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The SAI InfoTech System will provide service in local time. The service will be available for 12 months from the date of commencement for maintenance contract. Any changes which the customer wants to be added to the system upgradation will be charged extra. The contract does not include printer head, ribbon, cartridge, new parts and any repairing. & other consumable items. Machine will be sealed from the date of the contract till contract expiry date. After sealed date if customer permits any third party to open the machine then damages & expenses resulting from use will not covered under the contract. SAI InfoTech System shall not be liable for any delay failure of the performances of any of its obligation under or arising out of these contracts. If the delay or failure results from any of the followings force major, act of god fire go slow immense. SAi InfoTech System will not be responsible for any delay. Failure, break down, damage loss or injure caused by the equipment/program have been modified by customer or any other third party equipment without supervision (i.e. not attend by trained person). Corrective Maintenance: This will be done when you will reported the SAI InfoTech System service center. Preventive Maintenance: This will be done our engineer visit for routine service twice in a month irrespective of the system requirement. Case of any breakdown and a moth of any other visit you will be informed firm service center by phone call. The system/peripherals are to be used strictly in accordance to the instructions mentioned in the manual.networking is included .


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FOR SAI InfoTech System (Auth. Signatory) ROHIT GUPTA


Sub:- Annual maintenance contract for computer repair Dear Sir, We are given to offer annual maintenance contract for your various computers and printers at your institute arena multimedia pitampura the no of computers and printers model vise rate list are fallowing. S.no. 01 Particulars Computer machine Qty 1 Rate 1500/Amount 1500/-

Total Value

1500 /-

The service tax is applicable as per government rules which is at present 12.24%. We are towards annual maintenance contract on the terms and conditions mentioned below. So you are agreeing to our rates and terms please contact as soon as possible. The above contract will be valid for one year. Date Started on:- 27 AUGUST 2012 Thanking you Date Expired on:- 27 AUGUST 2013 Yours ANURAG MISHRA (Auth. Signatory) SAI INFOTECH SYSTEM (Auth. Signatory)