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“The Reality”

- By -

Kuber Nath Srivastava


Chapter No. Page

“ (1) Realised Secret 1 - 13

“ (2) Search in Mind 14 - 24

“ (3) Something Traceless 24 - 34

“ (4) Overcome Quality 35 - 43


It is said that the heart of a Saint melts like butter. Certainly it is true to the hilt. Put with
this difference, that the butter on being heated by fire is forced to melt in the form of
liquid to help others, but the holy heart of a Saint begins to melt, Ipso facts in form of
MERCY by the effects of the trouble of others to help them.

Kuber Nath Srivastva on being heated and tormented by his spiritual trouble,
presented himself before His Holiness Param Dayal Faqir Chand Ji Maharaj to be
liberated from his troubles. Studying his sufferings, the heart of His Holiness, began to
flow in the form of mercy in order to liberate him from his troubles.

His Holiness was pleased to deliver four discourses from 3rd Nov. to 6th Nov. 1975
overflowing with mercy, on the “Realisation of Reality” of the Universe, God, Rebirth,
Self, Real Self, Religion and the Ideal, so that after Realising the Reality Kuber Nath
Srivastva may liberate himself from the troubles of body, mind and soul to pass his life
peacefully and cheerfully.

Realising the Reality of the above Kuber Nath Srivastva has written this book with
commentary, in token of thanks for His Holiness’s mercy and has presented it to Him
describing as to how far he has succeeded in Realising the Reality.

His Holiness has been pleased to appreciate his understanding and has
recommended Manavta Mandir, to get it published so that intelligent people suffering
from physical, mental and spiritual troubles may Realise the Reality of the Universe,
God, Birth, Rebirth, Self, Real Self, Religion and the Ideal in order to Liberate their Self
from the torments of body, mind and soul and pass their lives peacefully and cheerfully
in this world of duality. The Trust warmly welcomes it and is getting it published at it’s
own cost for the benefit of humanity.

The more you peruse this book, the better you will Realise the Reality.

Faqir Library Charitable Trust (Reg.)
Manavta Mandir
Hoshiarpur (Pb.)

10th July, 1978





Realised Secret

Have you ever considered, what is the Spirituality? It is the method acquired by
spiritual exercise under the guidance of a spiritual guide who has attained the spotless
state, to let pass the Self without any spot unaffected by creation and creator or
universe and god to meet Real Self in order to pass the life peacefully and cheerfully in
the world of duality. So far as I have searched the universe, I find it to be the only
heaven and no other. It is supported by the following poem of Data Dayal in vernacular
translated in English prose as such:

Sadho satguru Muram lukhaya

1) Aasun mara ghut ke, bheater, kuhain guya nahain aaya.

Hath pawn ko koon helaway, suhaj mai joag kumaya.

2) Pingla ban ker perbat langha, bruhm shikur chudh aaya.

Gunga bahu bidhi bani boalay, aunhad nad bajaya.

3) Bin kar karam karun mai sub bedhi bin pug panth mai aaya.
Bin jebhuya rus swad leat hun, satgrue keanhi daya.

4) Juhan mun jai luggay tuha unmun, sunna sumadhi rechaya.

Bhawor Gufa ki durgum ghati, toar ke sutpud aaya.

5) Buhva dukh say nuhi ryhun dukhari, grue puray ka agya kari.
Radhasoami charan shuran balihari, bhugti saj sujaya.

Translation in prose:

O, spiritual seekers, the real Spiritual guide disclosed the secret of the Reality.

1) I concentrated my self in mind without letting go in or out my thoughts and got

united my self with the Real Self easily without moving my hands and feet.

2) Becoming in a crippled state or concentrated ascended at the top of divine light

and sound and becoming in a dumb state or un-talkative played on the music of
sound in mind talking very much.

3) By mercy of Real spiritual guide, I do all without hands, travel without feet and
taste without tongue.
4) It prevails ecstacy wherever my mind goes. I overcame the scope of the senses
and came out of the unfathomable valley of transmigration to reach the
Real Abode.

5) I am not affected with the trouble of duality, because I obey the order of my
perfect guide. I take shelter in the divine light of Radhasoami, who taught me how
to devote.

Kuber Nath you have visited me for (the) sake of a discourse on spirituality. I am
performing this duty in obeisance to the order of my spiritual guide who ordered me to
alter the present mode of teaching spirituality in my life. So I have altered it’s mode
according to my view for (the) general benefit of the public. I have succeeded in my
mission as Data Dayal, my spiritual guide has blessed me as such.

In the above poem Data Dayal says,

“O, spiritual seekers the Real guide disclosed the secret of the Reality.”

What is that secret? It is this secret that although my form appears within (the) minds of
many men and at many places and it fulfils their desires but I never get my self
manifested in their mind(s) nor know about it. This secret is the key to open the lock of
(the) saints faith. Data Dayal tried his best to get me (to) realise this secret by hint, but
I was incapable to catch his hint. He did not explain it openly because neither
anyone deserves it nor aspires for it. He entrusted me (with) this duty for (the) sake of
realising the Reality and not for making money by keeping this secret closed to
ignorant people. How to disclose this secret? By teaching one how to be concentrated
and attracted in mind without letting go his thought in or out in order to get united his
Self with the Real Self. This going in and coming out of thought takes place in our body,
mind and soul. When anyone realises this secret, his thought neither go in or come out.
He overcomes the region of thoughts. He becomes peaceful, calm and happy.

There was a time in my life when I used to form (the) shape of my spiritual guide in (the)
light of my mind and adore it, taking it to be separate from myself. But since I realised
the fact that although I do not manifest myself within anyone’s mind, but my imaginary
form fulfils the desires of those concerned. I understood that whatever buds out in my
mind or in anyone’s mind is not real but imaginary and transitory. So now I keep myself
detached from the motions of body, mind and soul overcoming their regions. My Self
remains attracted to (the) Real Self. We should overcome physical, mental and
spiritual motions and remain unaffected from our thoughts which are reflections and
imaginary. When we shall pass and overcome these three regions we shall attain that

What is easy union of the self with the Real Self? It is to withdraw ourselves from all
sorts of motions and get our self united with the Real Self. We have to struggle hard
and fast in order to form (the) imaginary shape to light of our spiritual guide or any
prophet and to accumulate light and sound. So we should not forget to practice regular
spiritual exercise. But when we realise the secret of the Reality our struggle comes to
an end. We realise that the Real Self is beyond the effects of body, mind and soul. If I
myself or any of my relations get ill I am not annoyed at all on account of this realisation
that every self interested action comes into reaction. You have come to me for (the)
sake of discourse (and) I perform this duty just like an actor who plays his part in a
drama for (the) sake of (the) drama and has no concern of happiness or sorrow from
gain or loss of the drama. I know about myself. How other saints play their part is
known best to them.

When a man is concentrated, his body becomes inactive like a cripple, he cannot
speak and becomes dumb. Your mental thoughts and feelings are compared with a
mountain which you cannot cross. But when your self is detached from your mountains
of thoughts you easily cross or overcome them. There was a time when I also
remained attracted to the games of body, mind and soul, playing and enjoying them
taking them to be real. But since I realised this secret I overcame them. Those games
bud out in the course of spiritual exercise, which are mountains or hindrances which do
not allow our self to get it united with the Real Self. Having realised their non-existence
I have overcome them, being in a crippled and dumb state. But you cannot do so, so
long as you are not so much concentrated and become in (a) crippled and dumb state.

When I became seven years of age I found myself attracted in spirituality and now I am
of ninety years. I have spent my entire life in search of it. I have realised the hindrances
in (on the) path of our self to the Real Self. These are different stages of our mind
which are called in vernacular Sahas dal Kamal, Trikuti, Sunna and
Maha Sunna.

Our self gets attracted enjoying their scenes instead of overcoming them and thus they
become hindrances or mountains to be crossed. As I have understood this fact and
overcome them with the experience of you spiritual seekers! I pray for your health,
wealth and peace.

The form of the spiritual guide or prophet which you get manifested in the course of
your spiritual exercise is a curtain, which conceals self realisation. On account of it
almost all the people of the world have become ignorant and different sorts of religions
have come into existence, whose guides make money for themselves and their
generations keeping you sectarian and communal behind this curtain.

The divine lights and sounds of different sorts at different stages of your mind which
you see and hear in (the) course of your spiritual exercise are also a curtain and
hindrances. They keep your self off from the Real Self. Above all these, there is an
unbreakable sound which is real. We call it in vernacular as “Nam”.

O, Kuber Nath, as we both are disciples of the same spiritual guide, you love and
respect me as your elder brother, so I disclose this secret to you without any selfish
motive. Only this realisation that I do not manifest myself within any body or at any
place has changed my life.

Now when you have traced the path and realised the secret, then your search is over.
You have found out what you desired and reached your goal. Soami ji has said that
religion has devoured the religious followers.

It is fortune to be a follower of religion but it is a misfortune to die as a follower of a

religion. The follower of a religion keeps himself confined in the religion and does not
get out of the bond of religion. Such is the case of spiritual seekers. They keep
themselves confined in enjoying divine light and sound and do not pass out of them to
overcome them. When you get traced out the path and realise the secret you get your
self jumped over the games of light and sound and your self is united with the Real

I loved and respected my spiritual guide in order to realise this secret for which I had a
keen desire. But in spite of all this I could not succeed. In (the) year 1918 he ordered
me to preach his mission and said, “Faqir do not think that by carrying on my mission
you will redeem the distressed men from their benefit only and would gain nothing for
yourself. Mind that the experiences of those men will get you realised the secret which
you aspire now.” This work has shown me the path which I was searching. I have said
what I have said. I cannot make out how far you are capable to appreciate it. After
realising this secret I have become calm, quiet and peaceful without any if or but. All
those who attain this stage become as such.

I do not know what others mean by whirlpool of life and death. What I understand about
it is that our thoughts make a whirlpool in our mind just like the water of a fast flowing
river makes a river and becomes an unfathomable valley. It does not allow anyone to
get out of it. Whatever enters into it is drowned if heavy and if light remains swimming
in it. Likewise the whirlpool of our thoughts do not allow us to get our self from it and
keeps our self always entrapped in it.

In fact our thoughts come out of our Self just like rays from the sun. They are
reflections and have no existence of their own. But it so happens that their reflections,
which have no existence, get themselves appearing to be having their real existence,
just like we take the reflection of our own face in the mirror to be real and forget our real
face. It keeps our Self attracted to it and becomes (a) hindrance, or curtain to our Real
Self. It is only due to mercy of the Supreme that I got out of this whirlpool. Now I am in
such a state where there is neither pleasure nor pain and realise that Data Dayal
trusted this task to me to attain my present state. My Self remains attracted to the Real

We have come into the human body as offshoots or atoms to Real Self and on account
of it’s ignorance we remain confined in games of mind and soul causing

The Supreme Power descends in the form of a Spiritual Guide and mercifully leads us
to our Real Self.

Poems in the vernacular of Data Dayal Sahib:

(1) Tue hai kiya tue murkazay aalum hai, ay murdey faquir
Phear rahai hai duniya tairay girrd, khud bun kar ausear

(2) Khud hai tue ey our auleaf kay wausuf hurdum juda
Ey meli aai khudhie, jub hai auleef tub hai khuda

(3) Ey saffati nam tairay, khud hai tue sub ka ausal

Sub kay sub afsoas kalya hain, ausal kay hain sub nukal

(4) Ausal tue hai muksaday kunain tarai nukal sub

Gaiyan dhaiyan aur yoag kaai hain, teyri he hain auqul sub

(5) Noor say tairay manauwar, aasman kay meharo mah

Tayri he auzmut kai hain, yea khddur wo eazz wo jay

(6) Tue hal dana tue hai nadan, dono tuejh say hain auyan
In kay perdoon mayn hamesha, zaut tayri hai hehaan
(7) Tuhat, foakwo wsat ka taray he upper inhasar
Jan ka unjan hai, unjan ka hai jankar

(8) Tue na akul wo hoash hai, aur tue kahan behosh hai
(9) Jagat hai soata hai, donon say jub uper chadha
Jat ka apneay uhan aaya toa pata hai puta

(10) Es putey key bhe tujhay, derasul kuch perwah nahi

Teari jaisi shan ka koi aaj tak dekha nahi

(11) Zat mein apnay huwa gum, tub tou pata hai puta
Es leay eah bhead sara aaj tumko dey dea

English translation:

(1) What are you? O, brave Faqir. You are the centre of the circle of the world
This world is rotating around your Self being imprisoned.

(2) Your Self is always out of form or qualification.

When you come into form and have qualification, you become out of your Self.

(3) Whatever is named is the name of your Real Self’s qualifications, which is
represented by your Self.
All these are nothing by imitation of your Self.

(4) The true reality is your Real Self. Whatever exists in the body and mind
(both worlds) is only a reflection of the Self.
What are these meditations, salvations and union?
They are all nothing but creations of your mind.

(5) The sun and moon in the sky are lightened by your Self. All the splendour is the
reflection of the immensity of your Self only.

(6) Wisdom and folly both are represented by your Self.

Your Real Self has been concealed under their veil.

(7) High, low and middle all exist upon your Self.
You feign ignorance, knowing unknown the Real Self.

(8) Your Self has neither any concern with wisdom or intellect nor is without these.
Your Self is attracted in their play being intoxicated out of yourself.

(9) You sleep and wake, but when you ascend above the regions of both,
then you realise as to what is your Real Self.

(10) However your Real Self has nothing to do even with this realisation.
I have not seen a man of such dignity as your good self.

(11) You trace your Real Self, when you are absorbed in your Self.
Note that I have revealed today this secret to you.

As I could not realise the secret of this poem, so also to realise its secret my spiritual
guide entrusted me with this duty. I am neither a spiritual guide nor a saint. I have no
desire to become as such. Now, I have realised that I do not get my form appeared
within anybody or at any place. It is the known faith of those people who get me
appeared within themselves and fulfil their desires with the help of my imaginary form.
It is one’s own thought and impression which revolves around his Self and his Self is
witness to it. The Self is neither light or Sound. Divine light and sound revolve around
one’s self. The Real Self is the Reality and our origin, beginning, etc. This secret I have
realised from you spiritual seekers.

My Self, Your Self and everybody is the same object around which thoughts, light and
sound rotate. Only the Real Self is the Reality and the rest is it’s reflection. One says I
am soul, another says I am light and sound. It is all fancy. It is realised by the grace of
the Spiritual Guide. He is so merciful as to explain it and get one realised “the Real

My form gets itself manifested in different parts of America, Africa, India and other
countries in minds of people whom I do not know at all and fulfils their desires. I have
disclosed this of Reality that I do not so or even know it. However, other spiritual guides
and religious heads take undue advantage of it. When anybody informs them that their
form appears in their mind and asks them as to whether they did so, they confirm it.
They take undue advantages of it and get themselves honoured and worshipped,
besides looting them. It is not only the fault of these spiritual guides but also the fault of
their followers, who are pleased with this flattery and do not try to get out of this illusion,
but remain attracted to the pleasure of ignorance and fail to reach their Real Self
Abode. They are just like those men who enjoy a woman to get themselves snatched
of both their power and money.

Our Real Self is our mainstay. All the forms, light, sound, sun, moon etc. which appear
in our mind in the course of our spiritual exercise are also reflections of the Self. It is
wrong to think that they are real and come from outside.

Your intellect is created by your Self. Your Self creates you world and you become
happy or aggrieved according to your own creation. These creations are nothing but
veils which keep your Self off from the Real Self. In order to get the Self united with the
Real Self we have to realise that these are created by the reflection of the Self itself.
But taking it to be real the Self has got itself thickly covered in it. I could not catch the
hint of my spiritual guide. So I laid the foundation of Manavta Mandir here at
Hoshiarpur. I knew very well that I would not gain sufficient money to support my
institution properly by disclosing the Reality. But I do not care for it. It may or may not
be supported as God wills. My motive is not to hoard money by it’s establishment. My
motive is to disclose the Reality and remove religious ignorance.

Data Dayal says, “O, brave Faqir, high, low and middle all are reflections of your Self.
You feign ignorance knowing unknown the Real Self.”

I have realised the Real Self with the help of spiritual seekers. No doubt I had a keen
and sincere emotion, Love and devotion to realise the Real Self but I could not
succeed completely in the lifetime of Data Dayal.

This gentleman who is sitting here was serving in the defence. He was declared unfit to
serve in defence on account of his disease and was removed from his services. He
became very much anxious for his livelihood and maintenance. His mind became
vacant and my form appeared in it saying, “Never mind, you shall be appointed in the
Post Offive.” He wrote about this fact to me with thanks. When I received his letter I
asked myself, “Did you go to him and advise him as he says?” No, I never did.

But all of you do not deserve to understand the secret of the Real Self-Realisation,
because you do not come to me with this motive. Many men have come with worldly
ambition. If you want worldly success then keep auspicious and healthy thoughts in
your mind. As you sow, so you shall reap. As you think, so you shall become.
Recitation and meditation with auspicious and healthy thoughts is compulsory for
worldly success. Mind that if your thoughts and wishes are inauspicious and unhealthy
then you shall be destroyed.

Data Dayal has written about me, “O, brave Faqir, I have not ever seen a man of your
dignity.” I was surprised to read it because I had no idea about myself as such. But as
it appeared to Him that in due course I shall realise the secret of the Reality so he
foretold it about me.

Hazur Maharaj, who was the top most disciple of Swami ji (the founder of the
Radhasoami faith) as well as the spiritual guide of Data Dayal our spiritual guide, has
written poems in praise of Soami ji, who was merciful to get him realised this secret of
the Reality.

Let us today sing heartily the praise of the spiritual guide, who being merciful
manifested himself in the world in human form from His Real Self Abode to disclose the
secret of Reality.

He broke the string of execution of deeds and doubts and took me beyond the scope of
transmigration, devoted love and faith in my mind and directed me to my Real Self

He explained to me the different stages of mind and soul and disclosed the secret of
Self. I sing the praise of my spiritual guide, because he is the only human being to lead
me to my Real Self Abode.

In order to realise the Real Self for acquiring peace of mind , I was searching for it in the
form of the prophet Ram. Data Dayal wrote me a poem in order to realise what I
wanted, which is translated below:

(1) I teach you Surat Shabd union and make your game easy play by letting you
understand this matchless method and release you from the cradle of time which
is the cause of duality or transmigration.

(2) Attend with discrimination, the discourse of the spiritual guide, who being merciful
is graceful to you.
Become a spiritual meditator, practise this method and go beyond the cradle of
transmigration of duality.

(3) Even gods are not fortunate enough to get human birth, you have come in my
contact and have got a very nice chance to meditate and dispel illusion.

All the reflections of body, mind and soul are but reflections of the Self in their centres
in which the Self remains attracted taking them to be real and even forgets itself, what
to speak about the Real Self. When we see the reflection of our face in a mirror we take
it to be our real face and forget our real face. In order to distinguish between the
reflected and real face, it becomes necessary that either the mirror before the face be
removed of the face before the mirror be turned aside. When this shall be done the Self
shall be detached from its reflection and will naturally proceed towards the Real Self,
because the Self cannot keep itself without attraction either up or down. When the Self
will leave its attraction from downwards, then it is bound to be attracted upwards. If this
secret is realised the whole problem shall be solved.

If you succeed in living in the will of God then naturally your Self shall get itself united
with the Real Self or if your Self gets united with the Real Self then you shall succeed in
living in the will of God. Both of these carry the same weight.

If the spiritual guide is perfect and the disciple is sincere, keen and obedient to him,
then in due course all mental dirt of duality of the disciple shall be washed away. His
mind shall become transparent like a mirror and all the virtues of his spiritual guide
shall begin to reflect in him.

A Persian saint has remarked in his following poem as to how a disciple should be
obedient to his spiritual guide:

Bumai sujjadu rungin kun, gurat pearymuga goyed.

Ke salik bea khabur nubuwad, zurah wo rusim munzeal ra.

The gist of the above poem is that, “if the spiritual guide orders the disciple to sprinkle
wine in a temple instead of water, he should obey it without any if or but.
Because the spiritual guide knows best as to how the disciple shall reach his goal.

How the reflections of a spiritual guide reflects in a disciple is apparent from the
following story:

Once upon a time a king appointed two men in order to draw a picture on the two walls
of his drawing room facing each other and besides paying their wages for six months
announced to award a prize to the man whose picture shall be more attractive. By
chance one of those men was a teacher and the other was his taught. A curtain was
hanged between the two walls so that one may not be able to copy the picture of the

The taught polished his wall so nicely that his face began to reflect in it and did not
draw any picture. He finished his work in a week and went to his home. The teacher
took six months to draw an excellent picture on his wall. The king fixed a date to
inspect their pictures along with his courtiers in order to decide the fate of the man to
be awarded the prize. When the curtain between the two walls was removed the
reflection of the picture of the teacher fell on the polished wall of the taught which
began to shine being more attractive than the picture of the teacher.

All were surprised to look at the picture of the taught. The taught gained the prize
besides getting wages of six months, but the teacher who laboured hard for six months
was only given wages of six months.

Poems of Soami ji Maharaj which are translated below to get you to understand how
the duality has entrapped the Self:

(1) Look amidst the sky of your mind, where blackish bower is flowering or duality is
prevailing. It attracts the Self which begins to enjoy taking it to be real and forgot i

(2) The Self keeps itself enjoying this region of duality which is the reflection of itself.
Every sort of spiritual seeker remained entrapped in its net of transmigration.

(3) The time or duality has separately spread its net and throws all back in
transmigration who are attracted in its scenery.

(4) It spoils all the labour in vain by means of attracting the Self in different sorts of
(5) The cruelty caused by the duality cannot be described. It devoured all those who
failed to take the shelter of the Real spiritual guide.

(6) No one gets out of the duality. All remain entrapped in it. It keeps all spiritual
seekers swinging in its cradle.

(7) The duality allows none to get out of its cradle so the secret beyond duality or
time (Kal) remains closed.

(8) Trinity failed to overcome the duality. Except saints none overcome it.

(9) The Supreme Power in form of a human being is disclosing this secret to all in
general, but it is understood only by those who deserve it.

As you enjoy the pleasure of birth and suffer the pain of death so in this way you
always remain entrapped in transmigration.

All the scenes of the different spiritual stages which are called in vernacular as
Sahasdal Kamal, Trikuti, Sunna and Maha Sunna are nothing but reflections of the Self
and are within the scope of time or duality or Kal.

Different sorts of reflections of the body, mind and soul, which bud out at the time of
death decide the nature of birth. If at the time of death one has realisation of the Real
Self, he shall be free from transmigration and would not take rebirth. But if he has in his
mind and saint or any prophet he is bound to take birth. Hazur Maharaj who preached
the spirituality has written that at the time of death all the films of the deed either good
or bad appear before a man. If divine light is seen and divine sound is heard by the
dying man, he remains in the region of light and sound attaining their discourse and
enjoying them up to the time till the Supreme Power does not take birth in human form
on the earth. When the Supreme Power comes in the form of a human being the spirit
of such a dying man also takes birth in human form along with Him and comes in His
contact who gets him out of transmigration forever. He realises the secret of Reality or
Real Self and merges in It.

Had I not realised the Reality in the faith of the Saints, I would certainly denounced it
without fail. Because being a Brahman by caste I worshipped prophet Ram and
Krishna whom the saints have declared incarnations of Time or Kal. As on account of
my ignorance, I took it to be against the Reality, so I could not tolerate these remarks
against these prophets. It began to pinch me as to why I came in contact with such a
faith, from which I could not expect such remarks. I prayed to God to remove this
grievance of mine. But side by side I had full confidence in my spiritual guide taking
Him to be a real saint., I pledged to myself that I shall follow to understand the Reality
of the saints faith and disclose my realisations as I shall understand it plainly to the
people of the world either right or wrong. On account of it I am not doing any favour to
you, but I am reaping that which I have sown.
So long as a child is ignorant his mother holds him fast to her breast and gets it suck to
him. She is not even ashamed of being naked before him. But when the child grows up
and comes in senses, she keeps her breast and body covered before him and cuts off
the former connections from her son as child. Hence it becomes the duty of the duty of
the grown up child to serve his mother, because the mother has taken trouble to bring
him up. Likewise the spiritual guide takes trouble for his disciple to realise the Real
Self. If the disciple after attaining this realisation does not honour, respect and serve
his spiritual guide, he is guilty of being unthankful to his spiritual guide. As I have
realised this secret from Data Dayal. I have best regard for him and preach his mission
in abeyance to His order.

Debauchers, wrathful and every sort of sinners are liberated, but the egoist and
ungrateful are not liberated even though they recite the name.

The man who considers the physical form of his spiritual guide, to be the real Guru is
egoist and cannot be liberated, your Self is your spiritual guide, which is always with
you and is never apart from you. But this Reality is not easy to realise.

As I have realised this secret with the help of spiritual seekers like Gopi Lal Krishak, so
I served him and paid all his expenses so long as he stayed here in Manavta Mandir.
Now, I serve as such Dayal Dass who is here. I am so thankful to you because your
experiences have helped me to confirm my realisation of the Reality.

The spiritual guide is always merciful to pull up his disciple and gets him given shelter
in the divine light and sound form of the Supreme Power. None has the power to praise
Him as He deserves.

I was sincerely in search of the Reality. The mercy of the Supreme Power took me in
the shelter of Data Dayal Ji. So if you have a keen and sincere desire to realise the
Reality, the Supreme Power will give you the shelter of a sincere spiritual guide in one
or another form without fail.

I have explained my realisation of the Reality to you plainly. Now, it is your duty to
brood and act upon.

Search in Mind

Poems of Data Dayal Sahib in vernacular:

Jean dhundha tean paya sadhou, naam ratan dhan khani.

(1) Mun perbat men khan khuli hai sutguru ki suhadani.

Lay kudali kur bhagti prem ki, khoaday koai nur gyani.

(2) Maun ko khoad ratan dhan paway, naam Ratan sukh dani.
Dukh dareader phear nikat na awway, mun ruhay bahu herkhani.

(3) Chal satsung bhead lay guru say, choad kusangat prani.
Radhasoami charan sharun bulihari, mae toa huwa vigyani.

English translation:

O, ascetics, only he who has found the wealth of name’s gem who searched its mine.

(1) By grace of real spiritual guide mine is opened in the mountain of the mind.
Any intelligent man digs it, taking in hand the spade of love and devotion.

(2) He obtains the wealth of gem by digging his mind, which is the fountain of
happiness. Mind always remains pleased, keeping poverty and grief aloof.

(3) Get out of the society of evil men, join the society of saints to understand this
secret. I am thankful for the shelter of divine light which took me beyond

After hearing the above poem, I ask to myself whether I have obtained the wealth of
name’s gem? Had my spiritual guide been alive I would have confirmed by realisation
about this poem. I am in search of, “name” since I came to my senses in this world and
now I am eight nine years of age.

Kubernath, you have come to me for discourse. Every month you send me two
hundred rupees for my pocket expenses, besides helping my institution. May God give
you more and more. I am not against taking donation, but I never want to keep my
followers ignorant for the sake of it. I am Lover of Truth. I explain to you plainly
whatever I have understood about the wealth of name’s gem. Should we consider
unbreakable divine sound to be “name”, the Reality or perfect peace? No, I cannot say
so. Why? Because after enjoying unbreakable divine sound when I come in stage of
my body from the stage of my mind, I see scenes of dreams which are sometimes
happy sometimes unhappy. I pray the modern spiritual guides to disclose plainly their
realisations like myself to the world and their followers so that the public may realise
the Reality. Last night I saw a dream that I was travelling in a running train. An accident
occurred. I took up my luggage and got out of the train. I saw my father in the way and
go afraid. After that I met my mother and first wife sitting. I asked my wife what about
your wounded leg? Is it alright? She kept silent and did not reply. It appeared to me that
she is not inclined to reply to me and treats me as a stranger, which struck me. I said
why do you not reply? Are you not my first wife? Meanwhile my dream disappeared
and I came to my senses. I began to enjoy divine light and sound.
From these facts I realise that reaction of past or present selfish actions do not get out
by spiritual exercise, because they appear in dreams. They certainly come into play
without fail. In order to confirm this realisation I sent three registered letters to Baba
Sawan Singh Ji, enquiring whether dreams appear to him or not? If so what is their
nature? But he replied to none of my three letters.

My spiritual guide has written that during his last age of life that he saw in a dream his
dead brother and enquired as to where he lives nowadays after his death. It proves
that even such high spiritual saints such as my spiritual guide and all other saints of
that standard as well as all those persons who enjoy unbreakable divine sound are not
free from the reactions of their selfish actions in which they are personally interested.
Reaction of self interested action of any standard of spiritual man even is sure to bud
forth, what to speak of ordinary men? It is my personal experience on the basis of
which I say that effect of self interested action of every individual remains in his
subconscious mind and has its reaction.

Ever since the establishment of Manavta Mandir I have never seen anything about it in
dream, neither Kuber Nath, Durga Dass, Gopal Dass nor any other spiritual seeker,
because I have no selfish motive from them. My Self is neither attached to Manavta
Mandir nor with the people who are attached to me for the sake of spirituality. I have
good wishes for Manavta Mandir and love for you without any idea of personal gain.
This old lady sitting here, looks after me and honours me, but she never appears, in my
dream, because I have no selfish motive from her. But my father, mother, wife and
trains appear in my dream because I had selfish motives from them. Considering all
the above facts, what is the qualification of that name which can liberate you? That
name is to live in the world and to deal with everything as it comes without any selfish

Saint Kabir Sahib says that those spiritual guides are most selfish and deceptive who
preach their disciples to recite name and derive money from them assuring that they
shall take them to heaven after their death. Mind is the cause of both bondage and
liberation. It is quite true that mind is all in all. The question arises, “What does name
do?” It is the realisation of the reality of the fact, that nothing appears within the mind of
anyone from outside but is the reflection of his own Self.

This realisation of Reality I have gained in the company of you people. Whatever
comes in form and appears within anyone in dream is the reflection of his own Self and
the reaction of his selfish actions and is not reality but imaginary. Until and unless one
does not realise this Reality, he cannot get his Self united with the Real Self. This is the
spirit of realisation of my whole life.

Kuber Nath you have come to me for discourse. I love you and have good wishes for
you. You serve me and this gentlemen sitting here also serves me. This morning this
question arose in my mind, “It is said and supported that unbreakable divine sound
within mind is name. What is your opinion about it? Has your Self attained the Real Self
realisation from hearing unbreakable divine sound?” My Self replied, “Unbreakable
divine sound is not itself name. It is the means to get realised the name.”

I have been searching within my mind something or name is perfect peace since long.
I used to make the image of prophet Ram and Krishna within my mind and worshipped
them within myself, enjoyed their forms and talked with them and searched the
formless. All this was nothing but search in mind. It was a search for finding out the
means to realise the Real Self. I enjoyed different sorts of divine sound and divine light
in different stages of my spiritual exercise. It was nothing but search in mind. After so
long searching within my mind I could realise the name with the help of the
experiences of spiritual seekers. What is the name? The name is the experience of the
realisation of the Reality or finding out the means by which our Self gets merged in the
Real Self. Radhasoami Dayal (the founder of the Radhasoami faith) also says that:

Name is the experience realised by the practice of divine light and sound

The light and sound themselves are not the name. One is cheated by understanding
that these are themselves the name. Those who practice the exercise of divine light
and sound and in spite of realising this fact keep themselves only attached in practising
their exercise, they also do not get realised the name in the real sense. Why do I say
so? I tell you my own experience as such. At the time when I go to bed for sleep , I
enjoy light and sound first. But when I get tired of enjoying these I get myself to sleep.
I see in dream about attending my duty as a railway station master or practicing
spiritual exercise. Sometimes I dream of my mother, father, wife and son. Except for
these I do not see anything else in the dream. I do not remember other dreams if I see
at all. Now keeping in view the fact that even after absorbing myself in divine light and
unbreakable sound I dream about those with whom I was interested with selfish motive
in my life. If it not realised that the practice of divine light and sound is not name itself
but only a means of realising the experience of name, one cannot be said to have
realised name in the true sense. It is my personal experience. People may take me to
be right or wrong as they please. It is why I say that modern saints should disclose their
realisation about name.

Considering all the above I come to the conclusion that name is the state of mind in
which it is realised that all the physical, mental and physical reactions that bud forth are
imaginary and transitory being reflections of one’s self reaction. I myself cannot make
out what shall happen with me at the time of my death. It is possible that I may be
unconscious or I may be a dream of attending my duty as a station master ordering my
subordinates about the arrival and departure of trains or I might be in a state of
realising that the world is nothing but a dream only, which I have realised in my life and
my Self shall merge in Real Self forever. But as I have full faith and confidence in my
ideal, I am sure that I shall meet a good fate. Saint Kabir supports me saying:

”Mohain bhrosa isht ka banda nurok nu jaay.”

“I rely on my Ideal, I shall not meet bad fate.”

After Listening to the above poem of my spiritual guide this question arises in my mind,
“ O, Faqir! You claim yourself to be a Sain Satguru of the time, have you achieved
NAME? Certainly I would ask myself this question if I am true to myself. Besides this I
had promised myself that I shall explain my realisation to the world plainly as I shall
experience about the teaching of saints either true or false. I do not press that people
should follow me without any if or but. They are at liberty to criticise me. Name is the
experience of the realisation of the fact that divine light and sound which we enjoy at
different stages of mind which are called in vernacular as Sahasdal Kamal, Trikuti,
Sunna and Maha Sunna are creations of time and duality. They do not have their
personal existence but are transitory, imaginative and relflections of our Self. Except
this they are nothing more. Just like you see your own face reflection in the mirror and
forget your real face. You take the reflection of your face to be real and are attracted to
it as such.,

It is utmost necessary that you should hear sound and see light of different spiriual
regions in your mind. They are just like soap which washes the dirt off your cloth and
makes it neat and clean. Soap itself is not neat and clean. It is dirt itself. It is dirt
cleaner, when we apply soap to the cloth we are not satisfied with only applying it until
we wash out the soap itself from the cloth, which while getting out of the cloth takes
away the dirt of the cloth leaving it neat and clean as it was in its original state. So light
and sound are only means to realise the Reality, they are not our ideal.

If we leave the cloth after applying the soap and do not wash it out, it will make the cloth
all the more dirty. Therefore it is said that divine light and divine sound which act only
as soap for spirituality are not our ideal. They are means to realise our ideal which is
Real Self.

This S. N. Vyas the astrologer who is present among us is a resident of district Ujjain in
M.P. province. My form appeared in his mind and instructed him how to solve many of
his worldly problems. He came to me and narrated all his incidents. I never knew him
from before. Now, the question arises as to who appeared in his mind and advised him
how to solve his worldly problems? This all is the game of his faith and confidence of
mind and nothing else. My spiritual brother Kuber Nath, I teach you what I have
realised about NAME. Mind or duality governs fourteen regions. To be clear, whatever
you can touch, think and image but cannot express are all bonds of duality or mind.

The result of my entire search is only this, that every sort of creation of mind is
imagination, reflection and transitory. It is the reflection of our own Self and reaction of
either our past or present selfish action. Reaction of past selfish actions remain
preserved in our subconscious mind without our knowledge and those of present
selfish actions remain within our knowledge. It may be remembered forever that all
sorts of actions whether good or bad which we do with selfish motive, have reaction
and all sorts of actions whether good or bad that which we do with unselfish motive
have no reaction. Reflections of actions done with selfish motive remains in our
subconscious mind and as regards actions done with unselfish motive have no
reflection, so no question arises about remain their reflection in our subconscious
mind. Understand this problem in this way. If a soldier on leave has come at his home
and kills his enemy for the sake of property, he shall be punished for the crime of
murder. On the other hand if the very soldier in active service bombards the enemy
army and kills without selfish motive thousands of his enemies, he shall be honoured
and given a prize. Because he did not gain anything for himself by his action.

Now, when we accumulate light and sound in our mind by spiritual exercise, it
proceeds upwards to our subconscious mind in heaven, where the reaction of our
selfish actions remain preserved alive. This reaction finding power from light and
sound comes into play just like the film of a cinema. If our reactions are reflections of
our good selfish actions we become happy to enjoy them and pass on and off towards
upper regions called heaven, but if our reactions are reflections of our bad selfish
actions we become sorry and are thrown in lower regions called hell. Reflections of
good actions become light and powerful and those of bad actions become heavy and
weak by light and sound. Do they go up and down according to their nature.

Then, what I mean by “name” is realisation of this Reality, which overcomes both
heaven and hell and gets our Self united with the Real Self.

In the course of spiritual exercise when we create light and sound we see different
sorts of scenes according to our impressions and take it to be true and real which is
quite false being an imaginary reflection of our own thought. A Hindu having the
impression that prophet Ram, Krishna or his guru is God will see enlightened forms of
Ram etc. A Mohammedan having the impression of the prophet Mohammed, will see
as such and the followers of other religions meet the same fate. A Hindu will never see
prophet Mohammed or Christ, a Mohammedan will never see prophet Ram, Krishna or
Christ and so on. If anyone out of Ram, Krishna, Mohammed and Christ etc. is really
Fod, then the followers of different religions are bound to see only one among those
prophets. So it is plainly proved that all the followers have the wrong impression of God
in their mind. This wrong impression of God is the root cause of all squeal and quarrel
amongst the followers of different religions. If the religious followers understand this
secret that it is only due to their wrong impression of being a Hindu, Mohammedan or
Christian etc. that different sorts of prophets appear in different sorts of followers in
different religions, which is the reflection of their own thought only, then all religious
differences shall disappear and the world would become peaceful and happy. The
founders of all the religions taught their disciples whatever they realised about “Name.”
But their disciples misunderstood causing friction by preaching that my religion is true
and your religion and prophet is false. A religion is nothing but a path. It is not a

A man who is towards the east of a place will turn his head towards the west to reach
that place and a man who is towards the west of that place will turn his head towards
the east to reach that place. What will happen if both if them turn their heads either
towards the east or west to reach that place? One will reach the place and the other will
go astray. One will think the other to be wrong and for proving who is right quarrel will

Had my spiritual guide been alive, I would have verbally confirmed my realisation of
“Name”, but now I have to confirm my realisation from His writings, which support me.
I have already told you before that even great saints kept this realisation secret so that
people may be ignorant about this realisation. Had they not kept this realisation secret ,
their institutions were sure to suffer great loss. Because they were ordered by their
spiritual guides to get flourished their institutions . But as for myself , I have been
ordered by my spiritual guide to preach the Reality. I feel it a sin not to do so. My
Manavta Mandir may or may not flourish on account of obeying the orders of my guru.

Kuber Nath, one should keep only one ideal and taking him to be the Supreme and
perfect, should have full faith and confidence in Him. He should surrender to his ideal
in every respect. He is sure to succeed and become happy. An ideal may look different
in the sight of others, but it fulfils the desire of His devotee to his satisfaction. The
opium may be harmful to others. But as the man addicted to opium has full faith in it, so
much so that if he does not take opium, he may die, it keeps him happy, removing all
his troubles. An opium taker always advises his followers to take opium only and not
wine. Such is the case of a man addicted to wine.

Once upon a time my family members surrounded me, praying that I being of Brahman
family should not accept my spiritual guide Data Dayal who was of a Kayastha family.
Because a Kayastha family is lower that a Brahman family.
I answered, “long ago I have become the disciple of a Chandal.” I said, “once upon a
time I went for a walk in a jungle. While I was returning it became dark being evening
and I forgot the way. I met a Brahman to enquire the path. He replied, “I do not know
the right path. “ I passed on and met a Chandal who was a sweeper of my station and
asked the path. He prayed me to follow him He brought me to the road leading to the
station and said, “the station is at a distance of only one furlong from this place. I am
cutting the wood for fuel otherwise I would have followed you to the station.“”

I walked on thinking within my mind that a man who shows the path is called a guide or
guru and the man who follows the path is called a follower or chela of the guide or guru.
It is my misfortune that I became the disciple of a Chandal who is of lowest family. My
Self replied, “you are wrong to think so. He was a guide only so long as he did not bring
up to the right path. He is no longer your guide now. And so long as you do not finish
your walk on the road you are a follower or disciple. When you will reach the station,
there shall be neither guide nor the follower. Both will vanish. This idea gave solace to
my mind and I became happy. But I am thankful to my guide up till now and will remain
thankful till my life.

Hearing this my family began to laugh and since then they have also began to respect
and honour Data Dayal like myself.

Reaction of past or present selfish action cannot be avoided. So they should be

enjoyed cheerfully as they stand good or bad, passing your life at the will of God. you
are bound to enjoy or suffer them. When one understands this settled law, he is not
affected by either of these. He is happy to meet whatever comes before him and
remains out of anxiety. I have helped you very much. But if you do not act upon what I
have said, there is no help. It is your duty to act upon and get yourself benefitted.

You, Leela sitting here, do you follow me> Although you have spent your entire life in
Agra, Beas and here at Hoshiapur, still you have not realised the Reality up till now.
After so hard struggle in my life, I have come to the conclusion that there is one
Supreme Power, Who is playing infinite games. Now, I am not bound by divine light or
sound. I pass my life at the will of the Supreme Power. None can say what will happen
after his death. I am passing the journey of my life without any anxiety, cheerfully and
pray the Supreme to lead me to the path which He pleases best.

One who realises that all the motions of body, mind and soul are reflections and have
no personal existence he gets beyond the regions of happiness and sorrow both. So
he is not affected by either of these both. He does everything for want of his life in a
natural way without any ambition for the result of his work just like the sun, moon, river
etc. which are never affected by their work and always remain in work.

One who comes in touch with a spiritual guide, he realises the secret of Reality. Bust
mind that everyone is not entitled to realise this secret. There are only rare fortunate
persons who deserve it. Others do not stand in need of this secret. They are also
benefited by the saints according to their aspirations, just like a student is entitled to be
admitted in the class for which he is entitled after his test.

The following poems of Hazur Maharaj Ji in vernacular support my realisation:

1) Guru nay ab dena bhead augum ka,

Surat chali tuj deas bhurun ka.

2) Bul paya aub berah muram ka,

Bhutkun chuta deayer wo heram ka,

3) Bursun laga meah kurum ka,

Sunshai bhaga junam murun ka.

4) Toar deaya sub jaal nigum ka,

Sukh paiya aub hum dum dum ka.

5) Phul paya aaj hum sum dum ka,

Bhawar huwa mun sait padam ka.

6) Phunk diya ghur laj shurum ka,

Kata phunda neam dhurum ka.
7) Gyain dhyain vachuk hum choora,
Bhagti bhava ka puhena joada.

8) Bhugti bhava key muhema bhari,

Janaigay koai saunt bechari.

9) Sutt naam sut purush appara,

Chautahay mahai karain durbara.

10) Surat shubed marug kaol paaway,

So hunsa sul loak sidhaway.

11) So marug aub Radhasoami gayie,

Koai koai pream bhagti sai pai.

1) Now, the spiritual guide has been pleased to disclose the secret of Unknown on
account of which my Self has left the scope of doubt and duality and ascended
towards heaven.

2) I acquired the strength of the secret of separation and left rambling of temple and

3) Rain of mercy began to shower and fear of birth and death got off

4) I came out of the scope of duality breaking its net and entered the region of peace
and happiness.

5) I got the fruit of self restraint on account of which my Self remains attracted in
super most divine light.

6) I burnt the home of shame and fear and broke the net of faith and religion.

7) I left verbal knowledge and meditation and got myself dressed with love and

8) The importance of love and devotion is very great it is realised by saints through

9) The unlimited Real Name and the Supreme rule in the fourth world.

10) He who practices the spiritual exercise of light and sound enters the Real World.

11) Radhasoami is pleased to disclose that path which is realised only by a few men
by means of love and devotion.

We cannot realise the Reality without the discourse of saints. But it can not be had
without the mercy of God.

In other words the secret of Reality is the name of discriminative power. It may be
divided in three secrets namely physical, mental and spiritual secrets,. One in search
of physical secrets can have a glimpse of mental secrets. One in search of mental
secrets can have a glimpse of spiritual secrets. One in search of spiritual secrets
becomes master of physical and mental secrets. I am speaking about spiritual secrets
so one in the physical region cannot follow me at all. One in the mental region can
follow me up to some extent. One in the spiritual region will catch my hint and act upon

Divine light is the feet of the Supreme and divine sound is His body. Unless and until
one does not practice spiritual exercise under the instruction of a spiritual guide he
cannot see and hear divine light and sound within his mind. The feet of the spiritual
guide does not mean the physical feet of the spiritual guide. It is of little use so long as
you are not able to accumulate light and sound within your mind with the help of your
physical spiritual guide. I am speaking of it on the basis of my personal realisation.
When you succeed in accumulating light and sound within your mind, then search for
such a spiritual guide who lives in the Supreme Abode if your spiritual guide is not so.
What is the form of my spiritual guide may be clearly understood from the following
mentioned poems of Data Dayal in our vernacular and translated in English:

Guru ruap na samjhay koai,

Bhurum main paray agyani

(1) Guru ko manush jaan ker,

Bhagti ka kurain vawhar,
So prani atie mudh hain,
Kaisay jain bhowapar,
Deah key bani abhimani

(2) Guru ko manush jaan ker,

Seat pershadi lain.
So tou pashu suman hain,
Sanshai main bhutkay,
Guru tutava na jain.

(3) Guru ko manush jaan ker.

Manush karain bechar.
So nur mudh gunwar hain.
Bhool rahai sansar.
Moah key phans phasani.

(4) Guru ko manush jaan ker

Bhear key chaltay chal.
Wah bandan ko keon tajain.
Viapay maya kal.
Paray yoani ki khani.

(5) Guru nam audersh ka.

Guru hai mun ka eashta.
Easht audersh ko no lakhai.
Sumjho usai kunisht.
Bat bujhai munmani.

(6) Guru bhava ghut mai ruhai,

Aughut sughut key khan.
Jisko aysi samajh nahai.
Woah hai pashu suman.
Nahin guru ruap pahichani.

(7) Cheala toa cheat mai rahai,

Guru cheat kay aakash.
Aapanai mai donoa lakhay.
Soai guru ka das.
Rahai guru-pad ghat thani.

(8) Surat shishaya guru shabad hai,

Shabad guru ka roop.
Shabad guru kei parakh bean,
Dubai bharam kai kuap.
Nar janam gawani.

(9) Guru gyan ka tatva hai,

Guru gyan ko sar.
Guru mat guru gum lakhai
Phear nahain bhava bhaiya bhar,
Kam al jaisi gati aani

(10) Radhasoami satt guru sant nai,

Kahai baat samjhai.
Joa nahi mania bachan ko,
Aurajh aurajh arujhai.
Kohi sumjhe yeh bani,
Bharum mai paray agyani

None tries to understand the form of the real spiritual guide. Ignorant men remain in the

(1) Taking the guru to be a human being, if a disciple treats the physical form of his
spiritual guide to the real guru, he is quite unwise.
He cannot go beyond the scope of duality, because he is proud of the physical
frame of his guru.

(2) Taking the guru to be a human being, he who eats the remains of his guru’s diet
is just like a beast entangled in suspicion, because he does not realize the
elements of a guru.

(3) Taking the guru to be a human being, he who thinks his body to be a guru is
unwise and ignorant and is absorbed in duality.
He remains in the trap of transmigration.

(4) Taking the guru to be a human being, he who follows him like sheep, cannot
break the bondage of transmigration.
He shall remain in the mine of birth and death.

(5) Guru is the name of the ideal or goal of mind.

He who does not trace the ideal or goal within himself, take him to be an animal,
because he understands such according to his own sweet will.

(6) Keep the faith of the guru in your mind, which is a mine of which is a mine of both
possibilities and impossibilities.
He who does not understand it as such is just like a senseless man, because he
has not realised the real form of the guru.
(7) As for a disciple, he resides within the conscience and as for a guru, he resides
on the summit of conscience.
So he who realises both within his Self is a real disciple of the guru.

(8) Concentration, which creates divine light within the mind is the disciple and divine
sound within his mind is the guru, which is the form of the real guide.
He who does not develop divine light and divine sound within his mind gets
himself drowned in the well of duality and passes his life in vain.

(9) Guru means the element of intelligence or the root of knowledge.

He who realises the path of the guru’s abode is not effected by duality and
attains the state of a lotus flower, which although flourishes in water, is not
affected by it at all.

(10) Radhasoami who is the real form of the guru in the shape of a saint, explained
in detail as to what is the real form of the guru. He who does not understand
what is said by Him, shall remain in duality, because he did not understand His

Kuber Nath, as you treat me your spiritual guide, so I want to discharge my duty as
such concerned with you to the best of my ability and capacity.

As regards the real form of the spiritual guide, I myself was in the dark. I also used to
consider the physical body of my spiritual guide to be the real guru. My spiritual guide
realised this flaw of mine. So, in order to liberate and remove my ignorance he
entrusted this task to me.

That scene is still apparent before my eyes when considering his feeble health I said to
Data Dayal, “Sir, I think the time is near when you shall leave this world.” His Holiness
my spiritual guide smiled and said, “Yes Faqir you are quite correct. The reaction of all
my selfish actions have passed, bet as for yourself they still exist. So carry on my
mission and you shall realise the real form of the spiritual guide in the company of
spiritual seekers and attain a sublime state.” When I hesitated to obey His order he
said, “You have not reached your goal. This work will get you realised your goal. Now,
in fact it is due to you people that I have realised this secret. I have reached my
destination which I was searching.

Kuber Nath, you have come with this mission in my discourse. You will understand
what I say. All those who are sitting here will not catch my hint. Because they do not
aspire for it. He who worships the physical body of the spiritual guide is not a disciple in
the true sense. Only he is the true disciple of the spiritual guide who has realised that
the body of the spiritual guide is not the real guru. The guru is not out of and separate
from a disciple. He is always within the disciple and within his every breath as well as
the motions of his body, mind and soul. The realisation of this fact will take you to the
Ultimate. If one is unable to bring it into practice, but retains my words in his
subconscious mind or effect or radiation of my speech in mind, then this knowledge
that man is mortal and this world is no more than a dream will help him and not this
body of Faqir Chand. Good wishes, sincere sympathy and teachings of a spiritual
guide help the disciple and not his body.

Once upon a time I went to Lahore to pay a visit to my spiritual guide. I had unflinching
faith in Him. That scene is also apparent before my sight even today as it was on that

Well I got up early in the morning and did not practice my spiritual exercise as usual,
thinking what was the need of taking the trouble for spiritual exercise when I am here
with Data Dayal, my spiritual guide. His Holiness enquired, “Faqir, have you practiced
spiritual exercise?” I replied, “No sir, what is the need of it when I am with you?” He
smiled and said, “Carry on spiritual exercise without fail daily, regularly and punctually.
You will realise the value of it as you shall grow older.” I have continued to do so and
the more I grow older the more I appreciate it. So, never abandon your spiritual
exercise at any cost. Practice it every morning and evening as much as you can
without any pressure. Enter within yourself and search in your mind. It is an easy and
natural spiritual exercise.

My realisation is the fact that whatever buds forth in the motions of one’s body, mind
and soul is only imaginary and transitory without it’s personal existence and is no more
than a reflection. Unless and until one does not realise this Reality, he can not get out
of the net of duality. When one realises this fact he is neither happy or sad from
occurrences in his life. He only witnesses them without any reaction. I have already
told you that all the games of body, mind and soul are duality.

Kuber, you have come to my discourse with a supreme mission. I am happy to see
you. I did what I could for you. You treat me as you spiritual guide. My discourse shall
release you from duality. Data Dayal, my spiritual guide once said, “Faqir, you may be
full of flaws, but as you are sincere, you will overcome your flaws.”

I see my god in you. One’s own Self is his guide. I have played my part fairly and have
not kept you or anyone in the dark.

Something Traceless

Kuber Nath, my spiritual brother has come to visit me. When two sincere brothers meet
after long separation, they partake the joys and sorrows of eachother by exchange of
their radiation, sight and thought. A flood of affection begins to flow. I do not know the
motive with which he took the shelter of Data Dayal. He might be knowing it best. But
as for myself the motive with which I visited Data Dayal it was that I had a keen desire
to find out my Supreme Abode. I used to worship Him as my god. He taught me the
teachings of the saints in order to mend me and get my thoughts refined.

Although it is quite true that I have said to the best all in discourses of yesterday and
the day before yesterday to satisfy you, but do you feel yourself satisfied to the full with
what I have said and have no craving now? Am I satisfied with what I have said and
have nothing more to say? Is it so with yourself or myself? The reply is no, there is still
something traceless missing. It is a fact that we are enjoying our exchange of thought
but we are not free from craving. A very intelligent brain is required to catch the spirit of
my words. After all there remains a yearning within every individual that he is desirous
for something more. When one desire is fulfilled, another desire springs up, because
he is not satisfied with the fulfilled desire.

A vernacular poem:

Hazzaroan khuahishain aysai.

Key her khuahish per dum neaklay.
Bahut neaklay mearay urma.
Wo leakean pher bhe kum niklay.

English translation:

Although we get thousands of our desires fulfilled at the point of death,

still we feel that we have fulfilled very few desires and many remain to be fulfilled.

I read the history of my own life. While I was a boy I was in search of the God who
created this Universe, thinking prophet Ram to be the same. I used to worship him in
my mind. After some time it came to my mind that he was not my aspired God. I left the
worship of prophet Ram and aspired to visit my God in the form of a human being. I
searched out Data Dayal, my spiritual guide and took him to be my aspired God. I
succeeded in forming his form in the Divine light of my mind and enjoyed it. Even then
my craving for something remained, with the most astonishing aspect that I could not
realise what was that something more which neither I could realise nor imagine. The
translation of a poem of Zoak is given below:

We are passing our life like a sailing boat in the ocean of this world.
The stage where our life extinguishes becomes it’s shore.

Now the question arises how these various religions sprang up? Keeping in view my
above observations, I find that the stage where one found peace and happiness up to
some extent in his mind, he took it to be the shore of his peace ignoring the fact that he
has not reached the shore of peace and is desirous for something more. He
established institutions to preach the realisation of his unsatisfied peace taking it to be
the shore of his solace. After enjoying his institution for some time, it struck him
that something remains traceless and he is not preaching the Reality, but he did not
dare disclose this secret. Because if he did so his institution would fail. But as for
myself I do not fear for my institution and disclose this secret openly. In order to be
released from the effects or motions of body, mind and soul, our Self is in search of that
stage where all desires vanish and no desire remains.

Well another man acquired peace and happiness of a different stage but with the same
fate as the first man and such became the case of the third, fourth and fifth man who
acquired peace missing that something more yet to be realised. Differences of opinion
arose among followers of different institutions causing different religions which
became the cause of friction and quarrel instead of solace and peace.

Poems of Data Dayal in vernacular

Mumta jate nuhin mearay mun say,

1) Mera koai na maain hun kisi ka.

Mujh mea kuch nahai meara.
Samajh buajh aysi kam na aye.
Kurta hun mera teara.
Metay na yah lakh jatan say.

2) Sath na laya upanay kuch bhi.

Sath nahai kuch jaway.
Beach key dusha main sath huwa hai.
Smuajh mae baat yah aaway.
Surwan, munun wo kuthun say.

3) Mearay tearay punay ka bandhan.

Mithuya bandh bunhaya.
Yeah bundhan nuhai katay kutta.
Kitana upaya kuraya.
Yoag, yugti, sadhun say.

4) Kaiya lay aaya, kaiya lay jaiga.

Yeah janay sub koai.
Jan jan aunjan buna hai.
Auchraj auchraj hoai.
Chutay nahain koai eas bandhan say.

(5) Tun mun dhun sadhun mae mumta.

Joag giyan mea mumta.
Radhasoami daya karoo aub tum.
Chit mea aaway sumta.
Jawai mumta jeawan say.

English translation:

1) Neither our Self is attached to anyone, nor anyone is attached to our Self.
Whatever exists either inside or outside, our Self is not attached to it.
So thinking and dealing with mine and thine is in vain.
In spite of all our efforts this idea does not get out of our minds.

(2) Nothing we brought at the time of our birth and nothing we shall take away at the
the time of our death. This attachment exists only between the period of birth and
death - neither before birth nor after death. It is realised through meditation,
listening and speaking.

(3) We have bound ourselves with imaginary bonds of mine and thine.
In spite of all our efforts of spiritual exercise, skill and devotion these
bonds of attachment are not broken.

(4) We all know it very well that no one brings any thing when he takes birth and
takes nothing away when he dies.
But even then it is extremely wonderful that no one acts upon it.
So no one is released from attachment.

(5) There is attachment of body, mind, soul, wealth, devotion, union and knowledge.
O, Radhasoami be merciful so that we may get out of attachment and have
peace and tranquillity.

I have already told you that I have been treading over this path since long. I see divine
light and listen to divine sound enjoying peace, tranquillity and solace. But still my
craving for something more persists for which my search continues. I am fortunate to
visit you my spiritual brother Kuber Nath, that you have come to me for discourse. We
are quite sincere to each other and have a talk of love and exchange our joy and
sorrow. The fact is that in spite of my spiritual exercise, devotion and honest living I
could not get out of craving and my search for something is still going on. If it is said
that we brought family and wealth with us, it is wrong. Even our body, mind, light or
sound do not accompany our Self. These are all reflections of the reactions of
afterwards which have accompanied our Self between the period of birth and death,
neither before or after.

There are three kinds of bonds, namely physical, mental and spiritual bonds which are
defined below as such:

Physical bonds
are property, wealth and relations etc.

Mental bonds
are thoughts, knowledge, wisdom and discrimination etc.

Spiritual bonds
are sound, light and scenes during spiritual excercise etc.

These bonds have confined our Self in such a way that it has become nearly
impossible to realise the Self. They remain in motion like a wheel going up and down.
When the wheel goes up we are happy and when it comes down we are sorry. It is
natural to go up and down. If it does not happen so to go up and down and the wheel
stands still, this creation shall come to an end and transmigration shall be over. What I
mean by the above is that the wheel stops moving at the time when the work is finished
or its machine reaches its destination or goal. So when the Self realises the Real Self
the wheel of transmigration stops forever or it may be presumed that the Self has got
the power of being unaffected by the motion of the wheel of transmigration.
So long as the Self is not empowered to get itself unaffected from the motions of the
wheel of body, mind and soul beyond the region of transmigration, it is naturally bound
to keep itself always attached or confined in one or another of these bonds in our life.

I am speaking my realisation of life to my spiritual brother Kuber Nath, others may not
understand it because they neither aspire it or deserve it. Just as a Hindi knowing
person cannot understand English or coded words can be understood by a code
reader only.

Now the question arises as to what should be done to release our Self from these
bonds and get out of transmigration?

Note: the words, attachment, bond, attraction and action will carry the same meaning
as before. I have passed through all three physical, mental and spiritual regions and
realised their effects for and against different centres. It is natural that so long as one
does not enjoy the effect of the actions in one centre, he finds pleasure in it , but as
soon as he is satisfied with its enjoyment, he becomes distracted with it and finding no
charm, he is inclined towards other centres.

These attractions or actions are of two kinds, namely selfish and selfless.

Selfish actions are those actions which are done with motive of personal gain and for
the sake of results. Good actions create happiness and bad actions create sorrow.
Selfish actions come into reaction.

Selfless actions those actions which are done in a natural way i.e. action for actions
sake without motive of gain and without ambition for results - no question of good or
bad motive arises. We are neither happy nor sorry with are actions. Selfless actions
have no reaction.

A king fight for conquering a country. He becomes happy or sorry in gaining or loosing
the battle. The soldier of the battle is neither happy or sorry from gain or loss of the
battle, as he fights for the sake of fighting. The boy players of a game are never
affected with the results of a game. But if the same soldier gains or looses his personal
property, he becomes happy or sorry and the same boy player, if he passes or fails in
his class, he becomes happy or sorry. Therefore if you do an action with a selfish
motive, you will be affected by its action and reaction & shall remain in duality and
transmigration forever. But if you do an action will selfless motive, no question arises of
being affected will arise and you will be free from the effects of its bonds. We should
act with selfless motives like the sun, moon and rivers etc. in order to acquire peace,
tranquillity and solace.

Those intelligent brains are very fortunate, who are able to catch the hint of my
realisation and all the more who can act upon it. I have high regard for them on this
principle of realisation of my entire life . I always say that all the motions of our body ,
mind and soul are nothing but illusions of our Self, in which our Self remains attracted
taking it to be real and does not try to get out of it. Why do I say so again and again?
Because I find that rare personalities try to catch the secret of my hint. Where as I try to
create some intelligent brains which may catch the secret of the realisation of my entire
life. On account of my saying again and again, for the same reason, perhaps you take
me to be out of my mind. But it is quite opposite . I take you to be out of your minds.
Because although I say again and again the same thing, none of you try to catch my
hint. I conclude that both of us meet the same fate in one way or another with this
difference that I come to my senses to tell you the secret of my realisation, but none of
you comes to your senses to understand it.

My view is supported by the following poem of Data Dayal Sahib:

Suntay nahain hain duniya key gafil mera kulam,

Beadar hokey kuhta hun tabear khaab key.

Translation: The people of the world are unconscious. They do not understand what I
say after coming into consciousness, the secret of my realisation.

A Persian poet also supports it in his following poem:

Gufta gufta mun shudum beasear go.

Auz shuma shukshay nu shud esrar joe.

I became very talkative on account of saying the same thing again. But none of you
tries to understand the secret that I say.

Whatever we do, we do it knowingly or unknowingly for the sake of reaching the real
region or peace where it off shoots. But we remain always far off from that something
traceless. In order to have peace and solace we get ourselves married, we feel happy
with married life for some time. Then a time comes when we are worried of it and do not
feel happiness in it and begin searching for happiness in wealth. We start a business
and feel happiness in earning money. We feel no charm in it also after some time. But
we remain attached to both, likewise I have enjoyed much divine light and divine sound
for the sake of peace and happiness, but now it has lost its charm and I want to leave it.
But it will remain attached to my form as long as I live with a sense of body mind and
soul. What is the thing which will remain alone after leaving the sense of all of these? It
is my Real Self or Origin. So do not be annoyed in any case. Always enjoy peace and
happiness. Live at the will of God, it is the key to peace and tranquillity. In this world
you have to forget both good and bad in order to become detached from attachment.

R.S. Gulwade who is sitting here, has come from Bombay. Some time back my image
appeared in his mind and helped him to pass though various stages of spiritual
exercise which are called in vernacular, Sahasdal Kamal, Trikuti, Sunna and
Mahasunna. O, Kuber, when he disclosed it to me I was forced to solve this problem
whether my person helped him? No. I never did so or know it at all. I have realised the
Reality in the discourse of spiritual seekers like him. So I have to accept such persons
as my real spiritual guide.

Data Dayal Ji has written the following vernacular poems as to “what is our

1) Peala dai bhagti ka aesa peala.

Mamtava maain appunay mun ka kho dun
Na Sudh rahay aur budh rahay kuch,
Auhangpana sara mun ka kho dun.

2) Japun tapun na bhajun na sumerun,

Na yoag yugti kai panth dawarun.
Hiyay ki mala ko manka kho dun.

3) Wah rag kiya jes may rag away,

Wah teag kiya teag maiy phansaway,
Na bandh mukty ka howai khataka,
Veveak ghar wo bun ka kho dun.

4) Na dukh kai dubedha na sukh kai chinta,

Na cheat kai ducheata ka bhai ho kincheat.
Na gyan wo dhayan ke ho echcha,
Bechar tuk daspun ka khoo dun.

5) Na duwend nir duwend ka hoay jhagra,

Na dawheat, addhawaet ka bukheara.
Jhuka kai sear Radhasoami pad mai,
Bechar tuk daspun ka khoo dun.

Translation in prose:

1) O, Almighty God, get me to drink such a cup of devotion by means of which I

should loose attatchment of mind i.e there may not remain intelligence or sense
on account of which I may wash out every sort of egoism of my mind.

2) Neither, should I need to recite name, poems, meditate and contemplate nor
should I tread over the path of spiritual practice and intelligence.
I should not need rosary of name in hand and leave the rosary bead of mind as

3) It is not love, which creates love.

It is not renunciation which entangles in renunciation.
I may not have the anxiety of being bound or happiness of being liberated
and leave the difference between home and forest.

4) I may not have fear or trouble, anxiety for happiness, duality in mind, wish for
intelligence and meditation, so much so that I should get out of the thought of
spiritual exercise as well.

Kuber Nath, you are my spiritual brother. I honour you. I am just a traveller in a journey.
Whatever I am doing is the will of God. Everyone is travelling according to his nature
and power.

The thought of being a follower, devotee or disciple should also be vanished and be
washed off. Our destination is that stage of mind, where we have no idea of mine,
thine, Ram, Mohammed, Christ or even God Itself. I sometimes enter in that state but
cannot stick to it. There is no light or sound, it cannot be defined but experienced.
Saint Kabir has expressed that stage in the following vernacular poems:

Sakhiya waa ghar sub say nearyara,

Jahan puran purush hamara.

1) Jahan nahin sukh dukh,

Sanch jhot nahai paup na punna passara.
Nahain dean ran,
Chand nahai suraj beana joat ujeyara.

2) Nahain tuhan gyan dhyan nahain jup tup,

Vead kateab na bani.
Kurni dhurni, ruhni, ghuni,
Yey sub wuhan hearani.
3) Dhur nahai adhur, na bahur bheater,
Pind bruhmund kachu nahai.
Panch tatava gun tuhun,
Sakhi shabad na tahin.

4) Mual na phual, bali nahain beaja,

Beana brikhcha phal soahay.
Oang, soahang aurdh urdh nahai,
Swansa leakh na koahay.

5) Nahain nirgun, nahi surgun bhai,

Nahai sukcham austhulum.
Nunhain akchar, nuhain awagati bhai,
Yey sub jag kal bhulum.

6) Juhan purush tuhan kahcu nahain,

Kuh Kabir ham jana.
Humri saain lakhay jo koai,
Paway pad nirbana.

English translation:

O, brother, the Abode of the Supreme is out and above the all.

1) It is beyond the reach or effect of pleasure, pain, truth, false, virtue, sin, day,
night, moon and sun. It is enlightened without any cause.

2) It is beyond the reach or effect of intelligence, meditation, penance, recitation,

holy books, poems, deed, persistance and profound living - all these loose their
existence there.

3) There is no earth, sky, in, out, body, thought, five elements, three methods,
utterance and word.

4) There is no root, flower and seed but fruit apparent without tree.
It is beyond Oang, eternal sound below Bhawar Gupha,
Sohang (eternal sound above Bhawar Gupa) below,
above and trace of birth.

5) O, brother there is no form, formless, weight and weightlessness.

It is neither accepted nor denied.
It would be a mistake to say anything about the Supreme.

6) Saint Kabir says that it is my realisation that there is nothing except nothing where
there is the Abode of the Supreme.
He who will catch my hint shall be liberated.

In the above poem Saint Kabir Sahib gives his verdict - Nothing exists there, where
there is the Abode of the Supreme. It is an admitted fact that everyone of us is only a
part and parcel of the Supreme or Universe. Just like a drop is part and parcel of the
ocean. A drop of the ocean can only realise the ocean according to the capacity of its
being a drop only. So we have the same ratio of understanding the Supreme within us.
As soon as we try to understand the Supreme, we begin to think ourselves separate
from Him and duality arises. We should loose the idea of being separated or united
with the Supreme and merge in the Supreme just like a drop in the ocean forgetting its
identity. What Saint Kabir means by Nothing is explained above.

What has to happen, must happen. We can not change that. The realisation of this
Reality gives me peace and solace. We have to enjoy the will of the Supreme.

Kabir sums up his verdict in the following vernacular poem:

Eak kahun tou hai nahin,

Duja kahun to gar.

Jeasa hai teasa ruhay,

Tuhain Kabir bechar.

It is translated below:

If we say we are united with God, it is wrong.

If we say that we are separate from God we insult Him.

The relation of God with us may remain as it stands. All the saints have said that the
secret of God is known to God only. So long as we take breath and our blood is in
circulation and we are in action, God is with us. I have no desire but the emotion of
forgetting my Self or merging in the Real Self exists up till now. Now the question
arises, how should we pass our life? Data Dayal Sahib has written the following poems
about it:

1) Koan hai shadan jahan,

Shada jahan Zataiy Faqir.

2) Terkeay duniya, terkeay uquba,

Turkeay moula kur diaay.
Taruk ka bhee taruk hai,
Eas taruk sai jee bhur ilaya.

3) Chasmeay wuhadut beain mele,

Wahdat ka manzir deakh kur.
Kur ruha hai raat dean,
Duniaya ke manzeal ka sufer.

4) Kiaya hai duneaya khawab hai,

Aur khawab beain zatay faqir.
Damay hearsai malwo zur mea,
Wah nahain hargiz auseer.

5) Khaak meain duniya meli,

Wo khaak he hai wah mudham.
Woah khushi sai shadmaan rahta hai,
Her dum subah wo sham.

6) Aubead wo mabudhiyat,
Maubood say aazad hai.
Her dum subah wo sham.

7) Jeasko deakho eas tarah sumjhoo,

Usai succha faqir.
Dust gearay dou jahan ka,
Dou jahan ka hai wo pear.

8) Aaya jo kuch bhee samajh,

Tairay leayay wo lekh deya.
Tue nai phyailaya tha daman,
Auj usko bhar deaya.

9) Zat main apney huwa gum,

Tum bhi gum hona kubhi.
Munzealay maksud per pahuchoogai,
Yea sun lo abhi.

10) Easlisay sub sai zeada,

Tujh per mujhko naz hai.
Nam roshan tu kariyga,
Yey deli aawaz hai,

English translation:

1) Who is happy in this world?

It is only the Self of a saint who is happy.
Rich men who have wealth and property are never happy.

2) I have renounced the world, heaven, God and renunciation as well and have
satisfied my heart to the fullest with renunciation.

3) I saw the scene of oneness and acquired one-sighted view.

I am travelling the journey of the world day and night.

4) What is this world?

It is nothing but a dream in the eye of a saint.
He is not imprisoned in greed of wealth of property.

5) May this world mingle in dust.

It is dust forever.
A saint never cares for it.
He is always happy and peaceful.

6) A saint is always free from devotion, devoted and devotee.

He enjoys happiness in his body, mind and soul.

7) Take that man to be a real saint who enjoys the above state.
He is master of body and mind which are two worlds and has
sympathy with those men who are troubled in body and mind.

8) I have laid down for you, whatever I have realised

I have fulfilled your desire today.

9) I have got my Self merged in the Real Self.

You too should merge in It one day.
Note that one day you are sure to reach your destination.

10) So I am proud of you above all.

It is the voice of my heart that you will illuminate the Reality.
We feel happiness in a certain dealing only so long as we are in the course of that
dealing. But as soon as the course of that dealing is passed we loose our happiness
and begin to search for happiness in other dealings, leaving the previous dealings
aside. Just like a student who reads in a certa in class. So long as he does not finish
the course of his class to pass its examination, he feels happiness but as soon as he
passes his class, his happiness comes to an end from the course of that class.

He is happy to leave that class and enter into the higher class. It is the demand of
nature. What is meant by acquiring one-sighted view? When we begin to realise that
the game of the universe is played by one Supreme power and we have no hand in it.
We are only witness to it. To realise this fact is to acquire one-sighted view.

Enjoy that one view free from anxiety and happiness just like a witness. An occurrence
of a murder takes place before an unconcerned person, he is witness to it. He has no
effect of murder either for or against. Enjoy you Self and pass your life like a witness in
this world. Had I any greed for wealth I would certainly have kept this secret closed. A
man who acquires one-sighted view realises how the Supreme power plays its game in
the Universe. He becomes master of the games of body and mind which are the two
worlds and has command over both. Whoever aggrieved with physical or mental
troubles comes to him for help , he gives him suitable advice reading his
circumstances. If he acts upon his advice, he is released from his trouble. I play this
very game with those who come to me with such troubles. Wha is our destination? Our
destination is to forget our Self and to merge in the Real Self. I have not been
successful to get my own Self merged in the Real Self entirely, for which I am passing
on. What is meant by illuminating the name? Is it illumination the name of Data Dayal?
No, it means revealing Truth and Reality to the world. One may ask what is Truth and

I have to reply that it is the realisation of the fact that what is our Real Self and where is
His Abode. My brother Kuber Nath, the stage which I have reached is:

“Lips opened and closed,” this is the secret of life. We cannot get it realised very soon,
it takes time. But it is sure, time comes but comes in time. Pass on and live a care free
and cheerful life keeping in mind that whatever has to happen will happen without fail
and whatever is not meant to happen, will never happen.

My discourse even for a short time is far more beneficial than devotion for many years.

Those who want worldly progress I advise them to make their will power strong, for
which they should tread over the path of (Shiv Sankalapam Astu) having auspicious
desires for themselves and for others as well as trying to live a physically or mentally
chaste life. I have good wishes for you. What I wish is health, wealth and peace to you.

Overcome Duality

My spiritual brother Kuber Nath, you have come to visit me and I am happy to see you.
You love me sincerely and I speak to you about my realisation sincerely. I could not
trace out something or my destination which my Self aspired. The will of the Supreme
brought me into the shelter of Data Dayal Ji who taught me the teachings of the saints.
I had promised to my Self to tell my realisation to the public about the teachings of the
saints. I have already disclosed my realisations in three discourses before. As you are
going tomorrow, so it is my last discourse to you. My realisation has brought me to the
stage of my mind where I now forget the idea of any religion, devotion, spiritual
exercise and even Data Dayal Ji. Why is it so? Because it is the result of blessing
which is in the following vernacular.

Faquira ja bhawasagar para.

1) Jug hai dubedha, Jug duchetai,

Jug duei beavhara.
Dukh, sukh, raug, duveash, beash, amrat,
Yey sub duveand pusara.

2) Suhuj mea jug ka ruap lukhauon,

Suheat beveak biehara.
Yeah sumujhay tohi aupnaw,
Mentu duvind bikhara.

3) Yeah aneak hai, duvind bhava hai,

Duwait mea duveat ke dhara.
Duweat mea kheach tan hai pearay,
Lay aduweat suhara.

4) Satsangut jub kiya guru ka,

Mela gyain mut sara.
Lukha jugat ka ruap anokha,
Lukh lukh keya purtihara.

5) Guru sai pream budhaya tuo nay,

Guru cheala beavhara.
Guru cheala mil eak bhai jub,
Eak ka mela suhara.

6) Mela eak yeah neyam hai bhai,

Cheat sai duveand bisara.
Yeah hai yum, yum auwar nahi kuch,
Neayam ma cheat ko dhara.

7) Sut ka gurhan neyam hai sancha,

Yam ausut chutkara.
Samujh jo auyee fura biveaka,
Sukh sai ausan mara.

8) Ausan mar bichar key dedhta,

Puranaiyam taut sara.
Eas vechar ma raichak,
Purbak kumbhak ka veohara.

9) Chitt ke virti nearodh ko pakur,

Purtihar sambhara.
Kur aubhayas mugun mun mana,
Sut ko chitt sai dhara.

10) Yeahi dharna dharun kurna,

Dhayan ka bhuya ubhara.
Dhayan ghuna jub huya faqira,
Tub sumadhi bistara.

11) Sumta jaagi mumta bhagi,

Chumka giyan ka tara.
Nirvekalup, suvekalup sumadhi,
Samajh kai munn koa mara.

12) Yeah aushtang yoag hai guru ka,

Sancha suhaj aukara.
Surat shabud yoag kai sadhan,
Meta bhuraum andhiyara.

13) Chutti sumadh, bhuyya uthihana

Phear purpunch pusara,
Sadhun sadh sunt mutt sumjha,
Suhaj sumadh sunwara.

14) Suhaj sumadh, suhaj chitt birtee

Suhaj yoag chitt dhara.
Suhaj mea suhaj, suhaj chitt doala.
Jeawan mukti adhara

15) Suhash kamal dul joti ka dershan,

Trikuti dhun oankara.
Sunn mahasunn hunsan leeta,
Sohang bhanwar phuhara.

16) Auncheay chudh sut pud mea basa,

Ruap rung tuj dara.
Aalakh aagum key sundertak,
Radhasoami Dham sidhara.

17) Jeetay jee beavhar permarath,

Nahi meatha nahai khara.
Nahai teaka nahai kaduwa laga,
Komal nahai kurara.

18) Yeah bideah guti jeewan mukti,

Yeah siddhant aupara.
Maenay yeaj sub tujhay sujhaya,
Meata sukal bikara.
19) Suhaj mea teara kaam buna hai,
Suhuj suhaj chuttkara.
Suhaj mai suhaj, suhaj chitt dola.
Kal kuram bhai hara.

20) Radhasoami Dean Dayala,

Sunt ruap avatara.
Saligram guru key daya,
Huwa suhaj nistara.

21) Jub lug purarubdh hai bhai,

Bhog kat dey sara.
Bhoagay purambdh kuch nahai,
augay augam aupapra.

22) Kut gai kaul kurum key phansi,

Junam juwa nahai hara.
Radhasoami key bulihari,
Ruhai faqir sukhala.

O, Faqir go across the dual ocean of the world.

1) This world is full of doubt and anxiety.

It is dealing with duality,
so causing pain against pleasure,
hatred against love and venom against nectar.

2) I get you realised easily the reality of this world with discriminative thought
and by teaching it I wish to make you like myself.

3) This world is multifarious and its character is duality.

There is a flow of duality in the duality
O, dear Faqir as there is conflict in duality so take the shelter of non duality
(i.e. one).

4) You have attended the discourse of a spiritual guide like myself ,

have realised the root of intelligence,
method and understood the strange form of this world to deal with as it deserves.

5) You have developed love with me as spiritual guide,

which is a dealing of duality between a disciple and spirtual guide.
When both these thoughts of being a disciple and spiritual guide combine and
become one,
only one remains and one gets the shelter of one.

6) When the thought of duality gets out of the mind then one or Self is realised which
is the Reality.
Nothing is real except for this Self.
So concentrate your mind and adopt the Reality.

7) The “Truth” is adoption of Reality, which means getting out of duality.

When it is realised to one, his power of discrimination develops
and he attains a peaceful state of mind.
8) Attending a peaceful state of mind with concentrated thoughts is called
the worship of the root of the elements.
In this state of mind one remains while taking in breath, retaining it and letting it
9) Becoming concentrated, thoughts of the mind begin to deal with Reality as it
Keeping in mind the Reality, concentrate your mind as much as you can do easily
by spiritual exercise.

10) Concentration develops by adopting this very method of meditation.

O, Faqir when this development attains maturity,
then ecstacy begins.

11) Balance prevails and attatchment gets out,

the star of discrimination begins to shine
and passing through it one gets out of the scope of mind.

12) It is true Ashtang union of the spiritual guide as it is real and natural.
One gets out of the scope of suspicion and ignorance
if he practices union of attention (Surat) and sound (Shabad) in his mind.

13) When ecstacy is over, reaction begins again and again

and the Self comes within the scope of attachment.

One realises the path of the saints by means of spiritual exercise

and after realisation, begins to pass his life in ecstacy.

14) If you bear in mind natural ecstasy, unforced thoughts and easy spiritual practice
your mind will remain balanced naturally in nature
and will liberate yourself from duality.

15) A man is fortunate to look at and enjoy within his mind

the divine light within the scope of Sahasdal Kamal.
Above the scope of Sahasdal Kamal is the scope of Trikuti,
Where a man hears the sound of “Om”.

Above the scope of Trikuti are the scopes of Sunna and Maha Sunna,
Where a man is attracted in enjoying the play of Hanses.

Above the scope of Mahasunna is the scope of Bhawar gupha

where a man enjoys the offshoots of Self realisation.
Which is flowing upwards towards Sat Loak,
after leaving the scope of Bhawar gupha.

16) Ascending upwards from Bhawar gupha,

When a man reaches Sat Loak he looses his identity
and being attracted to the scope of Alakh and Agam Lokhs
which are above Sat Loak, discards even Alakh and Agam Loks
and the Self reaches Radhasoami Dham.

17) Such personalities who attain Radhasoami Dham,

so long as they remain in the world and do all their duties as usual,
detached from their results in a natural way like the sun and the moon.

18) This is a matchless method.

This is the stage of living in the Self free from the effects of body, mind and soul
and liberation of the Self from transmigration.
I got you realised all the stages and washed away all the dirt of your duality.
19) You have done your work done easily,
have been liberated easily,
have realised the Real Self stage
and have got out of the fear of duality or transmigration.

20) Radhasoami being merciful to those who are detached from the world
incarnated Himself as a saint in the form of Saligram, the spiritual guide
and liberated them easily.

21) O, brother so long as the reaction of past deeds exists

continue to work and finish these reactions.
After doing this, there remains nothing
I can be realised only and cannot be said.

22) You have gained the gamble of life,

because the string of execution of your transmigration has been broken.
May Faqir be peaceful and happy by the grace of Radhasoami Dayal.

It is due to the mercy of Data Dayal Sahib that I have been able to understand the real
form of duality through you spiritual seekers. I tried my best to get out of duality but it is
out of my power, because we live in the world of duality. It is true that I have overcome
the duality. As I live in the world of duality I get my nourishment from duality but I am
not affected by duality. A lotus flower plant grows in water and is nourished by it, but
the water cannot stick to it or drown it. The water may rise as high as possible but the
lotus flower and its leaves will remain at it’s surface. Such is the state of myself in this
dual world. I have already explained to you that all the
all the games of body, mind and soul are duality. What is duality? It is being dual.
Keeping the thought of the spiritual guide, worship of any prophet and the business of
the entire world is duality. Data Dayal Sahib entrusted me with this task not to get
myself worshipped, honoured and earn money but to understand and overcome the
duality. But this state is very sublime. It is not within the reach of worldly people
because they do not aspire for it, so they do not deserve it. I am lucky to attain this
state. I pray for your health wealth and peace for the favour you have done to me.

The thought, feelings, images and shades that are formed within ones mind are his
world. When I was not aware of this reality they used to tempt me. But since my
realisation of this reality they do not allure me. Kuber Nath, this is the secret which
none of the saints have explained in such plain words. If at all somebody did so, he did
so in symbols only and not to be understood commonly, because if they disclose this
secret, they cannot establish and maintain religious centres to enjoy confidence and
respect of their ignorant followers. As I am not concerned with these functions, so I am
at liberty to disclose my observations. Although it is a fact that adoration of my spiritual
guide comes within the definition of duality, but as it leads to non-duality so it should
not be discarded. It is most essential for spiritual progress and should be respected.

Therefore, time and agin I stress upon the fact to have full confidence in one ideal.
Having faith in on ideal and taking him to be the Supreme, surrender your Self to Him.
He who changes his faith from one ideal to another gains nothing. He is just like a
rolling stone which gathers no moss. I never plead that one should have his faith only
in myself. Guru is nothing but an ideal. Take the shelter of any ideal, taking him to be
perfect in every respect and you are sure to succeed.

One should not take the shelter of a Guru because he is famous as a saint. He should
see whether there is natural attraction between him and his Guru or not. Just as it is
seen between a true lover and beloved. A true lover cannot keep himself from his
beloved in spite of having all the senses that he is wrong in doing so.

In the year 1905 when I took the shelter of Data Dayal Sahib, he was not famous as a
saint. He was called Babu Ji only. Only one man had the fortune to become his disciple
at that time. I had the fortune to become his second disciple on account of my natural
attraction with him which I could not resist. I was quite unaware of his caste or creed,
but my soul witnessed that I shall have the same thing from this gentleman without fail
for which my heart aspired. I stuck to him just like a needle sticks to a magnet. It was
quite beyond my power to break His relation. Now I have reached my goal which my
heart has witnessed in His first visit.

What is meant by adoption of Truth? Our Real Self is truth, It witnesses all the motions
and games of our body, mind and soul (which are caused by our Self) bound to perish
except for our Real Self which is omnipresent. It can be understood only by those who
are eager for it. Those who are not eager for it cannot do so. Neither they aspire or
deserve it.

What is meant by attaining the Reality? Our breath and blood which are always in
action, move our body mind and soul to act just like electric waves out of our Self which
passes through our physical, mental and spiritual regions causing duality. When we
overcome the actions of these region then our Self gets united with the Real Self. It is
called attaining the Reality.

Have you ever considered over the fact as to why I always advise you to have sexual
intercourse only for begetting issues and not to loose your semen for the sake of
enjoyment? If our breath and blood are in regular circulation, they shall be able to
create enough electricity or heat or power to move the Self in order to keep your body,
mind and soul sound and healthy and you shall enjoy peace and comfort. But if the
circulation of your breath and blood become weak and irregular, your Self would be
unable to get sufficient power to keep your body, mind and soul in order or sound and
healthy. So your peace and comfort shall be disturbed.

Now it is your semen which gives heat and power to your breath and blood to keep
them in regular circulation. If you loose your semen, then the circulation of your blood
and breath shall become weak and irregular and the Self would not get the full power to
help your body, mind and soul to keepm them sound and healthy, on account which
you shall begin to suffer from constipation and other diseases. So it is utmost
necessary to preserve your semen which is power or God to get the Self united with
the Real Self.

What on feels in the state of union of the Self with the Real Self can only be realised
and not said. We name it as Lord, Truth, Supreme or the Reality and so on. This secret
can be understood only by spiritual exercise and not by the exchange of thoughts.

I am continuing spiritual exercise (which is natural and easy) regularly and have
attained the last stage to realise the Reality. But so long as our body, mind and soul are
in motion and are in motion and we are alive our Self cannot merge in the Real Self
forever, because our Self has to come back to the regions of body, mind and soul to let
their games play in life.

When we overcome the region of duality, we become balanced minded to enter in the
region of our Self. So long as we do not overcome the motions of body, mind and soul
our Self is governed by duality. But when we overcome the region of duality and enter
into the region of our Self our Self begins to govern duality. Action in the region of
duality are called gross or physical, subtle or mental and causal or spiritual.

The secret which I have realised is attainment of this understanding that there is a
Supreme Element who plays all the games of nature and we are but His atoms. We are
wront to think that we are separate from the Supreme Element and play our own
separate games in our body, mind and soul to which we remain attached taking it to be
our real game. We can realise it and remain in this state only so long as He wills. After
realising this Reality one continues to perform all his affairs as usual in a natural way
and remains detached from gain or loss of his affairs. His selfless action does not
create reaction which is the root of attachment. It is called “to overcome attachment”.

Just as its natural to occur ebbs and tides in an ocean and form waves and bubbles,
which remain in appearance for sometime and then merge in the ocean becoming
traceless, likewise the will of the Supreme comes in motion and its atoms shoot off.
These atoms cause different centres like that of body, mind, soul, light, sound, ego and
intellect etc. These centres after playing their part merge in the Supreme without any

So long as I remain in trance I am out of the game of duality, but when I come out of
trance, I join the game of duality and play it, the difference is that others are affected
and I remain unaffected. Why so? Because I have realised the will of the Supreme. I
remain peaceful and tranquil. I do not claim myself to be light, sound, Truth or Reality

Long ago I was in the habbit of giving trouble to Data Dayal Sahib in Lahore for getting
me realised which I aspired. One day he became so annoyed that he decided to depart
from me. He asked me to follow him to Agra in order to offer me at the tomb of Hazur
Maharaj, which I agreed under the wrong impression. We went to the railway station
and purchased tickets for Agra. His holiness said, “Now I shall get myself released
from you, when I shall offer you to the tomb of Hazur Maharaj.” “Will you not take me
back with you?” I enquired humbly. “No, how can I do so?” he said, “an offered thing is
not taken back.” I prayed, “I do not want to be offered for the sake of departing from
you.” We returned our tickets and came back to our place. In the hermitage Data Dayal
said, “Faqir, I have visited only three times in my life Hazur Maharaj and it was
sufficient for me to realise the Reality. I cannot make out why you do not understand
the same although you visited me several times. I enquired, “How did Hazur get you
realised for what you aspired?” He said, “I enquired of Hazur Maharaj, “What is the
principle under which creation is created?” His Holiness asked me to look at His mouth
with all my attention. I did so. He opened his mouth wide and shut it saying this is the
principle of creation for creating. At that time of narration this incident I was
incompetent to catch it. Burt now I have realised this Reality “Lips opened and closed
is the secret of life.””

Now I realise that all the lower stages of mind beginning from Sahasdal Kawal up to
Maha sunna are duality. How did I overcome it? It is on account of easy spiritual
exercise that I have realised the following for it:

1) That I do not make my Self appear in an9y one’s mind. Whatever manifests in
anyone’s mind is his own faith. I am in search of the source of element which witnesses
light and sound when I accumulate them in my mind.

On account of ascending at the stage where I realise the above both my will power is
growing stronger day by day. I enjoy peace and happiness so much so that I am not
disturbed even in disease from its effect. Disease maty effect my body but it cannot
effect my mind, Where as those who have not overcome duality are affected in mind
and their peace is disturbed. I enjoy happiness and sorrow both alike and live at the will
of the Supreme.

Kuber Nath, I have attained the last and highest stage and pass my life out of anxiety,
care, duality, meditation, worship and intelligence.

What is Radhasoami Dham or the Supreme Abode? It cannot be said but only realised.
In the state of Realisation of that stage one looses his identity and merges in the

So long as you are alive, work for the sake of work just like the sun and moon etc.
Perform all your duties with due care and intelligence but keep your Self detached from
the result, so that your action may not come into reaction.

My desire for the search of God, to do good and duality of sin and virtue etc all have
vanished from my mind. What is meant by previous deed? It is reaction of our past
selfish action. When this reaction is over, the atom of our Self merges in the Real Self
like a drop in an ocean.

Kuber Nath, credits and debits are bound to be recieved and paid off. Mam Chand
Sharma attended me for thirty five years. Gopal Dass and Narain Dass look after me
since they came in my contact. Why is it so? Because it is credit and debit.

My observation that our Self Merges in the Real Self and looses its identity is
supported by saint Kabir who has attained this state as well as Soami Ji Maharaj in the
below vernacular poems:

1) Nahin khaliq, Makhluok na Khilqut,

Kurta, Kuram na Kaaj na diquat.
Derishta, deriest nuhain kuch dersut,
Watch lukchha, nuhain pud na pudarath.

2) Zaat, sufaat, na awaul aukhear,

Gupt na pergut na batean zahear
Ram, Ruheam, Kuream na Keasho,
Kuch nahain Kuch nahain, Kuch nahain thaso

3) Semerit, shashtra nuhain geata bhagwat,

Kutha, Puran na bukta bearut.
Sewak seavana dass na soami,
Nahain suttnam na naam aunami.

Translated prose

1) The Supreme is beyond the reach or effect of creator, creation, created, doer,
deed, done, cause or any need of these.
He is beyond the reach or effect of sight, scenery, seen, destination, destiny,
destinator or self.

2) He is beyond the reach or effect of qualified, qualification, beginning, end, seen,

unseen in or out.
He is beyond the reach of Gods which have been named as Ram, Ruheam,
Kuream or Keasho.
He is nothing except nothing.
3) He is beyond Samirta, Shashtra, Bhagvat Geeta, religious books, recitation,
preaching, preacher or preached.
He is beyond worship, worshipped, worshipper real name or unamed.

We are only an atom of the Supreme. We cannot realise the Supreme in the whole, we
can realise Him in the capacity of His atom only, but we are satisfied about His
realisation in whole. We taste only a drop of and ocean and realise that the water of the
whole ocean is sour. We roam only part of a mountain, feeling cold and realise that the
whole mountain is cold. Such is the case of realisation of the Supreme within us.

Kuber Nath, may you be happy and understand my discourse.