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PART 1 MIN 7.43- 11.35 Akad Nada Hohan Ana Sara Ragazan Adina Hncu Mara Calpurnia: You may have forgotten about Mary the merry Macedonian ,but I haven't.I told you what would happen if

you straight again, so if I find out, that even so much as a look has passed between you and...and..and.. what's her name ,being strung up and slowly eviscerated into tiny tiny winy pieces by the Germanic hordes ,that will be like a day at the beach. Caesar: Think she bought it, Colitus? Colitus: Hm....no. Caesar: Oh..This could be a problem.Conquering the world has left me in debt out to my eyeballs and without the financial support of Calpurnia's family, I'll be ... Colitus: You'll be back to mucking manure in Macedonia. Caesar: I would've phrased it with a little more delicacy, Colitus .................................. Brutus: Great and nobel Caesar! Caesar: Ha! Brutus! Brutus: Ive been sent by the Senate to discuss a matter of great concern to the Empire. Caesar: Wheres Cassius? Brutus: I have no ideea, Caesar. Caesar: But I tought you two were joint at the hip. [Caesar laughing] Anyway, continue, you know Im always happy to address matters of concern to the Senate. Brutus: Generosity is always a sign of great lidership, Caesar. Caesar: Yes, it is, and I have generosity up the Wazoo, Dont I Colitus? Brutus: Yes, Excelency, up your Wazoo... Caesar: And what concerns the Senate today, nobel senator? Brutus: The dictatorship, Caesar. Caesar: But we already have a dictatorship. And I am the dictator. Brutus: Thats what concerns the senat Caesar. ........................................ ---------Calpurnia: Julius! we really must discuss the guest list for your homecoming orgy. Oh, I`am sorry. I didn`t realize you had e business meeting! Caesar: It`s quite alright precious. it`s only Brutus

Calpurnia: Brutus, of course and oh..where is Cassius? Brutus: I have no idea. Calpurnia:I thought you two were joined at the hip. Caesar: May I say how lovely you look today, my dear? Calpurnia: Yes, you may. Caesar: Doesn`t Caesar`s wife look lovely, Brutus? Brutus: Caesar`s wife have never look lovelier Calpurnia: OH Brutus:The beauty of her face shines like the morning sun. Calpurnia: Mmm. Brutus: The grace of her shoulders makes Venus herself sigh with envy. Her neck is a marvel that rivals the finest alabasterAnd the fullness of her. ................................................. Calpurina: Yes,Brutus? You were extolling the fullness of my ..? Brutus: The fullness of your..Your. Calpurina : Yes, Brutus? Brutus: Your day. Yes,the fullness of your day,madame. Your many good deeds set an example for all our wifes. Calpurina: What a kiss ass. Brutus: Caesar, if you want to discuss the return of the republic then perhaps we can discuss your relations with Egypt. Calpurina: Youre all having relations with Egypt,I knew it ! Caesar: The country. Hes talking about the country ! Brutus: The Senate is impatient to know what you plan to do? Caesar: Everything is under control ,Brutus. No need tpo worry about Cleopatra. Brutus: Then why is she coming to Rome? Caesar: What the hell are you talking about ? Brutus: Her fleet was spotted sailing in this direction. Calpurina: Cleopatra in Rome?! Over my dead body ! Caesar: But,dearest.. Brutus: Well..I can see my work here is done. Farewell , Caesar . Caesar: Farewell,Brutus .