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The switchgear shall comply with the latest issues of the following IEC recommendations: Characteristics according to IEC standards

IEC 62271-200 IEC 62271-102 IEC 60694 IEC 62271-200 IEC 60185 IEC 60186 IEC 60801

AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV, AC disconnectors and earthing switches, Common clauses for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear, High-voltage AC circuit breakers, Crurent transformer, Voltage transformer, Electromagnetic compatibility for industrial process measurement and control equipment.

General characteristics General characteristics Architecture Protection degree Normal service conditions : Temperature : - max - average over 24 hrs

Metalclad, LSC2B category, air insulated (IEC 62271-200) IP4X Indoor equipment +50C +40C

Electrical characteristics Service voltage Insulation level : Rated voltage Rated insulation level at power frequency Peak withstand voltage (1.2 / 50 s) Rated frequency (power frequency) : Short time withstand current : 3 sec withstand current Peak withstand current Busbar rated continuous current Type of circuit-breaker kV kV KV rms. kV peak Hz kA kA peak A 11Kv 12kV 28 75 50 31.5kA 78.75kAp 630 Amps Vacuum

Rated breaking capacity 3 sec withstand current Rated making capacity 3 Auxiliary Voltages Auxiliary voltages for HV circuit-breaker charging motor for protection relays for anti-condensation resistances 1.00 Switchgear

KA rms. kA kA peak

31.5 31.5 78.75

V ac V dc V dc V ac

24-220 24-220 230

Free standing, Floor mounted, metal clad, fully compartmentalized draw-out type 2.00 Circuit Breaker Vacuum restrike free, trip free, stored energy operated and with Mechanical anti-pumping features. Only Horizontal Isolation/drawout cassette type vacuum circuit breakers are acceptable. 3.00 RATING 630 Amps 4.00 DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES All high voltage switchgear panels and circuit breakers shall have the following features. a) Busbar Busbar shall be made of High conductivity copper for the horizontal busbars, vertical droppers and connectors to the fixed end of isolating contacts. Busbar shall be housed in a separate chamber and shall be accessible for inspection only with special tools. b) Height and Width of the Switchgear Panel Height not to exceed 2400 mm. Not to exceed 800mm c) Insulators Shall be track-resistant, high strength, non-hygroscopic, noncombustible type and suitable to withstand stresses due to overvoltages and short circuit current.


Construction i) Medium voltage switchboard shall be metal enclosed fully drawout, free standing, floor mounted, compartmentalized conforming to LSC2B category, suitable for indoor installation. The switchgear assembly shall be rodent and vermin proof and degree of protection shall not be less than IP4X. The frame/covers of individual vertical panels shall be Galvanised Iron sheets of atleast 3.0 mm thickness. Wherever required stiffeners shall be provided to increase stiffness of large size doors & covers. Panels shall have cable live indication for all 3 phases, when the cable are energized. The panel shall be Internal Arc proof & should have been Type tested as per Pressure relief device shall be provided in each high voltage compartment to vent out safely the gases produced in case of a fault . Breaker trucks shall have a secure locking in SERVICE position so that they are not displaced during a short circuit. Breaker shall have three position Service/Test and drawout. Automatic metallic safety shutters shall be provided to ensure the inaccessibility of all live parts after breaker is withdrawn. The breaker trolley shall remain inside the cubicle even in the test position. There shall be overall door for the breaker compartment, and should be lockable. All breaker truck of same rating shall be interchangeable. All necessary interlock shall be provided to prevent faulty operation - Plugging in or drawing out of closed breaker. - Pulling out of auxiliary circuit plug with breaker in service position. - Pushing in breaker to the service position, with auxiliary circuit plug not in position. - Opening of circuit breaker compartment door when CB is in SERVICE position. vi) vii) All hardware shall be corrosion resistant and shall be made by zinc-passivated. Current ratings of all switchgears, circuit breakers, CT's etc. shall be sufficient for carrying the connected load

ii) iii)

iv) v)



currents without exceeding the permissible temperature limits or reduction in service life. Suitable trolley arrangement, shall be provided. One trolley per switchgear room suitable for each type and rating. Internal earthbus shall be provided which has a capacity to withstand short circuit currents of 31.5kA and all enclosures shall be connected to this bus. Minimum size of earth bus used shall be 30x6mm2. All doors & movable parts shall be connected to earth bus with flexible copper connection. All non-metallic parts of the equipment and component shall be earthed. Provision shall be made to connect earthing busbar to plant earthing grid at two level.



Painting: The visible external surfaces on the front of the panels are made of electro-plated sheet steel (zinc thickness: 2.5m) and painted. Painted surfaces are cleaned prior to painting using a phosphate cleaning treatment. The paint itself is apolymerised epoxy polyester powder mix (the average thickness of the polymerised film is 50m). The paint colour is RAL 9002 (Light Cream). For all other surfaces, continuous hot galvanised sheet metal is used (average zinc thickness 20m). Cable Entry Switchgear panel shall be suitable for bottom entry and provided with removable gland plates. Head room available between gland plate and terminal lug shall not be less than 600mm. In case standard depth of panel cannot accommodate specified cable rear extension panels shall be used.


5.00 5.01

OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENT Each breaker panel shall be provided with the following devices for control, indication and inter locking : a) b) c) Spring return to neutral type control switch Stay put type local/remote selector switches. On, Off Spring charged and Control Supply healthy indicating lamps. The lamps shall be the clamps shall be high intensity clusted LED type.

d) 5.02

Thermostatically controlled space heater with switch, illumination and power plug point.

The circuit breaker shall meet the following requirements a) Vacuum restrike free, trip free, stored energy operated and with Mechanical anti-pumping features. Only Horizontal Isolation/drawout cassette type vacuum circuit breakers are acceptable. b) c) d) Type test report shall be furnished along with bid for 40 nos operations at 31.5KA . Shall have an Operation duty O-0.3 sec. -CO 15 sec. - CO. Closing coils shall operate satisfactorily in the control voltage range of 85 - 110% and tripping coil shall operate satisfactorily in the control voltage range of 70% - 110%. Closing coil & tripping coil shall be rated for continues operating voltage. All incomer/Generator circuit breaker shall be provided back up trip coil which operates with self powered protection to ensure tripping even incase of Aux/DC supply failure so that the switchboard is safe . External Powerpack of any type for this backup protection is not acceptable. Testing of circuit breaker shall be possible in isolated position by keeping the control plug connected. Only motor wound closing spring charging arrangement is acceptable. Each breaker truck shall have Service - Isolated - Withdrawn Position. Service & test position indication shall be provided on all panels through additional lamps. PT shall mounted on a separate truck and shall house in a separate compartment with safety shutters .PT mounted on Circuit breaker truck shall not be accepted. The circuit breaker should use AMF (Axial Magnetic Field) type Vacuum interrupters. The Vacuum Interrupter and Circuit Breaker should be of the same Make.


h) i) j) k) l)

m) n)


Relay and Meters

All relays shall conform to all requirements as per IEC255 and shall be suitable for operation from CT and VT secondaries as required Protective relays shall be of numerical multifunction relay with self monitoring features All Protection Relays must be Numerical Multifunction Type & must meet all the IEC Standards & should be UL/CE certified. The Relay range shall be designed to accommodate all types of control power supply voltages : 24 to 250V DC /110V AC/230V AC. The CT / PT ratios ( 1A/5A etc) should be site selectable. It should be possible to disconnect the CT connectors without open circuiting main CTs. The Relay shall include a 3 Line Backlit LCD display & Shall be Password Protected. The Relay shall have at least 10 logic/Digital inputs and 8 relay outputs The Relay should have Disturbance(Waveform) recording (in COMTRADE Format). The Relay should display atleast last Trip Record with Date & Time Stamp. The Relay shall have Front RS232 for local parameterization & RS485 Modbus port at rear. Protection The Relay shall contain all the necessary protections for the specific application with wide Setting Ranges : Feeder/Transfomer protections: 50/51 Phase overcurrent 3 Phase 50N/51N Earth fault (or neutral) 46 Unbalance / negative sequence Phase overcurrent and earth fault protection shall have an adjustable timer hold to allow restriking faults detection. Earth fault protection shall integrate a harmonic 2 restraint, which can be inhibited or activated. The Relay should have atleast two setting Groups . All Alarm/Fault Messages should be in Plain English Text on the Display .

Metering Each Relay shall include the Measurements needed for operation and commissioning, i.e. at least the following depending on connected Analog (CT/PT) Inputs MS 3-phase current & Residual current measurement R Measurement of fault current broken in each phase

All meters shall conform to all requirements as per IEC: 62053/IS:1248 \ and shall be flush mounted suitable for operation from CT and VT secondaries as required. Meters can be digital multi function type. 7.00 Control Supply Each switchgear shall be provided with necessary arrangement for receiving, isolating, distributing and fusing of 240V AC for panel lamps and 110V DC supplies for various control, and spring charging circuits. DC supply for control shall be duplicated for each board which shall be run through auxiliary bus wires. DC Control Supply arrangement shall be as per relevant tender drawings. The wiring shall be carried out using multi-strand copper conductor super flexible PVC insulated wires of 650/1100V Grade for AC Power, DC Control and CT circuits. CT wiring shall be made of 2.5mm2 PVC insulated wires and control wiring shall be made of 1.5mm2 PVC insulated wires. All wiring shall be grey/black colored wires as per the manufacturers standard. Each wire shall be identified at both ends by correctly sized PVC ferrules. Shorting links/suitable shorting arrangement shall be provided for shorting CT secondary. Control cable shall enter switchgear from bottom. It shall be possible to have control cable entry from both right & left corner at the front of the panel without cutting standard part of the panel. Supporting facility shall be provided for clamping the control cable. 10% of spare terminals shall be provided on each terminal block. Necessary hardware shall be provided in the switchgear panel like coupling relays, auxiliary relays, transducers etc. to effect interlocks, exchange of information status and exercise control from remote. 8.00 Instrument transformers CTs and VTs shall be provided for protection and metering and shall be cast-resin encapsulated type with insulation class 'E' or better. VTs shall have suitable HRC current limiting fuses on both primary and secondary sides, under voltage relays, timers, etc. for motor tripping and remote annunciation on supply failure. Each switchgear section shall have a three phase VT. . CTs Protection Metering * 5P 10 1.0 VTs 3P 1.0 --

* CT's & VT's shall have accuracy class of 0.5, wherever energy meter of 0.5 class are connected to these CT's & VT's.


Identification plates Each panels to be identified on front as well as back side by large engraved plate giving detailed feeder description on the fixed portion of the panel. Identification labels/painted (Not stickers) plates to be provided inside each panel.


Safety Requirements The switchgears shall be designed to offer adequate level of safety to operating/ maintenance personnel. Means shall be provided to prevent access to the live part to avoid accidents during service as well as maintenance period. Bidder shall bring out the safety means provided to achieve above. A detailed instruction plate suitable for wall mounting shall be provided for each switch gear room discribing various safe operating procedure / safety precautions for safe operation and maintenance of switchgear. Rubber mats shall be provided in front of each panel. A clearly visible warning label "Isolate elsewhere before earthing" shall be provided on shutters of incoming and other connections which could be energised from other end.


TYPE TESTS The following type test reports (as applicable) shall be submitted on Contractor andContractor panels of each type and rating. (1) (2) (3) (4) 5) Verification of rated making and breaking capacities Short time withstand test of panel. Power frequency test on the contactor mounted in side panel. Lightning impulse voltage withstand test of the contractor mounted in side panel. Internal Arc test


All the three components such as Breaker, Numerical Relay and Energy Meter should be of the same make.