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Table 1: TOWS Matrix - Company

Internal STRENGTHS (S): 1. Proactive in adopting defined social, ethical and environmental policies. WEAKNESSES (W):


Inconsistency in corporate culture

transference to emerging markets could lead to corruption/ethics violations. 2. Continuing budget strain from declining sales could lead to unit/employee corner cutting.


Eager to regain public trust.

3. Investing in single-system technology (SAP) to allow cross-unit sharing of data make auditing more efficient & effective.


OPPORTUNITIES (O): 1. Call for greater transparency & disclosure of business practices.

SO Expand to even broader GRI reporting (S1, S2, S3, O1, O2) Expand health education initiatives in developing countries. (S1, S2, O3) Invest in initiatives in developing countries to improve availability and quality of healthcare systems. (S1, S2, O3)

WO Initiate broader internal training and accountability programs that educate foreign colleagues on the impacts of transparent and compliant business policies on corporate performance in a global market. (W1, W2, O1, O2).


Convergence of multiple

stakeholder interests in social accountability 3. Access to healthcare expanding globally

Assign senior executive position with operational and reporting responsibility and accountability for Product and Social aspects in emerging markets. (W1, W2, O1, O2)

Further initiatives to measure and mitigate environmental impacts of operations and products. (S1, S2, O2)

Report total number of incidents of noncompliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning product and service information, labeling and corruption/ethics violations, as well as actions taken to correct. (S1, S2, O1, O2)

THREATS (T): 1. Increasing governmental regulations. 2. Varying degrees of human rights issues across countries.

ST Take lead with advancing human rights initiatives in markets where operate (S1, T2) Enforce high standards in labor practices and ethical policies with suppliers in all countries. (S1, T3, T4, T5) Utilize new technology to improve internal and supplier auditing for

WT Step-up emerging market colleaguetraining efforts in ethics, compliance and regulatory governance. (W1, W2, T1) Place US Executives in emerging markets to speed US-ethical culture diffusion. (W1, T1)


Labor policies & practices differ

across countries. 4. Variability in supplier social/ethical policies across international markets. 5. Continuing global economic crisis could

lead to suppliers cutting corners on social KPIs.

adherence to social, ethical and environmental policies. (S1, S2, S3, T1, T4, T5)

SO Strategies: How can the client best employ its strengths to take advantage of the opportunities in front of it? WO Strategies: How can the client use opportunities to overcome the weaknesses? ST Strategies: How can the client use its strengths to avoid threats? WT Strategies: How can the client minimize its weaknesses and manage the threats?