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A. Definition of Career Guidance Career guidance is also one area in which there is guidance and counseling in schools. According to Winkel (2005:114) career guidance is the guidance in preparing for the world of work, in choosing a job or occupation / profession specific as well as to equip themselves ready to assume office, and in adjusting to the demands of the job lapanan entered. Career guidance can also be used as a means of meeting the developmental needs of learners should be seen as integral to this part of the integrated education program in every field of study learning experience. Career guidance is a process of assistance, services and approach to the individual (student / youth), so the individual can know him, understand him, and knows the world of work merencankan future with life forms that are expected to make choices and take a decision that the decision it is most appropriate to their circumstances connected with his requirements and tunutan jobs / careers they choose (Ruslan A.Gani: 11) According to Herr career guidance is a device, rather a systematic program, processes, techniques, or services that are intended to help individuals understand and act on the basis of self-knowledge and recognition opportunities in employment, education, and leisure time, and develop skills decision-making skills in question can create and manage the development of his career (Marsudi, 2003:113). From the above description it can be concluded that career guidance is an effort to help learners to know and understand themselves, know the world works, developing the future in accordance with the expected form of life, was able to determine and make decisions appropriately and responsibly. . Objectives Career Guidance In accordance with the package provided by the Department of Education, based on 84 curriculum, the objectives of the Career Guidance are: 1. Individuals can self-assess and understand 2. Individuals can understand the values that exist and live in society. 3. Individuals can find out the kinds of jobs that match your interests her talent, able to develop positive attitudes toward the world of work, relations with the future and knowing the types of education / training that is useful for a particular job. 4. Individuals can find out and discover the barriers that exist in themselves and their environment, and hopefully he can overcome these obstacles. 5. Individuals may be aware of the needs and demands of society. 6. Individu can plan for the future so as to obtain a career and life that aspired. . Platform for Career Guidance Career guidance has a moving base, which is the background (starting point) peaksanaan, and this foundation Dapa divided into 4 types: 1. Philosophical foundation 2. Sociological basi 3. Foundation paedagogis 4. Psychological foundation Each platform has different aspects of the review with one another, but mutually supportive, emerging and developing career guidance.

1. Philosophical foundation Filisofis foundation it rests on the aspect of democracy in education, where children are given the same opportunity in a demanding and develop goals to get the highest education in accordance with the interests and talents. Similarly, in developing the careers of children are given the opportunity to choose jobs that fit with the view of life and ability. 2. The foundation of sociology Dotted decline in community life that emphasizes the interests of its citizens to get a chance mengembanhgkan career. In this aspect the most important are: 1) Community will work actively encouraging its citizens to mutual cooperation in creating and implementing activities in the world of work. 2) The more advanced a society is required to meet the needs of the dynamic nature of development 3) Increasingly diverse and complex society encourage more pluralistic world of work anyway, so the human race each other to meet their individual needs to the fullest. 4) Growing societal values of each field of work. Employment had not been interested in people, now almost all jobs have the position (higher values) in the community. 3. Foundation Paedagogis Starting from this aspect of education, in which an individual an individual educated, developed for forming personal character and to appreciate and enjoyed the world of work. 1) Embedding the properties in order to appreciate and love the job (job) is to be practiced option. 2) Personal form in order to prepare children to be individuals who are able to work independently, does not depend on others. 3) Instill in children the view that education is the first step in an effort to establish a professional working man 4) And finally each individual who was educated in the education dusin it will end with a plunge into the world of work 4. Psychological foundation Dotted decline in the ability of humans as a potential to develop themselves as human beings work. Human abilities that mendukug emergence Career Guidance include: 1) Human rational thinking 2) The existence of developmental tasks that vary in each period 3) Holding capability of self-actualization, to develop human values, recognizing the dignity of human beings, capable of developing a responsive attitude towards the scope, have self-esteem 4) Creating "The right man in the right place" that is able to analyze themselves about the potential for finding a job that matches your interests and talents. 5) The existence of individual differences between imdividu one another. 6) There is a need for every individual to channel impulses to serve the community, and for that they need a place of service, cooperation, mutual need, which can be realized in the bonds of mutual cooperation in the form of work.