l caufes (which la.bourof oun, as it was otJ~ ahne ;H lhe firfl in pub,_ hfl1 i ng oF it, oo do good, lo we h~ ~ e had good reafo n hnQc; ro bdicv~, th.lt tve d id not alrogethcr n1iiTe of tYh:u we aimed .ar)we could not but gladly a.coepr of ir. And as we gladly aocepr,e , fo weread unro the end with equa] eagerndfe and d Al~crjty : \\l hich. l;vhen we had done, ~ruiy .ir \\'as our ~Opinion, Th.ilt rbe Pubha1!ng of jc could not but be very Scalonable and Ufeful, as. againfl Al~ifls ac: ~JitimcSJ, fo i~ n thde Tir:nes c fped~ly, ,;vb~n the Spirit of Errol" and IHufion' not ]n proFdl A.nabMptifls Oflly ~ cvel'il rhe worfl: ktnd tha~ former Ages have known and abborred, d.och fo much prevail;!' but in rnany alfo , who rhough rrhcy difdairn and de~dl openly (and h~a.rt ily too, 1 hope, mo.A: of rhcm) t.he truu.s and effeCts that (ucb caufes have. prod.uc.ed in orhcrs, ;'et ground d.\emklve~ neverthe!dfe L1pon ~he: (:;JJme p.rjnciples of Suppflj~J J,ifpJorot;on and rmmaginary 'J(.r'ludationi i and upon {hac account deem rh~mJel ves, if not the Ont~"', yet m1.1 c.h bettet Ch n fl:ians th~ n ot~ crs. And I was. much Coo firmed. in this Jud gment wh~en [ w.as rold (as indeed 1 wa.s, at rhe firfl, by ithem rhat:: knew 'U:ry well) th.lt the MoG R.ev~rend, Piou:> and Learned A,ch/Jifb~ of .,l,magl)> h ,rel.y



rh at every Reader w1H nm: iU: rbe firft be fo weU abt~ of hr m~ l f to make tha.r; good ufc by good.1nd Rational Inferences and Obfervadons of r hi~ fad Story as is airned ar, my chiefdl aim Jn this PrefaC(_as to belp fuch. And becaufe ic is not ldfc probableth_a'- ~his~icent~ous ~gt \~Lll afford . e:Y m.Jny, \\'bo \W.' ith ;he SaduceJ ofo]d ( Eha.usj Jewdh EptcureSJ bcheve noSp1nt, or Angel, or Re~Llr rec.tio n ; " rho therefore being prepofic ffed \V i th preJ ud ice when du:y h~ r offo many Spirits a:s are h~r~ mentioned, and fo many l:r..ang~ App.uirions, in J(veral Kir1ds, ' ill noc only fh ng back 'tncmfelves, buc Wlli be re.tdy to hmgb at any ~othe r that ghre any crc~it to ' uch things. Although l \~rill not rake upon me to con en: any by Reafon that arc cpgaged. uuo fuch anopiniou by a wicked life, t lut is,, Unjufl praccifes, Luxurions lewd courfes ,open profaneneiTc:7 under the name of Wit and Gatanuy, and the like, b~aufc} l thn kl lt i.s very juR: wirh God ro 1~ ve filch ro the error a.nd blindndre ot their Judgmcnrs; [o thit wjthouta Miracle there can be Urde hopes of fuch. Yet [ ffiaiJ hope that fuch cls :uc R.1tionaltncn fober in their L\vts .and Convedanoos} fuch as l h.1ve kno\vn my felt; yea., 'men o e:x:ccllenr p.uts 1n other things,. men r~;u arc both\ illi ng to hear ar1d able- [O c:onfid~r :. that ruchl 1 fa.y, ffi3.}f recene tome Cuisfaelion bv what I lliall fay an~ propofe t:o lhti r Lngenuous c-Onhdcr:uon in tlti~ matter. Weic: \V~ ro argue d1r ea le b)' Scdpttl ~e, the bufine(ie wou1d loon be ar an end; rbtre be1ng no oor: Conuol'crred pou:u: among men, that I know ofll ch:u can receive a n1ore Ample, f ul1, Cl~t and fpeedy detcrm.~narion, tben rhi s bufinds of Spirits, and J~1ttchfs, and Apparit;am ma)r, if the Word of God might be judg .. But e I wilJ fuppo[e 1har: ( ha.,e to do with fu h) who though they d~ noc 1lrogcther c deny r:hc ~ ord of God, yet\ iUnot eafily ~ however, admit of any thing cbat they think contrary to Reafon, or at leaR not to be mainmjned by Rel.fon. f flull therefCDre forb~r al1 Scripu1te Proofs and Tellimonre$ in this parricular, and ddirc- the ChrHtian ReJdcr c who otherv..ik might juftly take offi:nce) to take: norice upou wbar ground tc: is that I orbear. Buc- enough [ will nor tlk any Scnptur~ f?r proof, yet: by w~y of Apprycuion I hope l may be aHot\1ed to rule fome Scnpture words, w h1ch nuy dHt~tl us perd)ance to a good Method in tbe cx..aminarioo of rhis- bufineffc~ T he ApofHe fa ith 1n a piace1 ~tl#.i41'1~~1,..., "">~, i"'""r'~:JO'"' ~ (projt/Jing d>rJJJjdl.lrs to blNJi(t., tbt) bt1m~ {iJ!JfJ} J {haU notenqlllir~ of \V horn, and, upon whar occaGon ir \''as fpok~en: l dr~w ~o . argument &omit; only becaufc there is a lhe\V of great Wifdom jn th1s Op1n1on 1 a.nd yer, as 1concc1ve, as 1nuch of Error and taHnood (that is Folly) as the word i ofttn ufcd) a~ in any odt~r falfe opinion that i~ ldfc popular: 1 wIn f ra tne my d I frou rfe (0 this HTue' n (0 en qui l'C \i\ h.;rdr is tb ilt fllakcs r1:, ~t fo popuLar and p]; nfiblC') amona them efpecially that p-rtccnd to a.nore then rs ordinaiy \V/ ~kiom; and then kcondly, lay it op(n(as 1 am abte) to lhe view 10 i1 righr colours, thartthc FoR1 or f. llhood of jt may be dlic ernable even to ordrnamy judgme ru:s. f; )Jhben~, (as for[hem thatJllt}' Spirlu, &c.) " re ~ay, Thel~~Jorld is fuUofwn1~ p oflute; ro know this, lO obferve it in 3B T racies, in all Profdrions, in all ranks and degrces of me 11 is ro knO\ ~he w or Jd, and chat is to be w 1f~ ~ Tltough we :all Lnrm Jt~l~r.r:r y~t they dcfcne ro be thoughr rhe plai ndl: de.1.l1ng men of the 'vorld thar ffie\"l t:hcir tricks openly In the fl:rcc{S for monry ; fo r rhcy erofeRe what they ar . They arc the trudt Jug1ers that, do their fc..n:s (and they for moc

d~c:afcd, upon rC'a.din~ of rhe faid book, before his. dearh, had ch:dared himfelf ro the: fame purpo~~ aQd ,rDifhed &t 1'ri1zuJ. But beca~fe _ :is very poffib.lt, it


7 IR

l"' "1\._JJ 1: A (I b ..

n)f'.tO?,~ofl: of ~b_em) ~der theycil an_ lt~~mtion of.Holtnl':lfe,SanCijcy, (o-r, d Sauufb~p) Reh&Lont Vurue; Jufhce, Fn~ndfh1p ; tine \Vords to c:nch m: n .that e a. re ofealle. Bdiet, and thinks th~t e\fery tbjng r.bat gh llet s muft nee~s be go kl .. Henccjris, dur meniliu have had the Re~utation of Wife men in the wtrrld 1 have '-Omfllendcd this unto us as g(('ate \Vi ~d.om1 0 T- EA sI L y T 0 L ~ .fl. ;.r .E ::: Ni .,, ~ r. ~~~rld't, :J.,tr-.;, :- -t f" ?~Cu 1.:-:r ~F;/,. ep.ichar11t:t4J got mqre credit for . th i!i one fayililg, ( a.nd hath douj! mote good too ,perch.:mc.e) rhen many. [hat bave bee.n: the Authors ~f.vaAl'Volumes. No\-~ if rJiofe Lhings tbat are e:xpofed to fenfc, the pro~pet ObjedS of cur Eyes ;~~.od Earcs, be lyab1e to fo 1nu~;:h lmpoflure and D(:c~irj [hat the '"i~ell can fca:ce kno\v wba~ ro bdkve : How n1u.ch ~ore cd'~tton do \v need tn thofe thu-.gs that ;:tr~ fo~ rnudt abnve ~enfe 1 e and in tomc:-refptch contrary tQ Senfe (and d1at is Stlirits) tiut we be not deceived ? If 'Vil e confider rhe Nature of nun, his Bodily frame, the Affetfions o his foulA' the Factdcies of his. mindJ we Ih,ji. Hhave c110 occ:1hon at all to \Vond: r if moitmen arc ape [0 believe and '[0 becheatedp Bur as no caufe ro \vondcr) io a~ ~ittle caufe o in1itat~: Ftlix qui. reJum p?l'tu' ,cogr.fJ{teretaujds! nr<l7~.-.t:~i~, a thfire a~ r or to fl'!angt 1hings tbat ffl'4) caNfo am~~mmt, is r:he prope..- affection of r:hevu1garlll.u is, of rnoft men, which they bring iuto the world wirh [hem, { ir (s the obfc:rvarion of the wifcftof mc;n rha.t have written concc:rning.the aff.ajrs and all:ions oF n1~n) a.nd cannot be rid ~f bu~ by wifdotn_, '"'hidi is the happindfr;: of tew ; &randil 11dn ntiefiitM tantum, jlJ t:mfJT Smeca fom.ewb~re fpea.king of t:be Nature of Man ;, There was a ti n1e when the: wodd \."\ras much governed by Oracles . pdva.t~e men wen[ unto rhem as unto God, Kings and PrinCCA fen[ unto them :; to be adviJCd a.'bout gre:ateft matte:n.: and fo mucn faitb WJS afcribed unto them;p gener.:dJy , that rhe very w~rd became a Proverb appli.ab]e unto .rhofe th ings~ whereof no~ quefHon c.1n be made. Y ct t bofevtry a.nci(1!.t HeJthens 7 tlur: tdl us of thcfe Orades, till us; of rhe:~[ .vani ty~ and though th~ ray not; That aU were faHe and r:ounte~ft.~ r, yer whildl they ackno\vJedg it of. JorneJthty giv~ u> jnft occafion ro fi1fpelt th at it migh t h.av~ been found. &S true of 1hc tell t aifo, had like car(' bten taken [0 examine th~ trm.h of th~m alfo. Again, the~ wasadme (and that time not mo<\)ny hundred yeJ.rs yet/a H.) vihen Miraclts were rhe onJy difcourf~ and delight of J nen : Ghotb an Spi~ rits were in every houk; and fo prone were men tOo receive what \V~ delive red tmro th~em in t'bat kind , that Mh'ade11.l.akers we re much pu.: to it ) not to m~kc {heir Horics prob~bl~, (for rhau,vas nor Jlood upon) hut to make tht:m wonderful enotJgb; tnfontuch that fonte hav~c been forced ~t .~..HifulA~ to ~comp ~ainpublickly oJ t.he credul ity of [lle people, ~vho yer them- t.-nw.- M . fdves teHus ~u.ch :more~ I dare fay. cben wa) ever crue. As of M iracles, . (u , of J:xtJrd{mti: I.Jow many D iv~~a. and Spirirs b:we b~n dr\.- cn out of ~en and .. Vi.'Omcn ) fi1p pofed to be p~ffijJeJ, by fo~emn Exorcifmes" to the gre;u: wonder of the beholders, which J.herwards upon hurher fear:c.h and exam i~at lo t1, h_ave been convicted [0 have been nothing but d1e anHices and fu bta wnniva.nces of m~o ? Sentlences ~nd judgmerns h.ave paifed upon fuch cheac:.s when thc:y have: been difcovcr(d jn. 'moA: places of Eu rope) \vhich have been publH hed. Buc rhey ha-ve done firange things thougl1 (Come ~hat were tl~ougb: pofielfcd.) and things irnpoffible, eo ordina ry fenfe, to be done by Natur~. lt is very uue/orpe h:av; : Bm: [hey that kno\v wha:t Rrangc. things nuy be don'C to the amaz.e1




1'he P 'R Fr A r. E. :
tnen< of all noc acquaintw with fuch myC!eries, by Ion~ Hfi nd Cu/lomt, they will not eJiily wonder (fo as eo make a fupernatural thtng of it) though they fee thtngs, wbteh, to their lighc and of moil, cannot but feem very wondetful an<! .lt:noC! tmpoffiblc. As forche bodily temper of man and of his 'Brain it h~th been lit fliciendy by fome lace books of that fubjetl ( Enthufia}rnt ) bo<h by re~fons from Namre, and oy fundry examples proved, <Mt a very little dtllemperol the bnin,fcarcedtfcernable unto:tny,but thofc that ue wfil verfed in the iludy of Narural caufes, isenough to reprdcm Spirits, Angili and Divds, Sights and Stories of Heawn and Hdlco the Faney : by which fober kind ofMadneffe anddcliration, iO li!tle undcrllood vulguly, many havebeen,and are daily deceived ; ~nd from thefe things, through the ignorance of men , flrange things fomeflmes havcen(ued, and rhe puce of Common-weales hatb fuffercd noc a liulc . .Arfltle, in hts Meteors, rells of one tbatalwayes faw (fo he thought,at le>.fl) another man's n1ape before his eyes, and bow they happened unto him nacuraliy, he gives a reafon. Hypf'Xr41tl, n.,l ~<i ( a very fhorc Otfeourfe, but full of excellent mauer) fhewech hov; fome, both men and women, chrou~h Natural caufes, come eo fancy to tbemfclvesth;u they fee""'"""" OtvelsandSpitits and to be tormen~ed in their Souls, even to the making away of themfdves by their own hand$: The Author of the book, Vt MOI'bo S110o, (very ancient roo bur not nght HJppo<'w, as many >.re of opinion) harh exccUenc mattercoo U: tbefame purpofe; butl have not the_ book a tbis lime by me. H)ppocw'u , (where bqare) fhewerb how ma.ny m that cafe were gulled by the Pnclls of thofc umes 1 making them believe, T hat this happened to them through the anger of fome gocf. " They that are verll in the Optic/v kno\v,T hattherc is :t "way, through the help of giJfo that fhall not be feen, to make moving fha" dows that Ihall appear like Gholls, to the grc~c terror of the ignorant behold" er : and it is fiid, That pretended Allrologers and Fortu ne-tellers cheat many "by thofc lights. lr is rhe opinion of fome j ewi01 Rbbins, T hat what Ghollsor Souls arc rlifed by i\fcromallt}, they alwaycs appear itMrfororport, that is, their head dowards lnd fccc upwards. Though nothing is 10 be wondered ':lt in Rabbins, who (commonly) ate. as full of ndicu lousconceirsas ever came imo the head of any Bedlam: Yet my opinion is, " That the lirllgroundof " this wild conceit was, fome appearance by theSptciu of an obJetf, garhe.red "through a lmle glaj[t into a dark room. For fo indeed the objeCts mullap"pcM in)tr{o corpott ,fit be done in a high room, :~~~d the obJeCts from when "the Sp<trill are gathered be lower die glaiTe through \Vhich they paiTe. And ,ben rhe rcafon of 1t t> very Oemonllrable to the light of any rufonable man. Cerumly ,by thiS fecrec(which yet is no great fecret,bemg commonly fcen and putl.fed among them chat arc any thing curious) itrange thongs may be done by a Cunning man, to thctr great amazement tht know nor the cufc. T here wonld be no end if I fhould attempt to gather from feveul Authors wlut hath been invented by men, ad what may be done by Art eo cheat men in matters of this nature. Let any man, char is yecallrangeno it, but read the life of Ait>.""J" (/" fif''Proplttt, or Prognollicator' written by Lucia/1, and he null fce DOtable example! of fuccelJ'eful Cheats and lmpollures, fcarce crcd o indeed, but l>le that the tbtng W lS ycc then frefh and famous, and that all circumfbtnccs of HiC!o-

T"he P


let him know tha:t Ieads .:bat: Lnda~J was a profd]; Athei1l, a.nd ~bC~~fore nP wonder jf he lind Flic1411U fpok~n of with great tefped-, whom aH At~heifls, and AcheiA:lcatly indined arc: fo rnuch ob]iged to honour. This excepred, I think, the tory is \reryr wortb.y to be k~own ., and n1uch m~orc wocrhy 0 be read by all men {confidtrJngthc good ufc tha~ ma}' be mad~: of n) ~ehen many bo.oks thaf a.rc dai ly trannared om: of other lang_uages. BudaiUy, If tbtrt wer an! tuch thing,. realJy as Divel.s and Splritsth:n u~ eo e app~r unrco men; ~eo whom {h()uld [he~ (probably) foo~er appear, t:hen to [uch cas daly eaU upon them, and devorC' then: Souls and Bodu:s unto them by dreadful Oaths aJtd lmpr(ationl. ~ And again, then to fuch, who through damnable. curiofily have many times ufed 'the mca.ns ( Lhe bdlrhcy could find in books, by Magical Circles. Cha.l"aders and En vocations) and yet. never, neilh(r the one nor other ra\'V' any 'th.ing ? 1 ba.vc fa[d a,s much as I mean to (though Comewhat perchance mi: h.t be g Gddtd) eo fhew [he pbm li:blenc lfe of the: opinion, in oppofi rion to vulgv. ap pr~ rh~nfions. and. cap2.Cides,. whereby (as [ conceive,. for 1 have not winiflgly omit:tt:d any thing l~t I thought materu~) it chie8y imides ir. felf to ?'~ifdom, e ~net mon:: Ehc:n ohnary ptuCJenc:e) \Vluch aU men genera.Uy are ltnbtuous of. Yer l \\'foulld not have it tho.ughr thiit all men d.tat hoJd this conclufion, Tha~:: there be no Spirits, &r. go f0 rationally tOr woik, or c.an give thjs a.ccoum: Of any other more r.uional and plaufiblc For \'il hat they hold. God knows rhe re be many in the world, men of n.o lea~ning"and ute-an capacities, who can fpeak :a.s perernptorily as the bC'lt not becaafe they have conGdcred of ir, and under, lland rhe grounds of ~ither op~nion, but btta.ufe ~ehey know 1 or have heard ic is du: opioion of fome LoJm~d, and they hQpc they fhall be t:bougbr learned too j( they hold \Vith h.t m. Bcfides an oTdinary (for fame have been learned) Epic:urtan] \V ho makes it his Mouo (to him feH and in his hcan::) , ~ jUHJ b *'l'ir~ . "lJ'~er ~i~ : ~nd feeks his cJ.fe tn this world ( .i?"'~~"'' rhejr own \t\l'o.rcl 1 \1\fbic;h irnpoHS Tra-trquilit) both of mir:ad and b~y 5 a good word b, lt iU applyed) as ! bh jMmmum btmaTJ, or chiefeft hJppin~A"e : h: is a great e~fe lo him when a.ny lliang4! things doth happen by Witch~s, Wizards a.nd the like ; and other fon1e eo fatishc their faith, oth~rs th,eir reafon and curiofity, are pm: ro j.: to en9uire of men by coniercnce , ~nd. to, fearc:h into books ancient and latel Sacred and Prorane, ~nd all li tle enough. A great eafe, l fay,, for hin1, then, and upon all fuch occafions, ro poifcffe: his Soul in (ecure ignoranc~, .and to fave his .credit (yea, .and to gJin oedit wid1 fome) barely fayjng, FabuJa ifl., l do il'lt krl~tlJt 1t~ We flu.U heal" fame of 1 thc:m by and by acknowledgJ in ctle6t),a~..mu h :as ~ ha.ve ~id : I impofe nothing upon 'them.. I \vill nor l:a.ke upo1.1 me ro judge of a book that 1 ne\'ei :read ; 1C3.~no~ fay t::hat J aer !law it.. But becauf e I l1ave heard fome n'len magnifie an E.nglifil book wr]rten of this fubjc:B: to prove ~hat there be no Wircbes , 1 will irn~art unto the Re.adcL" dlat ha.th ~ot cb crved ir) the judgn'U:ht of rOOt o f the Le.arnf:dtt ln~n th.ar:evcr 8~laJ~J ~a\'V ( ~ \V i!h he hld been m,ort gcndy dcai~ t with when time wasJ of tha.t book; whereby ~t m.ay appear (if bis judgment be: :tigbt, as I ;wn very ulcUnab]c to believe

MHlory coo firm the tnuh of the rclacion. And let him that n:ads it judgco what duU a:nd dry fdlnws th~ Mouncebank-AltrologtrsJ Prognofi:icuors and }'Qrtune-tdJers of Chcfe dayes atC", eo this N~blc:, Reno,v.ned .Alexander. Only




7ht P


li~ve, bc-c-aufe of his greal Learniftg> an(l wonted cirrcumfpt 'tion in hi:s ctnfurcs) t \Vhar. greilt l'nderra.kers many men ar~_upon very lktlc ground,. a~d ~O'W .prone others t 'O 6tol Wh1t doth tavour rhe1r caufe, thOtlgh t:O d1~ preJ_Ud~.ce thejr 1:,eue jttdgments, iF they would judg-e im_aniaHy. Dr~ 'l{.aj"t1alds in rho(e eJap bonue f .r4fltRrouts tit l;hris .Apocrypf,f.t 1 where he: doth.ocnfure lome opinions of !Badin:fu a.s prejudic~.d t:o he Cbr!~tan fai~h. lfttJ)'Uitd'uJ Sc-ouu,, nofltM~ (faith he) t qui ctJJJtrar~~rn '13oJino ;,ifamt m/amilrn., ait fJ'apiflaj confiuri,. mm p'Jffi 1Jemo"fld;S 11t ttudere qu~dem nr;mm .Jtlto"JJ~.. .Acccptt4l ilk~ '.Bad,lJQ 31 & 4~trrbl4it P(tpifljs t~igt:ntn, unqutm: vmm:s 'P11pift~ i~ to con{p~~iirrnt. _ P~,gil_ ;pft, f.? q~rmiam AnimaJ~erttr~t quttfd(lflj jtnu7ra6 malt"(ua.r,. .aitqamlo ifl.ud mtJd~ lt~trall01UI tlllt.nt,rl, prltaw~ amm~ epe filln ~ ex irnperJtia 'DI:JltBtc~,. & ctl1arw1i lmrJarum t~rtium : Ut q.t~; -nW/o juJicjo , 11UH~ JtJttkdfJ _ mdl.1 opamttr~m~ art~f4ffl ftie1Jtia ~ trJdtm rmdo a1:5a!fifj hmrc remJ 9,.r~moJo Pttet4 wqru~

---------------------- ----------~--~--~~



h.iclt he hui lded, which \Ve U.alt find ro be the fame llpon which otb(r& aUo, w chac deny Sp~rit.s ~avc gone upon~ Bllt ~ve wll~ go Mct~odj_caUy r.o work~ and . . take every dung 1n order, as we have prop o.f~d 1n the obJecb ons. Firfl, We ~~.d ~ 'I he \.VQrld '\rllaS full o f lmpoRure.. It is granted~ of hn:eoilors nd lmpol'hucs. But Vidtar chcn iluU the concluJion be , That: d1ercfo re there is no cru[b tn Ehew odd~ or J t ]call no[ to be atui ned u n[o by mona( man ? Tn1 ,.many books ot old b,ave been wrluen eo chat etfccr. Sex~fts linlly ~tricm is yer ext~rnt, a ve y ~earned bo-ok it cannot be den ied, aod of fn:eHc:m: ufc r for- the underibnding of ancient Authors, Phylofophtrs efpeciaHy~ I couJd nanu~ fome Chrifliaos atfo~ by_ pro(tffiOD~ men of g-r:. c learni:og_dur have gone a very far thJt w.ay. .B ut this wtfl nOt ~e gr.:~~nred by iol'M' l am lue ~hat are or have been thought oreat oppugners of tbc rommon opi~ ni,o.n about 'Witches and Spirits ; fame fhyftcia.ns I. mean., and Natura~ifl:s by dicir profeffion. But may nor \Ve argue ;1s plJLlfibly a.gainft that \t.lhich they profe[f~, as they h~.ve done or on do agairdl Spirits and Appa.ritions ? \Ve would be Joath to make fo loner a di greillon ;, \i\f~ lu.ve had occafion elfewbcre to fAy fomewhat to rhis purpofe: and they ~h;u will be fo curious may fce \Vlut hach been written by Corm/. A,grip.~ p4 (who is very large upon rh is fubjefr) about ic, nor to name any oth"'rs. lr is .nor yer: a fuU rcwdve-mone(h , d1at a friend of mine, ~ Gendetnan of quaJiry, brouohr hts l .ady to Ltmdon (fome 6o miles and upwai"ds from his ordinary dwdling) to have the advlceof Pbyfidans about h1s wife (a very Vtuuous .tnd :Rdigions Lady) trou bled,-\vid~ a weak flonuck and ilJ digdlon .; \\l'hich cauftd g ievous C ptoms. I tbink b~ h.ad rchc ad vie~ of no [effe then a cloz.en 6r0: ym. and b.R. [ am fure he nam~d unto me five at fix of the cbiefeH- in Credit aQd : pratlioe that ~he Town affo!derh. ot one of rhcm ~id agree inrhc.ir opinions,. cith~r concerning the Caule, or the means to be uled for a Cure. So that che Gentleman went a\vay more uofal'isfied hen he came. ~ihat: ~t: did 1 k.novv not ; I knovv "'vhat fome men "'ot1ld .ba~e inferred upon this. Yet J) for my .r~rc, fol' the benefit th:u: I have recei\r. d, by iL:, a11d the effetl:s that l have teen of e

~- Tentr tnfatiabilt: quofdam Scribendi cacoethes~ c:r eo"iltm pro)fi~s moJo r4t lochr4tur 1 & c. \XIe have been tht: morc w il Hng ro pfQ~ dllC(' rh is paffage Oll[ of rhe writings of rh;u Le:arn.c:d ma.n"' becufe aUo jo oL.lll' anfwcr5 may have occaflon ro :fay fomewh.ar: to the fame purpok j not of tha:t Author or his boor, ,~~,~ hid1 he tudgeth, any thing, but o f the_ ground upon

.tn.r '~



'The P]\
it, both upon my {elf, and others in my life-time, upon fc:veral occafions (where learned Anifls, not Empiric~ have been empl'oyed) though all the world fhould be of another opinion, I think my felfbound to honour, as the profeflion, fo all Learned, Ingenious Profeffors of it: and I make no qnefiion but the worfl: of Agr;ppa's objeCtions, by any m~n of competent judgment and experience, may eafily be anfwered. I fay therefore that as in other things of the world, fo in matters of Spirits and .Appariticns, though lyable to much error and impofture, yet it doth not follow but rhere may be reality of truth and certainty difcernable unto them that \Vill take the pains to fearch things unto rhe bottom; where truth commonly is to be found, and are naturally endowed \Vith competent judgment:; to difcern bet\yeen fpecious arguments an~ folidity of truth. But this provech nothing No : but the removing of this common objeCtion n1ay difpofe the Reader, I hope, to confider of vvhat we have to fay With leffe prejudice. And that fhall be our next task,,vhat we have to fay for Spirits, &c. before we come to particular ObjcCl:ions. Wherein nevertheldfe I will be no longer then I mu1: at this time, becaufe I fhall have a more proper place in two feveral TraCl:ates, the one whereof bath been a long time in loofe notes and papers, not yet digefl:ed, to \V it, my Second Part of Entlu{tafme: the other, in my head yet wholly, but in better re;tdineffe to be: brought to light,becaufe of later conception; to wit,A Difcourfi of (r'edulity and Incredulity, in thing; ?\(atttral, Ci1Jil and f>i1Jine, or Tbeolcgical. We fhall meet there with many cafes not fo neceffary here to be fpoken of,,vhich will help very much to clear this bufinefs. ~ But here I fay; firfl: of all; It is a Maxim of Arijlotlls ~the great Orado of Nature, which many have taken notice of, and applyed to their feveral purpofes : o IQ;,~~ J'o~~.ii, 1vTO 'fv"~ rpt:tp.~v, That which M generally belie)Jed, Mmofllike[y to be true. Who alfo in another place of the fame book doth approve the faying of Heflodl ~~/-<1! J''Qu7iyt r,rcip.~Utiy tim5Jo.l\Vfr.4l, nv1J~d. l\d.Ol TiolV\oJ t{Jif/-(l(cvCTt. Now if any opinion whereof quefl:ion is made can jufl:ly pretend to a general afferic and confeht of all people, places,. ages of the world, I think, nay, I know, and iE \V ill be proved that this of Witches, Spirits, and Apparitions may. I do not know fcarc~ any ancient book extant of Philofopher or HiA:orian (the Writings of profeffed Epicureans excepted, of Ariflotle we fhall give an account by and by} but doth atford fome pregnant rdation, cefiimony or paffage to the confir~ation of this truth.- l date fay, ihould a man colleCt the re1ations and teftimonies out of fevcral Authors and hooks (that are c::ome to our knowledge} within the compaffe of two thoufand years, of Authors well accounted of, generally, and vvhofe ceil:imonies (Hifl:orians efpecially) vve receive in other things; a man might make a book of the bi gge!l fi ze and form that ordinary books ( vv hi eh vve call Folioes) are. It is true, many Authors may vv-rite one, thing vvhich may prove falfe, as the famous hifl:ory of the Phenix; perchahce, or fome fuc h; bnt upo1t examination it vvill appear that thofe tnany take aH fron1 orie or tvvo at the m oft, vvho firfl:delivered it. They add nothing in confirmation of their ovvn knovv ledg or experience. But here it is quite othervvife 5 thofe marry Authors that I fpeak of ( Hiil:orians efpecially of feveral ages) they tell


7 he P 'R E F -.;! r; E.
us different rhings that h2pned in their own times, in divers places of the world : and of many of them we may fay they were ft1ch ~s knew little of former books, or fl:ories of other Nations but their own. Within rhefe 200 years the world, we know, by the benefit of Navigation hath been mote open and known then before; yea, a great parr of the v:.rorld difcovered rhat \Vas not knawn before~ I have read many books, _he bell: I t could meet \Vith, in fevcral Languages, of divers Voyages into all parts of the \vorld: I have converfed with many Travellers, whorn I judged fober and di(creet. I never read any book of that argument, nor yet met with man that I have had the opportunity to confer with, but .\vas able of his own' knowl~dg to fay fomewhat whereby my belief of thefe things might be confirmed. Now for the Epicureans (of all Philofophers the mofl: inconfiderable in matters of knowledg, as former ages have ~efcribed rhem) no man need to wonder if they denyed thofe things which by the folemn engagement of their Se El they were bound and refol ved, notwithfl:anding any fight or fenfe, experience or evidence to the contrary , . nor to believe, at leafl: not to acknowledg. This doth clearly appear by one that may be believed (though I have met 'N.i th it in more) in fuch things. !-ucia11 ~himfelf a profdl: Epicurean Arhe11l). who . doth commend 1?tmocntus, Eptcurus and M2t rotlorus (the moll famous of that SeCt) for the1r clJ'4p.tt,,7lv,, )'vrip."v , as he calls it their fixed, irrevokeable, unconquera6lt refolution, when they faw any {hang~ thing that by others vvas admired as .miraculous , ifthey ~ouid find the caufe or give a probable gueffe, vvell and good, if not, yet not to de-part from their ~rll refolution, ~nd il:ill to believe and to ~aintain that it vvas falfe and 1mpoffible : It 1s a notable paffage, andvvh1ch excellent ufe may be made of. I vvill therefore kt dovvn his ovvn vvords for their fake that underll:and the Language : ~ :~, ?rd.rv 1~ p.~x.tv,.p.tS (fpeaking of fome of Alexander tbe falfe Prophet his devices)
l.u iJII 1n ll.lcx. Aid. cd. p. 179

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yrdp.H, "xo~1o~

,;~ ti.?rt~n~d.l, ~ o""if H'v thd4ttt

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~ ?pon~ 11i~ p.~t.jt[tt.vil.:tt:

fO J'' DV~

'K~1 ._j.s~Jior

Who doubts that this is the refolution of many alfo I? ~hefe dayes, not of r.hem only vv ho are Epicureans, vvhofe 1nanner of hv tng (as vve have ~a1d ?efore) doth engage them to this opinion , but of others alfo,~vho thtnk It not for their credit ( the vanity of vvhich belief ~1everrhelefs m1ght ea~!y appea~,there being nothing fo mean and ordinary 1n the vvorld vvheretn the W1fdom of the vvifefl: in the confideration of the_ caufes , ~y the confeflion of befl: Naturalifls , 'may not be pokd ) to believe any. tht~g that they cannot give a, probable reafon of. Nor to be wondred th.en tf we fee many, notwithfl:anding daily experience to the con~ trary, t? fbck fo clofe to thofe tenets which they have wedded themfelves unto Wtth fo firm a refolution from the beginning never to leave them be they right or \Vrong. ' ' As for Anflotle,. ~ confeffe ~is authority is very great \~irh me; not becaufe I am fuperfl:ttwufly addteted to any of his opinions which I fball e~ ver be ready to for fake when better fhall be !hewed unto' me. but becaufe ) . (be.-

~-~ , ~ '>'~Y-~4 1 dNvc~.7o~.

{befides tbe judgment ofall a~ counted wifeapd.learned in former ages) Iam convieted in my judgmerit,that lo much folid reafon in all ~rts and Sciences never iffued from mortal man (known unto us by his writings) without fupernarural illumination.. Well': ;Ariftotle doth . not acknowledg spirits, he mentions tht!m not in any place. Let it be granted : And why fhould it be a w~rider to any man that knows the. drif: and purpofe of Ari.ftotle'$ Phylofophy ? He lived when Plato lived; he had been his fellow Scholef unde.r Socrates, . an~ for fome time his Scholer; b.ut aft~rwards he became his ~mulus,. and pleafed himfelf ver~ mu~h to opp?fe h~s Dottrine, infomuch as he IS cenfured by fome Anctents for hts tngratnude. The truth is, Plato's writings are full of Prodigies, Apparitions of Souls, pains of Hell and Purgatory, Revelations of the gods, and the ljke. Wherein he is io bold that he is fain to excufe himfelf fon1etimes , and .doth not defire that an)r man fbould believe him, according to the letter of his relations, but in groffe.onty, that fomewhat was true to that effecr. Indeed he hath many divine pa{fages, yea, whol~ Treatifes, that , can never be fufficiendy admired in their kind; but too full . of tales, for a Phylo[opher, it cannot be denyed. Ariflgt/c therefore refolved upon a quire contrary w~y: Be would meddle with nothing but what had fome apparent gro~nd in Nature. Not thit he precifely denyed all other things, but becaufe he did not think that it was the part ofa Phylofopherto meddle with thofethiv.gs that no probable reafon could be given of. T'his. doih c~early appear by a Divine paffage of his, De part. ariim.l ... c.;. \vhere he divides Subfu.nces in d'}~vv}oll' '!J d~Birluv~. Eternal and Incorruptible, _ is, in effeCt, Spiritual (for. that even Spirits that wero created might be termed tlJ>elv.Oo,, that is, properly,.Tbat ha1Je not their begmning by Gmeration; ,ouf we will eafily grant, that the. creation of Angels, good or bad, was not known ro dn{iotl~ : (we may underfiand GodJ and Intelligences) and thoCe, tbat ~-'-ellxMerl' y~vlo-ef<li ~ q;go~J~. that is, re mortals.~ He goes on, As for V;))ine.Subfiances, J!hic!J J~e h()izour, we can fay hut little of cbem, ihauglJ we dejire it; becaufe (o little of thetn .is expofid to /mfo (~nd Reafon.] , Mortal things tbat .we are fa~ruliarly acquai1Jted _ and d.:zdy con-verfe with, we ma knolV if we take pains~ . r:But much more Jhould we rrjoice..in _ k.norv.. y the ledg (yea though -we know but a rvery: little part) of thmgs Vi vim (or ,their ~xc~ilerJ CJ:J then in the knowledg, of tbefo worldly things though ne))er fo perfeEI and general :But t~e comfort t bat we 1Ja1Je of thmi (which doth makefome ame1ds) is the certainty, an4 1 that tl1ey come witl.-1n. the compajfe' of Sciences~ What could be faid more Divinely by a mail that had nothing by revelation~ Truly, there appeareth un~o ine (if I may fpeak without offence and mif con!hutl:ion) more Divinity in thofe words, then in fome books thlt pretend to nothing dfe. Add i:o this another place of his in his Met.aphyfick.s, where he faith, 'T hat though things fupernatural be of rhe1nfelves clear and certain, yet to us they are not fo , who fee them on]y with Owles eyes. Can we fay .then that .Ari.fl.otle denyed thof(! -things that he forbore to write. of , betau[ they \Vere e (~heir natures and their qualities) above the kno\vledg of ruan .2 Neicher is it ~bfolurely true that Arijlotle never Wrote of Spirits and Apparirions. Ciaroiil his firft b~ok 'De 1)i1Jmatione~ hath a long flory om of him of a fhape or Spirit that appeared.in a dream to one iiudemUJ (h1s familiar friend and
a.c~ ----------------~-------------------------~--

7" he


a.cquairttance) and forerold him il:range things that ~a met~ paffe. (lemnrr ALi? xJndrinus hath a G:range fl:ory out of him, of a Mag1cal Rmg, one or two) which Exceflus, King of d~e Phqcenfes did ufe, and fdrefaw things future by t~em. ,Iris to be found ot.nd feen ar?ong the fragm~nts of Ar_ijlotlefworks . And that he dtd not Jeny Wtrches, m 1y. appear by dnt men~1on he makes of. thetn in mor~ then one place. How much he af~-ribed w comrnoa report and experience, though no reafon could be given, d.oth appear by his Preface t.O his Treatife n~ i)i"l1in:ztione per infolwli-a: \vhere he propofeth rhe cafe , how hard it is." for a_f.itional mari to believe any thing upon report whi ,~ h he can fee. no reaion tor; nay, which feemeth contrary to rc:alon: as., for a m2 n w .forerel by dream \V ha-t -ihall happen in an.othe.r King.Jome far off vr~thont any apparent caufe. But on th.e other fide, faith he, not lets hard to deny that which all. men, or m oft nren , do be:ieve, to wit, that there be (uch predi~hons. For to fay (his owri words) that fuch dreams come fro~ God, beftdes what elle might be objeCted (which might cafily be unded1:ood by them that underil:and his DoCtrine) it is 'mo!l: unreafonable believe that God woutd fe.nd them to men either vitious in their li\res, or idiots and fools, of all men che m oh vile and conremptible , who have been obferved to have fuch dreams oftner then better' and.\vifer men. So leaving the buftneffe undecermined, h: do-:h proceedro rheconGderation of thofe Prophecick dream , fo~ which fome probable reafon may be given. s Yer in the [econd Chapter he faith.-direc:tly , That tho"Ugh dreams be not ~.. L . ._ ef.o~~tl.,.1ct. , yet they may he perch tnce J'cu~A~v~a. for fuch *T ~e at1ne 1 nter , preter tranilau~s it - he acknowledges Nature to lie, not e:L:~:r, buc J'cu~ov/<t., on Drmo ~.i";~lknow Jy. l will nor enquire further into tbe meaning of the[e n ot h0w lt c~n be d b d c d l 1 1 beuer tx rreffr:d, wor s; lt IS not to e one tn rew wor :i. t p aJn y apthoogh. lyable to pears that not-hing croubled him fo muc.h ( for. he repeats amb.gu,ry. the objetl:ion twice or thrice) as that God iliould be thought to favour either wicked men orfools, I wifb no worfe DoCtrine had e... ver been Printed or .Pr~a.ched co.n.cerning God. 6ut flill let it be rem embred that he knew of no Divine Word or Revelation, Yet Jul. Scaltger in his Commentaries u ron B>pocrcttes De 1n(omniis, do rh wonder that Ariflotle iliould flick fo much at this) and feem5 himfelf to give-a reafon g'founded in Nature . . Indeed he faith fomewhat to the cafe of fools and idiots, but nothing (that I remember) that reacheth to wicked inen alfo. Let ihe(e rhirigs'.Je confi~ered, and let t~e Reader judge of how differenctemper A,-ijlo~le was from that of ancient or later Epic~res.. T his menti.o n of Ariftotle ~nd Plc puts me in mind of Socrates their Mafl:er, his Familiat .ro Spirit; no Shape but a Voice only, by w b.ich his life and adions ~ere much direCted. .The thing is attdted by fo many, fo grave Authors where0f fome liv~d at the very time, others notlongafter, or in times n9fvery remcte, that I know not how it can be quefhoned by any man~ Neither ]ndeed is it, that 1 remember, by any Heathens orChrifl:ians of ancient t~ mes, and there have been books written of it:,. d.ivers-,. in Greek and L atine, \vhereof. Come are yet extant. Bur whether it were . a go9d Spirit or-att ev"il, fome men have doubted, and it is free fo.r. any man .ro ~hink \ V hat .he pleafeth of"it. For my part I ever had a. Reverend opin ion. of Socraus,




The P 1\ B F A C E.
the'becrer when the t.tme. fbould come to xmbrace (and it'_did it effeCl:u~lly) the Gofpd. Many other Phylofophers, that have been of O'reatefl: fame were certainly ~reat Magicians, as OrpbeU&, PythagortU, Emped:Ctu , and th~ like, as by thofe things that have been written of them by feveral ancient authors may be colleCted. But ~hove all I give che .pre-eminence to Apollonius 1hianeus, a man of later ttmes, and _ whom we may' fpeak with of more confidence and certainty Th~s \Vas the man whom ancient Heathens very tenacious of their former worfhip and fupedhtiG>ns , did pitch upon to oppofe unto Chrifl:. His Lif~ hath been written by divers , four of them were .joyned together and oppofe~ to the four Gofpels : and H ierocles, a famous Pb.ylofopher of thofe ttmes, made a: Collation of his Miracles with thofe of Chri~l:s , who was anfwered by Eufebiw, yet extant. Sure it is, they prevailed fo much, thath~ was for a long time wodbipped by many, and in fun~ry places as a very God; yea; by fome Roman Emper.ors, as._ find in I:Iifl:_ ry. Pl:iloflratu; hath w~itten his Life in very we o Elegant fhle (as P!JottU1 Judged) In 8 books' which are extant. And though they cont~in many fabulous things, as any man may expetl: by the undertaking, yet have they fo much truth and v;uietJ of ancient learning, that I think they deferve to be better knolvn then commonly they are; but c~nnot be underfrood, I am fure, as they fhoulq be, by any cranflat ion either Latine or French that ever I faw : For the Paris Edition,though it boail of great things (as the manner isJ yet how little was pe~fo~med may ea~ly appear unto any that will take the pains to compare it with the former edition of .Aldus : Which I fpeak not to find fault, but becaufe I wifh that fome able man \V {)uld undertake the work ; there is not any hook, by the Tranfiations yet extant, that more needeth it. What ufe Sca liger made of him~ may appear by his frequent quorarions in his Notes : pon Eufebtu-s, in _the Hifiory .of thofe times. As for .Appollonit-u his Mirau cles or wonderfulA~s (which is our bufineffe here) though many' things have been added , fome, probably, done by lmpofl:ure 1 yet I do not fee how it can be doubted but hedi<;l many !l:range thing~ by che help 'o f Spirits, which things may be judged by due obfervarion of ci_ rcumfl:ances; as for example, That being con vented before Domitimzthe Emperor in the prefence of many, he prefently vanifhed and was feen a great way off (at Puteoli I think) about the fame time. That at the very time when.Vomiti'an was killed at a?...Pme, he fpake of it publickly ~nd of the manner of ~t at Bphefus : and fo of tnany others, which feem to me (as Urlt<? m oft) almolt unqueitionabk:. Thegreatefiwondertome is, that fitch washisportand outward appearance of .Sanctity. aud Simplicity, that even ~hri!l:ians have though~ reverently of him, and believed that he did his wonders by the power of God, or by fecret . Philofophy and knowl_dg of Na~ure not ree vealed unto other n1en. So Jufline Martyr, one of the ancient Fathers of the C hurch judged of him, as is well known. Mofi: larer Phylofophers thatli ved ;;.bout Julians time, and before that, as alfo the Emperors them,klves, 1nany of them; \vexe great Magi~ians and N!'rorrwzce rs, as may

and .do b-elieve (if there be no impietyin it, as I hope not) that he_ as as w among Heathens in ~ome refpett, a .fore-~urrner of ~hrifl:, to difpofe thent


'lh. P e


eafily ~pp~ar, .partly by their own writings , and partly by the Hifl:oty of
thofe times.. I do very_ much \Vonder whethe~ any man: , being a Scholer ~ and not {honglyprepoffdfed, t~at doth not believe Spirits, &c. can fay thathe.ever read the books of Tryals and Confeffions of Witches and Wizards, fuch I mean, as have be.en written. by learned and ju_ dicious men_. Sue~ as, ,. for exa~ple, I account N ichol. ~migius, his Demonoiatria : tx judiciu capitalibus 9 oo plus minus hominum, &c. grounded efpecially upon the Confeffions and t Condemnations of no ldfe then 900 men and women in Lorrame wi. hin th~ cornpa1Te of few years'. Thac he was a learned man, I think no body will deny that bath read him; and that he was no very credulous ant:l'fuper... fiicious man (though aPapifi) that alfo is moftcerrain-: and i have wondred at his liberty many times. I know not how it is nowin thofe places; but by what I have read and heard of rhe doings of Witches and Sor:... ~' cerers in Geneva and Savoy in fdrmer times (I could fay fomewhat of my '' felf,how my life \vas preferv~d there very fl:rangely, but my.witnelfes. are "not,and I wilt not ~ring their credit in quefiiori for fuch a bufincffe.) I am. of.opinion, That he t_ at fho:.1ld have maintained there that the~e \Vas h no fuch thing .as Witches, or Spirits, &c. would have been thought by mo11 ei,rher mad and b.rain-fick ( fo frequent arid vifible were the etfetts to fober eyes) or a Witch himfelf. For indeed it is ordinary enough, that thofe , that are fo really, ~re very willing (which deceiveth many) to be thought. Irnpofiors , and there is good reafon_for it:- I fhould fooner fuf.. pett him an Impoftor that doth profeffe himfelf (except it be by way of confeffion, as many have done) and isambitious to be counted a .Wirch or Sorcerer. I remember I faw a bookfome years ago, intituled, 1Je l'inconflance des mauvai~ Anges & Demons, printed at Paru J 61 z. in quarto, and ano:. ther of the fame Author; and Gze, intituled, L'incre~ulite & me (cnauce du for.. tilege, Paris 1641. Strange floriesare told there of a Province of France, a,. bout that rime (or little before~ marvelloufly infefted with Witches and Sorcerers, 1nfomuch that people diet not kno\V one another ( in fome one place) in the iheers, by reafon of evil Spirits appearing publickly in the fhape of men; and that the proceedings of juflicc (which dorh not hap pen often) were fomerirn~s dill:urbed by them. I think the Author him.:. felf ~as one that was fent to the place by the King withfome authority,and to _make report. But as I 4o not altogether trufl: my mem.ory, having had but a fight of the books (it was atthe rJJeO in St. Pat4ls Church-yard:) So I be.feedi the ,Reader _ to re~ upon ~his accourtt that I give him upon my J;lot beft reinembrance,but to perufe the books himfelf. I. am confident he may r~ceive good .farisfa. bo.n, being.things that .were no~ done in a corner , but c very publickly and well attefl:ed as fremember. l-Iowever the reader mufi give me leave (though it be not eo. this . purpofe ~ left my fir~; c~}J~~~~~ lence be _drawn to the prejudice of the truth) . to tell him,thac I_ met Wtth one great falfhood.rhere concernfng my own father (of 131. M.) which I have ~bundandy refuted~ and. all others of that nature, .wh~n I \V as yec very young. But that (as I conceive) which in all thefe flories \Vould moll puzzle a racional -man.1 is the .fignes which are fet. down

\_E F ,A C E.
down by m4lny how witches may be known,as Teau, fwimming upon t!Je water, dry eyes, and the like : which things inde~d have fome ground of truth being limited to particular times and places, but are not of _ ' had general application. Mr. Vofiius- d therefore rt:afon to J/of{. de Idolol. tu. d :Eo inus ror making t hat a r8o,r8r. c find f au 1c wit h Springertts- an certain token of a Witch that !he cannot v\reep. Wh.o alfo in the fame place doeh weU except againfl: the cry.al of )'VV"-lxol.~CTElil;, as he ca1ls it ( commonly, purgatio per aqu~m~ frigidam) . condemned by many. But he had done well to have limited his exception, and to have fhe\w:d ho\V, and when j and how far ft1ch obfervations may be ufed._ For certainly _hey are notalt together to be neglected. But the reafons of fuch obfervations or marks that are given by fome, are fo ridiculous, rhat they would make a fober rna'n (that hath not patienc(: enough eo ponder all things diligently.) to fufpeCl: all the reft. So one eels us, That when the Cock croweth the folemn meetings of Witches (which opinion perchance may prove ancient enough, as vve fhall fhew elfew here) are diffolved: and he thinks a reafon may be becaufe of the crowing of the Cock in the Gofpel, when St. Peter denyed Chrifr. Another tells us, That Witches being well beaten tmnco vitis (with a Vine fl:ick or club) Maleficia iil~ta fol-vere jtevillina coguntur, ha.ve no more force to do hurt, or, that the party bewitched recovereth. And the reafon (he tpinks, and yet he no ordinary man neither) ex myjlerio vini & "'Vine~ ditea.,_ Deo, .ex cujus m~fterio So ;in my Copy, i.t ~ay ,. ,( n ~; be re quutzate Sacramentum SacrQ_Janue Sangumu ']) onum con1,atur, flin. fuould be, 11Jtu & &c. But I {hall have a more proper place for the full ex:2minatiorl t)f thefe things in one of rhe two Treatifes before mentioned. lt cannot be denyed but this whole-bufindfe of Witches, what through ignorance , what through malice, is very lyable to many mi.lhkes and divers impofl:ures. And it were to ' be wiilied that in all fuch Trials fome prudent Divines) : and learned experienced Phyli~ians might be joyned.Bnt hence to conclude with Jflerius (who nevertheleffe doth ad<nowledg Spirits , and the Illufions and Apparitions of Divels, and their t;nifchiev-: ous opperations as much as any, and tells as fl:range things of them) and fome others, that therefore there are no..Witches and Sorcerers , is as if a man fl1ould deny the power of herbs becaufe a thoufand things have been written of them of old, and are yet daily falfely and fuperfl:itioufly. _ And indeed it fo fell out once in 0\_ome,as by Plinie is recorded ac large, Where when (ome afcribed fuch po\ver unto Herbs, as though Sun and Moon had been fubjecr unto them, the dead might be raifed , armies vanquifbed, and what nut! w hi eh was not very well relifhed by tnany :, at laft came Aftle.piades , who per[waded men th~t were very well difpofed to b~ perf\vaded; that all Ph.vficall,lle of Herbs and 'Simples was a meer cheat, and that men were better want them, there being other means caller and, le!Te trouble... forne to rdlore hea,l rh and o_vercomedifeafes , which he profelfed to reach: and prevailed foJar .for a while, that theywereJaid .afide, and a neW courfe of P hyfick introduced. 'W hich for a while, as I faid, (fo prone are men commonly to entertain. new divices) gave govd content generally. It is well obferved by .Ariflotle (and I think a great part of humane wifdome



'The P ~ E F J1

dependeth on it) , that in, all things of the world that are co_ mendable, m as. there is fomewhat which is true and real, fo fomewhat alfo whiGh is counterfeit and falfe. There is beauty Natural, faith he, and there is Art ificial beauty by p<l:inting and trimming. . A tr.ue, found, healthy complexion, andrhac which makes a good ibew, but 1s not found. True, real gold and 61 ver, but divers things aWo that may be _aken for gold and fi.It ver at a di.fhnce, or them that judge at the outward appearance. So, true ' found Ratiocination ,. and that which feems fo to the unlearned, ...., or to corrupt judgments, though it be very falfe. _ They that c~nfider well of this, may the iooner come to the knowledg of truth In all thtngs .. Well: we goon. There was in Aix ( Aqu~ Sextite anciently, no\V Aquenfls (il'itas) in Pro rvence (a County of France fo called) in the year of the Lord 161 1. a Romifh Prleft .tryed, convicred, and by Sentence of the Court or Parliament condemned to be burned alive for abominable practifes,and_ horrid things by him upon _divers (fame perfons of quality) committed \Vith and by the Divel. He had long delired it and fought it; at lafi the dive! appeared to him in the habit of a.Gentleman. The tl:ory is in divers books, French and Latine, anp ~ran Hated (at that time I believe) in divers languages. I would goe forty miles \Vith a~l my heart to meet with that man that could tell me any thing whereby I might but probably be induced to believe, or at leafi to fufpect; that there might be fome mifrake in the particularsof his Sentence. For my reafon, I mufl: confeffe, \Vas never more pofed in any thing that ever I read. of that nature. Gajfendus indeed in Peresltius his life, ha rh fomew hat "(-as I remember) of Pertskius his Opinion, as if he thought fome of thofe rbings he confeffed might be afcribed unto imagi.. nation; but I fee no reafon given: neither ,are the things of that nature~ that can admit .any fuch fi.1fpicion. Befides, Triflan, of the Lives of tb~ Empaors and their Co ynes, will tell you fomewhat which may make a doubr . whether G.affindus ought to be believed in all rbings that he reporteth con: cerning that fainbus 1nan. I am not very much fatisfied cf what Relio-ion (though truly .a very learned man) Ga ffendus was. And by the ~Y (which is fomewhat to the cafe of Witches in general) if [ be not m.iftak...; en (for .I have .it not atthis time) there is a relatioh in that very book of fornewhat that hapned to Pereskirts >Y 'vVitches when he was a child. That wicked Sorct:rer which was burned at .Aix, foretold-before his death that fome misfortune would be done at. the , time and place of his execmion which hapned accordingly, and very fi:rangely too. Somewhat again, l mufi: confeffe, I have feen printed (Mlmica 1)-iaboli, &c.) to cake away the fcandal of forpe part of his confeilion, or the Devils faying of Matfe., &c. fome part of which things might perchance withfome colour be alcribed to imagination : but that is not "it that troubles me. But enough of him. What man is he, that pretends. to learning , that hath not heard, and doth not honour the .memory of Joachimns .Camerar.iu; , that great lignt of Germany? fo wife (and for his wifdom, and other excellent pares; fought unto by many Princes) [omoderate a man {an excellent temper for the



'\._E FACE.
----------------------~------~ -

'attaining o~ Truth) and fo verfed in . all kind .of learning, that '-''e fh.all fcarce among all the learned of thefe later Times find anocher generally accOinplifhe~. The firangell:. rdations that ever I re..1d, or at leaft as firange as any I have read of Witches, and Sorcerers, and . Spirits, I have read in him. : fuch as either upon his own kno~le-dge . he cloth relate, or fuch as he believed true upon che tefi:imonie of othe~s kno\vn unto him. The bit work that he ever wen~ about for the pub.lick wa~, 1Je generibus 1)i11in4tiommz, but he did not live (the more-the p.ity) to make an end of it. But.fo much as he had done was kt on~ by one of his learned fons, Lipfr..:e, an. Dom. a 576. There i 3 ~ .. he hath thefe words, .De Spin tuum rvero., qU funt Grf,fcu flLitAvtc~o admirabili non filum efficacit~te, fid manife Specie, qu~ IPJ.qv-ct1ct fla perhibentur, prlife mi.1. ; incred16tles extant pajs im 1Jeterum n,trratio~es, & 1;ojlris ~~ m paribus (uper anti a fidun compertaJiait, extra etiam '}on1ij :~-, de ,qui bus poflea dicttur. So p. 89. & p 1; r. again and more fnlly.. B_ t his fira.ngdl: relations are in u his r rofmium to ~Plucarcbs two Treatifes, 1Je DefeEiu Oraculorum, and De p; .. P gura E 1 (onfecraca Delphu, fet o~t ~y him with Notes. . Here I could come in \Vith a whole cloud of witnelfes, . name hundreds of men of all Nations and profeffions that have lived within'this lafl: hundred yea.rs, and not any among them but fuch as have had., and have yet generally the reputation of Hondt, Sober, Learned and Judicious, who all have been of this opinion that we m~imain. But becaufe we have to do with them efpecially who by their Proteffion pretend to the Knowledge of Nature above other men, I will confine my ielf for further te!l:imony to them th.:r have been of chat Profdfton_. I have been fomevvhat curious for one of my Calling, that had no other end bur to attain t<.? fame ~now ledge of Nature , withour which ~ man may quickly be lead into manifolJ ,delufions and Impoftures~ I have read fome; Jooked into many : l do nor remember I have met with any profe~eJ Phyfician or Natural if!' ( fome one or two excepted, \~vhich have been or !hall be na1ned) who made a~y quefhon of r:he(e things; Sure I am, I have met with div~rs il:range rclations in 1undry of d~e~, of things that thetnfelves were prefeot at , and faw . wich their own eyes,. where they could have no end, that any man can probably tulpect, but to acknowlede che truth, though with fome difparagement to themfelves (according to the j udgmenc of many) in the free confdTion of their own ignorance and difa biliry to give reafons, and to penecrat,e into ca_feso u WeH: .what then iliall we fay to fuch as Jul. Ce{ar, Scali.gtr, FernelitU, Sennertus:; the ~vonders and Oracles of their times ? As Phyficians (o Phylofophers, men of that profound wifdom and experience {~uch improved in fome of them by long life) as their writings thew themto have ~een to this qay. What fhall we make of them? or what do they make o-f them~ fel ves, that will cenfure fitch .men as either chea~ers or 'ighorant id ~ots ? .flenericus Sax11nia, aLearned Profdfor and Pratl:ifer of PhyGck in P_adua , irt thae Bopk he hath written of that horrible Polonian Difeafe, which he taUs Plicaml which turneth rpens hairs (in fighe) to s nakes and Serpents; in that book he doth ~fcribe fo. much ~o the p.ower of Witches and Sorce.fc:rs in caufing Difeaf:es, not private only but c:ven publick, as Pdblences and the lil..c, as himfdf confeffeth he could never have believed, un~il he


CJ'he P ~ 8 F A C .
was conv.i~c:d.b.y manifdl: elperiencc: .; and i_ndeed_is wonderful, and may well be thought incredible unto m:ofl:, yet ts matnta1ned and a_ lferted. by Sennertus De Febnbus . and in his .Gxth b_ ok (as I . rernemb~r) 'De Morhu a o {afCina,. incantatirme; & vemficii.s h1_duflu. l will forbear the namc:s of maJly men of .fame and credit, Phyftctans too, becaufe mo.fl: of them are named (and commonly enough known) by Sennertui upon this occaGon . There is one vJhom I think inferiour to none,. though perch:lnce not fo ~om monly' known or read, and that is,Georgius 1\_a~ujaiu. a Ven~tian, who by his firll: ed:Jcation and profeffion was an Afl:rologer, call: rnany Nativities, and took upon him to Prognofl:icate; but afterwards. confcious. to ~imfdf of the vaJ)ity of..the An {rh at is, when the Divd doth not intermeddle, as al'vay~s mull: be under-flood : .for fame: Afirologers ~ave been Magicians withal1, and ha- done fhange things) gave it over; an~ hath written a- ve gainft it very Learnedly and Solidly. Reld him)f you pleafe;l'n his Chap.:. ters De M~u, 'De Oraculu; yea, through his whole Book De Dnnnatione, and y~m may .be Cui sfied what h~ thought of. thefe things : he al[o was a Phyfician. Bnt I tnut1: not omit the Learn~d Author that fee out Muft!.'um .Vtro-. nenje, a great Naturahft and a- PhyGcian too; he hand-les it at the end of that wo~k fomewhat roundly and eo the quick, [ mull co.nfelfe; but very my jndgme~t, againft -~hofe pretended ?eri.paRa:ional y and Solidly, teticians, that would be thought to detend the opinion of Artjlot!t herein. I could Jay fomewhat of ancienter 'Phyficianstoo; and give fome account of tbofe many Spels and Charmes that are in_TraUienuf, in all his boo~s ; an ancient Phyfician., in high eHeeme With fome erninent Phyficians of r~efe lac~ .tini~s, as th~y themfelves have told me; though not fo.r his Charms;but fot hisother learning and excellent e~perience, w hi eh they had found good ufe ~f But this I referve for another place & work. And this mention ofthat eminent Phyfici1n who corn mended rr~llienm unto me, pu.ts me in mind of what he imparted himfelf, not long befor~ his-death; of his ow ~ know ledge and e:-<;pet:ience; and particularly of ~he acco. nt he gave u me of the e-xamination ofa Conjur,er jn S(llisbur~, at which,he faid1none \Vere prefenc but King JamerJ(of m oft Bleffed Memory )theDnke oPBucki~ham,and himfdf: It is likely fome others may h4ve heard the fame,and I had rather any body fhonld tdl it then I, who was then a pn1ent under him, and durfl: not, were I put to it, trufi to. my memory for every cir\:um.., fiance ' Hit~erto I have gone by Authorities rather then Arguments.; p~rtly becaufe I thought that the fhorrd! and the cleardt way for every bodies capacity , and partly , becaure fuch Arguments (if any bdides thefe we .have here) as have been ufed againfl: this o_ inion, p be fo.nnd fully anfwered in thofe I have cited. The truth is, it is a Subject of that nature as doth not admit of many Argurn.ents , fu.ch efpecially as m~v pretend eo filbtilty oFReafon, Sight, Senfe,and Experience.(upon :which moft Humane Knowledge is grounded) genera Hy approved aud certain, is ou_bell Arr gument. But before I gi-ve.over;I will ufe one Argument which perchance. l!lay pr.ove of fomc force and validity, and rha:t is, A ~onii.deration ofche firange fhifts and evafiotis and noto-rious abfurdities 'chat thefe nl~m liC put




'the P~BFAC
to,who not being able to deny the o1' .o~ matter ofFaB,wouldfcem to fay famewhat rathe-r then to ~cknowledg Spirits, a~ Divels,and Witchcraft~ Pomponatiui, who bath not heard of? I once had the book,l kno\V not now what is become of it:But I remember wdl;I never was more weary of reading then when .I read him ; nothing that ever I read or heard of Legends and old womans tales did fee,m ~me more groundlef(e and incredible~ But becaufe chofe . men bear themfelves very much upon the power of imagination {which indeed is very great> and doth produce Qrange effects) lfhall commend w the fober Reader that hath not yet met with him Tbo. Fient# his-Learn. d. Traetar, VB Viribus Imaginatlonu; a very Rational dnd Philofoe phical .difcourfe. Of their miferabJe iliifts and_evafions _n gen~ral, the i Author or Obfcrvator rather of Muf~umV;r.onenfo, before quoted, will give you a go0d account. I have at this prelent in my hands the writings of a Phyfician, AugfriuJ Ferreriu; by name. Wh~t he was for a Phy-fician I know not; all ( I doubt) of that profeffion will noc allow very well of his rt'reface to his Ca(ligatioms PraBic~ _ M,dicinte, vvhatever they think of the Caftigationrs themfdves. But in gener~l, his Stile, and various reading, and knowledge of good Authors, fpeak him_a Learned mat:t fufficiently. TJ,"_ anus in his Hifl01~y gives him a rnolt ample Elogium, and makes him to have heen Jul.C.Scaliger his intini:ue acquaintance and much ~efpetted by him. But I doubt whether Thuanus had ever feen this .book of his : . . it dorh not app~~r by that E/ogium chat he had. W elf, this Learned man in .his Chapter 'De Homt:rica (fo he calls it) MeJicatione, where he treats of cures don~ by Charms and Spels; by Words and Characteri, which others impute commonly to Witchcraft: fir!l:, for the ~11., he doth not deny it: (Nam iu qu~ feTJfibus ~xpofita Junt contra1Jenire, fani he minis non eft.) He .thinks th~m ' little, be.trer. then mad men that will deny that which is ~pproved hy fo vifible experience, Yet it fczems he was one of ~hem that did not .bdieve, or would not believe (though he cloth not fay fo poGtively) Spirits and Witck.J ~s, and Supernatural Oper~tions~ What then ? he plainly aintaineth m a_d avg111eth it (.though he quote no Gofpel for it) that fuch is the nature n of the Soul-of man (if he know how to ufe it) that by a fl:rong faith and confidence it may work any miracle without a miracle: Verum. confo.lentitt ilia, o:cfirma-perfuafio. (that you miy have. fome! of his words if you have not.the boak ) comjuzrat~r . indo8is ani mu 'per opinirmem qu4m de [araC'terib.us ue jt~cru. 'Ver.bu conceperuot-. 'Do8~ !7 rerum intelligenti~m httbemibus, nihzl op'us eft extemiiea cognita _1>i ammi,per eam miracula edere pojfunt.&c. And . again alittle aftei , .f2a8us .1Jero~ &. fibi conft4ns folo "Verbojanabit. I do not hence conclude that thi~ Ferrerius, ~hpUgh he fp~ak as though he were, and names no body dfe, tl;v:lt he was the ir1f or.only that hath been of this opin'ion. AlJicennt the Arab w:ts the firfl:,as I cake it, that fet it on foot : fome others have-foll()w.ed him in it. But fince thefe men acknowledg the ftrange etfed:s . tht .othe.rs deny, let the fober Reader judge whether of the two rnore_likcly to grant Spirits ctnd Divels , or to make t~e Soul of man (of every n1an, naturally). either a God or a Divel. But let men take heed how they attem_ t to p do Miracle_ by their. {l:rong faith and confidence, for that is the ready way s to bringthe Divelt1nto them, and thatis it whieh hath made many wit~h($

~ I


P 'R E F A C E.

ts and Sorcerers. As for t_ at Faith whereby men did work Miracles in h the Primitive times , fpoken of in the Gofpel, commonly called, Tbt Faith of Miracles, that is quite another thing , which I fhall not need to fpeak of in this place. Of a fl:rong confidence in God, even in them that: are not otherw.ife very godly, whether ~t may not, according to Gods fir!l: order and appotntment, produce fomenmes fome itrange effeets ; \Ve have had a confideration elfewhere, wh&:e we treat of rpretatorie Embufiajm. But this alfo is quite: another thing; as may appear by what we have written of it. But to conclude this part. upon due confideration of the premifes, and \vhar. elfe I have in readineffe upon the fame SubjeCt (if God give me life and health) I cannot fatisfie my felf hovv any Learned man, fober and rational, can entertain fi1ch an opinion (Gm ply and feriouf1y) That there be no 'Di1Jeis nor Spirits, &c. But upon this account which I give my felf (leaving all men ~o their o\vh judgments herein) that if there be any fuch truly- and really, it muJ1 needs be becaufc being at fidl: prepoffdfed upon fome plaufible ground, and being afterwards taken up with other thoughts and employments, they are more willing to {tick to their former opinion without further trouble, then to take the pains to feek further. ~~v1<d> .t:]a.Act.l'U~fO> fOl) 'GfOMo'i~ ~ ~~1~0"/) Tiff .b..H9ict.r ) ~ i7f1'1ct i.TOI(Joct. fl.iMoy 1fhov1a.t, as T7;ucyJides doch very well obferve~ And when we fay, A Learnul man, there is much ambiguity in that word. For a man may be (not to fpeak of tht :ignorance of the co11.1mon people, in thofe climates efpecially, who think all Learning concluded in Preaching ; and no\V in thefe times to~ , them befi: Preachers that in very deed have ]eafl: Learning, but preach by lnftin8 and lnJPir-ation, as they call it) but a man, I fay, may be.a Learned Man, a very Learned man in fame one kind or profeffion, even to Excellency and Admiration, who nevenheldfe is and may be found ignorant enough in other kinds : but a general Learned man is a thing of a vafi:. extent, and not often feen~ It is a bufineffe of an infinite labour, bcfides that itrequireth Natural parts anf\verable; without \Vhich (judgment fpecially) the more pains fometimes the more ignorance. I aim not by this at any particular man or men (Dtum tiftor) I would much rather fubmit to the cenfure ofothers my felf, then take upon me to cenfure any ; hut the obfervation is of very good tife, I know it, and may give much fa tisfact:ion in m~ny cafes,and have given an inflance of it in Tertullian,and fomc others dfcwhere. I have done for this time; I c.ome no\V to the Objections, wherein I !hall not need to be very long, becaufetheyrun much upon one thing,ImpoR:ure, whichhath already been fpoken of andanfwered. But yet fomt=what more particularly fhal be anfwered. Firfl:, Of Miracles. It cannotbedenyed hut the world is full-ofhorrible l~poitures in that particular : Yet I believe , that fome fupernatural thmgs, as cures , &c. do haJ>pen in every age, ft>r which no rea"" !on can be given, which alfo for the fl:rangeneffe may be called Miracles. B_ t if ~e limit (with hlofl) the word to thofe things that u proceed Jmmedtately from God or divine power ; I fhall not be very

'RE '-

71 C E.

very ready to yield chat many fl~ch Miracles are feen in thefe Daye3. . Bt:t I will not further argue the Cafe in this place. Well, let us take Miracles in the ordinary Senle: I verily belie~e. that fi1ariy fuch things do happea in many places; but that . through negligence partly, and partly through incredulity , they ar.e not regarded o.hentimes, or ioon forgotten. A~d vvifer men, fometimes, though they know or believe fuch things, yet are not they very forward to cell them, lefi: they br~r;g chemfelves into con tempt \Vith thofe fi1ppoled wife men, \~ho will iooner laugh at any china they do n~t ~lnderlland ' then t~ke the rains to rect:ifie their ignorance 0~ inform then Judgments. 1 hope I fhal do no wrong to the Memory. of that Venerable, Incomparable Prelate, B I s Ho P AN oR EwEs, for Sound Learning and True Piety whilefi he lived, one of the greatdl: Lights of this L~nd ; if. I fet .down two ~tories, w~hich we may ~all Miracles, both wh1ch . he d1d beheve to be true, but for one of them, It feemes he . . did undertake upon his own know ledge : The one, concerning a rioted , or at leafl: by many fufpect:ed Witch or Sorcerefs, which theDivel ,in a fl:range :fhape, did wait upon (or for urher) at her cleat~. Theother, concerning a man who after his death was rdl:ored to life to make CQnfeffion of a horrible Murder committed upon his own Wife, for \Vhich he had never been [ufpetted ;; both there, as he related them to my F. (in familiar converfation) and my F. did enter them for a remebrance into fome of his .AdlJer{aria. In the fubftance I believe there could ben<? mifiake, bu't if there be any miil:ake in any Circumftances,as ofNames,or otherwife, that mufl: be imputec! to my F. who was a. {hanger, not to the tongue only , but to all bufindfes (more then what mi~ht be kno\VJi by 'printed books, and fu,h publick wayes) ~f England. The Firft,thus a L. Vetula Londinenfts, cui_ morieti 1Jiabolz.u ajfuit. Mir,t Rifloria quaff} narrabat ut fibi corilpertifimam 1Jom.EpifcoptfS Fuit qutdam L. mulier ditz{sima ,. et .cunofis artibus addi8ijsima : 'lJicina ttdtbm Fnkonis , qui fuit pater D~m~ni Fulconis, . tota Ang,!ia celeberrimi; atque adeo leBifwn ma.. tront:t, matn elufdem Fulconts > famiiiarifii'ma~ Hcec per omnem Vitam fortilegtu dedita , & eo nomine .infamium mulitrculdrum arnica et patrona : (uhnorienti cum adftarent qua -viri; qua {limin gra-vijJimi ; ariimadverfum efi fub boram mortis , a4flitijfe ad pedes . le8i hominem 'liUltu terrihilem, rvulpinis pellibt# amiBum, quet]i ipja contmtu oculis in.tuebatur; ille, ipfam. ~ttjitum eft d janitore, quare ilium admifi./Jet ille negar fe 1Jel 'lJidijfe. Tandem fecedunt ad .em. . f flram duo 'lJel tres, conjilium capturi quid illo faarent. Brat quidam Sel')att'lr ingenti-5 nominis . qui his Prtttor Londinenfis . fuit : . item Pater F ulcoms , et alii. Placet i/lu ipfurn compdlare tt rogart" quis e!Jtt. . Hoc ani1_11o repetunt p'riora loca Jua ad leflum. Interim L. '}Jocem magnam. edit, quaft animam agere~; omnes illam curare, fpeRare, Juble~are; mox .rtdit .ad {e illi ignotum illum requirunc oculis. NJquam apparet. Ante hori (patit~in moritur tgra. The other eh us, l(alend. Auguft. Narrdbat hodte mihi rem mtram ,. ~ewr~nd~!f. fP.rttful, Domin. Epifcop. Eiienfis : quam iOt acceptam auribut /uis a cepe oculato & au8ore, credebat ej]e roeriftim~m. Ejl )ncus in he Londino,



7"he P


qui dicitur, J/icus LongobJrdorum. In eo rvico P_rtecia eft, & ~des partecialis, in a qua fuit Pre)byter, homo fumm~ fzdei, et notte Pictatis, .. An. 156~. quo anno, fi unquam alids, peflis graffata eft per hanc Urbem Londinul?l 'Narra)Jit ~i tur bic Parroch~ et pafiim ali~, et .ipfi quoque 1Jom. Epi(copo fibi hoc acctdifJe. Er at illi amicus in Jua Par~cia infignis; ~tr, ut omms exiflimabant, probus et pttu. Hie pefle correptus ad)Joca1Jit Presbyterum ilium {tmm amicum, qui et lfgrotanti affuit, et r-vtdit morientem nt:c defernet nift mortuum ; ita 'Demum r~petiit domum juam. Pofl. horas facis mult4S amorte buji#, dm ipje_pro tn()rtuo ejfet le!i8us in cubiculo; uxor tt!iU5 idem cubiculum efi ingrejfa, ut ex area promeret Lodicem , fi"e lintetJmcn ad ipfum Ev/oM71v, ut eft moris. Ingreffa audit banc 1Jocem, opet i intwta. Quu hie ifl ~ rerreri zlla , u wile egredi, fed auditur item m '\'ox jlla : 0!_is hie eft~ Ac t:mdem computo 'ejJe mariti )1ocem, actedit' ad illum_ 0:!jd~ ait, marite; tu 1guur mortuus Mn : es ~ et nos te pro mortua compofitum defer1JeramU5. Ego Wro, rejpo~idtt zlle' l'ere nzortu.UJ fui : fed ita Deo 1Ji(um, ut anima mta rediret ad corpu-5. Sed tu uxvr, ait, Si quid haber cihi parati, da mihi efurio tnim. Dixit ilia '\'eruecinam h.Jbere fe, pullum gallinaceum, et nefno quid aliud : 'fed omnia incoEla, qute hre~i ejJet paratura~ Ego, ~it ille, Moram 1.1on jero ; pamm habes, ait, et ca]eum ~ quum annu:ffet , at.que petii}fot ajferri , comedit Jpe'Etante uxore : deinJe advocato <Presbytero, et jt4fiu exire. e~.ubiculo omnibus qui aderant ; narrat ill~ hoc Ego, ait, l'ere mortuus fui; .fed iuffa eft anim.:z redire ad jtit'm carpus, ut jcelu-s apperirAm ore meo, manibtU me~ admif]um; de quo nulla unquam cuiquam nota eft }ujp:cio. t'J>riorem namque uxorem meam ipft. oaidi manibus meu, tama )Jajritie, ut omnes res latertt: deinde modum perpetrat' fct!~yi$ expofuit; nee ita multo poft expira)Jit, ac 1Jere tum mortum eft. There. is no neceffiry that any body fhould make of either of thefe re .. lations an Article of his Faith ; yet I thought them very probable,becaufe believed by fuch a man, and therefore have given them a place here. So much of Miracles. Of Exorcifmu \Ve muil: fay as of Miracles. One notable example of a counterfeit 1-'o-ifeffion, and of great ftirs like]y to hav~ infued upon it in Ftance, we have out of I huamu, in our late Treatife of Enthufiajme. The Hiflory of the if3u) of Bd(on is extant, .who by the W ifdom and Sagacity of the R' R.J F. in God Thom.u, I ord Bifhop of Lic!Jfuld and [o'\'entry, was difcovered to be an l_;npotlor on purpofe fet up and fubor?~d to promote ~heRo~ mitl1 caufe, An.Dom. t6lo . Such examples and fl:ones mofl:.Countneshave afforded good fl:ore, which are extant in divers Languages. Neith~r muft it be concealed (by them that feek truth without partiality) that fome, once called 'DtJCiplinariam, now more known by ano_her name, have attempted t to deal in thofe things/ hoping thereby to gain great advantage to theix: caufe. . It was a famous Story in QB/i:zabeth's Reign, though now perchance-out of the knowledg of many., . and beyond the remembrance of any living, ho\V one Mr. ']). a very zealous man of chat Sett, did cake upon him by long prayers to cail: out Divels, fo maintained and afTened with great vehe;mcncy by him and fome others that favoured that caufe, though upon legal examin;nion they proved otherwife, which occafioned many books on both fides in thofe dayes, but two, melior is notte , as we fay, written by Dr. H. concerning Exorcifmes; the one againfi Papifl:s, rbe other a,.. gainft P. I have them both fomewhere yet, I hope, but can not come at


them ;tt this time, which is the caufe that I cannot particularize that bulindfe with circumftances of times, and names or perfons as I would. But there were many other books written (fome very big, . \Vhich I have feen ) about it, as I faid before; fo that the whole bufineffe , with very little inquifition, if any ha~e a mind, may quickly be found out. One Bookfeller in Little (Britain di~ ~elp me to the fight of fix: or feveri ~t once; yet one of the books then wntten, and as. I . was told, upon this bccafion much commend~d unto me by fome very Learned, to wit, Dr. Jordan, of the Suffocation of the Matrix, f long.fought before I could meet with it~ And fach was the ig~norance of fome Bookfellers, that I could not perfwade them there was any iuch book extant: but now at lafl: I have got it. All the ufe.I fhall make of it at this time is, that whereas thew hole drift of the book tends unto this, to fhew~ the error of many in afcribing natmal difeafes to fupernatural ca.ufes , which might be thought by fome to favour their opinion that believe not ~Vuches, &c The Au~hor doth very prudently and piou.Oy make this profeffion in the PreFace, 1 do not deny but that God dot!J in thefe day~s Jlfork. extraprdinarily for the deliJnrance of hu chj/dren, and for other ends kflltnown to him(eV; and O~at among oti,cr there .m~y be both poffifsions. by th.e Dive!, anJ obfefsions, a'fld W1tch-cra; t, &c. and di(Pojfefsion alfo through the Prayers and Supplications of bu {er11ants, which u the only means left unttJ us for our relief in that cafe, hut foc!J examtJ[es being rvery rare.now adayes, .&c. Yet for all this I do not condude that Mr . .D. \Vas guilty of any Impoflure : he might do it through :ignorance being cozened by others. I have heard he was an honefl: man, and dyed pioufly, and difclaimed to the very' laft that he did ariy thing in that bufinelfe otherwife then :Bona Fide I would judge charitably, even cf thofe men that' are not guilty of much charity towards others, whofe judgments and confciences will not fuffer them (though rn,en of approved wonh and piety otherwife) to fay as they fay, -and to do as they do in all things. Be it gr~nted. therefore, that this bufind.Ie of Exorcifmes is lyable to much lmpofiure: -hov;,rever, no manthac bath read the relations of men and women po!fefl:, in fevetal places, with dt~e obfervation of .circumfl:ances ; fome of which relations, be fides other perfons of credit, have been arreiled ; yea, fome perinc:d and publifhed by learned Phyficians and Naturaliih, who have been employed about the Cure, obferyed their carriage, heard fome of them fpeak ftra.nge Languages: filly women poiTd~, difcourfc:: of ~ighdl point~ of Phy_lofophy, or the Mathematicks and the like. No man, -I fay, that is not a fl:r~nger to thefe things (be fides what fame Travellers, no .way_ interdfed in the caufe, can aver upon their own knowledge) will make any quefhon either of the real poiTellion of divers, according to relations that have been tnade, or of the Divels fpeaking in them and by tbem 'vhen they have been Exorcife~; and .fometimes upon bare conference. And though fome Proteftants are of opinion, That it is not lawful or \vartantable for any man to take upon him to Exorcife- upon fuch occaGons, that is, (as I conceive) by \vay of abfolure p_ower and au~ thority, and 'by fupedti~ious wayes and means, as is ordinarily . o-?e : d Yc:t where a man hath a Calling, as if he be lawfully Called to the Mmifhy, and fet over fuch a Parifh where any happen to be poffdfed (as indeed


'..4 -

'1 he P R E F
B. " A r.

--;1. C E.

d<.eJ n1y telt have a Parifh, that is, right to a Parifh as good ~ S rhe Laws of the Land can gi,,e me, which hath been grievoufly haunted, though nor altogether in the fame kind, this many years, ro the undoing of many there ; : but I mufl: not come near it, nor have the benefit of the Law ro recover my right , though neyer told why) and he 6nd himfelf zealouily moved, yet without prefurnption, I \Vould not defpair but his. prayers, with other performances of devotion, and the affifl:anc~ of fome others of the fame calling, might prove available before..God : but Hill prefuppofed , as moH expedient and neceiTary, that the opinion and refolution of fome Learned and confcionable Phyfici~n, one or more, be had in the cale; and their pre[ence alfo in all a.Ctions, if it may be had, obtained. Some, it may be, will tha,nk me, and I hope ir will offend none) if I impan: unto themwhat I have found in my F, his Ephemeris (or, Daily' account of' /;u life) tending to this purpofe . .Amw 'Dam. t 6o ~. Kal. unii. 0f!m mem{em;et rtliquos omnes l1elu o'DeU&, &c. [-June ij. /t(tum e~imus, cum matre, uxQre, .affine, et )Jiro nobili, f)om. de [ounf. et nob.li item matrona, 'D. de St. Pons : qui 6mnes in. re pietati& Of.4o~ravov"1'~ , Eccl~fittm lu1us ioci afsidue cetebravimus. lr~ter alios Sermones quos habui cum 1), de St.Pons,. de mimflrfJ pr:?'Vi.nci Vt1Jaretii .jumus locuti , cui nomen Mercero: 1\,egit ille in to traElu plt~: es pJr)JcU h.alefia.s ; habitat a. in loco, qui dtcitur, Chafl:eau-double~ .Acceperam de eo ex vu{.gi rum< )nbu5 , quod .-vim 'Dtmonas ejicitndi haberet qutefivi,. ti~ef'i3~>~fov de D. de St. Pons quid rei effit. lOa feria affirmavtt, plures 'Dtemoniacos (decem aut circiter) in Bet lljiam auduElos , eo coJJcionante pr;mum, dein orantt,

paL1m, et Lonfrjswne omnium fuijfe fanatos. 0!_ofdam Demonu ita eum certis figni$ erupifl'r: , ut. res apud omnes fiuet tijldcif.sima. fPorro aMem omnes qui f.anati junt , flteitgwnem Catholtcam '1\.omanam ante Jemper p;ofejfos. Merurum vero impatientif fime fr:ne-, .fi qnis inter wquendu.m, ut fit, dtceret, Merarum. Diabolos ejicere, non emrn ,!f, lJerurn Bccle fiam Dei effe nomma,d.tm , cr~m precibU&. ardentifftwis 'Dei aures p.auerint. 1).-Jwz et illi et uni'jjerfo gregi fuorum benedicat. Amen. In Englifh (for their fakes thlt underft1nd no Latine, and that it be not re.q uired alwayes, for it would be very tedious) this is .the dfeet,
At filch a time, in luch a place, he had the opportunityto meet with a grave (whether Lady or Gentlewoman) Matron, one he h~d a very g'Ood opinion 9f; her name M. de St. 'Pons, and having often heard by' common re .. port of a certain Proceftant rvhnifter that was faid to'cafl: out Divels, he did accurately inform himfelf by her (fhe living, it feems, very near, if not in the fame parifh.) . of ~u particulars concerning that bufindfe; who did averre it to be moft true, and that ten, or thereabom:s, Demomoniacks, or poffef1ed men (all making profeffion of tl~e Roman Catholick Religion) had been brought to the Church (at fcveral times; as I uke it) and that .publickly, and by the generall confeGion of all then prefenr, and by fome notable fignes (fometimeSJ at the going out Of the De\ ils; they were , upon his Praying afrer Sermon, all delivered. . But th:l.t he toc k it very hainouf1y if any faid, char he h.ad ca1: out Devils; For, nvt I, faid he, but the earnefl: Prayers of the Church, have prevailed wirh Alrnighcy God to work this wonde;rful thing. As for Oracles : It is true, Heathens themfelves ackn<:nvledg, that fome were

The P 1(E FA C E.


----~--------------were the juggli.n~s of men. . S~mecim~s Pri~ces; fometimes private men: ( ~s now of Rehgton, of~reachtng, and P_raytng, and Falling; of Malfes and Proccilions: moil: Pnnces and States tn- all pl~ces ) made good ufe of them to their owne ends; and mad~ them fpeak \V hat themfelves had prompted. But a m;J.n might as probaoly argue; becaufc fom~ hav~ b~e~ fo freely acknowle~ged ro have been by compact and fi.1bornauon, tt ts the more likely, that thofe of which never any fu(picion was, .fhould be true. We read of n1any in Herodotus: o~ onej \vhich Was contrived by fraud ; but there \Ve read alfo, that when tt came to be known (thouoh care had been ea ken that it might not:) the chief Contriver, a great man v was banifhed or prevented worfe, by ~voluntary E:x:il~; and the ~acred Vir~,-], or _ ropbeu}Je, P d.epofed. . But n~r to_tnfifl: upon particulars, \Vh1ch would be long, it is mofi cerca1n, and It \Vlll cleerly appear unto the.m chat are well read in ancient Authors and Hifio_ ries, That all Hea~hens,generally the wifdl: and learne~e.fl: of them? tho.le dpecially, th_ t lived when Oracles were. mofi frequent, a dtd really bel1eve tt1e1n to be, which they pretended unto: and that they were fo indeed, for the m oil part (taking it for granted that their Gods were 1Jiwls or E11sl Spints) by many circumftances of Stories, and by other good proofs, may be made as evident : neithe_r Wa$ it ever doubted or denyed (al\Vayes granted and prefuppofed, chat, as 1n all worldly things, much impofl:ure did intervene a.nd intermingle) by a~cient Chrifbans acknoWledged, I am fure, by mofl:, if not all. But I have i.poken of them elfewhere -alrcady, and therefore will be the fhorter here. Our laft Obje8ion was: If there be 1Je1Jils and Spirits, Why do they not ap ... pear unto them, who do what they can, as by continual curfesJo by profane curiofity to invite them: Firil:, We fay, "'~t.'~iJ .. ;ti xeli-U'1- ctv;ii, ~ ivt~txvftts-otd.i ecl'o&ctv7ii. When we have good ground for the ~;, , to il:ick at the cl't&TI, becaufe , \VC do nor under fUnd the reafon, is as much as to fay, that we think we fhould be as wife as God, .Ariflotle' did not meddle with things that he c::ould give no reafon of; yet .he did not deny them (as We have fhewed) and it is one thing to require a reafon of things meerly natural; and another of chafe that happen by a meer fecrct Providence. But thi \~ill give the~ n~ great fatisfatbon who perchance believe a God (fome) as m~cle. as they believe a Devil. SecondLy, Thc;reforc_ fay, There may be fome natural reawt fontoo, upon Ariflotlesgrounds. .Arifiotle .(asharh been !hewed elfewhere) compares the effects of M'elancho!J, from whence he deriveth all kind of Enthufiafm, to the known effeets of Wine What is the reafon, t~at fotl}C men wi~h little wine will quickly be drunk; and become other Creatures, hcing deprived for. the time of the ufe of reafon! Others though they drink never fo much will iooner burfl: chen red, or fpeak idly as fome in their excefs grow :nerry, others fad: fome calm and better natured ; others furious: fotne ralkati ve, others il:upid~ The Devil.kno\ves what tempers are be!l: for his turn; and by fome in whom he was deceived, he haeh got no crcdic,and wifhcd he had never meddled with them. Some rnert come into the world w ith Cabaliflical 'Brains; their heads are full of myfieries ; they fee nothing, they read nothing, but their bt:ain is on \Vork to pick fomewhat out of it that is not ordinary ,; and out oft he very A :B C tha.t children are taught, rathc:r then fail, they w itl fetch all t:bc Secrets of Gods W ifdom, tell


you how the world was _created, hqw governed, and wha: will he the end of all things. Reafon and Senfe that other rnen go by, they think the acorns that the old world fed upon; fools artd childr~n may be cont:ent with them butt hey fee into things by another Light. They common}y give good refpett unto the Scriptures (rill t~ey come to profefl: Anabaptifts) becaufe they oelieve them rhe Word ofGod and not of men ; but they referve unto themfelvcs the Interpretation, and fo itndetthe ti:le of DiVine ScriptHre, worfhip what their OV-ln phanfie prompts, or the devtl puts into their heads. But of all Scriptures the (](ewlation and the obfcure Ptophefies are their delight; or for there they rove fecure]y; and there is not :;my thing fo prodigious - chi7 ill interpret it. h merical, but they ca_ fttch it out of foii1e Prophefie, as they \~ The le rh en, if they be upright in their lives and dea)ings, and fear God tru. ly, it is to b.e hoped that God wi~l preferve the~ fr~m further evil; but they are of a dangerous temper; Chantable men wtll ptry them, and fober men \vlll avoid them. On the other fide, fome there are whofe brains are of a Riff and refhve triould ; it will not eafily receive new impreffions.They will hard ly bt'!iieve any thing but what they fee_; and yet r.uher not believe their eyes, then to believe any thing that is not ~ccor~ingto the courfe of nature, and what they have been ufed unto. The devtl may tempt fuch by fenfual baits, and catch them; but he will not eafily attempt to delude them by ma gical Shews and Appa!itions. And what fober 'm an, that bdieveth as a God, fo :l divel.)doth doubt, but they that make it their daily practice to damn themfelves,by fuch horrid oaths and curfes,are as really pofid!,yea far more in the _offeision of t:he devil,th~ri many that foam at the mouth, and fpeak fl:range p languages ? But Jd 1r. Some have tried and bfed the means,but could never fee any thing but 'what if others chat never ~dired it really ,but in fome wanton curiofity, unadvifedly' that they might be the better able to confute the fimplicity of fome others as they thought,rather then that lheit faith wanted any fuch con .. firinati0n., haye tryed fome-things,or have beeri prefent at fomeexperiments and have feen (with no finall aftonillimenr:) more then they expe.Cl:ed or de fi~~d? Some perfons of credit and qttality, I am fure, have made it their con.. fefsion unto me,that it bath fo hapned unto ~hem; who have been-foaffected with it,that they would not for aworld be fo furprizt:d again. But 4 1Y and laftly, The Confdsions of forne Magicians are extant in print~ \\rho teU. very particularly what means they ufed, what books they read, &c. and rhey faw and fopnd "(if we believe them; and what fhould tempt them 'to 1 no melancholy men, I knoW not) till t~ey \Vere weary ,and Gods grace ye, h wrought upon their hearts to bring t_ ern to repentance. There be fuch confefa o fions extant,but the Re_der 0al pard_ n m.e ,if I give him no fur~her acc<n~nt. It would much better becom them therefore,that have made fuch dfays wtth~ out fucceffe, to repent, and t9 be thankful unto God,then to make: that an ar gument, that theres no dive!, arid perchance rio God .. There is a terrible faying (if wellundedlood) in the Scr"ipture; opv?r~vpli.r~;,.c.r, He thtit is fi lthy let him hefiltlry flill L et therri take heed (1 advife them as a friend} if th~y per {ill: in ~heir hardnefs ofheart and infidelity, lefl: God in ju{t judgmenr,though they feek flill ,and provoke as much as they can, w-ill not fuffer th~t they fhall fee ~nything,lefb:hey fhould fear and be converted.

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?"he P W. E FACE.

Come now to Dr. DE E, and to ihu !Book of his; which bath be~n the occafion of a~l the Difcour~e hi.therco. As _for his Perfon or Parentage, EducatiOn and the hke, I have but little to fay more then what he fairli. himfelf in his firit Lener to the Emperor (RooOLPHE) of Germany, that being yet very yot,ng he W~s fought unto (ambiverunt me) by two Emperors, CHARLs the ~th and FERDIN.ANDO his Brother and Succdfor in the Empire. Me Camhden indeed in the year 1571 makes honourable mention of him, and calls him, Nobilu Mathemrzticus. He dedicated his MonM Hterog0rphica to MAXIMlLIAN Succeffor to FERDINANDO; fidl printed at Antwerp, .An. Vom. 1'564. and afterwards . at Francford, 15 9'. and what other places I know not. In the year 595. h~ did wr'ite ( a~d was printed a~ 99 I am [ure? but wbet?er before that or no, cannot certainly tell) .A difcourfe .Apologettcal, &c. duetl:ed to the then .Arcbbijhop of Canterbury, \V herein he hath a Catalogue of books written by himfelf, printed and unprinred, to the number of 4~L in all, and cloth alfo mention the.books of his Library about 4ooo vol.ums in all, whereof 700 ancient Manufcripts, Latin, Greek, and Hel9rew. There alfo doth he produce a Tef:limony of the Univerfiry of [ambridg, dated r 548. But this whole Difcourfe of his bei'ng but fhort, tor the better fatisfatl:ion of the Reader, I thought good ~o have it here reprinted the n xt after this Preface. His MatherrraticaL (Prefaa before e Euclid is that I chink which of all his writings publifhed hath been moll: taken' notice of in ,England, 2nd added much to the worth and commendation of that Edition of Euclid, He .was a married man and had divers children ' . as. wiU appear by this Relation ; a grea~ Traveller, an~ lived to a. great age. Bur 4S I faid before, I do not prete,nd to give an account of-his life in general, unto others, which my felf am yet a !hanger to. What concerneth this rJ\elation I am to give an aq:ount, and 1- hope there fhall be nothing wanting eo due. Four things [ propole to my felf to that end, F,rfl , Somewhat to confirm the truth and fincerity of this whole ~ lati m. St!condly, To an(\ver fome ObjeCl:ions that may be maqe againit fome parrs of it. Thirdly, To give fome light to fome places, and to fatisfie the Reader concerning the perfeCtion and imperfection of the book, as alfo , concerning the Onginal Copy. Fourthly) and laitly, To fhew the many good ufes that may be made of all ~Y a fober Chrifl:ian. I. It feerns that Or. 'Dee beg;ln to hav.e the teputat~on of a (~njurer betimes. He doch very grievouily complain of it in that Preface to Euchd but . new fpoken of, about the end of it, . and yet there doth alio term him{df, An old for worn Mathematician. For my part whether he could ever quly be io called, I yet make iome queH:ion : But I am very confident, that himfelf did not kn~w or think himldf [o ' but a zealous worfhipper of God, and a very free and finccre ChriHian .. How this i!> to be reconciled with the truth of this (]{elat.ion, .lhall he af. terwards confide red of~ For the truth and fincerity of the fJ<Jlation, I hope D no

The P ~

no body will fo gro~y miil:ak~ us as tho_~g_h vye intended_thereby to j-u.ftifie what is he.re pnnted agatnfl: any fufp1t10o .. o~ forgery; as if any man tlk ing the advanta~e ~of _ Dr. Der~ n~m~ ~nd _ fam~ of :a. (e~jurer, . could be fufpe&~d (0. ~ave. devlfed and Invented _heft: thmgs 1n h 1s own t brain to abufe the \vorld. -I lhould ~e _ forry _ name- fhould appear my in any kind to any book lyable t<:> futh a fufpttton ; ~rid_ ch_ very name e and credit_ of that {o much and fo defervedly pnzed Libr-ary from ,vhence, this is pretended to ~e taken ., is fuffic-ie:Ot (with civil underfl:andi ng men) to prevent th.: groiTenefT~ of fi.tch a ~ifl:ake. Befides th~ - Origin:al Copy it fdf, all w~itt~n with Dr. 'D~es own hand, there ~ept and preferved. ~Ut by Tr_ut~ and Since~ity, intending not only _-D r. 'Dels .fidelity in _ relattng what . h1mfelf believed, b.ut alfo the rtality of chofe things that _ e fpeaks of_ according t~ ~his rdation : _ hi s only (hut h , oreat and dreadful)_ error b~tng, that he mdlook falfe lyrng Spirits for A."ngels of Light, the Divel of Hell (as_we commonly term him) for t~e God of Heaven. For. the Truth the.n, -and Sincerity or rJ\eality of the ~la tio-n in this fenfe, I fhall fidl: appeal to the. Book it fctf. I know it is the fafhion of many (I will not ,fay that (l never did it n1y felf) that are of buyers _ books' they will tur~ five or fix leaves,, - if they happen upon fomeYI\< hat that pleafeth thetr (ancy, the book 1s a good b9ok, and when ,th~y have bought.it, it concerneththem to think fo 1 bec:tufe they have paid for it_: _bu_ Gn the other fid~, . if diey light upon . fomew~~t . that doth t not, pleafe (Whtch' may happen 1-n the befl) they are as ready to condemn a d .ca1: avyay. It is very pollib:le ~hat fome fuch buy~r lighting upon this ~ n 2-nd in it, upon fbmeplace~ here ~n-~ there, ~here _fome od,d ~mcourh things may offer themfelves ; thmgs nd1culous, Incre4Ible to ordtnary fenJe and conaruttion,he may be ready to judge of the whole accordingly. But for aH this, I will in the fidlplace appeal to the book it fdf; but wi'th thi~ refpeet to the Reader, that he will have patience to read in order one four:rh part of the book at leafl before he j p.dge ;. -an.d if by chat rime he be not convi&ed,he fh 2 II have my good "'!ill to give it over. Not but tha~ all the re!t, .even to the end-, dot~- help very well ~o confirm the truth and reality of the whole Story: but becaufe I think there is fo much in any fourth part, if diligently read and with due confideration, that I defpa.ir of his a!f~nt, that is not convia:d by _ it. For tny pan, when the book was fidl communicated-un~i~-r~~~~M couon KnJ~bt to me by that Right worthy Gentleman who is very ftudious to purcha(e ~nd procure f~tch Records andMonuments asrrt~y advantage the truth of God (all truth is of Godj and the honour of this Land, foll~wing therein the example of his noble Progenitor, by his very nal)1e , Str (j(obert Cotton, known to all t~e Learned as far as Europe extendeth. I read -it curforily becaufe I was quickly convinced in my fdf (hat it could be no counterfeit immaginarie bufindfe, and was very defirous ro fee the end; fo far as the book did go. Afrenvards when r underfrood t~at the fai~ .worthy Gentleman ( efpecially ,as I fuppofe' .telying upon my. Lord. -of Armag?'s judgmmt and teflimonii, which we hav~ beforefp:oken of) was willing it fhould be publifhed; and rha't hemd committed

e F A C-------------------.

m ir:ced the \V h~le bufinels un~o ~e; I .read _ ovetvery exactly , and took it notes of the mofi: remat ~able_ paf.Tages_ ( ~s they appeare.d unto rrie) truly I was fo rnuch confirmed tn thts. firfi: op1mon by my fecond readina . that I fhall not be afraid. to pr,ofefs that I ne:ver .ga~e mvre credit to a::.y Humane Hiflory of former umes.. All thtngs feemed u~:o me fo fimp1y , and yet fo accurately , an~ Wtth fo much co~firmatton of all manner of circumftanc~s wrinen and delivered , that I cannot yet fatisfie my felf but all judicious Readers will be of my opin~on. But neverthelc:fs t~ hdp the1n that truft not mnch , to their own judgments., let us fee. ~hac can be faid. Firfi, I would i1ave them,_ that would be further fatisficd, to read Dr. Dee in that forecir~d Prefac~, \Vhere_he doth_ plead his O\~n caufe, ~o acquit himfelf of that gnevous en me and tmput:HlOn of a [m~urer. But that w.as written , I lTIUit conrefs ' long before his Communication with Spirits : yet it is fomewhat to know what opinion h~ had then of them that deal with Divels and evil Spirits . . But after he was made acquainted, and in great dealings with the~n, and had in read_ in_efs dive_s of rhcfe his books, r or others or the farne Argument, contatntng thetr feveral conferences and COilll11UUications; tO f11C:W-, :and the manner of their ~ppearing exactly fct down ; obferve, I pray, With what confidence he d1d addrefs himfelf ro the greatefl: and wifell: in Europe. To Queen Elizabeth often, and to her Council, _s by tnany places of this RelatiOn doth appear; but more a particularly by his Letter to Sir Franci& Walfingham, Secretary, &c. That he did the like to King James and his Councel, may eafily be gathered by the Records {in this 'l(elation) of 1607. but much defective. But then to the EmperorJJ{.odolplJe , to Stephen King of Poland, and divers otheJ Princes and their -Deputies ; the wifefl: and lear.nedfl:, cheir feveral Courts did afford for the time :. the panrctilars of all which addrdfes . and tranfatl:ions are very exactly fet. down in the book. Nay, fuch was his confidence that had it not been for . the Nunci&U ApoflolicUJ his appearing againfl: him the Empero rs Court by order from the Pope, he \Vas, as by fome places may be col1etted, rdol v ed for ~me alfo, not doubting but he fhould approve liirnfelf and his d9ings to the Pop~ himfelf and his Cardin2Js. In all thefc hi s addrdfes and applications being fhll .very ready to impar_ all things t unto them chat \vouid enre~tain them with that refpefr l1e thought they defe;-ved; y~a, readily, which is very obfervabie, even to r~ceive them into thi s Myfti cal Society, whom he thought worthy, and in lome capacity to pro more rhc defign; as de .faflo he did divers in feveral places : Albertus .A.lafco, Prince Palatine of Polonia, Puccius a learned man, and Prince {j(o(ember~ in Ge11nany, who were long of the Society, be{tdes forrie admitted to fome A.Ct:ions fo~ awhile , as Stephen King of Poland, and fame others. We will eafily grant (a~ elfewhere harh been treated and handled at ,large) that a clifi:emper_d brain may fee, yea, and hear fhan gechings, and entertain them e with all poffible confidence, as real things , and yet ail but fancy, without any rea\ found or Apparition._ But thefe lights-and Apparitions that Dr. 'Dee gives here an account, are quite of another nature; yea, though poilibly the Divd might reprefent divers pf there things to the fancy inward:}y which


C'fhe P

1<. F

A C E.


CJ"he P 'l(E F A C E.
which appeared outWardly : Yet of another na.- _, I::---:;- y_ -n d n-c tu_re~ fa_ , a-~o -w--it~ o-ut h~ the interv.ention and operation of Spirits, as will eafily appe~r to any man by the particulars. Befides the long Speeches, Difcourfes, Interlocutions upon all occafions and occ~rrences . in the prefence of more then one alwayes; and externally.audt~le to d1fferent perfons, for the moll part or very frequently. That thefe thmgs C<'>uld not be the operation of a difl:em'perr:d ~ancy , .will b,e a fufficie~t evidence to any rati~nal man. Again, let h1s ufual .preparatlons and Prayers aga1nfl: . an Apparition or Action (as he called them) his extraordinary prayers upon fome extraordinary occaftons , as upon Edward f\.!Oty his temporary repentance, ~nd another for him when he was about to forfake him . (in Latine a long one} Suphtn King of <foland being then prefent. And again, when his Son Arthur was to be i~itiated to thefe Myfl:ical Operations and Apparitions, in the place of ~ard}(tU~, .and the like. And again, . his Humility; Piety , Patience, (0 what p1ty that fuch a man iliould . fall Into fuch a delufion! but we fhall confider of the caufes in its right place afterwards) upon all occafions, temptations, diflrdfes, mofl eminent thro':lghout the whole Book. Let thcfc things. be well confidered, and above the refl:, his large and pund:ual relatio.n of thatfadabomin~blc fl:ory of their Promifcuo~s, carnal Copul4tion, under the pretence of obedience .to God.- Let thefe things. I fay, be \Vell confidered, and I think no man will make any q udlion but the poor man did deal with all poffible fimplicity and 1incericy , to the utmoll of his undedlanding at that time. And truly, this one thing (as 've faid before) excep~cd, his mifl:aking of ~viL Spirits f~r good, it doth not appear by any thmg but that he had h1s underftand1ng, and the perfeCt : ute of his Reafon to the very lail, .as well as he had had ny time of his life. Again, let it be conlidered, that he carryed with him where ever he went A SroNE, which he.callcd his An~elicall StmJe, as brought unto him hy an AnJt. , but by a Spirit {urt enough, _ hich he hewed unto many; to the Emperot l w among others, or the Emperors Deputy ,Dr.Cutts, as I remember: But more of this Stone afterwards. We may therefore conclude furely enough, That Dr.Dee in all this Rel:nion did deal with all fimplicity and fincerity. I fhall only add, That whereas I ufed the word_<J(eality before, concerning thofe things that appeared, according to this Relation : I would not be miflaken -, as though I intended that wh;1tfoever the .Divel did feem to do or reprefent; it was I'J\!aOy an~ SubflantiaOy as it feemed and appeared, that would be a great and grofs mtilake. The very \Vord Apparition doth rather import the contrary. All I underfl:and by ~ality, is, that what things appeared, they did fo appear by the powe.r and operation of Spirits, aCtually prefent and working, and were not the effeCts of a dep~aved fancy and imagination by meer natural caufes4 By which, fl:range things, I confefs, m~y be prefcnted and appre~ended too, fomc:times by the parties with all confidence, as we faid before, though all be but fancy and imagination. But all circurnflances well conftdered, make this C4fe here to be of another nature ; and it may be it was the policy of thefe Spirits to joyn two of purpofe in this bufinefs, to make th~ truth and reality of it the more unque-

,...--~--- ~-- ---

7 he P R E FACE.

q_ dhonable ; hop~ng (if..God had given way) they iliould hav~ paffed, in u time for good Spuus abroad generally, -and then we.fhould luve fccn .\vhat they would have made of it. From ldfe beginnings , I ~m furc:, .great~ efi confufions have proceeded and prcva,iled in the world, as we fhall iliew e1fe\v~ere. And firice that in all this bulinefs, as we faid bt1t now , Dr. 1)ee did not. deal alone, but had a confi:ant Partner or Afsiltant, 'vhorn fometimes hirnfelf calleth his Sea, ot Skryer, one by name EJward I(elly': it will be requifite before we proceed further, that we giv.e fome account of him alfo. According to Or. Vee's ow~ relation here, .An.'Dom.llj8] . .April7. Trebon: in the particulars of his Son Artf,ur's Confocration (after his manner, which he calls, His offering And prB(tnting of him to tbe fir-vice of God:) Uriel (one of his chiefdt Spirits) was the ~uthor of. their Gmjtmtlion: but when ~nd how it hapned (being but obiur mentioned there) we do not find any where; and more then what I find here I have nothing to fay: For certain 1t is by this whole fl:ory , from the beginning to the end of it, that f\!Oty ,vas a great Conjurer, one that daily converfed by fuch art as is ufed by ordinary Magicians, with evii Spirits, and knew . them to be fo. Yet I would fuppoG: that he was one of the bell.: fort of Magicians, that dealt \Vith Spirits by a kind of Commanti (as is well known fome do) . ~nd not by any (ompaEt or agr~ernent: t:his may probably be gathered from fi1ndry places. But that he was a Conjurer, appearereth firfi: by that, where he proffered to r~ife fome evil Spirit before the Poliih Prince Pahtine, Albert Lasky (of whom more by and by) for ~ proof of his A.rt. But Dr.Vee \vould not fuffer him to do it in his houfe. Wicked fpirits are cafi: out of him to the number of 15. PJ :. But I make no great matter of that in poi'n t of proof, becaufe all there upon his ba~e report only. But fee p.6~. &c. where it is laid to his charge, and he anfwereth for himfelf and his Spirits. where at lafl: he yielded to bury not to burn his Magical bitoks. See alfo But read hi,s own confefsion (Where you !hall find him fpeak like one that kne\v very well what did belong to the Art) and the record made by Dr. 1Jee concerning a fhre\vd contefl: that hapned between Dr. Dee and him , (it was about iOme M agical thtngs) wherein E.dward fVlly carried himfelf fo fiercely, that Dr. J?ee being afra:id of his life, ,was forced to call for help. Perufe \Vell this place and I prefume you will require no further light as to this particular concerning !\!fly. As for the feveral Epiflles (in Latin mo{l:) chat will be found here, as alfo Narratives of feveral meetings and conferenc~s, they ca-rry fo much light with them, being fer out with fo ~any remarkable circumfranccs of time, place, perions, &c. that no man of judgment that hath any kno\vledge of the world, will or can make any fcruple of the fincerity and fidelity of either repon:s or Deeds and monuments. (fuch I /account the Letters to be) herein contained. A man might with little labour (that had all kind of books ~t command) have found fomewhat concerning moil: ( outlandifh) perfons in them mentioned. I could no. intend it, and I think it would t have been a. needlefs labour. If any make any q nefl:ion let them make fearch , I dare warrant it unto them they hall find all rhings to agree pun dually. But becaufe Albtrt LasJc.y (next to EdiiJard I(o~lley) is the manmoft in-

'1he P

B F J1 [ B.

interr~tTed in this fl:~ry; I will give you fome account of him outof Mr. (ambden his Annttls: . . An no Dom: asS~. E Polonra~ f]{ufiitt )?icina -hac ~fla.te 1Jmit in ~ngliam ut f'J(_eginam in1Jifi~et, Albert"ns Alafco/P~l4tin~U Siraaienfis 1Jir eruditus, corpbris linea~ menti:5 barba promiftjsiln;a, 1Jepitu decoro,-& perlJenuflo ; qui perhenigne ab ipfo nobiLt'bufqu~ magnoque bonore & lautitiu, et" ab AceaJtmia-Oxonienfi eruditis obleEtatiom1nu, acque rvariu JpeElaculi4 exceptus , poft 4 menfes ttrt aljeno oppre!Jus , ctam . reafsit. . But of allLetters here exhibited, I am rnofr taken, I mufl: confefs, with the Bitbops Letter. that was N,.uncius .Jipof!8licus: he feemes to me to fpeak to the cafe very pertin'endy (take fP~c_cius his a~cou~t along in his long letter to Dr. Dee, of his conference With the fud Btfhop concerni_~g the fame bufinefs) and to have carryed himfelf towa~<is Dr.1Jee very moderately ~nd friendly. I I. Now to Objections : The fidl: fhall be this: Although 'tis .very probable that Dr. 'Dee himfelf dealt fimply and fincerely; yet fince _he himf~lf fa\V nothing (for fo himfdf acknowledgeth in fome places) but by f\.!llefs eyes, and heard. nothing but with . his ears. Is it not pofsible that 1\!(ley being a cunning maQ, . nd well pract:if~d in thefe thiqgs might irnpofe ~pon the a credulity of Dr. 1Jee ( a.good Innocent man) and the rather; becaufe .by this office under the QoCl:or .he got s~l. by the year, as appe~reth. Truly this is plaufible as it is propofed ;.'and like enough that it mig~t g? a gre~t way lVith them that arefoon taken~ and therefore feldom fee any thing in the truth or true n~ture of it,- ~hui " in . the .outward appearance of it only. But read and obferve it diligC:ntly and you will .find it far oth~rwife: It -is true in~eed, that ordinarily, Dr.1)u faw not himfdf; ~ his bufinefswas ro \Vrite what was feeri (bu~ in his prefe~ce though) and heard by f\..eOey. Yet that himfelfheard often immed'iately appeare~h by many places J I {lrall not. ne~d any quotations for that himfd f feeleth as well as 1\!U.ey. In . the relation of the Holy Stone , how taken away by one that came in at a window in the fhape of a man , _nd !Jow refiored; both Jaw certain1y. In the a fiory of the Holy :Books, how burned and how refiored again (p:i!.rt of them at lealt) which Or De~ madea great Miracje of, as appeareth by fame of rhofe places; there alfo both faw certai.nly. And .Albert Lasky, the Polon_ Palatine ian Ja.w as . well M I\!lle sdide's ,- 1~ doth dearly appear throughout all the y. book that ~lley (cho-t.igh fometime~ with much adoe perf\vaded for a while to chink better of't~erri) had generally no otheropinion of the le Apparitions . bn~ th:tt they were meer illuJions of the Di vel and-evil Spirits, fuch es himfelf could command by, his art when he lified, and. :was a~qttainted with , ~nfomuch that we find him for this_very caufe forfakirtg, ordefirous to forfake Dr. Dt-e, who was . mu~h troubled about ~c.; arid :is -f-orced i.q a place to Pluvn his Soul unto hi.rr: (to ufe his own w~rds') that -it :was. not fo, and that they ~ere good Sptnts fent from .G~d 10 :great favour unto them. But for all this Kelley would n~t he fatisfi.ed~ but would - ave his Declarati.. h on or Protefi:~tion of his .fufpit:ion to the' contrary enrred into the bo6k; \vhich ydu fhalUind, and.it will be w6t'th.your re2ding. 1 could- fur~h~r al-


allcdge, that if-a man confiders the things geii~ered .here upon fever~l occafions, being of a different ,nature, fome Moral, fome Phyfical, .fome Metaphyfiol, _ and T heological:?f highefl: points (though fometirries w!ld enough, ~nd not warrantable; y~t for the mofl: part very r~more from vulgal! capacities). he will not e~.Gly beheve that l(etlry, who fcarce underfl:ood Latine) not to fpeak of forrie things de~ivered in Greekin fonie places) and betook bimfelf to the fl:ndy of Logick -long after he had entred himfelf into this courfe , could utter fi1ch th_ings : no, nor any,ma_ liv'i ng perchance n that had nor m~de it his fl:udy all his life-time. .. But that whi-ch muil: need; end this q uartel (if any man will be pertinacious) ~nd put all things out of doubt; is, that not 1\.!:llef only ferved in this place of Seer or Skryer; but others alfo, as his fon .Arthur, and in his latter day.es, when f\!lley was either go~e .or fick, one 13artho!ome--w, ~s willbe found in all .the Actions anq _.Appantton.s of che year .16o7. :\vh1ch (as I fufpetl} was the lail: year of the: Dottors life, or beyond which I think he did not live long. Seco~idly, It may he objecte~ , or fi:uck at leafl:, How Or.Vu, fo good, fo innocent, yea, fo pious a n1an; and fo fin cere -a Chri.fhan as by thefe papers (hi s delufion an~ the dfeas of lt fl:ill excepted) he doth feem to have been, God would permit fuch a one to be fo deluded and abufed fo r.ackt in his foul, (o hurried in his body for fo }ong a time, notwith~.~nding his frequent, earneft, zealous prayers and addreffes un to God, , by evil Spirits (eyen to his dying day, for ought we know) ~s he is here by his own relation fee out unto us_, ? Truly, if a man fhall confider the \V hole carriage of this bufindfe, from the beginning to the end, according to this ~rue and faithful (for I think I may fo ipeak with: confiaence) account it here prefenred unto us, rh is poor ~an, how from time to time fhamef.ully , groily delayed, deluded, quarrelled without caufe, .lhll toled on with fome fbews and appearances, and yet 'fl:ill fruil:ra_te~ and put off: his many pangs and agonies about it, his fad condition after fo many years toil, travel, druJgery and earnefl: expeCtation, ~t the very !aft (as appeareth by the AElions and apparitions of the year 1607 .) I cannot tell whetherU fhould make him an objeCt of m on: horror or compafiion.; but . of both certainly in a: great mea ~ue to any man that hach any fenfe.of.Hurnaniry, and in the examp les of others of humane frailty : and again, any regard of parts and; \vonh, fuch as were in this man in a high degree. True it is, that he hacl jr>]es \\' i~ha: and comforts, imaginary ,delufory, it is true; yet fuch as he enjoyed and kept np his h~art, and made him outwardly chearful often times, I make no qudhon ; , fuch as the Saints (as they call themfelves) and Schif maticlu of thefe and forn;ter times have ever been very proneto boafl: of, perfvvad_ therrifelves that they are the ejftils of Gods bleffed Spirit. But even ing in rhefe his joys and comforts, the fruits and fancies of his deluded foul (as in many others of a diltempered'b.rain) is not he an objeCt of great compa.C: paffion to any; both fob~r and c_ aritable? If this then were his -cafe indeed, b what fb :tll we fay? if nothing elfe, I know not but it ought to fatisfi~ a ration2.l, fober, humble man: If we fay, _ hat it is not in man to give an T account of all G{)ds j.udgments, neither is there any ground for us to murmure becaufe we do not underfiand them, or that they often fcem contrary



to the judgment ofhutnane reafon, becaufe it is again!t all Reafon as. well as Religion,to believe ~hat a creature fo much inferior to God,by nature as man is, fhould fee every tbing as he feerh,and.thrnk as he thinks; and confequenr Iy judge a~d determine in and of all things as God judgeth and determinc:th. The ApoiHe therefore not without caufe , . would have all private judomeats (for ~f publi.ck for the maintenance of peace and ord_r among me~ e it is another cafe)deferr'd to that tin1e, when th~ hearts of all men jhall be laid open: all hidden th_n!/ and fecre( cotmfels teWaled. , But we have enough to fay in this i cafe without it. For if Prtde and [uriafity were enough to undoe our fidlParent and in him all mankind, when otherwife innocent and in poi: feffion 'of Paradiie. Should we woncer if it had the fame 'event in Dr. :])ee, though otherwi[e, as he doth appear to us, i~nocent, and well qualified? That .this was his cafe and error, I .will appeal to his own confeffiott (t~ough he makes ithis boafl:) in more then. one of his Lerre~s or addreiTes,. where he profdfeth, Tbat for divers years !Je bad been an earnefi juter unto God in prayer for W{~om; that is, as he interprets himfelf, That he might underpand the (ecrets of Nature that kad not ,been re),ealed _nto mm hitherto; to the u end, as he profeffeth, and his own deceitful heart it may be fugg~fted tO him, Thdlt he migJ>t glorifie God; but certainly, that himfelf might become a glorious man in the world, and be admired, yea, adored every where almo/1, as he might be ftue it would be, had he_ compatTed his defire. And what do we think fhould put him upon . fuc;h a ddire, with hopes to ob.tain it, but an opinion he had of himfelf as an extraordinary man, both for p~rts, and for favour wit!> God~ But however, had he been to the utmoll of what he could think of hin:felf, befides his Spiritual pride of thinking fo of himfelf .(as great a fin as any in the eyes of God) his P.raying for futh a thing with fo Inuch importunity, ~as a great ~empting or God, and deferving greareft judgments. Had h~ indeed been_ a finer un~o God for fuch Wijdom as the Prop he~ Jeremie defcribeth ( 11. v.14,15' L~t not_ the W:je man alorie in hu wifdom, &c. bu let him that gloriah, &c. And for iuch k,nowledg t ~s our Saviour commandeth, Joh.r 7. J. And this is life ttern.1l, that they - may knoTP tpee,&c. And his ble!fed ApofHe ( 1 Cor.f 1.2.) For I determined not to know a~Jy thing, &c. he had had good warrant for his prayers, ~nd it is V(!ry ]i~elythat God would haye granted him his requdl, fo far -as m.ighr, have concerned his own falvatiop- and eternal happtnefs. Befides_, it is l!.wful (nay fit) for a man to pray for Gods bleffing upon his labours, for coinEetency of wit and capacity that he may do wdl in his vocation and glOJ;ifie God. But for a man to afpirc to fuch eminency above other me_ , and n by means that are not ordinary (as that conceited Plrylofofbtrs Stone, and the like) and to intereft God by earne!t folicitations in his ambition$ extravagant defires; that God, who hath faid of hil'?felf, That he reji;1eth tht proud, ~ut givet!J grace unt~ the humble, mufl: needs be fo gr~at and fo high a provocarion (if well confidered) as -that I begin to .doubt whether it be ch~tity to pity him that fuffcred fojuilJy and defervedly. 1 do r:or know ~ut it is as law full for any , man obicurely born to pray for a Kingdom , fo't a Co1nrhon Souldier 'that he may have flre~gt}l to encounter thoufands , or for a-n ordinarie Maid , that ilie may become the fairdl: of WQmen. In



7ne p
4?-ll thefe it is poffible to glorifie God, we grant, were it fi~ for us to prefcribe unto God, neglcet:ing thofe thathe-hath <1ppointed, by what means he 010t;ld be glorified; and could we fecure our felves that in pretending to Gods glory we do not feek our 0Wn. 1wifh that our great undertakers and retormers (Cuch is their wifdom they think) of Ans and Sciences would feriouOy rh ink of this; they efpecially who take upon themfelves to make all men wife and of one mind, and to reconcile ~11 doubts and difficulties ~q Religion, ~nd otherwife; in a wdrd,to make Truth to be imbraced by all me,n: Should rhefe men tell us that if they had had the creating of the world, and the ordering of all things (and there be;I think, in the world that have faid little lefs) from - beginning, they would have made an other guefs of thing$ then God the had done:We would ha~e confiderd of it perchance ~hat l~ight be the ground in any mortal man of fuc~ wonderful confidence. But luch being the condition of the world,as it is,and fuch of men,naturally,or to fpeak as a Cluiilian, fince the fall of Adam,and the confequencies ofit,the curie ofGod,&c.to make all men wife, of one mind, good, religtous, without an infinite omnipotent power ,luch as of nothing was able to create a world ; can any m~n(fober and wife) hear it; hear it with patience, that thinks it impoffible, yea firange, that CafHes fhould be built in the air, or the heavens battered with great guns ? And yet il;cb books are read , yea and much fet by, by fome men. My judgment is, That they are to be pityed (if diftemper be the c.aufe,as I believe it is ih fo1ne )that boaft of fuch things; but if wife and politick,to get credit and moncy(as fome I believe) it is a great argument of their confidence, that there he many in the word that are not very wife. B:1t tQ return to Dr.Dee : lt might be further added and proved by exampl~s, that fof!~e men of tranfcendenr holinefs and mortification (I in the fight of men) fo fequdlrcd from the world (fome of them) and the vanities of it, that for many years they had converfed with God alone in a manner; yet through pride and conceit of their own parts and favour with God ,fell into deluftons and temptations, if not alto~ gether the fa,me, yet not lefs ilrange and dreadful. Such examples Ecclefiafhcal Story will afford,and other books of that nature, but I have them not at this time, and I conceive I have faid enougn to this particular. But of his Praying too, fomewhat would be obferved. Hi5 Spirits tell him fomewhere, that he had the Gift of Praying. Truly I believe he had, as it is ordinarily caUed: that it is,that he could exprefs hi1nfelfvery Ruently and earndl:ly in Prayer,and that he did it often to his own great contentment. Let no n1an wonder at this; I have fhewed elfewhere that fome that have been very wicked, yea, tome that dyed for blafph~rny ~ and with blafphemy in their 1nourh to the laft gaip, have had it in a great meafurel and done much milchief by it. le is no difparage~ent to Prayer, -no more then it is to the befl: things of the world (and what better and more heavenly then prayer well ufed ?) i f they be abufed. And it is commonly obferved,that the corruption of beft things is moft dangerous. What bred thofe pernicious here(icks that fo long troubled the \~.rorld, and could not be fuppreffed but by abfolure defhuttion , but long affeCt-ed prayers (therefore called Euchites or lYfejfaliani, that is to fay ,the Prayers) and EnthuGafms ? And as to that point of in~Pard joy a>Jd complt~cency > which fome SchiGnatick~ and wicked men find in E thenl---------~--------------------~-----------------------

'The P 1\ 6 F A C E.

tht"mfelves at their prayers, _ hich ignorant deluded people think to be an w argument of the Spirit: It is certain,and -is a myflery of nature that harh(may I [_peak it without: bragging ) been brought to. light (of ]ate years. at leafl:) by my felf and fully dif,overcd , 'That not only the inward heat of "-mental conception (where there is any vigor) but alto the mufick of out" ward words, is able to occafion ic.. Indeed it is a P?int that doth deferve to be well con fidered of in thefe times efpecially. For when young boyes illirente men (and the number i~ likely to increafe now that Catcchi:{jng is io much neglected) are turned looie to exercile thcmfdves in this gift (as they call it) ancf when by long practice they have attained to fome readinefs and_ volubility ,whiCh doch occafion fomc inward lighrfomencfs and excita-rions, or perchance iomcwhat that may have fomc refemblance to fpirirual for row and compuntl:ion, they prefently think.ihemfelves infpired, and fo they become Sair~ts before they know what it is to be [Lrtflia1u. A- if rid they can Pr;4y by infpiration, \vhy not Preach alfo? So comes in Anttbaptifm by degrees, which will be the ruine of all Rdigion and civil Government where ever 1t prevails. And I believe that this fond foolifh conceit of In/piration, as it bath been the occafiou of much other mi !chief, fo of that horrid lacriledge , fhall I call it, or profanation ( l hope I may do either \Vithout offence, for it is not done by any publick Authority that I know of) thec:1.fiing and banifhing of THE. LoRDS PRAYER out of many private houfesand Chur.ches; then which, I think, C~rifi never received a greater afE ont from any thac~alled themfelves Chrifii~ns. I am nor-fo uncha -itable as to bdieve.rhat ir is done in direCt:.oppofition to Chri.A: by any rer al Chrifbans, bur in a furious zeale by many, I believe, againlt fet prayers .. Bur this is nor a place to difpute it: Certainly, as the Lords Prayer is~ Prayer of mofl: incredible comfort to them that ufe it d~voutly and upon good grounds (a good foundation of Relig~on and found' Faith, I mean) fo I believe that fet Prayers in general are- ot more concernment to the fetling of Peace in the Commonwealth theh many men are aware of: But let this pafs for- my opinion; there be worfe I am fure that pafs currcndy. Again, A mart may wonder (I cannot tell whether an objection may be made of it) that Dr.Vee, though he were at the fidl: deluded (to wbich his own pride -and pr_ fiimption did expofe him) as many .have been ; e yet afterwards in procefs .of time when he found himfelf fo deluded and Ihuffled with. when Edw~rd I(elley did ufe fuch pregnant. arguments to. hitn (as he did more then once) to petfwade him th~t they \Vere evil Spirits that appeared unto them; nay,whn he had found by certain experience, that his Spirits had told him many lies, foretold many.things concerning Princes and Kingdoms,- very particula_rly limited with .circumfiances of time, which when the time was expired did n9t at all come to pafs ; yet for all this he dudt p~wn hH Soul for _ them thst they were goad ,Spiriu, and continued in his confidence ( fo farre as our -Relation goes) to rhe lafl. I an(wer, Such is the power of thjs kind _ Spiritu~l deiufion, it dorh fo pofof fefs them w horn it bath once u.ken hold of, -that they feldom, any of them, recover themfelves. In the dayes of Martin Lt4thet (a great and zealous reformer


7he P



mer of Religion , but one that would.haTe detefi:cd them as the worft of Infidels t~at h-ad ufcd the Lortli Prayer, as fome have done in our daycs, as appedrs by what he fa_ h of it i? more then one place) there lived one Michaic_ el Sti/eli ~, who applytng to htmfelf fome place of the .Apocalyp(t, took upon hi m to Prophecy. He had foretOld tht in the year of the Lord , 5 ~ J. before the i9 of September the end of the \Vorld, and Chrifis coming to JudgmenvwoulJ be: He did fhew fo much confidence, that fome write; .Luther himfelf was fornewhat fiartled ~t the firfi:~ But th2t day palt, he came a. fecond time to Luther with n w Calculations; and had dtcrdted the whole e buflnefs into 2.1. Articles, the effett of which was to dem~nhace that the end of :the world would be in OElober following. B. ut no\V Lurher thought he had had tryal el!ough , and gave fo litde credit to him ' . that he (though he loved the man) filenced hirri for a time; which our Apocafyp .. tical Prophet took very iil at his hands, and wondred much at his incred,u-_ lity. Well, that moneth andfomeafter that over, our Prophet (who had made no little !l:ir in the Country by his P~ophecying) was eaU \nto .p rifon for his obfl:inacy. After a while Lut!Jer vifited him, thinking by that time to find him of another mind. But fo far was he from acknowledging his error, that he down right railed at Lut!Jer for giving him good .counfel. And fome write that to his dying day (having lived to the age of 8o. years) he never recanted. And was not this the cafe of karned Po~ellus, who fallen into fmne grievous wild fancies in his btterdaycs, though found enough frill in other things , could never benclaimcd. though means were ufed from time to time the befl: and gentldt (in refpctt to his worth and perfon ) that could be thought of? But what talk we of particular men? Confider the Anabaptifls in genera\. Above an hundred years ago they tro_ bled u Germany very much: it coil many ihoufands their lives . They roved up and down. No foonerdeA:~oyed in one-place but they fprung (whildt that feafon ]afl:ed) in another. Their pretences every where were the fame; ~ )Jelatiom and the Spirit : the wickednefs of Princes and Magifi:rates, and Chrifl ]E}U!S to bt {et up in hi.s Tbrone. _ Well, at lail they were defl:royed in moll places. Stories of them have been written in ali Languages, read every where, ~nd their lamentable end.- Can all this hinder buttha~ upon every oppon:nnity of a cat1fuled and confounded Government, they fiart up again in the fame fhapc: and form as before; the fame preten~es, the fame Scriptures/or all the world,miferably detorted and abufed, to raife tumulcs and. feditions in all places .. Sl:lch is the wretchednefs of man t ~at is once out of the right way of Reafon a~d Sobrie_y ~ But withll we mull fay in this t particular cafe of Or. Du's, though his obfi:inacy was grc2t and marvellous, yet it mufl be acknowledged, that great was the dui.gence and fubtility of his Spirits eo keep their hold: and fome tbings foinetimes happened ( as his danger and pre(ervation about Gra)lt(end, when he firfl: , here related, went out of the Realm) very fhangcly ,and fuch wa.s the unhappinefs of his Inif-him applyed zeal, that he made a Providence of whatfoever hapned unto_ as he defired. So much for Dr. J)ee himfelf. But of his Spirits a greater qudlion perchance may be moved: If evil,. wickeq,. lying Spirits (as \Ve have rea:.on to EJ

------------------------------ -----------------------~

\6 FACE.
to believe , and no mari I think w ill qudl:ion ) how came th~y to be fuch per[wadersto Piety and godlimfs, yea, fuch preachers of Chrifi, his Incaro.. nation, his P~ffion, and other Mytl~ries vf the Chiifl;ian- Faith, not only by :them here a~knowrhl_g(:d, "but in ~bn1c plaG:es Y~ry -~hoJafii<fally. ie~ out and. decbred ?: It feemeth fomewhat contr~ry to .reafon an4 ascWitrary t~ the words of our Saviour, 13-vuy JVngdotn di'viJed againft it felf). &c. Bu~ firfl:,. tO the mat~er uf. fa6t .: The. - iveb- we know.even in the .. Gofpd did D ackttcnvledg,. nay, info.me ~2~tprodaim~ChrHt ~to be t~ : SOft ofGpcf~ which is the main Arttde he dro dontefl: Wlth CbrJfl: :by Scppture-Aut.hority ;. and by s-. P4u/5:rdhmony,. . 'an tr~nsform himfelf, wh~. h~ lift in~9 :;ui . Angel of Hght. And . in fo~ relations wdl atcefl:ed, of P<>ffdfiqn~ and publick E:xorcifrtrs that have baen ufed; we find the Divd.Dftcf) fpe~k~ ing by the mouth of women, rather hkc: a Monk out of the PLJlpit , ptrr fwading ro temperance, rebuking vices, exp0unding of my fieri~~ and ~he like ; tfiel'l. as one that. were an enemy to truth and godJinds. lnfomuch that fome .have been ready to make a great myllery and triumph of .tr- t~er.eby to convict Her.cuicks and Athei!l:s, in time, more effectually , , the~ they have been by any other means that have been ufeJ hirhexto: and af.. tribing t~e whole buGrieG not_ to t~e Div~l hi~fel~, but the great power and Provtdence of God_, as forc1ng htm agatnfi: hts will to be an infl:ruinent of his Tru~h. For my part.' I fee caufe enough t? believe that fuch .things, the Fe conta1ned at large, rntght come from the: Dtvd; that is, might truly. and really- be fpoken by perfons poiTeq-ed and infpired by the Divei. But that they ar~ implt'Jyed by God' to that end, ~- fhall n_ot eaG1y grant. I rather fufptct that whatfoever comes from them tn-that kmd, thoLigh it be good i'r\ it felf, yet they may have 2. mifchicvous ~nd in it; ~nd that I beli.cve will foon appear if .rhey canonce ~aine fo much credit a~ong men as to be believed to be fcnt by God to .bear teftimony to the truth. A rnari may fee fomewhat already by thofe very Rdations , and that account that is given us there. And therefore I do not wonder if even among the mor~ fo her Papiits this projeCt (as the relarer .~nd publifher cornplainethJ hath found oppofition. The Divd is very cunning; a notable Politician. S. fJ>aul knew him fa, and therefore he ufes many words to fet out his frauds. He can lay the foundation of a plot, if need be, a hundred years before the effects fhall appear: But then he bath his .end. It is nor- good trutting of him, or dealing with him upon any pretence~ . Cari any man fpeak betur then he doth by the mouth of Anabaptifu and Schifi?aticks ! And this he will do for many years together if need be, thatthey that at firft flood off ma:y be 'von by time. But let them be once abfolute matters ~nd then he will appear in his own fhape. There is one thing which I'wo.ndcr much more at in thofe Relations I have mentioned and that is thac the. Divel himfclf fhould turn fuch a fierce accufer of ' them that 'have ferved him fo long, Witches-and M.agicians. I k,now he doth here [0 too in fome kind, "in more then one place. He doth much inveigh a.gainil: Divels and .all that have to do with them, Magicians, &c . . But that is in general only , or in JVIley's particular cak, upon whom he had another hold, which he made more reckoning of, to wit, as he appeared

-- - - - -- 'The P ~ 8 F A C 8.
peared to ~ern aS: an. An&el. of ligh.t. . Any thing to maintain hrs intereft ther~, an.d . their good optnton of htm ; for he had great hopes from that

plQt.. But rhar-he fhoutdpurfue fo rtdgedly. pa.rticular tnen .~nd women vvhom he had . ~\ed : fo long, to death, and do the part of:a.n Informer againfl rhein, m;J.y ketn mote .lik.e unto a Kin,gdam d0'ided .againfl: ir felf, but it is not our cafe here. ; neither a.m-I very. wdl fatis~ed, that whatfoever the Oivd faith _ liyes1o eh~ cnargt of t~en) by whoCe mot1th he or fpeaketh ,. ought.to be receiVed for good tefi:im_ny. ~r~-it may be.U:eriPU o had foine. reafon; for I douht.fome have been too acdulou~. Bqt thrs by

the. ~ay 01all fuffice.

That. tht: Divd fhould lie ofr~n, or be mifi:aken himfelf, in his ffr.cJpbt'ies, as by many particulars of this Rclation will appear , I will not look upon that, u if any objeetioncould be made of it: But it may be won:dred, pert.bance,, Dr. 'Det being' often !i.n fo great 1)?a'"l of monies, tha~ he did rtot.know which way to turn') what fhitt to r:nake ;. at which nme he did~lwayes with mu(h humility addrefs himfelf to his Seirits, making his wants known unto them ; and the oivel on the other Gde, both by his ownboa(hng- and by the teili,:nonie of thofe who could not lie~' having ; the goods of eh is world (though' fbll. under God) much at his difpofin~ . , and alwayd, as.he kemed, very defirous ro give Dr. 'Det alj 1poffible fatlS,fatl:ion ~ thar in this cafe , once or nvke perchance excepted, when the Pr~ was well furnifhed (for w hich the Spirits had his thanks) at all other times he was fiill > to his very great grief and perplexity, left: to himfelf ~o fhift as.he could, and fome pretence, \Vhy not otherwife fttpplyed, cunningly dcvifed by. rhein that .were fo :lb\e; and to whom he was fo dear. Butl mufl: remember iny felf: 1 faid fo able; bur in fome places his Spirits tell him plainly' It was not in their power ' becaur~ no part of their Co.mmifsion, or becau(e it did not belong unto .them (fuch as dealt with
h.im) tO. meddle with the Trtafurcs of the earth ; and fometim~s that they were things beneath their cogniLance or interrnedling. Of the different nature ~f ::,pirits, we fhall fay fornewhat by and by, that may have fome relation to thts alfo, perchance. Bur granting -chat the Divel generally hath power enough both ro find mony and to gratifie with it where he ieeth caufe. Yet in this cafe of Witches and Magicians, direCt: or indirect: , it is certain dnq obfer"Ved by many as an argument of Gods great Pro1Jidenct Q1Jer mrm, that generaLly he bath not : It is i11 very deed a great Argument of a fuperiour- over-ruling power and Providence~ , For if men of all profeffions will hazard (their Souls). fo far as we fee daily to get money and dhtes by indirect unconfcionable vnyes, though they are not alwayes fure, andthat it be long ofrentimes before it comes, and ofrenti.mes prove their ruine, everi in this \Vorld, through many cafi1alries; as ~Iterations of times, and the like: what would it be if it were. in the power of tHe D. to help every one that came unto him, yielding but to fuch and [Lrch conditions) a.<:cording as they could agree ? Hitherto I have confidered what I thought might .be objetted by others. I have one objeElion mort, which. to me .was more confiderable .(as an ob~ .. cbon, I mean, not fo readily arrf\vered) then all the refl:: ' Devils, we think


:The P 1\_ E F A C E.
gen~rally , both by their natur~. a~ Spi~its, ~nd by the advantage of long experien~e (a very great advant;lge tndee~. ~n potnt of knowledg) cannot but

have p~rfect knowledg of 411 natural things, and all fecrC:cs of Nature which do no.t .requife an infinite undc:r!tanding; which b.y that meafure ofknowh:dge tha~ e~en ,men h~-ye attained unto in .a little tii:ne,, is not likely.ro be [o ~ecdfary tn mofl things.. Butlefl any man . fhould quarrel at the word Perfect, .becaufe all perfecbon belongs unto God prop~rl.Y,. ic fhall fuflice to fay, That the knowl~dge_ pivels have of things Natural and:Humane is incomparably gteotter-theh m n.is capableof. If fo, ho\V comes it .ro a pafs that in many places of this ~elation we find him acting his part rather as a S~phifl:et (that I(aynot a Juggler) then a perfect Philofopher; as a ~ack, or an Ef!Ipirick fometimes, then a True, genuine Naturalift. And for language (not to f peak of his Divinity, which he mightdifguife of purpof~ to .his.own ends) .r~t~er ~sane that had lean~ed Latin by reading of barbarous books, of the m1ddle age, ~or t?e moll part, then of one that had b~en of At~tflt4J his time, and long before that. But that which is ftrangeft of alL is, that as in one placethe Sp'irits were difcovered by Ed. I.<jlliy to fieal out of Agrippa or Trithemiu-5 (fo he thought adeafl) fo in divers orher places, by the phrafe, and by the dottrine :~nd opini<?nS a man may trace noted Chymical and Cabalifbcal Authprs of later times; yea, (if I be not much mifi:aken) and fardcelfus himfelf,that prodigious creature, for whom and gainH whom fo . mucll hath been written fincc: he lived; thefe things may feem fl:range, but I think they may be anfwered. For fidl, we fay, The Divel is notambidous to fhew hirnfelf and his abilities'before men, but his way is (fo obferved by many) to fit himfelf (for matter and words) .~o the genius and capacity of thofe that he dealeth \Vith. Dr.1)u, ofhimfelf, long before, any Apparition, was a CabaliA:ical man , up to the ears, as I ma.y fay; as may appear to any man by his Monas Hiergglypbica, a book much valued by himfelf, and by him Dcdicared at the.firfi to.Maximiliantbe Emperor, and fince prefented (as ~re related by himfelf)to rJ\!ldoJphe a~ a choice piece. It may be thought fo by thofe who dl:eem f uch ~ooks as Dr. Floid, Dr .Aiabafler, and oflate Gafarefl,.and the like. For my part I have read him ; it is foon ,don, it is but a little book : but I mutt profefs that I can extract no fcnfe nor reafon (found and folid) out of it : neither yet doth it feem to me very dark or n1yflical. Sure we are that thofe Spirits did aCl: their paQ:s fo well with Dr.:Det, th,at for the mofi: parr(in mofi: Actions) they.came off with good credit; and we find the Dr. every where almofl: extolling his Spiritual .teachers and infl:rucrers, and prayfing God for them. Littlereafon therefore have \Veto ex.cept againfl: any thing( in this kind)' that gave him content) which was their aim and buiinefs. Secondly, I fay, If.any thing reli{h here of Tr)tbemius or Paracel(u~or any fuch, well r.Day we couclude from.thence, that the Dive! is like himfelr. This is the cruefl ~nference. It i.s he t~at infpired T~ithemius and ParaalfuJ,&c. th1t fpea~ eth. h~re; and wonder ye 1f he fpeaks hke them I do not ex:peet th.ar atl ? men will be of my opinion; yet: I fpeak no fllaradoxes: I have both reafon and authority good.and plaufible, I think, for. \V hat I fay; but to argue the cafe at large would ~e tedious. Of Trithemit# fomewhat more afterwards will be faid. But we mufl go far beyond that time. A thoufand years and above, before

crhe P w_ E F A Ce.
b~fort eir.herof them \Vas born, was the Bo QK Qp ENo Cfl well known in the world; and the~ alfo was Lingu~ .A'dami(upon which two moft of the Caba fiands) ~uchtalked of,as appe~n by G.reg.Niffen hi. 1earn.ed books ah s gainfl: Eunomius the Heretick~ To fpeak more particularly (becaufe fo much of it i.a this Relation' the BoOK 0~ ~No eH was written b~fore C'hrifi; ~nd it is thought by fome very learned (though denyed by others) that it is the vecy book-that S. Ju~e intended. A great fragment of it in Greek(it was writte-n inHebrew fidl:) is to be feen in Scaliger (that incomparable man, the wonder of his Age, if not rather of all Ages) hiJ learned Notes upon Eufebius. h was fa famous a book anciently that sven Heathens rook notice of it; and grounded upon it objections againfl: Chriflians. It.may appear by Origen againfl: Cel(us , book SP1.7S ndr11 J'Uuyi6)(,up.~yo~ (faith he) tY 111"'f'l' 1uv tM.>..v9hGJ)r ,.e}~ iv9e~-uovc in hi&
C'Yf'tA(Jy f.~t1d.tTH 1i0t~d'l-1ct'! d.9ea.v~7c.l~ ~A9ov7 tlf d.crrAy ) <i'lfa 1~, i, 1~ EvJx }l~)lpiL[.tP,1v?.Jv :1,7/Vct ouJI' tivTk' "'1vt'Ta.t a.1a.yvov~, (.vJ'i y v"'el,.ctf ht i v 1ttt(.l'.XJc.,\ntTlct~~ ~v ~d.vv fipt'Tt.t.l ti~ ~la. 1< ~1f't'y.Jif <4.1+'-~"c.1; E'vlliX,

~~s"'"" ButS. Jerome and S. .Auguflm fpeak of It more peremptorily as a fabulou-s

book and not ailowed by the Church. :How much of it. is extant hefides ' what 'we have in Scaliger, I know riot; nor what part it is fo ofren mentioned in this Relation. By what I have feen it doth" appear to me a very ftipedlitious foolifh, fabulous writing; o-r to conclude ll in oneword Cab:~liflicaJ a ' as the D'ivel might own very \Ve 1 ;an d in all probability was the author ,) ) fttch l of. As for that conceit: of the tongue *'hich \Vas fpoken by .Adam in Para.. dife, we have alrca~y faid that-it is no late 1n~entian; and I make no quefhon but it proceeded from the fame Author. Yea, chofe very Characters <:ammended unto Dr.Dee by hi~ Spirits for holy and myll:ical; and the original Characters (as I take it) of the holy tongue, they are no other ,for the rnofl par but fuch as were fee out and publifhed long agoe by one Thefeus .Anibroj&U out of Magical books,as himfelf profdfeth : yo.u fhall hav~ aview of them in fome of' the Table's at t/,e md of the Prefaa. Some letters are the fame, others have much refemblace in the fubfl:ance; and in tranfcribing it is likely they might fuffer fome alteration.But it may be too the Spirits did hOt irtttnd 'they fhould be taken for the fame, becaufe exploded by learned men, and therefore alte.red the forms and figures of m oft of them of purpofe that they mightfcem new, and cake the better. So' that in all'this the Divel is but fl:ill conflant unto himfelf,and this confrancy ft:ands him in good fread,to add the more weight and to gain credit to his _ImpoH:ure~. Not to be wondred therefore if the fame things be found elfewhere, where the D. hath an hand. With Cabaliflical writings we may joyn Cbymical, here alfo mentioned in many places. I have nothing to fay to Chymiflrie as it is meerly natural , and keeps it felf within the compafs offobriety. It may wel go for apart ofPhylick, for ought I know, though many great PhyGciarts, becaufe of the abule and danger of it, as I conceive, have done their befl (fdrmerl)' ) to cry it down~ I my [elf havefeen !harige things done by it: and it cannot be denyed.bmtthe wonders of God and Nature are as eminently vi fib le in the experiments of that Art as any other natural thing. Howe1Jer ,it u not improbable that divers (eo-etf of it came ta the k.nowledg of man by the {}{e1lelation of ~pirits. And the praCtice and profeffion df it' in mofl: (them efpecia1ly that profefs nothing el!e) is acco mpanied with fo much SuperA:ition and Impofl:ure, as it wotild make a fober man,that tendreth the prefervation ofhimfelfin his right wirs, to be afiaid.0f

7'he P 1\._E F A C E.
i~. Of the r;anfmutaiion of Metals,. what m01y be done by Art l will not: uke
upon me to dete~mine: I am apt enough to believe that tome . ftrange things (in that kind)may.be done,ifa ma.n will go to the cofi of it, and undergoe th.e trouble upon ~o much uncertainty of the event. But that which we call ordi. narily ,and m oft undedland by ic,The Phylofopbers Stone,is certainly a meer cheat, tbe firll author and inventor whereof \~ias no. other then the Divel. Ltgi etiam Spiritum fupernorum revelatione traditam antiiuitu.s a1 tern faciendi Auri,& me tttatt idem uju e"venijfe,&c. faith one (.Jo.Franc. Picus Mirandula) of the learned,ft Author that I ha Ye feen of that fubjett, in defence ofit,I meant. If he mean Supernos Spirit~s, fuch as appear in form of Angels of Lighc,fuch as ~eluded Dr. Du, and da1ly doth thoie that hunt after fl\.e.l,elatwns, and Prophectes, and unlawful Curiofities, I grant it. But that any good Angels did ever meddle in a praCtice commonly attended with fo much impoflure) impiety, coufenage as this commonly is, I fhall not eafily grant. Though I muH add, I make great difference (if we will fpeak properly} between Arts faciendi auri (a thing I do not deny to be feafible by natural.me.1ns)and that we call the Phylojophers Stone, as before already intimated. And for that objection of his, why evil Spirits fbould not be th~ Authors or revealers of it unto any (though other wile for fome .other reafons he thinks it probable) beqmie it is not likely that God would [uffe~ them to give fuch power unto men like thcm1el ves, whom only among men they favour and refpeCl:, that is, wick.ed ungodly men. Firft, I anfwer, That is a very weak objcCtion,fince we know by confhnt experience of prefent and future Ages, that they are not of the befl: of men commonly that are_ greateft and richefl:. But Secondly, There is no great caufe to fear the that any thing hitherto revealed (or hereafter to be revealed, I believe) of this fecret, fbould enable men {good or bad) to do much hurt in. the world. The rreatefl: hurt is to thcrnfelves who are deluded(yea,and beggerd many firfl: or lafl:) and to fome few not very wife whom they coufen as themfelves have been coufened. And for this that they can do no more, we are beholding not to the Divel \Vho certainly' 'vould not be vvanting to himfelf or to any opportunity to do mifchief by hirnfelf or his Agents, but to God vvho doth not give him the povver: So much to Mirandula, out of my refpect to his name, anil for the better fatisfacrion to the Reader. I ovve the fight and ufe of the book to my Learned friend Dr.Wi:ndett before mentioned-. I am much confirmed in that opinion (of the Divel being the Author) by vvhat I find of it in the book vvhich hath given me this occafion to fpeak of it. Were there nothing elfe but the grofs and impudent forgeries that have been ufed to commend it unto men, Come entituling the Invention to .A"dam hin1felf, others to Solomon,and the like; and the many books that have been counterfeited to the fame end;and again the mofi ridiculous and profane applying & expounding of Scriptures,a thing ufually done by mofl: that are abettors of it,thole rhings vverc: enough to make a man to abhor it. Sure enough it is,that not only Dr. Vee, but others alfo vvho had part of that precioM Po1Vder brought unto them by Spirits, and expeCted great matters of it, vvere all cheated and gull'd (and I believe it cofl: fome of them a good deal of money ; Prince rJ(o femberg paaicnlar1y) by thofe Spiritual Chymitl:s.. Let them confider e>f it that have been dealing in fi.Ich'things as they fhall fee caufe ..

So Hill we fee, that in all thefe thiflgs, as we faid before, the D~vel isnot be~ holding to others, ( as.mjghr be fufpected) bur others ha,.'e been bchold:ng to him: As for his Divinity, in highdl points, if he fpakc the truth> ic was for his own ends, as we faiJ before: He: can do it, who makes any. queilion.? In comro\'erted points> we may obferve) that he doth ferve the {cene and prefcnr occafion; and l make no qudton,but had Dr-. Vee gone to Conftantinople,and been entertained there with refp~ct, his Spirits there wou-ld ha\:c filewcq themfelvesas go~d Mahometans, as clfevvhcregood Roman Catholick.f, or Pr~teftanu. Vve have fomcwherc a very pretty Tale, (I would fay a curious Obfervat1on, if 1 thought it tru,e) c_?ncerni ngthe i1ature of the Serpent or Ad~~r, handfomly cxpreffed, how fhc: tra:neth her yong ones to fet Ehem our abroad mto the vvorld, that they m~y fh ift for themfel\'es. Twenty days, as I rcm~mber, arc fpent in that work: Now whether it be fo really, I cannot fay cert01inly, but I fufpeCt: it. It is not in Ariftotle, and I looked in Aldrovand111, and I could not finde it: But whether it be fo or no) let no body wonder; for this was the man er of Treaching formerly (and may be yet perchance in fome places) among Monk~ and Fryars in great requeft. T hey would make a lory of Man, or Bc:afts, as they rhoughtf1t thc:midvcs~ and tbeir Fancies beH: ferved; pretty and vvitty,. as n1uch as they could ; whether ir had any ground of rrmb, or no, no man required; The moralization was good. If the Oivel have done fo here, it was not through ignorance (for he is wo good a NaturaliH:; and I believe there is (omewh::n even in Naturt', though we know it not, why both in facred and prophane Htllory, SpiYitsa~d S~rpents a'r~fo oftc:njoyned). of which is true and real; buc.as harh been fatd, lt fcr\'ed h1s turn_, and that 1s enough. And although, having confidered it as an Objection, how the Divc:l co1neth to fpeak fo much truth) as will be found in this Book; no man, I think, will expect I fhould give an acc?unt of any faUe Doctrine or Divinity, that ir may coma ;n: Yet one pomt I thwk fit to rake notice of, and proteft againfi it; as _ fa1fr, erronious, and of dangerous confequence, and that is, where it is fa!d, Thttt a Htan (in (ome cafes) may kill another man (Prince or other) withc~et apparent caufe, or lawful Authority, and therefore punijhable by the Laws of Man; who nevcrthelefs, may expeEi a great reward at the hands of God for hh act: How rh is may agree with the Principles of New Lights-, and Anabaptifli cal Divinity, I know not-;. it is very contrary to the Principles of that Onho .. dox Divinity, lately profeffed and cfl:ablifhed by Law in England. I have novv {aid in this main Objection, (as I apprehended it) what I thir k was 1noll: proper and pertincnt,and I hope may fat~ffie. But I ha: e fomewhat dfe to fly~ wh ;ch in this caloof Div~lsandSpirit.r i11 gener~l, I think itYery confidcrable, and may fatisfie perchance, in Jome cafcs) where noth.ng clre. can. \tVe talk of Spir~ts, and read of Spirits often) but I think jt is ' ery little that we know (the befl ofus all) of them, of their nature or cifferchces: And how then can it be expeCted that we lhould refolve all doubts? And though I think it is not much that any tnan ever knew and rigndy apprehended) or can,. as he is a man , in this bufinefs; ycrmy opinion is, (though I know it is mut:h gainfaid and oppofcd) that ancient Tlatonick Phylofophers of the latrcr times, underflood much more then mofl Chriflians ; I do not write tbis, as though I thought, or would have any thought by others to be the worfc ChrHlians for being ignorant in thcfc things ; but rather-> in my opinion, any F man

CJ he Preface.
~he bcucr Ch~~fl:ian,by much) who do.ta not regard it or deGre it: For my part, although I t:ziu~ acktiowled~e rh at fo~e fcruples_ of my minde,di~ induce me to loc.k into many Book~, UlUJ~l_vvas f~us fied_, wh!ch otherwifc'J h1d never don~; yet~ profefs eo beJicve,that !t IS fo latle that can be know,Q by man in this fubject and fubje[t to fo much illuGon, as chat I th.nk n9 fiudy is more vain. : and foolilh; and that I would n.o~go. three fl.ep s out of my doors _ rrorc.then ( what I did to fatisfie my-minde in fo :ne matters .of Fai.rh, if any'f~cn fcru.plc di4 arife) to knovvasmuch as the profound ell Plaronick. or P!1ylofopher. yea, or Magician of themallevcrkncw. 'ce:rcain~y he is bm~weak Chri!lian, when fo many high My!l:ei:ies are pr~pofed unro:us in Chrifi by his .Gofpe), .an~ of fo much co11fequcnce, that cannot bellow _ is ritr~e better: They that have any h hopes, tbfough Faith in Chrifl:, and a.. godly ~ifc, tq be adrnit rcdgre day into the prefc:nceof God, and to fee face to face, asGodhath ptolnilcd ;, :wJlthey hazard fo g1orious a hope, by prymg through unfeafona~Ie,unprofitab!e curioGty, in~o the narurc.of thcf~ \alfJ~Spirirs, whichG. od1;~th fo~~i~d_en ~ _ ur beB caufe n doth concern Rel1gon m general, that wc , bd ie'~ Sprrzts; and when O_jc:Ctions ar~ made tbac caonor be anfw~red, ~any are fcandalized, and Arhcb ifis ready to rake the a:d v~ntagc ~fit; . I f~y, that it lhould be no .wonder ro any, fober and, rationaf, if we cannoc rdolvc: all doubts, fince it is fo litde that weknow, or canknow,. beyond the bare 07'' in this..marre_r: Mort. Chrifi:ians arc: bred in and to this opi~i on~ .that all Spirits, (fo co:ntLonly called) are either Angels of Hc:aven, or Divelsof_ Hell: . I knovv.co Scriprute for ir, or determina tion of any general CopnceJ, th~t 1-remem~.r, at this timc~tleaft, and (o long I do not thit:tk my felfboundagamft appare~t refon; For the conceit.IJfall evil Spirits or Divelsbeing in H,Y, I thin~{ learned Mr. Mea de hatb ta~n that t~ t11sIt in[pm~ of his WorAs, and fuffitiently canfuted it: The very wc:ud SpiritJ is a term of grca:r: Amb.tguhy; We .underfiand by it, cpmmonly, fubfranccs, t that arc altog~therimmaterw. Many o~i:he ancic:n. Fathers, it is well known~ did not allow of ~ny fuch at all, bd!dc:s God: But welhink rhar to have no vilible Body 7 and t~ be purely immaterial, is ~11 one: God know .ho.w many degrees thc:rc may be bc:twc:~n thefe> but 'VI(C cannot know it> neither dorh it coricern our falvationJ for which we have reafon to pr~if~ God: But if it w~re fo;, that all Spirits are either Divds or Angels, what lhall we: make of thefe that arc found in mines, of which Je_arn~d Ap,ricola ha.rh writren ; cf thofe that have. been time out of minde called x6(3a,?l.oJ, (fro~1 whence probably, as we have faid dfewhere; Gobelin in Englilh is derived) who.Jive in private Houfes, about old Walls, and H~tks ~of Wood, harmlefs otherwif~_, bu.t vtry thievHh, fo fr.equent and fo known 1n fame Countrcy s, that a man may as wcll.doub~ wheth~r there be .any Horfes in Jinglancl, becaufc '[here are 11one i~Jpme 'parts of the World ; not found in: all- America, I think, till fame were car~ied t'hither : Neith~r can I believe, that thofe Spirits that pleafe themfdves ~n nothing e_ qlit harmlefs pons and \VanronH l(c elfe, fuch as have lteen known j_.,.all Ages; fuch as did ufe to lhave the hairs of PliniiM Secundw his Servants in ~he Night, as himfdf rdcttes (a very creditable man, I am fur e) in his EpiA:les, a~d the like; thac fuch Spid ~s, I f01y:, have a_~y relatioH either to Heaven or to Hell: W-e: might infi(l: in more particulars, but we do not de: {Ire to dwell uponit at this time; ~nd there i-s yet fomewhat eife ro be fa id: And what

- - -wha~ lh;tve faid of !otnc Plarobicks, r did not iruend thcre_ y tO jufiific all b rheirabfurd or fupcdlitious Opinion.s in this Argument of Spirits: As. they have fearched farrher inw it then others (bef.ides damnable experience, having confounded Magick wtth .Phylofophy, yea almofi: wtned all . ~hylofophy into rvtagick) {o it was confcquent, they would fall into more 'Errors and Abfurdit~ es; yet withaJ, they have found fomcvvhat that doth better. agree .with 6aily ~xpericnc.e, then what is commonly known or bdievcd. Sinejim was a Btfhop, but as he cloth app~ar to us in his Writings> a better Plaron~ck th~n a Chrifl:ian: In aplac~ (in his Trc.arife.De iufomitiu) he !he"eth ho\" cv] Spir~rs coir:.e, ro inhabit men , and to poffetTe their Bra:n s: H s terms are very courfe, and apparantly ridiculous; but there may be fame rnnh in the Opinion: For if there were nqt a very near and intimate ccnjunEiion, it were to be wondered ,how tht: Dive! comes to ftnow the very thoughts of Witches and Magicians, Mu found by experience) averred by more then one: Andin.th~ 'Ve ry Boo4) if I be not miftak.!n, fomewhat may be obferved to that purpofo : It n po.ffible there may be more kindes of poJJeJfion then one, ani thttt fome nten, that never were {NJPeCiec{, have had a J}zrit (bejides the1r o'n?n) refident ;n thtm, all, or mo~f part of their lives. I .have done, with what I could think of, upon which obje~lion can be made: The next thing is ro make the way clearer to the Keader;by fo11~e confideration of the method of the Books, ~md explanation of fome ~crrl!s and phra. ks rh trc ufed, at which percl:ance fome may ftick at the firfi: : Art~e very beginning a man mdy be to feek, 1t the Title of ir, Liber ftxti myfleri'orli"!, &

The Preface.

fan&li p~rallelus, novalifque. xs83. bothas itr~1atestothatwhichfol1ows,and as it reHe[ts upon fomewhat before, by which it may be inferred rh at i:he book
begin~ hercabrupt1y andimpc:rfectly:

of chis I am now ready to give an account io the Reader, and it is very fit it thould be don~. Firil concerning T.itl~s, fuchas will be found h_ ~any more befid~ tni~~ ere the whole book) or rdation beit1g fubdivided intJ many parrs; in gcneral I fly, th1r according to the: Dctl:ors genius (we ha, e fa d before- hewas veryCa baliflical, that is) full of wbimlies and crotchets) undet' the n~tion of Myfleries, 2 thmgthat fome very able,- othervvife, h;tye been fubjett ' unro) and the hi~h opinion he had of thefc actions an.d apparitions; th~y ar.:; tnoH:.ly very concealed, and ( w fpeak the.truth) phantafhck, which muH: make th~m the Obfcurer: I could give rhe ReaJer a view of them all hc:re puc rogerher, but it would be {uperfluous: .There be {orne fourreen or fifteen OiviGo11s in all now remaining, and fo ma~1y Tides: There is a Table at the beginning, that dorh refer ro the beginning of every divilion, where rhe Title alfo will be found: But at the ~nd of the viii. DiviGon, I finde rhde 'rords, SequitHr liber 24. qui hac die e'iam inceptm eft, al!l"eridie: horam circit~r tertiam, per ipfum La'Vanael: .But I fin de nothing following, (but fome vacant !bec~s, tiU We come tQ [he ix. D.ivilion, Myfterzonmi pragenfium, &c. And the lafl: Divifim h-ath r ondy fome Fables, and before them, fame five or fix pages of unknown myfl:ical vvords, ..;hich ~'!lfe know nor wh~t to make of; but of that more afterwards: Tb~ main buGnefs to be refolv~d here (a~ hake it) is what it is -rhatwe have, and whac we have not, fo far as can be gathered by what rc:maineth ; we.fhaU fee what we can fay to it. In they ear of the Lord, Onc:tho1,1fand five hilndred

'1 he Preface.
hundred eighty four, September the third, (being a Monday) Dr. De~ fidl:_ap. pcarc4 (being prcfented by A'onprable perions, and C'}pectcd) before-the Em.. peror Kodolpb~ A_mong -other things he tbcn told him, That for theft two years and a half Gods holy_ Angels had ufedto inform him: Our Book~ 'or firft Action here, begi_nt1crh 28 May 1 58 3. According to this rec~oni ng, 'it muft
be, th:at above a year and .three: Mo'ncths before, began the firfi Apparirion: The account \hen of fifteen Moneths from the 6rfi Apparition, we wam: How much (in bulk) t-hat mig~t come to, I cannot tell'; Beirher.will I warrant all perfect from thi~r 2.8 of May, r~8 ~ to the fourth of .April I4J87. though for themott part the coherence: is r1ght enough to that time: But from ~hc:nce to the twentieth of March, 1 6o7. is a !afi chafma or.hiatw, of nolefs then twenty years; How this harh happened, I cannot tell certainly; what I gutfs..) is this, fome years after Dr. Dees death ( ) Sir Kobert Cotton bought his library (what then rc=rr1ained of ir) with his Mll.,_f!,ical Table, (of which aft_er wards) :and the Original Manufcript, written \'Qith his own hand, ~hereof this is Copy: The Book had bc:en buried in the Eanh~ how long, -years or moneths, I know 110t;. bu~ fo long, ~hough it was car~fully kept fince, yet it retained fo mu~h of the Earth, that _H began_ to-moulder. and peri(h fome years ago, wh~ch when Sir ThomM C. (before: mentionc;d) obferved, he was at the charges to have it vvrinen our, before 'it !hotildbc: too late: Now full fifty years) or not many wanting, being paffed ~nee this Original came to Sir R.obtrt, it is very bkely, that had any more in all that time beet1 heard of, Sir Rohert, or Sir ThomM, h:s Son and Heir, would have heard of it, and got it as foon as any bodyelfc: And becaufc: no a: ore bath been heard of all this while, ic is more rh en probable that no more is extant, not ia England,_ .nor I

think .any where clfe: Happily the refl: might perifh, fome parr, (if not~tll) even whilefi rhe DoCtor lived; and we &all findc in this Relation, 1bat " r,ood part of hu holy Boo~J' 'a' ere burn~d, but ( whic' il more ftrange) a greAt part of them, by the help ~f Spir.its, rtcorvered and reflored: OE it may be_, that fince his death, the refi (che place: where they lay being utJknovwn) might rot in the earth! n:ovv if, as probably no more be extant_, .we may account this that we have here, in that refpect pc:rf~Ct~ bc:caufe here is all that c;m be had. But if any, (as it is the nature: of many, if not moft:) rather to deGre that which- cannot be had, then to content themfclvrs w:th ;that which m_y) lhall a much lament the J~fs of the rcft, and be lefs plcafc:d with this, becaufe fo HlUch (though indeed we know not certainly wbc:t}lennuch or little) j~ wanting; _I woJJld deGrc them ro conGdcr_with themfdvesJ in cafe there had been tY'ficC or thrice_ much more as aH thi~ comes too_:, what fhot;Jld have been as done with it? For my put) for fo much as is here fer out (all we had) I thought it would do beil, though rome"bat long, yet as a thing very e4'traorJinary, and of great co:nfequence to many good purpofes ~nd ufcs; I lhoughr, I fay, it would do bdl to have it all Printed; _Yet we had (omcq>llGderati-on abot1t it, ~nd it may be: fome others wo~ld have thought that lef5 n1ight have ferycd the rurn: But I hope more will be of my minde) and thc:rc be but few actio~s but aff'ord fotnewhat that is c:xtraordinaryjand for forr.e refpea or other obfcrv~ble ~nd ufefol-; HowfoevcrJ I am confident~ if all had 'been extant, (fuppo'!ing that the rdl: would have: made much more) that no-ne or


few vould have thought fit JO hav~ l-rintcd all; and if it had once come ro .a contraction or abridgement; it.may be much le(s then this mufr have fer\'ed; It is ftee foraU men to t.bink: as they pleaf~; . for tny part all things ,con fidered, lfindc no great want of. the rd\; -al'td if I wc:rc put to it, I cannqc tdl whether I can fay, th~t I witn mor~ were: extant: yet it gives me great content, (and I hope there is no Blafphei11Y ~r SuperH~tion in ir_, if I adfcribe it to provtdencc) that afret thatlong intermrffion, or hiat1U, we have yer th.c: l~fl AClions of all, w~c;:reby it rnight appear, afier many goodly he~s and prorr1 -fo iles, rpuch hope and expectation ; (o many Prayers_,. lo ~nany Tbaflk givings and Humiliations, what the end is of dealing with Di\'ds, and ufiflg means that arc not htwful, 'to compafs ambidous .unwarrantable deGres. Be fides, be it more or kfs that is wanting, yet I aril ~onfidcnt w~ have the chiefcll parrs h~te prcfervc.~; as parc:cularly) :an.exatl: account of h1s addrdfes and dealings with the Emperor, and other great men and Prin~es, in the vii. and fomc following Div:{ions; and that fad H.ory of tpeir .prQmifM~ Copulation, under t~e pcrfwafton of obcd:ence '<l God~ very particularly .rdat~d in the twelfth Divilion ; .w here~n ~s the cunning and malice of evIl Spirits, to lead away from God:, when they mo.fi pretend to God and godlinefs; fo the danger of affeCted Gngu larity and eminency, (chc fir.fi: .ground ~fall this mifcbicf) of Spiritua] pride and felf-conceir, is eminently tee out to every mans obfervation~ ihat is not alrc;ady far engaged (as in thefc tilnes too to many) in fuch P.rincipJes. . . . But yet ncver~hdds I muff acknowledge, that herc is one part of the .fiory c wanting, which I believe by moft will be much defired : Forwhcreas at the very beginning, mention is made of a Stone, and that Stone not ondy rh ere mentioned, bar afcerwards in every aCtion :dmofi; and apparition, througbout the whole Book to the yety end, fiill occu~ring and commerror~ted as a pr~n cipal thing; _what it was, and now he ca.me by. it, yc:a and w~a~ bc:came of. ic, would be ~own, if by ~ny means it m ~ght. : . All that weare able to fay o it, is th!s, It wtn aftone in which, and out of which, by perfonJthat wtre quali_ Jied for it~ and admitted to the fig_ht of it; "11 Shapes. and f'_igures mentumet/in eve!'y Action were fetn, and vozces heard: The form of 1t was ~ound, as appcar~t'1 by fomc courfe reprelencat:ons of it in the Margins; as pa?;. -3 95 3 99. b. 413 b. and it reems ro have be~ of a pl'etty bignds = It feems :t wa.s mofi Jike . unto Cry;'t al, a" it is called fomctimes, .aspag. bo.J,fpeClo Chtyft4Uo, and p2ge 177. b. nihil vifibile apparuit. ~nCbryftaOtJSacrato," prteter ipf~ cryftalli ~fihi li formam. .t . very body knoVs by common e~"per; cnce;. that {moo~h things. a:te fictdl: for reprdemar~ons) as Glalfcs , and the like ; . but.ordinarily {ucb things onely are reprdentcd, as fland oppofite1 and are vifible in their fubfiance. But it -M a fecret of Magiclt (which happily may be grou~dcd, in part at leaft, up1n fome n4t_ural reafozz, not ~own unto m) to eprefint.ObjeCis ( ext~r'nally not 'Vir jib/e) in fm_ooththings :. And Koger Bacon(al~a~ Bacun) in a Mlnufcriptinfcribcd, De di&l~& [4,Clisfolforum.MathematicorH111'& Dmonum,cotnmunicatcd unto me by my Learned and mucbd1:eetncdFriend. Dr. Windett} Profelfor of ; PhyGck .jt'J London. h~th an Obfervatip~ to rhac purpofe, in thefc Words, Hih Mathemati~is in maliti4Jua tomple.-14 41ppa~ent Dt:tmoile.r ftncibilitHr infor~ but mana a/ijs formis tz~izrii.r1 & ditUilt & fatiHnt mu/ta ei'.rmir~#bi/iafetunaHIII & G 'JHOd

quod Deus permittit. Aliquando apparent imaginarie ut in ung ~~~ pueri cvirginis carminati'; & in pelcvibus & enfib;u, & in JPathula arietis fecundum, modum eormn cQnfecratu, & in cdteru rebus politii : & Dcemones oftmdunt eh_ omnia qu petunt, fecundum quoclDetu permittit. Vnde pueri fie infpicientes respoli ttn tz~ident imagir1arie resfurtive acceptas & ad quem locum deport at Junt, & qu~ per{once a[portavenmt ; & fie de alih,multis,dcemones apparcntes. omnia h.;ec iUi-3 pejus oftndunt. Jo~ch. Camerarius ([hat worthy man before fpokcn. of) in his Ptoem_ium to Plutarch, De Oraeuli-5, &c.- ha rh a firange Story upon th~ credit of a fr1end of his, whom he much rcfpectc;d (as himfelf profdlerh) for his Piety and -Wi{dom .. A Gentleman of Norimberg had 2 Cryftal (how he came by it- is there ro be read) which had this venue: Si q~ta d~ re certior fieri cve-llet:l &c. if he defired to know any rhing p.aft or future. that concerned hitr, yea) or any other (in n1ofr things) let a you11g _Boy (Caflum, oae that was nor yet of Age, &c,) look into ir, he .!hould 6rft fee a man in ir, .fo and lo apparcllcd, and afterwards what he defircd: No other but a Boy, fo qualified) could fee any thh1g in it. J:his Cryll:al becan1e very famous in thofe parts; yc:a {ome learned men came to it tobefatisfiedin doubtful points, ~ndbad rheirqlleflionsrcfolved: .Yetat lafr, (as welL it ctdf:rvcd) it was broken .in pieces by Camerariu.r his Friend. Many(uch fior;es are,to befoundofMagical Stonesapd_ Cryfbls: And though Fernelius} De abditisrerum caufu; and after bim_(as I retrember}one, in worth and efl:cem of all men, root inferiorto F ernelius, Dr. Harvey, la rely dcccafed, turns the rel~tion of a ilrange fro ne brought too ne of.tbe late Kings of France, into an Al,legory, or Phyfical explication of the power and proprieties of the Elem~nl'of Fire.; yet I am not fatisfied, but th:aNhe relation rmght be lirerally true: For fa it is, (as I remember here alfo, for I have none of tbofe Books by me at this time) related by Thuanus 1 :and' fo by fome others~ very learned, underflood. Now for rhe manc:r how he came by ir, the particulars of the fl:ory caQnot be had by this here prefe.rved,. but ondy this in general, That it 'Yas brought u~to him by fom~, whom he tbougbt to be At~gels: So we finde him telling the Emperor, That the Angels of God bad br~ught.to him,a Ston-e of tha~ cvalne, that no earthly Kingdom is of that w~rthinefi, as to be compared to the vertue or dignity thereof. Page 272., i1~his conference with Dr. Curts, appointed by the E1nperor to rre~~ wich him; and alfo let him fee the flone brought me by Angelica! Miniflery : Ahd we findo this. Note recorded) [Prague,. Tuefday 25 Septemhris, I went to Dinner Jo the Spanitb A. mbaifad or, and carried with me the Stone brought me by an Angel, and the fourth Boo~, : wherein tbe maner of the hringing of it iJ'expreffed.] And for the ufe of the Stone, befides what h1th been faid~ tnis is obfervable: Some Spirits bdng in fight of E. K. out of the Stone, Dr. Dee would h2ve the Stone brought forth, hut E. K. faid, He had Tilther fee th~m thus~ out of the Stone ; to which 'the Doctor repli~s, That in the Stone they had warrant that no wic~d Spirits jbould e~ter ; but without the Stone illuders might deal with the!fl) uulefl God pretz~ented it, &c. From which pa!fagc alfo we may learn, 2sfrom divers other~ in rhc Book that although the ftonc (as we [aid bcfor~) was the placc1 in whichJ and out of which, ordinarily, mofi Apparitions were framed) yet it was not fo always: For we: ihall mc:cr Wi[h

. tl

,v~tb di\'ers ch ings in that kinde that were fcen and heard) withoJ t any reference to the Stone: From the fame place alfo we Inay learn, that the. faid Stone was the flJTi e he alfo called che Shew-jfone ;. as i11 many places befides. .HoWe\ler_, it is ccn ain enough that he llJ.d more Stones t~en- oneJ wh:ch he accounted facrcd; obfcrve Principal Stone,and this other Stone; &ftrfl SanClifi"ed Stone, ufu~ al Sbew-Jl:one, and Holy-.flone, m be thought oppcfed and d1 ay ffc:renr; b~1 t I u ndcrlland ir. otherwifc: This is the account we can give of this. principal Holy-SN~ne. And ro 1l.1pply the defect of the 1 nancr how it wfs brought ro him ) the Reader, .if be pleafe, may fiude fome farisfaction~ if he read the m41ier howit w ..u ta~n away, and reftored, very particularly .fet down, as before ( u p on :tnorht;:- occaGon) was obferved. _ Bciides this Sione or Stones ; there are div~rs other facrcd things mentioned, th':n belonged eo th;s pcrfonated San<.'luary, b~tt nothing more frcq ~H:ntJy mentioned then Cllrtains i a Curtain or Vail, as it is fom~times called . A ~nan would think at firit, perchance) that ic was fon~ ewhar outward, but it will be fouad othervvife; it ~as feen in the Stone, and appeared of different.forrrs and coloms, as rhey that read will quickly finde. Ne:-: r ~nto thefc the Holy Table is chiefly confider~bJe> ordering of it is referred to Dr. Dee, which he durll: not t~J(c 1 1pon himfc:IC until he had w_ arr.tnt from his Spiritual Teach~rs: This Table, which may well be,called Ma~ gic:.ll, is preferved and to be (een in Sir Thomas Cottons Libr~ry (from whence we had the rdl) .-and by his leave is here reprefentcd in a brafs Cut ; tnen tion is made of it, as I t~ke it, .where Dr. Pee proploferh to h1 Teachers, Wh~thcr s the Table (for the middle crof.r of uniting the 4 principal parts) he made perfect or no: Yon may fec !I)orc of it, it is a)[o called League Table, T able ofCoventmt, mcuf a f a?deris in Com"t places: The Pede ftal of it is mentioned" in two or three p)accs, and in-::!eed a \cry curious Frame belonging utuo it, yet to be fec:n in th~: faid L :brary. Bllt I know not what to make of that) neither Nalu: nor the T4hle appeareth; a~1d the round Table or Globe appeared not. I bclievo it 1 ufl: be n 1 undcrit~od of foinewhat lJ1at had appeared, before ia the fione. The Reader that wil.l be fo cmious, by careful rcad.ing may foon finde it our; I was not willing to beilow too tn uch rime upon it. But here remaineth a main bliGnefs, whereof we are to give an account to the Reader~ Tbcre were !Dany T ables or Schemes at the c:nd of rhc Book, coctaining Letters, a:b. c. &c. difpofed into linlc fquarcs; wirh an Infcription over each Table in that unknown ChauCter (before fpoke.n of) exprdfc:d in ufual Letters how l[ tbould be read. T here is on~ for a specimen here at rhe end of the Preface; the reft were omitted, becaufe it w~s judged t~edlefs, except it w~rc:: to increafe the price of the l)rinted book. For firH, Dr. Dee h it~l fdt hougb he rook a gr,c;lt deal of pains ro. onder!land the Myrtc:ry of r them, and had great hopes given. hirn fron1 time to tirn c to reap the bc:nefir ( hin1fclf complaii1S of it in m ore then one place) of his toilfome. work ~nd long patierKe, yet it n~ver came to any thing: and if he m ade nothing of then1 (eo benefi t himfelf thereby} what hopes had we? BeGd.es, we may judge of zhefc Tables, 2nd ~11 this my!lc'ry of. Letters, by what we havc f~en in others of the fame kin de. J ohamze.r Trithtmius w~s a man that wag fu ppofcd by m oft to have dealt vvith Spirits a.Jong. time~ and to,hav~ been in.fii:ucfed by. hc:In in t


fomc of rhofe fecrcrs that he pretends unro by hts Books. I know {am~ have thought him innocent, or Olt.lca(l, have attempted eo ju \Ufie him: Some aff~ct [u(.:'h things to lhew rhc:r wir, and thmk rhc:y fhall be rhougbc much wifer then other men) if they conuadicl .received Opin.ons, though the~r vanity and firong conceit of-their own p1rts, be their chief, if not oncly ground. Learned and.Judtci_ous Ma\l.~r Voffius, harh tbewed himfc:lf very willing ro think the belt of b1m and hts Books; yer he g : v~s ir over at la1:, and rather concludes on the contrary. Thc:y that dar::: d~.fend Apol loniw, the grcatcft ~ph older of l:thnicifm that ever was, and by n1oH H~a thcos accounred either a God) or a Magician, need not flick ar any rhing in this kindt!: Buday he was, what any man will have of him, (Frithemim we fpcakof, h:s Polygraphy, he fee out in his 1ife c!me, dedicated to rhe then t .mpcror: He tells tht: World of the grrateit wonders to be done by ir, that ~:vc:r were heard of: All vVifdom and Arts, all Languages, .tloc1uence, and wh4t 11or, included in it. But I never heard of any man that coulcl make any thing of it, or reaped any benefit in any ktude; vvh;ch I think is the reafon ti13t his Steganograpby. mem~oned and promJedin rhis fidl: work was fo Iong after hi5 death betore ir was Printed: It wa.s expeCted t would have given fon:c. i light eo the firfi; but nc~ther of that) nor of this latter, could e\cr any thing, that ever I could hear, be made by any man. I have good ground for what I fay : For befides what others have acknow]edged, I finde learned Viginair~1 (who in his old age was grown him[elf very CabalillicaJ, or ic may be had fomc difpoGrion that way, rhough very learn~d oth~rwife, from his natural temper) as much grQundc:d ~n that book, as any man before him: He .doth plainly profe[s he could make nQthing of it: And truly if he could not, that had be.-. fl:owcd fo mJch r ~ me and pain.:a in thofe unprofitable flu dies, I fee little hopes that a::y man elfe iliould. It would make a man almofl: hate Learning, to fe. e what dotage, even the moft learned, arc fubject unto: I. could blds them that know but hrde, fo rhcmfehes knew it is but lmle that they know, and t'\'~rc hmTble: But it commonly falls out mh~rwife, that they that know but linlc, think thatli~t~e to be m~_: eh, and are very proud of it; V\'hereas rriuch knowledge (or to fpeak propt'rly, more knowledge) ~f well ufed; bath rh is ad\amage ) rh at it makes men moll fen!ible of rh,eir ignorance~ The read of Vigenaires ng book of Cyphers (which I once thought a rare piece: rs many other thinbs of the fame Author, which I had read) hath expreLfed thefe words from me in this place ; and becaufe it hath fo much affinity with our prc{ent Theme, i was the bolder; But to return. Upon th:sconGderation, tbe Reader I hope, vvill nq.t be forry the rcfl: of the Tables (being many in number) w~re omirted. Though I muA: adde withal, had I known or thought any ufc could be made of the1n, having no better opinion of the A\.trhor (him or them) I mean, from wh9m Dr. Dee had them) I fhould not hive been \cry forward c0 have had a hand in their ~::omingabroad. I fbould have told the Reader before but it may dowel] enough here, that bcfidca tht particulars before fpecified; there were other th!ngs that b~longed to this holy Furniture (as Dr. Dee fomewhere doth fpeak) whereof mention is made in tome places: . as Carpet, Can~leftic/t, Taper, Table-Clotb, Cujbio11, and fomc or hers perchance. But I know nothing needs be obferved upon any

? he Preface. ------------------------

to the Ceremon!al La.w efpccially ; as alfo m rhofe word~, Motz~e not, for the place i1 holy, o~en rep~ared, which are al~o dfew here expounded: The Intcr1ocucprs1nall rhts relation, are, A. (rhac 1s, Dr. Dce) andE. K. that i~ Edw. KeY'ej ; and the Spirits, to the number farr:e twenty, or .thcrrabours, fo many n:~med: (Maditzi, Efemel!, Merifri,.Ath, Galuah, 11, Jubenladece., Gabriel, Jam, Moreorgran, Aph, Lasf;en, V~ia, Naluage, Mapfama, Aue, llemeft, G11 -x.a, Vaa., Leveanael, Ben,) at lcail:, but whether all lfllcrlocutor~ , I know not , bec'aufc I do AOt n~member, neither qoth it much concern. There be di~crs marginal N:otes and Obfervations) whi.ch bciRg of Dr.I)ee h:s own, arc for the mofi p:.trt not inconGderablr, and fome very t:cmar kable, all thercfor~ h~reexhibited; 'b whereas in foine places h~ had artempted to Jt reprefent the apparition, orfom.e part of. it > in f jgurcs alfo ; this being'donehut fomctimes, and in cafe it had been done oftner (except it were to.fatisfic: rhe childith humor of many Buyers of Books iu this Age, wQeA becauf-c they b'uy not eo read, mufl: havs fom.evvhat to look upon ; whence i.r co_ es to paf, m thacmuch trafh doth pafs for good ware) for the rrim1ning fak~, and oa the: conrr:uy) of little ufc, no notice is taken of it; except fome Figure be ia the Text i~ ldf; and of fomc confequcnce; for the b~ttcr unckrflandi.t:Jg of the rdl. The Gree/t, p. 25 .b. is exaCl:ly fee our, ~s it was found_, and yet to be:. fecn in the originat written by Dr. Dce himfelf: B ,J t little or nothing can be made of' it; as it is written; and it is :z fign that Dr. Dee who writ ir, as Edw. Kelley reponed it \Into him, a1~d afterwards plodded upon it (as doth appear by iome Coujc:Ct:ures and Interpretations found) n the original_, and here ~lfo exhibited) as well as he could. was no very .perfect Greci'an; much lefs Edw.. Kelley, who could not fo niuch as read it, which made Dr. Dee.to write fome th ings that he would not have Kelley to read, in Greek CharaCl:ers, tAough the word s were Fn~li!h : I would nor alter any thing that was in the Original: B'.lt the word s, ~I bel:eve fpoken by the Spirit, (and fo the Greek is warrantable enough) were th(fe, 0~1o~o i1a.te_gc; 7'~1o (p)'ov dva.~~ct~ : K6ct,uoc; )'ctp-tr.ejlu,uoc; '1'U)t,;tdv'f

any. of the[c.. I .m2kc noqud~ion but the D~'fc:l in all thcfe things had a,rcfpctl:


Toctou1ov ?r~,eg!.(~1a.s: <1 flg-e wJ{v~c; ri~~/\."v'((a.c; ~,/\.{a.c; : E'CT6eg. ,un 1svd a." v1ri> er rpop,unv ?rctp~~ ~c; : Ta.\' 'iS i?rdla.c; " o,u,'ti ?ra.est-CTx~ud~~1a.s: r'va. O'e 8-,d ?ra,v1cc; a.'?ro'A.d?r~' :

~v: K} ciu13 ~

This I 1hink was int~nded of Edw. Kelley, who was ever and anon u~on pro1efrs w break with Dr. Dee, and to be gone;) as here prefcntly after, and in d.i~crs other places of this relation 3 nay, did really for fake hi~ fo metimcs for fome ri1 e: The fence 'Verbatim is rh is : (his fellow (~r Friend) will overthrow r this worlt(of Apparit~ons you rriuft underfrand, to which he was requiGte, becaufe rhc Uivdhadnot thatpo~er over Dr. Dees Body, ro fit it, though h~ did proinifc it bimj for fuch Gghrs.) His bagf!.age (or furnit1tre) iJ in a readinefl. Ant{ he doth very much endeavor : To withdraw himfolf from this common friendjhip. Ta~ heed, that yo1e give him no occafion: For he doth mightily plot by art and curzni1zg : How be may leave you for evet. f1ej7u,uoc;) in . rhc firft lin e; m~y [cem un ufual, for l''T' o1p. o~, or ?re}7uegc; ; but it is an elegmt Mc:taphore. n~:,ei~e1a. fo;: 7rE'~~G-t, is not ufual; and h1ppily it thould ha.vc been ?r(rlej.7a.<; , and fo urrercd; bttt thac is nothing. Certainly hethatco~1d fpeak.fomuch Greek_, (~alled here Syriitn , to jeer Eel. Kelley) could not. want L1tine ac any rii1 ~o exprcfs 1e H himfdf 1

himfdf; which neverthelcfs, might be thought, where we 'finde him (peaking EuglJh, ro ibcm that under-Hood it not; f~ that Dr:Deewas fain romterpret it"": But we cannot give an ac,ount of all his f~tchts and projeCts::!le ha_d.a.confidcration, i make no qudl:ion. I cannot think of any thing elfe that the Reader need to be told, that is of thie nature, and it may be fomcwhat might have been fpared: However the Reader will confider, that as in.all Books, {o in th..is: 1-t is: one thing ~o read from the bcgiuning, and fo to g.o on with heed and obfcrva,tion, wirhout ikipping; and another lhing to read here and there, which wou]d require: a perpetual Commel'!t, which is the wretchednefs of mofi: Readers, .in tllcie qediCJing days of Learning; and therefore they have Commenu {or.E.hapfodits rather) accordingly; jimiles babent labralactufoJ', never ~ore true of at1y th.ng i It may be.fome wtH wonder what wade the Spirita lo fall upon Englifh Ge nealogies and Storic:s; it is ~t v,try beginning, thertfore I take.not;cc ot it for the-Readersfake, Lhat is yet (and cannot ot:hcrwife) _ f\rangcr to the Book; a The buGHts ts, Or. Dee was lardy grown ir. to great. league and eonfedera'y with Albert La1ky, (or al~tfco rather) a great inan of J>qJonia . You had before what Cambden laah of hi.n of his co:11iog to England, at thts very time~ and hii going away, which d~rh very well agrcc:w:,b our dares h~e. It ie~ms, though nobly born, and to great dignity, yet his thoughts did ~rpirc much higher ; and thou- h no rich man, for ,a man of his rank and quality. yet e~ped:ingfuch g matters from Qr. Dte and bn Spirits as he did, he could fin de money enough to fupply their wa.nrs upon occafion. The Spirits. wuevery glad ot che occa.. flon, and did what they .could to ch_rifh him according to his humor : Being e then at that very rime upon deliberations , that much depended of A.lb. La.r~J and his good opinion; among oth'!r thL1gs, his Pc:dcgrcc:, which rr.uft nc.cds plea(e a vain m1n vr:ry well, was taken, inta conlideration: That every thing there fa;d, dorh exaCtly agree to the truth) as I do not warrant it . fo neither am I at ldfurcat this time ro rake the pains to examine. We muft never look further in thofe thit7 chat arc ddiv~red . by li1chJ then if it were~ or be pertigs nent (true: or fallc) ro their end and prefent occafion. Befid~s, it is very poffible, (which I ddire the Reader to take good notice of) that borh here and dfc:wherethe Tranfcribers, as they could not read fomc=times, and. were forc. d c to leave fome blaucks ( tboagb feldomc: to any conliderablc prejudice of the fence) fo they mighrmiil:ake al(o, having. to do with an Original that was (a.qd is yet to be feen) fo defaced and worm-. eaten as th:s is, written (as we have faid) by Dr~ Dee himfclf. Befides the authent;ckncfs of the Original Copy, written by.Dr. Dee himfelf; the Reader may know, that the Original.; of the Letters rh at are here c:x:-hibited,arcali,ormoll of them yet preferved, and robe feenin Sir Tho. Cotton.t Library. IV. I am now come ro the Iafl: of the fourthi11gs that I proinifed,to (hew the fevcralgood uftJth~t may bemadc:of this Book, and which were princjp2lly looked upoo in the publithing of it. This order indeed I propofed to rr:y fdf, but great part of this occafion offering it felf upon other ~atter, is already performed in the former Difcourfe, fo chat but little is now left to be done However I will fum ehcm up-, and rcpr~fent them together, that evert Reader may

'1 he Preface. -----------------------


'The Preface.
have! them in readincfs and in view for his ure che ~trer. Thcfirfl:is.againfl Atheffis, an~ fuch as do.not beLc:v that t~erc &can1 Dive!sor Spines: We have argued tt, Iconfefs_, prtttylargdy,atthebcg!n~iJl.g of rh is Di(courfe or Preface, and .I hope fome may recc:!ve co~petent tatrsfaction by what we havda!d: But 1f no.Argurheruhad been ufcd, (fctting afidc ~cr~pturc: Authority) which would be 1mp~rinent againft Athe:ih) do not l know. what can be more convinc~ng then ch1s fad Story,- fo exactly lo parrict~~ larly, fo faithfully delivered. Truly) they muflfGe fun het rhen 1 do, rhat can finde whar to anfwer (radonai1y)-and .to opp<:>fe: This is a great poinr,- and a gteat ground of Retg:on; but rhis u not ~Il: For if there be Spirirs indeed~ fo W :eked and GJaliciouS~ fo fiudious and fo indutlriOUs, tO delude-mc:n, and to do rnifchic( which [s rhe;r ~nd, alJ which is Io fulfy reprdentcd in this Relation; then certainly rnu 1l it folio~, 1hat rhere is a great over-ruLng Power~ rhat takes care of the FahhJ and of ~he ~n~abiraJilts of it; of th~m efped~lly that adore that Power., and worthip 1t w:d1 true affeCtion and finceriry: ~For wichout this over ruLng Power, what a mift..rable World fl)ould we have .~ \tVhat man fofobet or innocent, that could enjoy himfelf at any time~ithany comforcor~cur.ity? Bur:~gain, what man can read this fad fiory~ and can be fo per( waded of his own Wifdom or inn?ccncy,. buc will in fome degree refleCt upon h'irnldf, and will be moved to pra.lfe God- that hotw~thfianding many , provocations in fev~ral k ;I'Jdes (as datnnab1e curioGry, open prophanen~fs, frequent Oathes, Curf~s } Perjuries, fcandal()u& ~ife, and the like) God hath been pleafed to proteCt and preferve him from the force and violence of fuch
enemies of mankinde? I fa id before, from IcC begi rin;ogs greardl: confulions had enfued, which is very true as h1 the cafe ofB~cc~ particularly mtny A~?;es before; and in the cafe: of Mahomct afterward~. (two notable lewd EuthujitJjls, by whom as ln[lruments, evil Spirits, by GJds pcrmifiion, brought grcatalreration8 in Governments, and wroughtinuch mifthief arid villany among Men and\Vomcn) we tba!lelfewhcre lhew more at large. By due conGderation of all Circumfiances, as chi:By thc:ir confident and rc:iterared Addrc:i'fcs umo, and _ AHcrnpuupon fo n1any great men in Power and Authority, and the bkc:; I am m~1ch ofopinion that thefe Spirits had as great hopes_ Dr. Dee, as ever rhey hadof Bi!cchM or of Mahomet_. Btit God was not ple.Jc:d at rhar t.in c: to p(:rmit that their malice: and fubti!ty ihould prevail. And I thirk, if wc: _onfidc:r it well, we hav~rc:aron to c pra ~e God f~r it. EngltJnd might ~avc: been over-run_ wir~ Anabaptif r: (':'hen

I fay Anabtltpufm, I 1T1can Anabapnfm confirmed and m fuil power, not as 1t ap:p~ars.in its firfi pretentions) long before t~is : . God 'be tbank~d that it was nor then ) and God keep it from it ftilJ, I ho-pe: is the Prayer of all auly fob er and Religious. And in very deed I know no rc:afon~ , ut th~ W~fdom and prudence b of ther'M:tjell:cs Councel that then w.~rc, inoppofing Dr. Dees frequent ad~ drdfes and Soliicirations, may(underGod) chailengeanddefer.e fomcpan of
O'JrThanks and Ac.know1edgement. Ag~in, The Dhel rwe fee can Pray and ~reacn, (as to, ~utward appearance

we mean; fo~ truly band rea1Jy, God forb1d that any rhtng facred and hofy fhouldhe tholJghr roproceed frorr. Divd~) talk of San Cl: icy aqd Mortificatiand on, as well as 'thebdt And what hef;~n-in.hii own perfon,-or by h ;mfdfjmmcdiarely;

c:liately; there is no queftio~, b?t h~ cloth by his Miniflers and Infi:ruments much more, more ordtnanly and frequently I mean : .Let any man judge'then, whether it be the part of a fober wife man, not onely to hear e fuch m_n a~ can give no account of their calling, but alfo to follow them, to embrace their DoCl:rine, to be of the~t number or Congregation; and all this, 1:1pon this account, becaufe they can pray and pr. ach very welJ, e (as they think and judge at leafl:) apd talk very godlily a~cl zealoufiy? How much more inexcufable they-that will clea, c: unto fuch, though they fee a~d know tl1em fcandalou~ in their Lives, ,Proud, lnfol~nt, Ignorant, Seditious, Jntalerable, becaufe they can pray, and preach,. and talk, as beft agreeth :with their own humor, and gives them befi ~on.tent? .Can any man think they follow God in this, who would have all' things done in order, and is not a God ofConfufion, (1 Cor. 4- 3 3, 4o.) when all they do, tends to not~ing elfe bur diforder and.confufion ? I confefs it is poffi b!e, that men lawfully called may prove bad enough, we have d~vcrs examplesin the Scripture. Bu' if a man, fimply and ignorandy be mif-I~d by fuch, certainly hi~ jucJgen1ent will be much lighter then they can expeer, who will not ufe the means _ that. God hath , ordained,. in fo great and weighty a bufinefs as the fal vation. of Souls is. I know not vvhat thefe men can fay for themielvcs, ex~~pt it ~e, that they are refolved to . make ufe of the Liberty of the times to pleafe their hum or ; they uiay do it; but if that bring them to Heaven, they have good luck. , But the bufinefs .of praying, is that I w_ uld principally inGft upon: o You fee here how Dr. Dee, where he giv~s an account of himfelf to_the Emperor, and others, bears hit.nfelf much upon this, thatfo many years he bad been an earn eft Suitor unto God by Prayer to obtain TYifdom, fuch wifdom as he was ambitious of. I believe him, that he had prayed very earnefily, and with much importunity many tit:ttes: This Vl(a~ the thing that made him fo confident of his Spirits, that they mufi needs b~ goo.d Spirits and Angels. I know a man, I have no comfort to tell it) . ut that b I would not conceal any thing that.may be a warning unto others, and yet I will. have a refpea unto him too: But I knew qn~,a very innocent man(in his outward converfati.on, and as I believe very really) Humble, Religious, very Learned and Orthodox, and one that had fuffered for his Confcience, as others have done in thefe times: This worthy man) being en gage- in a coJitroverted Argument, ~pon which his phancy had wrought d very much, or rather wbich had much wrought upon. his phancy; -he had written much, filled much Paper, and was deGrous to communicate unto me as his friend what he had done: But when I perceived that the drif~ of his writing was out of the Law and the Prophets, to fhew the neceffity of fame things which I thought of a more i.ndifferent nature; I was not willing to meddle with it; ~nd begun to argue againfi his main drift, and to fhew my difiiking. After many words to and fro, he began to prefs me vviththis, that he had often prayed with much earnellnefi, and ~e v1as very confident that God had heard his Prayers: . Yea, he P. or cecded fo far, that if God were true, he could not be deceived~ and ufed many other words to the fame purpofe, at which l was much amazed; but could

could do no good upon him, fuch was his confidence and violence upon this occafion, though otherwife a very moderate ingenuous man: And thus I foand him more then once, or,twice. Truly, l think God was ve.. merciful unto him, that too~ him away in good time. But certainly this bu'6ncfs of Prttyer and prai[l!lg, is a buGnefs as of great comfort (the great eft that mort.al man is _ apable of upon ('otrth) fo of much more danger and c ddufion, tb~n many do believe. And if caution and circumfpection be to be ufed in any thing that belongs to Religion, I think it ought in Prayer, a'3 much as .any thing. And-fince rhave adventured to tell one flory upon init'le own credit, I will t -11 one more upon better atithQrity, which I- have : long defired (for the obfcrvablenefs of it) to communicate unto the world, and to thar - nd, h.ad once i oferted it in a Treatife of mine, which e I thought would have been Printed, but it was not: I will firrt give the Englifh ,of it, that a"Il men t;nay' reap the benefit, and then fet it down )n the word! of my Author (mine own Father Ifaac C afaubon, of b. m.) as I have it to fhcw under his hand. At a Confiftory in Geneva, upon a Friday,-t8 July, 1589. Th~ cafe of one Mr. Nicho]as beillg there propofed to the AJJemhly to be c()nfidered of, who was wont to infinuate bimfelf into private Hot:t[es, und-er pretence of praying,_ and made final! congregations: Tbe bufmefs wa-S diflik,ed by the P aftors ; Firft, b.ecaufe nothing in the Church of f!od oztgbt to be do11e without order. Secondly, be r:aufo to turn Jitch dutie-s of Religion to matter o( Traffick to get mcney o1Uly, (without any other end or calling) wM not lawful. Thirdly and laftly, his bittt4~ logy, (or vain repetition of words) WM not to be fufj"ered: Then upon thk oc cafion it WM related by Mr. Beza, that the Saturday before, whilefltbat fha~p conflict wM, which we had before o1er eyes, (to vvit, between the Genevians, a"ld rhe Duke of Savoyf Forces) tbat a certain Woman addre.!Jed hrr felft9 h'im, faying, Whttt Mr. Beza, will you ma~ Prayers here? To which he had anfwered, No : What, do youthin"-1 de behold theft thing; with mine eye.r ouely, and do 110t pray 'to God in my heart? Giving this reafon for his anfwer he had mad: .tothe Woman: [l~ is not fo exprefled .in the Latine, that che fol 'owing words were Bett,a's w~rds, but the coherence of matter cloth fo require it] That Pray~r wao certainly a holy thing, which it did not become any man to apply himfelf unto, ( or.tounderta~) without due preparation: And that they were deceived, whp thoteght it fo ea fie a thing to pray rightly : And that care alfo foould be ta~n left [under a colour of zeal and devotion] a way be 1nadi to fieperftition: The Latine words are thefe,


[Die Veneris, Julii t8. 1589. Cum relatum ejJet ca:tum, de Mag. Nico .. lao, qui infinu::ret fe in domos variM 7re.g-pdcr'H ,.~ tu_:r~9'~~~, & ita aliquando cretus, et{t paruos, coireJolitos, paflortbus ref improbata eft: Primitm, qztia extra ordinem, nihil in Dei Ecclejia .fieri debet~ Deinde:) quia 'Tfovcrp.oJI facere 'T~v ,.p-1cr"s-lctv, ne[ '1 M. Turtio; homtnh /3a.T1o>.o)tfa, non ferenda Narratum eft tum aB fe die Sahbatbi proxime prcedente, dum acerrimum illud prlium committeretur, quod nob~ erat ante oculos, interrogatum mulierllcula, QJ!_id tu D. B. 'V~ preces hie face re? ReJPondi.!Je, Nequaquam. 1 u ne enim ( ait) me putas, hc oculis t4ntnmJPeciare, nee vota in . nimo .rd Deum Opt. M{lx. fundere ? 011tnino, a



res fancta nb_;rn, ad quam non niji mcditatum oporteat accedere, foYuntztr enim qui rem pmant ejJe faci/em, precesbene concipere. Sirnul cavendum, ne 4/icui fuperftitioni viam imprudentes aperiamm.]

In the laft place, All men may take warning by this example, how they put .chemfcl ves out of the proteCt-ion of Almighty God, either by prefum~ ptuous unlawful wi{hes and defires, or by fee king n.o t unto Divels ondy, di rcctly (which Or. Dee certainly never did, but abhorred the thought of it in his heart) but "tmto th(m that ha vc next relation unto Oivels, as Witchu.J lf/i7v7vards, Conjurers, Aflrologers, ( that take upon them to foretell humane eve ~ rs) F ortun tellers, and the like, yea and all Books of that fubjccr, e which 1 doubt, were a great occaGon of Or. Dees delufion : That men are
commonly ~heated by fu< h , is fure enough; and thofe that are not very fool s, would take heed how they deal with them, and avoid them, to avoid the lmputalion of Fools; but thofe that are wife, much more, if they can m ore then cheat; fer the more they can do, the more they know they have of the Dive! in thenl: Wretched people thatwill not, dare not trufl: God, who as he is the oncly fountain of goodnefs~ fo onely knows what ii good for every man. They may rejoyce for a time, and applaud themfel ves in their conceited fuccdfes, but mifcry, if they rc:pent not, will be their ~nd ; and it is a great Ggn that God is very angry with them, when he doth fuffer them to thrive by means whih Himfelf

hatr curfed.



ince this Prdacewas written, and almofi printed, I was iliewed a Book, etlticuled~ Theatr~tm Che~ miot.m BYitannicum, &c. by EbM Afomo!e Efq; and in fame Annor..uions there, -at the end, an account concerning Dr. Dee and Edw. K e/ley, (tbere fiiled Sir Edward Kefley) out of a Dzaryof Dr. Dee.r, all wrirren wtth his own hand: As I do not quefiion the Gemlemans fidelity in this bufi.nefs, fo I make as l.irtlc qudtion bur Dr. Dee's own hand will be found to agree in all matters of Fatl: both here and thac, if ~my !hall take the pains to compare. And it may be the Reader may receive !ome further farisfact:wn in fomc particul:us by his.labor, which is the rea(on rhat I mention the Book here, being bur htely come to my knowledge; His Judgement either concerning Dr. Dees or Kelley, I meddle not w1tb; and it may be, had he feen what is here to be feen, he would have been r;f another opinion in fomc thirp: Here is enough, I am fure, to fat is fie any man that is not very much preoccupied, or orherwife engaged by particular ends. As for rh ofc R:poit s concerning KeL!ey, ( (ome whereof concern Dr. De~ alfo) he tells us of, as I believ~ him, tbat he barb beard to, fo I muft (and may truly) profefs, that! have met with far contrary. and in my judgemeor, and by this account here given us by Dr. Dee, much more probable.- And particularly, that Kd!ey was pur in Pri(on by tbe Emperor, for a notable Chymical ch,_at that: he had put upon him; the pJrticulars whereof, though they were fully related umo me, yet I w1Jl not. adventure upon, left I mi(hke in fome terms of art, or perty circumftance of fact. And let the Read a judge by tbat account, D1. Dee (who befl: knew) doth give us here tbroughoutthe whole Book of this Ke!LeJ, whether Wevers Storyin his Funend Monum. pag. 45, 46. of dannable Necrom.tntJ, and other DiabrJlic.1L (onjuration, pratl:!~ed by Kelle)' in Lancafhire, be not (bdidcs what is there faig and attdl:ed) much more probable, then any tbing that bath been or can be {aid by others, to his juH:ificacion or commendation: Which indeed dmh m~b Doelor Vet's cafe altogether ioexcufable, that beiievin g and knowing the m2n to be {uch a one, he wollld have to do with him, and expected good by his Minilleries; but that the Do Cl: or his Faith, and his i ntellet'tualls ( throug b Gods jut1 judgemen r, as we bave fa id) were fo much in tbe power and government of hi:; ~pirits, rhar they might pcr!wadc him to ilny thing, under colour of doing 1erv ice unro God, yea had it been to cut his own Fathers throat, as we fee in the Retation,tbat they perfwaded him to lie with another mans Wife 1 and proilitute his own to a vile,and, by himfelf bclivcd, Diabolical man. Befi.des, 1 have been told by many, that Dr. Dee, very poor and every way miCerable, dyed at MortJack._, here about London, which dotb not feem to agree with the rt>port in thofe .Armolations: Butenough of them : Neirher indeed have I faid any thing at all of purpofe to oppofe the Author, but t() give this further fatisfatl:ion to the Reader, or ratber to the tmth, which I thought I was bound to do. The paffage in Wevcrs Funeral 0Vfonum!nts, pag. 45, 46. concerning Ke!L:y, for their facisfaC:lion that have not the Book, is this; Ketley, (otherwife called '1t:ibot) that famous Englifo Alchymill:of Gut times, who flying out of his own G oumrey (after be had lofi both his ears at Lanc~fte-,-) was entertain cd by R1dolph the [econd, and la!l: of that Chrifl:ian name, Emperor of Cjermany; for whom Efiz.,abeth of famous memory, fcnt (very fecrNly) Captain 'Peter GJvJn, with fome others, to perfwade him to rerum hack ro his owrt Native home, which he was willing to do; and thmkiog to efcape away in the night, by ftealth, as he was clammering over a Wall in his own Houfe in P-,-4g,te (wbicb bears his name to this day, and fometimes was an old San-ctuary) he fell down from the Battlements, broke bis leggs, and bruifed his body, of which hurts wirhiPa while :1ftcr, he dt'pancd this World. Sed quo r[Hm h<c? . you will fay : Then thus, This Diabolical queftioning of the dead, for the know ledge of future accidents, was put in practice by the faid Ke!!ey, who upon a certain Nighr, in the Park of Walton in le dale, jo the C Ol:lnty of Lane-after, With one P i11T1l ~1ring, (his fellow- companion in fucl.t Deeds of darlcnefs) invocated fome one of the Infernal Regiment, to know certain pa!fages in the lifet as alfo what might be known by the Olvels ford!ght, of the manner and time of the death of a Noble yongGeiuleman; as then in Wardfhip. The Black Ceremonies of that Night being ended, Keilq demanded of one of the Gentlcmans fervants, what Corfe was the lafl buryed :n Law Church-yard, a Church thereunto ad joyning, who told him of a poor man that was buryc:d there but the fame day : He and the faid Wttring, in treated this forefaid fervant to go with them to the Grave of the man fo lately interred, which he did; and withal, did help them to dig up the Carcafe of the poor Catiff, whom by their Incantations, they rrtade him (or rather fome evil Spirit through hi5 Organs) to fpeak, who dc:livereJ flnnge Predict:ions concerning the faid Gentleman. I w11s told thus much by the faid Serving-man, a Secondary Actor in that difmal abhorred bufinefs; and divers Gentlemen and others are now living in Lancafhire, to whom he h~th related this Story. And the Gentleman himklf (whofe memory I am bound to bonor) told me a little before his d eatb, of this Con juration by ](dley, as he bad it by relation from bi' f~id Servant and Tenant, oncly fome circum(tances excepted, which he thougbt not fitting tQcome to h.> :'-LtLrs knowledge,


Hf~t+TTtHttt~:~HcH+~t~ f*+~~~t~tfff+~~~f+t~~fftt~ffff+

Or l)eCs Apology,
Sent to th.e Arch..-Biiliop of

u it r. 15 9 :


A Letter containing a moil: brief Difcourfe Apogeticall, with a plain Demonfl:ration, and fervent Protefiation for rhe lawfull , fin cere . very faith full and Chrifl:ian courfe ,
of the .Philofophicall Studies and Exercifcs, of a certain ftudious Gentleman: An ancient Servant to Her n:ofi: Excellent Majefiy Royall.

To the mofl Reverend Father in f}od, the Lord Archbijhop ofC:.nrerbury, Primt~te and Metropclitime of all England, one of Her M~tjefties mofl Honorable l:riq;ie Gouncell: my fingulttr good Lord.
~~tfj~~~Ofi brim bJy and hearti] y I crave your Graces pardon , if I offend any thing, to fend, or pn:fentunto your Graces hand, (o Gmple a Difcourfe as rhis is: A.Itltough, by forre {age and di\:reet n~y friend s their opinion, it i! thought not to be impertin.cnt, to my mofi: nc~dfull fuits,prefently jn ~::nd, (before her mofi: .t.xccllent Majefiy Roy.a ll, your Lordihips good Grace11 01nd other. the Right Honotu2ble Lords.oi her Majefiies Privy CouncelJ ) to tna~ e fomc part of former fiudies, ?nd fiudious exercifes (within and for thefe 46 ycars1afi pafl:, ufc:d and co~tinued) to be firfi known and di(covered u~to your Grace, and other the r!ght Honourable, my good Lords of ber MaJefiies privy Councell ; And fecondly, afterwards, the fame tG be permitted to come to pnblick view.: Not fo much, to fiop the mouthes, and, at length to.ftay tbe impudent attempts , of the rafh, and malicious devifers, ~nd cc ntrivers ofmofi: untrue, foolifh, and wicked reports, and fables, of, and conccrningmyforefaid fi:udiousexercifes, paffcd O' er, with my gr~at,:(yea in ... credible) paines, era' ells) ca- es;and cofts, in the fearch, and le~rning oT true r J?hilofophie; As, therein,'So, to cerrifi~, and farisfie the g0dly .and unparti all Chrifi:ian he-arer, or readc:r hereof: That, by hi~ own judgem(nt;( upon his du~ confideration, and examination of this, no little pared!, of the particulars .of my forefaid fiuclic;s, and exercifes philofophic.all annexed) He wi11, or 1nay, be fuffici'ently informed,and pcrfvvaded; That I have wondtrfully laboured,-ro firnd,tollow,u{e,and .h aunt th~ rrue,firaighr,and mofr narrow path ,.leading all true, devour, zealous; faithfuiJ, and confiant Chri-



:fiian fiudents., ex valle bttc. miferit:e, & miftria iflim tz~allif: & tt11ebrar1un Regno ; & tenebrh iftim R.egni,11d montem fanCium Syon)&-11d creleftia taberna cula. All thanks 1 are mofi: duf,therefore, unto the Almighty. ~cein~:, it .o plel(c:d him> (even frorL my youth?by his divine favour, gr;.ce, and help) ro inilnuate into n yheart, ;ill infa ttablc zeJl, and defire, to know his truth:: And in him, and by him,incelfantly to feck, and liften after the fame; by the true Philofophical method and harmony proceeding and afcending, (as it were) gradatim, from things viG.ble, to confider of rhings invifible fro~n things bodily , to conceive of things fpiritnall: from !hings tranfit ;ry, and momentary, to mediate of things permanent: by things morrall ( vifzb!e,)nd inv~fzble) to have fome perfeveranc e of immortality. And to <.on elude, mofi: briefily; by the moll: mervailous frame oftbe whole 11/orid , phi]ofophically viewed,and circumfpecrly ~ei_shed,numbred, and mc~fured(according to the ralent,and gift of G 0 D, rrom.above alotted, for his divine purpofcs dretting) mofl: fai hfully to love, honor, and glorifie alv~dies, the Framer, and Creator ther~ot In w hofe workmanfhip, his infinite gooo neG;, unfearchabL: wi!do:r e, and Almighty power, yea , his evei:lafring power, and divinity; tray (by innumerable means) be inanifefied, and de." on ... firatcd. The truthofwhich my zealous, carefulf, and (Onfianrintcnt, and endeavour pecified, may (I i ~ opc ) eafily appear by the ~1--0Je, full and due furvey, and confiderarion o f all the Books, Treatifes, and D1lcourfes, V'll ho'e Titles oncly, are, at this ti.me, here annexed, and exprdfed: As rhey He iet down in t he Gxth Chaper, ofanother little Rhap(oduall fre:nif~, intituled, the Compendiom RehearfaU,&c. writter: a bo'. e t vvo y~ars fince: for thofe bcr. M.a jefiies two honor.-blc Comiffioners; wh;ch her mofi ' xcellent l\1a jeH.y had d.ofi: gra(.:iouOy fent to my poor Cottage in N[ortclac~: to underftand the matters, and caufcs at fuH; throuf:. h which, I vtas fo cxtreamly urged to procure at her Majefiies hands fuch Honorable Surveyors a nd vvit~ neflcs to be ~diJg ~ed, for the due:proof of the con te-nts, of my mofi: humble and pi tifull fupplicat,on, e\ hibited unto her rrofi: Excellent Majefi:y, at Ha1~pt on Court, An. l') 92. Novemb. 9. Thus therefore (as followeth) is rhe {aid 6. Chapter there, recorded.

by -aritingoffundry BooK s,tmdTreatifes :fome in Latine,fonie in Englijb, and fome of them , written, at her.Majefties commande1nent. Of which BooK s,and Treatifes, lomc are printed, and fomc: unprinted The printed BooKs : and Treatifcs are thefe following:
RopideHmata AphoriS/ictt, De prfiantioribM quibufdam Natur& vir~ tH-tibw. Aphorifmi. 120. Anno . I)S ~ 2. Monas Hieroglyphica, Mathematic~, Anagogiceque explicdta; ad Maximitianum (Dei gratia) Komanorum, Bohemit:e,&- Hzmgari.c, Regem [upient1Jimum., Anno 1 'j 64 ... 3. Epiftola ad eximiuin Duci3 Vrbini MathematiC!mt ( Fredericum Com"' mandinum) pr~fixa libello MachtJmet,i Bagdedini, Def~tperficierum Divifu;f!ibw;edit9 in lneem1 oper~ me11, & ejufdem Commandini Vrbint~t~ ; Im,?re[{a Fi ... fauri. Anno 1570~

~ trey ;

My labo~trf and painf beftowedat divers iimu, to pleafilre my native CouFl-


-1'1 The


4- '(be Bryti/h Monarchy ( otherwife called the Petty N~vy Royal/: ) for the
politique Jecurity; abund~nt wealth, and the triumphant ftate of this Kingdomt, ( witbGod.rfavour,) procurin, Anno 15 76. 5. My Mathematic all preface annexed to Euclide, ('by the right wo.rfoipfu/l Sir Henry .Gillingfiey Knight,in the .t.nglifh language firfl publifhed) written at the earnest requeji ojjundry rrght worjbipfull Kn(~ht.r, and other very welllearnedmeno Wherein are many Arts, oC me wholy invented (by name, definition, propriety and ufe,) more then either the Grzcian, or Roman Mathematicians, have left to our knowledge, Anno 15 70. 6 My divers and many Annotations, and Invention.; Nlathematicall, added infundrJ places of the forefaii .Englitb Eucizde, after the tenth Boo"it r;f the fame. Anno 1 5 70~ 7 EpiftoJa pre.fixs Ephtmeridib1f.f Johannis Fdde Angli , cui rationem declaraveram Ephemerides confcribendi. Anno15; 7. ~. "f araiaticce Co111.mt:m11tionh, PraxetJfq; Nucle~ qui dam. An no 1 57 3.

TheunprintedBooKs and Tre;ltifes, are thefe: fome,

perfi1/y finijbed : and fome, yet un.finijhed.
9 T~e ~r~ gre~t volu~e ~fFamous and rich Difcoveries : '":herein ( al
io) IS t. 1c Hd1:ory of Kmg Solom1n, every three years, h1s Ophirian Voyage. T}:le Originals ofPresh\ ter Joannes: ancl of the firfi great Cham, and his fucceffors for many years following: The defcription of divers wondcrfu11 IOes in the Notthern,Scythian, Tartarian, and the other mofi Northern Seas, and nee re under the North Pole ; by Record, written above 1 ]0 ~) 0 years Gnce: withdivers<>ther rarities, Anno 15 76. 1 Oo The BrytiLh Complement,of the perfect Art ofNavigation; A great volume : in which ) a re contained our Q~een Elh.abetb her Arithmetical!
Tables Gubernautick . for Navigation by the Paradoxall compaffe (of me, invented a,zno 5 ') "l )and Navigation by great Circles: ;lnd for longitudes, and latitudes; and the variation oft he compalfe finding moll: eafily , and fpeedi1y :yea, (ifneed be) in one minute of time, and (ometime? without ftght of Sun, Moon or Star; With many other new anq needfull inventions Gubernautick, Anno 11\76. llo Her Majdlies Title Royall, to many forr:ain Countries, Kingdomes, and Provtnces, by good tefiimony and fufficient proof recorded: and in 12. Velum Skins ofParchment,faire written: for her Majefiies ufc: and at her Majefiies commandement, An no ll5 7 8. 12 De Imperator is Nomine, Authoritate, & Potentia : dedicated to her Majefiie, Anno 1 ~ 79 13. Prolegomena &Dicrata PariG.enfia, in Euclid~ Elemcntorum Geo~ metricorum, librum primum, & fecundum; in ColJegio Rhemenfi,Anoi5 5o,. 14. De ufu Globi Ca:ldhs: ad Regem E doardum fc:xtumo An. 1 ~5o. 15. The Art ofLogick,in b.~ nglifh, Anno1547 I6o The 1 3 Sophifiicall Fallacians, with their difcoveries, written in Englifh m~tcr, Annoo1548. 17. Mercurius


0 L 0 G E T I C A L L

An. '5+9 18. De Nubium;Solis,Lunz,.tcrdiguorum Planerarum,immo ipGus Ud~ liferi CCX?li,ab 1nfimo Terr~ Centro, di!lantiis,mutui{q; incervallis,& corundcm omnium Magnitudine liber cl?ro~t-t'"'T 1 xos-, ad Edoard1tm Scxtum, Angliz Regem, An no 15 ).I. 1 9 Aphori.fmi Afl:rologici 300. ~nno I') 53. 2 o. The true caufe,and account (not vulgar) of Floods and Ebbs: written at the requefi of the Right Honourable Lady, L:1dy Jane, Dutchdfe o Northumb~rland, An no I. 5S> 2 t. The Philofophicall and Poeticali Originall occafions of the Configuratio~s, and name& of the heaven] y Afieriiines, writte,n at the requeft of the fame Dutchefs, Anno r 55 3. 2 '2. The Afironomicall, & Logifiica11 rules, and Canons, to calcul~te the Ephemerides by, and other neceffary Accounts of hea.venly motions: writt~n at the requefi, and for the ufe of that excellent Mechanicien M a. fl:er Richard Cba}zcelor, at his lafl: voyage into Mo{chovia. An no I$ 53. ~ ~ De Acribologia Mathematica; volumen magnum : fexdecim continens libros, Anno I 55 5 :2 4 1nventum Mechanicum, Paradoxum, De nova ratione delineandi Circumferentiam Circu1arem :uncle, valde rara alia excogirari perfidque poterunt problemata, An no z55 6. 2 5 oe fpeculis Comburentibus: libri fex, Anno 1557. :z6. De PerfpeB:iva ilia, qua peritifsimi utuntur Picrores. Anno 1 557 2 7. SpecuJum unicatis: five Apologia pro Fratre Rogerio Bach~ne Anglo! in qua docetur nihil ilium per D~monior'um fecilfe auxilia, fed philo(ophutn fuiffe maximum; oaturaliterque & modis h9mini Chrifiiano licitis, maximas feciffe res, quas indoetum folet vulgus, in o~moniorum referre facinora, Annoz557. 28. Oe Annuli Afironimici multiplid ufulib. z. Anno 1 5 57 2 9 Trochillica Invent a, lib. z. An no 1 5 58. 30 n .F~ rll!a.6 lb Cl.CJfh:;,ll ~e~AO)lX :;;v, lib. 3 Anno I 55 8. 31. De tcrtia & pra:cipua FerfpeCt:ivz parte, qu~ de Radi.orum fraaione traClat, lib. 3. Anno r 559. 3 2. De Itinere fubterranco, [,b, z. Anno I s6e. ~ 3 ~ .De Triangul orum retlilineorum Areis, lib. 3. demonfirati : ad exe1tifilmum Mathematicum Petrm11 Nonimn confcripti, Anno 15~o. 3 4. C<ibal<r Hebraic: compen9iofa t~bella, A:nno 156:1-. 3 5 Rei publica: Britanicx Synopfis : in Englifh, Anno I 5 Gs. 3G. De T rigono Circinoquc Analogico, Opufct-ilum Mathell. aticum & Mechanicum, lib. 4 Anno 1 .~65. 37 . De fi:ella admiranda, iu Caffiopex Afierifino, crelitns demiffa ad orhem ufqne Veueris: lterumqu~ in C celi penetralia perpendiculariter retraEta, poft dccimum fextu.11 fu~ apparitionis menfem, An. 1 57? ; ~. Hip parchus Redivivu s, TraCl:atulus, Ant:Jo 1 57 3. 3 9 De unico Mago, & tripli.ci Herode, eo que AntichriH:iauo~ An. 1 57 4 o. Ten fundry and very rare lleraldic<il Blafonings of one Creft or .o)rniCance>.lawfully confirmed to certain ancient Arms, lib.r. An. 1 574.


q. Mercurius Ca:lefiis :. libri 2.4 written at Lov4yn,


1 Atlanfidi-st

r. Atlantidis,(vulgariter, Indi::.c, Occidentalis nominator) emc:ndatior

defcriptio Hydrographica, quam ulla alia adhuc evulgata, An. r58o. 41 . De modo Evangelii Jefu Chrifii publicandi, propagandi,fiabilicndiqse, inter Infideles Atlanticoi : volumen magnum, libris difi:incrum quatuor: quorum primus ad Sereniffimam nofham Potentiffimarnquc Regi .. nam Elicz.abetbam infcribitur: Secundus, ad fummos privati fuz f4.crre Majc fiatiseonGlij fenatores: T erci us, Hi fpaniarum Regem,Philippztm : Qyartus, ad Pontificem Roman urn, Anno 1 ' 8 x. 43 .Navigationis ad Carthayum per Septentrionalia Scythiz & T artaria: lit.ora,Delineatio Hydrographica: Arthuro I' it,& Carolo Jac: mano Anglis, ver\ fus illas partes Navigaturis,l.n manus tradita;cum admirandarum quarundam Infularum,annotatione,in illis fubpolaribus partibus jacentium, An. rs8o. +4 Hemifpha:rij Borealis Geographica , atque Hvdrographica defcriptio : longe a vuJgatis chartis diverfa : Anglis quibufdam, verfus Adal1tidi, Septenrrionalia litora, na vigationem infiitucntibusJ do no data, An. I 583. 45. The Originals,and chief points, of our ancient BrytHh Hifiories,dif~ courfed upon, and examined, An. I 58 3 4-6. Art advife & difcourfc about the Reformation of the vulgar y~are, vvritten by her Majd1ics commandement, and the Lords of the privy Councell, Anno 158z. 4 7. Cerrai n Confiderations,and conferrings together, of thefe three fen tenccs, ( anncientJy accounted as Oracles ( Nofce teipfum :Homo Homini Dem: Homo Homini Lltpus, An. I 5 92 48. De hommis Corpore, Spiritu, & Annima : five! Microcofmicum totius Philofopbi::.c Naruralis Compendium, lib 1. Anno I 59 !. With many other Books, Pamphlets, Difcourfes, Inventions, and Conclufions, in divers Arts and matters: whofe names , need not in this AbfiraB: to be notified : The mof\: part of aH which , here fpecified, lie here before your Honours upon the Table, on your left hand. But by other books and Writings ofanother fort 11 (if it fo pleafe God, and that he will grant me life,health, and due maintenance thcrero, for fame ten or twch e years next enfuing) I may, hereafter make plaioe, and withoutdoubt, this fentem;e robe true, fhtra laient, quJm patent. Thm; far (iny good Lord)bave I fet down this Catttlogu.r,out of the forefaid .6xt Chapter, of the booke, whofe title is this: 4-9 The Compendious rehearfallof John Dee, his dutiful! declaration and


proofe oftbe courfe and rt~pe of hu ftudious life, for the JPace of halft an hundred years, now (by Gods favour and help )full} j}ent, &c. To which_ comperi~ious rehearfalJ, doth now belong an Appendix, of thefe two lafi yean: In which I have had many juft occafions, to confeife, that Homo Homini Deus,and Homo Homini Lupus, was and is an Argument, worthy of the decyphering, and large difcufsing:as may, one day, hereafter (by Gods heJp) be publifhed,in fame manner very firan ge. And. befidc:s all the reh~arfed Books & Treatifes c f~y writiug, or handl ing httherto,I ha_ ve jufi canfe,lately given me to write & publifh a Treatife, with Title ( ~ o.) De Hori%ontelEternitati.s:to make evident, that one AndreaoLibarviw,in a book of his,printc:d the Jail year,hath unduly confidcred a phrafe of my Monas Hyeroglyphict~:

p 0 L 0 G E T I

A L L.

gliphic4: to.hismifliking;

hr hi~ own unskil~ulndfc: in fuch matter: and not

Mathematie'H$ & Phyficus. 2. ''"fhe fec(')nd,De lEternitate : liber Theo/,giciiJ, Metaphyficm & Mathematicw .. 3. The third , De Hori<J..onte lEternitatn : liber Theologicw , Mathematicns , & Hierotechni ..

underfiandtng my apt apphcatton thereof, In one of the very principal places, of the whole Book. And this book of It mine, by Gods help and f~vour ( .fhall be dedi- memmay now be here alfo rebred , that almotl three cated unto her mofl: Excellent Majefiy Royall: years afrer_the writing of this letter, r dtd fomewhat facisfie Andthii Treatife doth contain three books; the reque!t of an Honourable 1. The firfi: lnt~tulcd , De Horicx.oute : lioer Fri~~d in Court , by fpeedily
pcnnrng fome matter concerning her Majefties Sea-Sove~ raignti~ : und~r rh is tirle. 51. Tht~l4ttocrll ti4 Bryt~tnniCII.


~ Truly aye great cauie to praiu~ an than e God, for your Graces very charitable ufing ofme: borh in fundry points elfe, and.alfo in your favour- 20' c..Ma, ceftritt. ableyeelding ~o, yea & notifying the due means for the performance of her Sacred Majefiies m oft gracious and bountifull difpoGtion, refolution, and very royall beginning, to refiore and give unto me (her Ancient faithfull fervant) fome due maintenance to lead the refi: of my old daies in fome quiet and comfort: with habilitie, to retaine Come fpcedy, faire, ~nd Orthographicall writers, about me; and the fame skilfuii in La tine ~nd Greek(at the leafi: )afwell for my own books, and Works, fair,andcot.re8: ly to be written (fuch I mean, as either her mo!l: Excellent Majefiie, out of the premiffes ~ill make choice of, or com~and to be finifhed or publifhcd : or fuch o r them, as your grace fhall thmk meet or 'Yorthy for my farther labor to be beftowed oo ) as elfe for the fpeedy, faire, and trUe writing out o~ other ancient .A~th~rs their good and rare workes, in gr.e ek or L atine: whtch by G 0 D S 1 rovtdcnce, have been preferved frotn the fpoilc made ofmy Librarie, and of all my movable goods here &c. Anno ' 1 5 ~ i "* In which Librarie, were about 400-o. f , 700. were anctent IY wntten bY voyage beyon d the Seas , wa" * Although that my la!t boo 1 w herco <S; hand ; Some in Greek!;, fome in Latine , fome in ?uly unJerta ken ( b.y ber MaHebre'll', And fome in other languages (as may by Jellies good favouc and licence) as by_ rh e fame words may apt he w h ole Cat alo gus t hereo f appeare. ) B ut t he pear~~ the Lecrcr, written by great loffes and dammages which ~n fundry fo-rts I the R1ghr Honourable l ord Trcafurer, grace in llave.!uftained, do not fo much gneve my heart, as my beh alf,unto your inoft Exand her the rafh, Icvvde,fond, and m oft untrue fables, and" cellent Majellie willing nis Horeports ofme,and my Studies Philofophicall, have nor 0 do. An~o. 159. 1/1~ 20 0 dorie, and yet do; which commonly' after their amsarJ'. firft hatching, and devili(h devifing,immediatdy with great fpeed,are gene. rally all the Real me overfpread? and to fom(}? fecm true; to oth er,th~y au~ dou btfull ; and to onely the w1fe, mod eft, d1fcreet, godly, and eh uttable (and chiefly t ..duch a-shave fame acquaintance: wirh me) they appear, and are known to b e fables, untruths, and utterly falfe reports, and ilanders. \iVell, thisihall b e my laft charitable giving of warning , and fervent pro teft-ation to my Countreyrncn, and all other in this cafe;



De Br]tllnico M aru imperio1 C90eCZ.anea ExtfJmport:nea : 4 dterNm Sp~tcio J ctl~ri C cript4 "n{ calt~m(). Anno. 1597- s~plemb:



- ---------------------------------~--


A fervent P



A T ~ oN.

Efore the Almighty onrG 0 P, anq your Lordjbip.J' goodGrace,this day,o1z the p~rill ofmy fouls damnation( if I lie, tJr ta~ his name in rvaweher~in) 1 ta~e the f~me G 0 D, to be my witnefle; Th4t with all my heart, with all my foul,witb aU my ffrength, power and underffanding (according to the meafure ther,of,wbicb the Almighty bath given me) for the moff part oft he time, from my youth hitherto, I have uftd and fliU ufe, good, lawfH.ll, honeft, chrifiian and divinely pre(cribed mettnJ to attain to the knowledge ofthofe truthet, which are meet:) and neceflary for m.e to know; and wherewith to do his divine Majefly fuch fervice, a.J' he hath, doth, a.r<Jd will call me unto, during this my life :for his honour and glory t~dtvancing,and for I he bene_fit,and commorJ/tie publique of this Kingdome;fo mucb, M by the ~ill and purpoft o[God,ft;alJ lie in my skill)and hability to perform : a:s a true,foitbfull, and moftfmcerely dtttifull ferrvant, to our moft graciou.J' and incomparable QJ!.een Elizabeth , and M a very comf()rtable fellow-member of the hody pfJlitique, governed under the fcepter Royal of our earthly Supream~ bead ( Q.f!een Eliz~beth) and as ttlively fympathicall, and true (ymetricall fellow~ member ofthat holy and myfticall body, Catholiquely extended and placed (wherefower ) ou the -earth: in the view, Knowledge, direction, protection , illHmination and confolation ofthe Almighty,moft Bltfled, mofl holy, moft glorious, comajefti.ctdl, coeternsll, and coe_fJentiaU 1 rinity : The Head ofthat Body, being only our- Redeemer, Chri ft Jefitt~ perfo&E God :> t11td perfiCI: man : whofe retu~tn in glory, 1e faithfully awaite; and daily doe very earneftly cry 1t.nto him, to bafte:z hh fecond commingfor hi.J' ele&lsfab:; iniquity doth fo on this earth al1o1md and precz,aile, and true faith with Cbarity and Evangelicozll fimplicity.,btt'ZH imt cold; flender and 1mcertri11 intertainment among the 'll'orldly-wife men oftbis n'orld. Therejore(berein concluding) 1 befeech the Almighty God, mefl ahundan.tly to increafe and confirm your Graces beavenly rvifedome, and endue yo'li. witb all the reft of his heavmfy gifts-, for tbe relieving,re{rejhing and comfortin~~' both bodily andJPiritHally , his little flock of the faith[Tt!l , yet milittmt here on 'art b. Amen.


An E

r L o a u E.

Good my Lord, I befeech Your Grace, to allow of my p1 aine and corn~ forta b]e Epilogus , for this matter at this time. I. Seeing my fiuciious exercifes , and converlation civill, may be abundJntly tdtified, to my good credit, in the moft parts of all Chriftendome; and tbat by all degreei of Nobility, by all degrees of the Learned, and by very many other> ofgodly and Chriftian difpoGtion, for the[pace of 46. years trial!. (asappeareth by the Records lately viewed by two honourable wirnefies, by Commifsion from her Majeftie;,) 2. And feeing, for thefe 3 6. years ]aft pafi-, I have been ber mofi Excellent M ajefiies very true, faithful! and d utifull fervanr; at whofeRoyall mouth) I never received any one word of reproach; but all of favour, ~nd grace : In whofe Prince1y Countenance, I never perceived fro-wne toward me, or di!Content'd regard, or view on


p 0 L 0 G E T I

A L L.

me: but at all times fayourable,and gracious: to the great joy and comfort of my true, faithfull,and loyall heart. And (thirdly )Seeing, the works of my hands, and words of my mouth(here before notified, in the Schedule of my books, and writiogs) may beare lively witndfe of the thoughts of my heart, and inclination ot my minde,generalJy,(as all wife men do k.now, and Chri(t himfelfcloth a vouch,) It m~ght, in manner feem needlelfe,thus carefully (though mofi briefly and fpeedily) to have warned or confounded the fcorntull,the malicious, the proud,and the ra{h in their untrue reports;opinions}and fables of my fiudies, er exercifes Philofophicall: but that , it is of more importance, that the godly, the honeH:, the modeft, the difcreet, grave, and charitable ChrHlian!;(Englifb or other,) lovers of Jufiice, truth) and good learning, may hereby receive certaine comfor! in themfdves ( to perceive, that VeritM t4ndemprc:evalt:hit) and fufficiently beweaponed and armed with found truth, to defend tr e againfi: fuch kind of my adverfaries: hereafter they will begin afrdh or hold on obHinatdy in ti-,eir former errors,vain imaginations,fa1fe reports,and mofi ungodly flanders of me &l: my fiudies.~Therefore,(to make all this caufe,for ever,before God & man,out of all doubt:) Seeing, your Lordfhips good grace, are, as it were, our high. Pridt, and chiefEl:defiafticall Minifl:c:r, (under our mofi: dread and Sove raigne Lady U!_leen Eli'Z..abeth) to whofe cenfure and judgement, I fubmit all my :f.l:udies and Exercifrs ; yea all my Books pafi, prefent, and hereafter to be written, by me (of my ownskill,Judgcment, or opinion,) I do, at this prefent time,mofl: humbly, uncerely, and unfainedly, and in the name of A lmighry God, (yea for his honour and glory) requefr , a~ d befeech your Grace,(when, and as conveniently you may, to bc_well and throu~hlycer.. ti fied of me, what I am, Intu.r & in cute : R.everendijfime in Chriftq P at~r ~ & L 1ignijfime Archiprjitl, cognofce & agnofoe 'V11.ltum tdm internum,. quam externum puor~ tui : .And wherein I have ufed, do or fhall ufe, pen ; {peech , or converfation, otherwile then as it appertaineth to a faichfull, carefull, (incere:, and humb!e fervant ofChri \: Jefu, That your Grace would vouch~ fafe to advertifeme. ~ o, I tru :t, Vltimartj}ondebunt prim-is: in Luch fort,. as this Authentic/tKecordin La tine annexed ("d perpetuam rei me111oriam) .dotb tdtifie: having never hitherto had occafion to fhew that, in any pla~ of Chriflendome: to tefl:ifie better of me, then theY. had proofe ofme , themfelves, by my converfation among them. (The Almighty, therefore, be highly thanked, praifed, honourcd,and glorified, for ever and ever ,Amen. But now,. in ofthe genuall int('nt of thi5 bride difcourfe, I m oft h:1mbJy, and r~verently, exhibit to your Grace view, and puufing, the origioali monum ~nt, and authcntick Record, before m entioned, fair written in Parchment, wirh the Seal whole, and perfecr,duly appendant: as I have 46 . years, and fomewhat longer, prefc:rved it. The true Copy whereof, your Grace doth iec, to be verbatim, as followcth.



Nif[)tr/i~ SanCi ma~r~ Ecclejite filtjs, ad q~os literteftr~:nturtt Ufnnt, J/z(ecancellarzwCtufq; omnu Regentzumpr[entesRegentzum:, Vni &. non
#fltr(ztatis Cantabrigi, Salute m in Domino [empiternam Conditioizes &.. A1erita hominum 1n nofha Vniverfitate .ftudmtium,.4jfelu jincero perpendentes; eOf JoloJ' te.ftimonio.noftro Orn4ndot ejfo arbitrainur quosfcimus ob eruditionem, & morum) proVitaftiH promerttOJ fffe, Ut iftud benefictum nobis cqnfequfintztr: 0!:_ttmrJbrem) dun hoc tempore ipfa v,eritM tejlimonium noflrum fibi poftulat , veftr<.e pietati~ per.htn literM ftgnifica1111ts ili!_od dileelus nobis in Chriflo, 1 oha,nn :sDee, Ar ... tium M~giflcr, in diCJa nofira univerfitate fa:liciter cverfatm;plurinuz~ fibi & do&lrinte & horuftatis laudem comparavit: De cuj1ugradu, & convdfatione (qu~ honefiijfiiHa fomper fuit,) ne qua uj}iam am igHittn, aut quaJ1io oriri poffit, b ap~td quibmhtJjw viri cvirtutei baudfat~inuotuerint, cvi{um eft nobh, in di~ f.li J9h~tnnis gr~tiam,hM litera.r nojfJ~tH T efliJHonialuconfcrihere; & confcriptas, publico Academi noftr~ figillo, obfig~are : quo 1 majorem apurl vo.r authoritatem, & pondu-s liter'l nojir babeant, Bene vAiete Datum Cant abrigi~, in plena Convocatione Magiffrorum Regenti1un &-11on R.egentium, Academi-;e pr~diClit : 1-1 C41end. A prilis, Anno l hri.fto nato. I; 1-~.


For certam due refpects t hr

v ~ry


of the tore(aid Seal,is nor bere in portratU(e p1.1blifhd; the Moto Loi:H; v tri f g ,fli.

pER O.R. T l ,O.

He Almighty and moft mercifu 1l God,th:e Father;for his <>nly Son ( onr Redeemer~\ Jefus C hriit his fake : by his holy Spirit', fo direct, bleife, and profper alJ my fiudies, and exercifes PhiJofophicaJl, ( yea, aU my thoughts, words, and deeds)henceforward,even to rhe very moment of my departing from this world,- That lmay evidently and :tbundantly be found, and undoubtedly acknowledged of the \1\-ife and Juft) to have been a zealous _ andfaithfuH Student in,the School of Verity, and an Ancient Gradu1te
ic the School of Charity: to the honour and g.~oryofthe fame God Aimigh-fy; and t.J the found comfort and confirming of fuch as faithful ly love and fear hi~ Divine Ma jeftie,and unfain{dly continue in labour to do good on earth: when,while, to whom, and as they may, Amen.
Very fpedilywritten,this twelfth even, and twelfth day,in my poore Cottage, at Mortlake: c.Anno. I 59 5. currmtt aNativitate Chtifti: aft, v/n. I 594Completo)4 Conceptione eju{dw, cum lif1Utm prure4 menfihH&, Comple~it.

Al~a.Jes, and ver1

dutifuUy ~ at your graces commandement:

Jo. Dee.

Of the feveral .Aflions contained in this Book' \vith the moft
Confid~rab.le Matters, either ~f

F aEI and Riftory ; or Do.Cirine, in each of them.





_ .... He firft apparitil)~t 'of Madimi, in tbe .fhape of a Girle. Alb, Lasky, his Ndegrer~ This Al. L. ( whtreof more the Prefac.e,) being the ' fir(t defigned hy the spirits, as _d' fit Inftru.. . ment, under pretence of godfi.,. ne ~tnd reformation, to turat all _hings upjidrffe t down in -the World : But thitt plot failing, therrthe Emperour of Germany:afrer him Stephen King 11fPol~d : after him-; Pr~nce Rofimberg, were thought upon, and applictttions ( as will be found here, ) made unto them to that md. fJ7hat alterations, aJ:td deftruaion~ of m~n and /zi1tgdoms would have enfued (had God given way, a.r in Mahomers ca[e,&c.) may be colleC/ed out of fundry palfages of this Book. li p . 3 Anabaptillical t X aggtr'ations of the gmeral wick_edneffe, and ll Promi{e of a general Reformation by A. L. Of Ifabel Lifter tempted, and, bidden Treafures. Ill p. 5. Mtlfical nllmbers, and letters, for a Magical Lamin. IV ib. Ed. Kelley ,his rage and fury,how repr-oved, and appeafd~ The Book, the 'Scroll, and tbr Powder. V p. 9 Great rhreatnings of future j udgemmts in all placts. VI" p. to. Divers Apparitions. Ofgood Angds, never appearin~ in the .fhape of women ; T rithemius his affertronreprovea: The Book. Divine in[pira.tion. ( See alfo p. 23. as thou fhalt find me to move thee, and divers other places,) pro;ni[ed m the writmg and, ord ~ring of it. ~ Thi-1 Book ( had i:b;ngs fucreeded ) fho uld have betn. inJfead of a _ Bible ; as the Alcoran, ( tt1td much of the fame fubjeCJ; ) is among the


Mahometans. See p. 18, zo, 6i: &c . A verY effe{fual way t o d:a.w people, under to/our of a New Law, new -ltgfus , and do{irines, ( which Anabaptiil:s have alwayes pretended unto) from. H eavfit. Vli p. if Divers 1?1y(tical Apparition-s, a1 Jitd _(cour[es. Charles Sled, poffeffed and di[Joffeed. Vlll p. i8. The Contents, and worthinrffe of the Book, IX ib. A fudden SUJt-jhine. T he Book namrd, So'!_'Je lines of it. Ed. Kdley's pangs,-and agoni;s at [11m:: Vifions, before Dr. Dee. Good A nr..els. how to be k._norm fro in evil. X p. 20. Promi[es t o A. L. confirmed by an oatb. Ed. Kelley defirot/5 and ready to raifc a Devil by hu Art, before A. L. but not permitted by Dr. Dee. XI p. 22. _4fparitio!ls before- the ~~~d Lasky: The Dtvd prayeth~ and ( Anab:tpnfh'cally) bewaileth. the wic/zednefJe of the World. Of Angel,. Guardrans. Sudden deatb fmtenced ll)!tZiJtjt the .L. Laskies [erv_llnt, fer interrr!pti;tg, th.ough but' ca[ually, the Aett OJi. X H p. 23. The Book, <1.11d divers infiru{iions ab~TJt the wri tiH.~ of it. XIII p. 24-. Apparitions i ;t the 11ir. Ed. KeHey [canda!tze-d and appe-a[:d. Prayers for him in Latine Jtnd Eng!i/h; ~ompofed by the S!irits. _ XI V p. 25. The Pr,tyer : tbc ufe a}td ( XC"el!enc-y of it. XV ib. Apparitions .111td Prophe[i1s, in tbe prefmre of !be I;orrl Lasky, . X VI. p. 2 6. The Boo!{ to be written ( it is not improbable the Alc~rmt was : ) by Spirits. Some thinj!.s rttt.ered in Greek_: ( of which [de in the Pr eface ) Ed. Kelley prcpariitg to be golie,.flrt)'ed with the fromife of'so pormd ye.zr!y. XVII p. 28. 'Diuers informatim; and r.'tutims given ( by Spirits) t o Dr~ Dee, r.on,erning Jeere r


[ *]


The Table.
,Examples of dangerolff i!tufions. numiu at C9urt, &c. Strarrg~ mJfteries concer.n. ing Guardian Angel6. Al. Lasky's Seal. XXXI P 55 A CIMtinuation here al[o. Co11n[el XV JII p. ;o. New prank._s of Kellyes. Dr. Dee given tfl Dot1or Dce to ~urn his. blafphemous. -much p~rplexed. Dr. Dee himfelf hearerh, &c. ( -which be accounted moft holy ) Books: ~ A continuati~n of the j ourney. More~~ thi L. laskies Pedegru. The myjtery of rl.e Trinity, faith, Hope, and Cloarity : Ed. XXXll p. 56 The fame Projet1 here alfo. 1'he Kelley d,[poJ[rffed ('in jhew ) of many devils . . conclufton of thit ( perfonMed) temptation, b.J the XIX p. 33 Dr. Dee, andhis.CompanJ,[etout of app~rition of bett1r ( ~s idfiippofe. )fPirits. d Mortlack ( in England, n1t far f rom London,) XXXIII p. 57: Sermon-li.k..e ,}b4jffJf humiliry,perfor Cracovia, ilt Polonia. Their danger, and defeverance, & c. Caba!ifiical d1 f1rine of emanaliverance at ~teenborough. tions, &c. Alb~ Lasky excepted agttinjf, and XX ibid, Divers Appa.ritians. Senmn-l;k._e ftuff . fome.prol1fi[.es revok.!d~ d elivered bfthe Spzrits (in La tine) who tell Dr. XXXIV p. S 9 Some places of the Apocalyp~, Dee that it was they that h11.d preferved him in amJ of Efdras App~ed t o tbefe Actions. his late danger. ~Very lik.fly il{deeJ that thq XXXV P 6o. Efdras trgarn. Str~tn-ge Prediwere the imnudiate cau[e, as of the danger, fo (]iom (but Anabaptillical, and fal[e ) of th~ prefervation at that time, to have the mou hold deftrulli()n of !(ings and fSi1zgdoms , 1P_hhin feYP 14ppn him for tbe~t imno come. for they tell him years after. The New Bc-ok, to be iNjfead of ?ften of it, after-w~trds. ~ A co11tinuation of the th.e Bible. . ( $ee before, the CIJntent.s of th~ ~IKth A&10n. ) ~ A continuati:n of their Jo!'rney. . Jottrney. XXI p. 35. Apparitions in the prefence of the L Lasky. M~{f things here i1t Ltthze~ f~r hil '[ak_e. XXXV 1 p. 6 2 .Appar _itions : good ( fo efieemed) ~ A continuation of the jounzry. and evil fpirits conte{(. Ed. Kelley ubuk.,ed fo r XXH p. 36. St vrral Apparitiom. Some evil his Magick. New Lights of dollrine promifed. .fpiritr ( he ack..?zowledged ) aPfear , and blafThe holy Language, ('!tOt H ebrew,) and te phrme. vertue of it, Gabale of nature. Chrift's T~r reftia\ IGngd<;>m : as before, XXlp p. 39 Sermonlik.,e !fujf, of mortiji.atto H, &c. Dock urn, ( in G ermany) to be de- XXXVII p. 65. Chri{t to be revealed. D ofJor .ftro ye.d, men womm, and childrm ; or faved Dee's wife and maid thretttned bJ App~r.iti4Hf at Dr. Dees pleafure: as hir Spirits nzak,.e hin~ Hil affairs in England. Sir Henry Sidne,!Jdirve. ~ A continuatim of the journey. flllflJ, reporte~ dead, by ff irits. Alb. Lasky XXI V p. 41. Stage lik_c c.arriage, and [peecbes, con[pzred agamft. Cracov1a promifeti to V o{ir ( {uch as is [em and heard in Pulpits [ometimes,) Dee a place of refl : (and af,ain p. 70.) of Spirits; at which Ed. l<ell ey il offended ; XXXVIII p. 69 Vo{ior Dee"s qurftiom, not an4 fwered. hDw excu[ed. Prophefies and threatnings of great XXXIX ibid. The queftlons again. l!y{lica/~ and woes. XXV p. 4i Dr. Dee's [everalquefiions ofworldCabalifiica\ elufions. S ome tbi;;gs obfcurely 11114 lJ co11cermttents , eluded by Sermon~lik,e fluff {wered. of SAnftification, &c. .a11d {iJme idle Appa- XL p. 71. Alb. Las~y in part rejelltd, as unworthy : y et, to be Kmg f Moldavia. ~ Their ritions. coming to Cracovia. ~ Anabaptiftica1 Prediaions of gr.eat Commoti9ns, &c. attd ChriJfs Terrdlial kmgdom, p. 46. XLI p. 73 Thtfe 'Pzfion1 and Aftions m~tgnifieJ, ~ c;ontinuat ioll of the journey. as inc~mparablemercies a~rd favours, The l'ri~ nicy ack._nowledged. Cabalifiical myfteries. XX V1 p. 47. Dr. Dee ( to his great grief and amar..emmt) rtbuk_eJ for his abode , and aCl:i- XLII p. 76. Great myfteries promifed. 49 Tables. ons, i;z unfanctified places. ~ The conjl-lmt 49 Calls, t:J-r: .- TIJeir virtue. pra8ice of his fpi rits , when they could nt t per XLHI p. 77 An illufion. A further progreffe in fo rm whllt tbey had promifed, to mak,.e him bethe Cabale of Tables and C alls : with jhew (in the [pirits) of marvtll11r.s reverence. lieve it was for his or {ome of his companies ofXLl V ( p. 78. ) The firjt Table. Myftica l mmr fmces, a1td provocatioNs. hers and letters, &c. XXVII p. 49 GlorioZK Prontifes made to Dr. Dee. H is prefent eft ate in Eng land not very XLV p. 8o. Ed. Kelley, a Mal ician, and fo r good. H e doubteth this prefent .Apparition t o it, reprovttl. Further proceeding iH tbe pr() be illufions f Devils ; llitd u much trouble,d. Great oppofitim of wick.,d mifed Cabale. {pirit1 ( iHfhew ) whileft thif wo11derful Cabale X XV III p. 5 I. Gods Greatnelfe, Juftic~, &c. [et out in a prophetical-lik,.e }tile. H is Spirit is delivered. XLVI p. 82. A Prayer, (in 7Pords zelllozu ) ufed twofold. XXIX p. 52. Some [pirits tell Dr. Dee, all forby the fpirits,prefcribed to Do8~r Dee, &c, Promer apparitions were but illufim s of evil Jpirits, ceedi~tgs in the Cabal e. More oppofition ( in.fhtw) of wic/Zed [pzrits. Bodily reverences, and prayand he mAd~ a j o1l b tbem. ~ A nd niL thif y ( while he fuppofetl; the[~ to be the tentpt ati~;zs of ers, often ufed. Tbt firfi (all ended. Th~ ll[cthe Devil,) to maize hzm the 'n~re confident at 'md vertue of it. , ther tim n , when the Devil appeared unto him i1t XVll p. f8. M ore oppofition ( i11jhew) of wick.!tl fpirits. a better Jhn}e, a11d did mo.f abufe hzm. l XXX p. 54 A. 'ontinruzti'n of the f ame Projeti. XLVJij p. 89. 1ht Sabbath ( r Sunday)to be k,rpr.

{ ..

XL1X ib.

. -- -- .




The Table.
tr11_(wered by Ed. Kelley, for i!ludefh a1td cozen~ err : who H oppofed by V o{lor Dee, with much cerdetb. confi.dn1ce.,. and fome appea_r:z.nce of .rea{on. Some L p. 9 I. Nothing appeareth. Ed. Kelley (upon mijfnk.,es in the writing, from what caufe. good g-otmds ) very confident, thll~ they_ were DeVIl s all, that had appeared hitherto ;. antl their LXI V fl. 15 9. Ed. Kelley v.ery bold (and p_erv~rfe, M cenfured by Dor:Jor Dee, ) witb the fpi:O pretmded myftaies, very fopperies, &c. 11 i b. Kelley, of tbat -mind j1ill, and re[olved to rits : (y et not without good ground of re~ brain Do[Jor Dee. Doaor Dee's great confi-:fon ; all well confidered. ) The Book :. the dence (. btrt Hpon little grounds: whereof fee in leaves, dime1 rfiom, and other particulars of it: N ot to.be written, hut by Angels. Al. Lasky Jet the Preface:) of tbe contrary. in favour. Lll i b. Kelley rcpr~ v ed. The my(lerie ofN umbers. The Creation : Fall of A dam. The LXV p. 1 60 . God all in Rll. The Devil in perpeJua/ oppofition. H_o!P dangerol (truly fpoken, la ngtlltg_e be [pal<,e, &c. ~ Ed; Kelley rerhough by the Devil, ) t6 den! with hintJ. Infi~ conciled. delrt] puni(hed . Anabapcifrical Propliefies aJzd LIH p. 93 Somewhat heard by Do{]or Dee alPromifes. Al. Lasky [ufpeaed. fo, tv his wo1zder-i~g. Serm~n-lil<.e ftuJf _ f Preo de{linatiolr,:_E !e{]zon,&c. Jrtzvered by [pmts. The LXV I p. 16 2. Ed- K. reproved, aitd exhorted to repent; eanze(l!y,yea with tears, in_{hew. Oevifs Keyes : Their ufe and 11ertue. Move not,. &c. and their b'1fim~ both with good and bad. Somt ( often repeated ) explained. The work..e Caba\ifiica! _fhff, promifuJ. f!,Ots on. LIV p. I99 The W9rk..goes on, but mt without (as ~ p. 164-. Ed. Kelley's Confeffion of heretical, damnRb!e o;inio;ts by him held and believd. Hii H conceived) orfofitio1t. repentance, abjuration of M agical arts a;rd pra'LV p. 102. 'My{iical Apparitims : explaind. a1td aices ; converfion unto God ; believed by Do(]or applytd to Doa~r Dee, &c. The holy Book Dee ( upon great probabilities ) -.to be hearty and t be writtm by God himfdf according t1 projinrere. H:-s tht~n~s t o G1d for it. -mife. ~ 165. More of Kelley's converfion. No AppaLVI p. 10 4 . A prayer: ti!Je work.. goes o1t. ritiM,and why: divers ronje{]ures of Dr. Dee. LVII p. ut. MyJtical Appar:itions explained. New inJlrul:fil)ns for future AEhons. The Dayes, LXXVI[ p. 166. Apparitiom to comfQrt and confirm Al. Lasky. the drelfe of the place. LVIII p. IJ5- A paral-le agai1z[t Ed. Kelley, LXVIII Vifions and Apparitions to Ed. Kelley, fir ft alone : then in tbe p,refence of DGllor Dee : WhfJ conte{feth with the [pirit.s alxJut the lawfulThe vifitation: the wer~ies,ofGod: Greet .proneffe of hid Magick : yei~deth nevrrtheleffe tQ bury in tbt ground hM Mag1cal Books, and Chami{cr. Expofition ( /;y {pirzts ) of th~ Vifiori, racters : which u accepted, [o one of 27 be burnfd. ~ Ed. Kelley tempted, a1td douotfr~l again, . . . An Apparition foe-wing ( IH it proved) the pre- LXTX p. . 171. A Vifioli toEd . Kelley ~ and Al. Lasky : with promifes out of the Pfalnis~ fntt e)fate of A. L. Ll~ p. 118. Ke\ley's obedimce. The work._goeson. LXX p. 171L Furniture of the Table: crrffes, &c. 7he Table of tbe Earth : Governour;Angels, &c. The former ceremonies u[ed. LIX . . . . Ed. Ke\ley at !aft ver.J well (a Tbe Book, (the tit le of it, Le- thofe, & c.) and. e d(l[/rine of Enoch, revealed zmtJ him by fpecia!l t isfied , that all H ftom God : 11nd very defavour: counterfeited by D. and M agici11,ns : VOHt; their ( haraa:ers. Myftica'l Tables, Fi "'tires, LX p. J 38. Gods power. He not tyed to time. The Words, &c. Linea fpiritus SanEti (a ho~ribla Jncari1arion of Chri!f aek,_nowlcdged. Warnings pro~anarion; bm fuch are mofi Cabal~,'fica lfflY~ to A\. L. and promifrs. fienes) myfticlll croffis,&c.Solotnom lznowledge; LXI l' 139- Calls, Aires : What a~td bow to be ( i Fy ou will believe them) bow far ;t ex te~tded. ~fed . Divifions; . and Govern1;1ents of A~tgels. Divitibns of the Earr.~. Al. Lasky, hH eafe. ~ LXXf p. 178. The Cab'ale goei 01: . Th~ wonderfull txfent of it. D i[eR[r's how to be cured, or Mapram<~, or Die nobis, zmder Gabrlel. J efos procured by it. M mey coin~d; and imcoined, ack.,nowledged. Good I nftru[/ims, H ttmilit;, &c, given b; who111. A good Prayer, ill ~~.pplyed. . LXH ll 146. An il!uder. Obedience, Faith, ~LXXII p i8i. LXXIIIp. 183. -The fecretsof States, (fo 7rithemiru roo: we have hi~ Tablts: wit bout which,G9ds promiJes not irrevocable. Exbi.tt never was any man the wifer:whereofinorc llmples ilt Scripture. 1'/ie Cabale of Calls, &c. in the Prefa-ce:) Medicine .~ Cbrifi his earthly M before. Kingdom: All things in thr[e Tables. A ve fudden.:. LXIII p. IS 3 Ed. Kelley doubtful agttin. The !y ~O~Ie : Madimi appe~treth: J?oll~r Oec wanteth, pares 9[ tbe E~rth: revelfled mtto Pwlemy' b.J at: Angel. Some Ch'ara{]m and Propbefies of -monrJ; but c~n get -~tone. A gznglmg (but fa lfe) diverr placer qf the wnrld .( sorue mi.ll:aken, Prophe/ie, con.cernmg the Emperout to {ucceed Rodolph. (See lll[o p. ~4 3 ) I believe, ) Gon~antinople. Tlu Turk. Tke Arke of Noe. T!ie ptace of Paradife. Elt, ~ Ed. Kelley ,bu r"age a.nd rev" ili1tg,mllcb diflii{e.d by Dr . Dee; repented of b! Kel!ey him{elf: titk..m Enoch, John: where .r_eferved. A .contradiltotice of (hi! rrpentan.ce) bJ the [pirits. A1t ex:. Oion obferv ed bj Doaot Dee) not an['/Peted by ihe traord;nury (fo apprehended by D. Dec) .ftdrm ,f _ . {pirits. Rome. Tbunder llnd Rain. ~ 'the fpirits, (upon goud grounds) Ju[pft/uJ) dntl [* 2] ~LXXIV

XLIX ib. More oppojition: yet the wori<_ pro-

The Table.

LXXIV, ibid. Mm: Caba1Hl:ica1 brjhu~ion.s (f~mewhat' fib,..~ Magtck , 11 s Kelley tkoT(gbt : ) 'conc_mtin~ the prattice ~f it. Dreadful Pr1ph:j1es, of Juddm altaations in t~e World. Al. 1;-asky, in {apour. '1he Book ~o be prepared, '&c., ~d. Kelley a)'rrfdi 'Magician,, by hii own




Viol : in the . A poca-

~ LX~V :P~

aclij.o'{P/edge_ ent ~ m 185 .. Pat/enr.-( tmd f-/11mi/ity, commhzde4. A . pre,tty fimilitude ( if true : .whereof fee. 'in . the Preface ':) 'pf the . Adders dealing with ber youn~- l'il'fiddity, how.grea.J.4 fin. Yet Ed~ Kelley jfilltnc;red(t/(}r, for all ib#, and vay n::fo)ut'e. . ~ LXXVI 1 .~6 . Chti!t, his co111ing in 'Triumph, &c.. 'The B.ook, ofln_ !J!=at.iqn .. Sa tans (pre__tenV ded ) oppofition . Some Propbejies, Pramt[e~, aJJJ ) nftn({] ions.. . . LXXVH P 1&7. '$qme qul'.fti.o?Js, belOHj)vg to the Cabale, pizrtlJ elud,ed, partly . a"![w~uJ.. , Invocations of good Angds. Set f-rl!yers n~t al/~twed, alid wiv. Evil{pirits, b9W to be dealt with. 'Ihe. l3oo~ of Invocations: and: now, Set Prayirs al~ lowedof.. LXXVI It p. i89. Srr1Hon~lik,.e. fluff, of the ufe of afftiCiitm, &c. S(Jmr pro.~i[Ps io D()Cior Dee qJtd Ed.- Kelley. A . Progreff,e in the Cat ale .of Calls. _ LX:)ClX P 195. DoCJor Dee 11.nd bu fellow reproved, V.o ~Qr D ee, with great bumi!ity, doth lu~fwer for b!"!!fe!f. Enoch : t~e Evolt ddiwrd unto /J..itit. ( the fame. in fubdan cr, as this, th~ [11y ; ) bj Eod. Hid Praye_r, Humility

Dollor D~e's Wife:_ .AL ~asky. DoCtor Dee1 fent to R,~~phus Emperour, with a .mrJJage, M from God_ . . LXXXIX p. 217 The Angelica! Book. Ntw orders abou~ it. Al. Lasky, though rejeet'd, ye,t to be great for a while. ln{pira~ion }romifed. to Vr~ Der, t;rbou~ a Ldter to the Emperour. ~ A Copy of the faid Lett ; r ( by ' infpira' tion probably mough of fpirits, M a man may fhZJP.f[e by the ~\1ff, ) to the 'Emperour, SecreCJ

1 ypfe ; M underflood by Dotror Dee. A very good blefting, pronoun~ed. by 41t evillfpi:... rit. Diver.s Wo~ .JenOUlfCtd. SomewhJ.t of

XC p.


, . . LXX~r. p.

197. The [piii.ts ttppoin,t their '

time,andapp,ear. The prrci[c tilm'of (hrifls .coming ; 111id o-ttber Proph.-jies, not :rrvea!cd unto 'Ze;i .for three rea(ons. . LXXXII LXXXII._I. P 198. 199 'lhe fpirits, &c. "M before. The ninet.een Calls, a.nd.t~eir he'ginninj!,s, l,.XX.X'tV p. 200. More Calls, rmd "IJ.ff.eries ; but ;tot without ( pretendtd, ) oppofition of :wick.edfp1rirs. ~dam'sfall. J.he Curfe.upon it, and . .the rff.e{l o jt. J . . LXXXV p. 206~ , M ore Calls an4 Ares. An qp;arent com,rad;?it~'Jt obferved_bJ Doaor Dee; cunningly evaded bv .the fp~rits. Dol'ior Dee; b~ Hymne, and {piritua! . ( .but not frow God , becaufe n.ot _well gr :wtded : ) rejoycing, ~tn,d thanJvgiviJfg. His {on Roland in grea.t da'liger. LXXXVI p. - 21.0. Doi;JH Dees conteft_with hw fpiri~s : he 4j[erts hit own rnnocmry, ana (to th~ :Jtmo/f of hii'power) obedience : bu.f b~tffied by .the fpirits. Al. L. reje{]ed. LXXXVU. p. 211. The fa.me .contell: profecuteJ b~re ttl[o-: wit, [o.me tbreatni11gs. h ~ Tfuir coming t o Prague. ~ Some CbitHical gibbriflr( fit ftr~ffto anw[e un[ett!ed ~raines:) found ilt the hou[e, concerning the Phtlofophers Scone. :Read there, ( and. fi rubeo m. fie nnpta m, &c. ~ l> 2q . .. :S,o me ~anjeliurei~ _ an{i meditations of Do~.r .. Dees, upuit. [on" jlaces of Scrip-


Sermoiz-lik.e flrdf. .The .power of God, Srvf'r{tlWoes. The Trinicy,&c~ lJr. Dee not bein~ willing to be. put off {~;tger, rh~ [pints, ( agai11jl tbcir wills ') mak,e [ome progrejfe in the Cabalc. Dolfor Dee, in ..the exeCution of. Gods will 1 to proceed w!th fl.lry) &c. . XCI p. lz~. D1Cior Dce,.Jharply reproved Cb1 examplfs r. ut of lhe Scriptures, &c~ ) for chujing ( when it w.u put to hu cboir.e) rather pr:e[ent 'Nr. formuuce 3 thttn l&iiger delay. XCII p. 223. 'Ihe [llme matter . here alf~ The )Ures .of Dotlor Dee's ltfe, 73. and. tJ. half; ( wllicb per~hance might : com.e very near eo eh~ truth, 1fwe could.certainly- know Wht11 hedled : ) determined. E<;l. Kdley u die violently : ( and fo he d.id: for endeavourin g an efcape out ofprifon, he b1akea leg ~nd died of it ; as generally reponed~ ) Do.m; Dec dotb repent and . re-vok,t hid choice ; . in very good language~ had it ~~n upon- a good .ground. ~ Douor Dee's . Letter r~ the J( jitg of Spain hii Agent ( or Ambaffadour) 'lfitb the EmpeJ:Our, about hu Letter ; 11nJ. m~ans. of ace~ffe, to the Emperour. XCHI Several queftions propofed by Dotlpr Dee, The fpirits jhrewdly put to it about 1t lye which . they bttd told; and yet by the help of Cabali!tical querJ:,.s _a1td _dijtinf1i~ns, ( but ~.[per:ia!!y> of An~baptl{hcal mfatuatzqns i!f D.ollor Dee,) they come off with credit. !" what {enfe D:oCfor Dee might truly fay, That himfelf had feen wh11.t[~re.~er Ed. Kelley h11d [enz. ~ Doaor 'pe: hu Letter, and Pre[ent, graci.oujTy rtccivedby'tbe


XCIV p. l2S. .Apfitritiom , Not in tQ~ Stone. . Tbe priviledf,e of apparitiqn in th~ Stone. . The Myfterie of the T r'i'i li,r y. Reafon 1111 enemJ to God, ( tO Ddufion indefd an& wildneffe: found, and _fober R,eaftnL) M the fpirits would have i't, Th~ Emperpur t/ir~llt,ted; . The names of the fpirit r n~Tff aplearing,_ tmd hpw to be fwnd fn the Cabalifli'

_ca Tables. S~me drun1),11:t pr(l.itk._s of KeHey's, tntd why here


recorded. ~A letter of the Spani (h Embaffadour hil , Secretary t o Dol/or . Dee, whereby !Je dotb jignifie the Emperours d efir e i:rnd appohtt.,J,ent to h(l.lJI bim.conte to Jiim. Ofravius ,Spjz:J~la:

Chnmb re

. . --==-===

The Table.,
Chamberlahz, &c. brings him to bim. A11 account of what wa$ [~id on both fide:. Doctor Dee's Monas, ( of wlnch, ft:e more 11:1 the Prefaa :) hil ]Vvel~tti.oifs and Vifions: HH Angehcal Scone,
&:. ~ XCV p. 231 Kelly's form~r "ti{ca_rri~tge tak_rn notice of : the c:zufe of zt : It H for given. D'> l1or Dee, &r.. Their Office magnified. K ingdomes of the Earth to be de(froyed. Hieru[aiem rejfored. Chrift ro R tig1 u. Other Predi[iiom ,very _(frange, ( but not true) and the certain year. Rodolph. Emperour, to be exalted. Seep hen King of Poland, to be defiroyed. Enoch's Tables. Dol1or Dee his Prayer, 11nd Kellcy 's Vow. ~ Dollors Dee's Letter t~ Ofravius Spinola, to be c1mmunicated to the Emperour : bNt not de /ivered ttt that time, by reafon of the Emperour bis abfmre. __ . _ ~ XCVl p 23) Ga. Za. Vaa: [pmts _ tnvtted: that is, called upon by Dollor Dee : the1r an[wer interpreted by him. ~ The former Letter, ( with [ome aluratiom) delivered, a11d the Emperours very gractozu ll.nfwer to ~t, by the [aid Spinola. Dottor Cunzm~, a Voft~r of tiJe Laws, one of the Emperours ~nvy Council ; accounted very Leanttd: appomtrd by the Emperour to deal with Do!Jor Dee, in bit behalf. ~ XCVU p. 237 Dollor Dee ask._eth cozm[ell, ( of God~ he thought:) _but _~rjt e~tcounter eth with P1lofus, ( lln evzl fpmt : , ))W as I tak._e it:) and bu ttmptations .. Ed. Kel~ey very penitmt ftill, b11t defirous, ( as ufljit) tt> be out of bi-t_ Office. The fpirits appear . Recon~iliation : rwofold : (with God, wzth _the Church, &c. Purgatory. 1he body ?f Chnfr, 7:he cafe of Rodolph. Emfe~our, m ~a[e ~e obey, or di[obey. The fplflt of Ch01ce m Dollor Dee, e:xplai1ied. Dollor Curtz allowed of. ~ p. 23 9 Votlor Curt'L, and Dollor. Dee, ( after f ome Co mplemrnts by Meen.~ ers ) mee~. Their co~tference of fix hours . Dol1or D.ee s Relation of ~im[rlf , hil Scudtes, hi! SUite; (and therein, though not appre~ended _by himfelf, his incollerable pre[umptton, pnde, high opinion of himfelf, &c. ) Revelations , Books, and wondafull confidence; 11s of mojf, that are (o deluded. ~ Ed. Kelic:y -~ranr,ely tempted. _ ~ D ol1or Dees mi(frujt of v~aor Curtz, upon what grounds. ~ XCV Ill p. 240, Lying: and frowar~ [1tence : not ordinarily exp~unded. R.econclltation to tbe Church. The fin againjt the Holy Ghoft : what it i-f, Complaints, and Prophefi es againjt the Emperour, ~tnd Dol1or Gurtz, becait[e of their in/idelitJ, aNd dif~bedimce. Dolior Dee in high favour: England givm to him, tmd f or bi-t [~tk,! , not de}troyed : Ttt the Crown there, to be transferred, &c. Dollor Dee warranted, and cdmmanded to write to the Emperour, that he could make the Philofop.hers Stone : though, ytt, he could not; but is promi[ed

it _ and the g ift of healing : ( which diver En; thufiajfr have boafrcd of; and if they have done any rhii1g . really, there is no qtie{tion but they have done it by the help of fpirics. How fafe therefore it is to go unto fuch, lee men confider. ) Ed. Kelley prayes for Do{Jor Curcz hi-t [udden death, ~ut not heard. ~ XCIX p. 243 The [ameCommigio1r,here again about the Philofophers Scone: and the Empe~ rour, here al[o thretttned : aud tmother ( Ernefrus) af!ig1:1ed to his placr. Reported here t o be poeffed by a Devil. ~ C p. 24+ D ol1or Dee, comforted and con firmed by hif [pirits , againjt flandrrs, and eviLl reports : oHt of Scripc11re; &c. ~ The fpirirs here,{eem to allude to a paJ[a?,e of the Sibyls Verfes, ( a counterfeit Book.. : ) tir Dollor Dce doth obferve af la{f, fo agru with it. Thf'y telL V~tlor Dee he Jl.'a/1 be with the Erriperour in fpzght of the Devsl : ( fo they can play upon themfelves, when they lift, to fool men: ) but did not fa~ true, and in tl,at }hewed themfelves very Dev1ls ; and that Dol1or Dee migltt have wtderftood, h.1d not his und~r(fanding been [o blin ded and c11ptzvattd by them. ~ Dollor Dce invited to Dinner, hy the Spanifu Embaffadour: who, among other things, pro frffe~b him[flf to_ be drfconded of Rayn1undus Lullms: that thts Raym. L. ( if we mlfy beiuve him ) by a retired {olitude, without Book._r : (the way commended by the lace Method al{o : but indeed che mofi: ready way to put men ouc of rheir wics : ) of an ig~torant illiterate milt:, became very harned: and that he bad tht Phi lofophers Stone: whrreupon he dotb conclude and build, that which D~tlo r Dee rrlated of hi,n(r:. f, bis vifions, a:td u vdations, &c. ' mighr be M p& , and true, The Emperour, f]iblt by him co,mnmd d . ~ p. 246. '[ be fr:cond Letter, written by Dollor Dee to the bnperour. His confidence M greift M ever; an4 purticular/y concerning the Philofophcrs Scone, .which be doth here promife to the Emper~ur, ( btmg fo perfwaded by hi s fpi:. rits, thougl-1 as yec, as ig norant of it, as ever.) ~ Doftor Dce at Dhmcr again with t/g Spanilh Embaffadour. ~ Ed. Kelley trolib/efo me: Dollor Dee's confidence in God, and great penury. ~ p. 147. Dr. Deevifited by Dr. Curtz,athis ~wn lroufe.His c ~mplaints: Dr.Curtz account flf tbe Emperour (his M ajfer ) pre[mt apprehmfions of this bufinefs: Some Mathematical BoQk_s writWtby Dr. Dee,and Commandinus (tt very famous m- n)&c, a ~ p. 148. ;inotha Letter of DoVlor. Dee's t~ the Spanilh _ Embalfadour. His wr.nder-fu!! ronfi J ewce, dec/iniHg ( wifely : his fpirits had fo infirufred llim, ) thetej f of human~ rea[on.-( roHris, fqr mentis to he corre[fed, be re. ) ~ An aCcount; (in a.Pofifcript) of IJis !ajt conference with Dr. Curtz. ~ CI p. H 9 A f ter ~ [Tf,el/ing Preface , (fittell for the Scene , . -tmd A uditonrs) a t~ng di{cour[e ( upon occafio1t of Do{Jor-. Dee bts ifif~'s fick,:u1Je : ) of true Phyiick , alld 3'] 'th~


The Table.
rbe c~u[t~ of di[rafes : mueh [avouriHg (whereof 'H'Iorr in ~he Prefa~.:e:_) of Paracelfus. his JlJ!e, 11nd [pints. Rare jtuff, mojt.part of zt, for a
~ack. ~CH p, .2)l

Clii.p. 253. The fame matter profecut!d,_and particu!~trly applyed to Jane Dee, ( tbe wife of Dr . 0~1!,) her prefent eafe: .Her l)ifeafe: a~:d the Remedy. ~ - ._Cl\f p . . 253 Do <:tor Dee reproved, as not fenfiUe .eHough of what God had done for him: w_ic_h iJ pompoufly {e.t . otlt 6J the Spirits. M!Jh my not to be rxpel1ed from thefe {pirits , who nevertlu/effr promifrd them (after a.whde) great plentJ of al./ things : p~:wer to makJ', and,marrt, wb1m they plea[r, &c. Ed. Kelley reprcved for contriving 'how to }teal away : AL Lasky to prevail ~tgainjr h.U e:lfemies . . ~ ;Jnother mettin.~ of Dotl:orCurt-z, and Dcfror Dee's. The Emperours .tiH(wer , ( by Dofror Curt:t ) to. fome p.7f.tge! of Dottor Dee's meff fage, rf,elivere(i. UHtQ him, as from GoJ.. Doctor Dee doth interpret IJimfelf. A wpts of the Emperours .profrr, eo do him good, &.c. ~ Dr. Curt~ tllld Ooc:tor Oee, t11gether again : but no ac.comzt ofhiJ two Lettrrs to the Emperouryet f,tf!eH, Marbematical iNvenriom, of D30 or <:::t\-it-z, &c. ~ A draught for a Paife, to 6e obtai,ed of the Emperour for Dotior Dee, & c. Dol1or Dee tak,.rs notice of thr rr[[>fl1s of two Spapi(h Embalfadours, t~nd anather grrat M11n, dwe to bi nt p~tbli:k._'y . ~ . The accotmt o.F [ome rw~ )?t?netbs, from~ Ottcb. x584. to Decemb.2o. are -wa~tin.f!,. ~ p. 3H Their [econd arrival to Prage. Dol1nr Dee,~ Lrtt~r ro the ~ pani(h Emba.(fadour; H11 wonderful prognffr ( as he tho11ght ) i11 b1gh myjleries a nd rrvtlations, & c. ~ Hif-houf~ there. ~ p. 354 D&l1or Dee's Ll'tter to Dil1or Curtz : (one ,f the -Emperours privy Council, 6"c. as befort,) Complaint of afperjlons") ( & . minis : mt J\imis, as printed: ) Proftffion of god iJttentitms towards the Emperour, & c. . ~CV P: . 35 5. (. lld . 36 l. ) L ong parabolical, ,enigmatic.il Appl!ritions; ( ~t,ich Dollor Dee diJ tJO.t blv ver,Y wd!l nor _ underjfanJ.; tu a~ peirethby p: 361.) and [ome wild Dol1rin:!> of tb~ f.e"ax. of .t he !..or.d ; JOnocency, fanchhca.t ion in Chrifr,.&c. cabaliJiically [et out. The PhHof~en Sco_ne,ptom,[ed to the Emperp~r by Du~r Dee. ~ C Vl p. 361. Gods my/tnies ~ot to be difpenced by degrees, &c. The Philofophers S.cone, a gr_~At .,yft-erJ. . ~ (..VH p. 362 .A. Progreffe in the Corbale\ Op.ptJfitiatt as before. The Lelfon (Jeep. 387.") .out o the Boqk of Enoeh. f -~ CVJll p. ~6+ ~- CIX p. 3 65.-~ CX p. 366. ~ CXJ and CXll . . 367. A further Progreffe. p fJbt ntyfttriu. of thit..,.,~rthy L~lfon highly [et out, ~tnd'[o,e /l,.ind of 'expofition of it: ~ut as Ed. K~lley. r-ightly judged, ignotum per ignotius. ]{evertnc~ required. Dflllor Dee in 4 fwond. .An-illufion,. ('[o pretended.) ~ CXIJI. . p, 367.. Douor D~e, &c. txce.ptul a

gai11ft, as unworthy, becau[e of their fins, and unthanlifulneffe, f er fo ma11y mercies. Anothtr, ( whomfoever DoCior Dee would chH[e ) upon certai't cautions n_ cond,rions, to be fub}fitr.ted in d Ed. Kelley's place. Dolior De::e's [orrow, ~tnd bumble requefl about the Philofophers Scone. Hu defire t o be in.fhuC'Ied (by hit [pirits ) about the Sacrament of the Lords. Supper. The my(fery ofit cabalifiically unfolded. The T rinicy, 'Adam~s fall, Chritf,s Il1carnacion. Tbe Dl8ri~eof Tranfubfrantiation: Of r pceivi11g tmderone kind: Of ado-ration of the Eucharift: B:t receiving of it, not allowed. ~ CXl V I? 373 1he former 'D o~rine hi~hly m~~~ nifted : a~ alfo the Leffon , m Clmmcal gtbbriili, of mulciplicacion, dignificatidn, &c. ~ <...XV ibid, More of their unworthineffe, ( through fin) and incapa!'ity,fQr fuch higiJ things. Vo ff or Oee prayrth. Al. Lasky rejr[led. Dotlor Dee 11tu.ch trovMed. ~ CXVI p. 37'S J)o{{or Dee very ~rne.fi for the [ecret of the Philofophers _ Stone, [ J often promifed: but elude4 With Sermm-lik._e jlr1f of reproof : of patirncr,ttffliCiiom; worthy parcaking; Conf llion, &c. ~ ( XVll p. 378. Doaor Dee himf lf hearcth, r and feeleth. M or.e r.eprcofrs. D~Bor .Dee to pr.tv.ail againjl bw enemies: but commanded fpu dily to g: for P r ague, to prevent mtprifo~
mfnt, &c.


CXV ITI p. 37,. Hrre ttgain, haftened to be gone . . Al. L.-hiJrll[e,. ~ CXIX ibid .. Thry b~gin th:ir journey; hUt by' an Appnrifion in tbe.Wil_Y, after fgme goodly-promifn nuuh to Dol1~ O~t=~ f or.hi:s obedience : and Pmtiltio1rs ( a:H fa1fe }'of judgements 11pon the Em.pcrour, .a.nd exaltation of Stepheu Kin_( of Poland, &c. tiJry ll..re ~ommanded to retur11 back,. lf{.auz, and to ret11rn t_ }?rague. o ~Which do11e Doa.or. Dee'~ ChdJ i1 chri{tmed, fome of the chiei eft in the E.mperours Court being Godfathers,and Godmothers. ~ . CXX p. 38::. Tb. Proph~ts of old times [U111r moned : why vificed, &c. The eternal r,eneration of. C:hrift, the ?on of God, Platonically [et o:4t. D~vllle Wecefiay, the, C1111[e of all thin~: Elc&ton :_Perfeverance, &c. Ear11r{f t xpoftul4ti-ns, JHZd exhortatiolts. Chrill: . 4g11in: The Church M ilitam, a.nd Triumpbattt. lJoCior Dee and Ed. Kelley much t ak,pt 1Pirhthis goodly jlujf, and confirmed ifl thrir Errour. ~ p. 387 . .Tht pretioUf Lelfon, -befor.e .Jpok,m of, f revealing the fecret of the Philofophers Stone. ~ CXXl p: .388. The Lelfon, and fome obfcure w~rds. of it, exprtf[ed. in :E glifh. Ed. K~lley, n .Jefirouf'to be ria of hi# office. ~ CXXII .p. 389. Jane Dee ( Voflor Dte' wife ) her earne}i and lm~?tble Pecirion tt G~d, ( fo the poor.woman tho!lght) and hit AHgds, ftJT relitf in her great.. lUcefPty. The Petition anfwered:, .firfi with reprflof; but com1Nendation, ttd p:t'D,ifn, 4terwttrJ.s. The [pirit co1tfeffeth, he had no porPer t~ procure them money:, hut. ixjfe~td of it , p.r~tends to give tbem good

The Table.
COJiHf(,l,,to grt out of Prage fpudil.J, &c. of a. hot confiill betwem Dqll~r Dee, ~~~d. Ed, Kel~ey, about fo~e .M(lgict!l papers: ;;, which confiil1 Do(Jor Dee thought . him[6lf .i1z rianger of hiJ !Jfe, and wai faine to crj out for help. ~ CXXIII p. 391. An Apparition fitted for the occafion. 'Ibe f ault of Ed. Kelley's refra?Jorirue,"laid upon the malice and envJ of tbe Devil, ttnd fome places of Efdras, applied to that purPo[e , Ed. Kelley ubuk,.ed ; but comforted ftltd coufirmed with a pro~i[e of no evil fpirit to be- fu.fferetl to trouble him hencefo.rth : and many good exhortations : with a Parable a._lfo t 1 that purpo[e. ~ Some qzte/tion~ prop9[ed by Dotlor Dee, JPbo is referred to the Book: of
~ A Record

for mall aQfolmion, pro1tounced by ~vill [pirits. ~ CXXX p. 4-02. ~ Do{lor Dee, &c. br9ugbt to Stepheo, ( King of Poland, ) who uj?n .fqme ~oJtditions, i1 willi.nJ[. to be pre[ent : yet makfs an obje'lum out . of Scriprure, a~ not fu!IJ fatisfied tho.t thefe apparitions, &c. "P(ere from God. To which Dol'lor Oee. mak,.es an accurat a'J[Wfr: (by which it doch Otppc:ar, that eit.h er he had fiu~ died the cafe very well; was helped; as o~ ther reall Enrhu{iafts, by his fpirits :) bttt very full of faults in the Copy, andfo printed. M ore !,ere, I think., then in all the La tine of tbr Book bejidrs. W,t t4k,.e notice. of it in the





~ CXXIV p; 395 Dollor Dee, &c. Jharply reproved for not frt!filling the command of a {peedydepa.rture, witb more expedition. He ackpowltdgeth ( co1t-oilled by fome plaufible cenfie Jent.tiom, ) hid fault, llnd pr:ay. th fervently. ~ CXXV p. 396. 1he Stone fout up for twenty d~tyes. Their journey (from Prage, to CracoYia : ) and i1t tb1 way, ftra.nge whirlewinds. Svme (frife about their houfe. Al. Laskr, by whom &c. DoCJor Dee il brought to . the King: ( fufiinem, ~ XXXI p. 406. Sad co mplaint, (as from God) fqy fifierem, to be ~orre{led, &c. ) J.e!ivers bit of inrredulitJ : The Incarnation of Chrift, and Commif!io~t, &c. He receiv(s the Communion : tberrby priviledge of <:hrifiians above t!Je Ifraclfo d9tb Ed. Kelley. its. Te~trs . Do!Jor D ee,[ent with an errand to ~ CXXVI p. 398. The Kings prefence required King Stephen: and a dirdi p.romife, and pro fer by {pirits, llt the[e Apparitions~ . 4f CXXVl I ibid. Superftitiom praJ~rs {by ap- ~ of the Philo(aphers &tone. in Latin: (but Dg[ior Dec delivers hu errand pointment af fpirits ) to the A11gels, Governriurs here our records, I know not by what chance, ~f Kingdows 11nd NatiONs. Stephen (King of are ver.y defective. K'ing Step hen, . it feems Poland ) great!) in favour (with God) 4nd to dicl not prove fo . credulous , as was .cxbe the Mini{ler of grea~ thiHgs. pected.) Di{/Or Dee dotb apprehend, (which Ke!ley dorh of4f CXXXH . p. 408 The [pirits are angrj, and Wt pr.ofee to 'b~ttJe found in hi111[elf) that the [pi command all t"o be fhut up, for a [eafon, tilL fur~ rifs k,.1uw hit tbottghts. . th.er or<kr. ( the accou t\t of fame moriechs is ~ Ed. Kellloy, ve"J unq"iet, 11nd hla[pbemo~ : Tit wanting.) confirmed agai~1, h) fome App4ritiqns ; to Drtl1or Dee's grutt romfort, :who jlill (very devout- y ~ CXXXUI p. 409. The power of God. The l aad innocently, ha4 not he brought this grieJewes; qnJJ eru fa.le~n.to be re.fl"ored. And now, VOllS deluGon : upon himfdf, by tempt-ing God one F rancis Puce ius ( a Florenrine,. a x:;edliZ fo gri~ou!ly : ) doth fubtit wrto, ~tttd. comfort . a'Jtd.ltanted.Papij~, ) bezng e~;~tertained, ami aJ,mitted to the[e fecrets: "R~ith great hope:r .offorne hifelf in a.d. . 4f CXXVlll p. 400. Apparitions in tbe prefen.ce good to be done by thiJ fello;rp(hip: Rome alfo lw of Al. tasky. Pr~mifes u Vollot oec:, And ttl i;:g . tiffig~JCJ htncef(l.rtb for tbe Scene: ( ffe p. K;,.g Stt:pbe,ri. A t Lasky u~n co~tditions to ~e 4~7). t.he{pirits apply the.m[elves, attd .fit :heir receiw& mt~ fAiJpur 1-i,tUif. ~ Dotlor flee .re~ .f~ech to rbiJ .tnd ~n(i, oc.r..ttfiJNt Th~ interpret ac,;.,m tl;e Communion again. . tion of Stri.-pt\lies. . Tbe Fadters. TIJe .Chu.r ch. 4f CXX.tX p. "4-0l .Apparitio~ .ltt. .th~ : Qlurt of . Lutber and .C~l~n, . condef(Jlful. The .Pop~ of Rome, e.n11o-t be CfaJ 1be [pi rits) the Antichrifr: the King .o f ~~land.,in t~ prefenc~ Qf A~ Lasky . itnd. .chhfk,,. VJ"fy prove it F::r;hort ations ro . rttUJn ( o11e of tht P.rmces Palau~e .'f tbeColUtlrJ ) "RRho to the Cb.ll.r.ch: and~ form of Pr~tyer, or 'IIJ:a?t'<J il .~fferul lv th" [piritt, fud"~e . Jeji:Tit_~li of the lCrng; ( .ifltJ~ rlefrre it;) lW to fu :in-. frrucll.. 'fPith :f1tJing, to thllt pur.po{t. In th.t conr.lufJ01:r, the fpirils .yply th.em{elvci .tfJ PucciLls, perfonally : ~qtrofu. ~ IJ7' otbp--.i.fe..Cin't/J~J; if {ll :rittber. Al. Lasky bu pioUI anJ rtligio.w anfwer, ~Htl lrlt if t'o rebuk_e .the prefent Pope, ( hrre 9tUed, choice : for which he i4 cimunmded. . 7 be fpirit i a WiCked ~Onfier;) 4lfli1t{f WhDmD if he Will not be P"fwaded, terrible judgements" are .denounc~d. will not mdurt, thour,li _tequefteJ; to Jut "'JJi.t~ the 4f The {ttme Action ( bec.aufe th.e [pirits hert Ki!tg, in. tbe Huoganan Tongue. They pr_omz{t t o father cbofe to[peik,. Englijh, than La titre: wherefpeit~ tt him i!l Lt~ti11e A gofid. blef/i11g, anJ

BefiJre tbe At\: ion, a. fervent Prayer.of Dollor Dc:e's., of hiJ calling, revelations, A1. Laskie, King Stephen, &c. . 4f In the Action, or A pparicio.., King Stephen, jharply reprpped for his fius. But upon 'onditioJZ ofrepentaHce, ttndfubmi[Jion ~0 God (in this wny) the Kings of the earth (. intoxticaci c~;tlice Merecricis : a phra[e oft m u[eJ in tbiJ Book.,.: that ii drunk with the cup of the Whore,) nre t o do hoJtflzge unto him; and he, (right Anabaptifme,) to work., /frnnge execNtion, &c. Very lGfty la~z guage , here ufed : Fige pedem in Aquil.

The Table.
Do{lor Oee.

w fa id in th~ Preface : in Latine bj

~ p. 430. A confiitJ of hi1, with the [aid Puccius, ab1ut th#r going to Rome, &c,

CXXXIV p. 417. The [umme of Francis ~ p. 43 I. A Paper delivered b] Pncciu5=, tfJ Do[for Dee, .n fr?m tlte Nuncio; by which they are Puccius his commi!Jion, in bieb Lrmguage. Futuu Ations, in Rome. ~ But bere follo'R'etb a. abfolved from all crimes, (were they 1uver [o grut hiatus fJf [ome 6 moneths : which beruves us of and baino~M) [o they will g1 to Rome. Puccius mttny particulttrs. bz the mean time happrned his inconjltmr.y about that Paper. ~ Doaor Dee's the fcmtence of banilhment at,ainjt Dolf;r Oee, Letter to the [aid Nuncio, upon that occafi,m : b_v the Popes mediation and authority ; ( tts his whertiu, among other things, to re!/ him of th('[l Boo/u that llad been burne4, a11d were ( mira,uNuncio, p. 4 34 dotil nck,.Howledge) and [o br11k..e the purpo[e of going to R.ome: .though 1uch drilouflJ) reft!Jred ; and of many more burned (pare fJC1J ou by Puccius, &c. as will appear. of chefe Rec,ords certainly ) not yet re{/ored, but ~ p. 418. DoOor Dce's record of a. /fra1tf/ thing, promifed and expelled. ~ The [aid Letter Af( a very mirade, in his judt,ement1 ) that hapned ter fome cat~tejl about it, committed to Puccius, to in bi1 pre[ence, andfig,ht; to wit, Book.! that llad be 6arried and deliveud. ~ More of Puccius bern burned by him, (or in hi1 fight ) rejlored unhis not faithful dealing. S. me Herefies n~(o of to him whole and entire, by [piri ts, &c. his. Some other things, laid to his .charge by Do~ CXXXV p. 419 Prince Rofimberg (you l/or Dee, may fee his Tides p. 415.) railed, and admit- ~ p. 434 The Popes Nuncius, his anfwer to Do~ ted into the Society, to be partak..er c.f the My llor Dee : gravr, and courteo tu. ( At the beginfiecies; ~tnd the Executioner of ([o [uppofed ) ning of it, am, [fir amem to be corrt[i. ) Gods j udgtmmts, &c. ~ Prince R.otimberg, ~ p. 43S A Paper, (here in[cribed and ftiled, 11pon relation of what had been revealed, conOraculum Divinum) in Kelly's ab[eHce, writcerning himjelf, accepts f it tha~tk..[ully: promiten and delivered ( I! Dollor Oee dotb /;ere refes ammtlment, and praJes fBr the Emperonr, cord:) by fpiricual and divine means : the (who[e Vice-Roy he 'ft'M in Bohemia, &c.) that drift whereof is, to confirm Prince Rofimbero-, he may not be d.ejiroyed, b11t re;ent rather. At who[e requeji:, the [entence of banilhment is mitigated. ~ p. 421. A Lttter 9f his (with his own hand) to Dollar Dee, to the fame purpo[e. ~ P 436. A long and {ubmifFve Letter of Fran~ Dollor Dee's Journey to Leipfig. ~ His Letter cis Puccius, ttJ Do[for Dee, & c. ~here, among to Sir Francis Walfingham, Secretary to ~et11 other things, be gives him a very punOual accgunt Elizabeth : wherein wobfervable his woHderfu!l o.f what had paffed, in dt[covr[e, between the Popes confidence; and vain boafting, ( though not withN unci us, and himfelf, COitC enrin[, tbeir caufe11 out fome grutmds : ) tH a very EmhuGa1:, and deappll~itions, high attempts, &c. (well worth the !Hded maH : though it canltotbe denied,that [ome readmg. ) His m cormt er with a Jefuir, before Enthnfiafls, upon leffe grounds, (when Gof/, bath the [aid Nuncio. What account Princ~ Rofimbeen pleafed t9 give waJ ) have had fr better berg , and fome other great men, made of fucceffe. them. ~ p. 4'14. One Jul. Afcanius, his 'Lttt~r to Dollor Dee, informing him of [ome reports, and attempt.r ~ p. 444- Kelley, to Dollor Dee: DoClor Dee, to hi1 Wife ; but nothing confidmzble in eiagainft him i11 Germanr, M a Necromancer, ther. &c. ~ CXXXVI p. 444- ~ CXXXVII p. 4+5 ~ p. 42 5. A Letter of Dollor Oee's to Prince Apparittons in the Stone, (after 6 moueths mRofimberg, complaining of tho[e reports,and at termif!ion) renmed, with e~pref!ions of great tletemJrs,bythe Nuncio, &c. vPtio1t, in Dolior De.e : but with many Woes and ~ -4:6. .Auother, to the Emperour, of the fame threat11ings, by tiJC ~pi rics : wh' neverthelrffe, fubj e~. P~mce Rofimberg bmrg prefent, pro,Jtife fair to ~ The fmtmce of Banifhment againft Dol1or Dee, htm, and give hzm fomu i1tjltHC1ions, bow t6 carry &c. inthe German Tongue. himfelf. ~ p. 429 Prince Ro6mberg hi6 quejl:ions and pe titions , mira.culonfly ( llH wao conceived ) an- ~ Francis Puccins very trouble[ome; but at /aft quieted with the re.flitution ( Dolior Dee, at thi.r fwered. A white paper being [et up1H the .Altar, time, abounded with money, 2000 Dnuts in one while{t Maffe WIIH [aid: the {aid paper after bng : Prince Rofimberg had a good pur[e:) Ma.ff'e, wM found all writtm, ~ntl rH [oo1t .n copied of 8c.o, Florens : whicb the [aiJ Puccius out, all the Letters tJf it .a11zjhed. A Copy tJf the h~td formerly contributed for the fervir.e. fa id paper, or ( miraculo~H) writting. ~ ibid. Some obfervations of Dollar D~e's, upon ~ CXXXVIIJ p. 448. Dollar Oee mak..es bQld to propo{e {ome qzujtions ( tending to the feFrancis Puccius (of whom befor~) hu carriage; cret of the Philofophers Stone ; as It ak.; it: ) Whereby it did appear zmto him,that the [aid Pucout of feafon ; but is rejeffed, and dotb humbly cins did not deal truely and fincere!y: which {ubmit. troubled Dol1or Dee, who much defired to be rid of him.



Part I I.

aCC\\rfed : ya Pop~ry ejfewber: jll[lified. Kelley fcandalized.t. .Doc V~e in grellt A f!,oNy: Sqitu 1or [e~rets of c(ill:illation r:evea/e.d by fp;rit~. The Powder ag a~n, and how E. K. came by i.t, . Pr:edJllions of En-gland, &c. ( all falfe. ~nd. foqljtro) Ed. Kelley IJis fidelity f1_(pe:Jed. Cabalifi'ical my{teries of Letters ~ an. Numbers : 1tot well und derjl:qod by Do[!or Uee_, &_c. tlnu;.h .much help.ed by his [pirits, But at l aff, he bath joy, ( 10 !i>l:r.it .:s he i pa fwu ded ) ud. tef ol?!es to ol;ley ~ D ot/or Dee, Ed. Kdky, 11nr/ 'their two Wi')lesj their {cnfe, apprrhnzfions, RHd rL[QWtiom,co.tJ"e.r,nil g t!;is Jiew:d o[t:ine of promifi:'-to.'i' , fi]'ufati'du m ,nl1 joynrd: exvrrfJtd i11 ( r of a Covenant ( [q by them t:.d!d j with God : k.r . fir.'i ex hibited , and e aft<'rwuds~ p. 20. compl~,ttrd, f1nd f!~!J cribed bj tht Parri.es : ~ wirb. a t~~IJ.!t. wd<_ed ,cla fe, or conclu fion, of dreadful in:precntiom t o aLl that jhqu{d bereafter C- me to the kJ1vWiedf!.e 'of it , tr ' briHg zt to b__nowledg,e : wbereM i t is ~uch t () .the gl9ry of God) and true Religion, that fuch myjt.:ries of Helf.a11.d drt' k__neJJe, jh()u/d come to light, t o be abhorred by all men : and tha,t others may b( warned by f uch f ad examples, not to bunt after new dochmes, and p.reWtded ilt[pir.a tiom 4. d n reve!a t iom . ~ p. 17. Ed. Kelley his Declaration ~fhis diflik,/', from the beginning (tf thefe A8:icms, 1,tnc t :r.fL: H is.oppiJfition v.pon occa.fion. H w diOike of thi1 new dollri11e ( in p.lrtic!dttr) M c..ontrary to the r evellled Wilt of Go :. ~ow [a tisfied in [ome m~a d [ure: and t.be_rev.pon hi-1 rf<Zrlin,ffe tc '~b7 . B11t up()n tbe womens profeJFd d ifli.f<.! , and deiltlirTI; refofves t~ give over at! fu rtber dealing. VII P1 19. Apparitions. 7b.e cbief St.o:Ile ~ar riea rnrir.J hy [pirits ilt tbeir Ji.~!Jt, Mpr.u~bor tatio'ls a<td arf_uments , (o r C~>mp:jan~t PtJ thh nevt d ofrrine.. Offer of .4 M t.racle, for1urtiJfY on

CtioH I p. 1; Sermon-lik_e fluff:. i>ot1or.Dee (having a zeal, but not according to kn<>wledgc ) crvai!oufly ajfr{]ed with it. m Prince Rofirnberg hit, expellation of money an[rrered, and eluded with great fubti!ty, by ample ou~ of Scripture., of Abraham, Davtd, Solomon; &c. 1be preci~us Powder he bad, how 4ni w.hm, tQ.be ufuJ. } udgemmts to be executed upon fewra L Gceat ones, ( fure enough. if cl:iey.h<\d prevaild ) by ~rin~e Rotim.bers, as.. fromGotl. d. 1\elley, hi~ H'if eba rm: why. H e vny weary of h;l ojJLe: rep~(lved (or it, and another ( Arthur, D > Dee's {on,) to be fubDor ftituted in hit pl~t ce: yett, 1111d hi~ portion of the preci ~us Powder to be tttk..en front him, if he do not repmt. n p. 4 . Artliur, firft pre[ented, and prepared by Prayer; &c. enttrs upon his Office : Seethdzvers things i1t the Swne; Lions, Men, &c. but hearetb not, ln p. s. Arthur aglfin, as before: Thr-ee Excrci[esm one day. IV p. 7 Arcbnr again, as before: in two Exer-


cifes more. y p. 8. Ed . Kelley,hthw


ai before. Urie\, firjt authour of V o&or

Offic~aga in : f ees and


Dee's and Ed. Kc\ley's conjuntl:ion. A New Law pr.oJ?i'[rd. bere agailf-. Anabaptifrica! DoBrine of com.mitting Adul~ery , F Gods Jllk:.el&c. or ,- Of f ome wJrds bere, [r.e the Errat:a . . VI p. 9 H ere the fpir;ts begiti to- jhew them[dves . in their ~YP1f. /ik._encff.e a pparently , t eacbiltg do[iri1us of Devils 1 JZnd yet frill ( 111 their: inftrummts a.t t~w day in divers p!11ces ) in the name of God. Vo{]or Dee and Ed. Kell ey, are exhorted, yea comm.anded, t'o h11ve their Wives in common. 'The r.a[e argued on both fid"s (rtf/J and eagerly. Other fhange Do8rine ofDeviLs,(noted,. 11nd re;elled in tbe Pref~ce) of mun;.lel co1rdem1tert by the L aws of mm, npprQved by God. Saint Paul intpioufly flitndered.. Great . pr.tnni[(s , m cafe ofqbedi-enre. 1 he Powder. T he Pope bere


Vlll p. 21 . Am ther. fl.ppar.i tio,rt ( upq_n; r:i.qut.J. 't.ttde ) to m z/irm them in thdr. P~!Yf~f~ _ olie of

lX p.

~ 2. Yet tt~t;oth~r to thr [rm purpofr . .The C?~enanr tonu b K ~! l ey,_ .m ,z d~ wbo?e a~{t iit.~.J y fplfltS. The great power of 'G~d : fai ch ana obe:-


The Table,
dience, the mni1t thing. Great promi[es, J udgeaor Dee's upon the former Propofition, &c. to be men IS prormnced again_fl Kelley his tearing the offered unto God: llmong the re/f, one for the p~tptr of Covenant. Agttinft o tb~rs, (fome alntakjng of the Philofdphers Stone : Another, readJ executed) f or enttcingbim)lway: By which for Kelley'~ being fie~: fB r hit Wife, b.ting b~r it [tems Kelley b-ein~ terrifiul, refolvu to tarry, rm : for hH own Wife fick,, &c. The Empeand obe]. ~ The Srone,.flrangdy takpt away, perour of Mofi:ovie, hi-s great opinion of DoCJor llf _(frtr.ngely rejlored, i1t the prefence and fight of Dee, and:flfvour lijfered, b()th. ~ But here followeth that great hiatus, or interX 'Th e Au of obedience (good words, to counruption of Story, w_hich bereaves "" of mall} years U:n:mcc greacefi vi\lanies, never wanted: as ( fpok,en of in the Preface:) account. All from day ly fecn: ) performed, if accepted by .fhews hen::e, to the end, fet Out Unto ltf but the fad anJ and [peeche.c. Commendatio1z of Wifdom. Sec re~ lamentable Catafirophie of this.lo11g Delufion. cy eJ!jOJ1ted. Kelley if no more heard of HOW ; Jet the Xl Cabalifiiclll Dof!rine,d the Creation f man: fpirits apptar }fill in the fame fhape, IH beThe foul of man~ not the [11bjetl of fantlification, -fore. &c. Great Pr~mi[N and Preditlions : (equally true) nrtertained) ( with the Dotlrine: ) wztb comfort. ~ An. Dom. 1 607 ( StJlo ]rt!.) Martii 20. ~ p. ~8. Prince RoGmberg : (the 111a1z now in By thif time Do{lor Dee was become a very old man : favo ur : but mi[1rably al-11[d and de!vded:) tWII ~f he wn-e Sexagenarius ( 111 he;., {filed i1t P ucL etters of hit to DoCior Dee, &c. Several quecins hi-s. Letter, P. I. +39.l. 15.) a. d. 1586. he jli ns p him propo{ed, 4St'Xp~tling great things; y muJf nuds be fourfcore and upwar-ds by thif : and wbol!y tg be governed by their fpirits, His But wr need not tak,e the 'Riord fo precifely: H owconfidence of a great Treafure, in the Powder fver if towards it then, ( more or leffe) he muft delivereti. unto him, be very old now, 111 I [aid before. ~ p. 30. Several ff<!!eftions, and Petitions of Do-




Part I IJ. Ction I p. 32. Raphael ( pre_tmde~) fent unto Dollor Dee, to comfort hznt, betng (befides old .Age ) much ajfiic:led with povrrty 11nd ficJtneffi. 11 p. 33 'lbe fame Raphael. Of a certain Treafure fomewhere under ground, ( tts WM fl(pPfed. ) Dotior Dee's que{fions rather ~ludrd, than really a11[wered. Pz~t-offs, attd Promifrs,(of JPonderfNl Wifdom, &c. ) }till. 111 ibid. A VoiCe fent to Dollor Dee, then ( t1f it feemetb) alone, . . . IV p. 34. Raphaelagain: who~ Wtth man1 f azr preteufes, and z:erJ fo rcible. Rhe~oric~ ( to fuch " one as Dollor l:>ee) doth Jelzver ~ mtffagl

unto him, of 4 Journey into a far CoN~ttry, to be undertak,pt by him in this hi1 miferable caf 1 and conti.ition., of purfe and body~ througbyears, and prefent fic_Jtneffe. The danger of hi1 difobeJir~ce herein, and reward of obedience ; che Phtlofophers Stone, &c. Dol19r Dee is wzlling. ( 0 rare faith : or rath e~ pro"digious,_ but _ deferved jtJfatuarwn ~) S_ ahsbury ,jand h1s Devds; _if the Vtvil maJ be believed, ~ p. 36. Some Cafes tmd ~eftions propofedy~tttd t obe propofed, ~ It feems DoCior Dee, at this time, to9k,Hpon him to be a Cunning-man. H is neceffity which '11 great, might put him to irto tryallmtttns: bHt I think, he war too hontft to thive by it.

V p.


The Table.
V p. 39 The fame Raphael. Some que{lims ( I doubt, how truly) refolved about the Trea{ure. The Journey h11jtened. The Hijlory of To bias. V 1 p. 40. Raphael i1t the Stone : The Jewel ; the Powder : in Docror Dee's poeffio'1t ; but not Jet of ufe eo hint. Hit tha1zk..fubue, ( good man. ) VII p. 41, Raphael again i1: the Srom:. Journey. Great Promifes of Wifdom, &c. Po[for Dee's enemies at Court. Mmey intended by the Emporour ( fo alfo p, 38.) to Dotlor Dee, hindered. Some Cafes; concerning others, and him[elf, at hit reque(t anfwered, VIII p. 43- Raphad : Divers ~eftions and y Cafes b him anfwerd. 014e John Pontoys, very ambitiotu to ferve DrJl1or Dee, in thefe Apparitions. ~ Which end here in our Relation :
and probablJ, with hil life: or at lea ff, ( tbO!!gh hit [pirits bad promifed him7 p. 34 addition of many years) nor long before ~if death. I cannot' yet learn the dire(] time of hi; death : IJt!t mur.h about thil time, ( by all reports : ) and in England, certainly. Though hit fin w~ ver1 great (tU in the Preface if fhew:d : ) yt becaufe of hi-1 fimp!e aN-d fincrre iNtentio1tS towards God, it ~~~y charitably be hopd, thar God was fo merciful to him, M to let him k.,now hit errour, and tl . repent of it, before hit de 4th. ~ p. 46. That which follows here, i1 certaiH/y intended for part of that holy Language) which Adarrt in Paradz[e i1 [aid P. I p, 6+, 92. to have [pgk._m : and by which great w.onders might be wrought. I have neither faith, nor curiofity to inquire into it any furth~r : neither will, (I think.,) any fober man.


1PProbation : fides the judgement for Piety aad fo famou every where; the firfr I N !lead oftheh1sjudgen'ient ofLearnmg Reader ( sberead rhe Book fpokenofof latewilhed Bifoop page ofit : and divers others, that annfcript,and it printe.d;)





of .IJ.rw.

M may confider, bow follicitous the Devil bath been, when he faw his plots ( God oppo.fing) not hk~ ly to take effect; that the(e My.fterie$ ( thefe Papers and Records ) might not come to light. Firfr, ~y p. 418. and P 431. ( Qofror Dee's Letter to the Popes Nu11cio ) and Come other pl~ces of the Book, it doth appear, that they were all burnt, by command; though forrie afterwards ( upon appearance of better hopes) firatigely refrored again. A ~ain, Part ll p. 21. is that horrible. i'!'precation; whereof more in the Table. La!Hy, thefe remaining Papers and Records, here exhibited, were under ground, God knows how long: and iince that, though carefully preferved) wer~ even at the very laft, when the worthy Owner took care, at~d was at the cofr to have them tranfcnbed : and fo at the la~ ( noc unluckily, I hope for the publick good : ) they fell into xny hands.



~. ~~ wj \i be f oanc!' m the"ho,l: a Row! pan.~roce~aiila.( befide$ ord:nary ij,iltrapbic11l m.Huk6; even .,; he~e.be(\_c.ace iS ~fcjd :) froiD t~c; upcprr~~dndle olt~:. C') ~~ whFlJ. m.'-~t .llappcn, partly chrolflh c~e U~~t.blc.ndfc.?f the.Orlgtlllt fe!f, ~~_m~.. ny phc~-s: "+oa partly fr.om mHlak~~m ~~: fa,d: CJ~tgiJlal,w~ete; moftleg~Ie. The_ct.~fe of whtcb miftak~s andmtfwm:.tllg, you m:ly pn~r. I ~ 1'1:9 ~"tO. &r. ft~ be fides what u1 t~rc: f:ud11tmar:b& prob~tJly ~l~eti from p~ If. 17._1. 43 .and f :q:l..~(}. can-J (o~Dtothrr!lte placu :!hat :Ed. Keilq, ford~ mo!t prm, whe11c he m~"ep<IU r~Dodor bt~ f!f v0t<!c:und fpee c8c:~( fuclt erpcr~:dt~ :u were o fom: ic_~W.~ ). tlid n?~~o~ vr ~ac he fa ~d himfelf, and fo might the. c:afic:l'miftake.. A good par~ of.ch'! G-reek. P. I. ~. 1 w~~_.uufr.ep<lr.rc~,O\nd ~~ft~~co;as 1s ~'OW!d ,tn.rhe,P~f"C'e:'P ";.).ani .1 &ehcfe ~er r_hro~~hly ~n.. dcrfto.nd.'by poctor D~ litmfdf: 1c,r~J1Mt rherefor~ be e'Xpe~ed othcrY{!Ct,bqt 'hat rh~relhot~ld be JI\3ny faul!s m the wrmn~: for whirh lw<W\d not ha\'e th~mrrocrn~( cbe PTmtrrs and Co~t!8ors, 1 mea,n:) to ~0\r mor~ ~\:i.~elchin cortleuo'cheir !qire,Yet howew ,t hou~b mar.) ; moll atc_fuch( thofe phC'C_ :xcepted.~i~'CTC the 0t:it)nJ'f'u'VC~'f fuky:) as-may .ea.(!Jy ~C CorTtftedby 10 .ordi~ s n"RJ R.o<kr that i~ convafam in hpok~ ot a-ll ~nds:Ot: 1fqoc ID ea lily coiretted;:ye:t fu.ch as wi~lnotQc:reave)hc R.e:ailerof the main ~~:i!o4.Wrer. ~~ere.,. .P'a~~~s hcr~;~nd ~hc.re,it ~f. be;wiil be fo.unil \V.~~re . r~alonab~e .SdlQl_ar ~:Jy.b,eput ti> it:u .p; U.~. ,_t;x t~itH vo~{rfrtl itf!dr}i111ptrt1J!: wJ\Ich.cerramg mu~.\>.c rc:_ad,alMvofr[met:fPfis dtfr-ur-erm~ :-thc;re h1;1og.~ JQanJc~ (~nd peru-


mttr)~\1llhon, In ~c: words,, t~ . thacath:goticai?T/ro~u.r ( wmg-6ree~1n~: or, bttmng: ) of the. f<)ul, . fo faplo~s the .Bo.Qks,ot Fhiluffiphers; Platorii(h c:fpeoally: Tha.t Yery cltprelliopsno be found tn f]IIUJ., ( < Wnrks <;omrnonlp.dfcnbcdenC6 hi~:) r ifip't'puail ondy and 'iltfd. a.'1fo.(?,(J..,_,.T; t (which~ the fame in ~ff.:a ~) b'ut-even >R/tfii 3fr/.\lttrj"': alttJ wrfrin,trr, as ir -\$ llei:i~ !)omt.Cu~h p>laro~ here.and there~ may be fOllnd; whert thc::Rc:~der muit rake foms: ti&DC tb confider, (in~ hat is Lati,ne, e~(:cially ~)if h,e t~ink .ir. wor~ the whfe. I bav.c: faid as m!Jch a.s I. think ~edful~1_1d ~ ~e~f~:~.~ wit~~(fotil me .a~ this tj~ et Sine~' this 1'/[I[(Cn, o~fervwg that 4? 3) 4:~4. ~he Latint lhet~ I~ both PliF:CS, IS very full of faults, ( br more there, man any where elf~~ that l have ob~trvcd :) l thougl!r 1t wouldnot be a.mJfie ro corretl: thofc two pages. The Reader may the bet rer knoN what he harh to do upon {uch occafiom, though 1 dare Gy he will not meet ~Vhh ~he like il.g:~.in in the whole Book,




Age 4 o3.1ine 3, 4 t:ead Con[. in oratio~ewftra r: c. q_:~apiw!a, in CJ toti1u oratio"if u. ~fl:m. ~r. Je propheti41H,/9J & rew/4trnru~m ce.JJ . ib.!. 6 grarum, 1. 8. R.egt.t. 1. ,. tntell:g!tltr, 1b. omn1mad~ D. p~r. I. 12.. proph.fcrlrcer de D. f 1. 14. ,pmplctQM~ rl:/ (on(11mmatrsln. 1.11; Nam ob ha~t. c.~~ufllm c.- -/civiffit, I. 18. prcpherica ... pr.1cipmu [c. J, I 9 Chriffianot) --- 'cp/lim41114 & i. pr.i{citniiill7r. J. 1o .rrd~7'prioniJ hm'!an.e. co11{11,mmtf~11m c. I. 1 r. Nam c11m con{. J .J.l, deponefotts tlllll de. 1. ':!.3. ipfemet Cb. l,J.6 . CbJ:i~Kmr- tnt.lptenJaM._I.l._ J,mte:prerAbarur. _l.:.f1.eo[demrepeteb~t;. Hz:: funt verbaq11~. ~o~utus fumadvos, cum :adhue dE m vob. l. 30, 'S l. null~ rJJ..prophet~.tvel ~ev_el, ttf fc. -- drcendum c. 1. 3 z.. re-tJ. [iw norabtllrlla B. }04nnu .4p. 1. J' J't'"ph tra V. 1. 34 Er in .,,. , et. Ap.[ive R:vdatiOl!U, rer, eandt"fU. J.y~. Pr.iterea, qu er. ~- 18 , AJ!uum I. -- d.cemus c. 'a~. p ipfe dicir,jigl. ): 41: &nem~gn. rtw~attanrun txtollat-me, d. e.,m.flimlliJuc, L +J colaphl_ ..&. Nor"m m. f. 1 4 a 1!.~411 '{.t! . ./ gelijhu. 1. so . .tal u pl. 1. 5 ~. [czmu-1, & Jam h".' ~t. l. f3. propheu.t. I. 54 u. txprtjJ. de m, Dwmu Et .Je l?C!It _1. 55 tnvi]lbtle.q. er: Page 404. L l ~qMd plttandum eft ? - Cb.rif!I t.::-1. 1 , All1111m. ~. ~ - {4p~rwnmnr. l. 5, q111! flla e. [. Cwdio. . Ad .fee .,, 1: ~. aJJmnlvit._ l. .u, 11., vere p. r. tf,[~r. exiftlmws D. J. ~- [urtta,,v4l~e ~ l. 16. no_(lrArum A. 1: ..I~. alliones: Angelaflllll ~[.f).v. J.'J.o.fu.nt cenf.. l. 2.6~ St'!'pzttr!lt ve~, & ut~r.D. i.17.'atbt~baJ1ijtt. d. ~9; {yr~lwl m,~- bomrciia~. L )~- .. e:q~itviftt. J~' . 4~11 o[fi~fH I. ~*-mirificis--- jiiitb~ R,. 1. ,34 quit. ".11t11i ~ jtrffi~ rx. Jtniv,!Q. t. s. .vir. 1, ~l_, otud;'!ri~m . r~bih~~ __ ~1: 1 ; rlOIOf .. - f~Jflntttlpli/.~. 4-3. no}b-11s - ~rr 1 Jtt, 1, 1{4. aNtfm- tull maxrma..tr..tlat f. 1. 4f intd/umtf, 4~. tr.tftrJ o o fpurm11f: ,. ~..,.ftr/IWI(an.ill g. 1. 'fr. quiii11m pr.opo{itlnll. I. ~ , .. -viTibiJ1 tranfglutintdo ti. l. f4. /rflite it. n. _ luctf11 & 11 .--~ Jrmpiknrti Yi*; ,b vtrt . 1; ~6. vivlim. -- fjJ~: Me..a~~tem.. -1. 11,firle!~m:f".ll1lm. & fincerllm :t:. [tMJ:(m: 1. sS. an le m. i In ~he: M~~gil\ ( U 1 ~haetle ; ) m/apir/e q~m. tfrr,.m: adii~Xit.: & ..ptr[c,iptll mtl ttoftrll ~. CII.IIJ't9dtm.


~~~ thi:ngs t'Q be.correlied. in the Preface : the .Authour being the in a Journt>J. ~hm it 'liNt~ printfd; anil Jo hi#. iitt.eHd.eJ.re-.vitw b~i1zg prevented.bJ the quic'k._ue.!Jc of tb11.f11effr ldt, he ddires tlte _Rh-der.ro ukoDQticc 1ha~ he BA.ds.h-is Orthograp~H ~kertd i" divci:s _pl2-c~ :.n Phjl.fopiJit; and P-byl~f .,~r i for l'bi~jGphl(, &c. Jir.ppPcraw, to: Htrpocr~re~, &c1 H1s. p~1n~trg alfo.: as, fuilp.oini~~far t,wo. p,oinrs: as in rhc fecond : .,pfge. .before Al:h"llfh : 2,nd befo~.c:: t,e! wh_tcli dgt\i l'l'l~ch Qbfcur.e rhe fc:nfe. f Beliacs rli1 ~ : (bu 1 mufi dellr~ rhc: Reod.e( .t 6'dl to adde l_h:c frgwu thert,I'IOn'e ~ei1'lg1>nrtrcd :) P:tge-'J; }Jne'J'i . rratl: ih 411] a'ge-.:' f().re.aif 1 f~y ,P"Yc!p.l.l44-Fiifl th~n~(as fiom th.e m th. p . 3.1.6.~:~~ c:.. P+J. r<4f. blow ~._thapp>P': 5L~j.r.tnd.o.d\Cu;f ~ ~o t p.' 1: J-4- r. iDF:cnuoqs prof. 1': J'o.l.1 4 . whidi m1 y .ea f. p, 1 l.LH io ]ufline M So quoted indc:c~ ~nd believed by d~ver~;but nor rig~dy: buc however one of the: t.nc, p. 1 J .1.1 9.

Lu.{.piffime"g. 1'-1 4 . !.7.r. byrhe ouc:!.pp. tbtdl.37. fomt; . mtfchJef w.bed 1bid 1. 4 o. ~.astbeD. p.!f.LJ6. ]ul; a, s.al: p. 16. I. q , ~n:i l8 . 7'ra/Jianus. fbid 1. 4'5. T, Re:tfon: light; $, ibid I. nlr. th3t rb:lfc: m,. p: I 8, 1. l3 .. r'hefe (1. p. I 9..L 37 admifi]J}r. ille negareJe . ib. 41. r. [c. illi ign. p. 1 91: 7 - d~ferNit n. lb. ro, ty1uAi'T1wl.. I bid 10. dpetirem. l~>id 4 5, " th. daye5 among- others, ~ne mel1om nct.t, u we f~y, by S. H. :lJ?;;un!1: hi. As :~.fcerw:tr~s ( fomc: a. or+ years atrer) P npfh impo!lurcs ( then ufe~ ~nd ,dtlcov~red) of cb_ fame n_arure, for the ;ldvancement of rhe~ c~ufe, .?~cafi_on:d another of the fame e Authour, ;~nd SubJCEt, ( exnrcifmrJ ) agamfi P itpifts. 1 h;~vc th - - - p. l.l IS J-Lo~rovou dt~lb.tj. adtl11flos. lb 14. c11m (.f. p l. {.l. ~ J.., Chrifii~ns: ~ckn. ' b. B. more fex. lb. 35. Sec therefore w. p 2.4. 4~ op. 'Fv7Tc.u-ci.7r.~ t7'1. pt). -H' 1rue a. CChr. pt6.:.S:ocqadlr. p.~7 . 16.yeare~dy,)lrb ptil: u.forr.hm, .?&c. anap- .... (inLu. p l.7+;.prcfcnced. and appr. p 3<. !5 uue n3t bud~ c~c ? lb. obf dilig- lb_3o. forthat P '' .. ?Jimfclff. p. ~ 1.3 t,<Om!J1endcth. p.n: H 7 .-t!tffer:ncc:s in r. lb r. 12, ofchJn~-- hath d, p. H 3.6 del:ayed a P-.35 confufed_or con f. P- ..35!. 7 , Devils~ I bid , . He dic\'c. p ~7-1.~.\ived:Th, ~'~ 6, more probably den Ib. 17.pa.rt 11 is(i. o'!y pan ~tall, :and not rather a new coun_ m fcit -under ~n old vnor : ) ~o oft. lb. 36. hath.hada h p 40.7 .{ptmuum. -- me .ut. Jb. 1 J.d. ao t h. lb. I fAr[. fac lb2.3. form Fr a, p 4 L 13 . of whn rsrr. p 43.6. they m~y h.t fom- p~rchtncc: eh. ibid 7. S) nt{o ibid 13 . in the T ibid 33 conceited. i':>id 4 3. fomc Table.p446. 2bour ay. p.46. 7. prilu oft; P'47t) more: of;t. lt is 3. ibid 17 Oc:lonv.ed u. P49l $.who b. ib.3 I-4). 1rfb-3up.~ 32. d~f;}l.~vtT'd.l. H '.-"'f0.~or(@-. 4). 7TilpCi.~Gtl p,jo.u. iallucas. 45 .ofthis,occ. P1'1.~0. 1 knew.p. 53 r.ud_ praying. p ;ft{crtpr l.n n' inifiery. . . Bc!idcs chc:fc: erra'r.'s: it is fir the Reader !'hould !now thac rhc wrimn Cqpy of the Prefacr had many referenc(s ro the page <Jf the.Book M S which bec:a:ufe they did noc 2grec wirh rh: printed pages, the Primer rhovghi: impertinent to fer Jown: whic!s ncvc:nhelelfe hat~} bred fome confuf)on In fome places; :~s p. 46. 41 :and el few here: but may ~al!ly be realfied'by the Ttfbie, at the beginnine- Ae.:tin, f?me marginal q uot:rtions are omitted, .w hich m~y be fqpplicd P, 34 ggainft rile ~' 4 , and fol lowing \lnes: [ Tterife ofEnrbujill{me : Cb. 4 1111~ 6. ofR.hetor and Prwtr Enth J p, 36 againft line n , r t &c- [ Vert~ ac memor...bilil H jloria de 3 Ene,gummH &c Lur. PAr. t6 H. dedicated to the. King or France] p. 4~. againft !. 6, 7 &c [ De



11Yte0famm l.lCap4IP' r4I, 14t.] . La!l!y, 1 ea nnor give a re~fon of the It.rlie.- : . or diff~rent lct{er, in fame plnccs: but that the Primer, or fame body el!e, have pl~~red rhc:ir vhlnfics therein. et 1n the T~ble: Pim 1 Atit VI afthe f11me n~tfllr~. Aft.. LT r~[. to leav~ Dr. Dec. AB:. LXz.IT; SoiJie char and tJropertiu. Att-CI.obferve: atleaft. ,, at; Att..CIV no a(tafbis{tc411d L ibid is W~tllt. Atl:CVJl. in tbe C:tb1lc Mt CXlll bra referving rfl' r.or all CXV,li fnm Pr~tg CX~.Jpo~n of; let CXXX. in'toxic CXXX V. be aotb ttllb, ofrhofc b: B~tt II t.B.lX 1ronalin&ni ag.





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Y- 1 r 0 1r. r ,. 0 lt a. t g a. f' (1 z 4 ,. ~ e, If L a.. X a. .Y IIL l f' o ~ !111 i1t a. c. h. o "'- J. a- 11.- c 1. a. .X a. z v ?' J, ~ a. l " 1 a .cL e r1 J. "'.x o r 1J. e 11' 1 h &, L ; , a- f' t a. J. r " a. J. fr " If- (. t a, n.. 2: 4- iL i n. c n. a. 12- et r a, , (. 1r. t " If b. a. 8 tt 0 c h. . If, J "' A- (- 1 " V I a. t c h. e, r ft. A. J. ~ J' ~ 1' IJ.e '"' r 1%- r h. e "' t b 11 11.. J, a, 8 e J. l 0 1r. a. )C. a. r J (, " 11- (1 t "' t s ! ll'J'i~ 56 718 an. L t-f.a. f,. a.l'tt-~ e h--n- 11 J'a. L I}., e. h..! e b L ~ ;r,Jx, 0 r 0- a. 7 6 5 4-3 .l.l: l;_.l + ~ 6 7 8 Lo a a"' 1t f .1.I.L o tt- t a. L 1n< "' h- o c. 1J. "" n- J a. n. c J' "' t '(! t -t 11, 11 o 6 5 ~ 3 ~ 1 1 7 1 ~16 1h' 7 B I~ e m."''n A-IJ. o .X a..,- c lh. ,._ n. s a--n. a, p v .,. ,._l.l ~ 1 n- ~a. t ? I+ .1 ~ 6 7 8 f, lrt I L D r %. a. t, 1ft. 11 c h. "' a, n.. i 0 rJ a, L z a.- J. c ~ a, r 0 11- s a. 5 3 .2, 1 6 7,
. 1 .z. 3 4 ! .1, 1 '3 ~ , , 'J 2. 1 i ~

r "' "'a.



fl, (.




Dr. DE E S @_AElions, Dithfpirits.

Liber Myftetiorum(& Saod:i) parallelus Novalifque.
Lefdm M
;~~~~~~~~~~~~~j~~S j . .and E.

AY z.S.

D,J, Dr. Du, .

E. K. EdP>ard K( llct See the p , cC.tcc.


~a{ci his g reat hdno:u here :"ith us obteined, hi.s great good

K. fate difcourGng of the N oble Polonian A lbertzy

A. L.

h.kmg o f all States ot r he people , of rh em that etther fee him or hear of him, and again bow rim eh I was 'hcholding t.u God that his heart fhou~d [o fervently favour me> .,.nd that he cloth. fo much firive to f uppreffe and confound the m altce and envie of my Country-men againfi me , for my better credit winninoo or recovering to do God better fer vice h:erc:after thereby , &~ C> 0 Q 0 0 0 ~ 0 0 0 c Suddenly, there feemed to come out of my Oratory a Spirit.uall - -~- cjeature, like a pretty g'rle of 7 or 9 yeares of age, attired on h~r head with her hair row led up before,and hanging down very long behind,with a g~wn of Sey , ..... changeab!t: green ani red, and with a train lhe feemed to play up and down .......... Green and reJ~ lik e, and feemed to go in and out behind my books, lying on h eaps~ the big.~ efi . ........ and as {he lhould ever go between them, the books feemed to g ive place fufficiem!y, dif.. .. one heap from the other, while he paffed between ~hem: And fo I colltidered, and~ .. ;~ the divctfe reports which E. K. niade untotne of this pretty maiden, and ............; A. I faid ....... Whofe maiden are you ? A. Sh .......... VVhofe man are you ? , . . A. I am the fcrvant of God both by my bound dury, and alfo (I hope) by his Adoption. A voyce. ..: .. You}hall be beaten if jou tell ........ A-n not I a fine k~aiden l Give me lea"..le play in your houfe, my Mother told me {ht

would come and dwell herr.


A She went up and down with motllively gefiures of a young girle, playing by her fc:lfe, and di verfe times another fpake to her from the corner of my tludy by a great Perfpe8:ive~ g!affe, but none was feen beGde her felftt . ~.... Shdll I l I will (Now fhe feemed to anfwer one in the forefaid Corner of the Stndy) .... .. 1 pray you let mt tarry a little [fpeaking to one in the forefaid Corner] A. Tell me who you are .? .

, ...... I fr"Y you let me play with you a little; and I will ttll you who I ani.
Jefos, .......... 1 rejoyce in the name of Je[m, and I am a. poir little Maiden, Madini, I ~:m the !aft but one of my Mothers children; I have little Babj-.cbildren at home. Prolts ipfiMI

A. In the name of Jefus then tell me.

Where is your honte?

. A. You fbaH not be beaten for telling the truth to them that love ,. he truth , to the etcr t nal truth all Creaturl!s mutt be obedient. M.tii her Ma ....... I wrr11nt Jou I will be obedient My Sifters fay they muft .all come ~nd dwell with you. fix siiCis.

Ma..... I dare 1t11 t tell you where I dwell, I fhtJ!l be beaten.



I defirc

Dee. E{ar.i/i.

A true'l{_e ation ofD~-Dees Aflions, Ditli[pirits.

~. 1 de6re chat they who love God fhould dwell with me, and I with them.

Ma ........ I love you now you talk,.e of God.

your eldefl: fifter her name is Efcmeli.

Ma . ...... Myfifter u not fojhort as yoll mal(e her. A. 0, J cry you mercy, fhe is to be pronounced E[emW.

E. K.. She fmileth, one calls her faying, Come away Maiden
Ma .. ,... 1 will read over my Gentlewoemen firfr. My Majfer Oee will teach me , if I fay ami.JJe. A. Read over your Gen'-'ewoemen as it pleafeth you. Ma . ...... I have Gentleri1en and Gentlwoc:m._en, Look.Jou here.

E- K. She bringeth a little book out of her pocket, ....... She pointeth to a in 'Picture the book.
Mad ....... Is not this a pretty man.
What is his name? . , Ma...... My ....... faith, his name is Edward,Loo"-you, he h-th a Crown upon his head,my Mother faith) that tbu man was Dul(e ofYorl(.

E.!(. She lookcth upon a PiEtMre in the Book "ith a [oro,el in his hand and a Crown upon his head.
Ma . ..... Thuwas ajol!yman-wiJen be was King ofEngland.
t;,.. How long Gnce is it that he was King of England l Ma........ Do you ask, me [uch a queftion, I am but' tt little Maitlm? Lq) her't k hM F ath~ Richard Plantagenet, and lm Father alfo. A. How call you him ? Ma. ...... Richard, Surely this 'M Richard Earle of Cantbridge.

B. IC She turneth the book leaves, and faid,

Mad . .....:Htre wa grim lord, He mak,eth me afraid. A. Why cloth he make you afraid? . . Ma . ...... He is a ftern fellow, I dc not k.?tow him what he is. But thid was the Duk,t fCla~ 1 rence. Tbiswas Father to Richard Ear/e of Cambridge. Lo> here is Anne hit wife.

E. K. Turning over the leafe,

'!he fame was heir to all Mortimers lands. Edmnnd was her brother. Lo, Sir> here be the wicked Mortimen.

E /.C. She tur,ned over diverfe leaves, and then file faid
Ma ....... This fame is Roger Mortimer. . .... My Mother faith this man was Earl of the Marches. 'This fame is his wife. He hadagreat deale of lands by her,for jhe was an Heire. 'This fame is wild Genvill, her Father. HertisaTwn theycal/Webley, Here is Beudley. Here is Mortimers Clybery. Here is wild Wen lock. Here is Ludlow. Here is S tamon Lacy. Genvill his wife was Heire of all thefe. Here is Hugh Lacy her Father. He weareth his haire long, for he was Deputy of Ire~ land; That mltk,.eth him look, with fucb a writhen face. c.My jijfer hath torne out the ether two leaws:;; I will bring them when you have [upped. I pray do not tell any body of nu. a. We were earneftly called for to Supper by my folks.

Prgnounced Jenvitlt.


After Supper,

Ma, ..... . Here isWilliam Lacy Father to Hugh. Here is Richard bis Father. .And here is Sir Richard his F atLer , and here is William , Sir Richards Brother, Here is his g~ing_inu F ranee. t;,.. Q!!o an no Chrifii? Mad . ...... I warrantyou my eldeft Sifter will tell you all. H ere is his going into Denmark. Her eldeA: My Sifter will come jh'ortly, and tell y ou how he married iH Poland , and what ijfiJe this Wii~ Si\:cr. Her Sifter is 1iam had. ro tell the A. I pray declare the Pedigree d own to this A lbert L ttfc . y reft. Ma ....... Alas , I cannot tell wbats d~Jte in other Countries. A. I know you are not Particular of this Country, but Univerfal for all countries in the whole world, which is indeed but one Countrey, or a great City, &c. Mad . ...... Well, my jijter will {hortly come and tell you unlook._ed for , If you judge the[e things well that I have fpol\,en. Nam 'ftra funt. Nam vents eft qui me mifit.


-- --A true 'f\elation of Dr. Dees .dflions, with fPirits.

. - ----"

7'ruth is all that i; truth. The M6rtimer I (pak,t' o{, is the /irft of the fix : t1ure were fix Mortimers Earles of March. Edmond rvas tbe laf{, t!nd Roger the firj f; tbat Morcimer was tbe Grandfathers GTJmdftttber Qf tbit Edmond.


E. K : There f-eemeth fome one to call her, whom I hear now.

Ma .... . 1 come. A. She cook up her Skrol!s on the ground, of which fomc. were very old, and !be put up her book. Ma ....... Tbir may ftand you in [oHtt [tead. A, Mitre lucem tuarn & veritacem tuam) Jefu Chrifte,Lux vera,& veritatis percnnis Fon14

Richard Edward D11x Ebor.

Willi1tm Lafey , France. Rich1trd. France. Denmark._.

I 2

L afey. Sir Richard L afey. Peter. l<.ichitrd La[ . cy Poland.

Wil!iam Lit[cj.
Hu~h La[cy.

Geffrey Gmvil. Wilde GenvtllR.ogerus primus comes ] o11n Genvi/1. March.


We prefented our felves,ready for inftruttion r~eiving,and prefumed not to call my good Minifier fpiritual} but by humble prayer referred all eo God his good pleafure.

M ond4y

a Meridie hora 4 f .

J~tnii ,; 1583 '

E K. The Golden Curtain which cov~rerh aJl_ Stone hangech fiill, the but'! he.ue a voice or l~iirenct> thric~ repeated, rhus.
A voice ...... Sanflum, Signatum,& ad tempus. A. T he fenfe hereof may be divers wayes underftood, and mote then I can imagine, but which fenfe is to our infiruction would I faine know . A voice, ...... SaH{ium,quitt hoc vellr {uum; figillatum quia. determinatum ad tempRS.

B K. Hatd fpeeches, but h= could nor p~rfectly dtfcer~ them.

Th~ Seat

u prepar ed. 'fuftir.r hath determined. "i'he Judge H not yet )Pi/ling. M m:y thruftetb it.[elf betwixt the D ivinitj. But it is [tid, Tlte T ime .fha/l be .fhortned.

A voice; ..... Ad tempM & Ad w;tpm(inqzutm)quia rerum co~t[ummatio. All things are at h4nd.

E K. Saw no creature: But the voice came behind him ovc=r his head, till no~; when he efpied Otle landing on the T able bdides the filke cloth on which the Stone flood; he {e~med ttkc a Husbandman all in red apparel, .r~9 hofe clofe to his legs, a Hd jacket, red bmtoned cap on his head, yea, and red iliooes. He asked e, K 'ho\V he did, and e. K anfwered, Well I thank God.
(}. By your apparel it tl10uld feem you have fomewhat to fay concerning the Commons of t his R ealme, and not of high School- points, or Sciences. I am defirous to know who feut you? What is your ruelfage? and what is your name? for a name you have peculiar as all Creatures. elfe. A. He paufed a good while~ whereupon I asked him if he confidered sny fpeeche5? . .. . I r.on.fider your: [peecbu, for I have lef t nothing bebind.

E. K H~ kncdeth down and {eemcth to fay fome\vhat, his fpeech is

quick, round, and ready He feemeth to pray in a flrange Language. I perceived thefe words among many other 1 OIJ Gahlre RNdna gepbn4 oli


His Countenance was directed towards the Stone~

... .. . Vejfra non mea facio.



true~ ilati(}n D{

Dr. Dees .Aflirms, Dith Jpiritsa.


E K. Now he flanderh up .

..... 11n{f not thou faid,Fr om wbom conuft thou l IYh11t is tby nrtffagf ? [ He looked tow2Td me] ATtJ btrji urged my n011~ ? S~tying, All things have a name. It is true ; f er fo thQ {). l'.11 thtngs have bretn;[e rbey are. H a.ft thou left any thing v.n[aid ? h~vet a name' r l . A. Y cnt reb eane my f neec h es not otle1' . genera, but alr 111 parucu Iar y )m . tO '1.110( 9nl14 [ Trrr.pmtlibri The will of God be done ( to hts glory for the reft. . E.rac~nt_tn[is dr , , M) me JJ.,ge is f rom b1m, in whofe lame thou hajt defiud it, 'rPhich hatb [aid lif t up thine 3 Ams rx- ~yes,and look._umo (bebold I[ay) rhrfumof my Commahdmenrs, ,.. What I~m, 2. W!Jo[e Mihi.. ''2 11 ~/II. < YOU are, it is 1 necommand~ fier~1bm cea[t and ( ns whm[aid before)jt11n~et h m P1ttce; tznd pllTpofe it u,ar~ deter1Hhttd alr.:atiJ. umme or Judgement 3-. 1 o what ehd Fer all thmgs J our . f o plead cd obferva- The 7 doorcs are opened. Tbe 7 Governours have alruoft ended chdr GovernDlmt. t ion. The Earth l4b~ureth lis Jic~ yra. fick,_lmto death. . . N ote 7. Tbr Waters pour forth weepmgs, and have not mQijhtte [11fficunt h aruncb their ownforro'1P.r. The .Jir-e withereth, f1Jr her beat is infetted. ~ The Fire co1t[umeth (1.1fd is fcalderl with his oypn fuat. T'he B dies above are ready to [ay, We are JPeary of qur courfes. Nature would failf crap again inro the bo/om ~f her good And gracious M after. Vrh__nee is now h~avy and fink,_eth dlrPn ttgether: She bath bwldd her felf,ya (I fny )foe hatb advanced .her [tlf into a ntighty building,jhe {ttitb,H ave Jne, for I tzm ready to receive my burden. Hell it [elf is weary of Earth: For why? The [on of Dark,_neffe ccm, th now to t:hallenge his An~ich~ifi his right : and [eeing all things prepared and provided, defiretb to ejtab/ijh bim[t:lf a k._i,gJom ; fay 2 10 Y !1. 10 the ing, We au 1ww .!fronge mough, Let us now build m a kin~dom upon earth, and Now dlablilh pmt ofSarao. chat which we could not confirm above .And thereforr, Behold the end, Sorrows. When the time comrtb, The ...... thy forrows lhall be greater thah the fweetnelfe, the farrows (I mean) of that thou fee.#; I mean in rrfpeli of the fweetnre of thy k,.nowledge, 7hen will jou lament and weep f~;r tho{e thou thoughrtl were jujr mm. When you eanteflly pray it jhall be fllltJ unto yo111 Labor; When you "'f011llll t11h__e Mercy Jufti'l Labor. flJall [aj, Be it fo. "'Jherefon (I fay) tbirft not overmnch: For fear Ieaft thy capacity be conf~Nndd. Neither move tbou him whichbttth moved all things alread} to zhe eltd. But do th~u th'lt wbich is r~mmand,d. N either pre[cribe thou any form to God his building. All tbing1jhalrbe brought into an unif ormnl Order. A/. datl:J, Whom thou fay eft that thou hajf not yet confirnud, co11fint~ ,itb [,~o;. C~1111fel. It ufaitll h471t accrpttd him. .Are not th([r News [Nfficimt ? . It i1 faid~, Il<' jhall ' overn nu 4 pfople: of ~m[elf be_Clt~t~tot~ '11urefore let him belitve, anl N~es m i Jerondly Re ojcf' that the Angel of God hach fo governed him. j Tb11t in Eleaion he jhall lcft1on, . govern han a peopl e. Dt}ireth he to hear of gre~tter bltJJedneffc ? 0 King. He h~tth alfo [aid: Thenfo~tll it be [aid unto him,O King. Y_itk r~tmtll dr It followe tb confrquently that he is called; and tllat to a K ing!y 0 ffice : For w!Jo{oever is An 11 !Jtts~' .~0 oointcd i.nthe Lord, his Kingtl..m i1 for ever. ~a~~onr 111 e Will he b~ the {on of perdition l Let him thm witk his f ttthers J:Ut O'! tbr g,~rments of pride. Prid,, tzJe.fjrrtli bt 1uws? Tell him thou haft prayed for h1rn;the DevU envyeth lum, and h1s efiatc. Tell him fhat I fay Jo. Say it' fr a_{hame for a Kings Son to commit theft ; and for him t.; at is called, to do the worJte1 .-!; tmrigbtiou[n'fffi. Studie(i thou to pleafr him? G ive him tharp and wh<:>lefome coun(et For in ~im ( I fay.) tb_jfttte and alteration of the whole Worldjhall beg~n. t Wouli:ljf thou '<.11ow from JPhenct I cttmt? TboujhJt!t, But do.it _ Humbly, it is not""} part to meddle any further than niJCb~r'g!. BJttil.tt H [aid before wtto thee~ So jh~rll it r.o111e to p~tffe. Mofes had a rvd 11h"'eby be Wits k,.nown, and the ba11d of G<Jd 4f1Prwet. Let hin. pf~ tkrefore to carry the rod of righceoufndfe .about him. Mob 7 . rt>d. Fo_r we 11rr [even : andi1t zt~ u c~mprehended that rod JPberewitb Mo(es wrought, .A1 it it h~ S~tnOumJign- gun fo 1 t~d;lf:'~l!tJe.fee htN is holy [pointing to the .... .. and:-by him fealtd and for unril tht time. tiiirJ,d ttmpws. 'Jherefore uJr patience herein wttil the riJ!I~ that it is faid unto th~ .. , ... V tnite, ,videte, ( & loquimini ) Judicia melt. He that fa ith tfms (![peak._ of my [elf, and as roncrrning mJ meage,) if eqJtal wit.h the greatefi Angels; :11-nd bis Nttme is Murifri. Mllrifr; my 'Ibou btt{i wr'fttn my nai/te,_ 11nd I am of thy K 11/mdtr., brcaufe thy. K61mJtr is '))j G~4. Calcndcr. l11 the grounds of all thy T abies thoujhalt finde my name. A, I r~member not any fuch .name wri~ten by me, lJJtt it may be contained in fome newCompofiuon, or Collefrion. Mur ....... It is true ,for if thou hatlft rml'nnbuJ all thofe tbi1tf.J:'!hirh .th.lln hAft #ritten, the11 :/hoNid not mJ meJJnge nted. A . If


A. If I might wrtho~t offendin.~ you,

I would move tw<;> Petitions nn~o .you, one concerning

the Soul, and dte ocher concenung the body~ Coucenung the . Soul, IS for . one lfa.bd Lijftr, whom the wicked , Enemy hath fore affiitl:ed long with dangerous tempt-ations , and hath
brought her knives to ddhoy her felf wichalli!he reiifrech hitherto , :md delirerh my helping. counfd, which how fmall it is God knowech. The other is of another .woman, who harh great need, and is driven eo maintain he~ (elf, her hu sb:Uld, and three duldreu by hes hand labow,_and the,e is one thar by dre~m is advenifed of a place ofTreafure hid in a Cellar,which this worucid ha eh hired chereuponf and harh no longer time of hiring the fa id Cc:llar, buc rill Midfumrncr u.cxt. She, and rh is dreamiug Maiden dtge ed fomewhat, and found certain tpkens nocefied umo her:But fo left off. I would gladly have your help herein,if it pleafed God. Mur.... .~ I an[wtr :thce, I will ro me 11gain fo on, and tboufhalt ucciv~ a Med~cln~ which .fhall ttach tbe-e: t~ wo"r'ft ht!p in tht fir(f. The fecond is vanity, fol' it is not fo~ but to. tht intent that 11ft e-r grut l.?pe of thil wtJrlti hdth in(ell~d tht weal<Jings mindt : Defperatton might have the more ~~" llnd rudy nttrance. But ytt jhe jh~ll be c~mforted fur thy fak_t. A. The prai(e be unto God. Mur.... 1 Go. Ontthing I h11ve to fay, be ftiitbfull in all thi1tgJ, I have [aid. A. I pr~yed, and gave thanks haruly to God for his mercies, and- grace~ ,-and fo rofe up. A. Then he faid write, M. 49 under V. 43 unuer R. 35 z . . and 47 underlF. R. I.} Tbitjhallead thu to "1J namt,he that {c:nt me be amon~J you.t..Amen,Amen,Amen. 9 3 3 42 A, Noce in 'flfbtll(l Collella, (whic'Q I irfi gathered of the 49 good Angels) l too the rhi'rd lettersoutofthe names, itistowic, outofthc:49tb, nam t ,and rh ...... 47 9 33 42. which agreed '\lery well with the letters, but the five and chircieth name did nor yield R.. m his third later. Therefore I am.... in the...... Mond~y. after fupper 1583. Junii 3 t... . . Afcer.f4pper, as we were together in my fiudy, and attending fome~vhat the retum of the good meffager fpiritual, and faid .that he promifed eo come again fuddenly, he appeared and anfwer_ed. Mur ...... Sol am, write 7 30.25. 44 373 5 46. To the tirfr S. to the fecond O.the chird L. eh~ fourth G. the fifth .A. the ftxth R. the 7!h S. ~. 1 bat makech S 0 L G A R S. Mur....... Add tht firjl,and !aft 1tumbtr together, it nt11k._eth 53 ltt that be tbe Cen~e to thf rtft. A . To be put to the Center of the Stt'ptagonum. Mur ....... So. The ground hereof if to be found. iJt tht tiJird T nblf in tbe firjf: book,.: I mean iit Th~ third Ta t~ thin~ oft~e feven, !hr Tablt flf B. B. &c. being tbf firft. hie in the firft My name is allo to be found in the fame Table. . book. . Form this upon a plate of lead : It prevailt:ch as a cure agaiufi fuch infeCtions. My prqmife ts done. A. How is this to be ufed~ Mur.. V[t it upo., the body mole(ted, addi~tf!. tht letters of her n11-me in a [mall Circlt OH tb~ bac"'- blt.!f not the letter I in their fornt6 exprrffrd, but tht number of [uch letters. A. \V e_ know not how to number her name in our lercers. Mur. .... Tak_e thtm out of the [er.onJTaUe (any Ta blt elfe of tht '[eventb -willfervt) [o fb1t D. The fecond thqu tak,~ the nuwtbfYS IH tbrmfindejt thtmplaceJ with the lttters . T lb~e did not A. How is this to be ufed about Qer body ? fccvc, & th~:reMur . .As by J ;[crttioJZ Jhtzll bt thought beft: It prevailtth {ulrr.ie~ttly, fo it be J.o11e, bat thui !ore Jhnfcdhthe 'JP 1event w ere . . all the ' f fl.T, 1 .teach r hte, an d t b tH concernntg 1tllture. '<Tl. ) . 1C! tcrs .,_.'ft .oealtb ~f him which [ent me b_~ ~tmong(t you. A mm. "might be; ha~ A. Gforia & gratiarum a8:io perennis fit Deo nofl:ro onmipQtemi uni & Trino,Amtll.


lfbtl Li-

fter, tb~ bd:. prt

0frb~ L11

The fo~~ part of tile


Lam in,

WedneCdayaMn-idie circ42d . . ~s8~. Jullii~. ~. E. K. Ha? been ever fince nm.~ ~f the Clo~~ tll the m:or.uin_g iq ..a ~Wtc.vello.us ~rea~ dif.. quletnelfe of mm de fwy, and rage, by reafort h1s brother Thoms~~ had bmught bim news chat a Com.

A m~cr u nt 1 urh

A true Relation of Dr. Dees AElivns, 'With {pirits


Go~m1i~on_ was ont to attache, _and apprehend him M a fellon,for coyniJzg of money.


in cve(y ly, chat lHs Wtfe was gone from Mtfireffe Freemans houfe at Blohley , and how Mr. Hu[ey had p:mthcr<:~f_, reported him to be a cofcner, and_ had ufed very bitter and grievous reports of him now of late; ~n.! a mJhcl- and ~hat his wife was. at home wtch her mother at Chipping, Norton, whereupoM;I confidering 1 ous > e. his great diforder and incumbrance toward him externally, and his greater offending of God

with hi s furious impatience incernally ; and remembring the whole premifes of God his fervice to be performed by us two (if we would be ducifuH fervams ro his Divine Majefty) 1 was tonched with a gr eat pang of Compafllon , both that any Chrifrian fhould ufe fuch. fpceches as he ui'ed, or be of fo revenging a roinde and intent as he fhewed himfelf to be : and alfo in refpe8: of miite own credit tO be brought in doubt, for embracing the company of fuch an o;u,a dzforderly perfon: And thirdly, that tbe good fervice of God might hereby be taken fr um our two execuring, to our g reat danger, both in body and foul: Therefore to do my Amicorum om- duty as a man refolme ( upon our uniti.ng _(1r G9ds fervice) to do for h;m M for my {elf : I made nia comm~nrll, God my refuge for comfort_, cottnfel, and help in this great affliction >and crolfe of temptation. Whereupon after my vehement and humble prayers for rhe forefaid purpofe, this voyce was heard of E. K. I had(npon fome reafonable refpea) fee the (hew-frone with the my fiery in it, on the Table by E. K. alfo. _ _ A voyce ....... L et the dat4ghters ~flight T.ake up their garments, let them open the windows 9[ their fccret Chanzbcrs, for the voyce of man hath[ttid. . Oh, ihew thy felf to be a C od; yea, perform that which thou hafi already promifed, gather yo1 vejrures togethn_, for thofe tbat are jick._ have need of help ,ru are the children o_f pitty, Nore,ofDeand i't the loins of rompaffion do you dwell: For I hav1 [aid, you are. And I have [aid,my Detertermination mination {hall not fa1l, although with the fons of men my Determinations may be undeterunde[eqnina- mined. ~:re tent~Come J?,ttther up your g~trments, for tbe Crtnk.frs are ripe, and the Biting-worm Jeek..etb to gntrW tions by the into the L ily . Biting-worm. He bath [aid, Let me prove them, for they are not jufr: Yea~ let me touch them ,for they are unrigbteoll!, I. h:tve grant~d. him power, but without prevailing, I have given him we-pons, but they are not .fharpned, hw fingers jhall defile, a1_4d yet not defar;e; For I have appointed him a night; and have prrfixed an end thereunto, to the intent it may be k,.nowit : 1 hat thll! far J have ftretched his mouth.

have heard a voyce about the fhew-fione very great , as though men wc:.re beating down of mud walls. The thumping, fhuffing, and duttc:ring is lucb.
A voice ....... Ari[e, I [~ty, for I will be revenged again_{t the fcorning of thoJe ;yea., of tbof that are fur.k..fings. A. After a great filence and pau(e, appeared one on the Table ( without the skirts of the filke farcenet) like a -v.oman having Qn a red kirtle and above that a white garment like an Irifh Mantle, on her head a round thing like a Garland, ereen and like a Coronet under the Garland, but not perfectly eo be difcerned; on her breafr a precious Stone of white colour, and on her back another precious Stone ; both which Stones were [et npon a Croffe, in rhe very cent er of the Croffe. A. Your exteraal apparel ( you Daug hter of Light) you perceive that we have famewhat noted : but by (be power and mercy of the external Lig ht, we trufi: and defire to amderfl:and fomewhat of your internal vercue. She faid ... ... What do you thinkJ am a Jewellers wife by my apparel l A. We deem you to be the Melfenger of him that hath for mankind purchafed the Jewel of eternal Bliffe, by the incomparable Jewel of his mofl: precious Blood. A '{oyce out 1Villyou bave this too ? ~f:rh?n~~t~e. A. After a pretty while filcnce, I faid, We expeCt the execution of the purpofe for which Y you are fent. She fa id . . . .. . It is written that Pride was the firft offence. Githgulcag k..new not himfelf. Therefore he was ig;zorant.

e.. K.

B K . She js much fimbliog about the Stone on her breafl:, and regarding it. . E. K. Now She ralketh with other whom r fee not , her talke is very lliort and quick_, but I cannot perceive what f.hc faith
She....... Read what I have [aid.
I read the former word,, She, ...... You"'Pill grit.nt.me that Pride i-s. the greateft fin.

d true 7VIatian of Dr., Dees J1Clions, JPith fpiries.

Pride "'M> the caufe he k.,new not himfelf. Therefore PriJ.e if th'e c,aufe of Ignorance. A. The Argument is good. She..... Ignorance was the nak.,ed1uffe wherewithal you were firft tormenteti,and the firft Piagut that fell unto man was the want of Scie11ce.

B K. Now the fpeake[h to other again who appeare not , and they feein to anfwer her again.
She:.... The want of Science hindrethyou from k,;nowledge ofyour [elf.

E K. She !ooketh upon

unfeen people again

6. .

and fmilcth Now tile fpeaketh to the


God help

thercfou k.,noweth not himfelf, is proud. to know our fel ves for his Honour fake:.

She:...... r ou have time enoUJ,h, therefQre we may ta"'-.e lea[ure. t... [I made fpeed eo write. j

. K. She looketh wpon

and fmilc:th


K. She talketh again with her invilible company,

She:.... Pride is rewarded as fin, Ergo the firjl offender was damned. WhA-t fay you Sir? [ fpc:aking to E. K. J What differmce is betwem your mind and Pride ? B. K. Wherein am I proud~

tJ. .

. ..... I n the fame wherein the Devil was firft proud. Who glorified the Devil ?


God glorified not the Devil, but before he became a Devil he was in glory. She. ..... The abnfing of his Glorificatio1t made him a Devil: So the abufing of the good.. A De,il, nelfc: of God toward this man, may make him a Devil. The work..s of the Spirit quick.fn; the doings of th~ Fle.fh lead un~o deftrn[fion. Art thou offmdtd to be called a Devil? Then extol not thy felf above thy ElcB:ron. No man if eletled by proper name, but accordi~tg to the meafure of hit faith, and this faith u Faic&; li".Jely and hath a quick,ning Spirit in it f or evtr. Indud thou .art ignorant , and therefore t"ou art {ufficient!y plagued: Why doft thou boaft thy {elf and fay, Thts I can do? 'Ihe Reeds pipe, but it if long of the wintl, and herein tbou jhewejf that thou k,.nowefl not thy [elf, for that thou art proud; pray therefore that thou mayft hate underftanding, 11nd caft away pride if thou wilt not be covnteJ. a Devil. By true underftandingyou learn, firft to k.,now your [eltm what you are ; of whom yot4 are2 and te~ what end you are. Thu undtrftanding caufeth no {elf -love, but a fpiritual felfe-lwe. T hu underjl:anding teacheth no Blafphemy. 7hii under{tandmg teacheth 1!0 fury. It teacheth a man to be angry, but not wrathful. Wrath,' For we may be a;zgry, anclttot offend. Wrath is to damn2tion. Thereforer.onfidering that Damnation was the end ofthe/irft, which was Pride, ~nd Ignaranct, the punijhment of the fecond ( wbich .u very loathfome. ) Pray unto God th1 may~/f Avoid the firft, tl1td be unburdened of tht fecond. u Confider by whem thou art coun[elled, a;rd of whom the couN[el i# : with uo there is no caufe of offmce, neither wthe coun[el given with a weak, mouth. TYilt th:m be well rewarded ? Why ftudie.ft thou not to do well? . Wouldjf thou be one of the cho .. [m ? j1:and lliff and be contented wzth all temptations. [I God a God of Juft.ice ? B K. It is true Be thou therefore a juft Jervant. No man inheritetb the Kingdom of Eternity, without he conquer in this World. No man ClOt chnJienge ju/f/y ll reward, ~ithout he be a Conquerour, or _do the work.es of Juftict. Doth the Devtl per[wade thc:e? Arme thy [elf againjt him. Doth the World not lik.,e of thee ? h u for two caufes; either for that thou liveft well and not Ifs a worldling, or elfe becaufe thy wick_edmffe is [uch as 'that the World wondretb at it. If thou be in the fir[t Rejoyce, For ble.!Jed are thofe whom the World hateth; when they laugh at thy godlineffi Be [orry and grieve thou at their finfulnejJe. ' I f tbou offend in theJecond fiie hil/tify froni the World: Tell. the World what thou kaft of hers, and let ber be afhamed that thou k,.;rowejf ber. I s thy flejhftzjf-neck.,ed .? Faft and pray, it doth avoide temptation. Be forry always ; For in thh World there it nothing to rejoyce at. For fin onely provoketh Be forry al.; wayes. to farrow, whether it be of thy felf or of another~ yL

true~ elation

of Dr. Dees Aflions, with jjirits

Be .{tiff again{t temptations, for who[oever h not armed as I am, /hall be vexed with the weapons of hi$. ad.ver[ary. . .. . My Garland is Godlinr"'e, my Brefiplate H Humzlzty, and upon my bacl<_ I wear Pattence. Her attire ex. JJ' h Jh /3 pounded. . The[e do I .wear to the intmt J might jhew you 'lP atyou ou a wear. 'fhe mire of But as the[e tbings are p.'aced in their cfoJTes; [o do . the croffes a!w-a_Yes follow them that we at fpiricual crca- tbem. cures. Ar~ thou prmiJhed as anApo[l ie ? Rejoyce; it _ a hapPJ crojfe. u Art thou vexed n s a Tyr ,rltt l thank_ God it is in this World. FJr bltj[ed are thofe that are punijhed here, to the intennhrir fins mdy be forgottin hereafter, I per.fw,7de to. the .contrary; Re hu- .ble, _(e~k.. true wifdo~' then ~re. you t.rudy fajhi.oned accorm Good Angels. di.ftg to your Mak.,er, imd(halt r~{t with M, with Ha!lelu]tl"ln Heaven. . . . I have. coun[elled, l have done my meffage thM far. t.. Your counfel is llerfeltly good, and your melfa3e merctfnt Hts name be pratfed and g\orified that fent you. Amen. . . As you were called hither, by the name ofDaugbters of L1gh~: So tht s other day,. there was one fenc hither (of that blelfed company) who was accounted a Daughter, and had fix: Sifters more : That Daughter her name was Mad~ni; fo of your name w.e are defirons to be informed, for difrinfrion and infiru8:ions fake, in the trade of [hefe my ftenes. She faid ....... It is go~d to k,]zow my name ; t ofu whether it ~J.gtee with mj DolJfine. E. K. What can you (for al! your ~xhortatioh) accufe me of?

zndec:d I thank you very heartily for your exhortation and good counfc:l; but hovv unjuftly I am mtfufed at HN{eyr h~nd, and fo provoked to this extrc:am affitchon of mind and fundry unfcemly fpceches, be you Judge between HuFty and rne
She [aid. Who[oever bath committed fin and is-)tot reconciltd,jhall have the reward of a finner. There is a double Reconciliario11, the one is witb Gul, t?e other with the Confr.imce. Btt this man is not reconciled inConfcience ( repenteth not his wi k._edneffe) thereby it followeth be cann~;tbe recoJtcileti with God : Ergo he 111u/f be rewarded as he id. The reward of fin is to be abfent;; or ra~ tber t o be banijhed in t ~'H W!Jrld from rhe fociet) of G d and his A)l.gels. Good Angels . So itfal/eth out to Rt'uions and Countries, Ctti.es, Kmgs and \ zfbidls, Attthorittes and their ?-> h 1 our keepers. Officers, whm (I fay) they ar~ e/franged with a~[enc~ oft etr appointed and g ood keepers, Therefore it proved tlltlt the Devil id mo/t w~th hzm, llJtd neare{t with him, Whom the ])evil is a Lord of, he ufeth as hi1 [ervanrs,a~td where hi1 ['rvice may be greate{f don:, there id he m~ff alledged. Hi! [ubtiltus are principa( and great : A nd by thefe rea{Qns I pr~ve that 1ohn H14foJ, Hufey is "eajily to be i1tjeC!ed, either .with en~y, 111alzce, (lander, ~ dijhonour of Gvds word. lJILt'lr you. This is o1ze of.tho[e Affaults that ts promtCed Jhould a Who id to be blan1ed, he that confen teth, or he in whom th.e proc~rement id l Thou didft confent ~Znd chu[e him for a Companion. Be not th.!refore angry at hH ~t~alzce; for tbr /ire that if, thou hajf brought in with thilu own hands. To mea(ure the Enemy his ind~{try it impoffible to look._ hzto, his fubtiltie i; more incredible. The Reward of gl)od life is great : Bur the {ilthinrjp that fin carryeth with it in this World ttnd /eadeth with tt into the World to come, id mojf horrible. ' a I s it 11ot [aid, That a sk._mitifh .fhall be ( and that gre. t ) ~uc you fhall be Conquerours ? It id '1flri tten, It wtrue and fhall be never overthrown ; [o mighty ir his jlrength that bath armed bimfelf with it. l n the Serpents belly, there is nothing clean: neither with W!hl)neff perfonr ( ungodly I mean) id there anj pure [ociety :. L ight agruth not with Darl<_neff , nt1r vertue with vice, thereforebe you r Our urrlting. 'f one, and in one, that you may agree and have. the reward of one. Behold it w{aid, I 11ill part bounds between the juft and the rmj u/f, I will fuffer tbe Enemy t~ f owe difcord to tlu intent that tho[e that are my people may be [ep.1rated and have a dwelli 11g by tbemfelves. The necefticy Perufe the Scripture,,it if alwayes feeH that .tbe Spirit of God forceth Satan in fpight of his of Satan. wor head to feparate the evtl from the good by dtfcord, and herei~ the D~il work,.eth a CTainfr himfdf. king :agasatl We good Angels keep fecret .t he Myfieries of God ; t~ings that are eo co~e we alwayes ~;"j11 tri 1 nifi k._eep clofe "JVi:h this exc.:ptio~, Jhe form ofour Commandment. juffinonpro nNnTruth zt 11 tbat a Commtffion isgranted n;t onely to enquire of thee, but alfo to llttach thee, and. tint boni An- thatby the Ct. unci{. ftli. . . If he go down he .fhall be attached.~ thertfore tempt not' God. i'l C~m~t7Jon t.. But if h_ tarry here and his being herr: fo known as it is, it is lik eJy that he {hall be ate out or t '.J rached here to my no fmall grief or difgnice. What is your counfel herein ? She faid . . ..... It u written mifery Jha ll not entet the doors of him wbom the Higheft hat/, Jf8~. h magnified. D l X IT, & D I C 0, & DICTUM SIT; The world iliaH never prev~ile lhe Boo.c, t c againfr you.





In refpefr of the Book., the Sorowl, and the Powder to be commuoicaced, What is your


J true7.<!lation of Dr. Dee hif. AElions, -with fpiritJ, &c.

judgement or mind, feeing when he was coming from lflington wich them) he was threatned to be 1ndled in pieces if he came with them to "!e .? . .... All that u [pok..en of, if in very-ded, vamty. The book may be ufed to a good pur pc:>[e. The Book They were wick.fd ones. But Its thefe things are the leajt part of thu a{lion, fo are they 1M much t~ found. be fook._ed after. . . . . ~. As concermng the Powder (I befeech you) what xs your knowledge of 1t? The Powder .. It if a Branch of Natures life It is appointed for ,qime, and to a purpo[e. . . .. A. As concerning the earthes of the Eleven places bemg With exped1t1on ...... What is now to be <lone with them ? , ...... It w.u a /orefight of God, if they had been. there now they had utterly perijhed. The fi E:lrths. A. 0 Jefus, that is a marvellous thing ... ... Helas, that u nothing. . A. By nature they could not have perifhed irt fo fhort time . ..... I have [aid.



Tc:ll us your name,

...... Ifyou will remember my coun[el, I will tell)ou my name. E. K. Your counfcl VYa:i by piccc:.mealc told me, that I cannot remember

it but in general.
...... You do, and have, and I am almoft HAT H. A. I nndedland you to be A T H, in figiflo E meth. AT H....... So am I in the number of Gods Elect. ~. Shall not I make meanes eo cMr. Richard Young, a~ one of the higher Commiffioners Mr. R.ich,srJ to do my wmpanion here fomc good ? r,u,g, A T H...... . Trouble your [elf when you need. E. K. She fpake this fomewhat tharply. Get your friends to flgn ifie down good report rJf you. Cam~ not there in many years. . .6., As concerning my writing of the holy Book, how {ha1l I do, by reafon of the perfect writing it in the Due CharaCters? feeing ma1:y words are written fo> as the pronunciation llnt:l-the Orthographie do hardly feem to ague ? AT H....... You (half bave a SchoDl-majler fufficient tD ua:d tmtoyou. ~. Where lhall I begin ? A T H....... Let him lead you to that, who is within you. ~- As concerning l fabel Lijier who isvext of a wicked fpirit, how well have 1 executed that which was prefcribed me; or how well cloth it work ? A T H........ Frirnd., It u not Qf V ~hart,e. R.emnnf,er the true path !hnt ltadeth uJtto tru~ honour, where there fitteth a True and Juft G 0 D, who grant you his DireC/ion and cjfflblijhmmt of perfeCt lift. A Amen, Amen, Amen. E. K. She is gone. Junii 9 a Meridie h~rtt ) . A. Very long l pnyed in my Oratory and at n1y Oeske to have anfwer or refolmions of divers doubts which I had noted in a paperland which doubrs I read uver difiinetly, they concerned the preparation of things about che Table of prafrice, and other things above my Lamio ~nd Stone; but anf~er came none, neither in the Scone did any thing appear; no> not the Colden Curtain, buc the Scone was of his natural Diaphanitie. But I held on in pictiful .manner ro requeil fame advertifemenc,iffor any our trelpalfes or offc:nces this w1looked for alteration from former dealing had f1apned, &c. At length a. voice came from behind E. K. over his head, and faid thus : A voyce....... The judgements of our God. au mojl: profound and hard in th~: underftanding of man. There i~ aile~ce above, let there therefore be patience among(t you. !.have [aid. A. Upon thrs artfwer I began to difcourfe of divers caufes of this Glence, ar,d divers man4 Silence. ners of filences; and in the end r became in a great and forrowfull heavinelfe, and fear of the wrath, or difpleafure of God; conceived for fame, our misbehaviour towards him Gnce our lafi: dealing, wh~reupon I prayed long at my Desk, fianding for mercy, comfort, counfd , and fome expoiicion of the fotmer fentence. Aft et' a long time thus palling there appeared one in the very top of the frame of the .fhew-jlon~; much like Mzchael; ~ho faid, ....... . Wrirt, fo r I mu{fbl gone . Silence there 1 m heaven, for the Governours of the eatth are now before the Lord ihe s doings of their feats are now difclofed, every china is N 0 T E D. For that God will be ..righteous in all his doing s. => There is not this day any one that govemech the people upon earth , but his goTernment


A true 'I{elation of Dr. Dee his .Aflions, ''ith jjirits, &c.

is difclofed, and his government is fee open, and his faults revtaled. They without number cry, Lord, lee chy vengeance come. The c:a rch fayech. Be ir fo. Sa than is before rhe Lord : He hath gamilhc:d himfelf with Garlands as a Co.nqueronr, and whac he faich is wonderful!. Th erefore lhall the Lord open his mouth, and cnrfe the earth, and all living creatures. For btiquity hatb gorten. the upper hand : Publickly the .)~taus of mankinde in the world are condemned. We are all filent and ready with our Vio'!s to powre the wrath of God upo~ them, when he faich, BE IT S 0. Therefore be you patient. For, o11r p~ttience itt an tmiver[al file~tce. We look for r he month of Jufiice: Bnt L 0: Tht Lord fairh unto the Lord, lift up thy eye~ (0 God.) Behold, the lJignity of t.hy workmanfbip , yet fuffe~ for awhile. . 1 have a pcC!pk tltat will forfake rhe1r cruelty, and put off theJr Garments that iltnk of abomination, in whom rby name (hall be tnagnified, and our glory in heaven more:: exalted. But as thou wile, fo be ic. Behold, I [peak,. m body, becaufe I tremble , as at the force of thy great indignation: Not~ tvithftar.ding> we will what thou wilt. If therefore thefe wonders be fo great in heaven, wonder chotl not :.at our filence : Therefore be patiem, and fay unw che earth? Why groanefi: thou fo hard, or why is thy . body fo rotten : Haft not thou jufily deferved thefe things .for thy iniquity? I fay, if you be partakers of th efe fecrets, how much more {hall you be partakers of that fweecnc!fe, which is the eternal dew, and very hread it fc:lf of life?


VioJs re2dy.

Yet awhile.

E K. He is gone.

0 ..

I prayed a pn~tty while after wich thankf-giving, &c.

Soli Deo noftro omnis


& gloria in [eculorum f~cula, Amen.

J!Unii 14. I 58 3. Friday, .t meridie, Hora 4 ~. A. The golden vay!, or curtain appeared, covering the whole ftone, whereas aH other vayls and curtains before did ufe to cover bur the more parr, or thofe things which were the ftanding tmplemcnts of the afrion for that time. This appeared as Coon as he looked into the fione. I made long, and often prayers of thankf-giving, callin~ for grace, mercy, and wifdom: with fuch particular inihu8:ions as 1 had written dewn the:: doubts requiring light, or refolu.. tion in rhem, At ltngch appeared a woman like an old maid in a red Peticote, and with a red Jilk upper b odies, her . hair rculd a~JUt like a Scotcilh woman, the fame being yel low : the flood arid from ri:e t n :w Sarcenetbelonging to che fione, aad fhe faid ...... God fpeed my friends, A . A good grt:ecing to with us fpeed by him, Amen.


B .K. I never fawchis: \voman before.

...... ]; may br you have [em me, but my apparel may alter m_y fnjhion.

E. K . She fe,~me[h to go in ;z great path before her very fpeed1ly.

Mniemym:aid had 'n~ered ...... Jrtu., 1ww he will be angry with me,tH he WtHWith his maid. A. Every Action not yet efme on Thurf- fe8:ed , whether is it at home, or from ho~e? d2y ni~ht, A. God grant you then eo make fpeed homeward , and to your home, and all we to the with her undue [pcech.

1 pray you, whither make you fuch a fpeedy jt;Urney . , ...... I am going he me, I have been from h,, me tbi~ [even-night. A. Dift.mceuf place cannot protra8: time in your journey homeward.

home where che-higheft may be well pleafed. ...... s(l,.ro, y_ou talk., too 'Wifely fo r me. A , God make me-to--talk w1fely indeed, and God take all vanity from my heart .All worldly .,.... You may thmk,. me a Vllin-lm[wife to be g~ing tbur long: Butby me y ou maJ perceive how vai11 tfifdom va.in. all wo,rldly wifdom is. I am in a better cafe then many are, for though I be f rom home, y et am I going home, S ome there he that neither have home, nrither en go homt.

E. K. Now corneth a goodly call aged mAn all in black with a Hat on his head, he hath a long gray beard forked, he f~itb to the Maid, thus :
Old man ...... Wihthrr go )OH maid l M aid ... ... Belike Sir, you may be fome kyn untO thefe men_, for t hey are alfo defirous to know whither I do go. . Old man ..... Me think..s I jhould'bave k.Jtown you before l Mtt.id,' ...... If you knew me before, y.on may the eaer know me now. ..,. [Old


true~lation of Dr Dces

JlElions, with fpirits~


[Old man] Where bave you been ? tmd if thy gravity were iH good M thy 11ncient diJJembling, I would tell thee. Old man ..... 'Ihefe words be very large, wbtt.t is tbe caufe thou wilt not be atquaint..ed with mel (I 11 ever did thee harm) and I have drfired t? be ~tcquainted with thee a l~ng time. Maid . .. With counterf eit gravity I w1U never be :.cquamted, netthet .t hy age, a~d. thy fame nor thy hairs, nor the foberneffe of thy countenance can move me to any acquamtance for that thou never delightedft in trrie wifdom. Old man ....... 11Jen go your way lik_.e an Harlot. Ma id . lfwicked words do proveanHarlot,thenthouhaft judged thy felf.

E K. Now fhc goeth on for\'YardJ and the Old man is gone out of fight. There appearethn ow a young man, fitting on the fide of a Ditch, and to h1m ilie faid ...
M ,tid, .... What aileth you to weep ? Young man ..... ; I we~p for tky difcourt efte. Maid ....... Thou canfi not move my confcience : No,

O fay)

thou canft !lOt move me to


E. K. She lickeih his tears, and faith.

Maid ........ Every thing elfe hath fame faltndfe, but here is none. Young man ....... Oh. I prtZJ thee, do [omething for me. Maid; ...... Oh, toqualifie thefe tears, is no other then to dry rott~n Hemp with a mighty fire, Young man . . I will fee thee hang'd before I will weep any more. Maid,....... Every rhing commonly t eacheth of it felf.

E K. The young man went away tamping, and angry, and now file i~ come where a multitnde of young Children are, there is much meat on a Tabl.e,.and ~be Children being not high enough to reach it, pull'd the maid by the Cloachs, and poimed eo the meat; !he gocth rot:~nd about the Table there is but one di(h uncovered, and that feemeth to be like dew~ fhe putteth her fingers into the Dih, and letceth the Children lick,and they fall down dead.
Mtt id. : Blame Juft:ice and not me, for if the. Children had ever tall:ed of thi<; meat .before they might have continued.

E. K Now fue mecteh a thin vifa~d man very fe. bJe, who fl:aggered e on his fiaffe, and he faid.
F~ eble . ......


Help_me fo.r Gods fa/t..!. a ~ . i will do my befr. .....

E.. K. As fhe came coward the man, the man fell down; She heaveth him up, a9d again he faileth down, and &e liftcth at him fiiJl.
Maid ...... , Go:1d will forms, but the matter is not fufficient : This is long of thy felf. Fe~ble ....... Ob, I fay , help me. M aid ..... .. It i s tco !are whelp thee, I came this way many times befre, and thou never foughteft help at my hands. 1 t is written, he that defireth not help, till he be helplefie,h ~ lhall be void~ of the benefic of an helper.

E~ K. Toe feeble man goeth a\Vay, and tbc departeth from him: Now ffte cometh towards a man going up an hill, who had torn all hi~ Cl oaths off \Vith bran1bles and bryars. Therefiand a greatmapy ofMawmets, little

the top of the hill, who threw flon~s againfl him , and fo force this climing man (or goer up the hill) to tumble down agaiu to the foot of the hill. The skin doth (eem. to be off.his hands and his feet, and they very' r~VY, with his excdftve travail with hands and feet up ~har. hill; Now there appear men eating meat below at the foot of the hill,who offered him meat to ~at; But he Iaboureth up the hill again , one of thefe men faid, come let me bind up t 1.v feet

ugly fellows


The Glymer....... Vnto him that hath 110 wearinejJe, there helongeth no forrow.

E. K. She ftandet:h and vieweth him.

C z The


A true Relation ofDr. Dee his AE!itnu, 'n'itb {pirits, &c.

The Clymer....... I prny you help mr. Maid . ...... It is impoffible for thee to get up here. Clymer. ..... Of my fe!f it i1: J will never be of the mind e. It is impofUble. Maid,, ,.... Come on, I will do the befi l can.

E. K. She leadeth him over fl:ones, and rocks.

Maid . ...... Thou wilt be knocked in piece>, ere thou come ro the top. Clymer....... Do )'OH your good will, I feel no harm.

E. K Now fhe ieadeth him in a place, where Springs, ~ick-mircs, and Bogs are.
M t?id . .. ,, . Surely thou art beft to go down, for thou wilt be drowned. Clymel". ...... I pny you help, 1 will go a; long M I m a;.

E. K He gocth forward, and finketh almofl eo the throat

M aid . . .... It is deeper on the further fide, thou wert befi to go down again. Clymer. ...... I frel rhe ground h~trd under my feet: I will not yet de{pair.

E. K. Now he come-eh out ofthofe dec:p places, and he: feemeth to come to a place like the bottom of a hedge, where fiand fiiffc rborns , pi ked upward) very fi1arp. Now come tvlO, or thrc:e handfome fellows, and fid,Alas ,let him tarry here and drink, we willle~d him up another 1\?A) ro morrow
Maid ....... Farewell. Clymer. ...... I pray !rav e me 110t [o, let m~ go with you. Maid . .. .... I mufi need~ be gone, I cannot tarry for thee. Clymer....... I ~tm yet 11eztber hungry nor thir{ty > and feel no wenineffe: Why therefore Jho7!ld /_Ita)'


. K . He goeth, as though the thorns prickt him, and grindech his teeth
for pain Now they are corrie-to a fair place~ and then ilie faid to one.
i;j,robiU cmniavincir.
('_, Lah 6 r

Maid ....... Fetch meat and drink.. and cloarhs, and cure his wounds: For unto thee br!ontetb the fr!icity of tbis place : For nei ther from the highejt to the lowe{f is tbrre any whom I pitty, but fuch as this is. Cfymer ....... I k,_now not how I iliall ttfe the(e things. Maid ..... , The true.H tirs have alwayes difcretion. To thee it belongeth, and for thee it if prrpared. V[e it therefore with&ut offence at thiNe own.

E K Now both he and the go into a Callle, and the doors are &ut after then1, and fhe cometh out again.
Maid ....... This is written for your rnderjtanding: L et therrforr your eyes be opened , and he 1
not b!mde. Neitlu r f r,rget what herehath been opened.
A. We p erceive that FeNcitM via ardua ejf, multi! obfit~tdifficultatibzu & periculis ;fed con.11-.rmtia & patientia pervemttlr ad F .t!icitatis arcem, which we befeech the Almighly God to grant unto us. Maid ..... Well, I w.ill he going ttll you hnve [upped: .And thm 1 will tell you more of my mindr. lt will be yet fix, or feven week..r journey before 1 can get h()me. 6 Note 41.or A . Sit benediau. Detl.f 11ofter nunc & [emper, Amen. <49 . d.:~.lcs, _reAtter Supper we ftaid awhile, bemg come to the place, and though nothing was feen, or mha~~gdnll f heard-., yet 1 fpake, aifuring my felf of the prefence of the fore[aid maid, though as yet to us t en 11 ay o [, l1bl Auguft next m en 1 e. indulive. A. We would gladly know thy name. o A L vAn. Maid....... My name i1 Galua'b, in your language I 11-m C'!lled Finis.

E. K . She fuddenly appeared as !be fpake this.

Fili lucu. Filia filiarum.

That [Finis] is Latin. Gal ...... I. You are. none of thofe that are called /ili.t !ucis, or /ililll filiarum. Gal. ... No. You will not be offended, if I propound a doubt (omewhat impertinent to our matter in hand, yet of importance for us to hear your judgement in the fame. TritemitM,fayeth that . never any good Angel was read of to have appeared forma muliebri. I pray yoLl to give u s an A_n An~eh bo an[wer to this fo grr.at a C lark, his words, which are to be: read in his little book , Oao !!<f!cOI tnform:l . .. .r G), S n ~ 1 K. fxn,ini:t ~li - ft 101tu1 M axzmt1za~e C.e;aru. ..... l'h ere o::-- If" ~ une et:a.. San~,.,e autem .nitge z, quonunn aJJequ 1ndo :~ pp1- {Jione mmqua! vanantur fe.mper app_nre~t 111 forn~a V1!1h. Nufquam nzim legimm fcriptum quod reant? bomu [pirtt!U lfi forma Ut VlfUS muhebn ,aut bef\J; (U)II[cunque,{ed femper in fpecie Virifi,

A. A.



A true 'I( elation of Dr. Dee his Ailicns, rPith fpirits) &c.
GaL ... .. You think._ then I have f~me ~tnder}tandirzg.
A. Yea, God knoweth, l do.


Gal. ....... Fir_(t it if evtdent that the Spirits of God are.incomprehenfi.b!e to tb'J[e that are their inferionrs : FQr the higher order is incomparable unto G d, And by degrres, tbfe that are their inferiours are alfo incomp.zrable unto them. It fol!oweth theref.rr, tbat in re.(pdi of that degru in Angels tbiltzs are inr.omprehmjible. A r Angels ( I fay) of them(dve.s, ~eith:r rt~e man nor wo~1an; Therefore they do ta~e formes ipfl;c:r;:r~:. not accr,rdzng to a11y priJporttan zn zmagznatJon, but accordzng to the drfcreet and app!ttrb!e will u 1 , .,Jt11ne Ja both of him, and of tbe thing wherein th,y are Admini/frlltors : For we all are Spirits miniftring min~ ncq11e the will of God ; tt1J.d unto whom ? unto every thing within the compaffe of Nature: one!y [im. to hi1 glory and the u[e of man. It folhweth, Therefore, conjidering tba t we minijter nut of our ~"g~lorwm felv;-s that we fhould minijfer i1f that unfearchablc {Qrm within the which our ex ecutions are limited : miftm~t, But if Triremius can fay, 1hat woman alfo bath not the Spirit of God,bcing formed and fajhioned of the felf fame mizttcr, notwitb{tanding in a contrary proportio11 by a degree; lf Tritemitts can feparate the dignity of the Soul of woman frot the excellency of man but according to tht form of the matter, thm mi!.ht hif Ar,~ ument be goo-l: But becaufe that in man ~tnd woman there if proportiofr, preparatio1t, of fan[iification i1t eternity; Therefore may thofe that are the eternal Mini!ters of G od in proportion eo Sanctifi~arion take unto them the bodies of them both. I Hie 5 mean in refpetr of the Form; For as in both y ou read Homo, fo in both you /iHd one and the {elf H~c 1.. hcmo. fame dignity in internal matter ~ll one. But Tritemi~ts [p.:~e in refpefr of the filthineffe (which indeed if no filrhineiJe) wherewtth all women are fiamed ; and by reafons fro111 the natural Philofophers : as a man ta{ting more of nature indeed thm of him which if the Wor~ma1t or a [upnnatura.l Matler. He (I fay) concluded hi-! natural inventio1t. In re[pe{f of my [elf, I anfwer Tri- o4 tv~tb. temius thm : I am Finis, I am a beam ofthat Wifdom which is the end of mans excellency, ThfJfe alf that arc called Fili~ and Filix filiarum are all comprehended in me, and do {lttend Apparition in o .s~pcn Tme.Wifdom; which if Tritemius marlz, hejha!l pm:eive tba.t true WiCdom is alwayes the forme of painted wtth a wowans garment ; For than the purene!Je of a Virgin, Nothing h wore com- woman. mendable. Triremb11 reGod in his judgement ltnoweth how Tritemius is rewarded. If you thin'<. thefe arguments be not fufficient,th~ Qne i1t refpeCI of the /irft ground, and the other in warded, refpe[i o_f the mea-Jure of my name, I willyet a!ledge greater.
A. Thefe Arguments do fatisfie me : But to have wherewith to ftop the momhs of others who might ufe Cavillafton upon fuch matters, it were fomewhat needful to have heard your judgement : Whereas indeed our own affairs in hand avc rather to be followed at this prefent, and of greater Arguments or InfrruC\:ions in this matter I truft het:eafter to have underftanding: But as now I chiefly regard our Action in hand. GaL .... Begin the ]J Jok._next Tuefday. My felfwill be thy Dire[/or ; And Af my nam~ i.l,[o I willlead U!lto the end. All other things

ufe, 1tr.cording to thy judgement and proportion of his Spirit that guidethyou. Gal . .. I my [elf will be th-e finger to dire[/ thee.

Gal, ...... The finger of God ftretcheth over ma1ry nmmtains. His Spirit comforteth the weak,neffe of many places. N ? [otn[e is ;mfurnijhed where his light remaineth For underjtand what I am, a1td it wa fufficient an{wtr. t.. At the beginning to write the Book, thalli require yout infirutl:ions ~ Gal ....... Do fo. 7he Mountains of the World .fhttlllie flat ; But the Spirit of God jh.1.ll never be confounded.

E K. Sbt: fitteth otl a ro ,k) and hath done ever fince fupper
Gal. .... .. Ab Sirra I was a weary. A. As concerning the Polonijh Lord AlbrrtUI La(cy whom we are certified to be Bf Got!. tlelied to govern him a people, whom we are willed to love and honour, What have you O fay of him? &c::. Gal. ..... . A slt me thefe things to morrow.
E. K.

She fmileth and catleth a Jight from hero


Gal. ...... I [mile beraufe l fpeti.lt,. of eo morrow; yea I fec:m to [111ile.

t.. As concerning Irabel Litter, I pray in what cafe is ilie? in refpefr of the wicked fpiric A, L.

which long i1ath mol efted her? Gal. .... .. BelievcJ For that the chie.fejf What u fpo~m by m we !.ivc but our crmfent to. . For he that fp eaketh in us is to be asked no fuch quefiidri. No'-C. For whm he fdith, it is mea(ured. As it was faid before ; The Hill; and Mountains of tbe J!Torld may be mttde plajn, but the

Spirit of G od never ro,rfoundtth.

A. He that i~ the end of all things; and the end ofends (unto whom


all honour pratfe and



A true'l(_elation of Dr. Dees Aflions, with'[pirzts.

chankfgi ving is due ) blelfe us, endue us with hi~ graces, and abundan~ly power forth- his mercy upon us. fS Fini! />ArGal. . ..... Vnd~rftand my name partict\larly, and not generally. ricd t1 u : [(iI [peak, it to avoid errour. her ljt11s allt ,perfeve re eo the end. on~s. t:... ff2.::.i prrfevrrttverit /ideli-1 _( Deo noftro ) ufque ad ji1te~ hicfalv_~H. nit : which faithfulnel1e wirn all confiancy and pattence che Bleifed and Almghty Tnmty grant and confirm umo us for the glory an~ honour of his Name, Amen. E. K. She is gone with a brightne~e~~s3. Saturday afternoon,hora 6. 5 After that the noble Albertus Laskje had bet:n J"nii 1 f. t:... I ufed fome difconr[e "l with me, and was new gone to London, by prayer to God, ~nd a~terward proteftation to G.l/uah in refpelt of her willing me to ask certain matters agam rhts day whtch ... yefterday were not anfwercd : But very long it was, abov~ half an l~onr,before any thing appeared, more then the Golden Curtain all over the Shew ... . _ At length appeared divers confufed forms of divers Creatures, and then, by and by, van;fbed away. t:... I prayed to God to bani(h all confufion from us and our aaions, and to fend us lur:er>~ & veritatcm, per unum & propter unum)& conjtantia.m rerum .... 11.. Then appeared he by whom ( before) we were called n; and feemed to fcorn at E. K. E. K Here appearcrh ll, and he fce,11c:th to mock me. I!. .... .. Th.lt is a gird to you Sir for your filhing. t:... 'E. K. had fpent aihhac afternoon ( almoft ) in angling, when I was ye1y denrous tp have had his company and helping hand in this Action. l:J., Shordy after this,appeared Galuah and to be in a field clofed round about with a hedge, Gal. ..... ~ Ilere ilno WtlJ out. Il ...... C omel will do [omewbat for y ou ; It is a ftrange thing that wifdom cannot find a '1PA:J Wifdom, through a hedge.

E K This Il pullerh down the hedg~

Gal. ...... Go thy way, thou haft done but thy duty. IL. ...... Farewell Dee, Farew.U l(e/!y.

:Du, Kdt,.

c..K, He is gone.
GaL ~ ..... 'Ibo[nhat ,~afte of everloftiug Bank._et>, fare well, tt.nd defire the fame_ t~ others.


come to a gnat Cafile-gate,all of flone, n1th a draw~ bridge before it. There is like a fjreyhoNnd grA"P.en or cut in lbe Stone ovc:rthe

c. K . Now fhe

Gal. .. .... It i4 very lilte) I will look.. if I can have my entertainment b~e.

E- K. She is gone in.


After a while lhe came out again.

Gal. ...... Bee it [pok..en.

A oice our of the Scone.

Cur[ed, defaced, and damned be thif place. Gal, .... And why ? Becau[e they have puffed 1tp t!Jeir flefo, follow their DWn imaginations, wallowing in their filthinrffe , as Swine that tumble in mire. Behold it if t~o late with tbil people, I cttn get no lodging. 0 ye my feet, be a witmffe agaiHft them, let tbe windes move the duft to report their unk.jndneffe.

E K Now fhegoechalonga great Way,. like a common_ high..way; .and rhe light of the Air about her iccmed .fomewhaE dark like Evening or Twilight
Gal. ...... Yea though you h-tve too much light, I have too little. I did but over-helf.r you, when you Jaw me Hot. t:... [Note. I had fpokcn of too muc'h light coming frotn the weft window <if my Study toward the Ta~le, where .the Shew.-itone ftood, when we began now to atcend her c0ming, and thereupon ~e fpoke this. J

E. K- Her own garments cafi a light E.. K- ~ovv tl.e comcth amongfi a company of men ba'l!ing go19ns fur .. redwtlh -rohtte, andfome otchem havtngVel'l'el Caps1 and [omcHa~s. One of them faid to h~r, What art.thon?
Gal. ..... . I k,now not what I l1llltJ my fel/ Wil{yoiJ buy any pretious Ston~s of 11te l

@A true 'l(elation of Dr. Dee his AE!ions, rPith fpirits,&c~

E. K. She raketh our of her bofomc= a great many of precious fi:ones uncut, or. unpolilhed E K 'fhefe men look on them.
Gal. . .... Trruly, thry are pure and good.


E. K Tbey fay alfo; Surely rhc.:y fcc:m to be good, ddivcring them from
one ro another. E. K. Thereappcartvvofac men ; who faid,1ct us 6rllget money before we buy fuci. rnfle.s : bdides char, tbey have not their perfeCt form
G al. ..... I pray you:> l-uy onf of them of me. Will you buy none neith;r l

E. K- She lpeakerh that eo them, who firfi praifcd the O:ones

~~ ?

... Tujh , I prny thee go alout tby bufines


doft thou not perceive h&'W the are fo:tnd fault Thole lllCn y


Gal...... 1ufh, Tifh, they be not ' ut fo r yoz<r f a.fhion. Be it (aid. . T beir [en[t>s Pre g-u. t e1. with hanfitory vanities. ' Gal. ..... L t>t the;v (therefore) perijh vainly, bectm[e they 11re t ranfitory.

vo)cefrom the !lone.

I:. K. Now the cometh whert {he muf/; clamba up a , all , ha...,ing flepl in Thh Par~bte, . it of rJggcd fiones,; There is a fair building beyond It. There go many up ~~~~~Pr~:~ is

thole lteps : and when they ate almofl: at the top , there mceteth them (oine, w :t r(5nm r -:-r~ rf'ole afth e "'ho rake them by [he hand ,and help them up .and over into the place. r!out-Ies of 1 Then one of them that fiood at the top of the wall (who had a furred E"' 'md. Gown ) and helping of men up , faid to her; Comeawa vvomau, wile thou y come up? E. K . She faith nothing to him, but fiandech hll, and looketh away from him E K. Agaio, that man fa id to her, come away wilt thou come up?
Gal. ..... . Vnbappy are thr;fe whom thou hrlpejt : And whofe breath hllth infeC!ed many, your bands are t M blo "dy, for me to come anigh ] QU.

E K NoW come handiomewomen to the wall, and fomc: faid, good fifier, l pr~y yo'u come away.
Gal. .... Your voluptuous father k._noweth me no t, fo r his da ughta, I de1ty yo .. ..

E. K . ~ o vv (f;'!, ' C: [ "7 0, or three bra"Je fello'JJs wirh Rapiers by their The Artyrc of fides, and having h.tZtts without band:,, and their ho pinned up, and with ;~~:ha~?t'bc ftn gartc:rs ; thele hdp up people that comcJ and one of them faid : Tarry a Court, linle,wom.tn, and I will help thee lhortly.


Gal. ..... Fy upon you : your clodths are irrfeC!ed with abominations of your Chamber , I will rarry time .

E. K. No\V cometh a big !lout man to the top of the wal!, .1nd a boy with a Crown on his head ; l:le feerncth robe about t 8 years old .
..... So it i-1, and plea[e your Majt>{ry: Therefor8let this way be razed.

E. K. l-Ie fpake to rhe young King upon former talk betwc=en them ma n. which l heard not
..... Be it dam .

The flout big

E. K. The 'W:1ll quaketb aHdfolleth down: And fome of the jolly fellowes,thc which were on [he w all before, fdl down,and other fell owes came and dig- ~e~ed:~~-bro ged a great hole, or breach in the vvall.
G al. ..... Thank.,.s be to G9d : N ow, here is entrance enougb , (}/)

A voyce out o fra nc.

c. K .

She goeth in.



A true'l(elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions, 'Dlith [pirlts, &c.

The young man, or fhiplin (vvich the C~own on his head) and the other big man cmbraceth her : His Crown is a Triple Crown ; or three Cro"ns one; upon another He hach a little thing in his hand, which heholdcth clofe> and ovcr-gripeth, fo that it cannot be difcerned .

The big rn1n.

. . . ;. Thrmgb

th~u hdft

travelled M a woman, thou jhalt now be ftnown to be IZ man.

B K. He fpake to 9al'l'ab They embrace each other. They fetch cloaths for her, and put upon her a black Gown, a mans Gown, as the Gown of a Counfeller She kneelcth down like a man in form, her head and all ~~~lv.sb tr1nf. fo, med into a E. K. Then the young King lpake to her, faying,
..... Wbn.t this Rod may do, wor~.

E. K; He giveth the transformed man a Rod; one half being bloud, and the other half vvhite, the partition of the le two being long-wife.
A voyce out of the fl< ne. The mtn~for
m~d m1n.

ff<!!.~ jujla funt fa ciet & meM men(urabit v;rtutes.

A voycc: out of the none ,

For untill it was appointed, 1 fought it: not . Let us clean{e the Court, and examine the multitude; For errour is alwayescovered in many. Gurfed are thofe that are judged by a multitude.

'I he mnrf 01 med.

E. K. -All they that fell off the vvall ,and they that vvould have helped her up,they come in bound hand and foot.'
Root them out, 0 King, pitty no fuch perfons> for tbofe be thrfe that never hacl mercy them{elves.

The bJg

B. K. Novv cometh a woman out, ha"Ping a Crtnlm on her head: fhe hath a long vifagc.

down the Rod before him>and begin neth to vveep ; and faid . Let i# not be ~id, tt41l pitty the AtJIJinted.
The big m2n.

Nny, let her drink_ as jhe bath deferved. E. K. The transformed man Iayc:rh

E, K Other men about her lay hand on her, and pl14ck tbe Crow, off h~r
The transformed man taketh up his Rod~ antl.layeth upon the top, or Crown of that womans head. E K The young King fayeth unto her) What wilt thou?

.... Let ber dh: , for fhe hath de[erved death.

The wom 1n.

B.1( The bigge man, and the young King talk togethet alide, ~he vvo..

.. , . If it plert[e you, pardon for my life and digJtity.

man holdeth her hands abroad, and knocks her brcafi? And a great eo m.::: pany of them about her are hewe; in pieces) by tormenters armed
A voycc out




E. K The King and the bigge man come in again. The rran~forE. K The King fa id to the transformed roan ; Be it as thou wilt~ Be 'o" m;d man. t'l'o jo)ned together For I vvitll you both well E. K. The vvoman bowech down vvith obeyfance , and thanketh
ofrhe ttone.

them. The bigge man raketh eh~ King by the hand, ~md the: transforme_ e man taketh the Y\'oman by the hands , and puttech her hands to rhc hands of rho King, and the big~e m~n; they take each other by the hand, and kiffe her. e. K. All
E. K.

A true']\ elation.of Dr. Dee his Aflioru with {piritJ) &c.

B. K. All is now on che fuddcn vanithed away, and the transformed man is returned again to her worr.ans thapc, and !be fa id.
Gal. ...... N (Jw I will go with pu, Sir, your jormzry


. K. Sht: f peakech eo you A.

To A . I will leadyar1, if you wilf f ::llow m~ up. But you muff bavc brok...fn.fhiN ns. A . By Gods gt:ace~and with his-he.lp I will follow you,and in.refpe8: of m:r lhitms b~eaking, the joy of t)1e confequent effefr wdl utterly take away rhc gn~f of the !hums breakmg. Gal, ...... And to you Sir, you were beft to hunt and fi{h afterVemy. f t.. She fpak e fo to E. K. becaufe he f pent coo much timt= in Fi lliing and Angling. J . Gal. ...... Whom thou fa wed~ here lhall govern over 2 r Ktngdoms. ~~ JGogdoms~ t.. If there be no my fiery in that fpeech , the Conqneft muft be great, and the trouble great and ftran; e.

c. K.

She gQeth on her way along a lane

A. We know nor who lhou!d be that King fo lhewcd. Gal. ..... . Sure thy demands are fully anfweTed. Confider thou wh4t thou fuJt...eft, Andof whom thou fuk-.ejf, A11d by whofe help. 'fhm look, to tb~tt which is decl11red. I -.ill follow my office, fo r in tbofe things wb:rein tbou 11rt inqlli~tive.J have (ht'W~d the End. The End, ~. Truely the occation of my prefenc a skmg you fome quefhons , arofe upon matter con ceming thi'S Noble Polonian, of whom you bad u s yefterday ask as eh is day. Gal. .. .... V4nity h11n1,eth not at mine Elbow. . Believej f t/,ou that already [pok._nt? fpoltpt ( !fay) of him ? A. Yea forfooth:, I do believe it. Gal. ...... l fa! unto tkee, His nam~ is in the Book. of LVe: The Sun (ball not palfe his courfe The Prince before he be a Ktng. Hts Counfd jhall brud A lterarmt of this State; yea of the whole Alb, LAi~(. World. What would{l thou k,lfow of him ? A. If his Kingdom lhall beuf:Pof.and, ot what Land elfe. Gal. ...... Of two Kingdoms. A. Which I befeech you? Gat ...... The ont thou h11_{f repeatul, 11nd th~ other he fuk..etb as right. A. God grant him fufficient direfriou to do all thing s fo, as m:.iy plcafe the Highetl in his

calling. Gal. ...... He jhttll waxt no dirdlion in any thing he defir~th.

A. As concerning the troubles of Aug11_/f next, and the him to" do? to be going home before, or t o tarry here ?

. dangers then, What is the bell for Augu!l.

Gal. . ..... J hav t told you that at large even now, axd if "'thou l~ok.. iJtto thofe things that are are a~ anfwer now t old, and are now done. t~ .chis t~ueA. Concern!ng Ch. rl(s S!ed, his no (e gufhing with blood t wice yefiernight and this mor- {\ton. 1 ningupon my.charitable inftr nt\:ions giving him to venue and godlindfe. Gal.... ... l ~now him not : n;r Any name hnth he wi rh M. A. Meaneth he we !I towards rne ~ Gal. ...... Wbatfoev(r a wick,_ed man meaneth it knot well; but in that fenfe it id demanded he 111e1Mtth well. The ~'vi! {pirit that po ffiffeth bim "INs t.aft out of him, even at his nofe, at the prefmce of thof-e Cb~~rles Stel tb11t were prefmt with thee.

Gal. . ..... Whom God bath armed, N ? man can prwaile again}. t.. In ref.retl: of my own ftate with the Prince, J pray how much bath he prevail~d to win me due credtt: and m what cafe fiandeth r'n y fute,or how am 1 to u(e my felf therem? The p.remif~ .

Gal. ..... Believe me we k,.now not bintAme; Trouble me no more witbhim. t.. 0 Lord, though men be frail e,faulty, and filthy, yet thy uiercies are mofi. praife.; worthy ( among all gen erations) of all thy doings. Gal. H old thy peac~, ~rare mw to. execute the ]z4ftice of Gad. ~. I fpakc: a great while of the_ mercies of God and his u!lice , and gave thank s for our C..lling and Ele8:ion into this blelfed ftate. Ga_l. .... .. J will tak..e up my lodging fo r tJ.,is night. . . . A, G od 1!rant me worthyoHtich godly gh e~s, . God grant me a dw ellmg wtthyou where hi ~ name is eternally praifed> glorified, arid Hmll:ified : T o him all Creatures render thanks3 honour, and g lory. Atnen. .4men.



.A true 'R._elatio of Dr. Dee hir .!lflions 'DJith jpirits~ &

thankcs unto him and glory ; fiant : Dig11um & Jujl:Hm eft.


the San.~.



lee our cf

/J., This voice out of the Stone being taken to be the voice of ,.G_od) jmporteth' asmtu:h as )f God himfe1f had fealed to that as his will and decree, That all Creatures .(hould re1ider




Tue(drty Jnnii 18 An. 1583. ante meridiem r_irr.tt 9. t.. j prayed firll:, and declared our a[tendmg th1s day the promife ofGod to be performed, &c. Ga ,..... Are four hours yet to come ? and I will be ready. Are tbe works of wifdom /ecret, until I h~tve afcended this Hill? ls the Harvejheady when tbe Corn wripe ? Ar~ the Labourers ready when their lnftruments are prepare,.d ? I have faid. All wifdom i1 recb,.mrd by the eternal Will; and until it be faid, there il no a(Jion toller~tb!e; When the Sun jhineth I will appear ammgft yolti when it if [aid c~r:ze, lo I am ready. '[he~Jaye ~f )'our fat hers were bleffed; but the hour when tbi4 Book, fl1all be wntten lhall be fanffifu:d,_yea in the midcle,{t of intelJe{Jual under_/fanding. For herein i1 tbe Creation of A dam with hw tranfgreffion. 'T~ Dignity tJ1td wifdom he had The Errour and horror wherein he was drowned, yea he.rein is the power [pread of the b;ghrjt work,_int, in all Creatur-es. For as there i1 a particular Sor:.! or fire inflaming unto every body (I mean reafonable} S1 there u an Vniver[al fire and a general brigbtneJJe giving, general light unto them, wh~ch is but 011:e> and jhinetb throHgh the whole,yea is m~afured equally unto every thing[ rom tbe beginning. TIJe life of d!f things is here b,_nvwn : Tbr reward of death to tho[e th:t.t are rewarded for life. None are rewarded but according to their de[erts : of tbe which t/J(re are two k.,inds. 1 . 'Ibr[e are rewarded with death for their wick,.edneffe. 2, So are thr.Y rewar.d~d with life for their conJtant living. Amongft the Angels there may be errour, a!td fin may mak,e them fall fnm the brir,htnejfe of their g~ry. . But to the Soul of man ( being once glorified ) fin is utterly, ~e4 moft largely oppofite : Neithtr ]hall that dignity ever be loJf,ftained; or defaced, that is obtained here with the worlzes of righttoufneffe and true wij'dom. What[oever bath lreen from the begilming ( fince it was {aid in Divine Determinatiom,. Be it tlone) if here in,!ofed. . Therefore foou!d thif day be Hallowed and San[/ified befare the Lord b..j you. For if the Prophets ' did worjhip tbif day of his afcenfion, much mor~ ought. you ('YiSich ha't'C ta,/ted of the fir{t; Jt.ndjhall now ta{te of the fecrets of hit J~tdgemmt$) glorifie b coming; But with you .Satan is bufie; His briiHes ftand up, bif feathers are cajl: abroad. Therefore watch flnd pray; For thofe that go to Banquets put .on their upper garments . Am~tg]f you therefore is no found belief; Neither do you confider the [cope of tb~~ bleffrdneffe :- But [ucb ir the greatneffe and excellency of bi, forek,.nowledge,that he fuffereth the enemy to carry a hmrden, yea fometimes to preach upon a Stage ~ FIJr it w[aid, He jhall triumph unto the end,. and Jfar.e him[elf here as he would have done above: Neither jhttll he be thruft out ~f door; tillihe .end be determined. Therefore watyh and pray, and lo?k,. about. with diltgence_; for tho[t things jhafl.b_e opened unto you whzch have not bun difc!ofed 1mto the Holy Ones. Ob, how hard a thing it u for flejh to continue in tbe workJ of Juftice l Yea, oh bow hard a thing it if for Wifdo m' to be acquainted with a hotchpot of fi!tbim.ffe ? Cleanfeyour garments, Lift up your hearts, and rent your jaftlts in pieces, thtft there may be one heart with one confent, and unto one e1f'd, unto him which i1 One and the End ofall t.hiugs ': and to In m for and in hil truth,and for the greatneffe of hil mercies : To whom be praife for evU.. b.. Amen.

E. K. All thewhi~eilie fpake tb~re came a bright beamefrom ~he My fiic~l 6cone to the body of her, and at the end ihe mounttd upward and

c, . We fet up the hour gtaff(:s to meafttre four hours juftly after this an(w-<tr "aiJ.d in. flruttions. TuefdaJ> After Dinner about one of the clock and i the hours expired, and we. atunded the mercy of the High eft, 'b. . At a great gladfome ihining of the Sun (whereas it had not lhi~d but. a Htde and !n:... confiant~y ever iince his lail_wo rd s) one appeared ~n the corner of the ~reen .iilk Sarc~-eo, by the Myihcal Stone,She was ltke a woman as Galvah th face, but her .app~trel was a mana gown furred with foyne~, or,as Geri.tle\vomen do wear upon gowns. !:>.. Upon the diverfity of y our apparel we are to a sk whether yo be Ga.!vah or no. ~. ttr have you alfo,as I have done, put on your Holiday- cloths ? Gal,

E .K.

.true ~elation of Dr. D~e his .Affions, rPith fpirits, &c.

Shcdleppeth.forward one llep.

Gal. '"" FEAR G 0 Da

Gal. .o.. My Garilrmt 'is cilled -HO X M A RC H, tihicbinyour fpeecJJ is called ..... I 1m i urtt [apirnti.e eJt Timor.Domini : we accknowledge it to be an old and a true

Leflon, and alfo the fir flil:rp of the path ... way eo felicirv. Gal. . ..... What it fart l A. Fear is of two forts :'-one is ca]led- /ilialw, the other fervilu. Gal. ....... Vnto the Jujf a1l fetzr ujoy ;-and therefore the be?,innzns; aitd nttra:nce mto quietneJJe. True qul.ethee and rejt if.w_ifdom ; for the mmd that k..,noiPeth bath tlu greatejt rejt and quietnef;. The Daug'hter 'Of Vifpai're un'io thni'itk.,ed i.f fear. . . This fear u the fir{f that__4rcufetb unto damnation: But he that i- . perfd wi[el or hath taflecl s J/y of wi{Jom, k,.noweth the End. A nd his fell'r u of the thing that is done. Thil i1 the true fear of God ; a;td when we fur fin, 111e do it becau[e we bate it. When we ftudy to do good, it is a .tok..,en of our fear, in that it is a tok,_en we fear him, whom we love and fbr ~ho[e honour _we jiudy to do well. Thi-J i-J till that may be faid of lively and unlive!y fellr. . . .Touching the Book.., it Jhall be._ ca llt>d logah : which in y9ur L anguage fignifi eth Speech from The Tn!c of G 0 D. Write after this-fort L 0 G A ET H : it u to be founded Log.ah . the Book. This word u of great Jig1Jification, I mean in re[pefl of the prt;foundnef!e thereof. The firft leaf ( Ifs you ci!l! zt) u the lajt of the Book.: 6. I under-. And as the firjt leaf u a hotchpot without order ; So it fignifietb a di[order of the World, and ftan~n?r rhls i. the [pee ch of that Diforder or P rophcfie. en1\ f: Write the Book.. ( ttfter your o.rder ) back._ward, but a Iter not tbe form of letters, 1 [peak. in ~e~n ..r ind~:J refpdi of the p laces. . the lall, is of

"i:lfi be


IC.' Now a bcame lihooteth through him from the Stone and !o.through h~fi~~c;~:.
E. -K.

his head and out of his mouchJhis face beil1g from

...... Write the 49

toward il:.


You htroe but 48 . already. Write firft in a piiper ttpart . E. K. Said that GalNlh her head is [o on bright fire, that it cannot be looked upon: Th e fire fo fparkleth Loagaeth feg lovi brtnc and gliilreth as when an'hot iron is fmitten on an An- Lrtrzed dox ncr habzilb adnor vil, & efpecially at the pronouocing of every word. It Now Se:u appe- . H i s to be noted a\fo that upon the pronouncing of fome doncha Larb v ors hirobrtt words, che'Beails and all (:ream res of the World eve ry one fhewed themfel-ves in th eir kind and form : exi vr zednip taiip chimvane But notably a\1 Serpents,Dragons,Toads; and all u gly chermach lendi x nor zandox. and hide()uS lha_e.> of bealh ~ which all made moil p ug~y col.mtenanccs,-in a manner affauiting E.J(. but contrariwife coming to, and fawmng upon Ga!vah. It is to be noted alfo that by degrees came a fecond ~eame, and a third bcame 'oflig ht into Gn!vah from t he Stone, and all'the th ree togeth er appeared: the third parricipat~ng_ of t_ e other two. h The: fecond beame came at the word L~trb,pronounced; when alfo Frogs and Serpents appeared, &:c : The third beame upon the word Exi pronounced. Note alfo, that the manner of the fi ry brightneffe was fuch, and the grifely countenances of the Monflers was fo tedious and grci vous and difpleafant toE. K. i:bat part! y the very grief of his mind e and body, and partly the [Ltfp efring the Creatures to be no good Crearures, neither fuch greivous fights necdfary eo be exhibited with the Myfteries delivering unto us) had in a manner forced him to leave off all: -But I again with realonable exhorting of him, and partly the providence and decree Dtvlne, wroug ht fonie rhitigat:i'ng of his grief and difqnieting. Gal. ...... Tbe[e are thefe [even . t:J.. Bldfed and praifed for ever be He who is one and th ree : and whom miahty minificrl> or govemours do incelfamly glo rifie. :::.

r58 3 Gal, ...... Thy folly and weak._nrffi is great, God c.mfort t,bee.
[ t:J. . He fpoke to E. K, for his exceffive difquiecneife and f1ifpell:ing. of the verity or goodnelfe of Galv~th. ] A, Note. Now thtt beames were all r etired into the ilone; again likewife all the Creatures and -ermine or ugly lhaped BeaHs are a\1 gone. We were willed alfo divers times to imty. At fundry pangs of E. K. his ~riefand difqniemeffe> fundry fpeeches were uttered Pray; by th e fpiritual (rea tu re : among which thele noted. :.... He tbat is angry cannot fee well. From him t hat is perverfe, God turneth bw face. 1 he hiltdrance of punijhmelft, is the mercy of G ~d, which imputeth not fin unto them-whom bt .The Ele~. hat/, Chofen; T herefor e be lJatienr, and reconci le thy [elf to G$d. Rec?ncll~:~,D . tion; 2 E. K .


.A true Relation of Dr. Dee his Aflions, 'll'itb {pirits, &c.

E. K. I do it with all humiliry and finceriry of minde, aud befecch God rohdpmewirhbisgracc;forofmyfelf. I cannot do fo,.yctl am Thomas 'Didymas, I -will believe 'hefe things, wher~ I fee {he fruits ofthem.
E K. How can you pcrfwade me that ye be no deluders?

~. He feetned yet aeain to dou?t, wh. the!'this Creature and the reft, (partakers of thii e aUion) were foundly good, and votd of all baltmg, or abnfing us.

A rt?;,m~nrs eo pr" v.c our ln l\ructors col be d '

.OaH, ..... I will prove it by contrarj. The fervtlltts of dark._nee have their Garments ftninu!: their. mou_ths ftincJt.. of bla{pfmny, and firs, but our G nrments are no futh, mither do our lips fpeaJt any untruth ; ttnd therefore we are goo tl ngc $, of God ,Jor,wh r. t' d . .o1oever HOf .thetruth, .Ho{ Go. Moreover:> thq Devil if k,.nown'by hit worlts :f the fpirit of God controlleth theml the [pirit of or God agreeth with 1u, mtd u[eth no co1ttr~lmen t againjf it , tberefore it id ~tot Dauleffe. ' I1t one thing thou mf1ye.fi k._now Ul diffeting from Devds. Merc y. The wick_,ed.{~irits a!wayes abhor this word. Mercy. But it if t'be DoCtrine that we preach in refpea towards y~u, we are not now (then) evil. BJtt thw way teacheth hardneffe, and if a jiumbli111g block,. t the wick_,ed: but the beauty of the eafile is not able to b.e e:xpr:effed. The a.rire be. H 11ppy arc they, which are covered with tbe Pearls of Rigbteoufneffe, and on who[e bead there i1" fore. Garla111d of godli1tec : For unto thofe belongeth to tajle of the Fou~ttam of true wifd(Jnt. I s it no.t written of this book,., that it teacheth nature in all degrees ? 1'he judgement bereof is Inrellefrual, And wajh y our feet, and follow me. ~. Lord wafh thou our feet, or dfe we lhall not be clean. Gall. ., . . How tboJL art God k._11oweth: But comfort your fdves itt 'this. This TdlimoThat neither thi~ Teftimony can perifh, neither unto you can remain any flavcry : fk!.ia ve ny vi.'lory. fir a er it vi8oria, in him, and for him, to whom 1I ea ve you. ~. What !hall I do with thefe 2 1 words now received; Gall. , , . , , There are onely the W?rds of the firft leaf. ~. I pray, how fl1alll beftow them, or place them. Gall, . , . . . In them is the Divinity of the Trinity,
The firfr Icaf of the book.

The Myfterie of o~ Creatiin, The nge of many years. . And the conclufion of the World. Of me they a-re honoured, but of me, not to be utterttl: Neither did I difc!ofe them my felf: For, they are th11 beams of my underfi'auding, and the Fountain from whence I Wllter. A . I befeech you, how fhall 1 write thefe names~ the nrft leafe. Gall.. , .. 1hey are to be written in 5 Tables,-fn every Table ::u Letters. A. Hq~ ihall I place the 5 Tables upon two fides : three in the irtt, and 2 in the fecond, or one in the firlt-, and 4 in the fecond, or how elfd Gall, . . . As th~u fee.fl caufe. A. Shall I write them in Letters of Gold? Gall. . . . 'I be writing h4th been referred to thy difcret ion with collours , and fuch thi1tgs tH ap. pert 11 in to the writing tiJereo(. Vpon_ the firft fide write three Tables, and..on the fecond tiP~. ~. How, thus? :::-..::: Gal. . Set them down, 1 will Jiull thy judgement. ~. When, now? :;_:;:~ Gal . N ot now.
E. K.

She is gone,

Deo N oftro fit La~H,honor,& Gratiarum a&io permnis. Arutn.

W'ednc[day 19. Junii . Hortt 2 . a Mtridie. A. I made a prayer to God : and there appeared one, having two Garments in his hands) who anfwered . . . . A go~d praife, with a wavering minde. 6. God make my minde frabJe, and to pe feafoned with the intellefrualleaven, free of all fcnfible mutability.

E. K.

One of thde two Garments is pure white: the other is fpeckled of

divers colours j he layeth them down before him, he Jaycth alfo a fpecklcd C3p down before him at hi~ feet; he bath no Cap on his head: his hair is )QDg 2nd yellow, bur his face: cannot be feen; ~t the leall it w2s turned away.ward from E.K. concinually,chough E. K. changed his place.

.. .. .


A tr11e '!(elation of Dr. Dee his Affions, with fpiritJ) &c.

Coat, and his Pied Cap, he cafl:eth the one fide of hi~ Gown ov(:r his fhoulder,and he danccrh, 3nd faith,
.. There is A. "God, let IMhe merrJ. E. K. He danceth fiill. 'fhrre is 1t lmtven, let ut be merrJ. Voth tbis DoCirine teach you to k,.n~w God, or to be sk.,ilfull in the heavens? N ote it, E. K. No\V he putreth off his Cloathes again: Now he knee1etb . Youjhallfu my faa,lo,it is white. E. K. No"v he putceth on his Pied


down,and wailieth his head and his neck, and his face, and thakcth his Cloaths, and plucketh off che uttermofl foie ofhis llioocs, and f~Ueth proilrate on the ground, and fayed:
Vouchfafe ( 0 God) to tk..e away the wearinef[e of my body, 1tnd to cle~tn[e the filthiHc~ of this dujf, th-at J may be apt for this prrrenelfe. ...... Mighty u God in hi! great Juftice, and wonderful in his immeafurable mercy : .The hett .. -vms taJle of hi1 Glory : 1he eart& ir r:onfounded at his wifdom. In hell they tremble at him, as at 11. R.eveuger. Thisfheweth thee ( 0) to be a God, and jtretcheth forth thj Glory from the Eatt Jmto the Wejt; for thy Heavms are Statutes, and thy Cruztures Laws : that thou mayr;t be acrotmted tt God of Ju/i:ire llttd Glory. Becaufe thou art a God, 'f.?erefore there is a Heavm: F , r unto the Prince ~f RigbteoufneJJe, there belonz,eth a place of Glory; Into the which there entereth no"e that ~tre defiled, neither fi1Lb as lire blr:mijhFd with the fpots of iniquity. M.11tus H~c toHa e_(i ...... E. K. putting forth his right hand, H~c Autem nuda ...... E. K. putting forth his left hand, $Ci Habet aures intelligat. E. K. Now he Ht.~:th down on the ~csk~top and looketh towar<l me A. Thi s Parable is in general, fomewhat underftood of us: but in particular, how it may be, or is to be applied, prefently we underfland not, ...... Beware left error enter within the dwelling place of Righteoufneffe. 1 have [aiel.

E. K. Now he uketh the whi(c Garment, and purceth it on him

Hi: feemeth now to be turned to a womao, and the very fame which we call GAl"PAh. E. K. Now he is come down to the ufual place, on the Table. ~. I have affayed divers wayes to place the five Tables, on the two !ides on this Srfi: leaf 7
E. K.
Is it to your likein.'! as I have done it, in the five litrle Triangles? . Gal. ...... As conctrning the Jetting down of the five Tables. it fufficimt as it is dotu. 'Ihe Cttl'fe why l appe.ared thus, was that )flU migbt avoiJ rrror. A. 1 pray you lO lhew us the means how that error was or is to incumber us. Gal. ...... Wbofoever taketh fervants of the wicked, to prove the Glory of God, is :i.c~ Note. curfed, But, 0 Sa tan, flow m.z1ry are thy deceits? Nore, my Companion (E. K. ) would have caufed per[onal apparitions offome ofche reproba .e fpirits, before the Prince Albert Lask.ie in iny Study, thereby ro fuew fome ex- A, L. perience of his skill in fuch doin;s : But I would not con[fitt to it : And thereupon Galv11h gave judgement and warning of fuch an error, of my Companion his intent, & c. Gal. ...... Behold, it if fa id, befo;e h' go from hcwe I will pour Wlter into him ; .And my An.. gel {hall ar.n?int him, as 1 have determined : Hide therefore Nothing from him ; For you be~ Note of A, L long unto hrm. Neither can fiefo and blood work., thofe things that 1 have Glorified in him ( All

things that are eftablifhed in God, are Glorified. I fpeuk., thi-1 for thy under_lfanding ) Neither let ;our hearts be hardtzed; for the Earth u condemned, and thefe thingg (ball come ~o plfe. Credit i1 all tbat Ifeek,. (faith the Lord;) for when I come, I fha_ll be fufficiently believed. . An Oath I tnk,.e the God of H eaven and Earth to ;uclge; and [wear by huu ar a Wltntffe,thac the(e wol'd' arc true, and fhall endure unto the end. The general points of 1111tns Salvation are concluded a!- Note of Gene~ ready ; but the Jpecial gift helongeth unto Gvd. God jfrengthen you againjt IJu adverfary. ~al ~oint~aod
A. Amen. pecul g1ftt.

Gal. ...... Soonyoufhallk.,now more.

A. This Prince would g ladly know, Whether it [hall be befr for hini, with the: fidl: opportunity ,t o be going homeward. Gal. ...... lt fhall be rmfwered foon, and what quefiions foever h e alfo demandeth A. May h e be here prefent at the atl:ion doing? . Gal. ...... Th ofe th at are of tiJu IJoufe, are not to be denied the Banqueu therein. A. L . nuy be ~. May I reqlldt you to caufe fo me fenfib le apparition to appear to him, to coinfor.t him, ~~~em ~t and efiablilh hi s m iude more abundantly in the godly intent of God his Service ! ton!.




tru~~elatiiJn of

D. Dee his A8ions, ~ithJFirit;, &c.

But what{oe'ltfr if of the flelh, is not

Gal. ..... , If you follow 111>let him be governed by Ur ofus.-

E. K. She feemeth to weep ; for \:be water com~th forth of her eyes.
A. You perceive, how he undedlandeth of the Lord Treafurer his grudge againfi him ; Aud perhaps fome other alfo, are of like maliricus nature : What danger may follow hereof, or incombrance ? Gal. ...... The [um of his lif e if already appointed, one jot cannot be diminijhed : But he that Be '[orry for his eneA, L, poverty. is A fmighty can augme11t at- his plea[ure. 'Lethim rejoy'ce in poverty. mies. And do the work.J of Juftire.

She feemeth ro put the air over her, and fo to-enter into. a-Cloud ef.invifibilicy, and fo difappear.

- .}(. E

Deo gratias ttgf!mll!.

Wm[day after nom, circa horam 5 The Lord Albert a Lasky being pre[ent. f:., .weart~nded of Galvir.h Come inftrnfrions or difcourfe concerning the Lord Lnsk,ie-.

E. K. At length,app~ared before the ,Lord Lasky (in the air) an Angellrt _ a whit: Robe, ho1diilg a bloody Grofle in his right hand, the fame h~md being alfo bloody. t:-.. In n~mine Jefu Cbrijli Crucifixi>a te require qui Grucis Tro}Q~Um hie Geftas ut ilia nobis
fi~ifies, qu.e[unt ad Ch.rifii gloriam> cuifit honor & LaM pernmis.

K. -Now he: is come fr~m before the Lord Lasky, and fiandc:th here on the l';~ble: he turncth bimfclf to all the four quarters of the World; he knceleth dovvn.
He prayeth. .
...... 0 God, Why jhould the people upon ear:tb rejoyce l or TPherein jhould the plell[ttrelof their fmfual delights be fixed l Why doth tbe Morm bold he-r cour[e l or why are the Stars obferviHg an order l Why are th:J people thM jrllttercd abroad l B~can[e iniquity hath caught the upper hanr.l. The Doors' of our God 'lire polluted with b!afpbemy , hi1 Temples de[olate, bi1 Commandments violated~ an,d his Glory accounted as nothing. But wilt thou fuffer ; or canft thou hold thy hand from thy great and mighty jlrol{p? M ojf High c~d, Mojf Mighty God, M9ft Honourable God> have mercy upon thy people; refpert the Creation, ( the Creation I fay ) of thofe, wh~rein thou haft delighted. Suffer ~tot the Serpent to extol hu head above thy .Altars, tzeither let thy holy Veffel be poi[oned with bU venome; For thou .:rt M ighty' and (JVerc_omeft all : and who can rebel againft thy Prow.effe l Bend down thy merciful eyes, Behold this confufim: look_. upon th Temple and fe~ y the defolatio~z thereof. And then in thy mercy ( 0 )fhew thy [elf t o be aGod, and [urh a merciftt! Govern?ur-, as bath compaf!ion upon t~ofe that are difea[ed, yea even unto death, Grant thif Camafchc:th galfuagath garnaftel zurah logaah luferoth. Amen.
t.. I pray yon to declare unto us your name. .. .. : ftfy name iJ Jul!anladace. A. If I fhould not offend yoo, I would g ladly kno:v of what order yon are, or how yen;: fiate is in rerpeet of Micbael, Gabriel, Raphael, or Vriel. .... Jub. Vnto men, according mm their deferts, and the firjf e.xcetLenry of their Soitt, God bath appointed a good Govemour or Angel, f rom among{t the orders of thofe that are Rlef[ed : For every Soul that is good, is not of one and the [elf[a me dignification; Theref~re arcording to hif exrelleHCJ we are appointed as Minijft:rs f;om that orderi whereunto his Excel.'enry accordetb : To the intent that he may be brought at !aft to fupply thofe plaes which were Glorified by a.former ; And alfo tot?eintent, that t~e Princeoj])ark,.neJJemigbtbe contiter~)oifed in Gods ]HJfi.ce. Am ong{l tbe whJch I 11-m one whtch am the Keeper and Defender of thts man prefent : which carry the 1riumph and Enfign of Vitiories continually brfore bint, as a reproa{h to my ftdverfarie:; and hi1, and -to confirm the dignity where11nto b'e ~~ ca!ledby the pre[e;zce ofthis Character.


E. K. Now hcheaveth up the Croffe.

Jud~ti. Jli8ori~.

A . L.

A. L.
A. L. P.n year. to
come . Hi.ndr:1nce brtedeth cx-

a ption, zr-d lillbrwkr.b hindrance.

. . . . . . I have alfo fealed the fame in his bear"t: For unto him belong great Victories , in the 1tttm~, and fo r the name of his God. The Jews in his ~ime !hall nafte of this Cro : .And jJe with this Croffe fhall he overcoJl)e the Sarazens, and Paymms : For I will e{fab.lijh one Faith (faith the Lor~ of Juftice ) TiJttt I mny be i<Jtawn to be the [a me that I was firji: an-011g all peop!o. c_7t.1 oreovn I wzll open the hearts of all men, that he m11y hnve free paff<rge throl!gh tb~m, and will not fuffer him to pe_rijhwith the violence of thewic/zed. _I will hereafter vifibly appear unto him, and )11ill fay, Tbts IS to be dot'le. But a year is not yc:t come, ttnd tbefe things jha/l,be finijhed. But ( tbus faith the Lord) I have hind red bmr; bee au[e he beark.ned to the provocation of thofe that are wanton. .And hath confented to thofe that ~lafphemed my n.tme. Bid lnm fool( to thr .fleps of his )'Oflth, mtd mell[ure the length of /Jis body; t O t!Je intent.,he mlly five b~tt n > and [e~ hi~i fe/f inwardly. D.. Note.-

------------------------------------------~----~------~,~~,;=~~~ ~

. ....

At this Inftant: Tnnfeld came rafhly upon us, into my Study : we chi1:1.king th'at the Scndy door bad been lbm; the Lord LaskJe being gone out of my Study, che other way through my Oratory, to take Tanf elds me!fage from the Courc, and having difl)atched him, rdl:ed without: and Tanfe!d having commendations to me, as he faid) from Thi~ y 4, 1 rJ.J fome at London; fearing leaft he (hould be be fem away by and by, wichou t d oing theCc, fer vc:d th'came undifcredy upon us, eo our no litde amazing, and great fearing his i:atl1 opinion Lord L.d~r afterward of [uch thines, as he could not perceive perfeCtly what my Companion and.L were doing : Hereupon, Jubanladace gave this fenc ence, or declared this the fatal end ofTttnfeld. Juban ....... It is [aid~ H'e that entreth in t/,11! raj}J!y, Lo.five moneths areyet to come, and fijhes oftbeS(ajhal! devourhis carb,.afe. . . Asbefor(>whatfoever he taketh inhand.fhall profper, for my names fake. For tbsu it A, L. J,;s an~ is:fai'd, ~~.nd rix[f words tere the words wherewithal I do annoint bim; for than the comfort of th( noinc;r,g. l;Jigbe{f, th(re is not a fweeter Inunction. L ook,_ not for the rnarveiles of this fYorld, as the M,. ttcu !a b wick,_ed man in his hrart doth ; but jtudy to pleafe him with whom p migbt rej oyce ~-'o r ever. T o11 {igna;o~JMit. fons of mm, What do ye [eek.. after? Do je hunt after the Jwi{tnl'jfe of the winds ; or are you pertn a a .-eo., im,Aginingtt form unto tbe C/oiuis? or go ye forth to hear the br.tyingof an Affe, wbzch pn_ffeth away -with the fwiftnejfe of the air? S eeb,.for trut wifdom ; For it beho!deth the brigbteft, and appetrreth unto the lowejt . Cecill hatethbim unto the heart, and defiretb h( were gone hence. Many Th L d oih(r Jo privily fling at him; I cannot properly fay .fling him ; But (I fay) I will pour down my Tre:fur~~; '11!TAtb upP'lf them, and tb(y jhall be confounded . in the midjt of their own iniquity, Let my faitbful livt and qe ltk..e the fruitful Vinyard. Be it [o. A. For his r eturn homeward, What is your advice? perhaps he wanteth necelfary provi.fiott, and money. Jupan...... Hefoa!l be bDlpen here, tlnd elfewbere 'miraculoufJy. Ifpeal.(as it were to bim fetf. Let bjm ~o, fo [oon as he c~tn conveniently. A. I GAy ag~un, perhaps he wantelh mcney, buc the T rearures of the Lord are not fcant, to them whom he favoured:1. Jub ..... H is help .fhall br ftntnge whicl1 hatb 1tot been oftm {een. 1he ff0_e-r11 loveth him faithfully, and hatb fallmout withCecil about him: Lecefier j{dttereth him. His doiJTgs are loo/ted into narrowly. Fut I do a!w'ay es inwardly direc.1 him, and I will mix~{fer fucb comf ort unto him, as fhall be neu.Jfary in tb( midft of all his doings. When this Country ilia !I be inva- E~la-nd. ded, then lhall you paffe into his Country: and by this means, hall his Kingdom be eftabli..: lhed again. This i s more thm my duty. Thi.s is the /ir{l time he bath been bere, tHtd it is won- A. L; 4(rfu!. . The fecond coming is not long unto., and then {hall he be wonderful. De jfitut~ a me, premitur a malo. He is now deftitute of me. A. Note, as foon as he had faid this Centence, he feemed to iink through the Table hke a fpark of fire ; and feeme,f.to make hafte eo lus Charge, l mean the Lord Las/r..ie: whereby we perceive the 'frailty of man to be great when he is D(jfitute (yea but after this manner) of this good Angel. Bene'tiuum fit no11un Dei no.flri 1:unc & in fempiterna. [.eC/4 111. Amen.

A. Note.

'fhurfday, 20 Junii 1583. After Noone C irca6. . Gal. ;.... Labour in the writing of rb~ B~ok,_diligmtly. S ee tbou cleanfe thy [elf o~t both fidu Be tsl~ne while it is done : that if to fay, whlc thou art in doing ir, bencefortb and till th( time C{)f"t ufe. [peecb witb ~~~no mou ; evcty feventh day accepted. Every fcvcruli A. How ffiall thofe dayes be accounted ? day. Oal. ...... Fr,om Tuefday !aft: Tuefday b(.ing the firjf of tht [evm, and tb~ next Mundtl)'; tb~ Mondayes, fnl{mth, and fo forth tvt'r.J <.Monday is the fevNtth. In a , ure a ffi on a.ll tbingsoNght to b~ jNT:e. . A. May I be writing every day~ and at any tiR1e, w~en it lball come in my mind ? Gal ...... 'Ever as thou {haft feel m( ntove thee. I wi!l.flir up thy d e11re. G ood dt G es !l:irred up by 4 How !hall I do for the let.ters? Shallifimply tran!late the letten as I find them ?

Gal. ...... I. . . Cl._. The tides of the fides,are tbey to be written onely in the holy Chara&ers? Gal. ...... Al thou [a.yejr, even tbofe words do mal<_e the holy, thilt thou calleft them holy.

good Angels;

Oal ... .... In t.fe la.ft r.ven of the 4 0 dt!yes, the .words of this Ibo~ lhaH be difringuillled. Difri.nfli "n of r:.. And accmted alfo ~ Gal. ...... I. w <lrd> :tnd ac ~;>.. How tltall l do, fur the T~bles where certain letters are to be written in all the void cents; l)laces, feeing they will not julHy ag ree ? Gal. ...... Tbere is one fv.perfiuoll!: it is to be filhd ilf order as it jheweth. A. I lhaU not dare adventure on i t without direCtion \l'hen I come to it. Gal. ...... Thoujh~lt want 110 dire{{iou. . A . For the inequality of the firft 49 'lines I rquire yonr advi [e.

I believe verily, that they are holy and fanetified.


- - - - ---

A true Rel~tion of D. Dee his .AElions 'Dlitb (pirits, &c.

Gal. , . . . It is no qufftio-n. Gat!. . ... Thou beginnrft in the world to look_. up to heaven : So WM it begun in earth to .ho"k.. up to the do ing ab!Jve. The lafllife iJ Hotchpotch of the wicked in the World, and damned in the HeU.

Tht horch-

pO!ch fup.
ame 4. folio. TQ E.K.

E. K. Wbat is a Hocchpocchl&c
Gal ; .. .. The grutt r thy folly if, the greater thy wi[dom will b.e herelljter. '1hQ[e tbat -are inthe 11orltl . . . Tbae are the Souls of the wicked and damned in Hell. totnot de[t"Yibe tbe le aft j o of tho that are in heavm : Much le thofe that 'are ignorttnt, declar~ y [t JJe the nwtife.ft beauty of 'R'i[dom. There fhal/ come a dtty with yo11, wben you jhal! rejoyce. In th~ mean [en[o'n, rent }IJifr hearts, t!nd turn unto tbe Lord. b.. Deus in a.djutorium noftrum intende,Domine ad jnvandum me feftina;Gloria Patri,& filio)& S,&c. Amen,

5Cfturday, ante Meridiem. H ora 10. Jlmii 22. t;.. Whiles I was writing ~ertain prayer!i to good Angels, and Atl proprios no ftros Angelos for A . La s~v,thc:re appeared one very big in the aire, all in a white.Garment full .of plaights, and tucked up very dubble, with a myterlike Attire on his head, and a croife on the forepart of it; He willed E. K. to [pea"- to me, and to tell me of hit being, there: But he refufed, and exprefly dt"P 1zi~d it, partly by rcafon Galluah faid that he would not deal with us, bt.u: every feventh day (being ever.y Monday) till the a8:ions were ended : and th erefore he fuppofed this Creature to be an illuder, and partly he urged fome evident token, or proof of their well- meaning ro wards us in Afr.,&c. He went down~ and fti\1 this Creature follow ad .bim with a drawn .[word:~ rrquiring him to declare thefe words to me ; but E. Ko a long while bad him declare them himfelf unto me, if he would : and faid, why !heuld he not,&t. At length my Companion came, appeafed, and contented to hear what this Creature would fay, who at length faid thus : .. The Eagles bave food for their yfJung ones, b Divine providmce , and not of the"Mfelves. y i. K. wss , - Lord l~t me d i minijh the power ~f 'thil wick._ed [pirit that dotb [o provo"-e , and jfirre him to mir~~ewh:u re- [chief; ~~~rn~t:d:~iy !f the love of the fathers ( 0 God) be great towards their Children, muqh greater are thy thiscre:uure' blej]ings m tho[e whom thou haftcho , [en 'oodwords. b., So, (0 Lord) fo. .,. Behold, I will draw threds tiJgether, and ma"k..e hi m {l Net, which jhallalwayrs be betwe"fn ~ow ~e c~me him and the Adverfary :neither jhall it diminijh hit rmder{l:andiHg from the true fight of me. 01 ;:~a~e~ t ~~ It hat- been [aid, The place i1 holy. Write that jhall be here fpok.,en, with devotion .upon .,uds rny thy "k..11m. Great i1 thy w~tme (0 God) and mighty art thou in all thy work.,.ings: 7?>y h1lp if ftrong . ,:ll~fide, snd to tho[e that delight therein. 0 magnified be thy name from generatim to generati()n. :a !'lit nd Oratio. \oocl by my .... d' m the Table. Spentu &: mente tco, ile cgvemh Sit mihi vents orandi modus: nam bonitatem Dei Lando: O, lram Patris otericus fum, qu~a hisfce, lumen ejus elongatur a me: Verum in nomine Chri.fti remitrionem delictorum meorum, & conNow he pray- firmationem in fuo Sanfr.o Spir im exopto . Per tc, HaBduja _, rcfurgam, me accufo, me coneth fomcwhat demno : omnia male feci. ~n his own Omnia per te (Pater) funt. Paratus e.fto exaudire. Oculos ad Ccdos Elevare nolo, egefta.., aaguag~. tern quia Oteam nofii. ~tid differes.Oomine, Cor menm in melius Confortere? Vivus 8c No: he hetb non mortuus fum: lgitur Credo in te. Exaudi me Antidotum rn1hi San&um monfira, quia frollr&ce. eve- ma Iurn meum agno fieo.. M" h 1 J'olot that lt_te mt 1. a~xt mm ruum d e f ede Ma.Je.fi acts ru;e : Et pet' A nge1 os .-y fe.11tence be bonos tuereme. Audt,Exaudt, 0 tu tgttur Angelus meus adfis mtht. Defende me, nee trade ufcd, fomc di Corpus & animam meam in manus inimicorum; meorum fed fecundum magnam mifericordiam runa ill the Dei, (per potefiatem tibi traditam) me .protege,adfit mecum prudentia tua, qui Diabolum 8c bowin& of _hit Sathanicam fraudem vincam. AdJuva me derelitl:um, Confi rma me debilem, Cura me fanuru, bodfi or lytor; fana me ;egrotum : Mihi cHo fpirims fuper hnmanam fapicntiam. F ac me fidel em Operatoh~~di~;c~;rhis rem: A.dduc tecum Angelos de ~c:elis demilfos ~anfr.o~, qui me cc~um in adverfi$ c_ue~ntu~ & hands,&c. ab omm Cufiodtant malo, donee tlla hora venent , quam n emo evttare potcft ~ Sufhnmt amma ~e holdcth mea in verbo e jus. Am m. bu ~~ up. Glo rifie God y e [ons of men , and prai[e him in the midi of y our wicltedneJJe: For he is IZ (jod ()n g that jhewetb mm:ie to his people, and beboldeth thJe t~at are ajJMJed ; All honour, prai[e, antfglory be zmto him, n~ w and for ever. Amen. b., I b efeech you, whotr is your Rame, that this mercie of God may be Recorded , to have been bdl.owed upon us by your m inifiery ... Gabriel. A. Shall I lignifie to the Polonian Gentleman, that we ~oceind this prayer from you, and fo make him partner thereof G~tbrie/ Do fo.


~ true7.V;Iation of Dl'4 Dee hir

6., He made the

AElions.'tl1ith Jpitits, &c.

l. ~-

The he.fp of t.he Vrd is with tho[e, .that he loveth, and fo be it. fign of a Crolfe over ourcwo. heads, and fo went away. Gloria fit in exceljis:J Deo noftro & in t~rra Pax hominib111 bone volunratisj Amen.

Saturday; Junii n. a Meridie, Circa 6. . 6., Upon the pernling and examinin~, this prayer G_abriel revealed unto us:J I found ~errain_ 1mperfe[tions, and fornedoubcs, wherem we thought tt ~ood eo as~ counfel, and rr.qmre Ga~ brief's ad vife : That the prayer might be perfetl:,as ~e nught wellltke of to Gods honour and our comforti. At the length : No.thing appearing to the eye;but the noife of a found :tbout E. K. his head, and wichall a mighty weio-ht, or.mvifiblc burden on his right fhoulder, as he fate in the green Chair,by che holy Tabie,or' place : And unto certaiil place~ of the prayer; which I noted and repc.a ced,thofe words, and anfwers were by Gabriel given. Gab . , .. The Preface muft be in,for'if olff hearts be not prepared tmto prayer,our prayers are in vain, ~id differs Domine, Cor meum in melius Comfortare. Per te & in f\Omine cuo refurgam; id eft, Halleluja. The firft way is mor~ ejfe[iua!. Say Augcle mec, but the other is more effetiual, Cut:a roe fanum; Regard me, and look,_ un'to me, being-whole. A. As concerning the infcription, which I have - ritten before the prayer: I would. gladly w know, whether it be to your well liking of it. Gab . Fiant omnia ad laudem Dei. My doings are of no [ucb ret.ard : What I hnve done he it r4ne, fo "thatyour additions be to the ho1to'IIT of God, it is [ufficient. . The effect of his prayer is greater, then is the form.. The f~rmrr is greater thm the forming. That is to fay, he that bath formed it, is mightier then any virtue, whrreht-it is formed. Wherr[orver, therefore the mind formeth it with you with perfell humility' and con[ent, there is al[o the former. As formed . of hi~t therefore> I lea- e you to the end of his work,_n1a1rjhip , which continually {l>rmeth all thi1:f!.S ttccording v to his own fajhion. Sins;, .. Your fins have banijhed mr,ftom [nyi1tg tbofe thhtgs I. would. 6. , 0 clea'tlfe our hearts, and wafh away our 11ns, amplinf lava me ab iniquitate mea & a pecCilto meo mwzda me, Gab.. , Sins are mver wafh~d away , or forgtJtten with the higheft, but with fuch 111 are forry, and alfo make Carisfaction, Satisfattion~ 0 L?rd, full [orry I am for my fins, and What [t!tisfallion is .. req11ired I would gladly k._now. Gab . The offence was not thine. E11ery one ~n11fl [atisfie,_o~ el[e he jhllll be damned. A. Goo<!: Lord expound eo us the my ftery of fatisfattion. . Gab . .... W/mt the &ul. offendeth ; and is con[mtingto wick,_ednee, be is then. to mak,_e a fpiritual fatisfa{}ion, wbich is rhe end and pnfell f ruit of Cqj:trition. For thofe tbat are tr:ue!y Con4 trite, do tru~ly [tttisfie. Another [lltisfallion tbere is, wbicb.is external. This .fatisfaCiioJt.is to be made for fins commirted agaittjt thy-Neighbour: For if thou offmd 'thy Ntigbbour, and do him wrong, or t~tk..e nny thing from him, by fraud, or violence, it is a great fi11. For tbis, thou canft never be Contrite if thou mak.; not fatisfallio'll , 11ot 01tely Co1tfeffing it, but i lt {atisfying his de/ire that is offmded,- a;td.that with [or row. 7'his is trrt~ Dollrine~ Yntd .fhafl never be overthrowJt by the [piritr N 0 T E. of falfe invention: which indeed is the firft rye unto the Devil. I f y ou may 'ifmd yottr brother, and Good Angel~ bt therefore accur[ed: How muc"h more fonll you be accurfed, when.you offend the meffager of him are robcufcd tiJat is your. Father. . Behold, he fay~tb uot, I have once done amiffe. God b~ mercifutl to y 011, that re verently. his merr.~es Hfight bnhe grt'illlter upon you. Be mindfull of my [ayhtgr. E. ~ t._. Deus mifereatur nofiri , & benidicat nobis, Cor mundum Greet in nobis~& fpiritum redum ponat in pra:cordiis rioJlris, Amm.
I )

8 3

Wednefday, Junii 26 . Hora 9~ . pr4entt D ..Alberio.- lasky As we were together_in my Jludy, and l ftanding ac OlY Desk .. There appeared to E. K. a ron~d. Globe ofwhtte fmoak ?ver my hea.d , . Thereupon I perce1 ved .the prcfence of fome goo? fptncual Creature, and Jlratghc way appeared the good AngeL I . L. t::. . I fatd, BenedilltH qui 'venit in n~min~ DdmiHi,& igit'IIT nobis eft gratiH !~tudif advmtu~. I.L. Et quid tu dicit l [ad E. K. Loqu~[U5 ell. J
. A.

c. K. Si bonu1 es, & lucu _ (piritus, bene "'Pemfli, I. L,

Et bnze tibi fi et.
E . K. He hath a beCome in his.hand.
Q!id cum cua fcopa decrevifii facere? I . L. Secundum D(i beneplacitum,

I. L.

E. K. What w1ll you do with this befome.

B.K. Here

Here comtth a hi!, tall creature, forma human a qme facile non pof!it difcerni, oculi ejus videantur dfc duo Carbunculi Lucenccs & mirabilitcr micanrcg. Caput ejus videtur aureum, os videcur valde largum effc.~~ & Caput videtur .mobile & quafi ab humeris feparabile., totum reliquum Corpw videturdfemarmor quafi
Vox, ...... Fecifti tu l

e K.
[E. K. J

JL, ...... Feci. Decedite in Oratorium, nam m.tgntt hie dicmda ftntt, 92.::_i decedent ? I L. Princeps,& tu, (Bow down rhy knees brother) and here what I do fay. q~titti~r iJFt [To E. K. h.efpake.] Jtnrmns ipfius, Magnus ille ...... Filio/i hominum quid vult is? E. K. & no11 .A. Cupinms tHndari a pecc~ttis, & illuminari fapientia divina, ad ejns honorern. tot (ufpi< ienJo in c~g ir 11tioM eE. K. Ell Jumen quoddam in Aere ~ & ipfe ofcularur Jumen illud
Su[pim hoc fallum eJJ: ut
jHs de jfrHereter,

he faid fo to IL.

K e. Propicius dl:o mihi peccarori, 0 Deus, crdcit jam Corpus ifiius m2gni in immenfum quantum, quod ~on poffi~ facile difcerni
Mag, .. ,.. Filii hominum, .quid vultis l Sapunti.tm veram. Mag ...... 0 vos pueri & filii hominum,quid vultis ? ()., Sapiemiam in Deo,.& propter Deum, veram. Mag...... .Andite, quia JujfUt &ver~ fum ( inquit DominiH;) P'os nihil impiunt, iniquum, Si"gfi[~J clurn vel injujlum fu[c ipite : N ff.m qu.ecunque feceritis nut la , vel negligtntitt, vel infcitia, vel contemptu, profert verb.t, vel etiam nimia {uper{iitione funt, ( Sicut Scriptum eji ) pott{iate tradita fpiritibiH mend acihur, flarnm_am ex ore ut vexarent bonos, dum affligerent m alas, Sed dixit Deus ( DeM fum quidem veJfer ) qui Spiritum ev~mlto ,(' . 'AT San[lum non au; ero a vob. : N am ert' ~s IS,quos per potenttam confi rma bo me am : HO t zgttur c a zte . . N comagi Cum perverfis fieri, qui inaniter rebus &- Idolis huj 116 mundt potentiam pfrribunt meam. DeSu~;:~ari- Sed Credite per[everanter & ad fin~ m ufque & fidem habete: quia, (per me) o~itnia mundan11, burspiriti~us..fuperat jigillum, &[ubjicjet J?imones voluntati veifr.e. - D.emones [ub regi~nibus permanentes,&' Angeli bonncbz inclufi Lunaribm, Angdt mer non fimt ; Sed C.e!eftes, Sanlli & veri boni. Nonne vos homines & fedu b~tbent. mort ales 6 non fine peccato, Cui voluntatem liberam , _(imul & p~rcare permiffi: ut iHtelligendo PelltnrnniHm exinde malum, & me Deum veflrum ttgnofcatu vos. Audite igitur, Audite filii mei, ..... Calamipri~eipi11m in tat em totiM terr.e omniumque viventium pr,edico. Bella enmt undique horrmdA & trifti ffima, Et tmtws. peribit ad tertiam ufque partem g!.r.dio & fame Terra. Erunt c.eder multorum, ( pene Oll1rnium) T"!"'ilmp"ii Principuminteritm, Terr.e ntot~, quales non ab i1titiD mundi ~ Terrejl-ril Dttmoni4 ( T~trctt rN~r~a. viz.) Imperii ruiltJt. Nam fie conftitui.

IL . ...... Dir,Propitius ejio mihi peccatori.

[ E. K.] Nunc refpcit vos

b.~ A. L. and I were in my Oratory. Stepbanm, Polonienfis, miferrine in bello jugulatus, Cadet. ltet1.lm dico: Stepbttnw, Polonienfis Rex, mi[errime in bello jugulatJU, cadet. Vocabant te iterum [ refpirit Alb. lasky] ad Regnum Principes : quem etiam ego Poloni;e, Moldavi;e & populi mei Ducem & regem con(tituero. Tunc attinges defideratam metam & non errabu ll Scopo. ~ia ego [um DeiH tUIH, & docebo te utilia & vera. Et Jabo tibi Angelos meo: adjutores & comites etittm ad fecretum quodlibet mundi. Vigilato, Or:ato. Igitur , Pillf eflo, donee venrri; poteftas mea & in te, & fupra vos. Interum figillate qru vidifti1,& me_ in publicum producite.

Nf inpub/i(urn

[E.K.] Now he fhakc:th: he feemeth to turn his head about his fitoulders.


E. K. Nunc accipit enfem& percutit nubes, & crucemformat ante{e, ab ueroque latere ~ pofl fe. Crede mif,i, eft jinu rerum : Dimietuneur Peccat4 rveftra.
E. K.

Cadit) quaG .diftrael:us , (vel fc feparans) in 4 panesJ & a-

Vox. ...... H abetw quL adeo Decreta fuitt. b.. Mifericordia Dei, fit fuper nos nunc, & fcmper. A'mm.
Saturday 'lunii 29 ameridie hora 4 While 1was about to write che Title ?fthe fecond fide ofthefeventh leaf; and(E.K. fitting by me) Madini appeared as before ltke a young girle, at'ld I faluted her in the Name ~~~::~~ ~:! of G od, as coming from God for good, and [aid to her, that I was wonderfuHy opprdfed ~'nA/b, LaJ.(:ic with the:: W<?rk prefcribed tO me.ro perform befo:e Augu(t ?exc, a.nd defi.red her to.help me his Pedigree~ to one ro wnte th e holy Book as tt ought to be wrmen : feemg I dtd all I could, and Jt feemed almofi impofii.ble for me to finith it as it is reqnifite.. Madami prornifed to help me eo one

trne '.~{elation of Dr. Deoe his AE!ions with (pirits, &c.


one ro write the Boo~< ; arid thereupon al~peared eo her ( bnt unfeen of E. ic) her Mother , .... Madim.i Caici alfo.> that lhe was tiow learning of Greek and Arabick 3 and the ~yriah

Tongue. Mad .. ~ ... M'tber I pr~ty j~u let him hllrTr o1u to 1Pritt hw Book.,. h. I pray thee tell me Mndimi, what was bjs n~nie which ycHterday tempted my friend and ~ccQ[ed me mofi unduly and unrruely w E. K. AS tt. murderer, and hypocrite~ an~ one that had in jured a thou(and. Mad........ H"if name wns Panlttcarp, . b.. Can the yricked Conjurers have their Devils to write Book~ at their commandments; and fhallnor an horte~ Cluiban Phtlofopher hne che help of God his good Angels to writ~
his holy Myficries fo greatly redoundin.g to his Glory? And fedng you are the Mot her of Mtrdimi here, J befeech you tdl me your name hera; as the order of all our dvmgs are di~ frin8:ly and mder1y noted. Mother ...... : I am ofthe word, and by the word : {fay, Sea~ up thofe things thou haft : And I my felf wtll take charge. of Ga!vab to. thl' e:ttd. Ad roitand:Jm (cand.dum. A. Truth it is,'it mnfi grow to a great miflikeing grudge, that God (h ould feem to have laid burdens on our Qloulders, grc:acer than we are able to bear: and then if we fall .md faile under them, he would find a caufe not to perform his promifes made for qrrying of thole burdens. Mother....... Wluzt[oever is thy p4rt, tbe f~tme will I perform. I 11R put tby yo}v (in tlm one thi11[, ) up:m "mJ .fhoulders. c., Will you rh en write it as I !h'ould have written it ? .Mother ..... 1 hnTJe [aid I will. A . Where thall I leave the Book ? . Mother ....... Lt>ave zt where J'u will : your locks are no hindrance eo us. E11m when Our.locks. the time cometh believe and you jhall find it writtm. c.. You have eafed my heart of a thoufand pound weight. Mother . . ...... Becau[ey fhall not fall intfJ error. Dojtthou believe? 4. Yea verily. Mother. ...... Then verilj will/ do it, Fides rua erit inftruinenrum operarionis me:~:; Erit, & vidcbitis, & nunquam peribit. Galvah ....... One thing I will tucb thee. The Entl is grcnter than the BeginninJF,, or tht Mid{t ; For the End is witneffe of them bot'h: But thry both con?t wztne.JJe of the End Mother ....... He that appeared yejrerday is fajc mout.b, now: M.titim, SA-y your fron, whne lnm gone. ~. I pray ce\1 me your nanae. Mad.. . ... Mother I pray you tell your nanu. Mother ..... I A M ; What will you more?

She flicth away like a fire. .!irltaaimi fa1leth down proffrate on her face a wbile
E. K.
A. Now I fflall have Ieifure eo follow my fute, and to do alt Mr. Gilberts bu.Gnelfe. Mad....... My Motbrr will [pellft to the 9(t_emfor p ujhortly. Serve you Gut whil~ I dt

E K. She prayeth vchemenrly

Madimi . ...... I pray you teach me to [pelf,

Now fbe com~[h near to us.

[She fpake to E. K.
C4Vti1I iffi. IVII: c .. s boe Qp111

Mad . ...... This is e.t, 1-'~ ~uA.i'T1H~, GUT&- t t""tp@- ~70 ff)'Or ctV:lJ'l1~<'1.
XOf'r.'-1}- 1-'~1 :l"f ?rpbGu f'-1-@- '2'U)';( ri VH /;' forte: ,-mfdt(t)"'jl vcl?rtti.(trtl.l
~' a.'tJ7(,l 'TDITct.uror "'x::t.Ctr~


le i.s the Syrian To11gw.c: y<~u don~ un4eri\.trld it. - (to~.) {11b11met, t:lo..

alicirur,vel abfrrahituli



tl ~~x.~tTffo f&A.ia.
Thsr wts with Mr H "'J Lot his offred f rieO' ib:n U l-e 'contdfccl

ta'G~ /<(YI TU.:r; -.'uTu cx.'~orf-LUJJ lf~pHcrtU


)t<if a.'1ri.T'Y!' ILO(Jol~ll~ x.c4a.CTIIoillcil1'i~


l'ta.' ?I'M'I"@- .l?fiA.l?rff,

fpeak fome Language which [ underilaad, I \Vill rx atrcr. preffe no more of cbis Ghybbrilh Now ilie prayeth agam Now tbe is gone

E. K .UnleiTc you



d true.'l(elatiou of Dr. Dee bii Aflions 'llith !pirits, &.c.


Benec!iB:us fit Deus, Pater Nofier, Dens totius Copfolationis, .qui refpexic affiittionrin rfervuri .ftli,& :in ipfo puneto neceffitatis mea: pr~ftitit mihi auxiliuin ; ipfe Soiu~ Cordis ,')crutator eft & renum. Ipre efr Lux mea,& Adjutor meus, & Sufceptor meus eft. In Domino fptravi, & liberavit me ab anguftia maxima propter gloriam Nominis fui~ quod fie exaltacu~ fX m~gnifi~;atwn nunc, & in fempitema fecttla. Amen, Amen_ A men. , !:1. My l1eart did throb oftentimes this -day, and thought that E~ . did intend to abfent K hirr.felf from me, and now 11 pon this warning I was confirmed, and more affi1red that it was fo: Whereupon feeing him make [ucb hafte to ride to Iflington : I asked him why he fo hafted to :~ide thither: And ffaid, if it were to ride to' Mr. Harry Lee, I would go thither alfo to be acquainted with him; feeing n?w I had fo good leafure , bein~ eafed of tne ~ook writing: fifcy pouad Then he faid, that one told htm the other day chat the Duke dtd but flatter hnn , and totd y ar'y to be him otherthings, boch againH: the Duke (or Palatine) and me, &c. I anfwered for the Duke provided for a11d my fe\f; and alfo faid, that if rhe fcurty pound amtuity, which Mr. Lee did offer him, E K. by John was the chief Canfe of his minde fetling that way (contrary to many of his forrfzrr p(o1ni[u tl Der. me) that then I would afTure himeffifry poundyearly,and would do my beft- by following of Jl)y fute,to bring itto paffe as foon as (poffibly) I could,and thereupon did make him promife upon rhe Bible: Then E. K. again upon the fame Bible 4'id [wear unto m,e-conjfa-nt friend/hzp, anrl 'never to fo r[al(.e me: And moreover faid, that unldfe .th1s had fo fain out, he would have gone beyond the Seas, taking lhip at New-Cajf~e wichii1 eight dayes next: And fo we plight ot1~ fairh _~:ach to. other, takin~ eac'h other by the hands upon thefe poinr~ of brothe'rlj, a11d friendly fidelity during life , which Covenant I befeech G od to turn ro h1:9 honour) gloric: , aml fer vice, and the comfort of our brethren (his Children) here in el\rth. Tuefday,Ju!ii 2 .t meridie,Circa H oram. 2. t:.. While I was writing of Letters to Mr. Adria"H Gilbert, into Devonfoir~, M1dini a~ peared by me in the fiudy, before E . K fitting in the Chair, firll: on the ground, then UJ! higher in the aire; and I faid; How ii the minde of Mr. Secretary toward me.) me.thinketh ic is alienated Dl~rvelloufly. The Lord Mad ....- . 1'ho that love the -,porfd, 11re hilted of God. The Lord Treafurer and he are [e Tre~furer, and joyned together, and they. hat~ thee. I hea_rd them when they both [aid, tlnu wou/djt go mad .fhorrSecrccary W11/- I)' Wh4t[~ve1' they can do agamfi: thee:, affure thy felf of. They wilL jh~rtly lay a bait [fr thee; fi"gham. but efcbew them. A.. Lord have mercy upon me: what bait; (I befeech you) and by whom? Mad... .. They hAve det(rmi;ud to [ear eh tby boufe: BNt they ft11.J until! the Duk...e be gfJtU. A. What would they fear~h it for? Mad .... They hate the Iluk,r, (both) unto the death. t:... And why? Mad: . 'Irtk,.e heed th.zt y ou den!tiprightly. [She fpak,.e to E. K. J

- - - -

E. K God the Creator be my witndfe of my uprighc dealing, with, and toward him, (meaning e:, ) ever fince my lafl: coming to him.
E. K. his
o ath~


Mad.... It is good to prevmt difeafes.

B. K . By.this book (taking the Bible in hi~ hand) I fwear that I do carry as faichfull a minde to him1 as any rnan can, ever fince my laO: co-

Mad .. L ook_ unto tbe kinde of people about the Duk._e: and tl!e manner Qf tiJ,ir diligmctt. A. What mean you by t hat? his own people mean you? or who? Mad ... The e[pies. t:... Which be thofe ?' Mad. . All, there is not one true. A. You meat:! the Englijh men. Mad . 1 ou are very groffe, ifyou under.ftlt;zd not my fayings. A. Lord, what is thy counfel to prevent aln , Mad .. The fpeechiJ general, The wicked !hall not prevail. J:J. But will they enter to fearch my houfe, or no? Mad.... Immediately after the Duk,.e hi.r going they will. t:.. To what incent? what do they hope to finde? Mad . . 'Ihey fufpell the Duk..i i4 inwardly a Traytor: A ., They can by no means charge me, no not fo much as of a Trayterous thought. Mad ... . 1hough tby thoughts be good , thry cannot: comprehmd tke d1ings of the wicl{ed. r,. fumme , they hate thee. 1rujt t~IH not; they jhall go ab1ut jhortly h offer thee friendjhip: B.a t~ thou a worm . n a heap of ftraw . i A. I pray you 1expound that parable.

Troll: them

Mad A.

d true~lation of Dr Dee hii Aflioni ~itb JpiritJ, &c.

Mad. , . A heafofflra"f! bei11g JleVer {o. g,reat, if no Tl'aight upon it w9bn., not.,;ithft.tnd.ing,t'lt~~ ry {lrtt'# Mndrttb the. 1rcrm.t pa.JJa;p; See 't/Jem:. dttd b"e ft 9t [e'en of th~m; d~ft thou underjfitnd it.~ A . J pray ynu make more plain your c<;mnfel. Mad. My couitfel i1 plain enough: A. Wheq; I pra.y you; is the Dukt! Hleely to go away! Mad .... In th~ middle o.f AuguR. .. A. Jf in the midfi of .Auguft he will go,atid then our ptalHf~~ be yet in hand, what fhaU he done wich iucb our fut1liture is prepared; and ftanding in the Chamber of praetife


Mad . .. Thou 'lutjb10 faith. His going- ftandt>th upon the detettnin~ted purpofe of God. He .id your hen.J..gr.~dtly, Jt"'d A;L. intnfdeth to do much for you, He is Pr.epared_ to do thee good,~nd thou ltrt prepared tci Jo "im fer Se 1tice, vice. Many men purpofe, but one letteth m order. .. A., As concerning Adrian Gilbert, whar pleafeth you to fay of him; ar~fhi~ ititc:iided voyage. M td. . He is ~rot in the true faith. . t.. How hath it been (aid, then, That he lliould be the ft!tter forth ofGod;h1s faith and r~: ligion amos1g the infidels. Mad .... Th-1t w a my;tery. A. Whether !hall it be good, that the-Duke refort hither oft, or tarry for rhefhoft 'Part at hi .~ lloufe .at L r. ndrm. M.td. . Humane pl'tcie CI11J1tot pre'&ai.f. As many tH ttre not faithful! in tbe[e 'Citll[e~dhafl.dif i tn6.)t ntt[erable death : and jhall drink_ of fl ep everlajting.. .As in on.e toot thert art . nJ1j di'vi'N'tls' m [D in the _lrem and l ranches are many [rpltTatiom A . Give tome more light ( 1 bdetch you) to rh~ ~tit:ttlar un-derftandin5. Mad ... .1.he fire that k_.indleth all thefe, and wluretn th.J live is One' furming t~t'1)1 .ttoc~rditig to (rrhaJfo:ver:) the fub/fance wb~reflpm they are groiJ~de,/,; So D) the lee you may prove the greater: 1ha.t tH in pa.rticular,fo lik._ewife generally, All emanac1ons are from one. In the fi.rJ~ 1JiorJ,_,Iz~;t jhip lieth fecret in one unk._nown : And is [ut led~ and therefore it bath aft. end. The fo'! through the C1rcle! and Mtiflie body, The heart in the body , The intdligence in the inwa,tJ mllh, 1h~fon ftom his ownj entre fpn-ad.t'th out the beams of bis limited virtue , The Hart lift' to two ; and r~c The hurt, the Ce'rm:c of life tq the ww!e J..ody, under_ltanding' q~i~nt-tb .the. minde; that minde I fpeak of The m nde . putteth on a aery lh.ape. It followeth thtref6re, thttt -ev~ry thing (what fubjfanr.e foever) bath a t>mreth on a CI'H :re : From thew hich the Circumfluenr beams of.his proper power do J>'roc.eed, H'hm tbefe fi~ry thape. i-re perf e[i/j k._now: Then 11re things fun in their trut k,.inde. I [peak.. this t.o provr, that the good Angelof man, which is the exremal Centre of the Soul; doth.ca.rry ~ith him' the internal Char acter of that_thing whereof he feeketh to be a Digniner, within rhe whirh doch lie [ecret 1 tbt ConjunCtion nnd'Separatioil o_f the proporti0i1 of their timrs, betWi:~Ct the foul .and body of man. 0 huppy ( tbl'refo re ) if. tbat Soul, wl:rich beholdeth the glory of his dignifbrti~n; and is partaker wich him thar- is his ket>per. This ~;wt9n unto meH, the thicl<,nrJJe of fhe earth dotb not binder tbtir {peeches; neither can the darkJuffe of the !owed llire ob_(cure, or maize darJ,. the [l.:tirpne.f!e their eye~. T.hs Char11.[/er, (at his nrxt r:omhtg h;ther )./h4ll be made ianifeft 1mto bim.


E. K . He fhcwctha bloudy hand, ho}d~ng a bloudy Crofle with lerteff on it, like aur ho~'i 1 leers~
A. I befeech you, how hall his pro\'iiion of tnoney from home ferte his turn, or how ilia-11 be here have he\p for hi5 charges bearing? i [e Mad.... _ our words m11k._e me a Chi!de. Tho that fi[h .for Dolphins d o ttot ftnnd upQn the Nace the fo rm grou{td, 'lh?!e.thllt fit in Co1i11[el c11ll not in the h11rve}t pe ,ple, Hor account not r.heir work.,s. .f:!eof aci\ild. th~tt _1tande~h avr.ve the M /on,feeth greater- thinJ!,s thm the earth: Is it nor [aid, The Lord wdl provide? I_lt and ab:ve rhe M o(m, (or that I difpofe his life from above tlie d1[po.ftionofrhe M m, 'To. .uk.. wbat )<1_ hw fervants did,wM a folly; b~cavfe their majfer w.u Ue cob ffed: A greater quejfion to M/z hew b!rjfd he 'ti'.H, then t? ark how many jJmp he had, ~. I am ddirons to know what you mtant by Caying , That my words made you a:

Childe, Mad.... Becaufe y ~ u 4'~ me Childifh queffion>. His good Angeljh~tll reveal hi! Cbara[ler 11nto .. bim, and thou.fhalt fu it, [pointing to E. K.J Brtt tak.,e heed thou [11y truely ; And ufe J!!'Cilt re- k.eY'd~nee ~() 'l!ermc:e, or elfe the f~~t that love thee !hall carry thy Carkas out of the doors. If hi carry it ~~IHm"iC:~ ;,pon him, i(jhall be" tol(m of the Covtnmt between him and G~ d. rium. A. The itnage, or fimillrude thereof (mean you) made in pure Gold, ~~~rha'?s cnaMad.. I So thofe that jfnt!l fee hit St;n_d~rdr with.that jigne i1i them jhall perijh mlledo Mtterly. A. You mean, if the fame be painted , or otherwife wrought in .~ii Banners <l'nd Pcnons, &c. Mad .. . Let himu[e it ar a C 1venant, betiPeen Gfld ami him. A. How fhall he frame ir in Gold, folid-wife, or Lamine-wifct? Madd. . Hh uwn .Angel }hall reveal ir.-


A true '1( elation of Dr. Dee his AElions 'll1ith Jpirits, &.c.
A. Becat1fe it hath been faid, that in the beginning of our Cquntry trouble s we ilionld be packing hence into his Country; What token (hall we have of that time approaehing,or at band? Mad . .. Your watchw~rd is told y?ubefore : Wben it w[aid unto you, V eni~e, . &c. A. But ( I befeech you) eo be ready againf1: that watchword, hearing what is to be done, as concerning our wives and children inco his C<;mntry. . Mad ... ... U'r!iracNhUi wthy care ( 0 God) upon tho[e that Are thy cho[m, and wondtrful

are the wayes that fhou hajf prepared for them. Thou .fhalt tak._e them from the fields, and bflrbt~ur Thou art merciful unto thy faithful and hrd to tbe he~tvy-hearted~ Thou jhalt cover their legs with Bootes, and lramblrs ]hall not prick.. them: 1heir bands fhall be covered with tbe skjns of Beafts that they may break.. their way through the bedges. Thy Bell fhall go befort thent Peac.ebt Ma watcb and [tire Dirdlion: The Moon jhall be clMr that rhey may go on boldly. a,mongjf you.
rh~ m at h6~e.

. K. He is now gone away in a fire, Honor, & Gloria in jecu!orum f~'ul~t . Amen.

IEterno Deo noftro,fo Laus

Thurfday Julii 4 hora I I: nntt c.Mrridiem. 1583. Note. A. When I came h(Mlle yefterday from t h ~Court , and from Loffdon; and from th~ Lord Lask..ie, I found tbat E. K. was purpo fed to ride forth of Town, and intended to be a.;. way (as he exprefly told me) five dayes: Certain Companions and his acqua.:ntance having fo appointed with him,fome tarrying for him in Mortluck..t , and fome at brainford ( as was perceived this day afterward, aud aJ he confdfed umo me. ) Whereupon J thought good to. fignifie fo much unto the Lord Laskjr who-meant to come and ref~efit himfelf at my houfe, .as he was wont before; eith~r thts day, or within two or three dayes after: Who alfo delighted in E. K. his company, & c. Hereupon about the time of E.K. his rifing I wroce rhefe lines, intending to fend them prefently to th e Lord Laskje, that word might be returned of his intent before E. K. lhould ride, I meaning and hoping to perfwade E. K. to tarry fo long, ~nd upon fuch refpett.

Obiliffime Princeps, in reditu, noftrtJm E4wardum inveni, faci e quidem !.eta : fed itineri tamm,llt dicit, quinque dierunt:r [e accingentem: Hocqv.e matutino tempore nbitum vel itniftud ingredi nt?/itur ; R.tve1'[urus (itt ajirmat) poft quinque dies. fj0_id fit ipfa turitas., novit ille qui veriH & Omnipotens DeUf eft no{leY. H oc volui, ijfo mane fummo, vobis jignificare, ur., quid faCiu optimum fit, Cogitetis: De a!iis,fuo tempore, Julii 4 1563
V<eftrz Celiitudinis fideliffimu s Clientnlu~ Joamus D u .

Thi s Letter being now written, and not yet folded up, my friend E. K. was ready and came out of his Chamber into my Stu dy ; and I told him, chat I was even now fending word eo the Prince L11skje of his rideing om, and return afrerfive dayes; and fo fhewed him the Letter: who wheu he came to the phrafe, ~id fit ip[a verzttH , he wa5 famewhat offended, faying, What fecret meaning hath this, upon fome of your two former confe rence ? Truly ((aid I ) even fuch as the circumfiance of the Letter doth import, that is ; Whereas y cu fa id chat you intended to return within five dayes, 9r at the fame dayes end, it is uncertain whether you will, or (hall, return later or fooner : and therefore ~id fit i.p[a vrrit,Jf of your return, or ~ment t o return, onely God cloth know. He would by uo meanes admit chat my fincere expoGrion, bm feemed fitfpitious of fome other undue conflruetions of rhofe former words ; thereupon I took theLetter and tore it in three piece5, and fenc none : But in my mind refen:ed all to God. his difpofition, a!furing my felf of God his moJf conftant proceeding in his 'iW11 lljfairs. Shortly after faid E. K. to me, Certainly here is a fpiritual Creature in my right s o.,lt, fhoulder, who (~nfibly faith eo me, Come away: So ( faid 1 ) did one fay to Sow!e, when Ev1l fpirirs. tl1ey would have had him away to have drowned him, whom I Jlayed in this Study by force, . and [o hindered the Devil of h1s purpofe then; as appearerh by rhat unhappy man yet alive. Nay faid E. K. they have told me that if I tat'ry here,llhall be h anged; and if I go with rhis Prince he will cut off my head,and that y ou mean not to /terp prom1{e with me; And therefore if I might have a thoufand pound to tarry, yea a Kingdom, I cannot: Th f'refore I re/ea[~ f ifry p<'und y ou of JOZtr promife of )O po1mds yearly S tipmd to me,and :rou need.not doubt buc G9d will deyearly llipcnd, fen d yon and profperyon, and can of the very ftones ra tfe up chtldren eo A braham: And a~ain b cannot_aiide my wife: I love ber n11t,'ft.ayl abhor her; and there k the houfe I am mifliI E. K. his wife. ~ r f in ked, ecathe I favour her no better. To rh efe > fuch his words po en in great pangs and difquietneffe of mind, I repofed and fa id, That rh cCe his doings and Cayings were nor of God, a~d that br .my whokp~oceedin& he mig ht perceive what confid ence l rq)Qfed in hi!\ d ea_l ing . With the fpmrual ! onrfnends, feemg even to the uttermofi: penny (and more than my ab,\Jty Cerved unro conveniently) I laid out fiill about the .... ming of fuch t hings, as were by me ro be done, &c . Well, on che fudden, do1m h e went; lllJOil his Mare, and away t oward


mcrvallouOy out of qu1et agamfr ittS Wife, for her fnends thetr bitter reporcs agamfl: him E.. I\. his wives behind his back, and her filence '-h~reat, &c. He is gone, faid I, bue I befeech the Al .friends. mighty God to g uide him and to defend him from ~anp,er 01nd:fhame; l doubt not but God will be men:iful him, and bring him at length to fuch order, as he ilia1l b.: a faithful fervant unto God, &c. No~e within three hours after, came E. K. up my Study fiaires unbooted, for he was come in a boat from Brainford. When Haw him I was very gladinward1y: But I remained writing ofthofe Records as I had yet to write of Tuefdayes lafi a8:i6ns. I l;lave leucmy Mare out( (aid he) and fo am retnmed. It is well done [aid J, and thertupon he fate down in the: cbair by my '(able where he: was wont to fie: And it was ten of the clock then. He took up in his hand the Books which I had brought f~om London of the L. Laskje, written to him in his commendations, &c. And as he was looking earn~frly on theril, a Spiritual Creature did put the Book on the oud1de of the parchment cover, divers time9 ; and Olice would have taken it out of his hands : Divers times I heard the firokes my felf; At length he: faid, I fee here the handfome Maiden Madimi, and have done a pretty while. Then faid 1 to him, Why told you me no fooner ! Whereupon I took paper purpofdy to N ate w.b.at fhonld feeoi N ote~worthy .u followeth. A. Miftreffe Madimi, you are welcome in God, for good, as I hope; What is the caufe of ;rour coming now ? Mad ....... To [u how you do~ t. I know you .re~ me ofcen, and I fee you onely by faith an~ imagination. . Mad ...... LPomtmg to E. K. J That fight is perfefler tbttn hiS. A. 0 Madimi, Shall I have: any more of thefe grievous paugs ? .Mad ....... Curjr Wives, and grett.t Devils are [ore Companions. A. Inrefp efrofthc:Lord Treafurer, Mr. Secretary, andMr. Rawly, lpmyyou, Wnat worldly comfort is there to be lookeJ for? BeGd es that I do principally put . my cruft ia God. Mad, ...... UU adder will ftaine, wick..rd men will offend, and are eafie to be offenkd. t>. And being offended will do wickedly, to the petfccntion of them that meane.. fimply. Mad. , ..... Or el{e th~y were not to be called wick.,.ed. t.. As concerning A.lb. Laskje his Pedigree, you fa id yonr Sill'er would _tell all. Mad . ...... I told you more rlmt all your Dog pai;ttrrs and Cat paimers can do. A. You fpoke of William Laskje and Sir Richard Laskje his brother,ofwhich Wzl!iam going into France, and then into Dt:nmarlze : and his marriage into Paland, came this Alh"t L~ts/tie, now Paladine of Soradia, &c. . Mad ....... Tho[e were two prttty men for itU ttr meddle withtr!. H'be1t yott fer your [elves ta t.ttber, and agree together, I will mak...e all agree together; E. K. Will you !1adirni lend me a hundred pound for a fortnight~

A tr11e ~elation of Dr. Dee his .AEli,nJ 'JPtth fpiritJ, &c., !Jrdinford. After whore. going? my !V if~ came up i)lto.my Study> at~d I faid, Jane, t.his m.ati


Mad . . ..... I hnve fwept all my money out of doors. As for money we ('hall have that which is necelfary w.hen God feeth time. Mad ....... Hear me what I fny. God is t~ unity of all things, L ove if the unity of everj Congregation ( I mean true and perFtllove. ) Tbe World was made in the love of the fa ther. You were redeemed in the love of the Fatber 11.1td th~ Son. The Spirrt of G'Jrl u (yet) tbe lov~ of his Church. Yet (I [ay): For after it doth.T 'f'iunaph, it is not clllled a Church nqr a Cou- 6. ~e ure ce t,ug~ttion : But a Fruitful inheritance and a. Perfe8: B~dJ in Cbrijf. Tal<;. the love of the Fa- call u ~cclifta ther from the World, and it perijheth, Ta/ze the love of our Redmrption away, and We are dead: TnN~:.rls. ( I will no t offend) put your injt~ad of our. . Ta~e the ligbt ~~ the Hol] Ghojl, which is tiJe /()71~ The t\ n gcls of the Father trnd the S(Jn fr1m tbe Churcb~ and .zt wzthercth. Even [o tak_e love from Jtmmg{t you, were noc rcttnd you are members of the Devil ; Therefore it w [aid unto yon Diligire ad invicem. For love deemed, il the Spirit of God uniting and k,.nitting thinp tof!,ether i1t a laudable proportiou. TYbat doft thou hunt a.fter ? fpeal{_m4n.,Wh1tt cloft thou bunt after ? [This was [aid to E. K. upon fomc (ecret judgement of Madimi in him. E. K. I hunt af(cr nothing The !o1Je of G1d brudeth faith; Faith bri.ngeth forth ( on the one fide) Hope ; ancl ( rnt the r. F.1ith. 11fh-er fide) thework_es of Charity. Dojt tb'u love God? Seek_~{t thou to be among his Elefl? WhJ :~..Hope.: deft thou not (therefore )love th?[e tMtgs that are of God? Herein thou jhewe{t the want of faith; 3. Chu~ty,. H~r~i1t ttre thy bragging words confounded ; for thou [ayft, No maJt can accufe thee of evil. Bt~t th~u haft no faith becaufe thou hall no hope. Wilt th-ou fay, thlf't thou ha.fr faith l . Shew it me hy thy love : Who[oever (therefore) loveth not God, H accurfed. 'Ihou lote{t mrt God, L o, lehold, thou break._e[C hu C(J mmaHdments. Oughtejf thou 1rot to lov e him ? A nd IJJZft thou n11t faith through the kve in God l Truely thou oughte/t [o to do. Wilt thou Let me [ee thy hope on thu fide ; Let thy work._es.fl:and on the other fide. And jhtw thy [elf to have fa~th that th:>rein thou mayejt love God, and be brloved of h;m: But if thou hajf 1tone of the[e, tbou haft httte. If thou hate G od, the reward


A true 'l(_e lation of Dr. 0 ee his .Afllons with [pirit s, & c.

reward thereof "u great ; but the gre~ttne.JJe u unque.ncbnble_ fiu. Wbo[otver followetb not the Commandments~ bllteth God; If fin be the breach of the . Commandments, &c. Doft thou love Silver ancl Gold l The one u a Thief, the other is a MJlrderer. Wilt thoz1 feek._honour ? E. K. No h" .So did Cain . But thou hlfjt a Juft God tha~ lovetJ. thee ; ]u/f 1tn.d vertufluo mm that de5 Note t ' lioht in thee. Theref"ore be thouvertttOUf: For thon (halt . tread the World under thy feet: came eo pane a ' J .Anno 1 5S9. I promife thee~ I have driven the Sk.,ulten~drab out of our K ztchen long ago. whw he was t:.. Do youmall worldly covetoufoelfe ? ndc Baron of Mad ....... Yea, and the firjt heavenly covetoufneffe.

JMJtm 1" tfnno

J 5,0.

Carma geta Barman.

to fay ?

t:.. I befeech ypu, what is that Mad ....... Veni ex illo Barma.

E. K.

Felt and iavv a fpiritua] Creature go out of his right thigh.

Mad ....... Wlure are thy 14 Compa1tions ? Bar....... They dwell here. l.l.. {He that was come out~ fe~med a great handfome man with a Sachel of a Dogs skin by his tjde, and a Cap on his head, &c. l.l. .0 the hand of the Highefr harh wrought this. Mad ....... Venite Tenebr.e,fugite Spiritu meo. E. K. Here appear 14 ot divers evil-favoured lhapes ; fome like Moo,;11

kies) fome like Dogs, fome very hairy monfl:ruous Men, &c They feemcd to (cratch each or her by the face Thefe feem to go about SMadimi and fay, g;t de pragma kt4T es beiecb.
t:.. What is that to fay?

Mad ....... Volumus hie in Noftris habitare. l.l.. Qga: funt ilia vefrra ?

E K One of them faid Habtmus hominun i{Jum 'Damicilium noflrum. Mad ....... The vengeance of God u a two-edged Sword, and cutterh the rebeltioM witk.fd ones


o~t, an.d utrer d 1 fpJ:cko~ of


in pieces. The hJtnd of the Lord is lik.,c a ftrong oak.., when it falleth it cutteth in [under many bujhes. Tbe light of his eyes expe!l dark_ne.JJe,and the Jweetneffe of hu mouth k_tepeth from corruption. Bleed are tbo[e whom he favoureth, aJtd great is their reward; Becauf<!! y_on came hither witho.r!t licence and feek to overthrow the liberty of God his Tcfram~n~, ~~d the ~ight wherewtthal he frretcheth unto the end, and for becaufe you are accurfed tt IS fatd, I wtll nor [uffer mine to be overthrown with temptation, though he were 1ed away~ Bfhold I bring back_ again. Depart unto the la{t Cry : Rejt with the Prince of Dark_neffe there is none. Amen, go you thither. Et fignabo vos ad finem.

E. K. He fealed them all in the forehead : the J .of. and their principal, their fealing was as if they had.been hranded. They funk all 15 downward through the Roon: of the Chamber,and th~rc came a thing like a wind & pluckt them by the feet away. E. K. Mcthinkerhi am lighter~han I was; and I fc:cm to be empty,and to be returned from a great amafiog; for this fortnight I do not \Vell re~
membervthat I have done or faid,
Mad....... Thou art en.[ed of a great burden ....... Love God, Love thy Friends, 'rove thy Wife.

E. K. Now cometh one with a red CroiTe in his hand and lcadcch her away,andfo they vanHhed We prayed the Pralm ofthankfgiving 14 of

Roffenfis for EK his deliverance from Barma and his 14 Companions- Amen.

firfi papers, E. K. Sal. appeud ofcen ro him, whipping before as 6. or 7 miles difi:mc from him think that ~he bleffed . Jubanladace had been fent to have faid fomewhat unto us of his Charge ( th e P6nce Ln.sk_ie) But I found in the end that it was a token chat the Princce Lask_ie was p_nfively careful of us , and that his good Angel was his .wice neffe and metfage, by that token his peculiar Car~!ler as is bafore caught.


Omnis Spiritus Laudet Deum no.!frum Vnum & Trinum. Amen. Sequitnr lib er T ertiariu~ S ex:ti.


J true '!{elation of D. Dee his.Aflions rith fpiritJ> &c.




..A MortlacfJ t.Angli~e, vid [racrmia rpolomi11.

Saturday, Septemb.


Die SanlJi Matthi.

The Lord Albert LM/zy, (Vaywode of Sirttdi~r, in Polonia) mcermg rne on the water, aS we had ;tppoimed: And fo brought night to Londo1t,; and in the dead of the night, by Wherrie5, we went to Greenwzch to my friend .Goodman Fent the Pot1 rer his boufe ; Where we refrefh~d our felves, an~ thi~her came a great Tylt.; ~P:H~~ boat from Gra<m .end to take u ih, (by appoint~ent of me and Mr. Stan!ry) tQ go to om; fhips, which we had caufcd ro ljr.feven, or eight mile beyond.G.ravu m d. To which fhips we canie oh Sunday mqrning by Sun rife .: In the greater of then) (being a dubble Fly-boat ofDemnar/z) n1y Lord L1f/zie, I, a'n d E. K. w~t~ my Wife and Children,&c. went: A in a1iother fhip (by me alfo hired for thi~ pafage) went fame of my Lord liis men, .nd cwo horfe,&c. th.at: fhip was~ Boy er,_ a. pretty lhir With little windc we 1h-aight-way hoyfed fey!, and began our voyage m the fhrp.. . This 2?.. day we we.re in g'reat danger of perilhing (on the fands, ta!led the Spits) about There: a~orc: midni ght : We had ( ~:y:fo:ce ?f wmde.concrary) anch9r~d bytheh~,_?hd the Anchor came ~,rie;J;~~tf hom e, no man pe;ce1vmg tt, nil the lhtp was ready .to fink~ o~ the I.and-;. Then, upon great almGft. ' dili gence and polJrcy ufed by ourMarriner~ in hoyiing fay I, and cuttmg our Cable, (ro leave our (hoce ank er) and committing our fel ve s to the hands of God, and mo;t e~. rnejrty }'rilyin[[. for a pro[peroM winde: It pleafcd the Almighty , and m9fi inercifull God, fuddenly to chang~ the \vind s, which ferved us W bear from the lands; and to recover ~mborrough, ba.. k a&ain. The 23 day (being Munday) we came to the niouth and encra11ce of ft;_inburro1tgh Cr~ek.,, or The <'Vid cm Haven. And as we made tO land in.fma!\ Fifher~boats, the lord L~kJ.e, my \Yife a11d G~iJ . help o! G od :u dren in one boat, and I, with E. K . Marie, Elizabeth, and J ohn CrfJI\,ar, in auother, it f~l~ fo tht very miout, that at the !hips fide:, our Fiilier-boat his fay I~ yard and fayl was enrangled on the Maynof danger yard of the Fly-boat (being frrok e down) fo that, in our feuing from the !hips fide, the cop oca ly. of our Boat being fafi above, and the windes arid fiream carrying the Boa't off bdow 7 i't int:!ined fo much qn the one fide, that rhe one half of the Fifher boat.( wtll near) was u1 the water, ai1d th e water <:am:e.fo in (by the intangling before fp ecified, not eatily eo be undone, or loofed) that my Lord, my Wife, .and all chat faw us thought chat ofnecdlity our Boat mu~ 1 k, and lo, we to have perilht. But God in his providence and' mercy had greater, .. of 1n us, fo chat we 'became clear; the Boat half full of water, (o that we fat wet to the knees , .and the water with th e billow of the Sea came Hill beating iu more and more: And in this mean trouble ; otre of our two :Boa.t-men, had loft his long Oare out of the Boat ituo the water; and fo i10t onely we ~acked rhe .help of that Oare, but alfo by reafon they would have followed the wirlde and ebb, for that Oar, (contrary to our courfe in hand,and not able ro bewme by) with much adoewe confirained them with the fay!, our one Oare, and the Rudder to make fnch (1-.ifr as they could to ger to ~inborrotfgh Town : And in the mean fpace E. K. with a. ..,,.eat Gif!t let did empty mo!l: part ot the warer out of the Boat,elfe it mnft needs have funk by ~\I mans .rc:aCon.;,.r length( eo be brief) we came to the Tow1r fide, up the crooked Creek_:whe1;e, w.l1tn as rhe Mafier of our lhip would have takc:n me out in his arms (Handing in the water wiLh his Boots) he fell wich ltle in the water, where I was f'oul arrayed iu the water and Oafe. God b praifed for ever, that a!I that great danger was ended with fo fmall grief, or bu1c.

~~~~gg)~ departe<f from Mortlack._, about three of the Clock after noon:



Wednefd2y, Sept~mb. 25. Circa 3 a Meridie, jam pleno mari . ~. Oravimus ad Denm,ejus i~lj>lorabamus !luxilum,Cortina fratim apparuit. Ora vi dem}o folus, 1)}'9 auxilio, t.e~1pore neceffita~is : ~ex pedum aftitudinc ,a pparebat unus, in aere, <tU~ii alter a c:x parte m~bt~)mter E. K .Et t!1um 1nterp6fitz.

B K- Ego illum cognofco

...: .. Tu r;.~bes ea"{am me cogno[ cendi,& illum qui
E K.

rite mifit, vel jtim non vi;t(i/fos~

f.' Gratia'f

Videtur cl& Mic had.


A true'J.\elalio ofD Oee his .dflions ith [piritr, &c. ~. G rarias .rgimus Creatori nolho,-qui bonUtn, potent em & fidel em.minifhum fu;;;;ifetk

ad nofrram proreD:ionem tempore neceffiratis nofirx. Mich ...... L oquor de tribui rebUI, de meipfo & illo qui me mifit: De v9bw,refpellu.i lliuf quod eftif & de fervi tio Dei quod futurum eft.O vos pottftarts C<Eli & terr.e,col/igite vos in fimul,rtfpicite Den,; veftrum : Coufiderare beneficia ejUf_ tl1t n.on vos col/ig:: vit fimull Er concatenavtt vos in feipfq? Ai ; non ejtw glonficati rrf pequ officii v~jfri ,ad quod pr_.e,~a~rlu"! pot~Jtter, af!ignati efti-1, in vobmtate ejM~ qui glorificat ~i:pfum. Eca qu~ modo vof~u_t ~edtdiftJ-~ _prmclpt t mevrarmn : vel quare vetfri pri11cipes contendunt contra altif!imum :_& coflzg~t H vo[tet m fimul ad contende~dn~r contra ip[um,qui efi potentif!i~,veltllum vel/et i-f f ubjugare, cup~ arma funt [uper ~- mnem f?_tztudmem : ~o modo lfttr detif contendere cum ejtH fortitudin~< _ qu.t ~jt r..au[tz (j'lod tam t'?lf!t rJ Vel Jhrliti-1? See ita oportet effe: quia 'Dobi-f jii7i!avit gube rnattonem, & tn vdhas manus dedit V to lam dcllrua:ionis. SuJ. date locum fin.i voJtro .: ~ia ht ejM for t itudine di[perji eritio: Et omnium rerum conc!ufioJtt ~tli ~ veftr~ debe;q r e aperta. N e mirentur fetvi Dei, de fo rtitudin'' t emptationi-f : I?(__ia m agna eji fote_{t.tH impi~ (.ir- hi~ntj-1 L,t~1f~, quando il!i e)t ~u~ figillo tradita. fo!e dedi~nemi~~, bac h4r, fcil &vernment. vejtram gubem-.uonem per dlil"/11 Ecce clavu p (!fztJ.e ap:rta 11hz elf. NLhtlommur veftra adh11 .c erit major il:tiquitaJ, & vefirum regnum erit difperfnm in e;us potenti [uperbia, &:;am m 11g11us e f j Satha1tz qui refiilit fortitudi~i Dei? ~am . n:agna? igit11r , d_eb.et fffe. vejlra humilitaf, fJP.~ debet vel [uperare vel mon. Sed vobH fie dz:ilt lJommus. Aperzant ventL ora fua , & r 11b.i.mtes Ler the-For~ itqu~ profunda & potentia guttura. I n cnmes partes nu.vi.,,vtt vefcraru> n. Aperiat. terrJZ os l{_ots li2ht. fuuttt, & djcat, quod ~evora.r~ vellet. T amen no1t pr~v rdebunt ~ia. ~i~i addam (inquit Dominus) Mirhad. q'ti es fornrudo mea, Porenoam meam pr~valefcencem : Et vos entls dua: flamm;e ig;ti.f , ; 1110 Gabricl, igni-t pote1:tw fr.ifocant u .os tot ius Ma litiif . Idcir r.o, vobu bme fit ; fi.::_ia inimicus rft for_tif!imus' 1 pr~da elf mnxima. 1hz Mementote, q11od Homines fit h. M ementot_ , q11'od terra fit.i-1. 'c Me~ nuntote, qv'od Pecratores, Memmtote ,. quid eratif, & 1te tradatw obli.vioni quid rft!-t. I n iflo m_im t'ivit i1 q~i onmitl in fwt h~bet [ubjeClione. Sed i/le, qui cum tllo_ ejf, Crvcifixus ad gloriam, Hath provi- debet inmedio morta.lit atif cot71prmere fe 1p[um ad ln~>nortalem Potatrtn.m.. Servi 'Dei, [emper ded you, prvtzluerJUtt: Sed femper_per Adverfitat~s. ~l . non eft de h1 mrmr:l.o , vos l?r;epara vit, c Finis nrSiri N ihi/o minus debetts ea xmplere , qu.e zpfe provzdzt. Q!10d mnndus poffic fiert novus & fc,vitJi, ipfe af;nofci. Forms ip[e e.ff, Potens e.ft ille, Aquila illa qu.e cooperit nTttgnum mo11 tem'a/if [Hw. Sed poten:ior_ e[f ejus fortitude qui num~rat JfellM, ~ mon~es colligit:. N<t11t qtlicq1id ip_(~ L~pp ed up. loquitur ,etf vrrztatu zgnH: Et eJt Jimu! Po~~n t1a & ~[ius,. t1t tmmedutta p_ro~ortzone. Etiam ipfe IJUi fecit Orbem, _homi~em mfimulc~m~e_glt,cr ~mma operatu~ elf, Omnza 1 e(i/fnrs. ~p[eejfqui p[" vobif pr.eceptum dedz t : Et ego t!O~H 4tco, Re[ptctte d_ pun~o m pun(]um 'ad llltdJI{'fn Cct!t' e~ per e Cirwlum rerr.e: Conjiderate omnra m uno;6". ~num tn omnzbus. Ponderate, vel per ratior.em 1tumermtur, vel menfurate QUemadmodmn Salomon fecit, vel quemad.modum Adamo erat con:eJJ11111 (quod nmc non poces fed facics) Tunc conc!ude,_ bfervant omnia cur[rmt Jimm : fed verbum Vomilfi. O Amat~ IJe_um qma ] uffus eft. __.A mate vos i1tvirem quia jures e)t (empiternum. ftificati. Ob[ervate mandatum Det quut e mmfura JuftztJ~. jf

E. K. Jam rr:ena alur ;~d ilium, cum [orona in Capite, quafi... .. d accipil glaaium Michaelu
Coro1tatu. ... .. Ecce magna eft for titudo Dei, & P uvalebit. Mich . ..... I dcirco ejt beH_di[lus L'eus, vos jufrificati Ct" 119S fa n[iificati. e

E K .. lam facieban# fignum crucu fiamme,e tribw 'Vicibw , & ~ nauta nofler cNm nolra ~nchora aLondino hodi~ redierit nonne eft conjilLUm, quoa jiatim binc 1lll.'l'ig!tnUI, fi ita ille )e/tt, &c
O f world~

k. Rcdeunt

Coronatus ..... Ego.fum de Ca:lo : noR r efpicio ternm ; Nihilominus terra ier C<x:Jos vivit. Se<juimm~ v~ cur,Cum Terrenorum. Pr;r.parate vos femen, Nos vo1umu_s, ( 0 I?om_in9 in te, cJfe pGratt, cum sncrcmenco. . Veftr~ ~ u ra non p~cclt pr~valere , quia vefin lhtmicJ funt fortes: fed quare d edecore affic10r, cum :ale tetrcfinum-..v amtatum ~ Defiruac una vaniras aliam: Aft Eleai prrvalebunc in forcitudine, contra illum Principem Vanitaris, & Re<>en~ ftulrorum omnium. Q!!ia Dens nofier eft fapiens, Judicia ejus imperfcruca bilia , Patief1ria immenfurabilis. Laborate vos, &. Nos gubenubimus.

f. K. Jam rec~dunr.
Vox ...... Ne di[putet~ ulterius cum Deo: Victoria Tefrra erit. A. Magnificerur nomen Dei nofrri folius oomipotentis & optimi. A111m.
7'burfday 26. Of'September we went to lhip, and lay in it all night at Anker. Friday 27. Of September we fay led fr.om ~inln1rrou,h, and fo by the lands end into tl1e main Sea, N. E. SaturJ11.7

A true ~el4tion of Dr. Dee his Atltr,nJ with (piritJ:~ &c.

Saturday 28. Of September we fell on Ho!lrmd'Coafi, and hone of our Marriners ~ Matter, nor Pilot knew th c Coaft : and therefore to the Mctin Sea. a~aih, wrh great fear and cl an~~ c- r, by rear~m we could fcarcely gee off from chat dangerous Coair,the winde was fo fcarce for tLac
s~nday 2 9 . Of September we came: into the Briel-httvm; and there were like to firih on ground : at lengrh we came to.an Ankor, and lay in fbip all night. Monday 30. Of Sepwuber we landed, and went into the Brief,


Briel.e, Oc:iobri-1 2. Mane HQra 9 "Die Mercrii.

B. K. Nihil apparer in Lapide, neque Corrina, neque aliud quid. Ore. rr~us conflanrcr,&c. P.pparet Domu~ magna cum multis pinnaculis~ val.dc clegamibus Et pavi ~ H~tuum vidc:tur dfe mulcis innaris bpidtbus ddili1 Clum & vi demur multi dfc gradus per quos afccnditur: & vidrrur dl~ :..rea viridis ex dextra parte,& ex alrera parte dfe vslbs,& rivulus ex .1! a. P;.: s ~1 ~~x verfus folem efl:, videtur quafi novirer reformara Et circa incronum c-Cb o~ tt.induni qucddam a::Ji6cium: fendlra: non funt Gmilcs noHris ic:d qtuGcffenc Templorum fenellra:
A,. L. Dixit qu~ tl videtNr
~' fe f

ilfa arx Regia, qtu Cracovi.t eft,

E. K. Subiro defcendit ignis & per tocum Conina folira ant~ domum ifiarn.
E . ~


apparet. Jam venit

Pox. Garil ud mafch, icb na gergalaht gemp galnBcb 6 :bAn!ada11.

Jubanladaa. h jan1 apparc:t fupra ChryUalium : & Chryft~Uus v1de::: tur ciTe pc:rmagnus.
Jub. Deus numeravit & dies tu os & pofferitatem. [E. K. R.e[picit A. L.] .t K Jam n:cc:ffic a ChryHallo vet!u~ caput irftus A L.
Jub, .lit a pdline tH~ 11011 c~tdet Capill14s H.n nmeratus, Om11ia lmtl' _(e babmt. [floc diit:it Je Ji 11tu r frum A,. L. npJ4d Lask .] Ec'e h.1be -vi n re.~ifmdz: A i conrra let:i?nl!m put,no. A, Perdicio te novit , & numeravit annos wos, & incipi e!fe forti::;: Q:.,!,ia illi eH Pote(tas AnticbrijlHt, data,lnfewus aperit os fuum contra vos, quia fciunc, quod vos glorificaci eri.:is in Deo. E~o vici quincum figillum, & mihi jam r<rtiftitur in fexro. ~1: Deus facic,non participant cum humano judicio. Ecce nunc Difcipulo~ fu:>s congregavic , &. docec. 0 Crelum & crrra quam magn.e funr mi!Cri.e, qu~ vexabunt unum & polluenc alterum ? [j(...)a b ni A116eli c11dent cHm illo & r;~lt Cl.m ;flm1 mt'tNent. Sed ilh ad rempus cadent, non in pcrpemum. A , Sa\vo judicio ~ ccldi:e Catholicre Orthodox<r,videtur mihi quod Job de ejufmodi Angelorum cimore, five cafu, & refiicurione, five purganone prophetaverir, Cap. 41 . ubi ~tiam addie de miraculis ejufdem: Sstb ipfo er ant radi (,{i-J , & fternet fibt aurum q14afi IHrHm. Antea dixerat. Cum rulatus fuerit timebunt Angeli, & territi purgabuntur, &c. A, 0 Deus quam terribile futurum efi tempus illud, &c. Jub ....... Scri,~ M Dei my_lteria, & Veo grati.JS agati1 pro ve/lro Ja !vo .flatu: f}2:fitt m11.re i'lu ttbrmdnbnt contra vo.c, & multi perier11nt, Ejus potentitt pr~valebat, & commutava veftrum curfu~ in loc~m illu incognitum: quia ab illis non erat e;:cpet1atus. Sed fugite llb hac terra , quur. M alediClio Dei eft fuper dlant. Cum illo eft una verittH: llle qui ;ll dunbus "iis erat,non plllct Deo. fi!!_i ad finem u(.;ue perdurat, quiefcit cum ga11d;(l. Sed ille qui pedem non ponit inter S corpioltl.'$ non potr,!f intrare [uper Goz.litcb. A. ~.d hoc? J ub...... . Gn1:dium in vera fapimtilf. Jub .... ... Hor notfrum ejf MllnHa, quiJ n!imur. Sed rgo Jum JanCiifica tus perCreationem, In .flituti~nem & rx Divina voluntate. Idcirro vas {anCJifico : 11on cum me11. propria fantiifi<atim.l', (e& illius Ju;fitin, qui mum originem fanEi ificat. E tfote M onw in Fide, fd quafi iJsf~tntes patientia. F acite qud JuJfum ejf, & ne oblivi,ni tradatu ve_;tra~ JJfitiam,.

B. K. Infinit~ ~uJfi locuH~ vel Aranc:a: cum faciebus humanis ilium circumvolitant, & guafi igacm in ilium c:vomunt
Jub ...... Et lev/tiJit fe contra vos.
Jub.... Fittt Jujfitia ejHs.

[To!lendo Crllcem [Ham .]

E. K Jam avolant pr~cipit~s, & quafi deorfum ruentes

Jub....... Cavete

jlramine : qNia i1fcen{Nm,tota domum i11cendit.

Q!!.em fenfum hie perpendemus nos: Myfticum ne, an marerialem?


Jttb ....


Jub . ...... Hominum fragiliflimar um. . D.ia.bollu c~m_lllw f raudu!mter orrr~tu.r : m~gn'! ~ft merces quf. ru, Sed qui apper.it fQres c~n.tenttom, tntr~ mzttzt Serpente~t. UU.zled~tr' funt mv1di: e fR:Jia illi{unt bened,ai qui f e mutuo dzhgv.nt. Pax mter vos fit ; quuz. eft neaa.rza. !J0.ut pacis ini.micifunf)Jottntes crmtra vos.
. K . .J~.m loqu~ndo) vi?etu.r minor~ mi~r paul~tim no~~
De ncftro deceffu ex Anglta qutd- tandem Jam Ret;ma & fm confihanrftatuenmn . ... . . Aprrit os fuum, fed liquor mm ejt fat is fr.igid~M . J am tjl: mtJH c t~-lidal 'teq; tt>ftingui potejf. Corda fui popiJli d o fall away. Her arms are weakened, her legs weaker, hcc fl10oes are full of forrow. E. K. The furious Monfiers affaile him again. Jub.., .... f&.!!_is eft, qui pote{t vivere, fi tr~tn[grediatur preceptum Dei? Vel q11id de illis judi.care vers, whom God impnteth fin UntO ?




E. K.

They ala1le him again, and he putteth his Croffe toward them.
Their mifery begimreth, and foal! havnto end, till he that fitteth here do end it.

E. K. The Monllers alfaHe him frill Jub ....... 1he wall muft b~ brok.en d > and th~n jhall It be [aid. Happy art thou which haft wn, dwelt among{t sa. But if thou live righteoufly, and afcend the flippery mount am, The11 Jhall God .ATigli.e btllt be merciful to them for thy fake. Becaufe thou mayeft be beloved, where thou art now defpi[ed, trir pr pttr and ha;t v 11nquijhed thy enemies, with the truth of vertue. He that entred into the lowejt kel!) CJ. ex mtrll and jhed his blood f or pur fins, b~ merciful unto you, and give you peace ; which is tb; [pirit of Dei mifui,or. P a tien~e, that J l U may live, not lik._e "mt, but as thofe that do fepar.rz te themf~lves fro m tbe -world, ai11. to the true contemplation tJf God his mercies.

. K Jam iritfa[ in Caput, A. . cum flamma ignis.

A, Omnis laus, honor, &

gloria fit Deo nofrro Omnipotenti vivo & vero.


11:mrfd ay, OCiobris 3. We came from Hriel to Roteroda'm in a Hoy of A mj1erdam,to go within land, here we lay all night_ . . Friday , Ouobris 4 We cametoTer.g.owd hora 3 a meridic: where we lay W tthm the Town
in the Ship. Saturday, OiJobru 5 We came by flarlem to Amfterdam, and lay before the Town alt night in th e Ship. . . Tue[d"rry OCiob. 8. We faited fr.om Amfterdam to Encufen, and .Erlmond Hi/ton went with my good s by Sea toward Dans(. . . Wen[day , 0{]ob. 9 We (et otffroin Encufe~ early : but by reafon of a contr:try wind, we came very !are to T;IerlinJ?..~em. Friday, oa~b. ): I. We went within land in little Scutcs from Herliugbem ( by Frain~er ) t o L('Warden. S!l1!{rdszy, OHob. 12. From L e-warden., we came w Dock.!tm ( in fruall8oaces, ) .~bout 1 of i:he dock: af-cer noon.

Sund.ry Ouob. 1 ~ Apud Doc~um in Frifitt Occidentali. Diu Chryfiatlus tanqnam l<tpis ni g~rrimus aplJaruit. Tandem in il)(a .l.apidis nigredine, appuuic homo nudus Cru cifixus fuper crucem: fd tamen non mon>tniJ\ ; ..Cr\tcis parte's infra manus, omnes fanguinolent:E videbanrur. F af"cia linea circumdabantr Corpiss cjus, (a peftore deor(unl ) & fines ejuklem fafcia: pendere videba,ltur circa ~r:11ua: & fang uinolema apparebat: &ex quinquc vulneribus ( utChrifii erac.) ysdcb4ltnr fanguis.gutta~ tim cad ere: Tandem difparuerunt b;Ec omnia : & quali deorfum fub1idere vidtbantur; &; 1a1)is clams faCtus eft, & apparebat Cortina a urea ; fuh ica crat h a;c muta~ iD.

dicit J qui tua judicia manifejltlf, ut po!Jis fuper terrrrm cognofci; & tit-' tutt g/l) rill a uplificetrrr, 1 11d c-,nfola tionem eorum qui elelli frpt.t, ..& ad dolorent, & dedectM t n.l.ium qui cruci/il,.({nt lz~men i;tuitdi ( Wligmitum Domini noftri, S ai<Jatorem hrm~~tni generis) quoz:~dre . Ecre port; pr.cfa;,Jtll [rmt iniquitati. Attollite oculos, & vid'ete quo. modo filii- homimmt !Hilti devhunmt rffe ; qui ti eorum habitatia eft [alia nigra, 1errafigillata ejf ad, eorum de firuuzoxem; (jJ!ilf.\f?eu!1! dereliquerzmt, & fibimet ipfis adb4erunt; & adhuc in partes d1Jecant Sfrvat~ro1i 1!11J;d' J r[um Chrio ftum [ ofc,/atur enfis fui crucem J contimt' cum blrrfphemu eo rum {ltcrifii-iu. , V e 'l.!lu',".q~i.J illos odio pnfequimur, & ve illis qui inter illos habitant/ ; quia iniquita~elftus.t po.llur.K.lO.rvttt>, dum ihter illos dfis, quia ve{tri inimicifunt multiplicati, quia vobis dico 1tu_ncium Dpm~ni.. e:>.:ercituum, Regis fide!ium . Kelinquite i7tfantiam, & vivite, & ambulate pt!T 1.1iar pnrdentii ;.:& vz1.fite nmt 7Jeo i1z domo fua. ~ia Do mM lnitjuo.r um, non eJf hJtbitati? vel!Mr;,r ~ prei1hlftit~,: ir~qik potefr No mew

. K Jam viderur lapis dfe va1de magnus, & ante lapidem fiar~ quidam magnus, ( quafi Michael) cum gladio ancipitc evomeme ignem ~x utraquc acie ejufdem. Mic . ...... .J~(ft & mirnbili-J 6- per ~ttttximt es tu, o A ltif]ime Drru: [ gwut ~ j{exw h.r.c


fl{elation of Dr. Dee hir AElion:r tti-th fpirits, &c.


N omen D;mini ejfcrri legitim~, i1t illegitima Natione, illegltima fallit, quia derdiquerun~~ftlltuta Thcr~ ~rd~ .tlltigimi~ Hoc dicit D~inru ; Eg,o fum Del .Juftiti.e : (<T- jurttvt & non, e{t un.U5 iJiter illos were much

qui vwef"~ i7'ftrno ne uv.~t .a11im.1. ~nnodo BeJfi~ t.Jle deven_r-unt / de quibus fcriP,tum e}f. e A.bj(j worn 1lotitia Dei: Hom'J ilfe fdti& eft penu Vita illorum, qui devorantur, & talium quos ignw con- fumpfir'fedibit in .1udiriJ'rontra iftam Nat1onem. . Blrffed and. Su.nUified , 1md for rverntore praifed "ltrt tlum ;, ..... Jud-ge; which bttft Jliid; ittUl Raigne/t for evrr, A :S!.ri-ii!~tir)licati fttntinimici nofiri, &c.

E. I(. He is gon1::

Si multiplicati func inimici no-Rri propter pecrata no{ha., tlt difticiiio r nobis intutn.;. bat lutta, Mif~:ricordiam D ei imploranms ut ip(e noftram etiam mttltiplicec forritndinem) &c. Gab ....... Pluck_ up your httzrtJ, kw your k_ner:s, & audice qua: dicit Dominus. ThJlr faith
the Lord, I_fyou will previle agttinjf the wirk_ed, and rej '}Ce antmg_tbe [an[iifird;you muff obferve. an.d k_rep [uvh co.mmandme}tts, a.s ar~ ordained hy tht God of Truth,) unto thofe that ~tre partitk._ers

Covennn_ . t

Ask.. Counfd of Gbd; Be milde.

Fa(t and pray.


Be CbtTrit,,b!. Vfe true F'rie~tdfhip in the [ehJice of God. Perfevcre to the end. Are not the[e Commitntlments necru.ry to be k._ept of all Chrzjlian men?. t:.. They are undoubtedly . . Gab .. . And muff of neceflity he k,_ept of tho[e that are fai thful

E. K. G abritl alfo noted thcf~ Com... d f bl man mencs ii1 a pair o Ta es, afctr he had pronouncc:d them"

.[ li. K He HJhdcth as thou.gh he il:ood behind a Desk, and preached or

taught. J
Gab. . .-.. Well tbou [try eft; L o our enemies are multiplied, multiply thou therefore our flrength 0 G!~d, N:ztrtrt u fuhjetl u_ ro you fo r the name of the L (/rd-, n t as. unto Kings, buf as unto th~ n Mini/f~rs o(hi-t eternal will, whereb)your juffi/ic~t tion u fettled above the work__s of N attire already~ 1-'or, beb,td, y u pattir.i}Jate tbe mercies of God thiottgE his Son Chrijt JeJ~, in >14: in that we cpen unto y~ u tho[e things t b-ttt have been [ritled; even from the Juff, for the which we are btcome fla vrs ttnto Corr~<ption ; }hewing our [elves in diver~ .fhapes, to tbf! dijhonollr of dUr Cr.eation : Yet are we quirk._ned and revtved, becau[e we are become the finger of GI)J: and you are [an[fi{ied,and witbal jutfi/ied) brc au(e you are touched with the finger o-f him. that reviver all th ngs; Therefore; Rejnyce, l~cjo)ce,be ]oJful andfing Praife; unto God, Pnd faint 1tot : [aying, Our enemies a.re r;[en up agai~tjt !M, yea, thty Pre multiplied ; for thJH faith the Lord, and it i1 aluady fpok._en bj
the J[oly Ghojl.

[ E i< l-Ie makerhnowgrc:atobediencc or reverc:niCc:] Frelices funr, quibur 'Der~r fpes eft. [ e_. K. He looketh now up unto a thing like: a Throne] Et omne opus optMtio Dei. [ E K Nowt-her~ comerh a beam down irtto his he~d, an-d he is eo:: vered with a great thing l1kc: a \Vhite cloud] E K. Novv the Stone is all on fire Now r:he fil-a afcendcthupward, the fht:aming beam firetcheth i~to his head {till . E.. K. There appearech alicde woman a far off, and lhe isJo.clear d tran!parem:, that there appearerh a man child in ' her;- She h~th a CJat as thoug~ ir were Crimfon, and. bath a long little face:, and hath a lhangc: G!k attire about hrr head .. aI Videtur effe uxor mea
0a&. , ...... Go woman, thy grief jhall be leJJe than it batb been.

. K. Habet multiu tttnqull*' par-vo-s nigros canes one artd tydh chcitmourhs With packthred.
E K~ A, great Wind blowerh _ !n O

pt;/l (e. Now goeth


So God u[etb to:tJve If [JUtjJkto the wick_ed1


De Angli~ & meo privaco 1~tu; oupio at>iquid audire : turn ex pietatec:.t<gapattiam,

tnm propter _f<1m::f me.e raE ioner11. Gab. :...... : ~ief.:ite pauMuht7 & it~nwt 'l.lenero. My Lord[11ith1 Let my f~rvants fit up,. b.~t!~e t:~ Jtnd: rak..~. their re;r, I wzll vifit thrm forthwith in pettc:e. had kneeled, :... After

- - -38

A true Relation of Dr. Dee his AElion1 wirh (pirits, &c.

After a great quarter of an hour) he came again.

E K. He appeareth now clothed, Wilh' his garment barging "it~ bells of Go\d, and flaming fire coming from rhem, with fi~verifh Bamc$. He harh hanging abour his Cro\vn as if they were ieven La bells, the tOps of which come from above, from an uncc:rtain place and diilance Gab ....... Venit9 Morvorgran. E. K. He caUc:th with a loud voice E K. Now cometh a big black man, with a white f~cei and after hi~ hath 1.4. They !land in follr rows, and in every row fix.
Gab ....... Let me fee thy [ea!e. <.)}tor ....... Behold power is given to rue: Neither is the liquor thac thou minifirdl of any tafie with me; Neither lhalt ( be overcome, for I have placed my feac hc::re. Gab ....... But by w.~ofe.permiffi n? Gag lab nai.


E. K. NJW ..:~Morl!o :gran faHc:th doV1non his knc:c:s, and che rcfl on theit face Medicina Vei, mtlb, juftz,ia ~era. E K. T1 :ey tremble that h:flat on the ground. E. K. Mor"Vogra>~ fbewech to Gabriel on hi~ own lefc breaA: :a CharaCl:er..
Gab ...... For 19 moneths. Behold the will of God: Recaufe tbou haft confpired and rifm aga i11;1t rhe LIJrd, ht his cho(m, ant! half [aid; it if to weet tbofe tbar are [ubj di unto rhee, Let M nfe up t~gain} him, and perfecute bis fo~l: let tu ferretly entrap him, for, withoHt d111bt, b' is rich. And becaufe y ur confpiraCil's 11re not of theft onely, but [ alfo of murder : Therefore I f eu! thee with a Wl'a/t,rr power; And l:e it Nnto tbe according unt o the word of God, that jHdgetiJ Rigbt to fly. From f-oil unro worfe. From wrfe unto con(ujion. From confufion umQ d~fperat ion. From d efper/lt;on unto dttmnation. From d.tmllation Hnto eter11al de~tth.

[E. K Now Gabri1l did put another prick eo the CharaCter on his lefc

brralt ]

~tor . ...... Curfed be tb~t God, and defaced be his power; for he handleth us inunjufiice1 and dealeth with m without mercy ; Bc:caufe he is noc merciful nor juit.

E. K. Gabriel goeth from me to one of cbe z.4. and fealcdnhc:m Now thy go all away ; and he breaketh off the pomts of their Swords. They go by him.
A. ~is efi ifie Morvorgran, & quo modo h;rc nobis inftituit infc:rre mala?

Gab....... [1ock,.um, rh011 foalt carry this nutlice fiiJtto thy grn :e : Eut I hnvr made weak_ thi firengh. B 'red be thofe that entertain tb [e th11.t are ttnnoint(d in tbe L ord: for they alfojhall tnjfe of the oil of hu mercy. I had care ofJou,jaith the Lord, neither will I [i1jfrr you to pnijh in the w11y ; Therefore be thank..{ut, nnd forfak,.e the world; for the world bath forfu'<.m y ou, aJttt ronfpired againtt you. BHt thtfe things are nothing. Behold lajfly, th1M fa ith the L ord. E. K. Nov\7 comcch a falet or helmet on Gabriel his ht>ad, or an half

fphere; A great noile of many voices is heard as of Pillars that fell. Now
that thing is taken off his head
Gab ....... Thut faith the Lord.
[hall envy thee. E. K. Now comcth

The world on both fides, jha!L rtfe

11p againjt thu, llitd tbt)

a beam from above (again ) into yahriel hi$ head.

Gab ....... Gna [emerob Jebufan gonfag vi cap neph JehMjla'b om[omna dedo;!h.

. K. Looking up, he faid thus,

Hoc tft
Ne ptve.s repentht()

[E. ~Now cometh about his faa:. lirdc things of fmokc, and he putu:th

terrore : & er11entes tibi

potentiM Impiorll"''>

Las/tje, Domi1tU1.

them from his face He \"Vould open his mouth, and they come upon his mouth. They rife out of a pie before him, inumerable. Gabrie/ lc:emuh to be as big as one of us. [E. K. They fwarm continually. ]

true~lation of Dr.. Dee his

Aflions 'Jith fpirits, &eo

JJominiu ill~ Abr11bam


[ Gab.. , .. AdhHc D .. s laboro ]

E. K.




cometh another

fireaming beam down eo him]

a fire down by the fame beam that came

into his head.
trit in latere tNo,
[ .Adjutor me ut; ]

E. K. LookIng up .

. .. .. Now cometh a bigger fire down on him-]

._ cuftodiet pedem tuum ne capi11ris

[ E K Now they run headlong down into a great pit in the eanh, a11d one pinchcth me by the head.]

:!per a igitur in dominum Veum tuum

For thou thalt overcome;

v er it tibi Viaoria maxiffllt;

E. K, Now the aforefaid fpiri[~ invade Gabriel again.

Gab . ...... What 1 fuffer, is not lawful for man tofu; Therefore Ceafe for a "Phile,
fice nature: Rut return and hear of my commandment.


C K . He is gone, but his Desk Handcth fiill.

Sunday a meridie bora z. Octob~ 13. Gab ....... And hereby I teach you, rbat tbofe aJJlif1ions "Phich you fuffer in foul either for your offences towa rds God, or for the imperfeuionr of your mindes, being void of brotherly ch:~rity toward your neighbours ; ( And [o from you generlllly hereafrer, how great, or bow man) foever). o11gbt not to be m ani feJted or made open to tlu "Porld: but perfectly jhadowed , in Chttrity, bearing JO:<r own infirmities, and fo the infirmity of others with quiet and hidden minde. For the anguijh of thr f oul is compared "Pitb prayer, dwelling in one hou[e wbich O!tght to la t;gh with the World, and to weep t o"'Pards heaven. For every fin is noted, and tbe lea]f thi1tg as wdl anmtgjf thr Celeftiatbodirs, as the Terre.fliall is perfe{]ly confidered of. For fin hntb his end, and his end is punijhment. And fo, contrarywife of Vatue, W1[dom (in the one and twentieth Ent ie or L ... ,) His gnund is upon mi!dne]Je, wbich mildnfff( purifietb the body and exaltetb the foul, ma/l,jng it apt and ready to behold the heavens, receive glo rious illuminations, and finally hringeth in tht foul to participate, with 1u, nit earthly, but everlajting wi[dom. The Son of God "Pas fa ntrified in hw fiejh, through mildnr!Je, and was not of thw world, becaufe he was tbe mildne of J!e his F ' ther. Therefore be )'OU meek,.: . Be fervent in meek,.mffe. Then . jhall you tak,.e up that CrfJjJe which Chrztf [polv of, following him:' "Phich Croffe is t be Compaffion in mildneJ!e over thy , brcthren,.for (in fak.e : Not as worldlings do, !ookj,g, but 1tot lamenting. . The other part i1 in [ufftri~tg mildly the n.Jfli&ions of the world, and fiejh : Hereby you bnome Mart)'rs for that you mortifie your felve~, wbich is true Martyrdom. He that f orfak,_etb the "Porld for the love of God, i~ hw So.n Chri/f, fhall bave hi~ reward. But be that forfakfth him[elf, jha!l be Crowned with a Diadem of Glory: 'ThM faith the Lord, I am jealous over Jo u, becau[e you have vowed your {elves untQ '111c. But great are th8 temptations of the flejh, 11nd mighty il hw jfrength wheri the fpirit is wenk._. Bnt


A truefl{elation of D . Dee his .tJElions with Jpirits, &c.

But thus [11ith God :Jt_s bertcr to fill up the Soul_ with heavenly ronwnplation, 11nd cadeftical i food ; t1.reign in heaven, 11nd to be bdfJved of him: Thm to pttmptr th11 fiLthy fi~fh, whofe delight deftrfJjtth botb'?4.J (ind Soul. .. It is written, He rhat bridleth not his fl~fh , is give1J t o ri~ tol!{~teffe, which i-s the fleep of 4eath, ~tnd tbe jlumber to dejtruliion. But thit is true a~ftimnce , when con- . temni~tg the Wbrlrf. y :ujly the delight therein : refra.intng from pltafures : of tb_e .body, Ttmper:atig the jlef1?1 ~4 nt:rbJng it.')l)eak._, and that ,forth Lt,rd hisfak._e.. . For the fl~fh and [pirit rejoyce .not at onr:1 Neither can the fulL belly grone out true praJers; -Feed th'ere.fore.the So.Zfl "'l'ith the love of our fot iety. And bridle yo11r fiefh ; For it is zn[olmt. Cjne ~hing, I fay, look_ to )'Our {trvants. See , that in one houfe there dwell not delitz.hters in vertue and holine!Je, mingled witb fuch M harbour :vice upon vice : WhB[e drunkpm,.J fe is abomination:> and wbofe cliet Jfirreth up fornication, For wick.,Fdneffe is amongtt them :and they fe!lT not God:> neith1r do the.J ab{fain, accordi11g M the holy .GhoJt by his Church bath talfgbt. M al<,_e them clean: Thm fhall Y?U feel our pr-efence amOitg J )0!1 . A nd (Pe wiLl all of/( de(md you from the rage of wick..fdne.!Je. t We delight in the God of rrurh , and,in th~ worjhippers of Ju.ti~e. Th:ts fayeth the holy Gh~J,f : L o, I have made me a 1 abernacle, where tbe God of GJds reigneth in Juft. ice. A nd I wi{l fa;t(Jifie thofe places which rejoyce in ch~~.nty. M ingle thrreforc y our A lms With chariry. And let yo11r prayers and fajtiltg ~ mingled with Alms duds. f , r he that prayeth rwd fatfeth without mercy, i-s a lyar. Moreover, let your {riendfl..iP le fuch, M i1 of charity, and not of tiJit world: Neither for tbe worlds [flk,.r, tut for the fervice of God : A ll frimdjhlp e/fe H vai1 and of no acco1mt. 1, Charity i4 the gr(t f the H ,lj Gbo't, which H~lj Gbod i-s a k,.inJ iing'/ire , ~?titring things together, _throttgh Chri:f Jefus ; iu the true wifr.Lom of the F llthrr: Whi(.h fire. it of nQ {mall acc~unt, neither to be reck._olttd of , M the HearlmtS have done. Fot happy are thofr 1rbich are fed with ch11rity. For it i-s the meat of ut th4t are anointed, which iohe [on of God, and the li[.ht f.the wirld, A . Is charity the fon of God? . Gab. ... It i1 fo :He that W4lk.etb in charity wa 'k..etb in Gods f or ch~trity i1 the 1Pillof the [it~ ther, i! hit OTrlt J.,.fit,ht, and illumination of the fairhfull, thro~gh hi4 H oly Spirtt, The ch11rity of 1he Chur,b, i1 the H ~ly Gho.ff. .But he that dwelleth in charity, dwelleth m the hloud of tbe Blrlfrd are thofe tbat dwell iH Lt1mb, which it the will of the father, which iJ the Holy Ghoft. chari ty Perfevere to the cud .: N . t negligently, but 1Pirh gooJ 1Pill, whirh good will, if called fea r. W~irb frar i1 the beginning of wi[dom, the firjf.flep intn rejl. He that continuerh to the end, rrceivetb hi-s rrward: Bur he that leaveth off, i-s a damned Soul, Fini~ CtlrOI,la~ N ::ithrr H ]()UT juifification by the brghming, but frmr the end; M aHy mr1t begin, but few end. op~u. Paul w.u jujfljiN~ : Bera~tfe he died tlr Frvflnt of God, and not f or his pre~tching fake. He that dr<ellrth to the end, is the Childe of God: inhrrtter of e'L!erlajting life, mtd eq~tal with joy bimfelf 1 N ot the joy of jllyes, but tha.t jt.y which Goi h11th made equal with the joyr of his [on Chnft , in the Even in this pla~~ , . ma11y prrfo. s hnd ronfpirrd againjf you. But the comp.my of the fauhfull. FfJr the A ngel of the T r-wn is Jfrmgth of God bath [rated thmr: And they Jhallnot be tmpunijhed. [ta led , and his feal wt o d ejirullion: Thrice c14rfed are thofe which dwell within hi-s governmmt. But you are fafe, and fhall be fafely dehvtred from them. In England, Thry condrmne thy doingr, and {ay, Thou ttrt a Renegttde, For they fay, Thou httfi England. defpifed thy Prinre. Wbat w.ufd1t thou k_now of them ? Cea{e till yfJ'U hur tbe mtmber of their drftrua;0 , . Engl:lnd. Dd1re what plague you will (fai th the Lord) upon this people, for their ungratefulneffe,and 6 '"lrjlruEiio For the Lord is angry with tbem : and he [atth, -Judge yo1~ this wh~ed ] F. d<._um mihi they {hall he .afflicted. l l llctf]a ji ,K people, their Town, Meu, Women, and Chi ldren : And it 'jhall be fem that the Lord , the God of patm, rV' H.eaven and Earth, barh mercy on ;ou. 1:>. . Non nolha, fed Dei voluncas fiat, ad ejus nominis laudem & honorem. Gab . ...... Bid the fires fly from H~ave11, and confume them, and ic fhall be done: Or , fay, Let the Earrh [wallow them, Aud thPy (hall per.ijh. F r 1 httve made Heaven a11d Earth (f,1ith the Lord) 111~d : ]u!fice is for ry people. I ~m a flaming fit e amo11gji you, and thl' R1Jd of Jujtice It ts {ard, H eave 11p rby hands, and thou Jhalt be heard. The peace of him tbat is the fpirit of wifdome inflame your mindes wah love and charity , nud gr11nt yo" continuaHce to i,is glorie. b.. Amen.

]Jeo JEterno, Omnipotenti & Mifericordi fit omnisJaus, honor, & Gloria. Amen.
7'Ht[day 15. Oaob, We mad,e hard lhift to get from D ock.fim to A ngem by fun fet, 1bur[day 17. Ottob. We came from Angem to Embden, going without rhe Ille~, and comin~ iuat Wdlt:r En,b. We ('ame before the Town, by fix of the Clock afrer noon : hue could not g et in at the Gate, and therefore we lay all night a {hip board, buc my Lord A. L, wem over eo the Jodping on the other lhoar. Friday 18. OCI:ob. We came into the Town: My Lord lay at the white Swan raward the water~ fide, and I) and E. K. with my Children and Many at the three gplden Keyes; by the Englifh houfe. S1mdny 20. OC:tob. This day morning about eight of rhr Clock we went in a litte Hoy from mbdeH

A true~ elation of Dr. Dee his AElicnJ 'Pith JPirits> &c.

- -- ---

Embden toward Lyre, my Lord tarried at Embdm. We came late to Lyre : and the fame night we went from thence in a Je!fe \cute by Styk,;hu[oi to O!pm. M1mday 21. O&ob. By nine of the Clock in the moming we came to Oppen : a very .fimple Village, and from thence we went firaighc way to O!denburgJ,. <{ue[day, 22. Ottob. From Oldenhurgb, by De!menhur_/f, to Bru.me : and were lodged at an old Widow} her hou[e, at the Jign of the Crown.

-- - - --


Saturday Ol1obriJ z6. Hora xz.{cil, in M eridie. At Breame. t.. The Lord Albert Larkje, being ar Styck.,-bufen behinde us,with the Earle John of EmbJen and Friefland,&c. E .K. The Curten fcemeth to be far backw~rd in the fione: and the fiono

to be dear between the Curten and the fore-part the leggs oF men up to the: knees.
Jl, ...... Room for a Plmyer.

Under the Curcen I fee

t.. Then appeared one, and faid : Jefus, who would have thought, Ijhou!d have met you here?

E. K He is aU in his ragged

Apparel , down from the Girdle ftc:ed: But

above he harh a white Satten Gcrken


E. K. My thmketh th4t t h~ gra"'Pity offhi.-5 AeHon requireth a more gra'lJe geflure, and more gra'l1t JPeecbes Bear with me) though 1 fay fo unto you.
ll....... If I muft bear with tl1ee, for {peakjng foolijh!y, which art but fiefh, and [prak_e{l of thy own wi[dom: H ow mHch more ought eft thou to be conteNted with my f.e}frtre~whicb if appointed-()[ him, which reg11rdeth not the outward .form , but the fu!filliHg of hM will; ana the k.,.eeping of hu Command >nmts : rPhi:.:h if God : whofe wi[dom unto the world if foo !ijhnej[e, but unto them that fear him, llll everla r ling joy, mixed with gladndfc:, and a comfort Qf bfe hereafter: Pnrtak,_ing infallible H ow fay you to this, Sir, Ha? joyes, wit &hin rbat if all comdineffe and beauty.

A. By che mercies of God we are here: And by your will and propriety , and the power of God you are here. ll ....... Tujh, doubt not of me, for I am I. L.

e.K .
E. K.

He rurneth up his heels toe K.


I do not underfi:and your words: for becaufe I do ondy repent

your fayings.
11. ...... It is t!.Je part of him that is a fervant to -do thir duty: Of him that watcheth, to Iooft what he feeth: For thr: guat eft point of wifdorn, is, reverently, to confider thy calling. It is [aid> do that, '1Phich is appointed, for he that dQth- more~ is not ,a true fervant.


K. How can that be~

S ir, here i s mony: but I have it very hardly. Bear with

m~, fo-r I can help thee with no mQre. Come on Andtas, where are you Andras?

ll. ...... Speak_ when tby time c9metb.

E. K. Now cometh one in a Gown to him The Gown is bare Jike . a prc:nticc of London, a young man
Jl. ..... Did not I bid thee go yonder, a~td f etch me money.
Andrar ..... Whither.

Il...... This is one of them that forgetteth his bufinej[e fo foott tU it is told hfm.
And....... Sir, I wem halfway. Il.. ..... And how then l Speak_ on, Spealt,. on. And. ...... Then being fomewhac weary: I frayed, the rather becaufe I met my friends The third day J came thither: but I found him not at horne. His family told me) that he was ~ewly gone fonh. ll. ... . And y ou returned a Coxcombe. Well thus it is: I placed thee above my fervants, and did what I could to promote thee : and endeaveured day!y to mak,_e thee free. But I amrew~rd1 d with loytring, and have brought up an idle per{o1t. G 1 thy way, I will deliver thee t9 the Officer. The Officer }hall delzv.-r thee to the Pri{on : and there tbrmjhalt be rewarded. For fucb ar do that they are commanded, de[erve freedom :but unto tho that loytre, and unto fuch M Are idle , venge~tnce, [e and hunger belongr:th.

E. K. He taketh him by the arm,and ddivereth him to a man with a flaffe in his hand: and he putteth him in at a door. G . K. Now


A true'R_,elation o/ Dr. Dee his .Aflionswithjjirits, &c.

E, K. Now 11 himfelf goeth into a houfe, which all this while appeared o:\ rhc left hand.
[E. K.J Now he.bringerh another by the hand.]
Jl .... ~ U}ly think,_eth y oujhould be a fit man to d? my meffage.
E. K.

I!. ..... Come


Novv he "'hiipereth him in the car, and poinreth out h

A {fra~tge matter. [Pointing to E. K.] . . . . . . 11. ...... I have h':fineffe in Denmark, and thu fellow zs t!frazd to go thltber : Tell hzm , thou eo mejf from me, an4 thit,t I will come my felf fho rtly. I k,.now he wilL do fo mHcb for me, h'e bath had -much acquaintance with me, ...... I care not, if I bad fome man to lz,eep me Company,

11 ...... I -wrrrrttnt the man, be not abafhcd,

[E.K. J

This new come m2n fa id fo.] K. He vvhifpereth again with this man in his ear.

IL ..... The[e good fell~ws are not ready, or e/fe they might go with thee. Go .thy way in Gods name: See that you do jour bufineffe. I /zeep [nch [(rvants, IH none in nll the Countrey k..eepeth. E. K. He keepeth no fcrvants. ll. ..... Meddle with that, you bave to do with all. I prnj this man, and tha:t man, and every one decei11eth me. Good Lord, rrhe~e jhould 11. man finde a. true friend ;tow adnyes ? I wilt go and tell the /znave that he p~ovide for him[elf. For it will be marvel/our b~trd weather. You were bejt to do [o, fe,~{t you blow your Nails. E. E. He fpeaketh to one within the houfe. 11. ... ,. Tb& you fee me ( Majfers) how I am troubled with my fervants. How now what aileth thee l [E. K. There comcth :a woman round about his houfe, ~nd the feemeth

to pafie by him She is in EnglifhAttire.]

11. ..... I will lz.now what aileth her to cry. What aileth thee? Woman. One of my Children is dead. ll. ..... A I<H poor Chi!de : H ow qnn {hildrm refift cold? foe might httve k._ept' it warmer. Cold pierceth,wherc jho t cannot enter. >. This woman is not of our Company ? t I trufi, None of our Children, lhali peri!h in this cold, 11. ..... Ha, A,your C~ildren? you k._up them warm: I t will do them no hurt. Tbo[e that are warned, efchue danger to come: For mny things are prevented b.J t/,e quality of wifdom. ~. I trufi, we !hall fafe arrive at the place appointed, in Crac~w, or e)[ewhere. c.. But as concerning Vincent Sevi, brother in Law to the Lord A lbrrt LIH'k,.ie, I pray yon to !hew us the trmh of his fiatc. E. K. I fee him walking in a fireet; and a thick man withhim ; And Ger..

U/b feemeth to come after him.

The thick man his beard is fomewhat like my Lord his beard, he comcth after Vincml , Vin1en"& hath a black f;tten Dubblet on, cut with cro!fe cuts ; He hath a ruffc about his neckJ a long one edged with black, or blue
b., 1 befecch you. I. L. to !hew us what Town that is. 11. ..... sp~akjng to him that jhewetb it: for I !hew it not. t>. 0 God.

11 ...... I rcmem!:er not the name of any fuch Town.

~em Deus

n on amat, non novit.

E.k. Now rhc Town appearcth agam, the Sea runneth by it.

an old rotten Chur.ch Handing at the Town end. 6 or &o n1ilcs off o E. K It !eerneth to be Embden in my judgement E K. But Vi~~tent and Gerli(b fecm not to be in one Tovvn,or flreet

There is The Town feemeth ro be

t>. I befecch you to fay unto us whether A. L. befnrni!hed with money, at Grave John his hand, fo as may fcrvc our turu, or no. I! ...... I f I have not told y~u already, I will. You grudge at mt,

[E . .K.] He fpeakcch to E. K.
11. ,.. Judge

J true<"R.!!fation of Dr., Dee his AE!ions -with jpirits,.&c.

Jl. ...... ]uJge~ my 1/iords with reafou, nnd thou jha!c finde .tbem true, 1 ouchtf.rm witb underfta nding, and thou.fh,.zlt finde them profound. My lVords are tr/Je, BeCI17'[e Tam (ent b] Truth : W bofo-. Neither are we to [peal<_1,ravely, whmwe ta~~ upon Uf the per[ons of BIIJt'rs and Se!lers. eve 1' doth the wilL of his Mafter truely in tbis W or!d;.fha!L be la1gh~d to [corn: B1t w&oro [peak_,ftb worldly and fendetb otit jhadows;, if a:co11nted a pillar oF tl.'e Earrb. Happy are tbo[r> which are not fooiith, neither in work_,( fay, There is no God ;. Such reqtle/t , [~;~eh mzfwer. Such earthly minde,[ hea~enly m?tiolts. Yet Huvmfpea!(etb truth, awl. tbe Eartb lyuh. T hit is not 'i1'.J uch office wMich I bave tak_en i~t-band; y!t brcaufe I have dealt with jou as a worldling, I w as the fitt e/f to an[wer yor1r worldly expdiat1on. D.. As you have dealt wich us, not according eo your office, but ac~ording to o~1r worldly expefration : So now do we d efire to undedbnd fom ewhat accordmg to our lugber and heavenly expe8:ation, of oar doing the determined will of rhe Highdt


Bl\ He is gone, and al ~the Srone as red as blood.


Vide in[ta,

B K. Now he is come again; ard fiandeth in the fire.

Il. ...... Tht~ [aitb the L ord, I have taught you h'lW to live, I have [et y ou Statutes, and have wijhed you nry Peace ; .Follow me,and I will be your God : F or unto them dhat at'e wife,jhall Sup.ril i11 fine there be more wifdom given; But ulfto them that are become foolijh, my wifdolft if a . . . , dw 13: OU. &
The[e five years to come, are the Deliverance . . . Yea ,[ orrvw }hall bring forth her Childrtn;~P~,~:;h~fi.e My H ow;ur }hall be defaced, and nry holy Places pluci{_t. No man bath ever [em fuch a world: F or of An. 11s4: N ow jha.ll t!Jry f ay unto tht M ountains, Come and rov er M , and unto the Water;, Swallow u. up: t 5Sf , l~Ss, for w~ know there is no God ; ndther if there. any care of M a;tk_,ind. I will plague the peo- 1 587, 1 588. pie> and their blood [hall become Rivers. Fathers jhall eat .their own Children.' A ;td tbe Earth jhall be barr en: The Beaffs oft the field fhall perdh,_ A11d the Wdtersjha!l be poifo;zeda The A1ro jhall infetJ her Creatures, And i11 the Deep jhall be roaring ~ Great Baby/on .fha/1 be built; And the fon of wickednelfc,jhallji.t i~ Judgement. But I will rrferve tWJ Kingdoms rm'touched, And I wi.ll root out tbeir wic~dnPffe. 1ea, thM [aitb the L ?rd, From the North jha!l co:ne t From th~ Whirlwind, A 1td t!he H ills .fhall open their mouths : A1:d t-here jhall a Dr ago1t fiie out, fuch M t-{onh. ttevrrwas. But I will be glorified by you) and by thofe that are not yet dead. And you }hall have power, fucb as I will be glorified by. K eep thr:refore th~ Statutes which I taught you, Forget not my words : For 1 thofe that look., back., there H great wo. Happy ar~ they that continue t d mto the end. Amen.

. K. Now he is gone.
D. ...... .

E . K. Now ht is come again

]1. .. . Thur f aith Jehova: 1 a,m the beginning an.J the end, The root tt1td, life of all R.igbt e. oufneffe. I fay ,. ( Bf'ny (elf) I a~z with ' ]OU~ A~d will blre you in Rigbte. ufne.J[e . Cea[e . o therefore to move-me; fo r I am Abmghty, And znqlllre not of me, wl:iat I have.de~ermmed; For Vrd~fup~1 7ime growth, and 1 am a Juft God. Therefore Cef![e, Ceafe, I fay; I in my ftlf fay Ceafe. Call not upon my name in defiled places ; L ea_(t the wir.k.fd ones bar what I determin. I . will vi fit y otL at your jonrnyes end : l will rdtifie my promife to you: Be iwha(ie therefore : At our JourAnd fiie fr:o m fin ; And f/ie the[ociety of [llch as are accurfed : For I 'tZm j ealo11i dver my people. neycs ~:nd. Yea I will not fuff~r them to drink_. or ta.fle of their vefftlr. Be you unto me a people, that I may behold my people: .And I will beumo you both, A God fo r ever. .

E. K. JL. faith Amen, and falleth all in pieces, as frri.1ll as a!hci; E K. Now all is Clear, and the: curtain is come ae1ain

Deo Omnipotenti fit omnis Hono r laus & gloria,in fecula Je~lor~m.


Friday 1 Novemb . 1)88'. Mane At Brtame. Albeit we were willed (~Lord) to Ceafe : yet underf!:anding the fame warning to have been meant (or Enquiring of thy Myfteries and fecret Det ermiJtatioJts, wherein we intend .now r1ot to deal, but in matters before and laf!: moved, and wherein we were not fully fa:tisfied; that now we niay niore exprdfdy b e certified, and that is of three tbings. Firfl for Vincent Seve . Secondly for Edmond H i/ton, (Jone with the Ship toward Dansk_. And Thirdly, as concernin!I hel p for money for the Lord A /b . L tisk_ie. And herein we c~a ve either the miniflery of jubanlad.eecb, or of If; or whoni fo'ever elfe it thall l'ileafe thy Majdly rorend


.E. K. A man with a black Gown appeareth with a Cap, falling neck, with a big Book under his arm e.

in his

It Chould feem to be A phlafbrn, my good Angel.

E. K He bath a white R.obc under the bla.ck Gown} which goeth all G %. under


A true Relation of Dr. Dee his Atlions with {pirits, &c.

under his Govvn, nailing behind him; bur, -the whirc Robe traileth not; his Gown hangerh on him , as though it wc:rc falling off his ihouldcrs behind.
t.. 11.1 the Name of Jefus,the King of Glory, are not you Aphlafben my good Angel, by the mercy and power of God, fo affigned?

e. K

He looke[h very anciemly

. ..... fmpire, Mo.Jt high Glory, and thank..s, throughout all Creatures, be unto thee ( 0 eternal God) fir.ft . . Secondly redeeming, and Thirdly [anCiifying the World in bit Creat:io11, Now,and for ever : .And uf long as it jhall be fa id Ofanna in the ~ire of the High God .. Amen. t.. . ..... Arnen, . ..... Amen ....... AnMn . .... ; A1anifold are the Merries of God towards man,whofe ba[eneffe de[erveth no [uch grace and mojf unfPeak_.able' blef!ing : But fuch is God ; what be ju}lifieth him[elf, in the ftrength of hit mercy, and heveth his honour with hu own holine]Je. For what it man, that can jujtifie htm[elf? or that bath any thing, wherein hit bowels can re;oyce ? Wh~rein can b~ determine happlneffe to himfelf l Or how can be compare him[e!f with the trees that are fruitful ? If the life of man be fin, then if it bateful; But who is he that hateth it l But even be which is above, and is f~trthejf frot ini<JUity. Great, therefore ( 0 maJt ) are thy miferies, when naturally thou art, and lovejt to be hated of God, who[e [ervice is J uftire, and who delight Peace. [e Cfmfider therefore the Mercies of God, tbrougb his loving k,jndneJJe towards thy weak.;neffe : And ack,_nowledge his Power which mak,eth tho[e !froJtg wbich bave ;zo force of themfelves. Gather not up your ow1t inventzons ; But be fazt!Jful fervants, performing the will of him which [an{]ijieth you with obedience : for. of dujl you are become fiejh, and of fiejh the [ervants of fin ; that at length you might be made free, through y our own' confents in the mercies of him wbich bath entred into y1ur weak._neife, and weighed out his blood for your Redemption : Even be which bath ptt;ed the uttermoft permy of your Ran[ome. And why? N IJt. to the intent you jhould brag of your [elves. But bath chttrged in conditi~nyou Jhould maintain juflice into tbe work_s of Rigbteou[neffe. Vnto wbom isH eaven 11. [eat ? bztt 1rrtto fuch as are fai thful fervants: Wherein the Dignity of your Majfer is k,nown, of whom it is [aid3 Bleed are tho[e that ferve the God of Hofts. If any thing, now, happen unto you, that is the riches ofyour Mafter, Be thanl<.fulfor it; ttnd confider bis ltberalitie: And how much the more he openeth hif Trea[ures to you, Be fo much the more thank_.ful; For unto [uch belo1tgeth the owner.fhip of more, and the reward of [uch as are ten times f aitb.ful. Ha pp] are th?[e to' whom it it [aid, Thou good [erv ttnt. Be no Gadders,forthere is no hou[e to tbe hou[e of your M-zfterA Talz.e lmd alfo, !eaft you minifter his bread, to [uch M are his enemies, and [o, unworrhy: for unto both tbefe be!ongeth tbe rewar-d of unfaithfulneJJe. Be not high-minded, when you borrow your riches, lcJf the moths enter in and corrupt your garmonts: for Pride is the depb of fin ..... Cea[e not to rebuk..e the dijhonouras, o .... Neither maintain the homur of any other : For he. that entertaineth you, bath [ea!- ers edyou for others, And bath ftrengthe~ed you with Auth:~rity, The Rd of his Ju(hce. Generally thefe things have been [pab,_en untb you, and thefe Leffons are not yet to learn : Br:t happy Are thofe whom God fanCiifieth; being unholy, And Wt times bleffed are the Temples wherein hu Holinrffe dwelleth. True it is as thou [ayeft: Generally men are [an{]ijied, tbe people of the Earth through all Nations., myftically: through the mercies of God : But where the [anDijic ~ttion agreeth not with the thing [anCiified, there entreth wick_edneffe. The Spirit of God u not fan flified in Hell, Neither i! hit holy Temple beauttfied with the feet of the unrighteoM. It is written, Dogs honour not bread., neitber defiled ptares things that are holy: For as Hell dijhonorireth Heaven, in refpea of unrighteoufnre: So, thofe that are wiclzed dijhonour the vertuoM, a1td [uch as are truely holy,by fo ciety : and they {fin~( of their wick._edneffe. For it if written, And Satan went from the prefence of the Lord, leaving a jtink._behind bim. The ligh t of tbe Su~t is tak_en from the Earth, by the congealed cloud. The fins of the people, and fiLthineffe of places, nre put betwun vertue and the things Sacramental. Therefore, it is not true, that thou mayefi lawfully caH upon the Name of God in unhallowed places. t.. 1 crave pardon for my ignorance, and errour herein : But I required not to know of the heavenly Myfieries; Onely fueh things I d emanded information of,which not onely were above humane power to anfwer, ( and fo might feem worldly myfreries: ) but alfo the true good news of them, might, many ways, be comfort unto us and ours. ..... Behold i,z Ifra el, the rough ftonrs are acceptable A ltars, And the ftinkjng Caves have been "-.nown unto the Lord. And why l Becauf~ the place was holy, netther this filthin e here, nor of JJe any thing e![e crea ted, hindreth: But the filthineffe of the place and Country wherein they flrt: defiled ; for in pure places, the defiled are bleJJed. David [anCiified Saul, with the prefence of hi.J Annointing, and bu Harp [pak._e out the wonders of the Lord. We come unto you here, becaN[e the will ~f God in yrmjhineth: But the filthineffe of thu Country ob[c:ureth the beauty of our meJ[age. N ot that it is ob[cured in ~,but hindered t!Jrough wick_. ...... from you. Therefore flu tbe company ~f Drunk._ards, and fucb as we ~..... their own underjlnnding.

[ . K. He holdech up his face and hands to h~aven-ward.

...... Drunk._ards and fucb as defile themfelves are ttpt to k._now things worldly ; not as wife men do :

A true '1( elation of Dr. Dee his /lElions with JPiritJ &c.


de: but that thr World mily be a plague to their iniquity. Thou defire/l pardon, and called.ff th.. bufineJJe a worlrliy myjiuy. But the myfteries of this world are put under the feet of the faithfr~!: whicb ( tiver[een through God) are generally comforted and dirdied. Then, therefore what care remaineth either o.f the Sus, or of the flimy Earth ? where, on the o1u [tde> thou rega rdeft the Ship, nnd on the other fide c...Jvloney. I fay unto thee, God c.orreeteth this world and the ciijualties thereof, left thofe that are of thee, {h9uld blafpheme his 1tame. A. Bldfed be his holy Name, and his Power magnified for ever. .... .. Thy goods are [afe, And the Earth.fpa /1 provide for you. Be not you careful; for unto the ju ft,yea even the hairs of_h_iJ head are numbred. I am filent for the JJI"or!d; for it iJ not my propriety : But notw_ithftan~mg ask,. and tbo.ujhttlt 1:ot be J.en7ed. . A, As concermng Vmcent Seve > h1s ftate and belllg, we are -very defirous to be mformed.

E. K: T'incent Se~e appeareth here, going down by Charing CtoffeD

There is a taU fellow vvith a cut berd \Vith him in a skie.coloured cloak.. VirJcenl bath a great puff: This man W;titcrh on hlm with a S~ord. :He is going down into Vveflmin{ler ~ard : He is now talking with a Gentle, man on horfcback, who hath five men following him, with Cap:- cloaks fhort, and mufiachcs; And he on horf'e back is a lcari vifaged man with a fhort Cloak and a gil r Rapier; his horfe hath a Vel vet foot-cloth. E. K. In rincen~ his forehead is written; Where pollJer )}}anteth, rigor weaknetl:>. E, K . Vinc~nt laughcth heartily ; and ihcweth two broad teeth before. He holderh a little flick within his fingers croaking. On his left hand he hath ~ skar of a cur, on the nether fide of his hand. Vincent hath a pair of bootes on, which com.e fl:raight on his legs, and very clofe. A great many boats appear at White-Hall, One is graffing in the Garden there. Many people are now coming out of Weflminfter Church. The Gentleman on hod{.: back alighteth no"', and goeth do\vn tovvard the Court before Wejlminfler. Hall. Be goeth now up a pair of fi:airs; and there fi:andc:th a fellow vvith a vvhite fiaff Vincenlis gone in whh him; The fervant walketh without. The fcrvantgocth to a Waterman there. The Waterman asketh him, whe;:; rher that be he ; that is the Poland Bifhop? The fc:rvant a~keth hi m, what bath he to do? Now the ferv~nt goech from the Warcrman. Now com. cth one down rhe O:airs, and faith to the Servingman ,.that his Mafler ll1all be difpatched to morrow The fervant faith, He is glad of it. Now all that Shew is vanifhcd away. Now come there two han.dfomc men, they have Cloaks on their tboulsers, and they have hats oa like Tankard .Crowns. One of thele fa id,
A .... Junderftand by the King, that he beareth him great favour.

The other faid,

B .... But Kings when th~y become rich, wax Covetour. But do you thinft he will come this way? A ..... , Yea mary, if he be wife; for he ]hall find nt1 better friendjbip than in Denmark. Here i.r the fellow, he bath brought a bag ofAmber.

B. K H~taketh the fellow by the {boulder, and faith; Come awayi He bath been an old doer

E K Now tbey are gone, and that Shevv

. K Now


./l true'l{elationo[Dr. Dee his Aflions

~ith {pirits, &ea

B. K No\v is the 6dl: man in the black Gown come again .

.. . .. , Thru you fee, the World anfwereth for the World, Be merciful. Flee pr:ivy leak.,es 5 for the Dwil is ready 11t every corner. Be H umble ~Jnd Obedient. Tbat receiving the reward of true Jer'Dants,JOU may rejoyce as Enheritors of evcrlafhng f reedom; The reward of Juch lls a.re faith~ ful n the end. God grant you may fo be. Amen,"

. K Now cometh [he Vail again which aU this .while was gone behind rhe- Ston~
t:.. Deo noftro Omnipotenti,mifericordi,& jnfio fit omnis honor, la us, & gratiarum a..Ctio, nunc & in fecula feculorum. Amen.

!:>, ~hile we were at Bream, among many other things told and delivered .to E. K. a~ he was by h1mfelf., by a fpiritual ' Greature, I know not who, nor of how good efiace, or what d!ate he was of: This parcel among them be held in writing, and imparted to rue; And I .thought my pains not ill befiowed, to keep the fame in record here.

Two ye2rs and , quartcr,fhall be An. r~86. in January.

Gani/11-f that, in houfe mofr fiery fairer than the Sun, Hath.honour great, faith, give !)lace, your former courfe is run ; Therefore Brft framed Clouds unknown draw near with mighty frorms, Wherein fuch bodies li e obfcur'd, or cake ten thoufand forms. Your bellie3 firowting long difclofe, and on tb.e harlot earth> Seem fair to man, as when the waves as Midwife h elp .. r birth, Twice jhall the Sun put on the heavens, and once look..qullrter way, And workjftguncouthworlds,build up a City,where men.[ay ~ The l;Ioliefi fiood : And Beares bring in ufurping fire at hand, And people [pread return, whofe new built altars flaming fi:and. Whilfr fuch as ftrangers were Cate[y cry, and bloody knife, With privy lhame defil'd bekye~~ a thing n .. fo,metime rife, From midnight UntO noon, tWO parts and more fhall flaughter feel, And all the World from South, ta{le all, down force, ~?f fire and fteel. Small wonder though the earth at fhadows fighting nothing grieve) When mighty Seas lhall <lry, and heavens lie, who can live? That mortal eyes lhali fee a T eq1ple built with precious Stones, Or Creatures ftrange made .new in fight, of old and long dri'd bones. Or Ang els dwell on earth: bur I whafe firy fingers can Unloofe thrice fealed Books, and utter worlds nokiiown to man. 1'fee thefe curfed-wights, whofe borders lead thy journey on 3 Shall witb the t~irtieth moneth,bt bought, or fold, or fully gone. A nd England perijh firft. .w ith Moths long h.a rbour in her sk1rts, The Spaniard lofe their King, and France rebtl and fall by fpirts. And holy man ten dayes befieged at home, with thefe dayes whelp!>', Till he at length made free by fudden force of Y ertues helps. '1he Polijh King bath play'cd, and friendly manfh.all then bear [way, Amongft earthly friends, and fuch as hope of former faith decay, At ldr wear high eft Crown, if fall from vertue mak,es no loe, .And h1idfi this coil to come in fpace of new come layfor to!fe. Th~n lo, Come other times mofi Holy, and a Kingdom fhall, From He.aveQ come, and things forthwith again to Order call.

Saturday 2. Novembris we rod from Bream,- two great mile to a Nunnery called Oftarhold. Sunday Novembris 3 we came to Fure o~ Fu~eden. Monday Novemb. 4 we came to bed to Hflrburgh. Tue[day Novemb. 5. we came to Buxtenhadnl, and there by 9 of the clock in the morning we took waterin two great Skutes or Boats, Horfe-wagon, and our ftuff and all, and ferryed clown the little water, till we cntred the Elb, and fo cro!fed firaig ht over to .Blank,,pt 1uzfen : there d ined, and <\fter dinner by coaches we came to H amburgh, where my Lord lay at the Englifh houfe, and we at another lodging, a widows houfe. Wen[dPy Novemb . 6. we rid to Tritiiw 4 mile from Hambur:gh, a little Village, having left


d true 'l(elationof Dr. Dt'e his Aflions

~ith fpirits~ ~c


my Lord hehinde : .a nd a lfo milling my Children and fervants, which were gone before us an other way to my great grief: till l:)y m idnig~ t, by fendir1g out mdfengers to liften and e!!quire after them, I heard of them. I, my Wtfc, Rowland,f'Jurfe, and Myrcopsk.,ie, my Lord h1s man. Thur[iay, Novemb. 7: We came to Lube~, aud were there at Inne , at the figne of the Angel, or rather St. Michael , at :a. Widow her houfe , a very honefr Hofteft;. Saturday, Novemb. 9 I received Leners from rh,e Lord Albert LMkj.e, of the Engl_ifh mens ill dealing, :and confulting with che.Townf-meh of Hamburgh for my' .fray, and conveymg back again into England, &c.
WedneCday, 13o Novembris, 1583. UUane hora 9~ At Lubeb,_. Per horam fere, per interva!lft, variM feci mu!' petitiones & f~pe oravimur. At length appeared a [word, tw~ edged, firy, or rather bloudy, and a bunlh of rags hanging at the t op of it. The rags feemed ofWoo1len,and Linnen Cloach : like a bundle of Rags gathered out of a Taylers lhop. Thefword ftood upright in a manner, butleaning from E. K. his face, chou6h it feemed to [mite ~t E. K. A voyce. So beit, ( 0 Lord) fo r thon art mighty. Be it [o unto them : For they have embrac:etl 11n Harlot; a1zdhave forgotten thy iea:foufie.

Many arc:: the Harlots that fvvarn1 upon the c::arch) and inhumerable arc their Childrcn,and fuch as they foflcr. Their rc::vvard is ready. E . K The fword now fhaketh again mightily .
...... He that mtreth into the hou[e of tbe wirk.fd i1 defiled.~ but he.that confenteth with an Har u accurfed, He that delighteth in her [ecrets, }hall be fta~bed. And Leprofie jha!l dwell in bi1 houfe f or evrr. A. 0 Lord, I truft, this ~efpefreth none of ns, in common fenfe to be underfiood . . . He that delighteth iN light, loveth not himfelf, but defireth the Love of him,thllt itlumin. te_th : a But, tbll4 faith God,. I will not dalljwith you: Neither Jhall )DU handle m_r, 4f you have done. For, your Horedom, i-s wilful!: and your vanities wor[e, But this 1 leave amongft you, that yorl jhall k.pow that I am righteoltf. For, h~ that de[pi[eth nre, i1 accurfed; and unto him that diffembleth 1'1) fajhi9n, are mi[eries without number. So , unto them, that enter nto the houfe of bla[phemy, is vengeance ready ttt hand. A. 0 Lord, what is tbi~? Man is but earth, where the heavens dwell:-tieither. are the works of man acceptable, but with righteoufnefe.

E K The fvvord &aketh mightily.

There appcarcrh a man with a Bible about his neck;Hkc: a Daetor. and he fl:andeth mifc::rahly i!'Jfire. And fo likewife appear~d divers other with Bibles about their necks, and they in fir~ likcw1 fe. Still come flames from the earth, and encrc::afe the flames of thefe men about th~m 'Thfre 2ppeareth, and endleffe. .. me, mofl: terrible with fire , and other mofl: hi~ deous ffllews~ .... They be fuddenly gone aw~y. And all thefe men be now no more:: in fight.
E. K.
A voyce. Happy are tho[e that fee, and can remember. Eleffed are thofe that hear, and are not forgetful!. A. Thefe words, and thews, 0 Jefu, mak e evident wbat...

E K All is gone, exceptthe fword which Handcth in a Cloud, and rhere cometh! hand and fetteth a feal upon the fword
you, the more J'ou are defiled .
A voyce. I brought you fro m iniquity, t" the intent you might be purified: But the more I cleanfe .. .. . I have offered of old, anJ it jhall be told. I have promifed , and it ./hall be perfcrmed. You have not k,.ept ~y Commandments., .And therefore youjhall be plagued. , He thllt goeth out of the way, fhall recezve the reward 9f errout. For {tragg!ers, are [potted febp!e. And none can he bleJf'ed, but fuch M dwell in the Tabernilcle of rigbteoqfneffe. But behold' I will tell it unto J'OU but wzth greater hard~ee. And I. will mak,_e yon k.now me, before I vifit you in kjndnrjJ'e, For tbiH [ayeth Sat ban. Lo, they erre jti!!. Do ]u_/ficc for thy glory [tt~e. 1he_y enter into tbe hou[es. of I dols: _ And laugh with blafphemers. 7hey ar_e filent, when thy name is b!a.fphemed. Deal wztb th~m M a G ;d: or el[e tbou art not righteoM. Therefore, ~e free from S athan; that bt mllJ praife your :tighteoufnefJe. Yea, that he may fny, M he bath [aid. Let me touch them~


A trueRelation of Dr. Dee hi. AE!ions owith (pirits, &c. s

Vntill then; 1 will be ju(t. I wit! not ffJrget rhis wick_edne.f[e, tilly:JU be made clean. For, behold, 1 have Jealed it : and thert:fore it mujt befhtijhed. For what is fealed of me, cometh to p11jJe. A. A voyce. He tbu.t di.fJemble th the zmnge of Chrift, h a liar.

.... , . Nr.w cometh a grave man, all ~loathed in white, with a Mytre upon hw head . . . . . Tbe God of pent:e if .a con!forting, Medicine, to fucb, M delif,ht in him, The peace of the worlrl, if the ima1,e of God : God a1td man,-wbich w Je[Uf Chrzft, the [& of ~he livi1tg God: Which n k_nit with the father 111 the fpirir of truth' (proceeding from them both ...... e'lJerlajring will,) opened bis nurcies to his Apo{f.!cs, replenifhm.g them fully and mightily with the will of.the fatbtr, to the comfort of the world : Wbich, made mefJilgers tbereof, have delivered to the Cburcb, full and perfeCI Statutes (M the Will of him, whereunto jh~ if unzted and married) to be k..;pt inviolable , and. without transgref!ion. Thw Will, Covenant, or Decru, ([ea led unto the end of the world in th~ number of the faithfu.'l) whofeever brea'k.Jth, or diffembletb,i-1 accurfed, or damned. Tberefor~ faith the word of God tlnto you:Tou have run affray, you have entred into ~he houfes of Idols. I have brought you fr' m ftre, but you ii're entred into flames. ANd why l Becau[e you defile your [elves with the wick..e4neffe of deceivers : Who[e imag~s you [aw affirmatively, though,Hot verily: Continually overwhelmed with aa.i/yJ and inextinguible flames: Continning even fo long , M their errour is exalted; Yea' even in the profeffors thereof' to thur eternal damnation. For M Chrijl: ' and his VoCirine ir light and truth: So [eem the impofitions of Sttthan to agree, or tak..,e unto themfdves, .fhaprs or llk_enejJes of the true image of him that [avetb: Whereb_1 he truj1eth in himfelf under the colo11r of nJeek_neffe, into the companie of the fa ithful/; Dev9urint, their Sor<ls with ra'lJe~ting, diffemb_!ing-:, and fa!fe lik_e!yhoods of truth, unable to be decided by man. Happie are tho[e that believe them not : For he, even he it w, that w a liar , and w o!dejt in der.ett. But M the fat her if eternal: Sow the [071 eter.nal, which eternity of the fath~r and the [on, w the holy Gho(l: eternal, priJceeding equally, ar tbe finger of God, and [pirit of truth, to tiJe general work,:manjhip of Gods. determination k._nit together, three Fer[ons. [E. K. He maketh a great reverenc curfie] in thu omnipotency by [piritual illumination, and through the holy Ghoft delivered unto the Apo(fles, M . the pledge of God Eccltjia his mercie and promife, i-1 alwayes certainly linb,ed , j ? yned, and cngraffed into the [ociety of th?[e 6 Cbrijli. that fulfil! the will of the highejl perfea!y, and without errour, whofe jtrength jhall cont'intte , and glorie branch out, even unto t/;e end of thw world, and beginning of comfort, Therefore, believe : For tbe [pirit of trutb work_e t~ w_/nders, raifeth the dead, 1md hath power to f orgive fins. Through the power of him, unto wbom zt w m a .... For, a; Chnjt bath all piiwer in heaven and in eartb delivered ... , .. Sv buth be deliver.ed all power in heaven and ~arth to his true Church. Therefore jhl: cannot erre. For where power is "flithout meafure,errow hath no number: Bdieve not theufore tho[e that lie: fayittg , '1be Church of God w iJtfeC1edwith errours. For the offences of few are " , fi not counted errour, but unrighteoufneffe : Neither can the ftragling feet of a few dnmk_en, bring in L..:J. Foru, ag h r. gering. famy to the whole ~H1 e. ....... It lieth not in my power to deliver you> or r~r.~ncile you from death a1zd Hell: The tormentry and filtbineffe of the wnrU, and the wratb of God, But yet, (That Cloud> Jet afide) whicb il betwl m me 1.nd you) I [puk., afar of to you, faying, 'I'he ]uJizce of God, w vengeance it [elf: Neither batb it a ny contrary, but even in the midjt, aud Centre of it [elf: Which u the drop an.,d liqNor o.f hw eternal, great, and incomprehen.fib!e M~tje}fie of himfelf, his mercie: Which, even in the mtidjl of JP..jiice if found out , by f~rrowfu/1 repentance , and reconci/iit.tion: Not in that it w nrreffarie with Go?i: But that it if fl Medicine applicable, and mojl healthfuiL to the infirmities of that man, that coveteth to be healed, relea[ed, or recovered from hw [oares. Thw i1 it , that mujt comFor, M Jufi:ice i4 tbt r e.ward of fin,fo w mercie the re~ard of repental1(:e. But merfort you. cie if rhe Center of lzght: and Jujtz,e tu be cajt off, and Jhut Wtthm dar'ftmffe. '1he'refore, be not negligent. . . . . ~- This whoredom, how 1s tt comm1tted, or of whom? ...... I teach the ...... Where thy habitation war, errour rained, God called thre ftom it: and d~~ livered thee by many, but unk.._now1z wayes: means not to he uttered by man. Thefe places alfo are jhut up from tbe favour of G;d, For their obedience n counterfeited,and their prayers,out-cries. , Therefore hatbthe L~rd ~pened him unto you tha~ invented the vanitie: that J.OH might be partif~en of his k..,nowledge, and fecret j udgements of the 'Wzck._cd. Here alfo you entred,and are ne:wly defiled; For .the Devil entred in, an~ found h.im wak,ing: And 'lo, he entred_ yet, and he war not afleep. But he w.u happie ,. being k.,zndled wzth defire of God,elfe bad the Judgement of hi! bodie for thw w~rld been fulfilled. . Wic~edneffe followeth him : and the [pirits of evd cotm[tl are at hand. You jhall feel the fornw ~herrof, and jo11r family jhall be di[comforred. But pray unt9 God, that it fall not out, that Sathan goeth ab.;;ut : Neither that it come to paffe, which be bath power to execHte, For, thi-s tok.._en fignifieth your mi[eries, at~d it i.s a fign of that , which i-f given to execution I have [aid. The peace of God be reftgred unto you.


E. K.


true '!{elation ofDr. D~e his Affions ~Pith fpirits, &c


E. K: Hcu i~ the man again . . . .. 'two 'WfJrds and I h~tve done. Nothing iJ plainrr than that which iifpokfn : Nothing certainer than tbat which if appointed. Be you penitent, that God may be mereifu!. This i.t all I h11ve to fay . Tf"ajh your [elves, and I alfo will mak_e you clean, Kejift you Satan di!ige;)t/y, and I wi I ( help you mightily. a. 0 Lord lhat ft:al to the Sword and rags break off.

K. N'ow he is.gone. .

. K. Now he is here again.

....... Thid cloud is a feparation betwixt thif, yea thu glorifie4 company and you. Look_ not [1r an.J light, 1Phi/eft thw dark,_nefs i1 pre[ent. Behold, my m~uth faltreth, lmd my lips are Jtayed : But pray you, and you ]hall not be rejelled. For the .flronger you be, the merc.ijiNller is God, itnd she 1Peal{_er u, and ]hall be, your adver{ary. L9ve t9gether ; Serve God together: Be of one beart together. .Alwayes preach. God. I am tied.

E. K. Ho is gone.
A, ~ifericordia & pax Dei fit fuper nos nunc &femper.

A mm.



Novemb. 15 . hortt



K . .The cloud appearetb, and opcneth, fo chat the Sword may be


E. K, An hand comeh_ :tnd nipperh off an inch of the cop of ~he Sword, ;tnd 1ome of the rags are fail en down; fome hanging Oll the bil\s of the Sword) and fome are thruft through with the Sword. N.ow the Svvord is filut up again in the Cloud.
A. Have mercy on us, 0 Lord, and

A 0 Lord deal mercifully viith ml as thy children, to be corrected with rod or whip, and not with thy emmies, with fword ro cur or wound us. Let not ~a ran force thee to jufiice more mightily, than thy fa[herly goodndfe can indine thee to !hew mercy upon us.

deal with us as thy yonnglings and novices.

E K. Now come in an eleven, all like: Noble men. One of them ha rh a regal Cap, and a Gown faced with Sables The Cap is hke a Polonian Cap, but rimmed up vvich rich Sables No\.-V cometh one and bringcth a very rich Chair, befet vvith precious Stones : 'Four of the Corn pany fee dovvn eh is Chair, for that Principal m:m. . He that brought the Chair vvent avvay J hey all do lovv obedience: to ~his principal He fitted\ dovvn, and"putteth his Govvn over. He i~ a goodlier man than the Lord A . L. The 4 pluck 2 thing like a Canopy over che Chair, and they put a round Cusfbion under his f~et. This PrincipaLfpeakc'h as follovvcch
. . .... Pluck_ up tby h?ttrt and be merry, pine not thy Soul away with inward groan.ings ; for I will opm unto tbce the [n-nts of Nature, and the riches of~he World, and withal give thee fuch direllion, that jh,zlf.delivcr thee f:rom many infirmities, both of body and minde : Ea[c thee of thy tedious labour, and fettle tbee -wbeu th~u.fh:~lt have comfort. A.. Thanks be given tintothe Highefi, .nc>w, and ever, ofall his Creatures . .. . . Why rlojt tbou ... within tby thougbt: H ~tft thou not need of Counfe!l A. Yes, God knows) fo r I .am half confounded ... .. Then fir.tf d with thy [elf to rejt thee,for. this w;nter. Secondly opm thj miad to defir~ fuch things 11s may advance thy Credit, and enrich thy Faptil.J: R.e_ap unto.thee many friends,and lift tiJee- up to honour ; For 1 will jtir up tbe mindes of Learned men, th~ profouJtdett in the Wo rld th1t they jhalt vijit thee. And I will di[do{e unto pu fuch things, a; {hall be Wonderful!, and of txceeding profit. <.J'v{oreover, I will put to my hands,and help your proceedings, that the TJ7orld mlzy talf<.e ofyour wi[dom here.tfter. Therefore wander not farther into mzk_nown places, contrtt giotU, the very [eats of deatb for thee, and thy children, and [uch as are thy frimds . If thou enquire of me where, and how. Every where: or how thou wilt tby felf. For tho!ljhrtlt f.rthwith buomnicb~ and thou.fha!t be able to enrich Kings, and to hdp [uch as are nredy. rrajl thou no t born to u{e the commodity of this T:Yor!d P Were not all tbingl' marle for mans u[e ? A. Will you f;ive me leave to fpt!ak ? ...... What canjt thou. Jpeak.. heremtto l Wilt thou t!wr~ me for tf.,i; l



A true Re!at ion ~f Dr. De e bis Aflion s Jith (pirits, & c.


All thanks be unto the King of Glory, &c. t., js it your meaning that we fhall itay here, and go no farther with the Lord Alberf

. . . . Lnrkje ? Yes in the Summer ; wheN zt u more fazr. . ~:r befeech you, Where would you, t~at we !hould make our .. this.W inter? ...... Where ;ou will. Are you [o rmwife .to go with him 11-QW. Let hint go .befor.e, ttn4_:pro.vide for himfelf, tbar he may the better pr~vid for you. The weath~r will be hard, gn.d_ the tra11el unfit for chi.ldreH. If thou covet tiJ lrve tn ea{e, heap not up thy WlVes [orrow. A. 1 de fire to li vs in quiet, that my fpirit may t:he better attend to the fervice of Gbd Tarry you, and my promife Jhall be quic/zly performed. J 11ill 1io.t halt. JPitb )otl. How fa! you Sirs l .

...... w,u,

[E. K. He fpeaketh to. h!s Cor:n.p.any,vyho ma~e curlics,and lay not!hing.]

A. I befee:ch 1ou to appomt ail apt place: Thts you fee IS no fit place . ... I will jrir thee up [~teh friends, as jhali C~Jntent thu. As for dwelling pl~t~~ thou jhaa bejfow them JVell, you are contented, t.. Is it your will, chat in this Town we fhould part from the Lord Albert Lask__ie. t ...... What jhould JOU do elfe .< Are you n:ad men ? Will JOU 11tH huuillmg int.o fl.flnt,er 1

wilfull]? t:.. I befeech you, lhall this be nothing prejudicial to our former doin~s, and order already taken and decreed for our going tOether? What, is this contrtLry to reafon l Wrll Y' U are content~ A. As the will of the High eft is, fo is mine and none other. ..... Sirha, df) you fee this frPord l I rP.ill be a furety for thi-s ( I w.arrant thee ) alfo, ... ... Your brotber is clapped up in pri[on~ How lik..,eyou that ? Your h4u[e-kseper i nwan. And why I pray you? ...... For that, that thou nzayeft be ajhamed of. t:.. What is that? ...... 'I hey eA amm him : They fay, that thou ba_{f hid divers (ecret things. As for thy Boo~s; thou may{t go loo/:.. them at leafure. It majbe, that thy houfe mIJ. be butnt f(Jr a remembrance of tbee too. Well if thq do, fo it if : if n Jt,as thou wilt . .I have rold thee my pbanfie, tmd givm the~ mJ counfel, offert;d thee "1J help, and defired to do thee goiJd ! ' The choice H thine~ A. 0 Lord the Author of all truth, and d~re8:or of fuch as put their trufi in thee, I iuotl humbly befeech thee to confider thefe premifes, thus to me propoondtd.. lf they be true, :and from thee, confirm them: If they he illufions, and not from thee, difprove them. For; hardly in my judgemenr, they do or can agree with our former precepts and order taken by thee. A voice ...... He that ll[cendeth up td the tQI of the hill, let bi~ believe : For until he C(/1111 th!tper, let him do hidabour. . 0 Lord, I doubt ofthefe thiags, and promifc:sof eafe, wealth, and honour. A voice....... Judge the Truth, bJ the laji: .A:Cli~n. 0 Lord,What is that Altion? A voice, ...... Wenfdaies At:lion. '{hi? Cloud ([aid the voice of the Lord ) is put bihlfi.Jtt 111 ~tnd you : H'bat terefore mAy come between? NQW judge you. o.. I fufpe8: the whole apparition of the eleven to be an illufion. 0 Lord confirm my judgement or difprove it:. A voice....... The Spirit of the Lord M not amongft you. b.. What mifery are we then in ? 0 Lord, Mercy, Mercy. _A voice, ...... Di[p11te not with God, where whoretiom is great. b.. 0 Lord, This whoredom we underftand not. A voice....... Pray daily, with repentaHce, that this cloud. JHtty be ta~1t away, and th~ [1Pord Jiminifhed . For the Seal cannot be brok..en, until Sllt~tn hav~ done bis utr~mo.ft; yea t/,e Httermoft of hit malice. F<ir it is granted him and he nmft Jlrik.l But pray y(Ju unto God, tbtd.the fword may be made jhorter, orjluck.J: out of the hilt, that in jfrikjng he want power. For y9sv, fin if ttbominable, and a [evenfol offence in the fight of the La-r.d. A. What chis whoredom is (God knoweth) we underfl:and not perfectly. 1f che Spirit of God be not with us, how can our prayers be acceptable ? A voice...... 'ihU! faith the Lord, Turn unt9 me and be forry for your fins , aNd !er: my A .. gels be witnefle thereof. For I[wear by my (elf, that my Jujfice jha/l htmg over you: And wbt-H I punifoyou next, I will raze you from the face of the earth. Therefore, Vow your [elves unto me , and mak,.e your veffels clean ; for your habitations in my fight ar8 mthing : . neither is. the fu~{tanet whereof I framed you aceptable 1 am the Spi-rit of Trmh and. Vnderjranding, and will not be dajht in pieres with worldlings ; Neither 11[e: I to dwell in defiled places. For my SanUuary ii holJ, and my Gates are without [pot. And wirb me th"f'e ti:tulleth no unrighteou{neJfe. A. Lord


trNe~lation of D. Dee hir

4Efions -with fpirits:~ &c.


1:>. Lord, is it thy will we fball go with Albert Lafk..,ie to La[co ~ A voyte;"iheLortJ [dieth, Whllt I have [aid, u true. 1Yho rebukjth me, faying my ~rJrds ar~ ~a~true l The correlfion of him that reigneth is mi.gh~ie s wh' hath numbred it l But to his de ... .ftrulfion. Be you holy, that my hand may be weak_. t:... 0 Lord, the fear 'of thy punilhtnent afionieth my heart : and uncertainty of it iri time, and place, doth alfo encreafe my grief, &c. A voyce. Th-e fool [~tith i?t his heart : Oh, how great is thy punijhment over me. Teach me the place of thy corre(Jion : And whtte thou wilt chafti[e me. Who is he that defireth t o meet God his 'Vengeance, or the punijhment of bim that crmfound-eth the damned l Mafte your hearts clean,and wipe the fin from among/f you : And de {ire to be forgiven;[or mi[erable a-re .they that mut with .'Dengeance, or that /tnow the place wher-e fhe tak..eth up her Harbour. D.., Gloria ,.Honor, Laus & gratiarum aB:io perennis fit Deo nofiro Omnipotenti : Nobis ve... a Deo Plltre, propter Jefum Chriftum in Spiritu San8:o , fit Mifericordia, Pax & Confolatio in via virtutis & veriratis. A mm.


Mqnday, No'Vemb. I~. Hora 9 Mane.



There appeareth the Cloud , wherein the fword



do fed
b.. 0 Lord, be mercifuH unto us, and rigoroufly execute not. thy ] uflice upon us, t:hy weaklings : Norfuffer Satan to T riumph, where thy glory is ex1)etted, &c. Converte nos DeM [alutaris nofter, & averte iram tuam 4 nobu,&c.

E. K Now cometh one in a whue Coat, not perfectly to be feen; but as if he were fecn through a Ciprdfc; and laid as follo\veth.
... , .. H1Jo iJ he tbat leadeth out the Lion to prey l or who is he that lifteth up the feet of the yomtg ones t o devour l Who feedeth the [mell of the roaring Bear, or hatb taugbt bim to remember the place of his recreation? H ath he al[o taught th~ fields, to put f6rth their voices : and the mighty 7'rees to jlourijh iH pride? Are not the Hills glad when they bring forth Corn l When the Valleys rejoice Wfth threefold waters. Tbe beafts of the wilderneffe have they not /znown Caves: arzd unto fuch af are made tlt'te, if there not a ...... underttanding? For, who ;, he that teachetb teem, to m~t/te [ubjdl them[e/ves, whir.h are ravming, (}r to bridle [uch a! llre- of their frow'ardneffe l E-zmt. he it is, that look,.eth d9wn from Hellvelt, and beholdeth the ellrth, and meafureth with his feet, faying, It u done. Which entreth tt.lft~ into the hou[es of men, and liJfeneth to that which they call wonders. Wbicb openeth the gates of hu k._now!edge with hi-1 own finger ; And whicb [ayeth unto yort : H~w are ye become wife ? Or from wh~nce is y our underjta.nding2 are y9ur hearu become Caves t o fend out Th.unJers ? Or why are your fpirits th1~ vexed with holiJU.ff'e? .Are you not a ftiff-mck._ed people, and'[uch fH are defpi[ed l Are you not poor,anJ. therefore b'!ted. Since, therefore,you llre become Bajlarc!s; who t eacheth your lips to [peak., of my Church l Or bath taught you to urge me with mine own fpiritl Behold, l am mighty, Becau[e I am the joy of the faithfull. For I am called the Temple of the Holy ones,and the be~tutj t~f Ifracl,. T/;1 fpirit of man crieth out, and pierceth into the Lord, M the [w,ftnrj}e of an Arrow: .llnd he he4rd them. Therefore, 'thlif doth the winde of Cabon open h~r mouth, and [weareth by rh~ Jafpar Pill11r that ftandeth in the T emple of Reconciliation} and it ThH1td(i'e'tbj and is {aid, Be it done . And be,hold, the doors open, a11d tbe Holy Altar u cover~d. The beafts with many fut bring up burnt-ojferittgs: And there is a[trcrifice that a[cmdeth up, and it is a mighty winde, [uch IH hat/, not been fin. e the beginning of dayes. c 0 pen yor~r ears therefore, and prepare your [elves to hear: For this ...... is mighty,f(ir it H of peace. My Jujtice (faith the Lord) ii [ealer;l, and you l:!ave finned mightily : .lltlj arm is /fretch~d forth, a11d I mu{r be magnified.: For vengeance is gon~ forth, and u appeared. ~tlruttl.y. But who is he that refijl:eth the venome of the edrth, or inftrufleth man to avo~d the Dar.ts. of poo[on? f-1~ [aitq un{,f) y~u. ThJU it is, becau[e I hav~ [anui/led you1 and h111:1e made you holy to the earth : Ther(fore will l help you .: Eut not M you defire : For your ,prayers and unrighttoil& life jhllll beco~ bands iJf yarn. And I will mab,.e a contention het#ixt S(lthan and yor:t. I f therefore you labr,ur hard,and open fervent min4es,fuch ~are ~tot of the 'Wo.rld! and can binde thii [word an d cloud of vengeaHce fajt from amongf/: you: Be it fo unto you, fo.r it it your own rigbteoufnee. For S a than hatb reviled, and hath [aid, Tben jhalt thou fee. But fo long M they are Holy, a,;d become rigbteQr41uJJc, they are b~come [aftt: but when the fall y Satan entreth in. For the.powet of.rigbt eoufneJFe is become a Ccnquerour , if it figlli mightily: And Satanfhall be confounded by a righteoll! judgement.



A true 'I\ elatio~t of D. Dee his Aflions '"'ith JPirits, &c.


For I have decued it: ,zndby my [elf I [wear it. 1 will be a righteoUf Jud"e betwixt you. Therefore, tak,.e heed you fin not , tzor go into d~ath: For great 15 the fall of venleance, Be not therefore defiled with t~e filthineJJe of the wici{_ed; Neither delight in fuch M coTmterfeit truth. For I am one fire that Jud~etb Ill~ tbmgs. And I delight in people that ar~ joyful! with one Bank,et. For tho[e that fill the1r bellm at the hou{ts of ftra~:gers : Become enemus to me. For I have fait!, My [pirit is holy and.my annointed righteour. L~t the earth rife up, and co11tinue in her wicJtednrffe: Yea, let :hem Jay, we have found tbe anointed: .But mJ contin_ ance is truth, and t~Nj are u become liars. For my fpirit work..eth, and behold, there are wonders tn the fight of men. ANi. where{oever I dwell,[uch zs my power. Be therefore of 01te hou[e;that you may eat together:Leaft you bank_et too much, and fo become der.eivers. I am one, and am k..~own by 01re:. An~ unto One, Which One I am married ,_nto. (And I am merczfull) Whofoever Jtbzdeth not therem, zs an .Adulterer. Avoid y o" darltneffe, for righteou[luffe is prefent , a1:d my fpirit entreth. Blef{ed ate fuch M belifve. Amen. Even to the , Amen.

E. K. He is gone There appeare fome bands linked tQgethcr, as Chaincs about the Cloud.
t:.. Welcome be thefe bands.

B. K. He is here again; .... and faith ... .. eth .

..... . Why are you become- dull? Why are )OU yet ignorant? eth~and fpeaketh to E. K.] Seeft thou the(e .. .... [He point-

E. K. 11 ee them, I th3nk God .

... .. 'fhefe bonds au your own righteou[neffe =And M they appear before the Lord, [o {hall they binde vengeance t o gether: But if you become weak..you fall. But pray, !hat you fall not :For they are tbe dayes of forrow. The fpirit of God u twoffJld; prefent .Jah ag1an, and pre[ent Nah gaffapalan. Therefore talte heed. For, in the firjf, yot' are bleffed: and it may return. But he thllt u filled with the [econd,fhall be drunk..en for ever. The fi.rft h power prefmt, and a comfort inmen.furable, glorifying, and jlrengthning all things that are agreeable to it: But when the differ, y it returneth. Tbe other: if the fpirit of the firjf, and the [econd , Almighty , and everla(ting , unmea(urable , and inex?licable: drorrning tbe will of man, that becometh jfrong in the fountain of gladneffe and under{tanding: true wifdom her {elf, and not returning. Pray, therefore, that yon may be perfeti: and that you may be fea[oned: For it if a falt that {av9ureth to the end. The peace of God be a.mongfr you.

E. K. He cafl: off his Cloudy Lawn ,and went away. He feemed to be Raphael.
t.. Yet we befeech you more expreOy, and particularly to deal with us,&c. ...... It if {aid, ...... It is written. ...... It H truf.

t:.. Gloria, Laus, Honour, Triuruphus & Jubilatio fit Deo noftro omnipotenti : Nun~ &



Wednefday, M 1 vemb. 20. M~tne hor. 11 ~. Lr1belt. As thou haft of thy mercies (0 Lord) given us fom thew of thy favour bent towt!rd us= [o are we defirous to underftand how our Letters have wrought upon our friend his heart to joyn with us to call for ~by mercies, pard~n and help: for if they have, en do we hope, our bands (of acceptable hfe) whereby to bmde vengeance prepared and m tended .aoainfi us, lhall wax more and fironger : by thy great mercy and help to thy well-pleafing in thy fcrvice hence forward.


E. K.

Th~ Cloud and bonds

appear; But the bands appear fewer.

t:.. 0 Lord, IS ou~ ftate fince yefterday beco!ne weaker with thee? And !hall it fo narrowly be cxa8:ed? Thy w1ll be done, who art holy, JU1l, and mofi wife, 0 God.

E. K. The bonds about the Cloud ., now are onely two; which before \Vere fix, or feven. The bonds fec:m of a fmoky athy co!lour, fpirally going about the Cloud.
Ar length a


...... J~dgemen~ H tbe end of Ju~ice : di{fribttthtg and delivering alfo to every thing,[een, heard) or determmed to hu proper end uprzghtly. Are y ou able to deny this? D.. The end of our a8:ions, words , and thoughts may feem twofold : One of us in~ended , and ~ent to be g~od: The other not depending upon our weening, but accordmg to exa8: w1fdorn, what u the end of the fame; here deemed the proper end if 1 underfiand right. ' A voycc.

true 'l(elationo[Dr. Dee his Aflions ~ith fpirits, &c.


A voyce. Lo, judgment is the end of. ]11fi_ice in tbings.that are handled uprightly: whereof you finde the Om11ipotencie and Truth of him thttt Judgeth Ommpotently: Which beholding your Co1nbat, bath--girded bim[elf together 1 and beholdetb the L ifts, and he judgeth uprightfy: For, he barb [worn it Arm not your [elves therefore arweakJings : But provide tK migbtie and couragioZH Souldiers, fo r your oW't defence. I am wzthout corruption (faith tbe L ord) a1zd lean 1rot with the windes of Bafannah. A. 0 Lord, give me leave to requeft thee, tl'c . A voyce. But I llm juft, and judgement btJ {elf. E'rter 'tot therefore into "!J holy places : Nei rher k_neel down before my [an{iuaries; fayi"g, the Lord bath Chofen ur, He liveth, and it is true fur ever. For I have [aid, It may be undetermined, I wi~l a/[o [ee, whether you be ftrong mwardly, or privily rotten. For with t.he world your weak.,.nee zs great. Whofoever overcometh jhall rtjoyce. But I will be a God in my Covenant and will. hold on my promife; Fight therefore a-r it becometh you, and r.ajf off the world. Mak_.e f/ejh [ub; ea , and jirangle your Adver{ary. For Nnto fu ch belongetb the entrance into my Cha~b ers, a1td the ufe. of my wtll, 41 the H orn of my glorie. For it is written, light dwelleth not tn dark...mffe: Nezther hatb dark_'lteffe comprehended any light: For dark_.nej[e is the Cave of errour, and the reward of !inners. Thur [ayeth he, which beholdeth your [orrows: And it is a fight for many daies, which appeareth neither in tbe one, nor i" the other : nor giveth he an[wer until! the end.

Bl( There i~ one come in like a Ghofi) and hetakcth all the hangings away, which beautified rhe place 1ike to Curtains. Now ail rhe fides of the fionc are darkifh ; and the Cloud fiandc:th in the very middle thereofNow rh!: bands feem brighterthc:n ...... becaufe the place is fo darkifi-1.
A. 0 Lord, many daiesCombat is affigned us. Ana forafllUlch as Mili tia eft vita hominis [uper Terram, we are now in a great uncertainty of our Combat ending.

E. K There fiandeth the number of-40 upon a great Labdl, and no. thing dfe.
A. This 40. ( 0 Lord) what betokeneth it, dayes , weeks, or years? Well: Whatfoe ev.e r it be, Bleifed be the name.of the High eft. Our God, King, and Father.

E. K.

E K Now is one come in very brave, like a Preacher; l take him eo be aft evil one.

Benedi8:us qui venit in nomine Domini.

This Preacher-like Crea-

E- K. He faith nothing; Not fo much as, Amen.

...... Are you fo foolijh to thznk,. that the power of God will defcmd into [o ba{e a place'?


E K. The power of God defccnding, delcendeth to beauti6e the place And whatfocver he beautifi~th, he doth it mercifully: And fa through his

mercy hedefcendcth among us, that put our trun: in his mercies
...... It is true : But, unto tbofe th4t are righteoZH. A. Chrift his coming hath been to fave finners. His converfation was amon ,. finners, halt, lame, blinde, and difeafed. So likewife : Now our frailty or impurity will ::.n ot ex~ elude his prefc:nce, or the Minifiery of his faithfull Angels; ,., .. What, in this ba[e manner? A. Do you miOikethemanner? ...... Can any that' bath any drop of wifdom li'<; it? A. Are you wife ? ...... Or elfe I could not fee thy imperfellions. t.. Which be they? Accufeme . . . . What greater imperfe{iion, then to imagi1te much more believe, tbat the Angelr of God; iPill, or .may dr[cmd into [o filthie a place, M this corruptible .(tone is? Confideri.ng the clearneffe, and big_ Heffe of the aire, or the places that are prepared in mam bodie, for fuch mtrances. t.. Who caufeth thee to come here? Thy fol!). t. . Art thou aood,or bad? . ...... l am good, or elfe I could not fee the bad. _ A. Ergo, chou art a lyar, fol' thou fayd'fi:, No good Angel, would, er ruight come here int() thts fione. A. Thus will God be glorified againfr wicked Satan, and his Miuifi:ers. His fetch was ve-



A true'l(elation ofD. Dee hii Aflions Dith [firits, &c.


ry fubtile: As, To bring in doubt all the A&ions perfom1ed in this ilone. .

e. K.

He fay~th nothing: Neither can he fay any thing

What canft thau

He fcemeth td be

a very foolith Devil.

Mendactlm oportct dfc memorem, Now be packing hence ... . . I will abide here. A . Wberc God will permit thee, there mayeft thou be: But we will (as now) ceafc :And we thank God highly of this comfort and vifrory : We befeech him , that we may as profperouOy overcome a\l other Diabolical a!faults or fophifl:ical , or untrue perfwafions: and all his Temptations. A men. Glory,Honour, power, and praife be to our Almighty and living God, the Lord of Hofrs, Jehovah,nfJW a12d ever. Amen.

Saturday, Novemb.


Hderidie hora I~.


E.K. Here appeareth the fame b::td one, firtmg, who laft appear~d. The

Cloud with the [word appcareth at lafl: : with two wreaths on one fide; and two on the other, fpirally. This Creature takcth the cloudy pillar, and throweth it from him divers times
He fayech. Call M long M tbou wilt, I will k.,eep thee for feei1tg any more fights hn-e. A. Or Lord, attend unto thy giory: Attend unco thy honour, regard th~arrogancyof this Lnciferine brag againfl: thy younglin~J s exprefied. A. And of the Lord, Alb. LtHk..ze, &c . ..... , He jhall come to dejtrutrion, M thou and thine t o mife;able beggery: Becau[e he hatb con[enteJ to them tbat are Minifters of iniquity, fpirits offalfhood.
E. K.

He looketh on a bare book, when he faith thus

., . 7'be yower of God entreth into the Soul of man, and doth vi.fit the Chambers of his under.franding: openeth his will with p wer. The [pirits of dark._nejJe are ready for every pla.ce, a1ttl. can deceive, [aying, This is of God. Vnto theft> YfJT.I have li/i:med : and have [worn it M a Coflmant But I am come from Go i: and am entred indeed, and will mak._e you bun between God and you_ gry in your ow~r foo.lifhneJ!e, that you may becom~ wife, None 'bath entrcd here with power but I. And I will t.trry here. And I will be a wall betwixt you, and your imaginations: and betwixt th~fe that have tempttJd you, and your weak..,'Hcfft> For thou haft called upon God : . tnd he bath t heard thee, and I am he that fayeth fo unto thee, .. Laws of[alvatton are ready,follow them. The way into darJtnee wwide, aud eafie, a1rd where light i-s, it encrea[eth joy. Be thou therefore warned by me. Nay, I have [aid. A. Thou haft faid here, That thou art God, is that true? For thou haft faid, Thou hall called upon God, and he hath hard thee: And I am he , that fayeth fo unro thee . ...... I fee thee : And thy wifdom iJ nothing : Mak..e of me what thou canft , I am the meffager of God. , ..... A void dark.,neffe, avo.id dark.,neJ!e, avoid dark_neffe.
E. K.

He plucketh

doYU1 violendy

(in the !lone) the Clouds, and all be


cometh light in the fl:one

...... Ly here with thy fellows. Thofe that are of wifdom, let them underftand. A. 0 Sapiemia patris <eterni, illumina mentes noftras, ut tibi ferviamus in fanCtitate, & Juftitia toto vit<e noftr<e tempore. Amen ...... Carmathar, a Knight of tbe Rhodes, WM thirteen years de<ieived with one that appeared (<K br thought) in glorie & 'J#ifdom in the image of Chr~ft. Antony WM beguiled in divers wayes. The Prophets & Apoftles have doubted in many things; But becaufe they faithfNlly believed they were not rejdled. Their hope became fruitft~ll,and they b!effed with underftanding from above .If fo be alfo, y;u repent, and be f(Jrry in that you have yielded unto the injfrPiments of wick._edneJJe : and follow 011'> M they your fathers have done ,you fhall ~lfo become wife: But I fay unto you, That 19hich you have confented unto u amiff~, and falfe;worfe rhm errour it fe~f. For, wher e have you tafted anie fr~it out of tbat Doarine. H ow po'Jr i-s tiJe power, that hath been long tr d of in you. J You have fo rgottm JOllr (JWn ~now/edge, and are become of fars, bli11de : fu ch flf grope their waJ. Such end,fur.h Fl)r the end hangeth from the beginning: and id become a means in it [elf, to bring all beginning. things to paJJe. But neither the end Nnr beginning of fuch things. M JOU have handled bath b~en perfefl, or prob able: But a de,eit, comprehending the im age of f alfhood : Yea, 1nuch more the trap.s and [nares into wick...edneffe.; which deferveth dejfrutfion eternally..


A 11:.1 '1(~/wifm of D.

Dee h~ Afliotu Jtri-th {piritJ~ &c.


If thil'lll")~ti'rlife )'1!11, 'BI' it fo. I f thtfe -e;:ampl~ :lt'1t'J JlnilJrtbie 'ltT'guJnmts b' [ou1rd, Thrn lltCIJfilrilyyou ought of dutie to be Co11n[rlled by me: Btrr1 hnre'ofnml'my mouth tnd to!d}oli. Be t .if ~n~t~ .)OM., Mc~;dJng to~our ili[pofitioJz, A. Be ic unto us ~ordi.J)g to the .merdci and lotin.g kindnclf-eof che HigheH.; Into whofe hands we commit.onr fel ves, ail Otit doings, .and intents . 1:M-ts 'Wtll [aid . God 'be 1Pl'fh.PU E. K. He is gone,.and in the plac~ v-vhere he Goad tbclikenc'ffe of a little

Circle, as .ifapritn v.vere made vvith a Thimblc:~brim

c.. 'Soti f)eo, Horroton:lnis, &
Gluria.. A mf.,.,

~:&. Orabarn diu.ad Deum, ut A rbice.r elfet in.ter ifios. A .... num .. luni confuginms in wupor.e ne.tdma~ .;.c: ~ te ( Q.Deus ) folo peitd~Ds; &c. ~. SedeO.Us 1~il tU.tttangulct, 8c ft conn~tebat verfus ...f. L . ....... t:~ O.in.a; 41P<it-k,;e,jhtr/t...eb.jf{fJrgetflnq[-e: Lift not up fby ( elf fo 111ucb ~ , 'But clofe up t.f;ne t>U't!Ht~tlft. .1iheft dili1.6l'id.J.eltJ.r~) 'Wbicb Ctl'rr:J thee heaJf.,rtg iiito foflj, and tranrf<trm ther If.~ j/Mtlw .: BJ hofii -cfllli(el tltott ntb~tne. tliflmtottred., 'lffld by . rbdn /lialt become a {pot ;, tb, . Bo~of Flltftl~ C~ll :to.:rntHotbrance the Hijlme; of .t'be whol~ Wvrbl:, ,olitic:rl ttnd Ec~kU.;c~l. I~i:r.e ~ t~eLeltt'tted. .H14t..~e f-ettlet.l ti:Jeir:j url:grmrnn 1n th~ B"'k. of qod. ,Ope1t " lMfeeJtf) tnl trhoU; f 4JiJ f !be .frg.phe.ts m- ftJrifathers ( men {.riJumled itr wifdom nd Je-ep a ~nd.mg,.)-vefiWtlul thtm[<tlves r:- th.il 'flltrighte~mjp, befieii11g lyars; coufrmhig to 11n.,. JT~~ afi.dltitlij di.fho'fW'IIt.i.g tbe N~me. IJ/ Gotl. Theft. f.7lll to mi;~de. t'hine own ejltt,te, thr flortr~ tf ihy_yO#th, llnd J'fil'rbilit~s; '1Piitrei'n. t6(1U tlr.ry~ be rn-11.de p,trfea. 'hich if thou truely dtJt 4(bt~ bnifh th".Jijh'11f'B'ilr to C-rad aittl ~is .Angles, ##m mtt to tbeTr S ...... irfity: For the S)rem.s -~ tt.W~-.._t, rtttitbe'i:r fszf. iJ'tfl rl~afrmn. I . , [Mt from God; iH 'If trf:ffcnger to .. call .the-e WIW ; fw tbP'IJ ;t~ Gori..miglfti(J Bebold 1 .~if be' rrnrd~ cimtemptibl(, and become lr tbou lln;{.hingfiocl{. 7'hylii1t!D:w./hllllbt J..-eftt!!td, tmi'th) f'!Jfr("Tit) .ffi!>tted 111ffh ignomittfe. MorY~ -wt.r; {ttch s ~ tit! frie1tt'is:/hll.fl}bi.k:~" 'their.Jieid.t.l {1t)if!t{,., Whrzt :wife nu~n. brttb tbiJije~ti. overto"" ? Whta is lie tfntt ~.lur.tllf'e fo'tJiifh? ~ mitJ.If ~-efiri it; ;nrtl i:rmfent., 11s .before ; Btit 1 4111 jhitliblmg 'ithtc~h-em.it YM'i a'Btt .wHl dweH in 4/1-Efentettd fdr.yonr purpofes

E K. Here appcatcch fira.igbt the .fame fcl.. E.~ low thar~df fpakc_, and. lcftth~pclntJf~e:litrleCircle behind him. ~.L.

2". Novemb.

Mane, 8 1 Lubrk.,. W4Y , . (a~ the firfi loolci0g}


.8- K He hol~& ap h~ told him truth.


hands towArds





Nay I hal!e
Thou tbalr 0c lunged, . he faid ro! .K.

B K. Ho.haW! now gotten him 2 Chair~ aud Gct-tt-h down

If it be ti'Utl\ts thert it is a: t<fketl tbelt God is .-ery mtrcJfttl ~lto us ; atl'd that we are Dtcii1111, a,. l'n his f~r h;gt~.iy~ ftt .give. &'S this fh'rhirig to Cl\'bid efil. Now relleth th~ other part; lo & Fae How we lbaH attain .to good, and wi(dpm, ft~nS Ood 1 fnch ~s by the true 'Oftld pecfH~ u[e of num. Pfalm.

ftis creattirCll:.i we might do him fonie acceptable fervlce .> with true obedi'ertce and humi licy, &c.

E. K One cometh to him; and faith.....- H.~ go:=th a bout to tak~ you a ..

lyar. fi. K. Htgoe!rh away, snd t;;1!Yft1eth 2gain.

E. K. This man nit:n thus came and went away, and comc:tb again, w is aY ifl white~ he ka<h a ill vor Crown ot\ bHJ .he~~ ; he fp~aketh as.fo1lowh
........ De111 that.1ou have done, Co~felfe ino be faJ{r~ C-r..J J'Uh.ll7Je#ffind~d, AJJd let t~ 11'11gels ifGodfeeyou dojo., ( thattbel "'ft.J car~l,U/" Joilr .Pr.ayers;)'fo jhaiLJ?rlbel'o-merighteou.r; BUt why.do.fl thou write words of contempt ttgabift .Ill ? For Oite indur mmtber is A/l; An4 we are, tzll; One. B/liepe ~ ; .for of otl_t filv~ s 11~ btiv~. no pfi'R1~r to iJ:I.ilrMi you, 'IJ1IU9 delivh y(J'fl the Commandment of God~ Rtltt !dill" cl1Jrtrhs0 p~l{ flib[i ~lifl'8nnolf! hw/Zr in pi-eces ; .tbi?i fti /J rl.ow'li before the L~rd .: fo r he it essf#;it il 1ri{d6jij, I '/Jl'tle J~tt far .this, t'i1ftr~

E K He is gone. .
t::.. ~is

ell: difcrcror 'Spiritttltm?

E. K .N ow be cotnetli in agaiR and fpeaketh.

~ ..... Oh,)qJ~ IWt a Ledr11ttl Htatt ..,..... Truth i1t tbtfocoltd : H~ it is rhlt Jift rlnlj jtulg.ith all If his ilif(tttion be given to you, tbank., God: A. im


A true 9.( e!ation of Dr. Dee his AFlions -rPith jjirits, & c.
t:.. Illi ergo Commtctem'us hanc caufam: ab illo hoc donum perentes & expeelantes. Nos interim pie in Chrilto vi vcre intendimus.

E. K. He is become a great piHar of Chryflal higher than a Stec:ple He ~(cendeth upward in clouds, and the little circle remaineth.
A. Gloria, la us, honor, & gratiaruni actio

fit Deo noD:ro omnipotent! T rino & uni, nurtc,

& in fecula feculorum.


Tuefday Decembris 10. After Diner, we removed from Lt~he~, and the Lord.Alb. Laskje went by Coach to Lord {hri{topher, Duke of c.Jlterk_elburgh. 1hurfday night we lay at Wifmttr. 1 I. Decemb. vel12. Saturday morning we came to R~Jtoch. 14. Decembris. Mmday D~cemb.




10 ~


E K. He is here, chat faid, he vvould dwell in omnibus ElemeNiis, &c

,, .... I c<Ime from the formtain of !i~ht, where is no erroflr nor dark._neJfe,!Znd have Power, ( hccau[e it is given me from the Hig,he{f ) Whicb, ( Lo) is grown and become 4 migiJty R9ck._. For it is [aid of me' Behold I will vifit th.?m that put their trujt in me, With a comfortaL!e.ffrength in the time of need ; For my Rock,. is an ever!a{i:inJ!. {frength, ttnd the Hills of my counrenance en.. dure for ever, If then I be the Countenmce ofGod, and a pincing fire [ent out as a jlam~, not onely with his great mercy, but with his good will~ and that towards yoit,overwbelmed,n;t raft down, but almoft for ever buried in a lak..e Df ignorance, and inquei:J~h.J:ble flame, fuch a> confumeth with ignoranr:e, deceit it [elf, and a provocation too manifeft, a1zd app.trent de/fru!lion : If I then with this meJJage ( being the mFJJage of truth) my [elf a mean .... fufficent Order for the pubLi(hment thereof, can, nor may ...... ttJ of ... n I am) vehemently defp1[ed (the fruits of a good Confcience, notw1th tanding jted{aft) Then zs he of no power of whom I am .... becaufe it is ~ritte~. S~ch as rife up ag<ttin/t m_v Spirit, I will de.ftro.J. the~ in the mid)i: of tbe fame fire, and Wll! delzver thetr ajhes to tbe wmdes for a memory of thezr wzck..edneffe. But he is ju;t, 11nd is without meafure: k,.noweth what is, ttnd what is tD come, which bath thus faid of 1ou. Behold their ignorance is ?,re at er, and they e{teem not truth. Lo I have heud them, in the midft of thBir' corruptzon; yet thry are become faitblejfe: I minijfer unto them, but in vain; But beho/J tbeir mouths are clofed up with idleneffi. 0 ye of little underftanding, are you become fo blinde, that you will not fee ? Are the window! of your ear.es made faft agamft truth? Are your: confciences [ealed up, with a thrice burnt iron ? Defire you light, and yet refufe it? Have you craved .. , , and now den] it : yea utterly difdain it? A. That is not true.

E. K Now cometh a head behind hitn .

.... . Lo the endjhpll bec.me your comfort, if you liften to the [ongs of my mouth: if not, everlaftingfol!y: and a reward of fuch, as are weary to bear ofTrrith. Now I pinched him,,, ...

E. K This he f.aid looking behind him.

A. .... .. Burn thofe blll{phemozu book...s of thine; and I will teacb thee wifdom, A. W 1ll yon have me note down that fentence fo
...... I 'Will. A. What blafphemous books can I acknowledge, feeing I underHand none? Ifthe}i contain Sentence, make me to perceiTe it; that fo I Play compare it, with the Touchll:one of God his word, ufingthe Talent of fuch reafon, as God hath given me . . .. ... I go, I g~, I go.

E. K. Now cometh a great 'fire down, and there appeareth a great huge man, with agrea1 f~ord in his hand; Gre cometh out at his eyes~ and at his mouth. This t_er(ibJe man faid,
... Malediai funt, qui jurati ftmt rontra Nomen meum.

E. K. Now that wicked creature fhakerh him! elf. A. In nomine J efu Chrifl:i Redemptoris hum ani generis, ~is [ This was fpoken to the man wtth the {word. ]
.. .... Sume vires. t.. D em in adjutorium meum interide, &c.

tu ~!

Miferere mei Deus f<t-C-.

E. K Now the: great huge one knceleth down~ and his face is (now) ftom meward; he lookcth up toward heaven ; he hath ver~ long hair, to

A true '!{elation of Dr. Dee his .AElioniJIJith fpiritsj &c~

beneath his girdle:, his Robe is long and rucked up eth up


Now he" fiand~

... Curfed are th~y :' Cur]~d an they : Cur[ed if he for e'Ver. . I am, I gave.thee power, and fe~led thee .for a time: Fower_ tc u[e the vebtmency of thine own poifon; but not to touch my cMt ThM be faith, And.( I tll1f ) thou art alyar from the beginning, and the fuUftta.in of curfednelfe Damnation is thy dwelling place ; Vettth is thy [eat ; Vengeance if the Crown of t9y di[[,lory. Be~aufe tho.u hajl: entred intq "t'J [ea~: Ha{t exalted tby brigbtrreJTe,bla[ph~med my name; whereiH. ( in rhi-1 A aion) .thou continuejt (No poznt-of thy ciJar.ge, nor ~f mj perm.iffion. ) , Re thou ac-: (IJT[ed, weak,.ened, overthnrwn, and defaced. T.~ou art :panqijhetf, Thy tin;e is .fhortened. And why? I atn, .And J fay thou figbte}l:, again{t .me, aJtd not againft. m.e.v. I am ]uffice;. and the fl:rength of him that liveth, whom thou bajr felt, alld }halt feel;, world without end; Therefor~ Dep!Zrt ; . Depart I [lly.

E. K. Now the: fvvord frandeth

by him, with the rags that appeared

before .

. Vmgeance, prepared for others,be thy reward. : As i.t Wf!S delivered unto thee, [o tak,_e it with thee s That the malice which thou fhewejt to others, may heap lip thilu own dejiruliion.

K The wicked Tempter fallech down into a hOle, and this high creature putteth the fword a.nd _ rags. do~n afcer him, Now this great creature appeareth as fmalt as he u{~d to do. And lt is Michael,
Mic; ...... Veniat Lux Domini,. (!7" fidelium Confolatio.





E.K Now is all come in, as was before : The Vail, the: fec:t of men
appearing under, qfJc.
Mic .... ... Thus bath God dealt mercifully witbyou. ~;>.. His Name he praifed for ever. Mic . ..... /Ibsu bath 7 ruth vanqu~{hed dark_nFffe. Even fo ,fhallyou vanquifh the World in him which the Spirit l)f Power and Truth. For I ba1re Sworn (Yaith the L ord) and will be merciful u:r.to you ; But ceafe for tbe[e dtTies to come; for. they were daies delivered : Ln them be (therefore) unto you dairs of Repentance: For tbe end of 40 daies mujt CfJme : And thw Do~ {trine. jhall be written untf> all N-:zti:ms, evnt.u'!to the end o('tbe _World. Tbe .Grain y y et in the eartb, and bath n-ewly con[ented with the earth: But when tt [przngeth, and beareth feed, The number jba.ll be tbe la_{t. A A dark Parable, to my underftanding, i~ this. Mic. ,.. _ The tran(parent fire of Meel<..nejfe comfort and W4rm your f ouls, relii-fie and mak.~ .. ftrong your bcdies, to rh.: eternal comfort of.the Worldto come; in the pilgrimage which JOU jhalL mdJUe, with a heav.J croffe for the. Tefftmonze of Truth,

..Amen. . K Now he is gone) and the golden Vail is drawn again

A. Omnis lam, honor, Gloria, Vic.toria & Triumphus fit Deo noftro omnipotemi, Vivo & vero, nunc,& in femp.iterna. feculorum fecula. A. men .

E: l( ~ A great many voice~, fay,

Sonday, 22. Decembris, Mane, we went from Roftoch tOward Stetin. Wenfday, 2). Decembrw, on Chriftmas Day morning, we came to Steti1: by


of the dock.

Anno I 584. Sti/q v.eteri.

Stetini in Pon1erania.
January '1 . Mane,hora 9 Veniac lux Domini, & fidelimn Confolatio, &c. 40. dies, jam cornplcti funr, & c. E:xpe8:amus pr.epocens auxilinm Ahifsiml, &c.

E. K. 1 cannot fee but. an inch jmo the Stone. The Curtain appeareth, but more deep into the Stone At length cometh one very tall, in a long white Gown, all open, and his hair of his head hanging. do~n to his legs. He hath wings upon hi~ head, annes, hack,. ~md legs.

Flefcemetb.to defcend from the Clouds) and upon Clouds whichUeftoa~ l'Vifc for his defcending He fpeaketh as follovvct-h


A true '1\.. elation of Dr~ Dee his Aflions with jjirits) &c
. . The pllf'eneffe of bJmrility, diJperfed through the inwartl bowels _ f n111_11, is that, which is uto led (with JOU) Ptr[everance. Which Per[everance, beauttfieth and ~{tabhjheth in 1t true and jfedj"a_(f Blljis tho[e things that are acceptable in thf' fight of Go~, the work,p of man. Hence fpringetb jujlificittion, wbicb . .. with fke love of God. Herezn are you become lik_e unto M for thfft we are the ~age ofPerfeverance, :znd.the Glory of God. But i~ tu i~ it di~nified: I~ )OU it h, and nwft be zmperfe(J; For nothzng H of fiefh or blood, that recetveth perfeClzon. The Emanations from God, to, and into hi-! cretttures (which agree in the Center of the Earth m the k_nitting,up of things) are ejtabltjhed: So that one jot of hh Will neither can, nor maJ perijh, wax w ~nk_., or dwell in error : Which forefeen from the beginning, carrieth in it [elf the reThrough which mercy and remembrance, YIJU are become the membrance of all things to the end, fervants of G9d: N(Jt for your own [alz...es ; but in that tt is-the Glory of him, which bath calledyou OJr Calling tl) thh exm:1[e : 1roublrfome to the World, but rewarded with Glory. or Excrcife, If thrrefo re your imperfeliions rife up and refijt the Will of God, fayi1tg, bl~t-[ph.emoufly tts )ou do, Let us (eek other wayes , Then you are not cowtted perfeverers , neither are your workf worthy reWffrd: But humane reafon can per['wade and give judgement again{t thefe follies, much mot~ are they damnable, and de[erve corrttr.ion in the voice and judgement of Juch as are pure. He that dealeth with the wir.k_ed wa lyar, and {hall have hi-! reward : But the end of comfort;, in the pureneffe of [pirit. But 0 you of little wifd~m, you rife up againjf the windes, and yok._e your wits again(l: tbe mountains: N:ty youcaft.Your [elves ~own headlong, where there zs no mercy. For what blafphemie i-s it to fay, I fit be the wtll of God, tr muft follow ? Is Hot man fu)je{f to the bringing i1t of his own labours i' And are not they allowtd to hh comfort, being brought in? The foul of man i-s t~e Image of God, after hi-s form, which k_.eepeth Within himfelf the power of hi:f divinity in the heavenly Spirit, whereby be hath At4thority to confent with God i1t the work_manpJipof his Will and Crea.turej: Whi:h Pow~r b:ing feale~ a~re11.d-!, giveth wtto ma~ ( as !'ing of him(eif ) to con[ent to hu own fa lvatzon, con;oynmg and k...nzttmg hzmfdf together, e_ther wrth perz [everance in tbe aJJured hope of mercy, or (with wilfull drunk..en>telfe, ) t9 the .reward of {ucb as fall. Therefore, Become H oly. For the foul beautifieth> when it io beautified in it {elf. l{q.. jijf not the Wiil of God, which io mighty on you: Be 1tot obftinate. Be lmmble, Rejoyce not for this World : But be glad that your names are [ea led, and that you fhall correCt the World. De[pair not through wealzneffe ; for from whom c~;meth Jfrength l If puddles become Seas, the end is more wonderful: But yet greater when finners are called to th~ k.,nowledge and perf9rn;tance of God his Will, thorough his mere ies. Even as one day perljheth and h not, although he hathbeen; E:l'en [o it is, andjhall be the ftate of thw World. For th; And Hierufalem Earth mujt fing O Sanntt with the Heavem, ~nd there mujt be One vet"itie. jhrdl defcend with 111t horn of glory to the md. 1he SJJn and Mormjhalt be witNeff s, and wonder e at their flay . The Kings of the E~trth jhall become proud in thcm[elves, 11.1zd are Wtable to be tamecl with man. But_ I will yolz...e them (faith the Lord) with corre8:ion; And force .them one to imitate anotbers fteps: Yea. they.fhall tre11d the grapes alii<!; For in my Vineyard Corruptio1t jhall not dwell with Aurhority : Neithrr jhall the Prince of 'Dark,.neffe ufurpe my further honour.

E. K He fpeaketh much in a fmaller voice than he did I cannot per.. ceive it] He turned back and fpakc
...... I
[pea~ thefe

things for y_our und'erflanding, and thttt you m11y be'firmgthened.

E. K. He turneth back again ( as before) and fpeaketh I kno\v not what .

faithful, that you may be fed with that food thllt {hall pre[erve

the image of Peace : and rem11 in and a-liPaies re{t before the mighty flames of Zanz.or: where there dwelleth no defiled Cr.eature, nor any mtrighteoufmffe.

..... My de,ar brethren, therefore rej oyce in ComfiJrt,

E. K. He turneth now back again ( as before ) fpeaking.- He feemeth

now eo lean againfl: a Pillar ofCopper, great and round : And he is become leffe than he vyas Now he fl:andeth on the top of the Pillar, Now he knc:e~ leth downJ his back being turned.
A voice faith to him ......... swear ......... [1]
He fa id .... It h done. He fa id ...... The firjt voir.e oJ>eneth hw mouth and faith [ There io a great rumbling and rou jhings offalling of Towns or H oufes, as it were in the Sto1te, ] He faid ....... Tbe will of God h fealed in thh Prophefie, and it jhall endure. A voice ........... Swe-ar ~, .......... ....... [2] He (aid ....... I have done. Ne faid ..... It thundereth, and it h the fecond voir.e. Tht effect of God his Will, it 11ot of time ; and therefore not to be k.,nown of man, till that motr~ent and end of time jh~tll ttfPear, wherein it muft be puhlijhed, Pnd finijhed with power. E. K. Now

tu{ true~lation of Dr4

Dee hir JfElions 'With fpirits~ &c.


E. K Now itthumbleth again very terribly, a-s though a vvhole Town

lhould fall down into a great Valley

A voyce ........... 'Stvcar . ...... [ 3 ] He Caid ...... l have ..... And it i1 the third; and the tafl voyre. All things that are crook.,.ed. _(hall be made ftratght. The winde of the heavens jhall walk_. through all the edrtfJ. WiCdom jh11l! fit in her Mnjejfie, Crowned, i1t the rop of an Hill, with ex(llted glorie. It i1 the end.

Now all dafbc:th in a flame of fire, Pillar, and he, and all, and fo flieth upward.
A voyce. ..... H e that bath ears, let him hear. Another voyce. It jhpll b~. Amen.

e. K

. K. No\V the Curtain cometh before all,as it vvas at rhe beginning, this day.

O.Lord, for thy great myfl:eries declared nntous (this day) we moft humbly thank thee. Secondly, of Vincent Seve,

But ori. our parts, there remaineth fome matter ..... thy hands by Come of thy good Minifters,
we dclire to have fome advertifement: as of the Lord A lb. Lask.je. &c.

E. K. A very little Creature appeareth, and faith .

The little one . .A word, and away. The hettrts of Princes, are the fecrets of the Lord: Such thq are, as unlock, the doings of thu world. r:.. Of A. L. his delay in coming (contrary to our d efire and expectation) I would gladly underfiand the caufe, &c. . The Httlc.one. Thq[e things that are of wick,_edneffe, are not of our remembrance. This flay ]hall hinder a third part of his glory, But all your life is not of him: Nor he of you. if he Nore. become ftOod: he ]hall be well rewarded. He i1 forward , Vincent i1 in France. Of A. L. nd

He is gone fuddenly. This Creature flood betvveen the Curuin, ohur f~paratinc c:rc:a,ter. and the forepart of the fione, it vv~s one of the leafl: Cuatures that ever l

e. 1(.

favvAll Honour, praife, and thanks be to our God Almighty : now and ever. Amen~ Thurfday, Januarii 9 The Lord.Albert LtHkje came w Stetin, Hor. 2i. aMeridie: Fryday, Janurii 10. Ma.~tf-CAS 11tvr1a.' u<fCorct;c. ?rttcra"@- ~/ot. Hr-r~ prima incipiebat, & per 2. hort# JuMbat. Stetini.

Sonday, 12, J anuarii. .z ~84. Stetin. 6.. Afcer Dinner we were talking together of our ~ffairs. A. voyce in E. ]{. his head faid, Jam venit bora. t::.. After Supper, ::1~ I had a defite ro Ibew to E. K. Come places of St. ]ohm A pocalypGs1. a voyce faid to him, Equsu albm eft initimn Dotlriu veftr,e, Et eft verbum D ei. A voycc. Eqlllll AihHJ, 10. & 9 [tmt NtJvemdecim. 6. Herenpon feeking in the 19. Chapcer of the Apocalypfis: we found the Text, EquM albm, & c. ver[u 1 I. A v?yce, N_e d'lbites. Sum enim fervm Dei. T o thif purpof: _appertain thefe places of Script urr, er-c. 7be[e are the dnyes wherein the Prophet [aid, No tatth_fhgu/d be found on the earth. V'd E.f.l This Faith mujt be rejtored again, and man mujl glonfie God in his works. jam the light of Ji~.:. cap~;-: God. verfu 7: t::.. Then, by lik e, He is V RI EL. ...... I am a witneJJe of the light. Tt.e[ are the times when ]uftice and truth muft tal<f place. e Behold, I tou,hed him, and he became a Prophet. t::.. Mean you E[dras? Vrie/. Yett, in hu ninth Chapter of the fourth book._. Th~re youjhall /hide manifeftly the. Pro~ This attion in phefie of rhif time, and thw a8ion. E.{arar l'rophC: ~. Alak, we think the time very Io11g, !Jefore we entred in the right trade of o\tr true !ied of, ldfons, U r . . When you bavt. the book.. of God before y ou, Then I will npen tbefe [tcrets UJt"to you , r:.. Bnt Alak, the ttm~ is very long thereqmo) the more is our grief; I 2


A true Relation of D. Dee his Af/ions "DJith fPiritr, &c.

A, I mea m fomewhat of our other book, which is to be written. i U r. I "P'ill [peak,. of that al[o. . . A. This dtlay is greatly to our gnef, an~ occa6on of ~a,ny t~tattons. . U r. The tentptations of the world are notbmg unto the wi[e,happze are they that.fee~ t~mptat~JI& with e:nptineffc- of the belly, The Timber if not yet fe4[oned, or eL[e thgu:jhoHldeft Prophefie . l mean niJt thee E. K. /::... Vinca.t manifefla veritas.

Ur. 1hc Bible it u.

E K. He is gone.
Honor,Gloria,laus,& benedictio, fit Deo Noflro, qui in A L B 0 tias fuas fafrurus eft. Amen.

E Q U 0 Jufii-

I j. U'vtane hora. 9 !. Stetin. /::.., After our ~one difcourfe upon the 9th, Ch:a.pter of E[drM, &c. Vriel C'a!lle, and flood he .... xy. npon E. K. his head, not vifibly. Ur. ReadthefixthChapter. For faith muftjlourijh. 1"heworldurotten, andus'<.aldm ht

Monday~ Januarii

their own fitts. t:.. E. K. Read it, and in the 28. verCe, thus it is. Florebit antem fides, & vincetnr cor :rnpcda, & ofienderur veritas, qu;e fine f ra ..... Diebus tantis, &c.

A voyce faith, Open the Shew-flone. E. K. At length appared one in a long vvhite Garment The Cu(tain went a{ide, and che feet of men app~ar not now. This man feemeth twice fo high as 6. He bath nothing on his head, but long hair hanging down behindc him. He is ticd,or girded about., as though he yvere tied vvith many girdles..
E. K.

U R 1 EL. I am Vriel [[aid thi-1 man] The light, and hand of him that created Heaven and Ettrth: that talk._ed with Hdras, and did comfort him in a!flit/ion, and the fame that hath talk,.ed
with )IJU: Yea , from the beginning of this aCtion. Therefore, gird your [elvu together , and hear the voice of the Lord : Liften, (I fay) to [uch things IH are hid, (I fay) to them that dwellabD1J~ t6c H ettvens. Behold, thi4 if the la.ft fl~ep of the world : and the tzme,that the power of the hightft bath armed himfelf, [a;ing, Come, 0 ye ftren;r,th of the Heavms,and follow me. For the earth bath cried vengeance, and hath curfed herfelf, and de[paireth. Come (I fay) For I will place the feat of rigbteo,fneffi. That my Kingdom maybe in One : And th at my people may flourifh: Yea, even a litcl e before the end. And what w thul E. K. He fpake thc[e four words in another Tune.

. K He ]ooketh up ro h~aven
An Ane:d

A voycc. Blt ed art thou, which re[pellejf thy Juftice, and not the fins of man. Ur. 1hi.t is the voice of the Angel that now raketh place. now uking place. t:.. May we be fo bold as to demand the name of that Angel? lir. No, It is not lawfrdl. 1 [wear by all things that are contained withire this holy boo~(.: *By the feat of God , and him that fitteth th~r~on. That the .. Note,he r~ke tlih, An Oath. words , which htt11t been [po'<.en in this At/ion , and .fhall be now [pok,.en, by me, pointing down to rhe ~rear Bible of the: A l'rophdi~. are true : Three yettrs nre yet to come; even in this moneth , (that .beginneth Lord Alb. L..rr~m,up an . 1 7 in the .fourth year) Jhall the Son of perdition be known. unto the whole world: on which the ShewJ"n~a . t~. Suddenly creeping out of hrs hole liftv an Adder, lea.ding out her young ones af- ftene, now, flood, .-fnrtehra !l~s. ter her, to devour the dujt of the urth.


Si Jimplru,~r, {re annus eft in. ttlligtnlhls,fi nrnfepttnanuswnur, noftrtJrttm annorum i4. .fit bt~benawr pro ullo annD ,,]fico : tul41 , men{tr~ (:Jc, Perpen!le.

Confider well. I [ufp~[t 42 moneths (now and then) to be underfiood for an year. . . U r. This moneth iJ: the fourth year :1 jhail A1ttichri!f be k..,nown unto all tbe world. Then jhall AntlCht ,{1-us. wo, wo, dwell among{t the Khzgs of the earth: For they .fha/l be cbofen nil nmw. N either jhall Omnrf n:nc I .( J. Fe~ts periburtth ~re. nnyt batruet h now,or rezgn_et h ~a K mg;or Govenzouro1 t~e .. .. l eJ 1 unto"t be en d o.jth~ zve rnre ' t ' rium tlilr'l year : B11t they jha!l all perijh. 4 ~nu m{n!itum. Their Kingdoms le o11ertbrown.

t:.. The fentence is dark, in refpdt of th e tim'!,

A tre '!(elation of D~ Dee his AE/iC;nJ DJith [jnritJJ &c.


Tb~ 11trth wtrjl:ed. 1'h~ Rivers bet(ftHe bioud , . 7Pith the bloud of men and beafts mixeJ toge D. ~~~fpicor 41 -. t her In this time Jhall the Tur/<..i(h jta~ be roo.ted up , and rttjt fr!>~" the earth. A nd in/fe11d mrr.f~~ /''~ n"D . . numran""' 1 of hi.m jhall. enter m that Devrl : t,7t -~ather of luzrs , and fuch M Jwr.ll m. the houfe of V a-_ MJfh? rfliut . d' nity. Ee/o()/d, Th1s Prtnce (hall fly throu g h hts Kmgdoms, M tbe Pn.l'lujix: 'l!tl 6. 1 h~y are m dPara .r~d.' Gteyhound aftet his fpoyl : devouring his polfetlions, nnd cutting di)W/1 ann11r v l: ari1 rhey we <! caYnt upwar . h d rr' J cfpccbll y E.lias. the wzc~td : Bltt c fuall become pr?u . . J. ,Jf' Propbets of the Lor,. ~:nnHny: on. Jhall dercmd frotr1 Heaven~ G.!onthed wzth thezr old Garments very frfh, Antc h., J' , and not fftiined. Thy eyes }halL fee tbem. Out of thefe books fhall the true Oottnne ~ s.prrbra. of the Fro;-bets,and Ap:~fihs be gathered: Which are not to be under/tood, but wzth tbe [pirit of unA.L, derjtanding, the fpirit ofwifdom, and trutb. Behold, I will fay unto }QU my felf. Eno,b.


Come, Hear. . Ot~r !lgn. For, the voyrr of the Lord is 'With power. Therefore , be milde? and of h!tmh!e [p;rit. For lo, . . tbe time }hall come. A nd' I bave feven books, fuch as !hall be deltvered unto one of you. A nd 7. T. ;hrr m:Ir~ill meet thu wa!kj~tg in the fields. And will ftretch forth my hand, faying, Come: Thn! jh:J/td~,,J11Ffi A. thi~te eyes' fee tlrfe thiHf!.s, thrzt thy fpirit d oth. And tboujhalt b ecome a man of underfiandiH ~; : for I will give Ehee bread , and thou (halt eat. it, fuch, as {h;~ll he the breas of fufficietit comfort.

F. 14r.

E. K. It thundreth in the lone.

the Lord.

Of thee, [pointing to c. K.] thus fayeth

Thou art flefh, attd !tecome .fluhborn. Thy judgement waxetb dull, and thy heart [ea led: But I E. t( will un[eal thee ; and thou ibalr be partaker : Rut (brcart[e thou hajt. offended me) not with power in worldly things, I will m~tk..e thee a. gre.xt Seer : Such 1111 one, as jhall j11.dge the Circle ef things in nature, But heavenly wtder.ftanding, and [piritudl k._nowledgfUhall be Jea!ed up from thu in thil world: For, thou art become .ftony, and ha_tt cried out againH my Saints. Notwithjtanding, your life fhall be together. Thou jhalt be a wor/<..nu:n of nature, !oozing into the Cha.mbr:rs of the earth: The Treafnres of men. Many thing are pluckt from thee, wbich were thine :But not from you, becaufe I have promifed rh em. TYhat /.1 be, that bridled the )l'indes~ t::. . At Y' llr prayers ? Or, who u he that preferved you from the blondy imaginations o.f m en? [and] hatreds of the world invincible l Is it not he, t~ilt i1 ~~d of Heaven and Eartb l Is it mt he, that made both f/.ejh a1 Soul? Ye~ even he it u, tiNt td faJeth. Fiy from the wick._ednee, and fociecy with Dfvils. Lenve off to fi n llgain;t the L ord: for h1 N of great pow~r. Th/.1 u the la!t time that any jhew jh~tll be made in thil jlone, Fci, lo, ni~ Cr;1 ercc the promife of the mojt highefl jhlltl be fulfilled. i~ t " oked 2f-. E. K. Now 1 fee all thofe men, whore feet I faw before: And there fit-~~~~:~:; di~~


his teeth fiery And chere fit [Ix,nified.: on one fide of him, and fix on the other. And there fit twelve in a lower h~t undet them. All the place is like Gold J garnifhed with precious ft;HE's, On his head is a great fione; coverjng his head j a fione mofl: bright, bngh. tcr then fire. Four bring in a man bound. No\V all is gone except V1iel.
Ur. The endofwordr, thebeginning of deeds. A voyce. St>al .i t up: For, it u at an end. . n.. What is your will, that I (h.,!l do with this fione. Ur. All H [aid: and I 1tm fealed for time to come. n.. Deo omnipotenti, vero, vivo, & zterno fit omnis bol'lor, Laus,Gloria,Potemia, virtus & vit\:oria : nunc & in fc:mpiterna feculornm fecula. Amen.

Wed1te[dny, January I~. vre went from StetiJt to S targart. Sonday, Januai'Y 19. we came to Po[en. Eccle{ia Cathedralil Po[nanienfis fundabatur anno 1025. per Wincellau:m Regelfl Chri!lia- mrln [a{lu'ltt cujiK [epulcbrum in inferiori parte Ecclefie extat , lapide egregie extru{Jum.

'0 x.{rJ""g:. m'yM "''d IJMd"''v J'i'c~. rlit rii E.. K. ~J'w.Urt., '">"",H i~a.t'l'rodl"";; (i.e. UUa.f!.1mm adzi vit. periculum- per iniquitatem E. K. contra 11fe.) Sund~ty,January 26, ...... Invi[eb11m Bibliothecam Ecclefi~ Cathedralil. M 11tdRy,] an nary 27. rr;~, x.up. o~o~ Bftli<f. (Rix.e cum uxore hrroes.) T uejrlay, January 28. We Went from Pofen. '1hz !;Jd:1 Jan. 30. We came to Konin Town, over the long and dangerons Bridge, l1ith J, much cumber at one broken place, by rea[on of the huge Cakes oflee; which lay there; Satur

Jannaty 2 5.


A true '1\..elation ofDr. Oee hi.r Aflion.r

'~Pith [pirits~ &c.

Saturday, Februarii, I. \Ve paffed the dangerous way of Ice, having 25 men to cut the Ice for our Coaches to come through above two Englifh miles long : but for all that great help, we could not get eo Vinew Cicy that night, by reafon of the great water and lee hard by the Town, which was broken over the banks into the medows very deep. s~nday, Frbruarii 2. We came over the great water, the lee being moll: part (with that nights winde) driven away out of our paifage. Monday, Feb. -3 We came by Shadek._ to Lask..o Town, and there were lodged in the Provoft his fair houfe by the Church.

Primlt A crio apud Lasko. T11e[day Februarii 11. Stilo 1 1eteri, aft 21. Stilo novo. t:. . After our prayers of the 7 Pfalms, and my particular invitation and calling for God his help, and the miniftery of his good Angels: After (I fay) more than halfan hour fpace attendance; E. E. [eemed and thought that he felt a thing about his head; as if it clawed with Hawks claws. it continued no long time. And t<?ward the Eall:erly corner of my urtat .Study above, feemed to E. K. clouds to appear, far off, as at a quarter of a mile diftance, Then al)peared a Sea, endldfe one way, and a Haven mouth with a Riverwhicb fell or ran into that mouth. And befides that R.i ver doing down in to the Haven, did another River appear by running into the Sea, without any Haven makin.~ or having, The water of this Sea, is not like Sea-water, hur rarher like ~ickfilver. Now cometh a mountain, and (wimmeth upon that main Sea. Now that mountain feemeth to refl: and fiand before that River momh, that is by the Haven. A voice, ..... . Men[i1re me,

E. K. Now feemcth a great thing like a man to fland, With one leg in the forelaid ~ver,and \Vith rhe other in thefaid Sea, by" having a corner of rhe ... id between his faid legs. His right 1eg is in the Rivcr,and his leh: in the Sea. His right leg [cernc:th gold, and his left leg lead. The mountain fiandeth before him. His l.egs arc like two pofis, of the fubfiance ofthe Rainbow He is very high: he bath a face, but wirh many eyes and nofes) but not diihnetly to be difccrned. His body feemeth to be red Braffe. Be !l:andeth with his arms abroad, and no hands appear. His right arme is -:>f the colour offil ver ; His left atme leemeth to be black, twinkljng His he~d is much of the colour of that Sea wherein his lefc leg fiandeth Now beginneth a right hand to appear ; a fair right hand.
A Yoice [aid to this man ........ Meafure the water.

He an[wered, ...,.,. It is 250 Cnbtts. A voice ....... Mea[ure that fuot of earth. E. K He pointeth to the mount~in. AM[wer ....... Jc is a cube twice doubled in himfelf in a flraight line,

E K One fpeaketh behind me, faying

...... Mea[ure the Sett al[o . . Anfwer ...... It is 750. Cubtts.
3 in 4 rfficiNnt l l .

& in {e rfficit
H. t fficiunt. 108,

& ).

E. K He now floopcth to it, and taketh of it in his hand

He fait h ...... The fourth in the third, and three in him[elf [quare.
The age of Nature.

9 N unc 9 in

E. K Now all is gone, all is clear, and nothing appeareth

t:., At length after this, E . K. heard from the forefaid corner of the Study, the noife, as of a Sh! p toifed and jolted of the waves of the Sea. Afcer: that E. K. faw one that frood all covered in a white cloud by the Eafterly co rner of the Table_, above the Table in the Air. He faid. . ...... Bettti [unt, quiltu veritas) [pes, & Cin[olatio eft : & quibtu luminaria majora. inferviunt, iJt fortitudine & potentza .eterni 6" Omnipotentu Dei.

E. K. Now the cloud covereth him, and abidcth. E.K. Now he cometh out of the cloud, and fiepeth thrc:efieps for::::


true ~elationo[Dr. Dee his Affions with Jpirits, &c.


ward, and chc cloud ftandcth behind him, lake a garment ... At length he faid .
.... . Then i1 their blredneffe> eternal life.

E.. K . I never faw him before: He is covered with a red Purple Robe,
fuch as my Lord, here, ufcth; but made fomewhat like a Surpleffe. His head is covered with fe:tthers like Down: His face is hke a childes face: His neck is bare : His legi are ba . m oH wbire: His garment comerh not but ro the fmall of his leg. He flandeth upon a white great round Table, like Chryfial, alt written with letters, infiniccly On the middle of the Table is a great fwelling or pommel of the fame fubll:ance the Table is of. Upon th~t pommel he fiandeth~ Hr. harh nothing in his hands; neither can hishands bedifcerned His Robe hath no D.eeves.
He faid ...... N on poffum diutizu videri: ServU! {um Altif!imi: N ovi Tetram iit paradifo. Spirit!.IS [111m S A P I ENT I .lE : Nomen meum eft N A LV A G E .

E. K. He mak<"th a croffe upon rhe place vvhere he fiandeth.

Na:l. ..... ~eatur Pater: BeatM Filiu;: Beatuf SpiritU~ Sanlfzu~ Bea . tu .. . t Menf u~ ratio rerHm & [ub{lantia rum omniuni vifibilium & i1tv1 jibilium, v erz e_,-. [anCfU6 eji: Dens in proiniffis fuis & v eritM ejzu, Talu e{t. E. K. Hereupon he ilievvech a round Globe.
. ... Crrlum, Mundzu, Angelsu, H omo, Nihil, & non nihil, & omne quod eft, vel erit, Nihil e(t nifi [plendor, Gubernatzo , & unitas Dei : ~.e a Centro. f ormat a ejr. reformata ejf, ab initio ttd tempM men[Hratum, & in perpetuum, L aM tibi in Crrlo, L azu tibi iit T erra, TriumphUf tibi in inferno, ubi non e L azu, nee Gloria. jt fJ<:!tt jam infufa Jent io, do~eo: Sed nzodo, lingua, & ideomate pr.edil1o .

E. K. He turneth round when he fpcaketh N al ..... Omnil Caro maxi111e eft jibi applicabiliJ, i n natur4 & perfdiione [utt. l41tda fsmt Myfteria Dei, no1z uc audiaittur, fed ut i'lf.telligantur.
Igitur reve-

E. K Now cometh a great fmoak : now I fee nothing : now he is gone.

A voice. .... .. H ear.

[E. K. lfec nobody.] E - K. Methinketh that tWo fpeak, or eccbo

elfe this vo1ce givc:th an

.... The wnpatient and troH Uef?me .(pirits of indignat ion, wrath, blafpbem and di[obedie;zc~, y, continually contmd, bear arms, and ravenouflJ run wilfuliy, againfl: th~fc that are the . . Meffagers and Angles of the. Dignifird and triumphant GlorJ : which i4 now the M iniftery of him .t hat is Dignified in his Father: To .the htmour and glory of thof e that are humble and faithful in obedience. Tett tbo[c wicl<_ed o1w l<_eep open wars agai~{r pod:. and bu Annointed in Heaven and Ear th, onely for tbe fafegMard and true l(eeping offuch as love God, and f ollow hu Co mmandmmts, rejo.JCe .in Tr~~th, and are v ifi ted in Kighteoufnee. . Dark,Jperches t o the fiejh : but wvrds mixed with humane underftanding ; wherein brief!J I will manif e{t the envy betwun the wick,_ed ( in refpeCI of their envioufneffe ) ttnd thof e that are juftified m H eaven; which fight in the governm~n t of mans foul in the Creatut~s of God : Not in tbRt they ltnow they .fhall overcome : But in th-at they are enviou; n,nd proud f rom t!Je beginning. Their content ion ts eviclmtly amongft y ou, which are joyned. in the [ervice of God : Not M Defavn-s, but as Cho[eil; wbofe veffels and power, are beft i<_nown unto God.

E. K. One fiandeth on mv lc:ft ihouldcr and faith

S inifr-er .. . . Doft thou not hear, how like a fool he fpeakcth, without all r ea Con ? T hou an: a fpirit of lying . . Th.ou art one far theft from t he glory of God. T hou ar t a Cower of lycs, and a teacher of faife doCtrine. E . K . Thus faith he on left hand. S iniftrr ... Speak, fori have power over thee. Canft thou d eny it ? Dexter. Thou think,_e{t fo , becn:Mfe. thou hadJt power : But the brightne.tf thou hadjl, is e turned into iniquity. True it is, thou hadjf power t o banifh the wzck,_ed out of Paradife : But me tb9u ltno1Pejt not> bet:au[u thou hart 11ot banijhed me. I n re[peu of thy dignificatjon (which Jilr~t1fg wi th power ) 1 [ay with the H allelujab : But in refpeti of thy f all, ThM [4ith th-e L ord 5 Pofui. tencbras a tergo meo. Si11ijin- Fy upon God, that ever he created me.
. ,J




A true Relation of])r. Dee hi.r .d8ions ~ilh (pirits., ~c.

. .

Dexter....... Evm thw, do they Je~k_"continually . to.~~~t~r into the 'JI'eak_.eft veffel : of envy, not to rriumph; for th~y /tnow they fha.ll 111t: but tbl'y binder th1 time wiib mti11, wherein they may offend his coJt[c'imce. E. K. I hear ho\vling and lamenting:
To E. K.

Dexter ....... Su.rb ~re thofe ofwbom th9u feekjfr aid and comfort': Tho{e that afPear wtto tbu, have (ought thy foul; And the fr~tit of them, if accordmg to their deftru{iion. Believe them mt. It if [aid before, Thou.dealeft with dev~ls. What rew_ard jhall he reap, that /ighteth" tJgainft the H ighe{i? Or ttik_,etb part 'With fuch as are banifoed f rom 1Ughteoufiuff ? MH 1h"ufc e ch foa!L lm punijhnmrt be, 'Jf!iir:h [eek...eth help of tho{e that are dijhonoured. For d.ijhonour, ~ to imperfd1i in, and H become a monfter for deftrullion. It u written .... Nothingcan ftandbefore the Lord, thar if imperfetl; Much more that imperfdtion weakpzed,whjch obe1 eth the imperfd1 . Leave, f'r,r the k,_ingdom of R.ighteoufnrffe. u at band, A nd.tbiJu mu(l vow. Hear the Lord, That thy fim may be forgiven thee: .Ff!r the Prophefies of the Lord are 1:ot uttered to tht world, with the feales of the. wiclr,.ed. Therefore become holy, that thou majejf ~tugment the bene/it of Godbeftowed ltmOnj!,fl yon; and rmder it to fbe world~ aJ the Meum eft pauca dicere. mrffage of trttth, with thank__sgiving. b. . Sed quis fis, N efcimus, an non idem N aluage, qui nobifcum prius egifti hodie? Nal. ...... I am, E. K. Why call you thofe Devils, with whom I deal; not offending my

confcience~ but intending to do good to

my felf and my neighbours?


you be of God, where is the fruit of your doctrine! &c

N al. ... ... I f they were .not Devils and enemies of tr_uth, tbey w;uld praife and honour God in hf! Mrffenters of trNth. But becau[e thi{ Aaions Jtre t"rut, and the trkth of them jhall be tb~ dejtru[fion of their k_i1igdom ; Theref',re d~vilijhly and envioujly they refift the will of God,. Deny. ~evls. . ing th~power ; Bta[pheming his truth, and znfe&ing pis V(Jfels . . 'Thu it teach l .t what Dottnnc In our Do&rzne t here tS no~hmg t~tugbt but. t he jTate. ~J t he wor ld, her.e,. and .to come. "' pro.1.he cth. ph fies of time, and t~e k..~zttz~g up _of God t my/lerzes~. o~metJ ft:~"' tzme to tzme,to thof that ar~ r his fantlrfird : P..S teftmtqHzes m the Creatzon and Operatton of hzs Creatures; YPher~of this do-. trrrne i1 a parr. 'Ihe Prophets. in their times were m t ignorant b 1evelation of the good y will of their Creator. The .&poftlesin Chrift his Kingda..m, were ma~e partak.,ers of the myfreries ro come, of the frate of mans fa lvation; ttnd enJ.ing of this combat, which is" in that day, 'When all Crea tt~res.fhall receive thezr reward. The Church of G,d is ilw~jes garnijhed and fur'llijhed with jpiritzial Revelaticns = .tis a Manfion or Dwe1ling..;pfau of 1he Holy Ghoft. Thc[e latter dayes, and end of harveft nrujt have alf.o Labourers : For no .Age paffeth away, but through the hands of God, who ma~eth the end of his doings k,nown to the World: To the end; the Wtrld may con[ent 1111to him in Glory. So tbat t"bis Dotlrine, is the tny.fteries of the wmj, of God, [eated f t om th.e beginni1zg, now delrvered unto mttn, for t_hat R.efo.rm'ation which m(tft be in R tformn ion. One unity efiablifhe.d unto rhe end. The very part of that Circle, which comprehendetb the Note rh~r Myjreries t~f the Higbr/1, in his Prophets, Apofiles, and Minifters yet eo come> which are alive, C ircle, and Jhall bear witnrffe of etern#./ Comfort: 7he.fruit"Of our DoCirine is, that God _fhoufd be praifed. . For ~f our fe lv.es we fuk.. no glorJ : B11-t weferve you to your comfort, feacBint,. you tiJe will of God, in tbe [elf [a me Cbri/f, . tbat w. s cru. a hzs cifie4 ; fold and died in the Patriarchs, and publi}hed to the World by " Difciples, and. is now t aught unto ; ou, in the r-emif(ron of fins .. great eft in the World, for the end of aU things. Tbe".vet-y k:y and entra1zct into. the {ecret m_ rjteries of God,.. (" in u[P.e{l of .!Jis . determination on eartb) bringil{g with it reward in the end of etemal glory, wbjcb is the greateft Tre~[ure. Tbof~ that tempt the~, do it i 1t re{pe?J of the fear they have of the po.wer -tif G"od,fpringing ~n thu. Let this [uffice. The World is vain iu re[petl of etern.ttl j o yes. flea1Jett and Ea.rthpaffeth (l~ "Way; 1he reward of theRighteousendureth.


Nal. .. .... What do yotifee imperfell, m all that IJatb been delivered l

Ne I. ....,.. Yo"tf hne 4-9 Tables : In tho Tables are containtd the mJftical .anJ holy .voices of tbe [e Angtls ;. dignified ; and in ftttte di[glorifirJ. a:nd drent in r.onfufion : which .Pierceth 1:J eaven, an~ . . look,_eth iJrto the Center of tbe E artb : tbe very langt.tage and fpeech of (hzldren and Innocents, t:,.TnfYd;tn 11- 'fi l .t G d b c, , . en. fucb ns magn' e t ~e name oJ o , and Are pure. Ji, Ap~i~,;',.'" Wberem, the Apofiles underfiood t~e diffufe ~J(nJ ~f the World,. imperfetied .fo~ ma11s d lxtt h4nc lin.- tran[?,rrf!ion. Tht[e Tables' ate to be wntten, >tot by ~an; but by the finger of her whtchts motdm mmqrlam ther ro Venue [ o.; Madimifaid'her mDther would write them, An. IS~3 J Whereilt the wbole JuijJt rt11tl.4 World, (to flefh ~rt:credible J rdl Creatures, and i1J.all k._inds,are numbred, in being;~nd multitude. ~"; thefe two The mea[ure.and proportion of that [~tbftance, whicb is -'frt~nfitory, and fh4/L wax otd. places be z:e. The{e things 4nd myfteries ir.re your p11tts, and por.tions'[ealetJ; a; wdf by your own k.Jto1Pl1Jge, coociled. JH'tbe fruit of your lnterceffion.


A true~ elation of Dr. Dee his At/ions Jith fpiritJ; &c.


The knowledge of Gods Cn:acurc:s. Vnto. me 4re delit~~red five parts of a time: Wherein I will opm; teach , and tm~over the f ecrets ~ive.p:ar;s of a of that fpeech, that holJ myjterie. T o the iHtent the CAB A LA .. of ,N A J' U R E, in vo;ce, [ub-: ume. Jlance of bQdie, a11d m.,ufftre in all parts maJ be '<.nown. . FIJr there if-nothing, fecrt.t , but it tl-:a 6e revelt/ed, And tbe fon of G 0 p jhall .be Jv-own Vt p 0 wE R' and efiablilh a Kingdom witn righcc:oufnelft: in the earch, and thro com-eth the end: . , For the earth mujt come Wider fubjet/ion, and muff be made pure. That death may btt [will- Jt~grrwm Cbrr /owed in his own Kingdom, and the enemy of rigqteou[neJJe finde no. habitation. The word of G1d m-Jll 1'!1"' 11'" rn Jureth fo r ever. His promi[e~ are j11ft. His [pirit is truth. His judgements .infcrutabl~. mrtli, Him[elf Vniver[al!. He it i:; of whom you labour. , The promifes of God in this earthly Noble man }hall be fnlfiiled. Salomon ufe4 the places of honour; aHd war exalted. Thus fayech the Lord. I have fealrd bim againft hatred; and have made his feat open. Le.t him therrfbre firi~ up; tbitt the people may {u him. For mortal men have places of hono11r, ttnd in their own Courts, they come to ~e rxaltrd: Wh? is he that made the r.arth, and dignified him with a livmg Soull Even he it is that rxalteth, and in who[e ha1tds the Kingd?ms of the earrh ar~ fr.tled. .. . Behold, tlle fifth tlnie !hall come, (in re[peti 9f the parts of time) and it is the da; , that bath ~em promifed, TheH Pntll your eyes be open. Then }hall jou fee. A voyce. Staj there.... ~. Nal. I o.bry.

Now 1 fee him paffe awJy over the Chri!l:aliine Table, . 'hich i~ V round ltke a Cart wheel, having a ~reat knop in rhe middle.
E. K.
A. As concerning our .:11dering of the Table, and the reil of the fumiture,we are defirous to kno~, what is now eo be done: feing, now we are come to the end of this firfi journey. A voyce. Be it thy charge. 1 will put to my hand. A. Mean you it to be my charge to ord~r thefe things, as my imagination !hall be inftruCl:ed, by God his favour. A voyce. It is fo fard before. A. Gloria, Honour, & gratia rum a8:io Deo omnipotenti Deo nofiro Domino & Patri No!tro : nunc, & in fempicema feculorum (zcula. Amen.

8. a. Meredie hora 3 Lasko. Stylo vrteri, aft 28 . Di( ftilo novo. A. After fonie prayers made , E, K, faw (as he thought) N alvage fianding at my lc:ft

Tuefday, F(bru11.ry


A. In nomine Jefu Chrifii Redemptoris nofiri, Efiis vos Nalvage?

Nal. Tu dicit.

E. K ..fhc lower part of him is in a Cloud: but all his upper part is out,hc bath a thing ltke a Pall hanging down behinde him from h1s head; He hath like a round ... of boane in his hand, he fGc:meth to be as farre as the

Church. And I fee him,a.s well winking as directing my open fighc on

Nal. What il it ,1ou requirr l

A.. The expofition of tile time delivered to you in five parts.

cttlelltt, I rc:ad, and when I came to the place, that death mat be fwaHcrived,. CJ"t,. Nttlvttg,t faid as followeth. Nal. 1hat is the laJr Conqueft. go fo'riiarJ. ii. hi reading? NaJ. I. ll.. I read to the end. Nal. The fingtr of the higheft p~ru[(th nittr1re amongft you by himfelf~ and i11 her own motion. 'Ibrough which at/ion things become) that were not (by Gmer.ztio~t: ) .A.nd in the fame time vanijh, M tbougb they were not (by corrupthn.) A year it w ; . Wherein nature lool{.eth with mmy rj(i tbrougb . dwelling places: Tlnto fome ur a Nur[e: tmJ to the reft M, a ./f!!p-mother:. And fo it is ~t/1111 in tbe.Scrfpturrs. For, a time is an year, purpofed by determination in the 'judghirent. of God; whtch I S not known to nta'z, how, or wh~n it /hall happm.- Another year is . time. a ljfllb!ijhed, 11nd prefently delivered, M tbf prefmt judgment of God. Tbis that 1 [peak,. of. .A ti111e is 1t1t yur. Tbe parts are /{.nown ~mongjf ;ou.

Nal. Re11d it.

6. F.lio /re-





A true 'f\elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions YPith JPirits> &c.

E. K I never heard any fpeak fo leifurd y

N al. Now look.. to your under/fanding. I [peak.. of two year;. One appoint rain the jtHlgement nd determin ation qf God to come,and unk_nown to man. . The other the time of the Judgement of God (and before determintd) nr;Jw pre[ent': Notwithjfanding; beffJre ~etermin:d . There is dif fertuce betwem rrn year m_r!fically promifed.; a~~ unk_nown : a_~zd. the tzme that u mY_{hcal!y promi[ed. l!. K.Hclreak- and k_nown. Annus myfiicus fumitur ?~pltctter : Unus, ~lll efi Tempus cc:guttum Deo,& hO'ctha languJge mini 11on revebtnm: Tempus , hoc dtcttur .' apuJ ~eum. , An~u~ nos tllud computamu~. r n me tHI .AI ind ell: tJr;-r. finiwm coonirum Deo & Angelts, & revel a cum honum : & Annus eft pr~fens. known an ! ' ' ~ look et h r,~~- Tbis IaJf is tbe y ear I [peak_ of. what ononc t:.. \Vhatare-yourparts ofthatyear? . . . . . . . fiJc. Nal. March, ,;lpril, Mtty,June, July, Auguft ..... in 11lo antem dte, mver'ueus Chriihtm. The words of this V oftrine mutt agree, and rimes.

E. K. When come }'Drt with the.reil of your word~ ?

Nal. A s it is given me,[o I give it unto y~u.
. A ,gr'-atnnparience.
!= 1 !,~li 1 ic:a:

~h~ e~~~~~ng.

[ln Thefe ~cek s are the fruics of my labour eo be known. For l muft unfo:d unto you,and cc open the (ecr ers of rllis myfiical , and Deli1Hred fpeech: Wh ereby you talk in mortal " founds with fuch as are immo1tal:And you may trudy know th e nature, and ufe of God his " Creatures. 1 hercfore,b~ diligtnc in hearing,and Receivmg. For the courfe of man is con

[t:.. He was thus interrupted by E. K.] --'' Mufi end their courfe in the promife of God:


" trary: But the determination of God moll certain. You ate anfw ered . . .... Mean y ou there LeMten weeks, or the 't"eek~ of all the fore-rehc:rfed moneths ? .... Of my "'Pho/e appointed time.

E. K He ilandeth higher up
... . . ]YliJy we ( with1ut offence) r equire your . at tt!l times, tu our r afe requiret!J.? N al. 1 our labour is my re<ldintffe ...... Y ou fee I have an A 1,ue : What is your cou11[el therein ? Nal. I hav e to coun[elyou ( from God.) A. Bleifed be the Fountaiil of counfel, and of ~u goodnelfe.

E K. He fheweth an houfe; ~nd fix, or itven T otches : They arc: lik c lbadows .
...... In t'he name of God what maj this mean?


the top of it with

.E. K. 1 hele Lhadcvvs go up and dovvn th<: fide of the hcure ) thrufiing their Torches into th.e fidts of it. _ The houfe is like chi1 vc1y houfe. They go round about the houfe. There 3re eight of thc:m. They have cla\vs l1ke Eagles. When they fie, tbey are like Apes. They fet a fire on it, and itburneth mighrHy; Now you~ wiferunnrth out, and feemeth to leap over rayl, and to Jy as <kad. And now come you out of door, 2nd the the Ga1ery_ Chitd ren fiand in the way toward the Church. And ycu come by the ycrn door; and kneel, and knock your hand on tbc earth. They take up your wife; hn.head wagglcth this way and that vv:ay. You look up o hraven frill, and kn~el upon one of your knees. The lone houfe quiverf tth anl. quaketh,and all the roof of the houfc talleth in eo the houfe, down upon the Chefis. And one of thefe bagg.1ge thing~ laughnh The houfe burneth all off. Your wife is dead, aH hc:r face is battered Tbe right fide ofherface,.her teeth and all is bartered She is bare-legged, lhe bath a whir~ Peticote on. Now the apparition is all gone ~it feemerh eo be pulled out of a pool of water, half alive, and !lalf dead, het hair hangi.rg abom her eats They hold her up: l'ow. they ca~ry h~_outat rhcGare. You feem to runne in the fields, and rhrc:r, or f-our men after you You run through waters All ddappeareth; And now 'N.al"'Page a?peareth ag~n He iecmeth to have wept
b. .

Nal ... Gocl

A true '!(elation of Dr. Dee his At/ions 'With fpiritJ~ &c.

may e[cbue them. And how hall 1 efchue them? . 'Nal. .... , Tbtu _(ayeth the L ~ rd. Behold, 1 bttve [ea{ed tbee for my [elf: for mJ people,and for my [ervaut, Ther~fore jhtt{t thou not peri.fh; No, not the /etl/1: hair of thy bodie.. Fear not , be ftrong in faith. For I come jhortlj. H eark,tn therefore to my voyce,.I [ay, therefore hearkpz t!J my v'oyce: For- the fpiri.t.s,.of wick.,ednet'} a1t~ confufionhave rifm up againft thee: If therefQre tbry prevail againfl my purpd[es; . 1hm.fh~ll zt b~ no world: Nt'lthr: .are there lf~J heavens. B_ut, thw place w .not for tbu; yet'zf thou wzlt, be zt Ttnto thee. I w1ll feal d~flrrtllton, both fo r a tune and for ever. Be "~ighty therefore m m_ e. All the earth rageth in wick,_edneffe. And fin?fe fmell'eth thee ready 1toW t o creep out of IJ~ h~le . ~f. thou move rhy feat, tt Jh_all be more .acceptable. For, evm thw yea~ jhalt thou fe e the btgummg of many troubles: .And the entraHcc of thw LASKO, into the bloudy fervzce of the worl~.


Nal. ..... God f!,ivrth y9u w arning tbat yon

E. K. He [eemeth to (pit fire) and fo vanifh away.

0 Jefu Chrift, weh21vc committed. our felves intc;> thy hand; .and do fubmit our 'Yil_s to l thy ('fovernmenc~ What fhould tillS mean of ternble deftrutbon threatned eo my w1fe and maiden ? And as it were freni ie, to !ight on me for forrow. Thefe things cannot well ~gree with our former a(fured protection.
E. K .

I fee a little' wench on the bench, all it1 white, ilie fayeth .

. . Ho1P do you fir l ... , [ 1fl111{_ing curfie t o ~.J A. Better ic is known to you then ro my [elf, how I do. ...... Sir, 1 httve bem... .. land, ~t your houfe, where they are allYPell. A. Thanked be God . .... A nmt .... The ~em{aid: Sbe WM forry thatjhe had loft her Philo[op~r. But the L ofd :lrea[urer an[w,errd: h~ will come ho e jhortly, a beggin('f to you. m '1bey were bl11c}z. Sir, Herry Sidney died upon Wednefday laft. 6. Note, at Pr~t&ue, AUg. 1 ..~ A privy enemy of yours. I _underftoocl thu ~Ir ,H(n rJ . r f h' ..r d Stdn~J was not dead 10 Febr...... I ever ~o? k. h lffi _~or one o my c Ju 1nen s. :ary nor March,no nor in May . , .. But thH zt H: '1ruely, none can turn the ~ems l~eart from you. laft : fherefatc this mutl; be I could not come into your Studie : The f!2!!em h,zth caufed it to be [ealed conlidcred, D oClor H~ger !lis "P T oubirwbeen ufed t o good Cities: J.t weu good, you did confider fon told m~. Yo~ ro.ly al~o it. Little words are. of 01Tre11t ma.ttl'r. l!l:uk .h 01,. .th~ D~v 11 ac tlm Clt~COVIA . ld o me to 1ettIe my. 1elf firfi ) r r ume dtd mtf-mform E.. K. and A. W h ere, I pray, wou _you Wl 1 . foit is poffibl.e that this beiog ...... c./vly moth~r rvould gzve you coun[el to dwell at LA S C 0. a lye:, was his, A. Dp yon cWfemfrom your mother?


1111 unwife maiden. The Devil bringetb the f ound ()f my mouth Note the to thy ears. E. K. For l [aid C R A C 0 V I A, and he Jpak_e L A S C 0. envy Be power ~- Scing your mother would wifh me to' dwell at C RAC 0 V I A, at what other place of the D evil. would you wifh me ro dwell ? ...., Lux ante /acimt, Tntebr.e_poft t ergum.

Upon what . . J efu, you thi11k.. tbat I am

E. K. Now 1 feel a hulling thing go from tny head .


...... I praJ you be ,not off(Juled with my jimpl{city : My mother a!1d I am all one. tn us it Th~Cncor!l difcord: I pray you bear with me, if I fay, ] be the Concord of t~me. Thefe are my words. ofumc.My nwcher would have you dwell at C RAC 0 V I A. And I con(ent unto it. Let them . that be wife wzderJfand: A lwayes pray that yo~ may hear truely, and receive faidifnlly. A. May I before I go any further demand 1f you be Madimi ? .... .. 1 am fo, Sir. A. As concerning t his terrible Viiion here Chewed what , is either the itHem, or verity , of it? Mad. S ir, will it pleafe you to hear me l A. Theveriry is mofi: acceptable to me alwayes. 1,.,-'tliJ. Anno ~a f ....... I tbink,_your booltJa~th, T?u man bu way is prepared, &c. If8;. Jun.I6. A . I trow~ th~ words aTe, H1s feat lS made open, or lllade manife3:. S!lprr, ttnte aH9 foli~ Mad... .... I t wfo. B~ ar with me, l t/,i,k,_, it is [o. A. What will you fay thereof ?.

Mad. ~ .... And upon l'arth Pr-inres have b . i1t thfir own CouJ;ts; . I rerhember, Fie was fea'fed ~t ~lordake. . Contra onm: malum. . Then c.annot tbe King- of Poland~ nor the c hance/or, prevttzl agam{f htm. Yet Vend1derunt ammam'ejus. t::.. l ord be m:rciful umo . : . ; What Trayterons dealing ? I befeech you eo. fay , e. m that cafe ,; He IS our great fnend, and for the fervic e of God ftirih(riilg.' K ~ Mad..... Tou


A true 'I(elation of Dr. Dee hir Aflions TPithJpirits, &c.

_ _ _ _ _ _ M _ -..-.. .. You met a man by tbe way : He is an Ir~jhman. ( But as me, he [aid hew~ _ad-. a French nun) I heard the King, whrn . . bim to go mt~ England. Bu.t he could not poifon him there . '[herrfore he [11/lowed bim, all the way. B11~ zf he return ag.wt :They fay, We rPill exalt him. But [end thou thy Army, and we will [md hzm. Wherefore bath the Kzng abfented C on(piracy oi rhc K. ot bii~J[d{, but to betray his Kingdom l Truely, I can tell no other ca~[e. . . I' of. wj .l: rhe <..My M other f aith witbin thefe few daJes, lf-/ter be callethzt) a lztt~e t~lk_, Let hm1 go r,,tz Jg~inft to Cracovia .... himfelf as David did before Saul: It may be the people wzll lzk,.e well of him. A. L. !uJh, 'f,!]h, Ti~or innatus, will ne~er prevail. E, K. She faitb fo ,turning her head Alto~ug,h~e batdzm, he cannot hur~ km; back tO one that fipakc eo h r S1r, '.f you tarry here, you wzll have great e grief in this houf~. c.. How long ( I llray you ) would you with me, to tarry here : or how foon to be rid h(t'lCe? Mad ..... :. Har~ ... H I', E. K. marvelleth what I will [aJ now.

E K. So I diJ indeed.
Mad ........ The Phyfi.til11t faith, infetled air i1 to be avoided in haft. t.Mizny Prinees foall he acquainted withyou, and L earned men. 1he good are oftentimes Jfirred up to offend God, 1l1hof e offen:es are b?th wilfulllnd r11jh : For temptatio1t if a T ouchftone, a1zd iJ one of the black.. fellows. chi~Feji W< ,;pous. A. I befeech you, to fay fomewhat of th e time of our going hence. Mad . ...... Tujh, I pray you, Go hence as foon as you may. t.. T o Cracovia, you mean. Mad....... I. . I will now and then vifit y ou there: A nd will become friend with you, E.R now : for you are become a good man. 6. As concerning that terrible !hew, what can you fay of it ? Mad ....... As a warning to beware that, that jhould be. This iJ the !aft Spear. t:.. Bur, ifi go to Cracovia, no fuch thing lhall happen, I tru.fr. Mad . ...... So, Sir. Therefore, Thw is your warning. t:.. Is it not, then, the wifl of God, that I fhall fet up the Table'here, a5 you fee, we ban pr epared. Mad . ...... Be C01ttented. This U'ilde.rneffe, is 110t 40 y ears. My Mothe;r faith, It mull: not be h ere : yet at your requefi, it mily be.

c. K

How can that be ?

At mans commandment, the Sun can fl:and. Mad....... He faith true, Believe him. Therefore I will not urge lt.n.J thing fverein,but d,. fer till we come t o Cracovia. t:., At Cracovia, lhall I fet it up ? And !hall I require Pernns honfe there~ Or what honfe d[e, is, in God his determination, for me and mine~ ...... As wife as I am, I cannot tell, wiJat,yet, t o fay. It is the Town, 1Phefe the S11hbath day jhall be celebrated. A. But now, as concerning the houfe, What i s your word? . Mad ....... You will110t be defritute of 1t11 houfe. Wi!t yon believe. me ; F or I am your true fnend M AD I M I . Here jhall be the end of your tutmoil; Be of go9d cheare. Did you not will us to hive my eh eft from Turn before we go ~ Mad ....... I, when the blacJtm bath called home his waters. A. Alfoon as .. . . n have it from Torn hither, then we are to be going.

E. K How will my Lord ~gree to this?

Mad . ...... Now you are become~ new man, ~oth we may dwell in one lmtje. Sir, I promife you of my credit,)'OU]hall be to learn nothing of thefe things by Augufr.. A . By Augu{rnext ? Mad ....... Yea , .. Next. 6, P erhaps m.y Lord his furniture of money will not be fuch, as to ferve for our carriage anew, &c. Bell des that, I would wilh Kef mark.. to b~ redeemed , before he fuould ome to c Cracovia : Perhaps then with the people , his credit would be greater. Mad ..... .. Thofe that become Kings, care nothing for Farm-h?u[es. A. I would that needleffe co!h here bellowed, had been faved : or chat you. had told usthis fooner. Mad ... .... Silence now, is my beft ~tnfwer. A. Do Y:on:know, ( 0 Lord, what fay I ? ) Have we had any name of N A LV AGE, heretofore lll our Tables or Books expreffed? Mad. . ..... What have you written, that have you written. H e is a near k..,in[ma1t to my tM9tber We call him, with~, Fuga tefl'cfrrium. 6 . We b efeech God, that all intermedling, and faucinelfe of the wicked in thefe Afrions may ceafe. You know how one clawed him, here, on the head, as with Eagles claws.




true 'l(elationofDr. Dee his Aflt'ons

Soli Deo Gloria.

~ith fpiritJ,



Mad. .... H e ?!lilY rcjoyce, the) clawed not his fotil.

You are contmt to let me go.

E- K.- She goc:thaway {orncwhat bigger, and in a long Gown.


Martii 2.. Stylo novo. Friday , Februar. 21. A MeriJie, Vtsko. A s I had talked of Madimi, and IL. to E. K~ abont TreafUre hia in England: and 1 was defirous to have Come advercifement by Mlldimi, fhe appeared. Mad . ..... , I tm[wer your inward man. I am come again.

E. K She is bigger than the was

Mad ....... 1 am a little grown. A. As concerning a medicine for my Ague, I would gladly . . And as concerning the wife of our dear friend, the Lor . , Mad .. . . ... I pray you, bear with me at this time : I am as willmg to Rnfwer yott (when light cometb again) iuyou to ttsk. me. You may confider of m~tny thing, I ettn ax[lrler them briefly. such b!ef!i.ng 4S my Mo~ber btftoweth bn me, fuch r give you.

B. K. She fmilerb.
A . God grant that his good Creatures mayfmit-e on me. Mad . .... .. JYhen y ou Jtnow 111~ well, y ou wilL find, I. hapr been very charitable.

E. K. She goeth away naked ; her body being befprent with blood ; at the leafi that fide of her toward E .K.
A. Lahdetur Deus T rinus & unus, nunc & in fempiterna feri.tlon1m fecula.


Saturdllp Februarii ~t. 1584. ante m~ridiem, Lasko. [ Mar.tii J Stylo novo. A, The queJlions needful to be require~ of Madim_i. .

Ifthe Pedeftal (for t he holy Table) being here mad e, !hall be carryed with us to Cracow, rather than to make a new ther e : both to fave time, and to have our doings the

G ood counfel for my health rec<>vermg, and confirmmg.

1nor e (ecret? 3 What. is your knowledge and judgement of A. L. his.wife1 in refpeet of her life pall, prefent, and to come; for we doubt !he is no t o ur found friend ? 4 It is our very earndl: defire, that the Danifh Treafurer inf,_ng!and, in ~he ten places, ( feifed o n by E. K. ) might be broug ht hither, very fpeedily : whereby ,.4. L. might re-. d.eem Keyfmar~at:J.d Lttsl~p lands, morgaged : and alfo pay his debts in Cracow, and about Cra.cow. For, elfe, neither can he come with any credit, to Cracow, ( as he is willed ) neither cari he come to us, there, fo commodiouOy, and ofc, as our confer~nre& rnay be .requi(jt, And thirdly, the day of Keyf mark. forfeiring ( without the Emperour his favou:rs.ble help ) draweth nigh : as in April at. St. George his Day nd:t. t:.. Afld by your fp eech of Englan-l,you givemeoccaiion to enquire whether her Majefiy deth caufe my rents to be r eceived, by my Depury affigned or no? "ttVhether her Majefiy , or t he Council, d o intend to fend fur me again, i n.tQ England or n o? And as concerning the red p ... which E. K. f9unq wit h the book in England, what it i s : And what: is the b eft ure of ir; and how that ufe is ro be prattifed or p erformed~ . , ~- . af~er ti:lefe Q_ueHions written, and a lictle our praying to G~ .for his light; verit-y, ancl help, and to (en.~ Madtimi, according as fh_ ~illed me eo note many ~~ings,for ~hat lbe could c anfwer them bnefly . we ufed filence a vrhde; ach fhe appeared on my nght hand betw een me and E. It . . . . ,; E_{rffed be his na ~ethat in truth,t~nd.Jort~ truth, [e~deth J..is -Minifters fiJ i it/tr.uCf them that lo ve Trtttk. . .4 . . Ew~ [o ..... Bt not pzerced too much wt'th fight of me. [ toE, K. for llc looked merv!llloufly eari].dllyon her . J . E. K. Shc:leemcth .more brig he than was; And' to . . . and fl:and



in a more bright plac_. . e

1. .. .. ..

Mad ...... , All bonour b~ ro hitff that livtth. in H eave-n a111l in E4rth, dntl is mighty in Ill! places .
Y our hettlth:

the place on thcCu(hionsonthebcnch,;whcre Die fl:ood ycfterday Bhe 'doth now as ydung children do, playing with her

. E K Now fl1eisgone

coatS J

A true Relation of Dr. Dee his Af/iuns "IJ7ith (pirits, &c.

coats; .and at length fitteth down on th: Cutbions.
Mad. , ..... Ev~n ttJ Jpititual an,J dignified' illuminatirms; from afcen!ie.n, and by dtfr.mding, work__ the will of God, d.'termined in a/l Creatures, diverfly, accord ing to the mea[11red purpofe of the H t.f!/nft, in di[perfing his wilL upon and into every one, particularly ; wherety [ome become wife, one in ibw, .anothrr in thl!t dtgree ; other [ome might) in WfJrk,.s, wherrby health and hdp, comfort and joy, w given to the f aithful: Even fo, af cmdmg, doth H ell inf~fr, Jomt:timr with error, and fometime 1r1tb infirmities: So that from Heaven [prhzg,eth health, f rom below mfirmitieJ of body and (oJ {, Where.y we find two i m,nediate powers> bringing forth two pr~p~rties, The one Comfort) ' with Joy ; T ;Je other Infdiion with fo~row. . JJ 11r tbis may be obje[ird: H ath zt not been feen, that tbt: wir.'<_ed cure dif~:afes I and r~flor~ heabh ? Wharfoever is of death, is Jorrow; which is the ground of fpiritual and b~ ddj infdlion fu tbat evil cannot work._ good. H ow ran it therrf& be that the d~ad revive, or r~(fore health l re 'lbe cure therefore of all [piritual infdiion ( I mean the inftl1i~m off~cb, as are fpiritual is in re[pellof huweak,.~fjJt,and n~t ofbw.frrength; Ber.au[e S at.zn i~tfrliing, may be~ome werzk._ ( w~~r~bJ he r.anJZot prevazl) and Jo g1ve health, by reafon of w~ak,.nrffe ; Otherwife, -srztb power, brmgmg death all manner of wayes. t:.. E. K. t hought a thing, whereunto !he anfwered . . and he faid .. . my thought: /he anfwered .... in my deg ree, though ts. . known eo me, I, than an . . !he is of God and in God, tha . the thought of man.

T "o immcdi;~.tc I'O WtCS,

E K~ She ... I hear a buz; .. e~r~

.... , . The_(e two immediate and Jupmtatural properties are fo digJtifitd in Creat zon and tzJeter-:mintttion, that rhe go?d Angels cannot cure, or belp {t4r.h infirmities, as are brought in ty the fubtile in f :(]ion of the wick,.ed themfe!vu: V1tlee in body the i,mmediate power of t hr fecond Per_(on in Trinity be adjoyned .i n the aid aHd cure of thf' in{elied b:dy; which i1 the true Phyfitian. A nd M he toiJk,. upon him man hi! frailty , {o hf i1 chief GoverNour over th~ [am<? i1t all de~rees. If the J'lul br infel1ed, the Angels ha1'e 110 power to it or mak,.e it clean: but by tlu will of the F athrr which is tbe l-J. o/y Gh~Jf, def~mding tbrou,gh the Angels m to the propriety of thr Chun h : wher ~Ly the Di.fcafe w rurd. 1 h!'refore, confidering, thou art in(el1et( not ttaturally, but by fpiritual and wick,.l'd inflammation, Jiirrmg 11p thy tody unto infdiion. We that are g?od Angels, ca11not w.inijter help v.n!re we feeL tbe i: mediate power f him which is the fecond, and the water m of Lifr. N otwithltanding, as we k._norv bow the infeCJion gr~w, either locally ~r r~allj : S~ ea~ we find contrary places and t hings for comfort. Whm Herod wa~ infdted bJ the Devil t ,, k,.i!l very Chri{f the Son of G Jd; His purpofe was not altered by contradill_io~ to _ Devi!, but 'b.?' th~ forek,.nowlrdge of God, wbich appointed Egypt for the hw [f1fegua rd. So 1t w[atd unto thee, I t wthought go9d tho1 fhou!dj1: rejt at C R A C 0 V I A; 1 ffJr it i1 a place fttnfti/ied., both in fore- drtermination, and now. Therefore ufe tht: S abb ~tth, tntd re/f fr om.lut(Jf.'Y : R eap now, and eat the f ruit of thy labour ; Prrffe the Vinel that thou mllyejt drink._, 11nd le comfortet/ : For the pr~mi[t>s of God; are not in vain ; N either are the Heavens fruit lrffe. For as it h faid, Thou art not bound, but fvr 'tht [ervice of God : N rither jhalt tho~ be m riched by Prmces : but jhalt e"rich them. Flejh may [peak.. vainly, and be without comfort: But the promifes of God, cett[e not, neither becomt rmcrrtain, This year t o come, il of great hlood-(hed: prepared to flop the mouth of the Earth, which gapeth f r forr ow. 7 herefore th~u muft be feparared, that the promt[es of God may be fulfilled: which cometh ( not at your reque.ft, />ut at hw Determination) mo{t abundantly. 7 hr_(e Boords n~ed not, 1 he pavi ment }hail ferv~ ; Jot it w nt'ither the Earth, nor mrms b~tnds, (but the Finger of him that /ivrtb, ) th'llt provok,.eth. Behold .... Thlft the powe~ of G11d might be k,.nown, therefore he bath ch-.[m .thofe that ~tre not tegarded, to the intent, it may befaid; L o, This is of God. .. H a.ff therefou , and ftay not, for thy warning H great. . 1hofe that tzre W1[e ( to fin) in thrir flefh/y. imaginations, are derei11ers of tbe1n[rlves: Which ;wic:h us are nor to be accufed, but rather unknown. For the Kingdom of H eaven id diviJed fro m H ell : and thofe that ~re of H dl, are unk,.now1z from us. For IfS and . , it'aruraLIJ, lt,.n9wnot, oneanother,fucb, andfo it is ofuo. Sit t ibi fat is quod illam non novimus, neque virtutem ullatn defcendentem ab i\la vidimus. Neither h .the power of God in bim,for huO'Wn fak_t:but.for tl;e ~pirit that God bath p.'anteJ in IJim. F?r we have k,.nOW1t btm, and again have forgotten hint. And yet we undmrand him But ( [ ..teach tbu iz MJ:ffery ) by irradiati~lt into hirh : tt11d not by rejfex101t fro m himfe/f, A s the hell'llens fly from the [link,. of the infelled powers, even fo, fly thou.

C r:acovia,


A. L.

b,. Ca,oJ.tmort ip[zus Pt~latin~t.



Gan. What 71ilt thou WJth 19b11t .wilt thQu ha11t l

E K She calleth one1 who is now come here. E. K. He {eemer h ro have his tace half me? 2.. . ike a man, and h~lf like a \:Vom.an l his l S body being all covered with hair, ruggd., E. K. 1 hiS

E K. .

true 'l{eltttionofDr. Dee his .dE/ions IPith_ fpirits, &c.

c!/J1adimi fhakcth her Coates, and brulheth her Coatcs wich . . .


Mad ..... ThM fnyeth my Mtther. Beware of wilde bony, and raw ftuit: The one c!arifled; the (lther ripmed may bf'oome good. .Tho[e that b,.now .not wine b-ecome drunk._en, b~tt t o fuch as k.Jzow it, it Lrir.grth he,ilth. Even[o, thi-1 Dourine. For, unto him that it i4 tafied, being ripe, or . .. . or becometh comfort, and the Key of a pr . .... But unto him tiJat t~/leth it wildly, and ... ... W orb,.eth frrnw. Ypur k.!zowledge i1 1 eo have, but to learn eo ... : So that JO may be,both hav,;nJ!. tot U tmd learned. Small. are the -z:rea_(ures of thi-1 worM, in ~ef p.e{] of the wiJ.doi that judget6 N AT V RE. For unto him that ;u(lgeth truely, wh11t [ecrrt u hzdden l Thofe rbat [ak.. tbe world fhalt be contemned of it : But he that flieth fiw;z her, (hall u[e her M a flave, or ar tbe [rco~td mnther dotb her daughter. Notwit~j1rmding, of my [elf, I will be more appliable unt9 you , thm yo~jhal.l 'be followers of me. For,for that cau[e am I. become!=hildi!h. Therefor-e ccafe: He if true! Wh G d . y wife> that fayetb, God k__no-rceth at. all tinus wbat we ,have need' of. Be not tempters. Be patient. hi ~in~fl~n 5. E-o en rM thy dejire if, fo are all things in England. Nothing kept b'acb,.. But for thy fttk..eJ as :1 Chi! de, fuch M are thiile, dre with them friendly uf~d dealeth with 6. If tbou Jhouldejl not l-e called home:~~ow jhouldefl tho~ enjoy t~e benefit of God his pr::mi[e,wh:ch us. bath [aid: 1'hou jhalt ctt![ qer ha.~k,, &c. t o her pre[ervat1on. B.Ht, firft -chefe ehin<Ts .mull come t o pa!fe. 1he Counerey fhall be divided, one rife up agai1t;!f anot/J(r. . Great trra{oHs be wror~ght. Tea, and one cut 1111others throat: 'And when t/,e grea.te{l trMbles are, Then Jhalt thrm fave ber life-~ 7hen Jh all the wallbe brok._en down: And ftee pnf[age {J.;all be made: And furb 4f are sk,prners, and a[cmd up the 1tttrrow.fl:t:ps, or .fhew themfelves 01t the wal!s,jballb~ trodden down ttnd defaced. H ere ii undajlanding . ..... That which thou, E.K. h:tjl,w a part of four, and i-f become the fifth: Tet it ii none of the j flur) dignified i ;i a Cube, whofe root if * 25 2. ...... I will~now itjhort!J. Thouha/1 no power ( for: .time u~ot yet com: .) But muflb ebrought f orth jliortly; tiJat it nz,zy be k._n~wn . ..... Made it,wa:s * H oly (but it .').YM made by tho[e that ..... , It : -hicb is not man, neither a;ty thing of wici(edneffe) which for his fit;ls died, ltajt be jhou!d kave bten d"(frojc.d in ..the fectmd death. Revealed unto thee, n either for thi-n.e own fake ; nor at t~y requeft : But by the' will of God~ for a. tinle th co me,

. K I pray you to tell me plainly what ic is.

Mad . .. .. Bt> content . ...... I [peab,. , hti!, leajl . th1mjhrmldejf fin, God the fa ther, the So11, and tbe t holy Gho/f b!t-ffe y o.

E. I( Now the is gone, tU a mighty 'all ~oman.

t:.. V eritati a:tema:_, fit a:terna Laus Gloria & Benedietio.

Note. M11tlimi a s a rail wo-

man now.

E. K. Amen
Wednefd-ay, Martii 4 Mane. 15S4. L A:S I(O.

t..Martii 14. Stylo N ovo.

t:.. After my Petition made eo God (at ehe infiauce of A. L. not prefenr now) ro know of M~ldavia l\.ingdom, the fl:ate to cOJ]le _ t hat is, when .A. L. and by what means he fhould en: joy the fame (being befor(: ac M ortlak._, promifc~ unto him.) And at my reqneihng chat Ma-

Jimi mi ght be the Miniller of his will therein : Ae length appeared Madimi. r:.. Gloria Pa~ri,-& filio& fpiritui fane\o : ficut erat in principio, & mmc & femper, & in fecu la feculorum. Amm. Md. Ame~. A (ertahz rich man, fa.ther of ttn houjhQ!d_ returned~ and fo und all things out , of orda: And 1~, he looi<.ed up, and [aid unto hi-1 frrvant : Ari[r , and be. read)', , fo r I 1fill [et my hoN[e in order. Go to A ffon , and 1 will meet thee there : And he ar(J_re up,.and.wcnt unto A tiOn : But bi-1 mnffer cate not: At le>~gthh,e [aid unro him. Behold~ I wz!l no! dw.e!L .h..... Remove , iy.hovjhold v.iflo Banal, and .be did fo. And the fervant prepared a f raft : But bs majter (/a1m i1o!. , And ht: [a id u-,zto him the third time ;. why fZ rt thou [orrie, or whj art .thou aitgry l ..... Oh . unto n!e,fo~ I am thj maiirr. And he fa id: Rife, go unto Mo!Cchecks, and thou jhalt meet me there. But !o, thM fayeth the fervaut, my mnjter forgetteth ..... a11d hath comma.nde.4 me twice,. and I have prepared for him, 11nd be came not, and be faith.m~to me. the third 'tim~::, Ari[t,go~ a1t'd 1 will meet thee: Thou :fba lt finde me /here; But he will there a~(o (ierrive me: .A nd he fent bef .ore,and behold, his mafler .... But.immedia.tel] after that,t he [ei"vlt.~ts ml'J[mger ~.. The fa ther of t-he horijhold came;a;.d he loob__ed but his [ervant WM not there. .And hefmt for blm, and 'fOm.m andrd him. to be ..: d t o be brought aH "With violence: But the fe rv ltntJaid, deal no.t thri!, with me, for it is violent : But the maJter an(werrd, and [a~d.: What I commjlnd thee ... ghtelt: For [ervttn'ts h,r-fie HO freedom of themfelves. And zt cttm~ to paffe thd afte~ t-he mafter IJ~rd p zthere1 togeth~r his frien(lr :: Fie .faid untp tbem; Arife up, 11.11d finde me cnr that rs F A I T H F U L L wzth 0 B E D I E N. C E. Then be ]/retched out his h.a11d, and he [aid untiJ hi.s fervant . H old, t:zk.;. thy .reward :Fr;r,from me thou art banijhed. How. fay _J()u, TJ~ this ]ulfice, thllt he.did 1 mto his.[ervant l r:. . 0 Lord, we appeal to tby mercies, and we acknowledge thy judgements alwayes to he

mofl: jua and true, &c.

Mad. Tht

7 z.. At rue Relation of Dr. Dee his .AElioni .with (pirits ,.&c. ------ - Th~ Ark_. of the Lord w.~; th( Covenant of 0 BED I E N C E. l_Iappy are thofe that enter. Mad.
E K.. Th,rc fpringeth a thing before her l.ke a Reed, but withered.
Mad. Vn~o thee, [E. K. pointing to the Reed,] thtM fayetb the Lord, Becau[e thou canft not ~11dure the eHd of winter , Spring on, and gruw : Bur m the midjt of [thy letsuty, in the midft of fzmrm~r,(hn/1 thy dejirullion le. . A. L. I wilL anoint thee before thy timt; for 111) promife fak_.~ : That thou mayeft fall in the mjdft vf thine fJWJ1 time, for thy weak,_neJJ~ id great.

E K She fiandeth ~nd holdctb up her hands toward hcaven,and faith no~
thing that l can h~ar.
Ma'a. Go, mak,.e hafte: All flefh it abominable. E. K. She fpeakech another way, not toward usl Mad. I am [ealed,_Neither can I {peak,. any more.

E. K Now t:hc goeth away J1kc.- a three cornerd Cloud.



J efn have mercy on


iagainfi Hell, d'eath, and che Devil have mercy on us.

. K.

Oh King of] ews have mercy on us.

Oh Conquerout

Now is he here, \Vho was hR here. Arc you Nal"Pagr... . In the name of ]c:rus. Lord be rnetcifull unto us,&c . . Is foaled; 1 am e3tcepted. 1amcommanded,ar1d my Office u to feas!J. E. K He turneth about with a great fwihnefL, at l_ngrb he lhnJcth, e
i::., b Lord, and our .:iefire is to be taught of thu, in thee, and fo'r thy fervice. N al. To him to whom it if Jttid~ G 0 : 'tht.u, I [11y, lrt him b,. t.,oing. For Gorl hath ftrefcbul out hrs baud, and he [ayeth, I will not plHck,. it bac~, b11t ~tb flmgeance.

E. K He turn~th again

6. I

0 God, to whom is that G 0 , fayed? N al. 1 hrJtnnortnl mnn, who is the Lord 9f he11lth l t:. . The God of Heaven and Farth. Nal. 1ht Lord is angry, 11.nd he [ id unto thu.
A. Vide T ob. Cl!l. 33 t '~"d"''' en i~ ll.ram m.-m

fide of :an

;g_ue,:and 1hr~upon did fomewbu d 'ff~r,:lw:ait

ing :aHn for 1 he Lod.

.A. l.. Hi' he)p, chi't6y,

Be gone. ~i(h Coach~ Ho,fe, and Lo, there is a rlrt') tJaa. And if his own Ang,tlliffa tiot made iHterctffil't Muncy, r ; .t z.. fr,r him, he had been nothing: Seal thr1e !hiHgs, ma..._e hajte. Jr 1> iblf1 mdu Be gomt;. Divzn.r ,tf(tFor the Lord if aHgry. '"?a.t, ~ t" .. ..... 0 G0 d , c , cxC. . 017lines,a-&. N al. Th~ hi' fnyeth . .... Lasky hath tejoy~ed '/Pith an H arlot,antl hlftb me11.[t1ted me , '19hicli am unk,.nown : But he jhali be rewarded.

A. L. T() thee it if [aid ~ M~tk,_e hafte, and be goHe. i will fulfill my promifc in him for thy fake: But he .fJ:a!l.fall., being TJone 1[ thy acquaihtance. t:. Pronounce favour and mercyonme: who inmy fin , and finglendfe ofheartrcjoyce
to do what l can porfibly perform. Nal. TU! tlrJ h . ve fa id ag,ainfl thee. Ltt him not g. Thf'J jha/1 tarric wh,re they wouU not. Cea{t, writ1 no m()re. t:.. Soli Deo, omuis honor & Gloria. Amm.


Of them thlll fayeth the Lord.

c..ftlondJtJ; Martii 9 Hora 9 Mane reccffimus a ...... & prima nofre fuimus apud Petr ....,. 1ue[d11), 10. Wet!nt{1.ay, 11. 1hurfdny,_ 12 At M :chow we lodged at night. J<riddy, Martti 1 3 We came eo Cracow., circa tertiama Meredie, and wete lodg ed in the Sulurb by the Church at .... ,., Where we remained a fevc:,tight, and eh ell (I and my wife) we :tt'moved tO t~e houfe in St; Stephens fireet, which I had hired for a year, for 8o gyldc:rs (of 30 gr.) And Mafter Edward Kel!J came to us on F ryday in the ~(tcr week (by the new Greg rian Kalendar) b'eing che '-7 day of M arch, by the o1d Kalendar : bur che hx.rh day of April, by the new Kalendar; Ealler Jay being the firfi: day of April in Poland, by the new Gre"gDriit11 inlHtution. C R A C 0 V I A. Martii 1 3. An. I 584. Omnu llonor, La us, Gtoria ($- Gratiarum AClio, fit DeD Noftra Ornnipotenti,- Trino & un'i 1ttl1ic 6- ftmper. Ametl. A.



of Dr. Dee his Affions 'With fpirits, &c.

SA 0 B AT I C U S,



Pars prima ejufdem.

T11e[ day morning, Anno I 584 . Apr.ilis 1 0 . flilo novo Gregor}cmo. CR. A COVI lE.
ll(.~~~~~~.YIFter our ~iv.ers prayers ~nd contcltati?R of our humility, obedience, U~~Yl!IV.jlo and credtt m t hefe Acb om; : and bemg come now eo Cr aco11ia the

pl ace fa ntl:i f.ied, wh ereunto we were will ed to make hafr, lentb appeared Nalvage.



E K He hach a Gown of white Glk, with a Cape with three Fendants with talfd~ on the ends of them ~~~~~~'I all green : it is fur, white and feemeth to fhjne, with a wavering glittering. On his head is nothing, he hath no herd His pbytiognomy is like the pitlure of King EdllJard the Gxth; his hair hangcth down a guarrer of the len.gth of tbe Cap, fomc:what curling,. yellow He hath a rod or \'\'and in hjs hand, almoH a-'i bjg as my little fin ger : it is of Gold, and divided into three equal pan:s, with a bright et Gold than the rel. He fiandeth upon his.round table of Chri:"' fial, or rather Mother of Pearl: There appear an infinite number of letters on the fame, as thick 2s one can land by another. the table is fome\f\hat inc1ined on one lid~ : he flandeth in the Yery middle ; his garment covereth his fee t~ his brea!l: feemeth fmooth as the down remainino: of a Swan when all the feathers be o~ fo is his neck) &c. He is Ie~n and long: ifaged
t.. The infinite mercies of God be on llS : and the light of his countenance fhine on us; and his favourable countenance be on us. N al. ... ... A mr n, 1111to him that is, and 1Ptts, and liveth for ever.

E. K He looketh earneftJy on his tabJe , and ttitneth him to view it

Nal. .. ... A ll things are in order. Thur f.i ith the Mejfenger of hin. whhhu the God of Wi[-. dom. Is your woYthineJTe fuch, a~ you can merit [o grea t mercy l ur are yor~r vrf[ds cleanft:d, and made o!pt to receive a1 bold the fw eet liquo r, p~re u~tderftaHding it felf l u.l t.. H ath the Sun w trcd into your bowels, or have you tafted of the n ight- dew ? Where are yo11r Vnfell[oned y?u are wedding Garments ; or after what fort do J IH provtde ftJ r your mltrriage? ~tnd withered jfefo, partak__ers of thofe things wbich mak._e you holy : through which pnrt rrk_in~ and the [ecre t providence of him that i1 the High11jf, you bwtme dig1rijied to tbe md, rrnd are fuffic:irnt!J 0 Jfijf-neck_ed pe9ple JOTI de[erve nothing, a11d pt you have tbe wajheJ for the time of entrtwce. But, what, can coru ption be p arta~er of thofe things that are iftcdrruphire of fuch as labour. tib{e ? or man , which fn.vormth in himfe!f, cnn y ou favour al(o of .the A lm'ighty. 0 you weakJingr, 0 you of no faith, 0 you:'C.!nlzers of tbe ea r~b ; W here u theJhame you have ; JP'bere are th-? tears y ou !et fall; Where u the humility you are taugbt to ? N ay you are fuch as f ay in your hearts; if th ~ Spring be.fair, the H arveJr is li/v to be good : I f thefe thing come to paJJe,. it is the finger of the IJord. But fuch u your imperfetiion, fucb are the ftuits of the fl'ejh, ttnd the vanity o.f m9rtality. Notwithjrandiilg, etmfitler tb,rt y ou tfre fervants: Do therefore the will of JOUr Mafter . You ' kJul to bim that is the giver of liberty: Nt1y you are beltre become fru: Be _r,,it.Jjid aitrl tba.11 r:ome childrnt: par~ llk_,as of' th~ cw11[d of hii-11 thi:t .fit teth d1zd [t(th; and faitb I am . Therefor~ be fober,f1ltb(ui., ,rnrl w n.wr not, .for t/g iJlbu itallC'e "f yu~tr Father is great: y or.r freedo}1J is 'lllithout recomp~~c~, <tnd y :ur Maj fer t he King of J u ftice. L iYbete


A _ Reltttwn o1D. Dee-hisA8ifJfl1 'Pirh ffririts, &~ true

Wbt.re are the people~ or in wbat guieration did t~ey dwell, that hatp been tbU! ~tcquainted and drawn into f amilittrit] wit-h t~e true .Servants iind A~tgels. of God ? .Vitto 'Whom bav~ th()[t myfteties been ()fened Is it-not [llid)df t~fe tb~t 81"t fanOI_ift~'d , '(he Lortt' 4ppeared unto them in a vifion: But he cometh~o you wb,en J9u (lre awa'<! : Vnto the'lii he came Mnlook.fd for, unto you he -comdb reque{ted. Arife up therefou;.antl be,not /tr_g,etf'!l ~~at the Lord bath done for you ; 'for 1 he l.nd ml t:~e things of this World are not, until they b~ done, nezthtr it there any, rhing affured, but by the end._ It was.faid unto Abraham, And I will deftroy them. He befirod it ; bu_t be ask,.ed mt, when. Faith. Gre.zt .is tbt"reward ofFaitb; for it giveth jJre11gth : But thofe tbi!tt ate faithful are not ofthls world. . Notwitbjfanding, JOU have [aid, ( as it wa1 fa id by th'e D ifciples to Chrift, when they wereJ ~t unpure~ and bliJ.t'd. ) When ilialt thefe 'things come t6 paife t Ldrd, '1Phtit_1 meant by rhw, or tha t ?' Simple Faith excelleth all Science. ' For, Htaven and Earth jhttll peri./h in their corruption : But the voices of the .T..ord, mu'r;b more his promifes, are become Angels for ever : For '!S the Sun bege~teth i1t the earth, and is father ofmany things that live in corruptipn and have e11d: So if the God of H81lven, the bringer forth and b~getter of things celefti~tl.with life aHd for ever. For w.~y, Dixit & f.lcrum eft, 'f,very Idea in eternitJ is ber.o111e for ever, and. wht is Idea. thought, is becom!! a living creature. 1 teach you a mJ{ttry. As the tr~e in [appy life, watering her {elf tbroughly y bri1fgeth forth t'lie orname.nts of hrt o'IPn beauty : So the {piritU4l jart of ~an b.eing good a11d dignified, burnijheth bim[elf, "With hit found and ~aichful thought : I mea_ th~ glory and }hew of bis own bell14ty; for the foul of m~tn grflw eth, 11 either- with beauty to falvation, or with dijhonour anJ /ilthineffi, t damnatitm. I have done my (ommandnunt. I have tts a Schoo!,Hafter wrtr1ted )DU~ tt!fd 111 a friend co1171{tlledyou : I rPill al[o teach )Qtl.

[E. K. He fpeaketh in a thin fmall yoice.]


He ufed a great pau'fe, and Glence.

E. K Hc.fl:andeth and pointeth with his rod to the letters of his Table, as jfhe made fomc account or reckoning. He went out of the middle, 3nd meafurcd how mfy fiep 5 it is about
[E. K Tho&lght in his Jriinde, terwn) and he anfwcrcd his .thought, fat. ing, What need 1 fily r~rum? The Grammarians will be on my fide Ot11,;u,, is more than to {ay ~niNtn rerum. J B. x. This fecmcth to be fpokenby fomeothcr1 in my imagination.
Nal, ...... Omnium, u the thing th4t i4 my charge.
Nal . .... Pater, Filii, SpiritUI SanfJM: Fu'l!attmentum; {ubftantitt~ & principium rmmium.

E. K. He il:ill.conferrcth place to place, C!Jc. So. E. K. Now he ftandeth fi:Hl. Corp~s omni~m E K. He pointeth to the whole or round table which he frandc:th on.
The fubftance il attributed to God the Father. . The firJl circulttr mover, the cireumfer-ence0 God tbe SoH, Thefinger of the Father, anl mover of all things. 3. The order and '<.H:itting together of the parts in their due ttnd perfeC1 proportion, God the Roly Ghoft. Lo, the beginning and end ()fall thi1tf,S. E. K. He fiill counteth. and conferrech places and letters together.
I. 2.

NaL .. ,.. Lo, it i.s divided into 4 pttrts : whereof two are dignified: oHe 11ot Jet dignifitl, but foal! be : tbe other without glory ()r dignific~ttion. E. K. He feemeth to poinc tofomedivifioni.
Nal. ...... Vnderftand God,.as thefubfta~ce of the 'fPhole, ( ttt dove [aid.)
E. K.
E.. K.

He.counteth 3gain.

Ste here three [mall lines.

Nal .... The [ub[fanre of thh par-t i.scal!ed Vit:~.

He poinrcth to the uppermofi pare.

NaL .... Called Vita Suprema.

Thofe three fmalllines appear in the uppermotl parcel.] Say . Gaudium, [pointing to the uppermofl line. Say .. Pr.efmtia [pointing to theJecond.]
[E . .K .
...... Laud~tntes or Triumfhllntes [

pointing to the third.]

E. K.


Jtrue CJ\_elationo[Dr. Dee hir.Aflions DJith Jpirit.r, &c.

. K Now he beginneth to account in the lecond portion,
[ He counteth again. E. K. The four portions arc of equal wtdeneffe, but not of tqual clearndfe; and rh1t about the center is ot fuskilh or lead ill:! colour. E. K Now he (hewerh three !mall Jines in [he fecond portion. He
Nal. .. .... The Continent, V ita.


feemeth to

fpeak eo himfe1 Ffomewhar.

Motus ...... to the [eco1td;

Na\. .... .. Say ...... Potdlas .... to the firjlline pointing. Minifirautes .. ... to tbe third.

Nal. ..... . 'fhu Continmt i1 a!Jo Vita [ pointi1tg to the thira portion J non dignificata, fed digni ficanda. . . . Nal. .... See .... E. K. There are rtlfo tl1ree lines, Acbo ..... z1t the firft lme. Faltum ... : in the fee nd. Confirmantes ..... in the third. Sirha, thi! i1 true L~gick._. [ 1>. He faid fo to E. K. who now gave h.imfelf eo fiudy Lo~ick diligently.

E. K, Now he procecdcth to the third circular portion.

E. K Now he llanJcch trembling.

N al. ... ,.. Oh qual! eft J uflitia inttr miferos I t:., .... Sed,mors eft qu;e peperit hanc vilam. 'Vita eft etiam h~c, fed qu~ peperit mors. Say ..... Ltt&M ..... ~ Difcorditt Here fetm three lines alfo. Conf mrdantn ..... Tho[e that do their aury.fhaltreceive their reward. Let my diligence teachyor4 diligt11ce. c )3d not anhgry, hecaufeyou do n11t underfta.n'tJ,: Tbefe be means to 1mderjland. e E. K. con ~"eue that e was very angry. Nal ..... Pray r;nto G 1d) .for lam refifteJ. t:.. Deu~ in acfjutorium noftrum imende, ("f'r.. Say .... Vi tit Supre ma. [ pointing eo the uppennofi line of all. I find it ( by addition) in tbis L4Jtgu~t-gej I ad, but written thM, toward the left band, zn three a~tz_les


E. K.

a Say . Gnudium Moz. efl aa in this manner.

1 /huJ it is 1t nttme a[cending ana ~t.nfwernh to the twg ttrtnm.

I d z a o m

Nal. ..... I~z wrote three.' it is larger extended. [A.. z ex.tended is t:.od. J
t:.. Will you pardon me 1f I ask you'.another quefiion of eh is extenfion? Nal. Say on: Moz in it [elf fignifieth J oy; hut Mozod extended, fignifleth the Joy o t:.. No word i:n his radical form is extended Nal...... The{e doubts will at length grow eafte. Fr;e[mtia. ..... 1 find it called Zir.

t:.. I pray you, is Mozod, a word of three letters, or of five?

So ..

I d z
a o

m z r
Nal....... P~tentia. ,.. Butfay, Pita[ecunda, I adbut thus,
I d z s a i a 0 1 g 0 d
This Lelfon is greater than any that was learned in Crttc6via. this day.

m z


b n a d a z 1 a B

d i


A true 'l{_e !ation of Dr. Dee hit Aflions 'With [pirits~ & c.

I will t ench y ou h~re af t er the diftiH(]ion of them. You mean of I ad diTerfly fignifying. Say , .... Poreilas ..... I find it Bab. It doth a[cmd from theright band toth left, Morio ..... 1 find it Zna, 'They will not fall out [o, but they will fall out well enough, Nal ...... Vita tertia ...... I ad. b. I pray you, what is ofMiniftrantes .~ N al. ..... L ook.,you toy our Charge. A liio ,.... Sor Faaum ..... Gm ..... Vita qn;e etiam eft mors. ' 1 ad L ul1M ..... Ser Di[cordia ...., Off


e a d i

If th~ order of the 7 able be ex fpiritu SanB:o, 'The fubjtan ce of the F athcr; How ]hall we gather the Circumftrtnce, 11hich id the Son i. Th~ Sm i-1 the Image of his Fat her ; Theref ore, i1J bi-t death, he mujt be the Image of his fat be,. alfo. Jf fubftantia be in forma Crucis, thm the S o~e k the Imagt of his Fa.tb1r. . .... .. .... La1ed~tnter .. ..... Luach. t;.. The: reft I pray you to deliver us. h c r v N al. ...... Bear with rm, for it iuafie f or y ou,. i d z s a 1 but harJ. for me. . l a o 1 g 0 d h Miniftratttes ...... Lttng v m z r v r r c Confirmantes ..... Sach. ~ . Now. abnafos a N al, .. ... Whm 1 'k,now,you jlJal!. sdazsea b.. As Sach. i a b r d i God be merciful to l a n g It i1 fo terrible, that I tremble t o gather it, Confundantes ..... Vrch. <fhus I have made platn thi-1 body generally : 1he particulars are long, hard> :md tedious. Ihy name be bl,Jfed, 0 God, whirh canJfopen a means, wbtuby thJ powers immediate may b1 opmed 1mto m~n. P9wer, gloryJ and hon~ur, be unto thee, f or thou ttrt the tr,rte body of all thzngs; and art lif e etern-.1.


E. K. Now he is fuddenly vanHned away with the Table. 1Jeo noftro fi~ omnis la us &' gratiarum aEtio nunc & in {empiterntJ jeculorum fecula Amen

7burfday, Mane, Aprilu I 1, 1584. CraroviL. t.. Some delay upon our prayers made, at length appeared Nalvnge in lhape and attire as lafi before: He ftandeth frill. N al. ...... Benedietum fit nomen <JJomini ht .eternum. b. . Amen, N al. . . .... Audite mei fratres patienter. The Godhead in hi-t fecret judgement k.,eeping i1t hi1 Almighty bo [9m, the imnge and form ~fall thingsj univerfal!y, look,ed dow1t upon the Earth; fo r he faid, L et M no'HI go down among the fons of mm : H e faw 'that all things grew ~ontrarJ to their creation llnd nature ; either 'k,eeping their dig>!it ies and [ecret vertues }hut up in ob[curity, or elfe riotoufly perifhing , through the imbecility nnd f rowardnefJe o ignoraNce: So that it w .H [aid, Behold, I delight nDt i1t the World: The f Elemmts are defiled, the f ons of men wick,ed, their lodies become dunghills, and the inward parts ( the fecret. (1;nmbers of thetr hearts ) the dens and dungeons of th~ damnrd : , Thereforr I will draw "!J [ptrit f rom an1ong[t them, and they jhall become ~o re drunk.pr, and tbeir ignorince [Nch 11s never wns : N o, notfiJ e the fa ll of heavms. tC F", l ;, the time if come, And he that is th e Son of Unrighteoufneffe,is and liveth: Vnt~ bim rl er.eforc jhall be given jlrmgth and power: and the Kings of the Earth jhllll become mad : yen, cuJt r nging mad ; yea roen ht th: third tJtdnl'j JP, ltltd that iit thr depth of their own imagi114 riom ; and I will Wild my 7emp/P i 11 the IYoods, yea even in rh~ Def ert places 5 llttd I will , becoml

true~lation of Dr.. Dee hir

AE!ions 'With Jpirits, &c.


bee~me a Serpent in the wilderwff : for I have tuck,.ed up my garments a;zd am fled away, a~zd She ln the wildc~e foa/l 'tourn on the Momztains without comfort. nefic. Lo, the Thunder fpak._e, ~tnd the earth became mifty, and full of fogge, that the Soul of man m1ght flup in hi! own confufion. The [eco1zd 'Thunder [pak_e, and there arofe Jpirits, Ji!ch M are f or Sooth-fayers, Witches, C/,anners, and Seducers: and the~ are entred i1zto the holy places, t~.Hd have tak._en up their feats in man. [JYoe be tmto the earth ther_efou : For, it wcorrupted, W oe be zmto t/g earth, for jhe w furrmdred to her adver[tt.ry: Woe be unto the earth,jhe u delivered into tbe hands of her memy: Yea, Woe be unto the [om of mm, for their vrJJels au poy[olted. Bnt evm then [aid the Lord, L e, I will be k..~own in the wildmu.JJe, .and will Triumpb in my weak_.nr.JJe. And lo, be called JOU, and you became drZfnk,.en , and fo~li.fh with t~e fpirit of God : And it ,:Po1$ {aid Defcmd, for he callttb, and bath called: and Raphael tbat broug~t up the prayers de[cended : Ra;>haei: 11-nd hew~ full with the power, & [pirit of God:ttn~ zt became A Doflrme, fuch wa~ never from the n;s Dobeginning : N ot pai1zted, or carved: filed, or imagmea by man, or according to tbeir imaginations, chine. which are of flejh: but fimple, plai1t,full of ftrent,th, and the power of the holy Ghoft : which DoBrine began, as man did, 11ak,.edly from the eartlf: but jet, the image of perfeflion. 'Ihh [elffame Art i1 it, which w delivered unto you an infa.l!ible Dot'rrine, containing i1t it the waters, which runne ~hrough many G.ates: even above the Gate of Innocency, wherein )OU are tttl!ght to finde ut the Pignit) and Corruption of natu,e: alfo made partak_.ers of the fecut Judgements of the Almighty to be made manifefi, and to be put in execution. Which k,nowledge in you w to bt made pe-r fefl: two wayes, by p~er, mediate, a11d immedi.tte. Immediately frbm God , in rrfpdl of hM. will, and [ecret Judgements, a-r unto the Apoftles. By means and tradition, ar from M, opening the fubjtance and body of nature, according to our own image, which is the thing I have now in hand. 1 am therefore to inftrull and infor".t you, ttcc?rdhtg to your Dollrine de!h:ered > wbich i4 c1ntalned in 49 Tables. In 4-9 voyces, or calhngs: whzch are the Natural Keyes, to opm th~fe, 110t 8 K . .a 1.. 4 9- hut 48 G One u not to be opened) Gates 0f Uftd err andmg 'whereb )Orl jhall have K,_1f0Wle~ige .:~. 9~s, their for ry calls,and or to move every Gate, and to call our as many tH you plea[~, or Jhall be thought nece.JJary, which can ufe. 'flfr.J well,righteoujly, and wife!y,ope'n mtto you the [n..-ets of their Cities,& mab,.e y~H underfiand p erf.e8:1y the contained in the Tables. Tbrougb which k..no'I_J'ledge )'Ot~jhall eafily be able to jri.dge,not M the w~rld doth, but perfe[//y of the world, 11nd of all thmgr contamed wzthin the Compuffe of Nature, and of all things which are f11bjell to an end. But behold, this charge of mine is tied unto time : Therefore be diligent to !e.zrn, diligent to N ote. hear, and that witb patimce: For it u neither a fre e Sr.hool, nor a School of continun.nce. For M Ta~e d_me -power w1tot given unto me beyond che firfi: day of AugHft nexr, [o have you no ftrength to learn wht~e um.e ts,. r h 11 ff f 0 OL\.rme. n: for ome will ~tft r r, becau1e I am t- e ua o your Nal. ..... I am for the comfort of the world , 1ZHd not for the hindranc~ : Th111 [ayetb the Lord. ~ ~~a next, To them that have Harveft let them rettf' .11nt uHto fuch ar have /abfmr let_ them WQ rk_. As fo r me, 1 atTt titd to time, and am ready at al t1mes: For I meafure not your mght, 11or d~ty. A. Thanks be unto the higheft. Nal. ..... Celf.{e now with me, for no more de[ctndetb. SoliDeo Honor &. Gloria.

After-noon, the i;ame Thurfday ...... After fome lhort Ejaculations of prayers ro God, there appeared a great black mafiy Dogge: with whom I would have nothing to do, but expefrNalvaj{e. He faid, that he was Nalvage; We rebuked him as aiJ. Hell~honnd . At length An illuding he: departed; and Nalvage appeared; ~utbnghter then to day. ~ wickcdfpiri~. Nal. .... . Have you tho[e things I told y out to dtty _? t:... We have them in record and miude, Nal. ... Read them.~.... t:.. I did read thein.

E. K He: laugheth, ha_, ha, ha, &c. a great laughter: He hath alfo a Ta.
blc:, but fe~mcth notto be like rhe former Table of Nal'l>age. There arc: ten, or e1evcn divifions in this Table, as was not in the former Table.
A. If thou art Nalvage, proceed the Doetrine of wifdom, if thou art not Na/vage, depart in the name of Jefns . . ,. I bave free will, and therefore I will be here. A. N ow I doubt nothing, but thou art a d eceiver. [Audite :] The ignorance of the wicked becomerb dull: which !hewing it felf is fwepc out of doors,- and thrown on the Dung~ hills.


~;0:~; fi~~.

E. K. Now appeareth one like true Nalvage.

N al ..... . Even [o id it D tbe [ j } fo r t/iou haft opmed thy blafphemj : and being difrovered, Rrt b(come ?~to!e ~ccurfed :.1herefore becaufe thou art accmfed, thou art 1tot dignified; but become a Velfel of IniqUity: And therefore haft no free-w ill, For, free-will either w, or i4 in Free-wfll. ~llte to be dzgnified. Therefori, tH dl{fi I [weep thee out: antl cajt thee into that Du11ghill, which 11 the plaee of the grtatcjl woe_: the Dunghill, and. the tew ard of the rmrighteou~ . And, b(caufe thi)U

,..., (J


A true']\ elation of Dr. Dee hiJ Aflions TPithJpirits, &c.

tbo11 ha{~ thru(l tl.ry [elf into the J udgements of the Lor.d : and haft lmr.rd tbe [ecrets of the A lmighty: 7 hrrrfe re I feal the.e tanquam truncus in Infennun. E. K. He llrikc:th him with an yern, like ~ pair of tongs; in form of a

Mould to caft Pellets in: griping his brain and underchapi, and fohc fell down and difappeared: an.d in his place came 1'\al'l'age c. K. Nal"Vage maketh cur fie toward the four quarters of the world.
Nal.... . . . vl'ty U s if

good .u tby Urn.

E. K. ln his heart thought that it might be, that now one 'De-,il maflertd an.. oth~r' and thereupon faid vm. E. K. He is now accounting ag~in on his Tabl~ :.she did before

cb 4 t tfl1( ff,


R~ckward .

Th& ca!ls.

Nal. .... , Vnto thii DoUrine belongeth the perfdi k.Jr.owledge, and remembrlt'nce of the my(licllil Creatures. How therefo re jhall I znform you, which k.,now them not? 6 . Mean y ou as Babyon BoboJel, &c. Nal. ...... 1 he Char11.Clers, or L etters of the 1 abies. t.. Y on mean the myilical Letters , wherein the holy book i~ promifed to be written : and if the book be fo written and laid open before us , and then you will from Letter to Letter point, and we to r ecord your inftruetions: Then I t-ruft we lhall fufficiently underfiand, and leam your inftru8:ions. Nal. ..... A/[q-in receiving of tbe calls, thu if to be noted : tha.t they are to be uttered of me,bac'ftward: and of you, in praUi[e,forward. 6. . I underfiand i, for the dficacity of them ; dfe, all things called would appear: and fo hinder our proceeding in learning. Nal. ..... ,., D P C E 1 E I It S M S SS E S A I I M M N S E S.

E K. All this was in one line; in the lowcrmofl: portion: and lowermoG

line rhereof.
Nal. , .... I E E E E 1 M 0 E D ME T M M /1 MMDMA ETSEAM.

C K Now he fiandeth fiill.

43 EVliii.
Nal. ..... A E R T I S A N S S EJ ~ S D M M S E A 0 A V I I I IA OAO 11 V IT S 14 ITT S DAIN.

B K Thefe feemed to be taken out of diven lines 1 in the three lol'tt portiong ; but none out of the uppermofl, or fourth
Nal. .. ... R S H D D S R. R. E S 0 L S N R. E R E E SF RH E 1 E E E E I E E 0 E 'I IS OE RTTHVEOISEOESMETFED E 1S E EEEE RSESEORSMET St. D. R. F E D E T S E E E R S E )( E ER. S I S E H . N 0 E S ME F S f E E D I E 0 E IorF. S S S I S E O ES HE [~] DSDFTE IEO RSOE DHTET Wher(foever OES.HEO TR.TE REOE HSER 0 followech, EEIRE SR I SOEHEEDEIEHE it may be E or DTRNDDHDN. J, 1'be teft of this L effon, the next morning. 6.. After the correD:ing of certain places before in the Letters he faid. more. t:>. Thanks and honour be to the highefi for ever. Amen.


I feel no

Fryday morning_, H ora 8f. Aprilu 13: Cracovi;e. Not long 2.fter my Invitation, Nalv age appeared, Nutu Dei. N al. .... Our peace; 1Phich is Triumphing patience, and glory be amo11gftyou. A. Amen,

Nal. ,.H. It.

A true~ elation of Dr. Dee his .Aeliotl! 'a1ith {piritJ, &c.


Nal, ... It may be [aid, can t~rre be patience in the An~els, 1rhirh arr e:c,dted abflvr the a ire l . For, fuch as were of errour have their reward: Ye.'l, {or(~fltb m.v dear brethren. For there it a Patlen~~. continual fight bctwoen us and Sar.an, 1!'herein we 11 .mq.- fh l:; pntie'ncr. 1 !,it it not {pflk.,en wi.t h 1 ut a caufe: For M the Devil h the fa ther oF Ctrf>ing, fo doth he [uttlely ;n(elr the :-ietrs imaghtarion, mingling nnperfe8: forms vtich .mjr urterance: Water u not rraiv~d without air~, n.-itbrt' the word of God without blafphemoU! infinuatis.>t. The {on of G1d never did c nvert nil, nrith. r did alL that did hear hnn, believe him. TherefiJrr, where the power of God is, is a:fo Satan: Lo , I fpeak,_ not thw without a Cllu{e,.for I hae an(weretl thy ~nfeCJion. . . . A. E. K. Had thought that Angels l1ad not occatzon of any pauence,and fo was hts thought anfwered. Nal. ..... I finde tlu Souls[ man bAth no piJrtion in this firlt Table. It H the lmng~ of tbe fon The firA: Taof God, in the bofome of hw ft:tbe,., beFore all the worlds. It comprebendeth hw incarnation, 'a{- bk. fion, and return to judgement: whicb he him{df, in fldh,'<_noweth not~ all the rejr llre ofundcrJt4nd- }~~l~cnter ing. The exa8: Center excepted. A (Two tboufand and fourteen, in the fixth Table, is) D S6, 700 3. In the thirteenth Tab/( is I. A ln tbe nth, Table. 11405 downward. I In the lajH ab.'e, onr !tJT~ rh~it Num/Jer. A -rrord, Jaidayoufha.ll underftanJ, YPhat that '1Pord is before the Sun g9 dflwrt. Jaid a is rlu !all- word of the C<l 'f. 85. H 49 afcending T .of9 de{cntd;ng, A 909. direll(h 0 fimpfy. H 2029. dirttl!y, calltt Hoath. f r()m the low angle on the right fide. Continuing in the fame and next fquare. 22 5. D 22 5. [1he fame numbrr repeated. A In the thirteenth T~ble, 740. afcending in his fquare. M The 3orh. Table) 1302S . fr.om the low angle in the left-fide. 84. ...... . In the [quare l[cending. Call it Mad. 0 Thr 7th . T able, 99 a[cmding. C 7he 19th, dr{cending 409. 0 1he . 1 . from the upper right 1mgle, crofj'iJtg to tbouthe~ left, ttnr.f, fo 11[cmding I 003 8 3 N The 31 tb. from the Cmter to the upper right a;:gle, ~tnd fo dt{cending 5009. Call it Noco. Be patient, for I told JO'' it w~r~!d be tedi1U1 0 The 39th. from the Center d~fr.endinz,, ~ r the left hantl, 9073. D 1'he 4'th. frfJZ theCentrr a_(o endinJ!., an-l fo to the right upper Angle, 27004. R The 43th. fr .- m the upprr left Angle to tht right, and {o fti/l i"n the Circumfertnee. 34006~ I The+ tb, a{ceH.ding, 72000. 82. In th .. (a me TaUe de[cending the lajl. Call it Zirdo. p Tf,, 6tio. tr.[cenrhtg ro9. A The 9h. arcntrl,;ltf, 405. 81. L 7'ba nth. defceitdmg 6c3 ....... Call it Lap. A. Hu, he firoke the Table on Saturday aaicn fol:a lo"ing at my reading over of it backward. E Tbe 6th, fro'?! the rig;t Ang,le uppermojl- to the left, 7oo. G The I 3tb dr{cending, 2000. R The 17th. from the Cr1trer d?w~tward, 11004. 8o. 0 'lhr. 3tth, d.fcending front the right Angle t.tJ the Cmttr, 32000. Z 47'h. IY,4000. defcending. Calt it Zorge. [Of Qne [yllable .] A 19t~. tom the left corner dc[cmd!ng, 17200. 79. A 2~1 from the Center a[cending to the left .Angle, 25000. Q.The fa me Table a[ elf.ding, 33"00. C1.ll it QA A. [1hree fyllables with llCCtnt on the laft A.] E Th~ {econdTable; 112 a[ce,.,.ding.

},. The ...... th, defcending 504. C Tht J 9th, Table defcending 101 3 [That C, u Clllle4 C Minor.j I The 13th. de[cending,zoo'). C The .f4th. de[cending, 2907. Call it Cicle.


E. K. Now is be kneeling, and praying "ith his Rod up

76. 0 The 4th. a(cending to the left Angle, 390.
D 'Ihe sth. dc[cending

0 In the fame defcending,


C(l,ll it 0 D 0~


Here he fhiketh again on Saturday.

N. Tbt


true~elation ofDr.

Deehir AElions Dith [pirits~ &c,.


N The 91b dr[cmding 8o4. A Tbe 11th defcending 200). .. 'This A ntll) he an A or 75 B. 'Ibr 14th tf:,[ctnding )oo6. M N 'Ibe dtb de[centfing noo4 : be corrdled it M. A The loth defcending 17006. Zamran. Z The p tb t!e[cending 40006. C11ll it Zanran. I give it fa/fer Nttto you, than] receivuJ it. E. K. thought it.



T The 4th defcend;ng 112 ...... Thil Hlay beT or D. 0 T he 6th a[cending from thHenter to tbe left corner 1907~
CallitOD ....... . or


A The
C 1'he

9th_.11(ce~ding 500

defcmding 6d~

Call it C


16th a[cending 22oo6. A The 19th de[cozding 230 12. 1t1td Jo, it is Zacire, C 'lhe 3oth afcending 3000 6. A The 39th from the left angle defcending 42012. Z The 46 th afcending 31 2004. CJIJ,zt Zacar.


A,- [ l:J.. t"R1o fyl!able~.] E muft come after R.' : but without number;

Vfeyour time of ufrejhing, and return

Deo gratias reddamus immortales.

The fame Friday after Noon, circa 3 haram. After a lhort requefi: made by me t d Chrill: fdr wifdom, aud verity to be mihil!ered by Nrzlvaze; he appeared and fpake 01uch to E. K . which he exprdfed not to me: but a length confd fed that he gave ~im brotherly coun(eJ to luve deaHng as an Idolater or Fornicator againfr God, by asking counfel of fuch as he did. , . E. K. confeffed that he had been that day, and fome dayes before, dealing by hi mfelf after his manner, to underftand of my Lor9- Laskjr, arid. of other matters of La sk,.o, and feft hif qudlions in his window written. Na lvage told him the devil had now taken away his que.. ttions. E. K. went down to fee ific,were erne, and he found it true. Nal. ... , Pray ...... A. We praye.d. There is a11 error i1t t.he !aft, not in the Number, but i1t the Letter. I will /irft go tbrot~giJ the L etter-s, and after come to the Numbers. How man7 w~rds hilveyoH received thil Jay ! ~.Thirteen, whereof lmda was faid to be the ]aft of the call. Nal . 7'bey be mor.e'Worth thltH the /(iFtf.dom of Poland, & -ptttimt, for the[e things 11r1 JPOJCderful. N (The number muftnuds go ro ) thefixth, defcending 309.

A T be 7th ll{cmding 360.

0 The 9rh nfcending 1000. 0 'l'he 13th afrmdi~tg 105 0 . V The 17th a[tending :1004 .
Adde thofe la_{l Numbers It is Voo:an. It mttJ be founded Vaoan.


309 3" t> 6 1000 IOSO


Vooan is fpok._en w ith them that f4ll, but Vaoan with them that llre, and are glorifial, The

412 3

devils hav.e loft the d~nity of their found s.

t:.. They make 472J. N al. . ..... It is 'a !led tile Myfticttl r oote itt the higbeft af cendent of trlln[mutatim. t:.. Thcfe phrafes are dark ; w.hen i't hall pleafe God they may be made plain. Nal. ...... It is the [quare of the Philofophers wor/{.. t.. y ou (aid it was a roote. N al. ...... So it i:t a roote {quare. 1::.. The (quare t~ereof is 22306729 .... Tbe word is, by imerpretation, Ignis .vera mater. The vain PhiloJ9phers tl.o think.. it dot~ beget bodies. : but in trJJth, it conceiveth, and brhtgeth fort b. 70 D the fifth, A[c mdi.ng, 4- 0 the 3.9, afcmding, 7&o6 . if 0 D. [ A. drawing the 0 long. ]call

!.:A~i1 ~tn

r11m magnA


L 17

A true 'I{elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions with fpiritJ, &c.



L 17 (not 17 the firft, but 17 and thr tbirdth: fir it is of the third.th: and 17 it et may be of them both) af~ending, 4i9. 69 0 0 the 18 afcneding 2017 .... thif 0 muftbe[ound~d as A. T M M the 24 from the center to the left angle, a[cending, )069 .... T mutt be inftead of M. L A A ~o defcmding, 9012. A I I the 3~ afcmding, 15079 B p P the 43, from the cent~r to the left aug!e, defce.ndiftg I 5 9o6S. Averfcd. Call it Piamo el. It it Piatel Baltale to be founded. A-s the ear is the chief [cnfe ; fo, being.infe{fed, it is the greatefi hindrance. Many there be Note Intrtl. that thrufl themfelves between you and me : and they are increafed. Power is given a_gai,n d~s. to the Shew Stone; and thou (halt not be hindred. A. Shall I prefently bring it forth ~ N al .. .As thou wilt. A. I brought forch the Stone, and it feemed marvellouf1y brighter than before it was wont

eo appear.

E. K He f~cmeth to pray
There appeareth to me in the Stone a1ichael ~s he was wont to appear, \'Yith his fword in his hand, and in a long white gar mcnr, q:jc.
E. K.

Mic h....... I am the ftrmgtb of the H igbe[I, and the mighty nrme of him tbat if Almighty : your / "!low fervnt, and the mea~;er of the. Higheff.: The powers. of the ear~h have r.ifen up a; gain.i rou: But you {hall p.revatl, and thts Dofrnne !hall be deltvered as IS promtfed, and G?t, ~ 511 P:O<> ' according unto time . But pray earne.'f/y ; for to, the whole korte of 4ngels, [uch as are hleffed) ~:rfor~cd. c have cryed unto the Lord-, faying ; N ot fo Lord : Thy bread n torn zn puces, or reproachfully eaten. ThM therefore faith the L ord, Be patient, for the place is holy, and the power of the Higheft i4 ~tmongrt you. Receive wi!lmgly : for he chat is offended 15 fmitcen. Be comforted, 11nd be- Th~ di nifica'IPare of der:eivers : for the power of the wirk_ed is increafed> and is become mighty : But into tion 0~ thethis velfelJhaU enter no unclean thing , noi: for this time ondy, but for ever. Stone. Vnt'J thee N alvage thM [azth the L ord, gather up thy wings and enter : Do as thou art eo m.. ntttnded, and be multiplied. Be comforted; for Gabriel .lha1l aicend and ftan.d before. the Lord> Be muldplied~ ~tHd.fha!l have power and defcend ; and he jhall .be y ok,.ed unt o thy loynes, and thou jhal~ become Gabriel. -might] ; that thou may{t oprn tbe wonders of the Lord with power.

E K. Now is Nalll4ge come into rhe Stone.

Mic ...... Be comforted,be comforted, be comforted my brethren in the God of Hofls : f or your comfort is and hall be of the Holy Gholl:. Therefo re let peace be amongjt you, and be 1[0 more The holy b11be,; for wi[dom d-,Pelleth not amongft children. The peace of God be amongft you : .And tbm Gh-oil, 'lniiCb I have comfortedyou. E.K. Be is gone.

E K Now here is anotbc:r.

C.. lt is Gatrirl that came t o Daniel. Gabr.. ...... 1 did [o) and I am that Gabriel, and the World beareth witneffeof my. roming. You reheliio~ windes, you deceivers of the righteous,you nak__ed fub(tances and things lighter than the windrs., k._now notyou that thr: God of your creation bath rewarded yo~ k__now you nat your ownweak._neffr, b,now you not your ftate of no return ? I J.ry headlong you all ( wtthout rejijtan1:e) fall Jorrn. .to your pla<;es : Be gone, fink_,for I am of. power, and do prevail. Behold he bath placed darknelfe behind him, and hath made t~e li,f,hts of . eavm as. the Lamps h of bw beaut_r. <Yo.you that are conf&tmded without return; for the name of our God in his detennination is invinci:,Ie. T~is night if 11. Sabb.zth,and a [courge to the wick._ed. .. Nal. ...... I promifed to expound you a word, the /irjf you had to day, but the !aft, It fiJ!.nifieth; ofthe Highefr.

E. K His'Table now appeareth very evidently to me, as that I could

paint it al1.
Ceafe for thu time, for it ha time ofji.lence, for the wi!:k...ed ar-e coiifounded : in t;he mtrrn_ng i early youfhall be taur,ht plent~fu!ly: fo r my power i-f become a hundred and fifty j and 1 will /inifh my charge, long before the: time appointed. Gabr~ W" are alwtryes pre[ent until the prom:febe ended. l~eft in peace.

E K. Ga~riet fctmeth to be all in complea' harnef!e, like skale r of~ Fi(h from M tbe

E '?.
N ote th!s form,the ot Gabl'!el :tt this occalion.

A true 'l(_el(ltion o[Dr. Dee his Aflions Dith !pirlts~ &c.

armp do"Wn"Sl'ard J ..i:s yards long.

wiJb 4

Stv>ar in his h4nd' all of fire~ about a two c

The peace of God, and his mercy, be on us now and ever. Amm. I fit fhouldnot offend you, I would glady ask your kpowledge of the Lord Alhert Laskje our great worldly friend, and that for the fervice .of God, if he be pafr the chief danger of his prefent infirmity, &c,

Al. Laskfr,

r 1.. him of whoz it it [aid, he hath con,ented wit h an Har 1 z we "-now trot the end of God hi-s juot

.... , Jf/hm we enter into bim, we k.,n~w him ; ,

but from him,. he H fcarce k.,nown wrto M : IH of

jlice wbich i4 upon him. H i1 prayers 11re come to the fecond heaven) neither hatk any ret:eiv ed remembrance of him : But we will pray unto God to be merciful unto him, and that for thy fake; Becaufe thort }halt Not be made a laughing-flock t o t he wicked. Pray thou for him, that thuu mayft work in him that ~~.ay;~ for :which he workech not for him[elf. Hold up thy han~s for him; for it i1 a lar:'ful and a charitable thing: For God hath . granted thee a force m prayer : But be pattent altd bumbl~. God his gift to We with thu, give thanb._s and laud Unto the Lord.

Ll in ~raycr.

t:. . Laudes Deo nofi:ro inteffiiriter tc:ddantUr.

Saturday, Aprilil 14~ <.:Mane. Cracoviz, 1584. Oratione Dominica finita, & brevi iUa oratione Pfalmi 3 3. infpeao Chryfi:allo apparuere ntrique Gabriel & Nalvagc.

E. K They kneell as though they were in confeffion one ro another, and .... about half a quarter of an hour.
Gabr, ...... ) after me.

0 beginning nnd fountain of all wifdom, gird up thy loines in mercy,and foadflw our weak.;ne.Ife 5 be merciful unto m, and forgi7!e us our tre[paffes: fo r tbo[c that rife up [aying ther e ilno God, have rifen up dgainft M, [ayng, Let IH confound them : Our ftreHgth if not, neither arc our bones full of marrow. H elp therefore 0 etrrnal God pf mercy: help therefore 0 ttenwzl God of {lllvation: help therefore 0 eternal God of peace and comfort. Who i-1 lik_e Nnto thee in altars of incenfe? before 'lt'hom the ~iu of Hettven fing, 0 Mappa Ia man hallelujah: Vifit 1 O'God with a comprehmding fire, brighter tb~n the S t ars in the fou~th hea~en. Be mer~iful unto us, and continue, with m ; for thou art Almzght.} : To whom ~ll thrngs of thy breafis m Heaven and Earth, fing glory prai[e and honeur, SaJing, Come, Come, L ord for thy mercy {aJv. Say fo unto GpJ, k._neeling. . t:.. ln~peated it, kneeling, and E. K. likewife kneeling,

E-. K 'fhc:y both kneel down again, and put their foreheads together.: G abrid feemeth to lit in a chair on the one fide of Nal)Jage about 30 yards off, on Nal"'vt~ge his left hand Nal~age fransetb .
Gabr. :. : '2_ !landing) fai~.. .

... ... Thm faith the Lord, Who i1 be, that dare r~fift invinr.ible ftreng~: Se ale f eale up the Soutb, Seale up the Weft: aN.d unto the North put three Seales.

up th~ Eitft!)

E. K Now fitteth Nal"'age in a Chair afidc from his round Table, rhc Table being fomewhat before him
Nal. ...... Name that I poi1zt to. [To E. K. he faid fo, -as concerning the Letters.

E K~ He Bung like a thin brightndfe out of the Stone upon E. K. he hath his rod, which he took out of his own mouth . . . e'l? .. . He holderh up his rod; and faith, I am all joy, and rcjoyccin my . K He fmit the round Tab]e with his rod; and :it whirled about with 2 great fwiftndfe. Now that which before fcemed to be a circular and plain form, appearcth to be a Globe an~ round Ball; corporal, when it turncth.


Nal ...... Say the !aft.


Piamo et.

Jtrue 'I{elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions ~ith fpirits, &c

. .


E. K. He firiketh the Table now, and though the body fee m to turn, yet theL~ttcr feem to fland frill in their places. E.K. ])low he plucketh out five Books, as if from under his Chair, and fetteth them down by him; the books be green , bright, and they be three: corned, C> a clarpSal R.ead back_.ward . [to E. K.] Evtr] thing with M tear:beth. Read back.;ward. Letter without number. Nal . ,.Read back._ward, letter without number, the !etUrJ thou IJadjf yefterda.J. A. After all read, he proceeded thus: P The fourth afcending, 97. A The fixth afcending, 1 1 '2 68 I The eighth a[cending, 207. P The ninth a[cending, 307. PI A P.

E K Now he ftriketh it again, and it turneth


The nuntbers aftn.


1 A A

A A I~

The prft A may be ~n A an 0 or an E.

7'ho[P ltrc two WtJrds. E K. Now he Rriketh

again, aDd turncth : hjs Rod fecmeth to

be hollo\\' .like a Recd.

Call it Bogpa.


E.l(. Gabfiel falleth down on his face, and licth pro!lrate,and NA1"11age holdeth up his Rod all the while 1J OS He pointed beyond him in the upper Circ~, it fcemczh like a Roman C.
'Poamal Od. put out the S.. M~tlr..e if tw" word . It ntlly be all one word with S. or for JOIIT t~~tdn-ftanding. r.Mtzl<..e " point between Poamaltznd Od.

LA M A 0 P.

T. but it would be h11rd

E. IC. Cjabriellietb proftrate all this while.

Cllll it Zome.
~~ With great difficulty thil Letter WM J~(cmud : N al vage himfelf faid:J .Ne k.new it not yet; but itfeemed to E. K. to be an X. Nalvage denied it to be an X. ,an4

ftzUl h6 k.!'twnot yet the.mJftny: fay .~he L 9rds prayrr, f"r I cannot opm it. Although my po11rr e multiplied, jet! kj:Qw not thi4 Letter. .At length he [aid it WIH V.

B. K. I can remember that word ndl.

Nal ...... Thoujhlllt not remember it. 6~ PEV. It idcalledVep. t.Mk-.e tz ~ilft there. !:... A full poind

Nal. No, no, a ftto'<f,


C11ll it Loholo. OLOHOL. Long, the firft [Jltab!e accented.

e. K
6o 59

Now he firiketh the Table

Call it D S. 0Ua/te a p1int at S, the A pro ~

It is tht upptrm~{t of S D. SI MAP I. Pronownce # IPA M I S.



Callit U L.

A, With fuch.found to U.as Wipronounc'-

yew) whereof bow~ are made. M 1. M A PI"


A true Relation of Dr. Dee his Aflions ~ith {pirits, &c.


E K It fcemeth to be an e.
Labiis claufis, [ Sp.rn] [rnn umJ ... He hummed twiu, fignifyi~~g tw words mort, whicb were not to b~ pronrrunced till tn.1
'IUrt read in praai[t.

D 0.

0 D. As }OU h4d before.

E. K Now 911britl rifeth from his lying profiratc.

H 0 T LA B.
Callit BA LT 0 H.
Call it Piap.

PAl P.

E K. Gabriel fi:cppeth up, aod feemcth to fl:orm angeriy agaioft fomewhat.

A. Belike fome wicked powers would intrude their illnfions, or hindra~ces in thcf a8:ions.

E. K. He hath thrown his Dart from him : and it comcth to him again.
Gabr..... Count the number of the words you btvt received to 411) A. Sixteen, ifPoamal; Orl be made two wordJ. Gab...... Be pack.,ing, and [o m4ny plagues 6 amongft JOU more thm JOW e

f. K He feemcth tofiorm fiilj.

11"'"' 'RIM btfrt

Gab ..... Come in. E. K. Now there come four more. Gab, ..... Art not thou Adraman? Which haft fallen, rmtl ha{l- burjl thy Heclc.. fortT t;me& i And Go thy 'lPay therrfou, thou Seducer, enter into wilt thou now rife again, and tak,.e p~rt ll1ftW l tne fifth torment. Let thy p wer be leJJt then it if, by IH mttch lff thou fuft nmber here.

Now they all four fall down into a pit, or Hial,. of the foundation ofrhe place where they ftood. E K NaJ~age lieth all this while upon his face
E. K.
Gab...... Count no"IP agllilt. A. Sixteen. Gab....,. It unot [a. 1here it an trrour. Nal . I am decriv~d from lpam. 0 D the next i4 fal[e,~tnd fo art tht rtft : Ad f il that that follO'JPith.


I bad Balroh.

Na\. ..... 4nd Piap.

Nal. ..... Whilf it thil! [to E. K.] E. K ... ... G~ Nal. ~ .... No; it it tUJ H.


u prJiflt,./htJPittg 11 ft'o/v-, CltlleJ Virgula.




b S.
Call it I A D P I L ~tccent lld.


Call it Gono.

Gab, ..... VKove not, f.r tbe plact Yi'axeth mort ho(/'.
Nal ...... P1i11teth S.D,

D S. "'his-wMrorrtl1til ~H MollrlltJ followiHf. to bt

too mHC,,
C11ll it AD N A.


E. K. Gabriel did throw a brightneffe upon E. K. after he ha<i ftrokcd his own face firft , E.K. ftarted at lt.
4' AZ R. NZ

A true 'J{tlation of D. Dee his .AC/ions Hth fpiritJ, &c;



Call it Zurza.


As . Z~turz~.

E. K. Nalvage knedeth down before the Table, and ufeth many indinations,and gefiures of reverence,as Priefi:s ufe to do at the Alter.


F A R Z M.
moreovtr tbe .Ar~of~no11ltd't



P I L A H.

Tbru fyllablu.

P is dilliac!tly prOMUR~ "d by it fclf.

E. K. NalqJage cometh and kitfeth the Table and kneeleth down, and fee1neth to pray.


- ith w
a Rod


E. K. He kneeleth down again,and ufeth fuch geltures as b~tore.


a rod

E. K. Nalvage faid, Adjuva me; 0 mi Deus. He holdeth up his hand and klffeth the Table, and ufeth wonderfuU reverence. He faith again. Fer opem, 0 mi Dew
tleli1Jtrtl JOII




A hid#

Pir, there is a poills


Call it Caba.


ALE R 0 H 0, I matle a La

Call it Ohorel;a, 1

Nal. There it a flop, fhtwing "ftrDitt 11:11a~ ftuighl down thw(


M R A S A C ~ ..luuu

C~farm I

a ft~p.

E. K. Now he knfetb the Table again.



#ith admirtttioJt


a flop

ltt M.

HE L 0 B 0

j our Garmmts
anJ .A -wbicb



0 B 0 L E 11 U R. - S B DS




E. K. Now he ufeth the former reverent geftures again.





with tk .Pr~




Nal...... .Aij1lflrt mt,.tJ -tt~i.D'"'


t IH 't





,f my han&U.


htre a point.

27. H 0 L


A true 'I{elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions ll'ith jjirits, &c~

the palms

Nob /oh.

1 A.
As before 0 7J. veftures

truffcd you together

A poin~.


<~f my

A poitic.


A 0 HT 0 N

in the midft y,t4r garmmts


Here is a paint btt"ore the word. A poinr Three fyUablcs

A AQ_,

~A .A.

.E. K. Now he ufeth reverence to the Table again.


QJ. 0 H

meit[Rreth which

H 0L


A. as




Nal. Adjuva me Dli Deus. 18. G RP L A M a through tbrujfi11g/ire

Malprg, tts M4lf11T{.



7' A.

Now he prayeth as before, his arms extended.



and the Moon



A point.





K. Now he prayeth again.


a word by it fclf.


The SMII hands in


Here a point.



Zol :Gotl A, as ol: /\ point, S ohra. 'Vonpho.


of wrath

bove the {irm1-mets Calz.

LA N S H as L~njh.



in porPn- e:ultetl

Adjuva me 0 Deus. of J~ft;ce TLAB

tire God

Balt. Here ilia point.





Q'lltT )flU


Here a point.







E. J(. Now he fitteth down in his Chair. mighty and firfi: Call.
.. Pray thttt ;su m11y m1derjland what it t:.. Mean you prefently? N a] ... I> prt[ently. t:.. I pray to that intent.

J true 7<flation of D~.. Dee his Jlflions Dithfpirits, &c~ - --- - -u.


This is the end of the The &eft eau

E. K. All the .Stone lheweth fire, and all is on fire, nothing elfe appearing : not like conunon fire, but dear, thin, &c. Now it waxcth clear. E. K. And now Nalvage is on the top of the Globe, and his feat remaineth in the former manner of fire. Now Nalvage holdeth up his right l1and, and the fame feemeth to be many hands. There is on one of his fingers ari I. It vaniiheth away ; and fo on divers fingers are words as follow.

Reig11 over yo1t

midfl of my vejhtre f,


the God of Juftice,


red with the

of JtnoJP/edge,

together as the

power exalted ahove

the. fi rtnaments of wrath, tn

palnu of ml hand.I,


lifted 1tp
your voices




Jt?hofo hands the

gon iJ as a 8'1Pord, and the .Moon aJ

the 6c fire of gathering and beautified JOUr

obedienil tmd f.aith to him that liveth and triumpheth



to whom




tlmtfting fire which meaforeth



mad a Law to


garments i11 tile

govern the holy ones>

he which jhineth as





.A true Relation of D. Dee his Allion..r -,a,ith.{p'irits ,.-&c~

zn the midft

your Pa!ace, and raigneth among.ft you as the Ball4.nce

Move therefore and !hew your felves,


1 am


the [a11ze JOHr God, the

the myfreries of your Creation,

rig.hteoufnejfo and truth.

friendly unto me;

of the 6o 6o






E. K. Now all the fingers be gone.


ment : The uctrance of which, u of force, anci movech rh em to VH1ble apparltlon : moved and they are forced- ( by the CoYenant of G9d delivered by his fpirit) to render o~ The covenant b d' r . 11. of God. e tence an d ratthfu l rlOCtety. JP,herein, they will open the my uenes o f t h e1r crcatton, as f ar Obedience. as Jhatl be neceffary: and give you underftanding of many thou[and ferrets, wherein you are yet Many kcyes. but childrm; for every Table harh his key: every k._ey openeth hi-s gate~ and t'very gate being opmd, giveth k..,nowledge of him[df of entrance, 11nd of the myfteries of tho[e things whereof he u a1 inr.lo z [ure. Wzthin thr[e Palaces you _ (halL find thiJ!.s that are of powr,as well t o [peak._, as to do Norc thefc for every [ (1) Palace J is above his [ (2) City] and every City abot~ his [ (3) entrance. J Lhrec degrees. Beyou therefore diligent that JOlt may enter in, not as [poilers, but as [uch as de[erve intertainment in the name, and tbriJugh the power of the Higln}f. For f!pttt are the mercies of God unto Fairh. [uch as have faith. Tbt. is therefore the key Pf tiJe firfr feven~ according to the proportionof rhe A. key of the firft Creation. NiJ -m;re for this time. fir\\ fc:ven. ft a/wales to ma'\.e an end r. A fign to make A rgn
an end.

Second Table, followeth tn pral'!ir.e for the moving of the fecond Table, the K~t~gs and ~i.nifiers of govern-

Nal. ... It i-s the [en[c in y our tongue of the ho(y anJ myftic~tl Call before delivered : which

E. K. He drew a Curtain before the Stone, .of white colour.

The fame Saturday, after Noon, bora 3 ~ 4 The white Curtain remained abouc half an hour after my pt ay er to God, and fome invitation to Gabriel and Nalvage, ac leqgrll the Curtain quaked as choughwind blew ir.

E K. Me thinketh that I hear a fiir within the Stone.

1 had difcourfcd fame ,vh:u wirh 1!. .
K. oft he man-

At length

ncr of skrimgc:s.


..... t~ere are two k,,il:d of vifions, the oHt by infufir of will aHd de{cending, the qtfurhy inm f ufionby penmf/ion and a[cending, The fir.ff i-s the image of the Will of God de[cmdi1zg into the bod), and ad; J yned" to the foul of man, who nature i-s to Jiftinguijh things of bi1 own lik,_en"ej[e, but [e jhut up in pri[onin the body, wanteth that power ; and therefore being iiluminir.ted by [piritua.J pre[enr.e, inwardly~ feeth no'IP in part, as be ./hall hereafter do in the whole. E.K . he r~e:ali- , But note, that everyvifion u accordmg ~o the [o~l of man. in powr: and fo u received of bim eth hollowly. that feet b. ! he boy _ f m~n fe.eleth nothmg [pirztual ""td be be of incorruption : Therefore o The other i-s to be found out b hu contrary. y u[ech no fenCe m and dlummauon.

they appe<;1red. E. K. They have very eyes which twinkle as other mens eves do, and * therefore I fee them with my external eye, not within n{y ima . . gtnatron, as .... ....


E. K. Here is a Devil that dcriderh thefe infiruCtions, and faith, you may know his vertue by his wirdom : he never '\vent to
Gabr. ....

dtrue 'l(elationo[Dr.Dee his Aflions ~ith fpirits, &:c


Gab... I k..now what be w: P.t;wer n given to nu to refi.fl him, but not to touch him. He hath .Note, afcended, and begotten him a fan, wherein the people of the earth thall be accurfed. A~ P"'fer Anti thofe that .llre in prifonjhut .up, from light, ~tnd the ufe of t.~e df!J comprehend 11ot any thing , .but tbat Cbrifti,, which entreth unto them by permiflion, or free will; {o ,wthe Soul of mm jhut up from all light, . except that which entrethb.J tht wi(l, or [ujfrance of the hif!.he'fl; But a.s obedience if. the tryal of {iignification, [o a_re the (Jeremonifs appointed by God, the WTtnrffis of jtl/fific .Hion: For be that violated the outwar~ Law w~ ac.;urfed : au~ the very end of Ju/tice to [alv11.tion wtbr pbu./-.i~nce, _ ndfubntiflion of the Soul. H ow Caft it be that ibe eJSrth and a . elements foal! bea~ witmffe tigai~(t mim in the d_ay of JudgemeHt , but in the perv_er[e u[e of th~m~ contrary to God hts Com~andmmts, He H a flow S>hool-ma.fler,and of[mall undfrftaudzng, The w1cked Gab ...... Ceafe,for tbe co11jlif1 u great, and muft have judgement of the Lord. fpirit faid, A, Sall I joyn my prayers w.ith yours to our God, to drive a~\-!J this wichd fcorner , and contemner of your minifrery ? Gab.,, ... Not fo,you k..now not the ferret judgements of the Lord f.erein. The white Curtain JJ"M drawn. A. Deo Nol1ro foli Omgipotenti fit omnis laus)Honor,Gloria, & imperium in fecula feculomrn. Amen.

Sonday, April'h 1 S. c.Mane H or. 7!. After t few prayers ncceffary , and Invitation to 'Gabriel and N alv11g' for their in{hu~ e l\:iom .. Our inftrullirms fhall grow moit plentifully amot1fr yot.,t. Rut give place to time, for A voyce our thit if the voyce of the higheft . Be boly and right~ozu in the work..s of)IJur hands, and keep-a\- Qf the ftone. wayesthe Sabbath ofyou.r Redeemer hereaf ter: qr evmyet, the Serpent it amr mgjt '"' ForSbbaoth. even yet theSerfent it amongft-my-holy ones, and endeavoureth to CUt you afunder. Therefore r, be Serphent: fi h h' k h t n a ourec to I fay be holy even in the wor/ts ofyo~r hll~ds, or et tn et . to ~reva1 agatnLr you: But let your- pare us 1 fuQ. hou[es be [wept clean, tbgt when tbe _(pj entr(tb, he finde nofbmg to feed on. dc:r. and ho. A. We ceafed and gave our felves to the Sabbath : coilfi4cring, intending hence foreward pe~h to p1c: t'O vifit the Church aud Alfembly, to pray and meditate on God his fervice. vail, S olw J efus Ch.rifrns eft TriumphatQr contra mort em & D.iabolu>, Dominm Nofter & Del# N ofter. Amen.

Monday, 15. April#. Mane,hcra 6. Cr:acovi:. After .a lhort prayer to God for remiffion of fins , and fend ing of his grllces , and his good Minifrers affigned for our inftruetions: and for the avoi~ing away o~ the great enemy,~c. who held conBilt againfr Gabriel, &c. - The white Curta'm appeared frill drawn b~forc in the fione for an hour.

E. K. There appeareth a face fianding upon two Pillars, the Curtain yet remaining drawn: The face is fiery, and bath very great teeth. The Pillars are like Marble fpotted gray, and the ground of the Piiiars colour white. He faid,the works of the highefl: are become a fiurn-: bling block, and have entred into the breafl:s of a woman,and he is _e-b come angry. But when fhe thinketh her felf happy, ihe fhail fhunble, where. fhe woufd not, and become forrowfu11 without comfort. E. 1(. This face and Pilla,rs became a great water fwellirrg upward7 and fo vanifhed away.
A. After about arl hour, the Curtain was opened. All afJpeareth as before : GA!Jriel fitteth in his Chair, and ,Na/vage-kneeleth. Nal. ..... Pr~ty, for the mercy 9( God. A. I prayed divers prayers of God,& help Pray, for th~ujha/t not be heard? So, againfr the wicked enemy,yec prefenr, well {aid; fy upon him. and molefi:it'1g us as he was permitted., A. This Devil rayled againft God, ~. Thy judgement light on this wicked Rebel for this blafphen1y, 0 God. G_ - .. MoltC not, for pre[ence of power n great. ab. Na1...... Number the words of thf firfr Key, A. I have counted chem, and they feem to be 88.

li!a1. ,.... 'Ih(re arr mt fo many.


9o A true 'l(_elatio111 o[Dr. Dee hir Aflions Dith !pirits~ &c. ------------- -8 7 r::.. Where have I mifreckoned, I pray you? Perhap~ Poamalzod i~ to be but one word)
and fo are 87.

E. K. There is a great Crolfe over all the fione that is red: Not onely over to be impreiTed through the fione.
Nal . ..... Number the-words in thy o'Wn language. D., I have numbred them, and they feem to be 169. D.. While I numbred, the great red croffe went away: and lhortly after came in again in"!'
t o the fl:one as before. Gall .... Mo'e Hot,for tll~ place iJ hol.J. You have Znrza. ds Gono i1i the Call: th: fd is too much. t., I will then put it out. t:.. I finde Zurza Adna ds Gono. Nal. ..... <fhat ds iJ too much. I pray you, what if thelt the number of them, of you 11J:.. lowedl Nal. ..... 86. A. Making alfo Poamolzd one word? in that account~ NaL .. Set dorm.



6 _,..




9 ~ 2

-46-3 1-7--2 48-1 49---5 50--2

So y ou lifted up y our voycrs.

r and


51-1 52 - 4 53-I
54-I 55-2 56-2

l ....

[ware obedience and

12 -


ftt.ith to hjm tb4t liveth




-x5 _ _ 2

I+ ~ I





6o_t 61_,
6z ___ 3 63 _ _ 3 64r _ I

'~9-4 I



.2-4 _ _ 3


66 ---2

67-- .[
68-2 69 2 70 I







71 t 72 I 73----1 74----- I 75-3

7~ -- 1

foew your {elw&

34 __.. 2 35-I
36 ~1

77--I 78-3

39 - - 2--71 4--4

... so-- 1


.p- z
~- 3

8z - - z 83--I 8 4 - 5


86 ::::=-:- ,


. --~--------~

.d true 'I{elation of Dr. Dee his AElions 'nJith -fpiritJ, &c..

Tne(day, Aprilis I7 Cracovi::e. . Afrer .diversE jaculations appropriate to the aCtion, and the Curtain of whit6 war er yet remaining. E. K. thought divers rimes th~t he faW, thrmtgh the white Veil, ftnd flon<; _and all, nothing appearing therein. E. K, immediately fell into a new doubting of the ve; l i~y of thefeactiot~~' and _(aid he had <1- Vifiol) by a good Creature the latt night, who faiq thefe CrcattUt:S w1rn wh tch we dealr, wou(d no 111ore 4ppear unto him. Herenpoll he faiq that both. the lafi daycs 5korner,and thefe our infirufrors were aH Devils: al1d that he w<:ml4 no more Gt to_receive A.B.C. And fo by Letters, any DoCtrine of theirs, unldfe chqr would otherwife expreOy, and lively deliver a plain rule thereof: With many other arguments to difprove th!! verity of our Atl:ions, whereupon hefaid, that J ohn your boy can well enouo-h delinr you their Lerrers, and.fo you need not m<:,&c. I referred all to G od, his will, a~cl metcies: For, as l ha~ at l:iis h<U1ds o~ly, and by hjs-order, and for his fervice required wif-. dom and tru~ k_.npwledge; fp dol not doubt but God w.ill, according to his accufromed good.,ne!fe, provide fo r me, that is befi for my vocaciqn here in earth,&c.


E. K. He rofe, ,_and went away: and left me alone in my Study, ap~ po~nted for thefe actions.
DeM ilt adjutorium meum intende,Domine at! adjuvandum me fe,1ina. Gloria Patri e.IJ. f ilio_ Spiritui Sanuo, jicu~ er at in pri,:cipio 6"' n:mc & Jemper (?' in . fecula & Ainenr feculoruni.

Thurfday; Circa 9 my upper Study, and had gathered the holy words the fecond and thircl pll, and had co;1ferred them with their Englijh delivered alfo unto us : Jl_ . K. came up th~ fiairs, and fo went int o his Study, and came out again, and as he was goinr: down the fl:aires l opened my Study door, and faluted him: He thereupon came up again, and came into my Study : And there I (hewed him what I had done ~ and how I ha.d fome nnderftanding of thofe holy ~vords, t.heir fjgnifications by reafon Qf <J.ue applying the Englijh to the word Chriflus, inte1_1ding thereby_to hav~ it~dit.~ed ;E. K. to li ke thy better of rh~ manner of otir friends,due,and MethodicaJ,proceeding with us> and told him that unleffe of this firangc lauguage I fb ould have rhefe words delivereq. llntO us Letter by L~u.e,r, we might crre both in Orthography, and a!fo for want of the _true pronunciatiQtl of the words,;md .Q.i~ tl:infrions of the points, we might more mitre the effefr expe8:ed :-But as on Tuefday laJ[, fo now again he faid, our T eachers were del~1de~s, and no good,or Cufficient Teachers, who had not in rwoyears fp;1ce made u s able to underfiand, or go fomewhat .: .and that he could i!~ two years hav:e learned all the fev en Liberal fciences, if he had fidl: l~arned Logick, &c. where.. fore he would have no more ro.do with then:t any ffi\lllTier of way ,wi!ht:d !timfclf in England, <UJ~ faid that if thef~ books were his, that he would om of hand bu1 n them_, and .th.ar l}e haq written to my Lord (by Pirr11is) that he ~oak our Teachers to be d eceivers_, and wickl!4, anq uo good Creatures of God, with many fuch fpeeches, and reafons (as he: rhou~ht) of farce to difwade himfelf frol)l ai1y more dealing with them: Bur willed me to ufe J ohn my Boy as tuy Skryer, for that rhefe fvirimal Crcatm'es were not boun~ nl,lto him,!)c. 1 anfwered unto a_l! t he(e parcel and r eafons, as time ferved declaring my perfdl trujt in G?d,that fe<:i.n g I haver many 'years d ellred, ~nd pr~yed for wifdome (fuch as . hdc ACt:ions import) P.-t: his hands, t ~nd by fuch mean s f!S t~ his Qivine ~faj e~y feemeth bell) tbat l!e would not either mijlik_e my ~rayer, or abufe my Co_n!l~t hope 1p lm goodnefe and ll,l_ rcf; Th~refore I c:Qnclncled that e 1 referred all to the mernfuH wtll ,of God, and _ m_1bteq nothmg flC the length to be fat ifd ~ed of my reqi.tdr , and praye~ made unto l!lm~ So he .w. nt from me this fe~ond time. e God lighten his lieart with knowle_ ge 9f.the trut.h~ if ic b~ his Diyi!Je wil) ~tnd plea~1re. d N ore.. fermis went c,; la:fr \Vedncfday mornii;).g , ~nd had received our Letters after . JiOOn, 0,11 l\t efday ' la!t :, But on Mond.ay b~for,e the wickec;l Prince .of darkneffe dig what he ' amid hind.cr :aur proceeding, On Thuda!ly, T nbim (l:>rother to my Lord Larkje _ is wife) brought news to Crttcovi~t, 'thac. h J;Jy Lord LMkje was coming;to Cracovin. wa r.d . Emericzu came from Kef;ua_rkf, ~nd _re~ rum~:d .back flgain. Tabi~f rode from Crtz.covi4 r;o.ward Ke[mllrk.. .

As 1 was in



- ----- - - Silturday, Aprilis ~I aMeridi.e. Afcer our pr~yers made,_ appe<~.red fbortly .Gabriel and Nn.lv~tge. E. K. propounded fi~ quellions orderly .p. which had bred .~r~~t doubt in chi~ f;uuafie, and regttefted their an~



A true '1{e!ation of I)r. Dee his .d8iorts 'With j}irits, ~c.


He 'iVould ha~; our fpirimal friends to pr~ife him the p~~forrnance of the Prints. Gab ....... If we lVrre M .zjft>rs ~four own doings, we mi~ht well promife: 1J11t we are [ennt,nt~ and do- the will of our majter. But let me aJ~the~ one queftzdll: Dojt thou not tiJink,. that all things are poffible with God? Gab ....... The11if there no caufe. whytl~oujhould d~(f.ruft. Let him that is a {ervttnt,and is conHHfmded to go, go : and let not the earth rife up., and ftrive _ gainjt the plowman. a Wh~t_t fin ir it when the creature rifeth up, and [aithi, his heart, Let the L<?rd make a Covenant wuh me, con.f{deriJJg he is a bond hum ?


E. K. I do (o, and I know fo. .

[E. K. They feeni, both the voices at once, to come to my eare.l

None but he that becometh difobedient, ~t.nd. uf~tfcth his M after [ A W uld do fo. .o . Gab. Nal ....... 1hefe tfJings, that is to{ny, thi1 'Doflrine, delivered by ut, is of God, 1tnd of /,it mercits grmzted untoyo11, wbicb cannot b~ i;t vain: and therefore eo be performed;, f~r tb~ f ccret detrrminations of God are unk__nown unto Jk, . He neveriheard of any man tbat.would ask_,1 if Godwou'ld petform his p7>0mi[e.r,

E. I\. By- Aug:uft next?


E. K. ~hy jpyn you numbers with rhefe letters, and added none with thofc of the former Table.
Brother, w'hat is thf cartfe that all the World is made by numbers.? The Numbers we [peak,. of, are of reafon and form, and not of merchants. . l::l.. I bcfeech you as cont:erning the powder whereof he thinketh that he bath made. due affay of ir, as if it lhould have been the Philofophers S_ tone, and fo affirmed to be, by the miuifler of chis aCtion? I beft:ech you fo to anfwer; che ~hing, a s his reafon may . be fatisfied. A; . They gave no anfwer hereunto;but proceeded in the former m'a tter or Nnmb'~rs. Note th~ Frc- Gzb ... . Ever7 Letter fi.g1tiji.etb thnnemb'er of the -[ubftance whereof it [peak,etb. Every. pcny of thi s w~rd fif,Niji.eth the quiddity of the.[ubftance. '.f?e L ettrrs tfre feparat ed, : a.nd .in confufi.on . llntl_ : M:theJ and therefore, are by,numbers gathered together: :which alfo gathrrrd Jignifie a number: for iW Languag<:. every greater contain~tbhis lejf r,fo are the [rcret and un~~zown forms of thi'!f.S e ~p in their par_wfi :' Wh~re being known in 11umper, they are eafily difl:inguifbed;[o that herei1t we t eacfJ. e places to be numbred: letters tote eletied from .. tln 1zumbred, and proper. words from tb~ letters, fignifying [ubftantia}ly the thing that is [pok,.m of in the cmter of his Cret~tor, whereby rven as the minde of ntlf.lt moved at an'ordered [puc~, find is eafily perfwaded in things. ~hat ~re tnui ,- fo ~tre rhe creatures gf God ftirred up in th~mfelve~, when they hear the words wher.e~ ithal they w ere nurfed and brought forth: For nothing moveth, that is 11ot per[waded : neitbrr .Cfln any llndernu1d- thi,tg be perfwaded thllt i~ N1tk,nawn. The Creatures of God underlhmd you not, you, are nor: . i ng, r crfwa- 9ftheir Cities ; you arc becom~ ~nemies; beca~fe )'ou are feparated from bim that Gcn.Jerneth th~ lion, Motion'. City hy ignorance ..
Numbers. ]V,;,uri Forma/es. Pnlilu.

. What if it were a hundred Augufis? you maJ he-a wearJ before Augtill: next, of I[rael were of tbeir Manmt

the Chillmll



Gab, ...... M~n in his Cre~ttion,- being made ~n Innoce)tt, was alfo ardho'ri{ed aNd made partak,.er of the Power llnd Spirit of God : wbereb.y he not olte/y did k...nom nil thi1tgs und'er his CreaAJam. tion a~d fpok,.e of them properly, namilzg,_them as they were : iut alfo was part:tk,.er of.our'prt[mce ; and f ociety, yea a [pea fter of. the myjferies of God_ yea, with God hi:1z[dj : fo rbat in innoetnq tht po 'Wer' of his parta/l,.ers with God, tm411i hit good . .Angl:s, wtH exalted, and, beca"ie poly in the fight af God t!!f~il that <;oron~on ( fDr fo u the true 1zame of that mit,hty Devil ) mvying hid ~:::~o;~ felicrt~, a1td p1r~_eivit, t~at _ fubflance ~f ~H leffer part w~ frail and rmperf rti in_refpe{i of /Jis the t 1 uc Lanoua~ pure Ee., bet, an to aatl buv, a;td'[q preva.zled: tha.t offmdmg f o becll.me accur{rd tn the fight of gcs.: t> God; tmd [o lo.fl the- Garden of felicity, the judgement of his 'hnderfia.nding : but n0_: urterly c ~at~ m h is the f lf'llour_ of God; a1zd_ was driv.~n f~rth . as JOIIT' _ crip:zn-es rec8rd). rmro tbe Earth wiJii:h was C S ~e;':,afc~.r covered ~zth bra_ mb/es: where bcmg as dum~, aHd not- able tri.JPeak,.,he beg1m to letTYit of neceffii J : ~~;it: ~be La11gt~age which thou, E. "K~~aHeft [I H c_brew: J andye_ not.t.bat [z H ebren'] ~~mongftyou.: t Lingua .Ange- tn the whzch he uttered and delrvere4 to bi-1 pofteJtity;the nearefr knowled ge he had of God h1s lica. , Creantres: and from his owH [elf divided h,is fp~ech into three part!'; twelve, three; and Lmgua A,g~-- fevc:n : tbe number wher.eof rcmaineth , but the true form~ and pronuntiarions wa1;t ; mtf ;~;~ ~~{;1~';1,~: zherefo~e it n~t of that force _tkat d _iPtH_ in_ hi-s own dig~rit)', much_ to_ le cor.:pr..rc~ wit!~ this t hat le~ noce11 ri.tS:at11 we dc~lver)wrnch Adam. venly fpak e m _mnocency,a~1d wa$ never uttered nordrfclofcdto man fince ull now, wherein the power of G;d .mll_{t wor.k.., and wifdcm in her .t ri1e k.,i:td b'e de!i'vtr:ed: wbicb are r.ot to be [pok,pt of in a1ry othEr thilzg, Hrither to be. 1tu /l,.td of witb ;:. nvj im fTt:inations for M ihi-1 Work,. and Gift i-f, of d.t.d=> "ff'qich i4 tdl p;ner, [? doth b~ opr1z it h~ a w igte o/}o"'ter, t he

,E. K_. Whether_isthis Lang~age known in any part of the \Vorld or no ? if it be,where and to whom?






th~ i~ttnt t>~t

the propOtitJ/Ils nt~~-} a.gr~e in tbem[e!vei : for it w writtm, Wi[dom jiruth 11pon tn H ilf., ~nd beh~ltkth the four Winds, and gi_rdeth h~f (rlf ~~gether as tk.: brtghtnejf of the mornmg) which u vifztcd wit/, a few, and dw~lletb alotte as thour,h foe 'ere a Wrdo'R'. _ 1hiH you fee tbere, the N eccf!ity .o.f thu Tongue: 'fb~ Exce!le.itr.y 'of it, 4nd tb~ caufe why it il.preferre4 before that which yo.u Ctf.ll Hebrew : For it is writt'en> Ever] 11fe, confenttt/; to his gruztrr... I truft this isfi'ffirzent.
[). This anfwer offended gi;ea.dy E. K.. and thereupon he lefc ~tf,and would receive: no more at their hands. 'God make him patient, and a fa vourer of. this Afr-ion as foon ~s it' is needful that he !hould he. A. Laudetur, magniftcetur & extollatur nome11 Jefu Cbrifii. i 1t omne ;evum. Amen!

E. K. As concerning the power) What is it? Gab . ...... What it is, that it is, for .the k._nowledge of it may leadpu. ~o erro.r.

Note on Tuefday after Noon;. cirC'It horam qua.rt.llm,as we two fat together> E. K. fa id that '4 Ap'rilit he thol,lght upory. the matter; Et' quod j 4;, velle't:d~ll'S ho.ras mih'i cwcedere Ji_ gulis diebrt.f ad reel- I his 4ftcr. n

illa, qu.e illi'trader~ vel(en~.. E~o a~tem illi & 7111lx.imo -peo.gra_ti.~s egi,qttill b~nc effe mu- noon, tationem de~trd exce!fi fall am vere ]Ud~a'Ziz 5 nttm ltHft prandmm ngzdiffimus tr'llt m cotraria opinione & ftnte>ttia.

Wenfd~y~ Cracovi;e, ~prilis zs, Ivt~tne, wa 7 The V ail appeared as at firfr afmolL After half an hour GabTiel and. Nalvage appeared, after my manifold prayers and .difcourfes. . . . . A. Two keyes we haverecetved by themercy of to~ H1gheft and your mmtfters, the refr we attend, according to themerciful will of the Higheft. Gab .. . ~ .. M~ve 1zotjromyour place:., .for the place is boly. . A. She.w a ~oken 0 Lord when thy wj.ll is. whereby. to perfw~de thy mercrful dealings , wich us, and }he pretence of thy faithfnl Minifters. A. The fr;ullt:! of tht;-Scotle gave a cdckling,nu hand touching ic, or otherwife any mor , tal or worldly thing mo_ i;11g)t. 1 h ead it very cer..raiuly, and to E. K. it fee!med the fGund v of a bunch of keyts, a.s tf'tbey had quick ly been lh:.rken and Hrongly.


E. K. Gabriel btt~th., and N4h!ag.e .ftandeth.

Gab, : ..... My Brethren f:ea_rlz.m to my vo;ce,f~r. I am the ~rue [ervan.t of the G~d of Abraham, Jfaac, and Ja_ co'tf; t-he' dfgJ,i:t:Y flbn:eof 4s , fuffir;~ent. 'both for tbe verity' of the -D'oarbie, an(l the c,otr/irmation, aJtd perfwafion.of.J'ortr mi1zdes: for as God is .the Father of the. Faithfuf, f~. hejh~weth. bimfolf 'lfnto the faithful : wher<by you may p,.,ve the ~relit comfort and con[olatim: tbat. yeu tllllJ jNJflJ gauer of t.~ mercies of God, as ~uchiug you.,. Eletlion. Fo-r at ~hirt t:tme b:ath (il()cl ,t.pp~a'l'ed-unti the.. unrigbt'eoul? or ;when d~ you read that eve,r he vi]itfd the reprobate ? For ,th.e re,'>robate hath no vifittC,tion, h;1t in the rod of Ju(tiu_': But you may ri[e :ujJ ttnt'lnZ,)our [elves, fayi"..zlo, we are ftoward, w.e want faith. Anobjcdion. 1'rue i( is,the a?Is of faith, but ~zot tbe roat,s. offaith~ . But I f~J Jmto yo14~ '.r/J.Ilt the 'PO'~r of ~nfwcr. God In his Elellion; wtbe Bafis of. nuns putitfi!J lt'ccepiatbn. td Bitt ./;ere there il ib[qv.eit.r Ele{fion , juRifietb. riot himfelf; for 'Ibat man imaginin[rhu Prede[tination and perfell _ ~hrrr[orvtr thu if found,or thu Dollrine preached amongft)ou, either Jimply in man; or puhlir.k._'ty ilz CoNgregation, it u the fur~ jig1t anti. tok_ett of th~ir perpetJ.Ial .ig~:ora,ntc. .and confi.fi.UQJ : For ;tbe lYlll and Po.wer of God 'beltntgeth 11ot to our meafure (-~rit w:zs the taufe of re'be!liort ammgfr Id) m .t.eb /rife among men, wbic&. a.r.t fighting yet .for. the (;/.o,J {)f their reward,. BtiiPU it. if a [LtJ .in him that jud~etb of hu brot~~rs Co?tJcie_nce; Mucb.nzore hit a tbre~fold error, eo form the imagio:ttions of fin~ by wh.oft: .uua ~mattOJlS they are. Br not proud .tberefore of the gift's of Gad, but beco me humble.; Neitber j~fJ.i/it ) O fe!f in ret{Y' [pr'a that this is the wo.rli t>.G.Qt{delivered unto yo~ fo.~j(JH.Y. own (elves : But the more jou rectiile~ be the more thankful; ' aJ:d the mo.re you be in the jfrengrh of G.od~ the mor,;o u[e. YOif,f.bf plff.tmffe of humility. Of whom it is.faid, Behold my Spirit hqt.h..Ptttre.d, }tit .m-to. mj Jc-~tJ4nt; 1 INid,fy~ arr b~l:om~ humble tt~d- 1w.ek..,in t:he fi'e,IJt of men :. 'B'ut 'lf'We~e the. [ervan~s of'tl)e God_ of Abraham, thc.n ate Go()d Ao eis. we tbe [pmts of trr~th~Lnd wsdre.~am:lmg , J Ot' our. .ffJ-tk 'mxitgnzfi U llx fii/~. ~f f.he bea1J(Jts, g a11d we are become mighty in the power of the Almif!,htJ . 1herefdr.e ought we. to be Jg/i n.oul. N' w if )'Qll wilt confeffi your fdves to be the c~J'i ldmt ~1 Abraham,thm mvft you al[.o accept of our li,o{1Ti1te : Fqr .tbe ~1eat :,whereby Abraha01/iv.ed, is the. fame food w~ miui{ter: unto you: of whom i t. if (:zi2 Hebelieved God, a1zd it WM counted unto him for rig~tequfneffe. Even fo do yeu, !, tha'


A true Relation of Dr. Dee his AElioru with (pirits, &c.

th,t you alfo '11/tty be righteous, wberein do you differ fnnu Abraham? Weu you not barren l iYhiJ bath made you fr~itfull? rlid God. mak_e a Covenant with Abraham ? Even [o he doth wit/, J'fl Did the Lfrd in bid MiA Covenant. nijl:ers a.tJpear unto him ? .r~ doth hr, llnd will do unto )Ou. Were the Jin,r of Sodum (the fifth that per ifhed) imported into A brabams bo{ome, as tbe [ecret . determinatio~ of the Lord ? Are they u!fo not manifert tn t J you (even by the fame God)as touching the time and corruption of this world? 1\ oJ~ he not s1p in the morning, and beheld the confnfion , and headlong Ruines of the wick_ed? And jhall you not alfo fee the ruine of him th4t id the [on of wic/tedneffe. 1 es, unlelfe you hinder yqur fdvcs. For rht: promife of your God is without. exception. Be mindful thertf8re of your [elves ; and c,nfider your calling: That JOil may be ftilll:leffed in him tblf.t is tbe God of Abraham.? whJ wyou; r a rher. In rhefe k,.!'yes whirb we deliver, nre the myfleries and fecret beings a~td effeC/s of all things mo-_ The Keyes. 11inr;, and mo<;ed within the w~r!d. Linr.ttl! & [.:iIn thw is the life of M 0 T 1 0 N, in JPhom all tongud . of the world au moved, f9r .there is t'IUi~. neithrr ( peech nor .filence chat was or !hall be to the end of the world, but they are all as plain bere, M i.n their own 1tak.,edneffe. Defpife it not; thcrrfore ..... For unto them that are hungry, it w bread, it;-zto the thir{ly drink._, and unto the nak_ed clothing: 4 Serpent it.i-1 of many heads in-vincible. Believe therefore, that with him you way be wife.: thttt Jour humility may be [tteh , M mJt) be numb1 e1 in the world. I have [aid. Nal. Move not, f er the place is holy.

E. K. What mean you by that fentence or phrafe.

Nal. It is of two parts. the firft in refpell of the [pirit and prefm~e of him tbat is boly: pre[ent
and teaching. Secondly zn refpetl of your confent, which il obedirnr.e, for obedience confirmeth th11 will of God in man, and the will of God confirmeth man; falvation; wheufore it is [aid , move not : and why? becaufe the place is holy. - Move neither in mind, neither in body, for obedimc6 id the r.onclufion, tmd confirm4tion fyour feparatiom from th~ Devil! SJZcrifi~e is ~~cepted, bHt obfl dience is b~ttrr. You are fure!J anfwered.

E. K. I like your anfwer well.

.N al. 011r wifdom,jha/l pro11e Rhttoric'k._.

N aaq

inyour creation of tlie.fecret wifdom parrak_trs as unto the partak,.ers


It i4 q attn
.I t i1 Pl~t.pli-



It is Pugo.
It is Im ua mar~

your {elves unto us





E. K. This letter turneth fo about, that I cannot well difcerne it.


E. K. This letter alfo turneth round.

Move we [11y
i1t whQnU

Zod a. Gohia.




.A ai om.



Amongfl us

U btC01He

Mi c;r. olz.


E. K. This Letter moveth. E. K. Now he maketh a reverend Curfy~

NI A0 0 DD 0
~tnd name

Od do o ll in.

E. K. This letter alfo moveth

fJd id 11nd

I! mull be foondcd with one


E. K.


true~lation of Dr. Dee his

his mercies

AF!ions Dith fpirit~, &c.

ea ea eo m.
Jehu{oz. Micma.


E. K. Gabriel1haketh his fpeare. Nalvage.


Z 0 S U HE I



E. K. , Now he ufeth his reverent Curfies again.

63 Your [elver Amiran.

Nal. Vid I not bid thoujhouldeft not move I

E. K. He hath thrown down his rod upon the Table.

[ t.. I had moved to the do re, becaufe I heard fome going up and down the chamber with.. out : we had forgotten to !hut the fiaire-foot dore.J A, 0 Lord, I did it not upon any wilfiill difobedience. But pardon this Fault, and by thci 8race (0 God) I will avoid thelike fault henceforward. Nal. It Wlls a great fault . A . I befeech the Almighty to pardon it.

E. K . Now he is kneeled down, .and all his Face is under the Table. Now he is up again, and taketh his rod in his hand,and rtiaketh a Croife with it three times : Eafi, W efi, North, and South.

So your WDrd. und



E. K. He pronounceth the i fo remiifely,as it is fcarce heard and in

the pronouncing of the whole word he feemeth not to move his lips.
I fay Gohus.

E. K. He made long leafurely reverence.


R 0 L 0 H0 G

lift up.

Goholor ,

E. K~ He ufeth reverence again.

Nal. 'the Ht;d is a name mightier tben the power of the fame. 6o D AM ~f the [anie your God Mttd.

E. K. He ufeth long reverent Curfy again. E. K. Now he holdeth up his Rod.



In thename

J)Q oi ap.

E. K. He holdeth up his rod again.

and .truth of Juftice

Od voo4n.



<the sk.Jyrs
thus.JOU are beeo m~


55 54

No an.


on the urth continu11.llJ


Cao[ g.

Now he ufeth courtefy.

52 51


fiers of life and incrett{e


powring down my power


PA-npir N A- nil eel.




mig-ht wor~



A true ~e/at ion of D ..Dee his Aflions Tt~ithJpirits, & c.

E. K. He ufeth rev{'rer.c,e. Now he holdeth up his Rod and Jhaketh
it about his head.
48 BAAT E NQ 47 E D 46
your govtrnmmts


De,is my name:

G .'\ 0 N I I M


He ufeth Gourtefie. E ..K. Gabriel ihaketh his fpeare.


Nal. ..... It may be ct~!ld Mi moag or Diuph

E. K. Now he extendeth.
45 DO

from the Eiglj(fl veffe!s



Gab. .. . ... c.Move not.

4 3 NE FA F 42 BS A COC

to the intent that

Fafen Cocasb

of time
the true ttJ!,e.t

I M0 H





SR 0 V



E. K. He ufcth moft reverent Cur.fie.



{ttccef!ively power unto ever,J one Cif .JCIII


~trg as in barge Vomfarg



of governmrt




E. K. Many founds are heard in the flone. He kneeletl1 down.



i1t feats 12.


31 DO 30

plllced you and

ll'rg as in l"trgt B.ALZAitG


Stewards 1 made yotJ



28 I L I

i11 the firfl

Julll rife



'14 [ T


111 .burgrn 111 Burgd~

t' hud



A true 'I{elation of Dr. Dee his .AfliDnf -with fpirits, &c.






E M it is tt wore!

E. K. Now he ufeth reverence.




are not

Kil I Cbifge

zo SI HC


Ki4 Cbw


tht Crettturts of fbe e1rti

org as in f.torgll Toltorg

~; itJ


1heuin 'of Je~h;


ocb ihttch pfJi 1eloc6


E. K. Now he maketh t
t6 H EL P S 0 M Q.

tht horns

t.Jf!os Pith


7'tt fU in
Yo,. U.J c.U Tapui 11/fo


the uft

W~ay bt

E. K. Now he maketh a Croife again. ......... Now he ftoopeth down and kitfeth.

Ytl L or YmlL
Giti ptt6


of living bre~th;
the {tllfl






Norz Os Lox Job

A Cro!fe again.

[Os figttifieth t'11tl111)




on whofe hands

He fioopeth and kiifeth the ground.



Com Stili


r .. ;
1Mr G,.





true~elation of D.

De. his AEiions ~ithfpirits, &c. e


He kiffeth the ground.


He fetteth his hands on the ground<

Mic ma.

<Y"J. .


it pleared yen before, fo would we gladly have the fence hereof in Engbjh. Nal. .... , L~t him that bath wi(edom underftand : For here bet,itme the myfteries of your WJrld .
1 2

6..\~~~:i~~;h; Na~e of Jefus; as



3 4

6 7 8 9


Behold, faith your God, I am a Circle, ou wba[e hand! ftand 12 Kingdoms; fix are the feat~ of living breath,
'l'he u jt

42 oftime;

43 to the intmt that, 44 fro11t the hit,heft ve.f[efJ

45 and
46 the Corners 47 ofy our gover~tmmts, . Gal, .... mighty if the God of 1!o ftr, hu 1eople. .



16 17 18 19




2& 2.9

30 31




36 37

38 39 40 41

are M jharp SickJes, or t;e h rns of death; wlurein The Creatures of the eartll are to are not, except mine owu hand= Whicli fleep and Jhall rife. In the firft I made ;or1 Stewards and placed you in feats 12 [or] in 12 f-eats of government: Giving unto every one of you pow:r, fu'cceffively, over

the true

on the earth. .) 3 ThiK 5-f 55 you are become 56 The s"f<_irts 57 of Juffi~e 58 and truth~ !59 In the nttme 60 of the fame, your gqJa 61 lift up, il2 I fay, 63 your {elveJ Behold, <'4 hil mercies 65 ftouri(h, ~6 67 and name r18 if become 69 might} 70 amongjl IH; 7t in whom 72 ~e fay, 73 Move, 74 De[cend 75 and 76 apply yoNr [elzm U.Jtto 1111 77 M UJttO 78 the parta~~rs of hir [ecret wifdom

52 continuai!J

48 JOU migbt work. 49 '111} power, 50 pouring d~w.n 51 The firer D/ life,and m~re~t[e


;, Jottr Cretttion

E. E. Now all all his fingersdifappear.

K. K. Now Gahriel fiand.c.."th up.



Gab ... ;,. Heark., 0 ye fons of mtn; if-the firft of tttl't1ne, nd the begi1mi'ltg of your heittt, in body : of Crcovia, and one in the firfl. Wherrby the things of the world have jife & li11 e, Thefe four calls ace the fecond, the 3d. Let him thflt bnth wi[d!!m uHderftand. Gnw toge4th. 5rh. for the firft Table can have no thrr,for thif hath irs fruit in due time. Albert L it is of the Godhead. '<tll, L~~.ie bath not d.~ne the Commandmmt of Gqd; ht fhould hflve been here by this time. A. Gloriu, Lm~, Honor, & Irnperlum fit Deo N oftro in iufinita feculorum fecula, Amen,

There ate tbree calls in the fecond ~rt


J true7\elation of Dr. Dee hir .Affions TPith Jpirits, &c.

A. Remember rhat on H'edfday night, A pril the 25. my Lo rd A /bat Lask..ie came at night to Cr~tcovia,and lay in a little wood den build ing, among guards, by ,Sr. Steniflar/5 Church : and, 011 the Friday morning following intend ed to <mter hi!> journey coward Kefmark._, aud the recovering of Kefmark._: J efns profper his juft Caufe,


Wenfday morning, A pril# 1584.



Nal. ....... A new A Ciion -

- Back,;ward, Mbefo re. of him that li.vcth for ever.


D A l 01

Ioiad. Zir.


tt ftrong



fee thing ;



ma ~e me

Ozazm. Od.
Zalllran. [ asC




in power, jbew )



unto hj, ferva nts,

No quod:

Gab ...... , The pl~t.ce i# be-come more holy, and he iJ become m~e meek..

Nal . ......



therefore Move



[ Nal. .....

Ma/t..!: a flop there.


fa ith the firjf,

G o hel.

E. K. Now the Crolfe before. UZROT 40




again thinner than lt was


.Ari[t; of the all-powerful. in the




37 36



Manin. Oqua.


is 1tot


S ttch
a building,

Cors. Trof.


youare become

No an.




Lap. Ozongotc


then thf man] fold wi1z dcs;.





A true Relation of D. Dee his AEiions 'B'ith [pirits, &c.







Chis [ the I long.

Mi calp.

D 0

migbti" llnd
tha11 the barren ./lbne




your feet


Chis [as XI~.

of righteoufn1fe
for the Cha111be1 in their beaut.1
the jlfrWret

as Giui.


EG0 0




Lors I <}Wio Q!!_n Ta, Paracledac



or M
for " weddi~ g Cups




1 have prepttrta


A M R. A S A C


within the deptb of r#iJ Jarn

have fr~tmetl the burning flames



1 al pur g.


of the firft

S o bam.


A word.
Vi iv,
Sa} d.

0 yuu the {eco11tl

YOTI'r V8iCC S of 'IPDmUr




Fa aip.


Zoo g.
V pa ah. Adgt.


A true '/{elation of Dr. Dee his .Aflions Dith fpiritJ, &c.



fir.ft word.

The firft iJ the !aft,


E. K. Now he holdeth up many handsandfingersas before,and on the very end of the fingers difiincHy thefe parcels appeared 10 Engliih.
The [econd "'Pord - T h e wing. Vpttab, is the wingt, and .Adgt, is Ca14. 3- - ~f the winder, ..---. Hnderftand your voices of '#indes. 4 5 -----Oyou 6 -the [econJ. 'J - - o fthe firft, 8 - - '11hom
2 ----

- - - - 1 h e b~~rHingjlt~.Jntl

10 - - - -

3 1 14--

1x 12

have (rttmed -,pithin the depth ofmJ Jaws, - - - - 1Phom I httve p.rtparetl

15 1

16 - -

f~r (I.Wttlding,


the jlowres i their beauty 1 9 - - - --fortbe Chamber 20 of righteoMfneJ{e ; 2J ftro,ger

. _

- -


i<f. - - - - - y~tn- feet - - - - - - - - - t h e n the barren ftone, 2) ,,--1 26714127 - - - - m i g h t i e r

2l - - - - - - - - - - are -

28 - - - - l l r e

your voztts 9 - - thm the m#nifolrJ 'Windes: 3o For ~~ y ou ~tre become - -. _ _ _ a building, 33 --Such 3 .___..,_ _ M is not, 35



- in thf minde 38 - - - - - ofthe llll-powerful.


- .Ari[e, 39 - 40 - faitb t~ firft ; 41 ---~-Move 4 ?; - - - - tbertfor'

. K. All the Stone is become very dark.

The wicke~ faid ....... 1'hou ./httlt o tro further .. ,. ~. I prayed Koffenfis P[tt!m 9 and the Lords Pray~r, and the Stone becamt clear, and the fingers appearcs again, -through the mercy of the Htghefr .... ,. 43 44 45 unto bu [ervants; - - fot11 JOIIr [elves - - inpo19er, 46 . llnd 47 - -~- ma~e me 48 - - - - - - - a ftrong. [ Ste t"ing,] 4 9 - - - - for ~o '),1 . . . . . _ _

Th:s bis 1!14 him corretlcd,

were of tl\e wicked h~


----lam Df him --that liileth for eCJer.



E K. Now


.11 true 'l{elation o[Dr. Oee hi.r A.flion.r 'liithfj_!rlts,_ &c.


------------------ appear no more fingers. E. K. Now

Nal. Compare them now together.
t:.. 1 have compared che Englilh Joyms to che myftical words, and l find 12.. of e~ch: fo th~t they agree. . . . N aJ, Thr" you bavt this dayes l~bour. !'low The. 1PhJt~ filk_ zs extended over the llo'!e 6 , Soli Ot:o not\ro, Deo omnrpotenu, & MaJcfiaus treruedx, & fuper omnta amandz, fit omnis laus,graciarum actio,& Jubilatio, Amen.

E. K. N'ow he is [et down in his chaire.

Fritlay, Cracovi~, Aprilii: Ma~te, hora fere

Oracione Dominica & aliis Precib UI 11d Deum finitil, pro luce '& verit11tt 1 in banc f(Jrmam, (Jmnipotens, [empittrne, 'tier& & 1 ive DrUI no(ier, mitte Hobil fpzritum fanl'ium & veritatem tuam, ut {apienter, fide/iter&, ron{l ant er tibi [trvia mJU, omnibl# diebus vit .e no{lr.e. Amen. The white Curtain, or veyle, appeared very long. . . t:.. It fell fo out by the wonderful providence ofGod,tbat E. K. and:I.quietly confidered. thtfe ;~chons,generally, & the contrary fpirituall informations given eo him,apart by himfelf; (& (ometimes)while we were receiving our i~lt1:ructio~s,by?urSchoo~maft.ers,Of which contrary power, fome woul..d tayle on God, and blafpheme.hts MaJefiy hornbly, as may appear by che reccrd offome late Actions; But this was our concluGon, that we both delired the Yericy,:md that (o, asbefi n1ighr pleafe God,in t~e manner of coming l:Jy it. t:.. He.Judge~OLord,becween us,fending usche verity of the ju~gment,for the glory of thy Nora,:lrbirrcmem of God name, forasmuch as they which impugne thefe proceedings, do (to E.K.) as it feems nqulred. perfeCter, and more wife and fruitful then QUr Schoolmafiers, which I took tdbe the true and bleffc-d Ange\s, &c. E. K. Now is the note pluck't aGdc. A, About an elt: en of the v A. Bleffed be the highdl, who is Almighty. Clock. , . nit I mtnfis Gab. Danida , a mighty 1rophet (not the le aft upon the urrth) ope11td hit moNth,~tHd [aid , Bt. s:b. /,old, there ]hall a Whale come from the Ettjf; the fouttcnth day of thi!i Month, S-A B.

E. K. They fecm to fpeak both together.

Gab . N a\ . .And he tntred intothe field, ttnd be met with a Merchant, and hi [~tid unto him, Thou art not for me : for thy intent dwellech in the world. He went .fz1rther, and, to, the+-e was a field of all k_ind of people,diverfll recreating themfelves in their own pleafureJ: and he yet [aid,Lo, the[e are not for te: 11nd he went on; ~tnd, l~.);e Jaw, A N D IT W .A$ .A N A}{ E D M .A _N, Gab. Nal. M.trk_, [to E. K. J

E. K. So I do.
Gab. N al.~ 114 his hands were .divers things; moff(, /(aves, flowers, and herbs ; 1t1td he woH.dred., [aying,Why art thou nak,.edllfnd hefaid, Lo,I Rm old, and .em without. Garments, and thefe are the things wherewithall lwill be clothed. And the Prophet talk.Jd with him, 1utd told him of the Whale.

E K. They fpeak both together, that I cannot difcern their


A1zd ht comtttanded him to k.t~:ul, ana he lifted up hllnds hil to luavm and prttyed within hiYH felf; ~tnd he ftii4 aljo unto him, I am 4 Prophet, rife 11!1 1 will ble!Je thre in fl"C 11ame f my prophefie: and lo,he took.. him by the hand, and went for;w~trd ' and the wtty 1PIIs rougb,ftony, a11d ver7 found: l!lnd, a:s the) wmt,thq found men, huge and big, mdnJfrdus :- aHd the Prophet [aid, Tb-efe pleafe me A Child rJot: and,as they ttdk.,ed (Jn the way,they overtook.. lllit.tle child, And the Pbrophet ttsk.,'t him -bis name, """he itnfwer"td, He wa~ a man : aHd. he [aid' 7'hou pleafeft ~,for i.hou m~tytft be 4 man . A Hill. Thrre was .a Hill,and.thty ajwtded,and, ~tfter "while,thechild becanle weary, tmd .fate-do'IP;i); faying 1Pith .bimjtlf., This hill is troublt{ome, J.flm Ho~ able to k,.rep ~ompanJ with them ; and the Prophet, mtfkng htm, went back, 1md f6und htm fittmg. AtJd hebegn to weep, [aJiHg, Whither wi!lyou lead me l But the Pr,ophet comfortii1Jim, aHil fait!~ Now thoil"j(lft , tho1llfrt not a man .And thus he did, afcmding [undr} times? and,to,h was the top f the hill, ."itnd the Sun was hot ~tnil clear in the t11t4ft of the day, The Prophet [4id U11to the child, look.. to th Centre of the Sun, and {o e l>e did,ftedfajlly. P I k,tkl't .AHd the Prophet fa id ultto him,NoJV I have ixperim~e of thee, na I k,.now tho1i wilt be a m1n; 0 .And be [aid unt him, that was nak.,ed, Here are Pm) Ink.., and Paper. pc .And !o thou haft one th~tt can [6e far off, ~tnd be ]hewed llim the Seas : [ttjlng) loolt unto the oritns, Ea:fl: and he told him of th~ Whale and of his coming, and of mlfHY. myjteries .B11t the, m(In lllt{1Pered him,[4Jint., 1 am naked, the ~tyre if jharp, and 1 batJe no food: flo"IP



S TA Y [I) many dayes l and he [aid unto ~)lm, Sit down, and nore,unrill this a man. . Note uncill. Feed by comfort. For the Whale ~all be thine, in whofe belly is a Cheil: [wallowed of grea,t value, and they were contented . .Behold,che people of the countrey were rich, and'::,~'/:;~"[;11 . had conquered many Nations, fo tbat he was a Monarch in the world; rh is Monarch was fubdui. ' skilfull in all Sciences~ and knew all things to come, and he caUed his Counfdl together, and faid unto them. Lo,tbus it iJ; the cauJe why I ~av~ made tho[t' mi.<!.ht) banb,_s , a;rd hllve drawn my people from the lower places ttnd the Set#, if for that, I fear a Whale : which, if he land in my K ingdo mes, W1ll Qf! my de/1-rutlion, and rhey told him what the Prophet had [aid, and bf! bef!.ttn to rage, and wns puffed up with anger, and be opened hi1 boolzs THE SE C 0 N D TIME; and. his eyes were opened, and he tmderftood that tbe Prophet bad a[cmdrd unto th,e top of the mountain, and ll.ad taken with him a naked n1an, and a child: and he [aid to his Minilfers, A[cen.d, and bring me t he child, for I will examinf! him,and k,.now the Prophets meaning, and be appa.relled /rrim richly, 11nd gave him much, but he prevailed not. And he faid within him[elf, A[cend again they jhal!, and bring down. that man. And the Jervants afcended, and they found a Marble fome, and they -were angry among them A \!! . frlves,fayin~, Is this a tan? And lo they came unt"o thf! Kmg; tind [aid, Thou fende.ff us forth, but fio~~r c: we found a mighty flone not able to be moved. Where is it therefore that thou wilt have us feelt,. thl!t man; Rut he Jaid within himfelf,I will overcome the child, and he took_ him by tbe hand, and led him int o hid Orchari, where he opmed nnto hirn the fecrets of hi! boolt,.s, Jo that he became sk..ifful . Bnt,lo,the Prophet aro[e, and,as he walk,.ed towttrds. the H ill, to comfort them whom be ar.counted his frimds, he efpied the child apparalled ftrangely , and in company with fl:rangers : Strangm. tznd he opmtd hit mouth, and began tiJ prophefirlayint,. The King bath rifen up agJ!.in[t himfelf, for he hath CHOSEN 7'HE CHOSEN, lf1td bath ~prned the ferrets of hit own Kingdom to hir deftruttion, and be frretched f'" tb his hand, and fa id unto the rhild, Come with me : and he was UNWillinJ{,for his pleafures wae great. And he lifted. up his voyce and [aid: and he SWARE , And,lo,he came with him even unto the mountain: a1zd the Prophet [aid unto him , When th?u waft a child , I led thee , but now thou art become li man. ftretch f crtb thy leggs,and lako.~r, and he was mzwilling. Thus, whi!jf they werf! talk,.ing, they that waited upon him were at his feet armed, fayirrg, come \vith us, for we are {lrong rnough to deliver thee. But the Prr,phet [aid unt~ the-m ; GO E bttck. and tdlyorrr King, tlJttt I found him on the way, and a flr4nger, and I bad pity on him, and I tQok..him fl)r my own. Tberefore-ftrive not, for jujfice muft prevail. And they began:to jtagger a. drunk.._ards, for they k.._new it was true, And thf! Pr-,pbrt fa id, Now come with m~, I willyet le11.d thee:and thq ~t[ceuded. The Prophet held up hit hands, and SAID, I SEE, and behold, he that was nak.._ed arofe: Jtnd [~tid, I SEE A.(.SO. A . d the Sear aro[e, and a. 17'Y'eat tem1left, and brok,.e down tbe ban~ : and entred o:n the earth, .., . . " n r r: ... 1 domgmuch l~arm to the people_,. that Kingdom: An d, lo, t here ar8Je a wzna tbf! S E C O N D: .mdrll mlfnlf.tof tio clfm temp~~ and there wer~ four bea/fs, [uch as are in the world, and Wf!rf! never k.pown. A;zd the} came .fT.cr~. {wimming, nnd fo landed ~n the Hill. And the Prophet Jaid,Ari[e, draw out your [words and kJ!l Venu11. the!", and [tJ they did. Behold,the blood of them vanijhed into a ire, and the fiefh becttme ettrtb : The entralr of them Venrus :.. wafted away 'With tht wa~ers: ~nd their bones-burned with a vrighty fire. Thf! fecond wind aro.fe, ~md tbere were five Crowns: in the midft of them fate the F a.ther of life, with a golden head : whofe Feet bathed themfdves in due ttnd fweet Mtt1ma : and the l'rophet [aid, Put forth your hands: and 19ater r. fbPy did fo : But lo they were afraid, for be thttt./food in thf! ntidil of 'h~ Crowns,was full of betT-uty. 'Ill .l. And thf! Propbet [aid; Fear not, come wzth me ; and he opened unto them thf! fecrers of the li1Jfltria rc,. Crown ; for iit every one if them was a golden fentence. And the fecrets of the Hill began to 'M"rl4m. lbake, and there was a great Earthquak,_f!, The third.wind aro[e: 1nd the twelve Ced4r trers that wcrf! never corrupted, cam_e and planted i/w111 3, themfelves in twelve places of the Hill, and thf!y br~ught forth ftrange fruits, not as Cedar trees do. . The Prophet [aid,Gather , for I k.._now you -hunger, that 7ou may be refr~fhed. While they th11s Va~t1u 4 talk,.e.tl, the f~lfTth. wiltd aro[e, and,behold;all the mountain was a. flaming. firr, and there were five 5' Tm" mot~ Earthquttl~,.tf' [1!-ch as were no~ jittcc tbe beginning of the wnrld. . Tbe Pr9phetJooJ:... tbe~ liP;for thf!j 'fl/ere become as dead. .1/nd fuddenly T.he Ftrrnament and the waters were Jojned together, and the Whak CA ME, lilt,.~ unto a. lf!gion offtormes: or 4f ;a~c.Whaic :he bottomlefs Cav.e of the North '(~!ben i~ i1 open;ed : tmd foe wns full of eyes sf every fide. The Prophet fa.id,S.taJtd ftill,blli: they tre~bled. Tke w11.ters fan~{., and fell {tlddenly away, [I) that tbf! Whale lllJ upon the H ill,roaringlik,_e a Cavt of Lions, and the Prophet to,k_. thrm by the h~nds, and le.d.tbe-m to 1h.e Whales mouth,faying,Go in, but they tremblf!d -:Jebemently; He [aid unto Th Wh the~ the [eco~d time, Go hi: and they durji not; And be [ware un~o them; and :t?ey e~tred in, and me~th. aJcs helzfted up .hH voyre, and c.r.ied mightily, Come away , and, /o~they flood _ efore htm rzcher tben an b Emterours 7'hTime, for unto him that wa5nak.fd, were d9thes given : unto him that Wits a child and a man, Were I 'l gates opened. Ani the Propbet cried mightitJ,and [aid ' Tbi5 Wh'ale cannot die; a1td lifted up his 1.1oyce again i!nd [aid: Within this Wbalf! are many Chambers, and fecret dwelling plAces, wbic:h I Will divide betwixt you on the ritht fide (unto rhe which was a. rhtld , anfJ

- I tb~refore c~n

dtrue 'I(e!tJtir;n of Dr. D~e his Aflions !Pith fpirits, &c.

1o 3

Child becom~

n~ ,

A true Relation of'Dr. Dee his .Aflions '!l'itb {piritJ, &c.

a man) tbere are twelve op.med, but unto tlm that haft provid~d jlrange Garments for th] and not [urh M men ufe to wear, I will give thu hea:l, hart, and lt(t fide , wbo[e plttcer are '46. Tou jhall mter, llnd be poJJi.JJd this day together: And behold , the [on }hall return Jo' tlt 36 again 2 1 times, andin one year, but not all at 01te time. Toujh~!t depil.rt hence into a. J.welling 2.( fhall be all one: '1'htre chere il no end, the place of comfort 11nd infpett#table glorie. that J A Mi' acle. I have faid. ~. As you have delivered m a para8le, .enigm11, or prophefie, fol befeech you,forthe fet ting forth of God his honour and glory, to expatutd wh~t is meant by the Gab ... Nal. . The Prophet i4 ia bil name. Whale,the naked man~ the Childe,&C', <fhe nak..d m11n if Dee, The Childe i4 Kelly, Tbe Prince i4 the Devil, 'Ihe Hill i4the Wqr/d., <fhe waters llre tbe bofome of God., The 4 beajis are the 4 Elements, The I~ Trtes are the 12 pans of the HeJtvms, The Whale H tbe fpirit of God, The Ch~mben are tbe degrees of wifdome, 'I'be 1hunders and win des 1tre the eilds of God hil Will ind ]uJgemmtu The reft- are not eo be fpoken: 'fhi4 I tak,.e to notifie to 111 tbt judgemmt And arbitremtlft of God betwee11 IK , ill refpetl of our PetitiM to hid Divilte Majefly nollt made, 'IPhereb.J tit maJ be 1Zffured wbllt to judge of the Cre&tuTtt whrch do dral with Uf in th.H a(Jion, and of the impugnersj or difw~ders of the. credit 6[ it. '(hid I ta/te to be fmt and deltveteJ. unto 11(1 of the meer mercj anJ providmC'e Dwine regarding his own glory, and tbe fincerity of my h6pe and co,fidence,wbicb I put wholly in him, and alwayes will G~b} ... You are happy, fo~ JOU believe,~ K. what am I. 6.. IH h~tppy if you belieVJ_t !ik,.ewi[e. Nal. A. Are you not to dchver us our lelfons orderly, as we have begun to recetve? ... ~ Vnderjfa11tithat, bJ the Prophet delivering Pen, Ink.., and Paper. ~. As concerning the book writing by the higheft, what .lhall I expell thereoH Nll. .. .... There i4 no point of faith. A. I believe verily that it !hall be 1fritten hy tbe p()wn- of the highdl. Nl. Nl ..... <fhe powtf'of the bigheft confirmelh nu, but not my po-wet, the hightft. A. Be it as the will of God is,



Gloria Patri,& Filio, ~ fpir.i tui fan8:o; ficut erat in principia,lk nunc,& fcmper, &:; fecula feculorum.

E. K. The white Curtain is drawn. E.K.



Saturday, 2.8. Aprilil, M4nt hOTa 8. CracoTia:, .Orati11ne pr~mijfa flatim appareb~tnt.

E. K. They are here.

Gab.. ._...

not, for the pl~tce itho!J. Holy, holy, holy, is he, who fantl:itieth all things that are fanttified.


E. K. Hemaketh Croifeswith his Rod toward the four parts of the wor1d, and then kneeleth down a while.
Gab .... H:ttppy id be that bath hit skitts tied up, and i4 prrpttred for a Journ_e) , for the 'RNt.J .fh11ll be open unto him, and in hi! joyJttr jhall there dwell no wearineffe: hit meat jhall be M the tmdtr df'll', tH the {Jrettmffe of a. bul!oclv Cud. For unto them that have ., ]hall be given, and from them th.tt have tt9t, jhall be tak.,en away : For wh.J, ~he bur cleapeth to the willow ftem, 6ut on th'e fands tti4 tojfed t1r A feather without d'Rlel/ing. Happy llU the) thtit cleave unto the Lord, for the} jhall be brought unto the ftore-hou[e J a11d be /I.CC(Iflnttfl, ~tnd accepted tH the Ornammts of hit beaut): But pra.J with me. 0 thou eternal foundation and ftren~th of all things, ttlortal and immortal>which delight in thy face and in the glone pf thy name, Confider tht foundati~n of QJir frt~gility , and enter into the 1Peak.,ne.f16 of our inwtZrtl part.r : fn-we art become empty; whofe [alt i4 not1, nor hatb any {1tvour: Fortifir, anJ ma~e 111 flrong in thee, tUtd in thy ftrength; Have merC.J upon IH, H ~tve mercy upon 111 , Have merry upon 111; that in tbi4 JPDrld Qllr flrengtb "!a.J bt in p1Ztienct, ~tnd 11-fter thk life} that 1u ma) a[ cend unto tber. NalA-

A true Relation of Dr. Dee bis AEiiMJ ~ith fPirits, &:c.



Nal. .. ,.. Amm. We prayed the fame prayer.

E. K. Now Nalvage fianderh up upon bis Table of Letters.

Nal, ..... It u a fide~ long Letrer.



Nor mo lap.

E. K. Now he kiJfeth the Table.

i6 FA A

ntil) praife


L i T S ER.

tbat you


Reft el,

Now he kilfeth the Table,and maketh moft humble and low Curfies, having firft laid down hi's Rod.

As plea[lmttkliv"ers


N A R. M A Z D 0

Ant/ jhew .J'Ur [elves

Od Zamrao

E. K. Now Gabriel fhaketh his Dart terribly. E. K. Why fhake you your dart fo?
Gab...... Scholers ought to give ellr tl their Scbool-maftert.
P 41




of the Creatour
in tbe name


Do oa i!


Jtnd liveth 1rbirh;,



0 SI
Zirc naiad


the LorJ JOIIT GP~

Now he ufeth his accufiomed Curfie.

vifit th' tiZrtll

Eagle Fgaos ~


* H


11ntl you fons of plta{url


Nor qv.a fa hi




111 the




29 SI H C


Od lonfhin



ttnJ thrir po'IPers

Now he kneeleth.



:6 SI H C


J trlle 'R!;Iation of . Dee hi! AEfioni Dith fpirits, &c. D







fucct J}ivt!J,
which alfo

Ca pima li

2f TSD


Now he falleth fuddenly on his knees.

~nd wax


as Wedge Od Vgeg
Ki"i Chis

:zz SIHC


Now he kneeleth.


71fe fecond "begixnings gf things

in lJ''bom

the g .as ia.


feuii'ge Cafann"


-but one ;
1Jath yet Mumbretl

Conn po

17 16

M A.B 0 S



963 9;

Ar, So ham
Map m
0 a 1i Ca farmi Vi V di




l have plawl under whom



in the [econd angle?

1\ow he Jiftcd up his hands.



wh'zch raign


E. K. Now he goeth off the Table,and kneeleth Down.




Now he lifteth.


numbredl tht thunders of e1tcrea[e



AYa vago
G Chis ~e


Are not [ayi11g, h a.ve (ook..ed aho11t me,




Dc.r pha



4 DO

in the {out!,

Ba bage



my feet
I hav e [et

Las di
0 thil


E. K. The Table turneth continually to his Rod end , and the Let ter feemeth to fiand on his Rods end difiincrly. That is it. This is this Call.
- I httve [et - m y fur in tht [1uth, 3-11nd 4 5 - - have look_ed 6about me, - f aying, 7

26 -

fucceffively, [or by [ucceffio11]

27 - a r e 28--- the number of time, 29 and 30 their powers 3 1 - art 3 2 - M the firft



The Thunders If em:rrafr umbred? 10 _ _ H _ _ Thirty three 11 9_which raign 12 _ _ in the fecond Angel~ ; 3_ under whom 4 _ I h4Vt pl4cul JS 16 -9639 _ w hom 17 _None 18 _ h.t.th yet numbrul 19

33 - 4 56 34--Arife 3 5 - you fonsof pha[ure,



for I am the Lord your Goa 40 wbicli is 41 - - tt1td !iveth. 42 .- . . In t he nutrt -4-3 - - of the (;reator

37 38 -

and vifir the earth;

39 -

_but one


21 Z% _ _ the fecond beginni~tgof tin's

in w/,om

i5 - - .And Jfmp you [tlves [or


24 _

_~tre, an~ WIZ:<

25 _ _ '1Ph1ch n!fo :


46 _ IH ple11[~nt ddiv~ers , 7 _that you ntlly pr11i[e him 4 amoHgft 4s _ _ th~ fans of mm. 49 50--


E ..K. He hath now plucked the Curtain to.

A. Note.

~. Thanks

be to God, now, and ever.


A. Remember to requefl information ef fuch a \ford, tmderfiood,fomc: where. Note, the fecond Angel.

as (f.1ith the Lord) ii n~t

here to be:

Monday Cr~covi4, Aprili1 30. Mane hora 6 !.

Oratione Dominica nita , & precaduncnla pro profpero fuccetfu A. L. ( ja111 apud KeiP. mark_, queritantis~ petent~s jus fuum hereditari.urn, & aliis brc:viffimis c:jaculationibus, prG profpero fucceffit 'm hac achone tandem poft fen1l horam apparuerunt,

E. K. Now they are here : and Gabriel is all full of glory, he feem.. cth to light . ll places. a

0 the mercies of God encreafed, though his determination be all one

E. K. Now he is as he was before : and in the time of this his glorious apparition, Nalvage kneeled down, fomewhat regarding to~rds Gabr.id.

Gab Git~t

8 L

lrllt ~ldtioll ofD

Dtre hit Aflionr '11ith fpirits, &~.

-----==G~ab-.--..---::G::-:-ive ~o him th4t hat" hid b~tsk._et qten: ~tit from. him that i4 .nor rea~yt>..Jepart4 ...


~ A

E. K. There appear here, 7 other hkc Pnefis, alltn white, having long hair hanging down behind : their white garments traile after them: having many pleits in them. Me think that I have feen one of them before, and upon that creature appeareth a B upon his cloathes, an L in aoother place, an R upb:n his other ihoulder, another A upon

his other Jhoulder.


An Hill.

There is anH upon his, breaft; there is an ~upon his bead, and .~ C upon.hts .fide-on liis garment ; and an A under his waft behind; The Letters feetn to go up and down enterchangeably in places. There feemeth an V on him, alfo an N, a D. Now cometh a talbnan by, all jn white, and a great . hite thing w row led about his neck, and coming down before- like a tippct. Tb~y all in the Stone (being9 ) kneel down unto him. The tall man faid ....... Take thi.r Key, and power: afcend and fill thy tzJeffel,for the River i1 JJOt pure, and made clean. E. K. Now he is gone (that faid this) in form -of a great 1\-lillfione of fire. E. K. Now they go up a Hill, with a great Tank-ard., as ie were., of Bone tranfparem; Now he openeth one door:, he) I mean,that had the L~'rets on his back. 1. There appeareth a Partridge,but it bath one leg like a Kiie : This Partridge feemeth to fit on a green place under the gate, on~ leg is much longerthan rhe othcr~being like a Kites leg. This Partridge feemeth to halt. He bidde-th .&ne of his Company take it up. There g~eth a blidge ro the top of that Hilt, all upon arches, -and under it goeth a River. He taketh the Partridge and pulleth all his feathers, and they fJ.U into the River : He cutteth off the longer leg jufi to the length of the other. They abottt him cry, 0 jufi judgement. Now he turneth him otfover the Bridge, andhe Ayeth away, for the feathers ofhis wings were not pulled. 2. He goeth on, and cometh to another gue s and there the third roan unlocketh it, as the fecond next him. unlocked the firfr Gate ; he himfelfhaving the. Key firfi delivered him, as above is noted~ There appeareth a thing like a Kite, all white, very great, it hath a fowl great head, he feemeth to be in a verypleafant Canlen, and flyeth from plac.e to place ofit,,and beateth down the R ofe trees and other fruit trees. The Garden fcemeth. very delicate and ple1i.fant; They go all into the &trdeil ~ ~nd .he fa:ith:1 Thou art mHre Wilderndfe, thy feathers .and -carkafe are nor worthy the fpoil o.fthe Garden. Now the Kit-e fcratolleth and .gafpeth ~t thjs 1nan; btit he: tali:eth the Ktte and cotteth her carkafe in two equal parts, from the crown: ot his head, and th-roweth one,half Qver one fidfj oftlle Rtidge-; and rh~ other

half o.vcr the ~t~r fide,.andfaid, FDwles tnuft be devoured of FtlWies. Tht: 1-.cfi.f~ ~ e jujii'till .Jitvin.a, G:lapping their lr.mds oven their heads. 3 Now

tr~~e1VI~tifJnrif D

.. Dee hi.J JlElionr Dith fpitit1, '& c.

1 IJ

3 Now thenexr in order openeth another Gate (going up upon the fame Bridge frill. ) The refi of the bui1ding from the Gate inward, feemeth very round and bright - yet there appear no windows : 1n tt. It is a frame, made as though the 7 Planets moved in ie. The Moon feemeth to be New Moon. There fiandeth Armour,and this man putteth on, all white Harneffe. He feemeth to kick down the Moon, and her frame or Orb ; and.feem.o eth to make powder ofall; For there is uo m,ercy here,faith he. 4 Now another of them goeth forward to another Gate, and open.. eth the Gate, and goeth in ; there appear an infinite multirude of me~ There :6tteth aman cloathed like a Priefi, having a. great Crown on his head: hete are many preaching in this place. He goeth to that Crowned Priefi,and he takr.th away divers patches of the Vdhare which be had, and the patches feemed to be Jike Owls, and Apes, and fucb like. He faith ...... A King is a King, and d Priefl is a ftieft. He taketh from the reft their Keyes and Purfes, and giveth thetn a Staff and a Bottle in their hands. He goeth ffom them. Ht: putteth all that he took from them in a houfc befide the Gate, and. writeth on He wrote Cogno,r:cat quz;r:que 1r.1tum. t he door, cogn~fcttr, 1 1 Now the-y proceed to another Gate, and another of them opened that Gate. The Bridge cantinueth frill, afcending upward. Now there :~ppeareth (.that Gate.hein.g opened) a marvellous great Wilderndfe. There coll'lttb. a great number of n.a~d wilde men to bim) He Ihaketh that Gate with his hands, . and it fafleth in -pieces, one falleth on one fide into the Riv~r, attcl, the other falls n .the other fide into the o

........ Let botb tbe[e places, 'b,t, f71.44e one. the lafl: For 'from them thiit'h'izv~, jhiz!l be given.

ce tak,.m ,

L et the fJ.oil of the firft, b.e the comfort of izH.d. unto them that hav t not jhalt

6. E. K. 'Now he goeth, and the !aft of ~is Company openeth an.. t>ther Gate ; he is longer in opening of that Gate,th~n any of the refr. There appeareth a buihy place, and there runneth a great River on the very top of the Hill,and a great Gate fiandeth beyond the Hill,and a very rich Tower all of precious Stones, as it feem~th. Here he ~lleth his Tankard in the River, and holdeth his hands up, and xmktth fltew as he would return. He faid ...... This was my coming, and.fbould be my return. E; K. Now they appear fuddenly before the firft Gate, and there the frincipal mtJn difl.j!,eth the earth, and putteth ftones and brambles, and leaves afide. There he ta.k.eth out a-dead carkafe, and bringeth it to a fire, and frroketh it : a very lean carka(e it is ; .it feemeth .to ..he..a dead Lion ; for it hath a long t~il with a hufh at the end. He faith ...... Come let us ta~ him up, and..comfort him ; for it is in

Now the Lion feemeth to fit up and lick himfelf, and to drink of the water, and to ihake him[elf>. and to roar. The man taketh of the fegs



A true2(elation of D. Dee his AHionJ~ith jjirits,-&c.

or flags by; and firoketh the Lion as he would make his hair finooth. Now the Lion is become fair, fat, and beautiful He faith ...... Tdrry.you here, till I bring.you word again; for I mujl follow the _ ivn intu the Wilderneffi. L E. K. Now all they are gone, except the two our Stbool-mafter:t)

Gabriel and'Nalvage.
Gab.'!''" 'Ihi4 i4 the ]uJgewwtt of God this dQy.
tlntln-ftand it.

u h-e thtrt bath jtulgemeHt te

b.. ThO'U .O Lord know~ft the meafure of our judgement : Give therefore light, und~r Jianding, md the grace toufe thy gifts duely. Gab........ Liftm unto my words, for thry ar~ M Comm_!Jndnunt from ahove. Behold ([6itl)Ju) I hne tltfcendtd to virw the E.arth, where I will dwell for froen da.Jes, ttnd twicr fevtn dayri: 7lmef~re lettht1fl be J~yesof reft to yau. But t"Dery fe_vmth d11y, IYPiltvrfi you, Its NoYP Id~,

E. K. He fpeaketh as if he fpake out of a Trunck.

I Wlderfiand that thi5 refi is, chat eYery Mo11day, for three Mondays elfe next afcex: ether, we !hall await for our lelfons, as now we receive, Jtnd that w~ mllJ ill/ tb~ rrjf fol!oJP fJ'JIJ" lj[Airs of jbJdy or boujho/J. mAtters. . Gal. ...... It H [o, for one day thall b~ as a week : But tho[t d~tyes you mufl ttbflain from ttl!

things that live upon th~ Earth.

b.. You mt211 on thefe three Mar~d.a~s, rofuein~: next. Gab....... TouflJ~!l rover thH Tablt with a Hew limtttt cloth.

E. K. Pointing to the Table we fat at.

MoilwiUingly. Gab ....... M~uovn- tt HtW Candleftick,t, 'Jiith "raper burning. A. Obediently ( 0 Lord) it thall be done. Gab....... .And the Cllndleftic/v jhall be Jtt on the mid.fl of t"e T11blt bet'Wixt you two. Not~ That a day may hecomea\Veek, and a w-eek as many years. .Gab.. For I have put on my upPer g~trmrnt~ a11d have prepared to enter, uuJ it H foortlJ:

m IU)tyet. E. K. Now he bath -plucked the Cur~ain, as if he had pulled it round about the Stone ; and it feemeth full of little fparkes like Stars. . Gloria patri &jilio & fpiritui fan&lo; ficut erat in principio, & nunc, & femper,t!Jv tn fecula'feculorum.
Vide libro ......... f pro f<fquentibus.



C RAC 0 V I ENS IS 9 AB BA i I C I, An. ~ 1584.

Cracovi:r, 7 Maii, Mane, hord 6.

-~~~~~~~~~~~;~~~-Fter. prayers, .a!)pearc:d Gab.rJtl and Nalvaf!.t;, with the 'fable, and

Gilbriel wich his'O!rt iu his. hand. Moreover chere appeared the like fumitur'e of Table with a whjcc: Cloth, a CanJlcllick, and Taper on i~, wic_h a Ddk and CulhioRs ( w-hich t had eau fed to' be: m:.td'ewichred croifes~n them:)' alfo_ E. K. himfdfand l appeared in . the fame Scone. In effe&; all chtng~ as w.e had before us ,.after half a quarter of an hour~ that lbew of our furniture, and our fc:lves, difappear(d.

E.K. Gabriel fiandeth up,and fpeaketh as foliowe~b .

....... A migqtYCitJ wM bttilt on the top of a. mountaiH, itt ' thf 1Phir-h dwtlt manythu[Jtlldr. Round itbout tbt. H ill, raH it frt.fh R iv(r, which 1JIM the oHdJ c~mfor:t . of the Town : for, of it th!j Jrnlik,., 1beir Y1ives~ thiir c"i!titen, their ra1t[etva,rs) th!ir . mttid-fer'll~nts, t&tit camels., bol'{es, mules, and ttll rht bea{ts ~f their fields. The begimting of wbic" Kiver was a Spr:ihfl, which "R-'M un~ ~nown to th~ City, by 'reafo~ of the . yth from w.~en~e it -defceided. It came to 'affe; thttt a S~r-; pent groaned far lur ti,u.,.anJ lo, jhe bro~ghr forth : tt.1td - ~ ; were [ticb .as her [tt{:. ani jhe lifted 11p per head alfd le.iuwl upo;t her t'IPice writh.en taile .: ~nd b~bdd tbe Sun fld.faft!y, (for her -ntvy 'II'M t01J'a.rd tha~ City). and lli4 [aiJ wJthjn /Jurfe!f ; . MJ children fire. ytt ytnmg, t.he tmte grew,and th,eyhteame big:. ttit.d.fhe went- unt9. tb.~. S~rihg,. and [111ile4 'ttitd fa.id .with a _ laugh ;ng voia, Tbt Earth is fallen iuto thai thou art chok.,ld : but ft(ttrk,.en unto my vozce, Thou (halt _ receive comfort 1 BNt .fhe W9uld not. And .fhe liftetJ up her ~oice and roared ; fo r ]he WM fu~l of craft and tltceit And jhe faitJ r:mt4 the jhiw.gle1; .tbTough the 11'bich the .flpring dut5 (or rather [Jerh) 7'~u art full of mptinrf , nd rJoid plaCII . Ll't my childrt~ {'t~trefore) biJ.e themfe/ves witbill thee fo_ a. fea[?ii : e r .,e~ thq rure L 'fJ11tmttd f .lhd jht d~a.rttd willaHg/y, Jtd faith within btr . [elf : 'N.w ,I k..ltO'W I jh~tll be Lad] Df tr. City. . And after a few year;, tbt young SerptlitJ b(CtH1U,gre4t ; . fo ; that ~he o1u httlf of thrit' bodies Jwelt 11irhin'r!M Shi,lglu,tiH reft trouh!ed tht .palfagt ,f tlk Gpri~tg: Sa that th( Spring gttJahe..: ; f9r, the iltjury that Wdl done ag'ain.ff h!r, w:w f..r~~t..-. Agreat miftry,forthe Hi{l .i~becpm,r:ltf[tJl4ttwith(nd thet#dter, a!ta .tht City lln4 the',bea(fs perifh f r. ~ant o.f drink_.; 'for the ptaple,gr.ottn, and dre fttd of forrow. . .. ThidOty and Serpmts~.at-e '6<1 nliw,_an4 jwlgerltdt muj f be lud, bet#iil(t the Shingles and th~ Spring. fo.r btrween litth the life tind d~itth of the City. , . . . 'Ih, faith the . ~or:d NJtto tbee .[pointing to "E; K.]. GiYd up .thy {elf, ~tnd fit down, Ctntfidrl'
J~th parts,

t1H4' giVe pJdgtt1fr11t :for t.hJ tHOiltb !hAll thw daJ be tbt judgem~nt tJf tbe E. K. Do you mean me.?


t},f a"lt

f M plazn. . Cottfrd-tr fTi~ ~in,;,tllt.,.lft&.t/Pt} uf lh~. Spri. g, tbttt it mujf co~~ tliat waye.s : n ttHd r~condly; the hea.lth of the Ci'.J.

E. K~ As the Lot:d hath put the Authority of Judgement into my ~ands, fo I befe.ech hiIQ r~. ~v.e. me wifdOm a~1d underfiandiog to judge nghtt And becaufe theJudgetrtent he-reof is committed to me, I fuf~ petrfom~ other ttiyftety to lie hidden Inthis my ;udgemcnt required: But if it lhall pleafe.God that my:friend here, Mafier Dee. ihall grv~. me bis advife, l.ball think .my felf well.fatisficd. . ... ~ ~nji~er -with .JOUr fe.lf C [ttit~ t4e Lord j ttnd 'p,iv~judgtmtttt agtti1iff tbt Shhif)n; for

E. K.. My judgement is that the Shingles and Serpent lhouid be re~ movedaway by an Earthquake,.from. the place which they encumber . ~nd let,;t~at ' there ma-y be a ~ ne~. place', and courfe for that spriog; to the relief o(tha_t c . ty as .pe~ore. lt was.
. ... Bi


A true'l(_elation ofD ..Dee hit Aflions Ditb fpirits:~ &c

. Be it [oar thou h11,{l faitl, f~r it. is a jufl judgenmtt. Now bear~n, wkat the Lord faith; The people ttH(i City of the Hill,,.H the w }rfd, wh'irli sre from time to time by the merCJ ~tnd. [frmg of Gods 'f!'i[d ;m, relin:ed . ~umched : 11rcording ro the extremtfJ and neceffity of thlir thirjfing : But tbt people a11d Clt) re [~h tts 4re of the 1'ti11plt nd Chttrcb of God, which drinlt Bf hi-r mercy to their comfort. The [:anuls aitd other b~ajfr_ art 'the peopl~ of the Eertb, which delight ~11jin, and in their o_w~t intttgi't"tion, wbicb .a1[1 are rdirod with thofe tbat are of tbe City : b,_t the 4zverfi'ties ef their bodus'J d~tb c11u[e tht diverfity of tbt ends of tluir comfsrt. The Hill :wherein tbe Spri11g W., Jigni/ieth hts Prophets, and fuch .:.rSare drunken in the Lord: . Tbr~ ugb whom, mwardly t?e mn-cies ttJtd ~ifl.of God'and of the Hit,hejt 11re open from time to time, gccordilcg t, the fecret will and d~termtnauon ~f fucb M are withi tbt- CitJ of bis E/e(J.. But the frailties aJtd ajfdfzms of therr fiefh .tmd otJt'IJI:rrd mlln, are tl>eir fond imaginations a;:d lo.o[e Shingles wherein the Serpent, the old_ Devil, ba.tb h,zrbour.edb~r -r.hi[. . . J.ren the [piritr vf darJt~effe ltHd J. ceit, which alwayn refitf the Wtll of God, and are put bet.,ee/1 e the merc~sof God att.d hit p~ople_. Mofes; Daniel, ECdras, al l the rejf of the Prophets : Chrijt hirtwelve, Paul the <.fil'renger of God, thry Jiti all hurt tbt CO'IIJ!.Tei,ation of rbe Faithful in t~ir ftejh, until tbty g~tVe[rHten'e again}fthem[dves (M thou htijt done) with amhrdment of life-: for who id WH'tby t, /tHow tlufecrets o f o tr God,but be that deltghtetb ill rigbreou[,uif", ii "bediettr,. ful~ of faith, and the [pirit of rmd~rfl,mding l Re it therefore unro rbu 4f thou.baJf [aid. L et the ~hingles ~tnd. Serpents be fep.uateti, that tlie Fount6.in may feu/. llf before. .All the tujb that th~~~ h6.jt of the wiclted, burn it.

E. K. I do not know, they are wicked .

.. Their doings with thee, are the hindrance of the Will of God> and therefore.they
are wicked. '

...... Thou hn{t giflen judgement ~tgainjl' thy [elf : T k..-e heed thou o!feHtl Not th.J,OW" joui. A . Send dqwJ:t.thy Spirit 0 L'Ord, and illuminate E, K. hiii heart wit4 perceivii1,g wrong opinion, ('re.

c,f hii

E. K. lfMofes and. Daniel were skilful in the Arts of the Egyptian

. Magicians, and were not thereby hind red for being the fervants of God,. Why may not I deal with t}lefe, without hindrance to the Will of Cod?
~. Dark...nrff.(y~f!J.ul unto -light: tbe Grta.ter exclt~dttl the leffn. The m;re a man ,\lfo1"etb JPicJtedmffe, the more he jh~tll httte it, being called: bck._. The more they I<_Hew the jhatiow, fo 1~ucb aHore tiny "delighted in the' body: . For the d11i)tgs of the Egyptians, fee m, and ttre not f Tb~ . Joings of the Lord are, and 'continue; fortH the Pttinte'i' imttateth the geftures of m~tn ;,. hiifll ~ult.J, fo doth the Droil the [ubjlaHces and things created and ma'de b) God. Stll!ld vp 111td look, into t~'fllblle ~rld, ilftl her y outh, llHd middle flge, for tbry arl' pttfo. Where are the monuments that Sat all bath builded l

E. K . .Hath Satan buiided any monuments?

...... Y.es :. H Jt.th he not b!4ilded him tt f.ort T1t tbe whole E.arth l H Atb he no~ the viliDr:J O"Ver the .Saints l Dwelltth he not in the Temple ~f the Higheft l Triumpbeth be 1tot i~t tht Cities of the whole_W orld l . I r ~s ....... 13td withlu.t comfort, are his villories : without plta[ure hil dwelli1zg pl~tces. For bz ltnoweth hil time 'is 11~ hand, He that uow giveth fr eedotw, jhall become kound; And . unto who the w!nle World iJ M a G11rden,jhall there be no one foo t left. Therefore are all his. pletr[ures vanity : alibis Triumphs[moak.., and his Authority, nothi1rg indeed, but a meer jhadow: For th~t thllt il Hot, ctinnct be; where, tt il [aid of the Lord~ it jh~ll not be. Neither can tn,1th, ligh~ or .wifdom> afcend frotu the Earth, but defcend from the Heavens. Compare the Earth, ( into the_which the Devil it thruft 111 into ,hi! dwelling) with the H etztlt1f! . which art provided f or t~ holy. Confider the pain o( th~ one, and the p/ea[ure of theothet : fl,e feiSt of Gods Jujfice, and Fo.untiZin of hil Merr.y: The Cave of Dark.Jt.tffe, and the Diadnt 4 Light. A~td then rry, wo, wo, w unto fucb ar erre; and who[e lives are but jhadO.ws.: Frrr: tbe~ .,, f~lictt] i4 {ucb, tH from whence i.: C llme; and 'their rtriard is all one, with tlu [pirit and prim:e f Dark,.1u lfe. Compare fond /tn_wledge, with true wi(dom, Thy fpirits of lying ~itb us, that -are the.v?i~e o of truth : 7'he v antfJ thac thty.lead thee. m to, 11.nd the reward of our me ffage : And fay JPttb111 thy f.e_!f, peccavi. _ Wilt thou be per[waded by. exper-ience l Confider thy imprifonme nts, thy .4fiiC/io1t andjhame of b~dy. Confider the love of a. few, and envy of multitude. Weif,h wit/, a j thy [elf the vanity of thylife:, 7hy rajh foot -jleps, A ll that bappned unto thee, b tht [o,iety, .anJ. (M thou thin/z.e_jt ) comfort ; bMt i'ndeed the flinging prick,_s of thy enemiu ...... Since, we came into thee, ([ent from tlie Lord, andctrlling thu, to God )'tboubaft.brlll klivaed fr o them~ ftomJZ. place- full of fornictttion, llttd the. 1PY.Iltb . of God.:. e"alted to tN m skirts of worldly houour; and hajf hun fatjsfitd fo r the neceffities ~r this World. H o{y .U tM mone,y that iJ gottm righteovfly ; but ~tccut[ed 11re the t'l.lili tb~t llTf rtapta '11itb,-;r@t 411

His life ocd.

.A tru!: Relation of Dr. Dee his AElifJnJ Dith fPirits, &c.


,All which tl,iHgs tbou hafr b) us in bleffednrffe, and in the ftn~'TPltdg_e of the will of God, ~bovc all men. Br{ides ourcontiniur[ pre[mce with thre, t iJ thaomfort of thy Soul. Even tbefe things ar~ of us 1u 1d of our G 1 d. Which [ware unto Abrabam, ami d"TPeLletb in the Temple of righuoufnej[e. N o"TP: thrnfore let rxperience be a ]14dge betwixt ur and them. But, this f tryetb the L ord. I deal with JOU M a Chdde _ But tbe veffds tkat I m11jl ufe , muft 6-e Pure velfcls. : pure and clean. t:.. Cleanfe chou us, ( 0 Lord) CIJr 1111mdum Crea in nobis;Crett. Gab...... They that are incredulous believe n~t the1 Lord, but tlrive 4WIIJ his [pirit: But here . a grain is ,it bt:cometh tH a mountain. The Lord is 11pon the ~ttrtb : T lli./ b1ed tbou fwup rby lntrr.lhlli. houfe clean, for unto bim tbat is na/ted, ]hall there be Cloathes gJVen: But he that is covereiJ. ttl~ ready, .fha!L be made bar~. , 1 co11fider wirb t/,y [elf: for the Lord [peaft~tb not on&e more, t-tll t.Jou haft fulfilled tb) o-wn judgtmmt.

E. K. I will be contented to bury them in the field, and not to ufe Hi o"n them , C'r come at them : and that I will fwear upon the Bible to per- !~~~~~!' form : and if they be earthly, I wiU commit them to the earth: and fo led, feparate thofe ihingles from the place near the fpring: and in this manner fulfill my own judgement: For, I will nat be obftinate , but commit

11!! things to the end.

Be:anfe thou art content to bury them; and withal!, upon faith in the promifes of GoJ, to ab. jure ~hem in fimpli~ity of l>eart, ~Hd extt.rnal ufe .....fi~pl), llf a true meaning brfOf'e the face f t.t,e higheil: 1he Lord ;IUctptPth zt, and zt .fhall be fifficunt. . . Fur:her, th1u h~tlf 27. CJnfirmatisns ~f fin, and confent wtth t~e Devt!, which your intention calltth Characters, whereby thof~ [even and twmty, (lifte unto the:r rnother) are become fami- Charalb:n. fiar a11J p!t,cfant with thu, th.cy mutt be brought before the L~rd : ~ne/, .offtred into b3s hands. For fo long as they are, the wtckcd alwayes vex thee : For the Ob!Igatton burnt, the condition is void. The[e mut1- bl' buritd with the rejf.
...... But mufl be brought, and burnt here before the prefence of God: Tbat,the cau[e diminijlmL, tne effel:t ma_y ptrijh.

[E. K. Which refi ?J

-~. K. l will be contented to bury them likewife , befeeching the

Almighty to accept of my intent herein, as of the refi before fpecified .


... .. . He if conteHtn l; b11t let one be burnt. Yo11 ma.J [Hjfa one to tellifi~ the difcredit of the It if but accordh'g to tbe gro~tnds .of chy own Magick.

E. K. I do not underfiand your meaning herein.

Gab ...... RadiM p4rti4, may beficut totiU& {orporif.

E. K. I underfiand not that, alfo.

Gab....... U'Ytagzcft work._eth effett iH thmgs ab{mt , tbd it doth in their parts, being trefent. The wic/ted /till the body ~tb[mt, but the garmmt pre(mt : [o are all of one confederacie, di[- f:l.l clauht t,racrd by the confujioH of one. Thou art contented to bury them all, upon the 'onfidence, and that l mJf. Jure hope of tbr promi{ts of the God of lighr, nd to !>ring one tH a c.nfirmation of thy prQmife t1 te- hhard.fomJlifte thy obedience a~ concerning the whole: which one burnt and abjured, may be a teftimmy ~~\unat to the AJtgels, that thou art obedient for God his fake, and for his tcftimony ;md truth. Bwt and abj~ar~cl. thi# JOU .fhal/ burn with Brin~(i9Ht onely. Whofe ajhts ]hall be k,_ept IH a te{limony , till the r-eft be obwcncc. alfo confumed. This you foal! do the next Monday at the rifirlg of the Sun. That the numberof the time may be of one bigneifc. For, bef~re Aug11ft jha/l thofe Keyes be delivered unto you= which give entrance:, yea, even inco the privy Chambers of wifdoru, whereof you ~all have If. the next Monday. And this dftys allion is not the tuft amongfi them. GlorJ be tQ ... cnce. God , and obedience unto man.

E. K. The Curtain is drawn.

t.. We are dc:firous to know w hecher. thus,th. i daycs aa:ion {hall be 6nillied: and whether i we !hall fafl:.lHll as was prefcribed. Gab ... ... lJetrali not from the day, th,rt, which is c~manded. A. We are very defirous tO und~rfiand of rh prefent eiate of the Lord Jtlbert LIH/tie : for as much as we were willed eo go wich him, a(ld he linked to us in Come par four aaions:

To underfiand of his Hate, would be eo ourlreat comfoct. t o Gab...... It needetb n,t, fo r the wJrld btr elf is at band. A. V'erilyJl ull.ledhrd not thlt fp::cac:h:ls c: coming back again ?WhatJ We are commanded



--------'ft> ufe


trt~e~lation of D

.. Dee hii Aflionr Dith jpirits, &c.

ektiOw: Jlnll f'lifrlier then ortr C~wtmRndment is ~rrour. He is in his band that knoweth how

--- -- - - - - - -


E. K. I fee ;~ man climing over a Hedge , and as he clammercth i>\ter the flakes break , and he falleth down. N'ow he is going np between two Trees into a Medow-ward. Now he hath both the boughs .in his hand, fianding fiill on the ground. Now he goeth lower, there i$ a.gap, and through that he is gone into the Mfdow ..... fo it ir if LM/;Je ..... faid a voyce.
A. This is d2rk : it t'noy pleafe you to give fOJ))e light.

'Thi# if 'ntOYe thm ~nout,/, for the matter.

t:.. Glorh, hms& hdnor Deo Nofi:ro & femp1r. Amen

Cuf~ t~

s k._ theft thigs ~ere, 'fl'btre tt il [aid, no izpure thing jh?U!d mttr. Omri1potenti}Patri,6li() & fpiritui Santeo, nunc

A. Note, at this prefenr \\'as one come, and in the houfe (of whom we tmderftood not till fie was gone:) whom the Lord A. L<Hk,ie had fent to cercifie u s, that firll he was in fome cnmber aod hindrance. Secondly, how Fabil/6 (his brother in Law ) and another had given l11m counfel, very rafhly to proceed: B11t leaving that. Thirdly, by the gap and open way ~ith etlate of the Commons.., or Citizens, by their great Zeal , and favour that he obt4tined hi-; purpofe. This (in dfeEl:) we nndedlood at the Melfager his return after noon. Which marvellous exaetly did an[wer to the fom1er {hew. Remember that on Saturdt~y after noon, the Chancdour came to Cracow , wtth 6o Coaches in his Company and train: he bringing in a clofe Coach (covered wirh red) rhe Lord Siswd S.Boro.sk,_ir Prifoner, whom he took on Friday night before, at his fi(ters houfe, being fq>arated from hu Souldiers and fervants, &c.

Sarurday, 14 Maii, M11ne borA 6 Fere.


accepta: And as conceming one of th~ 27. CharaCter s he had left'it with me, ever tim:c the latl aiHou, to be burnt at this dayes aB:ion, and it lay ready by me.

Or~tticn.tm Dominica* fv.diniUf, &c. Mitre lucem tuam & verit~tttm, 0 Deur,&c. ll . .E. K- Said, he had d ontt chat wirh the t.ralh fpecificd, as he thought would be

bk to the Lord

E. K. Our infirucrours appeared at the very firfi looking of E. K. iLlto the flKw-ftone.
t>.. \V ill you t hat llhall now execute this burning of the Character here all a facrifice (to the highdl:) of our hnmilicr and obedience? Gab.... Not M a f.zrr ift;e, bl t M a vdlory. t.. Shall I thm do it, I pray you ? As with the confcnt of my yoke-fellow, imd fo all one .to be taken as bis aCtion . ...... He thar doth right eofly rffeHth up a facrific~. N at ..... lt iJ trrte} r.httt ht tbat H obedient, and d~tb 1nl!, i1 accepted with the LQrJ.

E. K. J did take facrifice to be onely with bloud.

'Gab . ... 7his is

facrifice, btt~tnf~ it is done righttoufly.

E. K. You faid, Not, as a facrifice, but as a vicrory.

Gab ...... He that ovrrcomftb bis enemJ rejoycttb '"' f~r frientl,(hip faJv, but for vi!JorJ. T't frimdfoip toward God is obediene. He tbat obtpfh God, is 1t frim J unto himfdf. CoJ tteed~tb not tbe lfJvr, or frit~td}hip of man. Therrfore yo11 rejo with God, who ot~ertbrew them; yce tznd therclJ comforted. For be tb11t dwelletb in the L~rd is comforteJ.

tcm ~.r,e fee

6. Ht no

=i~~~O:~ ;;
praye:,endt fo1aetl0t\ of

"fh9u o;nu{t thy mouth, and fayeft before thr Lord. 7he fpirit of God hath defcmded. A , G!oria Parri, & c. And he bath entred into judgement with me, ~"d I am cndemned. .But wher~ Ju~ice d:welleth; tl.welltth a~ro mtrc.J. For, HI) Idolatry is forg9tten before the Lord.

E. K. Have yoo oolnmitted Idolatry?

E~ K. 1coo. jcBurc.iij

. E. K. He fpeaketh in your behalf Mafter l\.ellj. 1 ill therefrtre ~pen_ 1 ,outh,{aJing, I hll'V_e trred. . 1 will opm 'n1J mo.uth 11l{o,awd co'JI- f~ffe-my fins : And, 1 Wtll V()w unt o che Lord ae amfi the WICked. And I will fay l,mto the lord. Lo, ~ere are the fp ils of the MoudJ bla[phrry. Behold, 0 )'OM Angels,a bla{pbtmy, 1md lli6111[i the J.igiJejf. btb(,ld, tl;n~:zck,.t dt. e.Ift of .Afetndam,


dtrut 'l(elatiocofDr ..Dr.-e his AHians with fpiritJ, &c-


Bear witnfjf with mr; for I f:J.rve f~lji!hd his Commudement. Bear wi.tneffe witb me, tbat I . .....fl111 in return nor, and rr.>j?ycc; for ft~cb are the [poyfr.s of the wick_(d, .. ...... & fiGab . .Art tbot~ contented to ronfent hereunto? :.::~::

E. K. 'iVhat I have dJne ~rith the reft, God, and they (if they be of :::::~[,d God) know: upon the forefaid conditions I am com:enrcd to have this .....d~ CharaCter to be burnt. Let it be burnt. . ... zerl~
A. I burnt it immediately, with the flame of brimilone, and broughr the burnt black coal or cinder thereof to the Table, and laid it on a paper. Now 0 Lord,ddrk_>~rJJe is ccnfounded, let thy ligbt ./hinr in us, and thy trvth prevaile.. Gab. It i> welt. t.. Blerfed be rhe name of the higbeft : whofe mercies are infinite~ Ob, a Cweet and comfortable fentence.

E K. Now Nalva,~e turneth round, as he was want.

Gab, Move not,for the place is holy.

E. K. Now Nalvage putteth down his rod to the Table,he maketh a crolfe upon the Tabie reverently.
Na1. Allcbings goforwards,Let : g F 0 R WAR Da.lfo. Gat;>. Move not, for the place h ho!J.

In the


u nor. 1.

E. K. Nalvage prayeth.
Nal. Not B .tiCK WARD, as you were wont to do> but F 0 R WAR D.

E. K. Now he maketh three reverent Curfies,.as he was wont to. do, before the Table ..

Sa pah.
Sa peb.

'E~ K. Now he is on the top of the ZI MII


Zf n:ii.

Du ~v.


E. K. He maketh curfy.
No as. Ta. qu 4 nis.

0 D .. no

. ... redi

.... dcd..

.. .ione

as ote'h Ad roch.
CIZ osg


}/fl. onts,


Pir ip [ot~ Td.blior. Ca[arm. .Amip zi








E. K.

12. o

A true 'l{ elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions YPith jjirits, &.
E. K. Now he maketh curfy round about to all p:ufl) of the Table7 he kneeleth down.
Z 1 Z OP
Zod lida.

;t ila Word

and a


E. K. He fbeweth it not in the Table yet.

Nal. NolP I fee the lPQrd of five Lettn.s together,fotlQWing .fetter by let.t er.

Stay tqere.

z litlll,

Z ;J-lirla.


.or gi.

He maketh now Curfy.



E. K. He feemeth to read as Hehrew is read.

Z IZ0 P Zia:op. Z CH IS Zod chis Nal. lt is better than the ~ther ,[mean that Zod~chis being of tJ1te fignificAtim witbZiuJ r1ar
Zod-chis is better to be ufed.

E fi~tcb.







E. K. Now he maketh curfy again.

7hila, OM syit4hh.

Now he ma







$Q ba.

f ]Miiz {o cxpoundtd.


K.ifta. Chis t~t.







Q_C OC A 58


f!2.s 6cash . (a.


Ni is.


Darbs-on~ Syllab(.




ar zi.

K. E. Curfy. E. K. He bath drawn the Curt~n.

lt i s not to be fun wbllt h( doth .
A. . ... .. ... of 4

minutes of time the Curtain was drawn,

E. K. He is now otherwife appareiJed, all the oudide of his Gown is

white Furre, on his head is an attire of furre, wreathed or wrapped as the Turks ufe; his head is now like a mans head, with fhort hair. OD Od.

Bli 6 r a
l a ial.

Cor, l,


Etl ntts.
Ci c!u.


BJ gle.
ie in as i eH tlr illd- as i11de G e j11d

That is one Ca11 .
.... ... b ....... .M ove not, for the place is boll.J.


; I.





s d~ u.

es diu




E. K. Curfy, and he kilfeth the Table.

pilz m.

E. K The Curtain is now plucked again, for three mi:1utes c\t four. Now the Curtain is opened again. Now is he changed. NQw he is His tpparcl.


12. 2.

A true 'J?... elation of Dr. Dee his Aflions "rPith Jpirits, &c.
all in bbck farcenet, very plentifuU of fiuffe, girded to him, and with the caller high to the midfi: of his face.

Sob am. tl

Put out the lnft p.:/gin.

11rgnrt on.


E. K. \Vhy did you give us them?

N al. ........ If if ftanJ.






Mill p.trg.

.4r c Is gi.




C~ DS gi.


Od chlf.
Ant tith.







-.;. t11.


B ri t11.


A .t;rue ~elati()n of D. Dce his Aflion-s with (piritJ, &c.

The Curtain drawn again. Now it is opened. He is altered in apparel ; one half under the girdle is red,and above the girdle white.
Z a &am.


G-ni catzo.


Sob ha ath.


Lu i a he.


1hat is t/,e {tcond.





IS 11l man.

AA 0

0 ecri mi.

Ao .
I A L pir gtth

. E. K. The Curtam drawn agaift, and fo rema.ind about 6 minute!. E. K . Being weary of fitting, I would gladly have leave to walk a Jirtle. His Apparel all one as it was.
Na1. ... ... Tou may; but to fit, il

m~rc obedient:

E . K . wal ked awhile,

E K. Now, when it pleafe you.

t~jt.Agg11rin{. mindt. That God which created you and us, make us to have conftant mindes in aU vertttous purpofes. Gab. . ..... I {wt~tr : Movt 1Ut ; for tht p!t~ct is ho!J.

Gab. ...... I ful


Q1.1 I IN

!!l!!.i i If


}llf ,,,.


1 ffOAS


A true 'I{elatioN o[Dr. Dee his Aflions -Mth [pirits~ &c.

NI Ni.

E. K. He prayeth.




Chir !IUI.



Zo n11c.

Lon tl6h.

The Curtain is drawn again : and after 6 minutes open. Now he is all in a blew 1ong vefiure, with a long train ; and bath a

little Coronet of Silver on his head.

0 OM I A M
Od mi 11m, er Ol NHI.w.

CbM t11J.

ooE s

0 tks.



0 thil rit.


Or:l mi 1nn.






A true Relation of Dr. Dee his .dBiQnJ Ditb (pirits, &c.


1 2)



0 mi ea of z,()d.

p APN 0 R

A A lom.

Ba g!c.

Curiie.he maked1.

L 0 N SH I



BIGLIA Nal .... ... Thu i1 at an end.

V Ge gi.

Bigli ad.

~:;;.. Bldfed be he that is the beginning and ending of all things.

E. K. The Curtain is pluckt. Now it is open, and he is all in green, with a Garland on his he~d.
Bttz me !o


1 tit

0 .';;.


Na u vJ.bh;

G or V RAN
V rfm.

V GE t1

V geg,
D[abr~tmg. [


g notaJ dg'. ]

B.d t~


E. K. The Curtain is drawn, for a whik.



.A true~ e/ati/Jn of D. Dee his AElions ~ithJpirits, & c.

Now is in -a Robe like a Marble colour fpotted, white, gray, and


So 1ft mi


Fire Cilrhc fuddenly out of tlt~ Stoncj thllt made E. K. ftarr. TR lA N

ih ln.

E . K. Now he kneeleth.

Ta lol cis or fls.


E. .K. He ietteth hi3 foot on a letter, pointing to it. fire on E. K. again.

He purwh Hs
fcer on :~1 1

He throweth


rh de leu ers,


Dfpa. ox.


or 1(4 off.O

Ds chit.
Oai pu r11n.

Te lo 11h.
C1t cNrg.


0 i fl ttJIUt. Loll cho,




NI I S 0

Ni ~ fo.
B4 gle.

G o b6n.

WI I S 0

Nit fi.

A,true.Rel4tion- of D. Dee his AE/iQns 'JaJith (piritr, &c.

~o. He cafteth fire on E. K..


Ba gle.



Si a i Otl.

6ft ,


E. K. He makcth a curGe, he fayeth Maln,a again.

JADOIASMOMAR p 01 LP l ad o i

mo mar.

Poilp,'o~:u [yll4ble.

N 11 S

Ni if, {mall folllld Qf i. Zam ran.

E. K. The Curtain is drawn, white, and reddi.lh. , more red then white :Now it is away, and all opeh again :Now all his Gown is yellow and yellow furrc in it; and on his head, aHoode of yellow like Velvet, &c. E. K. Why change you your Apparel thus: E. K. He fpeaketh very fpeedily to Gabriel, but I cannot perceive


A 0


K a.

Ca of go.

!LI. ... S .



0 D.
Cor ji,.

A bra mig.
This is the end of that.

E. K. Now he pulleth the Curtain : Now it openeth again. His Apparel is now changed again of an Alhy and brown colour, in fafhion as before.
Gap. ..... Who is to be compared to our God l



ea o li.


Pur gel.




yal I A L por.



Ds hrin.

.. FA FE

E fA fit ft
V on ;h1.

F oris A lhu.s F A F


0 l.




(J}J 2.11I{~







a a.
y',e U11.








IJ '

E. K. Now he rurneth roundabout.

A lflr.
Lilt tlll.

Hemakethacudie. So doili

S os OLN



Ch.il 1#,{ 'I
Cno q~ tli.

'6 ClAL

Si i.


V Hfll.

Al tl111.


Cfl. of

L ollor. Gnay.



E. K. He plucketh the Curtain,and quicklyopeneth it, . And fayeth: ~ Thts word u the ~5 word .. You mufr 11j ter E fa [6. fe, put" P. baCkward.

L K. My

E. K. My thinkcth that I hear a rumbling, or clatteringof Pewter in the fione. E. K. After he had fpokc:n , he lhut the Curtain again : Now the Curtain is opened again.

CH liS





Dril pi.



Parm Zum ;;i .

Cni la.
Daz id.




E tham 2-od.

.A chil da



M irJt. Mire.



P l D I AJ
1 i tli a z.



A true"l{_eltttiot~ ufDr. Dee his Aflions ieh [pirits, &c.

Colla!. Vl ci nin. A [o b~tm.
V cim.


'Ba g!e.


C i ir



Ni i





0 .. AF E


A eo


I Cort



V nig .8/i QT,

E. K. Now the Curtain is drawn.

A voyce.


mJ of th~tt.

This is the fifth of this day.

E. K~ N0w is the Curtain open. clear, whitilh, and blewiih.

C 0 R

All his Cloaths are ..... ry , very

(i;o rax o.

A. X







@Atrue ~tlati.onofD. Dee hit AE!ions l'ith fpiritJ, &c



....u .... A L
A Z I ........ R

Lu cal.

Pa tb.

V I R. Q

Li !, 1tQn.

Vir q.


Cl pb~tn.



Bet'1fWI Chis ttnJ;Virq,y~u muft put i Op a 1PITl.

B.a ct{r.

MA ........

a fi.

Ba g!r .
Cll of gi.

........S Gl


J r.


as t ig.

Do fig.


Bas gim. OJ. Ox ex.


Dn. zr
Sal brox.

....I AT RI S


Cynx ir.
Fa b1 an. VnUchiJ.





~ 4 $ Jg~






0 [.


V ob im.


Giz:. J Od.



i 6rr.

c 0 c........

s ...



M ...... I DS




La rttt


Jrdn Coc11sb.

Thh word muft co111t ntxt after Om droln.

E l.

L pa tralx. Yol (i .
Ma torb.

E. K. Now he pulleth the Curtain.

t.. This Om droln is before four word~t. The Curtain is apen away. HG is in hii Haming apparell.

N 0 M IG

big. No mig.


M a non.r.
0 lo ra.


An g~ lnrJ.
0 hi o.
0 hi:! ,



0 hi o.
0 hi1f'".

0 hi o.


t ~3 -------------------------------------~~----------~~0 HI 0 Ohio,
N0 I B
No ib,

A tru~ Rtlation of D . Dee his AaionJ TPith {pz'rits, &c.

0 HI 0

0 hi.

C A 0 G 0 N
:8 A G L E

M A D R. I D

Ma JriJ.




K Chi [o.

D R. 1 L P A
N 1 t S0

Dril p.
Ni i fo


N I D .A L I
..... . A voice.
"f!Jet~JJ 6f thtlf CIf.

Ni d li

This is the fin h.

The Curtain is drawn. He appeareth now 411 in violet Silk like a Cloke, and on his head a bundd wreathed of the fame.
O:~t l



R1/ Jo. Od.





Cor~ .



Zil J1




Yd zir.

Ca"' U 6:~t;


N llSO


Ni l[1.



dtrue1(elatimoj D~Dee hi1 Afliont ~ilh fpiritr,&c.

Sal m~tn.



T~ lteh.

~t Jlr .






s. b~.

S 0 BA

IGA N 115 A

Ni f [tt.

JP r~tmg. g, n~t ~ dg.




. ~ ..

OM-t~lh is ~~raU'Il.

The ~nd of this

... . . .. Thu

E. K. Now is the Curtain pull'd away: and quickly pull'd again. Now it is open again. He is apparellcd, of colour between a blew, and a red mingled; bLR: blew feemeth to be the ground. From the lhouldcr on the arms, is a trunk of fcven pendant Jabels, with laces. On his head a very broad Hat, between dun and black colour. His apparel is very long.
N 0 N CI

w tht ~

No" ci,


BA bff gt.





H14bi.; "






D RI}{

A true 'l{el4tion of D. Dee his .AFlions 'P#ith (piritJ, &c.

DR i X Drix.






E naJ. Ovof. So bil. Do


0 0 0 Al N

oa in.


I vo1tpb. Sobtt.
V fA llb~




Nan b11.
Zix lay.


'Do& fib, Od brint.


He 1naketh Curfie.
li ....
TA ST . .
y L .

Hu ba ro, 'I4! tax,


Do a /im:.

..... ... . .

Eo lit

Ors ba.


Ds chii;


Mic ,;4,






A true 'I{elation of D. Dee his Aflions Dithjjirits, &c.

Lot~jhi to%.



J umbd.
Luf d11n. Emod.


Tli oh.


1u Tils.


Tlutt iJ th( 'tmlfth.

M11J. d lo darp,

..... ..
.... ..


Di tt(pert

............... ..... ......... ..... .... .... ..... .

.. .ICL E


0 do
~a .



u thl: eighth




Ds briH.

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~0 116.


sO BA-

@_Atrue 'l{elatitJnofDr:. D~e his Aflions rith fpirits, &c



INn po vnpb.
~~ dolf.


Od. To a tar.

E. K. The Curtain is pluck't to.

A Toyce. 'Ihlll.t il the thirtunth.

E. K. Now it is open again. E. K. He is now as if he: had a pall, or Robe of Cold with a firange c~p of Gold on his head.

... . . . ....


<.JWi ea Gl
Ol pirt Till, I a! purg. B liort. Vs OJ-. Buf dir.
0 i ad. 0


1 A LP R G




ea of go.


Ca far mg.
La i ad.





Ca faf~tm,


I umd.


.A q lo. A do hi.



13 8

d trMe'R.!Iation of D. Dee hi1 Jlffions Dith fpiritJ, &c.






Curtain is now pluckt to.

A voice ...... <fbat u all. Bleffed be the Creator of all, who hatb mercy oH all.

E. K. NClw he is here, apparelkd as he was wont to appear.

:Jromifc of

N a\. ...... ThM, h11th the L ord k,.ept proJttife with you : ~tnd will not forget the leaft part of God cenfirmccl his whole promife with you. Keep you theref.re promi[e with the Lo) d; for, he H j tlllow, ~HOt

ceived rhe


To be re.

Monday next

to do? Nal .,.. . <fhe Ent.lifh "'Pill have tt day bJ it {elf. Nal, ...... The [ .o..J Thicd Monday tll CDme,you jha/l h1tve them all. So that,yM bllv_t btJt tbret dayes to lllh,ur .o.. You fpeak of the next Monday, and the third; and fpeak nothing of the fecond M,,_ day : and you faid, that the Englilh will have a day by it felf: And you fay we have blk three d~yes to labour, &c. Nal. ,.; ... What I have [aid, u [o. Go al[o, ant/, refre_fh JOUr {dver,

~- Will it pleafe yOM to deliver us the Eno-lilh of thefe 14 now, a~ yow. were: wOO eo

be defiled.

Procud as J0111Wifl Jo.

The next M~ndttyy?u Jhttll have, IH many.

[E. K. The Curtain is drawn.]

A voice....... Stay there. A voice... Give God thanl<.s, and mak._e ttH tnd.

E. K. Prayed the 145. and 146. Pfalm kneeling re~erently ; and I likewife in heart confenting thereto, attentively lifining. Note ..... E. K. is very well perfwaded of thefe Actions now, thanked be the Highefi, who is Almighty.
.o.. Laudate Dominum de Czli!', laudate eum in excelfis : laudate eum omn~ Angeli ejus, faudate eum omnes virtntes ejus. Q!!ia ipfe dixit, & faeta funt nobis. Non fecit calitcc omni nationi. Soli Deo noilro, laus omnis,Viaoria, Triumphus,& Jubilacio,

Monday Cracovi.t Maii,


1564. Mane, hora 5

Aliio Tertia, Lu1tttrif,

E. K. There appeareth neither Vail, nor any thing elfe in the Stone.
.o.. At length appeared one, but none of them : he is jolly and green, with a long ( like green Velvet) Robe: his hair long, like yellow Gold: nothing on his head but his hair. He fiandeth as though he fl:ood in a cloud, above the ufual pa vimenr in rhe air. re . .. ... Lo the Sunjhineth, attd nteH frar 110 rain, the clouds llTe di[per[ed, and they look., 11ot for 6. tempeft: But wbeH it rilineth mightily, or the heavens frowt~, then I<Jep they their ho11[u, {11ying oHt to anot~r, Whttt unreafonable Tempejf is this ? what l{ail-ftones ~re the[e! GcoJ. Lord~ who ever [aw fuch windes ? were there wer /ucS, windes t _ So fha/1 it be of tile power 1Jf GoJ~ A. which holdttb iu hit hands the winJe r and [cattereth cloudes abroad with hit feet : For of hi. , comntg,.fhall it be [aid amo1zgftyou, My Spiric hach vexed me, 1md I am troubled: Why haft tho God Is not brought ht thhtgs, greater thtttt. th) [elf? or whtre Jhall thil power dwell that overjhado'19tth me} tied t(} time. k per- Wantmgyou jha!l de fire, ( as yrJII do. ) a11d bei~lg filled you ~all thin you have roo much. iormance Flt]h can mver be tbrough/y mortzfied but wzth dtttth. Thmk., not, thttt the Lord H at thl' Sllll, . mcan~tlt that k_eepeth hit continual watch through tb~ heavens; which becrr.ufe be if made f or a timr, is alfo dwell in~ with tied tO rime. him.fi fe, 2.rc He that fittetb and judgith, k;,eepeth no cour[ ; but a continual performance of his loncr-~ e ma~f:~~~ful fore p rovidence : F(IT he that u[eth him orherwife, .fhall bt rej elltd : becau{e his [ 6. J dw::t!itrt,J f:ay are not i11 the nt~mfiom of tb~f4ithful. Lif~ up Jour (llrs ~berefor~ ; for thl/5 fa itb t;,~ higbe J et. Jllh,.

A true~elatioll of D... Dee his Af1ions ll1ith {pirits, &c.

Wb~ mad~ f!be btoil~mts, nf [pre-A.d r~wt-lil(e 11. glfrfiwtt l Who breathed into 1fta11, th.~ fpirit of U11'tltr{lttHdiitf, l Who 1111trthre tlu p~ud wor(rl. with ware,rs -~ Who {'>niled 1tt thl ruin of Phar-aoh? Who rO<JtNl the lfick.fJ rmt of the,r fe.ttt's .> ant.l made rhem beconte viruytt.Tds for my p~o:. pie: yea rlu lfijf-'l~ck,pi~4tim l ltPbo threw dowx tbe T orrers of Babj/011, rr, d. tbe great ~~tr lot l Wilo drtelt upo~t t~ E11rth, tt nd be-cltm~ f{'tfh; to pa.J f1Jr J OllY 1Pir.k_ednd/r l Who t untbled t~ .fto1te .jf'OHtl tbe w,tl, th4t t~ S,up lfttght drt1tk.., ~ E vtH IJe it j;; ,tl)ltt gflve ali tb~fe their ti,ies. H, it il, tbat u .11 t~b le to mal~! JO unr.ierjta1td; M tbofe, that ca(i into the waren , a1zd {aid, Let U ns draw up our filh., : YPbith alway~ dealeth with che weakc:tl: To tbr intent he might prove iim(rl{ the 1fr01tged.

[E. K. He fpeaketh a great deal of fpeech as to himfelf) which I perceive not. J


...... Even he it is, thatwill makt: you llron~ and wife, I f he ftndyou witb gqrmmrs. J'<flt He it ilt th~Jt faith tint6 you, Wa.ve'r not,; Be Jfedft~ft; far th~ fair/Jfu/llre 1uv.r. 147fle- op11s r;Ji.


[E. K. He ptitteth his right hand out of tbe Stone, b?ing grafped together. Now he openeth his hand, and it i s written in ; and it is fo far from me, that I cannot read it : vet he feemeth to be nearer to me, very much more than his hand. The writing feemeth to be like the leaf of a Book. Thus it was wricten.
t)t to my fDretellillg . TroJ1blel. Suddm [orro~ if a r ba1rd, r (11/ thr t~rth. L&Jskie, if he fervt m~, i'hall be King of foland. !f he [er'lle anc.. t. tier, bit h"'INtJ.flutll f"ll out; lte{ort him "'ith poi[on. Poifon.

No, hK S.i, k lmoft ~uilt-.

. . H ltvt


E. K. Now he clafped his hand together , and flayed the

t.. Whonl is Lask,.ie tO ferve ( 0 Lord ) btit t~ee? to keep thy Vtw$ , Sca.tl,l.tes ~nd Commindentents ? not to derend upon ally creantre. . . '1be King 4HJ ehlflfCelor have fold the ptQp/e of this L~tHd, 411d 4Yt [TI~rn Tur ...s. R.~- Turks. ,,..,, lftf h(ln\t to La5kO (. Laikie) ft)t; d tbou do. thoM foa!t offeU me . a, to fqt f_mprrour; N ot to us~ for I will comfort twt witb fA-vour. Let hint ndt rttutn theHU; ti1l he be warned 6.) me. A. L . t.. You n\un, from che Eruperow1 Court ? AJ z,~ah A. 1 bef~h you~ by wlutt tokert, !hall he reeeive your w~rning? rtm tud14mj . Be thou his right hand, to his bddy, <trtd his mottth to me. I will l;>e rnerciftil unto by ltim, and hold up his head. Ltave off, till the fevemh hour of tl;e daJ ; ibtl# fOlll'tth ~~~ .,~~~~~. JI{Jion. A. Mean you the (e\'enth bour; 2s frotii rtrldnigl1t iai\ ? o.. That begihm:th at noon, if you make btit t: hours in ~he day ; or a c J 1 if you reckon commoh hours. The [e_vtHth fro* the H ori{oH : F. UH, tb.tt rutt caH


E. 1C He himfclf runneth away.

All Glory and Prtife be td Ood



Et~Jem du bmi, bortt 7 ( inr.ho~tnte ) i~e mtridit.

Hor,. plil1t,mtri4

E. K. After . quarter of an hour ( almofi) appeared our Infiru.:: a &>rs, as of . . e time.

A. Gloria puri ~ filis & Spirlhil Sinlto, fitut crat in pritH~ipio & nunc & in fempl-


Gab....... <..Mfve, vt; ,evt not, fr>r tbt piu~ ii /Jol).



Re patieut a !it tit ~hi!~~

E. K. Nalvage prayeth all the while. . E. K. Gabriel rifet~ out of his Chair agairi, and warneth as b~fore (thrice) that we fuould not move, for the f)lace is ho1y. Nalvage maketh a crolfe toward the 4 quarters of the vVorld, with his rod, as he was wont. Nat. ...... Tle~re #.rt 30 C:r.!ls }tt to cntt. . fho[r 30 Jtre the Ctt!fs of Ni . f-.rinces flllJ it fpiritUJt.l GwernouTI, "nl ll'b!)nf tb~ Earth is delivered .11 ~portion. Tb.efe bring in and again
difi Kings and all cbc Govemtaenti upon che Earth;


au T.i4rJ tl;( N <~turts t;f tiJings

with OlJi:cq


A true~elatioN o[Dr, D(e hit .dflions with fpirits, &c. ------------------------------ V nto wbom, the prcvidcnce of the eternal Judgement, js r.J~. . . P r;ne<s tiu vart4ticn Qf evrry momrnt;


of the .Air, or not rejeCted, but dignified; tmd th fJ dwell a11d have their habitation in tbe a;r divrrfly , and i-. . Spirits digni {undry place.s : for their mtrnfions 11re not alik.!, neither are their powers e1ual. Vndtr;f~ltfl

~nr,eh. art 11 /fo g6veNtul by the 7 whichJf4tnd before t~ e _p re~ence of God. Let him. t~at r11n [re l~o~ coJ An~els up : AM let him thllt can here, attendS for thts tS wtfdom. They are all fpmts of th<l Aar;

u r.cg. r~ady -opened.

1hefe are generally governed by che twelve Angles of the


Trtlts: which

mmc of tbc
6rc to the eau h. Note. Fot a time.

~;~the de~ thert(or<, thllt from the _ fireht; thfe e~~t~~ tchere are 3Lo pla~-e~ orb a~i~ngs :. one above and bc:neadi another: w~rem t e1e a ore;ar-a reahtres ~;ave flutr a oa...., 1 or 11 ttmt.
. -. Pt tota terra difiribura fub 12. Principibns Angelis, .12.' Tribuum Ifrael : quorum 12 a\iqui plures, aliqui pauciore.s ~artes habenc fub fuo regtmme ex 9l partibus tn quas tota terra hie demonitramr dfe dtvtfa. Apccalypfi johannis Tdlimonium? de 1 2 Atldis 12 Trib~um) Cap. 2r. Qgando di-.idebac Altiffimus gences, quando ~e~ara~t fiho-s ~~am, conflicuit terminos populorum, juxta numerum tihorum Ifrad : Hoc tgltllr hinc egregte patere. They bnr no name.

- - --- --

or eh

{E. K. What is without a name?]

tbti.T being. Vwd"/1tnrJ tbe.,. . 11re [P to be "ltP'tlittated, 0 tlmt tot Twentieth air, 0 thou fixtmttb Air, &c. . . . fometime, (yea all togethrr) two or three oft~ t!fe govern, by times, -whirh are the " Kings N11to thife t t , bt [}'D"rn of) 11nd bur~ rule togttbn-, aud 6t one time ill tie di'Dijilms . In .the 6r(l Air, tbt ninth, elewnth, flttd feventh .A11gel of th~ Tribes, burr r>e nrl gw~r-11. Vnto the ninth, 7000. ud 200. and 9 minijfcring Angels flrt fubje(J, Vnto the tftvtlftb 2.000, ;eo, 6o. v.ro the [tvtnth scoo, 3co, 6o, 2 N al. ..... :Count the number ....... A. The whole [urn of this Gov~:rnment amcuJJteth to 14931. Nal. ...... It i1 right. 2. 1'be fecond il divided into 3 parts, the .Angrl ()f the {o11Tth Tr:ibe hath tb~ /irfl; The ~Jtt,tl f the [econd, the fecond; 'Ihe Angtl of the- fec~d tht thirti. 1he fourth htb tl;t{e mAny 300c, eco, 30, 6. T he /irfi fec ond. of the [ecolld 2000. .o. 6o . 2. 'Ihe laji 1f t/Je [wmJ . oo, 90 o, 6o, 2 . .AdJe the{e together. A. They are .. .... 6 660. 3 T he third. Tbe firj f, The ,;,th, '!ht {econd, tbe {ttmrth, 'the third t~ teltth. n,. ninth ...... +400, The frvcnth or the {tCQnd ...... )66o. 7be tmth or tbe tbmJ ... , .. 9236. NaL . ..... Number them ...... A. They are.in aH ...... 17296. 4 Nal ....... The fourth bath alfohil th;u parts. The .Anj.el of the tentb Tribe h~h te firft The tenth bath alfo th [ecMd. ne twelfth hiltb the third,

. a.

.. ..... 7'heir order(J pl11cr: But w tiJ,y have, in u[pe8 thn-ef~e, bJ the firfi, fecond, third fo~ thirtieth .A~r.

E. K. He prayeth.
1be firjl: tmtb ...... 2 360, SeconJ. tenth .. .. ;ooo. 7'wrlfth or the third ..... , 6300. Numhtr the fourth al[o. - - - - They au .... ,. I I 660. id alfo thruford. 1 ht firjt of the 1'rilts have tht /irft .. mth h11th tbe Jecond. The el~vmth b11tb the tbird. 7he firft h11tb smder him 8630, 'lht. Jt1.10ith or fwmd .... 23~. The tlevrntb, The third- 5ooo, ~oo, tJPo. Numb" the,.

A. They are-16738.

E. K. He prayeth reverently.
Be pAtient for._ while. Theft govern in tht fixth. t:>. . If I undc:dbmd you right, thtfe. 6. 'Iht[e gov"" in the fixtb pi ace ( hieh is t o L ome) 1 he .Awgel of the fifth tribe, luzth th~ firjf pert. (fo' thtrt are........... ) 1 be L1.11gell of tht t-welf th bath the fecond. 1/n .At~gel of tiN 6ft.h bath the third p11rt. 'The Angel! of the firjf, tbat is to [11y, of the 6rfi fifth, h~tb fubjrOs, ;ooo; 6 c 0,'2(), of the feconJ or lwelf th, 900, 2c 0,. of the th1rd p14ce IZnd fecond fifth 7000, 200,20. 1ht fif th g~verns in this ordrr twice, therefore it is termed, the fecond.fifth.. Numl:er it. A. They arc-20040 7 1be {evmr1J bath alf~ rbru placts. Thefourthhatb tbe firft. Tbt third h11th tbt fec~ nd. 'Iht thtJenth h11th tb~ thirti. T~ foz,:rth and t~e firft plare-- tcoo,3oo. 6o, 3 The third A11gdl 61ftl fo colfd placl, 7 0 00, 7 00, 6. 1he tlt'tltnth Ant,ell the tbira p!ac.r, 60oo, 300, 20. Numhn- it. ll., 1 hey arc: 2038 9. fo, ..... . it is the.feventh. S. 1 he eight AJre, . ha th ~lfo thTtt Jllrts. 'I hr .Angel of th1 fif th h11th the /irft. 1J,t An[.d of tbt fir f. bath tht [e,ond.1he .Angel of the ith h1Zth the third. '1 he fif th .Ar.gt/ #nd fi..rJf place ;ooo, 3c.o,6o,2. S he /irft .Angel 11nd fec~nd plir~ 7cco, 2co,3o,6. '1/;e ni11th Angel 1 d tbt tbmJ m p14rt, 2C0,300, ::.~. Numltr it.


They are-I3900. T . The 11 h 1tb is a!fo ofthru plares. _.bt tbiril_Angel h~ttb the fr/f place.. The unth A~tgd b.'t th 9 the [econd. The ninth Angel h~th the thzrd, the thzrd Angel kath m tl:e fir{f p!ace 9 '}00,900)90, 6. 'the tenth Ang~l and tb~.foa~~tdplac..e 3coo,6oo,zo. The nmth Angd a11d tktbird plfl..Ce, 4 oool 200, 30. Nmn[er rbem . .A. They are-t7846. . 10 , T&e tenth hatb places alf~ tbr~e. The elevtnth Angel! occupleth th~ firft. Tb~ f~venth An.f.el occu~ieth the [econd. 16e nith A-,gel occupirth t~ third. T~e e/evmth .Angtl and fir/t bath 8ooo, 8oo38o. The [evmth Angel in tbe fee and, l coo,zoo, 30. 'the njntb in tbe third, Iooo;(':loo 10, 7 Number tbe.rn.

They are-11727

Nalvage prayeth.
Oabriel. ...... Tllk..t heedyou. wove not. 11 The d~veeth, u thrte Ifs before. The firft is oc~iul by the tmtb. The ferond by tbe fixth; The third by the tltlird. In the firft place. 3000, 4oo, 70, z. In th: Jeccml p!aa, 7000, zoo, 30, 6. In the t'bir~ place, sooo, zoo, 30, 4. Number them .. _ - Tb~y are 15942. z. The twelfth bath alfo his dtvifions. Vhrte fir{l places il of tht fixth. Second pltce of the 1 rigbtb. Third ofthefecod. Tb~firf/ltatl12.ooo, 6oo, so, 8. Th~ [econd, 7ooo, 70';),7o, 2. The third 3000, 300 90) 1. Number it. - They are 138n. I 3 1he thirtwrth bath thtee. ne tenth id in the fir/f. Th6 firjl u in the fecond. The fevtJtth il in the third. Th~ firft hth 8ooo, 100, Io, 1. The fecQnd 3000, 300, 6o. The fevmti Ange( in the tbird 4000, zoo, 1o, 3 Number it. ~. They are 15684. 1 4. "[he fouruenth bath thr~lftld pltc-e (IJ tbt rtft. 1_h.e fift ~ngd o<e~fie~h tbe fir(f, The feveHtb occupieth the fecond, The tw~lfrh 6Ccupieth the thm.l. The fir{l whzch zs tbe fifth Angel, 200o, 6oo, 70, 3 The jeco,ti.lw.lh ~000, zoo, 30, 6. The twelfth 8oo, zoo, 30. Numbe.r it. A. They are-201 39 Nal. Hilve- patiece.

E. K. Now he fiandeth on the top of the Tahle.

Nark., tliligmt!y.



llnf-w"e- b to tbe ~"gel! of tW 11intb, .,.,I.i"cl' is of tbt PrJ, ?bicb occrtpieth the /ir!f place of the t firft~;re. lt is the nau of thllt p~trt of tbt tarth wfllCIJ is governed by the Angel of che ninch Tribe, and thofe that are under him in the firft divijim. Tht firft AJre. Mtr~. Jiligently.

Mi,~{ters, m the [econJ plac Mar~

Pax com/?.

.An[,;-ere.th the eleventh Ante!, tmd is tb~t part of the Earth which is governed bj bim and his

f tht firft Ayrt.

It an[wertth to the[evmth Angel firft Ayre.
M~tr~ .dilitent ly.

V 11l gars.


t~ bi' Mmifters, S56z, which Are the /.$J p~trt Qf th~


Do ~g His.

It - the firfl p~rt of tbr f(conl, the firft pttrt oj the earth , which is governeJ in the firjl is sf the fecrmd, as itjhalL ~ftw 1-ppear, und~r the f~11rth Angel. M4rk,. diligently. Pa. c~[na.
Nore tnd un
der!h.nd this well, bow one


f~cond Ayre, BY THE ANGEL of the fecond Tribe, with his Minifters. 1362.

lt.u the name of that part of the world' on earthJ th11t is go't.lmw.l in-tae fecond part of the pa~t /o..,cr





A true 'I\ elation of Dr. Dee his AflionJ'RJith_ !jiritJJ &c.

D .. AL .. VA
Di a li v tt.

'the third of the fecoHd : whsfe g~vernour is the ...nom of tbt Tribt . The Third Ayre in the fiJifl: place.

S amatha bath over it of the Tribe the ninth. The [cc011d of the third is.


Ki. Vi rachi.

Vnder tbt feveNth of the Tribe. The Third place of tht Third Ayre.


An dJs pi.

It is governd hy the Tenth of the Tribe.

'ne fourth Ayre , Tht firjl



Tb1 tanf.

His Governour is tiJe Tenth of the Tri~e, wb~fe Min#Iert 11r~ 2360.
The [ewtJ f the [o11rtb.

It is goverHed by the tenth of the Tribe.


Poth nir.

It is govfrtted hy the Twelfth of the Tribe.

The fifth Ayre, The firft part.


Ltz dix i.
Which is governed by the firft of tbeTribe. The focond part of the fifth.


No ctimal. Which is go11eYHeJ by the feventh of tbe tribe.

The 1hird of the Fifth.

Which is tovenml by the e/evmth of the Tribe , who[e Min ifttrs Are 58oz.

lJe plltienr 4'11hile.

Tbe fi:t tb. Gab....... Move.not ...... :Mofc:'s was to fec:k in thefefecritS0 N al. ...... T he firji of the fix th whofe Govrrnour it the fifth of tbe Trib~.

1'be [ec1nd r,f the j~-Xth, who Governour it the twdfth f tbt Tribe. fe

The third of the fixth, which is govmtuJ bJ the fifthoftbe '.tribe.

Whofe Minifien are 71lo as before.

"Ihe firft of the feveltth is governed bJ t~t f ourth Tribe.


K. E. Ever tbe Table turneth to the letter under.

The fuond of the [eve_ th, whofe the thirJ of n

Tbe third of

The firft of the eigiJth, who Govtrnour il the fifth, &c. 1Pho MinifttTIIWt 4362. [e. fe

Tbefcond of the eighth, bJ thefirft of tbt Trib-e; wbo Minifters 7236. fe


Th11 third of the eighth PR.ISTAQ

b the 1iinth of the Trih~, ad under him 2302. y

"rhe ninth : the fir.ft, govmttd by thethirdJ 'Rihofe Minifters, 9996.

The feeo11d, of t he nintli

Move not for tbe Lord il gre.tt amongjf yo11.

n, lll{f f rlu ni~eth


PJ t~ 1Untb of tht Trib~


d true~lation of D .. Dee his .Aflions ~ith fpirits, &c.

The firft of the tenth

by the elnmth of tht 'trtbe.

1'/u [econt of tie te11tb
1he third

Lex llrph.


by the {tlltllti.

f the tenti
Wbt{e Milli..fters Ire r6t7.

hJ the lltlftb.
'[.,hi to,.

H ~tve ptttimce.

"lhe firft f the eleventh,

MWftert 3+71.-


fecou got~mtea by tht fixth Mixifters 7236.
V[n1ar &11.


7le third


1o no


'l'be fir~ 'f the t'IPelfrb, go bJ tht fo<rb.


'Ihe feconJ of tie tJPelft'
Vhe tiird of the t'/Pelftb

1'tt p..


by the eighth A~~gel.

Gt do

iy the r~o1Jl.


"1be firft of the tbirtetnth

ltliHifter1 Sn 1 .
The fecond LAPARIN

t.verntt:l by the tmth.

Ge c on/.

by the firft of the 'tribes.

L P rin.
'h] tbe {eventh of the tfl1elve. Do ce p~tx.

The l~tft of the thirtemft DOCEPAX Is Italia.

1'he firft of thr fourteeth TEDOAN D


fifth of the 1ribu.

7'edo ana.
'fhere li1~ttM lld

Tbid is England ~tnd Scotland too, calletl ancinttly by the nttme of Britania, Hlltn tbat k,lWIPeth rlu truth af tbe.Britilh Originals.

The Britijh Originals,

"Fhe fetona of the'+'


A~tue 'I{elation of Dr.


Dee his AC!ions "With ffiirits:~ &c.

lli vi p1s.


by the twafth,


0 o 11. namb.

E. K. Ndw he prayeth. E. K. Now Gabriel fiandeth up.

Gal?.. 'lhe Lord prtloneth y oHr fafting,

a~td ttcceptetb the inw~trJ 1111111 ~ lab~ur lfo u 111DT

1 OU jha/f biZVt th: reft. A.. May I be bold tb ask you one qudl:ion? Gab, ..... You mtty. A, Is the ~een of England, alive, or dead ~ She liveth. I am nothint near the ettrth.

, K. The Curtain is drawn.

We prayed joyntly fome prayers.

A.. Upon my motion, for the Lord Al. La[. how to deal wilh the Chancel our , the Curt~in was drawn open, And he in the green, who appeared to day, came imo the fione, and faid as followeth. Thus fayeth the Lor d : J o body to bod.J, but let mindeJ 'e [eparate, f or he wde[pi[ed in the Chd tne yn fight f God, and is d elivered over to de.firnttion, which ~oth tarry, till it: _find~ hi~ ready, .. n'i'~clollr Ifrad decei-ved Egypt, and [aw Egypt overthrown. Let htm do what he will mth hUll, but Craco~~r, let him not joyn his minde with him. A. We are defirous to know your name. Mapfams undc:r My name u called Die iltis. ~. Jefns declared his name, and fo have Gabric1. I a"' ont under G abr iel , and other good Creatures before unto t!Je name of Jefus I k..now and us. honour. Map. My name h Mapfama.A. h, die illis, the Etymology thfreof?



How mu.ch it importeth for U! to unded1:and the bell cdttnfel that is to be given to A . L. yoa know, &c. Map . I am commanded, and I h11ve done my comnwtdmmt, But {u, that thou, and he ful;. fill thofe things that re commanded. you by me. A. You fa id I thould be his mouth to you: How fhall I execute that, I pray you ~ Map . ..... Not to me, but to God. A. By pr;tyer mean you ? Map. .... Yea, and by pre[ence. A. By ptefence, with whom? The Empe., Map ..... Thou !halt go from hence with him to the Emperour : God will fii r up farther rour.~ mattet, by t hy prefence there. A. Shall all our Leffous be finifhed, and fufficient p ower delivered unto us according to the promife of God ? ...... JDtl jhall be able t o prtttlice by Sunday. A. By which Suriday? . . .. . But the praCtices that ttre the in.firuaions of tb e High eft, are not but in lawful caufe~ and for neceffiry, to glorifie G od ; and againft Pharaoh, A . What lh~ll, then, be the hability of my skill to praaice, bc:fore Sunday next Gne~ Map .... ... 'I h~(e Calls touch all the parrs o f the W orld. The W o-rld may be dettlt ithttll, Viiible ..,tih her parts ; Theref ore y ou may do lt11J thmg. T1.7efe Cllll! ll rt the k,.eyes ~tto the G6tes and Apparition, Ci tirJ of ~ifdo~~t. W hich [ Gates ] are not able to be opened, but wich vifible apparition. N oce. [ r:, , And how lhall that be come unto? O? ferve per . Map~ ..... . Whicb is llC~ording to the former infir uttions : . and to be httd, by calliug of evt:ry ~~~~:~ he Table, Yo u called fo r wifdom, God h.rth opened unto yort, h~u Judgement : H e hat.h Jelivcted by Sund~y 11n t oyou the k.e yes, that J OU may enter ; But b e humble. Enter not of prefumpuon, but of nc)(.t pr~aire. ~ ermiffi on, Go not in ralhly ; int be brought in willingly : For, many have afc ended, but beinr; calld j e'IP ba1.Je entred. By Ssmd~ty y ou jhall have t ll tbings that are rleceJT~try to be t all:lit ; then ( M ~i~~n pra~ cc a-

A true 'l{_elatio~ of Dr. Uee his. Afli011r Ditb /pirits, .a e.

Hcafionferwlh) ;;;;may pnfl1ic~ ttt all timfr. But you beint, called by Gotl. ,IZ1tti.J10


pv.rpo[l. h' C 11' b G d t:.. How fball we underfiand t ts a mg 'Y o ~ Map . r G o~ Jfopp~tb my nmnh, I wi~l anf"'!'er thee no mou. . . . A. MjfericordLa Det fit fuper nos)ventas eJu; fulgeat & floreat m cord1bus noftns .

t:.. E. K. read this prayer devoutly, .and l joyniu~ my mind to his pronunciation thereof kneeled by. Domine Je[u Chrifte, Deiu falut~r,ium noftr~rum. ~~~j M .nonsm fit ben8dil1um hod.ie- ~ quotidie: .l hs ~,n~cr t 11i .tfcenditft [uper Ccelum etZ!t, 6-d deiiCtrttm Dez p~ttru: denuo tmtNir ad ;udtcand11111 ;, ~~~ n\llriV,.\"t<~ ~Nbivu1 , cum potentte m~tgna; & Ma}'.fillte mirabili,.educ nos vinlJos .i1r ItJeccatu in fortitudine p ,\(..., . . )I . . . , _. .


writ!~O ! h<: ~~ of May follow-

.: acc,; 1 !hv;~ld h .I V-e be<n

t 11)

)tljtifi::nttOJtJI tu.e : ut d.talbemur_per remzffionmr ptccatorum [upr:r nzvem; adeo t be~UplcztWM fit ri'bi b:1birare in nobil) & nos tH te. Amen. A. Ex Pfalcerio poft 67 Pfalmum.



Tue[day Cracovi::t,<.ft!aii 21. 1 S84. ix W!.it[on~week.., M~tne circa 7. . . After our fitting, and Come prayer ufed, appeared a very little Creature, on the Cui'tuon, by the Stone: faying, Put out .J ,ur C11ndle; for yo.u fhall-have notl.)ing to do; to day. t:. . vVhat is your mme that we m;ly a;ledge your meifage for our c:xcufc : feeing we wc:rc bid yefierduy to labour eo day.

E. K. He is gone.
A. A:f,er that abotlt half an hour, there appeared our Infiru8:ors, as before time. Gab ....... M'lve, , ove, mwe not) for th~ pLace is holy.

E. K. Gabriel ftandeth up, and after a while faid

., .. 1he beaven> ttre called righteolll, bec11u[e of their obedience. The earth ttccur[ed, be~ canre Qf her frowardnetfe. T'bore th<re.fore, that J' '\.hellvenlv tbinf!.s, ought to be obedient ; leli. reel. O!>eJ;ence, J' 1' :J 'J~ wirb their frowardnefe, they be confumed in the end, burnt to a!hes with fire, "' tbe Earti Jhnll be for b(r UHY1f.hteoufnrffe. Tberef.;re, be you obdient, and full o.f Rumili!J; ufing the inftruwtent of righteouf~e.D'e, (which is faith) ThAt you may be pertll~ers of rh~: cel1{tial comforts; whi'h are the hire of[ucb as for[t~h,e their frowardnefs. It bath bwt [aid unto Jou, . Mea[ure not out Gods building. It bath been [aid Ultto )'9U, . , . Continue to tbt end. It bath bem alfo told you, ... "'htn the Determinations of God are not a~ yet efiablifhed upon you. ,. Vid R Fsr i t H- writrm, It may:, again be *undetermined I [peak., th'u for your iitftruClitm ~ For cap~ :~F_ 1e' ma11y have th~ power ofGod, but not unco.righrcoufndfe: tWJII eviJent Jtm~ngJl tile Jews in revw~ta Jmr- the chorce of their l(inj,; . In the veq honf~ of God, amongft thofe that entred into the holy place. "!n~t-~ne D~i I' or, a~l thllt t/,e PropJgts al!noynteJ. were not good. N1t, that thtJ wne evil in the time of their j q?rv.:t't~e- anointmg, btit befaT:fe /.{eir In-unui~n, lltld the dignity of their offire WM defild in them in the md~ ~'~ [,,; -~:~;~~: rbrough t!:e)r ow:1 frowardneife. The H igh-prufts lll[o were cho_(m in r ighteou[neJ{c , and {;y th~ .Rt,: .m Cif?. 'I.. [pirit rf God: bJ,t they became Rtbels in the h~lJ bou[e: and [11ch of who111 it K [aid> Altiffimus 3 ur -<:: nftm; r aUtdli fuic fcandalum ill is. I.v en {o my brethren ma) it be with you. Domir.ots f.rA. Jefus defend u :; from that inconvenience. ~:wJ fJ;.gs, &r. For altbough, it hat h pleafed G.?d , to jhfW kmfelf unto you, yet are you not njhamed to [~ty : If 1 the h:zr:vejt cometh nJr ;n, at the lime appointed, I will become a runnagate. But Eut,e ( my ~rethren) H ath the Lord nnd o( ?ou i' I t Heedeth not be told, you ; you 'Jt...no'lll p 0 [ wbl[? the c~n trNry. 'Ihot it followeth,y01ihave nwi of God. Rut for what ? llnd why l That your fo uls. may overcome this 1Yorld, overcome the body, to tb~ dif,nity of an Angel. And becau[e Jou ttr:e 'Mi[erttble, 11nd turlfed out t o the field, full of brambles am/. mi[ery, lMne, nak__ed, and unarmeJ, to /igbt againjt him, that refi}tetb againjt the might of G~d. Confider tht[~ lajt 1 wo: and .then anfwer J ourfelves, for the reft. Cave. 1 gzve')ou a foort warning. God will f ulfil his promifes: .And (a) he hatb faid) by this Au~ P1omi,, C~i gu(l, youjha!l und(rjfand. conji, lr.an!Jir. x. How to ~now and. ufe God his Creatures, good and bad. Note the re- 2. But when, and (ot what, ts the e ift of the Higbe/r, ~tnd jhall bt fulfilled in you ( If J~ti 1Pill cond lnftrufti- be obedient ) wbm it plea.feth him: even with a found from his own mouth, fayiug, "Vmite & on er Glft of audite. the High~Cl _ For the] e A [/ions 11re twof~!d .- c~nfider it, ifyou can : and they are the greateft, becaufe they ihe Act'a;' are tlg t ajf, and contain all thac hiuh been done befvre them. Whirh if pu Cfmjider well, and t c grc:acc: to wbat y ou nre railed ; ]OU foal! prrceive, that the Judg~mmts of God, are not a Tenn~bal!. M.1 ve not from Thllf much I thouf!.bt to warn yo.u my brethren. Have a little fllf ience fo r th~ Aai~n. pla.c. He th11t /firretltfrom his plact:,_fhallfind the reYPard of it. t:.. After

@_Atrue '}(elation of Dr., D~.~ htr Affions ith (pirits, &c.

~. Afcer half an hour ?


The twelftb bath the thirJ.

Gab . ......


mt, Movt notp Move n?t,

..... Tbt fifteenth . "Ihru parts. The nintb hnthth( firfi-, 1he tenth bath the feco)u[. 1he trnlfth t'e third:

17. .... The fevmtnHtb,

The fecond bath the fir ff, The fir(f bath the fecond, The ninth bAth tht third.
18 ...... T/u eighteenth if of three.

1hP16 hntb 3 parts. The [w mrl bnth the firft, Th( third bath the f~ond,


~the fi fth, the feventh,

the twelfth.

E. K. He threw like dufi out of the Stone toward my eyes.

19 ....... The nintuHth k alfo thutfold. 1 .... ,. The twelfth. 2 ...... 'fhetighth. 3 ....... Tht eleveHtb.
20 2 ... .....

third. 3 ........ [evmth,

1 ........


7 ht twmtirtb is alfo thre/fold.

I , .......


The one and twentieth, i1 alfo thrufoU.. twdfth. z ......... eir.hth. 3 . ,.... fil( th.

E: K. There ftandeth one, at one of my eares, and at another) an- A tempting illud ing fpi ric other, howling like Dogs ; and faid, Ah you beggars! come in ph,c.
Gab...... He will deceive yoH, tak_.t heed left you move.

E. K. He feemeth to be telling money behinde me.

A. Look not back in any cafe. The Himh of the jiftunth h~tth untler him [ of tbe I 2. 1ooo. 300. 6o. 7 6 ~~ <).. Sup. 'fhe tenth o( the fir}f [~:] hath UHder l OGO. 300, 6o. 7, c~.J of' the 12. . of this fir~} The twelfth of[~.] the fi~tr 1ooo. 8oo. 8o. 6. , L The fir(f 1j the feconJ [ bath Hnda bim 9000. 900. 20, ~nd he i1 the fecoftd 0; ( tr.n: Ternary. tYrelue. The fecond of the {ec"nd, which i1 the third of the I 2. 90::>0, 2 oo, 30. The third of the third, whicb i1 the twelf th Jf the twelfth, bath u;rder him 7ooo, 200, 40. 'Jhe firjf of the third (the f~cond of the 12) bath Tl11dtr him 7000, 6oo, 10 , 3 The [econd of the third, 1Phir:h is the fir{t of the I 1. 700o, 1 oo, 30. 2. The third of the thirJ, whid1 i4 tbe Jtinth of the I 2. bath with him, or u'H.der him, 2~oo, 6oo, 30, 4 18. The firft of tbe f ourth, J!Phich wthe fifth of thr I 2. 2000, 300, .fO, 6 1 he fecond, which i1 the frventh of tbe n. under him;ooo, t5oo, So, 9 '!he third of the fourth, which u the twlfth of the I 2. under him 90oo, 200, 70, 6. 1'be firft ~f the fifth, which i1 the twelfth of the I 1. under him, 6ooo, 200, 30, 6 . '!he fecond which i1 the eighth of the 1 2 . rmder him, 6ooo, 7oo, 3 0 , 2. 'Ibc third of the fi fth : which wthe elevmth of the 1 2 , under htm, 2000, 300, 8o, 8, Tht fir(t of the fi;xth, which i1 the fifth of the I 2. under him 3000, 6oo, 2c, 6, The .fecond o.f the fixth ..... the third of the 1 2 . 70oJ, 6oo, 20, 9 The third, wbtch if the fevmtb of the I 2. under him 3000, 6oo, 30, 4 21 . The firj f of the f evmth, which Y the twelf th of the I 2. under him. 5000, 500, 3q, 6. J. he fecond of the [eventb, which i1 the eighth of tbe 12. under him )Ooo, 6oo, 30, 5 Tbe lajf of the [tvmth, whicb i4 the fixth of the 12. under him )Ooo , 6oo, 50, 8.



N umber every Ayre.

tlnve patim~e for a. while.


A.- The x). ,____ The

16. -

The IJ The 18
Tht: 19 The 20 Jrhe 21

46 20 283 9 0 17 ; 89 19311 1 53~6 ~--. - 14889 ------ 1 6 ~29

- - i s the twelfth of the twe/vt. is tbe firft of the twelfth. 3w the t welfth of the twelve.
2 --


The firfl of the [econd.

'Ibt firft of the f1 urth [eventh hat thrrt parts.

2 ---.... tbt [eventh of the twe.'v e. I - the {eventh of the t1rdw.

3 ~ rbe eighth of the twd~e.

Jtrfle7(.,elationof D. Dee hiJ Aflions '~Pith jpirits, &e.

7he rhird. I - - t be foNrth of 2 . - tlu tenth. 3 ----- the twelfth of the twelve. 2). Tb~ fo11Yfh. 1 - - the fourth. ~ the fecond. 3----th( twelfth of tlJe tlPelvc. T he fif tb. 1 ---the twelfth. 2 - the eighth. 3 - - - twelfth of the-t19dve.



Tbe fixth.


- t h e fecond. - tiJe fourtb, 3.___ the fifth,

1 ___.. 2 -


the tenth~ the ninth of the twelve. thd fixth .

%. ' The fir ff of the /irft, wbioh iJ the twdftb of the twelv, zmJer him ~coo. zoo. 3-0. 1 . The fecond of the fir:Jt, uHder him 2000. 300. 20 . 6. 7 }:e third of thr. firji, which iJ the elwenth of tmder him zooo. 300. 6o. 7

. . TJJe fir{t of the fecond, which 7000. 3 00, 20, 'Tbc: fecond under him 7 000. 200. 6o. 2. ?"In third of the fer.ond, wbich iJ the fecond 6f the u. under him. 7000.

300. 30.

Tbe /irft of the third, whrch iJ the fourth of the twelve,under him 8oco. 200. 1 he f econd o tbe third;whicb ;, the tent h of the twelve, u1ztler him 8ooo. 300. 6o. f The third of rhe third, wbicb iJ tbe elevmtb of the twelve,unda him ~ooo.20o . 30.6.

The firft of the fourth, which u the f~urth of tbe twelve, under him sooo. 6ooo. 30. 2, Tbe fecond of the fourth, wbicb it the fecond of the twelve, 6ooo. 300.30. 3 The third of the fourth, which wth~ twelfth of the twelve, under him 6ooo. 200. 50. 6.
z6 ThG firft gf the fifth, the whi'h il the twelfth of the 9000, zoo~ 30, 2. 'lhe fecoltdo[the fifrh,whichh the eigbtb of the rwel11e, 3ooo. 6oo. 20. Tbe t.~1rd of the fifth, which is the twelfth of the twelve, sooo. 6oo. 30. 7
27 Tfg fi.tft of tle ftxth, which i' the fecond of th.e twelve, bath under him 7000. Tbe fe-coHd of the jixrh, the four th of the twelve, 7ooo. ~oo . 6o. T l. t third ;which is the fif th of the twelve, 70oo. 200, 6o, )
200. 20.

28 The /ir:ft 11f the {evnith, tbe tenth gf tht twehe, 2000. 6oo. 30. The fu ond of the feve'uth, which is tlte Hinth o.f the twelve, under !Hm 7000, zoo, ;o, 6. Tbt lajl of the feventh, the fixtb of the twelve, under him 8ooo. 200 ,


Th e 22!h .. is .... : 6925.

2~ - - - 2 1 9 15.

2f _ _ _ 24796.
2) _ _ . . 18201 .

2 6 - - 18489

28--- -


They ...... 1 kneel

to prayer.

Then t he Curtain was drawn.

E. K. There appeareth like the fnuf of a Candle on the top of the fione, it is like a little 1park of fire. After this , Gabriel f~id by voyce, Have patience.

After half .m hour. A voyee faid ... look to ... , to E.]{.

E. K . .The Curtain is drawn open. Nalvage fiandeth on the top of the Table.
Nal. ..... 'the firftipart of tf.1 firft f(ven JIU kJ tf J-y. T he ninrb.


A trt4e'l{elation of Dr. Dee his AHions -.ith (pirits, &c.

The Wtth, the fuofiJ. 1 rhe firft, which is the Wttb. [



No ci 6;.

16 The _ firft of the fecond .

1'he [ecoJta.


La vtt con,

is gnurntd PJ the t/Ptlfth of tlle tr~elftb. Sf)CliiAL


Minifters 91fO.

The third.

The fir:ft, 1Phich is the fecod of Sigwurf.

The [eco1d.

The third, who[e govmmJr is th1 ninth of the twelve.

A) tlropt.

The firfl: of the fourt,,

'fo c~r 1:.;.


The third.

The firJl of the fift".


11u [econd,

ne tbzrd.

The firft f the jiJCtlr.


z; L dron..


A trueelatio of Dr. Dee his .tfilions ilh /pints,&,.

~h~ [ec.1zd of tlu ji1tth.

1le third f the fi:ttti.

TOTOCAN The firft of tb1 [tvent b.J t~e twelfth.

To to c~tn.

The [ew1d of tile feveHth.

Chirs pa.

The third f tie [eve11tfr.

7'. ,, ''"'
Dg. Call it, Jlilig.

Nal.. ..Te laft {e1mt. 7he firft.

1'he feconJ of the l4j {et~en.

The thirtl.


'the /irft of tit fee


RONOAMB The [ewul.


'Xh'" tllirel of tie[,.,,,,

24 The firft.

0 R CAMIR. The CHIALP S The third of the third. SOAGEiL

Or ea mir.
Ki. Cbi alp1.

So 4 ge el.

ne firft of the fourth.

The [econd OBV AORS
The thirds.

!J tht (econJ f the t.elfth.

Oj va '"

1'he firjl: f tile fifth 26 POP HAND

Ran gl11.m, hy the tYPelfth of the tYPelfth.

P1 ph11.ad.

(<)_Atrue 'l{elatwnofDr. Dee bir AElions ~ith fpirits, &c~

Th~ fecond.


7'h~ third.

Ni gr~ nil.

Jaz cbim.


7'be firft

7'ht thitJ.

0 R. PAN Is
:18 ., ..., Tilt ftrft of th~ [evmth.

Or Jtt ib.



Fods Ni.

71-t third.

Mal....... Httve patiace f~r ~while. s~, 011. 'The twe11t) PJintb htb th,u p4rts, The firft part bath llis Governfur t.t thirl of the 1:&. !1k- {ectml tbt fourth of the; - the fifth 6f tH 12.
30. 'Ibe thirtieth ...... h1Ztll4 pnts.
J 2

Ox lo tar.

E. K. Now he fiandeth off the Table.

tbe twtlfth.1 the fo~th. of the 12 ,

-4- -

t6e tlmd.

the fixtb.

The ftrft ofthe nine 11d t"entut~b4thflllln"biJ,, 96p. 1be{ecoHa ..... by t~ fourth of tbt 12. tmtkr hi P36. 7he fiftb f t~ 11. tbat 'Qvnontt' fl1llkr 7635

;o "fhte111tlft1Hftbe I3, 4632. The fecqnJ, .... by tbeft~urtbof~he 12. nm hi, 9636'. 'the third .... by tht third f the J41lkr ti7'32 'the l~tft .... by the fixth 56 32
o 'The tllrtb in the firft divijiQH of the 29.


by the fifth of the 12: 1ht thirJ, wb()[t Minifters re 7635

0 drtUt tJ.



1~ 2

rd true~lation of Dr. DeehiJ .ilElions ith Jpirits, &c.

30 ....., 1he firft of tbe 30 .... U1tder the
I l,

Gom zi am.

The [econti under tht f ourth o f

Gem 1 zimb.

The tbirJ ttltder the tbirJ.

The!aft ... by the fixthlf th~ 1:.
The wrth
none , . re : but

~d v~rpt.

As you gave us tafte, or warning of lt~li~ and Brit-ni~t, fo if it be thought good to we are detirous to underHand of the rcft, the Application to fuch names ai we undcrftanrl . Nal ....... Mal<_e 11n enJ f9r to J~ty: Give ever. Ma"'-e y oflr [elves re11dy for tQ morrtws A.Ciion.


.Mal. ..... 1 bnve Jone.

E. K. The Curtain is drawn.

~. Deo ornnipotemi,

Optimo, & IUa.ximo Univerfa machina creata laudcm gloriam &



norem reddat, nunc & in perpetuum,


ginning Dominr J efu Chrifte, faid by E. J(. and me.

There is ayrayer w ritten after the Action of Monday Mttii 21 . next here before bewhich I mifplaccd there; for after this; daye~ Adion, it wow



A true :l(_elatjon of Dr. Dee his ..dllions ith (piritJ, &c.


1') 3

Pars Q!1arta; Anno 15 84. Maii 23.


Cracovi.e, Maii 23. Mane, hora 7 ffere. Poft oratirmes noftr~ts.

Curtail} the firft looking. 1 ~~~~~~~~HeA. There appeared, atgreat ftorm,or temptation to E. K. of do,lbt~ A: happened a ing and miOiking our Infl:rufrors and their doings, and of contemning and condemning any thing that I knew or could do. I bare all things patiently for God his fake, &c. At length the Cnrtain was 9pened, and they appeared.

E. K. I am contented to fee, and to make true report of what they will ihew ; b~t my heart ftandeth againfi them.
Gab ....... 'the time {hall come, that the oa/t that if buttn with every ftorm fhall be aDining in the Princes Hall. . . . ob(e Gab ....... Move 1tot,f9r the place if h3ly. He that doubteth, doth the froperty of the fiejh, d~aubring .-. but he tbat bath faith, bath the gift of the llo!y Ghgfi. Th<! Swttllow fiietb [wift, but where {he & lit,bteth, there u 1t? remembrance of her bei;rg : fuch ltU the words of man. But our words are lik.,e wtto tt fwift ttrrow, th:tt l!ntrd~' and jtick_eth where it lighteth. A s man lotll!th the Owre for the Gold that win it, and .f~r the rnd of b~ ufe ; [o G1d loveth the J,unght'lls of the World, &c. But the memy,the more he lifteth up himftlf, the r.reltttr foal! be his~. I fufpett fall: for inffead of joy, fhall enter in an hundred, 11nd in{lu.d of.~~m dred 11. thoufanJ .But bewAre thi~ place te of thofe Rrbels; f'r they are lii<,e the [mall ftones which are in every_ place pf tlg J;aYtM. But bcJm['erfca. -~ve not. Let U& do that which is our part : Vnto others be it M they d[erve.

E. K. There appeareth a great thing like a Globe, turning upon b~!b::~;1:r. tvvo axe ll-trees. ing.
Nal~ ...... TNrn to t.be firft Air ...... t;.. I have done. N al. ...... The Earth in the fir[t ttyre, h this, [ E.JL pointing on .that Globe to it. J A. We befeech you fO bound or determine the Countries or Pardons of the EaHh, by
cheir unu.rooA .Longitudc:s and Latitud~.s, or by fame other .certain manner. Nal . . .... Our manner is, not as it i4 of wor!dlings : We deterruinr not places ~tfter the frms w:r.rdu; of let,r, 8r ~s luves- are: nezthert we clln i111llgi11 aHJ thing 11fter tbe fafhin of an [ A ] horn: as 1 t~

Notwithjtanding the Aitgel of fbe Lord Appe-~tred unto Pcolomie, 11.nd epened unto him tb~pr1;rts ~red~: ;~ of t"e 'E~trth : but fom~: be was command et!. to f: cret: and t~o[e are N Mthward under your Pole. l.Jmie. iJlt t~nto JO'R, tbe -wery true names of the World m her Creation 11.re deli'l!ered. ms t.. There appeared a grea.t water, long and narrow, reddilh, and thc:reby appeared. ng There appeared written qypt. He harh in his hand wrirtcn S]ria. And of that heo any raid, that it was the fecond of the firft. . .P~lcs ,., 0 lVlOI~ N01~ appeared a very fine Land and Region in which appeared a great City. in the ed<re of .atione. it. There appeared wrinen ..... Mt[9potamia. The eh ird of the firft. b Now appeared a large portion of the Earth, wherein appeared Beare, a great Ri rer from The fidl 0 f h' a Hill going into the Sea with three moutha. The word written Cappatlocill. fecond. t TJ,~ [ee'ond of the [erottd. writteH in his hand 'fu[ria. ~.I tu"~Y you, do yqu mean Tufcitt by ltaly l 7Dt third of the [uand: written Parw .A.fia. The firft ....- Hirca n i a - A. Mar~ CA{piumappcared by it.. 'Ihe { econd - - T18ra.cia The lajt Her~ app!ear people go{ng into Caves of the ..grmmd, anct .dwelfing in Gold Miacs Caves : . they are long hatred men, naked ; Here appear great H1Hs, and the vemes of 1he undc:rrhe Pole Gold Mmesapp~ar : t~e men fee m to have baskets of leather. T hi ~ is on:e of tbe places ilii- Arti,l(. dcrthcPole Arttck, wntten .... Go[mam. b.. - I s it fo called, of the people of(he Country? Nal. ...... E v en a..t this hour.


tb~&t tSU Cofm~gr~tp!ttrs do.


E. K. Here


A true ']{elation of D. Dee his .dEiionJ ~ithJPirits, &c.

E. K . . Here appeareth a mighty gr~at Hill, an~ about it a great Cave of water. Here appear beafis dtvers: fame ltke a Swine, with feet like a Beare, his neither jaw hanging to his and divers and a mighty Hill running, With branches: there by lie things \vi th huskcs on them.
The firft.

he appointeth,
..,r;tte11 The b a idi.

Here the Sun fhineth fair. Parfadal. The third----- Here appear pc0ple very beafi:ly, w.ith Mantles on their fhould~rs : and beafi:s with long fnouts.


Here appear great rotten trees, very old, great \Voods of t.hetn. Beyond the Woods are great Hills. Great Fens appear, and great Marifh.ground : Fowles as big as Swans, green, fcaled on their b~cks, in the wate."r.
The firft of the fifth Baariane. The fecon d - Cilicia. The t"rd Oxi?fll. 6. The firft ~f tbe fixtl1 The fe cond - - - Cyprus . Tie third ----- Parchia.

N nmidia.

7 'I'iefirft 6fthe fromth -


7'bef,cond-Tb~ thirtl A . (

Here is a great Defart: no Trees. in his hand --Arabia.

Phalagon. never heard of ir.

E .. K. It is toward the North, where the veines of Gold; and fuch 6 : Groyntud people appear as before were noted. On this fide them a great way :u Jrlliak. appear met~ with fwinifh fnouts, their vifage is fo firouted out; hut to be perceived to be of. humane vifage.. The women have abm,1t their privities very long h~lf down to thetr knees. The men have things on their lhoulders of beafts skins, as infiead of a Jerkin or a Man.. dillion.
8. The firft of tbt tighti- Mantiana.

People appear here of reddiili colour.

7'he{tcDnd- So-.;ia-

On the one fide of the black men

Ti~ third - - -

like Spaniards appear very high men with Spanilh Capes without Swords by their fides. Here appeare great Towns; divers ; The name being not evident we urged, and Gallia appeared.
8. Ibt fitft lllyria. The {tcond - .
...... If thouflir, tJ,,u_foalt lttvrr [te mort-- To E. K. Sogdiana. 7'ht thirJ Lydia.

A'true Relation of D. Dee his AEiitJnJ irb (piritJ, &c.

The firjt Ca[pi1.

t c; c;

7 be third.

Men like Dutchmen with leather ne.. ther fiocks. Here appear Monkies , great flocks. The people have leather Coats, _ .and no beards, thick leather, and Garthers. They gather up thinkg ......

NaL. .... 'fl.,e[e people arewJtk,nownwith)'"U


Are chcy noc in Africa l N a\. ... ,, Tb.y be. Now a dark fog covereth all the il~me. N.tl.. ,.. S tay awhilr.

E. I(. I pray you let us go to dinn'er. Move not, I fay. E. K. Nalvaf!.e prayeth. Nov.: he _pointeth to a place.
11 1be fir!l of the eleventb. Btthyma. 7'he ferond. [A gmtt Cit.ie, a;zd the Sea hard by it.] Gr:lcia. t.. Is not that great Citie Conftantinople? NaL. .... It u. There w.rhe feat of that great Devil che Turk.. Na\.. .... Hew b'ut Tenant at will. Licia. The third. 1 :o. The fi~{i of the twrlftb.

[. K. Here appear han.dfome men,in gathered tucked Garments,and

their fhooes come up to the middle of their legs, of diverfe coloured leather.
Nal ...... The[e be tho beyond Hifpaniola. [e

E. K. It is a low Countrey. Here appear great piles of !tones like St. Andrews Croffes. Two Notable .Rivers are here, The women have great covertures over their heads, coming from their fhoulders, as the Hoyks in Flanders. 0 ni Gap. Ther(Jare on this fide of i~, (a great way) a great number of dead

Nal. ..... It is beyond Gia pan. A. Then it is that land, which I ufc to eaU At/a,tis.

Nal, ..... 1heyftretch m~re near the Wefl: They


:25 Kingdoms in it.

7e J con cl ...... beyond a place wllere tie Ge[e. I India, India i n the hutvettly government is divided into t'JIIo p~trts. This ts called the grettt" lndc.
"l'be thirJ., ..... a grellt many litth Ifles.

Orchcnii. Do you mean rhe lfies of Ork..ney. MaL ..... N o. A. T hey feem to be the Illes of Malacha. "''he firft of the thir-temth ...... .hch