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1.1.2 Scope of Works A.

Hydrographic Survey The limit of the bathymetric/hydrographic survey shall be area enclosed by the shoreline as shown in figure 1.4.1sounding interval shall be 50 m. Fix interval must at least 10mm on plan for submission.

B. Topographic survey Topographic al detail survey of coastal strip with corridor width of the 200m from sea high water mark edge at 50m spacing with 10m interval spot height.

C. Specification of works i. Planimetric Control Horizontal control shall be carries out by the method traversing using total station

ii. Height Control The height datum shall be based on the nearest Survey departments benchmark and shall be transferred to the site by ordinary levelling method using an automatic level and staffs

iii. Datum All survey levels shall be reduced to the Land Survey Datum(LSD)

iv. Accuracy Accuracy for horizontal control shall be better than 1:8000 for linear misclose and 115 for bearing misclose.accuracy for vertical control shall be 12 where K in kilometre.

v. Coordinate System Coordinate system for this work should be in CASSINI state Coordinate System.

vi. Water Level Observation Continuous water level observation shall be recorded at an interval of 10 minutes for entire sounding working days at one location using direct reading at suitable place nearest to working area.

vii. Check Lines Check line should only be in middle of survey area.

viii. Echo Sounder Calibration Echo sounder calibration should use a bar plate method and to be conducted SOD and EOD for every sounding day.

ix. Control Point Shall establish One control point at pantai merdeka for DGPS base station at suitable place.the control point should consist of horizontal positioning and elevations informations.

x. Weather down time and safety measures The sounding should be aborted if sea condition is rough and unfavourable for survey works with swell more than 1 meter. Work vest or life jacket at all time should be used whilst onboard survey boat. The equipment should be installed and tidy up in a proper manner to keep more working space and maintain the safety first environment. The equipment should be looked after and clean up before, during and after the sounding operations to prolong the life span of the equipment. Student should follow instructions accordingly throughout the survey as the instructions would be given from time depending on site conditions as the surveys are in progressed. Fail to do would jeopardize safety of others and equipment. Team leader shuld organize the team and safety of students and equipment. Always maintain a roll call and check equipment should be reported to the staff in charged. No practical joke is allowed during survey works. All student are responsible of their safety and the equipment. Student should take safety measure seriously as no safety training such as sea safety training is provided. Student should attend morning/night briefing and survey works without fail unless there is any valid reason and should inform to the staff in charged. Morning/night briefing is to update any issue or progress as well as safety is concerned. Student should pre-plan their works before carry out the survey as this would minimize the potential of accident at site. Student should wear an appropriate dress and foot ware to avoid any unseen potential of accident.


Reference Data

i. Planimetric Control Table 1.4.3: Planimetric Table Item PM1 PM2 PM3 PM4 TD1 TD3 TD4 Value Coordinates N -33111.727 , E -30009.938 N -33113.791 , E -29966.890 N -33131.482 , E -29992.448 N -33154,174 , E -30022.721 N -31536.285 , E -29829.379 N -31519.852 , E -29806,234 N -31555.263 , E -29785.826

ii. Control Height BM K0157 = 2.944 located at jetty LKIM Tanjung Dawai BM K0938 = 5.274 located in front of Clinic Desa Teluk Nipah