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Stephanie Hicklin EDET 650 Reflection 2 October 8, 2012 I was quite proud of the schedule I created for my internship,

and was confident that it would be achievable. Relying on others to participate has made meeting deadlines difficult. I have been able to recruit nine participants (all representing the same role), but not as many as I had originally hoped. I have decided to go with Plan B for part of this internship. I had initially wanted all of the participants to be from the same region of the state and represent a variety of roles in the Part C Early Intervention system. That is not going to be possible now. With time winding down, I have finally had to make the decision to offer the opportunity statewide. This advertisement will go out on the TECS listserv, reaching over 1500 professionals, on October 10, 2012. Hopefully, by Friday October 12, the list of participants will be complete and we can schedule our first introductory meeting via Adobe Connect. Much preparation has occurred on the back end during the past two weeks. I was very honored to be asked to participate and speak during a national conference call hosted by the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (NECTAC) on September 26, 2012. The purpose of this webinar was to reveal a new website with many resources on writing IFSP outcomes. Trainers from only a few states have actually used these materials in face-to-face settings, so we were asked to give a five minute summary of our experiences so far. At the end of my summary, I announced how I was using these materials to create an online learning module. I received great feedback and I have even had some training coordinators from other states contact me and ask if we could work together on the module. I have explained that this initial module is being developed as part of an internship, but I would love to collaborate with other states after the conclusion of this internship. I will have formative and summative assessment results from colleagues and participants that will help us to make necessary revisions in the future. As I said, NECTAC has added many new resources to their new webpage on IFSP outcomes. I have had to take some time to review the resources that were new to me. There are six small (<30 slides each) PowerPoint presentation now that replace the one large presentation they initially released last fall. I have decided to use two presentations for each week of the module. I recorded the first presentation with narration using Articulate Presenter. Their first assignment is to post in the module forum a brief introduction, including where they work, how long they have worked in Early Intervention, what their role is, and what Part C services they provide. The next assignment is to answer several questions posted in the forum that relate to presentation 1. They each have to answer the questions and respond to two other posts. I did not record the second presentation for the first week. I printed it as a Word document with speakers notes. I am asking them to review the slides and read the notes, then respond to a forum prompt. I have

also uploaded many additional resources and documents that may be helpful. This will conclude their first week. Table 1 shows my revised schedule.

Table 1 Date October 10 October 12 October 19-21 October 28 November 4 November 11 November 18 November 25

Activity Week 1 content entered in LMS Finalize Group Participants

Communicate timeline and learning goals and objectives to learning group via Adobe Connect intro meeting End of week 1 assignments End of week 2 assignments End of week 3 assignments and module evaluation Begin Compiling results of summative assessment Submit side-by-side comparison of face-to-face training vs. online learning module to mentor