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The Honourable Minister,Ministry of Human Resource Development,Government of India, New Delhi Subject: Confusion regarding the eligibility for

Director/Principal of Engg./Technical Institutes Honble Sir,Most humbly and respectfully, we would like to appreciate the initiatives taken by you in making thebodies like All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and University Grants Commission, NewDelhi more efficient and transparent. The transparency and fairness introduced has improved theimages of both these regulatory bodies. We would like to draw your kind attention towards an issue thatis becoming a controversy in all the academic institutions regulated by All India Council for TechnicalEducation, New Delhi. The issue is regarding the eligibility for the post of Director/Principal of Engineering or Technical Colleges approved by AICTE.In this context, following points are brought to your kind notice:1. The eligibility for the post of Director/ Principal of Technical/Engineering Institutes as per AICTEnorms both old as well as new is mentioned in attachments 1 & 2. As per these norms, thepersons with Ph.D. in Applied Sciences, i.e., Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, andhumanities are also eligible for this post. This fact is further established as per the informationprovided by AICTE under RTI Act ( Attachment 3).2. Currently many colleges are denying the above mentioned eligibility conditions for the personswith Ph. D. in applied sciences, for appointment of Principal/Director. Moreover, we fail tounderstand how the same norms could be interpreted differently by differently people. Thisconfusion has been created by the persons who were responsible for posting Frequently AskedQuestions (FAQs) and their replies on the AICTE official website. The applied sciences areintegral part of all engineering branches. The posts of the Professors/Assistant Professors aresectioned in applied sciences on the same pattern as for engineering branches.3. The faculty of applied sciences is guiding almost all branches of engineering students for theirPh.D. degree in various institutes.4. It is pertinent to mention here that at least 30 to 40% Engineering Colleges approved by AICTE,New Delhi all over the country have persons with Ph.D. in these fields as Principals/Directors.Even in TTTIs/NITs persons with applied science background are eligible and occupying theposition of director.5. To surmount this all the IITs which are the torch bearers of technical education in India have noobjection in appointing persons having Ph.Ds in disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, andMathematics as their directors. O bviously some vested interests working in the engineering disciplines want to keep a closed networkand do not want to allow the persons from other disciples to enter these institutions

lest their monopolyis lost. They are suffering from a fear psychosis. In this world of multidisciplinary teaching and researchraising arbitrary barriers cannot save the system for a long time. We fail to understand how a Professorfrom the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is lesser competent to head a technicalinstitute as compared to a person from engineering discipline. Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, Professor C. V.Raman, Professor Vikaram Sarabai and Prof. P. C. Ray were from the disciplines of Physics/ Chemistry,but their contributions to technology is no less. O nly a shortsighted person can overlook thecontributions of these pioneers who were never having any engineering degree.Moreover, by no stretch of imagination persons having engineering degrees are sufficient innumber to provide the required manpower to head all the Technical/Engineering Institutes all over thecountry. Thus, the resolution of this controversy and recognizing the persons available in disciplines likePhysics, Chemistry and Mathematics as eligible for the post of Directors/ Principals of theEngineering/Technical Institutes will serve the purpose on the one hand and give their due place to thewell deserving and qualified persons on the other hand.In view of the above, your personal intervention is earnestly requested to sort out this matterwhich has potential of snowballing in a major controversy resulting in unnecessary litigations.With kind regards,Yours sincerely