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History, As Recorded on Twitter, Is Vanishing From The Web, Say Computer Scientists Almost 30 percent of recorded history, shared over social media such as Twitter, has disappeared, according to a new study of the Egyptian uprising and other signicant events. Memory Management A Digital Anti-Smoking Campaign That Preys On Vanity When The Cancer Society of Finland tapped agency 358 for a new antismoking campaign, 358 knew they had to take an updated approach to the old black lung. The result was Tobacco Body, an interactive site that transforms two young, beautiful models into smoke-rotted walking corpses. Shock + Transgress Human Muscle, Regrown on Animal Scaffolding The material, called extracellular matrix, is the natural scaffolding that underlies all tissues and organs, in people as well as animals. It is produced by cells, and for years scientists thought that its main role was to hold them in their proper position. Super Human, Living Matter


Week of 9.17.12

Bradford's 'internet mirror' claims to know who you are. Up to a point. Here's a bit of online fun from the National Media Museum. Bradford's great attraction has got together with Cambridge University and the RKCR/Y&R creative agency to produce what it calls an Internet Mirror, which uses your social networking and online preferences to establish what sort of person you are. Quantied Self

Schools Use Facebook Timeline for History Lessons History classes have created a new approach to studying major historical events. Amsterdam-based school, 43 Gymnasium, has taken advantage of the popularity of Facebook and the userfriendly Timeline feature to inspire a curriculum. The page allows students to create posts, link various media and generate dialogue with fellow classmates. DIY Education

Johnnie Walker And Instagram: Anatomy Of A Real-Time Social Media Campaign To kickstart the brands Instagram presence, the Johnnie Walker and the Edelman team crafted a four-week campaign, the aim of which was to share stories relevant to the brand through the eyes of some very inuential Instagrammers. Screen Culture

[VIDEO] A Toy Train in Space We sent my son's favorite train "Stanley" to space in a weather balloon with a HD camera and an old cell phone for GPS. He was recovered 27 miles away in a corn eld and we got some great footage of the trip. 31,553 views Space in The Air, Kidult [VIDEO] Banned iPhone 5 Promo apple iPhone 5 promo spoof 3,1101,875 views Absurdism [VIDEO] Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?For his new book, "Tubes," Andrew Blum visited the places where the internet exists in physical form: the cables and switches and servers that virtually connect us. 115,928 views Tangible Intangible [VIDEO] Ah Ah's Back The tale of a blue monkey. 1,392,783 views Memory Management, Refreshed Classics

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9.18 Milan Fashion Week 9.21 The Perks of Being a Wallower Premiere t 9.26 National Womens Health and Fitness Day 9.27 J.K. Rowling: The Casual Vacancy Release 9.28-10.14 50th Anniversary of the NY Film Festival 9.29-30 Maker Faire NYC



10.1 - 10.31 - National Anti-Bullying Month 10.11-14 NY Comic-Con