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Matt Homan Subvertisement Cover Letter 19th September 2012 According to an online Wall Street Journal article published

in August of 2009, Natural Light was at the time the 5th top-selling U.S. beer. Natural Light (often referred to as Natty Light by devoted patrons) also had the largest sales percentage increase from the previous year out of the top 10 beers at 9.1%. Natural Light is wildly popular on college campuses throughout the United States because it is so inexpensive; the downside is it tastes like week-old urine filtered through used diapers and sand. My subvertisement campaign strives to specifically critique the cheap nature and horrible taste of this beverage. Anheuser-Busch advertising for Natural Light increased when the economy started to go down the toilet. A lot of Americans had to tighten their wallets and thus a cheaper, low-quality beer was purchased. The recent Natty Light ads portray a beverage popular for its taste, which is completely false. In the subvertisements below I mock this campaign and expose Natty Light for what it really is: an alcoholic party drink that sacrifices any attempt at pallet-pleasing in lieu of an inexpensive price. For my argument to work, it must employ Aristotles persuasion appeals, which are ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is character appeal, the credibility or authority of the source or speaker. Pathos is the emotional appeal to the audience. This can be conveyed by using vivid language or stimulating sensory details. The final appeal, Logos, is the use of logic and reasoning to support an argument. The first image was created using the Microsoft Paint program, a much lower quality visual editor than Photoshop. The Natural Light logo and famous Calvin peeing on something picture are familiar with most Americans, and this helps establish ethos with the audience. Pathos is present in the mischievous smirk on Calvins face, as well as the claim below that Natty is made naturally, with smiles. The logos of this subvertisement is the insinuation that Natural Light is made from urine, which would explain the ghastly taste. I used the text requirement for my second image and created a short dialogue that supports my critique. I used black and white photos of the woman and man to give the image a retro feel. The 1950s-era pictures provide ethos in a way, as many modern products use this retro style in advertising. Pathos is displayed in the disgusted look on Mary-Beths face and the overall visual appeal: a vertical progression with black and white images above a centered color image. Logos in this image is the argument that recycled Natty (pee) tastes better and is even less expensive than beer. This tells the viewer that as long as youre going to drink something just because you can afford it, you might as well take a page out of Bear Gryllss book and drink your own piss. The third subvertisement is an overt image that mocks an old advertisement for Natural Light. The logical argument behind this image plays on the slogan A Natural Choice. The Doctor is injecting the beer with something clearly not natural, while the half-naked woman beside him resembles anything but your everyday average, natural woman. Pathos is present mostly in the sex appeal of the woman. The depiction of a doctor in a lab coat gives an impression of credibility, a tactic used in advertisements for many medical products.

The fourth and final subvertisement is based on an actual Natural Light advertisement that was part of a series of Nattyism ads, which are basically just puns that use some form of Natty and a humorous definition. This subvertisement is subtle and covert, so when compared with the original, my image appears the same at a glance. This provides the Ethos of the piece. It appears credible because it looks so much like the real advertisements. The logos is in the text, which explains that a nattastrophe is only having Natty Light available to drink. I also changed the text at the bottom to convey the idea that people who buy and enjoy Natural Light are cheap. Finally, Pathos is present in the body language of the two men in the picture. Jimmy looks into the cooler with utter disappointment to discover only Natty Light. His combination of anger, shock, and disgust evoke the same emotions about Natty from the audience. By now my point has been driven home. Natty Light is a disgusting drink and should be discontinued indefinitely. I hope my audience will realize that an acceptably flavorful beer, such as Bud Light or Coors, can be purchased for only a couple dollars more.

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