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Not to be used for real world flight planning

Filling a Ryanair Loadsheet

In this small tutorial I will try to learn you, how to fill properly the Ryanair loadsheet.

In this example we are going to take the flight FR514 from STN to DIN with aircraft EI-EFL. On our flight we will have 172 passengers and the breakdowwn is as follow The bloc fuel will be 6 200 Kg and trip fuel 2 300 Kg

Adults 158 Childs 14 Infant 0 Bags 62

1) The banner

Aircraft reg : Simply insert your registration like EI-EFL Flight number : Its your flight number with IATA format FR 514 Station : Its your departure station STN Destination : Its your destination DIN Crew : The standard crew is 2/4 Date : The date of the flight

2) Calculate your operating weight

APS weight : The standard APS weight is 42 485.6 (its the weight of the aircraft with the crew) As we have a standard crew (2/4) we can switch immediatly to the dry operating weight (DOW) boxes. As we didnt apply any corrections our DOW is 42 485.6 Our take-off fuel (TOF) is Bloc fuel - taxi fuel = 6200 - 150 = 6050 Kg Now we have to convert this value with a decimal, so on the pink paper the closest value for our adjusted take off fuel is 5999.8. We are now able to calculate our Operating weight : DOW + TOF = 42485.6 + 5999.8 = 48 485.4

3) Operational limit

In maximum In maximum In maximum

Zero Fuel (MZFW) insert 61 688 Kg Take off (MTOW) insert 74 990 Kg landing (MLAW) insert 65 317 Kg

Those values are standards.

Now we are going to calculate our 3 limitations at the Zero fuel weight, Take off weight and landing weight to now our allowed traffic load ( pax+bags+cargo) In front of the take-off fuel boxes insert you TOF which was 6050 Kg And add your MZFW to your TOF 61688+6050 = 67 738kg In front of the trip fuel boxes insert you trip fuel which was 2300 Kg And add your MLAW to your trip fuel 65317 + 2300 = 67617 Kg Below the arrow of Take off insert you MTOW 74 990 kg Now you have 3 lines (a) 67 738 (b) 74 990 and (c)67 617 You need to keep the lowest of those 3 values which is (c) 67 617Kg. This mean that the most restrictive weight is our landing weight. Now to know your allowed traffic load simply substract value (c) and your operating weight : 67 617 - 48 485 = 19 132. Today we will be able to carry on 19 132 Kg of payload ( this include passengers, bags and cargo)

4) Load distribution

As we had seen earlier we have 158 adults, 14 childs and 62 bags The Ryanair rule to load bags is quiete easy : The first 160 bags in FWD hold 2, then up to 30 bags in FWD hold1, if you still have bags load the AFT hold 3 (almost 180 bags) and to finished the AFT hold 4. So for our flight today we will only load the FWD hold2. You now can fill boxes in front of Adults pax (158), Childs pax (14) and FWD hold 2 (62) This part was easy, isnt it?

5) Load calculation

Adult : You need to find on the pink paper the equivalent weight of 158 adults. Simply cross the line 150 and the column 8 in the adult diagram and read the value 13269.7 and report this value in your boxes Child: Its the same but you need to take the child diagram and to cross the line 10 and column 4 and read 490.0. Report this value in your boxes FWD 2 : the same but for bags. You need to read your value in the diagram Forward hold 2 and to cross line 60 and column 2 and read 810.3. Report this value in your boxes Now add those 3 values to calculate your payload 14 570 Kg. Do you remember our calculation of our Allowed traffic load ? The maximum load was 19 132 Kg and we have a load of 14 570 Kg. Thats fine.

Below the load line, report your DOW which is 42485.6 and add those 2 values 42485.6 + 14570 = 57055.6 (you should have 5.6 in the shadowed boxes) This is your Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW) In front of the take off fuel line, report your TOF : 5999.8 and add your ZFW to your TOF to find your take off weight 57055.6 + 5999.8= 63055.4 The take off weight is 63 055 Kg Report 5.4 in the shadowed boxed in front of the line uncorr T/O stab unit. In these 2 boxes you read the value of your take off trim setting which is 5.4. In front of the line trip fuel report your trip fuel which is 2 300 Kg and substract it to your TOW to find your LAW : 63055 - 2300 = 60 755 Kg.