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Integrated Model of Dental Services

Integrating dental services across Birmingham and Solihull

Overview of the Project

In 2011, NHS Birmingham and Solihull signalled their intention to create a more integrated model of dental care. The aim is to create a more cohesive interface between primary and secondary care and establish clinical involvement in commissioning, with a view to delivering better health outcomes and improving the quality of care. This is to be achieved by developing managed clinical networks (MCNs) in the major dental specialties and increasing the number of community consultants. The remit of the fellowship project was limited to the initiation stage of this process and the development of a project plan.

Being able to persuade others that they could bring about change. Challenging the organisational culture and encouraging individuals at all levels to assume some responsibility for service improvement. Ongoing change throughout the NHS importance of ensuring that local plans are aligned with national policy.

7 MCNs have been established (orthodontics, oral medicine, paediatric dentistry, special care dentistry, restorative dentistry, oral surgery, dental public health) and are in varying stages of development; one is still to be initiated. Community consultant (restorative dentistry) appointed. Role to include developing the skills of primary care practitioners. Commitment amongst clinicians and commissioners to work together to improve services; system created to facilitate this. Local Professional Network (LPN) aligned with the MCN system. The LPN will be supported by the MCNs, each able to advise the LPN about their respective clinical fields and service needs.

Leadership Challenges
Being able to convince others of the need for change. Scale and complexity of the project. Engagement of stakeholders across a range of organisations was essential. Identifying what motivates different groups or individuals and demonstrating how their particular concerns could be addressed.

Contact Information Mary Angela Helen Tomson Specialist Registrar in Dental Public Health West Midlands mary.tomson@nhs.net 07886977468