Open  Data  Site  Generations  
This  table  defines  a  technology  independent  series  of  generations  for  open  data  sites  based  on  increasing   sophistication  and  functionality.  Specific  open  data  sites  may  exhibit  cross-­‐generational  characteristics.    



1st  Gen  

2nd  Gen  

3rd  Gen  

4th  Gen  

5th  Gen  

Data  index   Structured     data  index  
‘Random’  data   sets,  those  that   agencies  can   release  fast   Format  of   original  data   Some  selected   datasets,  most   remain  ‘random’   datasets   Some  standard   web  formatting   (RDF,  ATOM)  

Standardised   Data  community   Integrated  data   data  index   platform  
At  least  50  per  cent   of  datasets  selected   and  planned  for   release   50  per  cent  web   format,  some  in   multiple  formats   Most  open  licenses   Agency  workflows   automated,  some   FOI  integration   Semi-­‐automated   apps/site  listing   public  ratings,   comments   Ability  to  sort  and   filter  data   Basic  charting  and   mapping   Co-­‐ordinated  releases  by   topics  across  agencies.   Some  non  government   data  sets     Most  in  standard  web   format,  some  auto   conversion   Standard  open  licenses   Cross-­‐jurisdictional   platform.  Release   schedule.  Public  can   upload/  share  own  sets   Web  format  with  auto   conversion   Standard  open  licenses  


License   Requests  

Default  licensing   Some  open   licenses   Email  or  basic   form.   No  workflow   No  listings   Manual  workflow   with  some  site   mgr.  interaction   Manual  listing  of   sites  or  apps   created  with  open   data   None   None   Raw  data  only,   formatting  by   destination  site  

Automated  FOI  workflow,   Fully  automated  and   data  request  voting,   transparent  process,  with   workflow  transparency   custom  alerts   Collaboration  to     co-­‐develop  apps,     data  competition  mgmt.   functionality   Mash-­‐ups,  correction,   conversion  by  public   Can  request  advanced   visualisations   Collaboration  to     co-­‐develop  apps,  data   competition  mgmt.   functionality   Mash-­‐up  submission  as   datasets  by  public   Advanced  charting  and   time  series  visualisation  


Manipulation   None   Visualisation   Embedding  
None   Raw  data  only,   formatting  by   destination  site   Media  releases   Little  or  none  

Embed  data  tables  in   Create  and  embed  custom   Create/embed  data  mash-­‐ other  sites   data  views   ups  and  visualisations  

Engagement   Discussion  

Some  social  media     Some  social  media  &   Alerts  and  groups  by  data   Alerts  and  groups  by  data   release  alerts   topic   topic  and  agency   Site  comments,   limited  site  mgr.   involvement     Tags,  comments  by   Rating  by  dataset,  active   dataset,  active  mgr.   mgr.  &  agency   involvement   involvement   Tags,  etc.  by  dataset  and   agency.  Inter-­‐agency  and   private  discussions  
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