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Privacy & Identity Theft Online Resource Kit

Table of Contents
Table of Contents Summary Background Website Resources
Scam Watch Identity Security National Crime Prevention Council

Print Resources
Review of Australian Privacy Law Dilemmas of Online Identity Theft Problems of Identity & Identity Thieves

Academic Articles
Counteracting Identity Fraud in the Information Age Cyber-Working or Cyber-Shirking? Fear of Cyber-Identity Theft


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Privacy & Identity Theft Online Resource Kit



hat is an Online Resource Kit? An online resource kit is a compilation of resources and references that have been gathered from various sources around the world-wide web. We have gathered resources from Websites, Books and Academic journals to make for some very comprehensive coverage on the topics of Privacy and Cyber Identity Theft.

ho is this Resource Kit aimed at? The reource kit has been designed by Undergraduate IT students, FOR Undergraduate IT Students. What this really means, is that we understand the concerns that face IT students and we speak your language. Weve designed this kit with this in mind and have compiled the most appropriate resources for students within the IT industry.

hy are these resources important? As IT Students, were faced with a lot of highly specific standards and policies. While were developing our skills in the IT industry its important that we also stay up to speed with the fundamentals of good IT professional practice. These resources will provide students with a directory to go to when you need to brush up on some information to help you stay up to speed, stay protected and stay complient with the ever changing Information Technology industry. All of these resources are available for you online, but the best part is... Weve done all the WWW. Legwork for you.

Privacy is something technology users can take for granted, with a vast number of internet users security Cyber Identity theft is becoming a rapidly growing avenue for cyberciminals. A number of government initiatives have been developed to aid developers and end users in staying safe when it comes to Cyber Identity Theft. With this ever changing world of Information Technology its important to stay up to date with the latest techniques and trends in online Privacy to make sure that you are developing good IT professional practice habbits.

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Privacy & Identity Theft Online Resource Kit

Websites Resources:
Scam Watch:


This website defines Identity Theft and how identity theft works. It also helps identify ways to protect oneself from identity theft.

Identity Security:


This website contains information on Identity security. The website also contains information on strategies to prevent Identity Theft.

National Crime Prevention Council:

The website contains tips to prevent Identity theft.


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Privacy & Identity Theft Online Resource Kit

Print Resources:
Review of Australian Privacy Law
Australian Law Reform Commission
This book contains information on Australian privacy acts. It also contains solutions for breach of privacy.

Entire Document

Dilemmas of Online Identity Theft

Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security, Chapter 22, pp.143-149

Chapter 22

This book is helpful to identity the threats of Identity theft. The book also highlights the growth of crime due to Identity theft.

Problems of Identity & Identity Thieves

Problems of Identity and Identity Thieves, Chapters 1, 2 & 4

Chapter 1, 2 & 4

This book provides basic concepts on Identity theft. It defines the problems in the industry and provides solutions for Identity theft. It is a good book to understand the core concepts of Identity theft.

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Privacy & Identity Theft Online Resource Kit

Academic Articles
Counteracting Identity Fraud in the Information Age
Kurt M. Saunders & Bruce Zucker
This article contains information on the information age and how the information age has led to problems such as Identity theft. It also emphasises on the hardships Identity Fraud has brought up.

Cyber-Working or Cyber-Shirking?
Jay P. Kesan
This article contains various laws that are enforced for Privacy breaches and Identity theft. It emphasises in privacy in the American workplace.

Fear of Cyber-Identity Theft

Lynne D. Roberts, David Indermaur & Caroline Spiranovic
This article emphasises on Cyber Identity theft, Reasons for Identity theft and how the Internet contributes to the issue.

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Privacy & Identity Theft Online Resource Kit

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