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Aid al-Qarni Lecturer: Ustaz Abdur Rahman

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Introduction 1 1.0 Happiness has nothing to do with richness and poverty 2 1.0.1 Discussion: Happiness has nothing to do with richness and poverty 2 2.0 A righteous woman is the source of a happy life 4 2.0.1 Discussion: A righteous woman is the source of a happy life 5 3.0 Do not spend your time doing nothing 7 3.0.1 Discussion: Do not spend your time doing nothing 7 Conclusion 9 Bibliography 10

Introduction About the author The name of the author is Aid ibn Abd-Allah ibn Aid Al Majdu Al Qarni. He was born 1397 After Hijrah. He obtained his Bachelors degree from College of Usul ad-Din in Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University. He next obtained his Masters degree in Prophetic Hadith in 1048 After Hijr. The title of his thesis was al-Bidaah wa Atharuha fid-Dirayah war-Riwayah. (Innovation and its effects on Understanding and Reporting). Next


he obtained his Doctorate from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in 1422 After Hijr, with a thesis entitled al-Mufahhim lima ash ala min Tal his Sahih Mu slim li Al-Qurtubi Dirasah wa Tahqiq. (Explanation of difficult passages in al-Q urtubis Summary of Sahih Muslim- A study). He has recorded more than 800 audicassettes of hutbahs (sermons), lessons, lect ures and soirees. He has written on hadith, tafsir, fiqh, Arabic literature, sir ah and biography. He has attended dozens of lectures and soirees and has attende d conferences organized by the Muslim Arab Youth Association and the Quran And S unnah society in USA. Reason choosing the boo : The boo was chosen because the content gives us inspiration about life. The boo mainly tal about women and the reason why the women can be happy. This boo tells that Muslim women can figure out their own way of leading life with in acc ordance to religion. It brings hope for those who in distressed, trouble or anyo ne who has no confident to live. The boo also points out ideas for women to cha nge and be better.

1.0 Happiness has nothing to do with richness or poverty Bernard Shaw said: I cannot say that I have ever really tasted poverty. Before I was ever able to ea rn a living by means of my pen, I had access to a huge library, the public libra ry of the British Museum, and the best of art exhibits near Trafalgar Square. Wh at could I have done with money? Smo e cigars? But I do not smo e. Drin champag ne? But I do not drin . Buy thirty suits in the latest fashion? But then I would quic ly be invited to dinner in palaces by those whom I try to avoid as much as possible. Buy horses? But they are dangerous. Cars? But they annoy. Now I have enough money to buy all of these things, but I only buy what I used to buy when I was poor. My happiness is in the same things that used to help me when I was p oor: a boo to read, a painting to ponder over, an idea to write. On the other h and, I have a fertile imagination and I cannot remember needing anything more th an to lie on my bac and imagine myself the way I li e, doing whatever I want in my imagination. So, of what use to me are the miserable luxuries that are sold in Bond Street? Discussion As Bernard has stated that he does not required any form of cash in order for hi m to be happy, that was because he never really taste poverty. Maybe bac in 194 0s, ones does not really feel that he is rich or poor because it is a war era, eit her he is rich or poor but what ma es him/her happy is to eep each of the famil y members alive. Furthermore, at that era, money in the country that was being a ttac has no much value. Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. (Quran 13:11). It is not wrong to be rich if we follow Islam guidelines such as paying za a h, gives donation to those who in needs. Allah has decide who will be rich and w ho will be in poverty because Allah has planned everything, in my opinion, rich and poor, they complement each other because without the rich people, the poor p eople couldnt get a job, earn a living because only those who is rich are able to open up a restaurant, corporation, a company, it is the same with rich people, without the poor people they cannot be rich because for them to be rich they mus t taste the hardship, many of successful person li e Tan Sri Mo htar Al-Bu hary was born into mid-low class Malay family, whose house lac of necessities but th rough his hardship, he has become 8th richest man in Malaysia and he has open Bu

hary foundation for those who in needs, I thin the term happiness refer to how we being satisfy with what we have or done. As a human that live in this earth, happiness that we see is right in our ow n homes. We find happiness just by being with our parents, siblings, relatives. In fact, they are our source of strength and inspiration. Having a harmonious ho me life gives us happiness, one that we truly appreciate and treasure.True frien ds are also a source of happiness. The support we get from them goes a long way in helping us to get by in times of troubles. Somehow, friends ma e our life com plete. Nowadays, many people are happy with their moderate life which is either they are rich or poor because the richer you are the more responsibility you bear. I t is undeniable that money ma es a person happy in todays world as it does play a n important role to ones happiness such as gives a present, buy cloth but there a re some said that it doesnt ma e ones happy with money, example he/she wor s in th e company but he/she is not happy with their profession although they gaining ma ybe rm10000 per month so I agree with the author that happiness has nothing to d o with richness and poverty. As from Islamic point of view, happiness can be gained through worshipping Al lah by reading Quran, performing salat, zi ir and etc, through it, it calm our h eart, ma e us believe and have faith in doing everything in daily life and that is secret of happiness. Also, Allah has shown us His evidence as he has created Adam and Eve, trees, animal, sun, moon and etc, what could be more precious than this, so we have to than to the Almighty Allah. The Qur an states: On the Day when those who disbelieved are exposed to the F ire: "You dissipated the good things you had in your worldly life and enjoyed yo urself in it. So today you are being repaid with the punishment of humiliation f or being arrogant in the Earth without any right and for being deviators." (Sura t al-Ahqaf: 20). The verse is about false happiness. As a human being, we should grateful with what Allah have give us without complaining as such we are not fairly being tre ated because Allah has decide what is best for us, and we have to accept is that is the true happiness. 2.0 A righteous woman is the source of a happy life The power of woman in anything cannot be denied. The failure or success of a man is because of a woman. In addition, the married woman must obey Allah first than the husband. Besides that, if the woman did this, she will be reward by All ah in Hereafter. According to Rasullullah SAW, if a woman give birth, she will b e reward 70 year of solat and fasting for every single nerves pain she have gone through and Allah will reward her the reward who perform the hajj. From this p oint of view we can see that the status of a woman in Islamic point of view quit e high. Woman can do anything li e business, leadership, intellectual, and finan ce. Here are some roles of woman in a family that we should have not neglected. A woman should welcome her husband warmly when he comes bac to her; she shou ld not get upset if she finds he is stressed and tired. On the contrary, she sho uld rush to fulfill his requests no matter what they are, without as ing him the reason for his stressed and tired as soon as he comes home. Once he has changed his clothes and settled down, he may soon tell her why he is feeling stressed, and if he does not, there is nothing wrong with her to as ing him, but she shoul d as in a way that ma es him feel that she is concerned about him and cares for him, and is worried about the state in which he come home. If the wife finds that she is able to help her husband to solve the problem t hat caused him stress, then she should hasten to do so. If she does that, it wil l lighten the load for her husband a great deal, and the husband will feel that in his home there is a precious jewel, one that is even more precious than all t he jewels in the world. (Dr Aid al Qarni, 2005)

From the passage we now that a wife should welcome the husband in whatever t he situation is all about. Next, the wife need to full fill the request of the h usband such as bring a glass of water to get rid of thirst or this will help the husband to feel relieve he arrived at home. Then only, the wife should as why he is not in good mood on the particular day. If he starts to tell why, she shou ld start to listen every single word from his mouth so that he will feel that th ere is someone that he can tell or rely on when he need someone to tal with. Af ter the sharing session is over, maybe the wife has some solution that she can h elp the husband to settle the problem. If not, maybe she should pray to Allah so that He can ease the hardship that faces by the husband. If all wives in world do such thing to the husbands, they will find that their wife is the most precio us treasure that they ever had. Discussion As we all now, in Islam marriage is a blessed contract between a man and a w oman, in which each becomes permitted (halal) to the other, and they begin the lon g journey of life in a spirit of love, co-operation, harmony and tolerance, wher e each feels at ease with the other, and finds tranquility, contentment and comf ort in the company of the other. The Quran has described this relationship betwee n men and women, which brings love, harmony, trust and compassion, in the most, moving and eloquent term: And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy betw een your (hearts) Quran 30:21 I believe that when a man married with the righteous woman based on Allah wil l, they will find happiness and are able to establish a Muslim family in which t he children will grow up and develop good character and behavior taught by Islam . The wife is seen as the greatest joy in mans life, as the Prophet Muhammad SAW said: This world is just temporary conveniences, and the best comfort in this world is righteous woman We believe that the greatest blessing that Allah can give to a man I the righ teous woman. Because in the Quran say: Evil words are for evil men, and evil men are [subjected] to evil words. And goo d words are for good men, and good men are [an object] of good words. Those [goo d people] are declared innocent of what the slanderers say. For them is forgiven ess and noble provision. Quran 24:26 Only with the righteous woman a man can find comfort and rest after exhaustin g struggle of earning a living. With the wife the husband can find incomparable tranquility and pleasure to be with here and Hereafter. A good wife does not disclose her husbands secrets, and does not tal to anyon e about whatever secrets and other matters there may be between them. The true M uslim woman will never sin to the level of such cheap and shameless tal as goe s on the lowest type of people who does not have wor to do but have a lot of ti me to tal about world stuff. The time of this type of Muslim woman is too preci ous to be wasted in such vulgar behavior. The prophet Muhammad Saw said: Among the worst type of people in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgement is a man who enjoys his wifes intimate company, and she enjoys his intimate company, then one of them goes and discloses the secret of the other Next, a good wife always stands by a husband and offers her advice when neede d. One of the laws that Allah has decreed for this life is that the men and the women should wor together to cultivate and populate the earth and run the affai rs of the life therein. Man cannot do without woman and vice versa because they complement each other. Allah created them pairs. Hence, the laws of Islam teach men and women to co-operate in all matters. Islam encourages a man to help his w ife, as much he is able to do. Even the Prophet helps his wives and serves his f amily until he went out to pray. He helps in coo ing, ta e care of the children,

and even patch the torn clothes. But, the women also expected to help the men i n dealing with outside world and play their role in life by offering her helpful opinion and advice, and supporting him in practical term. Bac to the Prophet time, women engaged in jihad side by side the men, marchi ng with them in the wars, bringing water to the thirsty, tending the wounded, s etting the bro en bones, sometimes joining the battles and standing firm when so me of the brave men had fled. Their courageous when fighting in the battles was praised by the Prophet. These courageous should be implementing in our society e ven not in real battles but in some real life. Sharing the joys and sorrows is the other way in which wife may endear hersel f to her husband. She joins him in some of his daily activities is the way to m a e him feels that he is not alone in his enjoyment of good things in life. Then he will thin twice to loo after another girl because he has a loving, intelli gent and loyal wife that will be besides him anytime he wants. A righteous Musli m woman should be able to be a multi tas wife in order to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in home where should the husband always wanted to be th ere. So that the whole family can get blessing from Allah and the happiness bein g together in a right Muslim life style. 3.0 Do not spend your time doing nothing Nabi Muhammad SAW said to Aishah: If you commit a sin, then as Allah for forgiven ess and repent to Him, for if a person ac nowledges his sin and repents, Allah w ill accept his repentance. Imagine that human possess all the money you ever wanted and achieved all your d reams and fulfilled all your wishes, then you lost everything. You would weep an d complain, and be filled with regret; you will bite your fingers in sorrow for what you have lost. So what about your life which is slipping away from you with out you even realizing it? Your life is a precious jewel whose value cannot be measured in material terms. Every minute of your life that passes can never come bac . These minutes are you r capital in this world, with which you can buy whatever you want of the delight s of Paradise. How can you waste this life without repenting sincerely?- Dr. Aid a l Qarni. Discussion Time is golden. Every each of seconds pass, we could not buy it. Time pass by wi thout we could ever rewind, fast-forwarding, or pause it. As time pass by, the m oment of ourselves to death and a hirat eep closing to us. As what being told by the author, life is a precious jewel whose value cannot be measured in material terms. He clearly shows that we, the human should waste ou r time and life. We should not eep repeating the mista es. We should learn from experience to overcome the misery, the problems. We must lead a life with cares and appreciate each seconds of our life. Human being, we always commit sin whether we ever realize it or not. Therefore, Allah allows us, to always repent from those sins by doing taubat nasuha. We aim for Paradise so do the action, amar maaruf nahi mung ar. Always see for forgi veness from Allah As Quran stated about the beauty of Paradise, Verily for the Righteous there will be a fulfillment of (the heart s) desires; G ardens enclosed, and grapevines (An-Naba 78: 31-2) Knowing the greatness of the Paradise, the Muslims should always repent after do ing ma siat and sin. The human ind should already now what their point of living is. As if we set u p our ambition, we must strive to achieve it. Not by doing nothing, wasting time and we should not just hope for the miracle to happen. A dream without an actio n and effort to achieve will never be real. As example, consider apple as our dr eam. We see apples from a tree which is very red and ripe. We just wait on the g round for the apple to fall. It may ta e days for the apples to fall. How if we climb the tree and pluc those apples by ourselves. It is better rather than hop e for something that is not sure. However, life isnt all about our happiness in t his world but also during our time at a hirat later. We must balance our life in

this world and hereafter. We want to end up being in the Paradise. We want to o wn things in our wish list. We want everything but if we still remain at our dec ision to do nothing, in fact, all the dreams will just be a dream. As we read through all the Sirah of Rasulullah and Sahabah, we now how tough an d how suffering they are to protect our religion. When the Jahiliyah eep tortur ing Muslim, abusing Muslims, the Rasulullah and the Muslims during the time alwa ys pray to Allah to see for help, motivate each other to fight for the religion and if all the Muslims still do nothing, there will be no more Muslims in this world. "Those who believe, and have left their homes and striven with their wealth and their lives in Allah s way are of much greater worth in Allah s sight. These are they who are triumphant." (Quran 9:20) As from Islamic point of view, Muslims can achieve happiness if they do somethin g which can help themselves to be happy. The best way of finding happiness is sp end their time by remembering Allah more than other thing. If we spend our time doing nothing, therefore, we have waste the precious gift from Allah. Happiness to human will not come just li e that but we the one who should find for it inst ead of doing nothing. Therefore, remember Me (by praying, glorifying). I will remember you. (Quran 2:152 )

Conclusion This boo ma es us understand about Islam. Before this we just understand abo ut the surface only, after reading this boo we feel the beauty of Islam itself. Islam is peaceful religion. Islam thought us about how to be happy in the right way according the rules of Allah. From this boo we can understand the role of woman in this world toward the Lord, the Messenger, the family, society and worl d. This boo also taught us how to be motivated Muslim woman. Other than that, w hen we reading this boo we felt so calm in searching ourselves that already los t in this creation. Moreover, the gifts from Dr A id al Qarni suitable for student s li e us who want to find the calmness and happiness based on the right way of Allah. As we go through the boo , the boo has more advantages than disadvantages as it tells us that by following the guidelines from Allah, we as woman may feel h appiness. The boo also gives some tips on how are we can achieved the happiness as it tells that happiness does not rely on how much money we earn per month, h ow fancy is our cloths and etc. Also, there are verses in Quran included in the boo as an evidence for us to refer. Next, the disadvantages of this boo are they have too short elaboration of ea ch point. If each point could be elaborate more, we may found it easier to be un derstood. Theres lac of example given.Some of the content share almost the same point.

Bibliography Title: You Can Be The Happiest Woman in the World( A Treasure Chest of Reminders

) Author: Dr Aid al Qarni Edition: English 1 edition Translated from Arabic Edition 2 (2004) Translator: Huda Khattab Page number: 270 pages Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House Year of Publication: 2005 Place of Publication: Saudi Arabia ISBN number: 9960-850-89-7