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ACTION TO BE TAKEN YEARLY Extend to weekly/monthly as required. Extend to weekly/monthly as required. Extend to weekly/monthly as required. - Examine bearings to check whether oil rings are working - Note bearing temperature - Add oil if necessary

Clean external surface of motor Examine earth connections and motor leads Check temperature of motor In case of oil ring lubricated bearing

* *

* *

Bearing noise Check belt tension Blow dust from motor Examine oil in oil lubricated bearing for contamination Check insulation resistance by meggering Lubrication of bearings

* * * *

Extend to weekly/monthly as required. Check for abnormal noise. Extend to weekly/monthly as required. In case excessive, immediately reduce This can be judged by the color of the oil

* *

Extend to quarterly inspection as required Clean oil lubricated bearings and replenish fresh oil. If bearings are grease lubricated, check condition of grease. If contact face is not smooth or irregular, file it for proper and full contact over slip rings. Check tightness of cable gland, lug, connecting bolts, foundation bolts and

Wipe brush holders and contact faces of brushes of slip ring motors Tightness of parts

Vibration level Windings of motor

* *

Slip rings

Cleaning and flushing of bearing

holding down bolts between motor and frame Check vibration level with instruments if available; otherwise by observation. - Clean winding of motor, bake and varnish if necessary - Blow out dust thoroughly with clean dry air making sure that the pressure is not so high as to damage the insulation Check slip rings for grooving or unusual wear, and polish with smooth polish paper if necessary - Clean and flush bearings with kerosene and examine for flaws developed, if any e.g wear and scratches. - Check end play - After cleaning, bearings should be coated with oil or grease to prevent ingress of dirt or moisture

Bearing housing


Clean bearing housing and examine for flaws e.g wear, grooving etc. Change oil or grease in bearing housing Check condition of stator, stamping, insulation, terminal box, fan etc