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American Councils Moldova

Open House Events Schedule

28 September, 2012 Kogalniceanu 76, tel 225860

Note: - All visitors will have to wear a VISITOR badges when entering the American Councils premises (to be found at the registration desk in the hall) - To attend any English language classes no registration is required; - To register for the professional development trainings from 14.00 to 18.00 and receive a certificate of attendance, please register at danielamunca@gmail.com or daniela@americancouncils.md
Time 8.3011.15 Activity 8.30 10.45 UpperIntermediate Basics Classroom : Alaska Teacher: Marina Chirnitcaia 8.30 10.00 Intermediate Conversation Classroom : Texas Teacher: Valeria Guivan 9.00 11.15 Beginner Classroom : New York Teacher: Ana Corcimari 11.15-12.30 Presentation of the Open House Promotional Video Free snacks on the American Councils Moldova terrace Responsible staff Olga Burevschi American Language Center Deputy Director Description Target audience: anyone interested in studying or teaching English Visitors can attend any EFL morning classes for free


Legislative Fellows Program Program Presentation an opportunity to travel to US for 4 weeks for promising young professionals from Moldova working in the legislative field in governmental organizations

Daniela MuncaAftenev American Councils Executive Director

Target audience: Young professionals in the field of LAW working in a state organization who are 25 to 35 years old, proficient in English, have legislative experience and knowledge as it relates to Moldova, have relevant experience in and commitment to a career in the public sector and have demonstrated leadership and collaborative skills.


Carnegie Program Presentation the program allows scholars of the humanities and social sciences from eligible regions to apply for individual, nondegree research opportunities at universities and institutes in the United States.

Alexei Kharlamov, Carnegie Program Officer

Target audience: university faculty, researchers, advanced graduate students, and scholars in the social sciences and humanities who will conduct research on specific topics in the social sciences and humanities, write an academic paper upon the fellows return home, and deliver lectures with the goal of contributing to the further development of higher education and scholarship in Moldova.


Free training Project management: management styles and participatory leadership ACCESS Program Presentation the Program provides a foundation of English language skills to non-elite, 14 - 18 year old students through

David Jesse, Target audience: professionals interested in learning American about project management, management styles and Councils Country participatory leadership Director Olga Morozan, Access Micro scholarship Program Officer Target audience: Teachers and students interested in learning how Access students gain an appreciation for American culture and democratic values, increase their ability to participate successfully in the socio-economic development of their countries, and gain the ability to compete for and participate in future U.S. exchange and study programs. The program allows them to benefit


afterschool classes and intensive summer learning activities 14.0015.00 Free training Balancing teaching resources for conversation and basic English classes

from free foreign language courses in the regions of Moldova and to develop intercultural skills and communication through Skype and online collaborative projects. Valeria Guivan, Target audience: Teachers of English interested in American learning about General English textbooks used in our Language Center organization and teaching resources for basic levels, extra Strategic materials for communicative approach. The training will Operational focus on the Differences between the textbooks used for Committee Conversation and Basic levels. member Target audience: Teachers of English interested in an overview of standard tests(TOEFL,IELTS,SAT). The training will demonstrate the correlation with common European framework, structure of the tests, purpose, content, strategies, techniques and resources for test preparation. Target audience: Teachers of English interested in the main aspects of using online resources in teaching English, in particular relating to Skype activities and online projects the students perform as a part of their curricular and extracurricular education. The target group of the seminar might refer to educators and teachers of English, or any subjects. Target audience: High school students aged 15-17 interested to study in US for free. FLEX provides roundtrip domestic and international travel (from home to the United States and back), monthly allowance to help


Dorina Calinovscaia, Teaching Students Interested American to take Standardized Language Center American and European Director of Tests Studies Free training Teaching with Skype and Project Based Learning Olga Morozan, Access Microscholarship Coordinator

Free training



FLEX Program Presentation an opportunity for high school students to study in an

Ala Marciuc, FLEX Program Officer

American high school and stay with an American family for one academic year

students participate in social activities and buy necessary personal supplies, placement with a selected U.S. host family for one year, enrollment in a U.S. secondary school and medical insurance. Daniela MuncaAftenev American Councils Executive Director Olga Burevschi American Language Center Deputy Director Target audience: Teachers of English interested in teaching methods and techniques which would approach the 8 competences in a creative way. Student sample work will be used as case studies.


Free training Creative ideas to teach 8 basic competences following the European Council framework and the 21st Century Skills


16.00 17.30 Intermediate Basic Anna Lisnic Texas 16.30 18.00 Intermediate Conversation Daria Diordienco New York 16.30 18.00 Pre-Intermediate Basic Irina Spita Alaska 16.00 17.30 Pre-Intermediate

Target audience: anyone interested in studying or teaching English Visitors can attend any EFL evening classes for free

Conversation Natalia Trofim Davids Office 18.30 20.00 Pre-Intermediate Basic Natalia Trofim Texas 18.30 20.00 Pre-Intermediate Conversation Dina Rusu Alaska 18.30 20.45 Upper-Intermediate Basic Stella Burbulea California 18.30 20.45 Intermediate Basic Marina Chirnitcaia New York

We are looking forward to meeting you on Friday, September 28 !