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Description of the Company

Wiron Enterpprises is an assembler agri-business which is located in Daan Bantayan and Tuburan Cebu. It is owned and managed by Mr. Gilbert Baruc Mata, who is a family doctor and at the same time a business man. The business is managed with the help of Mr. Gilbert Mata's right hand, Mr. Alex Rambuyon, who will be the one to field work for area checking. Its warehouse is located in Tuburan Cebu. Mr. Gilbert Baruc Mata is married to Dr. Vanessa Lim Mata, a Physician and co-owner of the Lim Community Hospital in Canmanico, Valencia, Bohol. He is accredited as assembler or consolidator in the area because he possesses the following characteristics: willing to go into large scale crop production can provide technical and financial assistance to their farmer proponents has post-harvest facility and preferably with access to logistics services can consolidate volumes from farmers and ensure delivery to market.

Wiron Enterprises has a mission of, Wiron Enterprises is committed to help rural communities by uplifting their lives through providing livelihood opportunities in agriculture industry and technical assistance, and introduce new farming technologies in crop production. The company has applied its mission since its inception. The company will train farmers and utilize their lands for crop production. Potential farmers willing to partner with the company will undergo on an orientation so that they will have a grasp of the recommended processes and procedures in crop production. Lot preparation and planting will be done by the farmers who owned the land and funds will be managed by Mr. Gilbert Baruc Mata. The company's top management will be extensively trained and those persons will be the one who train the farmers. Wiron Enterprises has an initial capital of P6.53 million to defray the cost of property plant and equipment and working capital requirements. In order to reach the capital requirement, Mr. Gilbert Baruc Mata will be the one who will apply for a loan of P7, 000, 000 to purchase the needed equipment and working capital. Wiron Enterprises enters into a contract with San Miguel Corporation that will last for three (3) years which would supply SMC with granulized cassava at their standards. As agreed upon with the latter, the company would provide the following: Guaranteed market with a marketing agreement according to mutually agreed product quality, volume,and delivery schedule Guaranteed Floor Price, which is currently pegged at P8.50 per kilo of granulized cassava Start-up technical assistance in production, post-harvest and logistics operations.

Farmers will be paid at P6 per kilo, thus arriving at a gross income of P2.50 per kilo. Wiron Enterprises will utilize a total land area of 250 hectares for cassava production which would bring a total sale of P25.5 million or P72, 000 per hectare annually.