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Workshop Submission - IFOMPT 2012 : Satisfying the evolving role of physiotherapists in knowledge translation using an international physiotherapy specific

a) Title and names of Contributors Satisfying the evolving role of physiotherapists in knowledge translation using an international physiotherapy specific wiki Rachael Lowe b) Contact details of the convenor to include: i. Full name, degree credentials, organisation/institution, city and country Rachael Lowe, BSc (Hons) MCSP, Physiopedia, UK ii. E-mail, work telephone, fax number, mailing address lowe.rachael@gmail.com +447772018975 7 The Maltings Cerne Abbas Dorchester Dorset DT2 7JE UK c) Fit with Conference programme track(s) and topic areas Theme: Knowledge Translation Program Track: Global Issues in Manual Therapy d) Relevance to IFOMPT, expected target audience and level of learning [75 words] This workshop will allow members of the international manual therapy community to understand the evolving role that they can play in openly translating knowledge into practice and give them the skills to do this using the international collaborative physiotherapy wiki, Physiopedia. It is targeted towards academics, researchers, and clinicians who are interested in finding new and innovative methods of translating evidence into clinical practice. e) Session format of the workshop outlining which of the following components will be utilised throughout the session, e.g. technique, skills, demonstration, hands on practice, lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, evidence in practice applied. This session will educate participants on new and innovative methods to translate physiotherapy knowledge into clinical practice in a universally accessible way. Through hands on experience it will give participants the skills to contribute physiotherapy knowledge in an open format. It will involve demonstrations and hands on practice of contributing knowledge to online resources. The session will involve: 1. introductory lecture on knowledge translation and new and innovative ways to translate knowledge into clinical practice, including via Physiopedia (15mins) 2. demonstration and hands on practice of editing Physiopedia (40mins) 3. demonstration and hands on practice of contributing knowledge to Physiopedia (40mins) 4. interactive discussion relating to how Physiopedia could evolve to facilitate knowledge translation (15mins) 5. questions and further discussion (10mins)

N.B. This workshop will require a computer lab and reliable Internet connection.

f) Maximum number of attendees Maximum number of attendees = 20 people (also depends on size of computer lab) This workshop could be repeated if demand requires. g) Abstract summarising the workshop including a statement re research/evidence based approach to the session. This will be included in the Conference proceedings and should be structured using the following headings: i. Title Satisfying the evolving role of physiotherapists in knowledge translation using an international physiotherapy specific wiki ii. Authors Rachael Lowe iii. Learning objectives (up to 3) 1. To understand the evolving role of physiotherapists in knowledge translation 2. To be able to confidently edit and add knowledge to Physiopedia 3. To understand the importance of open access to knowledge iv. Evidence Nicole Robinson Ian D. Graham, Jo Logan, Margaret B. Harrison, Sharon E. Straus, Jacqueline Tetroe, Wenda Caswell. Lost In Knowledge Translation: Time For A Map? Journal of Continuing Education. 2006; 6(1):13 Patrick Michel Archambaul. WikiBuild: A New Application to Support Patient and Health Care Professional Involvement in the Development of Patient Support Tools. Journal of medical Internet research. 2011;13(4):e114 Rebecca Armstrong, Elizabeth Waters, Belinda Crockett, Helen Keleher. The nature of evidence resources and knowledge translation for health promotion practitioners. 2007;Health promotion international. 22(3):254-60

v. Summary Recent advances in technology have presented us with new methods for translating evidence into clinical practice. One important aspect of this is the ability for physiotherapists to share knowledge in an open and accessible way. If knowledge is shared in this way physiotherapists can get involved in quickly translating knowledge into action. The open physiotherapy specific wiki, Physiopedia, allows physiotherapists to perform this new role in collaboration with the international physiotherapy community. vi. Implications/Conclusions A trustworthy centre to access valid and up to date information for patients and clinicians is essential. The evolving role of physiotherapists to get involved in the knowledge translation process online will not only help to build this centre but also will reduce the time it takes to get evidence into practice. vii. Key words (up to 3) Knowledge Translation; Physiopedia; Open Access. viii. Funding acknowledgements Physiopedia is funded by donations from the physiotherapy community h) Abbreviated CV of the organiser

i. Name and Country of origin Rachael Lowe, UK ii. Academic Credentials BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy iii. Positions/Appointments Founding Director Physiopedia (www.physio-pedia.com) Director Webducate (www.webducate.net) iv. Teaching/Presentations Lowe, R. Physiopedia - an online challenge for physiotherapy. CSP Congress, Liverpool, UK, Oct 2009. Robertson, E. Lowe, R., The Next Textbook: An International Collaborative Wiki. APTA Annual Conference, Boston, USA, June 2010. Lowe, R. Physiopedia Opportunities for Education and CPD. CSP Congress, Liverpool, Oct 2010. Lowe, R. eCPD Sink or Swim? CSP Congress, Liverpool, Oct 2010 (invited speaker). Lonneman, E., Lowe, R., Robertson, E. Connecting the Classroom and the Clinic. CSM, New Orleans, USA, Feb 2011. Lowe, R., Pakenham Walsh, N., Eriksson, L., Harvey, L., Mutimura, E. Can new information technologies add value to physical therapy practice and outcomes? World Physical Therapy Congress, Amsterdam, Holland, June 2011 (invited panellist). Lowe, R. Physiopedia An International Collaborative Project for the Physiotherapy Profession. World Physical Therapy Congress, Amsterdam, Holland, June 2011. v. Publications n/a vi. Research Information (interests, grants) n/a vii. Professional Practice Rachael works independently as a specialist in providing technology solutions to the physiotherapy profession. She is an experienced physiotherapist with clinical experience from a variety of settings in the NHS and private practice both in the UK and overseas. Rachael now primarily works as an elearning specialist at Webducate managing their health care projects. She also works closely with physiotherapists to provide appropriate solutions for effective integration of web technology into clinical situations, education, research and business. Rachael is also the Founding Director of Physiopedia.

viii. Memberships/Honours Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Member of the Health Professions Council Member of the Physiotherapy Board of Australia