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BABINA Diagnostics is a unit of BABINA Healthcare and Hospitality Industries Pvt. Ltd.

, one of the most reputed and vibrant organisations in this part of the country. Established in 1983, the diagnostic centre, which started as a small clinical laboratory providing basic investigations, has now evolved into a multifarious diagnostic clinic with facilities for a wide range of routine as well as sophisticated tests along with radiological investigations. The centre is already a household name in Indias Northeastern region known for its unwavering commitment to providing prompt, extensive, accurate and reliable diagnostic services. BABINA Diagnostics operates from two different locations, one from RIMS Road, Imphal West and the other, the newer one, from Soibam Leikai, Imphal East. In terms of the range of equipments and facilities available in both the units, the diagnostic centre is the largest of its kind in Eastern India and certainly, one of the largest in the entire country. Its services are spread throughout the region through its wide network of collection centres and joint venture units in different states of the Northeast. NEW LOCATION, NEW UNIT

The new BABINA Diagnostics unit at Imphal East is a stylish, centrally air-conditioned building with sprawling environs, ample parking space and spacious waiting lounge for patients. It

houses some of the best equipments and facilities like Stream-Lab Laboratory Automation System installed for the first time in India, 1.5 Tesla MRI, 128-slice CT Scanner, DR, DEXA, Mammography, Nephelometry, Flow Cytometry, etc. Also installed is the pneumatic sample delivery system for transportation of samples between floors. MISSION To provide the best medical diagnostic services using the latest in medical technology at affordable rates. VISION To be the leading brand in medical diagnostics in the subcontinent.

VALUES Commitment, Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Promptness SERVICES AND FACILITIES PATHOLOGY: Haematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Cytopathology, Immunology, Clinical Pathology, Nephelometry



RADIOLOGY/IMAGING: Digital Radiography (DR) (X-Ray), Ultrasound with Colour Doppler, CT Scan, MRI, Mammography, DEXA (Dual-Emission X-Ray Absorptiometry), FibroScan

OTHERS: Upper GI Video Endoscopy, Audiometry (Pure Tone and Impedence), Spirometry, Bone Densitometry, ECG, EEG, ENG, EMG, Holter Monitor, Treadmill Test (TMT) and Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (DAN), Colposcopy

ACCREDITATION BABINA Diagnostics is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), the first medical laboratory in the Northeast to achieve this rare distinction. The quality policy pursued by the centre is an ongoing process and a stringent quality assurance system has been implemented that fulfils the ISO 15189:2007 standards as per the requirements and guidelines of NABL.

QUALITY ASSURANCE Based on consistently reliable performance with quality service, BABINA Diagnostics is now recognised as a National Reference Laboratory by the Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists (IAPM) and is an active participant of National Quality Control Programme conducted by IAPM. The centre also a participant of External Quality Assurance Programmes conducted by Bio-RAD EQAS, USA and of proficiency testing programmes conducted by CMC, Vellore, AMLA Institute of Medical Sciences, Thrissur, Anand Diagnostic Laboratories, Bengaluru and AIIMS, New Delhi. TURNAROUND TIME BABINA Diagnostics, with over 29 years of experience is known for providing accurate and prompt delivery of test reports and for maintaining the shortest possible turnaround times. Emergency cases are delivered reports within one to two hours and histopathology reports, within 48 to 72 hours. COLLECTION CENTRES & JOINT VENTURES BABINA Diagnostics has one of the widest networks of collection centres in the Northeast with altogether 93 collection centres in Manipur and its neighbouring states making it a major

healthcare service provider. The centre also has three Joint Venture units in Shillong, Guwahati and Kohima. GEOGRAPHICAL EXPANSION AND PARTNERSHIPS Besides 19 corporate clients and 93 collection centres in Manipur and its neighbouring states, BABINA Diagnostics has three Joint Venture units at Kohima, Guwahati and Shillong. The Centre has been by empanelled with 18 National and Multinational Insurance Companies and has officially tied up with 10 NGOs/Private Institutions in Manipur. BUSINESS AND MARKETING STRATEGIES A significant innovation is the establishment of the various Authorised Collection Centres (93 in total) in and outside the state and co-ordination of their activities as regards the collection of samples and dispatching of reports in time to their respective destinations. This has facilitated the availability of advanced healthcare services to people in the interior and rural areas without the people having to travel long distances even for basic tests. This is unprecedented and people have been greatly benefitted by this arrangement. The message of the importance of having regular health check-ups has been propagated through an innovative package, BABINA Health Check-up Plan catering to different age-groups and budgets. The response to the Plans has been significant and people have been availing themselves to these packages through half-yearly check-ups. As part of its continuing improvement exercise, the Centre has policies on assessing the views and opinions of its services and incorporating innovative changes through regular feedbacks from its customers and the physicians. BABINA Diagnostics strives to incorporate the latest medical technology and methodologies and disseminate information about them to physicians and the general population by exploiting the reach of print and electronic media. There are plans to bring out a regular newsletter about the activities/experiences of the organisation. Many innovative panels of tests have been formulated to suit different needs and these are promoted at regular intervals. The centre has always incorporated the latest information technology to promote its various services. This is significant in a landlocked region like the Northeast.

INNOVATIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN DIAGNOSTIC SERVICE Technology is a great social and economic leveller and brings access to modern tools and methods to increase productivity and efficiency. It has levelled the playing field and brought with it many transformational changes and opportunities. Notwithstanding the obvious boons of technology, its bane is that the changes ushered in by it make many technologies and methodologies obsolete at fast rates. What has set BABINA Diagnostics apart from the rest has been the way it has innovated and reinvented itself to the changing times and the ever-evolving science of medical technology. Computerised Reporting As early as 1986, when computer technology was still its nascent stage, BABINA Diagnostics incorporated computerised reporting system, making it, perhaps, among the first few diagnostic laboratories in the country to have such a facility. This small step revolutionized the way reporting and archiving was done and not only improved the efficiency in the work but also made traceability of reports better. Laboratory Information System and Sample Bar Coding

BABINA Diagnostics had been using its own self-designed laboratory information system (LIS) before a professionally-designed one was employed in 2003. The LIS interfaced with the equipments and it revolutionized the way how order entries were made and how reporting, report checking, billing etc. were done. The LIS and the sample bar coding significantly reduced

the possibility of errors and increased the speed and productivity of the workflow. The centre was the first to employ such a system in Eastern India. Web-based Reporting and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) The current LIS used by BABINA Diagnostics allows for interlinking of its two units through the web and electronic authentication by its pathologists and radiologists. It also has its own PACS installed facilitating teleradiology, remote access, image archiving and interfacing with the LIS. The current LIS also has facility for downloading of reports from the internet by patient, doctors and the centres numerous collection centres. Pneumatic Sample Delivery System

BABINA Diagnostics has its own pneumatic sample delivery system for easy transportation of samples between laboratory floors. This has minimised transmission time, facilitated efficiency and saves labour. Computerised Laboratory Automation System

BABINA Diagnostics has recently installed StreamLAB Laboratory Automation System from SIEMENS for the FIRST TIME IN INDIA. The automation has streamlined the workflow by automating manual steps and allows for efficient space utilisation, helps avoid contamination with infectious blood and blood products, eliminates human errors, and improves efficiency, reliability and reproducibility.

The innovations in utilisation of technology at BABINA Diagnostics, Imphal can be summarised as under: INNOVATION Computerised System Laboratory Automation BENEFITS Streamlines workflow Improves efficiency Facilitates archiving of test results Eliminates human errors Improves reliability Reproducibility Machine interfacing Systematic order entries, report checking, reporting, billing, etc. Minimises errors Increases speed and improves productivity of workflow Facilitates interdepartmental audits Interlinking of the two units of the centre Electronic authentication Remote access Teleradiology Report and image archiving Internet report downloads Allows for easier machine-LIS interfacing Less time consuming Less chances of errors than traditional handwritten labeling Easier traceability Easy transportation of samples between f lo o rs Saves time and labour

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Web-based reporting and PACS

Sample Bar Coding

Pneumatic Sample Delivery System

SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE REGION BABINA Healthcare and Hospitality Industries Pvt. Ltd, with its two units, BABINA Diagnostics and The Classic Hotel employs around 500 staff. This is significant in the backdrop of the acute unemployment problem in the region. BABINA Diagnostics currently has 93 Authorised collection centres/franchisees in and outside Manipur and these centres play the role of ancillary units by making diagnostic services accessible to people in far flung areas. Besides providing indirect employment, the Collection Centres have been providing invaluable service by making superlative healthcare services available to the people in rural and interior areas without the patients having to travel long distances to BABINA Diagnostics. The flight of capital

from the state when patients travel to far metropolitan cities for basic as well as high-end tests and investigations has been arrested to a great extent because of the ready availability of a wide range of world class services at cheaper rates in BABINA Diagnostics. This translates into significant economic benefits for the state as well the entire Northeast region. The establishment of BABINA Diagnostics and The Classic Hotel has been directly beneficial to smaller business establishments in their vicinity. The value chain created has reaped rich dividends to other related business units, right from the printing press, the chemicals/reagents dealers, the transport agencies, the travel agencies, the stationery items dealers, to name a few. The fact that BABINA Diagnostics is the first NABL accredited laboratory (ISO 15189) in the entire Northeast is not only just a matter of pride for the people of Manipur but it assumes greater significance with the availability of world-class diagnostic facilities at cheaper rates (as compared to those in laboratories in metropolitan cities) and at lesser reporting time to the people in the region. BABINA Healthcare and Hospitality Industries Pvt. Ltd. aims at providing the best healthcare and hospitality services and it seeks to achieve this mission by strictly adhering to its set of core values that characterises the beautiful culture of the people of the region. Despite the multitude of social and law and order problems prevalent in the region, the success of BABINA Healthcare and Hospitality Industries Pvt. Ltd. as an avenue for opportunity and growth is ample proof of the fact that a right blend of visionary ideas and commitment to certain core values can overcome all impediments to development and be a source of inspiration for all.