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Are your Sales Personnel ready to handle Customers for the coming Festive Season?

Equip your Sales Personnel NOW with the Skills to WIN & KEEP Customers coming back for more! With our 3-Day Master

Program on:

Retail Selling & Customer Service Skills

Retail in Detail
Program suitable for Jewellery, Automobiles, Luxury Products, Arts & Crafts, Fashion & Clothing etc
Facilitated by Leading Corporate Trainer: Gerard Assey, CMC, FInstSMM (UK) from India

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This Retail Selling & Customer Service Skills Program-Retail in Detail is a very comprehensive 3-Day workshop, covering each step of the Retail Sales Process & crucial Customer Service Skills in detail, and is aimed at all retail sales/counter, customer service & shop floor staff, supervisors/team leaders & their managers! Pl see: www.RetailSalesTraining.in, www.SalesTrainingIndia.com, www.Sales-Training.in for feedback/ comments from our past participants As Carl Steidtmann, Director & Chief Economist of PricewatehouseCoopers, says, retailers must be customer-focused, not product-focused if they are to create a retailing experience that is enjoyable for shoppers and encourages them to return to those retailers in the future. Close attention to customer service will help keep the retailers eye on the consumer.
This program is a must for all Retail Sales/Counter, Customer Service & Shop Floor staff, Supervisors/Team leaders & their Managers who are keen on creating a retailing experience that is enjoyable by encouraging customers to return in the future!

Contents of the program

v Developing the right attitude/mental preparation/personality v P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L S-K-I-L-L-S v Personal Grooming -Personal Hygiene -First Impressions -Dressing 4Success! v Business Etiquette -Introducing Self & Others/ Greeting People/ Handshaking -Rank, Status, Titles & Forms of address v v v v v v v The buying /Sales Process How & Why people buy What makes someone buy from a particular Salesperson/Company? Relationship! Understanding & Identifying different buyer types & consumer lifestyles! Special characteristics that distinguishes retailing from other types of business! What makes retail shoppers tick! Components of a great retail image! Attraction factors- attracting customers to the store!

v The S-A-L-E Strategy- Separating the real buyers from the just lookers -Stop -Ask -Listen -Empathize, Enthuse, Explain & Engage! v The G-U-E-S-T Plan to Selling! -Greeting Customers (First & positive impressions! establishing trust & value!) -Uncovering needs (Understanding & fulfilling the needs) -Explaining the product/service/Painting a mental picture! (Selling benefits) -Solving customer concerns/objections -Techniques to help the customer to buybecause people, hate being sold! v v v v v v v v v v v v v v Selling to the opposite sex! Maximizing sales opportunities (Add-on selling, Up selling & Cross selling) Customer Follow up/ Referrals etc Why retail sales are lost And how to avoid them! Tactics to avoid common customer complaints about retailers! Factors consumers use to determine service quality Understanding the Customer Cycle-Present, Potential, and Lost Customers Are Nice Customers ruining YOUR business? A Complaint is a gift!! Welcome it! Why Nice customers dont complain-they just move away! A Process for Handling Complaints/Angry customers. Understanding the LIFE TIME VALUE of Customers! The C-A-R-E Principle! A Six-Step Approach for close attention to customer service that will help keep the retailers eye on the consumer, to create an enjoyable experience and help the customer return! v A Master Plan for Success!

How the course works: The approach used would be more of a SEE & REMEMBER, along with DO & UNDERSTAND, using audio-visuals, video clippings, exercises & role-plays. About 5 to 6 videos related to the Retail sector at various stages would be shown to reinstate the above points. Participants are provided a full understanding of both the buying & selling processes together with overall moulding them into a Customer friendly team while stressing the importance of being well organized. Over the period of the course participants work through the 6 step sales process, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their selling skills are developed & reinforced. During the course they work on selling their automobiles, making the role-plays realistic & practical _ Remember: The more they train, the more you gain _____________________________________________________________________
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