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hiru said: (Tue, Aug 21, 2012 10:45:41 AM)

We, the people , are also encouraging the religious politics. Why beacause if the political representatives are of our religion, we think that if we choose him he will do favour to our religion. So our thinking way should also change...!
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Abhishek said: (Fri, Aug 17, 2012 06:50:42 PM)

Hello friends according to my opinion religion should not be mixed with politics because we choose leader for developement of our country and un developement of our country we need a better politician and who dont support this type of division in people in the name of religion for developement of our country we should have to be one rising up from caste and religion. whenever somebody says about religion it means he want to come in politics for just votes not for the developement of our country... Because "union is strength." Thank you..
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Nupur said: (Mon, Aug 13, 2012 09:09:20 PM)

I would say no because every one who is living in this country has there own sets of beliefs and each belief has a tendency to contradict another persons belief. For example say religion were in politics and someone was trying to pass a law, someone's going to complain "it's against my religion".
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Vandana Dutt said: (Thu, Aug 9, 2012 06:43:27 PM)

As India is a developing country but today also on just differentiating the religion's many leaders are using the people by playing with their feelings just for the vote bank. Indian people are educated know they should have to understand what to listen, feel and what to not because by doing discrimination between caste, religion etc it will detriment the unity and integrity of India. Thank you.
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Csharma said: (Thu, Aug 2, 2012 01:32:27 PM)

We all have been talking about "Divide and Rule" and not mixing up religions into politics. But question that comes in my mind is - "What are we as youth of India doing about it?" We all are educated but still our families believe in castes, religion and other so called beliefs. We cannot change the politicians but we as citizens of India can try to change the beliefs of the society. We ourselves need to start respecting every individual irrespective of his religion and caste. And the day we all do that, no politician would be able to take advantage of it. There will no religious riots which are mostly started by politicians! We as a country would stand together and fight together may it be terrorism or any other situation.
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Parul Kansal; said: (Mon, Jul 30, 2012 12:14:28 PM)

Religion and Politics may be considered as two different banks of a river which can't meet. But, we people

always try to mix both. Religion is one which separates us from one another in term of the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or Goddess. It can never be mixed with politics. But today many politicians are trying to augment their vote banks by mixing religion with politics. It always results in great violence and leads to detriment of peace. Politicians generally believe in "DEVIDE AND RULE" policy and they use it for their selfishness. And innocent people become the part of this act. Mixing of the religion with politics also leads to terrorism. Thus, Religion should never become a reason to break up the society in pieces.
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Kavitha said: (Wed, Jul 25, 2012 10:51:33 AM)

Religion and politics should never be mixed as they are completely different. Religion is ones own belief and he should not use that to elect the leaders as it will destroy the unity of the whole nation which allows other countries to take advantage of ruling our country and it will never make our India a developed country.
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Shivi said: (Fri, Jul 20, 2012 09:49:05 AM)

Hi, Religion should not be mixed with politics, it not only divides our country but also increases discrimination and biasing. Leaders must bring peace to the country and unite people of different religion rather then dividing them on basis of it. But politicians use religion to gain votes and hence leading to corruption.
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Mayank said: (Tue, Jul 17, 2012 10:20:16 AM)

Hello friends, As far religion is concerned, it should not be mixed with politics because politics is meant for all people of nation or state, we cannot give priority to a individual cast or majority, politicians should be those people who take the decisions and reforms not looking to a single group of people of sate or nation. It breaks the unity of a nation and which creates the problem in the development of a country. Mixing the religion in the politics gives vote and pleasure for short run of time but when we see the other aspect of this which destroy the nation integrity and unity.
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Meenal said: (Sat, Jul 7, 2012 03:49:40 PM)

Indian people sensitive towards religion issues, politics & Religion both are unrelated politicians using religion beliefs of people to increase their vote bank. They are playing bad politics for the sake of their own profit, we Indians are educated enough to understand & stop to ruined our culture, unity & integrity. I think their should be make a law against those using religion issues for politics & election.
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Priya said: (Sat, Jul 7, 2012 02:44:49 PM)

Religion and politics. Religion, on one hand, is one's own belief and politics, on the other hand, refers to people of a country or of a state. One can very precisely makes out a different between these two words. India, being a religious country and democratic too, gives freedom to its people to elect their governing body and also to have faith in whatever religion they want to. India is highly praised for having unity in such a huge diversity. Mixture of politics and religion can depose it. Religion obviously divides people into groups but if these groups concentrates to make an individual state, it would destroy our unity as well as the harmony prevailing in the society. Of course there are some groups like shiv sena who always lay emphasis on speaking marathi and deny all other languages. This mixing can ruin our integrity as well as our society. Both the things are right on their part and should not be mixed.
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Dixit Nirav said: (Wed, Jun 27, 2012 12:25:39 AM)

It is very easy to recognize that Indian politics is connected with religion and cast. And all we are agree with this this truth (unfortunately). But up to what extent both of they are related to each other? Let's consider from the start. From the division and the birth of Pakistan, which was based on religions, the politicians found the use of religion in making vote banks. Today, all we admit that both leading political parties of our country play politics on religion and cast. More specifically one of them supports one religion openly, while the other one is also doing the same indirectly. All this things have always been affecting the unity of country since last 59 years after independence. It has became a resistance in the development of our country. I would also like to blame the people of our country who votes on the basis of the cast or religion of the person instead of the basis of the work he/she has done. If we really want to change this system, we will first have to change ourselves. And that all we can do for the growth of country rather than growth of our own religion.
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Shriya said: (Wed, Jun 6, 2012 11:48:27 PM)

Well religion and politics are not meant to be together. Living in a secular state with great diversity in terms of religion and culture. Our country should hold neutral in all aspects including religion to ensure the unity of our nation. If we give importance to any majority religion then it would unfair for other minority groups and the word democracy would be ended. Religion and politics are two extremists that cannot be put together, otherwise it would devastate the unity, peace and harmony in our only secular nation of the world. We should instead stop such practices if being followed as we Indians n our mother country India is been a secular nation for last 60 years and can continue to be so without any this harmony in the society.
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Sudarshan said: (Wed, May 30, 2012 09:01:21 PM)

Friends, In my opinion in the world's biggest democracy it is really not a healthy practice to mix politics with religion. India is a secular country where religion all religions get healthy atmosphere to grow and develop but it doesn't promote politics to take benefit of religious diversity.
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Ashima said: (Tue, May 29, 2012 04:02:49 PM)

In my opinion religion and politics are like two different sides of a coin which can never coexist. Mixing religious beliefs and causes with politics, that most the politicians do, is nothing but playing with the

sentiments of the 'stupid common man'. This can only end when people start identifying and discriminating against such people seriously.
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Varun Dang said: (Thu, Apr 19, 2012 11:56:23 AM)

In my opinion we the Indians are wrong somewhere who are motivating these type of politicians, as we should be complete united and should have national Integration so that the politicians should be aware of that and should not try to take any wrong steps. And which will lead to humanity and win win situation.
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Barnali Sen said: (Thu, Apr 12, 2012 01:10:00 AM)

Religion and politics are entirely different from each other. Religion is the faith and belief that one posses, where as politics is a mind game that is played for power and authority. Some play it for the welfare of the society and some uses it for their own welfare. To talk about religion some use it to bring the good in a man but some use it as a key to play politics. Its better not to mix religion with politics, as it may doom the faith and believe one has and it will increase violence which will result to the end of humanity.
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Kumar052 said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 11:18:42 PM)

Politics make for the welfare of country not for benefit of any individual or any group. And when there is religion based politics started then the peoples wants to see win only there religion of people in the politics no matter if he will be a criminal that can create big problem for all the society even there own religions people. In the politics if there will be no such type of religion based politics and people choose a good person to make the govt the that type of people benefits all religions of people without any partiality. So, politics should be without any religion based.
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Manoj Kumar Singh said: (Sat, Apr 7, 2012 08:52:05 PM)

Here I want to tell you clearly that religion and politics are made by genius human beings. So we are facing lots of problems both side. Here main imp thing is that when all human beings meet together and take one result. How we can make heaven on the earth.
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Rohit said: (Fri, Apr 6, 2012 07:19:34 AM)

Hi friends, actually now a days the politics is very very dangerous to India. Because the people who are in the power are the great thea*** for India. They are always watching their profit. They are just leaders for earning. So for that they should have man power, I mean people support. And the religion war is most profitable way to get people support. So they make this happen in such a way that no one can belief that these things are done by politicians. But one thing that the India is a religious country who supports all the religion's his country. And giving the same respect and power to all religions. Another thing is the people awareness. Because the innocent peoples are unnecessarily involves in all these things, Although they are not intrested also only because of there religion.

So in my point of view religion should not be mixed with politics, And the people should be awaken about this.
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Fouziya Yasmeen said: (Tue, Mar 20, 2012 04:57:27 AM)

Religion is a very apart from politics in point of view so everyone should be aware of this that mixing up of religion is a serious crime as our nation is multi-religion society in order to be a truthful for your responsibilities should be elected and never go for religious thoughts and elect a bad person. And for the conclusion I would like to say be optimist in selecting then only we can develop our nation. Leave religious thought and just care for true humanity.
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Arshad said: (Mon, Mar 12, 2012 11:08:48 PM)

Considering the topic I believe religion and politics are two poles apart. We should not forget the fact that politics is with religion and religion, specially Islam is a complete code of life. But use of religion to achieve political motives is a heinous crime. Mostly people are vulnerable to be used by politicians under the shade of religions. In this way country leads to a drastic situation where integrity among the countrymen is demolished. If this happens lack of unity among the nation occurs. We all know that unity is the basic demand for country, countrymen and finally a nation's prosperity and progress. These are the horrible facts considering which compel me to believe that mixing of politics with religion to achieve political motives can never be fruitful for a nation.
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Pratik Rathi said: (Tue, Feb 21, 2012 03:43:32 PM)

I do think that religion and politics should not be combined otherwise it may cause into a conflict in the society. As we know that many foreign powers ruled on our country because of many religions with the policy of "DIVIDE AND RULE"and thus if we continue the same then the day will not be long when we will see our country divided into many small parts on the basis of religion.
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Sehar said: (Tue, Feb 21, 2012 12:39:01 AM)

Both religion and politics are different parts of a society, and mixing them not only breaks the unity and hurt the sentiments of people who are being minored out, but also gives the chance to the enemy countries to take advantage of this gap in the society for their benefit. As happened earlier, Britishers too used this loophole of divided nation for their benefit and looted India for almost 200 years. This not only makes us vulnerable to outside world, but also hampers the development of the country, and so we are still not the superpower but under a superpower nation. To stop this adulteration of mixing religion with politics we the citizen of India should take the responsibility of not believing in such tactics by whosoever the corrupt maybe and not let anyone believe in such nonsense.
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Srimoyee Bhattacharya said: (Mon, Feb 20, 2012 09:12:30 AM)

Religion should never be mixed with politics. It is a hineous crime on a part of the Indian politicians to do so. India is such a country where if the people work together we would see unforeseen prosperity. But for ages Indian politicians, be it moghuls, be it british people, or the current corrupt politicians, they exercise a single rule " DIVIDE AND RULE POLICY" on the basis of religions. In 1947 our country was partitioned on the basis of religion. The pangs of separation during the partition which was majorly due to division among hindus and muslims, is still felt today by maximum pakistanis and indians. Also Indian people have witnessed brutalities in gujarat, punjab etc. Post-Indira Gandhi's death witnessed hindu-sikh riots where defenceless sikhs were killed and tormented brutally sikh wives were raped. So we have seen for ages that an invisible division in the society, though our constitution never supported such actions, because India is a secular republic country. Hence it is a high time that we shrug off such divisions, and work together for the wellfare of all Indians.
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Amarbir Singh said: (Sat, Feb 11, 2012 03:00:32 PM)

On the conclusion state what I believe is that religion should not be mixed with the politics as in this discussion we come across several points which basically leads to the politicians vote bank and their personal interest instead we should understand this ill effect and make others to understand this. So, that a masses should select the person who is the one not dividing the people among the religion and seeking his personal interest !
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Himanshu Bhatt said: (Thu, Feb 9, 2012 09:50:11 PM)

Hi everyone. I agree to some extent with the views of my friends but on the contrary would'nt we need to think of it as, if we just somehow don't value the underprivileged class of the country would'nt they be deviated from the mainstream education system having feeling deprived, leading them to join wrong organisations which give such an education where just religion is kept above humanity and therefore might just somehow disturb the systems altogether. Hence we will have to refresh our thinking and revisit it again to perceive every aspect of a thing. Perhaps.
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Latika said: (Thu, Feb 9, 2012 05:04:13 PM)

Religion and politics should not be mixed up. Today politicians tried to mix these 2 & gain votes on the name of religion & creates a "divide & conquer" & affects unity of country on name of religion which is not good.
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Upendra Singh Panwar said: (Sun, Jan 29, 2012 05:32:22 PM)

Religion and politics are two different aspect of a well civilized society. One is related to faith on divine thoughts and another one on behalf of law and rules. Mixture of politics with religion is just a method of getting attention among politicians. Misguiding people is their target for vote bank. Any country or society is stable if there is unity among citizens of that country. Now there is a point that I

like to mentioned if the politicians are saying about unity and peace in country, while on other hand they are dividing people by their religions and giving weightage to a particular religion, then how it is possible that there will be piece among people. Second thing it is obvious from history that several riots and wars happened for religion and land. These riots are started by those people who are mislead by their master for religious belief. Number of affected people in these riots are mostly. Innocent people. Apparently everyone knows that mixing of politics with religion is a tactics of politician for their own advantage.
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Amrit said: (Sat, Jan 28, 2012 05:32:18 PM)

I would say even the front line political parties are also instrumentalizing religion for vote bank. Friends Indian population are self centric, not secular, radical on their religious part and always seek their own benefit rather than the benefit of mass. Politics based on religion can only capture people who are away from national development, who sees self gain and place national gain way behind. I think govt should ban religion based political party in India. Or discourage other parties to stop alluring people on various promises on religious benefit. It is only leading to communal disturbances. So our politics should be clean, secular and based on values that aims at integrated development of citizens of our nation irrespective of religions.
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Chandra Prakash said: (Sat, Jan 28, 2012 04:18:02 PM)

Our India is known for different cultures live together and work together, friends religions should not be mixed with politics, if any politicians doing this that simply means doing for there own or party benefits friends we will be more strong if we live together. What actually is happening political parties asking for vote on the basic of religions and saying we will give you "RESERVATION" it's just a tool for politicians (reservation must be in our country but on the basic of economic or finance condition not on the basic of cast and communities) and we know the results of this divides and weak. Friends politics is made for us to unite the peoples and solve the problems together rather then to divides. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.
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Akanksha Pachori said: (Fri, Jan 27, 2012 06:47:04 PM)

Religion is the power of our nation if you mind with the politics then the power of our nation mixed with the politics. There is only one religion that is huminity so at last we may say.''WE LIVE IN INDIA, WE ARE INDIANS''THANKS TO ALL.
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Sxgd said: (Fri, Jan 27, 2012 12:04:41 AM)

Religion is the power of our nation if you mixed with the politics then the power of our nation should be decreases. It is only the factor to increase the castisism and secularism.
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Ravi Vedwan said: (Wed, Jan 18, 2012 06:44:18 PM)

I respect the views of my friends. In my opinion religion should not be mixed with politics. The first obligation of the politics is to give a platform for the betterment of the nation and the aim of the politicians is to look at the whole country by closing the eye of caste, creed, cult, community and RELIGION. If we give birth to a party based on particular religion (ex. HINDU) then I think there will be no strong opposition in the parliament because more than 70% hindu lives in our country and you can realise what power would be held by the other religion. If it happens, there will be no democracy but autocracy whose leader will be the one from bigger religion.
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Smrity said: (Mon, Jan 16, 2012 08:50:00 PM)

Religion cannot be kept away from politics because politics and religion both are a part of our society and life so we cannot draw a line between religion and politics, our Indian society is divided on the basis of religion, politicians play religion game to pamper a particular section of society and attack votes so we have to frame our system so that every religion gets its due respect, every member of society is above any religion but to take care of them there are schemes and programs required from the side of government, some sections have been really ill treated and discriminated in the society so they need uplifting.
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Rasika said: (Wed, Jan 11, 2012 11:22:15 AM)

Hi, As we all know great sociologist 'Max Weber' has given the strong relation between the society and it's religion through his work. Religion is reflected in each and every fields of society not only in political sphere but also in economic, cultural, social etc. And in case of India, even after making thousands of attempts we would not be able to separate religion and politics as two different bodies. Today, religion is seen as one of the strong tool to claim political power. Perhaps, after giving such sociological explanations in order to have a logical talk, we should not mix religion with politics. But religion is that institution who shapes human mind, thoughts and finally guides his actions. Religion gives birth to the closed system of 'caste & subcastes' and finally gives birth to "politics".
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Ranjit Biswal said: (Tue, Dec 13, 2011 11:45:36 PM)

I really feel politician are not belonging to any religion they are simply separating human being and getting them into fight against neighbour it some time shed bloods of own friends politician are simply using us to get some votes.
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Shalini said: (Tue, Nov 8, 2011 06:21:42 PM)

No, I don't think that politics should be mixed with religion. Religion has its own belief where as politics is shear strategy. Politics can be questioned, but would a person like questioning his/her own belief?That is religion-one's belief, the inherit quality of oneself, that should not be mixed with a strategical game-politics. Mixing religion with politics will just give an extra advantage to the politicians to manipulate the voters on the basis of their belief, provoke them for wrong fights on the name of religion. Mixing religion will make the voters a shear puppet in the hands of the politicians and using them for their own welfare. Religion can not be mixed up with politics until the politicians does not stop their habit of using people for their own benefits and for settling their personal quarrels. Mixing of religion with politics require self control on oneself, being

unbiased, ability to differentiate between right and wrong and most importantly the will to do some thing for nation and its countrymen and not just for him/herself. Unless this dedication and attitude generates in the politicians of a country, mixing religion with politician is like handing a gun to a culprit and expecting him not to shoot.
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Suraj said: (Fri, Oct 28, 2011 07:24:51 PM)

No religion should not be mixed with a politics. Politics leader are selected to serve the people of all religion. If we mix it there will me misunderstanding among the people. So its divide the people.
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Keerthi said: (Thu, Oct 13, 2011 06:12:22 AM)

Hi all, I too will say that, religion should not be mixed up with politics. Because as India is a multicultural country and is following "Unity in Diversity", it is not at all appreciable to mix up the religion. If we do so, then only people who are belonging to a certain religion would get benefits and the other people won't. As India is a democratic country, every person have right to rule and if every one thinks about religion while they are in ruling, then the meaning of democracy will be lost. Already, at present, some parties are doing the same thing and I think every one about it.
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Sachin Mehta said: (Thu, Sep 22, 2011 11:47:46 PM)

Firstly I just want to say that RELIGION is different thing and POLITICS is different. But what personaly I think that politics invading in religion because in India there are much number of different kind of religions and it helps them indiretly way and they trying to earn and filling their bank balance. And also they have choose this way for the elections. Religion become ladder to success for politicians and politics should basicly for the development of country. And in India religion is vital cause for the separation and boundaries between human beings. I don't know wheather politics should mix with religion or not but lastly I just want to say that we are responsible for the boundaries and erasing unity word from dictionary. So be in one.
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Sandeep Phadke said: (Tue, Sep 20, 2011 11:10:14 AM)

It is not legal to drag some person, religion through the mud. Nowadays, In politics the situation is of the same. For the sake of the benefits, the political parties tries to divert the minds of the people into the unhealthy practice.
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Dheeru Bhai said: (Mon, Sep 19, 2011 08:58:12 PM)

Religion should not be mixed with politics. Because in a country like India there are numerous religions. What is happening today is the politicians are using these different religions for their vote bank. Sometimes they also provocate the people by their speeches which results then in communal disharmony which is simply dangerous for the unity of our country. Besides, the people must understand that they do not elect such people who try to divide them in the name of religion. Instead we must elect such candidates who vow to work for the peace and the development of the nation.
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Souvik Mishra said: (Mon, Sep 19, 2011 08:29:10 PM)

India is a very critical country where religion plays a very crucial role. India is a nation where there are multiple religions and discrimination has been there on the basis of religion and caste. Politics on the basis of religion has been a major cause of concern which has led to several communal riots in the past. Some vested people have tried to make benefits out of our multi cultural society where religion comes first. It is very well known that in India where mu of of religions multiple number of religions reside differences among people is is there and there have been some people who want benefit out of it. So politics in religion is certainly a major cause of concern which has claimed lives of many and is still prevalent. This has not only increased terrorism in our our country b has made our society a one of the most unsafe of all.
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Divya Sareen said: (Sat, Sep 17, 2011 12:01:42 PM)

Religion is the sacredness that a single supreme power rules all the people. And that supreme power is worshiped in its various forms according to the beliefs of the people. Politics, on the other hand, is merely playing with the mindsets of the people to get into power, by hook or by crook. The politicians of our country are well versed with the public and they know how to increase their vote banks. So the most easily adopted method of these politicians is to play with the fickle mind of the people in the name of religion. Though no religion teaches discrimination, and no religion is considered superior or inferior to any religion but these clever minded politicians frame their so-called "bhashans" in such a manner that attracts people of the same caste and religion. But it also becomes the duty of all the people as responsible citizens of the society not to be driven by these mantras adopted by politicians, and vote for the person who can actually run our country and drive it on the road to success. Rather than just blindly voting for the person of the same religion.
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Aditi Anand,Gitam University said: (Fri, Sep 16, 2011 08:44:00 PM)

Hi as we all know India is a multiculture nation so its unique from other county its has its own value, we Indian respect every religion people, so when a question arise "should religion mix with politics" I would say it should not because it divide the people who are living in a society and they are dependent on each other as like in an ecosystem each and every spices survival is important if it is not thre it effect ecological balance same is for the development for India people shlould be united, politics should be there on a universal based not on caste because the aim of politice is to develop a society not to put a quarrel among people so we the young generation should give vote to those politcs who are elgible but on the base of religion.
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Bharat Jha said: (Tue, Aug 30, 2011 09:43:13 AM)

Mixing of religion in the politics is very dangerous for the nation. Because it is just like the british policy that is "divide and conquer". It divides the people and create miss understanding between them. Since we are a democratic nation it should decrease our moral values.
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Leonidas The Spartan King said: (Mon, Aug 22, 2011 02:29:02 PM)

Religion and politics should not be mixed as we know that in India there are politician . some are highly qualified and some are even dudwala,panwala,etc . the are bribe and so they do to people. 70-80% of indian voters are from village who are uneducated due to which they are made victims by giving them the bribe of there religions.....
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Shruti said: (Thu, Aug 18, 2011 04:59:02 PM)

Religion should not be mixed with politics, politicians use this tag religion to gain the votes of people. This is only damaging our political system, the person who can and who have that potential of rising the indias growth is curbed due to this religion biased system, and since most of our population is rural they easily get influenced by politician and give them that power. Even people who are literate because of their bigot nature favour their religious political party. This way this is becoming a reason for our country to be "DEVELOPING" INSTEAD OF "DEVELOPED" country, relegion biasing only causes havoc like we witnessed ayodhya pact which is isnt setteled yet. So it shouldnot be mixed with politics.
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Bharat Kumar said: (Fri, Aug 5, 2011 09:30:25 PM)

Hi Friends. I Agree that Religion should not be mixed with politics. But people are habituated to vote their religion members because of constitution. Our constitution gave so much reservations for some castes/religions, so people are started to convert because of only such benefits. This makes other religions anger they start to give benefits as much as possible to only their religion people. For this Constitution has to replace with new constitution with differentiating people only on their financial stability not on any other basis poor people need help not the people who belongs to the ruling party this can be done only be educating the people and major changes in constitution.
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Raushan said: (Fri, Aug 5, 2011 04:24:43 PM)

Well, India is a country of where people of diferent caste and cultural reside. Unity in diversity is its symbol and has a unique place in the world for this. Due to some vote and to fulfil individual desires, some politian are dividing the people in the name of caste. It not only increase the danger in society but also damage the heart of different religion people. Now bomb blast is increased in any political election to divert the heart of Indian mind and point it toward religious sources. So pol. Itics should never be mixed with the religion.
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Krishnaagrawal said: (Thu, Aug 23, 2012 11:33:40 AM)

I think Indian villeges are stength as well as weaknss of the country. Because our life is start from village and it ends to village. Our life is depend on food and we can get it from farm so it is our strength and in village there is a only some weak point such as education, helth problems etc.
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Anil Sharma said: (Wed, Aug 15, 2012 08:32:07 PM)

Indian villages is our strength as well as our weakness seems day and night. Rural area is strength of India because of agriculture and producing food for country, which has been maintaining the stagflation of Indian economics. Weakness of India because of 70% peoples in rural area of country are illiterate, which has been impacting on economic growth and if we tackle the problem of illiteracy in villages, India will be the finest country in world because literate villagers can farm well and do something special for country.
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Kavitha Rajendran said: (Tue, Aug 14, 2012 02:55:41 PM)

According to me Villages are main in our country. I am also a Village Student. If Villages are not here, Some Peoples are living in difficult stage. Because Food Items are manufacturing in Villages, it will be produced only by Farmers. It does not make by city People. In villages does not flood in Water, food, job. Suppose they won't get job, they immediately get inside of former field. So they don't worry. And then Village peoples are very Brilliant, i.e., in Maths they calculate Mind-calculation. They know how to solve some Problems. But City makers doesn't know this. So Village must be compulsory in our country.
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Mahesh said: (Fri, Aug 10, 2012 12:14:58 PM)

I think Villages are most important part of our country. Because all the food which we required are produced in villages by farmers. But there is lack of facilities. Like, hospital, colleges for high education, roads, etc. So our government have to work on that things. To improve the villages more.
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Rationalise said: (Tue, Aug 7, 2012 02:27:26 PM)

India does not need villages to progress centralization of all agricultural labs as done by China not only increases produce also solves rigor problem of father quotes since farmers are just employees of government they do not need to worry about loans etc.
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Suguna said: (Sun, Aug 5, 2012 09:54:01 AM)

According to my view villages are back bone of our country. When a person he fails in backbone stability he

never walk and never do works properly. Backbone gives strength to our body to stand striately. That's the way villages are also give straight forward to developing, food is very important to human life, without food we can't live on the earth. Food is provided from farmers only, no farmer no human, this is the greatness of the villages. Our Indian culture follows in villages only, they give respect to elders and speak with sweet words, they help to each other. So villages are very important to human life.
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Ravi Shankar said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 02:59:11 PM)

OK, I agree with all my friends but according to me -we should work on educational field in rural area. Because we known that education is that powerful weapon by which we can change the world same. If our villager are educated then they are use scientific method or develop new tech. So first all work on education in rural as well as urban area, by help of education we can change our nation with in 5 years. Thanks.
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Darshan.B said: (Wed, Aug 1, 2012 07:10:28 PM)

Hello friends according to me villages are the basement of nation to reach the goal. We know that India is a developing country. Indian economy is mainly depend on the village welfare. The main need for man is the food, it is produced in village not in cities, even though in cities also some people will involved in agriculture but % is less. Hence village is the backbone of nation. Thanking you.
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Vidya said: (Sun, Jul 29, 2012 07:24:48 PM)

Hi, friends. According to my view villages are backbone of our country. Food is the main source of a human being food is an agricultural product. Agriculture is done in villages only. So villages has to develop but the people in villages are migrating to cities due lack of facilities. The government has to take measures to control this migration by providing infrastructural facilities like construction of roads, hospitals, schools etc. In villages the relations between people are strong and they help each other. Traditions are also followed by village people only. Agriculture plays an important role in the development of a country by increasing the exports and imports of agricultural products from this the national income also increases.
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Raj said: (Sun, Jul 29, 2012 04:40:45 PM)

Hello friends, Villages play a vital role in the economization of our country. Without farmers we cannot get a piece of rice in our country. Farmer is the backbone of country. A country cannot develop economically without villages.
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Chaitrali Latane said: (Sun, Jul 29, 2012 01:08:00 PM)

Hi, as we know, every coin has two sides, according to that every thing has two effects positive as.

Well as negative, yes I am agree with my friends opinion that villages are strength of country. But lack in education, literacy leads to weakness of nation. To overcome this weakness government and every one in country has to put a step forward to vanish the illiteracy. If we get success in doing same then definitely we will convert our weakness to strength.
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Paaras said: (Wed, Jul 25, 2012 08:55:48 PM)

In my view I will say that I am agree villages are backbone our nation. We get raw materials from village. We all depend on agriculture for food if their will be no farmer then how can we get food. Their should be school, better health facilities etc. As the villages are unable to literate and they won't go to school for education. They are uneducated. They also don't let children to go to school. Village is not polluted as compared to cities because in cities they used chemical to grow food but in village they use organic cultivation. Villages are also considered as a "nature of beauty" the beauty of nature can be seen in villages, and there are lot of advantages from villages, hence from my opinion villages are strength of us than weakness.
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Kangkan Roy said: (Tue, Jul 24, 2012 09:09:49 PM)

Hi friends, In my point of view for the growth of a country industry & fertilization is complement to each other. In India village is the only source of raw material for any industry. So, village is obviously a strength for our country. But to be very practical, the scenario of Indian villages is very bad, there are lack of education, public lifestyle, health should be better, new technology in agriculture should be introduced. Government should come forward to change this scene. We should always keep it in mind that industrialization without agricultural development can not ensure growth.
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Priya said: (Fri, Jul 20, 2012 04:49:19 PM)

Hi friends. In my point of my view, village is the backbone of our nation. Without food none live in this world. Village person can face any problems. Village students are good knowledge, actively involved in sports and any other activities. In village people celebrate all the festivals. Without food we cannot live. So village is strength of our nation.
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Siva said: (Thu, Jul 19, 2012 04:43:31 PM)

Hi friends, I am agree villages are backbone our nation. Because we are getting peaceful life from village. And there not available pollution, noise and etc. Then we are get true feelings from village peoples. Villages most strength of our nation. Thank you.
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Rahul said: (Sun, Jul 15, 2012 05:06:07 PM)

In my opinion, the whole world knows that we are the developing country in the world. Why, because we know that the agriculture is the our strengths not the weakness. The world knows that the India is a agricultural country. The Indian economy is heavily dependent upon the agricultural and the agriculture contributes around the 17.5% in the our GDP of India which is very high percent from the other sectors. Our population about75-80% live in the villages and they do the really hard work for their cultivation. That's why India is the developing country in the world. That's why our father of nation said that "village is the heart of the country". That's all from my side.
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Haritha.R said: (Fri, Jul 13, 2012 08:53:34 AM)

Hi friends in my opinion also villages are backbone to our India. Without villages we don't live because food facilities all are from villages. Without eating we can't live. But in villages some problems are there:. 1. Illiteracy. 2. Hospitals facilities and for farmers govt don't provide sufficient water and electricity facilities. So first we develop our villages then our India is developed country. Villages people always remember our culture. Like MakaraSankranthi, Ugadi. etc., some traditional festivals but in cities no relations are present in between peoples all members are live like selfish. But in India they live like joint family. Thanks. If any mistakes there sorry from me.
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Teja said: (Tue, Jul 10, 2012 09:08:54 AM)

Hi everyone. Villages are place an important role because villages are the back bone of our country. Our basic need is food and it only comes through villages. We can't live without food that means the whole world can't live without villages. 75% population live in villages. It means 75% of our talent is live in villages.
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Nisha said: (Sat, Jul 7, 2012 08:47:56 PM)

Hello everyone:. According to my view Indian villages are our strongness with providing those facilities i.e. obtained in cities like good hospitals with necessary machines, providing bus facilities for students to going their schools, good colleges with excellent facilities otherwise not be. I am satisfied to all my dear friends, villagers are the backbone of our country. Since, we all know that India is an aagricultural country because we all are getting like: milk, cotton, excellence enviorment, pollution free air & mostly workers those are worked in farms. In a modern period study is being related to field in agriculture in many colleges such as:pantnagar university which is famous for their agricultarity in whole Asia. Finally, Indian villages are like a wonderful heaven if necessary facilities have been provided. Thank You.
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Samu said: (Fri, Jul 6, 2012 09:29:31 PM)

hai friends my name is samu .villages are the back bone of the country . villages have a peaceful environment .but unfortunately in our country villagers would like to go to the cities for getting money they attracted more to the cities here the problem is not for the villagers. the problem is government . it always think about the technology and they always target about what the other countries do. but they forget the villagers. they are not utilizing the sourses present in india, but they are saying india backlog in the education . but am not agreed for this we have to change our system . we have to concentrate on the villages .i would like to say one thing here .in the cities may be there is no time to think differently ,they always working like a machine . for being our india developed country we have to develop our villages for doing this 1.establish a good school (the school which have to make students think prictical) 2.govt have to provide sources effectively 3.we have to encourage the village people for giving employment 4.we have to improve our agriculture technology then the villagers show the interest to stay there 5 and also a agriculture technology will give good crop thatwill good good profit for the villagers
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Rajesh said: (Fri, Jul 6, 2012 08:31:40 PM)

Hello my dear friends good eve in my opinion vilages are the really strength of our country because in our India mainly depends on our agriculture right due to that we get vegetables, rice and all our food iteams naturally producing mostly in villages that's why we need to provide good facilities to them they really help to our country. When ever they really help to our country we did not import the food iteams to other country due to that our currency will increasing with more demand and also I agree with culture follow in cities also but more in villages because there joint families and relations are the best example. And also 75% of population lived in villages that's why I said to village are strength & back bone of our country with out back bone we can't survive right. THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS CHANCE.
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Usha said: (Fri, Jul 6, 2012 11:55:30 AM)

Hi guys, most of our friends said that village is the backbone of our India. Yes I agree that. Above 70% of people living in India are villages. In villages we can smell the essence of nature & where we get true love and affection whereas in cities we won't find that. The villagers are very innocents and they won't hurt any people, they are very courageous. Our great leaders like Gandhiji, Kamaraj are also from village so they are boon to us. We are celebrating the workers day on May 1st is the remembrance of the hard workers i.e., our VILLAGERS.
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Nishu said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 07:05:25 PM)

Hello friends. According to my view villages are the strength of our country. Villages are backbone of our country because about 75% of people live in village and also agriculture contributes more than 17% in the GDP. The food we eat, the milk we drink, the vegetables we eat also come from villages. The village people always try to protect our culture and tradition. Mainly the people of the village live with unity and peace. The village has clean air and very beautiful environment. The village has very less noise and rush. So the pollution is less. The village has not lot of vehicles. So roads are less dangerous for driving cycling. They can get fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. The environment of the village is pleasant and silent and it has scenic beauty.
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Sunil said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 04:46:03 PM)

Obviously Its strength. 80% of population living in the villages and they are contributing in GDP of approx 6% by producing food grain for our nation. We can say Villages are the back bone of Indian economy. But there is need to develop villages as well. If Talk about in 1970, So there was no such facilities in villages like road. Electric and so on that is why village people are migrated in big cities and doing labor work. But now the time is come villages are now happy in their villages and earning lot by producing more grain.
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Ganesh said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 04:45:37 PM)

Hi, I am very clearly say village is our strength, because food items are come from village. In village people are uneducated but he give respect for each other. Village people are spend more time to his family. In modern cities there is no time for spend his family because all are go to some materialistic way. Village is a pure environment and fresh air.
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Raja said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 04:28:20 PM)

Hi dear; Some are said villages are our strength and some are said weakness. But in my view villages are maximum strength to our country. VILLAGES ARE THE BACKBONE OF OUR COUNTRY. We survive without village products. Some are saying villages are attenuating the modernization. My question to those people what is modernization? Modernization means not vanishing the villages we have to change ourselves to a good humanitarianism. Developing, and fashionably and also we have to follow the our culture. Villages are our strength because our country mainly depends on agriculture and culture. And 65% of our economy mainly depends on villages. And villages are free from pollution and have a good environment. Many great personalities are came from villages like A. P. J. KALAM, MS DHONI, GANDHIJI, LALBHADUR SHASTRI etc. Village people have good strength and they are hard works and village people have a sports personality by the poverty they are not coming out. If our government provides them good facilities they definitely India will be number 1 developed county.
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Udhay said: (Sat, Jun 30, 2012 06:43:17 AM)

Villages are the backbone of our country as we know. The life of the people in the villages prove that still Indians are united. They live as a joint family. The villages have very good ambiance. But nowadays factories are being constructed in villages also. It leads to the loss of lives, birth of lame babies, many diseases & a polluted environment. Villagers volunteer agree for the construction of factories there as they think it has been done for the development of their village & also for the reason that people could be employed but they really don't understand that it is spoil their lives and not gloom their lives. They should be made aware of all these destruction and also they should be made aware of all the welfare schemes available especially for them.
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Chiran said: (Fri, Jun 29, 2012 08:13:32 PM)

Hi friends. Really villages are the strength. Its a back bone of country. But when our country developing. Obviously village population will be less. For example if consider a human being. Without of back bone. That person can achieve any thing. Like same only. When having more advantages that is the strength. Really friends villages are having more advantages is there.
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Harika said: (Fri, Jun 29, 2012 12:26:35 PM)

Hello everyone. According to my point of view, villages are the main cause for the development. Of our country. Almost 70% of the income is because of the agriculture. India is meant for villages. If such villages are developed in some years we can definitely see India as a developed country. 1. The main thing is government should educate the people in villages by implementing some plans. 2. Child labor must be eradicated. 3. Providing education to children at low fees. 4. Banning liquor. 5. Construction of hospitals, providing transport etc., should be done. Undoubtedly villages are strength to our country. They are boon to our country given by god.
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Lavanya A said: (Wed, Jun 27, 2012 09:12:45 PM)

Villages are the places from where we can get our food. We can't live without food. That means the whole world can't live without villages. Villages play that much important role in the world. To know about one country first we should know about the villages in that country. 75% of the people in the world are living in the villages. Simply villages are the backbone of every country.
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Anand Bunga said: (Wed, Jun 27, 2012 09:42:36 AM)

In India, the people totally depends on the villages for the functioning of human activities. As India is agricultural country, we are very proud to have such a good villages. Villages are not only strength to our country but also weakness to our country. As the villages are unable to literate and they won't go to school for education. As the village parents are uneducated, they don't know anything about the education they force their children to go and work in their children. Due to illiteracy, the child labour are increasing day by day. But the strength to our country because they supply everything by which we can survive. Government took so many terms that five year planning to educate the farmers and started the school education from 3 years. Finally Indian villages are totally depends on the cultivation. Villages are better than the cities. If there are no villages then there will be no one in this Universe be happy. So Villages are backbone to our great country. Villages both Strength and weakness to our great and faithful country INDIA. Thank you for this opportunity.
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Amit Guha Roy said: (Sat, Jun 23, 2012 12:45:46 PM)

Cities and villages are two souls in one body. I think cities are the mirror of our country but villages are the silent maker of this mirror. We can not think the prosperity of our country without mercy of the village people. It is true that there are some drawbacks of our villages. I think it is not weakness of our country but to a challenge to fight against it. So that we could achieve a integrated & developed country. Thank You.
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Abcd said: (Thu, Jun 21, 2012 08:54:06 PM)

Villages are the Indian's powerful cites and India's economy as well as properties. But now a days it is spoiled due to the some person who try to develop his own properties. So to prevent the deceasing of this cites first to stop migrate the other places like city. And to start action developing the villages.
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Nancy Bansal said: (Thu, Jun 21, 2012 01:45:06 PM)

According to my views, every aspect has strengths and weakness. With regards to strengths, villages life is full of purity as every thing is pure in villages like environment, air, food and people thoughts are also pure. People has to depend to villagers for their livelihood food. People in the cities don't get any thing pure. With regards to weakness, people are superstition. They still believe in waste facts.
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Avinash,Nama said: (Tue, Jun 19, 2012 09:14:42 PM)

Gandhiji said that villages are back bone to our country. 1. I agree with this because all food material is coming from villages. 2. Jai javan jai kisan(Hail the soldier, Hail the farmer). 3. With out village people there is no India. 4. All building and malls in cities are built by village people. 5. In cites to construct the large buildings they are removing trees and forests with this imbalance in environment. 6. With out former's we can not live so we protect the village people. 7. So political parties should help to the village people in such a way that the government should give more subsidies in seeds. 8. All are coming to cites there no water and food resources. 9. We arrange sports and hospitals camps in every village so that in village people also got opportunity in sports. 10. Establish private collages and schools.

11. At last with out villages there is no strength of India villages are made so many great people.
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Prem said: (Sat, Jun 16, 2012 04:52:53 PM)

Yes villages are our backbone but on the same time we all should accept the bitter truth that the villages are also pulling the development rate of India to hit the ground. Although they are serving country by providing grains, land space for industries, vegetables, milk, and some other household product but the same villages are contributing in the poor educational rate, lower standard of living, Dowry, Home violence, Sex determination, Suicides by former etc. The conclusion to my thought is that we are not getting as much as we can get out of our villages and we are still underestimating the capabilities of our villages, There are many reasons that are preventing our villages from development and making the entire country suffer it, that are, Corrupt politicians. Lack of electricity. Scarcity of services like hospitals, colleges, schools etc. If the above points are tried to make better by the government and the citizens this curse can be changed into blessing. Thank you all for your patience.
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Zarina Hafiez Ullah said: (Sat, Jun 16, 2012 12:14:36 PM)

Hi. Everyone, We are living in that country where 72.2% people lives in rural areas. It is also known as AGRICULTURAL country and this is our identity. Identity of any person or country can never be weakness. We should proud on what we are and what our forefathers were. Its not all about the matter of food or grain but it is a matter of our culture and identity.
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Surendra said: (Thu, Jun 14, 2012 03:43:14 PM)

Hello friends. According my opinion, Indian villages are strength. Because 80 percentage population live in villages, and depended on agriculture, all food product are coming only villages, I think 10 to15 percent tourism source income in villages. Our culture live in villages, villages are free from pollution and environment is so well, villages population are lived with peace , then Gandhi was said India are live in villages, so my friend according to me villages are our strength. Sorry friend mistake for English. Because my English is week.
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Vasu said: (Thu, Jun 14, 2012 10:43:04 AM)

Good morning friends, I agree to that statement, because of farmers have been backbone of India. In villages so many customs, traditions, relations we are seeing now. Every farmer do the agriculture for survival his family, but not for

country. Farmer use some of the food remaining food is sold to the others. Villages are important for India development. In villages farmers were cultivate the so many vegetables, grain, daily food products, those things are brought to the market and sold them, get money for needs. But in villages some problems are faced: . Child marriages. . Illiteracy. So many problems are faced, those are destroyed get India will be NO;1 in the world.


aloni said: (Thu, Aug 23, 2012 07:10:40 PM)

We are all part of Democracy and hence to stop corruption we should start from ourself, laws and regulations should be more strict regarding corrupt people. They should be heavily penalized for their deeds. Also School must give lesson to student and encourage them to do all the their activities transparently, so that atleast our future generation (and leaders too) will not be corrupt.
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Akash Jaiswal said: (Mon, Aug 13, 2012 01:33:56 AM)

I am putting a small example over here like if we compare our country with america, america is not having the corruption word in their dictionary, Because their thinking and way to manage their whole country is totally different as compare to our country. The political leaders of our nations are totally corrupt, but america is having up class thinking. They know better than us that, how to fulfill the demands which are necessary for the people who all are living over there. America has recently tested one missile I don't know the name of that missile but I heard that by this missile america can destroy the land of 9, ooo to 1o, ooo km, India copied the same thing we all might have heard about 'agni 5'by this missile we can destroy any thing on the wide range of 5000 km to 5500 km. So my point is why can't we copied the same rules and regulations which all are america's government applying to maintain their strong political and economical background.
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Bskine said: (Sat, Aug 11, 2012 04:16:56 PM)

We talk about democracy and corruption but many of us are just too tired even to vote. We prefer to promote corruption when we have to get our work done. We fail to stand by those who raise voice against corruption. We just want to win an argument but loose even our self esteem to corrupt system. We are the promoters. There is fragmentation within us, what we say, what we think and what we do. What have we actually done, on individual basis, on ground level, to strengthen democracy and reduce corruption?
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Neha Singh said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 07:29:17 PM)

I am totally agreed with the term that corruption is the thing which we are paying for democracy. If we step forward and make our will strong against all those evil happenings, I am sure one day or the other our country will also be changed and this will be soon if we are together. For this, first we have to change ourselves by making OUR ACTIONS TO SPEAK WHICH WE THINK.
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Anjali said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 12:09:51 PM)

Corruption is involved in each and every aspect in our country and in this fast track world we find corruption as the easiest way to get our work done. It starts with the individual. Democracy is not responsible for corruption. Democracy is to the people, by the people and for the people. We have the right to vote, we elect our political leaders, so one must have a subtle mind while choosing the leader. Also, people should come forward and have guts to raise voice against anything wrong done rather than going with whatsoever is happening.
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Shiva Prakash said: (Fri, Aug 3, 2012 07:29:16 PM)

Corruption does become a road block in the process of national development if the policy makers are not patriotic or not trained in development processes or not interested in national development and get away fooling citizens. However it is not necessary that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. A few months back, I read a book " 5 Years Guarantee : How to make India Richer " published by Manas Publications, New Delhi. The book is basically in the domain of developmental economics and public policy and suggests a very novel process for quick national development and poverty removal. In this process of developemnt and employment generation, the concept explains secondary or inconsequential role of money. That makes corruption not affecting too much on the daily lives of the citizens. The book has even a chapter on corruption. If such a system for development is followed, in that case, domestic corruption (associated only within the national boundary) has no major impact. But corruption encompassing beyond the national boundary may have both short term and long term consequences for the nation. Take for example foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-retail. It's colour is definitely marred by corruption at the highest levels. And once implemented, it will affect and drastically impact the Indian citizens leading to long term unemployment, higher consumer prices and threat to the national security. Just take one recent example of the story of apples in India. The Indian apples are diificult to purchase (not seen) , big retails and now even smaller retail shops keep only Australian or Fuzi or Chinese apples at much much hiher prices and unprecedanted rate of the price rise still happening.
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Rahul said: (Sun, Jul 29, 2012 06:20:34 PM)

Democracy is not responsible for corruption, first we have to change ourself if anybody is asking for bribe then we should complain to police if police is not reacting then go to media which is most powerful medium to protest.
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Yash Mehta said: (Thu, Jun 28, 2012 06:26:38 PM)

We all know that corruption is a Legal offense. And its like a fatal disease. But we can't say that only our government is responsible for corruption even we all are also involved in it. And we also enhance it as much as a politician. And I consider that its our misunderstanding that we blame our government. Our government is not corrupt but

their people are corrupt. And they take undue advantage of their entrusted power. We know that India is a world's no. One democratic country. Not because of their politicians but because of their people. So first of all we need to improve ourselves.
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Gargi Parmar said: (Thu, Jun 14, 2012 10:08:10 PM)

According to me. Corruption is a dishonestly and illegal activity done by an individual but it doesn't mean that it is a price we pay for democracy. Being a Democracy we have a lot of rights and way to remove this social evil from our honorable country INDIA. Democracy is a only mean by which we can demolish corrupted people from our country. For corruption we all our responsible for sure. But it is also true that we are only one who can remove it to. This independence is only provided by this democracy. Being democratic we can ruin this incurable disease from INDIA.
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Anish said: (Wed, Jun 6, 2012 08:39:08 PM)

Corruption and democracy are two different thing and they can exist separately, but in a developing democracy like India, where most of the people belongs to the middle class, a government job is seen as a source of income first, and then they go for the duties. Believe me, in India a job having extra income, i.e. Black money is preferred over the others. If we are looking for a corruption free India. It can be achieved but only after everyone of us stop corruption related things. Corruption, in the way I see, is a communicable phenomena. If one of your workmate used to take bribe, then now or than you will get involved in this. So we can't blame politicians, they are also among one of us.
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K.C. Joshi said: (Sun, Jun 3, 2012 03:58:42 PM)

Corruption is not a new thing. It has existed in the past and will continue in future. Corruption is more prevalent in dictatorship or irresponsible government. Democracy is supposed to be the best available system of governance. Now, it is said that corruption and democracy are inseparable. This is not true. Democracy is form of government in which peoples participation is vital. They are the master of the government. The corrupt government can be thrown away by the people in a democracy. The studies show that corruption is not totally absent in democracy. It is more in developing democracies. In India, corruption thrives because of unholy marriage of politics and money and muscle power The compulsions of coalition government, particularly at the federal level is an unholy source of corruption. But, it is democracy which is the only hope to combat corruption. Accountability, openness and transparency can prevent corruption, which is possible in a democratic system only.
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Manoj said: (Fri, Jun 1, 2012 09:28:10 PM)

We all know that we are living in the democratic country corruption is the result of democracy. We are those who increase the corruption because if we wanna get our work done then we agree with to give any cost for our work that increase the corruption by this the applicable person are gone back. The middle families person are not able to give bribe.
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Deekshant said: (Mon, Apr 16, 2012 09:28:09 AM)

If corruption is in the hit list of India then why the bill like lokpal hasn't being passed and just being tabled number of times in Indian parliament for the last 50 years and still not being implemented. The reason is we are running away from our responsibilities and hiding behind a word called "Democracy and its procedures". So, In my point of view we need to have certain exceptions as far as topics like corruption is considered.
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Simran said: (Sat, Apr 14, 2012 06:26:44 PM)

I think its right but is every country corrupted or only our country has a weak system? Many may agree and many may not. Those who are involved in this they would not feel guilty because corruption has become their earning source. So if we want to stop it we all have to wake up and fight against it. Hence we should be alarmed of corruption.
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Sohail said: (Sat, Apr 14, 2012 05:07:44 PM)

Corruption is not the one we pay for our democracy. Corruption is the one which we pays to political person. Only 250 crores is deposited in the swiss bank where is the other money. We people are responsible for the corruption. Why we pay to police man if we break the signal why we won't pay to the court.
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Monty Sharma said: (Thu, Mar 29, 2012 01:49:25 PM)

Its totally unjust to say so. DEMOCRACY is a tool which empowers individuals to speak out their thoughts & views. It is only because of the existence of democracy that a 2g or cwg, coal mines etc are brought by the whistle blowers in the limelight. The very root & shoot of CORRUPTION is kept under check because of democracy. Imagine the case of an autocracy. At-least here we can speak, protest, fight & you never know succeed too while fighting for the very cause of corruption.
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Simran said: (Sat, Mar 24, 2012 09:24:56 PM)

Corruption has proved to be cancerous in the recent past. "Over 250 billion crore is, only deposited by Indian leaders in the Swiss bank, said Swiss Bank's director". Corruption always flows downwards, So when our leaders are corrupt, automatically our security gaurds are corrupt. But because of democracy we are able to protest for our emancipation. Think about an autocracy, here too corruption is prevalent, but people cannot even protest. So it is wrong to say that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. Not a single person in India would have to depend on paltry food, If all political leaders are made to produce their property with a manifesto. The anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has given up everything for a strong lokpal bill. But it is impossible for a single person to drive against corruption unless and until he enjoys the support and effort of the masses. Have you heard about Abdul Kalam's book India:Vision 2020?, It illustrates how the youth of this country can work towards a better futrue of India in the contemporary world. So as the youth of this country, It is our responsibility to strive for a corruption-free India.
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Swati said: (Tue, Mar 6, 2012 12:26:34 AM)

There's no doubt that corruption has strong roots in India. But to say that we suffer corruption just because we're a democratic country would be grossly wrong. There are other democratic countries too where corruption isn't as prevelant as in India. In our country the people in power are more concerned about winning the next elections rather than bringing the necessary reforms for the betterment of our nation. A more astonishing fact is that those people are elected by us, the people of India only. Its a matter of perception on part of those elected representatives that which path they choose-coruption or ridding the system itself of corruption.
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Kapil said: (Sun, Feb 26, 2012 09:52:07 PM)

A democratic country is a country where people have various right incuding right to choose a party who will run their country, but what can a people will do when a member of house cheated with other member. He can't do anything in the same way we all are aware that in India there are two main parties congress and bijepi and people have to select among of these two party but politician are considering their birth right to take bribe and being corrupt we have many of example like 2g scam and commanwealth scam etc. But many of mine friend are talking about corruption in politics only but it is a problem which is spreading day by day in each and every field such as in our educational system. Altough anna ji and many other social worker have taken a stape against corruption but it is not at all sufficient all the people of our country will have to understand the problem

so that we can overcome the problem. So the conclusion is democracy can not be blamed for corruption in our opinion.
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Vipin Kataria said: (Sun, Feb 26, 2012 12:53:44 PM)

In my opinion , in the large democratic country i.e INDIA, corruption is spreading like a disease and this disease can be cured if everyone starts taking steps. Firstly we should stop giving bribe to politicians , traffic police or to any other person only after that we can stop spreading this disease. We should salute the work what ANNA HAZARE has done for our country to stop corruption, but only one man cant change everything in a short period of time as corruption is in our country from a very long period of time . To finish corruption is not a one day job. We should know our rights and responsibilities towards our nation and abide the rules and regulations than surely we can through away corruption from its roots.
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Shinny said: (Sat, Feb 25, 2012 09:50:58 PM)

Corruption is social evil. The people who will take corruption is a criminal but what about the person who will give the corruption. Both are criminals only. People give the money to the officer or others to complete their work as soon as possible without any trouble. They don't think about others. People are so selfish. Once the officers are habituate for money they will ask again and again. For example:if a child cry, mother will give a chocolate to him for stop the crying. The child will habituate and cry for chocolate. In election time, politicians will give money or gifts in same time people will take the money but none of them will inform to police. If a person think about others their is no corruption, no poverty, no poor, no richer. I'm sure if people are honest and not be selfish then our India will become developed country.
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Mahesh said: (Tue, Feb 14, 2012 04:45:44 PM)

Yes, I have observed everybody has given their opinions. But nobody said that, is he not involved in any corruption. For example, in our house our parents encouraged us if you get 90% this year, you will give a two wheeler. The child get that 90% marks for getting bike. From childhood, we are encouraging our children as habitual corrupted person. In the same way, after getting job, he was habitual to do any work to get something. In this situation, the person can't do any work without getting anything from anybody. He always searching for to get something.
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Babita said: (Sat, Feb 4, 2012 05:11:55 PM)

Corruption in any form is treated as an incurable disease. It is the main cause of our social and economical evils in the society that damages our moral and ethical values. If once corruption starts taking place then, slowly or gradually the whole country passes through the impure net and become incurable. So if we want to stop corruption first we the citizens of India have to change.
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Pranita Bhawalkar said: (Wed, Feb 1, 2012 02:41:52 PM)

Corruption is growing day by day.People should take it seriouslyia to protect corruption.India is a democratic country which gives power to citizens to choose leaders for a country.People should choose a good leader.Youngster should take part in this so that the entire political system could be changed.
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Sindhu said: (Tue, Jan 31, 2012 08:53:19 PM)

Corruption its is the major problem in India now a days it is seen in all aspects and in every issues like giving bribe to traffic police not to fine us but it is the major mistake that taking bribe by police is said to be corruption but giving bribe is also said to be corruption so to avoid or to eradicate corruption the major act was it should be started from our side then to next level.
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Joshua Issac said: (Mon, Jan 30, 2012 09:06:49 PM)

Corruption does not have to be the price of democracy. There is a culture of corruption in India, where people are *expected* to pay for their rights. Of course, corruption can be rooted out if all of us change ourselves and our attitude towards it. If we all stop paying and accepting bribes, then corruption dies. But that is not easy--I can stop myself from doing these things, but I cannot stop my neighbour doing it. Rather than a bottom-up approach where everyone decides they will no longer pay bribes, which is very hard to enforce, it is much easier to solve the problem using a topdown solution, starting with those in power--the ministers. More transparency and accountability will help reduce corruption. Moving to a more cashless system, and making public the financial transactions of high-ranking officials will do a lot to help curb it. There should be measures to disincentivise corruption.
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Sudhakar said: (Mon, Jan 30, 2012 03:15:40 PM)

The corruption is only made by the politician this also done because ours when we fined. By the traffic police we won't go to the court to pay the fine so we just giving bribe to the police. The don't say that the corruption is because of the politician. If we avoid to

giving bribe in our daily life, there no corruption in our feature.

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The Brave said: (Thu, Jan 26, 2012 11:27:29 AM)

Yes DIVYA, what you said was correct but do you think that every one is ready for that? even we are the citizens people do know the what are the rights we have and we can't change the entire people in the world but once the government changed sure the laws will be followed in a correct way and the whole INDIA can be made as a corruption free place by its strict rules. Only the government has the ability to change people but its not good here. I don't say that government only corrupting in this world I m saying ITS THE ONLY BASE FOR IT.
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Divya said: (Sun, Jan 22, 2012 11:36:19 PM)

Not only the politicians even we people are responsible for corruption. We have seen people bribing traffic police men. So it these people who are motivating them to accept bribe. If instead of changing these government officials, we can take a strong stand of not bribing any one whatever may be the reason. This corruption can be automatically removed from our society very easily.
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The Brave said: (Thu, Jan 19, 2012 08:10:04 PM)

It is easy to say that corruption can be stopped if every individual changes himself to a good way and stop bribing etc but the real problem is no one is ready for that. Even if someone tries to be like that he can't achieve his needs. Corruption must be removed. Our bad government is the source of our corruption in our environment. First destroy it and bring us a new government.
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Akash Khatik said: (Sun, Jan 15, 2012 02:52:35 PM)

If we want to stop corruption so firstly we will have to change because every citizen want to stop corruption and every citizen involved in it. I am of the country no I am for the country. This feeling should be in every Indian.
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Karthic said: (Fri, Jan 13, 2012 03:26:14 PM)

Corruption in India is not only because of politicians but some of us are also part of it. Some or the other way we do corruption but we don't know it. Fast or movements is not a way of resolving the democracy we have see that we don't do corruption even

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Rajan Christian said: (Sun, Jan 8, 2012 12:12:54 AM)

Corruption is a Billion dollar industry for India!!! Got to tell one thing only, "Change yourself first, world will automatically change with you..." :-)
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Alok said: (Fri, Dec 9, 2011 11:30:51 AM)

I m not agree that corruption is a, we pay for democracy. Democracy is the people, by the people and for the people. Democracy gives power to every citizen to speak to do and to write. If we are blaming on democracy it means we are blaming our oldies who fought for it and gives supreem saerifise to their life. I agree with that corruption is spreading in our society in very fast manner. But only politicians are not responsible for that, we are also involved to select them and voted for them. Its a deseise like cancer for the society. Its very difficult to remove it but not impossible, its not one day job for a man, its takes long time, every person have to participate and give their contribution. If we want to remove corruption from our society so we have need to change to our self. Every people have to speak against corruption at when it needs, not to wait for others. We never forget that our oldies are fought with british with so bravely and they win. So we need to start a campagain against corruption and every people have to participate in this actively.
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Chowdary said: (Tue, Dec 6, 2011 11:05:34 AM)

Hi friends. Inida is the largest democratic country in India. It has so many special features which differs India from rest of the world, but being a large democratic country. The constitution of India is written, keeping in mind all the religions, regions, culture and the all the sectors of the government. In the constitution of India experts have discussed corruption that if any government officer was proved that he was corrupted he should be punished. Even there is an act regarding corruption, why this is spreading like a disease?Each and every Indian should ask this question himself/herself. Don't think too. High, it is only we, carriers of the disease, corruption, just like if fever is the corruption we are the virus spreading it. Is there no tablet for corruption?absol lutely there is. We should change our attitude. We should not any gifts or money to the officers to make our work. It is his duty to do the work. Government is paying him wages and we are paying tax for everything (house tax, vehicle tax, road tax etc). Just by following the great saying by Mahatma Gandhi 'first change yourself that you wish to see in the world (society) '.
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Lisa said: (Sat, Nov 19, 2011 03:40:47 PM)

No. It is totally wrong that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. If we say this then it is just a insult of our old knights who were fight a lot to make our country a democratic country. It is just a change of time, change of thoughts that the people only think about their self. The people to whom we give our trust, our votes are also think about their profit. If they give that much interest to improve our country in such way considering all categories of people then also the country can improve. If there should not be any beggar, no one will be under the poor line, all have their foods by their own earnings then the democracy will success. But for it we all have to wait, we also have to give our 100% to the country to improve it. If we all are together then the corruption will disappear from our country. Its existance is just because of our support, if we don't support it then it can't be grow any more. And we should not compare our country, INDIA with other country we should respect our own culture our own thoughts so that we can improve it by our own way. Then only we can proud to be a citizen of the democratic country.
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Ria said: (Sat, Nov 5, 2011 07:55:54 AM)

Corruption is the abuse of power and consequently the people. Corruption causes not enough money going to the pockets of the people that who need it, but rather the politicians. This problem is not only prevalent in India, but also in socialist countries. Lastly corruption is caused by greed, which is inevitable pull of emotion for us humans.
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Akshita said: (Fri, Nov 4, 2011 08:22:56 PM)

Well well well let me ask you a question Mr. Vishal that though the government is transparent and answerable to us, what is the guarantee that whatever it is answering or showing to us is the true picture ? And ya ... Keep this in mind that Grammar rules & language used is correct .
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Pooja said: (Wed, Nov 2, 2011 07:19:49 PM)

I strongly believe that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. This is because even if we take the blame it would be right to fight against it on the same time. But if we are not given fair opportunities to fight it then how are we suppose to fight it? the government is transparent-agreed. But it is transparent only when asked for. If the citizens do not know about half of the corruption that is in their country how are they suppose to respond to it or fight it? and how many people are aware of the fact that the government is answerable to each and every thing they do? their is no education no proper initiative taken to make citizens aware of it instead they are being scammed without their knowledge so how exactly are we suppose to take the blame on our head?
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Vishal said: (Mon, Oct 31, 2011 05:31:48 PM)

Okay.. There are two main things in this thread that appalls me.

1)The pure lack of knowledge in various comments in this thread. 2)The astonishing abuse of grammar laws in this thread. Anyway, here's my take. Corruption is NOT the price we pay for democracy. If you think about it, being a democracy is the only thing that helps us put our views out here. A democratically elected government is answerable to the people, through the opposition party. Yes, there is rampant corruption in the society, not just in the government services, but also in private sector industries, such as Satyam. But think for a moment. A lot of money has been looted with a legal check on power. What if we had no rights to say what we want to? If there was no opposition that points out the embarresing flaws in a ruling pary? The corrupt will have a license to do it in the open, and a lot more money would be taken away from each of us. Its very easy to say that corruption is unstoppable, and crack jokes about the corruption in India. If none of us pay a bribe to anyone, try to use monetary power to cut corners, this is possible. Government agencies might refuse to work without your bribe, but if none of us pay a bribe and he still refuses to work, the whole system will collapse. He will not be able to take it after a point. This doesn't happen in a day, of course, but with a clear destination set in our minds, we can get there. This is not the first time there was a mass public agitation in the country, where the government seemed to be in power of everything, but all it needed was persistence and non-cooperation of the public. Think of our fight for independence. Corruption was much more rampant, and the Englishmen were in control of all our government undertakings. We got them out of the country. It is possible to do that to corruption as well, we just need persistence and faith. As many people rightly pointed out, if corruption was the price paid for democracy, communist nations such as China wouldn't be corrupt, and they are ranked higher in the most corrupted nations list.
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Pooja said: (Wed, Oct 26, 2011 01:43:15 PM)

I dont agree that corruption is the price we pay for democracy because being a democratic country we have many rights in our hands but as far as corruption is concerned democracy opposes the corruption. If we know our rights and our responsibilities we can surely throw away corruption from its roots. We have to change at first place because removing corruption is not a one day job nor a one mans job. We must stop giving bribe in public offices, to traffic police, we all must abide by rules and regulation then only the cure of corruption is going to come.
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Neha said: (Thu, Oct 20, 2011 05:07:08 PM)

Yes I also agree corruption is the price we pay for democracy. Democracy is of the people, by the people, for the people. It is we who pay for our democracy. First of all we need to stop paying to the officers for getting our work done earlier or in smarter way. We should join the hands with Anna because he is creating awareness which is very important. He is doing this for our welfare.
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Pushpanjali said: (Thu, Oct 20, 2011 03:45:02 PM)

Corruption is increasing day by day.As everybody says politicians are resposible for this corruption but as well as we too are responsible for this corruption.It is we only who elect the wrong candidate because they fill our pockets with money. Indians are not aware as 70% of them are illiterate. We should spread awareness and open the eyes of each and every citizen of india.Then only corruption can be removed.
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Rushil said: (Wed, Oct 19, 2011 09:09:04 PM)

I think democracy is not the price we pay for corruption but corruption is the consequences of unawareness of people towards this everyday topic of life. Corruption has to be stopped in any way and the main thing is to increase the awareness of common people towards this problem of bribes. THE MAIN POWER WHO CAN HELP IN CONTROLLING THIS IS THE MEDIA MAY IT BE THE NEWSPAPER, TV OR RADIO THEY HAVE TO START CAMPAIGNS AGAINST THIS LIFE TAKING DISEASE.
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Lakshaya Kaushik said: (Mon, Oct 17, 2011 08:05:07 PM)

Corruption is the abuse of power. The person with the power when uses his influence for benefit of himself or some special person, it is called corruption. The most common cause of corruption is believed to be a combination of discretion and accountability. Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it miust increase.
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Aditi said: (Tue, Oct 11, 2011 10:08:34 PM)

Corruption has now become just like cancer, it cannot be cured anymore. Surely drops combine to form an ocean but we must not forget the ocean of corruption free society can't be created within some years, it will definitely take 1000s of years or more to completely wipe out corruption from the society. It is like diabetes which can be controlled to a limit but not fully cured. but it will surely minimize if we just refine ourselves. Then these bureaucrats will not get any chance to fool us. Hence the solution lies somehow within us. If we want to eradicate corruption first of all we'll have to bring lot of +ve change in ourselves.
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Bhauso Daware said: (Wed, Oct 5, 2011 03:42:22 PM)

As a responsible citizen I personelly doing my job as per law and informing my neigbours, friends and society members to do the same and at my level best. As rightly said drop drop can make or create a ocean But, politicians and beaurecrats are the

criminals who do against of law and justice and practise missuse of power on entire nation. Small small thing like admisson, to get liciense, to get certificate from govt or private firm starts from lay man to educated, rich to poor and they should think and built change and also find out the people who do this malpractise and be treated like a criminal and govt should seize all the assests from the person. It should be telecasted live in the televison. I Think fear will be the last weapon to treat those people which can stop the coward action in the nation. We want change the entire goverment. People should serve only once in a lifetime as a ruling political leader and all ministers should less then 45 years. See the prime minister of UK - david cameron, president of USA - barack obama. Change the system and change the name :- India is the corrupted and scam country.
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Garima said: (Tue, Oct 4, 2011 10:29:09 AM)

In my viewpiont, corruption is not the price we pay for democracy. Actual it is the we people who increase the corruption. In government sectors, workers are not taking their work seriously and we people pay bribe to them to get ours job done well before time. They also accept the bribe in greed of money. So this all depends upon individuals like us who are accepting and giving bribes. Secondly, it is the responsibility of every citizen (of a democratic country like INDIA) to choose politicians who have good moral character. We have to cast our votes to right people for right job. Transpariencies should be there at each stage of process, so that people can identify between bad and good. Even some other republicians and communists countries have corruption. So, we can say that corruption is not the result of democracy.
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Pratik said: (Thu, Sep 29, 2011 11:26:48 AM)

Though India is a democratic country, we still have to pay to get what is our right. Corruption is the base for each and every evil thing that happens in India. Nowadays, we see news full of corruption scandals by leaders of the country who are ruling the country. Common man is responsible for the corruption, because he has no options left to complete his work without giving bribe. Corruption will not end unless there is an awareness among the people regarding the bad consequences like hike in petrol prices,LPG, and other daily requirements which a common man has to pay for. I would like to conclude with a short story. Once an American, Australian and Indian minister went to GOD. American asked," When will corruption in our country end?" God said,"5 years." Australian asked,"When will corruption in our country end?" God said,"10 years." and finally when an Indian asked,"When will corruption in our country end?" God cried and said,"The world will end but the corruption in INDIA will never end." It is really a serious issue to think upon and take some necessary steps to avoid corruption make INDIA corruption free.

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Rajeev Sharma said: (Wed, Sep 28, 2011 07:13:32 AM)

Hi friends, topic is corruption is a we pay for democracy. Corruption is not a new problem in indiaThese corrupts are looting our country for last sixty years. They are nothing but native invaders, thieves and criminals and the single largest threat to the national security. They are not Sahibs, they deserve boot of the masses. According to the standard of any civilized country they deserve at least rigorous life imprisonment. Read the sections below to know how mean they are. India is going through a state of complete anarchy. For every posted news here, there are 1000 similar incidents unreported in the media.
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Deepak said: (Fri, Sep 23, 2011 12:32:21 PM)

Corruption is not the price of Democracy. Not all the politician or officers are corrupted. But the thing is that we just have to judge who is corrupted and who is not. And don't think it is a tough task, we have to just see the background of the politician who will be our leader, and if we think that all is correct with him then vote for him and if there is something wrong then don't and see the others profile. Because we people only are the responsible for corruption cause we choose them without there past information and if we have all the knowledge about their past then it'll be easy to choose. I think this is a good method for at least decrease the corruption.
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Shruti said: (Tue, Aug 30, 2011 03:18:26 PM)

The word corruption means the destruction, ruining or the spoiling of a society or a nation. A corrupt society stops valuing integrity, virtue or moral principles. It changes for the worse. Such a society begins to decay and sets itself on the road to self destruction. Corruption is an age old phenomena. Selfishness and greed are the two main causes of corruption. Political corruption is the abuse of their powers by state officials for their unlawful private gain. Societies can fight corruption by letting the state know that they have had enough of it. The authorities move very quickly when the press or the television highlights instances of corruption. Education spreads political and social awareness and these are some factors that help curb the menace of corruption.
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Harsha said: (Sun, Aug 28, 2011 08:01:18 PM)

At first democracy means "of the people, by the people, for the people" but now it is changed into like this "of the corruption, by the corruption, for the corruption" means anyone who gives bribe to the officials/politicians change the democracy and use it as they like. Here we can't blame only politicians are responsible for the increase in corruption the same part goes for us too, because we are also pouring water for it to spread its roots all over. As one (Varun. Pillai) of the above said "drop drop can create a ocean" first we people

has to change later we can blame politicians/others and fight against corruption. So that we can show "Democracy can overcome the corruption".
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Arpit Phophalia said: (Sat, Aug 20, 2011 09:31:23 AM)

Against :. I think the current scenario is exactly the opposite of the topic in discussion. I doubt whether the two have any connection. Had we been democratic in the true sense, we would not have been living with evil as the case is. Corruption is rife because we gave birth to it, nurtured it and are now encouraging it to spread its roots everywhere. Democracy is one thing. It enables every citizen to stand up and speak for himself, think rationally and behave intellectually. It is that power which lies in the palms of grass roots irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. On the contrary, it is only Democracy that can uproot corruption if exercised tactfully. It can very well act as means to evade corruption. Corruption today is not prevailing due to democracy; rather such evils have been brought under spotlight because there is democracy. Corruption is prevalent due to vested interests of the leaders of this nation, and to a fault, their sub-ordinates too.
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Shalu said: (Sun, Aug 7, 2011 02:07:23 PM)

To see the currently curruption, I think it will going on & no action takes place against it.
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Varun.Pillai said: (Tue, Aug 2, 2011 10:09:09 AM)

As a responsible citizen I personelly doing my job as per law and informing my neigbours, friends and society members to do the same and at my level best. As rightly said drop drop can make or create a ocean But, politicians and beaurecrats are the criminals who do against of law and justice and practise missuse of power on entire nation. Small small thing like admisson, to get liciense, to get certificate from govt or private firm starts from lay man to educated, rich to poor and they should think and built change and also find out the people who do this malpractise and be treated like a criminal and govt should seize all the assests from the person. It should be telecasted live in the televison. I Think fear will be the last weapon to treat those people which can stop the coward action in the nation. We want change the entire goverment. People should serve only once in a lifetime as a ruling political leader and all ministers should less then 45 years. See the prime minister of UK - david cameron, president of USA - barack obama. Change the system and change the name :- India is the corrupted and scam country. Every thing is not constant in the world expect the same.

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Sonal said: (Sun, Jul 31, 2011 06:02:48 PM)

How can 1 held the constitution responsible for the corruption. Its everyone's responsibility to stop corruption. Like a little drop can make an ocean thus each of us can make a difference. So stop blaming others because in some way or the other we ourselves are supporting corruption.
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Ila said: (Thu, Jul 28, 2011 04:48:56 PM)

Before pointing your finger at the politicians and bureaucrats. Remember that yur are pointing the rest of your 3 fingers at yourself. Try changing your own way of life and then you are capable of questioning others.
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Abc said: (Sun, Jul 24, 2011 04:38:23 PM)

No we cannot make democracy responsible for corruption, but yes democracy has became a major medium for democracy. In democracy all people have right to vote and many a times a member gets elected because he filled the pockets of many with cash and in return got the vote. But still demo is the best form of government. Taking the example of china, it is not necessary that corruption occurs in a democratic countries. So I think the point is clear that the form of govt a country posses is not to be blamed for corruption.
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Abhinav said: (Fri, Jul 22, 2011 06:47:14 PM)

Corruption like anything else always has a giver as well as a taker side. The taker side is totally dependent on the giver side. So if the giver (public) does not provide the taker (politicians) with any opportunities to take bribe them there is very less scope for corruption to prevail. So the saying that corruption is the cost we pay for democracy cannot absolutely true.
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Sonu Tiwari said: (Thu, Jul 21, 2011 12:52:55 PM)

DEMOCRACY IS NOT A REASON OF CORUPTION BUT OUR SYSTEM OF POLITICS IS VERY WRONG, laws of our costititionn is very wrong. No any organisation who control on corruption . Indian anti corruption dipartment work like a advise.
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Haard said: (Sat, Jul 16, 2011 06:24:10 AM)

We cannot blame democracy for corruption. If we do then we mean to say that end of democracy means end of corruption. Which cannot be justified. If there wouldn't have been democracy we would not have been able to progress the way we want. In China there is communist government but still there is corruption. SO we can't blame democracy for it. At end I would justify my point by saying that "corruption is not the price we pay for democracy" but "corruption is the price we pay for electing wrong candidate".
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Brijeshchandel said: (Thu, Jul 14, 2011 09:22:35 AM)

Corruption is like a chronic desease that eroding our country. Main challenge we are facing how to eradicate corruption form our country. We have understand the facts from where corruption arise. Our political, judicial as well as constitution is reponsible for corruption. Our judicial system is so liberal and complicated so that many people because of their money power managed to escape from alleged charges. In our political their are so many corrupt people who are working for their vested interest. People are unaware about their constitutional rights and just for shake of money and liquor peole chosse the wrong candidate.
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Anusha said: (Wed, Jul 13, 2011 12:57:20 PM)

Corruption is not the price we pay for democracy. In china there is a communist government but there is no corruption.
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Pankaj said: (Fri, Jun 17, 2011 09:02:17 AM)

As the saying goes "Everyone can stand to adversity, but to check a persons real character give him powers" a person may not be corrupt at the time he was elected what if after being elected and getting all the powers in hand he misuses it or you may say he becomes corrupt. It is not just not enough selecting the right candidate but also making sure that candidate does his work the way it has to be, so if you really want to stop corruption raise your voice every time you find corruption is taking place don't just watch and wait for others to do something or just ignore whats happening. It is right of each and every individual to raise his voice whenever needed so please to do.
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Diwakar said: (Tue, Jun 14, 2011 07:30:04 AM)

Corruption are spreading in so fast pace. Most the people are behind it. It is spreading specially in India because of week goverment system that they are fail to check whose hand is behind corruption like big example is haasan ali big scrap dealer has evade the tax of rs 500 crore and has account in swiss bank but no action has taken by govermnet so this shown that how our goverment system is ? So first goverment has to tighten his system then something can be done it take time to remove corruption because there are many person behind (citizens and political leader also).
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Vidushi said: (Mon, Jun 13, 2011 02:31:43 PM)

As quoted by Abraham Lincoln that democracy is the government for the people to the people and by the people, it is in simple words the government we deserve. In India corruption is prevalent in almost every sphere so when the politicians get a chance to cash in on the opportunity to make huge sums of money, be it through corrupted means, why would they miss it out? And it is the democracy that provides a liberty to almost anyone to choose, to reject, to oppose, it certainly gives the leaders a shelter to hind behind, because in the end it is the people who are responsible for those leaders, thanks democracy! and hence the result - corruption.
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Liya said: (Tue, May 31, 2011 02:52:22 PM)

Yes. I agree with most of the people above. Corruption is spreading like anything. The root cause is we people only. At some point of time in our life, even we tend to b corrupt. Democracy is our right. The only way to stop corruption is by legalising. Their should be given strict punishment. So that others do not follow the same path. All the ministers are not corrupt, some work for our good also. We have to do our duty, as a good citizen.
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Yogesh said: (Thu, May 26, 2011 03:39:26 PM)

I think only Leaders are not responsible for corruption, somewhere we ourself force to corruption like a giving a bribes and all. We should try to change our self first then automatically we can force to others and indirectly impact on corrupted persons will happen. Instead I think democracy is the power to stop corruption if we think positively.
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Girish Wanjari said: (Tue, Apr 26, 2011 03:56:16 AM)

So to summaries, we ourself are responsible for corruption. Not our democracy only. So before raising fingers to our politicians. We should change ourself. Its our duty to vote. So take part in it and choose the right person for the right job.
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Poorvi said: (Sun, Apr 24, 2011 08:12:41 AM)

India is the largest democracy in the world. But sadly, it also lists in the top most corrupt countries in the world. But saying that corruption is the price we pay for democracy would be wrong. Democracy enables a citizen to exercise his rights freely. It enables one to take an active part in the socio economic policies of the country. It is only because of democracy that a person can vote for a person who he thinks is suitable for the post. But, unfortunately we are misusing "democracy". As in, we vote for any person just for the sake of giving the vote. And as such, most oft a wrong candidate wins. One more point I would like to put forth. The CM of a certain state in India has openly claimed that of course he resorts to corruption, all politicians do. He is still the CM of that state. This only shows that the people prefer to suffer in silence. Instead of taking action against him we are just not doing anything. This encourages people like "this cm" to indulge in corruption. We cannot blame democracy for having bringing us to this situation. It's only the people, you and I inclusive!
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Sarita said: (Sat, Apr 23, 2011 12:01:24 PM)

We the people are responsible for corruption. We should develop some kind of spiritual values within us, so that we can realize what we are doing. Without spiritual motivation we never combat corruption.
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Gaurav Saini said: (Fri, Apr 22, 2011 10:24:15 PM)

Corruption.... Corruption..... Corruption..... We all are responsible for this because we pays bribes for every kinds of work. We should not give example of democracy of India. Every one know that democracy of India is on top. We pay bribes for complete our won first. We forgot the rule FCFO. The person who does not follow this rule at work place should be penalised very well. So first we good to stop corruption.
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Sim said: (Sat, Apr 16, 2011 12:38:00 PM)

Why are we talking of corruption only in a democratic country?democracy doesn't provide any incentive for corruption?corruption has no political roots. It is imbibed in our moral and ethical systems! Infact democracy provides such grounds for bringing to light corruption at all levels!the Adarsh scam the 2G scam and the to be 3G and 4G scam will prove the same!otherwise we would have been sailing in the same ship as were Libyans.
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Piyush said: (Thu, Apr 14, 2011 10:27:10 AM)

Yes i toatally agree with that corruption is the price we pay for our democracy because india is a democratic country we are the one one who choose our government,we are the one who encourage those bureaucrats,and we are the one who aferall blame our whole system.corruption has to be tharwted from its roots i.e from lover level.
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Himani Mishra said: (Tue, Apr 12, 2011 09:17:19 AM)

Corruption has spreads it tentacles in each and every field of life. I do agree with the point that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. Politicians have given birth to it and the people are feeding it, in simple words corruption was the gift given to us by the politicians and we have accepted it, today every one want the corruption free nation but no one is ready to take action against it, at one end we are free to do any thing in our country that is just and legal but at the other end we does only those thing which was demanded by the system. And now today corruption has taken a giant face and we people at one end curse it, makes debate over it, wright articles against it but at the other end never hesitate to participate in it. So first of all we need to change our self and take pledge as not to become a part of corruption in our life and as well not let others to become part of it. Jai hind.
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Vishal said: (Sun, Apr 10, 2011 06:27:21 AM)

According to me it is not a democracy which increase corruption but some corrupt officer in our country who makes the country as a corrupt nation we have been living in the democracy since our independence. How many cases of corruption you heard around 20 or 25 years ago? since last few years we are hearing only about scam. At that time we chose the people and now also we choose the people. And the results are in front of us. We ranked 87 in the corruption index. What about the country which ranked in top 20. Their people also choosing their leader by voting. So it is not democracy who is responsible for corruption but some corrupt leader. And I think we should remove them not our system.
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Kiran said: (Fri, Apr 8, 2011 10:38:09 AM)

According to me,we the people are responsible for the raise of corruption...in each and every field we bribe to get our job done...for example:most of the parents bribes so that their childern get seat in well known school or college like this there are many cases where we bribe..so who are we to point on politicians....even they are human beings...so first we have to change our mind before blaming on others...
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S Sethupathy said: (Tue, Mar 15, 2011 12:48:01 AM)

Corruption, which is the hottest topic till now every were. There is curruption in each and every thing. And its not due to the wrong politicians or worst officers,its only because of oneself.Because we need our job to be completed as soon as possibe and so we are giving them bribe for every thing. So to avoid curruption we should change our mentality. Until we change our self we cannot demolish the word curruption form our country. And the younger generation with great thoughts should come for politics to make our country a Super Power.
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Richa said: (Fri, Feb 25, 2011 08:07:58 AM)

Corruption in India z not because of democracy. The people of the country are responsible for corruption. If we want to stop this corruption we need to improve ourselves. We should have some moral and ethical values, because involvement in corruption z jst like cheating with ouselves and country. As we are leaving in a democratic country so we are free to do anything which is legal therefore people should not use this freedom in bad things, as with this we are harming our country only.
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Vignesh said: (Tue, Feb 22, 2011 06:07:02 AM)

Corruption has penetrated to roots. As of now its too tough to eradicate fully. At least present generation people (youth) should not get stained of corruption. They may get attracted towards it but they must not and ask their friends also not to get. Its too tough to change people who got used to it. These young people should not get used to it so that we can restrain growth of corruption. If every youth who are working or will work in government sector follows in one pleasant day corruption will run away from democratic country like India.
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Swati said: (Mon, Feb 21, 2011 01:42:19 PM)

Corruption is the biggest trauma or you can say the biggest bug that is sucking our country badly. If the point comes out who is responsible for this"corruption is the price we pay for democracy or not". Democracy is our birth right that cannot be slandered at all as making out to be a cause of corruption. What can you expect by legalizing CORRUPTION. Sch statements only seems good in rhetoric. If we really bother ourself

for this we must look into our sleeves. Everybody is equally responsible for the corruption. Be it a politician for doing so. Be it all of us ourselves. Even we would have been corrupted on some stage of our lives. So stop maligning out democracy for the cause of corruption. People power is the most irresistible force that can topple out most immovable regimes.
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Purnendu Pattnaik said: (Sat, Feb 12, 2011 08:20:22 AM)

I would like to differ. As corruption is not exactly the price we pay for democracy. In china there is communist government but there is too corruption. In europe there is republican government There is also corruption. As compared to other countries. India is 87th rank in states of world's most corrupt states (china being 42 and united states 68. Brazil being the most corrupted country). So corruption is not just a part of democratic government but every other govt. So only remedy to it is LEGALISE CORRUPTION.
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Shreya said: (Tue, Feb 8, 2011 05:49:11 AM)

As far as corruption is concern, I think we are somehow responsible for it. Being in a democratic nation, we have the full authority to choose our leader. So, it should be our responsibility to raise hands for the most eligible one. Leaders are ruling over the country according to their whims and fancies, leading to more corrupted nation. At the end, I would like to say that, we can only improve the condition of the nation by electing the most appropriate candidate.
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Shailesh said: (Mon, Feb 7, 2011 12:38:54 PM)

I think, we all are reponsible for corruption in our country. We never said corruption related to us directly. Ours politicians are a part of society that is the reason behind corruption. We all know who has power it does not matter who, he /she will use this in wrong way. That is human nature in our country. We can not say that for corruption our politician are reponsible but we also. As I concern with all matter in all scam related officers also included in all scam. So that is the fact we also include in all matter. So time come we have to change.
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Rajlakshmi Ghosh said: (Tue, Jan 25, 2011 02:14:12 AM)

public is only responsible for this corruption.They are very much aquainted about the real scenario of politicians yet they are choosing those politicians as there leader.My point of view is that to make our country secure i.e free from corruption help yourself to become independent and to make yourself clear what is right and what is wrong.Fight for the thing which is responsible for corruption.If everyone thing like this then only corruption can be removed. If public is right then they have the capability to choose a right politician who could lead the country totally free from corruption.
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Mohit said: (Wed, Jan 12, 2011 12:44:26 PM)

Yes iam in support of this topic that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. We the people of our Country have right to elect the right person for the right job but you say I s we r doing the same I dont think that even many of us used to give their Votes to the people who are there in the competiton. We the people elects the person for Leading our Countries. But not choosing Right people for the Right Job is what we pay as Corruption in the Society. We should elects the right person, we should see Is the person is really Suitable for his desired Post? Many of us Used to give Votes by seeing that to which parties our neighbour is giving Vote( Is to BJP,CONG or any other Stuffs) to. So by not electing gud one we always pay high prices, of which Curruption is also part of it. It act as a termid who is spoiling our Growing Economy and which is certainly by n large also affecting our GDP.
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Gaurav Soni said: (Sun, Jan 9, 2011 04:44:30 AM)

Corruption is every where, I saw a film 'Rang De Basanti', there only people who try to give their effort to change our country by a single man. I am not saying that we are totally give their life to country but might be you can do that thing where we are not to down his head in-front of our country.
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Ravi Prakash Singh said: (Thu, Dec 9, 2010 01:20:02 AM)

This is not a new problem in India. We have to give thanks to media like Times Now who discuss about imp issue and they keep aware to general people. What I believe that its not a new issue which we are facing. What our govt. Is doing they are selling stake of our valuable public sector and other side corruption is in high like 2G, Adarsh, and biggest one has come food scam ibn UP. I have a also a hard believe that after one day of UP food scam Came in Public, we saw big blast in Varanasi. It could be work of politicians who involved in food scam to change the mind of same state.
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Hawthrone said: (Sat, Dec 4, 2010 11:07:08 AM)

At the end of the day corruption is something that is self inclined & perhaps the only way to avoid it is to elect the right people for the right job, who abide by the law of constitution. As an individual you need to be resilient & determined to outwit the corruption & its terms.
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Sameer said: (Sun, Nov 14, 2010 12:07:16 PM)

We are all part of Democracy and hence to stop corruption we should start from ourself, laws and regulations should be more strict regarding corrupt people. They should be heavily penalized for their deeds. Also School must give lesson to student and encourage them to do all the their activities transparently, so that atleast our future generation (and leaders too) will not be corrupt.
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Srikant said: (Sat, Nov 6, 2010 12:19:33 AM)

Hi friends, topic is corruption is a we pay for democracy. Our country is corrupted. We are all responsible for this corruption. We do not chose the right leader. We chose the leader for our individual profit. Do not think about states or countries profit. Those leader are doing good things for states or country or any field if this things are create a pressure to do our job properly we than go against the good leader and chose another wrong leader like us. For getting job or any other facility we offer them cash. So we are the responsible for this.
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Sarthak said: (Sun, Oct 3, 2010 10:30:04 AM)

@Ravi: But how do you understand if the leader we are choosing is right or wrong.. :)
Rate this: +12 -3

Rajesh Kanna said: (Mon, Sep 27, 2010 12:11:00 PM)

Hi friends, Now a days corruption is major problem in our country. But these can be avoided only way to with power of students only. Now a days every takes corruption as a politician, police, and government officers. Some poor people lose their money by this way. We can choose our leaders with the democracy.
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Ravi said: (Fri, Sep 3, 2010 10:27:53 PM)

For the corruption in our country we all are responsible it's not matter of democracy it depend upon us totally it is our fault to say that corruption is caused by democracy cause we are choosing our leaders and if we choose the write one then how the corruption will occur.
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Vishal Patel said: (Thu, Aug 19, 2010 01:31:20 PM)

Don't be aggressive & listen to others and understand what they want to say.
Rate this: +4 -15

Swapnil said: (Thu, Jul 15, 2010 12:10:09 AM)

We cant object on corruption because nobody takes the corruption seriously in India. Its going on and corruption is started by the peoples..
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Alok said: (Tue, Jul 13, 2010 01:19:42 AM)

Nowadays the whole country is affected by the corruption..

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Economic liberalization
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Part of a series on

Economic liberalization is a very broad term that usually refers to fewer government regulations and restrictions in the economy in exchange for greater participation of private entities; the doctrine is associated with classical liberalism. The arguments for economic liberalization include greater efficiency and effectiveness that would translate to a "bigger pie" for everybody. Thus, liberalisation in short refers to "the removal of controls", to encourage economic development.[1] Most first world countries, in order to remain globally competitive, have pursued the path of economic liberalization: partial or full privatisation of government institutions and assets, greater labour-market flexibility, lower tax rates for businesses, less restriction on both domestic and foreign capital, open markets, etc. British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote that: "Success will go to those companies and countries which are swift to adapt, slow to complain, open and willing to change. The task of modern governments is to ensure that our countries can rise to this challenge."[2] In developing countries, economic liberalization refers more to liberalization or further "opening up" of their respective economies to foreign capital and investments. Three of the fastest growing developing economies today; Brazil, China and India, have achieved rapid economic growth in the past several years or decades after they have "liberalized" their economies to foreign capital.[3] Many countries nowadays, particularly those in the third world, arguably have no choice but to also "liberalize" their economies in order to remain competitive in attracting and retaining both their domestic and foreign investments. In the Philippines for example, the contentious proposals for Charter Change include amending the economically restrictive provisions of their 1987 constitution. [4] The total opposite of a liberalized economy would be North Korea's economy with their closed and "selfsufficient" economic system. North Korea receives hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid from other countries in exchange for peace and restrictions in their nuclear programme. Another example would be oil rich countries such as Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which see no need to further open up their economies to foreign capital and investments since their oil reserves already provide them with huge export earnings.

1 Liberalisation of services in the developing world

o o

1.1 Potential benefits of trade liberalisation 1.2 Potential risks of trade liberalisation

2 Historical examples

3 See also 4 References

[edit]Liberalisation [edit]Potential

of services in the developing world

benefits of trade liberalisation

The service sector is probably the most liberalised of the sectors. Liberalisation offers the opportunity for the sector to compete internationally, contributing to GDP growth and generating foreign exchange. As such, service exports are an important part of many developing countries' growth strategies. India's IT services have become globally competitive as many companies have outsourced certain administrative functions to countries where costs are lower. Furthermore, if service providers in some developing economies are not competitive enough to succeed on world markets, overseas companies will be attracted to invest, bringing with them international best practices and better skills and technologies. [5] The entry of foreign service providers is not necessarily a negative development and can lead to better services for domestic consumers, improve the performance and competitiveness of domestic service providers, as well as simply attractFDI/foreign capital into the country. In fact, some research suggest a 50% cut in service trade barriers over a five- to 10-year period would create global gains in economic welfare of around $250 billion per annum.[5]

risks of trade liberalisation

Yet, trade liberalisation also carries substantial risks that necessitate careful economic management through appropriate regulation by governments. Some argue foreign providers crowd out domestic providers and instead of leading to investment and the transfer of skills, it allow foreign providers and shareholders to capture the profits for themselves, taking the money out of the country.[5] Thus, it is often argued that protection is needed to allow domestic companies the chance to develop before they are exposed to international competition. Other potential risks resulting from liberalisation, include[5]:

Risks of financial sector instability resulting from global contagion Risk of brain drain Risk of environmental degradation

However, researchers at thinks tanks such as the Overseas Development Institute argue the risks are outweighed by the benefits and that what is needed is careful regulation.[5] For instance, there is a risk that private providers will skim off the most profitable clients and cease to serve certain unprofitable groups of consumers or geographical areas. Yet such concerns could be addressed through regulation and by a universal service obligations in contracts, or in the licensing, to prevent such a situation from occurring. Of course, this bears the risk that this barrier to entry will dissuade international competitors from entering the market (see Deregulation). Examples of such an approach include South Africa's Financial Sector Charter or Indian nurses who promoted the nursing profession within India itself, which has resulted in a rapid growth in demand for nursing education and a related supply response.[5]

China market - a threat to Indian market

<<Previous Next>> -Rajmeet Ghai Against China has always been compared to India in terms of population and technological advancements. China undoubtedly has a humongous software market, but is definitely not a threat.

India has its own unique power and intelligence. Indian IT companies have captured Asia and Japan as well. India is becoming one of the worlds largest internet and mobile users country. Indias mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds. Most countries prefer employees from India rather than China because of communication barrier. English is spoken by almost all IT industries in India. India has a large consumer and industrial market, all thirsting for products, with great brands and distribution networks.

For There is no doubt that India may take many years to have a market like China.

China has a huge population. Moreover people there are advancing each passing day. China launches new mobiles, technologies, automobiles almost everyday. Chinas automobile industry is much bigger than Indias. it can therefore serve quality products at lower cost. China has a string support from the government. Indian IT industries have negligible support. China launches many products like gadgets etc everyday. Because of this they can sell them at a cheaper rate.

Chinas market cannot be a thread untie India considers and works on each opportunity that comes its way. It should efficiently make use all possible resources and infrastructure to welcome foreign investment and manpower hiring. <<Previous Next>>

Write your comment - Share Knowledge and Experience

Discussion Board Group Discussion- China market - a threat to Indian market China market is a threat to Indian market as they provide very cheap products with good quality as compared to Indian products. The kind of technologies China uses is much better than the technologies which India uses. Every year huge amount of Chinese items are being imported to India and lot of people are using these items. The industries in china are much bigger and growing everyday. The inventions which is being done in china is much more advanced and then selling of those technology at cheaper rates is what affecting Indian markets.


By Parthen B Kumar , XII , B
Published on 25 th Aug, 2012

To be flabbergasted is an understatement of sorts. One could say to the extent that it has sent supersonic shockwaves to my well-kept world of political and international affairs. A recent poll in China divulged, 90 per cent of the Chinese think India poses the biggest threat to its existence. Ineffectual, inferior, India a threat to the next-to-be-superpower China? Where is China today? And where is India today? Cannot be compared. one can whole-heartedly without any prejudice or bias agree here that India is 5 years behind of China and is yet to catch-up with this largest country in East Asia and the most populous in the world.

Let us be frank and candid. China is worlds third or second largest economy nominally. It is also a nuclear state and has the worlds largest standing army with the second largest defence budget. The list goes on. Oh! Almost forgot. It is also worlds fastest growing economies and the worlds second largest exporter and the third largest importer of goods. Those still in the political arena and some even in the biz are unaware that China is so much ahead of India. Those nationalists and chauvinists, who claim Incredible India and some similar stuff, should place a cursory look at the development in both the countries. Let us start with the infrastructure, to the sustainable development and then the growing economy. They have excelled us in all ways. It is not that India missed the superpower bandwagon. We are still in line, but you see our growth is much slower. Does that mean China has nothing to worry? Doesnt seem so. Here, people crafted the success of todays growing economy and the global status and it is not the State. Our State has terribly failed with its mechanism and control. This is not the case in China. They worry that the developments they see is not mainly crafted by the passion of the people but was the State that got it there. It is Chinas State that built what it is today and took the country to the top. It really is true. People there have 24/7 biz and development in mind. You find their authorities, bureaucrats having objectives always relating to investment, output and growth. Anyway, our discussion here is not about economy, but the reason for the Chinese people to believe India as a threat. If you are an Indian, and you keenly follow the news of politics of state and international, tell me, who do you think is a threat to whom? We here in India fear Chinas growth and power is a threat to our security and development. But I didn't know it was contrary to our feelings. But why should China fear India as a threat? Well there can be few reasons. Mainly, the poll was taken after India announced that it would send 60,000 troops to the border with China. Now why did India make such a move? Doesnt India have better things to worry? Like our poverty issues, unemployment, poor infrastructure, pollution, domestic violence, etc. Why the dispatching of troops to the border? Alright again by doing a cursory study one can apparently note that from post-independence or let us say even pre-independence India never wanted or preferred bloodshed or war. Peace and neighborliness was at the first of all others. Pakistan? What happened today? It forced itself from India and today is out of our hand., Has not India waged war with Pakistan? But the war was waged because of Pakistan claiming more and more space even after the acquiring of its land. The Kashmir issue is one and it funding terrorists in our soil was the other. What can our country do? We are in no mood to sell all our borders and weep over some trivial judgment. In Sri Lanka, when the full-scale war was in progress, despite India being its best friend. It did not support the country with arms, ammunition like other countries. It was against war and it was said it would not offer monetary or military support for such a barbarous act. We clearly stood against the violation of human rights. Trust me, the toll you see in media on the civilians killed is false! It is 3 times higher than that. The Government has deliberately covered it. I have substantial evidence for it. Now China has also started claiming some of Indias border (Arunachal and its surrounding), which is deeply worrying India. In 1962 when the Sino war between India and China was taking place, it seems our Nehruji was so naive and so friendly that he never expected a surprise attack from the Chinese army, which subsequently led to severe casualties in the Indian side besides its defeat. So India really does not want to compromise anymore. It is just trying to be on the safer side. And that is why one can construe the troops being sent. Nothing wrong in it, or is there one? It is very hurting that 74 percent people in the poll said China should not maintain friendly relations with India after its military provocation. Representing the Indians I can assure my Chinese neighbours that we have no enmity against your country and we really love that your country is seeing such huge development which apparently is a lesson for our government. By the time India eradicates its poverty and unemployment, China will be on the top, the peak. And finally, we Indians only hope that our chaotic government and its sluggish authorities can be more assiduous and caring. Let us use our best political tool - the Democracy - to become the most successful nation in the world, where human rights stands first! Not in arms and ammunition, or war, but in excellent morals, character-development, well-kept human rights, etc. That is what we need today. So will China attack us? It has no definite answer. But certain declarations as by our chief air Marshall are a cause for concern. Taking Chinas dramatic military expansion seriously, the Indian Air Force Chief has said China poses a more real and potent threat to India than Pakistan, which remains caught in a vortex of conflict and instability. Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major said India was rapidly upgrading its fighter bases in the countrys northeast to boost its military deterrence against China. China is a totally different ballgame compared to Pakistan, the air chief said. We know very little about the actual capabilities of China, their combat edge or how professional their military isthey are certainly a greater threat. The comments are bound to lend urgency to the new governments China agenda and the need to understand the security implications of the rapidly modernising Chinese military. The way he (China) is growing, he definitely has the capability. But we should neither put China on a pedestal and say it

will chew us up nor lose sight of the fact that they have (acquired) huge capabilities, Major said. Sure China is in the path of greatness as country, but also do not forget that we are no pushover. We are what we are. A nation proud of its achievements, the only nation worthy of the title BHARATHA.

To develop India has to empower women

Posted by Admin on Tuesday, May 24th 2011 Women were considered as weakest sex from ancient times. She has been suppressed, threatened, embarrassed, and intimidated by the so called stronger sex, the men. Gone are the days for all these oppression which raised the social, economical and political imbalance of women involvement. To empower the society, to develop India has to empower women. Recent psychological research revealed that women are stronger than men in every aspect of human work like handling stress, fighting with high guts towards the circumstances. Todays women are the real inspirers, who not only take care of themselves but also inspires others, raises children, educates her children, maintains business, take active part in all spheres of activities which gives cue about empowerment of women upon which India can develop in a greater pace. Overcoming the obstacles of everyday, everywhere they should be empowered by given a supportive hand to make feel her valuable. Empowering women by making them better through awareness, resting decision making on them, equipping them with authority and building their capacity. Women empowerment can be achieved through various methods like:

Changing their own perspectives towards society and themselves. Controlling the violence on women. Eradication of women illiteracy through proper policy assurance by government. Offering freedom to choose the work and personal life pattern. Eradication of Child marriage which develops their physical and psychological factors. Providing sufficient nutrient levels in food. Increasing their role in socio political circles by offering proper respect and image with encouraging them with supplement like constitutional reservation for being active in all spheres.

Should be made part of decision making in policy and public matters and also at their individual house levels which motivates them to feel the belongingness.

Offering them new responsibility with high authority and new changing roles that instigate the change which is expected from them.

Increasing their knowledge, skills through proper vocational training. Increasing their self-esteem and confidence by paying respect. Avoiding the girl child abortions. Maintaining healthy Male to Female ratio.

Should be given more educational, working and business opportunities with hooping proper entrepreneurial spirit by various methods.

Women transform the society through proper guidance and the power within her lies in sharing her duties, responsibilities, joy and happiness. Moreover all round empowerment of women leads to safer and healthier economy and society with a sense of equality.

Higher education
Doesnt this statement make you feel that Is money everything..??? Are our dreams are so smaller and the power of money so big that today we get to hear these statement. In my opinion this statement is truly incorrect. India is a democratic country and every Indian has right to explore in every aspect as they want. Education is lifeand I think every person should be well-educated with a benevolent heart to progress in life. If each and every individual progress, slowly and steadily our country will be at a growth stage. Education should not be only for those people who can afford, but it should be for all the people who would like to fulfill their dreams as it is said of the people, by the people and for the people. If we go by the above statement the richer people will remain richer and poorer remain poorer. If poorer people cant afford there are several banks and financial institutions who are offering educational loans at less interest rates. Not only the rich people but also the poor people will dream of to become an engineer, a doctor and so on. Hence it doesnt make any sense if education is made possible who can pay for it. To quote an example Dr M Vishweshwaraya who was from a poor background has become one of the top engineer in the world. His Inventions are breathtaking. Till today no engineer can measure upto Vishweshwaraya and who knows a Poor boy who cannot afford for well education may emerge as a 2nd vishweshawaraya if he is allowed to do education? Hence one advice I would like to give is, Banks and other financial institutions should come forward to sponsor education for poor people which will not only help them to pursue their education but will also fulfill their dreams. And inspite the statement that higher education should be for rich people I think more or less it should be truly available for talented people as our country is in need of talented people as the youngsters can make or break our country.So we are the pillars of our country, I also have an opinion that no one is more or less talented its just that you have to know yourselves very well because God has given everyone some or the other quality but to recognize it is in our hands.

FRIENDS As we all know if a super duper movie is released today then, tommorow there will be a great demand of dress of the actor which he wore in movie.Day after tommorow people will start coping the styles in which he talk,walk and behave.This all mean that what ever public like to watch,want to do it practically.Same goes for vulgar films made by indian industries and this all result in what we listen in day to day news.
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Sunnyraj said: (Wed, Aug 15, 2012 08:58:23 PM)

Ofcourse i know that we shouldnt share personal experiences in GD, i wish to elaborate my views as follows... I watched the movie DON...the hero smokes cigarette in style.. whenever i see that, i too was attracted to it. But with my strong mind, I control it. Can everyone do this?? My cousins, small kids learning dirty words from movies, changing their accent.. this might be everywhere. I oppose movies.....No offence....
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Chetana said: (Sun, Jul 22, 2012 02:45:43 PM)

Hi friends, My some friends saying that films are corrupting the youth, films should be inspirational, have only good things. OK, suppose films are making on this basis only. There is no dram, no any action no any twist in film, will anyone watch that film. No one like to watch like this film. Especially today's young generation. Films are only for entertaining purpose to make us relax from our daily work. &also today's young generation are enough educated to think about what is good & what is bad for their future.
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Srinu said: (Wed, Jul 18, 2012 03:27:04 PM)

Hi friends. I am Srinu in my view movies are spoil the youth. Now a days movies are become a very commercial. Directors and actors think only about the collections. They never bother about the youth and children. So it is our responsible for taking good from movies and leave bad. But the more youth influence by the wrong things only.
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Sachin Sharma said: (Tue, Jul 10, 2012 09:58:00 AM)

Hi friends. As per my opinion, Its depend on individual who is watching the films or movie. If we take films as just entertainment then its OK, But if we take it as a part of our lives In that cases we can say that its corrupting

the youth as society as well. Finally I want to say parents should educate theirs children as films are just for entertaining as and we have to adopt positive part of this.
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Vishal said: (Mon, Jul 9, 2012 10:44:41 PM)

I my opinion we the youths can not blame films solely the reason for corrupting youth, its the mentality of the person who decrepit the kind of teaching he/she want to get. Like in Ramayana if the role of Ravan was not described we could not have enjoyed the role of Shri Rama. After watching or reading I do not think anyone want to become Ravan, every one want be Shri Rama. So its the mentality of the person who watch the movie and what he want to learn from it. Its fine that in movies they show us that a bare hand person can beat 10-15 armed men alone, are we fool enough to believe that we could do so, for sometime its OK but not for forever. For pornography or violence I would like to say that movies are given ratings of A, U/A or you. If we know the movies are A rated still we go to watch it, movies are not calling us to watch them, its our desire to watch them.
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Raksha Jeurkar said: (Thu, Jun 28, 2012 09:21:19 PM)

I think that all people watch the movie but some type of people take it in a positive way or some take it in a negative way. It has been seen almost in youths or 8-15 year children. Between the age of 8-15 children gain rapidly everything what they watch. When they watch fighting, listen so many types of abuses after that they will do the same thing in the society. For this we have to avoid the children from this.
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Maha said: (Tue, Jun 19, 2012 02:54:56 PM)

Movies can have both good and bad influences among the present generation. Its just the choice of movie making a difference. There are a lot of movies taken these days just to create awareness on various social issues happening in the country. Movie apart from being an entertainment source has developed a lot more in making a person a social being. I will never accept that a film alone can create such an impact on youth its just everybody's wrong perception, its just the mind which plays an important role, you watch a movie and the theme is not right its just a lesson for you on don'ts and you've learnt something for the day. Every movie is a learning experience on do's and don'ts of life, it all depends on how we take it! as we all know a coin has two sides an old saying. Its just the side we take on, am always on the positive side so I have given such a description.
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Nikky Shukla said: (Sun, Jun 3, 2012 11:09:18 PM)

Today young people are easily influence with film, they follow the habits and lifestyle of actor/actress to pose in the society and behave like them. Some behave in the way of any underworld don which becomes their passion. And in this passion they do any thing like any don. So because all this happening movies should be well made. Should not be vulgar and their should be respect for women, should avoid doing bad things in movies which effect on youth. Only good things should be their so that every person influences from them. And behave in such way. !
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Soham Bansal said: (Sun, May 27, 2012 01:26:34 PM)

I m. A Soham from Delhi. I think that these the films are really corrupting the mindset the youth and they are distracting them from their goals of their life. Many films portray such things which are unrealistic and not worthy. The westernization of everything in 21st Century India is having a profound effect on its culture, values and traditions. The films which are being produced these days are seriously tarnishing the purity and the divinity of the Indian cinema. Things which were considered obscene to be talked about are now openly discussed like human sexuality. The directors don't even hesitate in using abusive language. In their films which is adversely affecting the behavior and the attitude of the children now a days. There is a dearth of good films which will show the right path to the youth. Youth is not just a time, it is a delicate state of mind which gets influenced quickly by its surroundings and it gets molded in whichever way one does. The youth is in constant contact with the multimedia like television, computer, etc. They have free access to every sort of information which is both good and bad for them. Therefore, ensuring a correct and proper intellectual growth of the youth will produce the efficient torchbearers of the future of our country.
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Anchal said: (Thu, May 17, 2012 05:31:27 PM)

I have just finished my 12th! At this age, as the YOUTH of today, I tend to have a different opinion. The topic is "Films are corrupting the Indian youth". Well I guess most of the people will agree to the fact that most of today's films are made by the youth! The films are all inspired by the youth! People have said that the films promote or encourage people to use drugs or smoke but the point we tend to miss out is that they also show the harm it brings to the person consuming the same! The string ends with the downfall of the individual! Doesn't that discourage people rather than encourage the use of the toxic substances? And when we talk about influencing a young child's mind if he/she is kept away from the way of life as it is, it will only tempt him further to experience stuff without knowing the consequences! I think that is more dangerous than the effect of films! At the end of it all, it is completely dependent on the way of thinking of the person as it differs from individual to individual! Using this reference clearly points out my opinion - If I have an apple, I can do two things with it. Either slice it and share it with those around me and do good, or throw it down and make it inedible for anyone to be benefited by it. :).
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Debojyoti Mukherjee said: (Sun, May 13, 2012 12:18:26 AM)

Now many of our film-makers are becoming mercenary fellow, they have no enough time to thing about the youth before showing a bad things, how it will hit the mind of them. But we should think that bad and good are the two side of a coin, if there is a bad of course there will be some good, because we should keep in our mind that a watch which has no battery, it also show correct time twice in a day.
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Ravi said: (Fri, Apr 27, 2012 01:10:59 PM)

Hi friends ! Noways all films are earn for money and just like business firm. So youth should be what is right and what is wrong, without knowing truth nobody can help them. Only good things we have take and false statements through away. Then only we control our tradition, otherwise we will tradition and spoiled life also. For example recently one incident occurred in Tamilnadu. That was one school boy killed his teacher by using the knife. The exactly reason for this incident was the boy inspired by Agnipath movie. This is small example for the youth corrupted by films. Our should know the movies are not for entertainment, it's for knowing the knowledge, educate and science. So youth need to know recognize the wrong things occurred in the society. Don't follow blindly, we should follow brilliant manner. All the best.
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Kkr said: (Thu, Apr 26, 2012 08:44:31 PM)

Ya. Foreign Televisions are destroying our culture. They are mainly attracting the youth. So youth are attracted by these foreign televisions and they are destroying our culture.
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Avani said: (Thu, Apr 26, 2012 08:12:08 PM)

We cannot really say that films are getting bad, as some of you gave the examples of films which were real good and some of them were also educating. The base of today's movies are changing just because people are demanding change. I think people are educated enough to make out the difference between inspirational movies and entertainment movies.
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Rithika said: (Mon, Apr 23, 2012 12:00:08 PM)

Hi friends to add my view in this discussion I have a slight different opinion on this. Films are taken just to entertain us, to make us feel relaxed and to free us from our work tension at-least for 3 hours. So it will be more of eq. But still the media feels their responsibility and try to put little of morals in that. But it is utter nonsense to expect complete value oriented movies. It is not a class room to teach us. You can in learn in many places, so just enjoy there. Also we are not sheep's to follow blindly what we have been shown. Today's youths are really clear and they know what to do. So stop blaming the films by saying it as corrupting our youths.
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Siddu said: (Mon, Apr 23, 2012 11:29:27 AM)

Hi Friends. ! All films are Bad or Good. That is depends up on a person. Each and Every one should be take positive thinking manner. Both films have such a kind of entertainment. But some of the films are only for used in business or other relativity. Holly wood films are better than boll wood, Because in holly wood gained some interesting knowledge like scientific, educate and also more powerful animated entertainer and technologically. Some of bollywood movies are better like 3idiots. Most of people thinking films are only for entertainment. This is stupid thinking. See all films but gain some knowledge, take good things, inspiring quotes. All the

Best for all. !

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Priyanka Khana said: (Fri, Apr 20, 2012 06:19:33 PM)

Hey guys. Well I will not disagree that the movies have their great impact on the society and specially on the new generation As you all are talking about the vulgarity of the movies but we should remember that every thing has two sides If movies are destroying and spreading vulgarity in the society, on the other hand it is due to the movies that we are aware of many social crisis Movies like:. "GHAJNI, is awaring the society about the threats coming from the underworld". It depends on our own conscious that what kind of lesson we take from the movies. We should also see the positive side.
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Mallika said: (Wed, Apr 18, 2012 11:38:38 AM)

Yes the films are having their impact on the Indian youth. The films are not at all promotion the moral values. They are just spreading the ways of destruction and their new ways which cannot even be expected. There is no use of seeing these films. There are many topics which can be directed by the directors which can have a great impact on the citizens such as social evils. But no one was daring to take that. Youth should know what is right and what is wrong.
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Mudassir said: (Thu, Apr 12, 2012 01:58:42 PM)

Today's movies not only spreading vulgarity. It also promoting prostitution. Where films using the name of indian girls names in vulgar songs and banned their names from our society. Who is responsible for it ? Either actress? model? choreographer? Lyricist? Music director? or director?
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Mahendra said: (Sat, Apr 7, 2012 11:11:27 AM)

Hi everyone, I am not too late to write my comments on this topic. I am into 30's, when I was kid I use to hear and watch movies of Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand etc actors of 60's,70's - I never liked those when I was kid. My Dad loved a lot. I grew up as teenager - started watching movies of 90's & 2000's, well it was a time where vulgarity started developing only through scenes. Today I don't watch movies as there is vulgarity in scene/script [In Majority]. But today I like and love late 60/70's songs and movies. It was clean and entertaining. There is limited medium to make a good movie, good songs. I agree that youth will not entertain by late 60's 70's movie but they will watch today's released movies with vulgarity I never support this idea. Its corrupting today's youth by penetrating vulgar words, vulgar ideas. No doubt some movies show the reality through media but giving A certificate don't solve this issue. *** Unfortunate we lost legends Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Mukesh, Kishore, R D Burman, Jagjit Singhji etc.

if we do not learn, follow and store methods, taste, style of current legends some or them to name are Lataji, Ashaji, Zakir Hussain, pandit jasrajji, pandit hari prasad chourasia etc. We will lose entertainment, culture, purity of indian cinema, music and art. These legends were and are pure like divine.

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Arup Mondal said: (Fri, Apr 6, 2012 11:56:45 AM)

Hello my friends myself Arup Kr.Mondal from serampore. My opinion on this topic is how we can say that films are corrupting youth. Let me give you one example lotus flower is originated in mud. But its fragrance spread all over. So try to make yourself like that where ever you go you spread like a lotus flower and it will be depend upon of us to take bad or good way. Its upto us how we deal with nature.
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David said: (Thu, Mar 22, 2012 11:33:44 PM)

We can't say that films are helping the youths to enhance their life and some people said that some films teach good habits and some are not, especially too many people says we should not see the bad things in cinema we have to filter the good things from it, ha ha ha? I can ask one question can anyone eat an apple it was taken from the gutter? apple is good know? we never mind the gutter and dirt isn't it? they, the directors and the actors as well as the actress earning much much money. They never mind the life of the little kids, they always failed to think about the future of the children; their motive is to earn money a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot (hey hey any can stop it!) a lot a lot a lot till kick off the bucket.
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Ghanshya said: (Sat, Mar 17, 2012 07:24:56 AM)

There is a different aspect as wellcinema iself can herald changes in the society for instance, inspiring the fashion and crimes inspired by the movies. But some batter changes too like the recent changes in the old policy of CBSE as aresult of "tare zameen par". It is now giving extra exam writing time to the dyslexic student in the board exams.
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Unknown said: (Thu, Mar 15, 2012 12:12:27 AM)

If we talk of todays cinema, its full of pornography, lust, which is used for attracting more and more viewers so that they can get a lot of money. Money and money. For directors, producers nothing else matters than money.
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Kamal said: (Sun, Feb 26, 2012 03:29:42 PM)

Everything has two aspects positive and negative it all depends on ours that what we are getting from it either a good or bad no doubt films influence youngester. In many films when an actor smokes youngester influence by them and try to use those bad habits in their lifestyle in other films like 3 idiots which teach us a

lessson so their are good and bad it all depend on our what we are getting from it. So in my point of view film are for etertain take good lessons from them not bad.
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Raj said: (Sat, Feb 18, 2012 07:39:41 AM)

There was a huge rise in very good patriotic and nationalistic movies about 8-ish years ago. E. G. Lakshya, Swades, Rang de Basanti. But, there haven't been too many of those types of movies in the past 2-3 years, and more of them need to be made for Indians to be proud of themselves and not sell their country to Westerners. India has had a very movie-going culture, but nowadays many movies are coming out that have little to do with. Anything except sex. So, I would say that the most recent movies ARE corrupting the Indian youth.
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Vikram said: (Tue, Jan 31, 2012 09:22:50 AM)

Hello my friends myself Er. Rathore from Shimla .Currently associated in internatinal Business . My opinion on this topic is how we can say that films are corrupting youth . Let me give you one example lotus flower is originated in mud . But its fragrance spread all over . so try to make yourself like that where ever you go you spread like a lotus flower . Its up-to us how we deal with nature .
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Kamal said: (Mon, Jan 30, 2012 10:51:21 PM)

Hi everyone I think cinema can impact on our life as we want to have on us. As we all know all films are made on fiction so assume them as fiction story and need not to give them place in our life. Yester year cinema was having a morale for our life and the people also love them and grasp good values from then as Alam ara and Raja Harishchandra film of 1935. So it's our will what to accept or not.
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Shailendra said: (Thu, Jan 26, 2012 10:41:05 PM)

Hi friends;. By my point of view yes bollywood cinema is responsible to spoil Indian youth because nowadays film immersed in mud of pornography, stunt, item song. They do bad impact on our mind. Government should make some strikt rule in make film. But it also depend on we people that what is we get from movies something good or bad.
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Vishal Singh Iim- Indore said: (Tue, Jan 24, 2012 08:04:14 PM)

According to me movies are not bad or good it is depend on situation that which movie are coming I the market and at that time to take dicion by the public that it should be watching or not, because in our country there are two types of audience first who are like to traditional and second are want to only entertainment.
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Raaj said: (Wed, Jan 18, 2012 01:43:08 PM)

Guys, imagine the state of minds of youth before 6 or 7 years. They are more clear, more disciplined, mentally strong about what they exactly want from life in-spite of even having their own degrades. But now the children under age group of 10-15 inspite of being enormously talented due to their grasping minds of MEDIAIC-INDIA, they are also very prone to sex related ideas, when they first see them on films. ( (Since, they are relatively new to such feel, and the atmosphere they are provided-with, make them to commit "the unwanted". **Such corrupted kid takes a very long suffer to find the right path of what he/she want from life. Its obvious that not everyone of us have great self-contol over what we up to in day-today life, especially children's. ---So as we (youth) are the designers of india's future, fit enough to comment on these kind of topics in websites, should take it to our action regarding what could all have been done. When taking on our future (children) , we suppose to act that better they (children) don't face the demerits of what we faced in our times from the society. Only then we can call, what we re doin is development. SO, Prevent it rather taking it to cure in future.
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Sujith Raj said: (Sun, Jan 15, 2012 07:40:45 PM)

Movies are created to provide refreshment and recreation to people. Not only for recreation, they create awareness about happenings in our surroundings, but nowadays movies HAVE a great impact on not only youth but also on children. Impact mainly depends on us. Any movie will have bad and good ELEMENTS and it is ourselves WHO should BE able to distinguish between them. If we take positive things in a movie we definitely have a positive impact. Nowadays THE creation of movieS HAS become completely commercial. Nobody is thinking of the society. They ARE thinking only about money. There are also movies that make us to wake up. On the other hand THE film industry is giving A livelihood to many artistEs, technicians etc. Coming to the point of youth, youth is a part of life where we get much to enjoy. In any stage of life we do not have that much power and enthusiasm and also time to watch movies.
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Arun said: (Wed, Dec 21, 2011 07:42:18 PM)

Hi every one now a days movies are most effective part of entertainment for youth and for the all but that is up to youth whether they are edict to the movies or they take it as a part of their entertainment. Their is a positive and negative impact on youth. But were as some of negative impact can be eradicated by government by giving proper certification to the films. But mostly it depends up on the person thinking ability ya can say one thing their should be more negative impact on illiterate youth.
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Abhishek said: (Tue, Dec 20, 2011 04:09:12 PM)

Movies have undergone tremendous change in these few years. And yes its influence is easily felt especially among the youths. With society broadening its mind the movies are getting bolder and bolder. Movies inspire,motivate and improve once understanding of social gestures. But youths are also inspired by seeing those hair raising stunts, smoking(a style statement) and "cool dude" stuffs. However I totally believe its once perspective as to what he absorbs. If a person at a particular stage develops bad habit it need not necessarily be due to movies. So i believe its better we enjoy the 2 hours in a theater and leave the stunts

to the hero :)
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Jasmine Pandit said: (Tue, Dec 13, 2011 03:25:41 PM)

As per my perception, most of the films are based on fiction and made to entertain people. Films are sources of entertainment and they should be watched as the way they are. Today youngsters fascinated by films and this thing depend on person to person what he or she get from that thing. So are the films. No doubt, today young people are easily influence with film, they follow the habits and lifestyle of actor/actress to pose in the society but forget the nitty gritty of the films and think it is a status symbol and this influence them to earn money by legal or illegal means. As a result of this, some youth indulge in bad habits like robbery, looting, smoking, drug addiction etc. Some films expose vulgarity, abuses etc. Which caused lots of problems for the youths. But there are some films like tare jameen par, 3 idiots, chak de etc. These kind of films are not only good source of entertainment but also teach our youngsters some motivational lessons.
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Shinukb said: (Mon, Dec 12, 2011 11:44:31 AM)

Hi All, Our debate is how movies affecting our youth? Its Not only applicable to youth but everyone. What factor brought us to this discusion forum. Obiviuosly there is something seriusnes in that Topics. If it a good things there no need of debates. It making something bad culture in our socity thats why we are here. If there is bad and good why should we try to filter good from bad. I am not teeling all the movies should ban. What ever movies makes nagative feeling to the socity must BAN. And more over we should not commenly use the term movies. Becuase cartoons movies not creating any crual characters in socity especialy like TOM and Cherry. I think I can further comment on this based on other reply.
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Ali said: (Mon, Dec 5, 2011 04:19:59 PM)

Hi everyone, I don't think that today movies were corrupting the youths because now the has come when each youth has the ability to take decisions what to do and what not to. So, if anyone tries a youth to watch the movie then the youth will see that movie when he wants otherwise not. And movies are not so much bad thing, they also provide some knowledge to those who understand the message of the movie. We should use our senses in good direction about the message given by the movie, because it depends on ourselves that whether we take the good things from the movie or the bad things as every movie contains some bad and some good things. I just want to say that we all know what we have to do, so why blame others things that it make me bad or corrupted.
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Donald said: (Fri, Nov 25, 2011 10:14:06 PM)

Movies already spoiled India and so much of the world, people who do movies or lazy ones and they are the weapon of devil to destroy the world, what ever you see or hear you will think it, after while it shall come become a habit and soon you shall do what ever you think, finally your life will be adjusted with. So don't look or think bad things films or corrupted, fulfilling GOD given responsibility in life is true happiness and enjoyment comes only when we love our family, but movies or alternatives which destroys whole life, and girlfriends too.
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Sukhdeep Singh said: (Fri, Nov 18, 2011 11:10:38 AM)

I am 100% agreed "media is corrupting our social life", don't know wot to show openly even in movies, adds, entertainment. No one is suppose to see TV with their family members i.e. brothers, sisters. THESE ALL THINGS ARE PLAYINN VERY IMPORTANT PART TO BE SOCIAL LIFE" BUT EVRYONE IS TAKINN IT VERY LIGHTLY BY SAYINN THTS ALL IS OUR OWN MENTALITY. "ONE DAY WILL COM WHEN OUR KIDS WILL STOP RESPECTIN US AND KICK OFF. ITS FACT"BELEIVE IT OR NOT. JUZZZ THINKK DON'T FOLLOW OTHERS, MAKE UR OWN ETHICS OF LIFE.
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Ashish Bardiya said: (Mon, Nov 7, 2011 10:53:27 AM)

According to my opinion the Indian movies are only the part of entertainment so only enjoy them. The today's fact is that the new generation attracting towards new technology like 3D and 4D movies and Animation so they like to watch these type of movies movies have so many category like, action, emotional, comedy. It's depends on you which movies you like every movies has some good and bad scene so you decide which one you follows and which is not.
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Mado said: (Sat, Nov 5, 2011 08:05:01 PM)

In my point of view films shold be watch but some few selective. Every one wants to have information what is hapening in the world. But goverment should make some form of statistic to learn people at that level and must have grip on the releases of films. For haven sake it must be avoided from the ilitrate and poor people cause it have more impact. N them than of rich people. Thanks.
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Milind said: (Tue, Nov 1, 2011 12:21:28 PM)

Film has no moral values. Films creats many proble but don't do some good work. Entertainmet is not important than moral values. Media creat problem but don't soleve miner problem thatswhy goodcharecter is must important for life. Dont do "Muh me Ram aur bagal me suri" It is depends on good character "Shilwan Bano". We should ban bad movies and bad songs. Movies is the mirror of country. So Must Be alert.
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Rishabh said: (Fri, Oct 28, 2011 09:26:23 PM)

I firmly believe that Bollywood movies are corrupting Indian youth. There is hardly any educational or informative content. Movies is a powerful medium to propagate ideas and it should be used with responsibility. Modern Bollywood have themes and story lines copied from their Hollywood counterpart and those indigenous are barely real. Western lifestyle is showcased as fun. It makes middle class and poor people to spend out of their means to match the rich. Half the Indian educated youth is actually not educated as they don't have a mind of their own and try to copy others. They have their idols in Actors and

Actresses. Bollywood should and must make Sunlit path for the people. Most of the industry workers value materialism. I appears that the prime aim of Television and film industry is to pocket huge amounts of money irrespective of the damage caused by their theme. Also, things like drinking, smoking, false beauty, meaningless talks etc. is distracting Indians from reaching the Indian Dream. At last I will like to also mention nothing is all good or all bad just as there are two sides of a coin. Personally, I think Hollywood is way better that Bollywood with its varied themes and developed audience.
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Solomon Suresh said: (Fri, Oct 28, 2011 04:32:38 AM)

Dear Brothers/Sisters, By watching film we spoil our life. The things we watch on Film is not even real stuff. For illiterates there is a Govt. Organisation or NGO to educate them about personal life and society. It is a responsibility of Government to educate them but in our country Government itself is not educated. It's like blind person leading a blind man, at last both fell into pit. In fact we should watch film but not each and every film. Before releasing Film into market it should be censored by the highly educated persons but not by the Entertainers who takes the role of Chairman of CBFC. Now a days by Watching Films we lose Sense of sensitivity, Dignity, Identity and gain sensuality which causes adverse effect on our mind and behavior. While writing this there was a below Ad given by "Ibibo" "play with me" a normal game show depicting Nudity. Women ought to cover there Nudity. You people tell that it's a Entertainment but it's not. By using the word "Entertainment" and "Fashion" it covers Nudity, War, Bloodshed, Crime, Anti-Social stuffs. What you see you become. When you watch Films to find out solutions or to become something that you must not to be, your life becomes more worse than previous. This stuff of Entertainment was created by Rich people for their luxury and there by middle class, poor class people adopted it without knowing it's consequences. It's my Humble request to search for Real stuff but not fake stuff. Now People it's up to you.
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Nikhil said: (Mon, Oct 24, 2011 01:09:17 PM)

From my view point every things has both good as well as bad effects it depends on person how they take it from that things now bollywood movies are becoming like hollywood movies and pictures like murder, dirty , this all movies has bad effect on the youth and because of all this they also not concentrate on their studies .
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Rocky said: (Wed, Oct 19, 2011 10:55:14 PM)

Movies should be used only for entertainment and recreation...Don't go for analysis whether the it is good or bad...come out with enjoyment...:)
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Thanzeeh Khan said: (Mon, Oct 10, 2011 01:16:43 PM)

According to my opinion, that movies are not corrupting the youths. It depends on youths themselves that they want to receive the bad or good things. Mainly the youth has to come out of the crazy they build on anything they like. Movies are meant for entertainment and also for knowing the issues shown in the film which are prevalent in our society. It is just to show us what is the real face of society which we can change if we want. Its just for knowledge of our citizens. There are many movies which have lot of moral and ethical values which one should adopt not that whatever issues are there you add to it.

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Position of Women in India compared to other nations


Posted By: meenakshisekar

Hi all This is quite a little bit tough topic. Friends we can approach this topic in many ways 1.reg.societial status now days women are given equal status. 2.but from the point of safety its a? Please friends give some opinions to start with.b's its a very good topic that needs immediate attention.

Posted By: sriya

Hi Though women are given reservations in many sectors, but we lack in providing safety measures to women when compared with other countries. The attitude towards women must be changed. Severe punishment must be given to culprits who indulge in crimes. This is the main point where we lack when compared with other nations. In Arab countries if any person commits heinous crime like rape, he is given capital punishment or severe punishment is given depending upon the crime he has done. In India, we dont have any such law. Recently her driver, but what punishment was given to the culprit murdered a call center women employee????? Either fine will be charged or he will be put in jail for 3-4 months. Will this fine be the correct punishment for the culprit??? The law must be changed; punishment must be made severe, so that no other person even thinks of committing such crimes against women

Posted By: meenakshisekar

Very good sriya I appreciate ur thoughts bs I can c ineffable expressions in Ur words. What u r saying is 100% correct .I agree to u ad insists the same.

Posted By: koneru9999

Hi, The position of woman in India compared to other countries is poor. In some villages they are considering woman as a kitchen bee. This type of attitude has to be changed. But compared to the early days, these days women are coming out freely and participating in every field. This is a good sign. Also, as our friend sruya said the law has to be changed is exactly correct. If the law was changed then these crimes will reduces.

Posted By: satwath

Ya I agree what shriya says. If we take the case of Dowry System women r made to suffer a lot in India compared to other countries. We see daily in the newspapers women setting themselves ablaze bcoz of this. They r tortured by their husbands and in laws fr getting more and more from their parents the women should suffer like this. Govt should take necessary measures to stop Dowry system in our country to prevent the women committing suicides.

According to a survey about participation of women in politics, India is ranked at 130, whereas Pakistan was ranked at 90 and Nepal at 75.. so u can imagine how backward India is as far as women in politics is concerned... even in the other fields, there is a glass ceiling effect ...

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Re: Position of Women in India compared to other nations.

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Dimpy Handa

Re: Position of Women in India compared to other nations. - March 29th, 2011 As a nation, we are of course over cruel inhuman practices such as sati and other logic less 'customs' that were traditionally followed in ancient India. The government is doing a good job working towards to develop of women in the country. Education upto the lower level at least is being provided free of cost to the girl child. There is awareness about female infanticide. Because women today are educated, they are capable of being financial independent. There are various NGOs and people constantly working towards the betterment of the less fortunate females who are not educated enough to be financially independent. There are shelter homes for widows, run away females, unwed mothers and various other organizations. Women are at par with their male counterparts in fields like hardware, taxi driving and other such jobs that would be unimaginable for a woman to be doing maybe before 10-20 years. And these are just examples. Look around, people are waking up to the fact that the fairer sex in our country is at par with their male counterparts, in a society that has been male dominated since forever - if not better.

Management Education Is it necessary to succeed in business?


In the present day world of business, where every aspect of our life is ruled by management, it is very essential for an individual to understand the essence of management at least to the relative terms. It is because, the world has become so complex with times, that it would not function at all when management is not there. Management is the soul of every business. When we take up the topic of business, we can look into the past where business was carried out since primitive ages. Only the size, nature and complexity have changed. Doing business, possessing the qualities of a businessman is an inborn or inner trait of an individual. It was present even in our ancestor who had laid down the bases of business earlier though at a small scale.

But the scenario has changed with the fast paced world. With industrialization bringing the entire world under one network, the need for managing such a huge complex and multidimensional world is felt which cant be done without proper guidance and training. Having understood the need of the upcoming markets and its trend, management education has spread all over the world and is helping the aspirant entrepreneurs or the professionals to get the latest knowledge and skills as per the need and expectations of the developments in business. The Education system in India is limited to theoretical knowledge which is confined to just some degrees. But management education gives practical embossing over theoretical approach. This gives a complete understanding of the activities of business and the role required to be played by the individuals at a later stage. Its not that business cannot run without management education. But now, with the increasing competitiveness all over the world, to become the cut over the edge, the upcoming generations of professionals need to possess the required qualities of setting their place in the tough competition by constant innovation and logical and analytical thinking. And management education adds up these to an individuals personality.

So, with the entire discussion and analysis, Business is required to be managed, and Management is the backbone of business. Hence, both Management and Business go hand in hand and that contributes to the growth of the business at a world wide scale.

About Deepika Murlidhar

Friendly, Adventurous, positive attitude, forward thinking, and most importantly I am proud to be a libran. I love to write poems in marathi, hindi and english.I am planning to do MBA in finance in future. I am here because of my passion of writing articles and sharing my thoughts and I just love this site a lot as it helps students to come out with thier talents and its working on creating a great enthusiasm among students and bringing them under one network to work together. What else can be a good

example of first step to revolutionize management education in a broader sense as this. Hats off!!!!! I wish to write articles so that I can reach many of my fellow friends and together we can work upon various aspects that needs our attention a lot especially our motherland India. View all posts by Deepika Murlidhar
Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 26th, 2009 succeeding in business doesn't require an education in management it is more a matter of knowing what you're good at and next finding the right environment to support you in the areas where you are not good (enough) yet

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 26th, 2009 when ever the the thought of what next comes into our mind this is a Topic on which me and my friends have long discussions on! there was a time wen parents used to say proudly "my son is an MBA"but now the case is such that if you said you are an MBA the answer comes "so?". in fact if u ask any1 doing an BMS they will answer they r planning not just MBA but also some other courses lik a friend of mine is doing MBA along with a GNIIT, M Com by correspondence and is planning to learn some foriegn language! However it msut be noted that The Mba gives us an edge. but for being sucessful you dont need MBA but a mixture of Talent, skill and luck. so it is an open debate for us. the knowledge we get from being an MBA can be got better by working and experiencing our self in this "BIG BAD WORLD"


Mira-Bhayandar, Maharashtra


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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 26th, 2009 hii there.. I seriuosly dont think that management education is too much necessary.. it is ultimately all about your interest and ur knowledge in business..

Student of MBA at DAVV

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Bhagirath Jakhar

Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 27th, 2009 Hello Friends, I am absolutely agree with you Sami, Ivan and Lalvanz.... But we can't only talk about skill, Interest and Talent. What we study in MBA is pure business language and if you noted down the whole concept applies in practical life also... If we talk about entrepreneurs, How much Tata, Ambani, Birla and Mittal are emerged in last few years? That was too past thing when people did think about this thing that Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani started his career with 10 rs. and we can also. At this time we can't even think that we will get success by this ideas.. As you have seen that in last 2-3 years, you have seen that many new sectors are emerged in the market and it is all because of brilliant ideas of MBA's. Now people think that if you are an MBA then you will think in different way than other people because you have wasted important 2 years in a professional course to learn about basic insight of business. So Skills, Talents, Luck all these are very odd words now a days and every one require a good Idea that can be implemented.... and Ideas arises in everyone's mind but MBA's are taught to manage these ideas for a better future of society as well as his/her personal growth... Again looking for comment from your sides......... Thanks....

Student of MBA at PIBM

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 27th, 2009 No, it is not necissary by definition. Education aims for nothing more than teaching the student concepts, a way of thinking & analysing, discipline, understanding, time management etc. All of these elements that are inherent to education are also seen in learning by experience, education has no monopoly on the ability to communicate any business principle. However, that does not take away anything from the value of education. On itsself, education is not a necessity, but placed in the context of time, education's main benefit is that allows you to learn in a couple of years what could take a decade if learned by experience. Never forget the following: Education is a giving to a new generation, the collective knowledge of all previous generations. And that learning from experience is reinventing the wheel. So no, education is not necissary, but it definately is extremely time saving and more thorough. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet.'

Hope that helps, - Bird

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 28th, 2009 Hi Friend, As per our topic, i think it is necessory but you can't say that without ME you will not succeed.Beacause entrepreneurs are not made they are born.They posess all these qualities and thing is that how you utilise it. As a manager point of view " If you do business yesterdays method,You will loose your business Tomorrow ". so in that condition ME is must for Survival of FITTEST. Thank you.

Institute: MIT College of Management,Pune.

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Sheldon Carvalho

Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 28th, 2009 Quote:

Originally Posted by bj.jaat

Hello Friends, Last Night I think too much on this topic and as of my point of view I don't think it was necessary 10-15 years before but now a days competition is very high in every business and one can't fight alone with this competition until he/she is aware about some insights of business. Many new companies emerge in today's market scenarion but got bursted because they don't have knowledge of new factors coming to the business place and same with Core Competency..


Mumbai, Maharashtra

I will be very happy if you criticize this and post some really good points on this topic.. Hope to see a positive reply from your side. Thank You..........


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yes i do agree that mgmt edu is necessary but i would say arrogance is not

take the case of lehman brothers i Join Date: Nov 2009 once u complete a course u aquire a diffrerent personality Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra regards sheldon

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Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Rajan Pandey

Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 28th, 2009 i thin management education is very neccessary to be successful in business .as it has produced many bigwigs like DELL,MUKESH AMBANI,ANIL AMBANI.ETC.If we claim to say that "education is the key to success ,then we must also say that mangement education is necessary to be sucessful in business.moreover,management ducation helps in taking decisions effectively

Student of BMS

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The Following User Says Thank You to For This Useful Post: rajan_pandey

Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

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Rajan Pandey

Re: Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business - November 28th, 2009 I will however jump right into refuting my opponent points. First, I would like to point out my opponent's not so great grammar and hope you remember that when you go to vote. Second, my opponent has failed to define any of her terms or give any contentions. Third, Management education is not necessary to be successful in business as shown in history. My opponent has named several businesses in which these "bigwigs" had been produced by management education. The founder of Dell, Michael Dell did not have any management education. In fact, Michael Dell did not excel academically but had great business instincts. Education is also not the key to success, great ideas are. Anyone can have education and a

Student of BMS

degree, but having great ideas is what separates people from the rest of the pack. A person education does not translate into whether they have good or bad ideas either. Bill Gates dropped out of college, technology was being released and Bill saw it as a great business opportunity. Luckily he had great support in his parents and a great idea. So Bill Gates, the richest man in the world is another person without any sort of management education. Management Education does not also translate into "taking decisions effectively" in which I assume my opponent I think here means making them. We've had thousands if not millions of people who have had management education over the years yet most of those businesses have failed. As I stated earlier, it's all about having a great idea and the intelligence to know what the next big great idea is and plan for it. Two Final Points towards the Case: The first U.S President to hold a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is George W Bush. The President to really have any sort of experience in running a business is Herbert Hoover. Both Presidents have been a major factor in "The Great Depression" of their times that occurred under their watch. Final Points: My opponent did not have any contentions or definitions. My opponent grammar was highly poor in many areas. My opponent did not prove that management education translates into being successful in business. My opponent own examples were false and refuted. The rest of my opponent points were refuted by me.

Kalyan, Maharashtra

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i thin management education is very neccessary to be successful in business .as it has produced many bigwigs like DELL,MUKESH AMBANI,ANIL AMBANI.ETC.If we claim to say that "education is the key to success ,then we must also say that mangement education is necessary to be sucessful in business.moreover,management ducation helps in taking decisions effectively

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I would first like to thank my opponent for creating and using such an interesting debate topic.

I will however jump right into refuting my opponent points.

First, I would like to point out my opponent's not so great grammar and hope you remember that when you go to


Second, my opponent has failed to define any of her terms or give any contentions.

Third, Management education is not necessary to be successful in business as shown in history.

My opponent has named several businesses in which these "bigwigs" had been produced by management education. The founder of Dell, Michael Dell did not have any management education. In fact, Michael Dell did not excel academically but had great business instincts. http://en.wikipedia.org...

Mukesh Ambani did not have any management education either. He went to college and graduated with a bachelor degree in chemical engineering. He did later pursue his MBA from Stanford but did not complete the course. http://en.wikipedia.org...

Education is also not the key to success, great ideas are. Anyone can have education and a degree, but having great ideas is what separates people from the rest of the pack. A person education does not translate into whether they have good or bad ideas either.

Bill Gates dropped out of college, technology was being released and Bill saw it as a great business opportunity. Luckily he had great support in his parents and a great idea. So Bill Gates, the richest man in the world is another person without any sort of management education.

Management Education does not also translate into "taking decisions effectively" in which I assume my opponent I think here means making them.

We've had thousands if not millions of people who have had management education over the years yet most of those businesses have failed. As I stated earlier, it's all about having a great idea and the intelligence to know what the next big great idea is and plan for it.

Two Final Points towards the Case: The first U.S President to hold a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is George W Bush.

The President to really have any sort of experience in running a business is Herbert Hoover.

Both Presidents have been a major factor in "The Great Depression" of their times that occurred under their watch.

Final Points: My opponent did not have any contentions or definitions.

My opponent grammar was highly poor in many areas.

My opponent did not prove that management education translates into being successful in business.

My opponent own examples were false and refuted.

The rest of my opponent points were refuted by me.

So when you go to vote, please take this all into consideration and vote CON.

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learner forfeited this round.


I would like to thank everyone for reading this debate thus far.

I ask that all my arguments from Round 1 be extended down as my opponent has not refuted it.

In the fairness of debate and in the hope that my opponent will return for Round 3, I will not be posting new arguments in this round but instead post this message.

However, I ask when you go to vote that you remember that my opponent has forfeited Round 2 of this debate along with everything else I posted earlier.

Thank you, and please vote CON.

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learner forfeited this round.


I would like to thank everyone for reading this debate thus far.

I ask that all my arguments from Round 1 be extended down as my opponent has not refuted it.

I ask when you go to vote that you remember that my opponent has forfeited Round 2 and 3 of this debate along with everything else I posted earlier.

Thank you, and please vote CON.

P.S: In relation to this debate, I will leave this awesome video.

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (We Don't Need No Education)

It's very idealistic to say things like 'we created borders, god didn't' and how wonderful it is for for every creed and breed to live in harmony. Harsh reality is in a borderless world there will be no way to control terrorism, drug trafficking, hate crimes etc. A borderless world means a unified governing body. One body controlling and assimilating such absolute power will corrupt absolutely, interest of minorities might be ignored, income disparity will increase and the world will be in a state of chaos and general lawlessness. We don't want that do we? Let us take our home as an example. There is a saying education starts from home. First we need to remove the physiological walls from our minds that we have built within our selves in terms of caste creed religion and so on. When we start doing self retrospection then the society will change for good. When society changes the nation and then the world. Unfortunately today this is a myth. We need to start doing our home work to make it to reality. To put it simple, it is all in our mind. If we all come together there will be no poor, poverty will be eradicated, bussiness will improve, trade and commerce growth, no shortage of anything. Looking at the present scenario of what is happening in the world around us, I find making the world borderless would in no way support the pupose of world peice and happiness we are thriving for. Its just not a matter of eradicating borders between regions. Countries or continents. Etc rather it should be meant to eradicate the imaginary border we have drawn within us which separates us from different cultures of the rest of the world. We want our region, religion or language to be considered different and better than others. Thats within us. So I feel we should think of border between mentality of different cultures first and then think of a borderless world as such.
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Satrosh Akhter said: (Sun, Apr 15, 2012 12:37:28 AM)

Of-course yes, border is essential to determine ourselves because every country in this world has its specific religion, culture, region, crime rate, if we are border less every one is free to go any where across the world and it is dangerous for every country. Crime rate will increase.
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Sushmita said: (Thu, Jun 9, 2011 08:51:44 PM)

hi people, I am sushmita. in my opinion there must be borders so that people can recognise themselves by their own habits, culture and everything. if in case border is not there, there may be forcing of conversions of habits, religion etc. at present borders are there, yet we are not living in peace. if borders are removed all sorts of malpractices and crimes would increase which is very unsafe.
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Nithin9188 said: (Mon, May 2, 2011 04:31:19 AM)

Dear friends, I'm nithin. In my point of view there should be some borders whether it is on the basis of religion or region. This is because the world is a mixture of cultures and it is not possible to bring all cultures together so that they exist in harmony with each other. Take the case of India. Even though it is a secular state, it still suffers the problems in terms of religious issues and regional issues. This is because of the contradiction between two cultures. Unless the cultures should merge and evolve itself it is not possible to create a border less world. I would like to suggest that borders to some extent can prevent internal wars. But at the same time, this border makes the men selfish and would try to increase themselves as us is doing.
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Sameer said: (Sun, Apr 24, 2011 10:45:46 AM)

I think the demarcation of land is on basis of different community. And it is important so every one can keep their culture alive and it is very easy to govern particular area as compare to whole world.

Another thing its mentality of people if they remove differential thought process then with border also they can progress. Hence border is necessary for progress of world.
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Shreyansh said: (Wed, Feb 23, 2011 06:33:33 AM)

It's very idealistic to say things like 'we created borders, god didn't' and how wonderful it is for for every creed and breed to live in harmony. Harsh reality is in a borderless world there will be no way to control terrorism, drug trafficking, hate crimes etc. A borderless world means a unified governing body. One body controlling and assimilating such absolute power will corrupt absolutely, interest of minorities might be ignored, income disparity will increase and the world will be in a state of chaos and general lawlessness. We don't want that do we?
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Kapil said: (Sat, Feb 19, 2011 01:30:06 AM)

Borderless World: A Threat? I am totally satisfied with this point, in opinion Borders seprates the regions, different cultures & Different peoples. so definatelly Borderless world has an impact to mixup all the differencties that leads increased Threat.
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Nitin Sahu said: (Fri, Feb 18, 2011 10:47:26 PM)

Speaking Ideally over any such kinda matter while sitting around here is really a easy thing, guys each and every nation is power crazy now a days, and well boundary less nation is what British tried to do you remember. They wanted to rule all over the world, this is wats gonna happen in case of no boundary, 1 ruler, may be a dictator n world in crisis. There are indeed some cause of world being divided from each other by oceans if some of you wanna chat about BHAGWAN KI MARZI. But true lies in what we are today, of course this is noway a idealistic picture but surely "boundaryless" world is noway a solution, so Im against.
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Harsh Doshi said: (Wed, Jan 19, 2011 09:07:48 AM)

There is this famous saying... Bananewale ne toh ek duniya banayi, par insaan ke lalach ne is par lakire khich di, woh tera, yeh mera... This is the current scenario of the world today. Krishna has shared a very insightful thought here. The dream of borderless world is really a myth. As Krishna has said, we have a psychological way of taking things, which shows our selfishness to attain things. But at a personal level i dont deny the fact that people have to think personally as today terrorism and dirty politics have become a part of everyone's life even if we do not want to be a part of it. An individual always strives to be happy in this world but cannot do that because of the conditions in front of him. We should first try to get rid of mindset and start considering everyone as one among themselves instead of fighting for power,money and religion.. One of the greatest challenges will be to narrow the social,ethnic,religious and financial barrier.
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Danish Shamsh said: (Thu, Jan 13, 2011 11:40:31 PM)

yes there is a need of boundary between nations...like the way when we left our we make sure that gate is properly locked..what for? Because we know we might get theft..when we dont believe other guys in our locality how can we believe other guys who are not of our country even......as far as over boundary relation is concerned it can be there but with proper security....and finally in order to grow we have to grow individually...thnk u

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Krishna Chaitanya said: (Tue, Jul 27, 2010 07:49:29 PM)

Let us take our home as an example. There is a saying education starts from home. First we need to remove the physiological walls from our minds that we have built within our selves in terms of caste creed religion and so on. when we start doing self retrospection then the society will change for good. When society changes the nation and then the world. Unfortunately today this is a myth. We need to start doing our home work to make it to reality. To put it simple, it is all in our mind. If we all come together there will be no poor, poverty will be eradicated, bussiness will improve, trade and commerce growth, no shortage of anything.
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Aashish said: (Tue, Jul 20, 2010 12:13:22 PM)

Well, borders should be eradicated as they r providing boundaries within us. We can take reference of those old days when there is no nation, no continent, no states, everything is going so fine.
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Suchi said: (Mon, Jul 19, 2010 04:49:52 AM)

Looking at the present scenario of what is happening in the world around us,I find making the world borderless would in no way support the pupose of world peice and happiness we are thriving for.Its just not a matter of eradicating borders between regions..countries or continents..etc rather it should be meant to eradicate the imaginary border we have drawn within us which separates us from different cultures of the rest of the world.we want our region,religion or language to be considered different and better than others.Thats within us.So I feel we should think of border between mentality of different cultures first and then think of a borderless world as such.
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Babina said: (Sun, Jul 18, 2010 06:04:56 AM)

To develope as an individual and to develope our country there shouln't br any bordres so that we can communicate and can increase our knowledge.


Hallo my dear friends, I agreed with some of my friends opinions about globalization, but most of them are unknown about the meaning of globalization, they are just trying to see one side of coin. Let me clear you that every coin has two sides, just like that globalization has more beneficial than loss. In today's life developing country like India is must in need to increase the participation in globalization. History of our nation has witness of that, comparing a strength of unemployed youth in early 70s and 80s having much grater than today. After 90s when Indian government permit and start globalization, the condition start improving with more speed. Globalization means share of Knowledge, trade and investment in globe (world). There has a great line to say that"as you share the knowledge to more it will be improve more" then how can we say that globalization has make more effect on poor country's. We all are well known with a geographical condition of earth. At many places some items are more than surplus and somewhere it has deficiencies. Globalization booms such types of trade in world market and it helps to improve the finantial condition of the country as well as peoples to. Due to globalization the treasury of governments get's more revenue in the way of foreign corrency which help govt to employ new schemes and employment for peoples so consequentially it effects on the progress on lifestyle of peoples.

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Jyoti Gupta said: (Wed, Aug 22, 2012 10:20:15 AM)

The 20th century is the century of aviation and globalization. We must creat the kind of globalization that work for all not for few. Although nothing is perfect in this world so globalization has also some negative aspects such as it really affect the small scale industries. Yes, it has ugly and dark side but it can also bring tremendous apportunities and benefits for our nation. Present problem of world can be uprooted by globalization. Arguing against globalization is just like arguing against law of gravitation.
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Thenmozhi said: (Mon, Aug 20, 2012 09:38:25 AM)

In my point of view globalization is important, because we are all indian's so we must take care of our nation. And to develop our development. This means that the new creativity of people and they know about the field clearly.
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Pooja Jain said: (Sun, Aug 19, 2012 12:53:05 PM)

I agree that globlisation is necessary for developing countries like India as it provides better carrer opportunities, infrastructure, new technologies and a better living standard. But it should be welcomed with utmost care otherwise it will ruined domestic and small size businesses like done by China in Indian markets.
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Rajeev said: (Wed, Aug 8, 2012 05:14:43 PM)

Globalization is necessary for our country, because our country is a developing country. We need advance technology so that our country could become developed country. And also we can share our idea from other country, because each and every country having some great thought and we need to take that great idea, globalization has also created employment and created big market but small industries has been effected but after all globalization is necessary.
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Vighnaraja said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 12:24:45 PM)

Globalization is something which benefit all type factors in a country, that mean a globalization bring revenue to government, reduce price and provide variety to customer, increase market to domestic suppliers provide job opportunities to youth.
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Suman said: (Tue, Jul 24, 2012 01:18:18 PM)

Hello friends. After listening all views and thoughts I would like to add my thoughts that I think that globalization is necessary because it shares our ideas, technology, values etc. It helps to maintain cordial relations with others. Helps in the growth of our economy and other economy.
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Swathi Anusha said: (Tue, Jul 24, 2012 06:51:46 AM)

Hello everyone, I would like to stick to why globalization is necessary for any country. As we all know globalization means sharing of knowledge, values, ethics, methods etc., In INDIA globalization had started in early 1990's, so if we compare India then and now we observe a drastic change in IT, Industrialization and in Employment, this is due to globalization. Due to which, many industries have been set up which decreases the employment problem in INDIA that in turn decreases poverty which is most essential in a developing country like us. So Globalization plays a vital role in any countries development.
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Vasu said: (Mon, Jul 23, 2012 07:38:42 PM)

Globalization is obviously a boom to our country. It has brought a pragmatic change in our society. The GDP of the country has increased considerably since its entry into our country. It has fulfilled the dreams of the mediocre in our society. As every coin has a head and tail, of course Globalization has its pros and cons. Of course in few means the small scale industries have got affected. Well in my view Globalization is a bliss for our country.
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G.Siva Ganesh said: (Sun, Jul 15, 2012 09:27:35 PM)

Due to the Globalization our India is still in developing state. The intelligent man power belongs to India were working for other countries and those countries were developed. So the Globalization reduces the mother country development. In other side individuals have good development due to the Globalization. So the richer become rich and poorer become poor. Due to Globalization now days it is very easy to see the depth of the world in every sector.
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Asif said: (Sat, Jul 7, 2012 09:29:11 AM)

Knowing and sharing with others who are in the globe (world) is globalization. It was a great innovation which started from 1991 and make some great changes in the whole world. By the bless of globalization people knows each other of the world and they help each other when any problem take places. But some international political unrest's slow down the usefulness of globalization. The countries those who creates phenomenon and after Rafe they expand their helping hands are also the part of globalization. Globalization can't change our poverty rate, our education system, the way of our living and etc but it gives a lot of supporting information, using that we may gain or fall in loss.
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Aman Shoeb said: (Sat, Jun 23, 2012 09:05:11 PM)

Well my friend according to me globalization is necessary but our country had taken this decision very early which had adversely effect our growing GDP, as china had taken this decision too late when they were quite ready to compete in the world, by taking early decision our country is not able to compete in the world, however globalization played an important role in our country but the states which were poor becomes poorer as they don't have enough knowledge to deal with external world. According to me globalization is important but only when you are enough capable to compete the world or it will adversely effect.

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Prabhash said: (Sat, Jun 23, 2012 05:13:56 PM)

Globalization means increasing connectivity and interdependence in business and market. Through this, we can get assistance from other countries. For example, in the case of swine flu get the vaccine from other country. Otherwise, chances to loss the so many things. Also we can updated with the market and business through globalization.
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Soumya Ranjan said: (Tue, Jun 19, 2012 12:57:50 AM)

Globalization means increasing connectivity and interdependence in business and market. Through this, we can get assistance from other countries. For example, in the case of swine flu get the vaccine from other country. Otherwise, chances to loss the so many things. Also we can updated with the market and business through globalization.
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Santosh said: (Mon, Jun 11, 2012 03:43:49 PM)

Globalization refers to the process or processes of international integration. [1][2] Human interaction over long distances has existed for thousands of years. The overland Silk Road that connected Asia, Africa and Europe is a good example of the transformative power of international exchange. Philosophy, religions, language, arts, and other aspects of culture spread and mixed as nations exchanged products and ideas. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Europeans made important discoveries in their exploration of the World ocean and in beginning cross-Atlantic travel to the "New World" of the Americas. Global movement of people, goods, and ideas expanded significantly in the following centuries. Early in the 19th century, the development of new forms of transportation and telecommunications that "compressed" time and space allowed for increasingly rapid rates of global interchange.
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Radha said: (Thu, May 17, 2012 06:27:39 PM)

Yes, Globalization is definitely necessary for a developing nation like India to survive and compete with other nations. Due to it new technologies are available to our country, also our technologies are helpful to other countries. Thus all nations are able to grow simultaneously. Globalization means integrating of different economies into a World Economy. Thus due to it exchange of ideas and thoughts can be easily done and world has become a global village. But along with its advantages some disadvantages also are there. It sometimes adversely affects ideologies of youngsters. Thus "Globalization is a necessary Evil".
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Pushpa said: (Wed, May 16, 2012 08:18:44 PM)

Globalization means sharing of goods, services, technology, knowledge and thoughts in between two are more countries. Globalization is really necessary to economy for developing and developed countries. Due to globalization the business markets in the world has no boundaries, they can market their products in any part of the world. Globalization is really necessary because our country is fully agriculture based nations hence if any products will come in market, then we should have knowledge about that, because of this the status of poverty might be remove and leads to increase the industrial development. Finally I conclude that globalization is really necessary, through globalization many existing problems has been cleared such as unemployment, poverty, low living standard, etc.
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Abhijeet said: (Fri, May 11, 2012 01:38:36 AM)

Yes, Globalization help us to grow up our economy directly and indirectly by two way. First thing is the it crosses the boundary of nations and spreads the business it also help us to export and import the the things easily and safely. And the second thing is it reduces the poverty level at some extent. Globalization help employment to unemployed people and increase the level of standard among them. It generally also leads infrastructure development of society and the country. By globalization we provide our goods and services to other nation, increase income of our country. It help us by various way makes us strong economically.
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Harpic said: (Thu, May 3, 2012 09:15:28 PM)

Yes Globalization is necessary, for an economy to grow. Globalization refers to the integration of economic, technological, socio-political factors with the world. And with globalization, with the mutual co-operation and assistance - particularly with reference to the law of comparative advantage- it is going to be beneficial. Globalization also helps reducing the poverty level in the country-there are plenty of evidences and record to support it. Developing countries specially require globalization. Because Indians are very rich in resources of skilled manpower. So Other countries are interested to invest in India. We don't have that much funds/money to make very huge industries or developments. There is no shame to invite other countries for investing. Lot of advantages are there. Employment, infrastructure development, tourism, foreign exchange and etc. Even America would be nowhere if globalization was an imaginary concept never put forward. Half the world's countries would be reeling in depression right now if not for globalization. For example, petroleum, most countries are on the verge of depleting their entire reserves and some countries don't have it at all. Seeing this if not for globalization the entire world would be left crippled due to the massive energy crisis facing them. While globalization is necessary it is not sufficient to ensure communities gain from globalization. To keep and spread the gains, government must not only reduce barriers to trade and investment, they must also get domestic policies right. Many people may think that globalization is making poor countries poorer. However the evidence is very convincing that developing countries that globalize grow and reduce poverty level faster than those that do not. For example, recent study of 72 developing countries shows in the 1990's globalisng developing economies real incomes and output grew faster, on average about 4 times faster, than inward looking economies' output.
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Rishi said: (Wed, May 2, 2012 11:35:19 PM)

Ya globalization is important for surviving in this world but in globalization politician plays an important role because politician decide the rate of importing and exporting of goods so the deal should be done according to our country get benefit now days politician is dealing for own profit in our country dew to this our country are facing very bed days petrol prices is going at peek point dew to this price of other goods will also go high so the politician should not be corrupted other wise globalization is good. In India goods is sold in less price and perches that good 4 or 5 time costly in another form so this agenda is very bad for country and his economy growth.
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Rahul Raj said: (Mon, Apr 23, 2012 09:55:38 PM)

Hi to all, I am Rahul Raj, according to me, Globalization is really necessary because our country is fully agriculture based nations hence if any products will come in market, then we should have knowledge about that, because of this the status of poverty might be remove.
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Surojit Saha said: (Sat, Apr 21, 2012 10:25:04 AM)

Hello my friends, I would like to concentrate on only one point-. In today, s world globalization is very much necessary. Globalization means sharing our knowledge, technologies, trade, capital, values and ethics with other countries of world. What is India, s biggest problem today that hamper its economic growth?one of main reason is poverty. Now why is it necessary? because India is basically a agricultural based country where most of the people living below under poverty line. As we know globalization is a process which basically starts in early 1991. With the process of globalization, we can see rapid progress in industrialization occurs because of FDI. Many private companies are eager to invest in our country. Due to industrialization, GDP rate of India increases to 7. 5-8% from. 5 % in 1991. So, due to industrialization, lot of job opportunities increases. So the problem of poverty can only be solved due to globalization. So globalisation is necessary.
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Bijayalakshmi said: (Wed, Apr 18, 2012 07:06:06 PM)

Hello everybody, By my points of view. Globalization is nothing but to let a country developed. For which we people should conscious. Globalization makes integration of economic. Not only economic but also in agriculture, technology, transport, education, politics. Etc. Globalization also helps reducing the poverty level in the country. Also Globalization leads to increase the industrial development. But the most effective term towards Globalization is Westernization, which is changing our lifestyle & we are becoming money minded not thinking of our country's development. We should not follow this, but make all to become a part of our Country's development. Thank you.
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Porto said: (Mon, Apr 16, 2012 07:48:06 PM)

Nowadays we live in a globalized world and we can feel its opportunities and its threats, but in my opinion there are much more opportunities then threats, that`s why in my developed countries there is economic growth. Without globalization the world would be very slow in all the fields, and our lifestyle would be very low in compare with our present lifestyle.
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Himanshu said: (Mon, Apr 16, 2012 11:03:16 AM)

Yes. Globalization plays important role in our life. We can not only improve our knowledge but also we can prove our superiority in the whole world. We can share knowledge, technique as well as many things. So globalization is very important.
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Samrat Reddy said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 02:37:20 AM)

Globalization is not only related to fast changes in political, cultural and technological aspects but it makes changes in individual thinking ability. For any country healthy economy globalization plays a key role. For EX;If we compare many backward countries to present day they are leading a healthy economy in all the sectors like in transport, technology, standards of living every thing has changed mainly individual poverty line has reduced to gret extent. Any countries GDP (gross domestic product) depends on globalization. The most important aspect of globalization is reduces cost efficiency with technology growth i.e.wit less inputs one can receive more out puts.

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Shetty said: (Sat, Apr 7, 2012 02:51:44 PM)

Globalization is integration of economies of the world in the field of technology, ideas, views, capital etc.. As a result of 1991 crisis in India it was adopted. On one hand it may boast foreign collaboration for technology, joint venture, share capital, it may lead to flourishing tourism sector, exchange of culture, and wider scope for development. But at the same time it may benefit developed economies as the have surplus capital. Underdeveloped countries and DEVELOPING COUNTRIES LIKE INDIA would be largely at loss as our imports would be more than export. It may also promote migration.
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Dharam Santhosh Kumar said: (Wed, Mar 21, 2012 03:46:44 PM)

Some my friends have said that with globalisation many of us loosing our culture, tradition, morals and values. Yes, we are living in a society where good, bad and everything exists, it depends on how we take the things. Inviting western culture is not just forgetting our own tributes India has its specific importance among other countries in the world. Getting exposure to other foreign cultures make us to learn new things that makes ones country shine. When comes to economic growth our county's gdp growth has incraesed predominantly when vi sa vi to earlier decades, despite of that some of our unemployment problem has been solved.
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Amit Kumar said: (Sat, Mar 10, 2012 12:40:31 PM)

Yes Globalisation is necessary for India. Because it's given "GLOW" on face of many indian's after 1991 and such glow become super glow if we better utlisation of our resources or policy. Only need to giving equal time to every sector. Because of it free trade has benefited population and helped raise their living standard across the globe. In India for four decades the countery shut out foreign trade and investment. Bureaucrats gave licenses on whims and bribes rather than on commercial consideration.
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S Harikirankumar Reddy said: (Fri, Mar 2, 2012 10:43:23 PM)

Yes, Globlization is important for Indian economy.It is necessary in today's world as it has positive impact. Through globalisation, many existing problems has been cleared such as unemployment, low living standard, poverty etc. As because of globalization, multi national companies have been set up in India creating large scale of employment.
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Nagesh Reddy said: (Fri, Mar 2, 2012 04:44:22 PM)

Besides various advantages, globalisation led to loss of cultural and traditional trends and their values from minds of today's youth. In race of westernization they are forgetting their moral values and their mother languages as well. The major adverse effect being Brain-Drain. Our country sets best example of it. Highly skilled and talented people of our country are migrating for better carrier opportunities, better facilities, infrastructure and money; because of which India is losing their talent due to lack of better educational facilities, unemployment and for many more reasons.
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Malatesh.Karamudi said: (Sun, Feb 19, 2012 10:10:03 PM)

Lot of my above friends are think that globalization is necessary but according to me now it is not necessary for India because still India is not fit for the globalization first it should increase its internal streanth then we have to sign for this globalization. Our nab our country china took three year to sign for globalization now see lot of products are of made in china products. Another thing friends lots of our farmers loosing there life because of this globalization why because in the name of globalization our politicians selling our Indian land & raw materials to the other country propels become weltheir than us I will give you a funny example that china brought our Indian potatoes for just 40RS/kg & their potato chips for 140RS/kg see the difference. Finally friends I am not opposing for welcoming the guests but you don't handover your home to them.
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Santosh Kumar Mohanty said: (Sat, Feb 18, 2012 02:38:59 PM)

Hi all, In todays Progressing world Globalisation is the most Important factor for each and every nation, as Globalisation at its peak allow different nation to communicate with thier economic,cultural and technical aspects which determines the health of an nation. without globalisation it is quite difficult for the nation to become healthy in all these terms.... If any thing is wrong please dont mind I just liked to participate So I did .. Thank you,
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Sawan said: (Sat, Feb 11, 2012 03:11:07 PM)

Globalisation mean generally sharing of goods, sevices, culture, technology, and thoughts in between two or more contries. In todays scenario it is very much necessary, as evryone in this world want to become powerful in terms of economy, technology and culturaaly. This is only possible by globalisation because due to this a competative enviroment created between nation wise by which general people of evry country may benifited.
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Anu said: (Mon, Feb 6, 2012 12:36:14 AM)

As per my point of view globalization is necesssary because. It give the opportunities to setup multinational companies in India and to solve many large existing problems and provide many opportunities in today's environment in India such as creating a large scale of employment, incresing Indian economy and living standard of people and give the opportunties to cope up with current competitive world environment standards.
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M. Srikanth Sri@Bme said: (Sun, Feb 5, 2012 05:54:40 PM)

Whenever we speak about GLOBALIZATION, we consider all things behind it. Nowadays the burning topic is "FDI" implementation. It is one of the topic relate to globalization. If it is implement it creates many more jobs somebody said, but in other side of coin it has the adverse affect like BRAIN DRAIN also, and the grip of handover gradually will be given to foreigners, we movingly addicts to their products. So, better to care of all those things. If at all, implement these things, WE SHOULD BETTER THINK TWICE BEFORE IMPLEMENTING IT. But, without globalization it is not competitive country, itself can't creates the strength of its own nation.
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Ram Rai said: (Sun, Jan 22, 2012 12:28:51 PM)

Globalization... What does it mean?..... In real sense, it means integration of country economy with world economy. The question regarding it's importance in world's economy has been raised. As per my point of view, it is necessary in today's world as it has positive impact. Through globalisation, many existing problems has been cleared such as unemployment, low living standard, poverty etc. As because of globalization, multi national companies have been set up in India creating large scale of employment.
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Atul Kumar Sharma said: (Wed, Jan 11, 2012 01:55:43 PM)

Yes, Globlization is important for Indian economy because since 1991 when India open the door for globalization employement rate is increases day by day. After 1991. India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and it account's to 2% (approx) of the world GDP. It is true that our Goverment has limited resources and they can not provide job to each and every one. Its only because of globalization that youth of India not faceing the problem of unemployment. The get the after completing their studies. India's company performing very on inter national level. In the end I would like to say Indian should fix to both the sector. Our core sector i.e. agriculture and globalzation.
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Parshuram said: (Tue, Jan 10, 2012 03:45:56 PM)

Globalization has its pros and cons. But it cannot be denied that the impact it has had on our country has been positive. It has helped Indian companies to become more competitive and ensured survival of the fittest.
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Sathis said: (Fri, Jan 6, 2012 03:21:45 PM)

Ya. I agree with you. Globalisation is necessary because it helps to increase the standard of loving of the people. And also it makes the availability of the similar type of products all over the world. So the customers can enjoy the benefit. Because of globalisation the peoples income will be increase.
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Harsha Laddha said: (Thu, Dec 29, 2011 11:57:42 AM)

Yes Globalization is necessary, for an economy to grow. Globalization refers to the integration of economic, technological, socio-political factors with the world. And with globalization, with the mutual co-operation and assistance - particularly with reference to the law of comparative advantage- it is going to be beneficial. In present scenario globalization is leading a very imp role which can not be ignored. We all the people has been benefited by globalization through the amicable behaviour of each other countries. The interaction of international label is very mandatory for a growing country to improve its potentiality and spreading our strong points points and getting better opportunity to make itself developed.
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Devendra said: (Thu, Dec 29, 2011 11:53:10 AM)

Globalization is necessary for any developing countriesYa. I agree with your point but using globalization poor becomes poorer. They always depend to others
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Milap said: (Sun, Dec 25, 2011 03:08:46 PM)

Globalisation is really good in any aspect of developing counrty. If India wants to become a prosperous India should support global trade investments. Globalisation will help India to eradicat proverty and growth of economy will be seen. Globalisation will increase connectivety to developed nations and we get a better chance to find new path to developing to developed. So the globalisation is really necessary to every nation to see their economy is growing rapidly and improving social networks.
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Bhadra said: (Fri, Dec 23, 2011 11:57:49 AM)

Globalisation is one of the most important topics in the world.there are so many evidences,due to globalisation the relation between countries is increasing day by day.
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Niharika Singh said: (Thu, Dec 22, 2011 08:16:31 PM)

Before saying yes or no....We need to analyze India's stand before Globalization. As so many of my friend has discussed the meaning of Globalization above. I wouldn't waste time on it. The wave of globalization appeared on Indias shores only in 1991, much after Chinas and some other Southeast Asian countries. As a new participant in the globalization wave, India went through several structural and policy changes. In 1991 India's GDP rate was 0.96%. Where as the current GDP rate for the financial year 2011-2012 is projected at 7.5% to 8%. From the 1991 onwards India is walking on the track of development. Globalization has affected everything positively from living standard to external trade and investment, from agriculture to banking and finance, from industry and infrastructure to global trade relations, and from education to employment. So, we can say that Globalization has not only bring a new wave to the Indian economy but also boosts it at a large scale. India continues to grow at a rapid pace, although the government recently reduced its annual GDP growth projection from 9% to 8% for the current fiscal year ending March 2012. Though in this race of faster growing economies several of our Indian states lagging behind. A critical problem facing India's economy is the sharp and growing regional variations among India's different states and territories in terms of poverty, availability of infrastructure and socio-economic development. Six low-income states Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh are home to more than one third of India's population. Severe disparities exist among states in terms of income, literacy rates, life expectancy and living conditions. Corruption has been one of the pervasive problems affecting India. Every medicine has it's own side effects. So, it can't be said that it's unnecessary. In fact, it is necessary to spread the development & globalization and reach out to the states which have been suffering in pace.
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Girish said: (Sat, Dec 17, 2011 03:55:43 PM)

According to my opinion globalisation essential for a country like India ,as our country is abundant with human resources at the same time our financial resources are not sufficient to employ all of them.in such a situatoion it is a better to accept the concept of globalisation . it will solve such problem by accomodating them.for this purpose we must adopt a cent percentage globalisation in India.Now the present crucial issue is that to adopt retail trade or not? actually it is for the well being of our country ,and developing a quality conscious among the consumers in our country.so more and more illegal suppliers are compelled to supply the quality products to indian consumers, it automatically lead to overall development.
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Tamina said: (Tue, Dec 6, 2011 10:45:26 PM)

Globalisation may boost our economy, but oue is at stake we are simpy imitating the western cultre thin k about it. Money or our identity?

Hi guys according to me advertising plays a major role for Purchasing new products. Most of us are not aware of technology developments. In that case advertising helps to know the quality and features of the product, technology development. For Ex. When we advertise a product, if user get satisfied with the product. Then the product will be sold huge. So main thing is that advertising alone won't help to sell products in large, Quality is also an important thing behind advertisement. Quality speaks about the product, where us advertising helps to speak about the Quality Product. I conclude that quality as well as advertising both are important to get success in the present Situation.
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Tiya Chopra said: (Sun, Aug 19, 2012 03:56:44 PM)

As every coin has two faces I too have two different views for the given topic with a strong conclusion. Yes ofcourse advertising is a waste of resources in case where the products are really dull and bad in that case if too much investment is done on the advertisement then obviously it would be a wastage of resources because public and ordinary people have sense they are not blind if the product would be good then they automatically advertise it among themselves. According to me, the money which has to be given to the advertisement should be expanded over the product to enrich its quality.
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Mousumi said: (Sun, Aug 12, 2012 11:58:51 AM)

Hello everyone, According to me, advertisement is not necessary at all times. If a product is launched, but people are unaware about it, then the company must advertise it so that the people may come to know about the benefits of using the product. But once the product has gained a lot from the customers, it need not to be advertised as, if people really like the product, they will continue using it, else, they won't even if you continue advertising. If a product is extremely beneficial, people will automatically advertise among themselves. Thus, publicity of a product will happen by its own.
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Mukesh said: (Sun, Aug 12, 2012 05:48:22 AM)

Hello friends! Advertising is the primary key of any company to show their products in market. The companies may spend lots of money in advertisement and its a way to know about the product for us. For example - If we are going to sell some products using online websites such as, olx.in, ebay.com etc then we have to advertise the website in TV channels, popular websites, FM radio's, and provide links. But to spend a lot of money is not good for advertisement, companies should make a satisfaction with customers regarding their product quality & features. It will definitely beneficial for companies and customers. Because for companies, customers satisfaction is very necessary to launch new products successfully in market.
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Jeevan said: (Thu, Aug 9, 2012 06:08:35 PM)

According to me advertising is not a waste of resources, because with out advertising a product the consumer won't get the information regarding a particular product. And in the present competitive world it is essential for the producer to give information to the consumer about his product. The outcome of an advertisement depends upon how the producer will advertise.
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Adrian said: (Thu, Aug 9, 2012 11:32:37 AM)

The advertisement to tell the quality, quantity and price of the such a product. The advertisement can be use the relationship to producer to consumer in good relation. The advertisement is help to company to develop the sales in their product. It's can be connect the people.
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Monica said: (Wed, Aug 8, 2012 04:20:16 PM)

Nothing can go waste if it is utilized in proper manner. Advertisement is a part of business for a company to sell their products and make people aware of it. Not always it is about celebrities with their brands but it also comes for medical and also for education. So I think its not waste but a part of business and economy.
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Vivek Bhavsar said: (Tue, Aug 7, 2012 10:06:17 PM)

Hi Friends, Advertisement genuinely help to bridging the gap between the end consumer and the company efforts. But it would go waste when company endorse with the celebrity, which has so far no use of that like Preity Zinta with Liril Soap in her pick period, Shahrukh Khan with Lux. In these cases, ultimately customer has to loose the pocket. Rather than this company should focus on PR or Viral Marketing Strategy or Brand Activation like Colgate Yearly Dental Check-up Camp, through which they will get genuine customer with pinch of loyalty. So according to me an advertisement is not wastage of resources if you done it in a proper manner.
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Ark said: (Tue, Aug 7, 2012 12:08:53 PM)

Hi friends. In my opinion the guideline for deciding whether an advertisement is a wastage of resources or not is the way it is picturized. Advertisements are actually required. Without advertisement the people may not be able to know about the new products in the market. But they must be designed such that it conveys the right information in the right amount. Now a days the advertisements are picturized in such a way that initially on seeing it we are not even able to understand for which product the advertisement is made. This is the reason why people are getting irritated whey they see advertisement.
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Shridhar said: (Sun, Aug 5, 2012 11:16:45 PM)

Hello friends, I think advertisement makes a relation between producer and consumer. Advertisement gives the information about the product according that the consumer reacts. In this modern market advertisement shows a very important role for selling the product but some companies are saying lies about the product to improve their sales this is the main disadvantage.
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Smita said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 11:18:04 AM)

I feel advertisements are one way of informing people about their product. This can be done through television, radio, newspaper, etc into which people regularly involved as they get time. Through advertisements companies introduce specialty about there product to public. This makes the way easy for public to purchase the product for which they were longing for, which makes customers as well as company happy.
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Arjana said: (Fri, Aug 3, 2012 04:11:58 PM)

Hai friends !. In my point of view advertisement a product is worthy for the customers. Customers may know the different products if the advertisement is good enough. It creates some knowledge of using the products by the customer. It attracts the customers to buy the products. Thus by advertising a product customer become more familiar with the product. It increases the business line.
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Sreeharsha G S said: (Sat, Jul 28, 2012 04:35:14 PM)

According to me, the valid advertisement of a product is important. Because in advertisements, the function of the product will be shown. But when the customers buy that product, they will come to know that the advertisement which was shown was bogus. Because the product fails to perform that function to that extent as shown in the advertisement. The main purpose of the advertisement is to win the heart of the customers. Because "CUSTOMER IS THE KING". If the customer is satisfied then the company will going to hit the market like anything.
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Jyoti Gupta said: (Sun, Jul 22, 2012 08:42:33 PM)

Hello friends. Some people think that it is good and some people think that it is not good. But according to me it is good because if they will not show advertisement how we will know about any product. Advertisement plays important role in connecting to people. But such companies tells lie about the product to improve their sales it is not good if we will use then anything can be wrong. For the advertisement they take celebrities. And we see after that definitely we buy. A coin has two face one of head and another is tale. Advertisement has also advantage and disadvantage.
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Alex said: (Wed, Jul 18, 2012 08:01:05 PM)

Hi friends in my point of view advertisement is a good way to promote any product. With the help of advertisement only it will be easily kn owned to the every citizen. But in present scenario more probably what they show about their product through advertisement is not trust worthy. And creativity which is used in advertisements is really impressive one. What I wanna conclude is advertisement is necessary for promoting a product.
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J.Vinoth said: (Tue, Jul 17, 2012 03:57:05 PM)

Advertising is a waste of resources, many people are say like this via advertise only we know the quality of product. Is it cent % correct, no. Because each and every company advertised their products are best one, bye it, you feel good. Then how people will understood which one is best, get it and use it then only known its quality.

Advertising is necessary one, but the companies gives more importance to the advertisement of the product, but not the quality of product. Just tell the usage of product that is enough. If the product is too quality people will surely get it. So give more importance to the quality of product. Do not spend much amount for advertising and do not blame people.
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Tanvi said: (Sat, Jul 14, 2012 10:38:59 PM)

In my opinion advertisement is not a a wastage of resources at all. As a consumer, I will get to know about new and better products in the market only by advertisements. But spending large amount of resources to advertise a product would obviously increase the price and indirectly affect the consumer. So advertisement should be done without spending large amount of resources.
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Virkam said: (Tue, Jul 10, 2012 10:48:35 PM)

Advertisement is really important now a day. There are thousands of products in the market. By advertisement one can tell about one's product to a large mass in a short time. People get attracted towards a product if the advertisement is done properly specially kids. As we know now a day people are quite aware about the products. So now its not easy to make people fool by false advertisement. However if you are launching any new product in market, you must have show it to people and that is only possible by advertisement.
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Sri Krishna said: (Mon, Jul 9, 2012 04:26:24 PM)

No, I don't agree that advertisement is the waste of resource. If a company made a good product and don't know to any one then how will the consumers get to know of it? For that Advertisements are the best and direct way to promote the products into public. To familiar with the new products and their usage, the changes in the existing products should be known to people. Choosing the product is dependent on them. But making them aware of any product is responsibility of that company. At the same time the adds should not consume more and more money. It should be limited. Once up on a time there was a company (don't want to mention the name) with great quality and great featured products. But it had a rule that people should not advertise either through media or printing media. It should be done by people who are the agents. The product was recognized by fewer of the people. Although it has the ability to be the No.1 company in the world, But remained hidden. As the time goes it realized that importance of adds. So, they started using the media for marketing their products and became the most popular company. Advertising is as important as the product making. Unless advertisement is there the product would never used by us although it has more quality with low cost. I conclude that Every company should need advertisements to make their profits and cope up with the competition.
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Abbu said: (Sat, Jun 30, 2012 12:06:55 AM)

Hi everyone! I think advertisement is neither to good nor to bad. It's depend on the way of advertisement.Let me try to make understand.The more cost will increase in advertisement the more quality will be decrease.Because firm will not to want carry loss. So firm will be manage;It can be possible only through reduction the quality of product.In this case advertisement is bad for both firm and customer. So finaly a good way of Advertising is always good.
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Siva Kumar said: (Thu, Jun 28, 2012 09:04:08 AM)

No, I didn't agree with the statement because we don't know the product which is recently marketed without the advertisement. If we want to know the product we need advertisement. So it is not the waste of money, It is selling the products to the people. But we don't spend too much money for the advertising. If it happens it said to be "Waste of money".
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Tina said: (Mon, Jun 25, 2012 11:40:29 AM)

Hi Friends, I think when we are introducing a new product into market advertisement is needed to tell features of our product. If we want to establish a new party advertisement is needed to tell people about out objectives. So I think advertisement is to create an idea about a new thing, but now a days so many companies, institutes, and parties are using this advertisement as tool to make them to be superior. So I feel Advertisement is really wasting so much money because we can create an idea by spending less amount of money.
Rate this: +11 -6

Shankar said: (Mon, Jun 25, 2012 10:31:29 AM)

Hai friends my opinion on advertisements is, In these days advertisements plays important role in connecting consumers with the product. They gives information about the product and suggest the consumer whether it is useful or not. The various forms of advertisements includes News papers, Televisions, Radios, Internet, Mobile SMS, and magazines etc. Through these medias firms can tell about their product like cost, functioning, and usage etc. In order to make the consumer buy their product. Advertisements also gives information regarding to jobs and opportunities. So they are the main mediators between consumer and producer in these days.
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Sonia Goswami said: (Wed, Jun 6, 2012 06:40:11 PM)

Hi, through the medium of advertising people get information regarding new products. As people use these new and advertising goods, their standard of living gets a boost. Advertising is helpful in providing employment and increasing income of the people. Both have a positive effect on their standard of living. Main communication media are Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio etc. Major source of their income is advertising. If these media of communication do not get support of revenue from advertising, they cannot survive for long. These media of communication keep the society well informed. Their existence is of utmost importance and they can survive only by ADVERTISING.
Rate this: +9 -5

Pradeep Kumar said: (Mon, Jun 4, 2012 08:37:18 PM)

Advertisement play an important role while selling a product of company. So it have some necessary Information. A company should keep in mind that a particular product made for which type of level people ? and advertisement money have a limits. In my views a product should designed for all levels of peoples.
Rate this: +11 -7

Garima said: (Mon, Jun 4, 2012 12:35:41 PM)

Advertisements are an important part of the brand promotion. So if a company launches a new product in the market, people will not be aware of the recent advances unless they are made aware so with the present generation, most indispensable source of information is print and electronic media so advertisements though requiring a huge investment are

necessary to enhance the productivity and sale of a company in today's competitive market.
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Gnana said: (Sat, Jun 2, 2012 08:53:03 PM)

Hello friends, I think advertisement makes a relation between producer and consumer. Advertisement gives the information about the product according that the consumer reacts. In this modern market advertisement shows a very important role for selling the product but some companies are saying lies about the product to improve their sales this is the main disadvantage.
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Aishwarya said: (Thu, May 31, 2012 10:22:25 PM)

In my view advertisement plays a very important role in present world at the same time some disadvantages. Through advertisements only the people know what are the products available in market, so the gain of company increased automatically. At present advertisements like in the form of news paper, tv ads, online ads etc. , in olden days advertisements in the form of news paper and radio only. These days the people change the TV channel at the time of advertisement, at present world any body don't want to see advertisement because the people have no time for see the advertise. Here ever advertiser knows it and even they spend corers of RS in that like the company takes big celebrities sachin, dhoni, mahes babu etc. , so the company spend corers of RS to the celebrities. So, in my view company invest crores of RS on advertisements. Some advertisements like tobacco, drinks etc. , this gives negative ways to people especially students some advertisements like glucose, boost, rasna etc, the children are more influenced by the advertisements and there by can influence their parents. For example, of mobile phone ads the technology is inventing new features for mobiles day by day and it is also trying to decrease the price of it. So if there are no ads how people will come to know about the advanced features. In this way if the ads are giving information for new products and there features.
Rate this: +30 -9

Dazzle Jain said: (Tue, May 29, 2012 02:03:30 PM)

Advertisements are putting wrong feelings in children's and others mind. If there is add of bicycle or any other thing then they will force to buy that thing. Adds are only the waste of money because it costs a lot. It led to increase in price of product.
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Sweety Bhatt said: (Fri, May 25, 2012 01:09:34 PM)

I think the definition of advertising has changed today. It is very important to generate the awareness in the market about the new product but at the same time it is banging frequently on the consumers by showing it more often. The cost goes so high that according to me to generate profits also become an issue. Big MNCs do not find it hard to spend but what about the local players, how much they can spend to sustain their presence. The conclusion is too much awareness is dangerous in long run.
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Diaa said: (Sun, May 20, 2012 05:34:16 PM)

Advertising is a gate way to generate profit or earn profit. Through advertisement companies can easily approach there customer. Yeah its need of product to be advertisement. Not necessary to spend lots of money you can use cheaper way for advertisement of your product.
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Indra said: (Sun, May 13, 2012 12:08:03 PM)

Advertisements in form of newspaper or even by public announcement has been in India since ages. With the advent of new technology and globalization with improvised media the means or the modes of advertisement has been changed. The basic fact of making an advertisement is to make a public approval of a thing (generating public awareness) of the product or any object and forming the link between the company and the consumer. Beginning from the tea in morning till the mattress on which we sleep we have various advertisements. The boom of advertisements has tremendously increased in world why? The reason is simple since more and more people are getting acquainted with the media it becomes simple for the company to reach the masses within very few days. Also this makes the people aware of the product and indirectly helps the company to increase its sales. Since mass public in India still follow the trends of superstars (sometimes even blindly) using well renowned personalities (superstars and cricketers) it further improvises the profits (sales) of the company (ex: using of luxury bathing soap LUX various actress right from madhubala to katrina kaif of today are used for advertisement). Also the fact that if he/she (superstar) is using a particular product then it depicts the quality policy of the product and also its effectiveness. Though sometimes the company makes false acquisitions (of making smarter look by using this cosmetic or generating fairer skin by using so and so product or reducing your obesity within few days without any exercise) leads to the misguidance of the the uneducated people. But then there are certain advertisements like (TB awareness done by vivek oberoi or the advertisement done by amitabh bacchan for polio) certainly helps the public health issues to come forward and thus helping the poor and needy individuals of society. In my view though the advertisement help the masses or it is not the waste of resources to improve its resourcefulness the government (broadcasting unit) should see to it that it doesn't pollute the social harmony of society as well as it should not affect the youth by any of the means (ex: the ads of certain company shows all the girls in those skimpy dresses clinging to individual just for the sake that he uses the product). Yes of course it is marketing strategy of the company but then the company must also ensure that the advertisement does really market the product or it is weakening the social health of society. Finally to conclude I would say that any advertisement done with a view of reaching the masses for promotion of goods with a social aspect in mind would surely make it more resourceful.
Rate this: +24 -7

Simran said: (Thu, May 10, 2012 01:36:04 PM)

Friends, I would like to elucidate the ongoing discussion by saying that advertisement does make us aware of the new products in the market. But at the same time it costs a lot, especially when brand ambassadors are recruited. None but us, the consumers, only have to suffer the inflation due to the rise in prices due to addition of taxes and Ad charges. The only way I think this problem can be tackled is by maintaining the austerity of the Advertisement. An advertisement must be very simple structured the company should mention the cost, the benefits and other strong points only and instead of brand ambassadors animation can be used to create awareness. This way advertisements can be made effective, persuasive and to the point.
Rate this: +5 -3

Harika said: (Mon, May 7, 2012 09:53:49 PM)

Hi friends, according to me advertisement plays a very important role in increasing profits of business. By giving advertisement through paper, magazine, television not even educated people but aslo people who are not educated can know the product which is introduced by a firm. If the product is advertised in a good way which grasp the veiwers taste they surly go for the product if they are satisfied with the product they even advertise the product to their neighbours.

So my conclusion is that viewing a product througt advertisement if impressed by product and advertising to other by their experience will increase intrest in others, these increases production and profits of business.
Rate this: +11 -4

Shubham Thakur said: (Thu, May 3, 2012 07:50:45 PM)

I think it is very much essential for companies to advertise their products. Today consumer is bombarded with plethora of choices and advertisement helps in selecting the right kind of product available. I do agree about certain advertisements which are useless and vulgar and sure a waste of resource. Considering wider picture, advertisements are must. Advertisement helps in awareness about the product or cause and has an excellent reach if addressed to right target audience.
Rate this: +3 -1

Deepa K said: (Fri, Apr 27, 2012 01:05:08 AM)

Advertising is not a waste of resource, Advertising also helps people providing a good job who are not employed, it is two way benefit, one it is a source of bring awareness among the public. Because one person might have using one product for long time but he has not satisfied and also he is not ready to switch-over to other product which is lower quality than the using one. If he aware about new product he will switch-over to new which is quality wise good than user product. Another benefit is it helps to company in increasing of sales and earning a good profit.
Rate this: +7 -10

Srikanth said: (Thu, Apr 26, 2012 06:58:11 PM)

Yes, I agree with you all But Advertisements has benefits as well as disadvantages. Most of Advertisements have lack in faith of people, lack in quality of product now a days. !Of course Advertisement will create a new entry in the market world as well as people get more awareness about the product. ! Like, Most of food products advertising but they hide the problems coming from those. ! When it comes politics oriented advertisements they spending lot of money in the time of elections polls to attract the people but not after elections to serve the people. ! According to the rules defined by the Govt before advertise any product to the market they tell everything (plus, negative) about product but most of companies hide loss coming from those. ! Finally I want to say one thing is that one product will get succeeded in market only when it has QUALITY in Product, REALITY in Advertising. !
Rate this: +6 -7

Nisha said: (Wed, Apr 25, 2012 12:40:04 PM)

Today advertising is the source of earning profit but it is the responsibility to inform, educate the people about their needs. About their rights. In marketing, the aim is to earn profit and it is possible only by adverting and attract the consumer so that they buy their products. So we can say advertising is waste resource.
Rate this: +5 -10

Reshma said: (Tue, Apr 24, 2012 07:36:54 PM)

Hi all, Advertising is not a waste of resources. We know it is an effective sales promotion technique. Now a days competition is very high. So effective sales promotion tools is necessary. Compared to other tools like notices, I think advertising is the best tool. It can reach many people at the same time.

But I have some suggestions also. Now a days most of the advertising are vulgar. The children are interested in watching advertisements rather than adults. So this will influence their mind and also their character. In the case of newspaper advertisements, it should be done only after selecting the targeted segment. This will helps to avoid the waste of money. It should be done for the best of the society and not for the profit only. Thank you all.
Rate this: +4 -5

Mallika said: (Mon, Apr 23, 2012 02:08:54 PM)

Advertising a product is necessary because the customers will to buy if they know anything about it. So to make sure that the product is good, it is necessary to advertise a product. But doing so much of mess in a advertisement is not necessary. In olden days the way advertising was perfect but now a days it had mislead. Its better to use the advertising a good source for their publicity not for misleading the people.
Rate this: +9 -3

Ethan Hunt said: (Mon, Apr 23, 2012 12:54:59 PM)

Advertisement is a communication between the consumer and the company. Advertisement makes the consumers aware of various products and services. Advertisements are important in every aspects. They should be done by following the ethics in advertisement. Also advertisement must be done as per the product life cycle. Ads must be more in introduction and growth stage and then ads should be made less during maturity and decline stage. In introduction and growth stage, the ads must be more to attract the customers while in maturity and decline stage, ads must be less because the product is well known in the market.
Rate this: +2 -2

Iloka Francisca said: (Sun, Apr 22, 2012 05:27:29 PM)

Advertising is a wast of resources if only the product is not good or when too money much is put on it. Spending much money on advertising an already well known product, is also wasting resources.

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The Environment: Whose Responsibility?

It has been only in the last few decades that the global community has realized that we have the responsibility to deliver a clean and peaceful planet to our future generations. It has been only in the past few years that the global community has begun to take this realisation seriously and move from theoretical commitments to the actual implementation of corrective measures to change polluting and destructive practices and activities. As we move into a new century, and millennium, the global community is running out of time. Clearly the implementation of measures to achieve sustainable development must be increased and accelerated. This is especially the case with respect to preventing the release of toxic substances and hazardous waste generation, without which sustainable development will remain merely a dream. taken from greenpeace.org So somebody has to take responsibility for the environment and try to push for global sustainability. Who should it be? There are four main groups of people who could be held accountable for the environment : The natural assumption may be that the governments of the world have responsibility for the environment. Surely we put our trust in our governments in the hope that they will appreciate the true value of the environment and that they will deal effectively with any problems that may damage it. Labour policies say they have "put the environment at the heart of our policy-making since the General Election, fulfilling our commitment to protect and enhance the environment which is spelt out in Clause IV of our constitution." taken from labour.org However Greenpeace feel they too often forget that "simply because something is profitable, it is not necessarily right. Yet this is the working assumption in almost all big decision-making by governments and business." hinting that governments forget about the environment and sustainable development because a business is economically successful. "Today many politicians treat entrepreneurs as heroes, and business people seem to expect a free ride when it comes to creating risks. GE crop trials are typically uninsured. A sausage manufacturer whose factory poisons a river may expect a punitive fine but the GE venture capitalist who creates a continent-wide ecological disaster will probably get off free." So this is the fight going on between pressure groups and the government. I feel that the government has a very large part to play in aiming for

Our Environment! Whose responsibility?

Our environment is very important in the day to day running of activities. People seem not to know the health hazards we expose ourselves to, by not taking care of the environment. In every part of our surroundings, one cannot miss to come across litter lying around, yet dustbins are all over. This calls for self responsibility among all citizens, for together we stand, divided, we fall, for we cannot leave environment matters for a few people and expect a positive outcome.

photo by David Many are the times children fall sick as a result of poor hygiene, there are countless outbursts of pipes all over the slums, not forgetting, the small children who play around the slums barefooted; they pick up items from the ground as they play around and at times tend to put into their mouths. This has resulted to outbreak of diseases such as cholera, typhoid that has been highly contributed by drinking of contaminated water by the residents living within the slums. Not forgetting the spread of malaria as a result of open breeding places for mosquitoes that has been rife with the stagnant water lying all over, that has been contributed by the poor drainage system.

photo by David It is a high time; each and every Kenyan citizen wake up and took the responsibility of taking care of the environment and not leaving the entire burden with the Nairobi City Council workers. For a better, healthy environment, let us take charge!!

Privatization can be a better option for reducing corruption, but without having the feeling of self respect in individual no one can make our country free of corruption. For example- Anna Hazare is fighting for a corruption free India, but without having the mentality to change ourselves ie. To think first for country not for self satisfaction India can't be free from corruption. So, a person having a private or public job both can get corrupt if their mind allows them. So, first change yourself.
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Sushant said: (Thu, Aug 16, 2012 11:35:50 AM)

Hi freinds, Privatisation also connect to curption by so many ways as level of public sector. I think it could not be routed out but we can reduce it. By some following points. 1. Every government servant, politition would be speak out about their trip, gift investment money on work in every month. 2. Anti curruption agency would not be connected any government sector, every month they should be raid at respective government sector and they every month declare their work as well as property. 3. Streect law against it. 4. Who informed about bribery he would be awarded and protect too. 5. More freedom for media. 6. Every People will aware about it.
Rate this: +1 -6

Midhun said: (Thu, Aug 9, 2012 11:51:20 PM)

I think the privatization will reduce corruption because if it's privatized then there will be proper management to control, they will try the best to defend it, because their ultimate aim is to get maximum profit. The public sector the management can't succeed to destroy corruption, it's because no one have any problem whether the company running in proper manner, and sometimes the looting is taken place with the blessings of management. They won't loose anything because of that and sometimes they are gained.
Rate this: +6 -2

Anil said: (Sun, Aug 5, 2012 01:41:38 PM)

As for my point in private sector also do corruption but its more or less compare to public sector and politics. Its not a matter of privatization will control the corruption first we have change people mind set and also Indian law have introduce new system to control the corruption in practical way that should follow everyone.
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Shubham Pahwa said: (Sat, Aug 4, 2012 02:10:12 PM)

I think to a great extent privatization is going to remove corruption but then its not only the solution to it because we are the one who are to form an organization being public or pvt so we have to take initiative for erasing corruption from our mentality then from our society. "Corruption is not the weed which has developed on its own but a seed brought up by us".
Rate this: +16 -0

Pranjal said: (Fri, Aug 3, 2012 02:35:47 PM)

Friends. I think privatization will lead to less corruption. Because the word government is somewhat a vague term in public sector compared to an chairman or CEO of an private sector and

when the identity of the individual who is solely responsible for a private organization is clearly available and it is known that a limited number of objectives are assigned to the private organization a sense of commitment, dedication, honesty and sincerity can be developed in the working people because there can be no association of present government, who is responsible for inflation or poor roads or increased tax, with their works. Most people who are appointed in government offices works for that government with whom they are not at all satisfied and which consciously or unconsciously led to poor performance and dishonesty leading to corruption, so I think privatization will change the mindset of people and motivate them to work honestly leading to less corruption.
Rate this: +9 -0

Pranjal said: (Wed, Aug 1, 2012 01:20:58 AM)

Friends. I think privatization will lead to less corruption. Because the word government is somewhat a vague term in public sector compared to an chairman or CEO of an private sector and when the identity of the individual who is solely responsible for a private organization is clearly available and it is known that a limited number of objectives are assigned to the private organization a sense of commitment, dedication, honesty and sincerity can be developed in the working people because there can be no association of present government, who is responsible for inflation or poor roads or increased tax, with their works. Most people who are appointed in government offices works for that government with whom they are not at all satisfied and which consciously or unconsciously led to poor performance and dishonesty leading to corruption, so I think privatization will change the mindset of people and motivate them to work honestly leading to less corruption.
Rate this: +3 -1

Kavitha said: (Tue, Jul 31, 2012 09:19:16 AM)

Hi friends. In other words we can take privatization means control, so if we control private sector and public sector we can see our country as free from corruption. We have to change the mindsets of people who are working in public sector because every body thinking about their own life not about future of the country for example take a department what ever it is, in that department if High authority is corrupted the lower employees think that why not I take the money, in every department this is the case so we have to change people's mindsets so we can save our country from the corruption. Thank you friends.
Rate this: +7 -2

Dhilip said: (Mon, Jul 23, 2012 04:34:04 PM)

No privatization won't make India a corruption free country. We should change our people's mindset. For an example people don't like to stand in question, they try some short cut to buy a ticket. Just to buy a ticket people doing some silly things, when it comes to life, career and money, people tents to some more unwanted things without thing of others life. We have to educate people with awareness of anti-corruption, we have to educate our child's with humanity. I think this is the only to get rid of the corruption.
Rate this: +10 -0

Pankaj Adhikari said: (Sun, Jul 15, 2012 11:11:19 AM)

Hi friends, According to my notion its all about making strict laws and following them to eradicate corruption, if we do, then there is no matter of private or public, but yes at the same time I just want to quote one thing that it is a human tendency that in a private organization there is a direct interest is associated with your work so people do it in a better way whereas in a public organization it is about a common interest towards your work, so people could take it in a slight lenient way. Thank you friends.
Rate this: +22 -3

Jeevan said: (Wed, Jul 11, 2012 09:17:58 PM)

I agree with this topic. Privatization means giving ownership to private there by decreasing the corruption. Government need to

provide norms to private companies.

Rate this: +6 -2

Anant said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 11:34:05 PM)

I don't agree with the fact that privatization will lead to less corruption because either it is private sector or it is public sector the corruption is due to the people working there and all the people have common mind set that if they are doing something for other's they should get paid for that and for that they should exploit the people not only financially but also mentally so it make hardly any difference if the public sector get privatized. The only thing which will change by privatization is the work environment and the infrastructure so overall I can say corruption can only be decreased by making strict laws and following that.
Rate this: +22 -6

Garima said: (Thu, Jul 5, 2012 05:50:12 PM)

I totally disagree because : 1) Whether its government sector or private sector people are same so what is the thing which needs to change is the mentality of people. 2) If in government sector people shake hands with politicians then in private also somebody or other will be related to them only. So its not the matter of private or government but again I will repeat people. 3) The only benefit we can get is everything will be arranged properly the infrastructure will be more good and English will improve because I have seen people in government sector are not using English in daily routine. 4) The main drawback is no pension if privatization will happen. 5) Nowadays private company's are offering job's and telling the course fees as 1 lakh + so is this not a kind of bribe, but they are doing it legally and smartly by giving the name of training cum recruitment program. 6) Nothing gonna happen guys in government also the main culprit will live his life lavishly and the others who are really. Innocent they will be punished for the sins that the others have committed so our government and our justice everybody should be more smart and should start thinking from there point of view rather than thinking from somebody else's point of view. If somebody has given them the right to decide that who is innocent n who is culprit then they should do it with full dedication.
Rate this: +14 -6

Kitty said: (Tue, Jul 3, 2012 12:19:15 PM)

I totally disagree with the quote that privatization decreases corruption because according to me it is either private sector or public sector the corruption is a cancer on which even the chemotherapy doesn't work on the first stage. It is the case similar to smuggling when a commodity is not permitted to sold in the open market then it is smuggled alike to this when the bribing and all will be the common practice in private sector. Privatization is not the way to eradicate corruption but there is a need of srict laws to be implemented by the government so that there is a sense of fear in everyone's mind that this is against the law.
Rate this: +9 -1

Sridhar said: (Thu, Jun 28, 2012 08:35:54 AM)

I don't agree with statement privatization will lead to less corruption since can anyone loose the choice to get the money from others. No, it is impossible. In this world everyone, whatever he is, is trying to suck the blood of the people but he never tries to help the people, may be there are but invisible. Whatever it is whether private or public it doesn't matter but the matter is whether. We got profit or not, that's it. Of course there are more opportunities to the graduated youth to get the jobs from the private sector than public.
Rate this: +6 -2

Phaniram said: (Wed, Jun 27, 2012 11:54:42 PM)

In my point of view, Privatization will lead to less corruption because the organizational structure and members were bound to

unbreakable norms. So this results that the public can freely interact with the organizational workers as the workers are not free enough to delay the work or talk about rules just like government Employees. But the government should take care of the people by looking deeply into the organization of the company and how transparent the company was to the people. By privatization the corruption will decreased but the chances for malpractice by the organizational members is more. So the privatization should be given only on some set of rules and regulations to follow. So that the people will not be cheated. But the basic needs should not be privatized like hospitals etc.
Rate this: +6 -2

Saurabh Gupta said: (Wed, Jun 20, 2012 12:48:59 PM)

Privatization is not necessary for corruption free country. First of all we have to change taking the shortcut for doing any work. Then the judicial will we so tight and strict for any corruption case. They will give the judgement with in one week only for these cases. When the peoples are having fear for punishing then corruption free country will happen.
Rate this: +6 -3

Sudarshan said: (Sun, Jun 17, 2012 05:27:02 PM)

To some extent it is proper to say that private organizations are to some extent corruption free. But, it is improper to say that privatization will lead to less corruption, because, corruption can be minimized through proper control and governing policies which is not impossible for public enterprises. Further corruption is a matter of choice and associated with human psychology, not with type of organization.
Rate this: +5 -3

Shobhit Garg said: (Sat, Jun 16, 2012 06:40:37 PM)

Privatization should be there so there must be less chances of corruption and license should be cancel of those who are indulge in all these type of malpractices, and if can take the example of private sector organizations we can see the particular work is done very soon as compare with government sectors even they ask for extra money which is not required in pvt. sectors.
Rate this: +1 -1

Amit Ghildiyal said: (Wed, May 30, 2012 11:44:56 PM)

From my point of view privatization should be brought into the economy, as there are less chances an individual to fill his mind with wrong ideas. every individual is bound to perform well at his level so as to get promotions and excel.
Rate this: +3 -7

Keshav Jha said: (Wed, May 30, 2012 10:04:08 AM)

Hi friends, 1. I m not fully satisfied that "privatization will lead less corruption". Because corruption is so entice that can attract the people, whether it may be workers, bureaucrats and everyone to a great extent. 2. Organisation may be the govt sector or the private sector, terms & condition to run the office likely to be same with a minor differences. Malpractice is going on in both sector. Its depends upon how the administrator looks after every nook of his organisation. 3. Lot of instances have been brought to notice that private sector too indulged in big scandals like satyam or others.

4. When the possibilities of malpractices are same in both sector, then why we choose privatization to wipe out corruption. 5. I recommended that bureaucrats & officers (who are prone to corruption) the govt sector be tightened enough so that their heart does not allow to indulge in malpractices or corruption. Make such a vigil on the all govt org that can create a fear to involve in such cases. Thanks.
Rate this: +17 -2

B.K.Roy said: (Wed, May 16, 2012 08:10:32 PM)

Yes I do agree with the statement that Privatization will lead to less corruption but at the same time I must say that it will not lead to complete eradication of corruption as some of my friends have already stated the Satyam scandal which is a full proof private sector. Corruption is the reason from each individual, unless people don't understand their basic responsibilities, it can not be rooted out. Thanks.
Rate this: +16 -0

Shyam Sunder Rai said: (Wed, May 16, 2012 07:15:07 PM)

Privatization cannot be a panacea for corruption problem. It is not possible to privatize all the government sectors. But of course to an extent certain areas can be allowed for privatization. We need to strike a balance between Private Public relationship to ensure smooth functioning of our economy. The government should keep vigil on the functioning of the private firms and check any misappropriation of funds and money-laundering activities. Privatization certainly leads to higher living standards by enhancing competition in market, but there can be some untoward fallout as well. The only expedient being the profit motive can lead to consumer exploitation.
Rate this: +3 -1

Tilak Raj said: (Wed, May 2, 2012 09:31:25 PM)

I am totally agree with this statement. Most of the corruption is in the public sector where every person is totally independent and has the power to work freely in his own way. But in Private sector even the co-workers take the concern about others. Also if there any kind of illegal work is going on then it is easily caught in short duration. As every person wants to dug others and improve himself/herself. So no any kind of such cases arises. Some persons are saying that corruption is in the minds. But they have to know that corruption occurs in mind only when they have been given the space to do the same. And it is not provided in the private sector. In Public sector the persons know that there is so much of hard procedure and long term case to get him dismissed. So he doesn't afraid of this. But in Private sector a person has the afraid of losing his job even under a small mistake.
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Amardeep Kurukwar said: (Wed, May 2, 2012 03:20:13 PM)

When a person does not adhere to the values, when he do not exercise his true power, authority and responsibility, when he try to avoid his basic duties.. the other thing which is growing in his mind is corruption. It may be in the form of money or it may be in the form of barter. It is simply give and take. So, we have to forget about our focus only on public sector and its tarnished image with corruption. Corruption can be attracted by any individual, so dont think from the point of view of public sector only, it may be there in the private sector also. When we look at the corruption issues in income tax, pwd, rationing etc. and on the other hand like 2G, Satyam Scam; we need to say there is little difference between these two as per as the existence of corruption is concern. What is privatization? When public organization do not able to perform the duties within a given time period and scope then it has to be directed to the second group of national economy, the private sector. And the main or some thinkers and economist will define.. the ultimate objective of private sector is to earn and churn profit. And when we talk about profit, there are number of profit centers in a private organization, sales and marketing, finance and accounts, production, human resource etc. That means, one has to face the issues either in product or pricing. It means the citizen or need to say, the common man of a country will have to suffer in the long term, where on the other hand he is suffering since short term as per as the public sector is concern.

Coming to the conclusion, a country should have a public-private partnership in every sector with transparent policies.
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Sushmita said: (Sun, Apr 22, 2012 05:51:29 PM)

I don not agree. Corruption is a failure in the system and the system is made by individuals so until and unless each individual does not own up to rooting out corruption it cannot be solved.
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Upasana Kamthan said: (Tue, Apr 17, 2012 11:22:47 PM)

Ya friends I agree with suresh. The private company are less corrupted as compare to government we see in different govt offices their employee is always take bribe for the work because they don't have proper salary as compare to private companies.
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Sushil Kr. Verma said: (Thu, Apr 12, 2012 09:27:13 PM)

I think we do not need privatization because if in all sector privatization will come it might be possible that rate will be increase according to company owners as we can see in petroleum, Diesel, Gas and some where in electricity sectors. Only we need transparency and tight rules and regulation in government policy. One thing more that we need to change our thinking and selfishness because every thing starts from inside.
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Himani said: (Tue, Apr 10, 2012 08:14:57 PM)

Hi All, I don't agree with this statement because it is not the sector or any business who leads to corruption but it is done by people itself so when there is a corrupt person who doesn't realize his/her values & ethics then it doesn't matter whether it is private or public sector. A corrupt person can take bribes or do work illegally for his/her personal benefit irrespective of sector. In private sector we can take satyam scam in which no involvement of government officials so corruption is not related to any sector. There are also some cases in which involvement of both private as well as public sector exist such as 2G Scam. But now a days Corruption is becoming a contagious disease to our system and that system can be a educational system, a political system, a social system, an economical system or a global system. Everyone talks to eradicate that disease of corruption but actually no one wants that's why we are not able to pass Lokpal bill till now in Rajya sabha. Thanks.
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Mukesh Jha said: (Thu, Apr 5, 2012 12:06:38 AM)

First thing I would like to say that corruption lies in the mind of person. And mind does not see whether he is under the control of govt or any corporate entity. I m saying this because a lively picture of corruption is still encircled my mind i.e. satyam scam and it was not done by any govt officials. So saying that privatization leads to less corruption is wrong partly. Rather than privatization a air we should come up with such type of machinery and regulation which can keep a knot over corruption. It is a vital problem weakening our moral and economical strength. But to get rid of one problem to intrude into other kind of monopolized system will lead down our country into more fatal problem. Our democratic structure is very liberal and so many loop holes are in our laws so corrupt entity always try to make benefits from there. I would say we need to go into the deep of the cause of problem and after some we will find its our educational structure, lack of literacy rate, poverty, greenness, materialism and to become a wealthy person by adopting a shortcut way are the fundamental reasons to enhance the corruption. We are not the single country having suffered from this problem, some of country like china, japan are also suffering from this. Initiatives taken by respectable anna hazare was really seeming to abolished corruption upto to some extent but our corrupt system did not allow him to succeed in his goal and the problem is still at the same corner.
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Saikat Saha said: (Sat, Mar 24, 2012 01:23:40 AM)

In a Democratic country like India, here govt has no reply for this corruption. Anna Hajare asked to govt a big question but govt did not say any answer. Every govt sector has occur corruption. So, privatization is only solution to reduce this corruption and people, other educated persons will get job. It is very necessary that public in this type of country will satisfy to make privatization.
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Taruni said: (Sun, Mar 18, 2012 09:44:37 PM)

In case of education, privatization will build more gap between the rich and the poor! The private schools are minting money in the form of school fees! I agree they are providing so called "Quality Education" but overall the gap between the rich and poor is getting more wider than ever before! will India really transform into a developed nation by 2020 as dreamt by great leaders and hoped by millions like us? Hence I feel, corruption can be prevented only by self realization and empathy towards fellow beings. Each of us need to learn to be honest with oneself. Make living and let others live!
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Pawan Kumar said: (Thu, Mar 15, 2012 01:59:45 PM)

Its too late in India to escape form corruption either govt.rules of privetization rules. I myself exprienced both of them by working under both condition, so if we want to escape our India the only way is to Educate one and each people and make them aware of their wrights and duties towards their country.Besides all these we needs thousands of Anna Hazare and his team to rule over India.
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Deepak Sahani said: (Mon, Mar 12, 2012 02:30:23 PM)

Hi, friends yes privatization is good for stopping corruption, but if we set it all at once, you know the lazy people in government sector, they will go on strike and other things, this will affect a lot on routine life, because by this their under table money will be affected and they would be forced to work which they don't usually, In my opinion every detail of government policies should be transparent, for an instance if any small road project is going on, the details should be displayed on public places, like who is quoting what and who is selected and why, what is the time limit, what are the expenses, What they are paying for what, so if public will also be able to cross check it. And if we find anything wrong we can raise complains against who is responsible for the mistake, Governments every scheme and policy should be display at public places, so people who don't do their work properly and taking bribes will be scare of doing this, Also every one should be allowed to give their ideas in making a good envelopment, I want to say much more but not getting proper words for now,
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Dennis said: (Sun, Mar 11, 2012 02:13:32 PM)

Privatisation of power sector, banking, education has all led to improvements in the society. It takes a load of burden from the government for development of infrastructure and helps it to channel funds in the direction of the poor. A PPP is what is essentially required. This is because if any one party is given entire power for a long time, there creates a room for corruption and misuse of power. Hence a regulatory role, played by the government, safeguarding the demands of the country and ensuring that the operational role, done by the private parties, actually reach the population in a transparent manner. With privatization there will be better inputs of technology, skilled staff and better service compared to the pure government sectors. But all sectors need not be privatised. For eg. Railways. This is a huge source o revenues for the govt and being under the railway ministry ensures faster reforms and actions. Electricity boards can be privatised as a huge investment is needed to achieve 100pc electrification and there is a huge part of rural India which does not receive these basic facilities. Privatization of water can lead to better metering and recording facilities, better billing encouraging citizens to conserve water use in households, better pipelines and better service.

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Ashish said: (Sun, Mar 11, 2012 09:51:25 AM)

Privatisation leads to less corruption. Yes I agree to this statement. As you all know privatisation is the conversion of public sector into a private sector. Some of them above said that if the government employees are given all those allowances like free accomodation, education for their children. Etc corruption can be controlled to an exent. It can be controlled to a very little extent. There is no limits for a person to dream. So he only has a desire to get more and live a life more luxurious than others. So even if there is a lot of compensations or allowances. Whatever. There is of not much use. Man is desirous and he wants more and more. There is no extent to his limits. Then to our topic of privatisation. Compared to a public sector in my opinion a private sector will be having a greater preassure. There will be a greater competetion when compared to a public sector. In a public sector we usually come across lazy employees sleeping during work. I'm not saying that there are no such people in a private sector. But we can find a lot of them in the other. Even in the case of privatisation there is no big capital as compared to the public sector so there will be a value for money a lot much compared to the public sector. And to some extent I can agree to the statement privatisation leads to less corruption.
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Praveen said: (Fri, Mar 9, 2012 08:54:11 PM)

Ya here we got an intresting topic on privatization, yes in my point of view privatization will lead to less corruption when compared to the government sector as the people who are inbound with the government organization will not take care of the profit or loss. Where as in public sector profit and loss will play an important role so one will take Good care of what is going on the company and hence we can avoid corruption. By privatization we can get healthy competition so that quality of product is increased. And also people get good services unlike in public sector. Finally privatization is one of the best way to decrease corruption in India.