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I Summative Examination 2011-2012

Subject : Social Science Class: IX Date : 23.09.2011 General Instructions : 1. 2. 3. 4. The question paper has 31 questions in all. All questions are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question. Questions from serial number 1 to 10 are Multiple choice questions. Each questions carries one mark. Questions from serial number 11 to 22 are 3 mark questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 80 words each. 5. Questions from serial number 23 to 30 are 5 mark questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 120 words each. 6. Question number 31 is a map question of 4 marks from Geography . After completion attach the map inside your answer book. 1. Bastille was attacked and demolished because (a) It had political prisoners. (b) Louis XVI lived there. (c) People wanted to make money by selling fragments as souvenirs. (d) It stood for the despotic power of the king. Marks : 90 Time : 3 hrs

2. Which of the following statement is NOT true of slave trade. (a) Slaves were bought from local chieftains in Africa. (b) Slave labour was used in the estates of nobles in France. (c) Convention abolished slavery. (d) Port cities in France became prosperous because of slave trade. 3. Which place will have the maximum duration of day light during summer ? (a) Mumbai (b) Chennai (c) Srinagar (d) Bangalore 4. The main water divide in Peninsular India is (a) Western Ghats (b) Eastern Ghats (c) Satpuras (d) Vindhyas 5. Which of the following gives the meaning of the term coup most accurately. (a) overthrow of a government through violence. (b) overthrow of a government by a general. (c) overthrow of a government by a referendum. (d) sudden overthrow of a government illegally. 6. Which section supported President Salvador Allende ? (a) The Church (b) The landlords (c) A few political parties (d) Workers and the poor

..2.. 7. Which of these provisions is NOT likely to be part of a democratic constitution. (a) Limits powers of executive. (b) Specifies how head of state is elected. (c) Specifies the names of political parties. (d) Specifies the jurisdiction of levels of government. 8. Landless farm labourers are often paid less than minimum wages because (a) agriculture does not earn much profit. (b) there are too many labourers available. (c) labourers don t demand more wages. (d) they belong to lower castes. 9. The main cause of seasonal unemployment is (a) fragmentation of land. (b) lack of alternate jobs. (c) high population growth. (d) laws of inheritance. 10. Which of the following is an indicator unemployment is (a) Birth rate (b) Life expectancy (c) Literacy level (d) Sex ratio

[10 1 =10]

11. The Peace Treaty at Versailles was harsh and humiliating for Germany. Substantiate the statement giving three points. [3] 12. Who were classified as undesirable by the Nazis ? How were they treated ? [1 + 1 =3]

13. Which meridian has been selected to calculate the Indian Standard Time ? Why has this meridian been selected ? [1+2=3] 14. Each physiographic unit complements the other and makes India richer in natural resources. Support these statement with examples. [3] 15. Differentiate between Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. 16. Explain any three characteristics of the Brahmaputra river system. 17. What were the problems of people under the Communist government of Poland ? [3] [3] [3]

18. Democracy is better than all the forms of government. Give three arguments FOR the given topic. [3] 19. Why was apartheid system denounced by most countries. Explain. 20. Unemployment has a detrimental effect on society and economy. Describe three such effects. [3] [3]

21. Explain the steps taken by our central and state governments to provide elementary education to all. [3]

..3.. 22. Examine the graph given below and answer the questions. Graph showing distribution of farmers and cultivated area. [1+1+1=3]

(i) Mention the percentage of land cultivation by the 2 categories of farmers. (ii) On what basis are farmers categorized as small or medium and large farmers ? (iii)What is impact of small land holdings on farmers ? 23. Describe five features of the French Constitution of 1971. [5]

24. Why was Louis XVI forced to increase taxes ? What did he have to do in order to increase taxes ? [4+1=5] 25. How did Hitler set out to dismantle the structures of democracy in Germany ? Explain. 26. Mention any two parallel ranges of Himalayas and describe four features of each range. [5] [1+2+2=5]

27. What is the purpose of elections in modern democracies ? To what extent are the elections held in China and Mexico free and fair ? Explain. [1+2+2=5] 28. Our Preamble begin with the words We the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic ? Explain the meaning of the words underlined. [5] 29. List any two items under working capital of a farmer. Suggest four ways to improve our villages and check migration to cities. [1+4=5] 30. Why are people called Resource ? How does investment in human resources yield high returns ? Explain. [1+4=5] 31. (1) Two features (1-2) are marked on the given political outline map of India. Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names on the lines marked in the map. (i) A mountain range (ii) An important river (2) Locate and label the following on the same political outline map of India. (a) Nanda Devi (b) Western most meridian [2+2=4]

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