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Congratulations on your purchase of the new Sabrent eSATNUSB 2.0 Hard Drive

Enclosure! The enclosure provides a secure and lightweight method of transporting

and transferring large quantities of data at tho fast USB 2.0 speeds, while still being reverse compatible with USB 1.1. Your computer will quickly detect and configure the connected Hard D rive (Plug & Play) via the USB connection, with no need to restart

Transfer interface

USB 2.0 (Reverse compatible with U SB 1.1) for IDE orSATAHDD eSATA is available for SATA Drives only. Up 1o 4BOMbps(USB 2.0) 3.5 " -40-65't

Transfer rate
Supported HOD Work temperature Worl< humidity


the computer. Blazing USB 2.0 speeds of up lo 4BOMbps allow you lo effortlessly run

files directly from your hard drive, such as. songs, videos, and databases. The
aluminum casing effectively dissipates heat, and its compact sleek design makes for a great travel companion!

B% - 90%

Storage humidity Operating System

Windows 2000/ XPNISTN? ; MAC OS X



System Requirements

1. Open the retail package and remove the Hard Drive Enclosure. 2 . Insert the Hard Drive into the Case. 3. For IDE Hard Drives, you may need to set the jumper settings to MASTER ONLY (If you are unsure of how to do that, contact the Hard Drive manufacturer for detailed instructions). 4 . Tighten the screws to secure the Hard D rive to the base. 5. Connect the AC power adapter to the wall and the Endosure. 6. Tum on the switch to ON. 7. Connect the USB cable to a n available USB port on the computer.

At this pont the Hard Drive is completely installed. No Software or Drivers are needed
to complete the connection. The Hard Drtve Enclosure should appear in Device

3.5"1DE orSATA hard dnve

+ Available USB Port. + (Reverse compatible wilh USB 1.1 ports al reduced speeds)
Operaling Systems: Windows 2000/XPNISTA/7; MAC OS X

Manager under the universal Serial Bus Controllers as use Mass Storage (There
should be no error icon: '?' or'!' ) and the Hard Drive shoukt a ppear n COMPUTER" as a new Drive Letter. If the HardOrive is brand new you may need to first format it to make the Drive letter appea r. Right-dick on MY COMPUTER,Select MANAGE, Go to D ISK MANAGEMENT,


go to the drive information in the Right column and Rig ht.click on the drive to Initial ize,
Partition, Assign Drive letter and Format. We recomme nd the NTFS file system. At this point you should get the Drive letter In MY COMPUTER. For Installation issues, please contact Support@Sabrent.com