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Published Twice Monthly In Kohler, WI53044

219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044
Postal Customer
Volume 8, Number 4
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012
Submitted by the Kohler School
District Board of Education
The Kohler School Board is
accepting applications to fill the
Board vacancy resulting from
Jane Bishops recent resignation.
Interested candidates must submit
a letter of interest and short re-
sume to Paula Anderson, Assis-
tant to the Superintendent, by
4:00 p.m. on October 1, 2012.
The selection process will be as
follows: During an open meeting
of the Board, each candidate shall
present their qualifications to the
board and then answer a short se-
ries of questions. After all candi-
dates have presented, the Board
will conduct a confidential paper
ballot vote. The candidate receiv-
ing the majority of the votes will
be accepted onto the Board.
Interested candidates may con-
tact Board President Marlene Yang
with any questions. The public and
candidates will be notified one
week in advance of the open meet-
ing date.
Kohler School Board accepting
applications to fill vacancy
photos from
available for
prints and
photo gifts
Courtesy of
Kohler Co.
Kohler Co. has made available
its beautiful photos of Kohlers
Centennial celebration that were
taken by professional photogra-
phers. Visit kohlervillager.com for
a link to a gallery of the photos
where prints, photo books, cards,
calendars, and other gifts can be
ordered online.
School to hold
open house on
September 24
Kohler Schools will hold its
open house on Monday, September
24, 2012 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Change of
hours at
Kohler school
Students at Kohler Schools
began the new school year with
new hours. Classes are in session
on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
and Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 3:20
p.m. Wednesday hours are 8:00
a.m.-2:47 p.m., replacing early re-
School Board expresses
gratitude for Dr. Jane
Bishops long-term service
Submitted by the Kohler School
District Board of Education
In a special meeting on August
27, the Kohler School Board re-
gretfully accepted the resignation
of Jane Bishop, Ph.D. Bishop has
served on the School Board since
2003 the last five years of which
were as Board President. During
her tenure as president, the board
guided Kohler Public Schools
through a period of enormous
growth and achievement in a fis-
cally responsible manner. Follow-
ing are some of the highlights. The
entire community can all be proud
of these accomplishments.
2012 Incorporated innovations
in education via the 2011-2016
Strategic Plan
2011/12 Guided the school
through significant changes in the
states financing of schools and
union bargaining laws
2012, 2009, 2007 Earned the
#1 ranking in average ACT test
scores statewide
2012, 2010, 2008 Conducted
state-wide searches to bring top-
level education leaders to our dis-
2011 Earned a AA S&P Bond
rating. Kohler is one of only 30 out
of 424 school districts in the state
of Wisconsin to have earned this
rating or better
2009 Established the Distance
Learning Center
2008-2010 Completed phase 1
of Ebben Field renovations
Due to significant changes in
my career and the need for me to
be out of town for significant time,
it is with great regret that I am re-
signing from the Kohler School
Board. Ive greatly enjoyed my
time on the board and wish the
School District of Kohler contin-
ued success and best wishes, said
The School Board would like to
express its gratitude to Bishop for
her years of valued service to the
Kohler School community. Bishop
will be formally recognized at the
October regular board meeting to
be held on Monday, October 15th.
Through her efforts, and the ener-
gies of all of our current and pre-
vious school board members,
administrators, teachers, staff, par-
ents and students, the Kohler Pub-
lic Schools are well-positioned to
fulfill its mission: Everyday at
Kohler Schools we inspire inquiry;
engage hearts, minds, and bodies;
and provide supports to ensure that
all students can achieve success.
The Kohler High School home-
coming parade will be held on Oc-
tober 12, 2012 beginning at 2:45
p.m. A tailgate party will be held at
4:30 p.m. at Ebben Field before the
game, which starts at 6:00 p.m.
Following the game, a high school
dance will be held from 9:00 p.m.
- 12:00 a.m.
School to hold
on October 12
School Board President Dr. Jane Bishop leads school board meeting in 2011.
Photo by Mary Struck, The Kohler Villager
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012
Independently owned and
published 24 times yearly by
Terra Media, L.L.C.
2012 The Kohler Villager
All Rights Reserved
Printed by The Plymouth Review
Editor - Mary Struck
Terra Media, L.L.C.
219 Church St.Kohler, WI 53044.
Web: www.kohlervillager.com
E-mail: kohlervillager@charter.net.
The Kohler Villager welcomes
contributions of news and photos of civic events from readers.
Editorial staff reserves the right to edit as necessary.
Advertising and submission deadline:
First of the month issue due by the 20th of the prior month
Mid-month issue due by the first of the month prior
Visit kohlervillager.com for info.
Below is a partial
list of conditions
that may readily respond
to chiropractic care
Most I nsur ances Accepted
We ar e the I N Networ k pr ovi der
located closest to Kohler Co.
by appointment
Brett Egelseer, DC
260 Fond du Lac Ave., Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
=Neck Pain
=Back Pain
=Extremity Pain
=Ear Infections
=Carpal Tunnel
=Auto Injuries
=Work Injuries
=Sport Injuries
=And ManyOther
The Kohler Foundation Board
of Directors is pleased to announce
the appointment of Ms. Carolynn
Lee to the newly created position
of Program Director. In this posi-
tion Ms. Lee will manage and lead
the program areas at Kohler Foun-
dation, including grants, scholar-
ships, the Distinguished Guest
Series and the Waelderhaus his-
toric home.
This appointment reflects
Kohler Foundations ongoing com-
mitment to the arts and education
in Sheboygan County. Established
in 1940, Kohler Foundation sup-
ports local students through schol-
arships; encourages new initiatives
and programs among non-profit
organizations through grants; and
presents inspiring entertainment
through the Distinguished Guest
Series. In addition, Kohler Foun-
dation supports preservation proj-
ects in and outside of Wisconsin,
particularly in the field of vernac-
ular art environments and work by
self-taught artists. Gifts of art are
regularly made locally and across
the United States.
Ms. Lee comes to
Kohler Foundation
from Waterloo, Iowa
where she served as
Program Director at the
Community Founda-
tion of Northeast Iowa
in Waterloo. For the
past 11 years, Ms. Lee
has been responsible
for administering of 25
separate grant programs including
25 volunteer committees in the
areas of arts and cultural activities,
scholarships, and short term pro-
grams. She also coordinated the se-
lection process for 80 unique
scholarship funds. Her reputation
as a collaborator and community
leader is well evidenced by her
volunteerism and being recognized
with the 20 Under 40 Award by
the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier
in 2006.
Ms. Lee holds an M.A. degree
in Philanthropy and Development
form Saint Marys University of
Minnesota and a B.A. degree in
Political Communica-
tion from the Univer-
sity of Northern Iowa.
She has been extremely
involved in community
activities, having
served in leadership po-
sitions on the Council
of Foundations Na-
tional Marketing Ac-
tion Team, the Iowa
Council of Founda-
tions, Toastmasters International,
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Dollars for
Scholars, Cedar Valleys Promise,
Iowa Womens Foundation, and
many others.
Kohler Foundation is a private
foundation whose mission is to
support education, arts and preser-
vation initiatives, primarily in Wis-
consin. The Foundation's scope
encompasses five major areas of
concentration: art preservation,
scholarships, the Distinguished
Guest Series, the Waelderhaus his-
toric home, and grants.
Kohler Foundation appoints
program director
The Kohler Village Remembers
centennial book was a big hit, and
the tireless committee responsible
for the work included Sheryl (Alb-
smeier) Lindstrom, Amy (Verhelst)
Pace, Doris Herbst, Peter Fetterer,
Angie Packer, Barb (Pantel) Vogt,
and Susie Wandschneider along
with the help of many others, in-
cluding current and former resi-
dents who contributed after an
open call for materials was made
in 2011-2012 in TheKohler Vil-
Sheryl Lindstrom, Committee
Chair/Contributor/Editor, is a
Kohler graduate (1979) and village
resident. She works in the Kohler
Co. tax department. Amy Pace,
Project Manager/Contributor/Edi-
tor, is a Kohler graduate (1985)
and works as a freelance website
designer to the stars. Amy cur-
rently lives in the village. Visit her
website at amylynpace.com. Angie
Packer, Graphic Designer/Contrib-
utor/Editor, is a Kohler graduate
(1988) and currently lives in Ger-
mantown, WI. She is a graphic de-
signer and was responsible for the
creative and beautiful page design.
Visit her website at horizonde-
sign.biz. Doris Herbst, Contribu-
tor, is a retired Kohler School
teacher (English and French). She
was the librarian at the Kohler
Public Library from 1958-1996.
Doris wrote much of the material
in the book. Peter Fetterer, Con-
tributor/Editor, is a former editor
of the Kohler Co. People publica-
tion and former head of the Kohler
Co. Archives department. Peter
wrote, edited, and did research.
Barb Vogt is a lifelong resident of
the village and Kohler Co. retiree.
Barb has lived in Kohler longer
than anyone else on the team. Her
memories and stories formed the
basis for some of the stories in the
book. Susie Wandschneider moved
back to the village with husband
Mike in 1973. She began working
for the Recreation Department at
the Youth Center in 1975 and
began life guarding at the pool in
1995. She was appointed as Rec
Director in 2000. Susies love of
the village and its kids is evident in
the material she wrote for the
A majority of the photos and in-
formation in the book is from
Kohler Co. Archives. Angela
Miller (current head of Archives)
and Margie Schoemer, who works
there as well, were both very help-
ful, according to the committee.
The book committee extends a
special thanks to the following in-
dividuals: The Centennial Com-
mittee, Dan Bishop (roaming
photographer); Erin Coppersmith,
Kohler Public Library (history
lover and keeper of all things his-
torical); Nancy Dummer (proof-
reader); Nancy Ellrodt (whose
interviews with current and former
residents were an inspiration);
Mary Ann and Bruce Erickson
(proofreaders); Beth Erickson
(proofreader); Laura Gabrielse;
Molly Gast Holzrichter (for offer-
ing her entire photo collection as
needed); Darryl Gumm (who has
created a DVD of Kohler history
available at the Kohler Public Li-
brary); Carita Klein; Mike Knuth
of The Sheboygan Press; Mary
Kober Verhelst (for hosting lunch-
eons and meetings with contribu-
tors and making countless phone
calls for the sake of research); Fac-
ulty and Staff of Kohler Public
Schools; the family of Dennis
Kopf; Linda Lorenz Lange; Mil-
dred Machut; Larry Neustel (of
Kohler Co. for his technical ad-
vice); Andrew Pace; Georgia &
Richard Packer (Horizon Design
North Region HQ); Elsie Rein-
bacher; Peggy Rooney Hickey
(Class of 62); Sheboygan County
Historical Research Center; Rev.
Robert Steele, Bethany Evangeli-
cal Lutheran Church; Mary Struck,
The Kohler Villager (for photos);
Laurie Lindow, Village
Clerk/Treasurer; and Cindi Gamb,
Deputy Village Clerk/Treasurer
(who were never too busy to take
care of book business).
In addition, the best parts of
this book the charming stories,
the historical photos, and the per-
sonal reflections all came from
current and former village resi-
dents whose names are found
throughout the book. It would be
nothing without you thank you!
said Amy Pace.
For more historical photos and
extended captions, visit
Tireless committee of many
contributed toward Kohler
Village Remembers book
5th Annual
Thur sday, Oct ober 4, 2012
at t he Kohl er Desi gn Cent er
Pr oceeds wi ll go to the
Sheboygan County Cancer Car e Fund
Ti ckets Avai lable At
Pr esented by
The Pi nk Br i gade
Fashi on for Hope Fashi on Hope
Style Show
Carolynn Lee
Submitted photo
Sheboygan, WISeptember 4,
2012. The Sheboygan Rotary
Foundation membership voted on
Aug. 27 to donate, over a three-
year period, $7500 to the Sheboy-
gan YMCA Capital Campaign and
$8000 to Meals on Wheels of She-
boygan County, announced Foun-
dation President Bob Chesebro.
The membership of the Sheboygan
Rotary Foundation is comprised of
the membership of the Sheboygan
Downtown Rotary Club, She-
boygan Countys largest Rotary af-
filiate, with more than 120
members. The Foundation meets
quarterly to consider requests for
donations for support for projects
in the community that are capital
projects, principally brick and
mortar. The Sheboygan Rotary
Foundation also annually awards
one $8000 scholarship to a gradu-
ating senior from North, South,
Kohler, Lutheran or Sheboygan
Christian High Schools. Qualifica-
tions for the scholarship are at the
Rotary web site at
s h e b o y g a n r o t a r y . o r g /
scholarship.htm. Funding for Ro-
tary Foundation contributions is
derived from Rotary projects such
as Survey Says, the Rotary Annual
Christmas Auction and other vol-
unteer fundraising projects. Mem-
bers of the Rotary Foundation
Board are President Bob Chesebro,
Vice President Mike Vandersteen,
Treasurer John Schafer, Secretary
Ryan Gartman, plus David
Heather, Judy Slawny, Sue Kieffer,
Tom Schueller and Charlene Lam-
mers. An application for Sheboy-
gan Rotary Foundation support is
online at sheboyganrotary.org/pdf/
Sheboygan Downtown Rotary Club members John Rummele (left) and Dave Heather deliver
a hot meal to the home of a Meals on Wheels client in Kohler. Two-dozen members of the
Sheboygan Rotary Club volunteer for Meals on Wheels each month, as part of the organiza-
tions commitment to Service Above Self.
Sheboygan Meals on Wheels Client Gert Siever greets volunteer John Rummele at the door
of her home in Kohler. A member of the Sheboygan Downtown Rotary Club, John has vol-
unteered with Meals on Wheels for 11 years.
YvI., Sep. 2!s ~Sa., Sep. 22nd
RIvev Pavk Sheboygan YaIIs
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^o Covev
Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
: ]DRF RWa
: C He
TED Kio Kaae
MaIn Ten ~ MaIn Sage
YvIday, Sepenbev 2!
: Pa Oe
Fo Te Oe & Fil F
:-8: Paic McCo
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Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
:-: Tle S
:-: IC
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:-8: Cfe
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Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
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He Ee Claege
Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
8:-: Pacae Eeafa
S Pa Me CL
:-: Eig
:-: Tle Kige
F e ifai, Lece a , cac ]eff Rai - -8- eai: effaiC
leLgaac - - A Mae - -88-8 eai: aaeCac
Sponsovs Tha HeIp Make ThIs Even PossIbIe
Sheboygan Chevy Sheboygan ChvysIev HTT1nc. PoIy VInyI Co. AusIn Gvey Youndvy 1enIs LakesIde PepsI
Lavvy's DIsvIbuIng JInny Johns KohIev Conpany 1Iev ^eunann DuInes Decov Masev's GaIIevy
Savgeno Yoods YesIvaI Yoods
20 Off
PvesaIe TIckes
a Pevo Cenevs
t SupevIov
LIquov Soves*
*EpIves 9~!9
Secondavy Ten
Village of
for sale
Do you long put your
great work ethic and
customer service skills
toward owning your own
restaurant business?
Call 920-980-4165 to learn
about an opportunity to acquire
an established, locally owned and
operated restaurant business
since 2001.
Large catering business has
been developed. Marketing and
social media knowledge will be a
tremendous asset. Owner orien-
tation and training will be pro-
vided. Only financially qualified
inquiries please. Sale will include
business and equipment only.
New owner will be responsible for
negotiating existing lease terms
with landlord.
Thursday, Sept ember 27, 2012
5-9 p. m.
Enj oy a Romant i c Eveni ng For Two i n
Hi st or i c Sheboygan Fal l s
504 Broadway, Sheboygan Fal l s ~ www. SheboyganFal l s. org ~ 920-467-6206 ~ chambermnst @sheboyganf al l s. org
v Vi nt age Car Ri des
v Pi ct ures i n Set t l ers Park
v Li ve Musi c
v Romant i c Overni ght Package &
Sweet heart Raf f l es
v Di ni ng f or Two ~Dri nk Speci al s
v Speci al Sal es ~ DUDZLQJV
v Sal on Servi ces ~ Wi ne Tast i ng
Tur n an Or di nar y Thur sday i nt o an Enchant ed Eveni ng
Sheboygan Falls Chamber-Main Street
Sheboygan Rotary serves
Kohler residents
Published the
1st and 15th
of each month
Contact Mary Struck:
Phoenix Behavioral
Health Services LLC
Laurie Hall, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Providing therapy, assessment and guidance for
women and their families for over 25 years.
Accepting New Clients
115 E Waldo Blvd, Manitowoc
807 Center Ave, Sheboygan
Sheboygan Falls, WI
Riverview Plumbing, LLC
Sales, Service, Installation, & Replacements
New Construction & Remodeling
Unfinished basement bathroom build-outs
Water heaters
Licensed & Insured (MP 653302)
15 Years Experience
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012
6510 Superior Ave, Kohler
Highland Dr (Co Rd. Y) north, then
west on Co Rd O (Superior)
Owners, Gail & John Behrens II
20% off remaining perennials & shrubs
25% off ceramic & concrete birdbaths & fountains
10% off miscellaneous gift items
Huge selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, hanging baskets, perennials,
aquatic plants, vegetable plants, and organic supplies. We also have top
soil, mulch and garden compost.
1097-1A Woodlake Rd, Kohler
3 Bedrooms 2 bath areas
Very open concept, tons of windows
Great room open to kitchen
Gorgeous hardwood floors
Beautiful floor to ceiling fireplace
Heated 3 seasons room, enjoy the changing seasons
Great location, near all the amenities of Kohler
Priced under the assessed value!
View this property at: www.315ridgeway.com
#3634 $194,900
Terri Stewart 912-4303
Village Realty & Development
Brokerage, Inc.
The Shops at Woodlake Kohler
795B Woodlake Road
Kohler, WI 53044
(920) 457-1075
(800) 351-4371
Call 920.457.WOOF to schedule your next
appointment. (Weekends available)
3513 S. 32nd Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081 920.457.WOOF (9663)
826 Briarwood Ct, Kohler
Gorgeous lot flowers, shrubs, stone walk & patio
Over 3,200 sq. ft., plus 1,200 sq. ft. in lower level
Formal living & dining rooms, family room, full bath &
Open loft on upper, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, bonus
Beautiful wood floors, woodwork and crown moldings
Lower level rec room w/kitchenette, full bath & more
Close to Sports Core and all Kohler amenities
VIEW THIS PROPERTY AT: www.826BriarwoodCt.com
#3482 $549,000
Shari Jensen 459-1714
808 Linden Rd., Kohler
4 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, move-in condition
MBR with adjoining loft area w/fireplace
Updated kitchen with dual ovens
Living and family rooms with fireplace
Main floor laundry/mud room
Large deck w/surround sound and hot tub
Screened porch w/skylights
2 car att. & 1 car det. Garages
View this property at: www.808linden.com
#3714 $350,000
Shari Jensen 459-1714
520 W. Riverside Dr., Kohler
3 Bedroom, 3 bath two story
Completely updated home
Beautiful formal living & dining rooms
Dining room has built-in buffet
Gorgeous kitchen, granite counters
Easy touch drawers & appliances incl., tile floors
Spacious sunny bedrooms
Lovely yard and 2 car garage
#3718 $246,000
Shari Jensen 459-1714
412 Summit Rd, Kohler
3 bedroom home w/tons of charm
Bright and cheery kitchen
Beautiful living room w/fireplace
Dining room w/gleaming wood floors
Finished lower level rec room
Nice size yard w/great views of park
1 car detached garage w/carport
#3672 $235,000
Brian Homiston 889-9439
315 Ridgeway St., Kohler
Over 4000 sq ft, all brick , excellent location
Lots of updates, granite counters, tile, new heating, AC,
windows, and more
4 Bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3 fireplaces
Huge living-dining combination
Den/Office with fireplace
Main level family room,
2nd Family room with fireplace in walk-out lower level
Brick patio and walkway, and a great spot for that out-
door kitchen
View this property at: www.315ridgeway.com
#3713 $499,900
Mike Daniels 916-0034
604 Pine Circle, Kohler
Totally renovated inside and outside
Open floor plan with spacious rooms
Kitchen designed to professional standards
2 Bedroom suites plus a guest suite
Ideal home for entertaining, expert design
Designer bath areas are amazing
Great porch, beautiful stone patio, gorgeous landscape
2 car attached garage
Home will appeal to the most discriminating buyer!
#3706 $495,000
Shari Jensen 459-1714
700 Treehouse Parkway, Kohler
Exclusive, Woodland North Subdivision
Private lot, deck overlooks wooded conservancy
Beautiful kitchen, cherry wood floors, granite, SS appliances
LR/w gas FP, vaulted ceiling, wall of built-ins
Superb view of back yard and deck
MBR suite, patio doors to deck, WIC, private bath
Den or possible third bedroom
Partially finished lower level, full bath
Oversized 3 car attached garage
View this property at: www.700treehousepkwy.com
#3710 $519,000
Mike Daniels 946-0034
1103 Aspen Rd, Kohler
5 Bedrooms & 5 bath areas
Great floor plan/open design
Main floor master suite
4 bedrooms on upper
Finished lower level
Very private yard, overlooks stables
Large deck and 2 car garage
View this property at: www.1103aspenrd.com
#3702 $419,900
Brian Homiston 889-9439
447 Hill St., Kohler
Spectacular addition with modern conveniences
Spacious kitchen open to dining room
Living room with gas fireplace flanked by cabinets
Pretty open staircase, stunning wood floors
Master bedroom suite with shower & claw foot tub
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths
Great patio, beautiful landscaped yard
#3735 $309,000
Shari Jensen 459-1714
755 Woodland Rd., Kohler
Designed for entertaining
Formal and informal living space
Living room, library, office
Formal dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
Family room with 2 sided gas fireplace
Kitchen features GE Monogram Series appliances
6 Burner gas range with double ovens
Professional grade range hood with warming rack
Butlers pantry w/60 bottle wine chiller
View this property at: www.755WoodlandRd.com
#3736 $659,000
Jim Schermetzler 912-1982
532 Pine Tree Rd, Kohler
4 bedroom, 3 bath area classic brick home
Formal living & dining rooms
Main floor family room w/fireplace
Beautiful cherry wood kitchen
Finished lower level rec room
Many updates, including new windows
Nice size yard and 2.5 car garage
#3671 $224,900
Kathy Nonhof 254-4784

Serving Plymouth & Chilton Communities

920-892-8324 1-866-267-8779

Compassionate Senior Assisted Living
At Libbys House everyone benefits from our
person-directed care, memory care programs and
daily therapeutic programming from educated and
compassionate caregivers.

Our beautiful homes offer spacious common areas,
gated courtyards, private rooms and suites with
private bathrooms and great views.

To learn more about our senior living options and
schedule a personal tour, please contact Tracy
Cinealis, Senior Living Director, at 920-946-8730.
2013 season
pass pricing
America announced its new Win-
ners Circle Member early season
pass pricing for the 2013 season. A
Winners Circle Member season
pass is available for $330 starting
at 9am on Friday, August 31
through Monday, December 31,
2012. In addition, this year all
Winners Circle Member season
pass prices include a special edi-
tion souvenir hat or visor, pre-
ferred parking during the AMA
SuperBike Doubleheader and
SCCA June Sprints, access to the
special season pass referral pro-
gram and an appreciation lunch
during the 50th Annual SCCA Na-
tional Championship Runoffs.
The 2013 season at Americas
National Park of Speed will be an
amazing, memorable year, and we
cannot forget our most valued
guests: our season pass holders,
said George Bruggenthies, Road
America president and general
manager. "We have listened to the
feedback that season pass holders
have provided previously and be-
lieve this season's pass prices pro-
vide exceptional value, and will
inspire people to join us for what
will certainly be an epic season of
incredible racing action. Race fans
need to act fast to become season
pass Winner's Circle Members be-
cause following the special early
purchase period, the season pass
will be then available for $450
from January 1 to May 19, 2013."
2013 event tickets will be avail-
able for purchase after December
1, 2012. To purchase season passes
or learn more about upcoming
events at Road America, please
visit Road America online at
www.roadamerica.com or call
800-365-RACE (7223).
6:30 to 11 oclock in the evening


and featuring special guest
Come out and show your school spirit!
The Kohler fifth grade class re-
ceived a generous donation of
$500 toward sponsorship of
a February outing to Trees
for Tomorrow, but they are
still in need of $1,500.
Last year, the fifth
graders traveled to Eagle, WI
to participate in winter educational
activities at the Trees for Tomor-
row facility.This year, 15 students,
along with two leaders, are hoping
to make a return trip. The dona-
tions will cover travel ex-
penses and partial cost of
the camp for three days and
two nights. Participating
students will be responsible
for a portion of the cost of the
camp. For more information, e-
mail Mr. Du Mez or call him at
Fifth graders still
seeking donations
for Trees for
Tomorrow trip
Great opportunities
await at Fall Follies
The word is out and invites are
in the mail for the Kohler School
Foundations sixth annual Fall Fol-
lies event on October 13, 2012 to
benefit Kohler Schools.
Once again, there will be won-
derful once in a lifetime opportuni-
ties to help your school and have to
some fun doing it. Among the
many items up for auction this
Six (6) Club Level Packer Tick-
Six (6) Notre Dame Football
Tickets with Stadium Parking
Brewers Tickets
Catered Events
Dinners, and
Items big and small that will be
up for grabs in both silent and
live auctions that evening.
Can't attend?! The Ultimate
Win/Win is the offering of 50/50
raffle tickets. Take your chances
and guarantee educational benefit
to our students. Tickets are $20 a
piece or $100 for six(6) tickets. to
To support the Foundation by pur-
chasing raffle tickets, email
The American Club will play
host to a community event wel-
coming all those that care about ed-
ucation. Plan a fun evening with
old friends and join together with
new friends for an evening of fun
and entertainment. Kick up your
heels with special DJ entertainment
featuring DJ Suga Ray.
Reservations, donations, and addi-
tional details may be made online at
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012
Building a TRADITION a WINNING Tradition!
Kohler Soccer Team - 1926
State Finalist 2009; Sectional Champion 2009
Regional Champion 2011; 10; 09; 08; 07;06
CLC Conference Champion 2011; 09; 08; 07
NSCAA Academic Award 2011; 10; 09, 08
Friday Night Lights Bomber Soccer
Kohler vs. Christian-Lutheran
Friday, September 28
Ebben Field
7:00 pm
Photos copyright Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association and Network Photos
Free Giveaways
Kids Scrimmage at Halftime
Come Join the Fun!!!
Wear your Kohler Soccer
Jersey Free Admission

Kohler Cub Scout pack #3831
will hold its first pack meeting on
September 20, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. in
the Kohler schools cafeteria. The
Cub Scouts are for boys in grades
Kohler Cub Scout pack to
hold first meeting
Interior and exterior homes. Can power wash and
seal or stain decks. Can stain doors or paint doors
and shutters. Free estimates. Very competitive
prices. Experienced. Len Hucke and Ed Thompson.
Starting Sunday, September 9,
2012, services at Bethany Lutheran
church in Kohler will begin at
10:00 a.m. with Sunday School
and Bible Study at 8:45 a.m.
Bethany worship
service time
change for fall
Golf club
A golf club was found on
Woodland Rd. in August and is
being held at the Kohler Police De-
partment until October 15. (Per
Village ordinance, items turned
into the KPD are kept for 60 days
before disposal).
Sue Breitbach Fenn Agency
3626 Erie Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53081
Bus: (920) 457-1950

YvIday, Sepenbev 2!s ~Sauvday, Sepenbev 22nd

RIvev Pavk Sheboygan YaIIs
LIve MusIc ~ SpecIaI Evens ~ Gvea Yood
Sli Oiie AaiaLe
Ci iee - We ae aig ca ci g ao a Liee aiciae L laig a Ll
ioe aooiia f ao eeaie, lie ioig le il a i aie e le
lei gaiai Peae cac ]eff Rai - -8- eai: effaiCleLgaac
- - A Mae - -88-8 eai: aaeCac
^o Covev Chavge
Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
: ]DRF RWa
:-: He-I-Oe
: C He
TED Kio Kaae
MaIn Ten ~ MaIn Sage
YvIday, Sepenbev 2!
: Pa Oe
:-8: Paic McCo
8:-: Oi Ca Ha
Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
:-: IC
:-: SaLe ]a
:-: Leacl E
:-8: Cfe
8:-: Tle T
Secondavy Ten
Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
He Ee Deai :-:
Wici Cea He
Ee Claege
Sauvday, Sepenbev 22
8:-: Pacae Eeafa
S Pa Me CL
:-: Eig
:-: Tle Kige

Sae le Dae
Leech Boys
Home Brew Demonstration
Wisconsin Central Lakeshore
Home Brew Challenge
5,000 sq. ft. warehouse
space available for lease
Located in Town of Sheboygan Business Park on Industrial Drive
5,000 Sq. ft. available for lease, with additional 5,000 sq. ft. if needed!
Perfect for light manufacturing/storage
State of the art construction
Loading dock included
Available mid to late October
Contact Tom Valicenti
The Friends of the Sheboygan
Falls Memorial Library would like
to extend their most sincere thanks
and appreciation to all those in
Kohler who have for many years
donated their used books and mag-
azines. Please know that your gen-
erosity is greatly appreciated and
the good news is that all money
generated from these sales goes di-
rectly to the Sheboygan Falls Li-
brary for their use in purchasing
new books, magazines, DVDs,
etc., to be placed on the shelves for
your reading and enjoyment. Thank
you again...and keep them coming!
Friends of
Sheboygan Falls
library extend thanks
toward Kohler donors
Gregory Suralik was honored
for achieving the rank of Eagle
Scout of the Boy Scouts of Amer-
ica at a Court of Honor held at the
Waelderhaus in Kohler on August
26, 2012. Scoutmaster Mike Baka
of Kohler Boy Scout Troop 831
conducted the ceremony. Greg had
been elevated to the rank of Eagle
Scout at a Board of Review that
took place in January 2012.
Gregs Eagle Scout project ben-
efited Safe Harbor of Sheboygan.
The project turned two underuti-
lized rooms into a clothing stor-
age/dressing room for clients and a
storage room for supplies and edu-
cational materials. Shelving was
constructed and installed, and all
clothing, office supplies and
brochures were organized. The
project involved planning,
fundraising and supervising volun-
teers, and was accomplished dur-
ing March through August 2011.
Greg has been a member of
Troop 831 since 5th grade and has
been involved in scouting since
age 6. He is a member of the Order
of the Arrow. Greg is the son of
John and Margaret Suralik of
Greg Suralik
achieves Eagle
Scout ranking
Greg Suralik
SEPTEMBER 15, 2012
The American Club Resort
a KOHLER experience
Exhibit: Ron Isaacs: Keeping
Through October 7, 2012
ARTspace A Gallery of the John
Michael Kohler Arts Center
Kentucky artist Ron Isaacs creates
elegant works of art that, at first glance,
appear to be assemblages of vintage
garments, natural forms, and/or daily
life objects. A master of trompe loeil,
Isaacs compositions are actually
constructed of numerous pieces of
Finnish birch wood, which are then
deftly painted in acrylic to mimic a
variety of materials.
Heal Your Life - Group Reiki Session
September 18, and 25, 4-5pm, $20
UW instructor and Reiki
Master/Teacher John Oestreicher will
offer a group Reiki Healing Session.
This service provides a powerful
session that promotes healing; is
affordable and has the ability to help
many people at the same time. Any
size group can benefit, from two people
to one-hundred. This session is
designed to encourage healing for any
moderate to severe health issues
including cancer and fibromyalgia.
Reservation only. Call 920-946-0363 to
Wine and Cheese Sale
September 21 and 22
Woodlake Market
Visit Woodlake Market and find many
special offers on wine and specialty
For more information, pricing details
and to register call Sports Core at
920-457-4444 and Yoga on the Lake
at 920-453-2817.
Sports Core Schedule of Special
Events & Classes
Tiny Tot Kamps: September 18,
Practice Dance Party: September 26,
Kids Zumba: September 28, 4-4:40pm
DJ Dance Crew: Wednesdays,
September12-October 10 and/or
November 7-December 12, 3:15-
Sports Core Special Offers
Take 5 Caf: Enjoy free small popcorn
with any smoothie purchase. Offer valid
September 1-30.
Pro Shop: Anniversary Special Enjoy
33% off on September 8 and 9.
*Excludes lululemon
SALON: Cut-A-Thon. Join Salon at
Sports Core for the fight against breast
cancer. Sunday, September 30. 11am-
Kick off Breast Cancer awareness with
our annual Cut-A-Thon. For one day
only, Salon at Sports Core will offer $10
haircuts (styling not included), $5
fingernail polish change and $5 on-site
chair massages provided by Kohler
Waters Spa. Walk-ins are welcome, so
bring the entire family. Open to the
public. Locks of love donations are
encouraged. Please call to book an
appointment. All proceeds will benefit
the Sheboygan County Cancer Care
Yoga on the Lake Schedule of
Special Events & Classes
Koha Flying Yoga with Sara Laimon:
September 16, 2-4pm, $25
Restorative and Gentle Yoga with
McManus Alie: September 21, 6-8pm,
Hips and Shoulders with McManus
Alie: September 22, 10:30am - 1pm,
Restorative Yoga, Essential Breath
Work, Meditation with McManus Alie:
September 22, 4-6pm, $30
Inversions and Spinal Twists with Alie
McManus: September 23, 10:30am-
1pm, $30
Introduction to Mudras with Katie
Presutti: September 28, 5:30-6:45pm,
KOHLER, Wis. The celebrated
Kohler Food & Wine Experience
returns with a showcase of
celebrity chefs, restaurateurs and
wine, beer & spirit experts that
will partake in the flavorful four-
day festival on October 18-21,
2012. More than 8,000 culinary
enthusiasts will mix with epi-
curean experts during interactive
seminars, cooking demonstrations,
wine tastings, and signature events
all set at The American Club Re-
sort, one of only 36 hotels world-
wide to be rated both Forbes
Five-Star and AAA Five-Dia-
This years top chef masters to
headline the Stella Artois Main
Stage and the weekends signature
events include Food Network star
Anne Burrell, Americas Test
Kitchen host and author Christo-
pher Kimball, host of Lidias Italy
and best-selling author Lidia Bas-
tianich and Chicagos Tony Man-
tuano, author, owner & head chef
of Spiaggia.
The resort hosts a fine mix of
celebrity presenters and wine ex-
perts that converge for one spirited
weekend in the charming Village
of Kohler to share their passion for
food, wine and fun. The event is a
lively showcase of culinary-
themed seminars and special
events that are not only educa-
tional in nature but more impor-
tantly entertaining, said The
American Club Resort Executive
Chef Richard Boyer.
Highlights for this years
Kohler Food & Wine Experience
include the annual Chefs Chal-
lenge, Taste of the Vine, and Feast
of Talent evening events where
guests are likely to meet and min-
gle with the headlining presenters.
New to this years line-up are
unique opportunities to experience
Port wine paired with unexpected
ingredients at the Port & Choco-
late seminar featuring Kohler
Original Recipe Chocolates
Chocolatier Peter Clemens and
Port & Cookies seminar hosted by
Kohlers own pastry chef Richard
Palm. The Pig Cheese Cocktail
makes its return after last years
debut and to stir-it-up; this years
sprightly Shake & Stir Party is a
NAwlins-themed cocktail celebra-
Tickets are now available for
the 12th annual Kohler Food &
Wine Experience at KOHLER-
foodandwine.net or 1-800-344-
2838. Ticketed event prices start at
$26.25 and many events and tast-
ings are complimentary. Hotel
packages with special event access
are available starting at $581 per
For reservations, please call
800-344-2838 or visit
www.AmericanClub.com for more
information. Stay up to date on spa
news and happenings on
facebook.com/americanclub and
Its going to be a
good year!
Anne Burrell, Lidia Bastianich, Christopher
Kimball, Tony Mantuano to headline 12th
Annual Kohler Food & Wine Experience, Oc-
tober 18-21
Eileen Fisher, a brand known
for beautifully simple clothes, is
partnering with specialty stores
across the U.S. for its first-ever
LIVE LIFE LOCAL event on Sat-
urday, September 15. The event
seeks to promote the shop-local
movement and support small busi-
ness owners who helped give the
Eileen Fisher brand its start. The
event will also introduce cus-
tomers to leadership programs in
their communities. KACIA, at the
Shops at Woodlake, in Kohler has
signed on to participate. KACIA
will be offering 15% off any full-
priced Eileen Fisher clothing dur-
ing the event.
Designer Eileen Fisher cares
deeply about the independent busi-
ness owners who carry her collec-
tion. I'm grateful that boutique
owners took a chance on my vision
when I got my start" says Fisher.
"Eight boutiques bought the col-
lection at the first trade show I par-
ticipated in. They gave me great
feedback and helped me deepen
and grow. Personally I love seeing
the collection in a boutique setting
mixed with other brands. That's
when things get really creative.
KACIA , which is celebrating it's
25th year in business, started car-
rying Eileen Fisher when they first
opened in 1987.
KACIA has enjoyed carrying
Eileen Fisher clothing, which fits
in perfectly with KACIA'S philos-
ophy of 'meeting the needs of
every woman', and have clothing
that marries simple, versatile lines
with beautiful and quality fabrics,
and blend trends and timelessness,
to help create a wardrobe for the
modern woman.
Please visit KACIA at
www.Kaciakohler.com, and friend
KACIA on facebook to see the
weekly update on new arrivals.
Dont miss LIVE LIFE LOCAL event
on September 15 at KACIA!
Guests enjoy Kohler Food & Wine Experience
Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

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