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Name : MUDIANTO Reg.

Number : A1D2 06 084 Assignment : Poetry

1. The rhodora is a deciduous plant that is native to northeastern United States that bears pink flowers. The poem begins with a subheading of On Being Asked, Whence Is the Flower? With the subheading, Emerson establishes a question of where does the flower comes from or why is the flower here on Earth. "Whence" does not mean when, but from what place, or from what origin or source. Thus, the heading of the poem implies that someone asked the speaker where the flower came from. 2. The speaker is I thats mean is the speaker is the author of this poem (Emerson). The speaker is a man. In this poem the poet is ignorance because he dont realize the existence of nature with Rhodora. The poet in this is passionate but does not seem to be carried away by the beauty of the flower, while William Wordsworth does. However, the realistic way of viewing of the rhodora by the poet does not suppress the emotion of the poet. Neither does it put up any kind of hindrance before the poet to use his imaginative faculty. He imagines a bird coming and challenging the rhodora flower for outshining its red plumage (Bussey, n.d.). He is also passionate enough to describe the rhodora as the rival of the rose. 3. In this poem the speaker is speaking to the reader, and sometimes his monologue addresses to the Rhodora, 4. Setting : in May, in the pool, 5. The subject is The Rhodora. We can see in the line 9-16 Rhodora! If the sages ask thee and why 6. The speaker marvels at the beauty and transformative power of blossoms of the Rhodora which he encounters in a damp, dark: comer of the woods. Its tiny petals alone are able to interact with and even change the character of the other elements within the surrounding environment, as displayed when these "purple petals, fallen in the pool,/ Made the black water with their beauty gay" (lines 5-6). By merely exuding its natural beauty in an effortless appeal to the senses, the flower is able to exert a more visually dominant outstanding force over the more

physically predominant water. Such beauty needs no explanation; it exists for the sole purpose of being appreciated as a sensory pleasure. "Beauty is its own excuse for being. ..." (Line 12) and requires no other justification. It need not be tangible and is meant to be enjoyed in and of itself; for, as Emerson notes in "Nature," "Nature satisfies by its loveliness. ...Without any corporeal benefit" (Emerson 192). The simple observation of nature and its elements is pure delight. 7. t is the most meaningfull poem we have ever read. It reflects the differences between looking and seeing. Rhodara is the beauty among bad things. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as indicated by Emerson: the beauty of nature comes from the beauty of the mind. 8. Yes I like it. Because the vocabulary is easy to understand, but it has meaningful poem.

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