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Moving On Up

Supporting young people, staff and the organisation in delivering transformational and service change in transition services

Overview of the Project

This is a time of challenge and change for the specialist teams In Bristol Childrens Hospital aiming to provide high quality and equitable transitional services for young people in the South West. Transition is a national and local priority and involves supporting young people to learn to cope with and manage their health condition independently and move successfully to adult services. With research showing that 50-70% of young people in cardiology services alone are lost to follow up, with adverse psychological and medical consequences, this is a sizable challenge. There are many steps in this transformational change (see diagram), this poster illustrates the first part in this journey.

The impact of the fellowship has been extensive and far reaching including: For young people Implementation of a transitional web resource, co-created by young people. Providing support for young people to develop self-management skills, to improve their health literacy with a view to improving long term health outcomes. For staff and team Application of coaching and leadership skills to support stakeholders in delivering and managing transformational change. Future impact for the trust Invitation to Divisional Transition Operational Group to provide the organisation with some key learning around transition. Wider development of coaching and transformational leadership knowledge both local and nationally to develop Psychological Health Services.

There were a number of significant challenges along this journey around the project and my personal leadership development. With external pressures forcing a change in the original project (goal 1) the challenge to deliver transformational change has involved an iterative process of reviewing and agreeing new goals and implementing these. To achieve the website (goal 2) involved aligning the values, views, cultures and priorities of seven internal and external teams. Appropriate leadership skills and coaching skills have been imperative in this to build and maintain relationships and identify early adopters to make it happen. Engaging and motivating staff in designing the next steps in further developing divisional transitional services is the next stage in this change.

A personal transition exemplifying how Clinical Psychologists can lead systematic change benefiting patients, staff, organisations and the NHS. Sue Dolby (Head of Psychological Health Services)

Contact Information
Dr Vanessa Garratt Principal Clinical Psychologist Vanessa.garratt@UHBristol.nhs.uk 01173428168

Leadership Challenges