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Name:______________________________ Bell Work: Solve this problem, and then raise your hand to check the answer: Rowing

against a river current, a boat traveled 10 miles in 5 hours. The return trip with the current pushing the boat took 2.5 hours. Find the speed of the boat (b) and the rivers speed (r). 1. Complete the table. Rate x Time = Distance 2. Write a system of equations and solve.

Notes: Writing a word problem that works can be tricky. If you learn how to do it, though, you will move to a new level of understanding word problems. Use the following problem as your skeleton: Tickets for the homecoming dance cost $20 for a single ticket or $35 for a couple. Ticket sales totaled $2280, and 128 people attended. How many tickets of each type were sold? Step 1: Now, replace the underlined words with something more interesting. Think in terms of two items that could be sold. Be creative! Make sure the problem still makes sense. ____________________ for the ______________________________ cost $20 for a __________________________ or $35 for a ____________________________. __________________________ sales totaled $2280, and 128 ______________________ ___________________________. How many ______________________of each type were sold? Step 2: Before you can change the numbers in the problem, you will need to decide the answer to your problem. The answer can be anything you want, its your problem! Write how many of each item was sold here: Item 1 is _____________________. The number sold is ___________________. Item 2 is _____________________. The number sold is ___________________.

Step 3: Now you are going to replace the $20 and the $35 with the cost of your items. Again, the items can cost whatever you want. Item 1 is ____________________. The cost of the item is __________________. Item 2 is ____________________. The cost of the item is __________________. Rewrite the problem, replacing the $20 and the $35 with the two amounts that you chose: ____________________ for the ______________________________ cost $______ for a __________________________ or $_________ for a ____________________________. __________________________ sales totaled $2280, and 128 ______________________ ___________________________. How many ______________________of each type were sold? Step 4: Finally, you will replace the $2280 and the 128 with the appropriate values. To replace 128 (the total number of items sold), add the two numbers from step 2 together to get the total number of items sold. The total number of item 1 and item 2 combined is _______________________. To replace $2280 (the total cost), you must find how much money will be spent on both items together. Multiply the number of each item by the cost of each item, then add the results together. The total cost of items 1 and 2 combined is ___________________________. Rewrite the problem one last time, replacing the $2280 and the 128. ____________________ for the ______________________________ cost $______ for a __________________________ or $_________ for a ____________________________. __________________________ sales totaled $______, and _____ ________________ ___________________________. How many ______________________of each type were sold?

Step 5: Finally, make the problem your own by phrasing it in your own words. Make sure you include all the required information from above, but add your own creativity. You may include additional information not needed in the problem to make it more interesting. Note: The two best problems will be used on your upcoming test for systems and inequalities. And youll receive a free pass for that question on the test! I will choose the best problem based on its accuracy, interest, and illustration.

Step 6: Illustrate your problem below. Do not use color your illustration will be included on the test if you have the winning problem so I will need to copy it onto the test.

Finally, prove that your problem works by solving it below. Use the five steps for problem solving we learned in class. Step 1: Read the problem. What is it asking you to find?

Step 2: Choose TWO variables to represent the things you do not know. Use variables that make sense with what they represent. Then organize your information in a table:

Price x

Number =


Step 3: Is there any information in the problem you havent used yet? Use it to write a system of TWO equations.

Step 4: Solve the system.

Step 5: Answer the question.