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ONE WORD EXERCISES MALARIA Malaria is an illness caused by mosquito bites. All members of the community (1) be protected against mosquito bites. A mosquito can take malaria from an infected person and pass it on to someone (2) is uninfected. Whenever malaria is common, pregnant women should take immediate precautions (3) . they are more than twice as likely to suffer (4) . malaria. The disease is also more dangerous during pregnancy. It can lead to severe anemia, and may (5) . a miscarriage, or premature birth. Pregnant women can protect themselves by taking anti-malarial tablets. (6) .., tablets should be obtained from a clinic or health worker. Here are some points to be taken into consideration: Young children should be protected from mosquito bites, especially (7) night Communities should destroy mosquito larvae and prevent mosquitoes (8) breeding Wherever malaria is common, a child (9) has a fever should be taken immediately (10) . a doctor. A child with a fever should be kept cool (11) .. not cold A child recovering (12) .. malaria needs plenty of liquids and food (13) .. malaria burns up energy and the child loses a lot of liquid through sweating.

HELEN KELLER Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Alabama. (1) .. she was only 18 months old, she was badly affected by an illness which left her unable (2) . see or hear. Soon she forgot the few words (3) she knew and became dumb. She used signs in order (4) .. get what she wanted but when her parents (5) . unable to understand her, she had nothing to do but scream. In the 1880s, both deaf and blind persons were classified in law as idiots. (6) .., a doctor who examined Helen thought that her intelligence could be developed. Anne Sullivan, a teacher from the Perkins Institute for the Deaf and the Blind in Boston, was given (7) . task of helping Helen. Annes task was to get rid (8) . the barrier of darkness and silence around the child. In this way, Helen could learn about the world which she could (9) see nor hear. By means of the manual alphabet Anne spelled into Helens palms the names of things (10) as doll , puppy and so on. When Anne pumped water on Helens hand, she suddenly realized that everything has its (11) .. special name. Two years (12) ., she was reading and writing Braille fluently. Rapidly, Helen made up (13) those lost dark years. When she was ten, she wanted to relearn how (14) . Speak. At (15) .. this seemed impossible, but then Anne Sullivan discovered that Helen could learn by placing her fingers on her teachers larynx and hearing the vibrations. In 1990, Miss Keller went to Radcliffe College, (16) .. Miss Sullivan spelled the lectures into her hand. Two years later, Helen graduated and decided to devote her (17) to helping blind and deaf people. She wrote essays and articles, and made the country aware (18) .. its responsibilities toward the blind and the deaf. In order to make her mission more effective, Helen Keller (19) throughout the world and gave public speeches in different places. (20) her speech was not intelligible to most people, her public speeches were translated simultaneously by her companion. Helen Keller died in Westport on June 1, 1968.