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Danny Lopez 8-22-08 English 1st Period

Flowers For Algernon Review Questions

1. At the beginning of the story, Charlies IQ is 68. 2. Charlie goes to Ms. Kinnians Class because he wants to get smarter. 3. The only thing that Charlie sees in the Rorschach test is some spilled ink on a piece of paper. 4. Charlie is chosen for the experiment because he has a good motivation. 5. Before the operation, Charlie thought that Joe and Frank really liked him, even though they treated him like dirt. 6. To do a Charlie Gordon, is to do something thats incredibly stupid. 7. The Differences of the Doctors is that Dr. Strauss wants to use Charlie and is sort of fond for him, while Dr. Nemur isnt. 8. After the operation, we can tell that Charlie is getting smarter because hes soaking up all of the information that he gets, and he has better punctuation and better grammar. 9. Charlie feeling toward Algernon before the operation was neutral, but after, hes starting to consider of him more as a rival. 10. The significance of the second outing with Joe Carp and Frank Reilly was to show to Charlie that theyre not really his friends, and what they were really doing behind his back. 11. Charlie loses his job when a bunch of people from that work signed a petition that didnt want him there any more.
12. He starts to fall in love with Ms. Kinnian after the operation because

after think of her younger (compared to when he had the mentality of a 1st Grader).
13. Charlie starts to feel superior to the doctors because he learned so much

that he knows more than the doctor, an example is when he said its too bad that Dr. Nemur only knew three old languages.

14. Charlie starts to feel bad about the boy with the dish washer because he remembers when all of the people thought of him like that and the way that they all laughed at him.
15. The Algernon-Gordon Effect is something that Charlie developed (when

he was still a genius) that means with the operation, he started to learn everything faster, but once he reaches the peak of his intelligence, he will start to get dumber as soon as he got smarter. 16. Charlie starts to compare himself more and he starts to read harder words when he learns that like Algernon, hes going to start to lose his intelligence. 17. When he returns to the factory, Joe and Frank started to treat him with respect and they started to defend him from other people. 18. Ms. Kinnian cries when he sees that Charlie returns to night school because she knows that he realized that he was getting dumber, and with that she knows that he has given up everything. 19. In a sense Charlie blames himself for the loss of intelligence because he was seeing how all of the loss of memory was happening and how he was getting dumb so quick that he wasnt able to do anything about that.
20. Charlie starts to become a little bit arrogant when he turns into a genius

and he starts to think about life and hes so lonely with smarts. 21. Foreshadowing is used a lot in this story because you can guess that he will get smarter in his writing, and that when Algernon died, you can kind of guess that the same thing will happen to him.