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3 Day Program on:

Professional Media Sales Training

Using a Consultative/ Relationship building approach enabling Lifetime Customers!

The Objective of the Professional Media Sales Training program offered by The conSELLtant is to ensure a thorough understanding & importance of the sales process by using a consultative approach and building on customer relationships, while enabling one to become more professional & successful in a sales role, while looking at Customer Retention on a long term. The program is suitable for anyone relatively new to selling, as well as, the more experienced ones, who wish to refresh or fine tune their existing skills in line with todays need for a more consultative or relationship building approach. The program using a very practical approach covers right from the difference between hard sell & consultative approach, through the buying & selling process, through the core part of the sessioni.e.; the 6 steps of a professional call, covering right from the preparation stage through the close, including steps to retain the customer. At the end of the program participants would have gained a full understanding of both the buying & selling processes including the importance of being well organized. And most importantly over the period of the course, participants would have worked through the six step sales process, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their selling skills are developed & reinforced; while also working on selling (their own) products/services, making the role-plays very realistic & practical.

Course Content:
The Individual-You! -Duties & Responsibilities of a Professional Media Sales Person
Key Attributes of a Professional Sales Representative/ Tele Caller -Self Confidence vs Self Esteem!

-Relationship/Consultative Selling Approach-Its importance in todays competitive world! -The Buying/Sales Process. -Behavioral Analysis-Understanding Self & Others -Identifying & Dealing with different buyers -How & Why people buy

The Media The Marketing Mix Promotion/ Advertising Types of Advertising-Creative/ Directive Evaluating/ Understanding Strengths & Weaknesses of various Advertising Media The basic requirements for a good advertising medium Media Mix Why people Advertise? The 3 Ps Understanding the Customer Cycle-Known, Unknown Market & Lost Customers Attract Buyers, I nterest Buyers, Convince Buyers, Prompt Buyers to take action Visual Impact Groups of Buyers-RASPF/ NEDICT

The Sales Call-On Phone/ Person -Pre Call-Account Preparation & Planning -Physical/Mental, Self Preparation -Approach-Phone/In person -Telephone Skills & Manners -Fact Finding-the Art of Questioning/ Effective Listening -Proving Value -Recommendation/Presenting the Solution -Use of Visual Aids -Features vs. Benefits-Selling Benefits! -Handling Customer Concerns/Objections -Gaining a Commitment/ Closing with Confidence -Getting the most of your Telemarketing Voice -Importance of Collecting your Money while yet Keeping the Customer.

Skills Practice -Important videos would be shown to reiterate the above principles at each step of the sale -Several exercises -Role Plays at each stage (Mock calls to build confidence)

How the course works: The approach used would be more of a SEE & REMEMBER, along with DO & UNDERSTAND, using audio-visuals, video clippings, exercises & role-plays at every stage, with an opportunity for each participant to do a complete mock call by the close of session. Participants are provided a full understanding of both the buying & selling processes and the importance of being well organized. Over the period of the course, participants work through the 6 step sales process, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their selling skills are developed & reinforced. During the course they work on selling their own services, making the role-plays realistic & practical

Fees: The fees would be as follows: For each days session (Timings from 9-30 to 5-30) our fee would be at a special fee of Rs.24, 000/- (our normal fee per day is 28,000/- per day) at your venue, for any number. But in order for this to be productive we recommend that the batch does not exceed 30 max. Service tax extra as applicable. (Our Service Tax No: CTC/Chennai-II/309STC) Notes/ sheets would be provided at a reduced rate of 75/- per participant Certificates to each participant on completion of the program could be arranged for @ 60 per participant 75% of the amount is payable upfront with the balance on completion of the session. All payments in favour of: Collection Skills payable at Chennai Should the program be held out of Chennai, then to & fro fare along with board & lodge expenses would be applicable. This proposal would hold good & be valid for a period of 3 months only. Infrastructure & Arrangements: As for most of the sessions we would be using our laptop, we would require the following: LCD with Screen White board with markers/ duster Flip charts -about 15 per day Sketch pens- at least 10 pens (1 for each group) Sound System to be connected to the laptop, as we would be showing a few movies to reiterate key points Participants can bring a notepad & pen only Timings for breaks: 15 min between 10-45 to 11-00am Lunch break about 45 min 15 min between 3-45 to 4-00 pm

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