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Volume 2, Issue 10

October 1, 2012

Pastors Corner
Good News Sundays As we approach the celebration of Worship Service 10:00 am the Birthday of Grace United Wednesdays Methodist and the family reunion Family Meal 6:00 pm of the Ball family, some of the Children & early Church members, let us take Youth Bible Study 6:30 pm a look at the name that they chose; Grace John Wesley, one of the founders Happy of the Methodist Movement, emBirthday braced the beliefs that; Lynda Ubrey 1 1. God offers saving Grace freely Mary Nelson 6 to all. Loren Ward 6 2. God enables all to either accept Phil Cornelson 8 or reject that Grace, and Grace UMC 14 3. God provides sanctifying power Ashley Errington 16 to all believers that they might experience holiness of heart and life. Brenda Brown 18 He discovered that through Gods Sandra Ward 20 Grace and power it truly is possiTaylor Childress 24 ble to be a real Christian in the Robin Barnett 30 real world. Therefore, the power of sin was overcome by the power of Grace, as the Apostle Paul writes in Romans ; Nominating Committee Being Justified freely by His Meeting Grace through the redemption that Sunday, October 7 is in Christ Jesus Romans 3: 24 9:15 am Today, let us thank God for this Good News and for our Good Servants that have gone before us.
Grace from Grace United Methodist, Bro. Ed

Prayer Concerns
Our Nation, Clifton Busby, Kaye Fraizer, Frances Green, L. C. Hatcher, Sis Hobby, Peggy McLeod, Wayne McLeod, C. D. Mizell, Louise Mosley, Mack Shaw, Marilyn Smith, Lynda Ubrey, Helen Bishop, Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Eubanks, Dave Lawless, Brenda Brown, Janet James, Frances Woodard, Julie Barton, Nolan Eubanks, Abigail Pipkins, and Baby Gideon, Gene Halburton (Bro. Eds aunt), Mack McAlister, Frank Maples (Bro. Eds neighbor) Helen Hinton, Julie Barton (Bro. Eds friend), unspoken requests, the family of Billy Colburn, the Fike Family, (Justin Vickers grandfather) and U. S. Military stateside and abroad especially Little Joe Hinton and his family. Praise Report: Bro. Ed & Mrs. Karons son Jeff got a good report from all his test.

National Guard Soldiers of the 857th Engineer Company, from Picayune and Wiggins, Miss., gather in front of the flag in the Departure and Arrival Airfield Control Group. The unit completed pre-deployment training at Fort Bliss and flew out of Biggs Army Airfield Aug. 20 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Photo by Claudia P. Roberto. DoMaD Public Affairs.

News From Grace

Out of Our Past

Since October 14, is Graces birthday and with the up-coming Ball Family Reunion to be held at Grace on Saturday, October 13, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to share some of the history of Grace Church. Oh where would we be today without some of the fore thought and consideration of our ancestors! Do you think they even realized how many lives and future generations of not only family members but folks from all walks of life that would be touched by their small acts of Building the Kingdom right here in Vernal. as that building began to age, under the leadership of Rev. Keith Scott, the decision was made to merge with the Merrill Methodist Church and form Grace United Methodist Church at our present location on the corner of the Vernal River Road. Although today, a hundred and twenty-five years later, worship services are still being held on the original property donated by the Ball Family by Leave behind a the Baptist Church and place for worship Grace is still over the cemetery. Oh the lives for men, women, that have been touched and saved since that and children first seed was planted!

Tyra & Martha Ball

donated land for the first Methodist Church in our community in 1887.

History accounts tell us that Aunt Polly Ball, as she was known to many, was the one that first began the talk and drive for a Methodist Church in our community. In 1887, Tyra & Martha Ball donated the land where the very first Methodist Church, Pine Grove, was built. Their son, Griffin Clanton Ball gave additional land in 1952 for the cemetery. Later

from all walks of life that they too may find Jesus Christ

How many faces do you recognize?

Pine Grove Methodist Church

I will always remember the story of my grandmother, Janet Williamson Childress, talking about going to church in the old church at Pine Grove. She grew up in a house close to where Frank and Helen Hinton live now. She said her uncle had one of the very few old model cars in the community and when they got ready to go to church they ended up having to push it pass Ms Almas old house before it would even crank. She just laughed and said, I dont know why we didnt just leave the car at home. The walk sure would have been a lot nicer.

Mavis Ball Dungan

in front of Pine Grove Methodist Church 1940

Ethel Williamson
descendant from the Ball family and her husband, Pete, donated the land for Grace Church when Pine Grove and Merrill formed one United Methodist Church.

Strong believers in God Our Father and Jesus Christ Our Savior

News From Grace

Out of Our Past (continued)

I have often wondered if my great grandfather and great grandmother, Pete and Ethel Williamson, ever realized how many of their relatives for generations to come would benefit from their donation of the land for Grace Church to be built on. Not only them, but I also often find myself wondering in amazement about the Faith and Courage of the charter members that came in and built the church from the ground up with time, talent, faith, and long hours of hard work. This group of charter members were so focused that our History of Grace recorded that after a days work on the unfinished building, Grace had its first worship service in the new building on October 14, 1967. (Recorded by Vera Ball) As I look at our Youth Group of today on Wednesday nights, the church of tomorrow, I realize that the mission of those early strong believers is still being carried out. Ryan and Kenny Woolman, Kayla Blankinchip, and Lauren & Kyle Nelson are all descendants of the Ball Family and their great grandfather, Mr. Alonzo Brown, was a charter member and present on Graces dedication day. Justin Vickers great grandmother, Mrs. Alice McLeod, was a charter member and faithful servant. His grandmother, Mrs. Faye Vickers, tells us that she can vividly remember the meeting on the night the two churches voted to merge into Grace. Laura Havard, Hannah Mizell, and Juilease Childress are all descendants of the Ball Family and their great, great grandparents were the Williamsons. Not quite old enough for the youth group yet, but Ryan and Jayden McLeod are descendants of the Ball Family and their great, great grandparents Mr. Tom & Mrs. Thelma Brown were charter members of Grace. It is believed that Mrs. Thelma is the one that led Rev. Scott to name our church Grace. She had commented by the grace of God we will be finished. Rev. Scott picked up on that because he said and firmly believed the church was built by the grace of God. Mr. Tom Brown, Sr. along with the help of his son, Mr. Tom Brown, Jr. erected the Bell Tower using the bell from the old Merrill Methodist Church in 1979-1980. This landmark should stand for decades proclaiming the Good News. Their great, great grandmother on the other side Mrs. Mary Alyce Hinton was also a charter member and chairperson of the Dedication Service in 1980. She was a faithful servant to our church. She once sewed together a homemade Christian Flag just so the kids could have one during VBS and made Disciples out of rocks. She put a smile on many kids faces. Yes all their hard work and sacrifices are continuing to Build the Kingdom and Save Lost Souls today! As our ancestors saw the need over one hundred and twenty-five years ago with the founding of the first Methodist Church in our community and as Grace Church approaches forty-six years of Christian Ministry in our community, I encourage each of you lets continue what our fore fathers and descendants before us started. The next generation is depending on us. Lets continue to be a witness for Jesus Christ and put into action our scripture focus for the past year or so and as Rev. Ed Engel just emphasized in a recent sermon, And let us consider how we may spur one another on in love and good deeds toward others. Hebrews 10:24 Invite your neighbors and spread the word that Grace is a place of love and encouragement where all is welcome and treated like family as we worship our Lord together.

Grace Church Dedication

Alonzo Brown, Tom Brown, Clifton Busby, E. J. Miller, Buddy Washam, Rev. Keith Scott February 17, 1980 It was noted in the Dedication Bulletin that much work had been done by four male members that had went on to meet their Heavenly Father W. J. Brown, Carl Brown, David Byrd, and Keith Hinton

1st Baptism
Rhett Scott - June 2, 1968

1st Funeral
Ethel Williamson Feb. 22, 1968

1st Wedding
Judy Byrd & Edwin Lee June 1968

Family Life Center Added under the leadership of Rev. Harrell Moore & Building Committee: Tom Brown, Stephen Craig, Frankie Hinton, George Elton Woodard, Jason Mizell, Danny Moore, & Phil Cornelson

Now we, the people of this church and congregation, grateful for our heritage, sensible of the sacrifice of our fathers in the faith, confessing that apart from us their work cannot be made perfect, do dedicate ourselves anew to the worship and service of almighty God; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

News From Grace

Up-Coming Events 857th Engineer Company

About 150 Army National Guard Soldiers of the 857th Engineer Company from Picayune and Wiggins, Miss., flew out of Fort Bliss Aug. 20 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. This included Little Joe Hinton from our community.

Ball Family Reunion

Saturday, October 13 11:00 am Congregation invited to attend. Bring covered-dish for Old-Fashion Dinner on the Grounds

Military Gift Boxes

We will continue to collect items for Little Joes Unit for Delivery in November. We have a complete list at the church. Items marked urgent are: Drink Mixes
(to add to water - no tea flavors)

The company arrived at Fort Bliss July 15 to conduct pre-deployment training. Upon arrival, the Directorate of Mobilization and Deployment facilitated their in-processing over a 10-day period. Afterwards, the 5th Armor Brigade conducted their training at McGregor Range over the next month. The training has helped the platoon since theyll be outside the wire a lot going from one forward operating base to another contingency operation post to complete their mission, said Moseley. The primary mission for the 857th is to provide horizontal engineering support to contingency operation posts and forward operating bases across the region. The company will aide in the drawdown by tearing down and constructing new buildings and roadways. The company flew out of Biggs Army Airfield to commence their nine-month tour in Afghanistan. For many Soldiers in the company, this is not their first deployment. It is, however, the first deployment for the company.

Area Youth Work Day for George County Habitat For Humanity
Saturday, October 13 8:00 am - 11:00 am Landscaping two yards with plants donated by Rocky Creek Nursery
(If you have a Shovel & Rake please bring)

Wet Wipes
(water supply is limited)

Personna Speed Brand Disposable Razors

(cheaper brand that most like)

Youth Service
Wednesday, October 17 6:00 pm Winborn Chapel UMC will host our Youth Meeting and Meal. We will meet at Grace and leave by 5:45 pm.
Childrens group will stay at Grace for their regular lesson.

Other Items are: Travel Size Shampoo, Conditioner, Gold Bond Powder

Operation Christmas Child

We will meet in November to pack our shoe boxes for delivery. Its not too late to be a part of this mission. So far we have collected the following items: Colors & Coloring Books, Small Toys for boy, and girls, stuffed animals, deodorant and socks, toothpaste and tooth brushes. For October, we will collect donations for the shipping and handling of $7. Mark your check Shoe Box.

Food Bank Open Last Wednesday of the Month Food Bank Offering 2nd Sunday of the Month
Wednesday Night Meal Schedule
Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Missy Havard George School Out/ No Activities Michele Mizell for Children Mrs. Frances Woodard No Activities at church Enjoy Night with Family

Winter Retreat
If any of the youth are interested in attending a Winter Retreat to Pigeon Forge, TN with other area Youth on January 18 - January 21, Please let Missy know as soon as possible. This is in the planning stage with other area churches.

Grace United Methodist Church 33263 Hwy 98 Lucedale, MS 39452

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Notes of Thanks
A Prayer to Thank You, May God, whose love is everywhere, bless you every day For being what you always areso nice in every way! Thank you for the beautiful flowers, food, visits, prayers and everything you did. We love you, The Family of Betty Jean Havard

Save The Date

Sunday, November 18
A Day of Thanksgiving & Praise at Grace Thanksgiving Meal & Three Sixteen and Chronicle will be in concert! (Times to be announced) Annual Charge Conference 2:00 pm