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Hapeville First Baptist Church

612 College Street Hapeville GA 30354-1716

Bob Wiley, Pastor 770.826.9133 bob@hapevillefbc.com Tom Howard, Minister of Music/ Financial Administrator 404.245.9272 tom@hapevillefbc.com Sue Harris, Secretary sue@hapevillefbc.com Kay McWatters, Organist Charlie Clark, Building Superintendent

Office hours: 8:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. Mon - Thurs Phone: Fax: Email: 404.767.8211 404.762.7363 info@hapevillefbc.com cafe@hapevillefbc.com Website: www.hapevillefbc.com

CCLI number 1332575

Bobbie Taylor, Nursery Worker

M o r n i n g Wo r s h i p
We gather to worship . . . Greetings and The Church Program Bob Wiley, pastor Prelude Christ the Lord Is Risen Today Cathy DeRousse Call to Worship Responsive Reading Leader: Alleluia! Christ is risen. People: Christ is risen indeed!

April 12, 2009

Leader: Good triumphs over evil. People: Alleluia to the Living Christ! Leader: Belief triumphs over doubt. People: Alleluia to the Living Christ! Leader: Life triumphs over death. People: Alleluia to the Living Christ! Leader: Glory and honor and praise to Christ who lives and reigns among us!

Choral Anthem Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Ruth Elaine Schram Responsive Reading # 269 Hymn # 269 He Lives ACKLEY Hymn # 236 Lift High the Cross CRUCIFER Hymn # 279 There Is a Redeemer GREEN (please stand) Offertory Prayer Usher (please be seated) Offertory What Wondrous Love Is This Cathy DeRousse (children through 3rd grade leave for Childrens Church) Choral Anthem A New Song Diane Bish

Message He Is Risen Bob Wiley, pastor Invitation Hymn # 280 Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It REDEEMED Choral Benediction Hymn # 277 He Is Lord HE IS LORD Postlude Hymn to Joy Hal Hopson/Albin Whitworth We depart to serve . . . ................................................... We welcome you today, and we rejoice that you have chosen to worship with us. We pray that you have experienced the presence of God and a warm welcome from our church during our worship time . We hope that you will return to worship with us again. There is a large-print edition of our Sunday bulletin for those who desire it. If you prefer the large-print edition, please ask one of the ushers, who will be glad to give you one.

Leader: This is the Easter People: Alleluia to the Living festival of life. Let us Christ! celebrate the birth of the new, the genesis of our re-creation Leader: Christ is risen! in Jesus Christ. People: Christ is risen indeed! People: All creatures rejoice in the powerful work of Gods salvation. Leader: In Christs resurrection, hope triumphs over despair. Hymn # 270 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today EASTER HYMN

(please stand) People: Alleluia to the Living Invocation Christ! John Wimpey, Leader: Love triumphs over Deacon of the Week hate. People: Alleluia to the Living (please be seated) Christ!