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Q: In polar coordinate system, the reference system consists of a point called origin and a ray called ____. A: Polar Axis
3 Q: r = represents a ____. 2 + 2a cos

Q: Two non-adjacent angles formed by intersecting lines. A: Vertical angles Q: What refers to a special method of proving a hypotheses and ranks among the most important basic tools in a mathematicians toolbox? A: Mathematical induction Q: The equation r 2 = a 2 cos 2 represents a: A: Lemniscate Q: The equation r = a sin represents a: A: Circle tangent to y-axis Q: The equation r = a sec represents a: A: A vertical line Q: The ____ of the ungrouped data is defined as the value that appears with the highest frequency. A: Mode Q: In determining the product of binomial factors, what method is commonly used? A: FOIL method Q: What does FOIL stands for? A: First product, Outer product, Inner product, Last product Q: The order of polynomials can be determined through its ____? A: Degree Q: In matrix, the term m x n is called the ____ of the matrix. A: size

Q: A vector of an ordered pair of a real number denoted by (a,b) is called ____. A: Algebraic vector Q: n-degree functions can be expressed as a linear factor of its n-zero solutions. A: n-zero theorem Q: An imaginary solution of n-zero functions if they exist is in the form of ____. A: Conjugate pairs Q: Properties of radicals to be considered. A: no exponent in the radicand must greater than a factor of the index of radical, no radical on the denominator, and no existing fraction inside the radical. Q: A function is increasing with domains increasing, or is decreasing with domains decreasing. A: One- to-one Q: A function is said to be one-to-one if: A: every horizontal line intersects the function with only one point. Q: What is a pair of real number in which the pair is defined? A: Ordered pair Q: If a function is defined by an equation, and the domain is not defined, we then assume the domain to be the set of real number substitute of the independent variable to get the ____ of the dependent variable. A: Real value

October 2008 Q: The law of ____ is the statement that for any real numbers x and y, exactly one of the following relations hold: x < y, x = y, x > y. A: Trichotomy Q: It is a fundamental statement in the number theory which asserts that there are infinitely many prime numbers. A: Euclids Theorem Q: Suppose f is a function of x. Then the line y = a is a ____ for f if

A: Parabola

Q: The equation r = 4 + 3 sin is ____. A: Limacon Q: The equation r = 4 + 4 sin is ____. A: Cardioid Q: The equation r = 6 sin 2 is ____. A: Four-leaf rose Q: The equation r = 4 cos 3 is ____. A: Three- leaf rose Q: The equation r = sin 5 is ____. A: Five-leaf rose Q: The equation r = 5 cos 4 is ____. A: Eight-leaf rose Q: In polar coordinate system, the reference includes the point called ____. A: Pole Q: A line segment from a vertex of a triangle drawn to the midpoint of the opposite side, therefore bisecting the opposite side. A: Median Q: A line segment from a vertex of a triangle perpendicular to the opposite side A: Altitude

lim f ( x) = a .

A: Horizontal asymptote Q: How do you find the solution of an inequality? A: by taking a test point on each interval and creating a sign chart. Q: How do you remove an extraneous root? A: check each solution from new equation into original solution.