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The Errors of Modern Day Religions Leadership George Washington story Today when we survey the leaders of the

e various religious groups we do not see spiritual greats. In the days past the founders and successors of the various spiritual schools were people whom had not only mastered the academic and philosopical tenets of their respective schools but they also realized actual attainment based on the high wisdom of their own discovery or that which they were guided to realizeation by their teachers. The tenets of the various spiritual schools are easy to read and expound upon giving a person the apperance of wisdom and depth. What is not easy to fake is actual spiritual realization. It is the realization that makes all spiritual paths alive. Now today most of the leaders are intellectuals but lacking in the wisdom that comes from self realization. Realization that the source and I are one. Realization to that extent not only accompanies a major shift in awareness but also transformation of how your body functions in the physical world. We know most leaders today have not realized true origination because they lack the function aspect of realization. When this lacking in function is in existence then the ability to skillfully adapt to the times while being mindful of the source of all things is not possible. This leads to religions that lack the living spirit of the way. The shift from freeing sentient beings to preserving a set of rules is only matter of time. When you have a group of people that are in leadership positions yet lacking in self realization you get bickering and the creation of empty dogma while the true purpose of any the spiritual path erodes to the point of non-existence. At that point the organization becomes a religion with not living souls of spirituality. Yes because the original material the religion comes from may still have some good in it but that good will not likely be the focus anymore. When you see major contradictions in the teachings as compared to how the members fucntion then you have found a broken system. If a machines when originally purchased could do 20 functions and over time it only can do half you either fix it or replace it. How can it be any different with spiritual paths? It is either fully operational or something less. Too much relience on faith When the living spirit of a spiritual path leaves it now must rely on faith. When you use faith as the central aspect of your path you are in a very vulnerble position. You basically are giving away your power to know without a shadow of doubt what is and what is not. The scientific aspect of verification which is central to all genuine schools spirituality is lost. What also is lost is your chance to be guided back to the source of your original existence.

Lack of addressing the needs of the people as opposed to the survival of the organizatoion catholic priest situation The nature of humans is multifacited and one aspect of that nature is to be self centered. If you look a child and the process of learning and growth the negative aspects of humans come out just as naturally as anything else. We have these dark qualities in us from birth and when you give a human power and influence not tempered with wisdom it is no surprise that the shift to do almost anything to preservse status occurs. Not to pick on anyone in particular but if we look at what happened with the catholic church and the abuses of the priests there is a obvious case. The church was more concerned about its image than the well being of the victoms. Is this what spirituality has been reduced too? Helping yourself and not concerrning about others even to the point of covering up obvious abuses? Wise leadership would have taken different measures to not only stop it but prevent it as well. Maybe it was policy or maybe it was friendship that resulted in how these abuse cases were handled internally but is surly was not wisdom. There are other cases of this kind in many other

organizations as well that reflect this lack of wise leadership. As a side note part of the problem in this case is related to the lack of cultivation and too much focus on rituals. Lack of Realized members that have verified old world spiritual teachings In my experience as a cultivator I have studied many wisdom teachings. Early on I would read and not comprehend. As I grew and matured and more importantly cultivated, I began to understand what I was reading due to an internal awakening to wisdom. As I realized the connection to wisdom and cultivation I began to have thoughts that were in line with the wisdom teachings before actually reading them.This transcendental knowledge connected to the way which is orderlly and loving and blissful is within you. Yes the teachings of wisdom left to us by the great teachers and masters are beautiful aand helpful but only to a point. Just as they cultivated to have access to this knowledge so must we. This is the messege given to us by them. We have been instructed to follow in their footsteps,, not to worship them but take them in as our mentors. The teachings are pure verification that we are on the right tract, they are are not to be the focus as much as the living breathing act of cultivation. What makes a play great is not what is written on a page but is when the guidence of what is in the script is expressed through the vessel of the human expression. It is the voice, the body language, and the silence that makes for a great play. The teachings of the great masters are our scripts but we must prepare ourselves through cultivation to be the vessel which expresses those words. Lack of discipline What will it take to be a vessel for the way? On of the ingredients that is lacking on modern people, discipline. As a country that teaches discipline to attain material abundence why are so many of our spiritual leaders lacking in this important quality? Without discipline how can we ever realize wisdom? Lack of community Some of you may be wondering how am I to establish discipline when I really need help? You must plug into the spiritual community. The community becomes a focus and it draws you to activities and people with a common goal. After time of being a part of the community you become one with it and what it stands for. When this happens you will have discipline. The more you involve yourself the more the vibration of the way will work through you and the more you will become a vessel for wisdom and all that comes with that relationship. In conclusion Modern presentations of various spiritual paths have greatly devaited from there origins. These once rich traditions have been reduced to a number of rituals and dogma that tends to support the financial and egocentric structure of the organization and its shepards. The most important feature of aspiritual path (realization of the original source) is being left on the table. Fortunately all is not lost because those that have come before us provided us with guidence in the event such dilution were to take place. Wisdom Walkers is an amalgamation of these sacred teachings put into a format that is logical, non-denominational, and simple to implement. Questions and Answer Benediction/Group Intention (Prayers = Mental & Energetical Applications of Wise Intent-MEAWI) We charge the 7 Elements with the intent to honor all sentient beings, so that all my realize oneness within and without. May the great way become our way and may we remove all obstructions of mind, body, and spirit to make it so.