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Nareddula Rajeev Reddy


Mobile: +917893356131 Phone: 08647 229242 (R) Mail:nareddula@gmail.com

To work in a competitive environment that effectively utilizes my analytical, interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills to conceive and achieve solutions.

Qualification B.Tech (ECE) Intermediate (12th Class) SSC (10th Class) Year of Study 2008 - 2012 2006 2008 2006 Institute Tirumala Engineering College, Narasaraopet Vasavi Junior College, Narasaraopet St.Marys E.M school, Ravipadu Percentage 76.4% 91% 84%

Technical Knowledge
Languages: Web Technologies: Softwares: Areas of Interest: C, C++, Core Java JavaScript and HTML Microsoft.NET, Adobe CS3 Dream weaver and Photoshop Web Designing, .NET Developer and Software Trainee

Projects Undertaken (A) College Website Design with Student Login Details
Single Involved in layout designing, coding, scripting and executing In this I designed the model of our college website which a student can login with the username and password provided to access his/her details like marks, attendance, library books issued, exams notifications and dates etc Microsoft.NET Team Strength: Role: Description: Platform:


Implementation of the JPEG Encoder using VHDL Program

4 Involved in leading team, explaining, coding and testing Image compression technology allows representing images with less data in order to save storage costs or transmission time and costs. JPEG is a widely used image compression technique. The objective of our project is to implement the VHDL program for JPEG Encoder. Active HDL

Team Strength: Role: Description: Platform:

(C) Development of the LINE FOLLOWER and OBSTACLE AVOIDER Robots

Team Strength: Role: 4 Involved in leading team, building, coding and working In this project, Line Follower Robot is the robot follows the black line which is drawn over the white surface or it follows the white line which is drawn over the black surface. Coming to the Obstacle Avoider Robot is the robot detects the obstacle (wall) and turns/rotates the wheels moving path. The infrared sensors are used to sense the line and the obstacle; it depends upon the code embedded in the microcontroller Embedded System




Anti Larceny Refuge Loop for Doors and Bicycles

4 Involved in leading team, explaining, designing and performing Generally offices, houses, rooms etc are closed by means of doors which contain lock system for protection. But now a days thieves are able to cut area of the lock system for robbing the things inside. In our project we implemented a refuge loop which serves as security for doors by producing the police siren sound when it disturbed operated by switch. Similarly we can use the same refuge loop as a lock for bicycles operated by key representing setup as the bicycle lock Integrated Circuit

Team Strength: Role:



Won first prize for the paper presentation Smart Antenna for Mobile Communications. Won second prize for the poster presentations Helical Antenna and Memristor. Participated in the workshops ROBOTICS, Embedded Systems and VLSI Technology. Elected as Main Project Coordinator for the PROJECT EXPO (PROGETTO) conducted by our college during fest. Elected as School People Leader (SPL) for 2 years. Selected as an Ambassador for Techstars Contest. Got Best anchor award for my college anniversary function.

Personal Details
Fathers Name: Address: Date/Place of Birth: Sex & Marital Status: Languages: Passport: Relocation: N. V. Krishna Reddy
N.G.O Colony, Main road, House No.: 3-33-20/d/6, Narasaraopet

12-05-1991, Narasaraopet Male & Single English (RWS) and Telugu (RWS) Yet to apply Willing to relocate Abroad or any Metro city of India

(N.Rajeev Reddy)