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Executive Summary

Theoretical knowledge is very much crucial for business students. So, to expedite the theoretical knowledge, a research project on Analysis of providing customer service and measuring customer satisfaction in banking sector will be conducted. Various literatures on such workings will be reviewed to perform the objectives of this research project. This paper will deal with research problem, research question, research hypothesis, methodology of the study, data collection, limitation of the study, time and cost, reporting, data analysis, recommendation etc. At the end, it is certainly said that all the necessary information regarding this report will be obtained mainly from various sources like internet, survey, and banking professional. Certainly, there may have some shortcomings in this paper. At the same time some suggestions will be made based on the final research analysis to emphasis on the providing customer satisfaction.

Aiming for the customer satisfaction is the most challenging task in every organization. Through the satisfied customers, a firm can easily measure the effectiveness of the business; its potential and position in the industries, and the area that are needed to polish and improve. Keeping the trust of a customer is not an overnight miracle but with full of patience and bountiful of effort.

Background and problem statement

The products services that are sold in the most favorable prices can be an initial step of the firm in obtaining the trust and be included in the top list of the customers. However, because of the tight competition of various services, particularly in banks, the perception of the customer and potential customers are also divided according to the services that they want to achieve. In addition, the impact of the economic problems and financial crunches among the financial institutions create great challenges in the banks. With all the challenges that are ahead to the bank, how will they gather the customer satisfaction which is the same focus of the others competing banking institutions?

Research Aim and Objective

The aim of the study is to determine the satisfaction on the products and services offered by the banks towards their customers to attract other potential customers. There are three objectives that can be the guidance of the researchers in reaching for their goal and, in also, measuring the impact of customers satisfaction to their effectiveness in the market.

First objective is to recognize the various strategies placed by the banks to achieve the customer satisfaction. Second is to determine the extent of t hose strategies to eliminate or at least minimize the impact of resistance and reluctance of the customers towards the banks offered products and services.

And third is to discover the level of satisfaction from the existing customers that can contribute to the success and continuous performance o f the banks.

Literature review:
Finding for the loyal customers is a great opportunity for the various firm and enterprise, for the corporate leaders believe that through them, the firm can continue its business cycle. In order to keep the loyal customer, the organizations should first attempt to discover the ways to satisfy the customers. Customer satisfaction is an applied term that determines on how products and services supplied by a company to meet or surpass customer expectation. It is an essential tool to see the performance indicator within the business. In banking industry, being competitive is already a given factor. Customer expects that banks should be strong enough even if there are uncertainties in the country, most especially in the financial stream. In the long run, the customer satisfaction can be the key element of the organization to prepare another strategy (Gitman and McDeniel, 2005). Every businesss mission is making the customer as their first priority. In accordance to this, the business must fill or serve the satisfaction of their customers according to what preferences that the market is demanding for. In the banking industry, there is a suggested conceptualized model of satisfaction in terms of business to business level. With the aid of the path analysis, corporate customer satisfaction can be determined in the earliest time with regard s to the equity, and expectations of customers (Armstrong and seng, 2000, Haclk and Westland, 2000)

Catching the attention of the customers is the first impression of the banks in terms of promotion. However if the banks continuously deliver satisfaction towards to their customers, the firms will not only obtaining success but also the continuing promotion of benefits for their own customer. The most desirable outcome that the customer can gain is the improvement of their experience in banking services and products and identity that there is an increase performance. On the other hand firm can enjoy the benefits of minimizing the uncertainty of business, maximization of profit margins and enhancement of productivity; reduce on expenses, and optimization of resource development (Hans mark andAlbinsson, 2004).

Research problem:
To measure the customer satisfaction in banking sector is the major concern of the research project. Components of the problem: What sorts of service associations are considered? What factors affect on customer service and their satisfaction? How can the level of satisfaction be measured?

The suggested method in the study is the use of survey and interview as the primary strategy to obtain the needed information. Through the combination of survey and interview, the current position of the bank in the society can be determined. For the first process of the investigation, the survey will be conducted among the population of the customers. The first 50 customers will be the participants and through the help of the Likert Scale, the researcher can view the appeal of the banks services and product on their customers. At the second phase of the study, the interview will be conducted among the five managers of the bank. The interview has a purpose to recognize the various strategies and their strong points to attract and maintain the customers. Research methodology Research type Research nature Data type Data analysis software Scales range Sample size Survey city Design Conclusive Quantitative Primary: Survey and interview Secondary: Banks Brochure and Internet SPSS 5 points likert scale 50 Dhaka

Data collection:
This study will be carried out by using primary and secondary data through collecting from internet and survey. 50 respondents will be selected for this study. Information will be collected from respondents, internet, & banker. To know current situation about the bank, a survey will be conducted in quest for information from the employees of the bank

Data analysis:
To conduct the research on Analysis of providing customer service and measuring customer satisfaction in banking sector regression analysis will be carried out. The details of these statistical analyses will be depicted under this caption along with concerning table & graph.

At the first stage of research project, this draft report will be presented to the course instructor. Later depending on these draft report a formal presentation will be held on future. Our full efforts are devoted to complete or perform this research study. If any unconscious or unknown mistakes are taken place that will be undoubtedly confessed and possible action will be taken to appease the probable feedback of any group.

Limitation of the study:

At the data collection for the study and operation of statistical analysis, several drawbacks are assumed to appear in this research paper. The assumed shortcomings are depicted below Sample size is small. Non respondent error may be occurred during survey. Time limitation. Dubious on getting accurate information from the bankers. The busy schedule of the officials may be an obstacle in data collection.

Time and cost:

Date 10 06 - 2011 Particulars Preparing survey questionnaire and disseminating printed copy to group members Draft copy proposal of Time 7 days Cost 100tk

17 06 2011

7 days


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