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Ben Isaacs
NV PR Group

Aaron Rodgers winner of week 2 of the NuVo Quarterback Protection Plan.

NEW YORK, NY (October 2, 2012) Well now that we all got our wish & the real referees have
taken the field lets stop complaining about calls. The Arizona Cardinals had better beef up their
offensive line or else they will be starting a 3rd string QB. The Miami Dolphins defense looked like
they were eating Corn on the Kolb on Sunday. Kevin Kolb must have many aches and pains but
at least they escaped with a victory. No worries Kevin NuVo got ur back(side).
As part of the "NVo Protection Plan," NVo will send Kevin Kolb a week supply of condoms for
getting sacked the most this week. NVo will also send 1,000 condoms to an AIDS United,
affiliated AIDS Organization of the city of the most sacked QB. This week Southwest Center
of HIV/AIDS, has been awarded extra protection and will receive 1,000 condoms to ensure the
safety of the residents of Phoenix.
NVo Condoms is the challenger brand that is making a bang --literally-- in the condom industry.
The urban, edgy packaging promotes NVos message of having a positive, fun yet responsible
approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. NVo is committed to making an impact on
unwanted pregnancy and the recent rise in STDs by making condoms available to anyone who
needs them at a competitive price.

NVo Condoms deploys a number of grass roots programs to get the word out about having fun
in a safe and responsible manner including: sponsorships, concerts, tailgates, philanthropies and
distributing over 400,000 free condoms in 2011 alone. Additionally, NVo has helped celebrities
and athletes such as Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Jim Thome, Tom Brady and more, stay
protected during their times of need by providing a generous supply of NVo Condoms.

NVo Condoms was one of the top sponsors of the 2012 World Series Beer Pong Tournament
that took place in early January in Las Vegas. The NVo Protection Plan helped NFL
quarterbacks, who got sacked the most every week, stay safe and protected with a free supply of
NVo condoms. Alex Smith, of the San Francisco 49ers, took the title as the winner of the 2011
NFL NVo Protection Plan, since he was the most sacked quarterback in the NFL.

NVo Condoms launched their own philanthropic initiative called NVo Cares, which for every
like NVo Condoms receives on Facebook, NVo donates a condom to people in-need within

the U.S through non-profit organizations dedicated to AIDS/STD research, prevention and

NVo Condoms can be purchased in Duane Reade stores, select Walgreens stores, regional
retail drug chains and online at CVS.com, drugstore.com and amazon.com. NVo will hit other
stores nationwide later this year.

NVo Condoms are manufactured by NV Healthcare, LLC.

For more information on NVo condoms, please visit:


For more information about AIDS United. Please visit: