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Production Schedule: LL Productions Process Production Schedule Group Blog Manager Personal Blog Company Name and Logo

Group Member Roles Brainstorm Pitch Genre Research Short Film Analysis Research 180 Degree Rule, Match on Action, Shot Types Facebook Group Twitter Account Representation Medium Word Time Taken 45m Date Individual

11/06/12 Jaspreet


Ongoing Ongoing


Blogspot.com Discussion/Meeting/Photoshop


Jaspreet, 1hr45m 11/06/12 Ahmed & Sharna 30m 11/06/12 Jaspreet

Blog post

Bubbl.us Powerpoint/Slideshare Word/Internet Youtube/Internet/Word/Powerpoint


12/06/12 Jaspreet

1hr20m 13/06/12 Jaspreet 1hr20m 18/06/12 Sharna 2hrs 18/06/12 Individual

Internet/Powerpoint/Word/Slideshare/Youtube 1hr10m 18/06/12 Jaspreet

Internet Internet Powerpoint/Slideshare

10m 10m 1hr

11/06/12 Ahmed 11/06/12 Sharna 25/06/12 Sharna

Treatment Planning Brief Target Audience Socio-Economic Groups BBFC Synopsis

Word/Scribd Word/Scribd Powerpoint/slideshare Word/Scribd

1hr30m 25/06/12 Sharna 1hr30m 26/06/12 Jaspreet 1hr 45m 26/06/12 Jaspreet 27/06/12 Jaspreet

Word/Scribd Word/Scribd/Powerpoint

45m 45m 1hr 1hr

27/06/12 Ahmed 02/07/12 Sharna 02/07/12 Ahmed 03/07/12 Jaspreet

Narrative Theory Word/Scribd Uses and Gratification Prezi/Powerpoint

Prequestionnaire Word/Scribd Prequestionnaire Word/Scribd Graphs 1st Draft of Script 2nd Draft of Script Location/ Costume / Prop/ Cast notes Shooting Script Letter of Permission Word/Scribd Word/Scribd


03/07/12 Sharna

1hr25m 04/07/12 Sharna

1hr30m 04/07/12 Jaspreet 1hr 06/07/12 Jaspreet


45m each

06/07/12 Jaspreet, 07/07/12 Sharna & 08/07/12 Ahmed

Word/Scribd Word/Scribd

1hr20m 09/07/12 Ahmed 30m 11/07/12 Sharna

Analysis of Credit Sequence and Title Sequence Health & Safety Score Notes Location Release Forms Actor Release Forms Budget Storyboard Equipment List Weekly Updates Recce Pictures Fonts Used SWAT Analysis



13/07/12 Jaspreet

Word/Powerpoint Word/Scribd Word/Scribd

1hr10m 14/07/12 Sharna 1hr 30m 16/07/12 Ahmed 16/07/12 Sharna



16/07/12 Jaspreet

Excel Paper Word/Powerpoint Blog-post Powerpoint/Slideshare Prezi/Powerpoint Word/Scribd


18/07/12 Ahmed

2hr30m 22/07/12 Ahmed 30m Ongoing Ongoing 1hr 1hr 23/07/12 Sharna On-going On-going Jaspreet Sharna

25/07/12 Jaspreet 25/07/12 Sharna


Film Date 1 Film Date 2 Shot List Log Rushes Edit Decision List Create DVD Postquestionnaire Postquestionnaire Graphs Directors Journal Camerapersons Journal Editors Journal Ancillary Task

4-6 hrs 1-3hrs

03/09/12 Jaspreet & Sharna 03/09/12

1hr30m 03/09/12 Ahmed 1hr20m 10/09/12 Ahmed 1hr30m 11/09/12 Ahmed

30m 1hr

20/09/12 Ahmed 22/09/12 Sharna




1hr30 1hr30

28/09/12 Jaspreet 28/09/12 Sharna


28/09/12 Ahmed

5-10hrs 29/09/12 Individual