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International School of Business & Media, Pune

Internal Assignment for Trimester IV

Batch D,

Assignment on Business Strategy

(By Prof R. Taneja) Objectives To improve the understanding of the subject Understanding the organization in real life situation. This should improve your perspective Instructions: Marks: 10 Groups have been formed & circulated Students will select the topic allocated to the respective groups but ensure No Duplication. i.e No serial can be repeated by any group Competition Date: All assignments will be completed and submitted not later than (beginning of 11th session) Evaluation: Assessment will be based on the quality of content, methodology, relevance of information, data collected & its presentation. Application of knowledge and techniques learned The first slide of the assignment should contain ONLY the following information Name of students: Section: Sl no: Assignment for Business Strategys Topic name: Evaluation will be with respect to the following elements Content & linking theory to application Use of data /information combined with innovative thought Presentation & quality The analysis to be supported by sufficient, relevant & latest data Application of knowledge learned in the subject To test, validate and challenge class-room learning The font should be in min 24 size & in Arial One Hard copys of PPT in black & white is to be printed in Handout option (6 slides to a page in portrait layout) on A4 size paper. Not more than 2 pages AND Soft copy to be sent by email: taneja.rajiv@yahoo.co.in Student absent on the date of submission will be marked absent The groups to give 15 minutes PPT Presentation, on the learning outcome of the Assignment

Penalty for not complying is 20% of the evaluation marks

Suggested Topics Q1) As the owner of a new electronic enterprise seeking a loan from a bank to finance the construction and operation of three new electronic retail outlet locations, you have been asked to provide the loan officer with a brief analysis of the competitive environment in retail electronics. Draw a five forces diagram for the this industry, and briefly discuss the nature and strength of each of the five competing forces in retail electronic.

Q2) Here are five mission statements of pharmaceutical companies in India. Which is the best statement in your opinion? Why? (Similarly, you can select any minimum 3 companies within the same industry. List as many insights of a company, as possible as a result of knowing its mission. How many elements of a mission statement did you notice, were discussed in class? a) Cipla Ltd To provide excellent quality health care facilities at a reasonable cost b) Dr Reddys Labs: To become a global pharmaceutical company and produce quality drugs at competitive prices. c) Glaxo India Ltd To augment the parent companys efforts to be a global player based on research and development. d) Lupin labs: To develop the welfare of mankind through the development of relevant technology in chemistry related sciences. e) Wockhardt ltd: Pursuit of growth with excellence in the field of pharma- ceuticals

Q3) Select a high profile industry, such as the IT, Telecom or entertainment industry. Identify minimum 3 major competitors. And analyze the type of corporate level strategies being used by these firms. Q4) List recent instances (wef 1st April, 2011) of 3 Indian Companies that adopted Mergers strategies and make observations on: A) Why these companies merged? B) The types of merger used. Q5) Identify 3 recent companys (wef 1st April, 2012) such as, Bharti & Marico that have adopted international corporate level strategy. Analyze the reasons why the companys you choose did so and whether such a strategy will prove to be successful Q6) Find examples of 3 recent companys (wef 1st April 2012) & present how they either profited or suffered from Environmental Changes