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My Best friends Daughter My best friend had a young daughter, she was about fifteen years.

This child often took me for one of her uncles, actually her favourite uncle. She was called Amanda. I love to spend time with her when I visit their family at Kumasi. She was a delightful creature, the happy go lucky type. She loved to hug me at the least opportunity. Before God and man, I really saw her as my daughter. No more, no less. For five years, we never saw each other, although we most often spoke on the phone or chatted through the net. I missed her a lot but you know the vicissitude of life Then a month ago, she asked me if she could come to my end for a retreat. Her university was on holidays. However she didnt want her father to know of any of our plans. That didnt go down well with me, but soon I was also into it and I agreed. After all, since the death of my wife two years, Ive suffered too much loneliness. Ten days later, I went to the station to pick her up. As I waited, I was still imagining a fifteen year old girl. In fact, I saw a woman when she arrived. On seeing me, she just jumped at me and started kissing me just like she often did when she was younger. I was bit surprised. With her body near mine, I felt that shed put on ample weight. Of course she was now a woman. She kept at kissing me all over the face, embarrassing me for a moment. I slightly nudged her away from me. This didnt go down well with her. What is the matter, Unco? she asked. Not in front of everyone! I scolded. I dont care! she snapped. But of course, that makes me uncomfortable, if you dont mind! Okay! she said shrugging. Now at home, we chatted at length into the night. I had nothing doing the next day. I made her fill me in on the five years that wed lived away from each other. But on the matter of her private life, she remained elusive. I was beginning loosen up a bit now as compared to the morning we met at the station. Then out of the blue she said, Could I sleep with you? Uh? was all my throat could emit. Could I sleep with you tonight?

Now, my throat had suddenly gotten dry. Er-rr, Yes, Of course, yes! That will be great! She took the opportunity to kiss me again. My God, What am I to this young girl! I wondered as I shook my head. I was lying in bed, when she came out of the bathroom in a lace pant. The girl was now a tantalizing woman, with supple breasts, flat shapely stomach and a captivating facehmm, she was pushing me to a corner. Has your father said anything about the piercing on your navel and the tattoos on your body? I inquired. Nope, hes not seen them. Do you like them? Well, Im not into those things but if you feel alright, then no p, I lied. Okay, so. She lay beside me quietly. Good night, Unco! she said, once again kissing me on the lips. With this bomb near me, I had a hell of night sleep. I was drunk with her scent alone. I just wanted one thing, to take her in my arms and cuddle her. This was going to be difficult, as she had curled up behind me in sleep. I felt her young succulent body crushing into my back. Well, at last I slept. The next morning, she hugged me again as she liked to do. Just this time we barely dressed and in bed together. I swear, I got some pre-cum in my pant, as I hugged this young naked woman against me.

I did my best to avoid any physical contact with her from then on. But I couldnt escape her long hugs, which she gave me now and then. Are you alright, uncle? she asked me, not understanding my reaction. Yes, I think you are too old to continue giving me hugs like that, I chided. Oh, but you are my favourite uncle! I love to hug you! she winced. I know, but it makes me uncomfortable!

So, you dont want me to hug you again, her voice was so sad it broke my heart. Of course, you can hug me, I said and then added, but less often, please! On hearing this, she jumped into my arms. That will be all the better! she cried and gave another kiss. What a seductress! The week passed between work, hugs and restless sleep. Sometimes she slept in the guest room and the moanings that came to me from there easily told me what she was doing. This being the case, I hardly had any sleep during the nights. Just last Saturday, I accepted to accompany her to a night club. We boogied wildly till I had to retire to rest in some corner. She kept dancing. As I watched her dance, I envied her youth and felt jealous of all those rascals rubbing against her like goats on heat. Of course, I understood them. Amanda looked so sumptuous in her white skinny top and mini skirt. Her pierced navel was for all to see. Now, I had to say I liked the piercing on her. I was taken by panic when she left for the ladies. But nobody followed her. She came back two minutes time and gave me something. Take it uncle; you can keep that for me. I took what she handed to me. It was a piece of warm material. I noticed the lace. Smiling mischievously, she returned to the dance floor. In the darkness, I unfolded the pant and strong musky scent hit my nostrils. Wow, what a ! I sighed. I didnt know tricks she was playing, but I found it tempting. I slipped the underwear into my pocket. As I sipped the wine, she came and sat on my laps. Are you enjoying yourself?I asked. Very much and you? Im alright! She smiled and took my wine in her hand. As she drank the wine she kept my hand in hers. She put the glass down and smiled again. It gave her an air of mischief, the smile. Slowly, she slid my hand between her legs and raised her skirt up a bit. My fingers came in contact with her skin. It took my breath away for some time. Shes closed her eyes. She unfolded my fingers and brushed them against my wet pussy. From that point I understood what she wanted. I inserted my index finger into her. She moaned under her breath. There were people nearby. Slowly she removed my hand from under her skirt and took them to her lips. Still, playing mischievous she munched on my fingers like they were lollipop. I was all the while dumbfounded.

She pushed my hand under her skirt again and commenced the operation again. Now she was dripping wet. I felt her pubic hair were as smooth as a pebble. It was then that I thought of you, my beloved Stephanie. It was then my turn to lick my fingers. Her wetness tasted magnificent. She released my finger, kissed me lightly on the lips and went back to dance. From then on we couldnt keep our eyes away from each other. I felt a whirlwind of emotions engulfed me. Observing the young beautiful girl dancing and being the only one who knew that she actually had nothing under her skirt thrilled me a lot. She returned to me and whispered into my ear. Uncle, weve to go home, I dont want to dance anymore! I started when she slid her tongue into my ear, telling me she desired to do other things. I felt my rod hardening. I followed her out of the night club, my eyes totally glued to her ass. We remained quiet till we got to the house. I could feel a sexual tension in the air between us. The moment I locked the main door to the house and I turned my back, she was there just waiting. I put down my jacket and took her in my arms. I should be crazy! I said calmly, I must not do such things! While saying this though, I had locked lips with her and was kissing her patiently. Please, Uncle, let go of yourself! she whispered lovingly. Dont call me Unco. It makes situations worse. Her lips patted and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. I felt her thorough willingness, as she was also caressing my body. Mine hands werent free either. I was finally, cuddling this body that got me all hot the first time I saw it, when she came from the university. As we kissed, our tongues seemed like two voracious anacondas dancing salsa. I stopped this battle of warm tongues and carried her like a sweet baby into my bedroom. I sat down at the edge of the bed. Amanda spread her legs and sat on my naked laps, her warm pussy pressed against my skin. We took the kissing from where we left off, as we did so she fervently robbed her wet pussy against my thigh. I had to admit, she was really good at her game. I took off her top, to discover her wonderful body which I immediately went to work on. My own shirt also disappeared. Moving away from my lips she descended between my thighs as my John had been beckoning to them. The bitch, she knew her game too well. My bulging manhood, not helping at all, strained against the front of my boxer shots. My groin was a bomb which couldnt wait to explode. Finally, we got up and took off all our dresses. Worshiping her with a kiss, I carefully lay her on my bed. Quietly, I wedged myself between her spread thighs and then slowly began to lick her

moist cunt. In the morning I never imagined I would be lying in this position with this young woman I consider as my daughter. She clenched my head and pressed it against her, as she was enjoying herself in no small extent. Dont stop Uncle, it feels too good! Again shed said Uncle, but Jack was so engrossed in the act to care about such slip-offs. When at last she came, I had to hold her limbs firmly, else she crushed my head. She calmed down some minutes later and I got on top of her, giving her a light kiss here, a light kiss there. She thanked me silently for the pleasure I had given her. Relax; Im also going to give you a nice time. Uncle? Uncle indeed. She lay in a position Id earlier taken and began to give me lively blowjob that got me wondering where shed learnt all these skills from. Soon, I had a powerful ejaculation. My God, it felt so good and I was so satisfied that I wanted nothing more, for that moment

The End.