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Packaging Technology

CUT 1405 Intermittent Horizontal

Cartoning Machine
Innovations open up new possibilities
With the CUT 1405, Bosch Packaging Technology intro-
duces an innovative solution for secondary packaging
that adds a new facet to its product portfolio.
The CUT 1405 intermittent cartoning machine is a
consistent advancement of the successful CUT 120,
which has proven its worth over many years. The new
horizontal cartoning machines most impressive
features are its especially economic design, maximum
exibility, superb ergonomics and ease of use, as well
as the latest servo and safety technology.
The CUT 1405 is distinguished by oering great
exibility in choosing appropriate in-feed systems,
formats and closure options. It can easily adapt to
dierent carton sizes, securely and gently packing a
wide variety of primary packaging such as bottles,
vials, syringes, ampules, tubes, blisters, and trays,
as well as bags, stick packs, and sachets in folding
Combination products and package inserts, such as
spoons or outserts, can also be integrated as needed
into the modular in-feed system. Equipped with the
appropriate in-feed systems, the new Bosch cartoning
machine can be exibly adapted to handle all packaging
materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and foods.
Benets :
Intermittent horizontal cartoning
machine with maximum exibility
Equipped with the latest servo
and safety technology
Proven technology with reduced
investment costs
Absolute exibility for in-feed systems, formats,
and closure options
Large format range with a small footprint
Especially economical
Latest sensor, software, servo, and safety
Reproducible, easy, and rapid format-changing
combined with outstanding ergonomics and
cGMP, while also meeting hygienic design
Exchangeable modules for tuck-in, glue, and
combination closures
Patented folding carton transport units ensure
gentle handling so folded cartons keep their
shape as they are conveyed
Errors can be quickly pinpointed thanks to the
troubleshooting guide integrated in the HMI
Already prepared for product serialization
Maximum product protection and
operating convenience
The CUT 1405 oers unique conveyor
technology in the folding carton
magazine. A lifting motion prevents
the cartons from getting snagged
as they are transported into the
magazine. Exceptional care is taken
in handling products and cartons,
providing for superior results. This
is made possible by the patented
folding carton carrier, which conveys
the individual cartons through the
intermittent transport system and
ensures dimensional stability.
Items are fed in by a mechanical
gripper arm that is directly assigned
to the respective product. A shift
register inspects and tracks the
products. This process ensures that
CUT 1405 Intermittent Horizontal Cartoning Machine
Robert Bosch GmbH
Packaging Technology
Product Division Pharma Solid
Phone +49 711 811-0
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processing of the items continues
only if the overall inspection results
are positive. Due to the excellent
accessibility, the folder unit can be
conveniently operated from the front
and swings out forwards if required,
such as when changing formats or
correcting malfunctions.
Minimum service requirements,
maximum safety
With fewer hardware components
in the control cabin, the new servo
technology reduces the need for
service, while the HMI (Human
Machine Interface) enables easy
operation. Malfunctions can be
quickly pinpointed based on error
messages and easily rectied by
means of the automatic trouble-
shooting guide. All format data is
individually stored, enabling quick
and easy format changeovers that
can be accomplished reproducibly,
simply, and quickly, assuring a safe
and reliable restarting of the machine.
Line prociency
The CUT 1405 can be equipped with
various in-feed systems. This enables
the greatest possible exibility for
customer-specic line concepts and
the packaging of a diverse range of
products and product combinations.
Additional safety is ensured by
optional serialization, aggregation,
and tamper-evident modules that
comply with current guidelines and
safety standards.
Output rate
140 folding cartons per minute
Format range
A | 20110 mm
B | 15100 mm
H | 50200 mm