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I normally try to avoid politics and I really am one of those undecided peopleI dont like anything I see out

there. Im also not convinced it matters who gets elected with all the vitriol and partisanship, I have no confidence that anything with changeeither way. So I look towards the debateshoping that someone will give me enough specifics that I feel comfortable voting for them. Logically, I know this is nave because politicians never keep their promises even if these two had the you know what to make them. In order to focus on what I think are the important issues, I started making a list because I learned long ago when calling on customers that if I planned the call, I would get a lot more out of the conversation and was more likely to go back to the office with the information I needed. I will be tuned into these issues as I listen to the debates as opposed to all the sound bites and mud-slinging. I WANT people to get more involved and to really listen as opposed to just voting the way youve always voted or the way your parents voted (sorry Daddy). So if youre interested, take a look at my attached diatribe and open yourself up to what is being said assuming something does get said. Im afraid our country is in jeopardy no matter which way the election goes! We are no longer the leader of the globe and people need to get mad as hell based on specifics, not emotion! Afghanistan do either of you really believe well be out by the end of 2014? They have not been deemed capable of self-defense after all these years so whats going to change in the next 2 yearsseems to be getting worse? What is your solution to minimizing further injury to & loss of our U.S. soldiers? China what will you do specifically to address trade violations? Will you implement tariffsand if so, on what? How will you address the currency issues? Economy & Taxes I personally think they go hand-in-hand. The United States has been losing global position for years now so a large part of what has happened would have occurred no matter who was in the White House (.we would have to go way back in the blame game to address jobs leaving the U.S.). So I really dont want to hear about what Mr. Bush didwe all knowno one has forgotten! I want to know what they will do! President Obama says he will create jobs by keeping taxes low except for the wealthy, public works spending, clean energy projects & targeted tax breaks for businessesnot really sure why he hasnt done it yet (he did own the Congress for 2 years so dont tell me its because of the other party)??? He wants to keep Bush cuts except for the wealthy, which I think he defines as individuals making over $200,000 and couples making over $250,000 but is that adjusted gross income with all the deductions and loopholes? How does creating public work jobs really help? It seems to me that taxpayers are financing those people either way government jobs or unemployment, welfare, etc.- same difference to a large extent...doesnt really address the fundamental problem we dont make anything in this country anymore! If you want to decrease dependence on oil, why did you put EPA regulations in place that will prevent any coal company from ever building a facility in this country ever again? Pursuing alternative energy is a great vision but I wouldnt bank on it as my only sourcewe have coal and we know how to get it out of the ground cleanly! Why not encourage that instead of regulating it out of existence?

Romney wants to cuts tax rates for everyone, slash corporate rates, reduce regulations & encourage oil production. He wants to keep all Bush cuts but reduce credits, deductions and exemptions could he be more specific? He is a business-man so Im pretty sure he knows what needs to be done (and understands a balance sheet) but hasnt been willing to be specific and take a position for fear of all the negative press it will get. If he isnt willing to take the heat now, Im not sure I think he will be willing to take the heat later! Which one is willing to scrap the tax code altogether (10 pages vs thousands?). Do people that can afford second homes really need a mortgage deduction for them? And they both talk about bringing back manufacturing jobs what are they smoking? Do they think we still have manufacturing facilities sitting around just waiting for someone to throw a switch? Do they have any idea what it would cost to re-build all those plants and how long it would take? Its a great sound-bite but ridiculous to any of us that understand what it takes to run a manufacturing facility. Education - They both support Charter schools but that is obviously not the answer since weve had them for a while and the U.S. education experience continues to decline vs. other countries. Costs for college continues to skyrocket. What specifically would they do to reverse those trends? I always found it interesting in Europe that they emphasize trades but we dont. In many of those countries, being a mechanic is a revered job and people go to school for those thingsperhaps we need to re-think our concept of college education and our value system of what jobs are needed and respected! Health Care theres no way to pay for President Obamas plan and Romney supports part of it but again, is not willing to be specific. We have the highest costs in the world, our facilities are considered the best (many people come from around the world for care here) but yet our health is considered only comparable to other advanced nations. While President Obamas plan addresses coverage Im not sure how well it addresses costs and quality. I would like specifics on how they will contain costs and improve coverage addressing things like fraud, expanding U.S. medical schools and their associated costs (so we dont have students going to med school abroad and coming back to practice so they are not straddled with student loans forever). Medicare is not sustainable! But no one wants to stand-up and say it because they know that will be the only part of the sound-bite that gets air-play it really is similar to a Ponzi schemeand with us baby-boomers coming on strong, whos left to pay for it? Iran President Obamas diplomatic approach (i.e., sanctions & negotiations) to stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons hasnt worked and Romney thinks we need stronger military threats. I dont understand why the U.S. thinks everyone else should get rid of their nuclear weapons while we sit on the largest inventory of them in the worldIm not sure I would be comfortable with that either if I lived somewhere else! Lobbyists President Obama reneged on his promises in this area...how does he explain that? And would Romney address them? Anybody want to talk about torte law? I still think an over-abundance of lawyers is one of our countrys biggest problems! And perhaps thats not the best background for our politicians! So there you go hope you will watch the debates and get mad as hell! if nothing is addressed.