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Community Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy

Development of Heart Failure (HF) Rehabilitation at BreathingSpace, Rotherham

Overview of the Project

HF is a complex long-term condition, if left untreated has a poor prognosis. Patients with HF often have: A poor quality of life (QOL) Symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue Increased risk of mortality especially following admission to hospital. NICE guidance for Coronary Heart Disease (2010) recommends that patients be offered a supervised programme of exercise, incorporating education and psychological support. The aim of HF rehabilitation is to: Positively impact on patients QOL Improve symptoms Reduce admission rates to hospital Provide comprehensive disease education and psychological support to patients The overall aim of the project was to establish a HF rehabilitation programme in Rotherham.

Following my leave, I will need to re establish myself as a clinical leader in a changing NHS and a revamped BreathingSpace Continue to utilise the academic learning in terms of theories of service improvement to ensure momentum of the project

Increased profile of BreathingSpace as a centre of excellence for cardiorespiratory rehabilitation Process mapping of existing services in both Hospital and Community divisions Physiotherapy team members have gained qualifications in HF management and rehabilitation As a clinical leader I am more aware of my personality type and how it impacts on others. I am aware of how to adapt my traits depending on the situation Increased confidence in identifying and dealing with conflict On my return to work, my team will be ready to pilot a programme of HF rehab and formally submit a business case to ensure HF rehabilitation is commissioned for the patients of Rotherham

Leadership Challenges
Following Transforming Community Services, it has proved difficult to establish whos who' in a new organisation Working with Community and Hospital HF teams, who appear to operate very differently Following my maternity leave I will aim to utilise the experiential learning of self and teams to support and build my team and drive forwards the HF rehabilitation service

Ensuring HF rehabilitation is at the heart of services in Rotherham

Contact Information
Orla Reddington Therapy Lead for BreathingSpace / Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Orla.reddington@rothgen.nhs.uk 01709421700